Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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morning everyone we're back we're back it's Friday morning and it's a beautiful sunny warm morning a freezing cold freezing freezing anything that we say it's not meant to diagnose you or cure you intentionally so we if you do become cured just don't mention her name or unintentionally that's right.

So about guess a few weeks ago I was reading some real fine print and kind of wasn't as very very light so I grab some cheaters and I put them on for several hours and after I took them off completely could not read so I had to get some glasses here so as I go through here I'll be using glasses all right so Karen um.

You checked social media and I'm gonna go right to first caller Orlando best time for a protein shake is that your question Linnell hi so I'm trying to figure out I'm doing my protein shake I think you notice that you work out you're supposed to have a protein shake well I'm trying to switch it up because some mornings I work out at 5:30 and.

Then sometimes I work you work out after like 6:30 so my thing is if I'm fasting if I'm doing the intermittent fasting and I'm doing it from 12:00 to 8:00 then that means I can't do the protein shake right but one will be painful just one question so who is who's they it's recommended in my reading of my research is recommended.

You workout that you should actually have a protein shake and you doing that yeah I've heard that too I've heard that rumor the rumors floating around it's completely and utterly false because here's the thing wait yeah you you you don't it takes it's gonna take a while for that protein to actually go into your muscles and and.

Do anything so it's false information you don't need protein right around you eat at all yeah you don't need it in fact if you actually had a protein shake when you're working out you could to some degree interfere with your results because you're fasting and when you have protein boom that breaks the fast right.

There we want to spike that growth hormone it's better if you have your protein shake maybe right at the meal but not in between good question all right now Sandra has a quick question from Vermont are you there yes yes I am doctor hi so you have unification related to chronic fatigue syndrome yes I had.

Spinal meningitis when I was a little girl I almost died doctor and I mean I was really really super sick and and then I just got and then I got better and better and better after this I you know I woke up from my coma coma and I got better and better and better and after that I I was yes question what what what age were you when that.

Happened I was nine years old and did you have an infection no I no I did not I just had brain damage and everything but I left what hundred it um they thought it was it was this mosquitoes that my my dad did research and my family did research and it was they thought it was mosquitoes I'm outside in the summertime ever happened.

Ever since then you've been suffering with chronic fatigue yes I have a long time yeah and I I'm alright I mean I eat right I love vegetables I eat all the time and everything and I I walked a lot I and I have arts now that I'm older I have arthritis and my back in my hips and my in my legs and everything and all I want to know what kind of vitamins do.

I need I got so this is what I'm gonna recommend that you do yeah you can take a vitamin you can take b1 which is really important nutritional yeast but honestly I think this is kind of like a hidden chronic like infection that's just sitting there in the background which actually is behind a good percentage of.

The chronic fatigue syndrome especially whether it's a virus or something that mosquito carried on a normal area anything so what you need to do is the vitamin that would take would be oregano you can get them in little capsules or pearls you need a regon oh and maybe some of the other herbs like them you can do black walnut halls Paul or time.

You need a real powerful herb to kind of combat some of the any type of hidden infection and that's gonna actually bring your energy up I think more than anything there's something else you can do to you can research ozone therapy find a person that does it near your area and go to them but that's what I would do and let us know how that works.

Sandra thanks for your call all right do you want to get some more callers or you know I have a good question yeah can you do if' with attend a smoothie cleanse the palate vallencourt conflicts because your it depends okay so yeah you can do eye out for that you know you're basically combining a smoothie with if' and if you're actually consuming that.

Smoothie as your one meal a day whatever or twice a day and just fast in between yeah I guess you could do that I think the key question is what's in this movie what's in the smoothie yeah that is the key question fine apple banana not good Apple not good okay that was a good question yeah okay all right Tara you're from Vancouver you had a question.

Related to carrots and beets go ahead what's your question I want to make sure I get it right I would like to add them in my salad I've been eating last one year only green leaf salad and I don't take medication for my diabetes I was thirteen years but I am worried if I add onions beets and carrots and peppers to.

My salad I might be getting the negative back you know here's my opinion on this I don't think you're gonna have a problem at all I'm not I mean beets have fiber don't juice them carrots have fiber don't consume them in a juice state I would not worry about it I would put them in your salad I would not worry.

About it unless you absolutely are completely stuck with your metabolism and but I wouldn't worry about as far as blood Sugar's go a little bit of carrot a little bit of beet never killed anyone now I think it's gonna be fine so go for it and it's not going to bring your diabetes back all right thanks for your question and then now we have I think.

