Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
well hello everyone we are back with another show and uh we have karen yeah we did hello hello anything that um that i say is not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with your doctor before taking any of the advice but definitely get out your pens and.

Pencil and paper we're going to have a we're going to go through a lot of stuff today and you'll get a lot from just the questions that people ask and then also the quizzes that i'm going to be talking about um you know i did a video recently karen on um how to convince people or actually how what the worst.

Way to convince people of keto because you know people are always talking to their friends and family like how do you get them on board with keto and it really has to do with well in fact i don't think i've met one person who ever jumped in and started keto.

Without having some problem health problem or perceived problem you know you like you have people that you see that need it but they don't perceive that they really need it because they're healthy you know like people that have like these huge bellies like well i'm fine you know they.

Or my medication is my my diabetes is being controlled by medication so therefore i'm healthy and i don't need keto right or i don't have a weight problem you ever hear that so i don't need to do keto i might have heard it once or twice so.

I'm going to do a video on that the worst way to convince someone of keto and then what you should do if you wanted to convince them stay tuned for that video all right so we're going to jump right into bell from canada saskatchewan are you there bill.

I'm here thank you for taking my call sure um dr bird i am doing healthy keto and i have on intermittent intermittent fasting i enjoy that and i i'm gonna do i've done prolonged fasting it's been good and i'm gonna be doing water fast coming up but.

My question is i have i watched your clip on the high pulse rate rapid pulse rate the other day and i have a pounding heart rate at in the middle of the night i wake up at two or three every single morning and my blood pressure goes up and my heart is pounding and if i move.

Around it's really pounding hard and my potassium is normal and my glucose and sodium and magnesium are all in the normal range and i was just wondering is this could this be related to dehydration or a large fibroid which i have or a.

Thyroid condition this situation sure could be related to the thyroid but i have a question for you are you doing um any type of kombucha tea or apple cider vinegar yes i do apple cider vinegar the kombucha tea has too much sugar for me my glucose is.

Negative and i don't take any sugar in at all okay really careful okay good and then the question the question i have for you is um when you say your potassium is normal is that based like on a blood test yeah uh okay do you want me so i'm just going to give you some data.

On this um first of all i think your potassium might be fine but it'll never show up on your blood test simply because um most this the like 98 maybe 99 percent of your potassium is inside the cell not in the blood outside the cell so it's not.

Interstitial it's actually inside the cell so you cannot really pick up a lot of potassium problems by checking the blood you could do an intracellular test i don't have the website handy but i could probably post it down here later but intracellular tests will measure the.

Intracellular minerals like magnesium and potassium so that's one thing number two one thing that can cause a high pulse rate is your ph being slightly acidic so what you should do is probably cut out the apple cider vinegar and see if that doesn't bring the pulse rate down.

That's one thing the other thing is the thyroid especially if you're thyroid taking thyroid medication that can raise the pulse rate another thing that can do this and is that around your bed either at the head or somewhere there could be higher levels of what's called emf electromagnetic.

Fields i found i had this little device it's called the trifield and i measured at the head of my bed to the left to the right massive off the chart emf coming from the wall so there's certain electrical wires and plug-ins that i had to deal with i did create a video on that i should.

Probably create one that's easy to find but when i removed and fixed that problem um like everything like i did notice some weird stuff going on with my heart too just calm right down bam so that can actually raise the pulse rate or create up palpitations um so that's just another thing the.

Other electrolyte that you could probably also try is calcium not a lot just a little bit and calcium lactate or calcium citrate might be a good thing for the pulse rate but these are just things that i would i would change and then see if it doesn't help you and.

Then actually call back next week the other thing is that you should probably go for on long walks every day too because um it really helps the heart to calm down with the pulse rate thanks bell all right karen where are people watching from wow i am tracking that.

Today i'm glad you asked quick list candidate egypt mount everest you get a cell signal mount everest wow that's amazing texas washington st louis all over the united states jersey uh cyprus india vegas connecticut pakistan.

Scotland malaysia the uae spain israel bangladesh london greece south africa and i'm sure now there'll be a lot more coming wow that's great that's amazing yeah very very cool but would you like a question yes i would good.

So serene on youtube asks what does it mean to have a high dhea s level what does that mean well that is a hormone from the adrenals it's like a precursor for other hormones and i did a video on that um and so the s gives you a little more data on.

Where that hormone is produced i mean i want to do a whole lecture on it but it just tells you where specifically it's produced because it could be coming from the adrenal or it could be coming from other places but it is a good thing to identify.

What's happening as you're kind of like the precursor hormones for other hormones so it's usually will show up if it's low that might show up a problem like after postmenopausal but if it's high that could be a whole number of things i would just watch my video on that.

Because i just search it out because that way i can you can get all the data because it's a little bit complex if i don't have a board to draw pictures all right do you have another question like a yes or no question but you're the king of drawing pictures on a big board oh gosh.

Okay good so michelle on youtube she says um she's doing some kale shakes what's better frozen or fresh or does it matter well i think frozen is better because uh it if you take like raw kale and you try to blend it it's kind of it's it's a little more.

Difficult but if you freeze it and you blend it boy it comes in a nice crisp shake it's cold you add some berries in there it works good i find also when you freeze it if you put it in a ziploc first not just in the bag you brought home from the grocery store because it will be a mess.

Oh there's a hand um that as soon as it freezes you can just crunch it and it goes from taking up this much room in your freezer so just this much room in your freezer and then you fret it shatters and then it's really easy to use and i think you'll end up using even.

