Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
good morning everyone we're back and we have a great show for you today we have a lot of callers and you have some guys have been bringing some very interesting questions so um as long as you keep them simple enough for us to answer that would be really.

Cool but uh what would you like to say karen nothing i'm ready i'm uh just pulling up youtube facebook everybody's chatting already all right and uh we have to give the disclaimer we give the disclaimer there is no cure for anything.

Found in this channel okay yeah yeah leave that yeah so we can't cure you so cure there's no diagnosing there's no remedy for anything any this is just information you can just there's entertainment you can do whatever you want we need to see your doctor yeah the real answers.

Because the doctor is the expert in all these things so you feel really good what's that that's right it's entertaining to be healthy yeah sure and energetic and um and take this with a grain of salt right and we will repeat this frequently yeah because.

It's illegal to cure people in the state of maryland in the united states of america okay that's right that's enough on that okay so let's go to terry terry you're from minnesota and are you there yeah great yes i am awesome you hear me yeah okay yeah um my question is.

Um i'm taking your supplements i'm also doing intermittent fasting and stuff and i'm getting the supplements hanging up in my throat when i'm trying to swallow them i'm usually doing the uh electric powder you know and water and stuff and i had this ever since i was as far as back as i can recall.

As a kid but back then i was eating three meals a day so i could use the food to push the supplement pills down my throat now i'm doing like i'm trying to do 72 hour fasting um only eating you know once every 72 hours and keep going.

Like that one is because each priori and stuff but find a swap so i'm wondering what food can i use that does not interfere with the um intermittent fasting right um are you taking uh my new uh my nutritional yeast out of curiosity yes but it's all those are.

All the supplements okay just not that okay so yeah because the nutritional use we're just coming out with uh smaller tablets so that'll make it easier so this is what you do you have two choices terry you could basically um you know the days you eat of course you could take them with the meal but you.

Can also open up the capsules and put them in the electrolyte powder and just put all the powder in there mix it all up and drink it on down so you can drink your supplements without the capsule or you can also take it with uh a little bit of fat like whether it's.

Maybe some you melt some coconut oil a little bit and put it in there and just kind of slug it down with that or you could do like the mct oil too but you just can't do too much so that might be difficult so the other thing you can do that probably won't break your fast.

Is to consume some cruciferous vegetables because it's very low calorie high in fiber and even some celery or something and then you can kind of get it down with some vegetables maybe put a little olive oil on there and i think that will actually that's.

Not going to interfere at all plus you get the benefit of autophagy from all those phytonutrients so that's what you can do all right and then we have ruth ruth you're you're back on how you doing ruth we've missed you i'm back waiting for my blood test results to.

Find out the omega-3 omega-6 oh yeah but still until that comes in um urine you your video says to drink when you're thirsty when i do that i don't i don't just i just don't get thirsty so my urine started getting very dark so i started being consistent about drinking at least three quarts.

Of water per day and there's still an odor to it and i'm on one meal a day i drink a seven to ten cup smoothie of veggies because i also know the liver can also make the breast smell skin smell and i'm assuming you're in smell so i've been drinking that seven ten.

Cups of veggies a day there's like a handful of parsley there's dandelion green cucumber bell pepper in it and then your electrolyte powder and then all i normally is about three to six ounces of meat and then some other steamed.

Veggie or or cooked vegetable with my meat so i try and keep things really clean and so i'm thinking maybe it might be my liver so i've started taking the um the milk thistle and the choline but i just wonder if i'm on the right track is the urine is the smell in the urine.

Something that will always be there for eventually i mean it's been three years here's here's what's probably happening i do know when you do one meal a day okay and you get your carbs down lower your concentration of ketones are going to be a lot more you have more.

Ketones and they do have a different odor and maybe the only thing i would do is i would increase the your your your fluids to maybe like two and a half liters a day and i wouldn't worry about it too much i don't think you have any other issues with that but.

But i would just increase the amount of volume but because here's the thing when you actually do keto um and especially intermittent fasting like you're doing you're getting rid of a lot of glycogen from your liver i'm talking like with that glycogen and the attached water that comes with it the fluid.

You're probably going to get rid of like an additional like 8 to 9 to even 13 pounds so because you don't have that that sponge anymore um you probably need to drink a little bit more just to kind of uh keep things flowing because you don't have the level of fluid that you did before so.

That's what i would do and i um i wouldn't try to go any any other way other than that ruth thanks for your call all right let's see what we have what were people uh contacting us from i'm just getting started on that but so far countries british columbia serbia.

Cyprus south africa cairo slovenia india and i realized some of these are not countries montreal the u.s all over the u.s jersey michigan arkansas north and south carolina wow wisconsin everywhere everywhere in the united states and i'm just getting started but global.

Global but i have a question for you yes someone is asking about and i have to word this carefully okay a very low mood okay has a very low mood okay well i tell you what um i'm gonna i'll answer that question a little bit later because i kind of it's attached to a couple other things a.