It's Portia and lost Los Angeles you had a question about travel and in a minute fasting I do dr. Burke thank you so much for taking my call and I would like to thank you first off before I ask my question thank you for all that you and your wife do for suffice you to make a healthy individual so that well you're welcome thank you and then secondly yes.

I I travel a lot for my job which I absolutely love I live in Los Angeles but I'm on the East Coast all the time I absolutely love doing intermittent fasting I typically start my first meal of the day at 10 o'clock and I stopped my last one anywhere between four and five however I find that when I am on the East Coast and I start my first meal.

At one o'clock which is 10 o'clock West Coast time I find that I'm more hungry on the East Coast than I am on the west coast right now getting an avocado getting an avocado on the west coast it's easier than it is sometimes on the East Coast depending on which state I'm in so I do typically eat an avocado with all of my meals on.

The wet coat but it doesn't always lend that way on the East Coast well I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong I think it's the latitude now I think people in the East Coast generally are hungrier and then now I'm just kidding basically this is the it's if the it's the time zone when you actually go five.

Hours there is a shift in your location in space and time and that can definitely throw off it's called circadian rhythms with your sleep cycles with your feeding cycles they're both linked up so it is true when you're travel it definitely affects the appetite so yes it can affect your hunger centers though the way to counter.

That there's a couple things you can do with jetlag vitamin D is the best thing to help reset that so take more vitamin D and then the other thing when you travel and I always recommend this I would fast longer and fast through the travel and definitely be careful of what they serve you on that plane especially with the snacks and the drinks so that's.

Not would do and I think you're gonna have to just adjust a little bit but it is it does affect your hunger a little bit awesome thanks for your call all right Karen we're yeah we're calling from today well or arriving from arriving from excuse me they're all showing up they're showing up and usually I get tons of replies from.

YouTube I'm not really so much from Facebook but today I've been just writing down from Facebook and I'm not even halfway through Wow there's more with the YouTube but I will tell you who's here so far Hong Kong South Africa us Ecuador India Canada Malaysia Uruguay Ireland the Philippines Miramar Ukraine Denmark Bangladesh Trinidad Tobago UK.

Finland Bosnia Afghanistan Poland Dubai which is in the UAE Norway Poland that's a man to be continued wow that's incredible that's that's fantastic I'm so glad you guys are watching and I'm not sure what time zone you're on I know what but we know you by is nine hours ahead so it's in the evening there right I do want to say if you have haven't.

Signed up for our 30-day challenge low carb no cheat month go to the YouTube channel and sign up it's right on the front page as the video and you can actually click the link down below you can either do the messenger or just basically text in this number with the word challenge and it's it's all there and then I'm gonna give you like daily.

Tips in the morning so you can be encouraged to do this for one month the reason that I'm doing this Karen is because there's none of the people who actually have tried fasting long enough or not fasting but just are a strict low carb long enough to really in pinch to see the results there is a lot of people and this is hard to believe that don't.

Do they do have this cheat day and they do have a little bit of this here and there they sort of do keto so to get everyone to do it in a strict basis you're gonna see way better results so I want you to do that so you can see for yourself good and someone asked is it you for real that's asking for photos from people yes yes in fact it's also.

Real that I call you personally on the phone every morning he sits there and just she's got like dial finger yeah all morning long so yeah sometimes people say well why aren't you answering my question on social media well because we just just impossible zoos of people a day oh yeah II can't I can't get to everyone but that's why we have these.

Live events right and just did one last night a night before so if you actually subscribe to YouTube you will be getting notifications of exactly when I do the live of that messenger – yes you'll be getting them as well but but you have to subscribe to YouTube to give back because I have a way of communicating to everyone through.

YouTube – I can let them know when I'm gonna doing a lot of Q&A so if you have questions you can you can find out and tap into that okay so let me ask you a question social media here what's your thought on pickled eggs love them love them I love anything pickled anything pickle or fermented and I like eggs the combination is deadly I love it totally.

Good now I'm gonna do a video some interesting know some interesting information between the egg yolk and the egg white things that you've never heard before like what's the big difference I know you guys might gone wow that's boring but it's very interesting so stay tuned for that video there you go well we have several social media people.

Asking about prolonged fasting and how to get off that prolem fast yeah yeah there's a video on it there's a video on everything but what you do is you do not like the worst thing you could do is to consume not just a big meal that a huge carbohydrate meal you know why because you're gonna you're already running on a fun line with electrolytes.

