Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
we're back for another show here so uh we're doing this remotely through a phone line so anything they say is not meant to diagnose you or treat you or cure you this just meant for your own education check with your doc before implementing any of the advice that i.

Give you today we have a lot of great information a lot of quizzes today as well as a lot of questions social media and also um on our call so if you uh our calling network so if you actually have a call there should be a number down below you can give us a call and we can try to fit you in.

But let's just jump right into uh sultan uh he had a question um go ahead sultan you had a question about i think non-modified wheat go ahead well i'd like to thank you dr bert from the bottom of my heart i'm 19 years old yeah you've helped me tremendously i've lost about 80 pounds in one year and two months without suffering and by getting.

Healthy fasting there you are thank you yeah i would like to ask about this type of wheat that goes about to one yard only it's not genetically modified it's one of the old types it's like the same old one from maybe thousands of years ago what do you think about it.

This is my first question yeah so you have the modern wheat which is a hybrid which is very high in carbohydrates and then the ancient wheat which is higher in protein less than less than carbohydrate but unfortunately they're not on the keto plan.

Simply because it's going to spike your blood sugars i mean even in the romans times when they had or even before that when they had different types of wheat they were high in protein there they did show signs of tooth decay bone problems and other issues the there's.

The fiber in this even the so so-called high whole wheat is loaded with what's called phytic acid which can tend to block zinc as well unless you're doing uh like sprouted wheat but but the big problem is um yeah it's um unfortunately.

It's not on the plan creates too many problems even though it's the ancient wheat crane but what if you're not on keto well i think he said i only recommend keto so that's just based on you know tens or hundreds of thousands of people uh that's the plan that i recommend so.

If someone's not on keto i'm i'm gonna recommend getting back i'd get on keto that's what i'd recommend yeah and i have another question yeah yeah uh my sister is 12 years old and she's going through exactly what i was going when i was in her age she's having crazy sweet cravings hungry.

After eating anything sweet after a meal and eating large amounts of food to get that strike what should i do with her is well my weight yeah this this this brings up the exact reason why i recommend everyone get on keto get her on keto get her off snacks have.

Three meals a day but make sure that's low carb because the higher the carbohydrate the more of this the sweet cravings if you cut the carbs out now the body will go after the fat reserve the cravings go away it makes it easier to stick with it but go to my website.

Learn about exactly how to do it on the blog and then say goodbye to those cravings because that'll be going away within three days hey thanks for your call thank you thank you you're welcome yep let's go right to lynn from uh mark i think it's uh martin you had a question.

About wildfire gary p hi hi dr berg um i have a question about my uh thyroid so my thyroid was ablated was stopped basically about 20 years ago and i gained a lot of weight um so they the endocrinologist put me on the voxels i take it every other day now.

Um i have a two-part question the first question is i've been taking your seek help um you know the daily and i haven't had any problems but i ran out and i said let me see if i if i don't take it what'll happen and basically i feel the same way.

So i mean does the seek help have a lot to do with the keto or how how does that work in conjunction with my thyroid problem yeah good question the sea kelp has a nice blend of not just iodine and other trace minerals that are necessary for the thyroid like selenium and zinc but it also has.

Phytonutrients it has um it has amino acids it has vitamins and so it helps to support it now when you get off kelp you're probably not going to know the results right away it's going to be a longer term effect so you might notice it like in a month or something like that but.

The other thing too is hopefully that when you're on keto you did also change your diet so now you're getting a lot of nutrients from other things as well so you you might be doing good but um so right and yeah and but here's so it's my birthday month and i've been celebrating and i.

Have birthday month i love it yeah because all my sisters are in october i have so many my relatives are in october so you know i have to celebrate the whole month but i've been doing good but but i kind of went off off balance a little bit and i'm telling you i can feel it because i've been doing.

Keto for about a year and i can definitely feel it i can definitely feel it i don't want to go back i think it's really really good that you had this birthday month just to experience the before and afters because i think a person needs to on their own accord.

You know differentiate this and go you know what i already know what that feels like you know even if i keto i would feel arthritic and i'm like you know what motivation to get back on and i just feel better when i'm on it so i'm glad that you had the birthday month.

And hopefully now you're going to have a birthday next year right exactly yeah well thank you for all that you're doing and i'm going i'm i'm going to stick to your strict keto diet i have all your books and your publications and everything.

And i'll reorder um you know the sequels i have to order the uh oh so normally when i take my my fibroid medicine um i wait at least about five hours to take all my vitamins because i know when when you take thyroid medicine and you take certain vitamins they kind.

Of cancel out is that correct no i don't think they're going to cancel out i think you're going to be fine together it's a minor point absolutely okay so i could take it maybe an hour after i take my thyroid medicine sure yeah not a problem okay great great well thank you so much and.

You have a wonderful day you too lynn okay talk to you later bye-bye well good morning doc and audience let me just uh cut that down a little bit and hang on we have an unusual request here coming in uh from uk and let me find that and this is from greg piano in the uk dr.