Quiz yes okay all right so stay tuned if you're concerned about a low mood i'm ready for the first question hope you guys are too otherwise yep okay i'm ready okay here's the quiz um what in your body acts like soap or a detergent okay i know so let's see if you guys can.

Get this one in like what is your body's natural soap or detergent what is that see if they can get this one okay okay all right and christine from buffalo new york that's where karen went to college to get more knowledge i went to ub.

Hi christine hi good morning hi dr berg hi karen um thank you for taking my call um so i just had a question because i can't find a lot of information about it um three years ago well i had graves disease um for a while and i was on um mistimizal to kind of keep it.

You know to keep my levels okay and then my doctor um you know advised me that we should do the radiation iodine um so they it killed off my thyroid so now i'm on um like synthroid uh for the hormone and um i'm just having so much trouble like with bloating and losing weight i'm.

On low carb i'm not exactly keto yet but um i'm just like i've been bouncing between 154 and 158 for like three months and it's just so hard i've been working out twice a week with a trainer and i just bought your um electrolyte powder like to see if the potassium will help like the bloating but um i just didn't.

Know if there's anything else i should be doing without you know having a thyroid anymore okay well you know what um there's some things you can do so you had graves which is a hyperthyroid it's an autoimmune condition and so it's interesting because if that would.

Actually make you lose weight because it's going like crazy now they removed it now you sit have a hypo um so we've taken synthroid that you know the thyroid produces several hormones so you may want to consider checking with your doctor to maybe use an armor thyroid or.

A natural thyroid which has the complex of different hormones you may find some some additional benefit from doing that route sometimes doctors don't like to do that because it's hard to standardize or regulate those hormones so there's some other key things that you want to do as well selenium for the conversion from t4 to.

T3 zinc which is also really important for a hypothyroid it's actually quite vital um but you need to do keto like exactly right because what's going to happen is that's going to decrease the the need for making the hormones so.

Your thyroid will be actually way more efficient so you're actually going to do your thyroid well not your thyroid you don't have one anymore you're going to do that part of your um this the hormones that you're taking they're going to work more efficiently and you're going to produce more energy.

And you're going to actually i think lose more weight if you add the keto in there and do it standardly and one more thing you i would recommend to take as a supplement would be the gallbladder formula if you take take that i think that can also help a.

Hypo not a hyper hypothyroid and i think that should answer it thanks christine and um definitely check in with us you know next week or following week to let us know how you're doing all right karen what do we have as an answer 99.

I would say 98 okay of the people said bile wow uh other people a very few said other things and then other people were saying the liver okay in the right ballpark yeah the answer is the bile you guys are correct you've been watching the video so yeah.

Bile is a detergent it's a detergent it is the soap which is interesting because the soap what it does is it takes it you know you have oil and water don't mix so it allows the oil to mix with the water it allows to break it up and turn it into something that now is.

Kind of water soluble in a way so it can be dealt with so that bile is so so important to um like they've done experiments and they've taken um on dogs actually and they they kind of block the bile and what happens is oh my gosh so many things shut down.

Um go blind because they don't they don't have vitamin a you don't have vitamin d you can't even absorb that omega-3 fatty acids the stool becomes really i mean constipated so there's so many things that happen without bile so i will be talking more about that throughout this uh.

Um presentation it's your it's your bodily fluid of the month well i just ordered two textbooks on biophysiology and just so fascinating and i'll let i'll share them when i'm done with you karen i'm sure you'll want to read them but i mean i'm just i cannot stop reading this it's like.

It's just fascinating there's a whole history of bile yum bodily fluids i mean i i i think what's the most interesting about bile is how many things it affects and is involved in in terms of you know your body's functioning that i i never heard of before a couple of months ago when we started.

Using a little more uh bio salts it's a thing that can prevent sibo small intestinal bacterial because it regulates your microbiome wow it actually prevents inflammation in cirrhosis in the liver it keeps the um the gallstones from forming so when they tied up the bile ducts in.

This dog experiment uh they all end up with uh gallstones which is fascinating so you have this cholesterol coming out that can kind of get concentrated in form of stone but not if you if you have bile you're good to go so i have quite a few questions uh today related.

To that in a way so related to bio well yeah well now you can see that okay yeah give us a hint i gave you a little hint there okay so i'm gonna go to kathy you find some questions okay kathy you're from erie pennsylvania are you there yes hello hi.

Great yes can you hear me perfectly so i i am 51 years old post i had a calcium test come back at 10.1 okay calcium blood test and when i looked at my tests from last year it was a 10. um when i in during my reading i've found that this is an overactive parathyroid.

Gland most likely meaning there's a tumor on one of the four parathyroid glands and i've also read that the only thing that can help this is to get the tumor removed i haven't been diagnosed yet okay yeah i totally under i i hear what you're saying um.

Here's here's the best thing because that that could be one of the causes i did a video on that you could probably look it up it's on the parathyroid it may not be a tumor it may not you may also want to find out where your your calcium is coming from are you taking a supplement with calcium i would avoid that.

