Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
Well good morning everyone welcome back there's a lot of questions feel free to give us a call let's dive right in anything that i say is not meant or intended to cure you or replace your medical care check with your doctor before taking any of the advice that i'm about to talk about.

I'm going to jump right into desiree uh is calling um and she had a question are you there desiree i am dr berg how are you today are you there can you hear me hello i think you had a question related to which nutrients are essential for extended fasting.

Yeah dr burke can you hear me i can hear you yeah yeah unfortunately uh yeah unfortunately you're not able to hear desiree but why don't you answer her questions as we sort through that and she is on the line okay so she had a question which nutrients are essential for extended fasting it's a very very good question.

Um and that would be um electrolytes i'm talking about potassium um and magnesium and even calcium and sodium you don't really retain potassium and magnesium for a long time so if you're going into a fast without.

These nutrients um you can be end up with a deficiency and you feel real dizzy and things like that and even sea salt too like that's why i always recommend sea salt electrolytes and then a good electrolyte blend would be great the other thing that you need is b vitamins.

You don't retain some of these b vitamins very long either and you need to b vitamins as you do keto and definitely fasting as well because you're burning more fat you require more b vitamins so those two are really important and then.

If you could actually also add in trace minerals in there that would be also a very good thing as well and there's other ones as well i've talked about this in other videos like omega 3 fatty acids but those fats tend to be stored in your fat cells a little bit longer so it's really the water soluble.

Vitamins that you need to put back in and some of the minerals that you don't retain like zinc for example very very important i mean you retain calcium pretty well and iron but not these other ones vitamin c is another one that you don't retain for a long time too so that would.

Be another good thing to take as well okay doc i think you can hear each other why don't you try that desiree can you hear me i can hear you perfectly now hi desiree okay hi dr burke how are you great um i heard you say electrolytes b vitamins trace minerals.

Zinc and vitamin c are they what i need to do yes yeah zinc is part of the trace minerals so if you take a trace metal blend you're going to be covered and then vitamin c as well but just make sure with your vitamin c it's a food based.

It's not like a synthetic version because you want the whole complex and even if i'm diabetic right i was need all of this especially if you're diabetic because um you you're always gonna you're gonna go into this um with insulin resistance which means that you're gonna need more nutrients to.

Penetrate that resistance because insulin is required for absorption of a lot of these nutrients so i think what i would do as well if you're since you're diabetic is find my video on this topic and watch that because it's a little bit more in detail for someone like you i.

Think that can help you okay can i actually one quick question accurately you're taking your essential 80 central amino acids and before i started taking them i had one grey hair in the front of my head i took them from and it literally and i couldn't it disappeared.

I st and i i was stored so i stopped to them just to try to experiment and now it haven't taken them about a month and now the one here is back is is it possible that one of the eight essentials controls like hair grains oh well think about what your hair is.

Made out of it's made out of amino acids so there's no there's a there's a product i have it's called keto aminos it's all the essential amino acids and it's good for a lot of different things what's unique about it is that you you absorb like 99 of it compared to other protein.

You would only absorb like 50 but this is not a protein it's it's individual amino acids so it doesn't take a lot of digestion it goes right in like a rocket ship and it's really good for people that are fasting also if they're trying to build muscle and also if they're athletes.

And for other things too metabolic processes if they're gastric bypass if they even like you you're a diabetic you're not going to absorb amino acids as well so this will just give you the amino acids drive it right into the tissues and think about how many different bile.

It's a really good source i consume cheese on a regular basis just make sure it's organic and grass-fed and also sheep cheese and goat cheese would be even better but i wouldn't take i would not get your calcium primarily from a supplement um just because i mean if you find a good good source but don't.

Do the calcium carbonate and i just don't recommend taking calcium as a supplement at all because it's it's very hard to die absorb that get it from you get your calcium from your food from dairy you can also get some calcium from leafy greens but i would never take calcium as a.

Standalone vitamin especially calcium carbonate which is actually in most multivitamin minerals so it just creates a lot of issues actually even for women there's some studies that will increase the chance of getting a heart attack so um calcium and iron for example.

Are two minerals that our body tends to retain more than other minerals thank you very much dr bill you're welcome thanks for your call doc by the way we lost your camera but we do have our little remote live uh icon up so we're still going on with the show and maybe you can charge that.

But in the meantime everything is fine you can go on with the phone calls etc and the questions when you're ready okay so can you see me with my backup camera i have a backup camera we'll try that it might it may work we do have it yeah we have you it's a and we'll we'll kind of adjust the way.

It looks a little bit but you're back with us so that's great doc okay um it's the thing about my cameras i have to somehow i have to recharge it the way it's hooked up so i have to figure that out hey bob um you've been waiting patiently you.

