Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto (Part 2)

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto (Part 2)

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto (Part 2)

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Hey guys sorry for that we had some temporary technical difficulties okay so so getting right back to what we're gonna do here we're gonna actually answer another question here before we go to social media so Ian from California had a question go ahead in BOM hello thank you guys for taking my call oh I very much appreciate what you.

Guys do here I'll just jump right into it I've been doing keto for about 14 months I started it 294 pounds and I'm down under 200 now so I'm down about 95 oh wow yeah it's you know it's amazing I feel like a brand new person I guess I am a brand new person 11 of the last pounds have been within the past three months so you know I'm slowing down and.

Tapering down my concern is my lipid panel results so I could just rattle these off for you back in back in August I got it done and the total went from 265 to 281 to last week 344 triglycerides went from 68 to 46 to 40 last week HDL went from 44 to 52 to 61 and then LDL went from 200 a to 220 to 275 okay so you know the LDL and the.

Totals it went up but I went back and watched your video talking about cholesterol and I looked at the the triglyceride HDL ratio which would be 40 over 61 which is 0.65 which is less than 2 what you say is great so I guess I'm just needing some words of wisdom from dr. Burke well I'm glad that you brought this up because I was going to talk.

About this topic anyway might as well bring it up right now and so just listen take notes okay you ready ready for this I'm ready okay good so here's the thing guys I want to talk about why your cholesterol could go up on a ketogenic diet first of all Karen um when you know what LDL is bad yeah and what typically.

People think when the LDL goes up when you get your blood vessel you're like what's your when you get a blood vessel blood test LDL up means that's really and what is it doing to the body it's hurting the body it's clogging up arteries yeah yeah then you have to get rid of all the fat in your diet okay.

Good so this that's that's where it actually is totally 100% 110% false that is not how it works so let me explain something guys so you got LDL so-called bad cholesterol and HDL good cholesterol there they're not even cholesterol they're lipoproteins okay they're proteins because the body can't transport fat without a shuttle so if.

You if you picture this Karen like you have a Love Boat okay The Love Boat Remember The Love Boat yes I loved it okay so The Love Boat is like the LDL okay because they're there shuttles so LDL and HDL are two love boats one's going out to sea and that is basically the LDL and the one that's coming back from sea back to the liver is the HDL.

The so-called good cholesterol so that's really there's shuttles so they're kind of cruise liners right so if you take take a look at lvl inside LDL you have cargo the primary cargo is basically triglycerides triglycerides that's basically fuel for the body those triglycerides are used for energy to turn through ketones and fatty acids.

So that's the primary goal of LDL but there's also some secondary goals in there – there's cholesterol in there there's fat soluble vitamins there's antioxidants there's all sorts of stuff so the primary purpose of that cholesterol in the LDL the so called bad cholesterol is to go and repair the artery damage and because here's the.

Thing like people this idea that cholesterol is like going out into the body and then clogging things up no no no no that's not how it works because the lining of the arteries have little receptors for LDL they're called LDL receptors that reach out and grab the cholesterol when they need it if there's damage so the primary purpose of LDL is.

To provide fuel and secondary purpose is to help repair damage in the artery wall so so Karen you think you the body makes he'll do right right so if it's considered bad why would your body make it is it a mistake no I don't think there's a reason for it there's a reason your body has receptors for it so it's it's actually reaching out and grabbing.

It when you need it because the body would not would much rather have like a like a patch over a hole than an actual hole in your wall right I mean you wouldn't want to necessarily have a whole new wall you want to patch it up so the cholesterol comes in there to patch the hole in the artery with with calcium as kind of a spackling thing and.

So if there's damage damage in the wall you can actually have that occur and your body's just trying to heal it so the LDL is not the criminal it's in the crime scene but it's not it's just passing through to help you okay now when you do a ketogenic diet you're basically running your body on ketones okay you're running your body on fat.

Fuel and triglycerides that's the blood side that's what's in the fat cell so it's going to be coming out and it's going to be going into the body to use it to be used as fuel the key thing Karen is that if your triglycerides are low this means that your body is using them you're using them as fuel so it's totally fine to have high LDL as long as.

Your cholesterol your triglycerides are low which years are and your HDL is high it's totally fine you just have to really understand the mechanism probably what's happening is you actually lost all this weight and then now what's happening is a lot of the excess triglycerides that were in your fat cell are mobilized as fuel and now your.

Cholesterol is high because your body's finally dumping that from the fat cells because that at some point it's to start dumping the the reserve of cholesterol so you really have nothing to worry about is especially if your triglycerides are low and your HDL is high it's a normal thing your body's trying to heal whatever the.

Key is to eat really healthy as far as a lot of vegetables and the kale shake just to kind of make sure there's no more holes or damage in the artery wall which basically came from high levels of insulin okay there's some great there's a video I'm gonna release on this by Dave Feldman.