Probably cut down in your vitamin d i would also take vitamin k2 i would also take magnesium all these things can can help bring this down especially if you do a little scan and find out there's no tumor on the parathyroid so that's what i would do but if you do have it and realize you.

Have four parathyroid glands and they remove one of them i mean you can still find you can actually function just with one of your parathyroids so it's not the end of the world people do very well with um even after the surgery it's very very um actually it's quite common and i don't.

Know exactly what is causing that but um but that's what i would do all right thanks for your call all right karen yeah hi hi what do you want to talk about i have some questions yes okay good so uh jackie on youtube is asking she did the online test.

To see what products to buy and all of the symptoms are adrenal but in the past she says i drank the pills for thyroid so i'm assuming she means she was taking supplements for thyroid it's a little confusing the question but what i get out of this is can your body shift from one body type to another.

Yeah in fact um sometimes sometimes when you take a quiz it's just generally giving you kind of a a generalized idea where you fall into but it doesn't really mean that you're that there's never right and plus things um you have a combination of different things so.

There's just a lot of people that have adrenal body type simply because of the stress factor which can then affect other glands and especially like if it's hard to figure it out when you're mixed between two you know you might want to okay i'll try this okay see how i feel.

Nothing okay let me try this oh wow i feel much better good then we now we narrow it down for that so there's different ways of narrowing it down but the adrenals definitely are so common and people really benefit from that right yeah i hope that answered your question jackie.

Go with the adrenal yeah okay good so uh there's a question on from facebook um what do you think about iodine drops for estrogen dominance versus seek help or something um one the reason i don't like it is because the source of iodine it could be elemental i like a.

Plant-based iodine from sea kelp because it's easier for body to manipulate and use and that has to do with the way it's bonded in nature the plant grabs elemental it's like a like a rock from the earth and it converts it into a plant base or a nice type of mineral that's easy to.

Deal with and absorb so i like the vegetable type minerals more than the elemental ones especially if i didn't i don't know if the liquid i don't know what the source is but and that's just my viewpoint but other people had other viewpoints okay well she was asking for your viewpoint okay good so that works.

Now am i not going to ask this question okay so this is the first question second second question why do people with gallstones why are people with gallstones higher at risk for for depression there's a reason okay so um i'll let you guys answer that.

Silence well i got the lecture this morning with my cup of coffee so hey you know what i i get my class i got the next three days all planned out in the morning i have all the different lectures i'm going to tell you about so you're in for a little i'm in for a.

Treat seminar early in the morning i know okay so we want to go to um i think it's kiana from georgia are you there yes i am good morning great yes i can hear you perfectly awesome thanks so much for taking my call so i just want to share with you um several years ago i was diagnosed with.

Pcos and today i'm on i'm actually seven weeks keto and today i entered six weeks of omed i lost 26 pounds and then my monthly friend came it's already tmi but um and then i went through a plateau so once that ended i did a 48 hour fast and then i lost.

Three pounds but two days after that i just started to gain weight and it was like a half a pound and then another half a pound and now i'm up about two pounds and in addition i do work out five days a week i do 20 minutes of um interval where i'll run walk and.

Um i just don't know why i'm at this plateau so i was just calling i was concerned and just wanted to get your thoughts and how okay yeah okay good so when you go through your period um there's all sorts of hormonal fluctuations and what you could happen during a certain time of your period or.

Your cycle you can gain water and lose it really quickly so if you're losing water weight quickly let's see lost three pounds and you gain back water water that weight it's not you might think it's fat but it could be just fluids so your body's just adjusting where it.

Should be normally the big idea of this is that you want to look at what you're doing make sure it's healthily healthy and make sure that you um the average of weight loss and things are progressing with other factors too because we're trying to get you healthy there's always things you can do to.

Speed up the weight loss but it's all based on one thing what's happening with insulin because if you have pcos that means you have high insulin and you have insulin resistance which takes probably months to deal with could take months so you may not be out of the woods yet.

You've got to keep working in that over and over and over again but the fact that you're losing weight it means that it's it's working but you have to give it more time but out of all the things that you can do to help normalizer balance insulin the first thing is more fasting okay.

Number two it's getting the carbs lower and lower lower and any hidden carbs and number three it's dealing with your stress and your cycle could be a stress too and then get more sleep that's connected with that i'm going to be releasing a video early this next week on.

Kind of a a new summary of all the things you can do if you stall or plateau so you can watch that and just follow that and use it as a little you know cheat sheet of what you need to focus on because there's many things you can do all right thanks for your call.

What do we have as an answer to the question well this is interesting a lot of people are not participating in the answer of this i think is is a mind mind bender but we do have people saying uh because eventually you're not getting enough k.

Another is you're not getting d another is the cortisol level because of pain from that situation you're not getting enough sleep the brain gut connection is blocked all kinds of things like that there wasn't an answer and this is fascinating because if you look up the relationship.