You wanted to follow up on your bloating and fluid retention are you there bob stand by doc hello hello bob hi yes hi thank you very much for taking my call again i appreciate it sure um yes following up uh i have to say for just one week it's much improved i'm very very pleased with the way that.

It's been going i've tried to implement all the things that you told me as far as eating just one time a day cutting way back on the vegetables really i'm not having any vegetables right now but i've i've gone down almost four pounds since we last spoke last friday so it really shows you.

Know that the fluids and the bloating has as much reduced um i was just wondering though how long it takes to clear up sibo for one thing and when i can start having vegetables again how much would you recommend that i have at that time yeah i think i would give it two months because.

If you have sibo you're going to have to really start taking more things like a betaine hydrochloride which is an acidifier that will start to add more acid to the stomach because you don't want any microbes going through that stomach most a lot of people over the age of 50 have.

Low stomach acids and that's really what triggers the whole thing it's one of the causes it's not everything but it's contributes the other thing that can help you reduce sibo is purify bile salts taking that because bile cells help as a secondary function to kill off microbes.

It's like a detergent and throughout the small intestine that will speed things up greatly and then when you start to introduce the leafy greens um you know just do one cup per day and see how that goes and then maybe add to two and three and four these the the benefit of the fiber is.

Going to give you short chain fatty acids which actually really really important in a lot of different things and also feel the colon cells they'll actually give the colon cells energy as well and so that would be one thing to help you um but that's great so.

We know that this is the thing that's uh you need so we're on the right track and um give it another couple months in the meantime because now you're kind of like a carnivore you're going to have to study up on how to do that correctly with nutrients like you may not.

Just want to have meats you might want to do definitely eggs and seafood and other things to make sure you're well-rounded maybe even some animal organ meats as well to get all your nutrients excellent thank you very much you're you're welcome bob all right steve we have the first.

Question let's do it stand by okay what is the what is the most difficult nutrient to get in your in your diet what what nutrient is the most difficult to get from just eating foods that's the first question and as you guys chew on that question i'm going to go to sue had from detroit.

That had a question relating to your appetite while breastfeeding are you there hello hi hi dr greg i have been following a healthy keto before getting pregnant then i am breastfeeding now for 14 months maybe.

But i cannot control my appetite like i'm trying to push myself going on keto but it's out of my control and my friends and family consider me an idol for allowing healthy lifestyle but i'm gaining weight i should be losing weight while breastfeeding but i am gaining weight and i don't want.

To like quit by feeding my baby because it's very essential for him i'm struggling what to do um okay so i do understand you definitely want to lose weight while you're breastfeeding i i think um you're right it's it's more important to.

Focus on the quality of breast milk right now and um how many meals a day are you consuming oh my god probably i'm eating every two hours and i'm craving for sweets but i'm i'm going for fruit in order for my breast milk to be healthy the fruit yeah i think that's the.

Problem i think i would go back to keto because you're you're out of keto now which means you're going to be hungry all the time which means you're going to gain weight if you do keto and provide more nutrient dense keto foods seafood healthier fats and make sure you.

Have all the nutrients the problem that i cannot it's like very i'm trying to force myself but it's like painful hunger right well that's because when you're actually doing more carbs like fruit that's instantly going to raise your sugar and then drop it.

And then now you're going to be hungry very frequently so yes sir but i i am like i don't do carb i don't eat bread or carb right yes this is when i like with some something pushing me supporting me but i do keto and breastfeeding like i success for two weeks then after that i.

Just something out of my control pushing me like i cannot continue is that something i can do i think i think you uh having a baby is requiring certain nutrients i would i would go with more b vitamins more nutritional yeast and i would also take purified bile.

Salts which will help you pull more nutrients out of the food that you're already eating i think you're just missing some nutrients i would go up with the nutrients if i were you primarily the b vitamins all right try that and let us know how that works okay.

All right steve do we have an answer answers for this the hardest nutrient to get from your diet okay we're still working on that why don't we go to another call let's go to mary mary are you there i'm here hello hi mary how are you great thanks thank you for taking my.

Call i have a question regarding shingles yes he has been dealing with the bout of shingles unexpectedly and i'm going to tell you i'm embarrassed to say i'm 60 years old i'm healthy i exercise i supplement i watch you i have holistic practitioners and i.

Got the first flu shot i've ever had in my life so i want to start there i got it on a wednesday september 30th i started not feeling good on friday uh two days later and have kind of gone downhill since then.

I'm going back uphill but i developed shingles on my face left side of my face in my left eye i did watch your video um and i've been taking the 50 000 units of d3 and with the 500 mcgs of k2 and i started that just this past sunday.