More of it which is what you're trying to do that's what you're trying to do and what you're trying to do give me another question okay so here i love this one which bread is worse sour dough or sprouted bread you know you would think the sour dough.

I mean sorry you'd think the um sprouted the sprouted be like really healthy it's actually not that much healthier i mean it has a couple more vitamins and minerals and maybe some less anti-nutrients like phytic acid but and generally it's it's very very.

Similar but on the glycemic index you have some interesting interesting confusions because apparently if it's whole grain bread it's actually lower on the glycemic index right but first of all who just eats a slice of bread.

They put stuff on it and and they have larger amount the glycemic index is a measurement of how the ability of a carbohydrate to raise your blood sugar so and if you have um and it's based on kind of a 50 grams which is a smaller quantity so if you eat what normally people eat it's going to be a.

Lot higher on the glycemic index and they don't it'll also talk about the insulin index and other things as well so i would stay away from spread of bread if i were you karen that's this that's the thing so you would prefer the sourdough no is that the answer i mean.

I would prefer it because i like sourdough but it's good i would not recommend it right if you're treating this question with somebody who is asking because on their cheat day they want to blah blah which is a whole other conversation yeah um so if you're doing healthy keto.

And you're going to cheat you're on your own recover from their sourdough pretzels are different now no we don't recommend that let's go to sultan from saudi arabia um you had a question go ahead hi dr berg thank you very much for taking my call.

I would love to ask about what is the ideal daily dosages of butter ghee and omega-3s yeah um ghee is clarified butter so they're taking out the the solids from it so it's like a pure fat and you can cook with it you can put on your food it has vitamin k2 as vitamin a.

Maybe a little bit of vitamin d it's good good for overall health but as far as a daily dosage i think you could overdo it but i mean maybe a couple tablespoons a day would be fine but see how you feel because if you start to.

Take too much fat that's out of the normal complex like even like butter where do they get butter from milk right it's kind of a refined product or taking it out of the complex what happens is that you can be deficient in certain things like vitamin b1 there's not a lot of vitamin.

B1 in fats like pure fats so when you consume a lot of it your body still has to metabolize that fat and it's going to use up some reserve of b1 so you can actually have a b1 deficiency mostly from doing a high carbohydrate diet as well as doing.

A high fat diet if you're just doing a lot of refined fats i'm not against doing a lot of fats but just make sure you have enough b1 because you may end up with kind of the symptoms of a b1 deficiency just like the lady who called with a high pulse rate one one reason for a high pulse rate would be low vitamin b1 and i didn't.

Mention this to her until i just thought of it now so b1 is like a real key nutrient for so many things okay thanks for your question and karen it's it's time for the first quiz for everyone okay okay all right.

What is the first symptom of a fatty liver how do you know you may have a fatty liver okay let's see if you guys have this answer and while you're chewing on that answer karen let's give me a question take a question okay uh no name here.

Would like to use just a teaspoon of honey in their tea what are your thoughts on that my thought is don't do it because a little teaspoon of sugar and by the way honey has just as much sugar as other sweeteners is going to raise your sugar just enough for your insulin to come in.

There and push it down so guess what happens you're going to be about an hour and a half you're going to be like hmm i need a little something something a little sweetness you know now you're now you're craving now it bumped you out of ketosis i i mean i love the taste of honey.

But i haven't had honey in a long time and i would a maybe a month or so a couple of months ago i ended up drinking something that had honey in it and honestly within an hour i felt groggy like i needed to nap it really if just a little bit was it with those fish.

Tacos was it fish tacos no okay because when i ate the fish tacos the other night i i was like wait a second there's something a little too sweet in here and then of course an hour later i'm like mmm there was something hidden ingredients yep.

No it was not i didn't notice okay this is the danger of eating out or ordering food out you they slip that sugar in there so easily and also they put a lot of um the oils that you don't want in there they cook with different like soy or corn corn oil okay let me know if we're getting some.

Answers we are starting to get answers here um lots of different answers what what are some of the answers so some of the answers are fat around the stomach dry mouth dark urine fatty stool right shoulder pain hair loss gallbladder issues.

Large tummy well you know what bloating all you guys are really close uh and those of you that said right shoulder pain that would be the second symptom but the first symptom is malaise and what is that malaise is not fatigue it's a general feeling of uneasiness you don't feel well you don't it's not.

It's kind of non-specific you could feel like you're coming down with something you can't put a finger on it you just don't feel really good it's the absence of feeling good and the reason for that is because the immune system is starting to kick in we're starting to get an immune reaction in the body.

Because the liver if it's a fatty liver it creates these cytokines which are inflammatory things that start coming in there so that little immune reaction is going to make you feel like i don't feel quite right now it's usually associated with fatigue as well um but how many people have that but and.

Then they wonder wonder wonder what's wrong with me and end up on some kind of drug or some kind of pill here's the thing there are other reasons for that symptom too it's not just the fatty liver so don't think of a fat liver so it could be it could be you're coming.

Down it could be you have a lot of other issues it could be low blood sugar it could be high blood sugar there's a lot of different things it could be a food allergy but fatty liver will usually cause malaise and it's just good to know that mayonnaise to just.

Distinguish between mayonnaise and malaise okay and but it's good to know that that feeling of uneasiness or not so happy or maybe you feel what you might call blue or uninterested or whatever when you have these sort of attitude type of symptoms that you should look.

