Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
Good morning everyone good morning we're back for another uh hour of questions that you're going to actually give us and we're going to give you the answers disclaimer no no cures no cures uh here so uh anything that we say.

Is just meant for your entertainment and education and check with your doctor before implementing anything i'm going to jump right in uh so marie from connecticut is on the line hi marie yes hi hi good morning dr berg good morning karen hi i have i have two questions um so i'm.

On one meal a day i'm not losing any weight my concern is that i can only eat the seven to ten cups of kale and i can't fit anything else in exactly so i don't know if i should back off of it or not and my second question is i have a 13 year old daughter.

Who wants to lose a little bit she's also doing one meal a day and you had told me before that kids need three meals a day but she's not hungry so do i just force her to eat three meals a day so good question i think with you let's start with you um the thing with kale it's pretty um.

Nutrient dense and there's a lot of fibers that sometimes we have a hard time digesting so it's it could be not fully breaking down like it could be overwhelming the flora in your gut to the point where you're just not hungry because there's so much fiber there for your microbes to to chew on.

I would try to switch it up for a couple days and see how much better you do with maybe another type of lettuce maybe just like greens and just see if that helps you lose weight because let's say for example you're overwhelming the microbes with all this fiber.

You're going to retain fluid and that's going to keep you from losing weight but of course you may want to consume your other food first and then some greens so you're not like completely filled up the key with also your daughter and yourself is making sure you get all the nutrients.

So you may need a supplement well you definitely need to supplement with the with electrolytes the b vitamins omega-3 trace minerals especially for your daughter you can also i think i think your daughter could do one meal a day but i would make sure that meal is really really.

Healthy and then also take the supplements and then she's still not losing herself she needs to add exercise more sleep reduce stress and then give it a little bit of time but some people like for you you may need to go longer fasting and just get the you know.

Especially in the beginning let's say you have you need to lose weight and you um you're not hungry just don't eat i mean some people just go three days and they're they're good to go their they're their energy's up they're taking supplements but they're they're just um they're just burning.

More fat because they're fasting longer that's definitely okay especially in the beginning especially if you have weight to lose thanks for your question and then chris from new york you're you're on the line go ahead chris hi dr burger hi good morning good morning good morning to everybody uh.

I have two questions for you first question is um i have scalp psoriasis for a while now uh for five years if you see a red and it's red inflamed um uh skin skin flakes and some more than more and more of hair loss and uh i have a that the next question is um about sleep.

I have dark under eye circles and it's puffy and uh i get three to four hours of sleep i was wondering if melatonin would help because i take your sleep aid and um it helps sometimes okay okay the first question did you say you had gastritis scalp psoriasis oh scalp surprises okay well there's a couple things right off.

The bat if psoriasis uh immediately tells me that there is there could be a malabsorption issue which could explain the hair malabsorption so if you're that means that you're something going on with the small intestine you're not able to pull in these.

Trace minerals to build up the hair and also if there's gut issues there could be like an immune compromised situation where your body develop antibodies against your skin and you form those plaquing so psoriasis is an autoimmune condition.

It starts at the gut so and then your sleep is another issue so if we look at the absorption of vitamin d for example you may have a hard time pulling it in so that can affect your sleep right off the bat also you're not going to have a hard time you might have a hard time.

Absorbing calcium so that can affect your sleep so i think the best thing for you would be to take some purified bile salts you may want to take my gall bladder and formula and just take it on an empty stomach in the morning take one in the morning.

Take one in the afternoon one at lunch or around your food so it's not with the meal so that way you can start to stimulate the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins especially vitamin d even if you don't take d or the omega-3 fatty acids the bile will will stimulate the.

Receptor for vitamin d and create some cool effects as anti-inflammatory effects on your skin so you definitely need vitamin d in higher amounts okay probably thirty thousand ius or maybe forty thousand because that's gonna that's really good for um psoriasis the other thing that's really good is the.

Fish oils i'm not cod olive oil would be better because that will give you the omega-3s for the skin as well and then take the bile salts that's what i would do first and see if it doesn't help you i don't recommend taking melatonin it might help temporarily.

The only situation i would recommend melatonin is for dementia and alzheimer's so i'm going to release a video on that shortly but there's some interesting studies on taking higher doses of melatonin for alzheimer's and dementia and stay tuned for that video all right.

Chris um thanks for your call all right i'm ready for a question over here karen okay good uh so faria on youtube is asking can keto cause a fatty liver i did a video on that i did a video yeah i did a video on that well even the usda now is saying that um.

You can actually have your fat you don't you we no longer have to abide by the low-fat rules um so hey then we know we're good right but no it's not going to cause a fatty liver what's going to cause a fatty liver is doing the carbs the refined carbohydrates now the other thing is if you're low in.

Bile salts which a lot of people are because they have a fatty liver they can't make bowel salts so if i had a fatty liver what i would do is i would take the purified bile salts choline maybe lecithin not worry about consuming fats and that would be what you need to do the other fat that's really important.

For a fatty liver is the omega-3 fatty acids the cod liver oil because that will help reduce um the fibrosis that happens you know as the next stage so you go fatty inflammation scar tissue cirrhosis so we want to stop that from happening.

