Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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good morning everyone hope you're doing great we are here and we are here to answer your questions anything that we say is not meant to cure diagnose or be a replacement for your prescription medications check with your doctor before taking any of the advice that we give you now there's a lot of questions.

I do want to cover we have several quizzes to that care and some very exciting quizzes and then we have four and these are amazing questions and I'm going to test I designed them myself but they're um they're gonna test your knowledge to see if you've been watching the videos I'm also kind of talking about Sun vitamin D and melanoma there's.

A there's been a quite a few questions on that people like on one hand oh don't go on the Sun on the other hand were deficient in vitamin D so what do we do there's some really specific information about that I do want to cover on a recent study which is very credible it's not an observational study and then I'm going to also mention and talk about.

Hair loss especially if someone has a thyroid issue you need to actually stay tuned for that if you want to full head of hair alright so tell you what I'm gonna go right to Tom he's been waiting patiently are you there Tom you're you're in Florida it looks like I cannot press this little button right here so we're.

Gonna fix it so while you're fixing the button I'm going to answer the question because Tom had a question did a 91 day dry fast Wow 91 days beginning heart palpitations well anyone it's impossible to do a dry faster than anyone days you would die right yeah so I don't know how he did it but maybe he's the first what's that.

Terry what was that that's incredible that's like the I mean I don't think we can last for more than three days without one of those what they say I mean I've seen oh it's working now as an advocate I've seen people have you know wet their lips serve you know whatever and actually go for longer than three days well let's see let's see what tom.

Has to say about that are you there are you there tom oh wait yeah great okay Tom tell me how did you do another one day drive fast good morning how will you sir wonderful I I attempted a five day drive fast I got to the 91st hour and the heart palpitations was so terrible you know what you break it you know what I kind.

Of miss read this I thought that was day but it's actually hours so now it totally makes sense first thing you did a 91 day drive fast and we were mislead maybe you were out of your body by now and just that's amazing Tom so so you start getting this heart palpitations right around the ninety one hour mark very bad yes sir yeah yeah I took some.

Bone broth and some of your electrolyte powder and it goes right through my head so I can't hold any food in so yesterday I literally had 20 of your electrolyte drinks and trace minerals by the dropper and it makes it okay but I can't keep food in any help sir yeah sure so I think this is this really has to do with your probe your flora your friendly.

Bacteria in your gut there's obviously something not quite right there and you're not able to have the microbes help you in the absorption of certain things I also would look at your pH I don't know if that's an issue in your stomach it might not be but here's the thing with the electrolytes you're supposed to absorb those in the small.

Intestine you may want to just take small amounts and build up your mineral reserve if you there's so many people that have what's called a subclinical mineral deficiency and it doesn't show up in the blood but they're actually deficient inside the cells so if you do a fast you're not actually eating so it's going to magnify.

Then all of a sudden you're going to start having symptoms of mineral deficiency specifically potassium magnesium and that's where you get the palpitations so so we know it's a deficiency of magnesium potassium there's other factors involved – you got pH you have the microbes there potentially could be some damage in your.

Colon like from pre-existing Steff scar tissue I don't know but I would at this point I would maybe start eating a little bit more and include the electrolytes with the food and see if that doesn't help and start adding more probiotics to start to increase the microbes and maybe a little fiber okay let me know how that goes down all right.

Let's go to Esther from Oklahoma No hello yes I can hear you fine yep good morning um I have three three short questions to ask I have been on key for since August applause and as of today I have noticed 35 pounds gradually I'm on my feet thank you sir thank you thank you to you too today I am losing my hair okay my name.

Is Raymond my skin is dry so I started using this multi collagen by a company called bio trust and it gives me 10 grams of quality protein and will that affect my etiology and break my path okay okay what's number two yes little green vegetables and steamed vegetable number okay but we I am doing dr. France 42 our.

Protocol and she paid the five days past or this which she called IDM intensive dietary management should not be done without a doctor's supervision how often do I have to do this by today fad and exactly I'm just scared because I'm not hungry but I'm going to break it more more things because that would be my pitch today and I am impaired sometimes.

Okay alright so let's see answer the first question here loss that brings me up to the the first tip care the first tip of the day is like hair loss what what's the missing link there's so many people that add collagen and protein and they they don't it doesn't fix the hair and to in order for the hair to grow you need several other helper things to kick.

It into gear and when your body makes protein and the it's minerals but but not just minerals it's trace minerals it's especially a special type of mineral trace mineral so there's about four different trace minerals that are essential for the hair but there's one that's really important and very common as far as a problem.