At your health and your what you're eating as as the very first action the solution is basically you need to get on keto i mean that ultimately will make you feel good i mean i know a lot of you watching are on keto right now and doing intermittent fasting and you don't have that you.

You feel wonderful your mood your energy so that is another reason karen to do keto for those of you that are new and and to share this because if you have friends or associates or family members that are cranky or blue or not motivated or having issues in life in general.

What you know the very first thing you could do is get them onto keto or at the very least get them off sugar and carbs and get them aware of the fact that that's going to change their their attitude and their viewpoint and and you know why i'm so pushy getting people into keto you know i've.

Been really pushy why because you remember when i was in my 20s like about five years ago i was extremely extremely fatigued and i had malaise i had a lot of other issues i mean i had a lot of problems and here i am feeling like crap trying to get help and you saw what i.

Was eating i was eating like for breakfast it would be like a muffin i would have carbs and i didn't make the connection i was oblivious and this went on for years and the solution was right underneath my nose even when we were vegetarians oh my gosh don't remind me karen okay all right.

Let's go to tim from oregon are you there tim i am good morning good morning let's see uh so i have a family just a little context here so my wife and i have eight children we're going to talk about my oldest child so our family has listened to you for years.

You guided our family's dietary health regime quite a bit and and but my oldest daughter and the rest of the kids are very healthy runners athletic my oldest daughter however she is uh the most dedicated to keto she hasn't had sugar grain in years.

Um and she has she is overweight she uh she has circulation issues you can see in her hands and her feet um she exercises every day she observes keto intermittent fasting and i've noticed a little bit of cracking in her heels which i've heard you referenced before um also.

Just so that you've got full context and i know this isn't we're not supposed to talk about this but she's the only one of our children who was vaccinated and uh and then also um i'm not sure how regular her menstrual cycle is but nobody wants her dad to know that anyway so right um but that's there you go so so when.

You say circulation problems i think you said in the hands and feet um are you talking about like raynaud's where it turns purple or just cold or why do you say circulation issues yeah i say cold she she'll reference them as cold but also um definitely purple definitely i see.

Coloration okay all right so this is what i would recommend i did a video on this i would recommend she may need higher amounts of vitamin b1 which actually helps the autonomic nervous system and that's great for raynaud's you might want to try that as well as.

Vitamin d both of those together i think will help in the thermoregulation regulation of temperature but as well as maybe counter some of the effects of some of the things that she did in the past also re-evaluate go back to i mean anytime that someone has those.

Symptoms i would always want to get a food blog look at that food for the last two days and then compare it to my book like what what is missing what can she do um that's what i would do that's what i would do tim uh let me know if that helps okay so uh and i.

Would recommend higher amounts of uh the vitamin b1 and vitamin d for a little bit and see if she doesn't feel a lot better or if she does better thanks tim all right karen yes um do we have another question yeah okay good okay so frederick from youtube he's been.

On keto and lost a bunch of weight and now has trouble sleeping okay so here's what i would do um here's the problem with keto you start having too much energy now what are you going to do with all this extra energy and believe it or not you do need a little less sleep.

But you definitely need sufficient sleep um so one of the things that you want to make sure you're doing is make sure the electrolytes are in add the electrolyte especially potassium magnesium to make sure you're sleeping is it's good you can also add a little.

Calcium in there but i wouldn't do that right off the bat i would first do more electrolytes for the potassium and magnesium that usually should help the other problem with sleep and ketones is that ketones are acidic so and having more of an acidic thing.

Can raise the heart rate and kind of keep things going so again before bed if you were to consume maybe i would do this like la la as your last meal instead not before bed celery do a lot of celery maybe peanut butter as your and you can do that maybe a few nights.

In a row and see if that doesn't help your sleep um because the celery has a certain phytonutrient in there that is calming to the blood pressure calling to the nervous system and will help you sleep lately i've been on a celery kick i think you have two karen so um.

All right so that would be that and then i'm gonna give the next question yeah go ahead um this is a yes or no question should you be taking a probiotic if you're on antibiotics hmm good question at the same time or should you wait well no it's just one question should you.

Have it yeah just you get an antibiotic should you be taking a probiotic that's the question there you go now i want to add that yeah uh countries people are viewing us from i already mentioned about 20 and now we've added lebanon jordan indonesia iraq poland hungary.

Ethiopia australia tunisia and strangely enough we have viewers from planet earth and i would like to welcome is that what they say yeah we can come together on certain issues certain things like keto and intermittent fasting and generally feeling good we can all agree on that hey gene.

You're on the line you're on the air um you're from arizona go ahead hi dr berg thank you for taking my call um just by way of summary i'm 56 i started keto and fasting march first ironically for the pandemic and i lost 50 pounds in five and a half months wow yeah.

And uh went to um so it can be done in your 50s um i then went to alaska and florida and you know kind of eat some other foods felt way different as you've talked about and then have lost 10 pounds the last 6 weeks finally yesterday hit 60 pounds so i guess my question is i'm now at.

Kind of like kind of average weight but i i want to dip below i want to go another 20 or so how do i sustain motivation over the holidays and especially for the last phase of the reducing part you know until i.

Decide i want to stop and um you know what would you say about that well you're you're you're already um seeing the benefits and you're excited about the weight loss itself right you're that's making you happy it sounds like you're excited um i think the best thing to do is you have to find.

