Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
hey guys good morning we're back we are back with Karen and spirit here so I'll let her answer I'll let her ask the questions today go ahead Karen welp she's not speaking up so I'm gonna go ahead and do this myself anything that I say is not meant to diagnose you.

Or cure you check with your doctor before applying any of the stuff that you hear on this station so today we have a lot of different questions and quizzes so I think you're going to find it very interesting there's a ton of questions as well we're gonna go right on the phones to Erin from San Diego California.

Are you there and yeah how are you great had a question what is your opinion on acupuncture and colonic therapy regarding helping keto okay the keto lifestyle yeah well I had those you know I I tried acupuncture I thought it was very very beneficial it goes back three four five thousand years so it's it stood the test of time.

I highly recommend it I did a Q pressure which is completely different but acupuncture is a very valid form of therapy if you can find someone really good that can do it it's gonna be awesome so it's it's very targeted to specific conditions and and it's been proven to work so I do recommend it now as far as keto you know.

If you have a specific problem maybe that can help you enhance it because you know any body problems even inflammation that can be that's persisting when you're doing keto can slow you down a little bit so it's really good to handle any of that with various other modalities to maximize your results as far as colon hydrotherapy I've done that.

Many different times I I like it there's a Bernard Jensen when he so alive I went to visit him and that was at that time he was recommending what's called Co lemma which is a combination between an enema and a colonic together so it's a kit that you would take home and you would basically do this by yourself for seven days twice.

A day and it was really intense that's like the ultimate roto-rooter on steroids I think it's a good cleanse I think if I had to do it over again I wouldn't add the apple juice and I would have done it differently but there's it's a good program and the thing about colon therapy though if you're just doing colon hydrotherapy is that you.

Better put the friendly bacteria back in because you're going to flesh that out so if you don't do that you can end up with that imbalances so but it's good especially if you had history of constipation and year if you had history of you know anything that involves obstruction of the bowels if you're not into that that's totally fine if you.

Start consuming you know more cruciferous food you start eating healthy your body will naturally detoxify the cells and the liver and the colon as well especially when you're doing a minute fasting thanks for your call Aaron let's go to Denise from let's see Denise are you there yes I am hi how are you how are you great fine how are.

You good okay but my question is I went into my routine thyroid test and my t3 is a lot of my TSH is low but this test that she ran the A&A antibody test was high and so she's like oh you have to go to a little mythologist you could have this that the other thing and I asked her you know you just lower the thyroid.

Medication I read that that can have an effect on the Ani test and she said oh no you definitely have another condition and I saw don't exhibit anything I don't have arthritis and all that so I was wondering what your opinion of the AAA and how reliable it is yeah now that's an antibody test to determine if there's some antibodies against your own tissue.

It's not a hundred percent like I would say it's maybe 80 percent but there's a lot of times you'll see a lot of false positives so it shows positive when it's really not and so you know you want to go by other factors too so I would look at the whole whole thing and I will say that 90% of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto's is it is.

An autumn immune condition in that case maybe you wanted to go in a different direction and I'm not telling you to do this but I'm just saying maybe you do things like selenium zinc fasting periodic prolonged fasting to help your immune system because if there is truly a positive in a test then you want to actually support it with a lot of.

Vitamin D and in a minute fasting in selenium and then RIA test it and see how you do I mean though when you do keto in a minute fasting sometimes your thyroid hormones will go down but normally you shouldn't have a an altered thyroid stimulating hormone that's the hormone between the pituitary and the the thyroid so when that is off then.

There could be an issue but I mean here's the thing about the thyroid so many people have been diagnosed with thyroid and so they're put on medication but they don't really see the changes and they like what causes it well we don't know you just have low so let's keep monitoring and they don't really ever come out of it so I always like to.

Not be convinced that that's like the the biggest problem you have or the only problem or there might be some secondary issues the test might be altered so it all has to line up and make sense so anyway that's my my two cents thanks Denise and Steve as the questions come in let me know okay okay well they actually are.

Terry here has been very busy and I'm just taking all the credit for reading them so first on youtube Massoud is micro silver better than nano silver yeah yeah you know honestly that's my opinion but I have not seen any studies so I think that I don't know I don't know i think the nano silver seems to.

Work fine but i don't have enough data to tell you yes or no you're gonna have to do the research on that but good question certainly is okay now let's go through who's watching and listening around the world shall out to our viewers in Iraq London Toronto Sweden Morocco Ireland the Philippines and all costs of course the United States and.

There's more pouring in so clearly a worldwide phenomena to get healthy and be your best geez now you're making me nervous I'm getting nervous ever deserve people are watching they certainly are Steve you know I'm speaking about people all over the world watching I used to have a lot of people from like fly in from around the world.

Come to the clinic from Saudi Arabia from Europe from all different countries they would fly in India from you know patients that had relatives and there's some interesting cases uh you know people always want to know like what kind of results do you get well we got really great results but it's never a hundred percent for various reasons.