So of course iodine that's a given copper selenium very important but one of them one of the ones that will really help your hair growth would be zinc taking more zinc if you're getting enough zinc you also you'll be able to not just help your thyroid convert to t4 to t3 of the active form but also make the hormones themselves so it's not just.

The conversion is to making the hormone and it's also good it's involved in like 200 additional proteins so you need to add zinc for the hair especially if you're on keto and you're losing your hair and even if you have alopecia which is like little patches all over zinc is really really really important second question is if you're coming off of a.

Long fast I think it probably a little bit better to have more of a sauteed vegetable because it's just a little easier to digest and you it's if it's a longer fast it's just it's a good transitional thing but that being said some people can handle more raw so I would actually try both but it's easier in the system if you do a little.

Bit cooked and then start adding some raw because then you have to add it takes a little bit more work okay last question has to do with some program that you're on and should you need doctor supervision I can't really comment on other people's programs I don't know anything about it you're gonna have to check with that.

Practitioner if you're doing another program if you're doing my program I would follow it by the book it's usually you don't need supervision because I show you actually how to do it healthily thanks for your call all right what do we have in social media world over here okay good well Jerry on in YouTube in YouTube and YouTube inside of YouTube.

Right now and and would like to know wants to come to the Denver conference oh good but can't can only go one day okay do you know what day yeah the last day okay there you go goes the last day go Jerry and we'll definitely try to save the best for last that's right I'm the anchor what some.

People might not know what Jerry is talking about so there's this low carb Denver summit okay and I'm gonna be talking there in addition to our regular summit and at the end of August which you'll see you'll get a promotion on promotion soon so I'll be there in Denver and I would love to meet you guys because we'll be basically it's a it's a.

Quite a long some of there's three days a lot of speakers so I'm gonna have a lot of time to talk to people so if you wanted to come out we can check all right good well Olga yeah it's also inside the YouTube okay Kay and wants to know if she's she's doing kiddo and if' but says that she has calf swelling I don't know if that's.

Inflammation I don't know tenderness or what's happening but that's the way she's describing it what what could be going on there or what should she do I thought she was gonna say calf crapping right so then Nelson says well so if you're doing swelling it has to be something in your that you're not supposed to be eating some ingredient.

That's doing it it could be like even some sugar alcohols or some reaction food wise to some allergy I would really look at that now if you can suspect some rash or swelling or reaction to food it could either be you're getting some food from the grocery store that it has hidden things like even like that it could be like old rancid oils that.

You're reacting to which are high in omega-6 which are inflammatory or you have an allergy which you need to get a test done and to find out what it is yeah good so Nicole who's inside the Facebook that's here I can see her in the Facebook she's got dry eyes and is asking is that an electrolyte issue no that is a fatty.

Acid deficiency it's a usually vitamin A she needs more fat but here's the thing those people usually are having a lot of fat but they're not able to digest it because they don't have enough bile or there's a problem to gallbladder in which case they need to take purify bile salts which is in the gallbladder formula dr. Burke oh okay I'm not biased.

And unbiased amount brother it's the best right it is the best okay good and then let's do another here Janet who is in the YouTube says her husband's PSA you're gonna have to define that is really high will Kido help absolutely because what you're gonna do is you're gonna reduce insulin you're gonna help normalize insulin and so think about.

What insulin is insulin is a um it's an anabolic hormone it actually makes things get bigger but builds things up so like Italy could enlarge you know organs like prostate things like that so the other thing too is that I've done a lot of videos on this and there's a lot of things you can do one of the important things is to do cruciferous.

Vegetables as well to help to counter some of the potential estrogens that aren't necessarily coming from you know other than maybe there could be some liver damage and you're not able to clean those out as much a lot of men have as they get older they have a hard time getting rid of estrogen so they start getting breast tissue and thin.

Skin boys and you say did you say actually is just to make it really simple it's an indicator that here's a lot enlarged prostate okay yeah it's a test absolutely and in a minute fasting will help greatly yep also you want to avoid milk products and dairy if you have a prostate problem.

Okay okay all right let's go to the first quiz Karen we're gonna go to the first quiz all right okay guys if you bad it if you if you've checked out check back in right now because I'm gonna ask you a question okay focus in on this what fish has the highest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids okay this is the fish quiz this is the fish quiz.

And what happened here I was working fine I've had is all of a sudden wanting me to check my settings is that did you do something Steve okay I blame Steve usually okay we're back so fish see what they're saying here the answer is coming in yet yes salmon salmon sardines sardines tuna salmon salmon salmon salmon sardines.

Okay come on Facebook let's get get on the program here get with the program all right salmon sardines salmon okay so you guys are closed mackerel the answer is macro said that mackerel the only person is say mackerel is well I can't tell because it's a code name but it's someone in the YouTube Wow so whoever.

