Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF.
this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great all now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hey guys welcome back this Friday morning 11:00 Eastern Standard Time we.

Have Karen over here she's gonna be helping us out morning on Facebook and I'll YouTube so hey listen if you want to call in the number is eight six six five six one four to nine to give us a call I'm here for your questions we've already got a lot of questions already lined up so we're just going to.

Jump right in now we're gonna go to Randy from Arizona go ahead Randy you're on the air yes I'm 67 I've lost 26 pounds in the last eight weeks and I'm was on two meals a day I'm down to one and what I'd like to find out is on supplements like a wheatgrass and your cruciferous superfoods seek help in your electrolyte powder would it.

Interrupt the internet fasting or kapha G because I my results what I want is to continue to tighten skin as I lose weight smart and fun to take a couple munch yeah that's a really good question no absolutely not there's just not enough calories in the supplements to bump you out of ketosis or interfere with that at all.

There's certain nutrients you can take anytime the only ones that I have that you would want to take at certain times would be if you're taking the sleep aid you take that before bed of course don't take in the morning also the digestion support digests it's a formula which you would want to take right before the meal and then the gallbladder right after the.

Meal all the other supplements you can pretty much take any time and basically it'll enhance your ability to do keto and also because as you're adapting and your body is using this new cellular machinery these other nutrients are beneficial to allow it to work better and prevent any issues but if you're trying to tone the skin I think you're.

On the right track you did one meal a day and just tweaked it with some supplements and different things I think you're gonna do you're gonna come out very successful Randy so good question and thank you good so well go ahead yeah I don't know if I'm getting anywhere near the 70% ratio on the fats yeah okay.

So this is a confusing point that a lot of people have and I'm going to be giving you more and more examples in the books that I have as far as the the new recipe books on Kindle and on my site most of those recipes have the perfect ratios because what we want to do is we want to take the macros of it minimally will actually maximally five five.

Percent carbs okay and then we want to add a lot of vegetables to there so I'm redefining that chart I'm gonna actually add the vegetables in it so stay tuned for that 20% protein okay and then the rest fats now when we talk about these percentages we're talking about percent calories overall so if you're basing let's say three meals on an 1800 calorie.

Meal you're gonna have certain percentages and for you to figure that out it's a little complex so right now you can either go to my books my website and visualize what you need to do but the problem is that let's say you take a hamburger it's composed of a certain amount of fat and protein like you have to add all this in with the calories and.

Sometimes when you try to look at the grams certain grams of certain proteins are different from other grams so it gets really confusing I'm building a little widget so you can do it automatically you can type in your foods so it's not quite done yet but I will have that available but in the meantime if you're trying to get more fats go by.

How you feel like in the beginning you're going to need more fast because you're not fully adapted and going without enough fat so you're going to have a hard time going from one meal to the next as you get into the key to adapt ation you don't need as much fat because the meal that you're eating is your own fat okay so go with that what.

You're comfortable don't overdo it and then use that right now as your indicator all right Randy thanks for your question hey Cristina you're from Virginia Beach you had a question hi dr. burr good morning in camera in your videos um so I had a couple questions I had a couple car accidents over within like probably.

About a three to four year time frame of each other really bad accidents and basically since those accidents and other traumatic and stressful events I've had a very hard time losing weight I'm a bit I was put on medication off and on but I really didn't stick to it because I knew that like I'm not a med person so anytime I would take meds it.

Would automatically make my weight balloon and even before even before that I was briefly taking antidepressants and that really made me gain weight so between the supplement I'm sorry between the medication I took before the accidents which was about a year before the first accident and then the accidents themselves and the latest one.

In 2004 at the end of 2014 I've had horrible issues especially losing weight in my stomach I know about court you know your time on cortisol stress and things like that and I'm just wondering I don't know if you can do video on it or I just been doing research and like they're saying that there's like kind of like a link between.

Issues with weight loss versus you know accidents and trauma PT or any things like that so I'm just trying to get a scope on that yeah do you have inflammation in your body like each other like bloating time out don't like pain pain in any part of your body occasionally yes okay yes sleeping pro oh yeah okay yeah you brought up a.

Really good point Christina I'm not sure if you have the book but if you don't have it you should get it I have a chapter and they're just on this one thing called stress the couple things you need to know all stress accumulates your body is like a sponge it holds stress over time I'm talking about all types of stress and then physical injury.

Is one big stress I have done a lot of videos on injuries you can look them up on YouTube and watch them I show oh great techniques because I ran into this a lot when I was doing in practice we're like these people come in with these severe accidents I'm talking severe and then I would have to work with them because they're not sleeping.

Because they're trying to go to sleep but their bodies still a little bit stuck in the injury it won't just turn off so we're dealing with physical trauma and we're dealing with the adrenal what you need to do is watch my videos on the adrenal gland there's a technique that I show you there's seven different areas of your body including.

The areas on the adrenal that you can tap in to do acupressure to really release that stress that's gonna allow you to go to sleep at night so then you'll start to really heal the way to heal the adrenal is by getting you to sleep so you have to fix the sleep and that's the stress to remove the stress sleep and then the adrenal gets better.

There's a couple supplements that you're gonna probably know actually there's going to be one that I think would be good for you it's a the adrenal and cortisol relief if you take that that will help and probably actually be sleep aid both of those together will help you from a nutrition angle but but you're right I think the old stress is keeping.