Berg can you give a shout out to matthew my son he is a huge fan and says you can use our gym if you want there in the uk so i'm sure the next time you're over there doc you'll be happy to meet up with greg and his son and go get a good workout in a keto workout so that's all we have matthew will.

Definitely come out there work on your gym workout at your gym and it'll be great to meet you in person so uh yeah absolutely thanks for thanks for that comment and i'm glad you're watching things and uh remotely hey steve i have the first question here.

All right let it rip so this is the question for everyone what is considered uh excessive alcohol for men per per week how much alcohol is too much per week okay so that's the first question um so i'll let you guys kind of chew on that um great we have that up on the.

Screen for everyone to to investigate yeah take a look at that and then do you have any uh other questions uh steve before i go right to the phone no please go to the phones we're still tabulating those okay good so let's go to um payment and uh let's say the question.

Has to do with i think intermittent fasting are you there hey man good morning to you good morning yes i am i'm a huge fan of your videos and i was diagnosed with diabetes about six weeks back okay and the numbers were the numbers were crazy i mean the fasting was over 300 and the.

Post lunch was over 500 wow yeah so the doctors put me on all sorts of chemicals here metformin glimmer village lifting burglary boss and everything i mean all possible medicals under the sun so so instead of feeling better actually i had started you know getting lightheaded and confusion and.

I started you know feeling nauseous so obviously i thought maybe i'm not on the right path so then somehow i stumbled upon your videos and just by going through and taking a reference of your videos today i am on no medications for the last 15 days and my sugar is holding stable.

Wow this is fantastic it just goes to show you how fast your body can come back and respond getting the right thing wow yes wow yes and i used to i used to follow the videos like you know taking chromium or cinnamon and berberine and these kind of supplements and.

You know i realized that you know how crazy full of chemicals are because they are just adding insulin to my body instead of making them sensitive to insulin wow it was absolutely absolutely crazy i mean what what i learned and i realized i'm doing it the exact opposite.

Oh wow and yeah so so i just got stuck to the line of your where you know your sugar is getting better but diabetes getting worse so that is that is what stuck to my head and i started i decided you know i want to get after medicine and i want to cure myself so now slowly i have started doing intermittent.

Fasting also as you know you suggest but the only question i have is that whenever i do intermittent fasting and obviously i try to skip my breakfast and then when i have a lunch and then when i check my sugar after two hours it's a little higher than normal like today i did my intermittent fasting.

My sugar after lunch was about 180 so shouldn't it be the other way i mean shouldn't be lower because if that is helpful well what's happening is um you have to realize when you have diabetes type 2 and you're making the transition you still have something else behind the scenes and that's called.

Insulin resistance so that's going to take a while to get that handled so even though your insulin might be coming down it's still too high and that could um it might be high but it's not effective so insulin resistance the situation where your insulin is is high but it's not working so then the.

Sugars just go high there's nothing to push it down so um over time as you do this and you stay consistent to it it's going to get better and better and better where your post cranial or post-eating blood sugars will be fall in a nice range but you know you've.

Just made these changes fairly recently and if someone has a blood sugar of 300 that means like you have some severe insulin resistance so it's i would i would imagine you know it's going to take a good year to really turn this thing around but i'm really happy that you're getting the results.

Yes i'm i'm very happy myself and uh the thing is that you know my only question was that when i have my all three meals breakfast lunch and dinner and that time when i do my you know uh post meal uh sugar that time it is about 1 20 25 so why does this only spike when i do intermittent fasting i mean i'm still.

Not clear on that point well because because what's happening when you're when you're coming off your diet to something better realize too when you're fasting the the body has to it's exactly your liver is making.

Sugar so that's probably what's happening it's called including genesis so that is the factor the wild card that is keeping your sugars up it's not even neces it's not even coming from your diet necessarily it's coming from your your liver making too much sugar and i've done a video on this so.

Um you know it's all part of a situation where you have to understand like it's not coming from your diet so just keep going if you want to get that sugar down a little bit more what you can do is you can exercise um exercise it off and that should help you a little bit okay yes i i do that.

Yes i do that i also i mean i saw your video on vitamin d i mean where my my wife was having a severe you know a sprain on the lumbar spine the sacroiliac pain is what we call and she was on all sorts of medicine for the last six months and her walk had become like that.

Typical one which you said sway suede walk penguin walk when she was unable to walk and we were giving her painkillers and calcium and everything and the moment we gave her the vitamin d like you suggested she's absolutely okay i love it i love it that's fantastic.

Well thank you so much for calling all right steve what do we got for the answers for this question what is considered excessive when we're talking about alcohol in men okay so first off as uh we're getting the final tally on that um let's give a little shout out to all.

Those listening around the world so we're coming in from miami cyprus tibet michigan iraq india brazil san diego saudi arabia saudi arabia excuse me toronto which you're familiar with and finally somalia so we've got a lot of listeners in somalia and let's see so right now.

We have 70 percent let's say a six-pack is the cause okay that's interesting 20 say one beer boy they're putting it to the alcohol and finally this is hard what is it heart liquor oh my goodness hard liquor so that's uh isn't that something that all.