So i'm wonder i'm also taking 3 000 units of or milligrams of lysine i've been taking that since the onset i'm taking vitamin c i got a b12 shot yesterday i'm doing everything so this the uh lesions have cleared up i have inflammation in my eye i've certainly been to my.

Optimologist five times in a month i just went yesterday but now i'm dealing with of course the post herpetic neuralgia which i know you recommended the d3 and the m the k2 i guess my question is if you have any other recommendations or how long it may take for that to kick in right and i think this was a coincidence.

With the vaccine right i think it is yeah that hap i mean i've seen this all the time in practice where there's someone who gets a flu shot or something all of a sudden it stirs up a hornet's nest and unfortunately now we're trying to backtrack so.

Um there's one thing that they do put in vaccines now which is the aluminum which it's called an um it's it's basically something to enhance the immune reaction so one thing you can do um yes hello you can hello hi can you hear me.

Oh yeah you cut out there for a minute okay silica silica is something you can start taking that binds with aluminum that's one thing you can take to if that is going if that's actually creating a problem but i think the thing that you need to do is.

Calm down the immune system with more vitamin d and more fasting prolonged fasting to help repair this damage that this has created and just kind of let it go through its process because once the immune system is like activating some dormant virus it's almost like it's really hard to.

Stop it because you're in a full-blown immune system and an immune reaction then you just have to let it go through the process but to speed it up vitamin d will calm things down and i would probably even go up to 50 000 ius every day and i would do some more fasting those.

Are the two things really that you need to do and then try to reduce stress as much as possible i know some people that get poison ivy a lot and uh and once they get it if they're highly allergic um you know one thing that they can do is as well is just because they're in this immune reaction is to take a lot of.

Vitamin d and then fast and at least those two actions will modulate or just kind of chill out the immune system because it's overreactive right now zinc is something else that i would definitely start to beef up and it just so happens that zinc.

Is in beef so you can use that as well but zinc vitamin d and fasting are your three things that i would focus on right now okay dr berg how about some results from your first question and i'll repeat it what is the most difficult nutrient to get from your diet and the survey says 55 from vitamin d.

30 b12 and 15 zinc what say your doctor well the answer is vitamin d it's almost impossible to get the amount of vitamin um the from your diet that's why we go for the sun especially in the winter unless you're doing um.

Fatty fish on a regular basis in cod liver oil it's very difficult to get it and this is why so many people are deficient steve so going forward into the winter i always recommend add vitamin d to your diet and you're going to find.

As a supplement and cod liver oil is one good source as well but you'll find that your aches and pains will be kind of chilled out a little bit your low back pain won't be as bad um your mood will be better because as you go into the winter and you don't get enough sun boy it's like you get stiff low back.

Pain depression those are the three big things that um occur without vitamin d and there's many others as well and you just mentioned 50 000 units so five of your fabulous uh d3k2 so that's oh that is that's mainly for an immune reaction okay if you're just maintaining it you.

Just need probably um and i know some of you are going to say wow that's a lot 10 000 ius a day but if you're over the age of 45 if your skin is a little bit darker if you have weight problems all these factors increase.

Majorly your need for vitamin d so um personally i'm i'm recommending 10 000 i use as a maintenance dosage for vitamin d3 so i personally take 20 um and if you're concerned about that i have probably like five or six videos on you know what are the side effects of too much vitamin d and you're going to.

Find that you would have to take a lot i'm talking hundreds of thousands of vitamin d for many months before it becomes a problem so i wouldn't worry about it too much all right sounds great doc all right we have some questions on social media would you like to take one yes i would like to take some of those.

Questions okay so facebook of legia religia if i'm saying that right what is the best food sources for vitamin b1 b1 yes sir okay um sunflower seeds is a good source also nutritional yeast is a really good source.

Vitamin b1 is in a lot of different foods the key with b1 is to avoid things that deplete your b1 too much caffeine as in coffee or even tea tannic acid will deplete your b1 um and of course the refined carbs will definitely decrease your.

Your b1 if you're a diabetic and you have higher sugars or if you're doing more carbs then the the demand for b1 goes way up if you drink alcohol your demand for b1 goes way up so nutritional yeast is the best source and i just would recommend.

Adding that as part of your diet but sunflower seeds do have b1 as well make sure that the raw ones because b1 is a bit sensitive to heat great thanks lucia for that question do you want to kick off another question or should we yes i do what is the easiest okay we talked about the most difficult.

Nutrient from your diet what about what is the nutrient that's the easiest to get from your diet so let's let's see if you guys have that one correct as we go to darmonder from minneapolis are you there dominder from minneapolis yes i'm here hi how are you i'm doing good.

