Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
well good morning everyone we're back and today actually i'm back karen's not back and we just have a ton of questions uh all levels of social media and also on the callers so um anything that i say is definitely not meant to.

Replace your medical treatment if there's anything that i say that might come close to that just check with your doctor before taking any of the recommendations or tips that i'm going to provide today i have a lot of different quizzes and quiz questions and so i hope you're ready for that.

Said so try to stay through the whole um hour we're going to jump right to sultan from saudi arabia he had a question are you there sultan hi derselberg good morning good morning hi i want to ask about uh some vitamins like biotin and b12 they come in extremely.

High dosages of the daily amounts of the daily value you need sometimes up to 100 000 or 50 000 percent of what you need daily uh why do they put like huge amounts in them and isn't that maybe hurting the body are giving way too much over the daily need of the body.

Yeah very good question the reason why they do that is that vitamins come in different forms and um i don't know if you've ever seen like a l dash blah blah r dash this or that before the vitamin what should indicate more of a natural.

Versus a synthetic version and when you add synthetic fractions of vitamin complexes and you take them you have to take a lot more of them to make them work and that's why i don't recommend synthetic vitamins i mean rarely do i recommend unless you're.

Doing a detox for a short period of time maybe for a month or two um because when you start to take high massive dosage of certain nutrients they can actually throw off other nutrients so especially like even b12 and but but on the flip side if you're doing higher.

Potency vitamins if they're natural um certain hypo potency vitamins have certain therapeutic benefits so i'm not against that um in certain situations especially when we're getting into vitamin d and sometimes vitamin c and um i'll give you one example um like.

There's different forms of thymine b1 and if you have the natural form you don't need nearly the amounts if you do synthetic you're gonna have to take massive amounts to create an effect based on the research that's out there so i think ideally the best thing to do is to go.

With food concentrates or watch a lot of my videos just to get more data on that because i've done a lot of research on that i'll just take one more example and then i'll zip it vitamin e for example if you take tocopherol vitamin e without all the the other parts of the vitamin e complex.

Um it doesn't work nearly effective but if you take the tocotrienal version of the vitamin e complex because you have tocopherols and tocatrinos it works 50 times stronger so and that's that could be natural so i've done a lot of videos on this but stay tuned i'll be doing more but i hope that answered your question.

Yeah that did thank you very much doctor thank you all right crystal from tyler uh you had a question crystal are you on you're a nurse good morning good morning dr berg and thank you so much for taking my call um just two things with regard to my background that's concerning here.

Um i started keto in january thank god i've lost over 25 pounds working on insulin resistance seeing the process and it's going well but slow um second issue i had an l5 micro discectomy in february of this year so throw in some several days of narcotics.

And all of that and then subsequent to that in the summer we thought i had a really bad case of disguise micro uh this goddess osteomyelitis but that finally got ruled out a few weeks ago neuroradiology stepped in infectious disease stepped in i couldn't bend over i didn't i had no.

Function basically i was in terrible pain so they just attributed that to a mechanical issue with the back but no infection so we're just monitoring that so gi's been following me and my primary care doctor has been following me with regard to my colon.

Is where my problem is they've diagnosed me as having a lazy colon so i'm on your gallbladder formula i take your liquid probiotics um i've done chia seeds psyllium husks laxatives enemas i even bought organic slippery elm would mix all that stuff together at night you know the seeds the husk and.

All that and take it nothing the only thing that works is epsom salt and you know monitoring my magnesium levels and not going over and all of that but also you have to be home every day to deal with that stuff i do it every two days.

I have to be home it's not conducive to a life as you know so i'm out of options i have no idea what to do did this all happen after the surgery yes i started having abdominal pain about a month after so this was right when uh covid hit so we did uh.

Said raid crp and just the general x-ray because you had to save all the machines for covid patients and that was in california moved back to texas the end of april did more labs did more mris mri showed a very diffused amount of edema even the the radiologist even emergency called my dox saying this is osteomyelitis.

Disguise well the crps and the in the sed rates didn't show that so they didn't take it any further so infectious disease got involved did some of the same labs cbc's with platelets and whatnot everything's looking normal the highest i think the cr the sed rate ever got was 24 crp stayed pretty stable within a you.

Know range of normal so i don't you know um i i have no idea we did a pelvic mri i mean i'm sorry ct scan and i had a gallstones and that's all that was found and you know we've done the female stuff looked at all of that so i'm just my colon's dead i'm guessing that uh they also they gave.

You an antibiotic on top of that right no i won't take antibiotics even during the surgery no i refuse them i just do my garlic and my my good stuff and my apple powder vinegar so yeah so so there's a lot of nerves down by in your lower back that can affect.

The gut um that's one thing but the other thing too is the you want to you went under with anesthetics right correct yeah sometimes that that takes a while to come back uh those chemicals definitely absolutely shut down um certain certain things in your.

Gi tract as well as in your urinary tract even with myself when i had to had the surgery with my arm it shut down my urinary tract so it's not kind of bouncing back as fast for you so i think the the area that i would focus on that directly relates to peristalsis or the pumping action of the colon.