Uh alcohol in its various forms okay so yeah because there's there's mixed mixed data out there but uh um and it's so funny because um when they we always say this is like well they say they say i don't know who they is who's making up these numbers but um it's between like 15.

And 14 and 15 drinks per week that's considered excessive for men okay 14 to 15 drinks per week now one drink is considered 12 ounces of a beer five ounces of wine or if it's hard liquor it's about 1.5 ounces like a shot little more than a shot 80 proof.

So to me i think that's crazy too high now what's interesting steve is they also have um per day so if in a woman if you have more than four drinks in a single session that's excessive men if if you have more than five uh drinks in a single session that would be excessive.

You mean no sickness i mean joe six-pack's gonna be disappointed with those fine i think that i think that might be um well that would be six beers i guess that would be within it's called moderate drinkers oh boy but here's here's my point on this question um and this is shocking when i look this.

Up we have two types of liver issues we have non-alcoholic fatty liver and then you have an alcoholic liver if we total up the percentages of people who have fatty liver regardless of the source because fructose and sugar and um.

Omega-3 omega-6 fatty acid like soy oil and corn oils and all the vegetable oils that's one source of a fatty liver if we total all that up 46 of the adult population in the u.s has the fatty liver now worldwide is 25 percent so america takes first place with a fatty liver.

And so there is i know this might be hard to believe steve but there's a connection between alcohol and a fatty liver and these recommendations are just setting the person up but here's the other interesting thing about this there is usually no symptoms for a fatty liver until.

Later stages so here the person is hey i'm fine i just that might have a gut keep going my little bit a little bit tired and then they end up with uh inflammation and cirrhosis and by that time you know you've crossed the threshold so um if you have a fatty if you have a fat.

Belly um i will the odds are against you i mean like 90 you're gonna have a fatty liver and even thin people have a fatty liver if they if they're if they're doing the things that they shouldn't so stay tuned for a video on this because i have a lot of great.

Things to do but i think the first thing would be to do would be to cut down an alcohol fruit so no more than a six pack a week and i'm being very sarcastic well you know there was a study in europe that women that uh drink uh in france in fact uh you know.

Moderately so a few glasses of wine which is part of the tradition there an enormous amount of cirrhosis uh and fatty liver which shocked me um and i assume their findings are are you know fairly solid but that's terrible that you can't enjoy that so um i don't drink anymore partied.

As a kid uh but um you know i think it has some cumulative damage so my hat's off to those uh you know some movie stars what was it george burns that smoked a cigar and drank a shot of whiskey several times a day to 100 but i think he's the exception not the rule.

Right right because if you your body will adapt and then you could you have these enzymes that can get rid of alcohol pretty quick um one last thing if you do if you're in that boat one good thing to do is to start drinking kombucha tea as a replacement because you need to replace because.

Anytime you tell people you can't have something you want it more so if you replace it with kombucha tea it has a similar texture as either a wine or a beer and it it'll give you a little more relaxation so that's a good transitional drink by the way terry asked about sugar alcohols.

Is that in any way related uh no it's completely different it has nothing to do with alcohol those are alternative sweeteners that are not they're just the chemistry of what they are that but this has nothing to do with alcohol all right so i think it's time to go to.

The next caller and let's go to arvin are you there arvin yes yes hi dr berg hi how are you yeah yeah great great awesome um yeah so i'm 23 and i've been doing keto for like quite some time now it's been like seven or eight months.

And yeah i've lost a lot of weight and now my bmi is like around 20.0 so yeah i've lost a lot of weight and yeah so now i'm thinking of doing some uh consuming some fruit every day or maybe every other day and i know that berries are keto friendly like especially with.

Blackberries and raspberries but i was wondering if like other types of fruit like for example like i also did like for example like uh some cantaloupe so i just cut out like two wedges of a cantaloupe and just ate that that's like 15 grams of net carbs like roughly around there.

Um so i was just wondering like is it okay to do fruit other than like the berries i mean i know like bananas and apples are not going to work but would cantaloupe watermelon maybe honeydew would that stuff work if my net carb limit is like 40 grams right i understand yeah.

The the problem you're going to run into is that um these fruits have been our hybrids they're not the original fruits that our bodies were living on a long time ago with seasonal things like that they're grown with higher carbs and fructose is the big one.

And it's a slippery slope because as soon as you start to add those in it it will affect the blood sugars and you'll feel it the next day it's like wow i just why am i why am i hungry earlier why do i crave the next day so even though they fit within your carbohydrate amounts the speed or the glycemic index.

Is too high so if you could maybe if you could find a crab apple that would be probably something you could probably do um they're very but the point is that it's very difficult to do the fruits on the keto plan and i mean experiment with yourself to.

See but um it's i think the better way is to stick with the the barriers because look at my video on not just the uh the carbo index uh the glycemic index but the glycemic load that will explode right with the fiber and how it all breaks down but um i did a video right but that's.

