Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
good morning good morning dr berg good morning can you hear me i sure can i'm sure so welcome everyone we're here and uh um i'm here to answer your questions anything that i say is not meant to diagnose.

You or provide all right let me just uh let me just kind of cover what i would recommend now realize that anytime someone goes through any types of surgery the adrenal gland reacts with high levels of adrenal hormones and adrenaline and cortisol.

So even though your mother just won under anesthetics the adrenal glands still kicked in and this is why after surgery you could actually experience a lot of side effects and problems like that so i think um the best thing that i would do i would recommend is um.

Um to apply the adrenal protocols that i recommend like even watch the video that i did on recovery after surgery she's going to need a lot of b vitamins she's going to need to do maybe some adreno protocols i would watch the video on adrenal stress webinar.

So check that out and apply the information but i think that's one thing you can do because i think what happened is just the she's she is elderly and then she's just we're trying to recover from this this adrenal shock to the system so i just created a video just on this one point so.

Watch that and that's what you need to do thanks for your call yeah uh thank you you're welcome all right so maria is on the call uh she's from connecticut are you there marie hi marie hello dr berg hi how are you good how are you i have a question i'm good.

I have a question regarding my eight-year-old son he's very mucusy he's been that way probably for about eight years you had recommended before that i tried lantosine i did do that i didn't see a change and i just want to know should i just keep doing it can i mix it with.

Water i tried to do the neti pot with it not so good and then my second question is i don't if a person doesn't have a uterus does keto still work because there's a lot of belly fat but the person doesn't have a uterus well you know if you're missing the uterus um there.

I always recommend when i was in practice there's a really great remedy you can find it online it's from standard process it's called eutrophin it just tends to support women after they had a hysterectomy and also you want to support the ovaries as well.

With just i'm sure that you're on healthy keto and manifesting you may need to fast longer and you may need to take something called the nausitol because inositol helps to regulate the hormones from the pituitary gland follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone so that may help.

Women that are missing either ovaries or the uterus because there's it just kind of throws off the whole hormonal pathway um and then as far as your son goes i think i missed the first part of the question i know he has sinus problems and you're trying to give him a neti pot or can you re-ask that.

Again sure so um one of your topics you had said to try lantos sinus um it's like a little powder so i have been trying that and he's still very mucusy and with this current age we're going through his school system is very.

Hypersensitive so i tried doing that i've also tried the neti pot with just a saline solution but nothing seems to help he's been tested for allergies which they say he does not have and he just always sounds like he has a coal does do you how is his diet is he.

Consuming any sugar of any kind yeah yeah is he consuming any dairy um just cheese we don't drink milk or yogurt it's easy i i would just because what happens if there's a usually there could be like a fungus that's growing in the sinuses creating this constant mucus that's and.

Then it lives on sugar um i would reply i would start doing some keto replacement treats with xylitol because xylitol uh is a sugar substitute that actually helps your sinuses by the way that's one thing i would do for sure and then.

Have them not consume cheese right now because the milk in there can actually provide can stimulate more mucus i think it's the sugar in the cheese and i think that will really really help him okay thank you you're welcome all right deborah is from hawaii.

And she's calling in are you there debbie i am here good morning good morning so i had a couple of questions um the first one was um i make my own jun and sometimes kombucha and i know in one of your videos you said make sure to check the label to see how many.

Carbs are in there and i'm like well how do i know that it's ready especially after the second ferment when i add fruit juices how do i know that they've eaten everything up and i'm not having too many carbs and um yeah the second question is about can you talk about people who.

Start off with keto but have always had problems with low weight and um anyways that was a good question good question i i think it's gonna be a taste test you're just gonna have to taste it because um as you leave it ferment longer and.

Longer it becomes more less sweet more bitter and more more carbonated so the the kombucha that has very low sugar is like two grams it's very carbonated it's not as sweet so it's gonna you're just gonna have to test it along the way and just determine when to stop brewing it or.

You know with that little scoby yeast fungus thing that actually helps you make it and the next question is as far as weight goes um you know the the benefits of um keto intermittent fasting uh are go way beyond just losing weight so what i do if you want.

To just maintain your weight just keep your fats on the high side maybe not do one meal a day maybe do two meal a day make sure your calories are high maintain exercise and then if you play around with your carbs because you maybe you go up to like maybe.

40 or 50 grams of carbs in the form of berries that may help you maintain your weight okay good because i always lose weight when i go on diet so i'm kind of and i started keto and i'm losing weight again i know i know low weight it's it's the other thing you.

Can do is add some mct oil through the day because we want to we just we want to get those ketones but we're going to have to just do various things to avoid you tapping into your own fat reserves because you're not holding a lot of it so it's really just kind of keep your carbs a little bit higher but not too.