I just got i just did an interview with this really amazing phd in biochemistry i think it was dr tan fascinating data on tocotrinols and the prevention or the decreased risk of fibrosis in the liver so anything wrong with the liver if you could take that to tocatrinos that will.

Be very very beneficial especially if you're on a keto and you're doing higher fat diets because if like i said it's not going to be a problem doing these high fats unless you have a real fatty liver and you can't produce the bile so in which case you just need.

To take bile and problem solved that was a long answer so you don't even need your liver then it's an extra organ just like the gallbladder just like your appendix it's called you know supplements and you know um the liver is just a nuisance it just causes pain just like the.

Gallbladder so take it out check it out uterus ovaries thyroid yeah you're good to go you don't need any of that equals weight loss yeah i think how much weight you're going to lose exactly yeah organs all right what do we got okay.

Uh i think it's haimani from uh youtube asks says um they're fasting for seven days and their mouth tastes terrible terrible taste in the mouth what can you do about that and what would cause that well ketones do have a um it's a different uh gives a different.

Residue it does tend to bring people more on the acidic side um this is why i always recommend this thing called healthy keto which involves a lot of vegetables so you have the chlorophyll to help kind of purify things because keto is just low carb so if you do the.

Low carb or dirty keto or not really increase your vegetables and there are certain certain experts out there that are saying you don't need more than a cup and a half of vegetables well then what are you going to do with all this residue and this keto potentially the or acidity that.

Happens and you know it's just like people are going to feel like they have the breath and they're not going to have the fiber for the colon as much so i recommend a good amount of greens or plant-based with the keto to prevent this bad taste in your mouth or bad breath.

But that's just me karen just a recommendation entertainment purposes you know try both ways and see which way you feel better on that's right that's right okay on facebook nausea can you give xylitol to kids yeah you can give uh xylitol to kids but.

This brings us into another question the first quiz of the day um what's worse for a dog xylitol or actual sugar as xylitol is a sugar alcohol it's low on the glycemic index so it doesn't cause you to gain weight too much so what is um um worse for a dog worse for a dog.

Xylitol or just direct sugar go ahead and give us your answers right here and uh um while they're answering that karen what does karen eat let me go to kathy from california kathy are you there yes hi hi good morning good morning um my question is.

I don't have a gallbladder okay so i've been taking in the morning i've been taking your gallbladder formula with the wheat grass juice and the electrolytes together and then around between 12 and 2 i take my fat and my proteins and then i get full so then an hour later i get my veggie.

Solution that you have so i take that so every meal that i have i take the gallbladder solution so i could absorb some of my nutrients am i doing that right yes yeah you know i'm just really lately i'm just really.

Into this bile thing and and what happens if you don't have enough bile it just goes way beyond just the absorption of fat cycle vitamins but um what happens this is the big thing right here kathy the b the gallbladder concentrates the bile by a factor of 10 times more so.

Okay so what does that mean it means that your gallbladder contracts when you eat and now you have this super concentrated bile which is going to actually not just prevent stones but it's going to help you more efficiently extract nutrients from the food that you eat.

Now if you don't have a gallbladder you do not get the concentration of bile so now we have a dilute form of bile that's coming down trickling down at a certain rate not necessarily when you eat just all the time so you're just not going to have the concentration or the amount.

To extract and so if you look up some of the long-term complications of you know lack of bile or bile deficiency or when you have a gallbladder out there's a lot of things that happen to the eyes there's a lot of other symptoms over 40 of people have symptoms and then some people say oh it's not a problem.

You know it's you know yeah it is a problem you need that bile also the bile keeps all of the flora the good bacteria and the bad bacteria from growing in the small intestine to prevent sibo so it does a lot it does a lot and when you're taking the veggie solution you're taking the greens with.

The fiber so now your colon can start to use that fiber and make more secondary bile so the the microbes now make bile and so now you um you do have some bile with that but those guys are just going to send that back up to the liver for.

Some formation of the primary bile so yes you're doing the right thing it's a long answer thanks kathy karen what do we have on as far as an answer goes the vast majority of people said xylitol xylitol will kill your dog there were some people that said sugar okay so the answer is what's worse is.

I feel like this is a trick question i know dogs should not have xylitol right you're right so it's xylitol is worse for a dog okay okay and um what does it do it basically severely drops their blood sugar so what's going to happen it raises insulin and it's going to drop.

The blood sugar so you're going to end up with what's called hypoglycemia low blood sugar so if that happens to a dog why would people eat it because it doesn't create the same effect on humans or other animals that's interesting yeah so your dog will end up with um low blood sugar and they might get.

Shaky weak if they have a lot and i'll do a video on this as well they might uh have liver damage things like that and so you'd bring your dog to the vet and they would um inject the dog with glucose to raise the sugar that's how they handle it so um i mean my thought is like in a.

Pinch if you're in the mid stranded somewhere and your dog ate your uh gum that's filled with xylitol and some other things give them sugar give them some sugar and see what happens you know i mean that's one option but it usually takes like 20 minutes for the.