Wow i'm doing good in general yeah are you really doing that my main issue has been my um you know gut uh i have had uh ibs uh more of or on type c they call it right more on the constipation side um for for almost since my early 20s i'm 53 right.

Now close to 53 and uh it's been heck of a ride i mean i've tried different therapies and i've felt good and i felt bad um but um i in 2012 i did uh uh you know nutritional therapy with dr larry wilson um they.

Give supplements and whatnot but i'm i'm really looking for a starting point i cannot tolerate any supplements anymore so i'm really looking for a good starting point to start healing my gut can you tell me um can you can you give me a couple ideas of what type of foods that you eat on a daily basis um i eat a lot of veggies mostly you.

Know different type of vegetables um you know with my in my breakfast lunch and dinner um and i eat quinoa or brown rice that's pretty much it or i'll take you know gluten-free breads i cannot tolerate gluten either yeah i think i know the problem i think i know the problem.

Um you're eating foods that do have irritants to your colon in the brown rice unfortunately in the grains grains in general are real hard and even for a certain percentage of population vegetables can uh create a lot of issues.

With your gut um in this case i know you're a vegetarian um no i'm i'm not a strict vegetarian i can definitely i'm open to eating meat my family had a background where we used to eat meat so i am definitely open to that it's.

There's no constraint over there okay i would i'm gonna recommend you do an experiment i want you to do something for one week and then call me back next week um i want you to do um more of a carnivore diet and include seafood include meats and eggs.

And i want to see how your gut feels within one week don't do any grains no vegetables and let's just see how you do in one week because for someone like you i think that may be a significant um relief to your gut and also i want you to do some in a minute.

Fasting so don't eat three meals a day like do two meals a day work on that and then touch space with me next week because unless we get your diet corrected all these supplements are not going to do anything okay i'll tell you my experience with meat.

Also if i eat chicken or egg i mean i have a really hard time the next day yeah so i think you could have because of what you have you're probably um there's there either is allergies also an inability to digest some of these proteins so i would stick with the shellfish if you.

Could do it or fish um and maybe some lamb and try some other protein that you can digest but definitely not the ones that you know for a fact will create a problem okay thanks for your call steve what do we have as answers yes sir let me put the question up and it is.

What is the easiest nutri nutrients gives me to get from your diet and the survey says 45 from calcium 45 is calcium 35 percent is what's that oh vitamin c i'm sorry i couldn't read and 20 uh potassium do we have any smarty pants in the audience okay so um the easy.

Actually the easiest one to get is vitamin k1 it's in not only is it in so many foods but your microbes make b1 so it's very very very unlikely for you to become k1 deficient because it's one of those things that stops bleeding and so your body as a survival mechanism.

Has created um created many different possible sources from this from your own microbes to the food that you eat and so i guess i could even worded this question a little bit differently what's the uh what's what's probably the one of the least nutritional deficiencies that.

You'll ever have it's a k1 unless you're on coumatin you're you're taking a drug that's blocking it because that would that's a whole different situation but most people are not deficient in k1 now we'll just have to give the audience okay thanks steve hey let's go to matt.

Um matt you had a question about exercise are you there yes i am thanks for taking my call i was wondering if you could speak to the relationship between gluconeogenesis and um and using ketones um for energy production and how that might inform.

The kind of exercise and the intensity of it and then also um just another quick question if i've got plenty of stored fuel in terms of fat already should i be reducing my dietary fat very low if i'm already producing ketones and in good ketosis.

Thanks good question good questions um let me take the last question first i wouldn't go i wouldn't go too low i would not go below 75 grams of fat because we need those fats for many many different things but of course yes if you reduce your fat your body is forced to produce more ketones and i guess.

You cannot run your entire body on ketones there's a certain i'd say about a third of your tissues require glucose and parts of the pituitary gland parts of the hypothalamus the lens of the eye the red blood cell part of your kidney need glucose here's what you need to know your body.

Can very easily make this glucose through this process of gluconeogenesis and it can make it from ketones it doesn't even need it doesn't even need protein to make it can make it from your own fat so when you're exercising um you're basically going to.

Oxidize your glucose your store glucose as glycogen from your liver and you're going to start tapping in the fat and the the key with what i think you're trying to do is you're trying to use up your stored fuel and also make sure that when you exercise.

You're having an optimum fuel source so you're maybe you don't run out of those glute that glucose that's needed by certain parts of your tissue but i think it's going to be a process where you're going to have to adapt to more fat oxidation over a period of.

Months which does take some time if you do hardcore keto your body will start making more ketones and then when you add more exercise more and more you'll be more of a fat burner and that is much healthier and you can last longer but in this transition phase a lot of.