Said that is completely 100% correct but I will I will that salmon is the number two you should Patrick McCallum also said mackerel Wow on Facebook good job okay good job you guys good job stay tuned for the next quiz coming up in about ten minutes why were we should have prizes I know I.

Know a door prize need to find something as a prize well I'll let you work that out while I go to Debbie here Debbie are you there from Oregon hi come here what's your question I know how do you know you are good question Debbie deuce two ways one is you can test your urine or your blood when you're first starting out you will have some you'll.

Be able to see it in the urine but as you do it over third of time it won't be in the urine because you're going to be using those ketones and they won't end up as a waste in your way so you're going to be utilizing be more efficient so the blood test is the best way to measure ketones however there's other ways to kind of.

Know if you're in ketosis if you um if you don't have a test 99% the time if you're doing a low carb and I'm talking about below like 50 grams or 20 grams you're going to be in ketosis but I like to use this one indicator are you ready for this if your hunger goes away then we know you're in ketosis so no more hunger you can go long periods of time.

Without a thaw or craving you are in ketosis okay so because that's just you're burning your fat you're you're in doing good I think that's actually the best way to do it and then if you see your belly shrinking we know you've been in ketosis thanks Debbie was that simple enough a good indicator the bellies shrinking.

Yes okay is it my turn it's your turn okay good Pamela wants to know what are good foods to reduce inflammation that's a really really good question it's important all right let's go to the next question now okay now that's a very good question because inflammation is is a very I have a lot of videos on it but to make it really really simple there are.

Certain foods that are anti-inflammatory and those of you foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids versus Omega six samples fish mackerel sardines cod liver oil salmon salmon shellfish there's also well known that brings me to my next my next Clues I'm not going to get into that okay but yeah those are the foods and also anything that's not a.

Refined carbohydrate will help reduce inflammation so Kido Kido bendito clean healthy keto yeah and the other thing is that if you have if you do implement in in a minute fasting your your inflammatory markers will drop significantly did you know that Karen I did not know that you'll learn something new every day about the markers yeah.

Hey hey Mike are you there so Steve just a social yeah if you don't mind hello hello Mike hello ah yeah yeah I can hear you okay great um yeah Mike did my question is I've got dish of the back you know I'm talking about yeah and it's a it's a calcium buildup and does your diet affect the kid diet affect that at all okay and other.

Question is as I do you know I'm 61 years old and bout 20 pounds overweight I need to lose weight and I'm trying to do Tito the right way instead of the dirty way that I've been doing it and I do a triathlons which is endurance you know I'm training for my second full full Ironman and is it possible to be able to do it.

With that well with the keto diet okay good question Mike first of all you live in Richmond so you're close enough to come to our summit there's going to be a guy coming that is from Greece that did a Ironman and he did it on total keto 100% he did not do all the glucose saying and his last stretch last two-hour stretch he dominated he passed.

200 people his run and so yes yes yes more and more athletes are doing it I'm glad that you're going clean keto you know Karen why keto has gotten a bad rap people marketing carbohydrates yes yeah that's a big one also a lot of the research done in epilepsy with kids there's a lot of side effects from from they it's called a traditional or.

Classical ketogenic diet and that's because the type of food that they're feeding these kids margarine like these canned that's called keto calc and oil I mean it's just like really really poor quality there's not a lot of vegetables except for some microwaved broccoli with some cheese on it so they didn't emphasize the quality so we got some.

Synthetic vitamins and so the kids are actually having side effects from that so we have found from observational studies that I've done just observing people when they do healthy keto they have less problems I don't know if there's there's a connection there or not but there could be quality food yeah well I I mean I had a realization as.

Many many many years ago that obviously it matters what you put in your mouth I mean I was even watching something on the plane about a guy who who was doing research into the immune system and cancer and things like that was a very very interesting and he was having his own challenge with cancer but it was morbidly obese and paying absolutely no.

Attention to what you put in your mouth and so to the realization I had years ago is your body is amazing and it's going to reproduce cells it's going to do that on a regular basis with whatever you give it so the no-brainer to me was hmm if my body's gonna produce a liver cell anyway what would the quality of the liver cell be if I ate.

Fresh vegetables and good proteins versus M&Ms I ate M&Ms and donuts and sugar drinks what would the quality of my cell be and the quality of my liver or the strength of my system being I think crappy it's a little bit of a no-brainer it's really a simple point it really is someone just clicked off and it wasn't done with him.

But I will say that yes you need to do keto the healthy version and I you're not going to have the side effects that you would if you did dirty keto now the other thing with dish you know if you look that up medically it's going to there's a lot of unknowns like oh we're still in research we really don't know what caused that and these are the.