Symptoms to kick in but that is why karen that you don't feed your dog xylitol and um xylitol is actually in it's in even certain deodorants it's in gum it's in some lotions sometimes it's in of course keto treats it's in nasal spray tell me why it's in.

Nasal spray you told me oh nasal yeah that's right uh because xylitol helps to reduce bacteria it's an antibacterial effect in your sinuses fascinating yeah it's also anti-plaque so you can it won't create that effect at plaquing your teeth like sugar well.

Because it can't necessarily be fermented like um like sugar wow a lot of entertainment in that one minute yes all right okay wanna take call yep okay so tamara long beach california what's your question.

Hello hello my question hi my question is um i've been following you for keto and it's been working for me so recently i was diagnosed with having osteoporosis because of the parathyroid glands so i started taking i watched the youtube videos on.

D3 and k2 and i began taking that in fish oil so then recently i learned that b12 folate and another i think omega-3 were low so i am scheduled to have the parathyroid glands whatever ones are abnormal removed on tuesday.

And i really would like to avoid that if i could with knowing the proper amount of vitamins and the right balance for my hormones to be imbalanced i believe that it started the parathyroid glands probably got abnormal when i would start going through the changes.

Because of the loss of hormones and i didn't know it so it's been there for like 10 years but recently you could feel the pain in my bones i didn't know what it was and i had to take two ct scans and then so they found it in my back in my arms wow okay so one of what.

How do i proceed with my vitamins and minerals yeah i think um this is a good question because people tend to think that osteoporosis is simply a calcium deficiency when it's not actually true it's not a calcium deficiency it's usually a vitamin d problem um i think.

You may haven't told me that you're low vitamin d i wasn't sure i know you said omega-3 and six and things like that you need all these all all these cofactors to help you build bone b6 you need the trace minerals boron for sure.

And and there's several others too so what i would do if i were you is i would take a really good trace mineral product and i would probably beef up no pun intend and take a lot of that and probably a lot of shellfish so that way that'll usually have more trace minerals.

I would also if you take a look at menopause going through that you're going to be usually deficient in vitamin e as a primary deficiency so i would not take tocopherol would take tocotrinols and that would be very helpful whatever it's recommended in the dosage just to support whatever has been stressed.

During the menopause because that was the trigger but during menopause we have a high a spike in cortisol so we need to reduce cortisol so yes you're taking the vitamin d k2 which is vitally important but make sure that you do whatever you can to reduce cortisol there's a great video.

Called the stress webinar i would recommend watching that and following those techniques to extract stress but to build bone instead of getting taking calcium i would get your calcium from maybe high quality cheese take the trace minerals and the omega-3 fatty acids.

Vitamin e good codiver oil that's what i would do if i were you and thanks for following our videos i appreciate that all right karen are you ready for another quiz while we then we can go right to one of your questions okay okay so.

What can you guys do to enhance the phytonutrients from your vegetables okay there's some things that you can do to spike your phytonutrient availability bioavailability i'm going to interject here because you're assuming that everybody watching knows what a phytonutrient is and that it is even part of a vegetable.

So when you eat vegetables you have nutrients vitamins minerals but you also have the phytonutrients you've heard of lutein or beta-carotene okay so all those carotenoids carotene type things okay um isoflavonoids yeah sulfurous so all these phytonutrients that are in plants that give the different.

Colors and phyto means that means a plant that makes sense yep and so what i want to know is how do you get those see they're fat soluble a lot of them are fat soluble so how are you going to get them out of that vegetable and into your body how can you.

Enhance that go ahead and answer that question and then you have some questions so let's take this we've got questions okay so i believe it's dina on facebook she's 54 year old and she wants to know your thoughts on histamine intolerance and menopause well i did a video on that um and i.

Think you should watch it because i go into the foods that are high histamine and a lot of it's like um they're little abstract different foods that are triggering this histamine reaction but i'm going to tell you one of the most important things if you do have.

A histamine sensitivity is that you need to do intermittent fasting because i believe that doing that over a period of time will get rid of that problem in addition help decrease the risk of having allergies in general and sensitivities so when you do fasting it seems to.

Improve the immune system and allergies tend to go away now don't quote me that's just my good guess i can attest i'm a witness do we have a witness okay good because uh i used to have really severe spring allergies no that's right you don't have it.

Anymore and uh allergy to cats that's right now i can't say i don't have any reaction to cats but i've certainly hung around and pet cats and snuggled with cats and no reaction at all and and previously if i was in a house and a cat lived in that house i would end up with welts and things like that.

Almost no seasonal allergy so there you have it yeah so that's i'm one person but that would be um if you have allergies sinus asthma you're fast of course vitamin d will also help as well okay good all right okay and.

Mohammed on facebook is asking is barley flour okay for keto that's a negatory no you can't have barley flour i'm sorry sorry about that i know it's really hard to figure out how to bake and cook and things like that so youtube i don't know who this was but.

Why would you bloat if it if the cause isn't sibo well there's other reasons it's not just a fermentation of the fiber in your small intestine but you could be bloating because you have um you could be eating things like gluten for example that can irritate.

The small intestine you can have a lack of stomach acids that won't let you break down your proteins and that just the food just sits there and it starts to it's undigested food or you can have a lack of bile salts which is very common and so now you can't digest the fats so the food if the food.

