Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF.
this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hey guys we're back it's a Friday morning 11 o'clock Eastern Standard Time if you have.

Questions here's the number you can call in it's eight six six five six one six one yeah five six one four to nine to give us a call we're gonna talk about Keita of intermittent fasting other things that related to health but of course now I just want to give you a disclaimer anything that I say is not meant to diagnose you or give you.

Medical advice it's just meant for your entertainment okay so we have Karen here to to help us answer the massive amount of questions on social media so yep good morning good morning okay good so I'm gonna go right to the caller because there's a whole bunch of people that have questions so Christian.

You're from Sacramento you had a question go ahead good morning can you get me yes Hey okay okay a question I'm for some like thank you all the information equalizer is I've been throwing a program for eight months now no set along the 20 pounds now I'm in 67 great great nicer than one I'm doing one meal a day in a minute.

Faster yeah but question I have a I've been I finally give God too easily one hour so I thought typically for 22 hours and I eat for two hours because I hear a bunch of colored and I'm just a couple of proteins but um but is it okay like if I lasted 22 hours and then I wore Miller day it's like two hours of being and still maximize the esophageal and he.

Said I just want to make sure that I'm you know gain all the health benefits of in a minute faster well good question good question so I think I think you're doing it right because if you were to take that one meal and eat it really quickly and it's not as good as kind of taking your time because you want to be able to consume enough nutrients and.

It's really hard to do that very quickly so because you're trying to get all your nutrients from one meal so spreading it out over two hours is probably even smarter than doing it quicker so I love I love that and I think you're going to get into some serious etapa G which is the recycling of old damaged cellular parts so yeah I think you're doing it.

Great so keep doing it and you'll be very successful hey we're gonna go to Gina from Arizona you'd a question about something go ahead Gina yes hello dr. Berg thank you for taking my call I wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for me because your videos I have overcome my food addiction and I've lost 37 pounds on keto and intermittent.

Fasting my health and my family's health is the best it's ever been we're never sick and we have so much more energy and I'm just I'm so grateful to you my question is about the flu shot everyone is saying this was really bad this year and they have other family members really pushing you know me and everyone to get vaccinated however I also been.

Told that the flu vaccine is really for last year's flu and doesn't respect you as well from this year's flu especially if it seems to be a different or stronger strain than before our family is in great health and has a strong healthy immune system cicchitto do you think getting the flu vaccines are necessary in these cases okay so you.

Brought up a very interesting question so this is I'm going to answer it very cautiously of course this is just my opinion okay I don't get the flu shot in practice it seemed like the people that get the flu shot get the flu I mean it's a weird thing so personally I think there's other ways to strengthen your immune system you.

Don't know what you're getting sometimes and ands but plus when you hear this idea that like everyone's saying like who's everyone where did you see that where I read in a newspaper I saw it on the news right there you know that it could be slightly buyeth so that's my opinion thanks Gina alright Michelle you're from Denver you.

Had a question go ahead hey dr. Berg hi pleasure to speak with you hi I am in 52 I've been in menopause about a year and a half that a year ago I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder in my left shoulder and therapy wasn't helping it so I went online that's when I discovered your videos and that maybe.

That was due to nutrition instead of an injury changed my nutrition and that it's much better now practically gone but for the last few months I have had a lower back ache and it's better in the morning more severe at night different things aggravated I would exercise every day but I can't do that anymore because walking aggravates it and interesting.

Enough I wonder if you could comment on this – I would take the wheatgrass juice powder the chlorella anything new really green and also your potassium electrolyte those seemed to aggravate it and the wheatgrass juice powder actually makes me feel like it thins my blood so I do have your estrogen with Tim and I have your adrenal cortisol but I don't.

Take them consistently because I just I'm not sure if those are the things I should be doing I just feel like maybe I'm you know lacking estrogen or okay or something but the backache just feels nutrition okay so a couple things the wheatgrass juice is very very concentrated so maybe just take a small amount okay and then same thing with the.

Electrolytes are pretty concentrate just take a small amount maybe every other day just to get used to it because it you know your body especially if you have inflammation you might need to go at this kind of gradually there's a couple things that I'm gonna ask you Michelle do you cross your leg when you sit.

I do I try not to anymore but I noticed when I lay down and sleep I do cross my ankles as well and I'm trying not to do that either that's totally fine yeah okay so then the other question is you have Italy yeah yeah okay and then do you do a lot of work at the computer I do I'm an accountant so I sit all day I try to get up and walk around but I'm.

In front of the computer about eight hours a day and the other thing I want to tell you is I've always been cellulite prone but in the last year my cellulite has gotten much worse and of course now I can't walk very we're now very far I used to walk miles a day Wow okay so a couple things online there's a couple really great videos on.

The back back pain and so and there's one that you'd basically lay on your back ok so then what you do is you take your right leg or the left one just one of the time and you push it down as far as you can get like towards the couch if you're laying that on the floor you push it down and then push the other one down and there's going to be one one that.

Actually causes some tightness or pain in your back and if that happens that is a instability with certain muscles on your back that because you've been sitting a certain way you need to stress it out so you would want to take the leg that you press that doesn't hurt and do that as an exercise and then I'll straighten it right out so you should.

Watch that video on low back pain the other thing is using that massage tool I have to press on the inside of your abdomen in the lower part of the back right by your belly button about two inches down pressed down right around there on the midline do massage there that's Hinz to take the tension on the back muscles from the in from the inside.

