Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF Friday the 18th of September at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF Friday the 18th of September at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF Friday the 18th of September at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and IF Friday the 18th of September at 11:00 AM EST.
hey everyone we're back again and uh we're here for another show anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you or replace your medical care check with your doctor before taking any of the advice that we.

Are just going to give we're not even going to give advice well the tips gonna talk about we may we may give a solution but you know it's just for your entertainment right yeah um so if you have questions you can call in um definitely social media we're we'll definitely take your questions.

Here um we're going to just dive right in how about that and maria you are from new york you had a question go ahead hello um hello both of you i'm approximately 10 weeks pregnant and i was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum that's severe.

Very severe morning sickness yeah i've i've lost so much weight to the point that i look like a skeleton i i really do i'm i'm wasting away and i wanted to know you know why does this happen uh does this start from a weakness in the diet or genetics or both because my mother said that she was also.

Severely uh nauseous in her third pregnancy and i'm on my third pregnancy um i just want to describe some of the things that happened to me if uh and this is occurs within the hours that i will have a headache um it will develop.

It'll become very very severe to the point i throw up then my heart will start pounding very loudly out from my chest but the headache will die down not go away but die down and then i'll and then it'll occur within the hour again while the headache will build up you know i'll become nauseous throw up.

And then my heart starts pounds what i've done is i've i've only been able to drink water with pedialyte and i wanted to know if you have other solutions and if you can help me understand this situation sure i think uh are you doing any type of keto diet.

Right now obviously the only thing i'm drinking though is only water wikipedia life yeah so you that's uh that's going to give you more glucose it's going to give you more sugar it's going to give you more synthetic vitamins um i would maybe do some type of a.

Green powder with some maybe some liquid minerals and just some gentle things just to replace your electrolytes your trace minerals you really need to start dropping in some of those nutrients especially omega-3 fatty acids it might be hard to get them down but that's going to be vital right now.

But there's something called you write this down it's called tudka t-u-d-c-a t-u-d-c-a tutcom it's a type of bile salt that i think will help the nauseousness and it kind of decongests the liver allow things to drain a little bit better i think you'll feel a lot less nauseous.

If you take the tudka take one in the morning then take another one at noon and another one in the in the later afternoon so do that for a couple days i think that'll actually get rid of the headaches and make you feel better the other thing that you could take is a lot of.

Like colon sonia root that is also good for what you have which is nauseousness and congestion of liver what's happening is the pressure is on the gallbladder and everything's kind of back up in the liver and you're probably feeling very very nauseous so we've got to keep the flow.

Going through the body but the only foods that i would recommend eating have to align with the keto i wouldn't do intermittent fasting which you're probably already doing now but do keto healthy keto because the um that's your best chance of getting your body to correctly digest.

And pull the nutrients in and for this future baby that's going to be coming out so that's what you should do but the pedialyte is way too much sugar and i can imagine that's not the best solution okay thanks and then um the next caller.

Let me just make sure i have this correct sultan from saudi arabia are you there yes i'm here hi all right what's your question yeah i've been doing intermittent fasting for the past uh one year and three months and then i've hit the plateau.

Then i've started doing keto for the past month um there's a device that there's a skin where you stand on barefoot and there are two electrodes which you hold with your hands and to give you your whole body composition of many fats and muscles and according to the.

According to the device in the last 10 days it says that i've lost two pounds of muscle yeah that's called impedance testing i i used to have the machine honestly i got rid of it it did it's not accurate it's not the best way to you know you'd have people like within a day lose two pounds of muscle and then.

The next day they're gaining two pounds of muscle it's not accurate there's too many other variables that are that go into it what you ate the day before your stress level your sleep level that's that's i highly doubt you lost that muscle.

I if you really wanted to figure that out you do a dexa scan but no that's absolutely not true you don't on omed you actually what happens is and this is going to relate to our first quiz which i'm going to get into but the point is that when you fast.

You have a massive spike in growth hormone and that is a protective hormone against the loss of muscle we don't store muscle for fuel we only store sugar as glycogen and fat is fuel so muscle is not used as fuel unless you're starving which means you.

Tapped out all of your fat and now you have nothing left but muscle so it's just it's false information i know that alarmed you but when you're exercising and you want to prevent the muscle loss one thing you could do is just kind of.

Raise go up a little bit with your proteins you don't have to go up too high but maybe up to eight ounces if you're really exercising a lot but you don't have to go a lot more than that because over 50 of all the protein you eat is wasted anyway.

So and then it's just it's used as fuel but the main thing is what will keep stimulating muscle growth is exercise and just having adequate amount of protein all right good question all right karen where are people um watching from they are watching from poland south africa.

New mexico trinidad de bogo the uk indonesia spain germany sweden cyprus finland algeria all over the united states that's great and i'm sure now that i did that they'll flood in with everywhere else they're from but i have a question yeah go ahead so michael on facebook wants to know.