Would be taking b1 you may benefit from the keto ener energy product just because it has a lot of the b1 different types of b1 and has been photomean as well um because that handles um a lot of neurological problems because if you think about the.

Gut and the pumping action of the gut um it's part of what's called the enteric nervous system which you have the sympathetic parasympathetic and interior so that's all nerve related so yeah you're taking the probiotic you're taking fiber taking all these other things it's not.

Working you want to support the nervous system and so i think b1 would be the area i would go after i do the nutritional yeast every morning it might not be enough uh might not be enough b1 because that's that gives you a good good uh dose if you're maintaining it but if you want to really stimulate the.

Uh that deficiency b1 is probably one of the best vitamins for the autonomic nervous system in general so and then that's the area i would go the other thing that you can do right now as you're coping because until you figure it out is you know you could take some.

Different laxatives just to kind of stimulate things not too much but just to keep things going because the worst thing to do is to just be backed up and i know you're handling it with magnesium which is great but potassium is another thing that could help as well.

In the electrolyte powder so um i'll tell you what i will do some more research on the two and i'll actually do a video on just lazy colon and then try to see if there's anything else that you should do because she gave me magnesium oxide we tried that double the dose nothing it just nothing.

Works other than epsom salt and that's just not conducive to a life you know so right okay so you're saying the electrolyte powder yeah electrolyte powder and just start taking uh one two three um scoops per day and just see if that doesn't help you it probably should because the that way you.

Get all the minerals because your epsom salts is you're just taking uh magnesium in a different form so that's what i would do right now thank you so much dr burke i appreciate it you're welcome crystal okay doc i care what uh you appear to be uh still very popular and.

I'd like to do a quick shout out for all of our folks around the world and they are coming in from the uk and sweden somalia nigeria canada italy france jordan india you keeping up with this folks saudi arabia colombia mexico belgium and all across these united states for goodness sake so.

We again appreciate uh the great uh attention to the show steve that's great i have a first quiz a question okay so the first question for everyone um out of all the types of intermittent fasting that you can do out there and i'm talking about patterns of eating and not eating.

What would be the worst internet intermittent fasting pattern that you could do that's the first question all right it has been launched on screen okay good and then while you're chewing on that question everyone let's jump right to karen from virginia beach she's plateaued are you there karen.

Stand by a moment hi karen hi yes um i have a question for you um icon keto i've been first of all i've been more bigly obese my whole entire adult life i'm 62 and a half going on 63 years old in a couple months i used to be 269 pounds at one time when.

I started keto somehow i got down to 232 and that's where i started um in 2016. um i got down to 273 someone told me stories and scared me off of keto i got off gained 20 pounds back earlier this year i decided to go back on but for the life of me i cannot get under i'm five foot five when i can't.

Get under 173 pounds it's just staying there it won't move and i tried in a minute you're stuck yeah yes i tried a little bit of that um what do they call it once a day eating uh and um oh man wait a minute oh man yes it escaped me uh yeah for i at the beginning it was great.

I went down three pounds and then it's like my body adapted to that again and then i again i couldn't it kept on jumping between 171 and 173 i got down to 170 and something back here we are to 173 again i'm like what is going on why can't i get below 170.

You know and i just i don't know well i have a couple questions my age well how old are you again you're 60 something in two months i'll be 63. okay and do you where does where does the weight tend to be on your body is it in your is it all over is it in the stomach is.

It i have i'll be honest i have an overlapping stomach and i have yeah since i had kids okay um and do you have any other problems like sleeping problems arthritis are you on medication etc uh no medication arthritis i've been yeah i had problems with my lower back i felt down the stairs when i was 20 years.

Old i have two bad discs in my neck um what was the other one that you mentioned i have that too thyroid slow thyroid um no i you didn't mention this i already said something else um sleeping problems blood pressure was sleeping sleeping yes i had sleeping problems and sometimes i do and.

Sometimes i don't um i sometimes i equate that to just getting going bathroom in the middle of night and i just can't go back to sleep you know okay well here here's some ideas do when you um do this do you tend to get hungry.

Uh often or do you find that you're you're not that hungry after doing keto intimate fasting not now i'm not hungry but i used to be at some point earlier on but now i've adapted enough where i'm not hungry okay so this is what i would do this is actually believe it or not it might be.

Simpler than you think if you've if you've had a lot of weight in the past and you have a history of trying to lose this weight that means there's some pretty serious insulin resistance in the background that's just like it's keeping you at a set point so you can't seem to get below the set.

Point so the set point is is influenced by your insulin resistance so that would be a a different goal that i would focus on forget the weight go after the insulin resistance because that would actually solve the weight and and and that's just a matter of keeping the insulin down so you have two.

Choices you can lower your carbs which you're already doing or you can fast longer um some people um not i mean a good percentage of the people have are in the same boat and when i was in clinic this is what i would tell them and it seemed to work they would go into um.

They would actually have one meal and every other day and then they would have a lot of supplements to make sure they're not deficient because when you're not eating you're on a high fat diet you're eating your own fat and if you don't have any.