Which is a really effective way to get rid of back pain and then the last thing is to if you're sitting a lot you're gonna have to stretch a muscle called s so a switch connects to your hip and the inside of the spine and it raises the the knee so you lay on your stomach and then you would arch up to stretch those deep muscles in the pelvis then make.

Sure they're symmetrical so I think that's what's going on and you to bite the bullet and not cross your leg that one-sided if you do cross the other side but this happens with a lot of people that are on the computer all day long okay Michelle thanks now we're gonna go to Karen for a couple questions you have.

One Oh got some goodies here I'm just seeing one here I'll bring up first Caleb on Facebook asks does keto an intermittent fasting benefit degenerative discs so I thought you might have some knowledge on that yeah so the degenerative disc situation is a loss of collagen and protein and connective tissue so if you drop your.

Carbs by doing Aikido you're going to instantly improve insulin resistance which is going to then help your absorption of amino acid if you combine that with intermittent fasting it's the best thing for the joints especially for inflammation and just to retain protein growth hormone by the way at human growth hormone is the key hormone – it's.

Called the protein spare to protect your proteins from being lost so you can retain your protein so if you do intermittent fasting your female you can spike growth hormone by 13 yeah 13 hundred percent so that's a tremendous amount of say that again say that again you actually do in a minute fasting you can stimulate your growth hormone if.

You're female by thirteen hundred percent if you are men you can stimulate it by two thousand percent what what part of me is gonna grow your disc Oh Karen yes you're gonna get taller so so that's cool and then the other thing is that in a minute fasting helps you recycle the proteins in your cells so that's gonna actually help collagen so.

That's really what you need to do is in a minute fasting is gonna be the big thing but you need to do kita with it okay okay good I have another one go ahead okay good so and sorry guys sorry YouTube folk sometimes your name isn't on there you have some intricate user names so I can't give you a shout out but I do have.

A youtube person here who's asking if keto could stop her inner fear with a menstrual cycle you know more than Kido it's probably in a minute fasting that can actually interfere with your cycle because it puts you in your body in a state of a little bit of a stress state and in your body you would think it would be damaging but it.

Doesn't it actually it starts recycling it starts adapting to them and so if you're in that state your body automatically will shift hormones and not you know of course you don't want to deliver a baby if the body is sensing not eating however once you're fully adapting that should go oh that problem should go away but in general though.

Doing Kido and remember fasting will improve fertility because what shuts down fertility is high levels of insulin and high blood sugars that's why a diabetic has a hard time getting pregnant I never knew that no you know no I know okay good yeah so we're gonna I want to give a shout out to ya marci men shoe from North Carolina I just want.

To say hello and hope you're doing great probably it's warm down there here it's freezing hey by the way at the end of this show I'm going to reveal Karen Wright the 7 secrets worse tips for losing weight in 2017 the countdown yeah it's not total seven seven okay so you've got to stay for that okay you gotta check this out alright so now.

We're gonna go to Megan from Georgia actually in America America's 30 you've been holding for 35 minutes right well on a question about fasting blood sugar so I started keto about two weeks ago and my fasting blood sugar has been running around 120 and since I've been doing keto it's gone down so maybe like 105 103 which has been exciting I am.

Fasting about 12 to 14 hours a day but not more than that because of nursing excuse me I'm nursing my daughter and so I was wondering is it okay to go ahead and push my heating windows smaller while nursing or is it something I'm going to need to wait good so just let me ask you this when's your first what time's your first.

Meal it's usually about 9:00 okay and what time is your last meal and then I finish finish eating by about 6:00 okay I think what I would do I think what I would do is I would stick with that pattern right now as you're nursing I wouldn't extend it but here's the here's the cut here's the other point are you hungry at nine o'clock in the.

Morning no not really okay I think then you could probably push it maybe it's a ten and just see if you maybe not go extreme but just go in a little bit more maybe 10 or even 11 as long as the breast milk is fine I think the improvement and blood sugar and intimate insulin resistance is gonna help your baby yeah and there's one.

Little point I wouldn't want to mention as you're breastfeeding make sure you doing plant maize and trace minerals because that provides the or maybe even like in addition like one seek help in the morning because that provides you a really key element that you can prevent a lot of problems in your child as far as early development with dental stuff.

With even like brain development so just make sure you get the trace minerals and maybe one seek help in the morning okay okay great awesome thanks Megan all right Tim you're from Orange County New York go ahead you two question hi dr. Berg thank you again for all your work you and Karen oh the recipes you guys have helped me changed my life for.

The better cause I appreciate it so I recently started purchasing raw milk from the farm close to my home and so hard to find information on the sugar content in the raw milk and I just was wondering what if you had any information on that as far as staying in ketosis good good question it does have a higher.

Amounts of sugar than cheese okay so with death I like the benefits of the wrong amount there's a lot of great benefits so I'm just saying maybe if you do a small amount it might be okay but test the waters but I do I mean there's nothing better than some raw milk from a great farm way better than I don't recommend pasteurized milk but I think.

That's great Tim so just don't consume a lot of it just because it could bump you out of ketosis and what do you think about a Jersey cow versus a different cow I think a lot about it it just crosses my mind well we we go to Pennsylvania and get this milk and a Jersey cow I mean there's so much fat from Jersey cows yeah and the milk is.

Like it's just a cream color it's just so much better than the fat I mean what I would like to do if I could do this yeah yeah as I would love to just consume the cream off raw milk and just live on that well you said week I used to make butter remember that yes when I would make butter without cream but I mean back to back to the question that.