Between gallstones and depression um you'll find that there's a lot of research that there's there's this huge connection so if your gallstones all of a sudden your risk for depression goes way up um by 80 percent wow and so and i'm reading through this and i'm.

Like i don't think anyone really knows what's going on here but i think i i think i know what it is um you have to understand the the even like the the word melancholy the the greek word for melakali is black bile black bile because this is like back in the medieval time where they had the.

Four different um temperaments and they they looked at the different fluids like which i'm not going to get into but they used to say well you have black bile so this is why you have depression so i'm like well that's interesting they were dealing with bile back then black bile which.

And they if you look at the symptoms that people had associated with that constipation bloating distension so you you get that when you have golf stones but the relationship is really a bile deficiency in the bio because the bile is then backing up it's not it's not flowing correctly and it oxidizes.

So it turns turns black because it's supposed to be green or yellow so um so really the relationship is this when you're low in bile you're not going to be able to absorb the two most important things to keep your mood up one is omega-3 fatty acids specifically dha which uh which basically makes up about.

20 of your brain and your your your hormones as well it's a kind of a precursor but also vitamin d so without bio you can't absorb vitamin d so bile deficiency dha deficiency can severely cause depression a d deficiency vitamin d deficiency and a dha deficiency which is omega-3 fatty.

Acids like the fish oils so here you are taking the vitamin d and the fish oils it's not working because you don't have enough bile so you have the melancholy because you have black bile dr berg and you may have said this and i was distracted but for people that have their gallbladder removed they're still.

Producing bile right but what's the correlation now this is interesting you brought the subsidy because when people have gallstones and get depression and they take the gallbladder out their depression goes away now um yeah so i'm not recommending that because you could simply just add more.

Bile salts to handle solve the problem but when you remove the gallbladder you still produce bile from the liver you just don't store it and concentrate it anymore so you're going to be you're having this weak diluted kind of bile and then you you don't get the full absorption so.

If you i would recommend taking bile salts if you don't have a gallbladder yep there you go that's interesting all right so let's you have a question i have a question do you have any suggestions supplement wise or diet wise for muscle pain okay muscle pain you have two things you.

Have muscle weakness and you have muscle pain so this is muscle pain because the question is i don't want to the problem is they don't want to take a leave anymore yeah it was very general question there was no more information than that.

Okay muscle pain most the time you need vitamin d because the biggest one of the biggest symptoms of of deficiency is low back pain and muscle achiness and muscle pain so take some d and then the other thing is like if you have muscle weakness that is a vitamin e deficiency there's.

Nothing faster to strengthen muscle than vitamin e so let's say for example you're working out and you can't go very far or you're climbing stairs or you just don't have the endurance or you take some e but don't take the regular vitamin e take the.

Toe katrina's okay that's that's a better version of the tocopherols and i've done a video about this but it's just you'll have more benefits from that like by a factor of 50x wow all right you have any more questions kevin i just realized i have a bottle of e i'm.

Probably just going to get rid of it no you could take it i mean i mean just that you have two two sections you have tocopherols and you have tocatrinos right you could pretty much very easily get your vitamin tocopherols from diet if you're doing a healthy diet but it's very difficult to get the tocotrienols.

But there are two types of antioxidants that do a lot for you the tricotrinos are just a lot more powerful but if you have the tocopherols go ahead and take them unless they're synthetic and the only time i recommend taking synthetic vitamin e is if you're doing some type of detox that's more.

Temporary all right we need to go to um amid from ontario are you there yeah hi nicely hi nice to meet you doctor hi hi um so i'm a huge fan and uh you've changed the light lives of my family and i for two to three years.

And my question for the day was um so i'm on a keto bulk for the last uh two months or so i've been part of the ketogenic diet for a while and i've loved it my energy levels everything has been amazing and so my macros look like 75 to 80 percent fat uh 15 proteins and five percent carbs.

I'm just so i aim for 50 grams of under 50 grams of net carbs every single day because i work out six days a week so my question for the day essentially was is it safe for me to have a speech day once every single 10 days because i am a middle eastern descent and i grew up with carbs i'm sure you've.

Heard in the past you know it just once in a while just to indulge you know is it like the science behind is it safe for me though what country uh so i'm from canada right now though but my uh so i'm southeast asian my dad's from east africa so my mom is pakistani and my dad's uh.

From tanzania okay what is that rice or is it i think um what what's your what would be your ultimate cheat food um i'm not sure if you've heard of actually uh have you heard of biryani by chance it's an it's a popular pakistani dish no is it uh is it it's like it's like it's filled with uh it's filled with uh.

Rice chicken and there's a i'm i'm i can't describe it in english unfortunately as well though but it's a high carb food essentially with a high protein all right so i'm sure you probably watched videos and you know my viewpoint on cheat foods.

Um but here's the thing i mean if you actually are getting close to your goal and you're not trying to handle anything major and you want to go off the program and you are you're aware that it's going to completely and utterly destroy your liver no i'm just kidding that's going to create some side effects.