What can be done to help prevent stones like gall stones kidney stones stone stones the stone and the kidney is different than the stone in the gallbladder so they're not made from the same thing so in the gallbladder it's a concentrated cholesterol because the person is low in.

Bile they need to increase the bile to keep it dissolved and then in the kidney it's usually a calcium stone from from oxalic oxalate calcium stone in which case you it's not about reducing your calcium it's about um reducing your oxalates which come.

From spinach kiwi almonds chocolate all the things well almost all the things that are on keto keto approved list spinach um also um what else kale no kale's not too bad um almond flour rhubarb i know it's a popular vegetable.

That a lot of people eat but rhubarb pie you're gonna have to cut down on that steve if you want to prevent kidney stones right away but the best way to prevent a kidney stone is to drink enough water um like two and a half liters um you know the first place winner our immune contest.

Um i talked to him yesterday because he won the prize of talking with me for on the phone we did a zoom and he was from the middle east and we had a great conversation and just really winning like crazy over there he's spreading the word there's a lot of people in the middle east that are doing keto.

And with incredible success because i i heard that they have a higher incident of diabetes there than a lot of other countries and they do tend to eat sweets honey is a big thing date traditional i think way back in the early times when they did dates and honey they probably didn't.

Have all the other refined carbohydrates to add to that and it probably was okay at some point but then got out of control what do you think too with foods like that i mean a long time ago when they ate fruits or honey they were also living a very very different lifestyle.

They were burning a lot more fuel they weren't i mean without cars i mean you have to do you got more of it for miles and miles uh but also you know the physical activity was different you weren't eating that as a part of maybe you know the way you eat candy bar or having.

Like you said the sugar in absolutely everything you're eating you might have you know your meal and you have some dates you couldn't actually call up to have someone deliver your food to your house back then like get it like that i think food wasn't as available um which is a good thing and a bad thing.

But um yeah it was pretty pretty messed up so the first quiz karen is this for everyone that is listening um i put this video up this morning i don't know if you saw it but i wanted to know what is the food that is the hardest to give up on.

Keto for you but i don't want you to answer that here i just want to answer i want to the question is what do you think the top answer was to that question out of all the different junk foods or un unfriendly keto foods which one did people answer the most of.

The food that was the hardest to give up on keto go ahead and answer that right now so it's not your hardest it's what do you think the number one answer was yeah and you won't have time to tabulate all the answers on that video because.

We're going to come to that really fast there's actually i think thousands what video i just released this morning yeah so i asked like what is your food so i'm reading all the comments it's quite interesting uh very interesting um margaret you're from san jose california.

You had a question go ahead yes doctor tag first saying first i never uh lose a date without listening to your videos you are just fantastic and enough to karen you are fantastic too and i love you um just everything you say especially the comment you just made about middle east.

The person gaining weight or plateau and lifestyle change i think that's absolutely um very very correct my question today is that i just am in the process of ordering your nutritional yeast and i was just wondering if that is high in carbohydrate because it sounds like.

It should be yeah yeah you know what it's not it's actually high in amino acids protein it's low in carb it's high in trace minerals and it's high in b vitamins and has phytonutrients it's a great combo so it will not throw you out of ketosis.

And the the bottle has about 270 and i chew them some people swallow them steve loves them i chew them as well i'll tell you what and it is a real aid to me in intermittent fasting because when i feel a little urge a naughty urge to do something i.

You know eat a couple of those crunch them down uh and no weight gain or anything like that and i just feel more relaxed and better i get a lot more all the v vitamins so yeah it's an acquired taste but i love it for some reason i think it grows on you the taste is very unique and we put a little bit of.

Um vanilla extract natural vanilla just to kind of give it a little bit of a number i don't know nummy but it's it's like a nutty flavor nutty taste it's not sweet it's just kind of nutty i think you know you might eat the.

First one and you'd be like i'm not sure about this and then you're picking it out of your teeth or whatever but it grows on you i mean i've had days where i just have it in my car and periodically through the day i'm just munching on.

I need the bees the b vitamins in there is going to reduce stress greatly it's gonna make you feel calm so you're gonna go wow i feel so much better so then you'll keep doing it so yeah so let me let us know how that works at margaret thanks for your call and we love you right back yeah all.

Right karen okay what do we got for the answers okay i love these answers are hysterical some of them but i would say the number one um probably the number one answer is bread of some kind then there's also like pizza and ice cream okay so the.

Answer is you ready for this are you guys sitting down bread you are correct sir so we have bread is the top one which is not shocking number two ice cream no pizza no chips nope rice oh rice some people said rice why people like rice i mean is that good you know.

Rice with chicken rice with this rash with that i don't know about like rice with other things but i can tell you a huge comfort food for me used to be white rice with a ton of butter and some salt karen don't talk about that right now steve is sitting over there i know he's.

Going to go you know he's going to do now that you mentioned that i'll be right back more than having rice with something that would have been the comforter this is why we have cauliflower rice okay third thing is the sugar sugar just straight sugar it was funny.