Now you're gonna suck out potassium out of the cell in a greater quantity and then your heart's gonna be kind of Wiggin out so when you make this transition you want to eat really healthy but just have very small amounts like maybe a half an egg for a while maybe a little bit of steamed vegetables wait a while consume.

A little bit more don't have a huge meal but if you're fasting for one day you don't really have to worry about that too much time talking about 42 hours you don't want to break it with a heavy carp meal anyway yeah go light right yeah go light and then gradually ease into it and we've just heard too many people who do prolong fast and then they eat.

Normally yeah no man it's it's rough they don't feel well and then the question is when can I go back to my normal food so when can I stop I don't need a video on that I'm also gonna do a video today on I can't do Kido because I'll never be able because I I can't give up bread well that's too easy these days there's.

So many bread options well stay tuned for the video you'll find out ok alright so the next question is denise from let's say she had a question about eggs and viruses and in the body can you clarify that question Denise hi yes I've been looking at different research and it's going back and forth stating that no matter what type of egg you eat.

Pastorate this will how you preparing that it will feed a virus in the body if you have a virus or if you have passion models or anything like that it will just pause it could become one plane yeah have you ever personally read any study on that or have you just seen kind of like you just heard it and that it isn't in some study yeah I've read it.

Like a few different studies and then another person mom do you on it did you actually read them did you react cheery the actual study or kind of like a summary of the study no I laid the whole study was it observational or was it like a clinical trial mom we'd be saying that when they create vaccine which I know no good they definitely need a it.

Would be the virus yeah well here's my here's my opinion on this topic viruses feed off your cell they feed off your selves energy and they invade when your resistance is low when you're susceptible to viruses so it really has to do more with your health of the cell and the integrity of the cell there's certain nutritional deficiencies that.

Can occur that make viruses more active like if you're low in vitamin D if you're low on zinc and then viruses have a strategic thing where they kind of block your receptor vitamin D so they can actually survive better which is pretty devious of them but as far as eggs go I do know that raw egg whites do deplete biotin.

But I sometimes when you hear these studies I would make sure that it's not observational and it's actually a clinical trial on humans just to really see because I I just um I don't know if I agree with that 100% I don't know I mean here's the thing eggs do have arginine arginine amino acid other foods have Arjun I'm Arjun Arjun ion itself as.

Amino acid does stimulate the growth of viruses not by feeding him but will stimulate them so if you have a canker sore for example or a cold sore and you take arginine they can make that worse versus lysine can put it back in remission but I wouldn't I don't I just don't think the egg is going to do that but thanks for your question and denell.

You're from let's see you are from the equator Ecuador your border of the equator they're just from the equator Ecuador equator the same area dr. Berg is a master of the body and phenomenal Ecuador is actually at the at the equator right right it lines perfectly doesn't sure okay are you there she's.

Yeah she fled she's like oh my gosh go ahead hi um first of all thanks so much for oviya for you good on helping people get healthy um I've been doing keto and I asked for a couple of months now some things Oh Matt but I've noticed that I blowed after I eat I'm even sometimes without eating so I don't know what to do oh wow.

Question are you doing a lot of vegetables that you're normally not doing uh I've tried to cut down up vegetables and it will happen okay you get it right shoulder pain I know all right are you eating more fat than you normally eat uh yeah I are you consuming any keto treats or desserts with sugar alcohols like mannitol we.

Throat all xylitol anything like that yeah I usually do some fat foam okay so it's probably either the the sugar alcohols what you need to cut out because they create a lot of bloating or the fat so you might want to adjust the fat or take a purified bile salts there's something that I recommend call gall bladder a formula that helps with.

That but I'm not sure if you can order that if you're actually living in the equator just kidding Ecuador I'm not sure if we ship that far but here's the thing you can try purified by salts that can help you break down the fats but in the meantime cut it back but you know there's a great video for you to watch it's called gall.

Bladder flushing and that can help you in your digestion and your bloating thanks for your question all right Karen yeah we're over to you Wow want more countries oh my god that's fantastic eeap's coming and coming and coming so I'll just spit these out I'm Italy New Zealand Netherlands Sweden Bosnia India Algeria Romania Germany Kenya.

Kuwait Virginia Oman Syria Antarctica Algeria and I'm not even done with the youtubers that's so cool youtubers I mean really YouTube platform like this is really allowed all of us around the world to come together yeah to connect yeah to connect up anyway let me ask you a question someone was asking 10 kids do kids need more carbs can they.