He's a great guy you can look him up he's an engineer and he has some he's like the human pincushion he's doing like live experiments and it's just amazing data okay so I hope I answered that yeah thanks for the question let's go – sure Esch from Toronto you had a question go ahead cheers dr. Barry how you doing good how are you.

They stick to the point I don't waste time I did eat oh we're about two years ago for six months I mean worked well I lost like 40 pounds it was so good and I I got out of Quito and I started in the normal way of living a game and I gained so much weight like I'm about 190 pounds now I have to lose 30 pounds but six months ago when it's taking up all the.

Sugars out of my body what's happening I'm getting depressed just society but I'm not suicidal and the doctor said he needs some SS all right but I don't want to get into toast so I got back on the food again everything's normal no more depression nothing that was my first problem okay and the second problem and the second problem is when I.

Take kale celery cucumber I mix it I make it use of it I mean like smoothie and I drink it yeah when I drink too too much other your two glasses of it a trinket and I get diarrhea in about half hour so when I get diarrhea I get dehydrated and I get my grid with aura which I get blind almost okay okay so these are actually let's take let's.

Take the first one first okay so when you're depressed when you get on keto all that means is that you're you're a little very low on B vitamins so there's something going on with your gut that could either probably not allowing you to absorb them so a good probiotic would help you something like maybe called effective.

Microbes you can find it online it's a really good one but but start taking a lot of nutritional yeast that should help bring your mood back up the other thing is which i think is complicating things you're eating certain vegetables that your body obviously does not have the enzymes for or you don't have the.

Microbes for yet so you're gonna have to substitute your vegetables for a completely different type of line of vegetables maybe something like regular greens like lettuce greens instead of some kale and celery that you you have a problem digesting just just switch it over that's the simple way because when you have diarrhea you're gonna basically.

Wipe out a lot of the fluids and acids and that alone could throw off your electrolytes big-time especially potassium and so you now you actually are aggravating the condition because you're going to be dehydrated because you're losing electrolytes and the fluids and the acids and now you can't pull in the minerals so you have to.

Replenish that probably with some good lactic acid things like kombucha tea things like that so and add some more fomented vegetables so take more B vitamins okay number one and number two switch your vegetables to things that aren't going to cause diarrhea alright good question alright Karen hey okay so first I'm going to say if.

Facebook people can hear you may want to go to YouTube there's a little technical difficulty sorry about that you never know in this world of media where there's bugs or not bugs so thanks for hanging in and produced her suggesting that we restart again dr. Berg all right guys you know what just hold on 30 seconds do it really fast.

Let's reboot this thing and try to get this thing on everyone will show me but unfortunately the stay-put you all right we're back Wow all right Karen do you what did you want to you want to give a shout out what do you want me to all question cuz you're right in the middle of giving a shout.

Out thanks for your patience guys yeah well first of all shout out last I saw it was Australia Romania all over the United States British Columbia Texas New Jersey Wisconsin dr. Berg you want to shout it out to the home hopefully they're from Kenosha the homeland yeah she's dead she's head California Arizona just all over the place I have question.

Though so Jimmy wants to know is too much lettuce gonna kick you out of I think this is a good question because we run into people or either having some diarrhea or constipation constipation or they basically can bump him out of ketosis but here here's the thing if your metabolism is moderate to good you can do large amounts of vegetables okay.

But there is a point where like I recommend a lot of vegetables like 10 cups right and there's very few people that will do that sometimes I get seven it's a minor point because there the amount of calories the amount of carbs and vegetables is very very low however with some people I will say it could slow you down a little bit so but it's.

So rare and it's such a small fraction of the population I would stick with the vegetables first and then if you really need to alter them go for it but there are and I have a video on this you you want you know if you have regular greens like lettuce and stuff and celery it's just there's so few carbs in there that it's very unlikely but you know some of.

The other things like maybe like squash and might be an issue maybe cauliflower possibly for certain people so you can try to maybe reduce those and see if you actually lose more weight if you do then ride with it cut it get down to your ideal weight and then add it back in alright alright Karen do.

You have you want to ask another question go for it do you know about or what are your thoughts on this snake diet yeah there's a guy that uses a lot of swear words diet like what are you eating thing no no no it's basically the snake dot it's this guy who basically he's either really yeah yeah that's her screaming at.

Him so that's his diet the snake died so that's what that's all about oh you do know no I'm scared I collect passed it one time because you sent me I thought it was yeah I don't know what what do you think about that I think I don't really watch his video so I don't really comment on that okay so do you have any other comments.

Any other questions yeah we get this sometimes somebody's asking what if their adrenal and liver body type remember the body types yep yeah so if you're a dream little number here's the thing about that guys you want to get the basic protocol in there like Health Aikido and enema fasting don't even worry about the body types and then once.

You get going then you can tweak it it's right in the book right this book right here which all of you have and then I go into specifically what body type you should do but some people are a mixed body body type and the problem if your adrenal and liver for example question is what do you do you focus more on the liver adrenal well in here I talked.