Because when i was a kid i would stand on top of our counter looking the cupboards for actual sugar just a white sugar yes and i would just eat it and that's the reason why i got into all this health stuff because i was very very sick sugared out you were sugared out.

Yep well i don't think it's a big surprise that the number one thing people miss is bread and you know it's maybe not an exact do you have any good recipes there's a million recipes for bread we have an amazing recipe for bread um the only problem.

Is that it does take a little bit to make and if your family is like mine i can make four loaves of it and it's gone within well that's because we have 12 kids there are lots of recipes for bread type things though just keep making it just keep well let's.

Go to carmen from winter spring florida springs florida are you there carmen yes hi yes i am great thank you so much you're welcome i have been i have been on keto oh my gosh before tito was popular wow because of breast cancer wow and um.

And then i did i did take your health coach course and got my certificate only for personal i mean for personal information but my problem is that i keep on losing weight on this keto and i i i was even doing the intermittent fasting and i sort of now.

Sort of sort of got off that a little bit just to see if i can gain some pounds because i keep on every time i take a go on the scale my timer i was 102 and then i'm now on 97 i go 1994 and i mean i'm very i'm short but still i sort of feel that i need to gain some.

Weight instead of losing weight yeah you have two choices what can i do okay you can sit around the house and just eat doughnuts no just kidding um oh no this is what you can do you can actually just increase your fat uh mct oil is a good way because that'll.

Turn in energy and that way it'll slow down your body's ability to burn its own fat so add more fat to the diet with each meal and maybe even between the meal with some mct oil and you can also bring your carbs up not not above 50 keep them below 50 but just bring up the carbs a little bit more like.

With berries hummus things like that and those two things should help you if you also exercise do weight training that will support your muscle mass and um and you will gain a little bit with that which is not a problem so those are things that i would do keep it simple um and.

Or hang around with me for a week i guarantee you'll start to blow it right up right all right thanks carmen all right so um give me a question karen okay so kc on youtube is asking he she don't know gets heart palpitations after eating veggies the quantity is 250 to 300.

Grams of veggies i will cook them and eat them daily but getting palpitations well i don't think it's a it's not because the vegetables are depleting her of electrolytes which she needs to calm that i think it has to do with some type of irritation from those vegetables because.

There's most most of the people can do vegetables totally fine they need to and they feel great but there's certain certain amount of people who have vegetables that are sensitive to certain things in the vegetables like lectins and.

Oxalates and phytic acid and these things like that in which case they might need to steam them and that will help or consume fermented vegetables that would help but that's what i would do i would switch up also the vegetables that you eat.

I don't think it's a problem unless you have other symptoms but um yeah that's that's that's my thought on that okay all right karen yes here's the next question yes are there any uh carbs in meat yes or no are there carbs in meat there you go yes or no question uh let.

Me rephrase that are there carbs in animal protein just to keep it a little bit more broad okay okay all right good so as you guys are pondering and chewing on that question um let's get to the meat of the question through here this next one right here.

All right so simon from toronto canada had a question about keto kind of had a complication there simon hello hi how are you i'm good so thank you doctor i want to talk about my digest issue so i always don't have a stable digestive issue and uh two or three times per day mostly.

Loose but never diarrhea and the constipation and all taking the enzyme hcl bio all the time so three months ago i decided to change it to healthy keto and intermittent fasting so right after i change i would say the first month my thought movement is very good.

Also i lose my weight my belly my energy is also very good but right after one month i gradually start to have diarrhea every day like multiple days and i just don't know what's going on because i haven't changed any food supplement and lifestyle so i don't know why the first one is good.

And then suddenly diarrhea every day yeah all right so here's what's happening you probably you mentioned you think you've taken the purified bile salts which is good but if you keep taking them over a longer period of time and you don't really need them you'll actually build.

Up more bile salts than you need and one of the side effects of when you have too much bile is that you have diarrhea because it's a laxative it's great for people that are constipated so there's a limit to how much you should take and also how long you should.

Take it and the way that you know you took too much is you have diarrhea so i would just cut that out for a while the other reason why you might have diarrhea is but you mentioned there's no change but i always like to ask people like exactly what you eat and you might find there was a change you add.

This or that to your diet and then i would look at that especially like the keto desserts with the sugar alcohols but the other thing that can cause diarrhea too is consuming too many vegetables that you're not used to that can create a problem as well for some people it could also create.

Constipation so but it's rare but that could be another thing so i look at the vegetables and look at the bile salts i look at any sugar alcohols and as keto desserts that you're consuming thanks simon all right karen i am ready for the the answer to this question.

The answer which was um are there carbs in animal protein okay well we got yes and we got nose i believe we got more nose than yeses okay so let's just talk about beef um where's the base less than one gram of carb however when you consume liver.

There is about three but like if you have three ounces of liver you're going to get about 3.5 grams of carbs someone said that on facebook i'm sorry to make a note liver was yeah now do you know why you would have carbs in liver no because you store glycogen in your liver it's.