If you have milk that's that high in fat what's the difference there was sugar or is that acceptable I mean then most people aren't drinking that but he's actually getting this milk if it is a Jersey cow and there's that much fat in it what is benefits of milk but then the higher carbohydrate amount especially if it's sugar will tend to slow down the.

Ability to get into ketosis and we really don't know what that sugar is well I can't tell you exactly but I know it's a little bit exact amount of sugar it's a little bit too high for the average person so do you have a quick question before I go on to the next caller who me yeah oh yeah yeah okay okay so on YouTube Lauren asses asking a.

Question is gluten-free keto friendly yeah good question and just because something is gluten-free doesn't really get doesn't mean anything with the glycemic index because you take gluten-free bread and then just regular bread it's gonna have the same exact glycemic index I'm gonna turn the sugar the same way.

The point is that the gluten-free doesn't have certain proteins that irritate your digestive system and cause severe debilitating arthritis and autoimmune disease but other than that it'll still create a problem with the spike of blood sugar so you honestly just wanna void grains in general okay that answers the question for learn esse.

Okay good so we're gonna go to Joshua he's from or Ontario Canada awesome so you've been holding for 33 minutes in 16 seconds go ahead Joshua hey dr. burr thanks for taking my calls and no problem about the week done not a big deal at all so I'm just gonna tell you a little bit about my background I've uh disease called Duchenne muscular.

Dystrophy I'm not sure if you're familiar with it are you Akito just a tiny bit okay so I stopped walking when I was 12 years old it's a muscle weakening disease I'm 36 years old now I'm over 300 pounds but I've been on keto for two weeks and I'm feeling a lot better I used to eat ten hours of sleep I'm getting like six and.

A half and that's enough so I do a bulletproof coffee in the morning I do a kale shake around 2 o'clock and I have my one meal of the day around 4 o'clock and it's all organic meat and vegetables I'm just wondering if you have any other advice for somebody who can't exercise at all also I have a bit of a poor liver because I take opiates for my pain and I.

Have some edema in my legs and feet ok question is is this an autoimmune or is it a genetic purely a genetic thing it's a genetic disease my DNA lacks a certain thing called dystrophin which helps your muscles get stronger so my muscles only get weaker over time ok so I think that I think you're right on track think you're doing.

The best thing you can do because especially the internment of fasting the one meal a day and then make sure it's keto I think that is the absolute best thing to do because yeah you can't exercise but exercise would only give you an additional 14% or 15% improvement but in a minute fasting is in the ketone keeping your carbs down.

Just a good diet will give you like 80% of the results so you're in you're on the right track you're feeling better I would ride the wave I think your inflammation is going to come down considerably and then you can take less medication so I think you're doing the right thing Joshua ride the wave keep doing it and maybe for the liver add.

Some certain types of like dandelion green would be great for the liver and stinging nettle work is great for the liver and inflammation so I would just work towards that and keep going I think you're doing great good job so Karen you have a question hey I do on Facebook Jon's asking what kind of drinks can you have between meals and I'm gonna throw.

In another question from ray-ray on YouTube who's saying your veggie pills and I don't know which ones maybe cruciferous yeah he's referring to if he's taking those between meals will that throughout ketosis okay so he's talking about talking about the cruciferous capsules which is a blend of all the cruciferous no that does not.

Have nearly enough calories to throw you off ketosis so any of these supplements or maybe even even the wheatgrass you can take between when you're fasting it's not gonna throw you off at all as far as what to drink I created a really good video on that you can watch it but in general it can.

Pretty much drink nearly anything as long as it doesn't have sugar high fructose corn syrup you can drink certain drinks with stevia you can do naturally decaffeinated teas you can do a little coffee one point about coffee and I noticed this if you drink more than one small cup in the morning I noticed that people might have a problem.

Getting to sleep versus just a small amount they'll go to sleep a little bit better that's just a side note but the point is that yeah you can pretty much drink anything within reason not to Kela or anything like that but any of them well why'd you look at me well because number or last night you.

Down the hey you're going you're going down just do you see okay I'm being sarcastic okay okay so we're gonna go to Adrienne from Las Vegas you had a question about the best treatment for strep throat go ahead I guess I just asked your question you just you're gonna ask I just asked it that's fine Cuddy yeah when I first.

Found out Wednesday for my doctor and they've been giving me amoxicillin course how they give everybody I haven't had in 10 years I forgot crappier pills um I seem to feel I think I'm still a whole lot weaker now that I'm taking amoxicillin and first it was just a call and now it seems like it's supposed to but um okay so no so I'm.

Just try to find something else to my flow from that horrible hacks I couldn't sleep at night yeah okay so here's here's a a miracle tip okay you ready for this yeah are you sitting down okay this is what you do and I actually created that you should watch the video just search dr. Berg and then sore throat okay there's a technique and.

Again I'm not making like I'm not telling you gonna cure this infection but just do this and see how much better you feel okay I don't have my massage tool handy but there's a tool that you can get that you can do it on yourself or you can now that's fine or you can get someone to do it on you which involves pressure points so what you do.

Is you locate where the sore throat is let's say it's right here okay and then you draw a line in the back part of your neck okay so right on the back right here and you would press nestea if it's actually right over here by over here Steve so what you do is you draw on the back and you press in the exact mirror image of.

Where the sore throat is okay and your sore throat will probably vanish within about thirty Seconds to about two minutes Thanks so this is what it looks like this torture I mean this treatment device here and it has you want to put the wide version right in the back of the lower neck and lean back on the couch and.

What'll happen on the exact back part of your scratchy throat they'll be like some soreness that would be like some tightness and soreness in the back and you put this thing right there or I get someone to hold their fingers right there and just hold the pressure for like two minutes the you'll feel a lot better in the.