Pretty much that would be my response i'm sorry okay cool okay um uh because like i i did look up like some fruits like for example i was surprised to see that cantaloupe um it does have although although it's higher in carbs i looked it up the glycemic load is a four so.

I was thinking like oh maybe it's okay to do like like you know like a wedge or mac you know maximum like two wedges and like that would be fine uh given that like i have a really low i kind of have like a lower bmi now and i just want to maintain my weight right you do you want to maintain your.

Muscle weight i'm assuming you probably want to assume uh maintain your muscle weight just stay tuned for a video um which i think you'll like that has a lot to do with muscle growth so for those people that are failure that want to maintain muscle growth there's some really great things that.

You can do based on some really hardcore techniques and i will try to release that soon so you can check that out okay doctor how about we go to a few questions from our viewers around the world first mauricio should i fast before surgery wants to know if that's a good idea.

I highly suggest that you fast before surgery because you lost dr bird all right folks stand by for just a second we have lost the good doctor but we'll be back with him in just a moment okay folks a few explanations first off dr berg is remote this morning we just.

Lost him we're going to bring him back up and secondly for you though for those of you writing in that there's no video uh we just have a live slate up for him we're working on getting dr uh hooked in uh and i think we've got the doctor back but stand by for just a moment and uh and then otherwise what is our.

Homework we're going to get back to your questions shortly so if you would just stand by for a moment and we can have you talk to somebody far more interesting and that's dr berg standby we sure can okay doc go ahead we lost you for a moment but you're back up okay so should i summarize the answer to that question yes please.

Okay yeah um you want to um what what point did you did i don't want to say the whole thing what what point did you lose me well that's a good question maybe um i tell you what the oh it was uh you know should i fast before surgery we were talking about that uh okay i think i would just.

You want to fast before and after because the not only the foods they'll probably give you in the hospital all sugary which will really throw you off but you'll just increase your recovery because you do spike cortisol when you go through surgery hey steve why don't i give everyone the.

Next question okay let's do it okay so if you guys have been watching my videos in the past you know that the purpose of the immune system is to fight off pathogens as well as to kill off tumors and cancer but there's a third function of the immune system and the question for today is what is.

That third purpose or function of your immune system fascinating they have that up before them so uh hopefully they will be contemplating that with all due seriousness uh how about another question dr bird while they're thinking about that okay.

What happens to carbs when you are fat adapted i'm not quite sure i understand the question perhaps you do yeah well when you're fat adapted what happens to carbohydrates is that like if you eat carbohydrates your body will quickly switch over and.

And focus on that you'll be you're no longer be fat adapted now because you typically the you do store um carbohydrates as glycogen in your liver and your muscles so you're going to be using those up first and then you're going to be adapting to fat but as soon as you add carbohydrates.

Your body is going to be no longer in fat adaptation it's going to be now burning off those sugars so that is the big problem now you're going to have to adapt back to fat and that takes a couple days to get back into fat burning okay that's great and by the way that was orlando i forgot to credit him with.

That question let's do one more question and maybe go back to the phones for a moment as we tabulate the answers christopher wants to know will exercise help with omad digestion so apparently he's eating one meal a day but probably would like to get a little bit more boost from something yes exercise will help for sure but the.

Other thing that will help is taking betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar to acidify the stomach to help improve that there also is another good thing for the stomach believe it or not is vitamin b1 i would take nutritional yeast because that affects the nervous system.

And also anything that connects to the nerves as in your stomach and other organs in glands so those people that have a slow digestive tract or it's called gastroparesis where they can't digest very fast some b vitamins will really help especially b1 all right how are we doing with this.

Tabulation steve okay pretty good here they're all over the map though so let's see i'm just going to read them live here and we have uh autophagy whatever that is i'm probably saying it wrong autophagy excuse me and also most of them are to repair the immune response.

Uh you know uh let's see boy they're all over the place protect us from infections i think that's uh maintain normal flora so uh it's just you know everyone has a different opinion i don't seem to have any particular consensus okay well this is going to be.

Interesting if you guys have checked out check back in right now because this is very important the third purpose of the immune system is has to do with wound healing wound healing so let's say for example you um have a condition um you have inflammation in the body like in the liver.

And it's going into cirrhosis scar tissue anything that's going into fibrosis like in the lung copd because there's inflammation in the lung from either smoke or a pure a series of infections or plaquing in the brain or fibrosis or plaque in the arteries.

So you have all this fibrosis or in the joints right all that wound healing results in scar tissue that makes that joint or tissue or organ unavailable and that's the problem with long-term inflammation is it it develops scarring well guess what the immune system is all all part of that and one of the purposes.

To heal it so if you're going through an inflammatory process and you see what's going to happen down the road either fibrosis or whatever one thing you can take is to talk adrenals it's a type of vitamin e that cleans up all these free radical particles that.

Are causing the inflammation and it it increases the longevity of that tissue so it doesn't turn into scar tissue so toe katrina's is the secret answer to allow these problems okay well i'll tell you what jack sears i missed it he's probably kicking his trash can around the office because he answered.