Hunger why eat you're riding the wave you have extra reserve to tap into and for some people especially if they really um are hit that set point and over the age of you know 50 they need to go longer with the fasting so i would do once every other day for a.

While and then then i might want to try a longer fast maybe a 72 hour fast and just and then go back to your once every other day make sure you're taking your nutrients i think that may get you where you want to go because that's going to correct the insulin resistance and then really take you to a whole.

Different level that's what i've i've been i've managed to get through like a 30 hour fast and then i'm like you know i'm hungry you know right right so i'm guessing a lot of liquids and fluids yes teas a lot of green tea would be good because t.

Green tea is a really good thing for the metabolism if you're doing fasting and you add that together but just make sure you're also taking other nutrients as well because when you're fasting you could especially longer fast you can actually you know not maybe not have the full.

Reserves but i think that is what you would do don't be afraid to consume enough sea salt with this as well and electrolytes um and then just ride the wave and go as long as you can until wow i'm hungry i have to eat i'm feeling weak but ignore the.

Temporary little stomach growling and maybe a little bit of hunger here and there and that will go but the main thing is to you just need to fast longer right now all right good question speaking of questions dr berg we have some answers when you're ready.

What do we got steve okay question one let me bring it up for the folks again question the worst intermittent fasting pattern is let me bring you back up here sir okay uh 60 say the 5-2 plan 20 say two meals a day and 20 say carbs with intermittent fasting.

Well the answer is the five and two plan very well done everyone um and so for those of you that don't know what that is i'll tell you i don't know who came up with this but it's like five days you eat normal foods or regular foods which is basically junk foods and then you're gonna go two.

Days with a 500 calorie eating plan i mean like that's not even a true fast that you're eating a low calorie diet and they call that a fasting powder intermittent fasting pattern um i don't like it it's called the fast diet if i'm not mistaken i think um.

What they're missing is it takes three at least three days to get into ketosis and so you never really get in there very well you might get in to ketosis a little bit on the weekend and then boom you're right back to your regular foods and it's just not enough to really.

Handle what you want to handle so that is the worst pattern and the other pattern that i don't like is the every other day eating or the internet fasting or the alternate day fasting i don't like that either because you're you're going right back to your regular foods every other day.

So you don't give your chance to your body a chance to really get into the deep ketosis to see the benefits now excuse me the best one of the best things you can do with fasting where all the magic happens is kind of fast all the way up to 18 hours so.

Now if you go more than that that's even better but if you can get up to 18 hours on a regular basis or even 20 right in that sweet spot i think you'll start experiencing the the cognitive benefits the mood benefits the anti-inflammatory benefits and of course the weight loss.

Benefits for most people i would also add dr berg that sort of like an alcoholic you know drinking for five days and then knocking it off or two is just a lesson in frustration you know it's very difficult to get into a pattern of eating where you feel great and if i you know have a.

Ice cream cone every other day i am doomed so it just i'd rather get on on track and not be tortured by um you know thinking well i'll wrap this up in three days or two days and i've done that before in my life so it's it's by the time by the time you repair your liver you're right back into.

Damaging the liver so um yeah so it takes time and the other little point that i want to mention to any newbies watching all it takes is a little bit of carb to block a lot of ketosis for a long time and this is something that kind of surprises people.

If you have a like some dessert or some half a glass of wine it can bump you out of ketosis for 48 hours sometimes even longer so it's real easy to be bumped out of ketosis and it takes longer to get into ketosis and so also one indication that you know you're not in ketosis is if you're.

Hungry and especially craving carbs because if you're in ketosis the hunger goes away all right so steve we're going to go right to some additional questions here well oh i was going gonna just say real quickly we have a ton of people you want to launch a question first and then we'll go to.

Facebook and youtube for their questions okay yeah stand by okay okay so steve um true or false can you get vitamin d from tanning beds can you get your vitamin d from tanning beds very interesting question i think i know but i'll shut up yeah all right well i tell you dr berg we have uh a.

Number of questions on facebook first of all dora is wheat grass juice safe for fasting is that going to knock her out of her fasting routine okay so wheatgrass juice powder is different than wheatgrass powder so if you're doing just the juice of the.

Powder it's more concentrated without the fiber if you do a small amount i think it's totally fine i've actually on my wheatgrass juice powder um one scoop is less than one gram so of i mean there's just there's no calories it's i mean it's there's some but it's.

So small it's not going to affect your insulin i actually do it and the benefit of it is it's pretty huge because of the chlorophyll and the phytonutrients so um if you do if you juice your juice it yourself and you get a lot of juice potentially that could um be an issue if you have too much.

But if you do one or two a day i think you're going to be totally fine okay doc let's jump over to youtube josh has been diagnosed by his doctors with having reactive hypoglycemia help yeah i'm telling you the advice that you're gonna get is gonna be small frequent meals per day.

Keep some sugar in your pocket and candy if your blood sugar goes down you'll never solve that problem by doing that what you have to do is you have to start out doing uh cutting out the carbs from your meals okay cutting the carbs out bringing the carbs.