Especially when you start combining rice with chicken just because it's going to increase more insulin and you're willing to go through that and kind of suffer the consequences now just kind of go through that and have the side effects and you get right back on your program and you don't have a problem.

With getting back on your program i mean go for it but just realize that when you start combining and i do know i do understand the combination in the food that you that that there's over there for example like one they have a big problem with um arsenic.

Which comes from the rice and also a zinc deficiency which comes from the rice because the bran and the rice and even the wheat blocks zinc so you know you have all these things but if you're just doing it for one day i mean okay so you know it's not gonna completely.

Utterly destroy your health so um that's my viewpoint i mean wow don't you just want to do it now don't you just want to dive in the point here's the problem with this i mean everybody dies it's a slippery slope because there's a lot of people who they go off and then all of a sudden they go.

On they go off no now they can't get back on there's other people that go off for a week or two and then they really kind of mess up their body because especially when you when you start on keto and then you go off and all of a sudden now the results aren't there like they were.

Before we get that all the time so but i i think it is a good you know if you have and he this young man sounds very very disciplined and has obviously seen great success so and you've said in the past you know the healthier you are if you're at your goal weight uh go ahead and have.

Something and then you can see for yourself so we've had a lot of people say to us well i you know i went off for the weekend and now i just can't get back they thought they were going to go off for the weekend and then start fresh on monday.

But those carbs generated the cravings again and so monday came around and then okay maybe just monday i'll start tuesday so for some people it's really really hard other people i'm sure can can have a have a meal and then get back in.

And back in the routine i mean i like how we sit every 10 days i thought he was gonna say well like every week every other day so that's good so that's i mean really you can do whatever you want to try it out and see what happens all right cool karen i think it's time for another quiz okay.

Okay all right what is one of the best nutrients to improve your ability to learn something from a physical standpoint we're not talking about techniques or anything like that but we're talking about just your your ability to learn something um let's say you're you can learn things.

Very well growing up and all of a sudden now like you're having a hard time grasping absorbing stuff so what nutrient would be the key nutrient to take to support that okay i know the answer to that i'm sure you do because you're looking.

Right down at my paper no okay because i just happened to i was paying attention in class yesterday during wherever we were when you were talking about it okay all right and this is a very very important if you have kids if you have babies if you're going to have a baby.

This is very very important because this kind of can go beyond just learning all right so let's see i want to go to um is it jamie from new york oh it's jamie oh hi how are you hi can you hear me dr berg or it's a lot of static i have you on speaker i can hear you go.

Ahead great um i've been looking for like keto bread and dessert products to buy instead of baking sometimes and many sites like amazon and such uh on low carb uh sites they do have breads and desserts.

But they also in it they have like wheat isolates and potato starch and tapioca uh the carbs are low though but i want to know is it okay to eat things and still be on the keto lifestyle good question jane i mean uh this is the thing um right now there's so many people.

Jumping on this bandwagon and they're having all these different ingredients i and they're calling it keto i would just read the ingredients and avoid things with wheat gluten as their protein i would avoid things like tapioca dextrose.

Modified food starch yeah um and um corn fiber i don't like that ingredient um so these are things that you want to avoid and you'll find them you gotta look around i'll have to do a video on that just to because you know if i find a good product i will do a video and promote it.

And i've done that before but i'm not doing a lot of videos on that because i'm not i'm having a hard time finding good products that kind of fit the definition of healthy the best thing to do is to make your own bread there's a lot of recipes there's one called a um.

What's that called cloud bread so that's a really easy one there's you can make a great cheese danish yes out of cloud bread it is amazing karen actually has some amazing recipes on the bread if you go to the website and also um just do a search on it i'm talking there's a.

There's a bread that you made literally that's it's just close to sourdough it's incredible and you can make it but just don't eat the whole loaf but it's it's it's pretty good yeah right okay so what do we have as our answer to the question karen okay so uh.

Omega-3 b2 w1 e is folate folic acid dha um dha i would say an omega-3 were the top answers okay so the correct answer is um dha which is an omega-3 fatty acid so dha is the correct answer um it's one of the best nutrients.

To support learning now there's a part of the brain that they don't know this for sure but they have a sense that it's connected it's related but it's called the hippocampus in your brain and it's part of the learning spatial learning your ability to locate your you know where things are and you know.

Follow a map if you actually are dependent on a gps for example you have a problem with your hippocampus no i'm just kidding we're all dependent on the jesus oh you just right remember we used to have math anymore i know i just got some maps i like maps i like pencils and i like.

Math in college i was the backup for um the newspaper delivery i i would actually memorize all these routes and that was the backup if someone wasn't there i would be able to memorize how to get to certain do different routes and so college yeah so i basically um i had a good spatial.

Memory i had a good gps um of course now i need dependent knowledge now there's something to that though what's what's to that omega-3 fatty acids yeah dha in order to access that right um if you don't have enough bile in your gall bladder you're not going to extract that from the fish oil.