Sits right here and it doesn't have the enzymes the the bile or the acid to break it down you're going to have bloating pain in your midsection right through here so there's many reasons so you just have to what pick one and try it out no no you have to watch my.

Video on the digestive system to determine is it more of this or more of that because i go through you know like is it more do i need enzymes do i need stomach acid do i need bile going by the symptoms because there's a whole set of symptoms for stomach acid deficiency.

Versus enzyme versus bile deficiency and just so you know karen yeah the gallbladder formula that we have has in there bile enzymes and betaine hydrochloride so i'm not saying to take that but if you wanted something that could help you you might want to try that on that note.

Of plugging our own products um this is a new product right here called electrolyte powder it's lemonade and it's a jumbo size it's twice the volume but not twice the cost it's just a little bit more cost but you get double the volume so you can check this out.

It's on our website it's also on lemonade it's pretty pretty tasty i like it well i like the bigger size because you know i know we go through yeah a lot of electrolytes and you know when you have a whole family using one tub i think it's a good idea.

Yeah i i uh opened it licked my finger and stuck it in dr berg got very mad but i just wanted to try it out so are you gonna sell that one doc or is that gonna go out of inventory uh now we're gonna put this to the side steve thanks for telling me sorry i hope i didn't screw up it's okay i don't believe in the germ.

Theory so i'm going to take that one home with me it's delicious everyone by the way i'd recommend it in water not on your baby finger but you know just follow label instructions a lot of kids like um like orange drinks remember tang growing up so we have a we have a.

Electrolyte that's orange flavor but this is a lemonade i mean you can't go wrong with lemonade but let's see what uh people are um answering with this question on how do you enhance your phytonutrient from your vegetables well i want to take one more short question because or why don't you just tell us and i'll i'll.

Look for that because it's a little more not a yes or no okay what is the value of sulforaphane sulforaphane is it does a lot of things it helps the detoxification of the liver if you uh you know if you have toxins and poisons and you want to clean the liver.

It's very anti-cancer it's a very powerful antioxidant but sulfur fluorophane is in broccoli broccoli sprouts and even john hopkins university tried to get the patents and broccoli sprouts because they saw this huge connection between a decreasing risk for cancer and also.

These phytonutrients including sulforaphane decrease the complication of chronic inflammation and chronic inflammatory problems so they're very beneficial for a lot of issues and also as a preventative thing and so the question is how do you extract these key.

Phytonutrients from from the food because there are a lot of times they're fat soluble what you can do there's three things you can do karen oh you're not waiting for the answer oh you want to say it well no i mean it's very hard to find these answers because there's so many other questions and it's like a.

Sort of an explanation answer but one person says pairing your vegetables with fruits uh i don't know that people really did you guys answer this question all right let me just tell them just go ahead what you want to do is you because your fat side well guess what if you.

Have oil or fat for example there are phytonutrients that are that are in cucumbers for example which are very similar to the ones in cruciferous vegetables and they're very important and what do so what i like doing is take the cucumber and putting in.

Hummus with the tahini butter that's one way that's an oil having your salad with olive oil is another way maybe sauteing and then the second thing is sauteing your vegetables so if you slightly cook your vegetables that releases these phytonutrients so you can do that or you can ferment.

Your vegetable your vegetables so the thing is though when you go buy pickles at the store most of them are just pickled that's not fermented they just basically put a little acid in there and then you think you're getting it from sugar right so you want to you want to make sure it says on their fermented like.

Bubbies brand pickles that's real fermented so the fermentation is will enhance the phytonutrients and also your digestive system so always go with the fermented if you have an option karen okay yes good all right let's go to susan from.

Ontario are you there hello hi hi hi my question is um my whole family like history and they are like diagnosed with their diabetes and my mom she's in her 80s and my brother he's in his 40s myself and lately my niece we all got the diabetes and my knees diabetes now.

Type 1 and we all take an insulin shot my question is is it safe to quit the insulin and take the let's do the diet good question and that's definitely something i will not be answering directly but i want to tell you something because i can't tell you not to take any medication do we have.

That on record but this is the thing if you're type 1 type 2 it's very important that you actually are on keto now why because let's take type 1 type 1 is you're not able to produce insulin so now you have to take it so what why would you take insulin to.

Reduce blood sugar so there's side effects from a lot of insulin so why not just reduce the carbs to decrease the insulin the necessity of taking that so you will actually just take less insulin if you're type 1 and you just monitor it get if you if you're on keto and.

Intermittent fasting so that would be really good because you'll live longer without taking extra insulin the more carbohydrate the more insulin you have to take type 2 is a different problem it's an insulin receptor problem where you have way too much insulin being pumped out initially but you have insulin.

Resistance so it's dysfunctional so same thing you need low carbs to decrease that whole mechanism and do fasting so yes your whole family needs to do keto and intermittent fasting and just check your blood sugars to make those adjustments because you will end up needing less.

I'm never going to say that you'll be completely off of it but a lot of people that are type 2 are now taking insulin because they're developing 1.5 diabetes or double diabetes karen pardon me i'm reading i'm reading this question and i um see if you.