Much and then keep the fat high make sure the calories are high as well okay thank you so very much you're welcome hey doc hey steve yes good um i have some interesting questions for me well i do and also i want you to say hello to the world dr berg because they are.

Calling in from everywhere as usual quebec algeria martinique spain sweden france turkey saudi arabia jordan finland australia uk india ethiopia tasmania of all places philippines and all across the uh the us and canada of course and i could go on but uh why.

Don't we get to some questions yeah so it's incredible people want to you know uh get healthy feel great and lose weight in whatever order that should be so they're all interested in getting some great uh great play off your wonderful programs and let's see so.

Uh let's see uh uh from new york wants to know says his b12 is very low perhaps they had it tested and very anxious wants to know what's the sort of um you know play between b vitamins and anxiety and how they can oh my goodness that's one of the symptoms of a b vitamin deficiency.

Usually it's b1 but it could be b12 b12 has more to do with a lot of the neurological issues that are involved in myelin sheath and even your red blood cell production so if you're low on b12 you could have a whole series of symptoms.

And even severe severe pain in your body neurological pain so you never want to let yourself go too far but b1 is the one that's responsible for the anxiety if you're deficient and so um that's the one that you want to take i never would recommend taking the.

Typical synthetic bees that are out there just because it's you know yes they do work to some degree if you take high doses of them but they're made from a lot of times petroleum so why not get a better source and i've done a lot of videos on this.

Nutritional yeast is one of the best things it's interesting steve nutritional yeast actually depending on what environment it is put in depending on what the medium is that you grow it on um it can do various things so it can live on glucose it can live on fructose it can.

Even live on protein so it's highly adaptive and a lot of times people make it with certain minerals so then it spikes the mineral as far as it can combines the mineral in a way that's easily absorbed so when you're taking nutritional yeast.

You're not just getting b vitamins you're getting the trace minerals you're getting um various antioxidants you're getting amino acids and you're getting a good nice range of the um of b vitamins steve i think no i tell you what i just am a freak for it and i use it not only.

For the benefits that it gives in terms of mood and health and so on but also it just keeps me from breaking my fast i i nibble a couple of those things actually chew them and it sapes my appetite and as a result the viewers can see that i'm moderately thin now isn't that great.

That's great let's give let's give everyone the first uh quiz okay let's go all right okay okay so so i've got another question let it hit it okay okay what causes dark colored urine now there's multiple things but what would be the most common reason for dark darkened colored.

Urine so it's a little bit darker than it should be it should be yellow and it's not quite yellow what what is the the underlying cause to that let's see if you guys can spot the answer to that while we go to uh janie from new york who's been waiting patiently.

Are you there hi yes dr bird i'm here thank you uh my my question here my ten-year-old granddaughter just had a spinal surgery in august of its genetic for curvature of the spine um she the surgery was well didn't went well but now she is experiencing.

Spasms from the surgery uh the doctor who's the excellent doctor said but has not ever seen this before uh within two weeks she's going to uh be going to a neurologist to see why these spasms is happening because as she walks she falls and has a bit of a plane i was wondering uh there are vegan uh and and do eat.

Some sugar but mostly vegan of what uh food uh can i help with uh her eating and uh you being a chiropractic doctor too what suggestions uh to help so so when she had the surgery what spinal level did they do surgery on was it was.

It lower um lumbar was it thoracic what was it it was uh for the back i mean see the pain is happening in the back i'm i'm a grandmother her mother knows um i i don't really know i can tell you exactly was it the surgery for scoliosis no it was genetic curvature of the spine.

Right was the curvature of the spine in the lower part or the upper part uh it's mostly the upper part oh was it like a hunchback or was it a a kind of an s-curve uh uh she was getting hunching she was hunching it was getting more yeah okay so there's a real simple solution i think that you'd be happy to.

Call because it's even kyphosis that condition is usually coming from a originally from a vitamin d deficiency vitamin d deficiency softens the bones and messes with the skeletal muscles and it it can create abnormal curvatures of the spine either a hunchback which is kyphosis or a low.

Doses or even scoliosis so if you were to give her vitamin d and they have um you know you you could actually get it from the sun but it's very difficult right now but she needs vitamin d in higher amounts i would give her a ten thousand at least ten thousand iu's maybe twenty thousand i use.

And um that really helps the muscles it helps the absorption of calcium in the muscle too not to mention the electrolytes which you can get from eating higher amounts of leafy greens but realize that sugar depletes you of electrolytes especially potassium so that could be one of the problems.

Vitamin e is another good thing for muscle but i get the feeling that it's um it could be a vitamin d issue the last thing i would recommend i've done videos on this so let's say for example you have spasm on the right right side of the spine in the mid back.