Do Oh mad do they need carbs can they do keto what's up with this it's another good question it's when a when a baby is born the first 24 hours their impure almost pure cute ketosis and also fatty acids they're not using glucose and then of course they there when you breastfeeding the lactose and the milk start raising.

Some of the sugar as far as glucose though now a child doesn't need glucose there's no purpose for it here's the thing as your body runs on a ketones and another of fats like fatty acids which not other founds but fatty acids you're gonna tap out especially if you're on low-carb a good.

Amount of your your stored sugar in your liver okay so and then what happens is your liver now is gonna make sugar as it needs it it's called gluconeogenesis right so it's gonna make sugar from ketones fat protein things like that now if you're making your own sugar that's not the bad sugar the bad sugar is the sugar you eat in the diet that then.

Turns to fat so there's no danger in that and so we don't really need that child doesn't need that but I will say they're very they have a very fast metabolism and if you keep them on a very extremely low carb they're gonna be very very thin so maybe you want to add some sweet potato yeah more berries but definitely don't do the bread pasta.

Cyril crackers biscuits waffles pancakes what about your kids not not some of the fruit that you think maybe baby food not pears or apples because they're they're just so they're a hybrid there's so much sugar so maybe something like something lower in sugar like star fruit that's a great one to give to a child really yeah yeah pomegranate I'm sure.

They'll love it yeah berries are strawberries because I noticed and look because we have little Lucy right our grandbaby and I noticed that she doesn't really tend to like greens she has a pretty broad appetite for things and eats a lot of things but yeah well she just – yeah she can't see what I mean not a salad but there's.

Broccoli and you know different kinds of things like that she does eat some things but I look at the baby food maybe there's an organic baby food out there that's got some protein and vegetables and they almost all have rice and potatoes or a lot of fruit yeah potatoes and fruit and rice and it's carbs city the thing that you got to.

Realize is that time if you have like a whole whole grain rice or whole grain grain in general you you're gonna deplete zinc big-time in zinc is probably one of the top nutritional deficiencies of the planet so especially with kids so then they go there goes the immune system so it's and then you go okay good well I'll just have the.

Refined the white rice or the refined flour and then you get deficiency as the b1 and potassium and calcium but yeah it's a situation okay all right so I need to go to rock he's from Canada are you there Rock yeah I'm here dr. Burke thank you for all that you do for four people in the world because because I'm I'm from Morocco actually even in Canada.

So yeah so you're touching like every country I think so I'm have I have to question actually one quick question and my first question is just a yes or no so question so can I use wheatgrass to replace veggies like I have some difficulties to eat too much veggies because of my work my time etcetera so can I use good question my.

Oh my yeah my second question is I have Crohn's disease and I'm doing very well with keto and by I have a problem with my right parts of the body like I I have some cramps in my in my class and I have like a numbness in all my rights part of the body I was to the neurologist and I did our eyes the x-rays day.

Nothing and I noticed that I'm doing well on b12 vitamins but not 100% and I'm adding magnesium and potassium supplements I do 50% well with that but not 100% so do you have any advice so those are my my two questions thank you welcome okay so we cross juice powder it's awesome for phytonutrients and nutrients it's very concentrated I.

Recommend it but as far as a vegetable replacement the thing that doesn't have is the fiber which that's that's why I wanted to create my own because I wanted a super concentrated okay so it it would provide a lot of nutrients but not the fiber for the microbes a better solution if you want to replace your vegetables would be.

Veggie solution because it has the fiber and there's Len teen it's very very a nice clean protein not processed hardly at all but the wheatgrass juice is good for supporting the inner lining of your gut for Crohn's and it supports the immune system greatly so I think that can help you on a side note if you have Crohn's or someone has any type of.

Digestive damage in their GI tract realize they're not going to absorb vitamin D that well or even recycle bile because you need the receptors working 100% in your gut that's where it all happens to absorb the fat side with vitamins and work with bile to recycle it and also vitamin D so you're in Canada so it's going to be a very easy.

To get a lot of sunlight and being very sarcastic so you want to take a sublingual vitamin D as a way to get your vitamin D and I think that's going to handle a lot of your pain because when you're deficient vitamin D you're going to have pain the other thing you could take with some purified bile salts that's the.

Next thing I'm going to tell you is take some benfotiamine because that's why I thought soluble too and that helps with pain in general but because it's on the right side I would do the acupressure on your gall bladder because if you press there any threat right ribcage and that in general area nine times out of ten your pain is going to go away on the.