To repair the body so he got it right and i just sailed right back so jack good for you you stand alone i think at least in the answers i saw so uh you're uh you are quite the expert in this arena great well i'm gonna go through a question jamie has a question he's from.

New york um related to i think uh some some questions related to omad are you there jamie i'm here janie hi dr berg yes hi ah yes oh well my question actually was about gout uh keto for months and such like that um steadily uh losing weight and such but.

Uh and i've had some back and forth so i know when i went off of it it took me at least a month to get back again but now i've been back on it for at least four months and then uh i did one meal a day and intermittent fasting then and suddenly something happened that i had.

Gout in my left toe and i went to one of your videos to see how to get rid of this and i took baking soda and lemon and some apple cider vinegar and 16 ounces of water and then within 24 hours it was gone it was in the pain because i mean i never experienced anything like that.

What i want to know is is this a form of detoxification is about that this is a very good question very good question um now gau comes from uric acid uric acid and believe it or not uric acid is one of the most powerful antioxidants.

In your blood system so it has a beneficial effect and when you go into fasting your network of antioxidants start to become bigger and so if you have some past damage in the kidneys because you're not able to process that uric acid it can result into some gout symptoms.

This is why i always recommend a little lemon juice or maybe the potassium citrate as your electrolytes to kind of counter that if that's the case it doesn't happen often but it happens to certain people um so that's really what's happening um when you fast and allison you get gout.

Um just realize too that the toe katrina's is another great remedy for reducing gout symptoms just as a side note but apparently whatever you did is working but now you know why it's there it's not a detox it's just that your.

Body is producing antioxidants to help uh your immune system okay thank you thank you very much thank you all right so now we have another question from let's see let's take um milena from leesburg had a question are you there yes dr burke can you hear me yes.

Perfectly wonderful first time caller love everything that you do your recipes with your wife just just great i've been doing this now for about four months and i've lost um just about 40 pounds no just just following the keto lifestyle that you have been.

Instrumental in really guiding and having you know making me allow me to understand the process so very quickly the only issue i really have is constipation now i my husband and i were both doing this by the way he had less weight to lose than i did.

But um we've been using metamucil forever and it's the knockoff brand sugar-free with melodextron which i know is not good so i did not feel comfortable taking it um and um and also we've always mixed two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with.

It with the mother thinking that you know that's a good thing so question number one is that okay to do or not yeah that maltodextrin um you'll probably find um if you try to get your fiber from other sources preferably vegetables that um you'll need to even better because.

The maltodextrin is pretty darn high on the glycemic index it's like over a hundred and it's despite your blood sugar right so does it take you a lot of fasting does it take you out of perimeter okay that's all i need to know okay so if i take collagen with vast uh high amounts of protein.

Does that take you a lot of fasting yes it does because the protein turns into it does half of it is wasted as um glycogen is i mean not glucose so you or waste is nitrogen so it's going to be like um another thing that will inhibit you right so that's why you know bulletproof.

Coffee there but people are putting collagen in this thing and i'm like wait a minute it's protein okay so i'm trying to cooperate at least yes i was gonna say that you just gave me another idea for a video because i i don't think i did one on the collagen and the coffee.

Yeah yeah yeah that would be great i would really appreciate that and i don't do bulletproof coffee because it really just adds all of my calories for the day like if i can just have a cup of coffee with just a one tablespoon of clean cream then i can save my calories for later i am.

I am incorporating a salad now into my diet i've stopped taking the meladextrin and i'm taking the apple cider vinegar by itself two tablespoons once or twice a day i'm still experiencing constipation though and i have incorporated chia seed pudding into like every couple of days to kind of.

Help me because of high fiber and of course i just put a little bit of almond milk in it two tablespoons of cacao and monk sugar so that seems to help me but i'm not going to i'm not having a bm uh every day which bothers me well there's there's a couple things i can tell you about that um try to.

Try to increase the greens like i recommend over time try to increase because you're feeding the microbes once once the microbes grow you have more diversified microbes they will help you with your bowel movement so you may need to add either probiotics or prebiotics which is the fiber which in a form of vegetables.

You can also do fermented vegetables that might help if you do all those things and you're still having a problem it comes back to vitamin b1 b1 is a real good secret for stimulating that and i the best source of b1 is from nutritional yeast and the product that i have that's very.

Very supportive of b1 is the new is the keto energy that's my b1 product it's and i did that because we have an epidemic of low b1 and b1 is behind so many things i will do another video on it but but we're talking about peristalsis the pumping action the colon.

The support of the heart better moods less anxiety better blood sugar so it's across the board but the b vitamins are important in in the pumping action of the entire digestive tract so try that see what happens okay doc you know you're so.

Poised when uh and professionally when you say bowel movement i mean i would start giggling every time i said that and try to say it seriously on there so that's very impressive and um moving on to a youtube question this poor person's name is gfp fan so i would talk to my parents if they named me that been rough in.

Um elementary school especially okay enough of my humor right gfp fan wants to know if they're fat adapted can they lower their fat intake now you know um yes you can because um you don't want to go low low fat and bring it down to if you really are.