There was a couple cases that I remember several cases that really stand out like no matter what you did they just nothing budged you know I want to just talk about that because just bizarre cases like one lady came in and her problem was constipation her whole life she would go every three weeks now what was really weird Steve is that she.

Would eat three times a day with snacks and her stomach wasn't even enlarged so that is a mystery that is beyond mysteries I had no idea what was going on with her aware that it was going this food but she didn't seem to I mean unless she was lying to me about I don't think she was lying to come in like that so that was one case another case came.

In this lady who was trying to lose weight but unfortunately at the time that was when I was recommending apples and unfortunately I really at the time didn't know that that was the barrier so if you're new to this channel and you're trying to lose weight with fruit that could be the reason why you're not gonna.

Lose weight another lady came in and she had an issue that was I think beyond my scope severely beyond my scope she basically her electrical system in her body was such that she could literally stop a watch stop a computer once her body gets close to it certain people have that ability I've never even.

Heard about that but that was her problem she want to know what I could do like I don't know what I can do about that so truly bizarre stopping a watch so she went through a lot of watches so did her husband so that was the problem any form of electronics so there's always cases the one lady came in with a 45-pound spleen now don't ask me how she.

Measured it but it was enlarged spleen that was overtaking the rest of her organs and I do know now that if you're low in zinc this B spleen will enlarge so she could have been very low but I think that wasn't the only issue anyway if you have some questions go ahead and ask away but I have some quizzes that I want to ask everyone really soon here.

All right so I'm gonna go to Rochelle in in Chicago Illinois are you there I am hi doctor hi how are you I mean I'm well hope you like to great Oh so question for you I know you don't recommend consuming less than 75 grams of fat per day but given that we all see arete eclis have plenty of fat on our bodies already what why is that is it.

That we need dietary fat for fat soluble vitamin it's a really really really good question Rochelle so let's just talk about that yes we need fat for various reasons one is we need something called essential fatty acids essential being your body can't make it so it must be received from the diet and that and what I'm talking about with.

That we're talking about omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA very important for cell membranes very important for preventing inflammation very important for your vision preventing macular degeneration so it's really really essential all the essential fatty acids there's there's there's more than just those omega-3 fatty acids the other.

Thing is we need all the fat soluble vitamins not just buy them an ADEA and K but vitamin k2 so that's very very important now if you have extra fat on your body you know you can get by with less fat especially if your body breaks down your own fat into ketones but the other thing too is I dunno if you go lower than 75 grams and you start going.

Really low low fat that means that you're going to go very lean protein and being in practice for like thirty years I noticed that when you do lean protein even if it's keto it's really hard on the liver because normally when you consume protein from nature it never comes lean other than if you're eating rabbits or maybe some squirrels or.

Something but normally there's a certain amount of fat there so it there's definitely that factor and helping you digest when you do lean protein it seems to be harder on the liver and it spikes insulin more as well so anyway that's just my thought on that and there's some other reasons probably will come to me when I been about an hour from now but.

Thanks for your question sorry I guess we can hit some questions here once again tere been working diligently to follow our social media and now let's go over to Facebook Lisa what's the best way to lose that final 15 pounds the final 15 as it's known well I can tell you how to lose the last 10 pounds but the 15 is.

Kind of that's stretching it but I'll see what I can do all right so number one when you dookied out it's pretty easy at first you lose all this weight and then you get close to your goal and then it stops that is you have a certain set point that everyone has that just can't seem to get below a certain level and I'm talking.

About like it could be a hundred eighty pounds under 70 pounds whatever that has primarily to do with your insulin resistance okay the how long you've abused your sugars and carbs the develop insulin resistance which has a direct effect on your metabolism and your weight so what you want to do when you get close to.

Your weight and you start to stall is you want to shift your goal and target insulin resistance now what does that mean it means that you you want to be very very strict in your amount of things that will elevate insulin so you would want to cut down your carbs even more than 20 grams maybe ten maybe five maybe 2-0 that would help you you want.

To do longer fasting if you're already doing two meals a day go to one meal if you're doing one meal a day go to one every other meal apple cider vinegar helps instant resistance vitamin D really helps vitamin A insulin resistance potassium will improve that situation with insulin resistance magnesium will improve it vitamin C will.

Improve it zinc will definitely improve it so all these nutrients have a huge effect the other thing to look at is what to avoid like stress is the big factor and sleep is a big factor not getting enough sleep so those are all really important factors that will last slowed you down and if you plug those in you will get to your ideal situation and.

There's more to talk about I've done videos on that but that should at least give you something to do Steve I think it's time for the first quiz can't wait okay so Steve you've heard of atherosclerosis right I have okay so that's a pretty major problem with coronary heart disease when you agree absolutely okay so the first quiz is.

This at what age does this usually start so see what people say on social media we're gonna answer some questions and come back to it absolutely okay all right so now we're gonna go to sherry from Florida are you there sherry I got the bird my question is hi having nearly reached my weight-loss goal.

Yeah how do I continue kiddo all fasting without losing more weight yeah that's a good question I had to handle that as well I was like 211 pounds and I dropped all the way down to 180 and then it started losing more I don't want to go down past 180 so what I had to do is I had to use more of my dietary fats as my ketone source which means that I had to.