Symptoms and this is the prognosis and blah blah blah but honestly if you take a look at keto and intimate fasting really do one very powerful thing they help you normalize insulin which then will help you regulate calcium so you don't get the need for calcium deposits as much because it actually helps the inside of the arteries so it also helped.

The despairing and the other problems that you have at the end plates of your your spine your vertebra so I would put in this basic thing of healthy keto in them and fasting the body goes into this really interesting survival mode thing where it starts to heal and repair at a very high rate if we take the opposite of that we take stress cortisol that.

Destroys your joints and your bones that's why women that are postmenopausal start getting hunchback and bone loss and osteopenia so if you actually put these two thing Jess I think you'll be very very happy so yes I was yes okay good all right so we're getting some really great questions today in social media these.

Guys are on fire are we good okay so well I wrote some down ready that I'm going to take up does Kido have an effect on your hormonal health what hörmann doesn't affect it it has a huge effect on insulin and has a huge effect on other hormones as well it puts these it actually it helps align.

The hormones because when you have they all work together you have like 12 glands you have 600 hormones and they're all interrelated so when one goes down they all tend to go down but out of all the things that you would look at the most significant damaging thing is the insulin the high insulin because insulin is one of them it's a dominating hormone.

When you increase it it suppresses growth hormone which is anti-aging fat-burning it suppresses the thyroid hormone it suppresses other hormones that involve with reproduction so it just kind of it's like a dominating switch I think I did quite a few videos on this that it'll it'll suppress like 9 main hormones and so when you actually.

Handle that all these other hormones start coming up you know to normal so that's a yes that's a yes and also this is a good time to say for anybody who doesn't know if this is the first time you're watching or if you're really repeatedly putting in a question that maybe we don't get to make sure that you go to dr. Berg comm there what 5,000.

Videos on there you can search by category you can search by a keyword so a lot of these questions are answered in tons of videos and they're there for you there's a little secret thing with Natasha yeah when you actually click keto there's a little button up there it's a drop-down if you look under Kido I think.

Its resources or references one of the two it will actually bring up one page with every single key of video that I've done and there's like if the whole page is filled and it's summarized so you can go oh know about this or that and it just pulls up the video okay so here we go in 10 seconds or less no I'm just kidding.

Okay someone from YouTube's asking I'm on keto and I F yeah I ate some carbs and my vision went bad now you can't this is the 32nd did you notice that I didn't bring my glasses don't have them Mike yeah the magnet last screen is last week week I had a healing know something that happened to.

My eyes all this and I started seeing but I said it's not that you were eating carbs no what anything different what I did is that I just did one simple thing you guys want to know this do you guys want to know what I did you see all right I'll tell him okay all I did is take my fasting and I went from 18 hours a day to 21 hours of fasting that's all.

I did a couple more hours of fasting and apparently my body kicked in there and you know started to heal my eyes and now I can see now I did I'm going to release the video on the relationship between fasting and your vision and there is more research than I thought and that especially for not just vision but all.

Sorts of visual issues like retinopathy and glaucoma and cataracts and macular degeneration and so stay tuned for that video care there you go okay good and then there's lots here but o mouth ulcers mm-hm not healing now this question this person didn't say it's about their mom and they didn't say that they're doing healthy keto and.

Intermittent fasting so when you hear this answer I mean obviously the first thing is she should be on healthy keto and intermittent fasting but let's say she is what would you do if it's a mouth ulcer it's it's likely going to be a virus as the virus involved the virus is coming out of remission so you can't kill it so you have to put a remission.

And the best thing would be zinc I think is going to be the best and I'm not sure stress purred to zinc earlier and we had a lot of questions how much 10 to 15 amount 10 to 15 milligrams and realize if you take dink over a longer period of time you need to take copper with it I did a video on that you can watch that one thing that I'm going to.

Be you know we had this really popular product it was the trace minerals liquid and then there's been an issue with too much iron in that product so we yanked it and now we're replacing it with a completely different formula better because now it has not only the trace minerals it's in a capsule but I actually increased some other additional.

Trace minerals with it zinc and copper in the exact ratio that you need plus a couple other minerals that are very very important so that way when you take this trace mineral it's going to be way better than the last product and it's a capsule now so no more liquid now stay tuned maybe another week or two.

All right what do you say Oh Rita you're from Indianapolis Indiana you had a question go ahead hi thanks for taking my call um a couple of things about my body is I was an alcoholic for two years and I stopped drinking January first and I went and started doing keto January 18th and I have my gallbladder removed and I.

Deal with adrenal issues I'm starting to I feel the keto working like I a lot of like my heartburn I throw it away and I'm eating tons of salad and healthy fats and all that but I have like this like all day long it's like a right shoulder hinge of a pain and also same in my right side where my gallbladder used to be same thing so I was looking.