You from losing weight so once you've fixed the sleep I think that's going to like open the door for allowing you to finally lose the weight but I have a ton of videos on that thanks Christina all right we're going to Karen okay hi so first I just want to say good morning to everybody and we have some cool people checking in with us this morning.

From Somalia Qatar Puerto Rico Wow Minnesota Colorado all over the u.s. of course we have Panama Algeria Israel and so we just want to say welcome and it's it's really cool that we're all able to connect up here and get some some great information on health and keto so yeah the first question I have is from Francis who's on Facebook and I think.

She she brings a question that we hear all the time and I think I would I would say it's a myth her question is why would some people why would keto work for some people and not work for other people good question well is that a myth would you say that's a myth no I've got an idea they it works for some people and not other.

People no I think it'll work for some people not other people yeah I'm going to tell you why I just released a video on this and by the way we have a private it's a close group on Facebook Quito and in in a minute fasting lab and there's a lot of questions going on 90% of every single question I have a video on it and I.

Think what happens is people have it's may be hard to find the video so when you go to YouTube in the search bar just go dr. Berg and then type in the subject you will find it ok you'll find the video but oh there we go yeah so we had a slight camera issue there for a second so here's that here's the big situation I think Quito will not.

Work without in a minute fasting it work on some people if they have a good metabolism but if your metabolism is slow you do keto and having snacks it's not going to work and I mean recently I'm just gonna be totally brutally on it not really I'm just gonna be totally honest now I'm going to be honest with you um someone commented while dr. Burke.

I saw in your earlier videos you had a little bit of a gut going on right we call that in our house we call that the pizza crust so yes I did and that was I was following my own advice and this was awhile ago years ago in my book the seven principles fat burning I allow people to do snacking between the meals and so at that time I was probably 210.

Pounds and actually about 211 pounds okay muscle was it 10 or 11 is 11 pounds 2% fat body fat so basically yeah there I was I had a little bit of a gut going on that so anyway what happened I was eating the same food back then as a meeting now with a couple well not the same slightly different what's different now is that I'm no longer doing what I.

Normally did was how to have a mid-afternoon snack I would have an apple and peanut butter I love those apples and people so I would have put the peanut butter on the Apple foam and other than that I was doing the nuts at night at night a lot of rays and nuts okay that everything else I was doing the mass of salad I was doing everything.

Else that the egg so everything the thing that I changed now is I cut out the snacks and I'm doing actually two meals but everything else is the same so now 185 my high school weight and so you know I'm totally willing to be wrong when it comes to that I actually gave false information back then so that's why this book is upgraded.

We are gonna forgive you on that I think that's the thing a lot of people like about you is when you find that something isn't working I'm not gonna hold on some some fixed idea I'm not trying to defend it something works better I'm like all over it so getting back to the question keto does work within a minute of fasting but.

If you're basing this on your weight loss you're gonna you're gonna not it's not going to be hundred percent because you're inches on your waist is gonna shrink it's going to shrink if you're doing this right and some people really need to go to one meal a day if they're really slow metabolism are you talking.

About me again not really yeah but the point is that you want to do what you want to start out with three and then two and then one meal do it slowly okay that but I am a good example of that I just happen to be an example of that you are an example you need to do a little bit stricter in a.

Minute fasting right and it's not the scale it's the size especially if you had over seven kids so that's the situation I didn't have over seven kids well that you know of three right right okay so the point is that it will work for most people if I'm keto but some people won't you got to add in a minute fasting all right so let's go back to.

One question you got one question because it was a long it was a lot so now we're gonna go to New Jersey purvey I remember this guy you you're from New Jersey go ahead yes last night yeah I tried to reach out last week but I came you could not hear me the question which I have is I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and.

Fibromyalgia prescription medication for both of them and I am doing keto since November 27th the amount of weight I have lost is just four or five pounds and inches like eight or nine but now I've started doing is on 24-hour fasting but I don't see any results from last two weeks and I don't know so my question is I know that you've been.

Explaining this and talking I was listening to the previous callers – that is Quito for everybody or is something which I'm not doing right I went to the doctor and I explained everything to them that this is what I'm doing so he said just continue what you're doing but you need to see a gastroenterologist to see why what's the problem why you're.

Not losing weight right okay so let me answer that okay the first thing I'm gonna tell you in this little book like right here there's a lot of people trying to do keto but they don't have all the details I wish would be so simple that hair eat this and you're gonna lose weight but a lot of people come with a lot of other issues like you.

Have fibromyalgia give rheumatoid arthritis being in practice for 29 years I ran into a lot of cases like this I mean you have all the other issues that are preventing you from losing like this book goes into the other issues I have all the other body issues including inflammation stress pain you should probably study it because it will give.

You some answers for example if you have a low-grade inflammation or this inflammatory conditions or autoimmune you're gonna have to focus on that to be able to get rid of that barrier so you can go fast so there's so I would study my videos on autoimmune read the book watch the videos on fibromyalgia and then get rid of that inflammation and.

Then watch what happens I think your I think it's working for you but it's just low right now also I'm not sure if you're doing one meal a day you might want to consider doing that to work up to that in addition to all the other things we talked about but it's so funny because I'll some people say well he does not write for me okay go.