Right side I've done this a million times and it could be some congestion because you the gall bladder is dependent on and works with the small intestine so if you have Crohn's it throws everything off so that's what I would do if I were you okay good question all right Karen okay good so one lady writes her husband's.

Been on keto for two years yeah low carb now we don't know really what he's eating but she says it's he's been working on it for two years but he still has a big belly mm-hmm thoughts well it's that could be a liver body type and it's a reflection of the liver and which takes the longest so the the fact that if the belly is not shrinking then I'd.

Really really at his his carbs the there's really only two main ways to reduce insulin and that's really behind the belly and the fat liver and a whole bunch of other issues and that is to go low-carb and reduce the frequency of eating now there's other things that will improve it too like apple cider vinegar vitamin D potassium zinc b1 but.

That doesn't work unless you go low carb and you do in a minute fasting so I would make sure the carbs are low and I would definitely fast longer insulin should come down to normal and then his belly should shrink and the liver should actually start being better maybe watch the keto on steroids video oh yeah right that's video called keto on steroids.

Right you can find that video on dr. Burke calm it's right down there you can just search it yeah good question good now here's one what can you do to regenerate your pancreas I mean I know you can regenerate liver right yeah very much pancreas well the the best way to regenerate pancreas is to do prolong.

Fasting because you actually regrow you stimulate stem cells which then build tissue build a new immune system so I mean and what would be nice too is that to do fasting for the pancreas because it constantly is pumping out all this these hormones like insulin and also all these enzymes so if you do prolong fasting and I'm talking about work up to.

72 hours that's when you start getting the results with the stem cell so it's there's those amazing benefits that occur so that's what I would do if you want a new pancreas great eat now they do have some spare ones you can order online and get them replaced but sometimes they they don't come with a warranty for ten bucks yet we don't want.

To miss Terry says and donate his if you want to give him a call so I need to go to Pamela from Springfield Missouri are you there Pam yes hi I'm so excited to talk to you oh that's great well we're excited to tell me you good my question is I have MS and I decided to get serious about my little problems and in September I.

Started charging everything but I went back and looked at everything and noticed that ma I'm having it every day a time where I get lose my focus or I get dizzy and I'm have managed just this last you know I your challenge and I have been doing I'd say dirty keto but now I'm doing cleaner and I still get my dizzy.

I'm almost worse when I eat yeah yeah and you're talking about lose your focus with your mental mental focus or your visual focus mental okay Oh mental I did just have my eyes cataracts removed and that's good but I have belly fat and I'm kind of where I should be I think on my way okay okay so question I have do you but you don't get dizzy or.

Have problems when you're fasting is that true I just noticed that as I kind of pushed it to the two meals a day okay in four to five hours okay so so this is what I would do if I were you because you gave me a couple good clues that you can you can apply I think for the fun of it I would mix them you eat just try this out get some exogenous.

Ketones they're supplements or ketone salts and take a couple before you eat because what you want to test out is your brain will always take up ketones over glucose and so when you eat these ketones what should happen is that your brain should work better so your dizziness and should and focus should be better with that if that doesn't handle.

It I think you need a little bit more salt and the fact that you know you're just starting this your well you're starting to be really really clean I'm just gonna tell you chances are you have insulin resistance and it's just gonna take it's gonna take some time and that's what we call you a patient but so that's what I would do if.

I were you okay Pamela thank you so much you're welcome and then I'll just tell Terry I can't my controls are not working so Terry you'll have to as you like just if you can drop a panelist call because I'm done and then opening the next call call our the answer from Glen from Orlando the question my eyebrows are falling out.

I hate that okay so that's you all right so I think someone needs to put someone on hold there or actually silent because I'm hearing some things okay Glenn you had a question about your eyebrows I hear then go ahead he's there okay okay great I couldn't tell I am Here I am here wait hey well I noticed some go ahead yeah go.

Ahead okay just notice like half of my eyebrows are Missy yeah and don't know what is really cool about it I mean I have other symptoms to Bob get them mainly calling about that okay do you have any other symptoms of thyroid like a low thyroid that you that you can identify like fatigue overall weight.

Gain slow metabolism I'm okay I would say I don't really have weight gain I'm my weight is pretty good but I work out a lot but um but yeah I would say slow metabolism I would say fatigue especially if I'm sitting in a class and try and learn I could barely stay awake okay I would I would watch some of the videos.

On thyroid because I think you might need selenium and because you know you can have a loss of eyebrows from an autoimmune condition which there's inflammatory stuff and that's why fasting will help you and vitamin D but with the eyebrows that's kind of classic thyroid symptoms of slow thyroid in 90% of hypothyroid cases is Hashimoto's type.