Add more fat to the meals and maybe even a little bit more MCT oil between the meals our we're not in between meals maybe in the morning as you're both proof coffee so that right there that will help you greatly also instead of having extremely little carbs maybe you increase it to about I don't know 40 50 grams per day so keep your carbs a.

Little bit higher okay the other thing you can do other thing too to do to keep your carbs a little bit higher without trying to spike the blood sugars is you can do berries and what I like to do is I like to take the Bulgarian type yogurts which I'm going to release a video on the ones that are whole whole milk grass-fed organic the.

Real good stuff and then I take some pecans I put it in there and some berries so we there's a little bit of a carbon in the yogurt if you do a cup it's like 10 grand it's not that much and then you had the berries in there and then the pecans and then I just eat that as an additional thing to my meal so I'm adding more.

Calories and more carbs to that meal and it seems to be beneficial for my gut and other things as well so those are just some things that you can do sherry thanks for your call Steve what do we have as an answer to the question roughly what age do people start to develop atherosclerosis all right well 50% of our YouTube.

Viewers say it's in the 20s 20% say 30s 10% say teens and 20% when you are born oh come on well maybe that's true and then Facebook 45% of their 20s 25% in their 30s and so on so I think that gives us a trend okay so I have a question for you what do you think Steve what's your and it's right we think it would be in the 30s you would think.

Wouldn't it yeah the answer is 7 years old oh my god on average no wonder I'm a wreck now they've done studies and I'm going to do a video on this they've done studies where they do did up autopsies on children teenagers that were in traumatic accidents and they found their arteries were like they had some problems the fatty streaks there's even.

Some studies where even infants so whoever said that it's correct they found some fatty streaks in the the coronary artery as well as the aorta so obviously that's congenital or is it there what's happening and I think what they're eating I really think what they're eating that's the big thing now of course a lot of these studies say.

It's the fat that they're eating no because they they did that in a study they measured their macros – they looked at their macros and it was like 30 or 40 percent carbs so at the time they did these studies this is back in the 70s they didn't realize the effect of carbs on the fatty streaks in your arteries so we had the fatty streaks in our aorta as.

Well as in our coronary artery which feeds the heart muscle tissue but it's it's happening earlier and earlier now what's interesting Steve is that I said fatty streaks but I didn't say plaquing the plaquing starts in your twenties and every diet related is it's totally diet related yeah it's the carbs an average you know the American Heart.

Association put out a recommendation that you're not supposed to have any any more than six additional teaspoons of sugar per day why even recommend six right because the average child is consuming 19 teaspoons of sugar a day that's in it that's added sugar to the other grains and stuff so it's so obvious to me that it's the.

Carbs that are doing this because when you do the carbs you cause the small dense LDL particles the cholesterol type invade into the tissue to create a lot of inflammation you create a lot of there's a whole series of things that damage the inside of the arteries it makes the arteries thicker so so much you know play with all those huh yeah by.

The way brings me up to my next question when you're ready let me know yeah the point is that if your child is starting to get overweight you know there's some changes in the in the arteries and this just goes to point out the very important fact that these children these young adults don't have symptoms so it's kind of a silent thing that starts and a.

Bruise just like diabetes and then I'll one day you end up with a heart attack and you're wondering why this stuff happens when you're in your 20s so fascinating guy Jim Fixx I think the runner he you know just could run 20 miles just jump out of the car and run it and he he died while playing tennis he had a beautiful heart muscle but his.

Arteries were clogged who knew with all that so obviously exercise did not cure it in and of itself and he dropped dead and he had coronary blockage which just seems insane for a guy like that but it you you is what you eat aren't you yes you you is and after the next question I'm gonna am I'm gonna say something that I.

Probably shouldn't say because they might ban this video but I think I need to say it's important and it's related to a thing that I want to talk about more but I can't but I'm going to talk about it anyway you rebel about arrhythmias and the electrical system of the heart I've done some videos on that but I didn't really.

Emphasize like the big elephant in the room but I'm gonna talk about that after the next question because we're not doing a break right no break for you doc sorry well by the way so kanika wants to know if keto can affect her ovulation you know there's two things on that I've noticed that when people do keto especially when they do in a minute.

Fasting sometimes they're they become very fertile and they have a child sometimes they lose their pair if I really think that has to relate with what type of keto you doing are you doing healthy keto are you doing dirty keto and I'm talking about the nutrients in those calories because keto is really just ketones.

But it doesn't really talk about the other benefits of the the healthy ki tale nutrition satisfying your your body especially the endocrine system I I really believe if you do keto correctly you can enhance the endocrine system because I've seen it more and more especially with pregnancy I mean especially with pregnancy if you take a.

Even dr. Fung in Toronto I think he is with his office I talked to some of his staff and they have amazing results they do kado and especially in a minute fasting and one of the big things they see is they you know women are just getting pregnant left and right so they're becoming more fertile so excited yeah.