Throat it's it seems to kind of break up any type of tension in your neck and it just increases the flow and circulation and inflammation and it just goes away now as far as what to drink hot teas are good but I don't think anything works as good as that okay so watch the video apply it in get ready to be quite surprised how good it works all right.

Good so Karen you have another question oh I do I have from Facebook Kyle is asking about fat soluble vitamins and taking vitamins throughout the day and don't you need fat or foods at certain times to release those vitamins basically does taking the vitamins have anything have any can you take the vitamins when you're fasting okay good.

Okay all right can you take that side with vitamins when you're fasting absolutely because you're not taking in any huge quantity at all you're taking just such a small amount you can take that side with vitamins when you're fasting not a problem at all the only point is this Karen yeah it does help to consume fat Sabo vitamins by consuming.

Fat when you at the same time okay so you may wait to your first meal when you have the egg yolk or the butter or whatever and take your fat side with vitamins at that time like your d3 and k2 and you'll get more absorption there you go that's what he's asking there you go Kyle good there's your answer.

So Jarrett you're from Dallas you had a question about keto and gallbladder pain go ahead yes thank you I've been doing the keto intermittent fasting diet roughly on and off for about a year and just recently a couple of weeks ago I'm also an avid cyclist I had got up had breakfast some eggs and went out for a ride and about an hour.

And 45 minutes into the ride I got what I assumed was a gallbladder attack this is in the morning after I initially thought I'd like pull the muscle just below my right rib cage somehow on the bike but it's where you got you know a little worse and worse a little worse and but then by the time I made it back probably 45 minutes later it had started.

To subside and then maybe an hour after that there was no pain at all and then for the next week or so after that I would just it would just be tender at random times and so I wondered if that was related to keto or something I was eating or something I didn't eat or you know just if there was any correlation that that could you know basically I.

Need to do to avoid it good question a couple questions I have for you are you because what kind of quantity of vegetables are you consuming for salad typically have a huge salad a day okay I don't know in cup size but it's like a cake mixer bowl almost science of salad for lunch most days good and then how many meals.

That oh okay good how many meals a day are you consuming typically 3 3 ok and then are you consuming nuts yes yeah some almonds walnuts Asian like pecans okay also you know peanuts and sea that I kind of separate those mentally again right and then do you have any right shoulder pain or neck pain on the.

Right side no well no no it I mean that's and it made me wonder I had no shoulder pain it was all localized to a right rib cage just below my right rib cage okay so I think I think what I would do if I were you Jarrett is I would eliminate the nuts the nuts seemed to aggravate the gallbladder more than anything and.

See if that completely goes away the other thing that you want to do is start doing in a minute fasting that gives the gallbladder a chance to really concentrate the bile and it's great for the gallbladder every time you eat you kind of you force to go better work harder especially if you are eating and then working out and it could that's.

That could be where the problem is so you might want to work out just before or not right right after you eat so those are the things that I would do there's a lot of videos I have on the gallbladder which I'm gonna I'm gonna actually release a book about it because it's so important you can also do the acupressure to the gallbladder to get it.

Flowing better but that's what I would do and I think I would continue what you're doing but just do those two things thanks Jared alright AJ you're calling from Long Island New York you'd a question about cardiomyopathy go ahead hi dr. Berg I lost like 50 pounds watching uh I was doing the keto and watching your videos expiration to keep.

Going I've been doing the intermittent fasting also either though eating once a day or within the four hour period window mm-hmm is a lot of time to end up with heartburn but the short story is after a few months of going to the gym into an Aikido it just felt like my heart was not in the bother me and I wanted to know if if there's a problem.

With you and keto well I haven't dilated cardiomyopathy I mean I've had it since I was 25 and them 49 Wow and uh my ejection fraction is like 50 55 so I've been functioning like normal I also eat like pretty much like the same meal which be eggs or foods spinach and avocado great good this is a really great question in fact I did a video I.

Didn't release it on this one topic is it okay to do keto andaman fasting if you have a heart condition it's the exact thing that you need to do simply because keto is a low carb diet also in a minute fasting actually helps you lower insulin both of those help lower insulin insulin is what damages the lining of the vessels around the.

Heart insulin is what depletes you of potassium to prevent that then can lead to arrhythmias so high insulin also is the first in the chain of events for your cholesterol to start coming up and then forming a little bandaid around there so you're doing the exact right thing but what I would do if I were you.

Is I would when you work out there's two types of workouts one is that you're working the hall that muscles and then the other type of workout is use the cardia where you're doing maybe the slamball or plyometrics or some type of high pulse rate workout which puts a lot of stress in the heart but not as much on the rest of the body versus like.

Doing sit-ups pull-ups and things like that I would focus on the full-body muscle type workouts and maybe a little less on the actual heart muscle simply because as you age it's harder and harder to recovery and recover and so if you're gonna push the heart a little bit too hard when you already have a kind of a heart issue probably not a good idea.

But if you could focus on keeping the vegetables high doing in a minute fasting I would not worry about the high quality fats because that's not the issue the issue is just probably just doing it long enough where the heart can he'll the other thing that you want to research is the stem cell for the heart damage that you've had for a long time.

That's one of the that's going to be very popular in the coming years and you can actually like kind of almost like regrow a new organ so it's something that you should look into but I think what you're doing is great but I would probably not do as much heart workouts or cardio high pulse rate but do workouts involve the whole body using.