By the way cold water fish or basically like salmon and halibut and sardines cod are all good sources of dha you can also get it from algae if you're a vegetarian okay but dha is so important for the retina for the brain for memory if your child is deficient they'll have.

Problem with their iq they'll have problem with brain development as well as vision unfortunately um you know a lot of babies are not breastfed so they're going to have a different structure in their retina which is not good so you need to.

Supplement dha if you're like a liquid if you have an infant and you can't do breastfeeding or even if you're pregnant you need to take dha but a lot of times mothers don't like you know fish or something like that well then you better take it as a supplement because it's.

It's one of the most important nutrients to support the ability to learn something your memory and your vision you know as you're talking i think about my mom and all the things that my mom suffered up into the end and all of it started after she had her.

Gallbladder out interesting all of it oh you know what i mean the thyroid is dependent that's why i told this lady to take with a with no thyroid i said take some gallbladder because oh and she had no thyroid first right you need you need bile to help convert t4 to t3.

So if she took the synthroid which is t4 which she took she wasn't converting it to t3 so she had a weight issue no gallbladder can't convert it can't absorb she had joint issues she had uh yeah you have inflammation what's it called um macular degeneration killer degeneration.

Alzheimer's heart issues what about heart issues and by come on it's like omega-3 fatty acids like protect the heart um the other thing too is and one last thing is that um what was going to say about that oh yeah dha is um.

Like alzheimer's patients are always deficient in gha always deficient in dha so there's a huge correlation between those two um the importance of fish oils cod or oil so cod liver oil um now you you know we have the capsule now yeah but i'm not i don't want to promote.

I don't know they can get it anywhere i mean one person in our family had a very very difficult time complying with that and she was nursing because the smell because it was cod liver even the lemon flavored and things like that can be impossible to get down so now.

There is a solution to that i'm just saying yeah and she doesn't like fish so if you have someone uh who doesn't like fish can't choke down um you still have to figure out how to get it that's get it in yeah let's go to olga from.

Ohio she's calling she you had a question are you there olga olga yes hi dr bird hi hi hi karen how are you hi good so um i am a 38 year old and um i was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis since i was probably six years old and then from.

There i later on i developed the rheumatoid arthritis and just a few years ago just a year and a half ago i was diagnosed with um pulmonary hypertension which is um coming from the pulmonary fibrosis from what i.

Understand all this so there's a connection from one thing to the other to the other so my pulmonary fibrosis has been i guess is stable all until i was diagnosed with a hypertension a year and a half ago so i'm on oxygen in three liters and i have other.

Medications like inhalers and then i have treatment for the rheumatoid arthritis but the hypertension seems to be worsened and and that's what is uh we're we're getting to the point where they're saying if the hypertension doesn't get better.

Then you have to have transplant of the lungs which is something that obviously i don't want to go through so um so i've been doing keto and i've been uh it has been helping me with the fasting and so on but um but i don't know what else i can do to help.

Whether the hypertension or the fibrosis so i'm going to direct you to an area to research more of okay this is very important because you can have pulmonary pulmonary hypertension from liver fibrosis or cirrhosis or when the lung becomes filled with scar tissue so obviously all that's coming.

From inflammation which then causes the fibrosis which is kind of a healing effect your body is trying to heal something i think the area you need to focus in and possibly experiment with is uh larger amounts of vitamin d3.

I'm talking like 50 000 iu's a day take the k2 as well but at least that will that's been known to help lower blood pressure that's been known to help reduce inflammation in the lungs reduce autoimmune type inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis those are some things i would do now.

On top of that for fibrosis in general an area to research and i will release the video on this early next week is the relationship between taking bile purify bile salts and the reduction of fibrosis or at least the slowing down of the formation of fibrosis which kind of associates with vitamin d so.

We're right back to the bile and vitamin d again karen so that's what i would research if you just search search on this i think you'll find a lot of great information all right check with your doctor before you know taking any of these things we're recommending right.

Okay karen yeah um do we have any questions over there we have a lot of questions uh i was just gonna see if i wanted to try to there's some questions about um algae and where to get the algae from and kinds of algae do you have comment on that yeah i that's for you to research and i.

Don't get into brands and dosages because then you're going to come back and say well they did they just introduced mercury and they're like well so you have to kind of just i'm going to take you this far and then you're going to have to take it the rest of the way as far as brands and.

And dosages you know read the label and go from there all right so there's a question here about bile salts would there be any benefit if someone is healing endometriosis scarring um i i think i think you would have some benefits with that.

You want to make sure you also do with endometriosis that's usually coming from an estrogen situation so you want to do more maybe iodine seek help and cruciferous but you know what it's fibrosis so fibrosis can be improved by taking purified bile salts it's a definitely something to consider okay.

And then jerry on youtube is asking what's the best source d3 um d3 doesn't come from a lot of different things um so i have this little itch um it's from sheep's wool you know that's where that's where i get it from but as far as.