It's sugar you store sugar in your liver so when you're eating liver you're getting getting some glycogen but what's interesting is that it doesn't seem to be present in the muscle because you also store glycogen the muscle which is the regular animal meat that.

You would eat so apparently it's very low on that but it's higher in in liver so but it's really it's going to be really hard for you to eat enough liver to create a spike in your blood sugars the other thing that does have some hidden carbs which i'm going to do a video on.

Is oysters clams and shrimp has a little bit of carb which is interesting you wouldn't think it would but well we're talking a small amount i wouldn't worry about it but there are some other foods that you'd be pretty shocked to find out with hidden carbs which i'm going to do a video on lettuce.

Yeah but it's most of fiber so you don't have to worry about that okay okay so i got another quiz coming up but i want to go to kelly from seattle washington are you there i'm here dr berg and karen thank you so much for taking my call i was recently diagnosed with high prolactin which is a hormone produced by.

The pituitary gland yeah um i just did an mri waiting for the results looking if there's a tumor there i don't like the suggested drugs that they're talking about if there's a tumor there there's like mind-altering stuff and um i'm wondering what i can you know i'm.

Being tested for lead and mercury as well um i'm wondering what i can do nutrition wise to help i am on healthy keto and i ask okay yeah so any type of any time you have like tumors of any kind of course um this is not meant to replace your medical care.

Just this is just my opinion on on this you want to get more data you're like you want to like you said like do all these other testing try to find out is there associated high metals is it this or that like with tumors in the pituitary could also be a time where you had a lot of stress which.

Can activate that whole pathway between the adrenals and the pituitary that can create some problems sometimes but the other thing is you're doing the right thing with fasting in keto because keto naturally is anti-inflammatory which is really good for suppressing tumor growth it also.

Helps your immune system but fasting is where it's at if you do some periodic prolonged fasting it's very powerful as an anti-cancer and anti-tumor property or effects that you can create anywhere in the body so then you want to probably avoid you know.

Things hidden things like the gmo chemicals which i'm sure you're doing but anything that's related to that i would i would just do some periodic prolonged fasting keeping your fasting eat healthy keto and then just get more data that's what i would thank you for your question all right.

Karen i'm ready for another question okay so irene on facebook is asking what she can do about edema swelling in the feet we don't know irene are you on keto and if maybe you can pop that in the notes there so we can see that's a big question well it's an easy problem the first thing you can do is.

Eliminate carbs and you'll drop a lot of fluid just like that however there's a couple other things to add to things dandelion greens have a diuretic effect you can put that in your salad celery will really help you push this fluid out if you were just to have um i don't know three to four stalks of.

Celery today tomorrow morning it's going to be less and then you keep that in celery is a good that's different it has some sodium in it but it also has potassium so it's a good structure to help push fluid out it has a diuretic celery you know i did buy some celery.

The other day i'm good and celery has some real interesting properties for supporting blood pressure and uric acid lowers uric acid stuff helps sleep um it's an alkalizer i mean it just does a lot of stuff and you don't have to worry about the carbs and celery juice i recommend consuming the whole.

Thing because there's a lot of phytonutrients in the fiber itself but i'm really um i mentioned to have more celery karen it says as i'm studying about i'm like wow it has this it has that sometimes i crave celery and we're going to break your fast.

By the way well you'd want to have it with a meal but you know what honestly if you're going to have it at night before bed like an hour it's not going to really break fast more than maybe a minute because it's it's so high it's so high in water and fiber there's nothing left i mean look at the carbs and.

And celery juice i mean it's not going to be that sweet i i think it's even less than it just maybe it might be one gram of sugar if that yep okay you have another question there you go uh yes sarah on facebook wants to know if she can do keto while breastfeeding.

She needs to do keto on br when she's breastfeeding like 100 now not intermittent fasting but definitely keto because it's going to optimize your nutrition if we do the healthy version you know they talk about diabetes being genetic well it really has a lot to do with what.

You're eating when you're delivering that child and right before during and after as you're breastfeeding that will you know pass along or avoid passing along any type of weakness that you have so diabetes type 2 is is more caused by what's called epigenetics or if.

Influenced by your environment and lifestyle so even if you have genetic issues and you keep keto in low carb and it's healthy you can put that thing in remission and dormant and and not have to have it be a problem it's interesting because so many times i.

Hear well blah blah blah runs in my family well well so does i mean it can be a cultural thing you know look at well my family history my grandparents ate this particular kind of food i was raised on this kind of food i tend to eat this kind of food.

Or my husband cooks this kind of food so you know you really have to look at is it is it really genetic or is it just that you're continuing a lifestyle that brings that passed along from generation here's the real big problem karen um unfortunately at every.

Social event birthday social event any type of meeting social events what comes up is like that has to bring you know breaking the bread it has to has to have that um carbs it has to have alcohol like i wonder if um we could start a new tradition and start.