Your own body weight and I think that'll help you a lot but over time your heart should be healthier and add vitamin k2 and d3 just because those two in combination help the elasticity of the heart and I'll release the videos next week – thanks AJ all right we're going to Karen go ahead okay good so I'm gonna do some.

Clump questions because we have a lot of questions on YouTube and Facebook that are all the same so I'm gonna throw this at you yeah so how does kit oh how can you maintain weight and build some muscle on keto so these people that don't need to lose any more weight braggers go rock on this is awesome but they they don't want to lose any more.

Weight well let me answer that before you ask the next question okay come back come so the thing is that when you hit your ideal weight through your help you're comfortable with you want to start plutt and you want to maintain this you wanted to start plug keeping the workout in to the point where let's say you're doing heavier weights low.

Reps just to keep the your muscle mass as high as possible but in a minute fasting maybe you don't want to do one meal a day maybe you want to stick with two meals a day and make sure the quantities if quantities of food are quite high and that's what I would do to maintain it keeping it healthy I wouldn't necessarily add the carb in.

There I wouldn't add a snack in there I would do it two meals a day no no carb cycling negatory myth no because it's like oh yeah let me raise my insulin I already have it in some problem and then let's bring it down why would you want to do that it's it's that's what got you in the trouble in the first place right that's the problem.

With those diets yeah I wouldn't even tell people diet you're on a diet no it's it's the food you need to eat to keep the body healthy concept of a diet I'm gonna do it for a little while I'm gonna get a result then I'm gonna go back to how I was eating before it's attractive because people like to cheat it's like.

Oh yeah I can do a cheat day I'm gonna go for that diet so many diets to the South Beach I do a protein adduction and then what happens you go into phase 1 and phase 2 and phase 3 you go back to the same foods and like anyway back so we want to have a long-term lifestyle change Karen right any diet that's saying you can eat anything you want to.

Eat it's just not true in moderation good what's the next place you're rushing me yes I'm okay so here's a lot of questions coming in with I know you're not a medical doctor and I know you can't diagnose and you can't address any of this stuff but a lot of questions coming in people saying I'm on a med is this gonna interfere with my ketosis is.

There gonna have a problem good so in that question it's it's so funny because is the keto and MF s are going to interfere with my medication well no no it's the other way around is your medication gonna appear with yeah well yes a lot of times it is because for example the statins are linked to high levels of insulin insulin.

Resistance the diuretics will tend to deplete potassium and lead to insulin resistance so I would just look online and see one of the side effects if it if it increases insulin if it depletes your minerals then try to find a plan B yeah good question oh wow that's exciting Facebook Ricardo is asking 30 grams of carbs is that.

Gonna bump him out of ketosis what's that magic number dr. Burke 30 grams of carbs your your window is between 20 and 50 so I like 30 that's a nice number I think I would stick with 30 but don't count the vegetables in that equation you want a lot of vegetables and and the reason I'm saying I'm saying that is sometimes on a diet they'll say you can.

Have unlimited vegetables that's bad advice because if you if you just say that people are not going to any if you tell them you need a lot then they leave more verses so yeah there's no limit on vegetables well that means I don't need to have any writing so and then I wanted to mention about our Facebook and kido and internet.

Fasting Facebook lab okay so that's going really good I mean a lot of people are loving it oh my gosh it's going great and I just love the people on that that's a lot of nice people a lot of nice I think he told people are nice people I think because their blood Sugar's are so stabilized it brings your.

Makeup totally serious that people in this lab are like sharing and therefore each other and they're just nice people who are you know applying this philosophy to their lives and feeling better and sharing what they know I just gives me warm fuzzies yeah it's great yeah you guys are great yeah and also people on this show are.

Great I mean you guys are so nice I think it's the key though that makes you nice are you talking about me yeah you've been a lot nicer things so I want to just show you this is a little sometimes you guys have questions and surprisingly every almost every single question I did the video already so if you want a summary of all the questions.

Give a shout out raise your hand and then I'll give you my my cell phone to call you back now is what you want to do is you want to click down below there's a link you go and messenger and you can download this instantly when you set up a message or in facebook but what is that what it is the summary of every single video I've done on Quito in a.

Minute fasting it's been a few okay so and then you download this and you just click on the answers there's so many answers to your questions it's all right here so on messenger yeah you do what you just sign up and it'll it'll be an instant download how do you sign up I'm gonna link down below Oh from messenger there's a link what about my YouTube.

It's there too it takes you right to messenger okay great okay so now we've been waiting for Audrey of our arteries audrey has been waiting for us for 24 minutes so go ahead girl from Arizona go ahead you two question um so I'm 40 years old and I have a five month old baby that I'm nursing i-s I have all the signs of the insulin resistance of.

Pre-diabetes that you know your videos show I've also I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with her and I've been told that I have a hypothyroid and I kind of don't know where to start because I've been told that I can't lower my carbs too much and that I should not do zero sugar and so I I don't really know where to start and.

I'm you know I just I kind of want to get started because I'm overweight also and I just don't want to get diabetes and um I don't know where to start yeah you know well this is this brings up a wonderful point that I did a video on women that get pregnant and get diabetes I don't know if you saw it but here's here's here's the point diabetes.

Is a problem with high sugar right hi sugar in the bladder right that's what it is and then someone told you to don't stop eating sugar does that sound like oh I have high right it's totally bad advice it's like oh I have a disease of high sugar I should keep eating sugar like no you should lower this sugar in your diet.

You don't need sure there's no essential sugars that you need you need you you don't need extra sugar and so it's false information your baby doesn't need extra sugar they get enough sugar from the breast milk from lactose so here's some good tips absolutely positively just go to my site under education tab there's a little.