Down and you know right now if you need to use protein fine protein is better to consume to stabilize blood sugars than carbs and then what you do is you add more fat to the meals so you can go longer and slowly you go longer between meals no snacking.

And then what happens is you're bringing your insulin down so there's nothing now to push see insulin is pushing your blood sugars down and that's where the problem is you ends up with hypoglycemia because it's pushing the blood sugars down and what's triggering that is the carbs.

So you have constantly this low blood sugar and you're feeling weird so um you want to solve this problem by backing away from insulin cutting the carbs down and then doing fasting and then that will actually correct it because now the insulin level comes way down.

And now guess what happens the blood sugars are leveled out okay we've already got some answers for your second question okay good we'll go ahead and give give me the answers okay first a question again can you get vitamin d from tanning beds and ninety percent.

Of our respondents say no and ten percent say yes i say yes am i wrong steve uh this time you are wrong i'm sorry um but there's right there's uh the wavelength the frequency of uv from tanning beds is uv-a okay and that that gives you the tan and the burn and the aging on the skin but it.

Doesn't give you the the vitamin d in sunlight provides a wavelength a lot of different spectrums including uv ultraviolet a and uvb and c and infrared and all these other things so it's the uvb that stimulates the skin kind of the fourth layer deep into the.

Skin that then causes your cholesterol to transform into vitamin d but it's in a it's in an inactive state then that inactive vitamin d travels through the blood and goes to the kidney and it's in the liver and that's where it's converted to the active form so.

Um that's why tanning beds don't give you enough vitamin uh d how do you like that answer steve well because yeah i'm hoping to sort of redeem myself it is actually a hormone isn't vitamin d hormone it is it's not even really a vitamin it's a hormone that's exactly right and it's made from.

Cholesterol so um yep it's made from cholesterol that interaction happens in your skin so um that's correct okay how about another question we've got quite a few of them i mean from uh social media okay great fatima as i say that right terry thank you can you lose weight on keto.

Without fasting sure yeah you can but it's more difficult you just have to cut your carbs way way down but if you have a metabolism problem um i don't think you're going to be able to do it with many frequent meals i mean just working with so many people that even before i started doing intermittent.

Fasting i started with keto and some people would lose weight some people wouldn't simply because they had too much insulin and they were eating too frequently especially with all those keto desserts interesting okay how about we jump over to youtube jane lost 56 pounds yay on keto in six.

Months but she's concerned that her ldl has gone up and she also put is that because of mct oil you know i think you should watch the video on the good and bad ldl that's what it's called and there's two types of ldl and if she were.

To get a advanced lipid profile test advanced cholesterol tests she would be able to determine if those el if that ldl was um small part dense particles versus large buoyant particles and she's going to find out the type of cholesterol that she has as far as.

In the ldl family is not that bad actually it's good and it's just coming from you're eating more fat it's being mobilized through the liver and through i mean to the bloodstream and from the fat cell you're you have to realize too that ldl is a protein that's carrying cholesterol.

And guess what if you're losing weight weight has triglycerides and it has cholesterol so you have to mobilize it out of the fat cell how is it going to how are you going to get that out um so that's all i have to say about that but i do want to go to uh seth uh from moses lake are you there.

Seth hey dr berg how you doing hi great thanks yeah i had a question i loved your video that you did on explaining like how insulin works it opens up the cell lets the energy in um you know one of the the things that i was really curious about.

You know i like to understand how things work is why does your body elicit an insulin response on something like maltodextrin or something that has zero caloric value or nutritional value yet for some reason it will have your body release insulin.

That doesn't make sense to me very good question um it's because it's it's it is uh calories are a factor but there's another factor and that has to do with the glycemic index and it just so happens that of all the sugars sucrose glucose which is a hundred maltodextrin is like 110 or 115.

On that scale so it's like highly um it affects your blood sugars like you know i mean it just it is a sugar and it's a it's uh it triggers um things faster than other other types of sugar and it is the number one thing that will do that it's the highest in the glycemic.

Index so when they say it's low calories or less what they're saying it's probably less than one calorie but it's still it's probably like maybe 0.8 calorie because you don't have to even list it on the label if it's less than one calorie but there is some calories there.

And they use it so there's actually calories and all those all those sweeteners and everything yes there are calories yeah there are it's less than one zero less than um one gram but it depends on how much you take um but less than one gram can be like 0.9 grams and that's just enough to.

Create a response um so and it also depends on how much you take too i mean if you're just taking a tiny bit it might affect you a tiny bit but you have to realize it is the highest thing out of anything that i know on the glycemic index scale yeah so so with something.

That has uh legitimately absolutely zero calories can that still cause an insulin response no no um i mean if it's zero calories it's not going to create any any uh any response but on the other hand let's take something with high amounts.

Of calories let's take a fat it virtually has zero effect on insulin so it doesn't stimulate it at all so you have the factory of a concentration of of sugar or glucose or or related things like you have starches and you have and then you have the fiber aspect is there fiber in there that will buffer that response.