Back to the carbs let's see what happens then like there's one thing that controls your metabolism and also your weight loss it's the amount of carbohydrates and insulin so that's really the stable information that you need to wrap your wits around and understand fully to really nip this in the butt.

By God thanks for calling nip it in the bud yeah so Karen we're gonna go right to you go ahead okay good so um a few questions here on YouTube we have Reggie he works from 12:00 midnight until 8:00 in the morning so he has a question about when to do the intermittent fasting what do you do when you're on him in the night schedule well you know.

I actually did create a video on that but I didn't release it yet but I think that what I would do is your whole your whole circadian rhythm is shifted okay so just go ahead and shift the meals to align with that the problem is that on the days off you may have to sort of keep that same schedule the worst thing about shift work is the.

Rotational shifts which is totally destroy the adrenal and you have to be pretty young and healthy to handle the rotational shift so if you're gonna do it keep something really consistent and then just match the meal so if you're getting up at 9:00 o'clock at night that's when you have your you know you then you basically wait for your first.

Meal which would normally be you know several hours later and then do one more meal so you just adapt to you know when you sleep all right okay you got I do I do go ahead there's a question here I have two more can supplement scan any number of supplements cruciferous wheatgrass anything replace the need to eat the vegetables well I think the.

Supplements will enhance that okay it's gonna enhance it definitely it's going to improve it you got because you you want to eat four nutrients right so you're gonna Hance it but I would not use it as a complete substitute you're gonna have to bite the bullet and eat the vegetables I'm sorry have to start doing it it's so easy to.

Sit down and eat grain products like the doughy bread and the crust it's so easy because it's not much chewing you put in your mouth it dissolves and it just goes right in but to sit there and can chew a huge salad takes a lot of jaw muscles and it's like work so but you have to build up to it I'm that actually build it's like.

Working out possibilities actually there's there's so much truth to that but I'll tell you I had a friend once who who turned me on to these like salad scissors mm-hmm and I have to tell you that changed things for me completely I know it sounds goofy but we're dr. Berg could sit and need a huge kale salad and just chew through that I could not do it.

As a matter of fact before we started promoting kale shakes I was putting kale in the blender because I couldn't chew that much now I do the kale shakes and I use these salad scissors and it makes such a difference it puts things nice and small and I don't know you may want to try that up or get someone to chew it for you and then like the bird yeah good.

So we're gonna go to Shana from Atlanta go ahead you're on the air hi dr. burr I was calling up I love you so much I was calling because dr. Oz because of you I mean dr. oz dr. berry because with you I have lost 51 pounds Wow thank you so much for everything that you do but I have a few issues I really have been lost.

Anyways major weight since October and so like I lost like eight pounds from October to January I bet you a street kid oh I have not I have not cheated at all I did everything you I did everything you told me to do I eat no bread no none of that the second thing is I have a I suffer with PTSD depression and and and die.

And paranoia because of my mother's death she had got a horrific death I have to live a Guardian life like I can't hear anything about their I can't go or anywhere to a funeral home I can't I have to watch what I look at on TV and all of that so I said I get to say I can't sleep at night I have all of your I have your adrenals and cortisone.

Support I have the sleep aid so I get to sleep dr. Berg but this is what happens my heart wakes me up and I saw it screaming at night I wake up screaming panic and also the last thing I have a strong burning sensation on my left side are you a first three years ago it was like a strong vibration then it went numb now is a severe burning sensation.

Okay I mean I take my vitamins I eat right I don't work out though because I did all this without working out but I really really need help so I have a question are you taking the nutritional yeast at all no okay so let me let me explain what's going on this is a really another really good perfect question I love it you're describing an another.

Situation that I want to tell you about and then I want to give you a little twist to it because you know here you lost weight and now you're plateauing your sleep is an issue you have this terrible loss that now your body is reacting to that it's you know affects your sleep and your pulse rate and the whole thing there's one remedy for.

Nightmares and burning sensation anywhere in your body that seems to work and it's basically B vitamins specifically be one that's really really gonna help you a lot I would get the nutritional yeast and get in a powder I have it in a tablet form that's easier you can actually swallow or cut them and a half into them you're probably going.

To need six a day even some before bed you need a lot of nutrition right now you're gonna find that's gonna help you tremendously with your stress well I think that's what you're missing and then you needed to go for a long walks if there's pictures of your mom and the house just take them put them in a box right now you just don't want any.

Reminders right now you just need space going for long walks and that's gonna be your exercise right now now the other thing is that I had one guy I met over the weekend he lost 50 pounds and then he lost also six now ten inches off his off of his waist but then he gained ten pounds but the inches maintained so in other words he didn't he didn't increase.

In size that means that he built more muscle mass so that could be happening with you – you could be shrinking but just the way it's not coming off but do those things I told you and I promise it's going to actually really really help you okay now one thing I want to mention we have several quizzes we're gonna throughout today we're at without.

This hour we're gonna give you and we're gonna basically I'm gonna ask you a question right now and see if you can get it right this is the true/false question okay I'm gonna ask you and then you're gonna type in your answer and we're gonna see if you're correct all right true or false eating high fats will lead to golf stones okay go ahead.

And answer and I'm gonna come back to that answer and then after that we have several more throughout the hour all right so Amanda has been holding for 53 minutes and 43 seconds from Michigan go ahead Amanda hi yes thank you for taking my call um I have three parts and then my final question um starting off I do.