Like by it's called the rhomboids let's see the spasm on the right side a little trick would be to um do some massage on the opposite side that will help reduce tightness and then the other thing too is if any time a muscle is tighter than it should be you can stretch the opposing muscle so even on.

The back you can work on the front part of the muscles on the pec muscles so there's i've done videos on this you can look them up on muscle spasms there's techniques and there's nutrition so okay wonderful thank you so much you're welcome thank you okay see you.

All right let's go to maddie oh wait um before we go to maddie um what do we have steve as the answers to the question darker urine okay uh well i'll tell you what 85 dehydration i even guessed that 10 too much protein or high carbs that's interesting and.

Five percent deficient in vitamin b okay so you know all of you guys are right and it is true that dehydration will definitely cause that i mean probably you know to be correct is probably most of the time however the answer i was looking for is.

Something a little different normally what makes the urine yellow is a pigment that is coming from the byproduct of something called bilirubin which is the end product of your body trying to recycle and break down red blood cells so the red part is iron that's separated from the heme and.

Then it goes to different colors so the first color it's going to turn into is green and that's why your your gallbladder bile is green and then that color then change gets absorbed and it turns yellow that's why your urine is yellow and then it gets oxidized in the colon is brown.

And that's why your stool is brown but if there's a problem with dark colored urine that usually is because you're lacking the the bilirubin that should be exiting and that comes from usually either a gallstone or a blockage in the ducts or sludge in the bile ducts.

Which is a lack of bile so it tells me that your your diet is not correct and you probably should be taking some purified bile salts and then what you'll notice is the you'll get more flow from your liver to the small intestine and the dark urine should actually clear.

Up so this is the same thing if you have a pale colored um stool or it's like gray um or you're getting jaundice that's a blockage and that's it's backing up into the liver like you're turning yellow and and one last symptom would be.

Itchiness so those are the symptoms that indicate that you have some either bile or gallstones all right steve how about a question okay let's do it so on facebook this time we have almond should someone who is anemic be fasting interesting question um well there's different types of.

Anemia uh you have b12 anemia you have iron anemia if you're anemic i think i probably would first fix that but here's the catch-22 there are certain conditions of anemia that are autoimmune autoimmune to something called the intrinsic factor this little thing in.

Your in your intestine in your stomach which could be causing the inability to absorb b12 in which case steve fasting would be very beneficial to anything with auto anything connected to autoimmune including inflammatory.

Conditions so it really depends on what's causing that anemia but you know what steve i'm writing this down now because this is another opportunity for me to create a video on anemia and fasting i like that and by the way uh yeah and if you're.

You know best way to get your iron is the animal products like either liver or beef or you can get a supplement as like either concentrated grass-fed beef things like that now i will state i will throw out there you guys are very helpful in giving me.

Ideas to do videos on and i always want to ask the question if you if you wouldn't mind if you if you think of a good video that i should do um do a presentation on type it in the comments um within this presentation because i'm going to read all of them when i'm done.

And i'll i'll line up some videos because i'm i'm always curious what you guys want the videos on so definitely type that in the comments section alright steve now you can give me a question all right here we go stand by let me push my visage on the screen all.

Right this time it's from susan no i'm sorry susan you stand by because we're going to go back to youtube amy wants to know what can i do about my seizures on youtube okay um i'm i did a video on that i'm going to release it you need to do something called let me think if i remember.

The name of it keto yes that's right the ketogenic diet that's what you need to do and and and especially fasting together because um certain parts of the brain when it starts to short-circuit and be going like this haywire situation can be overridden fuel-wise by ketones so if you start doing the ketogenic diet.

It's been known as the therapy for epileptic seizures and the other thing if you want to take it to the next level you can take the mct oil with that so mct oil keto and intermittent fasting is the absolute best thing to do for seizures steve i'm going to take a question from.

Maddie now maddie is from san antonio texas by the alamo you had a question about your brother go ahead yes thank you for taking michael and good morning uh yes this question is actually for my brother he's 50 years old and he's been diagnosed.

By uh with dermatomyositis i don't know if i pronounced it correctly and apparently he's in science cpk i don't even know what is that but it grows up and um my question is what of your supplement can you recommend for me to bring here because he lives in another country.

And i want to bring him something because i think he's missing some kind of vitamin because he doesn't eat a beef and you know his joints get very swollen and if he doesn't work out he can't even move i got it um well there's two two reasons for that um chances are it's probably some type of.

Autoimmune situation but the best remedy would be the d3k2 the vitamin d the vitamin d3 is wonderful anti-inflammatory for four joint problems as well of course i'm going to mention healthy keto intermittent fasting for sure that's a given he should be on that no doubt but vitamin d is the.

Is the go-to for inflammatory joint issues there's a lot of other remedies that you could take you know you can take milk thistles a good one another one called calcium hydroxide but but i think i'm not going to give you i'm not going to recommend all those i would stick with d3.