Taking celery yes or do healthier foods but people tend to kind of go into this social mood and they they just start eating junk it's just it's just weird um well i do know a church that was um with all their events was a lot of pasta and a lot of.

Sweet and literally the whole church kind of went keto and they made this you know instead of all the carbs they started presenting big salad bars or salad buffets and and the members started to bring keto cookies and things like that and and that's just what they do now so the whole church is forwarding.

Low carb it's very unusual when i came back to that church after a month i didn't even recognize people they were like what the heck everyone's like shrunk so um so get your church on keto next question can this is a true or false well just say true or false.

The brain can read now i better ask this question yes or no can the brain regenerate can brain tissue regenerate let's just see what you have to say about that okay i i don't want to give away the answer to that okay so karen yes sir i dropped my pen and i um.

I can't reach it because i'm on a very tall chair no that's fine i don't need to write anything he's going to come out and throw you one anyway so okay yeah you have a question so is there any call this is from anna on youtube any cause.

Or help for primary thrombocytosis high platelets is that a medical question yeah i don't i don't want to get into medical questions too much answer that question can you give me a keto question let me let me ask you this how would the keto and intermittent.

Fasting lifestyle support healthy blood well um first of all ketones give you more oxygen so it's going to increase your oxygen carrying capacity and it's automatically going to decrease your co2 so right there you're going to have more oxygen you're going to breathe.

Better so that's that's one thing now it is true that there's certain parts of the body that that have to run on glucose and not ketones and one of them is the red blood cell but any sugar your body needs it'll make it it'll make it out of fat.

It'll make it out of your triglycerides it'll make it out of dietary protein it doesn't have you don't have to eat sugar to get that sugar as your fuel source so that's um i have another sugar question yeah so uh i've even seen this in movies right.

Someone has low blood sugar or feels faint or they think they have low blood sugar or whatever and go get some candy well you keep in your pocket to keep the blood sugars because low blood sugar means you need to raise and raise it it's a scoop of sugar right so this is a myth.

Right this is a myth that that is a remedy now it's not a myth that you might momentarily feel better that's not a myth but um what's a better what what if you were playing that clip in the movie and someone was like oh i have low blood sugar.

And someone ran to grip ran to grab something to give you to feel better what would that thing be protein protein will increase a little bit of insulin but it also increases the opposite hormone it's called glucagon and that will help you a lot with your stabilizing your sugar.

So protein is what you'd go to for but in fat but not carbs what people don't realize um well what hypogly people with hypoglycemia don't realize is that the function of insulin and how insulin is pushing your blood sugars down behind the scenes they never got it tested and you have.

High insulin period so go get it tested the test you want to do is called homa ir that will measure something called insulin resistance but you're also going to measure your fasting insulin it's going to be high it's pushing your blood sugars down keeping you in low blood sugar mode and.

So if that happened and i was feeling like i had low blood sugar and i'm dizzy and i'm ready to faint out the car then i run and i get some sugar no what happens it's going to keep the problem there longer it's going to actually stimulate you're going to feel better for a minute and.

Then insulin's going to come in there and push it down again now you're in the same boat over and over again now here's another question because i was just talking to somebody about this the other day husband snacking all day long but feels like he has to snack because.

He feels fatigued right unless he eats something yeah so he's constantly handling this fatigue all day long with snacking can't stop the snacking it's kind of like alcohol carrying you drink alcohol you feel better if you're relaxed and then you feel and then you stop.

Drinking and you don't feel as good then you take you drink it you keep going back and forth so you're in this trap of patching a problem this is called patching you're not fixing the problem you're coping with it with the wrong solution because their solution to this is causing the.

Problem right so you want to um grazing is is not natural for our bodies to graze it's the absolute worst thing in the world to do health-wise because it's a constant constant feeding process and then it's going to create all sorts of blood.

Sugar issues now you really can't burn fat and you're dependent on the next meal and um what if they're grazing with nuts and grazing with healthy things doesn't matter because it's still anything you eat of any significant calories is going to increase insulin so you're bathing your body in this insulin.

And so i used to think it was impossible for any human to get throughout the day without passing out at three o'clock in the afternoon i just thought everyone did it and i was grazing of course not as healthy as this caller or listener might suggest but it was horrible i was wiped out all the.

Time and it started with breakfast and since i've intermittent fasted frankly sometimes i have a little difficulty getting to sleep i am alert and awake all day long while i'm intermittent fasting and it's a glorious change from the fatigue that i used to live through constantly yeah tire.

Fatigue usually if you have blood sugars is high insulin so insulin too much insulin it's like kind of like after a thanksgiving meal you feel like you're ready for a nap so that's that's really what's happening do i did i ask a question that i didn't get an answer yet yes can the brain regenerate.

So we've been uh chatting for a long time so let me go back yes no yes no yes yes yes yes yes yes no uh yes yes yes uh yes yes more yeses than nose okay so this is interesting because the answer is yes but there's only two parts of your brain that can regenerate everything else you can't regenerate.