About it but if you have a choice you want to go for the adrenal purse because that's usually more of a priority than the liver but even if you mess up and focus on the liver you're still going to get improvement because everything is connected the hip bones connected to the thigh bone but typically the adrenal one.

Is the real big one as far as a priority because of stress can dominate everything else because it produces cortisol yeah so so let's go right to Rachael from California I think you had a question that we may have just go ahead Rachel I yes I ended up in the urgent care I called you last week because the diarrhea just wouldn't stop.

It was all liquid yeah and I notice that I ate bacon and in cheese bill she's I would get diarrhea right away as soon as I ate that food and so I don't know if I have to stop it and or what could I do for that so I have a question you you um you were eating a certain way and then all of a sudden something you ate triggered the diarrhea is that right.

Well no I said it started with eating the salads I had salad and then after that we all started I was still doing the keel and and and it just keeps getting worse I this is what I think that hey Pat happened Rachel I think there was some type of microbe in that salad you see this all the time where you know they're.

Doing recalls on spinach and salad there's there are microbes that live in the soil and you can get these like e.coli and then comb you get diarrhea that's the number one symptom and it can last for a long time it can throws off the whole system because typically most people don't have a problem cells unless there's some other raw other issue now.

If you've never ate salad before in your life then that's a whole different scene but chances are I think there's a microbe so I would probably get a evaluation on the ER maybe a stool sample to see if there is a microbe in there that's disrupting everything and then you're gonna have to consume things like some keeper.

Blackberries but not a lot of other foods maybe some some type of fiber to kind of slow the process down right now even psyllium seed until things can get under control check with your doctor on that because we have to settle it down before you start eating because you don't you wiped out your your flora and so you definitely need to start taking.

Probiotics big time right now to put that back when I've done colonics and Kol Emma's and different cleansing things you know after period of time I can't just go back to regular eating I have to slowly build up I'll do soup I'll do fermented foods for a day and then I'll gradually start adding bigger foods.

Because you don't have the microbes to digest bacon right now so go ahead and do that Rachel all right good so I need to go to Ruth she's been waiting she's in Texas go ahead Ruth good morning dr. Byrd can you hear me yeah wonderful I have last year I've gone from a size 16 18 to size 8 already.

That's our party Bell that's our celebration Bell I was surprised lethargic had gall stones diabetes all the normal stuff that the American diet does for us right but I am finally to a point now I mean I worked on healing my stomach first with the colostrum with the l-glutamine doing the probiotics and using the fermented vegetables and now I.

Have all this energy that I want to go swimming and biking and hiking and do yoga but my adrenals wake me up at 3:00 in the morning now when I first started I took the adrenal support and it took me down too much it made me very tired so I switched to the renal fatigue added the l-tryptophan the pantothenic acid and finally got back up so I'm kind of.

Fearful to go back into the adrenal and cortisol relief but I'd like something that I can do to keep from that 3:00 a.m. wake-up call I mean should I just wake up and do some work and go back to bed or take a nap later in the day should I try the adrenal fatigue or the quarter all relieved yeah good question what you.

Should do is take the adrenal the Corso relief about three o'clock in the morning when you're waking up because it makes you tired right okay well like you take the sleep aid before I go to bed yeah that you you should probably take all of your adrenal stuff right before you go to bed because you're right when you wake up at 3:00 that's there too.

That's right where the adrenals that like it's usually about imbalance with the adrenals so you're kind of revved up the other thing is have you done the acupressure yet on your your body yes every night I have the tool and I like I said most all your products I've pretty much bought them from the beginning and I've been using em it's just kind of.

Tweaking them as to when to use them you know and and how much to use like the digest day the gallbladder formula are fabulous I love those the minerals the only thing that I'm not able to do is any of the powder drinks because of the stevia for some reason all the natural sugars are not the natural substitute sugars cause me you know stomach pain.

Right under my rib cage but everything else I've been able to use and like I said I have the adrenal fatigue and I was taking it and I had to stop taking it because my blood Sugar's were going up too high and I think it had to do with over stimulating my adrenal somehow when I stopped taking it the blood sugar went back down yeah so.

When we get this thing that's kind of it should be better by now you're doing all the right things all these other indicators are better then what I like to do at this point is pull the string get a little more data I would do a cortisol test there's a great one that is a hair analysis of course all hair analysis is from Canada.

I can't I've done a video on it I don't have it offhand but you can search it and you could find out it's kind that gives you an average of your cortisol level you could do a saliva test but make sure every four hours but we need more data to see what's happening inside of your body is like what's happening with cortisol is it is.

It or is it the like adrenaline for example adrenaline could be another factor what happens to with blood sugars especially at night if your have insulin resistance and the insulin was high it can push the blood sugar down and then the adrenal can be kicked in there in the middle of the night when the blood sugars are too low to compensate so I.