Keto and fasting okay okay perfect thank you very much you're welcome oh i'm sorry just a quick house cleaning and that's our just disclaimer reminder do you want to hit us with a doc yeah just anything that i say guys is not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with.

Your doctor before taking any of my recommendations because number one we don't have a doctor-patient relationship and number two i'm just giving my opinion okay thank you sir all right so steve let's go with the next question that i have forever this is the next quiz.

Um all right so let's say for example you're on a statin okay for cholesterol and the question is what nutrient do you need to be taking if you are on a statin for some reason you have to take it there's a nutrient that you need to take it's very very important.

What is that nutrient you need to take to offset the complications of a statin okay so that's the question and as you guys are chewing on that question i'm going to go right to greg from southern california hey greg are you there okay steve uh can you see if you can connect with greg.

I sure will i tell you what in the meantime i left susan hanging while we tried to get greg back and susan from facebook wants to know what the best treatment for an abscess tooth might be oh um okay if you have an abscess this is kind of a catch-22 because yes you want to take oregano but if there's.

An infection underneath your tooth and i'm not really going to say i'm an expert in this but i'm going to say that many times the tooth might be dead and sometimes you have to clean up that infection that infection in that tooth can create massive massive issues.

For you health-wise anything from stiffness in your neck which is a your body your immune system is reacting to it to heart problems to arthritis in the joints so these abscesses are a huge issue i would go to a holistic dentist and deal with it but there are that would be what i would recommend do.

Not ignore it because it's amazing how one infection can create a massive issues to your entire health that's terrific okay and by the way we have greg standing by we got him back up here so stand by greg go ahead hi dr berg thank you for taking my call.

Can you hear me now sure perfectly but fabulous um so um three weeks ago i had poisoning and high fever 104 um i'm 55 so you know that's not so good um about a week later i had a really severe auto immune response i can barely walk um.

Stiff joints um weakness lots of fatigue and so uh my doctor put me on well i went to emergency they thought maybe i had kimbar syndrome and they eliminated that but my doctor put me on pregnant zone and it doesn't seem to be having much of an.

Effect so i've decided to put myself on a intermittent fast and i'm at 36 hours and i'm wondering how long until i should start seeing um an improvement because i'm you know i'm concerned not being able to walk is kind of a concern so yeah well greg you're you're very very smart.

To do that because um obviously something in your that food poisoning triggered an immune reaction that's now um potentially creating antibodies with the immune system so i would treat this as a uh an immune problem uh more than anything and i think you're doing the exact right thing are.

You if you're doing fine with the fasting maybe go a little bit longer and then and then come back off of it with uh the healthy version of keto i would at the same time this is very important i would be taking no less than 40 000.

International units of vitamin d3 every single day simply because that's really really important for the immune system as well in addition to that there's some other natural things that i would do i would be doing zinc i would be doing probably higher amounts.

I would also be doing um probably um depending on it's is it in your joints in the lower extremity um my legs are weak i don't really feel the joint issue as much as i do in my hands my hands are so stiff that i can barely grasp.

Things um and i think part of it i forgot to at the beginning i i the emergency room said that i had a uti which is so odd i've never had one before so the infection maybe is why i'm having such a weird autoimmune response i've done with my antibiotics for the um.

Urinary tract infection so okay so okay then this is what i would recommend definitely get on a good probiotic you know and i even recommend if someone takes an antibiotic take the probiotics at the same time it's not going to be a problem but it's going to be okay to help you because as soon as you wipe out.

Those uh bacteria you're wiping out your immune system too which is leaving you open wide open to problems the other thing is i think oregano thyme clove those are i would get them in like these little pearls as supplements because that can kind of like go through the body and.

Help naturally clear out things it's kind of a natural antibiotic without the side effects but the zinc in vitamin d with the fasting those three things and just give it more time keep your stress low that's going to be important i do understand the prednisone thing.

Because that comes with a package you know it works short term but boy it just it can be a problem because every time you take it again it doesn't work as well and then you're that's happened with me with poison ivy and so i walk about uh three feet away from poison ivy and.

I'll start getting it it's weird i don't even have to touch it but that's um but i think you're doing the right thing um with what you're doing now just add those those uh additional things okay steve i'm talking a great doctor about the fasting.

So i should talk to my doctor about how long that can pass because i i've done a i've done a four day fast so i can you know i know i can go another 24 hours you know i would bro i would i would i would ride the wave and go faster i'm go do it longer because the fasting is your body right now your immune system is.

Becoming stronger when you're fasting so you're gonna within 72 hours you start developing stem cells uh that you didn't have before that help to strengthen the immune system and rebuild it so you know ride the wave a little bit longer and i think.