I had PCOS the polycystic ovarian syndrome I had lots of fertility issues I would have miscarried if my doctor didn't give me progesterone pills to hold my pregnancies that I did have I've always had bloating and digests burping digestion like issues after my son I did call you once before and talk to you my hair was falling out.

Like seven months after my son and and it was really freaky and I took started taking your wheatgrass which that cleared it up my hair stop I know I've never had menstrual cycles on my own and when I was heavy I did carry my weight like in my face and all over my body this is my second one I started keto three months ago I lost 33 pounds okay.

Which was easy and that's with no exercise my goal is to reverse the PCOS and lower my anxiety which I did the PCOS part and my joint pain went down my knees ankles stopped hurting I started my own menstrual cycles and less headaches two months into keto I noticed ridges on my tongue I've never had that before and.

I got my OBGYN wanted to get blood work for me to check my PCOS status everything came back normal all my hormones came back normal a week to a week and a half after that my hands and feet started turning yellow and orange and my skin is like an olivey green yellow and I noticed on my third menstrual cycle that I had on keto was.

Extremely heavy and I started getting very bad after that very bad like fatigue around the 7:30 8:00 p.m. mark – where I just pass out after putting my kids to bed and I noticed like shortness and breath colder hands and feet dryness so amanda had a question other question so just because there's a lot of calls and this this question probably I could.

Spend an hour dissecting this this is a big problem so let me just give you a couple tips okay I just have one question is did you have the scallops on the tongue on the outside or split down the center I noticed on out saying I have a very faint one in the center okay alright so number one this is in my book where you have the scallops on the.

Outside of the tongue that's usually thyroid so you gave me a lot of good data like the PCOS is really coming from high levels of insulin so you're on the keto I'm guessing you're on the Illumina fast thing that should eventually help that there's a lot of other things you can do to reduce insulin on my videos so you.

Want to continue that that's going to help that also you sounds like he had high estrogen so right there I think seek help would be the key with that to help you kind of balance your hormones but the fact that you had bloating tells me that there's something with the liver in the gallbladder because you also had yellow and orange you know hands feet.

That's all that's all liver and gallbladder so apparently the thyroid works through that area so there's something going on with the liver and the gallbladder so I would just I would spend some time maybe getting some evaluations just to make sure that's everything's cool but really increasing your vegetables just a ton ton more and.

That should clean that up make sure you're not constipated make sure things are flowing and refocus your energy on the liver I think that's kind of the missing piece to everything right now and I think it'll take you to the next level thanks so much Amanda all right Karen what do we have for answers uh no questions I mean I'm sorry.

Oh the true and false no because we've moved beyond here in the world of social media but when those answers were coming in the vast majority of people in both Facebook and YouTube said false I would say every 10 or 12 answers there would be one person that said yes okay okay for all of it all of you that said it's false you are correct yeah so this is.

What's interesting about the gallbladder you know people love cell the idea that fats cause stones actually a low fat diet causes gall stones low fat diets why because saturated fats stimulate bile production bile keeps the stones gone stones come from lack of bile B IL e so adding more fats will help you however.

If you're doing a lot of nuts and things it could overload and irritate the gall bladder but it doesn't cost downs okay so now I have one more question related to that because we're on the same topic okay what is the absolute best food we're not talking about saturated fats okay we're.

Talking let's pretend you're a vegetarian what's what's the best non animal food to increase bile production and support the gallbladder and reduce stones all right the best non animal yeah food yeah like a vegetarian Thai food that will help with your gallbladder okay what's the top food type it down.

I'm gonna continue on we're gonna answer that in a little bit okay good are you coming over to me I'm in a second I have someone that's been on the online for an hour okay Ellen you're from Utah go ahead hi dr. Berg I am a recent follower I really appreciate all the information that you're that you're giving us I hate.

It so so from April until November I lost 70 pounds doing HCG yeah I feel great I'm fifty two postmenopausal and so I started working out recently I've been gaining weight and I'm doing the I have a scale that's got the body fat analysis and so I'm gaining weight it's not muscle it's according to my scale it is.

Its water and fat and I haven't gained a ton it's only six pounds but I don't want to go backwards so and so I am doing the keto I've increased my vegetables over the last couple of weeks to see if it would help and it's not really helping are you doing any in a minute fasting I am NOT okay is your stomach getting bigger or smaller bigger.

Okay this is really simple Ellen this is very simple okay you ready are you sitting down for this okay the thing with the HCG diet it's a very low calorie diet it does slow your metabolism down that's what probably you're ending up right now like what's going on I should be you know this.

Should work well keto without in a minute fasting for someone like you is probably not going to help you you're gonna have to add the intimate of fasting absolutely just do three meals no snacks do that for a while and then go down to two I have a video just like you just go to youtube and type in a minute fasting.

Lines the first video you should watch that apply it and I promise you it'll crack through this case your metabolism will eventually come back and you'll lose the way okay I'll give you that a right hey as a guarantee so what about what about what's working out I'm doing really heavy-duty working you know circuit training I'm gonna start running.

Do I need the extra protein throughout the day no you don't no you don't watch that video too you go too much protein you're gonna increase insulin all you're gonna need all your body can really handle is a certain amount and as you do in a minute fasting the need for that is less and you'll learn about that in the videos so know the more protein will.