Once it's gone it's gone wow what can the hippocampus that's one hippocampus is a greek word or a latin for a seahorse because it looks like a seahorse but it's involved and there's many theories of what the hippocampus does they don't really know for sure but it's some relay between your in your memory.

Your short-term memory loss or memory retention so if you have a damage in your hippocampus lose your short-term memories you can't form them that well what are we talking about and right right but you remember the old memories and then you also have a lesson ability to learn.

And you have problems with spatial memory navigation finding yourself you know through a maze is difficult now um stress shrinks the hippocampus so does sugar so does refined carbs and one of the one of the things to there's a lot of receptors for.

Cortisol which is a stress hormone and also what really helps grow the hippocampus is omega-3 fats zinc and b1 vitamin b1 the other structure that can regenerate is the olfactory bulb which has to do with smell so that's also zinc yes it is caring good.

If you're zinc deficient your olfactory bulb will atrophy and so your hippocampus a hippocampus is shrinking so um one of the most powerful ways to increase the size of those two structures is fasting yeah and there you have it regrow your brain.

When you fast right but it's so counter intuitive isn't it because people are like oh i feel tired or i feel this or i feel weak or i feel now obviously you can be weak from not having enough nutrients the first uh first thing to go when someone has alzheimer's is uh.

Is the hippocampus so just fyi that makes sense because my mother who had alzheimer's we the very first thing we used to kind of joke that she her gps was broken well that relates to the next question sheep when you get surgery and they put you out with anesthetics.

Is it stressful to the body do you have a spike in cortisol do you get is there stress going on the body i mean you're out your under anesthetic so what's your what's your answer guys so that's the next quiz that can relate to what you're talking about and while you're answering that quiz lisa.

On on facebook is saying she lost her sense of smell about five years ago so start taking zinc and make sure you're fasting yeah and then also if you had the covid you know that can create this is five years ago right but that can decrease your smell but i think that's really just a.

Zinc problem yeah um okay so then gary from freehold new jersey had a question are you there gary yeah hi doctor i'm here hi thanks for taking my call sure yeah i'm a yeah huge fan of your video and thanks for all the good work oh and uh i have a quick question uh so.

As myself i i have a history of high cholesterol so after after watching all your videos so now i have a better understanding of the number uh so when every time i go to the lab so now i kind of like uh feel better because because i know how to read it yeah and.

Uh so right now uh my i mean before keto and intermediate fasting um my classroom is always between the total number is always between 200 and 240. you know so my uh hdl is in the range like 39 and 50 and my uh ldl is like in between 140 and 170.

And my tight crystallize is like between 110 and 140 and then my uh hemoglobin a1c is always between 5.7 and 6. and my my doctor never mentioned that that you know this is something that he just told me that just go for it and it's all good.

So with with the aikido and and intermediate fasting so now i see my uh good cholesterol which is the hdl is like i never hit that number like 71 i never hit that number here gary gary um can you just um there's a lot of questions i really want to get all the data but can you just uh ask.

Your question your your just question summarize it because i yeah okay so my my question is that so i see all the markers good but my my uh a1c is not going down okay like i'm still out 58. so i have a question i mean 5.8 gary i have a question for you yeah i just want to see.

Yeah yeah are you um doing really strict keto or are you doing sort of keto where there's like maybe some days that you're not as perfect as others i do like not a restricted meaning you know i i don't do the calculation of cough how much i you know i i ate but i.

Do have some you know snack that but maybe nuts that has some carbs but i do cut off the all the rice and the bread so i do i did that okay so here's the here's the tip gary when you're checking air and seat a1c it's an average of three months of your blood sugar.

So if you're not perfect i will say the days that you're off a little bit and maybe your blood sugar goes up that's going to contribute to this number so it might not go down below you know 5.5 it might stay right where you are at medically you're still fine because they they'll allow you to go up even.

Higher but my thought is i'd like to keep it down even below 5.5 so i think if you just get a little stricter cut out the snacks because that will raise insulin i think it'll come down even further so i think you're doing good but we can.

Improve on that all right thanks gary okay karen i'm ready for the answer to this question oh everyone says yes ask the question again what was my question did i have the surgery now this is interesting because you would think if they put you out.

That there's cortisol will be low but guess what if they're do it depends on the severity of the surgery and how invasive it is if it's invasive your cortisol will go up and this is why you lose a lot of potassium sometimes during surgery this is also why people coming out of surgery sometimes.

Have like post problems with even developing autoimmune issues or longer recovery time or other issues so here's the point just when so just surgery does create a stress it's a trauma and you want to go into surgery uh with really healthy and with healthy adrenals as much as possible.

This is why we want to get everyone on keto and intermittent fasting immediately just in case you ever need surgery you at least go in there with a lot more protection keto and if increase your tolerance for stress it your cells will be stronger and you'll be able to get through it a.