You'll start to see changes and then go back to a healthy keto for a while and then fast again keep doing that um that's what i would do if i were you all right great great answer doc and now how about an answer to our question which is what vitamin.

Nutrient is important for someone on a statin and 90 of our audience from all over the world said vitamin d five percent claim that potassium is the proper potion and then another five percent said coq10 i'm surprised about that okay so the answer is coq10 and.

Coq10 is something that is needed for uh supporting um your energy in your muscles not just the skeletal muscles but your heart muscle as well now here's the thing about statins they block the enzyme that helps you make cholesterol cholesterol is needed for.

Cell membranes to make vitamin d to make bile to make your steroid hormone so it's really really important so you start blocking this and one of the big huge symptoms is problems with your muscles inflammation muscles weak muscles autoimmune to your muscles i mean to like muscular autoimmune issues.

Another problem would be necrosis like literally dying of muscle cells so it's a lot of muscle issue and it just so happens that co q 10 can greatly help reduce those symptoms so that is very very very important because when you take statins you also deplete your coq10.

So let's certainly give a shout out on youtube for irish and deborah who answered that question maybe some on facebook sorry folks i didn't have time to look over there but irish and deborah were correct with coq10 yeah it's it's really good for uh coq10 is really good for heart.

Heart issues gives you energy for the heart but definitely the sadness which you know how i feel about statins anyway but um anyway um i'm ready for a question if you have one steve or i can go to the phone call now let's go to ceba on facebook wants to know the best way to treat tinnitus.

That terrible ringing oh tinnitus okay so i did two videos on this um i would recommend doing a um benfotamine benfotamine is a b vitamin that is a fat fibel it helps to penetrate the the nerves especially the ones that are up in the brain and so part of the.

Cranial nerves so that's what i would do i have done several videos on tinnitus i would watch those there's a technique that you can do that you know works maybe fifty percent of the time and then uh i give other recommendations too ben photomenal would be my go-to.

Recommendation for that one steve wonderful how about the phones okay so let's talk to susan from grants pass um you had a question susan are you there yes i am can you hear me okay great i do hear you okay good morning um i'm a postmenopausal.

Woman i'm age 63. i've been on your keto diet for way of life for three and a half years um after about six months on keto i noticed a lot of wrinkles and i've been wondering what to do about that i recently came across the idea that maybe.

All of the um the silica that i'm no longer eating because i loved whole wheat bread and brown rice and all the stuff that has soda in it and i don't eat that anymore so i started to take a silica supplement i think that's going to take six months or so to see results but what do you think about that.

You know i i just i did a video on silica and i've been researching it it's fantastic for the skin integrity of the skin and the tone of the skin and the collagen part of the skin so you are definitely on the right track with that that's one thing i would implement and you got.

To give it some time there's a there's different types of silic silica and i think that there's you know i would probably i won't necessarily give you brand names but the ones that are more bioavailable probably would be better and sometimes they come in a liquid but you.

Can do some research on that the other thing that i did i will tell you that sometimes when you do keto you're getting rid of fluid from the body and but this probably would be different than you but especially when you initially do it you you lose this fluid retention and.

Sometimes you might show up more wrinkles because you're you might look like you're dehydrated but i think the best way to do that is to make sure you're having enough salt which is maybe one level teaspoon a day throughout your food and then drink a little bit more fluid just to.

Keep your fluids up a little bit because it's very easy to um just kind of like not do salts and water and and end up kind of like looking a little bit more wrinkled but and of course i would look at the stress level cortisol try to keep that down get a little bit more sleep.

Make sure you're you have all the omega-3 fatty acids for your skin because your skin needs the fats the dha which is very very important and then i think um that would be something and then of course maintain the fasting as well but right.

Yeah another question you mentioned about coffee this morning um i do drink maybe more than what you recommended is that going to give me more wrinkles well coffee will do two things it will deplete your potassium which is all about hydration for sure there's even kind of like a uh.

Caffeine uh caffeine induced hypokalemia which is low potassium from doing coffee so if you're going to do coffee maybe keep it at one per day and then make sure you're taking not just potassium but vitamin b1 which is also.

Another vitamin that can be depleted from when you do too much tea or coffee that can be deplete your b1 wonderful well dr taylor we got three more questions why don't you launch the next one for our audience okay um all right the next question is what would be the best trace mineral for ulcers.

What's the best trace mineral for ulcers okay anywhere in the body all right so let's um let's go right to jeanette and i'm really plugging through these questions pretty nicely so we can have more callers i want to just get as many questions answers as possible hey janette are you there from somerville.

You had a question about uh can quito get my mother off statins for high cholesterol right there she is so she just found out that she had high cholesterol and so is there a way to heal that with keto but also would keto be dangerous for someone who had high.