Okay so let's do it yeah give me another question that I'm going to talk about that thing that probably shouldn't be talking about okay good okay so on YouTube oz what do you recommend for iron saturation the best thing for iron such said saturation is red meat liver would do it that's the best.

The best source of available iron now realized too if you're a male and you're getting older iron is very very very toxic because our bodies don't have a really good method of getting rid of it like other like body is a great way of getting rid of potassium and other minerals but not iron so it holds an iron that becomes very toxic it can.

Create potentially a problem with your liver cirrhosis and all sorts of inflammatory conditions and fatigue how do you know if you have watched my video on that I talked about the dangers of high levels of iron watch the video on that so now I want to reveal to you Steve this thing I probably shouldn't talk about because they're shutting.

Videos down so but I'm gonna I want to mention one of the biggest factors for arrhythmias the electrical system of the heart is the electromagnetic fields the EMF now of course I'm not going to mention g5 okay I'm not going to mention that I just did but I'm not going to talk about that but I want talk about EMF like some people say oh it's fine.

EMF I first of all what is EMF well you have a combination of three things you have the kind of the radio frequencies that your cell phone gives off like when you're like this it's like the microwaves that are it's a certain frequency that's going in your body in the cell towers and then you also have electrical fields so in your in your.

Bedroom Steve do you have like a little lamp that's sitting next to your bed I do okay so you have the light on and then you have electrical current going through there you're gonna have electrical fields that that are gonna be in that area okay six to eight feet from that power cord or the cord to the light because it gives off a field so that.

Affects our bodies especially their hearts and our brains but you also when you turn it off problem solved right maybe not the wall song no because you still have the pressure the voltage in that line it's not it's just not flowing so that gives off a magnetic field interest and the magnetic fields just wear.

You out especially the heart if you're exposed to them so if you're sitting in front of your computer you should get one of those EMF testers and I'm gonna I'll do a video on the best one to get because it's really easy once you understand it you can start measuring how close you could sit in front of your computer and I'm doing it I'm finding.

Some fascinating data with not even my computer at all it's the power cable and the surge protector that is literally I got to be eight feet away from my computer to get away from it but if you're sitting in front of your computer with the power cable underneath by your feet or your backup battery you're you're basically being exposed to.

Electrical fields and magnetic fields all day long which eventually start to create problems with your electrical part of the heart arrhythmias I mean I didn't think there was a lot of scientific data on this there is hardcore research on this with humans so I will be doing a video on that but it's a simple fix though you there's it you.

Can get put all the cords over by Lori right and let her block it would that work maybe not Steve but there are some types of power cables that you can get that are kind of shielded but it's quite intense once you find out how much how much you're getting and you you handle that your energy will go up and your.

Heart will be happier you know a fascinating test for that they have some people protesting power lines going into their neighborhood and they ran out there with florescent bulbs and just held them underneath and they fluoresce and greatly wildly from you know 30 or 40 feet away from the from the source of the power course that's 750.

But you know obviously it doesn't just sit up there in the lines we got we got this thing on our skull all day right so there are little things that you can put on your your phone but but definitely the the most important thing is like where you're sleeping all night because that's going to prevent you getting to the Delta wave sleep and it's it's it's.

Not even when you turn it off literally it's the wires that are on the wall on your head headboard so I'm gonna do a video on that I think you're gonna find it very beneficial and then and then your computer things another situation and then your car so I don't want to overwhelm people but stay tuned for that video let's go to Patti you're from.

Virginia right down the street Patti hi how are you yes yes yes yes and I just finished your certification course and also so stoked about it yeah well my question is a couple years ago I found out I had Hep C hepatitis C yeah I had no symptoms right yeah so they treated me and the course of being treated of course I had a sonogram on my liver and.

There was some scarring on my liver so so I'm down to my last ten pounds and they're very stubborn is there something I can do to heal that scarring you know that's a good question potentially yes there are some enzymes that tend to from silkworms that allow the excess scar tissue the abnormal scar tissue in your body to be removed and.

It's called Sarah poop case so if you take that in large amounts I think maybe over like a hundred thousand I use then what will happen is that that potentially could reduce that fibrous tissue now the other thing that you can do as well is you can do some hard core at Papaji and atop the G has just occurs when you do long longer fast and so if.

You did a periodic 48 hour fast what happens your body will start to eat up this damaged protein in the body and you may actually improve the liver from that angle so those are the two things I would recommend the other thing too is that Hep C comes from a virus and so you would want to make sure that your immune system is really strong and the.

Intermittent fasting the low carb is going to be beneficial for that maybe even some high-quality oregano oil every day just to just to make sure you're clearing out that stuff because blasting we want is that your immune system to be constantly kind of creating inflammation because that's where the scar tissue comes from but you probably already.

Dealt with that thanks Patti okay the troops are restless I think we better get back to Facebook in this case yeah Deanna my pal and Facebook wants to know the best way to measure heart rate for cardio so that she can effectively burn fat yeah it's easy you can get one of those pulse meters and it'll tell you what your pulse rate is you stick it on.