Lot better and then also be taking a lot of electrolytes before during and after because there's a lot of complications from in high levels of cortisol after you have surgery which i'm going to do a video on that but do you think these guys really have any what they would consider a moderate.

Stress in their life well no but just some people you know friends family neighbors relatives but not you guys all right so um um ahmed is call is calling from toronto calif uh canada are you there uh hello dog hello i'm there.

Hello doctor hi uh first and foremost i'm a huge huge fan i preach i exercise everything that you preach and you've truly changed my life for the better the last three years um so my uh my question for the day was that um i think i called earlier i don't know if you remember me but yes i do i'm on a keto bulk right now all night.

So i'm on a keto bulk um and uh say if i get 270 pounds around 14 to 15 percent body fat right but uh and i'm on a on a calor plus a 15 of course but once i get to 170 pounds and i want to lower my body fat percentage to like around seven and a half percent.

Can i stay in a neutral caloric state as long as i'm doing keto or do i have to go into deficit because i want to maintain that muscle mass that i had 170 by just lowering the body fat percentage yeah i think what the best thing to do with you is you're going to have to the key variable there is the exercise.

You're going to have to maintain a high level of exercise with full body increased volume of exercise so you can develop that muscle mass at the same time have it lean so you may want to instead of doing the you know maybe adjust your fats bring that down to maybe 80.

80 grams or maybe 175 you don't want to go low fat but you want to have maybe a little bit just to have your body eat up some of that fat that's that's there so you're gonna that's what you're gonna have to do as far as adjust the calories just increase the exercise.

And that is your your tip of the day thanks for your question all right karen yeah you have a good question there for me i do okay uh from uh looks like familia on facebook your doctor how do you create an acid alkaline balance in your.

Body you just eat healthy and your body will automatically adjust the ph is necessary you don't want to eat too much of this or too much of that now karen yeah i notice your mom had i think a few surgeries yes and that's why i brought that up is because the.

Cortisol affects the high hippocampus it shrinks it so that kind of i just wanted i wanted to say that before i you know yes it's true she had a heart surgery first and after that is when her memory started to go and her gps started to go.

And then they opted to have a few other surgeries that where she went under with general anesthesia and each time this situation got worse and worse until yeah couldn't come back let me give you the next question uh this is the last quiz okay.

Um which one of these actions will increase growth hormone more exercise or fasting okay so while you're answering that let's go to kathleen she's from san antonio texas yes the home of the alamo i saw that when i was in in the army that was uh.

Exciting for sam yeah good so my question is about my thyroid i know a lot of people have thyroid issues um i want to take t-kelp but my question is since i have the synthroid already in me is that going to or how do i regulate the increase in my i guess my tsh is going to go up i don't know i just don't want to take.

Too much iodine and then become hyper fibroid because i'm hypo right now i'm a low right and then do i take adrenal formula also or so those two good questions so um yeah i can't actually you know give you medical questions as far as replace your medical care but i can give you some.

Some ideas of where you should do further research ccalp is does have a good amount of iodine and of course you don't want to take too much and you can also take it short term but there's some other things that seek help has that synthroid doesn't.

You're taking t4 right now synthetic t4 but you're not taking actual minerals like selenium like zinc and they're all plant-based in sea kelp so you have this huge range of amazing minerals trace minerals with amino acids and vital nutrients all together so it's not just the iodine so you can.

Actually take the whole package and help you thyroid most thyroid conditions are hashimoto's which is kind of autoimmune and this is why you would want to support the adrenal probably more than anything so that wouldn't be a bad idea to support your adrenals and also if you're taking synthroid.

You always have to ask your doctor like how long do i have to take this before it fixes my problem i want to know why do i have this problem in the first place so that's what you want to ask the doctor because a lot of times the thyroid comes from estrogen dominance can come from a fatty liver it could.

Come from a lack of bile all these things add up so there's many different things you can do to improve the thyroid function but why did you get this in the first place you want to get all the data kind of figure that out and then try to solve that so eventually maybe down the road you can get your.

Doctor to wean you off of it i mean out of all the medications that's a hormone that's probably going to be least at least damaging side effects but be nice to actually have you you know have your thyroid work by itself thanks kathleen all right karen what do we got here.

Fasting you are correct if you said fasting exercise can potentially increase your growth hormone up to 700 percent but fasting can potentially increase it to up to 2 000 wow now what's so significant about growth hormone do we really need it.

Well as you age it goes down and it is the anti-aging hormone for your skin the fountain of youth collagen for weight loss for fat burning um so it does a lot with any protein any protein so if you're deficient in growth hormone you're going to have a lot of loose skin.

A lot of issues wrinkles things like that so fasting is the answer people of earth and also the type of exercise you should do would be high intensity the ultimate exercise would be short bursts of high intensity like sprinting that would be the ideal if you can do it.

It's very painful but it's very beneficial hey sharon you're from las vegas las vegas i'm kind of yeah i'm kind of blending them in with nevada it's good fun yeah anyway first of all i want to thank you for just giving me the opportunity to talk to you.