Cholesterol you know that's a very important question because i want everyone to know that the majority of people who do keto reduce their cholesterol especially the the harmful type which is not just ldl it's a type of ldl called small dense small dense particles.

Which can go invade the inside the um the landing of your your arteries but here's the thing that you need to know carbohydrates in excess especially i'm talking about sugars and refined carbs um have to go somewhere in the body so they're converted.

To certain fats as well as cholesterol and triglycerides so it's the carbs that she needs to pay attention to not the fat so that's why that's why keto is low carb and it'll help your cholesterol it'll help your profiles it'll support your heart also everyone should know that your fat.

Cells are a storage for cholesterol so as you get into keto and you start mobilizing your fat and you release triglycerides for energy and you will also release the cholesterol so that's why sometimes it might go up temporarily because you're getting rid of all the.

Stored cholesterol that you don't need also the one of the main main regulators for cholesterol is bile felts so if your gallbladder is not working that well your cholesterol might be a little bit high from that alone so um taking more some purified bile salts can help.

Greatly kind of keep your cholesterol in check question great thank you very much you're welcome all right doc we've already got some results in here on your last question which was what trace mineral is beneficial for ulcers 95 of our worldwide viewers said zinc five percent.

Folic acid and iron and i think maybe a sprinkling of potassium what say you doctor the the answer is zinc you guys are correct very well done zinc you know if you're deficient in zinc you get poor wound healing you don't heal and the deficiencies of zinc.

Will cause not just ulcers in certain places in the body even even if you have um ulcers in your in your rectum um as ulcerative colitis or in your duodenum or your stomach and even if you have gastritis which is inflammation stomach zinc is really really important a good remedy would be a type.

Of zinc be zinc carnosine so that's a that's a version that could be very helpful you know i might say speaking of zinc and vitamin d now the health recommendations for covid19 heavily uh leans on zinc and vitamin d and i might mention that dr bird.

Mentioned that six months ago long before it was on the you know in the ether so good for you i know that's not a cure coming from dr berg but what a great observation and how early it came from our show versus the world's health organizations.

Yeah don't get me started steve on that topic okay oh my gosh um okay good so steve i do have um two more very interesting questions but i want to take a call first okay go for it let's go to nadia from lexington are you there a lot nadia yes i'm here hi dr burke how are you.

Doing great thanks um yes i have actually uh two questions um the first one is um i've been on keto for since august and uh i am diabetic type two i've been on insulin and few other medications so uh right now i've seen.

Um a great result i'm off insulin for such a short period of time um yeah and i'm so happy about that so uh but the thing is um i've never had cholesterol issues before or triglycerides i understand i've watched your videos about cholesterol so my cholesterol is a little bit high right now.

My concern is my triglycerides are extremely high i've never had this issue before as well and my second question is when i started keto i noticed that um i lost about 10 pounds and mainly that's water or water retention or anything but right now i gained i gained about six.

Pounds six more pounds and i didn't change anything on the diet and i'm doing intermittent fasting as well interesting interesting interesting i think what i would do if i were you i think you need some gallbladder support uh bile salts.

And the reason for that is that'll help your your mobilization of the cholesterol the triglycerides and other fats through the liver and out through the gallbladder a little bit better and i think it will also help your weight loss as well because um i think the liver.

Needs a little bit of support but you did give me you inspired me to give you i mean to create a video on this as well and of course if we had more time i would dig into other reasons for why you would gain weight i think you know i think it could be either water retention or it could be.

Stress or sleep or something else because typically what you're doing you're not going to start gaining fat if you're doing keto and intermittent fasting it's just not going to happen so there's some other reason and i have seen though um kind of like a a liver issue that needs more people.

Need more bile um so that's what i would do if i were you um any suggestions about bile uh which bile i should take because the one that you guys have um it has gelatin and we don't do gelatin then what you can actually just go to.

The health store and get a purified bile salts without gelatin you can try that but you need purified bile salts so just find one that is um has good reviews and uh you can check that out sounds great okay uh how about we move on to our next question batter up for the next question.

Doc yep okay so when when some people take antibiotics uh specifically cipro and other types of antibiotics one of the main side effects it's not i mean majorly common but it is a side effect is tendon rupture your tendon ruptures.

Okay so why why would it rupture what would that antibiotic do that could cause a ruptured tendon and let's see what we got with that one okay steve okay sounds great and if i could go to maria real quick on youtube and maria i'm not teasing you because this comes up so long.

But uh dr berg will explain the folly of your questions so for now how long should i stay on keto and of course the answer is as long as you want to enjoy life and have fun and to go off it means slamming donuts and feeling absolutely ghastly so i think we know the answer but doc why don't you expand on that.