At your digestive formula I was also looking at your gallbladder formula trying to figure out which one of those would be best I take apple cider vinegar every single day and I take another supplement with ox file in it yeah um but well I just wanted to go to yours and they wanted to hear what you think.

May be causing me to notice that that pain okay so just a one quick question how many years were you an alcoholic few years okay alright so here's here's what I think that's going on the right shoulder pain is definitely referred from either the gallbladder probably the liver and you're on the right track so I think it's just a matter of time before.

Things get better and better and better that being said I've done videos on the liver body type this is where this comes into play in the book that I have I have everyone does the basic program keto I and intermittent fasting for two weeks and then they can branch off into either the Drina loveth or a the ovary or the liver in which your case I would focus.

On the liver in that book I mentioned that the amount of fat is a little less than other body types so because you might not have the capacity to have that much bile to handle the some of the fats so it can create a strain on the liver and cause that right shoulder pain listen I had this problem for 12 years I didn't know.

What it was so this is this is what you do go down have a little bit less fat not too much less fat but just don't add the MCT oils and probably just go a little bit less with that and the butter and the whole thing keep doing or do keep doing what you're doing and then just watch the video on it's called the organ and now it's called the liver and.

Gallbladder flushing and do that exercise on the left and the right side each day I would take milk thistle for sure you also need a lot of nutritional yeast and basically just give it more time you're on the right track these things take a while it takes like like three years to get that liver in a good shape you're gonna find over the.

Months it's going to get better and better and better so you're on the right track Rita so just keep going and then Mamie is is in the house from Michigan are you there hi dr. Berger its money hi money um how are you guys great good first of all first of all I'd like to congratulate her on her sobriety cuz that's just awesome.

Absolutely yeah I have a yeah I have a question a couple of them actually um it's currently ironic that she was in front of me um I lost my husband in 2002 so I'm a widow I have to buy coal their children and they have their own addictions as well how do I go about integrating keto in their recovery all right I personally gained 120 pounds.

From depression I am starting a new microgreens business so I kind of want to know like how you feel about microgreens and which ones are the best well um but somehow I don't know how yet but I will be certified doctor burger coach since you're grading Aikido lifestyle for recovery patients awesome did you say your kids have addiction how.

Old are your kids I have two adult bipolar children my son is currently I'm like clean he's gonna be 30 here and my father will be 23 okay she gained probably 200 pounds since her dad died and I got that stuff up my pinky toe for almost three years I I lose the weight I gained weight at least weight yeah so I need I gotta step up my game.

To be a better role model so I can say not only my children's life help other people so I can heal awesome I I really hope you could come to our summit because it's good to hang out with like-minded people and because it's a there's a whole bunch of people in that same boat so you can have that support I think there's a couple of.

Things that I would emphasize here get your kids active in in this whole Kido thing get them making recipes especially like the keto desserts and things like that also give them and yourself a little extra nutritional yeast for that b1 vitamin b1 every single day you want to keep that really really high because that is probably the most important.

Thing to help you with just feeling better and filling up and the other thing is them every single day make this a priority your whole family needs to get out there and just walk for at least one hour a day because that actually just really chills out the adrenals so we're trying to support the adrenals and give a lot.

Of oxygen and get out there in nature and just walk that's what I would recommend I mean I would say you know like anyone with any diagnosis keto and intermittent fasting is the first thing you need to do and then you'll find out gee I have these other nutritional deficiencies I need to bump up with some supplement or something like that.

And in your case because you have the awareness you do have to set the example what I want you to do mommy is I want you to email dr. Berg at dr. Burke comm and I want you to in the in the body of the email just say please forward my email to Karen because I want to have a little more of a conversation but you do have to lead by example just like other.

Kids that are you know obese or have other diagnoses well however old they are or husbands or mothers or whatever you do have to lead by example and since you do know and you have done keto and obviously you know fallen off or whatever a key thing is just keep educating yourself because the more understanding you have about it I mean.

It's like asking a kid to to change their lifestyle when they have no understanding and no reality of what's in it for me like this gonna make me feel better no one's gonna do it we have the viewpoint of I can't have this or whatever and a lot of times when you have addictions then you have substitute foods like sugar and.

Things like that and then carbs and so you have to start and email dr. Burke at dr. Burke calm and I'm going to send you something so that you can get started and then see how you can make it go right to come to the summit and maybe your kids would want to come to and and get you know an understanding for themselves and yeah it's one of those.