Probably slow you down okay okay thanks so much Ellen Ellen okay Karen over to you okay so first you want the answer what everybody's not yet oh okay go ahead give it to me well I think so because these guys again are already off on to other questions so I would say the vast majority of people on Facebook are saying avocado there are some other.

Miscellaneous answers on YouTube there's a lot of different answers including Fritos which I'm pretty sure was a joke oh I'm sure that will increase your bio but but there were a lot of different answers from butter and beat and cabbage and veg different vegetables to avocado and coconut oil MCTS different things like that okay so you're all wrong.

Now Hughes number one vegetable that will increase your bile production you ready for this drumroll please the artichoke really yeah artichoke is very a potent bile releaser Wow yeah I'm sure all of you eat a lot of artichokes I wish I liked artichoke it's.

Kind of like people don't really even eat them very much I mean okay number two there's more beet leaves very powerful put them in your salad I think someone said that yeah you can do beets as well um and because of the fiber it it's gonna be okay for most people shave them I mean it's hard to eat a lot of beets raw isn't it Karin like there's at.

One sitting okra beach or a beet leaf no I'm talking about a beet yeah I mean it depends on salad shake and try it you try to eat a whole beet raw let's see where that gets you it's just really kind of tough and rough now what about roasted if they're roasted I could yeah you can do some roasted but they're tender high in sugar.

You want to you want to kind of shave them on your salad roll number three Karen yeah the radish I just helped it's like the liver in the gallbladder I mean it's it's gonna increase bile production and the last thing lemon okay lemons so that will also it all increase your bile production but the artichoke is number one okay now I have two more questions.

That are coming up shortly so stay tuned do not leave this channel okay Karen did you want to ask a quick question before I go to John no I'm gonna ask several very long questions because social media guys here are wait do we have camera we're good okay good so first of all I have to give a shout-out to Austria Wales England Italy.

Germany South Korea you guys Rock thanks for joining us and all over the United States of course I can't sing the fifty to fifty nifty united states song but I know you're all here and thanks for coming okay good so I have a question about a fatty liver and the keto diet yeah yeah in fact when you do keto and you.

Actually cut your carbs down you're gonna be dumping a lot of fat from the fat cells going to release a lot of fat and cholesterol so if you don't consume the quantity of vegetables you're going to end up with a fatty liver and and you're gonna actually realize the toxins are in the fat so you could end up with like a rash or a skin issue or like.

Weird smell coming out of your skin odor all that stuff so thus increase vegetables okay in salad at the meal okay and the scissors yeah get the scissors okay also oh no I did want to say too because I know there's so many questions coming in there's so many callers there's so many people on social media don't forget that on both Facebook.

Under videos and on YouTube you can go in on YouTube dr. Berg whatever your question is and there will be a video on that so your only help is not just on this this one hour yeah and use that in fact there's a summary sheet that you can go to some link down below and go right to messenger and download this summary this is every single video I've.

Done on keto in another fasting there's a lot of videos I'm telling you all the questions that everyone's asking yeah I already did the video mm-hmm okay yes this next question okay good so what's your take on carb blockers yeah carb blockers there's certain supplements out there that block your car or act or act as a sponge in your.

Gut to prevent you from eating um I don't like that it's just kind of like trying to do a bypass a normal body and it comes with the package there's certain enzymes that help dissolve these are all little things that don't make a lot of difference I think they're a waste of your time okay next question wow that was really that was really a to.

Be that's right so a couple of questions coming in I wake up in the middle of the night I can't fall asleep insomnia go well if you if the Aikido in intermittent fasting affects your sleep what that means is that your your body probably needs more minerals I take calcium before bed magnesium before.

Bed start adding that to the mix you can also try adding more B vitamins but I think it's going to be the minerals and then if that doesn't work what happens is when you're burning fat it has more than double the amount of potential energy so you're getting this you're actually souping up your car to like a more powerful engine okay so it's gonna.

Generate more energy so you're you're gonna have to exercise to get the energy out it's a new concept for some people but the point is that you want to get the night up actually is again no looking over there we're working out hard course I am working hard so what happens is like you have this energy so you have to get it out of your body and.

Then I also would recommend my sleep aid because that really you take one before bed you're out I take it every night okay so I'm gonna go to John John you've been waiting patiently for a bit go ahead you're from upstate good morning my question is well I'll set it up this way I've been doing intermittent fasting and the keto diet since mid-november and.

Happily I'm down 35 pounds but I haven't test myself tested myself if I'm actually in ketosis on a type-2 diabetic and my readings are fine while I'm eating but if I try to exercise I get because I have to in relation to my lower back my blood sugar will spike to over 200 what's in your bag what's in your back 3 her nation Oh her.

Knee okay is it the pain that is do you physically write anything even if I did an exercise I hate today I haven't I've yet to go to the gym I'm just sitting around and I had an omelet with bacon in it for breakfast that's not gonna raise my blood sugar but you know just doing things around the house I just tested my blood sugar and it was 217 but my back.

Is hurting yeah and I guess my real question is is is it possible to reach ketosis if I'm getting these non nutritious no instrument mic good question I'm gonna do a video on this John because there's a lot of other things that can raise your blood Sugar's I think the adrenals from the pain is going to.

Release a lot of glucose from the system that's probably what's happening so two things watch my video on low back pain and do the acupressure on that you're gonna work on the front part abdomen down by the belly button that should at least give you some relief the other thing I would recommend is manganese for disc problems okay if that doesn't give.