Think what I would do is I would do that and then continue to tweak things that take the supplements before you go to bed and then also go for very very long walks like maybe in like an hour and a half in the evening okay thanks Ruth all right Karen over to you okay good quick question if somebody has the old book do they need the new one yeah you you need.

This book here because the old book the seven principles is outdated with outdated information this is all the new data that is if there's a lot of new data over a thousand hours of work and giving you the new information which is a lot better than the old information I'm constantly changing and improving things as we find things that work so.

Yeah you need to get the new book okay good and then the next question can you talk a little bit about cheese for somebody who's a diabetic how to handle that on the keto diet well I think cheese is good just make sure you don't get the low fat you want to get the fattiest cheese you could find because the higher fat is the least amount of.

Stimulus to insulin and we're trying to actually decrease the need for insulin by eating certain foods and there's a thing called an insulin scale Karen that you glad you brought up it's right here the I'm sorry the insulin index which is a scale of insulin of all the foods that trigger insulin you've heard of the glycemic index right Karen oh yeah those.

Are foods that increase blood sugar but wouldn't you want to know what foods increase insulin yes I would okay good so you can download it there's a link down below and it has some information about cheese as well but yep that's right okay what tell me over to me now okay so one more at one point about your vegetables some.

People when they get salad and things they don't always clean it sometimes like they'll buy from the farmers market and you don't clean it sometimes it's triple washed well that's fine but you might want to get in habit of just cleaning your vegetables because you never know what's in there I mean sometimes I'll like cut up on the.

Vegetables I like see oh wow there's all sorts of things going on there so clean those just to make sure there's no yes like microbes like little worms and okay fun stuff like that can okay I was finding money here no no just pair of old short microbes oh my friends Karen alright so Thomas has been waiting from New York.

Go ahead Thomas you had a question about trace minerals good morning dr. Johnny good I like taking walking to the first lady of Quito as well up a big fan hi dr. Berg your electrolytes powder in your trace minerals could you explain the difference please yeah big difference the trace minerals are minerals needed in very small amounts.

Like selenium like iodine cobalt even iron then you have regular minerals like electrolytes that are needed in larger amounts potassium calcium magnesium sodium those are the bigger minerals and so the electrolyte powder has the bigger minerals that you don't need a lot of amounts but you know what's within the electrolytes is I put the trace minerals.

In there so it kind of killed two birds with one stone but the trace minerals do not have the other minerals in any significant significant amounts and trace minerals help proteins in the body so you would want to take the trace minerals if you wanted to strengthen your nails your hair your collagen so it doesn't necessarily boost energy but it.

Actually helps body proteins good question Thomas I'll have to do a video on that one alright can hey what do you think about water pills like diuretics yeah yeah so again I'm not gonna answer medical questions but the thing is I always have to ask a question why are you holding fluid in the first place why is the body.

Holding fluid usually because you're not consuming enough potassium so if you consume 7 to 10 cups of vegetables you're gonna find your fluid you probably won't hold fluid very much so the need for diuretics might not be there but check with your doctor I'd like that Karen did you like that answer I liked it a lot ok good yeah so Rachel.

You're from Ohio you had a question you broke your leg oh sorry about that last year and i had tried doing keto before a long time ago but i I don't know why I keep coming back when Weight Watchers and I'm dealing with Weight Watchers so and my leg isn't healing and I am more really obese right now I lost them.

100 pounds the accidental Weight Watchers but it's I'm just yo-yo and I'm 38 probably what like my leg was at the right or left leg that you broke it was my left distal femur Wow you broke yeah it's not healing and they're swimming I need a bone graft or something ok and I'm I just feel like I can do something.

With food maybe to help it or nutritional I don't know healed a boner yes can I give you my two cents on that sure ok so first of all you need to do get some vitamin k2 k2 that's something that'll help the calcium in the bone that's number one number two the Kido / instrument fasting common done healthily based on this book right.

Here okay will greatly help in the healing a recovery process I'm gonna tell you why because you're gonna help regulate and support insulin levels and when you support insulin levels the body can then start absorbing more nutrients calcium and the fat side with vitamins and protein which the bone needs to help heal so that's why like a diabetic that.

Has blood sugar problems they don't heal as well as people that don't have diabetes so I think this is your answer to speed things up now the problem with Weight Watchers is that you're hungry and you're up roller coastering and you're craving when you do 'quite other than fasting your cravings go right down your hunger goes down and the longer you.

Do intermittent fasting you your body goes into a self-cleaning mode it starts to heal a lot faster and repair and inflammation goes down so bite the bullet do it jump right in Rachel and I think you're gonna be happy you did that alright good over to Karen hey okay so someone asked if fish oil breaks a fast yeah the fish oil so just are not going.