Food goes cod liver oil is the best but i thought you're talking about in a supplement but cod liver oil is the best vitamin d if you're taking a food base and then of course it's really um wool yeah that's where most vitamin d3 comes from see what i was going to say is if this is something that the body needs.

Yeah through time and i mean it's a it's a vitamin d deficiency is like you said a pandemic and it and it has been for years there's been you know uh it's a situation people oh you know d deficiency but there must have been a time where it.

Wasn't a deficiency and how were humans handling their vitamin d i'm guessing they weren't eating sheep's wool they may have been handling shaved wool but they're not eating so let's see if steve can answer that question steve what did people do back then before all.

Back in as much as i get their vitamin d i know they went to dr and got your d3k2 formula before that before or before i had that before that i know i think they just suffered and by the way you guys are so reluctant to brag about your stuff but i'm not reluctant.

It's just terrific stuff i'm gobbling it down and you know my addiction to the other stuff the uh the taste yeah but anyway i digress but anyway i don't know doc okay so the answer is son we were we were designed to get a lot of sun not inside behind the computer 24 7.

Karen so that is the answer to my question so you're either eating fish because that was your food source for your chomping off the land to grow your food or hunting for your food or just outside because people weren't sitting inside.

Staring at anything until what tv came along right very recently okay good so so well i should have put that together but i'm glad we had this coach in here um here's the thing though it's very interesting like we're we weren't meant to get all of our vitamin d from food because it's impossible.

You cannot get your dosages of vitamin d from your diet unless you're doing a concentrate of this or that like olive oil but get out of the house so our bodies were totally designed to get sun then i'll have some people comment on the uh when i talk about that and says oh no.

Sun causes cancer so you have to avoid the sun well then where you're going to get your vitamin d you know it's essential for human life yeah and also vitamin d is protective against cancer so so anyway i think um okay that's a whole another that's a thing we're not going to.

Talk about you don't want to talk about cancer today we're not going to talk about it we'll talk about that later for ever ever okay okay why don't you take that card lori are you there you're from texas hi i'm here hi i'm from austin texas so glad to talk to y'all um so i think this.

Question will ultimately turn into maybe i have to do a video kind of thing um but i'll let you decide so i've been healthy keto for 18 months however it seems like certain symptoms um have been showing up um that are magnified that you know when i was eating like cheetos and french fries.

Never showed up i don't know why they're magnified on keto um but i have many symptoms that i cannot figure out and i've watched your videos endlessly and i just can't figure out if it's like fatty liver fatty pancreas sibo histamine intolerance am i too alkaline so it would be really helpful.

Because i listen to your show every friday and i also watch your videos it'd be really helpful if you could do a video explaining what you try first how long do you give it and then you go to the next step to try to figure out these issues because i.

Take a lot of your supplements and i finally found one and i said well i'd better stop taking a gallbladder formula because of the luke stool and you had a video about that so i stopped taking that and now i can't figure out what it is or how to solve it you said i missed one little point you said um i.

Can't take the gallbladder because of blank uh um okay got it okay yeah what are what are the symptoms that you're trying to or is it just that you're chasing symptoms i think that i am not absorbing vitamins for some reason and you know it's it's loose stool it's a the heartbeat.

Issue i cannot solve regardless of the amount of potassium that i take a lot of eye issues it seems like a lot of allergies in the eyes things like that um nervousness i take cod liver oil i do all the supplements that you sell basically i just can't figure it out it's mainly a stomach issue though.

I think um this is this is some of those things i think that uh somehow if you can communicate to dr berg dr i think you just gave me uh another video i can do just to kind of go through like a case study because you're right um it's making the connection looking all this stuff and.

Kind of breaking it down what do i try first second third and fourth because it's a little bit complex but if you can give me all the data i'll do a video on that but i will say if it's related to digestion it's a little more complex and a lot of times you need a test you need additional data you need to do like a a.

Test stool sample or maybe um something some tests to you know maybe a blood test that measures the liver function not go crazy with too deep a test but let's say you do the bile salts and that doesn't seem to handle because that usually.

Handles a lot then you might need to try the acidifiers like betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar concentrate and then you also have the different friendly bacteria blends and then you have enzymes that you can try too because that could be one reason why you have.

Some of the symptoms but but allergies usually are a ph problem so you're obviously not getting the there's some type of acidic problem so that's what i think i would go with betaine hydrochloride first and then i'll i'll do a video on that okay lori thanks for your question all right.

Karen take another one because we're let me take another one for um we're going to go to uh tanya from montreal you have a question about bloating hi dr berg and karen hi so i have a question um i get very bloated i've been doing keto for two years or so and i can still get.

Bloated after a meal um and i've recently started fasting within like two or three months i started fasting i do i wouldn't eat between noon and 8 p.m and and then i wanted to see how far i could um intramural fast um a couple weeks ago and i just listened to my body and i ate.