Your finger I am measures it I have quite a few it's like right around the house you just check your pulse rate and it's a quick method just the pulse rate meter so what should be an optimum pulse rate perhaps for a woman who wants to burn fat and not going to aerobics or whatever well a normal pulse rate is 72 right that's.

Where it starts from but when you do keto and you're in shape that pulse rate should be lower it should be like 60 maybe even 50 for five for a real healthy person but if you're not exercising and it's low that's a problem right so a lot of things can affect the pulse rate potassium deficiencies will cause the pulse rate to go up b1.

Deficiencies will cause the pulse rate to go up so there's quite a few things there so the key with the pulse rate is your ability to recover after exercise so if you were to work out a minute hard core you would want your pulse ready to come down quick now that would happen if you're 18 years old for sure because you have a strong.

Recovery but as you get older the pulse rate doesn't come down because your recovery sucks so you want to you want to make sure you don't over train you want to keep doing bursts of high-intensity coming have your pulse rate come all the way down the key with that problem Steve is your ability to completely stop after.

Exercise and wait until the pulse rate comes down to a good range before you exercise again I'm sorry to be so picky but what's a good range so if you're at a hundred and forty from some bursts 150 where are you where should it go – ideally bring it down to maybe I don't know back to where you started or maybe a little bit higher yeah but don't don't.

The thing is like you're trying to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system so you need to let let it work and that parasympathetic is an active push down wave that pushes your pulse rate down to normal so the worst thing to do is just keep it elevated all the time so we want to do the up and down the wave type exercise Steve it's time.

For a question alright what is the top symptom if you are deficient and omega-3 fatty acids the top symptom if you're deficient on omega-3 fatty acids alright I know they're cramming in there answers okay good so I'm gonna go to called you could generate some more questions here tim has been waiting patiently from Germany are you there yes dr. Burke.

Nice to meet you nice meeting you too okay I have a question basically I ever haven't had a weight issue so I'm not trying to lose weight you probably answered part of it in an earlier question but either way if any other approach I'm I've basically an inflammation issue since many years so is there is there a different approach.

For me or is it just the same you know there's a there's you brought a good question inflammation in the drugs that there are sold the majority of money is allocated for inflammatory conditions so you have all immune get the rheumatoid arthritis you got irritable bowel inflammatory conditions are widespread in fact cancer goes into in my.

Grades into inflamed areas and old injuries called uncle taxes but the point is that there are some huge benefits of doing both the reduction of carbs keto and in a minute fasting for inflammation that's like essential ok and then if you want to add something on top of that you just beef up no pun intended your vitamin D and I would you.

Know one of the go-to magical things that I recommend for people with pain and inflammation that's like a no-brainer works all the time is just take 40,000 IU's of vitamin D for a couple days your pain gone okay and inflammation goes down because vitamin D is not even a vitamin it's F it's an anti inflammatory hormone that helps.

With many different things including inflammation so vitamin D is key so that those are the key things that lower your vitamin D intimate fasting vitamin D that's what I would do if I were you Tim but thanks for your question what do we got for answers on that question what's the top symptom of omega-3 fatty acids Steve ok so Facebook about 45 percent.

Say oh I'm sorry excuse me on our own place 25 say brain fog 25 say joint pain 10 percent say depression can't we relate to that 10 percent 40 10 percent crack skinned organ malfunction anger management that's interesting and then over on YouTube 50% of know I'm in the wrong place of Twente say joint pain 50 scaly skin and.

Dry skin goodness okay so all of you are correct on the symptoms for sure everyone's correct but the top symptom is so you ready for this Steve standing by dry and rough skin and it could be scaly too I'll be dry and I mean you probably see people with the their skin is just dried it's rough and it's scaly that is a classic omega 3 fatty acid.

Deficiency now the the next one is dry eyes classic omega-3 fatty acid a fatty acid deficiency you also have a lot of the other ones that people said joint pain and inflammation because omega-3 is it very important in your heart it's good for the eye and the brain it affects your mood your focus your your your.

Energy and your ability to remember so we got a lot of things so I guess this brings up the next question well I'm not going to ask this because I think everyone knows it where do you get vitamin what do you get omega-3 fatty acids fish fish fatty fish not the cod fish unless you're doing the cod liver oil and in cod liver oil is one of the.

Best sources of omega-3 fatty acids – hands down because it not only has the DHA in the EPA but it also has the vitamin D and vitamin A but if that being said I do recommend fatty salmon on a regular basis so definitely two or three times a week Steve yeah well you know so many of us I think you've been brainwashed specially in my generation.

Fat fat fat whether it's you know Omega 3 or whatever it has been thought to be horrible and bad and you know that you're gonna get acne from it or perhaps skin problems and when really the opposite is true in many cases as long as it's the right combination of fats and so if you have a fatty liver and you take omega-3 fatty acids the other.

Actually improved that problem it'll actually decrease the fat in your limit Oh counterintuitive yeah so I'm telling you fish I'm talking about grass-fed I have this place where I go I get my grass-fed fish and it's not grass-fed okay it's Wow caught okay Steve just want to see if you were awake over there you didn't catch that but so if you feed.