To be enough oil to break a fast so you're gonna be totally fine doing fish oils it's just very small amounts of oil so I wouldn't worry about it okay now what if apple cider vinegar is too acid for someone they have some kind of condition where they're sensitive to it's following it or something like that well there's certain people that just.

Can't do it because either they have an ulcer or they have gastritis inflammation in the gut and so in which case you don't want to even consume it now you could get into pill form there's something called digest formula I have it has it in powder form that might be better but if you react to it then your system is sensitive and you.

Might need to do more of the wheatgrass juice powder for a while to help heal the system and then go back to it but you know people that have inflammation in the stomach or an ulcer that that takes a long time to heal Karen it could take probably you know four to six months of healthy eating so yeah so you just give it time okay I have.

Another interesting question here yeah go ahead just what give me the interesting ones I want some interesting not the same question the interesting yeah give me this interesting I don't think we've ever had this question before does pipe smoking pipe tobacco affect results on keto well the thing about pipe tobacco or even cigarettes.

There you're basically you're gonna deplete the adrenal factors and also a lot about them and see and it creates a lot of oxidation in the tissue so your body's not its breakdown and destruction of the tissues of the arteries and the eyes and it's kind of corrodes and oxidizes like rusting out the inside of the body so you literally if you're you.

Know doing that you're gonna have to counter that with eating really really healthy foods the foods a lot of vitamin C B vitamins to counter the damage because it adds another layer that of destruction to the body so so we need to say a lot are you talking about really doing keto way everybody else is doing keto or do you know doing you know and.

Then additional supplements on top of that you might want to do additional supplements on top of that a lot of phytonutrients like the lady was doing the kale shakes right you should be like I would start you know if I was addicted I'm sorry I mean craving tobacco I would be down in Cal shakes each day I was doing supplements to counter that.

Because it is a factory or just depletes you of nutrients fair enough fair enough good turn okay over to you all right good let's go to Christy from North Carolina you had a question about high levels of glucose a few weeks ago about keto and high glucose that was a big relief to me a few mom mid-may I started stalling with weight and my blood sugar.

It had been and I've been doing kiddo since March when I started doing that my blood Sugar's have gotten down to like the 8090 range and I didn't measure before Tito so I don't know where they were then I do have a history of family diabetics as well but um about six weeks ago my weight loss stalled and my blood sugar shot up to one 138 now.

It's staying around like 110 or whatever so I assume it's my insulin healing but will this cause weight loss stall and you said it could take a long time how long is a long time I know it's different for everybody but let me ask you this Christy do you have other positive indicators like other positive benefits even though.

Your Sugar's hide you have other improvements in your body um I've been kind of even my my waist measurements and just kind of sticking around the same right now okay do you crave sweets I do okay are you doing heat oh and I don't have time to go into the exact thing but do you feel like you're doing it correctly are you.

Doing it partially I think I'm doing it well for a little while I was doing water tip here and I just cut that out because it's fermented with sugar and I thought maybe that was messing me up but for the last few weeks have been pretty strict again and are you doing in a minute fasting yeah okay are you how many times wind your first meal usually.

Around I usually do about 18 to 22 hours fasted Wow and eating around one o'clock okay alright so are you doing any type of B vitamins nutritional yeast and electrolytes when I remembered that's a bad habit that I have forgetting okay well just a couple tips here Chris Christie I think you're on the right track I think the fact that you're.

Craving tells us there's something that we need to improve the biggest thing I look at is are you doing it correct are you sure you're doing it based on what I talked about you know I doing a lot of greens and you not make sure you're not doing enough protein are you doing enough fat so I like to in a minute fascinating but there's always these.

Hidden things like the water kefir that might be an issue that being said what happens when you do this your insulin starts coming down because the need for insulin is not there because there's not a lot of carbohydrates in the diet to do with so you don't need the amount of insulin that you would when you're eating high.

Glucose and sugar so what happens is that because the insulin is not there which is a push down wave your sugars do rebound a little bit higher but your it's not out of control I mean they're a little higher but it's not terrible so I think you're in you're in the process of healing I would tweak it with the nutrition.

Consistently I have a lot of other things in the videos of what you can do with exercise get over my sleep decrease stress add some other supplements in there and then that's gonna speed things up a lot maybe another you know three or four weeks and you should see some really good change the other thing is keep a log of what you eat so you can.

Look at it and evaluate it in a new unit time so you can kind of like step outside yourself and go oh that's what I'm eating I didn't realize that you know that's also important so stay tuned we'll be more videos on that as well Christine so thanks for calling dr. Berg yes we have a special watcher oh yes who's watching oh hey mom how you doing.

Give you a shout-out every everybody on Facebook is saying hello to March oh that's great that's awesome now I'm gonna segue okay good segue okay so someone's getting cystic acne or describing their situation as cystic acne newly on intermittent fasting what's happening well there's two reasons for that typically it's the.