You significant results I would honestly look into stem cell therapy it's awesome awesome awesome stuff so I'm gonna be doing a video on that but I think that would actually be the icing on the cake for you I'm sorry shouldn't talk about it but that's really what you need because that's what's causing it but I will do a video on that specifically but.

I think it's coming from your adrenals in the pain and you're gonna have to probably just do walks right now so you don't aggravate that your lower back and start adding more in a minute fasting and then the blood sugars just start coming back to normal thanks John another John from Illinois has been waiting for an hour or go ahead John hi.

Dr. Burton I was wondering about I have hemochromatosis where it's the hereditary thing excess iron and I've found like mixed reviews about you know increasing like kale and vegetables and stuff that are high in iron so I'm just wondering if you've run across anybody that has this that's done keto and if it's helped or made it worse or good.

Question this is a I'm gonna do it I'm actually doing other video in this because it's it's actually pretty it's not as uncommon as you might think the general therapy is to basically go and get your blood taken your blood removed what do you call that Karen what I'm sorry I was reading it's called it's called bloodletting yeah I'm just taking.

Your blood basically that's gonna actually reduce your iron to make you probably feel really good but you're right if you take especially spinach that could be a problem I need more often yeah because I was not yet I saw you not paying attention to my I'm paying attention to my become but John there's a couple other things you can do.

You're probably gonna have to take something called a key later a natural key later is the derivation comes from the Latin which means the cloth so it comes in there and tends to pull out certain heavy minerals curcumin is a really good key later for iron you can take more of that and there's also chlorella is another one so in the.

Meantime go donate your blood and do these other things okay and I think that should help you but I'll do a complete video on that alright we're going to Karen okay good all right a few more locations here hello to Greece New Zealand and Dallas Dallas in the haves okay good so I I have actually three so you have to hang with me the first two.

Can be quick what's your thought on colostrum and some people may not know what that is but colostrum is kind of like the first milk that comes from either breast milk or even a cow's milk it has amazing property immune properties it's it's like taking a natural without side effects version of human growth hormone which is the.

Anti-aging but mainly people are taking it for the your immune system to repair a damaged immune system I highly recommend it if you get a high quality grass-fed colostrum it'd be really good for people with immune deficiency issues especially if you had history of like steroids and you get sick a lot you start taking that you take a very small.

Amount but right before bed in some water and slowly increase it to probably a teaspoon because it can like create a detox reaction but it's one of the best things to repair immune system and that won't knock you out of ketosis oh no not at all okay okay cool now second very quick will the sleep aid can someone become.

Dependent on the sleep aid well not in a bad way it's not addictive it just it works so well and you just keep taking it because it helps you because the sleep aid is not a sleep treatment it's basically something to relax the stress and the body it relaxes the adrenal stress so allows you to go to sleep easier mm-hmm.

So it doesn't like it's not like a drug it doesn't have melatonin it doesn't have valerian root it's not addictive it's just not a hormone makes you feel no it just it's a natural thing that helps reduce stress so you can go to sleep I mean most people live a stressful life it's hard to go through a day without stress so you're gonna have.

To constantly extract that somehow so yeah okay Karen we are ready for the next question okay oh there's two more Mia there's two more questions okay and one's gonna be right now than the one's gonna be R at the end so you have to stay tuned so this question Karen yeah is what is the best food to feed your gut bacteria your.

Friendly bacteria this is good because someone had a question about this earlier good we can kill two birds with one stone yeah so what is the best food to feed your friendly bacteria go ahead and type it in below we'll come back to that question in a couple of minutes okay I need to go to India from you did go.

Ahead you're on the air so I had this question typically a lot of people who suggest a ketogenic diet but when it comes to Indian food you know you're not able to find the right mix the right composition because they mean diet is a very high carbohydrate diet yeah so one needs to follow your diet or let's say you know anybody's ketogenic diet what.

Is the way out how should one go about that when it comes to Indian food right let me ask you a question are you trying to lose weight or do you have more of a blood sugar issue no I'm trying to lose weight okay good question so I want to just say something first before I tell you what to eat there's a lot of people from India that actually are doing this.

Very successfully but if you're not interested in weight let's say you want to improve your diabetes as a transition from diabetes to non diabetes there's a couple things that I would highly highly recommend if you're from India or whatever and I'm just and I'm not even recommending this but I'm just gonna tell you it probably.

Would help bring your Sugar's down instead of consuming you what you're gonna have to do is like completely get rid of any type of processed sugar in grains and in wheat but if you went to like mangoes if you went to berries if you went to fruit chances are your blood Sugar's would do much much better okay now I'm just letting you know as a.

Transition like if you have kids for example and they just can't do this give them the fruit it'll actually make things better for blood sugar especially if you actually have sugar or the artificial sweeteners versus fruit do the fruit okay but for you wanting to lose weight and getting the keto and ketosis there's I.

Don't know if you guys have kale there but you could actually check but I know there's a lot of other vegetables that you can do so you want to have a lot of green raw vegetables when I I've never been to India I've been to Indian restaurants in America they're probably a lot different but they tend to use a lot of sugar in the sauces and a lot of.

Cook vegetable especially the spinach like it's pretty much completely cooked to death so you want to do raw vegetables number one you want to do coconut oil you want to cook with it you want to consume it you can do ghee I think they also have cheese I think there's also animal products like beef and chicken you can do that so right.