Yeah how long should you keto well just until you hit the weight weight loss goal then you can go back to your normal foods and regular foods no no you don't want to do that keto is i think this is my opinion and i think um speaking for a whole lot of people who have been on this but i mean come on.

It's like it creates so many positive benefits it is the eating plan that we're kind of designed to consume because you do so well on it um i don't know of any other program that even comes close to the combination of the healthy version of keto and intermittent.

Fasting it handles so many issues why would you want to go on anything else now there's some naysayers steve that will say well the studies have we haven't done this long term so in other words all these great benefits that you get.

That are only short term but if you're on the diet long term you need to go back to the whatever diet you need to be on i mean like that is ridiculous it's something working and the old terms tons of sugar so we don't have any studies so take a couple of cups of sugar and.

Listen once again the reason that i i don't call it a diet it's a absolute lifestyle is because the weight is secondary to my mental health i do i don't know how many other people are like that but i do terribly on high carbs and sugar i feel.

Ghastly and when i'm in the middle of it i don't even realize i'm in that place and once i get back lower the carbs intermittent fasting works for me as well the nothing tastes as good as a good keto diet feels i shouldn't call it a diet i mean you just feel better all around and so for me.

It's not well i don't want to return to having an extra 20 pounds on me i don't want to return to um and by the way uh let's see diane reminded me keto is not a diet thank you die and you're absolutely right it's a lifestyle and i don't want to go back to that mental mystery life is great.

On this plan so you can't peel me off it do i have a miss you know do i have a slip every once in a while yes i do but i'm quickly reminded of why that's a rotten way to live yeah the goal the goal of keto is to get your body into the state of health where you you're in a power state so you have the.

You have so much health reserve that you have the flexibility to if you need if you want to go off occasionally like i don't i don't want to make it sound like you like you have this strict thing and you're like you could you have to like completely and utterly everywhere you go always.

Do this but the point is that get yourself into a place where you can you have a lot of flexibility so let's say you do go off and you understand that you're going to have problems with it but you're okay with it because you know what to do to get it back and again personally i don't do that very often.

Because i just like to in the way i feel when i do it i'm pretty disciplined simply because i was so sick in the past that i'm like you know what i don't need to go that direction i like this and i can stick with it i do know that there's all these social things going on and you have to.

Enjoy life with all these carbs but i i prefer not to do that but i'd like to give you guys the flexibility at some point okay steve we're back and we've got some ideas okay good what do we got okay so why do some people experience tendon ruptures with certain antibiotics like cipro.

Cipro and 70 sounds like somebody looked us up i have no idea collagen synthesis 30 ciprofloxacin impacts uh the uh the tendons wow okay you guys uh you you did look it up i think but yeah it does affect um this um antibiotic and there's this there's a whole bunch.

Of them that do this and i will create a video on this um blocks your small uh your small chain fatty um your amino acids the short chain fatty amino acids so it blocks certain amino acids that make your tendons okay your branched chain amino acids i'm.

Trying to get around to saying that i finally got it out now the reason why what's behind that is very interesting it's a it blocks vitamin b1 and vitamin b1 is not all about just about carbohydrate metabolism it's also.

About amino acid metabolism as well so really it's the lack of b1 that then blocks your ability to make collagen and that's why it ruptures it gets weak so if you're on c pro or other antibiotics i would recommend taking b1 now what's interesting about that steve is.

Your microbes in your gut also have the ability to make b1 and so you have an antibiotic and you wipe out those microbes guess what you're not going to make the b vitamins that well anymore so that's what will show up as a deficiency so interesting so you have to take more of.

The right kind of b vitamins and i like that's why i like nutritional yeast um to be able to prevent some of these complications but there's nothing worse than having a a ruptured tendon wouldn't you say steve absolutely i um yeah that's a game there's nothing worse you're done.

Then you hobble around so we don't want to do that finally doc was five minutes late you want to hit him up with the last question oh that's weird because i have um we have five minutes to go is is my clock wrong no i think i said five minutes so five minutes left oh if i'm missing okay good.

Yeah i'm ready for another question guys um okay so you go on keto and you're doing your higher amounts of fat and then you end up with the side effect dizziness you get up and you kind of feel dizzy and you're like wow what's going on here.

Um what what's going on there what do you what do you need to do okay that's the next that's the the last question wonderful in our last caller is adriana by the way if you want to yes adriana you had a question you're from san jose um go ahead what's your question um yes.

Um i'm 43 i'm obese and i've been doing it with fibroids for the past uh 12 years and i started doing the intermittent fasting the healthy keto and the if and i even went organic and i even bought the uh the sea kelp the adrenal stress d3 k2 adrenaline cortisol support estrogen the uh.

Sleep aid and the electrolyte powder but i started taking these yeah and i started not to feel well either so there's something that i'm not taking the right way and you know what i have in between leaning for the past two months yeah um okay so i think um i think the only ones i would probably.