Insulin is high and your skin should get better within a minute fasting but if you're going through a toffee G which is the recycling of old proteins and clearing out of microbes it could be a little bit of a detox reaction the other thing it could do Karen is affect your ovaries and that could actually then throw up the hormones and give you a.

Little acne so what I would recommend is probably support the ovaries with more iodine see calc would be the best thing in fat soluble vitamins make sure your diet is really good to support the ovary because the ovary needs supporting good okay hey I wanted to say something that I I forgot to say for several weeks now is.

That this year doing keto purely well not as much as dr. Berg right but really doing keto I had almost no seasonal allergies Wow awesome thing for me that's good time that's awesome yeah so if you guys or you have kids that are having trouble with allergies I really recommend it and we did get a couple of.

Questions on teens and little guys doing keto how many vegetables you know how many cups of vegetables would you recommend and how to adapt it for a little guy you want to talk about that right there with the kid I'm gonna actually do a whole program for kids and even a seminar but you start out finding something that they like some vegetable.

And you start giving it more of that is but here's the thing when you actually get a child in to get them replace the junk and don't even tell them that there's no sugar in it you know start making these keto bombs and little cookies and low sugar and then what happens when their blood sugars are better they're naturally gonna go for.

More on vegetables if you have a child that's way out of balance and eating junk they're only gonna crave one thing and that's the chicken wing no the chicken tenders that's why they'll consume they'll like a chicken tenders so like in the jello tenders yeah and jello that was you all right Marge green jello Doritos and chicken.

Tenders yeah so once you get your body in balance you'll want healthier foods that's just how it works yeah and it's interesting because when you when people leave a lot more junk food they even though they're eating a lot more equality junk food they're still hungry after that because of the issue so you have a kid doing that it's this out of.

Control and I want it just on that note Karen yeah we are seriously thinking about probably definitely going to be doing a keto summit in the fall we want you to come out you know something we want you to come out because number one it's gonna be an awesome two-day event maybe a one day maybe two we'll see.

DC's awesome never well that's the second thing I was gonna tell him yes just yeah okay go ahead in the fall if you've never been here you have to check out this area it's gorgeous they have things to see history old town you also have these vineyards which you're not probably going to drink it but you can go check them out.

I mean there's a lot of things to do there are tons that I mean it's not and of course if you're living here you don't beautiful don't don't go out and see these things but if you're coming in from the outside you got to check it out that way you come to the convention this some yeah the Kolar summit a summit and then spend.

A couple days to go go to old town check out the different tours they have yeah we could probably even arrange buses or something right I think they can arrange that and that'd be fun no we could arrange like a big what do you called the big bus yeah we'll talk about that care we're gonna get a Jellico bus and travel around and I'll be driving okay.

But just we'll stay tuned we'll have a promo on that soon okay we're gonna figure it out let's see this Karen's like promising only thing you get be like no we're not going to do the jackal bus okay so we have Constantine from Kentucky it's constant constant okay hi how you doing good how are you okay I'm doing pretty good.

But I have a couple of questions okay I do in a minute fasting and keto and I only eat once a day and I'm 254 pounds I have lost I want to say 10 pounds already but I want to know exactly how many cards and protein and calories I need to consume a day if I only eat once a day and and also whatever is pickles okay to eat you know so why are you in.

Why are you on the keto diet and like the exercise wise I want to do more than just walking but is it safe to do more than just walking like can I do exercise like I got a gym membership and I want to know if I can you know go to the gym and really do like some cardio to help with the weight loss in the end I don't take any vitamins but prenatal.

Pills so I want to know do I need to take more you know fan of other you know and then also I'm trying to get it all in I'm sorry I have I brought online this neo filled super powder collagen and I don't know if it's good or not but I want to know is that's healthy and in the heavens tummy fiber because they say they helps with.

The constipation and then like the biofield it's like a you know one question this could be another 20 minutes I think that was all in one breath wasn't it that was good yeah okay so let me just kind of go through this because you've exceeded the number one question okay so yeah to get into all the calories I'm gonna you can.

Here's the thing there's videos on that you can all these you can find the video on the different calories I mean at your size maybe you do fifteen fifteen hundred calories if you're doing one meal it's gonna be hard but I would try to do maybe between 13 to 1,500 calories from that one meal I like the fact that you're doing one meal so hours the carbs.

Try to push them down as low as you can I mean if you can get them down to 15 maybe even 10 it might be hard if you could what would happen you would lose more weight pickles are totally fine just make sure it doesn't have sugar don't do the prenatals if they're synthetic do a food base prenatal okay and then you ask another question that I.

Can't even oh exercise yeah yeah you can totally add the exercise in there just beat things up other than walking I have videos on that so I'm not gonna actually repeat that watch the videos and then collagen is fine you can do that you can add that to the mix make sure you have it with the meal and then the last question I can't read my handwriting.