So there's such a thing as one two teaspoons of sugar a day okay hold on hold on i have to answer this question okay go ahead so if you have type 1 and you have a problem with the production of insulin and a problem with receiving you're 1.5 you're a 1.5 diabetic 1.5.

Why did you need me for this because i think they might have been talking about 1.5 recently and you did my morning coffee he was staring at your karen i just wanted to i had your back and he was looking at you was he adoring me well yeah that's what it looked like.

Then he was like i'm adoring her but he was it was a very loving look and it was breaking up the show so i thought i'd call a halt to it okay okay thanks for your question uh susannah susan okay all right give me a question karen okay good.

So cindy's asking a question i'm not completely sure i get it cindy but we're going to take it from two different sides here um why not intermittent fasting if bout of fatigue so the question is either can i intermittent fast.

If i'm already feeling fatigued or what if i feel fatigued during intermittent fasting answer them both and then hopefully we've answered the question well this relates to a video that i will be releasing next week um you you don't want to do periodic fasting it's brutal on the body it's.

Brutal on your blood sugar it's brutal in your brain you're going to feel irritated you're going to get tired you don't want to do periodic fast no you don't you want to do consistent fasting so this fast like every so often very very bad.

Um you mean so somebody would have like the standard american diet they're snacking they're eating all this crap they're eating you know anything and everything and then they go okay well i'm gonna not eat anything this weekend yeah because here's the thing it takes.

Three days to get into ketosis so you're going to feel miserable for three days and then also you're going to go back to your diet so what if you're eating a ketogenic diet so you're not eating carbs but you're not necessarily i mean maybe some people don't realize that fasting even includes if you just.

Cut back and only have breakfast and then a lunch and then a dinner that for some people is the first step of fasting but just because you're not snacking so we're reducing the frequency but the point for what she's saying is that if you're tired and you're fasting that just means either you haven't adapted yet because.

Either your carbs are too high or you haven't given enough time to work like three to seven days or you you need to take your electrolytes like a lot of potassium or b vitamins a lot of people are deficient so they start doing this they feel like crap because they're already deficient and then you.

Don't eat you're everything's magnified so that's why i always recommend supplementing while you're fasting electrolytes especially potassium and b vitamins and what about salt yes yes sea salt the more keto you do the more salt i mean you need a little bit more salt than.

If you weren't on keto so let's say for example you're fasting for a whole day and you have no sea salt you make your blood pressure might go down and you might feel kind of tired you might feel weak so do the sea salt you can add some on you know in some water and drink it.

Down and probably like a level teaspoon would be enough for one day now if you exercise do you realize that football players professional football players in the heat when they're in practice can lose up to 6 000 milligrams of sodium i mean that's like.

A massive amount of sodium so they have to be down in that salt unfortunately they don't know about potassium because they need more potassium too so they end up being have fluid retention and that type of thing all right okay i have another question muhammad is asking about.

And he's not saying that there's any keto or intermittent fasting diet happening but frequent urination not that you would diagnose that but what what could cause frequent or contribute to frequent urination just in your day-to-day.

There's two causes of frequent urination one is that you do have high sugar okay which means you need to do keto and i have high sugar wherever the sugar goes the water goes so it just your body is dumping this glucose and there and as a detox and there goes the water but there's another reason to increase.

Thirst and increase urination that is that you have too much calcium in your body it's not as common it's called hypercalcemia and so if you don't have a blood sugar issue check your blood test to check for high calcium levels and.

That will be why you have that and then you might want to check your parathyroid all right there you have it okay so let's go to ray from new york city um are you there right hey hey dr berg hi great stuff man great stuff as usual um before i start um.

Could you do a video i've seen like all of your videos could you do a video on the different types of magnesium like glycinate and torade and malate and because i have no idea what's the difference but my question is is on potassium um first of all i take your your electrolyte powder.

And i'm fasting doing the four hours eating window 20 hours off and i want to know could you drink the potassium while you're you're fasted because it doesn't specify if there are any sugars in there on the back of the box or anything like that um.

And and uh this is actually part of the second question is um i ran out and i'm definitely interested in that lemon potassium you got going on there but i wanted to know if if um you can you can drink like gatorade zero while i'm like waiting or is that too much sucralose or.

What's is sucralose bad is that like the enemy am i gonna die or what's up yeah yeah you are going to die uh eventually but not now um but yeah so the first question is that uh you could totally do these electrolytes on an empty stomach yes you can that's when i do them i don't do them.

With meals and no there's no sugar in there the carbs are less than one gram so there's stevia sweetened and then you have minerals so that's not going to be a problem okay and then the other question was what was this other question right zero oh yeah right.

Yeah no i would not recommend that because first of all there's hardly any potassium in there they give you throw a little salt in there and then some some type of um artificial sugar or sugar so i i wouldn't i wouldn't go that route that's.

Just my opinion but thanks for your question ray and i will do that video in magnesium because i have it all prepared i just haven't done it yet okay good well i just see that brian is saying there's a hurricane coming toward uh houston so he's got to watch later but.

Hey stay safe for real because in a hurricane you need to be safe otherwise be healthy i just have to say one time we were supposed to have a hurricane that comes through and i said yeah we're too far inland it's not going to be an issue and then we go outside this is like the.