Focus on right now of course keep in your keto and intermittent fasting maybe you cut it down a bit it's quite a few things you're taking all at the same time and you don't really know what's what's causing what but i think probably the estrogen balance and with dim.

Is something i would take take that right now and then what i would do is take that for one day and see how you feel with your keto innovative fasting and then the next day add the sea kelp and see how you feel because what we want to do is we want to isolate what is it that's creating this weird feeling and you you slowly add one.

More in there to see what is it and then you could then you call back in one or two weeks and let me know what that was and i can give you more data but the other thing that you want to do and you're doing the right thing is the fasting is going to be very very important.

In helping you shrink these things the other thing too is when you eat just make sure that you do not consume dairy right now because that can create issues and then the last thing that was very important is to look at this fibroid as a tumor and one really good natural thing.

To do is to prevent the blood flow to the tumor you want to take something that's an anti-androgenic um effect it's a basically the cruciferous vegetables will help decrease the blood flow these blood vessels that are feeding this tumor so so if you were to take um make sure in.

Your your healthy version like you had add more kale add more broccoli brussels sprouts every single day that would be real smart to do okay and am i able to eat organic meat still even having these or just wait on that um yeah you definitely want to do.

Organic meat because uh you probably you might get some anemia from the bleeding so you want to do organic everything you don't want to do the the hormones the hormones in the in these products will stimulate issues so you know maybe you try fish right now.

Fish might be a good protein right now because sometimes um there might be some growth hormones in the meat okay and how many estrogen and speak up do i take maybe you just avoid those and just do salmon right now or some good high quality um wild caught fish.

Good question okay doc we have got some answers for your final quiz question today and the question again is if you start keto and add more fat to the diet yet feel dizzy when standing at what nutrient might be missing ninety percent of our respondents say electrolytes.

Five percent say salt and trace minerals and about another five percent say b3 and b2 okay so all you guys are are right on you're just you're thinking with this it's very well done of course i was looking for another answer but no but you are correct and i'm going to do a video on this to give.

You more of a a well well-rounded thing but there's one thing that is important that i want to mention when you um excuse me do keto you're coming off carbohydrates you're consuming moderate amount of protein and then you're consuming.

A higher amount of fat when you consume a higher amounts of fat realize that the fats that you eat normally do not contain the b vitamins there's not a lot of b vitamins especially b1 in fat it's in the protein but not that so anytime you consume anything in higher amounts without the b.

Vitamins especially b1 it's going to take more b1 to metabolize that fuel that fat so you could become slightly deficient in b1 if you go on a high fat diet if you're not following my recommendations which i always tell people to at least minimally do electrolytes.

Minerals and nutritional yeast for your b vitamins i always recommend that steve okay by the way garger the sole person on facebook that said b1 so congratulations garger you're ahead of the pack wow so what happens when you're low in.

B1 and this is another thing since we have a minute to talk about i'm going to mention it's fascinating actually i'm going to do a video on this when you're lacking b1 which is water soluble you can have all sorts of problems with your.

Autonomic nervous system and the part of the brain that's real sensitive to b1 is the brain stem and in the brain stem you have a big part of your autonomic nervous system specifically your parasympathetic nervous system where the vagus nerve comes out.

So you can have problems with digestion lack of digestion gastroparesis where it's not coming it's not snow like you might have constipation or slow digestive system but also when you stand up you're you might get dizzy because the autonomic nervous system is not adapting.

So you might can you might associate this with adrenal issues from stress but in reality it's an adrenal issue for sure but it's not coming from stress it's coming from a b1 deficiency and your ability to adapt from rising from squatting to standing to lying down the standing you just take b1 that's what.

You need so i'm just want to put that out there as another reason to take the b vitamins and there's so many things that are connected to b1 i will be doing some videos this next week on this so on that note i want to thank everyone for your wonderful questions.

And please two things number one write down some ideas for me on a future video because i'm always looking for ideas and i'd like to get it from things that you guys tell me that you're interested in number one and then secondly we now have some really good keto trained um.

Consultants um that are ready to take calls for various questions you know let's say you're starting on keto and you need to get some advice and we can send you the like a pdf form of of my my eating plan if you want or if you're on keto and you it's not going that well and you have questions.

You can call us on that so there's a there's questions all over our website on this and then also should one be one on any of our youtube videos or you have a question about a product and you want more information about so we can help you on anything anything related to that so yeah we'd.

Just like to thank everybody on social media great questions and answers from youtube and facebook from around the world so uh thank you for that and dr berg take it away all right guys thank you have a we'll see you next week and think next week we.

Should be wish we'll should have a video hooked up for that we're trying some new things all right stay tuned for more uh good content on my videos guys thank you very much we'll see you next week you.

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