People end up with like hitting this wall where they're not adapting as much and so they feel kind of low blood sugar issues and they tap out of the glycogen and not converting over to fat burning as well and that is a reflection of your liver so if you have a fatty liver for example where there's.

You have a gut which means you have a fatty liver it might take a longer period of time so one little tip that i would give you and other people if you have a lot of weight to lose i would focus on trying to get that liver working better faster and that will.

Speed up everything is especially your ability to adapt to ketosis and less reliance on blood and running on glucose and less reliance on gluconeogenesis and to do that you take choline purify bile salts lecithin there are.

Three things that will speed things up and that will dump the fat off the liver a lot faster all right thanks for your question dr berg yes um one one other question if my body is producing a high amount of ketones i'm always above two to five and a half millimoles.

Does that mean my liver is functioning well yeah or is it probably poorly no i think you'd i think it's functioning pretty well because um it's you're still within a good range and i wouldn't i mean if you're going up into like you see eight nine ten that's a big problem but you're.

You're in a good range i think that's another indication that your liver is doing pretty good um you know it wouldn't hurt you know at some point to get it just get a liver uh profile and see if there's any problems with enzymes being too high with liver enzymes but.

Honestly if you're on keto and you're doing intermittent fasting and you're exercising i think that all that's going to help your liver so i think you're right on track i would just ride the wave and um you can always tweak things but i think you're doing pretty good okay doc how about a few more uh.

Questions from social media yes all right all right guys are you bad on facebook susan wants to know how much iron do i need with chronic anemia she has an anemic problem you know here's the here's the thing be careful about the type of um irony you take.

There's something called ferrous sulfate i think it's called this is uh yeah ferrous sulfate that's a common one that they uh there there's a lot of different supplements i would not take that if i were you because um there's a high incidence of gi symptoms and constipation and it's very.

Oxidizing it's oxidating it irritates the cold and it creates inflammation a much better source of iron than supplements is concentrated supplements as in grass-fed liver supplements or grass-fed liver or red meat or a good one would be.

You can also get spleen extracts they have like a bovine spleen extract i know some people might be grossed out about it but it's a really good iron protein bound it's more like the iron comes in more of a bound to an amino acid it's called it's chelated so it's much easier on the system so anything you get like a.

Chelated iron that's bound with protein is way better than the ferrous sulfate that they have in a lot of different supplements but let's say you're doing that and it's still not working the real cause is or the more a more common cause would be.

Low stomach acids so if you were to take betaine hydrochloride in your diet you would be much better off and you probably see your anemia go going away um not only that is that when you take or consume red meat for example and you can't break down the red meat and you can't extract the iron from the.

Protein and you're not assimilating iron or even the calcium because your stomach acids aren't strong enough that could be why you're anemic as well and the stomach acid also will help you kill two birds with one stone because it will help you absorb b12 without the stomach acid.

You can have an anemia from b12 as well as an iron deficiency anemia so honestly if you're already consuming some red meat and and you're still anemic it could be your menstruating that could be one issue but the other common one is low stomach acid so the secret is betaine hydrochloride.

Take about four or five of those before you eat and you should see some change within one about one week all right steve all right another quiz or what would you like yes i'm going for another quiz what is the number one cause of fatigue over the age of 50.

And now i know steve that you're about 45 years old but you will find out after you're 50 you may start noticing a little fatigue so the question is what is the most common cause of fatigue in people over 50. all right they are advised okay.

So let's go to eric from anaheim you had a question eric um are you there yes i'm here can you hear me yes perfectly oh hi dr burke i have a question and before i get to my question i want to let you know that that you've been an inspiration to me and as a matter of fact but i'm also.

Taking your keto and intermittent fasting courses and your health code and your health courses because someday i do want to yeah so that way i want to i do want to become a health coach and you've been so much an inspiration so thank you so much for my call yeah so.

Michael yeah so my question to you is so this is more pertaining to my girlfriend so my girlfriend i my girlfriend i have been doing healthy healthy keto with intermittent fasting tips september 1st and for me luckily for me during this stretch of time i've lost 31 pounds.

Wow and that's for yeah and as for her she only lost four pounds and yeah yeah yeah so she doesn't have luck in her end unfortunately so the thing is that she has an iud and i want to know if if the iud is causing her weight loss um yeah it could be a barrier it could definitely be a barrier um especially if.

It's even a copper iud it can create an imbalance with zinc and create some issues with that um i know there's an issue with uh birth control um there's it's a very difficult problem to solve without complications um.

I think that could be slowing things down but before you jump into that being the reason what i would do is i'd watch some of my videos on plateau and make sure that once you're doing keto correctly number two is your carbs low enough is she doing fasting long enough.

If you go through the list and you still have problems then you want to look look at something like that and other body weaknesses that she may have is she estrogen dominant um those type of things so because the difference between you know a man and a woman has to do with the estrogen that's why.