And uh and all your programs we watch all your videos that i've told i don't know how many friends are ready to get onto your programs right anyway i started the keto diet just yesterday but i thought well i'll start with the fast thing and i can't tell you.

How great i felt all day in fact i wound up fasting a lot 24 hours instead of the 16 like plan because of the situation and uh and i even noticed with my husband so i just i just kind of want to give a testimonial about the fasting is great the reason why i was interested in the.

Keto diet i just came back from the doctors and my glucose level is a diabetic level 135. and even though my cholesterol and everything went down from my last report which was three months ago the glucose level was high uh i mean yeah the real high so we.

Worried about the diabetic problem so i thought well if i could go into this insulin resistance and everything else i thought the keto diet probably would be the answer so again i just started yesterday but here's the other thing that i was concerned about he said my platelets.

Were low and he said that could be because of the diabetes or kidney problem and would and i was looking at a celiac diet which is gluten free now can i put the two together with a keto and not have the gluten although i don't think you have too much gluten on the.

Keto diet anyway good you picked up on that yeah even though gluten is a protein it's in wheat so you should be avoiding it anyway because it'll tear up your intestines so yes keto the keto friendly diet that i recommend is is gluten free automatically so that.

Will help you now for that platelet issue that's involved in clotting and so you that's really going to be a b vitamin deficiency so if you're taking enough b vitamins from nutritional yeast that will help you greatly and also the folic acid and the b.

Vitamins from vegetables that will help you but i think if you combine this fasting with the healthy keto you're going to be in really good shape i will be doing a video on this talking about diabetes type 2 because if you look under wikipedia and diabetes i mean they have.

All this data right and they don't even mention keto they do mention a little bit on low carb at the bottom but they admit the most important life-changing powerful thing in this whole write-up they're like well you should be exercising more and low fat i'm like gosh you guys are so outdated.

Um so in other words what i'm trying to say is that when you're doing your research you can also get a lot of false data on the interwebs web yep okay thanks sharon i i think you're doing great and just stick to it all right karen i'm ready for another.

Question okay good so i have jasmine here on facebook um says when high intensity exercise is done she feels depleted and is taking electrolytes in yeast nutritional yeast how do you correct the fatigue during high intensity level workouts i think you have two choices.

I would work out just before you eat or just after you eat and then that will solve that as you get better and better in your body really adapts to this keto thing then you can start working out on a while you're fasting because you're oxidizing these these fats like crazy but when you're first.

Starting out you're not adapted quite correctly and so you're going to tap out your glycogen reserves too fast now you're going to be like dizzy and like oh i have blood sugar issues so and it takes time to do that it takes probably a couple of months.

Yup okay all right yeah let's talk to um i think it's rama from lebanon are you there cool yes hi doctor hi my problem that i am facing it has been from two years till now since since two years ago i was on a diet i don't really remember on what it was based but i was eating more fruits.

I lost nine kilogram after four months i started to lose my hair it just come out with my hand in a big amount and i started to not feel hungry anymore i lost 70 percent of my hair i did many blood tests like zinc iron protein they was normal and even i did thyroid.

Gland and it was normal too but i have a little deficiency and vitamin d even i went to many doctors they told me that my scalp is normal and now my hair stops falling since i cut since i cut it to my neck it was so long and since.

These two years i took many vitamins but my hair is not regrowing okay so a couple things that you have to do the worst test to do for uh finding out nutritional status is a blood test it's not gonna show up because a lot of these minerals and and vitamins are intracellular and so you have to do a.

Special test to pick that up i honestly like the hair test uh the mineral trace mineral hair analysis it gives you a lot of data on heavy metals as well as you know minerals and trace minerals but if you're taking a lot of nutritional yeast with the b vitamins and that doesn't work and then you take.

Trace minerals with all those minerals that are cofactors to help build protein and that doesn't work then you may have there could be another other thing you can do and i don't i don't couldn't make out if you said this or not vitamin e taking the tocotrienols is a really.

Good remedy for hair and then also stinging nettle root is um helps you with the hormonal imbalance that could cause the hair to be a problem because you have high levels of something called dht which is a powerful testosterone all these remedies i put in my hair.

Formula because they all have different purposes so it's not as easy as saying one thing it's a combination of things depending on the underlying cause okay thanks for your call and with that note and on that note on that note with that note now is there anything.

Coming up anything we want to we have the summit we have our summit we're having the summit next year we don't want to promote that yet and um the immune course the free immune course was a total success yep what twenty thousand.

People twenty thousand people talking all over the world well we're going to be doing um some recipe videos coming up yes so that's exciting and um keep watching the videos keep on keeping on keto here's just one little thing if you.

Guys wouldn't mind in the comments down below um i always read these comments so i get ideas for future videos if you want me to do a video on something just type it down below because that really saves me a lot of time okay just narrow it down for me just.

Tell me what i need to do a video on i would really appreciate that okay all right have a great week we'll see you next next time you
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