Your fish grass they're gonna be really healthy but you want to do wild caught fish and salmon I have a way of cooking it I like to get it in like almost like a real thick small little square and then what I do is I just use salt and pepper butter and I fry it so it's crispy on one side next side next side next side and I put.

Sea salt and pepper on each side just so it's like nice and crispy and it's slightly raw on the inside I'm telling you Steve that's really good you know when you want a restaurant order fish I just cannot stand when it tastes fishy especially salmon it's like it's old so I like to make my own salmon unless there's a place you can go get it.

Fresh but there's nothing better than some fresh salmon all right Steve do you have some questions for me oops wrong wrong mic button okay yes I certainly do Sabrina wants to know the best supplements for a 14 year old girl who's you know right there well I've just imagined probably a puberty so what most 14 year olds probably need to do.

Keto and not snack too much but I think one of the most important supplements for those kids RB would be vitamin C for for example a good high-quality not synthetic but a food based vitamin C and also the trace minerals for the minerals that really helps them because they usually don't consume enough vegetables and then the other thing is vitamin D d3.

Those are the three that I would definitely now if your child is smaller let's say they're an infant or they're a young kid oh my gosh make sure that you also add the trace minerals because that can be so important in the development of your of your tissues if you're if you're a breastfeeding and the mother is deficient or even pregnant in the.

Mothers deficient vitamin D you're very the mothers the child is very susceptible to having all sorts of skeletal malformations like scoliosis and flat feet and all these things so you need the fat soluble vitamins vitamin D and you also need the trace minerals to actually prevent that very important okay Steve here's the next.

Question it's confusion on this is lemon juice acid or alkaline I'm dying to answer but I'll wait wait on that Steve while I go to a question Frasier from South Carolina has been wasting paid waiting patiently are you there Frasier yes I am hi hi my question is fifty six and have been trying to lose 1015 pounds probably.

All my life an original book and I found out that I was a thyroid type body type so I went to my physician and she said that I was not my thyroid was not high but I was able to after doing your your diet to come off my cholesterol medicine but then she told me I was pre-diabetic and I was wondering if your diet will help.

With diabetes as well as thyroid wow that's a really good question of course this is my disclaimer always check with your doctor before adding anything new especially recommendations for me because I don't make any claims of curing especially diseases but I do want to say something about what you just asked the benefits of keto in general.

Especially the healthy version if you do it with healthy ingredients and intamin fasting as it relates to type 2 diabetes is over-the-top phenomenal I mean think about it what is diabetes diabetes is a problem of high sugar okay then what is keto it's the opposite it's going to reduce your carbs why is it damaging to have.

Diabetes because the high sugar corrodes your eyes your arteries your nerves your kidney the liver and so there's also damaging effects from high levels of insulin that comes way before the high sugar okay so there's a whole bunch of videos and insulin resistance that I think you should watch and learn about but ki tell works for weight loss and.

Other things because it helps reduce insulin to your normal levels so you're getting a double benefit you're you're getting the benefit of helping lower insolent and those effects and your lessening the toxic effect of glucose so absolutely this is like very beneficial for your blood Sugar's and there's a lot of data on keto and.

Diabetes in general you can look up studies that are done on this but that's my answer but thanks for your your call okay so now let's see here Steve what do we have as an answer all right well as I suspected 90% on both Facebook and YouTube think it's acidic and then 10% straight away from the norm.

And say alkaline what say you okay so there's confusion on this because people say well drink eat lemons because it's very alkalizing lemon juice has citric acid okay so it is an acid but when it gets into your body and it metabolizes it breaks down it turns into an alkaline substance now I feel dumb so it's an it alkalizes the urine not.

Your blood though your urine so what is the benefit of lemon juice can it help you with weight loss no it's not gonna help you lose a pound it's it's gonna help you provide vitamin C for sure because it's a one lemon is like half the RDAs of vitamin C so there's a human huge benefits of vitamin C but also the benefits of the handling the acidic.

Urine especially if you're susceptible to kidney stones okay and because the ox lets it binds with the oxalates which is awesome and also gout so it can reduce the risk of gout because you really can't experience the gout symptoms if your urine pH is a little bit higher it's only when it becomes more acidic lower pH that you.

Start having problems so that's why lemon can help you so that's really it's kind of a trick question but it's a it's an acid that turns into an alkaline substance in your interesting all right all right get some questions for me yeah I sure do on Facebook we have Christine should I cycle in and out of Quito if I am.

Premenopause boy that sounds like a recipe for misery yeah the whole cycling of Quito I do not like that in fact you may find that all of a sudden Quito doesn't work as effectively because you're cycling you're going on carbs off carbs on carbs honestly it doesn't even make sense to me logically this cycle through now the analogy that people say.

Is well you know it's it's called crates of Hermetic effect it's kind of like exercise you put your body your stress and not true with the imitable ISM you don't want to stress your metabolism out it's already been stressed out and burnt out you're creating more insulin resistance so if you don't believe me go ahead and try it and see how it works.