Things that your health has to be continually created every single day and you know you slip and fall you well you just keep creating and keep creating until you build this huge reserve of health that you now you're actually really stable it took me many years to not cheat yeah and so you know it's just one it's a.

Process it takes time and just some people that are super super fit and super into keto and intermittent fasting and taking care of their health they might notice a subtlety like I mean look how they fly on a plane and eat something on a plane in the next day your eyes are bloodshot or you're swollen or something like that it's.

Because look how many times it looka look how long it took Steve to to get his act together I mean like two week work in progress he's a work in progress all right thanks for your call now I we do need to go to the next quiz because you have 4:30 okay I'm ready okay question what is the highest source of non-animal omega-3.

Fats on fish I'm gonna give you guys a choice between flax and walnut what has the highest amount of omega-3 between those two it's not an animal thing and of course I know some of you gonna say that yes dr. Burke is true that there are omega 3 fatty acids but they're they're more the precursors the ala not I'm sure everyone was gonna say that it.

Was the first thing I was gonna say but all you need to know is which one has more omega-3 fatty at SLAC seed or walnuts let's see what they say well nuts walnuts flaxseed flaxseed algae oil okay Christina you only had two options walnuts or flesh dragon flax flax flax you tubers flax Facebook is walnuts strong someone's so interesting guys are.

Looking this up really fast I supposed to look it up okay because they're not following the instructions yeah okay alright slack slack slack slack slack okay Oh Steve what do you think it is flax okay walnut okay the answer is flaxseed okay good now I do have two more quizzes coming up here Karen okay.

Just let's hit let's hit one more all right so you get out of all the things that are loaded with calcium what's the best non-dairy source of calcium that dr. Berg would recommend because there are things that are that I wouldn't recommend that are high they're not dairy but they're not on the plan the menu so I know this might be a hard one.

But what what would be the best non-dairy source of calcium best non-dairy source of calcium bacon Christina I like it close I think we should go with bacon funny that might be an answer to the other question actually so okay we have to fast forward there might be some lag here we repeat the question okay what's the best source.

Of non-dairy source of calcium and I'm gonna just put a little clause in there that dr. Bergen would recommend that dr. Burke would recommend and I'll explain that once I answer the question what do we got okay well we were given some interesting answers like eggshells but I don't really know I don't actually have a single eggshell recipe you know.

That is a non-dairy source of calcium but it's a little bit crunchy it's crunchy I mean I've accidentally had eggshell recipes okay so here we go we're going with greens broccoli sardines chia seed almonds is sort of Facebook leafy greens YouTube we've got almonds kale sauerkraut you know what we may have a.

Very intelligent group listening to this and so I'm just gonna say you guys are pretty smart okay so the number one thing is sardine sardine this is number one but there is something higher that I wouldn't recommend tofu and the reason I wouldn't recommend it just because it does tend to be more estrogenic however if you're a vegan and you want to do.

Some tofu it is a source of protein and it is a source of calcium but it is higher than sardines but the thing that I'm gonna recommend is the sardines that's my little claws there so that's number one and then number two would be the kale collard greens bok choy so a lot of you guys are right in the area of a lot of calcium they have the right.

Answers now someone is saying up several people leafy greens or any green mesh that's crust okay good so it's not just kale but a lot of people are specifically saying kale is huh are you guys for looking these up is Google they don't know they would know I want to know here's what is number two and a half three and a half now they're just.

Smart are you smart are you smart enough to Google I want to know okay Hamelin know they would never Laura yeah yeah what you're smart are you googled oh gosh that's crazy okay okay so do you have any questions because I do have another quiz but I want to save it till the end here's a question it's.

Canned sardines well sardines are generally in cans and jars so vs. like you know I had this this miss misunderstanding about sardines and cans you know I just assumed because it was canned the heat would kill off all the omega-3 so I did a video on this and I told people that you know there's not as much omega-3 fatty acids because they're.

Sensitive to heat and so because you're suppose all right because I thought he thought and then I said you know I felt weird about that I just like wait a second I didn't really actually look that up because also you guys we're like oh that is a total bummer I love sardines I rely on sardines I did I did look it up but I didn't do the.

Test myself right so I didn't think I told you this but I think I spent like three thousand dollars and I told me and I put it on the credit card so I got this test and evaluated actually at a lab and I was shocked it was loaded with omega-3 fatty fatty acids both tuna and sardines but sardines were more and I'm like what that so I did a video what's.

Wrong video that's wrong sardines video yeah so guess what you have to be humble and you can and you're wrong and you can actually have which I do on a regular basis right could do it a little more but no it was like it was you get certain I mean you get omega-3s and cans that's just amazing but I will say this if you're if you're doing like canned.