Day before um a big picnic yeah so he had all these uh trends out there so i we walk out there and we're in the backyard it's like 10 o'clock at night and you're saying okay we got to take the stuff in i'm like no no no and all of a sudden the trees start to blow and all of a sudden the trees start.

Bending within seconds i ran as fast as i could in the house because it there was a hurricane and uh it was no it was a it was called a directo or something like that well i don't want to get sidetracked but let me just go to let's go to matty san antonio texas are you there.

Yes i'm here thank you good morning uh hi karen hi uh yes i have a question about the goblet formula before i ask the question i have a chronic pain in my left eye and i was like a readable bowel syndrome that diagnosed a long time ago but i've been taking the apple cider.

Vinegar for a year and actually it helped me you know eat the bacon and all that that i couldn't eat before but i want to give her a try to the goblin formula and i took it last night because i ordered it recently and after an hour i have like.

Coffee eyes and my question was what is the side effect because i urinate a lot last night also and i want to know what is the right effect i missed something you said you had something you had a side effect what was the side effect i'm sorry what was the side effect i missed what you said you said something you had to sign up oh.

What if no what is the uh gallbladder formula side effect oh because i have poopy eyes after yes after and i wanted a cookie to have puffy eyes puffy i don't know if these are anything out there okay well you know there here's some side effects from the gallbladder if you have a.

Ulcer for example that can irritate it if you have um some type of if you have too much bile that can make it worse but typically if you take it on an empty stomach it's going to relieve the pain on your bloating and things like that and also it allows the flow of bile to.

Go through the body a lot better so you may want to try it one more time and see how you feel because you normally should feel better and if you still have a an issue if you see it a difference then you take it with the meal but it shouldn't necessarily be responsible for puffy eyes.

There's some there's two counter indications for bile one is if you have hyperthyroidism okay because when you take bile it helps you convert more thyroid hormones so it's good for hypo but not hyper so that's one thing but you would know that if your eyes are.

Kind of bulging out and the other thing is diarrhea if you have diarrhea you don't want to take more bile because bile is it helps you it's like a laxative so you don't want to take a laxative if you're if you have diarrhea so those are the two contraindications thanks for your call all right karen.

Yeah you have a question yeah all right long-term keto and constipation what could cause that i i personally think it comes back to the bile deficiency because bile is a lubricant it's like as a laxative effect and when you do a keto diet what's unique is that.

You have more fat and if you don't have the bile reserves because maybe you have a fatty liver or some issue with that now you're going to be deficient you can't handle these fats and you get constipated so that's what i would try first also you might want to add more fiber from like vegetables that should.

Help you those are some things i would do but it has to do with uh you know either either the flora or s or the bile that's that's what i would do okay good now let's go to yousef from dallas texas are you there hey dr berg how are you doing hi great.

Oh yeah um me and my wife we are on a healthy keto for a year and a half now we are doing perfect our life my wife she's seven months pregnant um the baby is excellent healthy and amazing lately she was taste tested positive with kovind 19.

Now she's doing good she doesn't have anything or any symptoms she back to work uh but her doctor she recommended aspirin for the next three months per pregnancy which i said no and we can take ginger and turmeric and other you know organic stuff so what do you recommend.

Why are they recommending aspirin uh the doctor our doctor she said because uh she might have a blood clot uh close up the uh 2019 so uh she recommended to ask for her yeah this is a this is another question i can't tell you not to take uh don't take that i can't say that um.

But here's what i would say there's a couple things that you could do potentially that could benefit the thickness of the blood like vitamin e vitamin e omega-3 fatty acids both of those help to naturally thin the blood the other thing too is that just as a side note.

With this baby is to make sure that you raise the dha or liverpool they even have little drops for infants that you can start get unless your wife's breastfeeding and then you would give it to your wife but so many little kids are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids.

And you need that for the development of the retina the brain development and also trace minerals but that's what i would do if i were you but i can't tell you not to take that but there are some things that will thin the blood naturally and then i guess that's all i have i could say on that point all right.

Thank you sir you're welcome all right karen yes um let me take sharon's call well i'm not gonna take the call but i just can see it there's no gallbladder with diarrhea on keto sharon had a question she's from alberta no gallbladder with diabetes diarrhea on keto.

When you have your gallbladder removed sometimes you end up with side effects and one would be diarrhea and so they there's a certain that means that there's too much draining out of the liver there's too much bowel draining in the liver and you need to take um i think it's called a bile.

Second printer so it's a it's a type of medication that slows down the bile release and so that's the one that i would recommend yeah fit some medication right are you there sharon yes you might want to turn down your sound there for a second yes i i did okay uh yeah um.

I was on the healthy keto for 12 weeks and fifth of it was good and fifth of it was diarrhea but i was still my husband was on it with me at the same time and he responded so well he's lost 50 pounds since then um but i i never got the health feeling i was always tired i was.

Always hungry and then the diarrhea started and after six weeks about i gave up so i need a plan to stay on it and squash the hunger and get the energy so um i want you to try a couple things and then um you know stay in communication with us as well in.