Even though fiber is a carbohydrate it doesn't create a response on insulin so it's really really it's about the most important factor is what's the response on insulin and calories come in from two different angles number one there's a there's something in your.

Small intestine that it's a hormone that gets triggered when you eat anything i don't care what it is it's gonna spike insulin so that's why we recommend fasting as well as what as well as cut down your high glycemic foods all right thanks for your question seth.

And let's go to bo from tel aviv um are you are you there bo yeah hi dr berg how are you great thanks i've been uh following you for a few years excited to talk to you so i have a question about kidney stones um the thing is the background i'm 40 i'm about 30 kilo.

Overweight of what i should be i've been suffering from kidney stones uh last decade i guess or so and about six ago six years ago they had to extract the stone it was analyzed as a calcium stone recently just last month they had to have another one extracted and it's a uric.

Acid stone supposedly now i'm ah 2018 i did keto the whole year i lost a ton of weight i felt good due to some personal reasons kind of fell off the wagon i want to get back on track but my urologist is really sort of in my face saying high protein high fat you know don't do it all these purines.

Um this is gonna really aggravate the kidney stones and i wanna see like right yeah i would be kind of lost you know well the the this funny thing is like um i would take break it down by by exactly what he said like there's nothing related to high fat that causes kidney.

Stones like you don't get purines in from high fat but you can get it from high protein but guess what right keto is moderate protein and that is something that it's not a high fat it's not a high protein diet the other thing too is that.

When you research kidney stones there's a lot of credible data that that substantiates this this idea that even high fat diets do not cause kidney stones and they've done research and so it's kind of it's just a theory it's not a fact um.

But the other thing too is the what causes the build up of uric acid in your case probably is your it's not things you're eating it's just the uh your kidneys are not able to get rid of the uric acid for some reason so the kidney and unfortunately every time they do a cat scan to check for a kidney stone.

They damage the kidneys it's a lot of radiation um so i'll try to always get an ultrasound by the way um what you need to do and i'm sure you did this is to they have these functional kidney tests where they they have you measure your urine and.

Then you send it in and they can analyze a lot deeper of all the chemistry that's going on that can contribute to your kidney stones and one of the most important things that you need to do is um every single day you need to drink no less than three uh two and a half to three liters of fluid.

Now of course you know i'm talking about fluid not just water you don't have your electrolytes and sea salts but the um the fluid is the key thing because that will keep your urine from going into a super concentrated state and that alone will prevent the formation of kidney stones having enough.

Fluid and of course if you had calcium oxalates you'd want to avoid spinach and and chocolate and rhubarb and things like that and almonds and almond flour but now it's uric acid so that the problem is when you fast for a long period of time you will increase.

Your uric acid because it's an antioxidant too but that's one of my main concerns yes if you if you keep your fluids up and you have lemon water and you have potassium citrate which i recommend on a regular basis an electrolyte form um that will greatly help you and i.

I think that's what i would do to get the benefits of the fasting but keep your fluids up and then you know just keep supporting your kidneys to the point where they can you know stop performing stones okay so would you say i mean i already ordered the electrolyte powder.

That's on the website and i understand it's full of potassium so would you recommend i mean could that really help me yeah my body and counter and plus it's gonna it's gonna take your um ph and you're gonna make it more alkaline and the thing about uric acid is that if.

You keep it alkaline then it doesn't form into the crystals it's really a ph a ph thing too so uh that potassium citrate will keep it at the right ph for you all right good question steve are you are we ready for another question absolutely are you have so many great questions i think we'll keep piling them.

In and so this one i'm going to put it up on the screen for our viewers now is what are the top two reasons not to take apple cider vinegar yeah so there's two reasons why you wouldn't take apple cider vinegar i mean this probably could be more but what are the two top reasons why you.

Wouldn't take apple cider vinegar that is the question and while you're uh answering that i want to go to larissa from miami uh are you there lorisa yes yes i'm here can you hear me dr burke yes i can yes i can hear you yes thank you so much for taking my call.

I'm a huge fan of your work and your products for last five years i'm following uh keto on and off and now i'm back and my body is very well my body has a lot of toxins right now so i have two questions the first question is when my ketones go up i feel in the evening.

Palpitations anxiety uh it even raised my blood pressure at night sometimes i wake up in the middle of night feeling like palpitations so i start taking powder and it seems help very well but i want to know what the maximum amount i can take what it takes for my.

Body because one scoop it seems not enough because i'm exercising and going to sauna so sweating so maybe i need more than one scoop but i want to make sure it's safe to take more and if i if i can take it at night as.

Well not only in the morning and the second question and a second question you mentioned about binds to remove toxins in one of your videos very shortly and i'm not sure if it's okay if it's safe to take from removing toxins like charcoal activated or etc edta.

How much to take is it okay to take every day or i can remove all my nutrients and vitamins from my body if i take too much thank you so much i have a question what um what in your what makes you say you have toxins and what type of toxins are you talking about.