Course on how to do keto get the basics then get this book to fill in the details because I explained how to do it very gradually but you're gonna be totally fine by doing three meals a day he tell healthy foods website disconnected this here you're going to be totally fine doing keto foods and maybe not jump in in a minute.

But just do a mild version of it three meals no snacks that's what you need to focus on until you're comfortable and cut the sugar out because you are it already gave you diabetes so your solution is going to be reduce the carbohydrates that is like the elephant in the room that's like the obvious thing that you really just need to focus.

On and then ignore anyone that tells you to have a lot of carbohydrates because they're basting they're just giving you bad advice so I think the problem is the source of information you're getting it is probably from someone who has not updated their information so because you get so much conflicting data and your blood Sugar's will do better your baby.

Will do that better especially with the low amounts of sugar all right thanks pick me all right any questions anyone have any questions anyone okay two questions first one is Facebook Johnny from Facebook okay he wants to know if he can have brown rice twice a week and if that will.

Bump him out of ketosis yeah the old rice question okay and before I answer that question Karen um before we end today I'm gonna give a countdown the seven top worst diet tips of 2016 the big countdown yeah you don't only forget right so stay tuned okay so brown rice well it's definitely better than white rice but it's still a starch and it can.

Definitely knock you out of ketosis now it really depends on how much you consume if you're doing one teaspoon probably not going to be a problem but honestly 20 spinner right exactly so I think I would stay away from it now what do I recommend as a substitute cauliflower rice it tastes identical put the butter cheese in there it's.

Identical okay hey Derek okay you're gonna call yes good so now I want to go to Mohammed from Canada I had two questions go ahead Mohammed hi disturber how are you doing good how are you good in the too bad I just want to talk a little bit about my key journey is quickly so I know you have a tight time so I start kilo like maybe.

Three months ago but I was doing it wrong until I find your videos and I start following here okay and I was I was just fasting like 16 hours a start with 16 hours and then eating when I break my fast I eat all the bread that I want to eat authorized all the carbonyl world right that I have to eat and I wasn't losing any weight like matter of.

Fact like in November I weighed myself and I was doing the same thing like just sixteen hours and then eat whatever I eat like in the evening was not watching nothing yeah and I weighed myself in November and I get like again wait actually Wow so that like make me make me feel very bad and I was just working so hard and.

Then I workout and everything so when I find your videos I find that catch like what to eat because I was just eating anything good and then I yeah I strange my diet I change the way that I'm doing kilos so I change it to 20 hours 20 hours and I eat one meal a day good and I yeah and I eat a lot of I love tuna salad like I make.

Like big bowl of tuna salad and then just steam some vegetables and and then beef like any kind of bit like patties on whatever love it and yeah so what's good with me and I was losing weight like no tomorrow like I was losing a lot of heat and that was good and then last Sunday I had some people come over to my house and then just have fun like sweet.

You know and all these treats and stuff like that I get upset about it yeah the next day obviously I mean even Sunday night that I decided to do a water fast okay so see Sunday and I does my last meal that I ate Sunday night with the stew meat and stuff and I stopped eating until today today is my 50 so I'm going to break my fast and Sunday cleaning.

Some be and what would you plan are feeling I'm feeling great like good yeah my question is yeah first like it is Mikey to mean what I eat is it right all right because I don't I don't do any measurement like I just yeah just here's here's here's some tips on what to eat the first thing that I eat normally to keep this simple as I.

Eat my greens my salad eat this big cell ok number one and I'll do if I'm gonna do one meal a day I'll do I might do personally 9 to 10 cups I'm doing two meals I might do five cups for seven cups but I'll I'll just eat a big salad second thing I eat is my protein three to six ounces now as you're doing in a minute fasting your body helps recycle.

More protein the need for protein goes down because you're stimulating more growth hormone which actually preserves the protein loss and by the way Karen your body will recycle 100 to 300 grams of your own body tissue every single day that's all your protein so you're not losing all your protein every day you're recycling it and when you're in a man.

Fasting you recycle more so now we did our greens we did our protein now what's left the fat that is the wild variable that you want to add in there so you're satisfied to go from one meal to the next so that varies sometimes I'll do more sometimes they'll do less depending on how my body feels but I'll do I love P cons I love brie cheese I might do.

Peanut butter type of thing so that's what I would I focus I think you're doing fine and then it's almost good that you went off the diet to see to show you how your body feels when you kind of eat junk because now you break you can differentiate Wow now I know that's bad for me but I think you're doing fine and I would ride the wave.

Alright Karen go ahead you movie pecan pie no no wasn't I think you're just making it up no I think what good people who are listening are gonna know where that's from okay you have to do you have a question you have to put that or do I have a question yeah cuz I have a lot of callers okay you're kind of.

Bossy this morning no I'm just wanting to get tell these questions but okay so um first of all I did have a question okay Linda on Facebook she wants to know she's just getting started she wants to know do I do keto first and then intermittent fasting intermittent fasting then keto same time what do you do that's a good question I know right.

Good now I'm gonna go to Eve here now yeah that's good now what what you want to do is not to join again at the same exact time you want to plug in the keto okay and then you just want to do three meals no snacks that's the first action together then the second action is to push the breakfast further slowly to the.

Lunch okay and to the point where there's no more breakfast and then now you have two meals and then you can start squeezing those meals together gradually so that's how I would do it if I were you yeah good okay good all right hey what's your thought on kombucha kombucha tea is there's different types of kombucha you want to read the labels.