Future um live events like this so we can help you but there's a couple things that you want to do if you don't have a gallbladder too i think um especially if there's diarrhea i thought that you had your gallbladder out and then you started getting diarrhea but i think this occurred on.

Keto i think what i would recommend is to adjust the amount of greens that you eat in fiber i probably would go way down to maybe even one cup a day or even try carnivore because some people have an imbalance with their flora and.

They're going to have diarrhea when they have too much fiber so that would be one thing that i would do right off the bat if that solves a problem then great but let's say for example you stop having diarrhea after that right make sure you're taking the electrolytes because you're with diarrhea you're.

Losing all your electrolytes and trace minerals so you that could make you tired and you're not going to feel that great so i would um but if that helps you then what you want to do is take some purify bowel salts because of this with with without a gallbladder you're not going.

To be able to extract these fat soluble vitamins so you're going to have a hard time getting the benefits of a lot of these fat cyber vitamins but also minerals that are absorbed with the fat cyber vitamins like vitamin like magnesium and even calcium so do that even do carnivore and see if you.

Feel a little bit better and get and see if you can get some benefits on on the keto and i just want to make a note karen to self no no to everyone for the next two weeks we won't be doing the show so we'll we'll try to actually do um a live youtube or a facebook but we.

Won't do the show for the next two weeks but then the third week we will we'll do this but we will be doing the summit so at the end of this month which is next week it's actually the 29th and 30th the keto summit is going to be happening and you guys should definitely.

Sign up for that we put a link down below and it's going to be exciting i mean the speakers are amazing incredible yeah so super super nice people just so competent and they really know their stuff filled with knowledge totally yeah all right karen what do we.

Have as a question over here well both linda and carrie want to know maybe you already touched on this how can you have too much bile and how do you know if you have too much bile you're going to have diarrhea that's the big way big thing so um there are so many things that happen.

When you're deficient in bile like you'll have um inflammation and fullness on the right side so when you take bile it just kind of lets the it just pushes things through the liver but if you have too much you will get diarrhea so that would be one of the side effects.

Also if this bile is backed up it can then cause what's called bile regurgitation or bile reflux where the bile comes up into the stomach that can create gastritis and ulcers but is that from too much bile it no it's actually from everything is blocked up.

And it's backing up through the system so um it's too it's actually too much bile in the wrong place okay just to confirm does that mean that you would not take bile salts no you want to take them because it's counterintuitive because you think oh my gosh it's backed up if i take it but.

If you take it it will release it from the liver and it allows the drainage because here's the thing when you don't have enough bile things become very sludgy you got buildup of cholesterol you can develop stones it's called bile sludge and it's just like it kind of backs up and it.

Clogs everything up fair enough so ashita i believe that's how you say it on youtube is asking uh do you know of any books on keto that you would recommend no i couldn't help you out with that i really can't help you with that um but if i come up with a book i will um let you know.

I'll let you know if i think of any books nothing nothing comes to me no nothing comes to mind okay i shoulda sorry about that but if anything does come to mind i will let her know shameless plug catalina is from orange california are you there hi dr berg hi yes i am hi dr berg hi karen hi.

Hi hi um i wanted to call because i used to be on keto and of course i was always messing up not losing weight and then i got on this other diet uh very very lean meats and vegetables and no carbs i want to get back on keto i lost 15 pounds on this other diet but i know that i know keto is healthier for.

Me now that i lost these 15 pounds well will i damage anything or what should i expect my body to go through once i cycle from lean to fat i think you're going to be fine i think the problem with going a lemon protein is number one you're going to.

Spike insulin so i think your results now will be better and the second thing is that when you do lean protein or definitely these diets that have powdered proteins it's really hard on the liver and harden the gallbladder so by now doing this whole fat whole protein.

Just as nature is provided you're going to find that there's less going to be less stress on your liver and the gallbladder and i would just go with that but yeah you don't want to go low-fat i mean if you take a look at over 40 years they've been recommending low fat.

But in 2015 the guidelines came out where they changed their viewpoint that you could now there's no restriction on fat but you don't even hear about the news because it's kind of a silent little comment they made in the new guidelines you'd have to read it so even the labels.

Now if you look at the labels under it says saturated fats and it'll say percent of dv and they're still operating off of you want to keep your fats down below below 20 to 30 grams of the total calories they should take that thing right off they should take away saturated fats.

Right off the label because based on their guidelines in 215 they actually acknowledge there's no evidence to show that this fat is bad so even for weight loss even for heart problems so you should not be afraid of eating fat.

Because even the usda says that you can have that now well and if they say it then we know it's true that's right okay let's go to zanna while you find some questions and she's from uh indiana hello can you hear me yes hi hi dr dirk.

Thanks for taking my call sure yes uh question um i'm doing kita and intermitting fasting a daily i also i also do prolonged fasting i watch your video regarding um legs i have aching pain in legs it's kind of like someone killing up my veins under my knees i take your.

Adrenals nutritional yeast liquid b12 bile niacin and vitamin e also i cannot take vinegar because when acidified my stomach i have pain and i don't eat a lot of vegetables because i'm bloating i went to nutritional nutritionists he.