Are struggling with weight for example and you've tried everything else and i'm not always recommending this but for some people you could cut down some of the fat and then your body will then burn your own fat a little bit more so bring it down to 75 grams especially.

After your cravings gone away and you're not hungry anymore and that's another action that you can take but don't start to go lean proteins just have the normal fat that's normally in protein that you eat don't ever go the low fat or even below 75 grams now steve i think it's time for another.

Question here um what are the two main most common root causes of abdominal pain that radiates to your back there's two main causes that what are the two okay we'll let them dig into that and if you like doc.

In the meantime let me go to another question this is from virginia apparently and virginia asked do you recommend keto for someone who has lost one kidney and with it in an adrenal gland what are they to do well let me tell you the opposite of that if high carb is very hard on the kidney.

And the adrenal so yes you want to do keto but you also want to make sure you go higher amounts on green vegetables because you get the potassium that's protective to the kidney now unless you have stage five you know kidney and stage five kidney problems which is probably not.

The problem but yeah if you have one kidney keto low carb is very very therapeutic on the kidney for many reasons um high carb is very stressful to the kidneys it's one of the causes of kidney failure look at a diabetic.

They're they they're kidneys that get destroyed there's four organs four things that get destroyed with diabetes kidney the eyes the heart and the brain and the nervous system other than that you're doing fine but those are the four tissues that get destroyed.

Okay sounds great so what could the two likely causes of abdominal pain that radiates to the back be and while they are tabular while we're tabulating that how about a call sounds like a plan let's go right to mohammed are you there muhammad you had a question yes dr verg how are you great thanks.

Just a quick question because i'm studying some of the functional medicine and plus also i saw i had a question about the blood work report you know for example regular doctors only go by range it is low or high for example b12 d3 and zinc they have certain range for.

Example d3 3200 so my question is as a functional medicine what's the best number for these blood work ranging because doctors say okay below 30 yeah that's the deficiency if you're 30 they say you're fine don't worry about that you know so.

Basically my question is what's the best number for for these deficiencies that you are perfect for these minerals and vitamins you know for 70 80 90 what it should be okay i'm making a note because this is going to be another video because this is a really good question but go ahead.

Yeah second question is what's the very earliest sign of leaky guardian very first time yeah you have a leaky guard that's okay that's two questions thanks all right so best advanced blood work for vitamins okay so the first symptom of leaky gut is going to be.

Uh probably is going to be more of a inflammatory pain in your stomach which could show up in a bloating first like you feel bloated and and kind of a dull pain and then what happens over time the immune system starts to kick in you start having allergies and and then eventually autoimmune but the.

First thing would be more of a discomfort bloating dullness in your in your abdomen like a a real full feeling but it's kind of a bloated it could be gas as well could be diarrhea and it could be constipation one of those but here's the problem when you when you start asking me about.

Values of nutrients or in your blood honestly it's almost impossible to go by that and i'm going to tell you why because it doesn't evaluate the many different nutrients that are intracellular it's not on the blood you're just evaluating how the nutrition in the blood you know.

It's just one part of your body it doesn't also measure your absorption many people have genetic deviance or um mutations they're called polymorphisms within for especially for the receptor for vitamin d and b12 and folic acid in which they're taking it it's normal in the blood but it's not working in the body.

There is a good test through spectral labs that you can get that measures all these nutrients in relationship to your immune system i really like that test because it will really tell you what's going on at a deeper level and then there's another intracellular test that you can do.

Which measures the um how much it's off of your your tissue on inside of your mouth it measures the intracellular minerals it's great to pick up things that may happen that may turn into arrhythmias and palpitations things like that so honestly the.

Instead of evaluating what's the nutrient in your body evaluate the nutrients going in your body and this is why i recommended the healthy keto plan in my book because that way you um you're getting all the um the nutrition from the diet you're not.

Worrying necessarily about values as much because there's too many variables there so that's what i would recommend and i will do a more detailed video on this um when i when i start doing my videos okay thank you very much okay doc so and by the way that's dr we've got the.

Question up now so i couldn't put up the website so any information you want and all these great videos dr now the question what could be the two likely causes of abdominal pain that radiates to the back and we've got some exciting answers and they are 40 kidney stones uh 30 sluggish gallbladder we have a 20.

20 vagus nerve i'd have never thought of that and finally ten percent claimed that utis are the primary cause of uh the symptoms that you described okay so everyone is correct um but i wanna but there's two that um that i want to talk about that are a little bit more common but you already.

Mentioned one of them which is the gallbladder referring um but and definitely the kidney stone warfare and as well as a uti however there's another there's another thing i want to talk about which no one mentioned that i know about it's pancreatitis pancreatitis now you would think that.

Pancreatitis is not very common it's like oh it's very rare it only happens in cancer blah blah but a lot of people have pancreatitis and if you have pain over to the right side that goes to the right side of your body that's going to be more of a gallbladder issue but if the pain is in.

The center and radiates to the left side of your back or the left shoulder it could be a pancreatitis situation now if you look under pancreatitis there's there's uh interesting the majority cause majority of the time it's caused by a gall stone or a stone that is.