You have to find um the keto program as part of like your lifestyle like if you can't look at like a diet it's like just part of my lifestyle you're grooving you find out your niche of how to do this maybe you you have your keto snacks whatever inside that you have with the meal is desserts.

But you have to make it enjoyable now holidays is a different story if you can control that a little bit better you can make these other foods or let's say you're like a lot of other people who go off the program during the holiday maybe just that one day but get right back on it.

So i think you you're getting to a point now where you well i think you're getting it to now where you have a good health reserve that you you can't afford to go off of it for a day and get right back on it but the problem is that um what i don't recommend is i go from thanksgiving all the way.

Bam to first of the year and you're off the program valentine's day yeah and it just keeps going so it's just about making this just a lifestyle thing i mean i actually even recommend sometimes go off the program see how you feel so.

You can convince yourself it's not the way that i want to go so that way no one has to tell you you know you have judgment so you're not like on this program you're just like hey i know what my body responds to eating wise it does better with this i'm going to stick to that i will say.

Probably one weakness is other people around you friends and family that tend to are not on the program and they could influence you i know it's hard to believe but you're looking at me i was looking over there i was looking over there so uh you know.

You maybe want to be like me like the odd man out and just uh go in the corner and just just you know but you know what it goes the other way too because i can tell you our entire community our friends and family have all.

Either leaned keto or have gone keto or once or twice try to try to be on keto and when we have um you know when we have had company or if you know there was a holiday or something and someone has come over to our house everybody knows i mean our friends don't bring.

Sugar things they'll bring everything is keto i mean that's true but we were going to try this it didn't work out but next year we will try it like for thanksgiving we just basically serve people the first thing they all get their salads they don't get any food until.

They finish their salad and then we serve them the next course that type of thing but you know and and that's great because you want that raw that raw food but even our thanksgiving was 100 keto i mean everything about it was keto so you know it goes the other way too you can become the influence you can.

Become the you know you don't want to be that trend that droopy uh king or queen of deprivation like why are you looking at me i'm in it for the cause why i'm gonna not eat that you know like make something awesome chocolate mousse or something.

That's really great in keto and turn other people on well and i was gonna say if you go to the bird's house you're not missing a thing because you know your guy's style of cooking you know the cauliflower casserole and the stuff i mean i'm just moaning bacon cheese come on what's to.

Miss well now you're talking now you're talking about that could you please just make that lasagna again every three weeks on this show because i really i've been waiting for that okay so question what do we have for the answer to the question i would say that there was a.

It was tight but the yeses have it the majority say yes yeah the answer is should you take a probiotic when you when you're on an antibiotic absolutely yes why wouldn't you want to take it i mean think about it you're when you're on an antibiotic is what's trying to kill off the bad.

Infection right well it's also killing up to good guys you're taking a probiotic you're not taking pathogens you're not taking microbes that are unfriendly so put it back because that will minimize the damage control as soon as possible and yes there's some.

Research on this that it will decrease the complications including like it'll have less diarrhea you'll have less issues but yeah get in that probiotic right away and it won't it won't it won't counter the the antibiotic in any way it won't minimize okay that was the question i.

Was going to say clarify because there has been a myth that if you take probiotic with an antibiotic it decreases the effectiveness oh not at all no because it's like taking a good bacteria is not going to um stop you killing bad bacteria in fact it's going to help you kill the bad.

Bacteria so boy you're really passionate about that good karen okay so let's go to tasha from los angeles california are you there tasha hi dr berg how are you great thank you great my question is i've been watching your videos and i came across one on uh reactive hypoglycemia.

And you talked about how if you're in an episode um and your glucose levels are you know right around in the 70s maybe like 72 75 that you didn't want to necessarily grab for a bunch of sugar because that can kind of keep that cycle going so i wanted to ask you what do you recommend someone with reactive.

Hypoglycemia what should they grab instead of reaching for that sugar good question i have a question for you first do you have hypo reactive hypoglycemia i do i don't have diabetes but i find that i do have reactive hypoglycemia to some food okay have you found that i'm assuming you're.

On keto um have you found darting okay have you found that when your blood sugar goes that low on keto that you feel bad or do you have any symptoms that are negative um the only thing i get is a little bit of dizziness which kind of cues me into that.

My blood sugar would be low okay all right so here's the data on this when you do a low carb diet keto intermittent fasting your blood sugars are going to start going lower and lower and lower and lower and even look like it's hypoglycemia but it's really not because you're not.

Eating sugar anymore so the only sugar that's coming in there is your body's making it from fat non-carbohydrate sources so you're going to find that you'll check your blood sugars it'll go down to 60 sometimes even down to like 58 and some people even 55 i had some.

Someone and you feel perfectly fine because you're burning your body on fat so that's interesting because you would think you need to quickly get it up there but but not when you do keto for a long period of time it might take take a while to do that but let's say for example you're just.

Starting keto and you haven't adapted you haven't fat adapted yet and your blood sugars tend to be low do not go for the carbohydrate go for the protein the protein will help you because the protein some of it's going to turn into glucose so it's going to be much better than the.

Carbs and add a little fat in there as well that's how you do it but you'll see quickly when you're on keto this reactive hypoglycemia is going to diminish and go away because it is the solution to handling that snap pure like snacking is going to keep.

It there and make it worse thanks for your call all right what do we have for an answer cam first question the question is oh i didn't ask a question i didn't think you did okay let me ask you a question i'm on this robotic um automaticity here okay here's the sugar where is okay when we're talking about fructose.