Well i think because i eat a lot of fish i think i have mercury uh also pollutions i was traveling in the big cities a lot living in miami and moscow a big city so um i think i have a lot of solutions because uh just um well it's like in the mouth i i have.

Sometimes the white uh in the morning like a white kind of thing um and well i don't know i just feel like i have toxins okay so this is there's two things i would recommend two things i would recommend i would do keto intermittent fasting.

More consistently on a regular basis secondly i would start consuming more greens and cruciferous vegetables that's the best detoxifier that you can get actual vegetables that way you'll get your potassium and magnesium to prevent these heart.

Palpitations and things like that you could take um you know up to three scoops of the electrolyte powder without any problem you probably take a lot more but you know three is fine and i think if you're more consistent with keto and you add more vegetables especially cruciferous then the need for those that.

Electrolyte powder will go down and also you're providing more electrolyte and things like that um as far as detoxes and things like that um yeah you're getting some mercury from fish but if you're doing the fatty fish you're also getting selenium so a good.

Amount of selenium with the trace minerals would be good to help you detoxify mercury that would be good and you can also do the chelators that i mentioned that you mentioned too charcoal and the other key later but i i don't think you i don't think you really need that.

Uh per se um because that pulls out all the minerals and you got to put them back so but it's good for certain people like especially if you have too much calcium or iron um but yeah that's that's what i would recommend thanks for your call all right doc by.

The way a lot of the listeners just noticed that marissa and a lot of folks do this have her computer on in the background it just makes it so difficult for them to sort of understand so remember folks just cut your computer down before you go on the air with dr berg and it won't drive you crazy uh and.

Let's see by the way we've got some answers to one of your great questions doc if you're ready i'm ready okay and the question was what are the top two reasons not to take apple cider vinegar and audience says 55 high stomach acid and 45 say ulcers okay good.

Um the only problem is you're gonna have a hard time knowing if you have high stomach acid i mean normally you should have a lot of ass in your stomach i mean i'm talking like between one to three the ph of one to three so the stomach if healthy is designed to be very very acidic.

And so for those of you that said an ulcer you're absolutely correct but the other indication that you wouldn't want to take apple cider vinegar is if you had gastritis which is slightly different that's an inflammation of the the colon itself i mean sorry the stomach itself.

And when you take apple cider vinegar you'll you'll feel more stomach pain or burning so that's that's the best thing you take it outside of vinegar if you feel worse then you know you may have either an ulcer or or could be gastritis and the best thing to do with that is to.

Take zinc kerosene and um also um licorice is good for that as well and um the other thing you can take is um cabbage cabbage is a good vegetable probiotics are good to take but not any acidifiers including betaine hydrochloride you don't want to take.

That um and just wait for the stomach to heal you can also take chlorophyll from wheatgrass juice powder things like that and then let it heal and then add it back maybe in three or four months because it takes a while to to heal that inflamed stomach area and as well as handle the ulcer and of.

Course if you're on keto and intermittent fasting doing it correctly that's going to be equally as important actually if not more important to do long term all right steve i need to go to a question rita is on the line are you there rita from.

San diego yes dr berg thank you for taking my call big thing i really appreciate that my question is related to all right rita had a question husband has bowel obstruction after lymphoma surgery um are you there rita yes still there that is.

The question yes okay so um i would honestly um have them do some type of scan or ultrasound or whatever to find out if they did the surgery if they actually if there's scar tissue in there or there's some other type of thing that got altered it's a physical obstruction.

And then if there's not i would and a lot of people that get surgery they end up having more cortisol and stress to the body and things don't work as well i think it's very very important and i i would bet anything he had an antibiotic when he had that i would put back in.

A very strong probiotic and i would do that and that will help the bowels greatly that's probably the best thing you can do but i would if there's some type of obstruction in the in the bowel there he's going to have to if it's it's a blockage you're going to have to probably surgically remove that.

Because there's really nothing you can do other than surgery for that excellent thank you all right don welcome oh i'm sorry for stepping on your caller but anyway um our listener tracy has a great question from facebook she wants to know interesting is it true.

I don't need extra vitamins if my estrogen levels are breaking up say that again steve sure tracy wants to know if she doesn't need extra vitamin d if her estrogen levels are great if her estrogen levels are great she doesn't need any vitamin d that's all i.

Heard from you steve but i um i'm not sure the question exactly that was true if it's true that if her estrogen levels are great she doesn't need any additional vitamin d oh i got it that's false information um the thing is that estrogen is made out of cholesterol and vitamin d is made out of cholesterol.

And so they're apples and oranges but they're made from the same thing so um i would get them both tested and take whatever you need that's deficient as far as vitamin d goes because most people are deficient in vitamin d steve i'm going to go to another question from may leak from bell mead are you there malik.

Stand by just a moment yeah i'm dead hi your question i think your um your brother was exposed to pesticides correct so he kind of uh you know a lot of pests are you there yes i'm dead can you hear me yes now i can okay so um there was this happened about 10 years ago there was a suicide attempt.