They can't lose weight as fast because estrogen is a prevents the loss of weight and but there's a lot of things you can do um but that is a a complaint for a lot of women like you know my other half can lose weight i can't but definitely um watch my videos on.

Plateau try that out and see if that doesn't help her and if it doesn't then we're going to have to find a plan b for the iud okay thank you so much you're welcome good luck all right steve do we have an answer yet no still tabulating that but elizabeth.

One of our valued listeners wants to know why the front of my calves are itching i hate it when that happens well i i don't know if it's exposed to something environmentally it could be a situation but itching in general if you have itching you want to look to the liver.

And it could also be a backup of bile into the blood which can then deposit into the skin and create uh pureitis which is itching so one interesting little thing you might want to try is to take some purified bile salts on an empty stomach and see if the itching goes away and if.

It does then we know it's a problem with your liver slash gallbladder oh by the way steve people a location of where some people or majority people have itching when they have liver issues is in the bottom of the foot right in the arch so yeah so that's just an fyi i think that.

Might be another video uh to talk about why that is itching in your arch arch itching faster with consumed height by the way we do have some answers doc yeah go ahead all right so question is what is the number one cause of fatigue in people over 50 that unfortunately includes me.

And 40 percent of us say a lack of vitamin d 50 percent uh say or excuse me another 40 say a lack of vitamin b and 20 percent say low testosterone you know all of you guys are right and girls are right um but there is something that i don't know that i found to be.

Even more common in those things and that has to do with stomach acids not having enough stomach acids which relates to another question we talked about as you age especially over the age of 50 and then 60 and 70 you start really losing your stomach acid and there are so many reasons why.

You get tired from that number one you can't digest protein that well anymore number two you become iron anemic and then you also number three you have low b12 and then you can't absorb minerals um so and this definitely relates if you get more tired when you eat definitely suspect.

Low stomach acids now if you are tired and this kind of makes sense to you very very simple solution get some betaine hydrochloride take three or four or five actually four or five of those before you eat consistently and you're gonna find that your energy goes up i mean when i was in practice.

It was like so many people had this problem i would just put them on some obtained hydrochloride they would do so much better with their digestion and with their energy it goes right up and now they're starting to really absorb these minerals like iron and.

Magnesium and they start to digest it's just a real common problem especially when you get older all right steve we're going to go to um julie from los angeles are you there hi julie go ahead hello oh thank you dr berg i have many many issues first of all i'm a muslim i fast every year.

The fasting last year was very difficult for me uh during the day i would get like i can't breathe i'd get fatigued um like i have to lay down i i can't even you know get up it's very weak i this happens to me every year i've been on a gluten-free diet.

For like three years now i can't take dairy i can't because of my gut i have fibromyalgia i have like chronic pain in my arms and my back now when i did the glute free the pain was better for like maybe 90 now that now i'm starting to get back to.

Pain i'm still on the gluten free um i'm still taking supplements i i see a holistic doctor that's helping me out i haven't seen any results yet the supplements i'm taking supplements but i'm finding like sometimes the supplements really weigh me down.

Like i prefer to take supplements like in a powder form so i have a question i have a question what part of your body hurts more the right side or the left side um well in my arm the right side because i have the right side i have it in my shoulder and my hand and i also have discs i have two.

Herniated discs also as well right so here's here's what i'm going to tell you about this okay you need to take it even further than a gluten-free diet you need to go into the healthy version of keto and intermittent fasting because i think your digestive problems are behind this.

This pain and fibromyalgia and in practice um i would notice that nearly everyone that came in with fibromyalgia had it on the right side the arm the shoulder the hand and that is because the gallbladder is on the right side now you're going to say well what what's that connection well the hip bone.

Is connected to the thigh bone now it's your gallbladder has a it's right underneath the diaphragm there's a little nerve called the phrenic nerve that goes all the way up to the right shoulder which can then literally cause a spasm in the muscles into your neck and cause a.

Kind of a pinched nerve down the right side and boy does it feel like fibromyalgia on the right side so anything you can do to support the gallbladder and that would be what i'm telling you healthy keto intermittent fasting i would definitely take a gallbladder formula support um like with each meal and then on empty.

Stomach maybe take two of those or three of those a day and then what will happen is that your gallbladder will be better you'll start absorbing more nutrition you'll have less pain and you'll start healing the different parts of your body i think this is a really easy problem to.

Solve if if you get the the basics in not adding more whole bunch of supplements but just doing healthy keto dairy free of course no more grains follow my my videos on that and then julie do that for this week and then call me next week and tell me.