The sugar fructose um which is a lot of different foods where is that on the glycemic index is it low is it medium or is it high on the glycemic index okay low medium or high what do what do you guys think about that somebody asked what we had for.

Thanksgiving should we share that well we had the do you want to run down i know what we had for thanksgiving of course we had a big salad we had turkey salmon and tenderloin we always do a couple different brussels sprouts crispy brussels sprouts we had mashed cauliflower.

We had buttered zucchini we had acorn squash with cinnamon with biscuits with sauteed mushrooms biscuits were made keto friendly of course everything was keto yeah we start with meats and cheeses and olives we ended with cheesecake plain pumpkin.

Chocolate cream pie it was it was great it was great and uh also just did you say the salmon salmon poached incredible citrus salmon i'm telling you really easy i'm very i am very very spoiled and picky on salmon i don't i don't like just sending salmon it has to be.

Good or i won't eat it so the suffering index at the birds is zero no suffering everybody leaves have and you know what's really really nice is um after a meal like that people don't go through this even though any food will increase the insulin right even that meal because everything you eat produces some insulin.

In your system but we didn't have you know the the person who fell asleep on the couch people who nod off or whatever we were up and playing music until late you know since you're talking about that karen um there's an insulin index and these are all the foods that.

Raise in blood sugar right everything is like it's very confusing for people because they um they might just run go off this one insulin index and say hey it's a it's this or that so then i'm good but you never ever just eat one food so if you're combining a couple foods on an insulin index.

We have to realize especially if you're combining glucose or sugar with a protein or a fat you're going to spike what's called glycation a process in the body where all your proteins are becoming really sticky and creating all sorts of issues so stay tuned for a video on that.

Because i think it's an important one looking at the big picture so you can really understand how to combine your foods without killing yourself okay what do we have i just want to say nina says she had lots of steamed leeks and asparagus we also i do my leeks on the grill but we also had leaks in asparagus nina.

And i are this okay good so um most people are saying high or very high one was medium to high but but your guys know the deal on fructose yeah okay so believe it or not this might shock you but fructose is 19 it's low now before you freak out.

Wait that was before you freak out steve that was my freak out like fruit what does that mean we can actually have fructose fructose they see a fructose and then you on the top uh 100 which is high the high one the highest i mean those action goes higher that's glucose now sucrose is a combination.

Of um glucose and fructose so it's a lot of that's that's like 60 i think it's 64 or something like that now here's the thing when you consume fructose it's worse than something higher on the glycemic index called glucose because only your liver can metabolize glucose.

So other sugars like glucose have their receptors all through the entire body but fructose it's only the liver so you're basically creating a shock consuming fructose is similar to consuming alcohol for the liver it's it creates a whiplash it creates instant resistance it can eventually create diabetes.

And yes i'm talking about high fructose corn syrup which by the way is half of its fructose the other half is glucose so um so the people who who are saying it's high i bet you they just know that fructose is bad it's bad but it's low in the glycemic index just another.

Another reason why you can be tricked and especially if you see advertisement for a lot of these diets out there like hey you can eat this because it's low in the glycemic index when nah yeah it might be low but it doesn't mean it's healthier stay tuned for a video on the glycemic.

Index and it's called the name it's going to be my beef about the insulin index and my mind is blown sorry steve wow that's the new news for steve i think you know good okay okay karen please share the lasagna recipe it.

Is i did share it it is on our recipe site he just wants me to make it again every day where can you find it youtube channels recipe and dr right should be indoctrinated maybe we'll double check it maybe we'll put a link down here when we get back okay okay.

Jess pre from edmonton alberta are you there hi hello yes doctor i'm here great hey i just wanted to share my story with you um and i have a question after so i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2016 october and i've been and at the same time i had.

High liver enzymes and it was non-hashimoto and then i still since then i had two pregnancies and the healthy children uh thyroid was up and down and until 20 october 2020 my doctor diagnosed me with the metabolic syndrome and on the same day i started like.

Searching about keto diet and intermittent fasting and since then i have um so since then uh it's been six weeks and um my insulin resistance is gone back to normal it's um it was 152 and now it's one uh it's just 45. 45 the normal is 35 to.

140 and then my fasting blood sugar went from 5.2 to 3.8 and my liver enzyme went from 80 to 38 all thanks to you and your guidance um so i lost 34 pounds until now wow so it has been very good i feel great in last six or eight weeks i guess um.

My question is now that uh my thyroid i was taking synthroid 88 and my tsh was 1.59 as a canadian unit and then now it's gone to 0.26 so does that mean that my thyroid is working and it's getting better well um here's the thing with the thyroid.

You may have some adjustments because you're now running on your fat fuel and no longer running on carbs which is basically a more efficient engine so i think your thyroid is just becoming more efficient and the values are changing and this is based on all the other improvements so.

Obviously it's you're doing fantastic one thing i will say though um you don't i think you said you don't have uh hashimoto's um so that's an autoimmune condition which is good but the two primary things that mess up the thyroid are number one high levels of estrogen.

From a pregnancy as well as the liver issue because they have to be converted to the liver so i think that as you going forward and you improve your diet and you get you're going to get better conversion of the thyroid hormones through your liver and you're going to have better levels.

Of estrogen so you probably would benefit from maybe some attention and focus on improving your liver just keep working at your liver it takes like three and a half years to really get that thing working a lot better but i would focus on.