On my brother's part and during his uh you know low times so um you know since then he recovered uh most of it uh his body was in hospital for about like 30 40 days so then now he lost his motor mouse since then actually you know on the.

So on his legs and on his hands he lost his motor now so is there anything that particular diet or anything that can probably help you well i think i would definitely put them on my standard keto and intermittent fasting program but the other thing too when you lose your motor nerve function whether it's from chemotherapy or.

Diabetes or whatever is he needs to get on what's called benthotamine it's a fat-soluble b vitamin that he can take four times a day to help support those nerves and of course i would also recommend a lot of cruciferous vegetables for a long period of time to help.

Continue to detoxify him of those pesticides that he's been exposed to okay all right do you mind reply repeating the uh quickly though then photo ben fotamine um benfotamine it's a b vitamin it's a fat soluble one i've done if you watch my videos on.

Peripheral neuropathy um i'll talk more about it but that's what i would recommend okay steve yes sir are we ready for another question we certainly are uh why don't you read it for the audience what are the two reasons why people get sleepy after they eat.

All right they have the question okay uh let's go to roy royne from new york city are you there ryan stand by we're bringing her up there you are rowan hello dr burke hi how are you i'm good are you i just had a question regarding uh sugar alcohol because you seem to like on xylitol.

More yourself i was just wondering why because on erythritol seems i mean at least for me it tastes better and has a glycemic index of zero right so i was wondering yeah you know what that's a really good question i think it's a taste preference um you're right um erythritol is better.

Than xylitol on the on the index of things it's personally when i put it in like my coffee i'll have just this tiny bit of xylitol every morning if i put xylitol it doesn't seem to i don't like the taste as much but if you do i would i would much rather.

You take xylitol i'm sorry erythritol because xylitol is a little higher in the glycemic index even though it's in the low range um and then some people take the xylitol i'm sorry the erythritol with monk fruit as a combination i think that's really good it is zero on the glycemic index of.

Course when you buy it make sure it doesn't have added maltodextrous dextrin which i always kind of put that in there but it's just a taste thing i i my taste uh indicates that xylitol is probably the closest thing to sugar as far as taste goes but you know what i think if i were you i'd just keep doing.

What you're doing because that's actually better than what i'm doing okay thank you so much dr berg it's really great you're welcome pleasure all right doc why don't we take another call while we gather the answers okay sarah from gilbert uh had a question about your son taking potassium chloride.

Thank you for taking my call hi um i have a 13 year old son now he has gun disease and um yeah he has a lot of um he loses his creatinine levels are high and he's losing up what do you call it um his potassium levels are usually very low.

So the doctors put him on citrate potassium citrate then he had a metabolic reaction to it then they changed it to chloride potassium chloride i want to see if you uh can um offer something like if you have something natural potassium for him that i can order.

Um instead of uh giving him this uh because i know too much potassium also is not good for the kidney air itself but he he's low on it um i don't know something natural that would help him well um i have a really good good potassium product it's it is.

Citrate but it's um not from china and it's not made it's non-gmo it's high quality and has all the other traces all the other electrolytes and trace minerals and it's in my electrolyte powder that i think that might be a really good one because it's.

Higher amounts and it's in a blend of all of them um the other thing you have to realize too is that unless he has a chronic kidney disease that potassium is actually good for the kidney it's protective um but this the studies done on toxicity of potassium on the kidney and i've read.

Them all really only had to do with the potassium chloride not the citrate and it was uh i think it was one person that created a certain lesion and it was in a time delayed capsule or something where it had some other.

Other um factors to this this potassium it wasn't in a powder it was a it was a delayed thing so it probably sat in the stomach and created an irritation so um i think uh we're trying to cut stomach issues yeah it does cause him a systemic issue uh.

With this potassium he does have like uh runs to the bathroom quite often now yeah um you know what i will do a video on that because i think um there might be more to this the question is why why is the potassium low in the first place let's get to that.

Problem i will i will say that if you're deficient in potassium and you take potassium and you have a problem realize there's so many other factors that are involved like you need magnesium to help your potassium work so that's why i like my electrolyte powder and then you also um the ph has to be in a certain way.

For it to be uh absorbed and if he has insulin resistance that can block his ability to absorb potassium like just so many other factors but i'll tell you what i will do a video on that and um awesome and then i'll send them i've been emailing you always i think i love commenting on all the.

Videos asking about these questions and emailing uh and i'm just uh i thank you i mean uh please help me out and i will watch the video i will order this today and uh you say so you think that giving him potassium um is beneficial for the kidney right yeah and unless he has this chronic.

Stage you know i mean chronic kidney disease then you wouldn't but potassium is protective on the kidney otherwise all right good so steve yes sir um do we have the answers to the question what's the two reasons why you would get sleepy after you eat we do we do doc and 80 percent of our viewers.

Say high insulin levels 10 percent say high cholesterol levels and another 10 percent what is it excuse me uh terry correct i mean 10 say high cortisol levels and 10 low blood sugars what's the truth okay so if you have um insulin resistance.