Gave me a cardio plus magnesium lactate calcium lactate full legs and guys tricks for stomach but i still have a pain and i was thinking maybe i have a thick blood um i cannot find the right way would you please.

Advice yeah i think um you're taking all the right nutrition you obviously you went to standard process you i mentioned standard process products the fact that you're bloating tells me that you probably you need to work on your flora your good bacteria but i would do some of the.

Manual techniques for your knee if you watch my video under knee pain and you just type a knee pain i have a lot of different uh techniques that you can do acupressure on the front part of your thigh to help the back part of your knee and there's various stretches that you can do.

To help balance your knee that's that's the area i would go if i were you but that's just a suggestion all right what do we have over here okay so is keto safe if you have high cholesterol especially in fact and most people actually helps reduce cholesterol.

Especially the type of cholesterol that you don't want i mean i will say that we test tested your cholesterol and your ldl was really high but we actually did a specialized test which looked deeper into the different types of ldl and you had really good.

Good ldl and you didn't have bad bad ldl because there's two different types of ldl i have good fluffy aldeal yes they're fluffy they're not clogging up your arteries um because they're coming from saturated fats they're not coming from the unsaturated oils and like the things like that hey.

This leads to the next question okay why do nuts tend to irritate your gallbladder what's in a nut that would irritate your gallbladder karen good question so answer that question okay and let's take a question from you okay so um what's your take on.

Fulvic or humic humic acid and i don't know what either one of those are so you may want to start there but it's kind of like an ancient um seabed they have these uh through the earth they have these different layers of trace minerals and um fulvic and humic acids from the earth i love them i think they're great i.

Think it's very beneficial i think you're getting a lot of benefit uh just to support your gut support your trace minerals i will do a video on it because it's actually very interesting but i do recommend it yeah well yeah.

Do a video on that one which one this the essence yes yes karen thank you for that uh idea there because i was running out of ideas fulvic okay let's go to um bianca from california hi good morning good morning good morning dr berg and karen thank you sure my body seems to want to.

Get back to the set point i do great if and keto for 10 days and then it's like this other person come takes over my body and i just go carb crazy i'm not hungry i'm not anything but i i ate everything in sight just to.

Get back to that set point i i don't want to do it please help okay so the set point is a point where you will gravitate to your body likes to be at a certain weight it doesn't like to go below that i'm sure most people especially women have a set point they're like i just can't seem to get past this one point.

That is purely a problem with insulin resistance it's the degree of insulin resistance and the amount of insulin in your body that's keeping you from going lower so what i would do is shift your gears to supporting and eliminating insulin resistance.

So there's certain nutrients you can take berberine is a really good one for that apple cider vinegar fasting keto that's all great but there's one more thing that i think is going to help you because you said you don't have an appetite but you keep eating i.

Um coming full circle to a new topic that you probably never heard me talk about and that's bile salts if you take bile salts you're going to get super satisfied bile salts are good for your blood sugars it's going to help your liver it's good for insulin resistance.

And you're just going to extract more phytonutrients and more nutrients from the food you're already eating to satisfy the brain to turn off that switch so i think that's the missing element with what you need and you can take it on empty stomach a few during the day i mean you don't.

Need more than three per day but i think that's what you need but the goal should be to lower insulin resistance i have a video on that you can check it out all right what do we have for the answer that to that question about the nuts a couple different answers lectins.

Omega-6 oxalates and phytic acid okay so you guys are are correct on a lot of those um but there's something even bigger that irritates the gallbladder and that is the omega-6 fatty acids that's what oh that's right here omega-6 i tuned out i didn't note down that but.

So that is the correct statement omega-6 it's very high in omega-6 the only nut that has a precursor for omega-3 is the walnut but who needs walnuts nowadays so um the thing is that they're high in omega-6 and very low in omega-3 and that's what irritates the.

Gallbladder especially if you guys do other types of like like vegetable oils oh my gosh this is going to tear up your your bile ducts and your gall bladder you're going to feel irritated and they're really hidden in restaurant food when you go out to eat.

They don't tell you this but they're using those that soy oil the corn oil in everything they're cooking with especially on the salads and you don't know it and you're like wow i just feel bloated after i had that meal let's do omega 6 fatty acids so be aware of that be mindful be mindful and also.

You have to remember that if you're cooking and substituting flowers almond flour oh wow this is a super super condensed uh bunch of nuts basically i mean i know that i personally am sensitive to it i could have a couple chocolate chip cookies that are made with almond flour.

Or a one piece of something and i feel it good point karen i forgot about that that's right um we're not gonna actually um be here next week or the following week but the following week we will we'll send you messages we'll try to um.

Summit period summit period that's where the attention will be and we hope you guys have registered for the summit it's really going to be extraordinary you're going to get so much information and you you have an ability to buy it then the digital so that you can go back and.

Watch again and watch again which is going to be really valuable because it is chock full yeah we're going to shift our gears or focus now from now all next week on summit we're in summit mode right now summit mode but yeah we may we may pop on uh or or just him yeah we'll see.

We'll see and um in the meantime take care of yourself be healthy get back in keto and spread the word all right have a great great one guys we'll see you bye you
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