How much better you are because um we gotta look at the whole picture here and i think there you're missing a real real important thing thanks for your call all right doc by the way and i'm not sure if this shows up on your little list but colleen has been on for quite a while from alberta canada by the way she.

Loves your kale shake but she wants to know how much k2d3 does she need for optimum health hi colleen how are you good morning very well thank you good morning great i think you answered my question when you said you take 20 i use with d3 for maintenance okay now i can't get yours your ten.

Thousand iud which is not your fault i know and i can't even get it from dr mccola's site so all i can get is a thousand i use a d3 i had to buy two separate bottles yesterday in order to get k2 120 micrograms with the d3 and then so uh do i just go ahead and take.

20 of these like a day yeah if you if you know if you get it in a liquid you because i think you're in canada and the problem is that when i um they have recruit they have these these rules that you can't do like especially high levels of potassium or vitamin d and so um i would probably.

Find a liquid and that might be easier but yes you need to just take more and and when i say a maintenance dose of d3 in k2 uh i'm talking about 20 000 ius through the winter months now during the summer i'm getting a lot more sun so i probably don't even take it at all um that's just an fyi but during the.

Winter especially from if you have kind of a history of inflammation like i do and old injuries i need a little bit more d3 simply just because i have um if i don't things kind of kick in gear and just because years of wear and tear but um but yeah that's.

That's what i would recommend okay um does the bulletproof coffee break the your fast i put butter and coconut oil i don't know if that's correct and i don't know if i'm putting you know what you're too little it's going to um it's not going to break your ketosis.

Okay you're going to make more ketones but it may slow down weight loss because your body is using those things to make ketones versus your own fat fuel and so um what's interesting is when you're fasting um you're on a high fat diet.

You're actually on a high fat diet when you're fasting you're and um but as soon as you start to add more fat the body we'll just use that and so will it break your fast depends on your definition of a fast but i don't as long as you know you're happy with it it gives you energy.

That's great but if you're trying to lose more weight you might want to just not add that in there and see what happens okay um is it normal to i fasted for 48 hours and i stayed the same weight then like the third day i was like what i'm still the same weight what i got only got 22 pounds to lose and.

I mean i that's probably normal right okay so um that means that you are your metabolism obviously is slow and there's a lot of things you can do to speed this up but i wouldn't take that as a loss um the main thing is there's i would go with the other benefits of fasting right now which are cognitive.

Function energy etc but here's the thing um as you're starting this out that that could happen as your body heals and you go through autophagy you're going to be recycling a lot of protein so you may start noticing that your.

Size like your stomach is shrinking a little bit but your weight is not just because you're healing more atrophied muscles which is a little bit heavier per volume than fat so i would not be too concerned with that but what i would do is when you go back to your eating.

Maybe once a day and then do more of the prolonged fasting and even go longer sometimes and then just make sure you keep your carbs really really low and just give it more time and follow exactly like how like i talk about in some of the videos i have on on plateau because.

It just happens with certain people that just have a slow metabolism and there's many things you can do to overcome that but in the beginning that's not uncommon thanks for your call all right doc how about another quiz yes here's a true or false well let me just say this are ketones.

Fats is a ketone of fat yes or no that's that's the next question steve okay good so now let's go to sandra from winterhaven had a question go ahead sandra hi can you hear me perfectly okay thank you um and thank you for taking my call i.

Last time i spoke to you um we're gonna try to get my gallbladder fixed so i bought the gallbladder formula and the instructions it says take three times a day one with each meal naturally i'm only eating once a day so i don't know.

If it would be better for my gallbladder to do something really small three times a day to get the gallbladder fixed or if i should just stay eating once a day and take three or once a day and just do one what i would do if i were you i would take that first one on an empty stomach.

Since you're not having a breakfast hopefully like taking an empty stomach because what's gonna happen that bile is going to help you unjam any kind of blockage in your bile ducts to the liver and help the drainage and there's huge benefits of taking an empty stomach antimicrobial benefits um helping you.

Dissolve if any there's fatty fat on the liver um and um you know counteracting if there's any sibo there's absorbing more fat soluble nutrients even from that's in your body like to help you up simulating that but main thing is is the flow of gallbladder through these ducts.

Because when you take the purify bile salts when you're eating it's primarily going to be working on the dietary fat that you're eating more than what's happening in your physiology so i would just add it on an empty stomach not a problem good question sandra okay doc we've got.

The the answer and i i pray for the audience that uh this is uh trek because they say uh oh i'm sorry there was a little about 90 say true and 10 say false so where does that leave us okay all right so this uh could uh kind of you know throw you guys off but no.

Ketones are not a fat they're actually made from fat they come from fat but they're not an actual fat it's different than a fat it's a fuel source that your body prefers especially in the brain in the heart but it's not a fat and the other.