Which is high insulin you're going to get tired after you eat that's why you need to take a nap especially after consuming rice in your in your meal time or pasta or bread or noodles but the other reason is if you have low stomach acid and you're not able to digest protein.

And you'll feel sleepy because you're not able to you don't have enough stomach acid to digest in fact that's one of the main reasons why as people get older they get they have chronic fatigue because they don't have enough stomach acid especially if they're consuming protein.

Some people like they'll eat a piece of meat and they just need to take a nap because they just can't digest that so stomach acid adding more of that apple cider vinegar between hydrochloride when you eat will many times increase your energy because you're increasing the breakdown of that protein interesting.

Doc i tell you what a little time left and two more questions let's knock out another one okay the next question is what vitamin has the best chance of decreasing a fear state like panic attack anxiety worry claustrophobia.

What vitamin might help that those conditions which are our states of being in fear and i'm talking on a physical level not anything but a physical if you're deficient in this nutrient um you might actually manifest more fear okay great how about another caller yep.

Stephanie are you there stephanie i am i am um nice to speak with you dr berg i just for a little background i am 37 and the mom of six and about a year ago 11 months now i donated a kidney i am estrogen dominant and a little i was getting a little bit of insulin.

Resistant so the doctor put me on a and i've been doing that in intermittent fasting for about four months all my tests and blood work were done about six months ago so i got my new labs back and my estrogen actually went up a little bit i've been taking.

Your cruciferous supplement your kelp and your dim along with doing keto and so my i'm my question is could there be something else that is causing my estrogen to to just stay the same or increase and not to not go down now this is you're talking about they've.

Done a blood test right correct yeah she did she was it's a natural path that i'm working with or a functional doctor and and she did quite a few labs twice now um and my estrogen actually went up is there any other hormone that is high like follicle stimulating hormone.

Luteinizing hormone anything else um not that i'm aware of i know my progesterone is low and my estrogen is this high okay and how old are you again i'm 37. okay and do you consume any dairy i do um not i mean not a ton i don't drink milk or anything sometimes i'll have uh.

Cheese or yogurt okay you know just uh i think that there's two things that i would i might want to do i might i probably um cut down any dairy to see if that doesn't help you and then reevaluate in six weeks the other thing to do is to um.

I would inc you could do progesterone cream um just because that progesterone boy if that's low that will make the relative value of estrogen higher so i'm really curious on your blood test is it truly high or is the ratio of estrogen just too high compared to.

Progesterone in which case we need to support progesterone and bring that up the other factor is that if you can't get your estrogen down you want to support the liver milk thistle is really good there's other things to do with the liver but that liver.

Helps to buffer excess estrogen and a lot of times it's not really your hormones it's the liver that needs to be addressed so those are some areas that i would look at honestly okay and so you think it's more um more hormone-related the kidney like having one kidney would.

That affect my my estrogen or is that likely from just breastfeeding and having six kids over the last 16 years you know i'm really glad that you breastfed and i'm i think that's so smart i think your kids are so much healthy for that i.

But taking out one kidney may put a little more stress on the liver um so here's another thing that you might want to try which is um because your your body should adapt though the kidney should adapt and get bigger and work for both but there's there's another another product that i.

That might be very helpful it's from standard process and you can look it up it's called um arena food and it's basically kidney food and you know it will support that kidney that you have and it will help it work better and it may.

Greatly help your estrogen because your kidney does is influenced by estrogen as well so that could be another little factor and if you support that organ because it's been weakened because it has to work twice as hard that might just be the icing on the cake so try that reena food.

Standard process sounds great doc how about we got some answers for the last question which vitamin has the best chance of reducing a fear state and by the way terry pointed out that atriska decaphobia the fear of 13 and here we are on friday the 13th.

Can we help some of our listeners with that chronic issue is that a real thing but go ahead tell me the answers all right the answers besides trichodectophobia which is a real thing 60 say b1 15 say magnesium 10 say b12 and 15 if that all adds up to 100.

Vitamin d you know all of those are going to help but b1 is the is the most uh powerful when dealing with the fear states so um it'll just calm you down it'll just give you a sense of relief with the worry and the um anxiety and so that's one thing that i would recommend and also if you drink.

A lot of tea or coffee that will deplete your b1 and you can become deficient just from that alone because there's a lot of people drinking so much tea but they're not putting that b1 back in and then they wonder why they're a little bit nervous or fearful and things like that.

So well doc b1 nutritional yeast okay now i'm doing a lot of nutritional use but i heard you tell someone before i think b1 if you're a little short what can we do you have a product that can help us with b1 specifically there's a product that i have that is my b1 product.

It's a keto energy it has a lot of other things in there but it's a really high quality from a lot of different angles b1 support product i take three every morning it's pretty pretty good well on that note i really appreciate all your questions everyone.

If you wouldn't mind one last favor if you have any ideas on videos that you would like me to do go ahead and comment down below before you leave and i will work on that i'm doing a lot of videos now on your questions and so i appreciate your call we'll be talking to you next week.

Stay tuned for a lot more videos this week see you later you
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