Thyroid issues so in that case selenium will be that nutrient because the selenium is a good antioxidant to prevent any type of craziness going on in your body so why don't you try that Glennon's and just maybe get your thyroid evaluated but more more in-depth from your doc and see if there is an issue.

With that thanks Glenn okay can I could I ask you one thing yeah I noticed I saw a video that you had something about standard process yeah would that be something I could try for what what product Oh defy true you know think about our trophy and it's really hard to find that now that's the.

Standard process for some reason but yeah that would be great for Hashimoto's take one before bed yes absolutely but if you can't find it you can call Stan a process and find a practitioner in your area and they can actually get it for you okay Karen what do we got going on okay so you know for Christmas what I did you know for Christmas presents I.

Made a lot of Christmas friends I made body scrubs and tea bags and all kinds of things soap and all kinds of things right cuz I'm that's just kind of what I do so there's been this repeated question here which is is curious yeah would a sugar scrub bump you out of ketosis could you just drink in the sugar from that sugar.

Scrub I use salt I don't use sugar for my sugar scrubs but what do you think the chances of that are less than winning the lottery it's not gonna happen your sugar is not gonna wait that's good I'm gonna win the lottery I know that what the chances other people the chances okay alright so so basically no.

You don't worry about the the skin actually has a fat layer and so the things that get absorbed are the fat soluble things solvents go you know in like for example not that you would do this but like lotions with all the chemicals you put that in the skin within a minutes like it's it right in your liver it goes right in BAM.

So that's a situation can all right okay you have anything else for me let's see so somebody here has a bad condition of hives would Quito help that yes yeah because your immune systems gonna do better your digestive system is gonna be better and the hives could also come from gall.

Bladder it can come from high histamines and one of the good remedies for that is just to get the pH slightly more acidic so there's a remedy called I mean it's called ammonium chloride and you can probably find it online ammonium chloride you take that it's lightly acidifies the body if you have more of.

An alkaline body and it's great for hives allergies itching things like that so that is just a little tip Karen it's a hack nutritional hack alright okay good Sara you're from New York you had a question hold is your question hello hello hi hi hi there yes I'm from New York so I am.

Doing so I'm just starting out with the keto and and is so I'm doing three meals a day anywhere between 11:00 to 7:00 okay and my question is about is about MCT oil yeah so when would that when would I get the best benefit from using or incorporating that into my routine okay so the one of the best times to take that would be in the morning when.

You wake up you can put it in your coffee or just have it right when you wake up because what will happen here you'll start getting ketones right off the bat so what what is that gonna do that's gonna feed your brain ketones fuel it's feed your heart ketones it's gonna feed your muscles ketones and so what's going.

To happen it's going to allow you to go longer without getting hungry and that's going to help you do intermittent fasting much much better so if you do that in the morning let's say you're going to be quickly down to two meals a day and you maybe eat a late lunch and then a little bit later into the afternoon.

So you're eventually you know a pattern of let's say 18 hours fasting and then 20 hours fasting now you're really going to start seeing some amazing amazing amazing results so MCT oil gives you ketones to make it easier to fast and it also gives you more brain energy if you want to focus better and more energy when you're exercising good question.

Sarah good luck to you all right now I need to go to see a new from Herndon Virginia are you there yes that's the work I'm here thank you for taking the car sure just down the street so yes okay so I don't know if you have my question this is my first time diving in or should I say the question you have a.

You're bleeding you have issues with in a minute fast oh wait you had a question with for anemia yeah so about three months ago I can figure out why but they kept I also had a cop so they kept giving me antibiotics and I told them I'm not they are not working and I don't want to take more let it go and unless you actually can do some sort of blood.

Test to find out if I have an infection and because they wanted to give steroids next after all the antibiotics don't work and the one nurse practitioner did do the blood test and they called me back saying I was anemic my hemoglobin was 1026 at that time but the other hematocrit's at mtv mph all of that were very low and so was vitamin D was 15 so.

They said well of course do that and maybe that causing that's nice and okay where do they find it it's causing the bleeding what I don't have leading I don't know why is it I don't okay good did they find out what kind of me I don't have like dude is an iron anemia deficiency or did they find that you have like b12 do they see anything I.

Have been taking the anemia got better at food restlessness was the real problem and now I do get you know in the pay of the front part of my chest for the sternum and ribs or might I do contain them so the doctor said well I think you just have excited because you've done all the blood tests and nothing comes wrong and I said if I.