Your liver because i think that's going to help your thyroid more than anything thanks for your call that's great success all right what you looking at karen uh james ronan says i have dead air but still connected do i hang up or stay on hold so guys did we lose james.

Well i'm not sure that we had him james okay james you should hang out okay we're sorry james next question okay what nutrient deficiency commonly will trigger heat intolerance what is the top nutrient deficiency for heat intolerance so you don't tolerate heat you know you go in warmer weathers and you're like.

Either you maybe you sweat easily or you just don't feel you feel weak you feel uncomfortable you don't tolerate warm weather good question and you know who someone asked a question um so i did a video on it didn't release it yet because i was talking about cold intolerance but we got to talk.

About heat intolerance fair enough fair enough okay and then we'll talk about stress and tolerance later but do you have a good question yeah bruce is on youtube and he wants to know he's into fasting he does like 20 hour fast awesome but he's not on keto not awesome so is that bad what are your thoughts.

Very bad um well let me just tell you my opinion on it um is bruce bruce um what you what you're doing the benefits you're getting from fasting are reduction of insulin and so that's really going to help you you're going to have all of these great benefits.

But if your carbs are higher you kind of just kill a lot of those results if you were to add low carb what's going to happen you're going to make those results from fasting a lot better now i know some people have this viewpoint hey i want to eat.

What i want so i'll just do fasting that's fine it's better than not fasting but it could be improved now this relates to the next point i was going to bring up about convincing people about keto they don't like bruce might say well i don't have any problems so i'm going to do it.

I'm not overweight or i don't have an issue that's fine but it's not just for people that have problems it's for people that want to keep their problems gone but again bruce i understand you it's up to you you know cross that bridge when you get there but.

There's a lot of people who start keto when sometimes it's even too late you know they might end up with cancer like oh my gosh i wish i would have worked on my body the rates of getting certain diseases especially cancer are very you know the odds are against you and so.

One day when you all of a sudden have it you're like oh my gosh i wish i would have started doing something to prevent this thing so you do want to put attention on prevention actively because sooner or later you know our bodies do break down that's all i'm saying bruce so you make.

Up your mind prevention attention prevention attention that's right all right what do we have as an answer here uh b1 d3 b1 b1 b1 uh d b 1 d well you guys are pretty sharp you guys.

Are pretty smart because i didn't even release this video at the video yet but i did talk about raynods which is like um you have your fingertips blue and things like that and that's a b1 deficiency so that's probably why you got it correct because you saw the video but there's other conditions like.

There's a condition called pots p-o-t-s where you stand up and you kind of get dizzy there's other conditions that affect the autonomic nervous system each one of these conditions including hyperthyroidism okay all have this common thread this one deficiency.

They have intolerance with with heat but they are usually always deficient in b1 so it's low thymine b1 b1 supports the autonomic nervous system and it will help in so many different conditions karen if in doubt take b1 and it probably will solve it.

How do you become b1 deficient stay tuned for that video this week you'll see it all right let's jump right to a team from high point north carolina okay hello good morning i have a diabetes for eight years and four years ago i had a.

Sanctuary town fan collusion on my right uh left eye what was that um uh central retinal central central occlusion central retinal occlusion yeah okay on the left on the left and right okay got it yeah that that uh four years ago yeah and last month uh.

I got on a branch rental fan occlusion my sc1 last month it was 5.6 after i got i'm in keto now for for eight months so i'm not sure if that like don't need any vitamin or like i got manuals or so what's what happens when you were a diabetic and even when people have a pre-diabetic is that you have this.

High level of glucose that's circling through your your blood vessels and then it goes to the smaller vessels around the nervous system and the eye the kidney and the toes and the feet and so it creates all sorts of damage to the nerves the retina of the.

Eye and the structures of the eye the eye is like gets hammered with high levels of glucose so there's something that can greatly reduce the um the damage from this first of all do healthy keto intermittent fasting like you're doing and do it correctly.

But the other thing is benfotamine benfotamine is a b vitamin that you can get anywhere it's about soluble that penetrates the coating around the nerve that helps the insulation called myelin and i think it's probably one of the best things for a diabetic to lessen the symptoms.

In the eye in the kidney and even in the feet benfotamine the other one that you should take is um alpha lipoic acid that's a real powerful thing for peripheral neuropathy and also division take both of those and then call me in the morning thanks for your call.

All right question yep your cruciferous product yes what effect does it have on the thyroid now the cruciferous tends to deplete iodine if you take a lot of it but if you're taking a product like the one i have which by the way is awesome i'm not.

I'm not biased because it's freeze-dried all organic ingredients allow the cruciferous with garlic turmeric and seek help now why did i put sea kelp in there to add the iodine so we would never have a problem ever by taking that product because you're not going to.

Deplete you'd have to consume a lot of cruciferous over a period of time without taking any other foods that have iodine to create a problem with your thyroid because crates could you know deplete a little bit of iodine but because i added the seek help in there you don't have to.

Worry about it at all it's a non-issue karen awesome well by the way speaking of issues we do have one quiz question left okay here you go guys this is the last question um when you have air hunger okay that means like yeah like you're hungry for air like you.

You have difficulty breathing when you go hard time getting you go yeah is that acidosis or alkalosis are you too acid or too alkaline that's the question okay and while you're answering that let's um take another question from you so uh let's see we did bruce.