Oh fiber get your fiber from your vegetables okay all your your seven cups of vegetables all right you exceeded for the next three weeks of answers so hey iris that's all for you a woman who can get twenty questions about one breath she is on my list I like her but I have a question Trisha is is asking why would she be so jumpy like if.

Somebody comes in a room and she's not expecting it or walks up behind her totally jumpy hi nurse I mean like this like okay yeah so that that's um usually a dominating sympathetic nervous system Karen okay okay that's an adrenal thing so you want to support the adrenals and the biggest thing that I would recommend is nutritional yeast a lot of it cuz.

That's the b1 to help the adrenals chill out and then do the adrenal acupressure tool thing right here that'll you can do that every night before you go to bed it kind of starts calming the adrenals to get more sleep but it's an overactive adrenal issue yeah mm-hmm good okay now we're gonna go to Karen from Arkansas oh go ahead Karen hello thank you doctor.

For taking my call and I kind of need to give you just a little history of myself and then I want to let you kind of guide me and where I need to start with your program I started out can you connect as it in 20 seconds oh all we could do is answer questions and I've had a partial line removal and then I'm just now had my gallbladder removed about a couple.

Weeks ago it was full of gallstones and I'm just kind of left as to where do I start because I used to go like every week to the hospital to get fluids because my sodium was getting down to 120 s 125 that kind of range and it would just i'm just eat salt to try to keep it up and my endocrinologist has me on.

Cortex in Florida the Florida Neff I take in the morning and at night Oh point one and then the cortex he kinda let me guide myself as to how I'm doing but when I first started all this and I still don't have any appetite okay so now let me see some let me give you some general chips simply because I can't actually tell you how to treat a disease.

But I'm gonna give you some food tips and nutrition tips to support what's going on okay because Addison's is a low adrenal it's the adrenals are not putting out their hormones so it's different than Cushing's which is pumping out too much so that's what's happening it's usually autoimmune so it's an immune problem I think to.

Support a healthy adrenal function my adrenal fatigue formula might really help you to support that in addition the gall bladder formula because you don't have a gall bladder to support what's missing those two things I think would be good and yes a lot of sea salt are going to be good working on the adrenal because the thing about the Addison's is.

Like you need these you need these adrenal judo support so and you're gonna need a lot more salt cuz it's kind of going right through you so I would take something called adrenal fatigue formula that's for like someone that is really fatigued adrenals and then sea salt and also do keto in an ANA fasting hardcore because that's going to help your immune.

System over time to support that because that's what's behind Addison's okay thanks Karen I'm sorry I had to go short with you there alright so Karen do we have a question there are so many questions we're really having a good time on social media today and liz is watching hi Liz hey Liz Liz Liz used to list the one that worked.

Well for us for Liz clap oh hey Liz yeah awesome liz is doing great yes bloggers are doing better yes okay um here's one our oats useful yes for cattle and different farm animals I felt yeah so you had you have the oat which is like you can make Quakers oat instant.

Cereal which comes with a lot of sugar it's whole grain but they add a lot of sugar in there it's just don't get me started on that I know but here's the thing the the oats are grains and we don't on the keto we don't want to do grains because they're gonna they're high on the glycemic index same with buckwheat by the way somebody.

Asked about book we same thing you don't want to do all the grains unless it says heart healthy whole grains on the box of Lucky Charms Lucky Charms it's healthy right that's my sarcasm everyone okay so okay so this comes up all the time trying not to take repeat questions but I think this pushes one of your buttons here.

What happens when you have high insulin but low blood sugar well you're pushing my buttons now show your button well that's what happens is high insulin is going to push your blood sugars down you're gonna end up with low blood sugars especially if there's not a lot adrenal function there because the adrenals aren't helping you so that's.

Usually a weak adrenal but it's a very simple solution follow this book these two books and problem solved doctor burgers are any book you recommend to help no I don't have any book that to recommend but what happens I have a list of all the things that you can do to help support healthy insulin levels and I mean it really does work and high.

Insulin is the number one problem out there that's behind a lot of problems and that's all I'm gonna say Karen right but I do want to go only for educational purpose it's not to meant to diagnose anyone or cure anyone don't tell anyone right if you get cured don't mention my name right okay Vincent from the UK you had a question yes my question was ah.

Haha this really fast and it's becoming crazy and drizzle and pimple there I'm curious if there's anything I can do within my diet that to reducing the size or hopefully remove it completely the only other options have been offered are subject to options and I would.

Rather not go though got it here's just some ideas that you can research ok that's my way of around about telling you what to do but here's the thing that I would research there's something called ip6 it's an inositol product ip6 that is really good for the immune system so research that ip6 and also i.

Would recommend taking seek help seek help is really good to help balance things in the body and then I would definitely hardcore get a healthy ketosis is I'm gonna fasting reevaluate with the help of a doctor in about two months and see what happens that's all I'm gonna say I'm not gonna say anything else.