Could if I can breathe properly I don't have insight you know so I went to a chiropractor and whenever they're just me I am fine they recommended physical therapy which was excellent when I you know but the insurance approved more than eight visits oh so nice what was your question exactly but my question is what do I do for this pain in the front.

In that sternum area in between like okay but I've also started they also said I should lose weight which I would so I have to cut you up because there's more questions but I just want to answer this one question right here is that if you have pain in the in the chest area a couple things I would do you go to the doctor you check.

The heart it's normal there's a great test you might have to find out who does in your area it's called a heart rate variability that's kind of a sensitive test to measure two things part of the nervous system that's like the flutter fight and the recovery system and you might have low recovery which could be related.

To the poor sleep something like that the other thing that I would do because you want to try to find the subclinical issues there is if you look online there's a great nutritional test it's a blood test and look for all these nutritional deficiencies and it measures information off of your immune system your your white blood cell it's quite.

Fascinating you have to look it up get that test because it'll pick up stuff that won't get picked up by a normal blood test and then you'll be able to see what's going on but in the meantime just go to the basics do healthy keto NIF and see if it can help you okay but remember to like if you have pain in the chest bone you can also get someone.

To work on your mid-back but if it keeps coming back let me know it's something else all right Karen do we have a question let me guess the question will MCT oil break your fast you read my paper yeah you read my paper just guess it's every week but apparently people want to know what do you think what's the answer.

You're the doctor it should come from you okay so mc2 MCT oil has calories so it's going to break a fast I will say that three times fast MCT oil does have calories MCT oil does have calories just MCT oil I'm sticky oil that's a few Oh MC can you up that was really good so it has calories so it's gonna break your.

Fast but it's not gonna break your ketone it's not gonna knock you out of ketosis because it actually is going to turn into ketosis and you're in your liver so but then I have to answer the next question well it will help stop me losing weight yes because it's gonna this is your body's going to use this as as fuel more than your own fat as fuel.

So you can slow down your weight loss so I always like MCT oil but I would take it for other other things like cognitive function transition being able to go from starting keto into being adapted feeling comfortable with your brain and also to go longer with fasting and exercise other than that I would never do it all right.

Someone said you look amazing in your glasses you should just wear them I know but I just don't I just feel it was weird okay yeah sir from Dubai you're there go ahead what's your question Jeff Campbell first before I start let me thank you for your time and effort to educate your viewers for a proper diet and elaborate.

About hormones in Indo criminally really it's so easy now after we know the cause thank you doctor I do have two topics to talk about first what is my son now he's eight is eight years now when he was four years he got nephrotic syndrome and I admit him to the hospital in hospital for almost a week then he was out recovered the diagnosis was minimal.

Change disease and since peroid especially we talk about partners alone was effectively love him consider him that he is the steroid dependent no biopsy had been taken and they said it's okay just continue with the steroids as you know the tailor takes like three months for when we taper it to finish need medicine and then since that time.

Since four years now in eight years every year he do Hadlock to relapse and this is my problem like you know taking steroids all the way is not an easy thing specially for bones and maybe for future and I'm afraid from that medicine for long term Priya and they are saying that you will get gets over and be better by time especially when it was 14.

Or 15 years old and he no more needed medicine yeah so do you suggest if there any natural remedy or suggestion to improve his cage okay this is what I were doing is first I want to say we were just in Dubai for a wedding and love Dubai we are viewpoints completely shifted as far as the amazing amazing city yeah this is quite a.

Beautiful very nice beautiful city yeah but ok so answer your question unfortunately your son is on steroids okay I'm guessing that's prednisone which always comes with the package there are some things that you can do to help protect the body from some of the complications and one is in general phytonutrients follow nutrients from.

Vegetables and concentrated vegetables and concentrated like wheatgrass juice powder or all those antioxidants from actual food will actually minimize the damage to some degree so that's one thing he needs to do it because it'll clean up some of the free radical damage in the kidney the other thing is higher potassium foods for sure lower carbs.

Because carbohydrate tends to weaken the kidney but potassium is protective on the kidney now I don't think there's a problem with him like any type of stage you know like Stage five kidney damage in which case you wouldn't want potassium but if he doesn't have that I don't think he does then you can definitely do it potassium to protect.

The kidney and phytonutrients and then fasting if you could I know it's hard with a child and just do the basics for one and make sure there's just a lot of phytonutrients that's what I would do and then the last thing I want to say is vitamin D can actually act as a natural prednisone for the inflammation so you may find if he takes higher amounts of.