There's some with two grams of sugar and some with three four five six grams of sugar if more so if you're gonna do kombucha which I I recommend that you do it get the one with two grams of sugar okay I don't think you're gonna find one less and don't drink the whole thing just drink out of it so now you're getting one gram of sugar it's not going.

To be a problem because it's so low if you drink the whole thing it might create an issue with acid because it's a little it's a lot of acid it's like battery acid but it definitely is an alternative to alcohol and to wine at night because it calms you down you'll actually feel like you're getting drunk I mean relaxed to the point where you.

Won't need this other thing it was the same texture as beer but it doesn't create the negative effects I mean it has a very tiny bit of alcohol but it's so small you sound like you speak from experience yeah yeah so yeah that's what I would do with that it's really good for the digestive system but now I just remembered I forgot to answer.

The question of the guy from New York who asked I think he said he ate a lot of food and he gets heartburn if that's the case then you need to consume the tain how to chloride now I have something called digest plus that might be good because it has episode of vinegar and betaine honey Ida chloride but you can get them.

Separately whatever but you need to certify the stomach to be able to digest the food to the point where you you don't get that anymore but that is you don't want to take in like a acid block or block or you want to take an acidifier all right yeah do you have another question I do thank you I feel so special today okay.

Here on Facebook we have Natasha who is a vegan and she wants to know she can't find much information on how to do keto as a vegan and there are recipes coming in cookbooks coming but yeah that's something we're working on I just have it's it's just one of those things on the list that I didn't get to yet because there's some other projects so I.

Put a video out there that I'm just going to recommend you go to this page dr. Berg vegan keto and I actually give you some ideas of what to eat I think that'll be better because you can get the full scoop of that right okay okay and I just wanted to mention really quickly someone also had a question I didn't get to related to sleep so this.

Is the one I'm just gonna recommend a sleep aid here because this is something that Hoffman do I take this care every day every night I take this consistently and it's it's pretty cool because it's a formula that I use that if you're having a problem sorry When Harry Met Sally I thought it was so sleep aid is a really good if your if.

You can't get to sleep quick you take one within 15 minutes you're out and that enhances the ability to have energy during the day and also burn more fat so it's just one point I want to bring up for those people that maybe you're you want a little bit more improvement the sleep is really key and it actually works by supporting the adrenals it's.

Not a sleeping pill it's an adrenal relaxer okay so now we're gonna go to Eve from Miami Beach you had a question about headaches right no doctor I'm sorry first and foremost I love your show I watch all your videos constantly I follow you you have no idea basically here's my story long story very short I am I'm basically eating the entire bag.

Of salad and a half of what the entire bag of salad is baby kale and then I have another half a bag of spinach all in one sitting with an hour followed with an avocado and a small fatty piece of protein meat like smaller than the palm of my hand and I'm drinking water and drinking electrolytes and the energy and the way I feel and oh it's just.

Remarkable you are a god-sent seeing other videos on the keto diet and I've watched others the way they explain it and to me the way you explain how to do everything it's so much healthier than any other keto promoter out there and YouTube I refuse I just stick with you know here's the trouble I'm having I've noticed that I've cut out completely.

Sugars I've cut out completely the carbs I haven't had anything since November 20th of last year no alcohol no nothing I only drink water this is what I feel like after I had these big meals and a few hours go by I feel like my brain is kind of feeling weird and um I feel like I'm me too I'm constantly thirsty so I'm constantly drinking water.

And I just upgraded completely took all electrolytes it's still the thirst doesn't stop it doesn't quench I'm constantly going through the bathroom and then I said to myself well what could it be I'm having zero carbs I know you need a little bit of carbs because for every carb or something it retains three to four times of water so long.

Story short I stopped I had some breaded chicken three pieces of breaded chicken and as soon as I finished that ten minutes later my heart started pounding like never ever before but the thirst quench went away I mean it was just yeah that's it no more thirst after I had that chicken I am also was diagnosed with hypertensive high blood pressure.

And they put me on losartan losartan 25 milligrams I feel like I don't even need that anymore because I'm so sensitive that I can feel when I don't feel right like my blood pressure's messing with me so I I kind of like been three days now that I do not take the losartan 25 milligrams because I don't feel like I need it anymore with this diet and I am.

Strict strict super strict can you help me out with what's going on with me yeah a couple of things that come up I would go get a fasting insulin test and then what I would do is I would see if they could do a test after you meet and see how high the insulin goes when you have excessive thirst and excessive urination that's usually a blood sugar thing so.

Even though you're doing better there could have been some blood sugar issues pre-diabetic issues that that's what's causing it so over time that will improve it the fact that you did so much better it tells me that you probably had some pretty massive problems with insulin but I think it's might be still going on so that could be why you have.

This thirst okay there's other reasons as well but that would be the most obvious thing you also mentioned that you ate some like breaded or carb – or I guess some breaded chicken and that handled the the thirst thing which which then tells me yeah there could be a blood sugar thing involved so that also could be coming.

From the side effect from the medication I don't know so you have several things going on so maybe get with your doctor have them monitor it maybe switch the medication or whatever under their guidance and then see if that symptoms go away because some of the side effects from medication could be causing the problem.

I don't know but those are some things that I would do and then see what happens but get that test and see what's going on with your insulin because that could be if it's really high then we know you're just gonna have to keep doing this a longer period of time until it actually gets a lot better okay so now we're gonna go to California where.