There you can do it the problem is that you have all the rice there's so much rice so you're gonna have to get out the right you get rid of the rice and get rid of the bread and the grains those are the two killers so that's what I would recommend try that and I'm gonna also have some of the clients that we have from India maybe give a list and.

I'll actually put that together in a PDF so I can kind of target different countries as far as with the different cultures of what alternative foods that you can consume alright thanks for your question all right Karen do we have a quick question okay we have a quick question do you want the answers yes I.

Do my answer okay but you have to come back to me then so I can get some okay and before I do any of that I have to give another shout out because we're missing countries all over the place here including Australia Thailand Sweden the Philippines South Africa Nigeria and then more of the u.s. of course California New York North Carolina South.

Carolina Alabama it's awesome thanks everybody for tuning in okay so the answers that are coming in for can you repeat the question so people if they're just yes what's the best food for the friendly bacteria okay so the main answers I'm getting our yogurt fermented foods like kimchi and some one which I thought was interesting.

Wrote fiber okay is there a right answer in there do I have a drumroll please general okay good now when you actually recommend what you're recommending like you're recommending like for fermented products that's actually you're adding bacteria microbes don't eat bacteria that will replace the bacteria the food for the microbes is the fiber totally.

Correct that one person on YouTube maybe it was more than one I'm sorry but we want it I'm gonna tell you the number one fiber is our raw artichoke artichoke that's number one all right so we can actually kill two birds with one stone with our artichoke is really artichoke is good for the bond Wow and it's also good for the microbes.

These microbes eat the fiber and number two would be chicory root okay number three would be leek and asparagus okay I love grilled leek can you grill it you have to eat it raw you can grill it okay um just don't kill it too much with the heat but the point is that these fibers from the vegetables will feed your microbes cruciferous will do it as well.

So when you get stooop aidid when eating too much salad that means that you're overwhelming the microbes are like they're not used to that so you have to gradually ease into this but that's how you feed the microbes if you want more microbes you take the fermented foods the kimchi but the kimchi will also give you fiber or.

Two because it's a vegetable it's cabbage so I think what we have to do if you guys are in the lab and the closed group maybe put some artichoke recipes what do you think I think that's a great idea yeah I think that's I don't have a lot of artichoke recipes I mean do you have a question.

Oh from the guy you thought I was just gonna start chatting yeah I was ok another day I'll keep you on track ok good no no I'm sure I can come up with one let me know ok ok you go ahead and look ok so this is from Cynthia from California no heck Cynthia you're on the air good morning Birds hey how are you guys.

I love you guys you're my favorite youtubers ah we love you too thanks Cynthia thank you ok so I have two questions real quick I'm type two diabetes I have type 2 diabetes sorry and I've lost way too much weight I went under a hundred pounds and I was staying off the scale like you suggested and I put on my Size Zero parents and they.

Kind of like fell off and I'm like oh so I got on the scale and I was 99.5 and I need to know how to gain more weight while on keto right of the type diabetes you have type 1 so I'm type – are you taking insulin no I'm on I can't remember the name they just switched me but I'm take two pills ok and as your blood Sugar's improved history but on.

This you know what select she wait super bad I've had I was eating those protein bars from Kirkland and I found out that it had tapioca starch in it and it just really threw me off and ever since then I've been having such a hard time getting it back under control because I was you know at 78 most times and it was really good and.

Ever since I started that it just kind of blew out of proportion and then my second question was I've been sharing your bread recipe on your if' page and everybody's freaking out over the arrowroot so you know because it has so many carbs yeah good question all right so I just have another question for you are your.

Blood sugars going above a hundred yes they are okay are you doing in a minute fasting yes in fact I don't get hungry whatsoever kind of weird okay do you feel okay I feel fine yeah okay so let me just get fired every okay yeah okay let me give you my two cents each body is different if if you're down.

A hundred I'm guessing you're you probably have a more of a petite frame and so some people get pretty lean on this but they feel great so and then they want to gain weight so there's always this thing with other people like oh you got a gain way to get the point is if you feel strong that's the most important thing because you don't want.

To put on fat you can start putting in muscle by exercising I think that's what I would do but maybe if you the problem is if you're not hungry you're running your body off of your own fat which you might not have a lot of so what I would do is I would increase the the quantity of meal first the calories in the meal add more food when you eat.

And then maybe try to add one more meal but don't go crazy with you two adding a lot of meal so maybe you're just doing two meals I would also add more greens but I think the fact that you're still a diabetic tells me that you need to support the pancreas because chances are you probably still have insulin resistance a little bit and what happens.

With that is you won't it won't allow for the the protein to go into the cell and so it'd be hard to really you know maintain more muscle mass so zinc and chromium are two trace minerals that I think would really really help you you can just prior to you a trace mineral blend a plant-based trace mineral that would help but I would really focus on.

Targeting that type 2 diabetes and supporting that as your primary goal versus just trying to gain weight and then I think your weight will come back but I would add the exercise in there now as far as the bread goes there is a little bit of arrowroot we have a new recipe to replace that just so you know it's not exactly like it but it's pretty.

Darn close and I will be posting that shortly but the amount of arrowroot that we're using is so tiny the amount of carbs in arrowroot in that recipe are so small you're talking like not even more than four four grams of carbs if that and that's for the whole loaf you're only going to eat like a little bit of it right so you're talking like probably.