Meat and things like that you're gonna be like 85% less minerals and other things so it doesn't apply to everything and I meet they tend to add a lot of sodium another correct kinds of yeah okay because I hate everything right so 1146 do you want to give another quiz well I'm gonna I'm gonna give it in four.

Minutes when you overdose on kale yes you can you can't because kale there's rough way to go does have a couple properties that are anti-nutrient based so you could like overdo it and plus if you have it for like if you only have kale for a period of time you'll deplete your iodine and then if you're not taking an iodine it could affect the.

Thyroid so you want to do some kale but then have other foods as well knock you know and then people actually get a little bit information and they kind of go to the extreme and say oh my gosh I can't have any cow because of this or I'm like now you can have some kale just you can when you steam it that actually helps helps it but you know we used to.

Do the cows takes a lot but Cal is a super super house with all sorts of things and it has like 30,000 units of beta-carotene per cup so it's a tremendous amount of it's a precursor to vitamin A but still it's a vital nutrient that's helpful okay there's a few words in there it's good it's good for you.

Eat it here's an interesting question from Victor can great grapefruit great nuts great fruit can a diabetic type to eat it for breakfast to lower the sugar levels I wouldn't I wouldn't go that far it's obviously better than an orange but I would not do that because it does if you look at the amount of sugars in it it's not low it's not extremely high but.

It's still sugar so it's not the best thing first of all a diabetic type one should not be consuming if you did breakfast that would be you're actually going to then now increase the demand for insulin so now you're gonna need more insulin to lower the sugar so why not just fast and just fast a little bit longer and then adjust your your.

Medication because if you can decrease the need for insulin when you're a diabetic type 1 that's going to be very therapeutic long-term insulin has side effects so that's why that adjusting in the medication always happens with your medical doctor yeah I didn't tell you to adjust.

Anything yeah medical doctor would do that wait you didn't hear from me you feel any better do not blame us don't say it okay so Marilyn says her daughter has many years and PCOS and she says that she can't have salt where she's being told she can't have salt what would be any other recommendation or help.

I would I would she said his insulin resistance right she said many years and PCOS yes okay so so right there it tells us that there's a higher level of insulin and you have insulin resistance because that's what's underneath the PCOS when you have insulin problems you can have neurological issues and some of those neurological issues can even be.

The properties of the feet it could be problems with the autonomic nervous system and the nerves that go to the inner ear absolutely so if you actually watch a video that I'm going to release on PCOS coming up real soon you're going to be excited to learn about that and what to do about it because I interviewed night.

Najee top paddock 100 Nadia Nadia petiguana and she's a doctor at the summit and she had an amazing story to tell just an amazing story – talent yeah so woman you will love to hear about her it's about lowering the insulin it's about doing keto and I think your maneras will actually improve I'm not I'm not promising you 100% but it can be.

It can be helpful the point is that this is what she brought up but I think is a very good point thirty percent of women have PCOS that's crazy and do they have it and not know it is that an estimate or it's diagnosed I think it's thirty percent of the populations diagnosed well it makes sense because the majority of population.

Has in some resistance and that's really where it comes from but here's the thing Karen one of the symptoms of PCOS is you become infertile and you also lose your cycles and you can't get pregnant so here you are you have insulin resistance and now you're taking fertility drugs to have this child you get pregnant with insulin resistance which is not very.

Good because now the child is susceptible to getting diabetes and this problem and and metabolic syndrome and overweight like it's if you really understand insulin you can completely avoid that whole situation and have very healthy babies she talks about it in her book which I'm going to interview her sorry a dramatic wanna yeah very.

Importantly really amazing lady with an amazing story and yeah very important book it's called PCOS plan if I'm not mistaken a PCOS plan the co-author is Jason Fong so but the book is going to be secretary then I said pre sold right now but there's a lot of great day a lot of visuals and charts that's why I like it okay so we're ready for the next quiz.

Karen okay what is the best type of exercise for your brain sleeping no exercise this takes a lot sometimes all right what type of exercise is good for your brain okay okay we're not talking about what's good for your pancreas what's good for the brain exercise wise okay while this comes through because there's generally a.

Little lag time Val on YouTube wants to know do women need to take collagen no in fact the collagen really is not the best way to build muscle it has some great properties its collagen is really especially in bone broth it's actually really good for the gut so it is good for that but I think I never I never actually consumed college and I I don't.

It's it's badly processed a lot of times and I'd write I recommend you do a higher quality of like like eggs something like that that's what I would do but that's just me Karen what do we got Wow this is all over the place but this is really interesting so there's two categories one is walking running aerobics high-intensity category and.

Then you have the word games puzzles reading which is interesting because obviously you're talking about physical exercise a physical exercise but there is a huge I mean my parents really were dedicated to that to keep their brain sharp all the while they were really horribly insulin resistant right go ahead exactly the answer is an increased.