So julie wants to know um is black tea good or bad she likes black tea now black tea of course to organic is it has a lot of good things in it um but i will say it has tannic acid and you have to realize that a little too much coffee and a little too much tea will deplete.

You of b1 it'll block b1 again so you may end up with um uh finding your you're a little nervous or you're you're energy you feel like uh restless hard to relax uh maybe a little edgy um so if you're doing green tea or just any tea black tea definitely take.

The nutritional yeast sometime during that day to prevent the edginess that you might experience nutritional yeast is a good source there's some one that we have chewables that's the best source of b vitamins now so sometimes we have people who are like.

Wow i want to buy everything it's important to take everything which i don't know is really true you know with all the products the dr berg products and then we have people who are like hey i can't afford everything from what it sounds like b1 is right up there with if you were.

Just to add one supplement to your diet that b1 would be it what would you say would you say it's the most important i think the the most important is probably the electrolytes which has the potassium magnesium and trace minerals and the other one is like really.

Important as the b vitamins and nutritional yeast but um the there's a couple others that also are really important i take them on a regular basis and the other one and i'll just mention this and then all it's the it's the wheatgrass juice powder because of the source where we got it.

Um terry our producers actually went with me we went to utah in the middle of nowhere and we kept driving until we got beyond nowhere three and a half hours from the airport yeah and to this thousand acre organic farm and they were growing this organic grass wheatgrass.

And we watched them take it pulverize it make juice out of it and really quickly turn it into powder within like minutes and so there's no no heat it was just remarkable so of course when i saw that i'm like okay here i am i have the wheatgrass juice powder i wasn't really taking consistently i started taking it.

Consistently and i'm like wow it just really is a great overall antioxidant on steroids product but you'll feel better some one guy said my eyeballs feel clean cleaner when i take that i'm like well that's an interesting probably a common benefit that people a lot of people want you probably don't.

Notice that your eyeballs feel dirty until your eyeballs feel clean well i think the biggest thing that i notice is i just feel satisfied like i feel like oh my body really needs that like it's really like it likes it but it does a lot you can look it up but um uh let's let's see what kind of.

Answer we have a question the answers were coming in was interesting i thought we were going to sort of get the landslide um but every other answer acid alkaline acid acid alkaline acid alkaline acid okay so specifically repeat the question oh air.

Hunger okay is it acidosis or alkalosis the most common um reason for that is acidosis however i will say if your ph goes to alkaline it will affect your breathing okay but it's going to really affect your breathing if you have acidosis.

Because you're just not going to get enough air you have a lot more co2 going on now what happens is that how can you become acid have acidosis it's it's kind of rare to have a classic acidosis but if you're doing a lot of apple cider vinegar frequently and you add some kombucha tea like i did.

That one time i drank a tremendous amount of kombucha tea and i basically got acidosis because my breathing was the fact that my pulse rate went up so then i just took some calcium but one way to know if you have acidosis or not is just to take a little calcium magnesium or citrate and within minutes.

You should start breathing better but if it doesn't go away there's other reason for other symptoms for air hunger difficulty breathing which could be well just watch my video on that i think i actually did one so when you say difficulty breathing could it be like someone's like.

Yeah anxiety because i have people equate that to something else rather than a physical like a an acidosis right they immediately think um i'm panicking i'm having this or the the idea that you can't breathe or you're having.

Difficulty breathing causes anxiety immediately there's many many different causes like um chronic obstructive pulmonary disease right your copd that can cause you having difficulty breathing right you could have anxiety where your your exhalation is like like that in which case you need to slow.

It down slow down the exhalation um asthma i might throw in that lots of folks that ended up in the hospital with quote coveted breathing problems they said you know they just get in a panic oh my god i got covered no wait i don't think i can breathe and then suddenly these begin.

Hyperventilating next thing you know they're on a ventilator in the hospital uh you know because of anxiety perhaps and i'm not going to talk about the the medical reality that they needed but many of them go in there in a panic state they hyperventilating and they go well there you go we've got an issue.

With their right well even like you might have like an asthma symptom um or allergy symptom i'm telling you guys the best thing for that is vitamin d vitamin d will really help drop inflammation in your lungs like that and help you breathe so.

Vitamin d is a really key thing but i did a video on breathing all the different causes of breathing problems um and you can watch that on youtube yeah really important really important this is i don't know if it's just me having this awareness right now or the number of.

Questions that you're asking but you know it's very very important that we remain aware of symptoms that are actual physical symptoms due to something you're eating or an allergy or a lack of a nutrient and that that should be tackled.

First before we conclude there's some other i mean even some other disease or some other you know mental issue or something is my opinion my opinion here that you the first thing that you should do is go hey what what is it that i could change.

About my eating or my nutrition that can help with this yes and i know we'll probably go over a little bit because i want to answer every single question that we have but i do want to say one thing a real simple thing that anyone can do as a technique to help yourself it's so simple so if you start having.

Malaise not mayonnaise or you start having difficulty breathing just all you do whatever symptom is just reflect back on when did it start okay isolate when it started and what did you eat just before that or what happened just before that because it's such a simple thing when you evaluate and you will always.

Find there's something oh my gosh that's right those cheetos i don't normally have that or oh i had a banana split oh no wonder that makes sense now so um it's always something that triggers these symptoms it's called you know date coincidence okay now um i need to go to scott.