Vitamin D with k2 especially because you want to avoid the calcium that may help reduce the need for steroids so check with the doc on that that but um that's just my opinion thanks for your call all right Karen okay so Mandy asks why is she craving cheese constantly she's breastfeeding I think she needs calcium one of the most important minerals for.

You know a growing baby and growing infant growing fetus is calcium so this is busted milk right so you're gonna create things you need so I would take calcium lactate as a supplement maybe some healthy cheese right healthy chi healthy cheese organic grass-fed but that's what I would do the the calcium helps to help the immune.

System especially if there's a fever involved calcium seems to work great for infants and kids but just realize if your baby does have a fever and it's not like crazy high like above 102 for example let the fever go to actually handle the immune system and let the body build up the immune system at that point so you don't want to just.

Instantly start the child on antibiotics and then kill off any chance to build up that immune system but that's just my opinion yeah and I'm not telling you to do that without your doctor's advice okay John from Tennessee you had a question are you there yes I'm here okay my question is is would you do a video on the enlarged spleen and cirrhosis.

That whenever the fatty liver along with scarring again I checked with dr. Google and and sadly most doctors follow along with dr. Google I don't want to surgery you know and I I only we've just found out about the enlarged spleen and the cirrhosis fatty liver and all the scarring because I pushed for the tests because they did my blood work and the.

Enzymes came back and they're going oh it's all good it's all good and I pushed and they reluctantly gave me the ultrasound and now they're calling me back in to discuss what they found and okay so I'm trying to do what's good for the body I do the keto as best I can to clean Tito okay.

I wanted to avoid as many chemicals and pills and surgeries on my body as I possibly can wholly agree I will do a video on a large spleen I think you just gave me a great idea because I was running out of ideas and you gave me a great idea so I'll definitely do that watch next week I'll have that done for you because there's some great things.

But it would take more of an hour to or not an hour but maybe a half hour to explain but here's the thing that I'm just going to say about cirrhosis of the liver there's a huge connection between the health of your liver and the spleen if you improve the liver the spleen will do better so they're not separated islands as far as cirrhosis goes you.

Have five if I brought tissue that's stopping the function so now we don't have a hundred percent of on that liver so it's probably what's happening so I would take Sara pepped case it's an enzyme on an empty stomach I would take a minimally about 200,000 IU's a day on the Sara peb case an empty stomach and then the other thing that can help clean.

Up some of those that damage protein gunk scarring is some periodic prolonged fasting so maybe if you could do this John I would try it either once a week or every other week do a long fast 48 hours maybe even 72 if you could swing it if your appetites gone but I think you'll start seeing some things turn around especially with inflammation in.

The liver or or if it's in the the spleen also get your iron checked because iron overload especially in men will cause cirrhosis and also create problem with your spleen so if that's true watch the videos I have on iron thanks John okay Stacy you had a question you're from Los Angeles you're on Quito now but now you have a.

Neck rash is that true I do hi dr. Berg I will speak to you so in October I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my blood sugar was actually 559 only five diagnosis okay only yeah yes Wow and so I you know came home did the research down to you and implemented all the recommendations that you made when.

Healthy keto started intermittent fasting and at this point I'm on oh man yes and I'm so I refused I refused the medication that they usually I can't my brain is out the window right now that's one one metformin okay and the statins okay and so I'm I'm using insulin at this point is it possible and I'm also taking all the.

Supplements that you recommend it for type 2 diabetics but is it possible that the insulin or the supplements are giving me this rash it's on my neck and it's it's itchy and I'm putting aloe vera on it but it doesn't seem to want to go away okay so let me just answer the question if given the choice between insulin and metformin I would always.

Always always do metformin because it has a lot less side effects especially if you recently became a diabetic type 2 to jump right to insulin that's like using a sledgehammer to fix it just so so it could be the insulin creating that because also that insulin is it's synthetic so that you could be reacting to that so anything new that you tried.

And the problem is you tried a bunch a bunch of things at once so I would maybe first thing is take the supplements to not take them introduced one at a time slowly and see what gives you the rash to isolate it could be something in one of the supplements that you're acting – that's more like what's happening and then start doing in a minute fasting and.

Then I think that's gonna actually pull you out of this thing – to the point where I think eventually the need for medication be a lot less okay Stacy thank you so much for your call and Karen any last words of wisdom no got nothing nothing you got nothing okay well that's fine have a great weekend yeah thanks for coming out we.

Will see you next week and have a great weekend
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