Lodged in the bile ducts so it comes related to either something that could also cause the gallbladder to be an issue right but thirty percent of the time pancreatitis is is um it's called idiopathic pancreatitis now that means unknown cause.

But there's interesting data on that i i found a real good study that talks about the cause of the unknown cause pancreatitis idiopathic pancreatitis and that would be a very tiny stone that is not detected with ultrasound or even a cat scan it's less than three millimeters.

And it's basically kind of like a crystallized gall stone sludge which is interesting it's like a pre-stone so the remedy for both of these conditions if you have pain in your abdomen that's referring to the right side or the left side or your back one really simple thing you.

Could do is take purified bile salts on an empty stomach twice a day and if that gets rid of it within a day you know you have sludge that's traveling through your your ducts because there's a place where a lot of blockage can occur causing either.

Inflammation of the pancreas or the gallbladder and it's such a simple solution and of course you want to get on the right diet that's the ultimate solution but you usually don't you don't you're not going to get this from the doctor they're not going to tell you about this a simple remedy natural with very little.

Side effects instead they'll do scopes invasive procedures and sometimes that are unnecessary and by the way dr your earlier question there are a great many you know severely ill alcoholics that end up with pancreatitis very common to over.

Drink yes that's a different thing that's totally a different situation you're right and that's one one cause i didn't mention is alcohol okay how about one more question before we go back to the phones or uh yeah go ahead okay and rosie wants to know what the best supplements are while.

She's religiously on i f well the number one thing would be electrolytes um potassium and magnesium and things like that and then the number two would be the b vitamins those would be the most important ones if you just pick.

Two and then then the trace minerals after that super how about the phones i think we've got four for ten minutes jamie jamie had a question from abbeville i had a question to think about the digestive system are you there jamie.

Yes i am can you hear me yes perfectly okay i just want to say i had adrenal fatigue a couple years ago and my body just shut down for two months and i didn't know what was wrong and i found you on the website and started following a protocol of vitamin d and started coming out of that fog and.

So i've been following you ever since and and i've been able to maintain and i take your vitamin d3 with k2 and adrenal supplement the cortisol supplement and i'm also taking your cruciferous and your seek help i'm on a b complex and c and i eat very well and most days i do.

Intermittent fasting but back in may i had to have some basal cell carcinoma removed from my face and had to be on antibiotics for it was supposed to be seven days but i only took it three days because i knew it was gonna do something to me and i didn't know what well it totally destroyed my digestion.

And it has put me at a loss because i can't find anything to fix me and it's been four months i got it and i've had diarrhea and it it it mostly happens at night because when i do the intermittent fasting i don't eat until later in the day and then.

Six hours later the digestion starts and i end up with undigested food and so it's just it's weakening me and i'm also taking your electrolyte supplement too okay are you taking any probiotics yes um i've been taking a digestive enzyme that has probiotics and.

Prebiotics and i drink um some prebiotic drinks i mean probiotic drinks other than that nothing else okay so he's really healthy though do you okay good yeah once you get you know this is another video i'm gonna write down here because sometimes once the diarrhea.

Starts sometimes it's hard to stop it and then in the process you lose a lot of lactic acid and things like that i think one thing that you should do is you should um this is the time i would probably recommend kefir and blend it with the blackberries as a shake every day as a combination of.

Some fiber as well as those kefir you know high quality grass fed high fat and not low fat and then no sugar just plain and then do a little bit of that each day that'll actually slow down the diarrhea and then also um you may want to.

Try a different probiotic one that's a little bit stronger yeah you got yours on sale today and i was on your website um looking at it i'm gonna get that um as soon as i can um now one thing i was concerned about is i stopped dairy two years ago because of digestive issues but i will cheat.

From time to time and i know when i've cheated and so would the key for bother that i would get lacta lactate free lactate free yeah okay and if you still have a problem try goats goat's milk kefir if you still have a problem.

Then it's the case scene and then that which case it's not going to be an option for you i would not take it i really miss cheese too i hear you i totally hear you um you know some people are okay with sheep or goat cheese but some people can't but if you do intermittent fasting long enough.

Um you'll find that those allergies should clear up another thing well no i think i think that's what i would do with you so let me try these things within a week and then call us back next week and tell us if it's any better because i have a couple other ideas but i want to.

Make sure you're we turn this thing around okay yeah i didn't want to go to the doctor you know a conventional doctor because they want to put you on another antibiotic and do all these invasive tests and i'm just not up for that i hear you you said it was kefir um blackberries.

And fiber well kind of fiber the fibers in the blackberry yeah the fiber is the blackberry that's your fiber um so that's i think the combination of those two blended should help you but try to get well not try get the lactose free.

Kefir all right all right thanks for your call um steve are you there i sure am i want to take a question or another question i have a i have um another quiz um what is a non-animal source of omega-3 fatty acids like dha super they've got that up on the screen.

And while they uh do that how about another phone call and then i'll give you another question from social media okay sounds like a plan and we need to go to derrick from queens hey dr barry good morning how are you good morning um i'm going to keep it real.