Britt I think it's Britta go ahead Britta hi thank you for taking the time to all the questions and actually my real question was oil I've been doing he toenails for about four weeks and I'm having some success but I do have psoriasis and now I have a second question because somebody else mentioned about taking I take.

Pravastatin and hydrochlorothiazide for high blood pressure and you mentioned somebody else about a plan B so is that a plan B for a different diet or taking a different medication so those are my two questions okay so did you say you're taking MCT oil no BB oil oh yeah cannabis oil okay this candidate okay yeah got it.

I don't I don't take it all the time because with this diet I wasn't sure if it would interfere and honestly I'm you know really want this diet to be successful for me yeah okay so give me some ideas on that doing the enema no fasting eventually is probably gonna clear up your skin problem because it's going to.

It gets rid of inflammation but the fact that you have high blood pressure in psoriasis the two common denominators is a vitamin D deficiency because if you think about it high blood pressure could be a stiffening of the arteries and you need vitamin D and K 2 together to help that and I have a video on that you can watch that because without vitamin K 2.

Nd 3 you can build up more soft tissue calcium in the arteries which can think and keep the blood pressure high so that's one thing I'm going to recommend and then doing the key demand I've been fasting together you're gonna heal the vascular system drop insulin and now we actually get an elasticity of the arteries because high levels of insulin.

Is what calss it causes not just plaquing but hardening of the arteries so it's the best thing to do for high blood pressure is the keto NM and fasting absolutely alright thanks okay Henry you're from Seattle Washington you had a question go ahead real quickly I do a fasting of 16 8 and doing this my fasting I'll just.

Wanna know with your recommendation I drink black coffee and I take also therapeutic Keystone I started eating between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00 o'clock I'm a truck driver and it's sometimes hard for me to do any type of exercise because of the weather and you know and I do that six days a week and then I'll send out eight to three to.

Four minutes my question to you sir what is the best meal to have after I do fasting and I eat between the hours even though I do a 16-8 just depending on my schedule I felt I eat between the hours of 2:00 to 6:00 o'clock and I eat a meal and usually like meat meat eggs and okay take the other one the guacamole with that so but.

I still get kind of hungry sometimes doctor between before my fasting hands and someone said I'm not eating that fat but I take I also do keto comfort with the MCT oh god I just want to like ask you what would you recommend okay so this is this brings up a good point I would the tea I would do would be cinnamon tea through the day I mean to.

The day when you're driving because that will actually help the blood Sugar's but I think what you're missing is the greens the potassium and the Greens helps reduce the need for insulin which will greatly help you and so yes you're doing the protein adding more proteins not the solution adding fat might be helpful but the green so as a truck.

Driver you probably can't stop by at 7-eleven and get a big kale salad so what you could do is have your freezer in the truck freeze kale and then have water and you can blend the kale with maybe a little bit of fruit or even some of my lemon wheatgrass juice so you can make a little bit sweeter and take a big shake.

And drink that at the meal that is what you're missing that will be greatly helpful to stabilize your blood sugar soda so everyone don't forget like the greens because that's gonna actually be a huge benefit thanks Henry so we're going to go to the countdown Karen oh good start with I feel like we need music background music I think.

We're going to be good so this is the 7 worst diet tips 2016 okay there we go number seven okay the low-fat diet a bad advice why not because low fats gonna make you hungry you're gonna be deprived of the fat soluble vitamins and by the way Karen what 44% of all your cells are made that so why would you want to starve.

Them I'm talking about saturated fats all the cell membrane okay I knew it so number six whole grain healthy whole grains right when you when you give people permission to do healthy whole grains guess what they do breads pasta cereal crackers viscous waffles pancakes Captain Crunch okay I'm gonna crunch yeah they're not.

Gonna soak the grains sort of a nutritious breakfast yeah and and do that now they're gonna do like white bread right and also a whole bread with whole wheat bread which is this same glycemic index number five Karen yeah there's six small meals a day nibbling it's based on the calorie thing.

If I had small you're gonna jack up insulin you're gonna actually become a diabetic and it's the worst advice for hypoglycemics because it'll keep you with low blood sugar okay number four before drinking more water okay to lose weight to flush the fat out water does not flush your fat out it won't drink when you're thirsty I mean they have.

Apps right now to remind you to drink well that's fine but just don't force yourself to drink massive quantities of fluid that's not going to help you lose weight water does not dissolve fat it doesn't even mix well okay number three you ready for this Karen I'm ready I'm sitting taking a cold shower now yes it's true that a cold shower.

Will stimulate metabolism but getting people to do it it's not going to be a huge idea that people are going to stick to what it would it really yeah you take often are you every morning take a cold shower yeah invite boost your metabolism and burn a couple more calories but it's not a really I mean it's not gonna matter if you're eating donuts at lunch.

Yeah and I bet you if I had everyone do it they'd probably no one would want to do that anyways especially in the winter okay number two you ready for this Karen yeah if you fidget there was a study then if you fidget while you're watching TV at night while you're eating popcorn you'll burn an extra calorie or two and you'll lose weight so don't just sit.

There as you're sitting there on the couch eating popcorn okay of course it might lead to someone drugging you for some other reason or twitching yeah but yeah okay you ready for number one the big one and there's a study on this if you sit up tall and straight you look thin so this is a really easy one just.

Sitting up tall don't slouch and you'll actually look thinner and that's the weight loss advice what if you do this yeah exactly okay guys thanks for watching next week we're gonna do this on Wednesday at 11 o'clock I'll send you a Senat video out it's not gonna be Friday Wednesday all right love o'clock Eastern Standard.

Time thanks for watching have a good weekend yeah
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