From kentucky are you there scott dr berg yes hi what's your question hi well i wanted to say i started cheeto since may this year and i am down 60 pounds weight loss i i am a active nurse i worked at the hospitals and i um i contracted a covert back in.

August and then i was asymptomatic pretty much and unfortunately gave it to my wife and she spent two days in the hospital but i contributed to my new diet change from following different people on the internet and facebook lots of different inputs so i just been taking pieces of it then i came across your.

Videos in may i mean a month ago and then you explain things so well that i'm understanding everything a whole lot better i'm mainly eating eggs meat and cheese as my mainstay and i don't do sugars and i don't do breads and and i'm still want to lose.

More weight but i feel awesome but i wanted to thank you for your insight one of the quick questions i had is intermittent fasting i just started that two weeks ago and i've been doing the omad omad i guess one meal a day that i learned and i only eat eggs bacon with sausage.

And cheese and i have bone broth but i i don't get hungry at all for easily 24 30 hours i was wanting to see can i increase my fasting to like 60 hours 70 hours or eat when my body feels like it because i heard something about autophagy where your.

Body will eat your dead cells and get and clean you up more so inside for the longer you fast i did buy a mojo key tone blood sugar kit and it just arrived today so i'm going to i guess start doing that ratio you're going to you're going to take it up to next level because when you start.

Doing prolonged periodic you know i would do maybe prolonged fasting maybe every couple weeks or every month but yes yes yes you start doing 60 hours you're going to start seeing some serious results even better than you're experiencing.

Right now because you get an autophagy and your body starts to get younger it recycles very efficiently as a survival mechanism so you're going to notice that a lot of things are going to even be better but i would also add to your diet because i listened to what you said i would add.

More greens as well do a big salad because i think that's what you're missing also to get your vitamin c and some of the minerals thanks for your call and your great success scott keep it up and then let's go to tutiana totiana tatiana from cocoa beach florida.

Thank you hi dr bart hi thank you very much for everything that you do for us you're welcome awesome of course so my mom had a thyroid removed two three years ago a year ago she started losing her voice so we think maybe it's glanced but everything was removed including the glands.

Then what's happening what we find out that two months or three months ago she starts taking her a thyroid replacement by mistake by the way and additionally she got coveted she would put in she was put into a hospital in october.

When she came out in a week her mental state wasn't there it was really bad so we start going to different doctors to do some tests and i can give you some results her a d vitamin is 19 her cortisol is 18. her t-a-s-h is more than 100.

Sorry to cut you off but i just we just need a quick question i know that you want to do a whole evaluation but i just will let me just give you a tip on what what your mom could benefit from because i couldn't i don't we don't have time to go into all the details but i think she should be on vitamin d.

Vitamin d vitamin d and b vitamins both of those together are vitally important to help her recover and they're especially good for i think getting her back on track um but thanks for your call and i appreciate you um following.

Uh our videos now james you are from michigan are you there yes hi yeah can you hear me yes i can yeah i've been trying to get a hold of you for a long time i do talk to angela who's one of your keto consultants oh great are you there yes i have two questions one is it seems like our family has had.

Like i guess what you call generational hypoglycemia my grandmother was 50 and was bedridden the rest of her life because the doctors back in 1950 just gave her candy bars i developed hypoglycemia severely when i was 20 years old and i couldn't eat more than any item that was more than three grams of carbs.

My daughter has a mild case of it but my question is i am i am was on a friend of mine came to kroger's we're essential workers he was a he i was on the atkins diet for a long time but my cholesterol was high and my friend came from um told me about you and he was 400 pounds.

And he lost 150 pounds i was 185 it was all belly fat and on your diet i went down to 160 within one year but i was um doing regular keto then i had my cholesterol checked and it was 222 and my ldl was 132 so i went on vegan keto because my daughter's been a vegan.

For five years and my cholesterol dropped to 157 and hey james l 77. hey james um james i'm sorry to cut you off but um we really just needed a quick question because it's past 12. um and i think i know your question i'm sorry to cut you off like this but i.

Think you're saying your your blood sugars are still irregular and you're doing keto and you're wondering what to do so i'm going to just answer that real quick when you have hypoglycemia for a long period of time you have insulin resistance for a long period of time sounds like.

That's what you had and what's going to hap happen is insulin resistance blocks insulin so you're going to have lower amounts of insulin it'll be high but it won't be working in the body so if you have low insulin guess what your body's going to make it's going to make more sugar even.

Though you don't eat it so give it more time don't worry about it's not path i mean it's not going to create a problem if your body's making its own sugar exercise more give it more time and then your blood sugar will come down as you improve insulin resistance james.

Thanks for your do you want to make a comment on the no protein or no meat consumption no protein he's gone onto total vegetarian is that yeah he said vegan uh keto so he just did he's doing um no meat proteins that's really difficult to do um.

You can do it but you know it's just low carb also if your daughter is in any developmental years i would really supplement her yeah i would definitely want to do that because um if you're going vegan you have to do the b12 the zinc dha very very important good anyway you.

Guys thank you so much there were a lot of great questions and well let me just put this this is the only show in the galaxy the birds say we are not going to cut off any callers you know many shows otherwise say sorry pal i know you waited 45 minutes but the time's up try again next week.

They don't do it here so thank you folks for your patience and so on but the birds are going to answer every question of a caller that calls in that's just the way it is and if we can't answer them we'll just you can just call ourselves call next time oh yeah call us on or sale all right have a great one see you next.

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