Volume of aerobic exercise I'm going to explain what that means it's just any exercise that increases a lot of oxygen is what's good for the brain now let me explain what that means that like biking swimming sports treadmill all that stuff is the best walking a lot of oxygen versus the short high-intensity interval training for really short you're.

Actually getting a pulse rate up but you're not getting nearly the volume of oxygen also the other thing is like if you're doing weight training for example and you're not really breathing that much you're not getting your your lungs activated it doesn't have the effect on the brain as other exercises so if you include in your workouts a higher type.

Of exercise that involves you breathing a lot that would be the best well it's interesting because one person said inhaling and exhaling that's right that's exactly right in fact I mean we're doing that all day long but intentional deep yeah you actually you put a lot of blood flow to the brain nutrients waste out you.

Improve things like dementia and this is there's a lot of studies on this as well as you can grow new brain cells the combination of the keto and invert fasting if you have Alzheimer's or dementia with exercise takes you to a whole new level and walking is included in that I think that's a very very high in fact I do walk and so do you but the.

Point is that yeah I like long walks with no I like long walks with a lot of like just and I do run periodically but I just get a lot of oxygen in that way and that's very important now you know high intensity has other benefits right yes yes that's right you have you have growth hormone for example which is anti-aging but not necessarily is.

Targeted to the brain as compared to other things like with high intensity animal trainer you going to spike growth hormone by something like seven hundred and fifty percent so you're basically you're improving your your fat loss you're improving your the fat loss in your in your head that's going you are improving your.

Protein metabolism all sorts of other additional benefits so if you do the combination of both that would be good but we're just talking about brain right now care I'm talking about your brain your Cod to be the function and your overall mood I mean try to be depressed if you're exercising every day it's hard I never tried it yeah try it sometime oh.

Do you have time for another question oh yeah sure do just so you know yeah so what what's the difference between magnesium and magnesium citrate or are they the same thing magnesium comes in many different forms I mean just like and citrate just one form mal a lactate there's this a whole bunch of different forms there is one.

Video that I did on brain health that has I can't actually recall exactly what it is but it's the type of magnesium that is very beneficial for dementia so they have maybe some slightly different purposes but one thing I do want to say about this about magnesium is that the majority of population has a subclinical deficiency and it just has a cascade of.

Issues but the big one is fatigue and stress but you know what Karen I did forget to talk about that one point on Sun and vitamin D and melanomas so there's there's this yeah there's this push to stay out of the Sun because of course Sun causes melanin melanomas which is the number one cause of skin cancer but here's the data on that and I.

Will do a video on this I already did it but I will release it soon if you have moderate sun exposure okay without getting the Sun burned you can significantly decrease the risk of melanomas versus if you had sunburn overexposure you double the risk of getting melanomas so.

There we have it guys it's the right amount of sun exposure but not too much that's important too that is an important tip it certainly isn't by the way everybody thanks for putting up with our wacky phones and you guys and social media and gals make this show so we're so thankful that you supplied us with so much yeah you know what that tells me on.

Fire you know what that tells me it tells me that all of you guys have a very high tolerance distress which means you have good adrenals and you're not overly critical which the adrenal problem and you're not a troll which is an adrenal problem so we appreciate that actually Andre knows ya know our social media guys are really smart and there's.

Some there's some weeks we're just you know sometimes I have medical questions I can't grab and sometimes the ton of comments are just thinking and success stories and things like that today you guys really rocked it with the really thoughtful questions and interesting questions and it's unfortunate that we can't get to every one of them but it's.

Really bad when they aren't the wrong question so how do you I appreciate you not asking the wrong question but I do want to mention that if you guys have done the 30 day challenge make sure that you upload your after picture please but of course only if you had before I mean you could add them both that would be fine but we want that before and.

After I want to I want to look at every single one of them can they upload a video so if they if they had things are there do you know what I would try I would try it out today I will make sure they can do that just short just a short video we want a long one a detailed one oh yeah you want I stand corrected.

Oh we mentioned good Karen I'm glad that was duly noted okay good so let's see next week you won't see us yeah yep so no show next week but the following week we'll be back on track that's a third week of February so hey wait a minute is next Friday February 14th so your job is to have a great Valentine's Day.

A Kido Valentine's Day and differently when we come back on the following we can do a little you can send us some notes on on how Yuki towed out on Valentine's Day did you make Kido sweets and treats or did you just sell it out or what did you do that's right okay that was random but that was random calm Karen our tips for.

The week have a great wonderful two weeks two weeks and we will see you in a couple weeks guys okay see you later see ya
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