Thanks Benson alright so Rachel you've been waiting a long time you're from Texas go ahead alright sorry can you hear me yeah I can hear you so excited I just got your keto kit and I just want to tell you I guess as a someone who is trying you know I'm sure a lot of people have too but your electrolyte powders I don't get forty-seven hundred grams or.

Milligrams whatever it is potassium but I try to with my with the vegetable but I haven't gotten the full amount well I was a little over yesterday five thousand thirty-eight high in energy was off the charts and I was so happy or no reason and I have trouble I'm struggled with depression and it's.

All right there in your potassium Wow awesome you know it's funny you said that what you alright yeah well what's so funny it's like a lot of people they'll say I'm depressed but you know what sometimes they're exhausted I mean try to be depressed if we need a lot of energy just try it like you have a lot of.

Energy and try to just be depressed it's almost impossible so when you bring your energy up it brings the mood up and also the electrolyte with the potassium helps insulin resistance which actually brings your mood up and plus all the cell's well need potassium for energy but go ahead sorry you can interrupt any time but I'm the one that called you last.

Week I'm type one diabetic so I want influence Wow your diet is phenomenal you are wonderful and and I also but I okay oh I wanted to say I don't think I I was been on the comments so long on hold that I don't even think I'm asking a question I wanted to ask you now that I'm on the phone I just wanted to show you that that oh I've been wanting to do.

The intermittent fasting start at 10:00 and go to like 6 but I wake up kind of hungry you know and I want it's kind of hard but now that I have to take about a little over 24 ounces of water to take with my 16 ounces for my life so my putter and my eight ounces for my rods wheatgrass juice and then my more water for my nutritional yeast horse pill you.

Know it keeps a key open I can start my eating etiquette that's awesome that's awesome I want to know how am I supposed to eat 1,500 calories yeah do you mean tell you what you can do what you can because when you're doing in a minute fasting the quantity of food goes down because think about it you're not just eating those.

Calories your body is eating your own fat calories so if you're losing a couple let's say you lose the pound a week gets another 3500 calories that you're eating on top of your regular meals yeah you're eating that your body is eating that so that's awesome thanks Rachel alright let's go to Sarah Samira from.

Belgium go ahead Samir hi dr. break thank you for taking my call I want to ask you something I have problems with digestion it's been three years I am being on a lot of fruit and vegetables only in the beginning I went and I went fully roll in the beginning and it felt so good I kept going on and on and I could eat some time meat but.

Nowadays the last year it went it always went weaker and weaker my digestion has gone really weak I don't know what I have done my liver is so congested and I have tried a lot of herbs a lot of things and I'm actually underweight and I'm losing more weight ooh last days because I don't observe any any any food at all only thing I can eat is food.

Fruit and vegetables but I wonder if my girl father has some damage after after being on kind of all that low-fat but now fat it just gives me problem I don't know how to get back to the normal ok again let me tell you what to do and a lot of histamine allergies and a lot of problems sleep problems and losing weight everyday and not be able to.

Digest without digestive enzymes so get some paper I'm gonna tell you what to do right now ok so here's what you do number one you probably need to support the goal but it with some bile salts ok you're taking enzymes but you need bile salts take it after the meal that will slowly start building up your bowel reserves because what causes lack of.

Bile is low fat diets fat saturated fats increase the production of bile you probably depleted it and now you're like you're trying to eat you can't do it and especially if you're doing ketone them in the fasting if you're not eating enough fats you're gonna even lose more weight so I think that's what you're missing you're gonna have to cut out the.

Fruit and add start adding a little more slowly more fat maybe some fermented vegetables but that that's what you're running into right now unfortunately so a couple things you can do to also support the liver and gallbladder well you're in the Belgium so that would be hard to order a couple products but if you find purified bile salts and choline.

Those two together I think that's gonna be the icing on the cake I'm sure I shouldn't talk about icing so go ahead and do that and let us know in a couple weeks give us a call back hey Jerry you've been holding for a bit how you doing you're from Los Angeles good okay thanks for your time so my question is been on keto for about nine.

Weeks and lost about 40-plus pounds but recently I T yeah thank you but recently I take when I take MCT oil it irritates my gallbladder and pancreas yeah and I don't know got it yeah that's one of the challenges sometimes with these oils especially like MCT oil it is it is a refined food because it's out of the normal complex.

Of a coconut so you're eating that much it forces the pancreas to pump out a lot of enzymes lipase to try to to try to break that down so if your pancreas is already weak you can kind of irritate it so I would do this Jerry I would consume your fats within the normal whole food that you're eating whether it's animal protein or cheese or avocados like don't.

Add extra oil just eat the fats within the food that you have and then add the vegetables in there to give it time for the pancreas to kind of recover and I think that's all you need to do and on that note don't forget to download this index right here stay tuned for more videos coming up right Karen yes absolutely and have a great weekend guys.

Where are you next week Friday okay
Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto (Part 2)
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