For you but the point is that I don't like the cycling the carb cycling thing not a good idea you how about one more real quick one cherie on facebook wants to know if she can reverse genetically caused high cholesterol okay so before I answer that I want to go back to the question I just said I'm not saying you can never have.

Carbs again Steve what I'm saying is that get your body into a really good place you reach your goal so you get really healthy then you can afford to go off the program you're there yeah well I can't because I'm not disciplined enough so I'd rather just stick with it right I suffer when I go off for the donut race I think you I think you learned your.

Lesson yeah through the rod I require the rod unfortunately yeah if you if like certain people just once they go off it's forget it okay Steve when you have a genetic problem with cholesterol I do not have any data that you can actually reverse that I don't how to I don't know I don't.

I don't I don't even think so but realize that the genes don't have the final say it's the epi genes or epigenetic factors so your lifestyle affects the expression of genes more than the genes themselves if you have high cholesterol there are a lot of things you can do that align with keto and intermittent.

Fasting I may have done a video on this team but maybe I haven't maybe I need to do one but maybe you want to just not add a lot of extra cholesterol at this point but anyway I think it's gonna help you because what is the alternative to do the carbs you're gonna then now you're really gonna convert a massive amount of very unfriendly cholesterol.

That you don't want make sense stick with the game yeah stick with it all right Steve the next question of the day and there's carnivores watching and people want to know is there a non plant or non vegetable source of vitamin C I'm flummoxed what's that I said I'm flummoxed so we'll see what the audience okay all right good so will.

The people answer that one because we know a lot of the vitamin C comes from plants is it is there another source let's go to let me just see if I could read this here Harlow from Vancouver British Columbia one of the most beautiful places on earth are you there Arlo I am hey what's your question yeah it's.

A great deal to speak with you here today thank you for taking my call so my my doctor believes I have sarcoidosis maybe ra2 based on some x-rays and I was taking between 20 and 40 thousand I used vitamin D a day before I knew about the sarcoidosis I saw your video on vitamin D toxicity where you mentioned that just a little.

Bit and I'm wondering like well now I'm not taking any vitamin D I was actually having like daily bladder stones so I stopped taking all vitamin D that's done lots of palpitations do and I've stopped although so I'm wondering like okay now I'm not taking any they're a way to get dumby or did you let me okay so this is a very good.

Question first of all I have to mention that Vancouver's just I've been there it's like simply gorgeous place okay that other way when you have this condition called sarcoidosis that's one factor that could be a problem with taking a lot of vitamin D so the best way to get your vitamin D to not have a problem is through Sun that's going to.

Be your source depending on the color of your skin the darker the skin the more you have to get on the Sun so if you darker you may have to be on the Sun for an hour and a half to get them out of vitamin D if you're lighter then you need less but the point is that I would get when you get it from Sun there's a lot of regulatory mechanisms that will.

Prevent the overload of that but on the flipside I think it'd be very very important for you to consume vitamin k2 just k2 by itself because that will actually help to offset the stone formations and things like that k2 is amazing also the other thing is to take a a good essential fatty acid and I think you could even go you can do a.

Flax oil which is gonna which can turn into the omega-3 fatty acids or you can do a fish oil for that but there's a little bit of vitamin D in there but I wouldn't worry about it if you're just taking a small amount of Cholera oil because it's going to be insignificant but k2 is the key missing element with with that condition so I would do that.

And that may help you but thanks for your call Steve what have we got what do we got for the a good non source of a good non plant source of vitamin C well I would have I just wouldn't have figured any of this but YouTube suggests about 80% of them that organ meats will give you vitamin C and 20% say fish over to our Facebook friends.

75% say fish 20 live on and then five krill okay good well guess what everyone is correct a really good source of vitamin C would be whale skin yeah I mean if you when I do whale skin tonight at 11:00 or where do you pick that up I think you need to go to either Walmart or McDonald's to get that but if you get a high quality whale skin and you fry.

Just right you can get some vitamin C but the answer is yes it comes from many different sources you can do there's some conflicting data on meat itself there's some say that yes I'm saying no so I potentially that but it's really in the organ meats the organ meats and especially brain and nervous system okay so if you could just you know cook some.

More brain when you when you do that slicing I have gout thank you they have brain sandwiches now you can and especially the spinal column if you attach that and you fry that you get a really good source of vitamin C gag me with this um the other thing you can do is the adrenal glands the inside of the adrenal glands Steve so if you're.

Hunting and you're you get a caribou or some deer you can grab the adrenal glands fry them up and you'll get a good amount of vitamin C but you need to consume the inside medulla part I'm just not that willing to be healthy well I'll tell you what work up to it Steve okay all right so we're gonna go to Chris from Illinois hey Chris are you.

There I'm there hey how you doing did you hear me yeah perfectly okay yeah okay well this is my second time I called in I started the intermittent fasting and the keto diet December 26 2019 and it seemed to be working I lost a lot of weight which I wasn't concerned with but I was heating every other day and I was still having high.