Simple uh i'm going to throw thing three things at you and you just tell me what's the best remedy so the first one is xanthelasma uh the second is how to get rid of excess bilirubin in the blood and the third is and i and i would like if you could make some more.

Um in-depth videos on this uh we'd all greatly appreciate it and it's something that everyone's been talking about lately uh it's the lymphatic system and how do we you i already saw the video you had on that you had a few but how do we get uh lymph nodes in the armpits like to come.

If they're swollen how do we get them to come down in the neck what do we do for lymph nodes and the emphatic system is hello can you hear me i believe directly correlated with what's going on in the liver as well okay so are you talking about those um cholesterol.

Deposits on the eyes yes my mom has that remember i told uh i called and i asked you about that and yeah um i didn't know the word for it at that at the time yeah well the the that the the primary mode of cholesterol uh control and um excretion through the liver is the.

Bile ducts and the gallbladder so it's really she needs to take purified bile salts probably in the form of it's called tudka t-u-d-c-k-t-u-d-c-a it's a type of purified bile salts that may help her maybe take it three times two to three times a day um.

I have your gall bladder formula yeah so that's some of that yeah if you have that you can use that as well okay either one but on an empty stomach not with meals because you want to focus in on that liver and really kind of control the excess amount of.

Cholesterol the second question you asked go ahead and repeat that excess bilirubin in the blood which again is a liver issue yeah that's the same thing the same thing in the same remedy because the bilirubin is a waste product of your.

Red blood cells or it's old red blood cells and what happens if there's a blockage in the bile ducts it'll back up and you might even get uh itchiness of the skin or the bilirubin goes up because there's a backup but when you take purified bile salts it allows it to drain to the liver.

A lot better and then that goes away oh and then the last swollen lymph nodes is kind of like a maybe a subclinical infection going on so you know that's when you do the fasting you do the um um thyme rosemary oregano.

Garlic those type of things to kind of regulate your immune system grape seed extract too right that would be a good thing as an antioxidant for sure my man thank you very much as always it's a pleasure thank you oh my pleasure okay good okay doc how about.

We're two minutes till uh we've got some answers but why don't we do the last phone call and wrap up the show with these great answers sure okay so we're gonna go to um saudi arabia with atif are you there hi hi dr brooke how are you hi great thanks.

Um yeah i've been watching your uh videos you've been putting on youtube it's been very uh educational for me but i've got a very um in-depth question that uh it's been a problem for uh me and my wife um first of all um we.

Tried to conceive um for uh for a while but nothing's nothing's happened and then we went for xc and um it's the first two times uh it failed and then i did a um in-depth uh analysis whether it's due to um sperm obviously i did a sperm test and my motility was very low and.

My wife's egg quality also it wasn't very good because when when they did the extraction a couple of eggs failed and we were only left with one my question is is that is the egg quality um the lower quality due to chromosomal.

Abnormalities and is the sperm affected by oxidative stress or reactive oxidative species which um turn into these free radicals or that are i want to get some kind of information on how to improve the chromosomal um abnormalities within.

The egg and how to improve right even if there is a genetic weakness you can still still do a lot because there's an epigenetic factor which is environmental factor and what i would do if i were you for both of you i would be taking zinc for sure zinc is the.

Key trace mineral to support not just the sperm numbers and quality and survival rate but also the egg the other thing to take to lower the ros reactive oxidative species would be to take tocotrinols which is a type of vitamin e you want 300 milligrams per day of tocotrienols not.

Tocopherols just to katrina's in fact i probably would take two of those each day so that's 600 milligrams per day what that's going to do is going to help fertility because vitamin e is the key vitamin it's known as the fertility vitamin and that will counter the.

Oxidative stress the free radicals and the zinc is going to be really good and as far as your wipe goes to help her balance the her hormones especially coming down from the pituitary i would add in their anacitol anositol is another known vitamin it used to be called like b i.

Think b8 vitamin b8 but it's really good for women who are trying to get pregnant and they have polycystic ovarian syndrome but it's a another fertility um nutrient um and then on top of those make sure you're doing healthy keto and imminent fasting and i think you'll have the best.

Chance of getting pregnant or not you but your wife that's right okay folks uh well what a great group of callers we had today and now let's wrap up the final question and it says once again what is a non-animal source of the omega 3 fat dha.

And to that uh we have 30 seaweed 30 algae which i guess is sort of in the same track 30 avocados and finally we wrap up with 10 nuts what say you dr burr okay so the answer is micro algae uh it's algae and see seaweed um is is kind of a general.

Category category that could include um algae um seaweed but you have sea kelp that doesn't have the dha but seaweed does um certain seaweeds but like the blue green algae and the other algaes are an alternative source for dha for those people who want to do an alternative.

Source but on that note um really good questions thanks for the ideas for new videos i really appreciate all of your attenti all of your your the listener the callers and the listeners um stay tuned for some really good videos coming up and have a wonderful week.

And i hope i helped you guys we'll see you later indeed you did you
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