When i felt hungry so i reached two days and but after i hit the 24 hour mark i felt like i was getting bloated even though i hadn't eaten a meal with you know in 24 hours so um and like i mentioned i.

Get bloated very easily i have even eliminated nuts from my diet because i can eat three or four almonds and i just like balloon up um so i don't know why i'm getting bloated during fasting when i i don't know if there should be an opposite effect to it.

Um i should mention that i don't have a gallbladder and i also have pcos so i don't know those are factors that contribute to the bloating so this is what i would recommend um i think that um the fact that you don't have a gallbladder is a big clue that you probably don't have enough bile and i would start taking the.

Some some bile salts purify bile salts personally i used to have a lot of bloating i had always on my right rib cage underneath it is always kind of bloated or i was always congested for years and years and i didn't know what that was and then started taking bile salts and then wow i just went all.

Went away so what happens is like when you're deficient in bile everything kind of backs up and you have inflammation in there and then you don't have enough bile so then you and then if you don't have a gallbladder you're going to be deficient then you're always going to bloat no matter what so.

And plus the bile is there to help balance your microbes so i think that will kill two birds with one stone karen let's go to susan because we're getting close to 12. right you're from ohio go ahead susan hi dr burke how are you hi i'm so.

Excited to talk to you it meant a lot to me to get through today because i started i found you last year well i started a weight loss journey in august but i found you in in october and i i don't know whatever that video just clicked in my head and.

I just after my whole life i've been overweight yo-yo dieting going back and forth and pregnancies and this and that and i just something you said just clicked in my head and i followed the the keto lifestyle i started my weight loss journey at 320 pounds.

And as of today which is almost a year later next next faraday will be a year i've lost 140 pounds thank you i wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart not only did you save my life but also i got my my dad on um on the keto program my mom you.

Know makes his food and prepares his food he's been diabetic for almost 20 years and a fasted state when he would check his sugar first thing in the morning would be at 350 400 and now his sugar is at 88 90 100 and he's almost off his insulin and uh you know my whole family um.

Basically almost my whole family is on the keto diet and they've seen great success and you know some of them have started in last few months and have already lost like 30 pounds and and you've saved my family's life and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart it's very emotional because.

My whole life has struggled and ups and downs and i just want to thank you so much for all your information all the time that you take that you put um in all your videos and all the information and and just getting through to people that the um.

Food out here is killing us slowly and um you know just making small changes and i tell everybody there's a keto recipe for anything that you like there's a keto recipe you know just making slight adjustments um can change your whole life and i just wanted to thank you from the bottom of.

My heart well i appreciate you saying that thank you so much thank you and i just had two two questions um i watched a couple of your videos where you said you were going to come up with a macro calculator yes and i just wanted.

To see if that was out because all the ones i've been using are really confusing and i tried to do omad or omad uh every other day and i know you say to kind of stick to three to six ounces you know at per meal so i just wanted to see if that was out just so i can make sure that i'm on track and scanning.

Things to make sure if i should avoid them and my second question is if i if my my family like my intermediate like my husband he's super skinny doesn't need to be um keto and you know he i'm lebanese so we i make a lot of lebanese uh food if i taste test something for him.

To make sure the seasonings and the food is okay will that knock me out of ketosis because i'm always here to taste the food and i'm like i can't taste it you taste it so i don't want to get out of ketosis i think just a little bit as a taste is not going to be an issue but guess what that macro calculator.

We're just almost done with it we've been working really hard at it so we're going to release that really soon it's going to be a great tool for everyone and it's way better than any calculator out there you'll see so stay tuned thank you so much susan.

All right on that note it's 1201 and i did have more questions but we'll have to carry on next week i guess hey but we didn't mention the summit today is the last day of july right so in less than once 2020 will be happening so you definitely want to go to dr

And register it's uh the parking is free transportation is free there's never a line at the bathroom what else well i mean the presentation that i have is going to blow you away i've been working hard at that and you will just from that the value.

Is well worth it you'll you'll see why when you actually if you attend yeah but there are tons of speakers yes i mean and they're getting added weekly it seems um the information these experts from all over the world uh it's gonna change your life no matter where you are.

On uh your keto journey you know this is going to be unbelievable information yeah and there's a there's a version of that you can get it's a i guess it's a vip which is not that much more it's just i think it's like 60 something dollars but basically you you get it recorded so you could watch it at your own convenience as well after.

The event and spend your time digesting it and you'll have it there forever so um you're gonna you don't want to miss out on this one this is going to be very very important and before we go the other thing i wanted to mention is that uh course still free of course oh the.

Immune course is still free right now for a little bit longer if you haven't done that i'm going to have steve put a link down below the immune course is 21 lessons this is about just helping you guys get your immune system totally.

In shape and then bowling proofing yourself because now you have the knowledge the success stories coming from that is they're mind blowing so that way you cannot be in fear and just you know have that knowledge yeah all right guys thanks so much we'll see you.

Next week you
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