1 1 gram of carb so right there it's not going to be an issue the benefit of the arrowroot just makes the bread awesome so but the point is that there's another another recipe so just just do small amounts I think people are taking that out of proportion a little bit but it's like trying to get your potassium out of the cream of tarter or whatever yeah.

These things are used in you know a half a teaspoon or a teaspoon or something in an entire recipe yes so in an ideal senior even if you ate the entire loaf of bread which you shouldn't in one sitting that's a really small you know compared to other things that people are doing like eating rice and beans and pasta and real bread and you know cheat.

Days and all of this stuff you know thanks Cynthia I appreciate your question now we're going to go to Laura from Indiana go ahead you're on the air hi dr. Berg how are you I love your YouTube videos thank you you're so helpful thank you so much for putting your videos out there sure I did a ketogenic diet now for about home it's.

Been a little over a year and I was successful I did lose 35 pounds but then I just kind of plateaued and I wasn't able to lose anymore I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and I do take celebrex for that and I'm also almost 49 years old so I know I'm starting like the perimenopausal phase and I'm just wondering also another thing I wanted to.

Ask you about is the Atkins snacks you know like those bars or like the peanut caramel cluster bars things like that are those a big no-no on keto so question are you doing in a minute fasting or not yet I do two meals a day and I try not to snack but on some days I am hungrier than other days and I do have a snack here and there but I try.

Not to okay so yeah some of those bars you really have to look at the ingredients because the quality is so low and I know they're convenient either you find something with like that's really high quality or just make your own because that's what I'm gonna recommend for that I think the fact that you need a snack I think you just need.

To tweak the eating like your diet what you eat in those two meals adding more greens add a little more fat so you don't snack the snack is gonna get you it's gonna keep you from – lowering your your weight because it's you're gonna plateau the other thing with spinal stenosis just so you know watch my video on that if you take vitamin k2 that will.

Actually help some of the build-up of calcium on the inside of the spinal column and give you a little more space you might want to try that out and that'll help you okay okay Karen we have another question the last question of the day okay okay someone's asking how old I am do we tell them no no Karen she's had a birdie I just had a birthday.

39 looks pretty good 59 she's 55 just turned 55 yeah you don't look a day over 30 good you're good no oh boy of course I'm I'm actually 35 but we won't talk about that so what I want to do is I want to ask the last question okay good okay so everyone I'm not gonna answer any questions because I'm gonna.

Ask this question and then we'll go to you for a second but the question is this okay Karen please try to squeeze that in there what is the first vitamin that was ever discovered type it down okay okay type it down right now what is the first vitamin that was ever discovered what do you think okay we'll come back to that.

After I talked to him Mohammad from Canada go ahead you're on the air howdy Cooper how are you doing tonight great thanks yeah thank you for the videos and for all the information that you give us my question is my question is I'm doing T to died since December 15 hero an intermittent fasting and I lost the amount of weight and feeling good.

About it lately I just felt like when I sit down and I get up suddenly I have like kind of dizziness mm-hmm for like for a few seconds yeah and just there's something that I don't know what it come from I never like I had this one long time before like when I was younger and now this come back again for some reason I'm not sure what it is okay another.

Thing yeah the other question is like I have a key to key to strips that I used like to check my key to in urine yeah I'm not sure like sometimes positive sometimes negative I'm not sure is that like a good indicator or just something that you know I could I could have good so let me answer the strips first the keto strips are a good rough indicator.

But they're not 100% accurate because you when you start doing this you're going to start to burn up these ketones more efficiently and it's not gonna show up in the urine you're gonna think oh I'm not a ketosis well initially when you do it the ketones are gonna go through the urine and your because you're not burning them.

So because you're in strong ketosis just all that means is there's ketones in the urine doesn't tell you how efficiently your system is but if your system is burning up all those ketones it's not going to show up very much in the urine even though you're in hardcore ketosis it's not the best indicator so you'd want to go the best thing is to measure.

Your waist and then the other question is that if you're getting dizzy that could mean you need more salt sea salt because the volume of fluid goes down with keto when you're on sugar you're carrying around at liesl another 11 pounds of fluid because the way that sugar is stored is like a sponge a fluid filled sponge so you lose all the stuff.

Water you're in Quito and all of a sudden your volume of fluid goes down you need more sea salt to maintain the volume of blood so add that and if that doesn't work then you have to look at the adrenals because the adrenals could be weak and then you can support that with some other videos thanks for your question what kind of answer do we have.

Karen what kind of what are people saying they can support it with some other videos is that what she meant to say support it with liquid videos yes like I know those questions are gonna come up I was Lexie I was talking but my mind was over here with some girls okay so hello to Canada hello to Nairobi and.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes good so YouTube is pretty much coming in with vitamin A we have vitamin C is the second biggest answer a couple of DS in in on Facebook we've got a little more of a mix some a a lot of C okay all right drumroll please all right the answer is vitamin A yes.

And guess what guess what the second one is Karen what's this the second vitamin ever invented it was discovered to be okay what the third one is C and the fourth one D good what's the first B vitamin ever discovered b1 good ii I think we get it 2 and then B 3 we get it yeah okay I hear the music all right guys thanks so much for watching.

Let's say that planet Earth all right okay bye
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