Interesting thing about it that um your liver your liver does cannot use ketones it makes ketones but it doesn't use it so there's certain tissues and i'll do a video on this that cannot utilize ketones you know a small percentage of your body but the majority does use.

Ketones especially the brain and two parts of the brain that really need ketones in a bad way would be the hippocampus which is all about memory and learning and the frontal cortex which is involved in processing and making judgments and planning and.

Whatever um now they don't really know for sure what it does but it's it's like a relay for those functions that's all i'm going to say with that but if that part of your brain is damaged then people have symptoms with those things but as far as feeding those parts of your brain ketones are the answer but it's.

Not a fact that's interesting by the way myra from san nicolas hello myra was the 10 she said not a fat so we must shout out to her and by the way there's a fascinating question so good for you myra lou was sick with covert 19 just like me but now he can't lose weight on keto is.

There any connection by the way lou and i know doesn't help you to hear that that was not my experience i'm i'm doing well with the intermittent fasting in keto but that's an interesting side effect perhaps i think i think the immune system is still needs some support so i think the best.

Thing to do um related to with your immune system is to do whatever you can to drop inflammation take more vitamin d take more zinc those two right there and then there'll be less inflammation stronger immune system more weight loss because think about it.

If you're not sleeping at night if you have more stress if you have a weakened immune system your metabolism is influenced greatly so i think that's what you're running into right now is just some residual inflammation or um.

Definitely as it relates to stressing your body in general okay all right how about one more phone call last for the day yep all right so before i answer this one last phone call actually no we answer all the questions right okay good um yeah let's go to linda linda are you.

There well that's lydia doc lydia are you there oh lydia sorry lydia yes that's okay uh can you hear me good perfectly okay i have a question about well a few questions about certain things um nutritional east um i have both of them i have.

Yours and i have bob's red bell and i wanted to know the difference it's kind of hard to take the tablet it's really easy for me to take the the powder another one another one is the hair uh formula um with the intermediate fasting how long until i see results.

After taking this have another one we wanted you i heard you talking about chickens and we wanted to buy chickens and the ones that we buy are i mean the eggs that we buy is the vital organic pasta raised and they're the only ones that are really yellow we buy sometimes from the.

Farms and they're like they're like almost white like light yellow so what if we buy chickens other than i know sometimes in the winter they need to be fed certain things and what is an additional feed that you can feed other than grain or what do you feed them.

You know you have to do grains but i do um organic grains but i let the chickens out all day long to eat the worms and the bugs and everything and they're out all the time we have like eight of them now and um so they get this huge variety and i make it myself if.

Sunflower seeds and a couple different grains of course all non-gmo and meal worms and calcium flakes and a whole series of things i'll do a video on that because there's a whole protocol that you can give these chickens and they just love it and they will lay eggs all.

Winter long which is unusual but they have the nutrition to do it but definitely you want to let them free range and go through the yard and get the bugs um as far as the bob's mill um i think it's uh they're fortifying it with synthetic vitamins if i'm not mistaken.

Um so one of the things that you there is other sources you can get a powder that is unfortified and when i say unfortified i'm saying mainly without the synthetic additional vitamins because um they do that routinely.

Um the other thing that this is your pal steve and i am a freak for dr berg's uh nutritional yeast and those are healthy sized pills and they're difficult to swallow so i crunch them i mean i don't know if you've tried that but they're a very nutty flavor and i just love them i just uh.

You know have no issue with that at all and have grown accustomed to the taste that might be an acquired taste but a lot of people do that sounds great good idea steve yep you can crush them i chew them i don't swallow them because they're like they're quite big but i chewed them and yeah it's um.

You know up to just to figure that out but um yeah terry was doing the heimlick on me like every week before i decided to chew them up so yeah they're too big to swallow i think so a little different and i think you had another question there was one more question um.

I'm going to make sure i go about the hair formula i have a lot of hair loss like fall every time i brush it's just hair and yeah this is this is what i would do i would um make sure of course you're doing healthy keto and intermittent fasting but also there's something called essential.

Aminos and these essential aminos you take those um just once a day and um you get a way better absorption rate of protein in general and since hair is made out of amino acids um you'll it'll just bypass any type of digestive weakness that you have and goes right into the tissue like a rocket.

Ship and that would help you and then i would just double the hair formula and then see what happens i think that should be the ticket in fact what you could do is try this for two weeks and then call me call me back on our show and see how you do.

Thank you lydia all right listen guys i really appreciate your bearing with some of these tactical difficulties um stay tuned for some more videos and um i have some real interesting topics coming up but um stay tuned and thank you so much for your questions that you gave us and uh.

We'll talk to you next week you
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