Blood sugar and then I call them you say go to one meal a day I went to one meal a day the problem is the blood sugar still stays high and I've gotten back on metformin because even though the blood sugar will come down after I fast it immediately goes up and stays up for at least two days before it comes back down and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

But I'm sure open for any kind of answers yeah this is a very unusual but it's definitely an important question we really need to in order to figure this out we need more data because we're operating off of incomplete data we need to know what your fasting insulin is that would give us a lot of good data and I would do Homa IR have you heard of.

Houma I Artest know I'm getting a paper-and-pencil hom a IR yes Houma – IR that test will will measure insulin resistance okay so that would be a very important test to get find some doctor that can do it that's gonna give you what's going on I would also get an ultrasound of your liver just to see if there's any type of.

Bat and liver cirrhosis that could be interfering as fearing with this because I if you're not consuming carbs and your body's making excessive mother carbs and that's called gluconeogenesis and that's the livers doing that so we want to find out what's good what the liver is doing we also want to find out what the pancreas is doing so any evaluation that.

Your doctor can do to evaluate the function of the beta cell on the pancreas would be very beneficial that's really what we're missing here we need more data to find out what's going on why is your body making all this extra sugar is there such a resistance in the cell that it just it's not letting it get.

Through so then the sugar has no choice to go up because obviously insulin is not doing its job so you're doing your own metformin which honestly out of all the medications that's probably the least damaging so that's the good news but I would also make sure you're taking about them and B 1 and B 12 because if you take metformin.

Without those B 1 and B 12 then what happens is you could potentially have another side effect which is lactic acidosis so I think you're gonna be okay doing this but that's what I would recommend Chris but thanks for your question okay doc as we wrap up the show how about a little shout out for the summit.

Hey guys – you know we're doing the summit at the end of October the speakers are getting prepared this is going to be about a correction end of August correct you're right Steve it's at the end of August thank you 29 and 30th I just want to see if you guys were awake or at least Steve was awake and he did he did catch that so well done Steve.

Thank you Tom but it's gonna be a great event we have a lot of speakers we're gonna put a link down below you should check it out but you don't even have to even fly out I would love to have you fly out that's really what I'm gonna be missing but you can watch from your own home and it's a virtual event it's not that expensive and you're gonna get a.

Lot of great data so check it out and I hope you can make it attend and there's a version to where you can get the recordings as well but yeah because I'm in communication with the speakers right now and I'm telling you they are psyched and they're getting ready and I'm like you guys are going to be literally blown away blown away yes so the you know the.

Interaction with all the folks there is something that you'll miss but I think you're gonna have more data and more material from this summit than you you might otherwise because we are gonna really focus on putting it tightly together and giving you just what you need we'll also provide breaks so you can go off and do your thing keep it.

Very summit light but boys are gonna be crammed with great information which you will be able to review after the you know I'm very very selective of who I have speak and I just want you guys to have the best information so it's all about getting more knowledge it's going to help your own survival so you should attend Maura from Stowe Ohio's been.

Waiting patiently are you there and my question what we should do so you're going through early menopause at 34 years old right yeah okay yeah so I have a question are you doing healthy keto in a minute fasting yet yeah okay are you doing it sort of or you doing it strict no I'm not good okay all right so the first thing I'm gonna do to tell you is.

To get on the exact version that I recommend in my book okay so it's and do it very strict because I will say though if you do it sort of you won't see the benefits and we're talking about the endocrine system with you so if you're going to early menopause it's just a bit too early you may find like I'll give you an example from my own practice I've.

Had women get on this program literally 60s okay they hadn't had a period in 12 years and start having a period and you might say well that's not doesn't sound exciting but the point is that it can actually help kick in your cycle and allow things to work correctly so that's one thing the other thing is I've dr. funks clinic I mean he notices the same.

Thing so your ability to think in the normal circadian waves and the like you have these different patterns of you at age 52 you're supposed to have menopause so you're having it maturely there's month there's obviously some blockage I would go back to the normal thing but I would also make sure that you add into this mix key nutrients the.

Ones that I'm talking about are the the fat soluble vitamins vitamin A D especially e vitamin E and k2 and don't be trying to do a low-fat diet you want to do higher fat healthy fats and a lot of greens all the pot of nutrients and then let's just see what happens I don't think it's going to be that hard to bring your body in balance but if I were.

To give you a remedy right now and there's quite a few with on top of a sort of keto it's gonna be expensive hereand so go back to the basics and then let's see what happens okay wow that's something well it always gives me great regret not to get all of the wonderful questions that everybody on social media ass and I'm sorry we've.

Still got a pile of them but we do urge you watch I'm gonna pop this up for you the doctor burg calm go there and digest all you can get ready for the summit which is gonna give you even more information and thanks so much for putting up with me in a Karen's absence and she'll be back and looking beautiful I'm sure next week thanks Karen and.

Thank you for watching I really appreciate your attention and also all your comments on YouTube and I read a lot of them and where do you think I get great ideas and also great ideas for future videos and amazing advice so you guys teach me a tremendous amount so thank you very much and we'll see you in the next video.

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