Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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hi guys welcome back listen we have Karen here here here Karen's here Anna yeah and Karen called me this morning she says what are you gonna wear this morning and I said well let's do blue navy blue so we wanted to match so we need to every time I go shopping we need to buy the same clothes apparently two.

Naps good Hey we're gonna answer your calls this morning if there's anything any medical things that you guys have just realize we're not trying to diagnose you we're not trying to give you medical advice just give you our opinions on alternative methods and things to research okay and that being said we are going to do the keto summit.

Coming up it's called the keto health summit and we're gonna randomly pick someone to win a ticket today a free VIP ticket yeah that's very exciting yeah so that's exciting so will so what's VIP very weird person very so you have your regular seating VIP seating gets second-tier seating which means colos from the front your VIP bags are.

Filled with more amazing things it comes with lunch dinner in a bunch of things about two times a bunch a whole we're gonna keep you in suspense it's gonna be a surprise okay yeah but it's great yeah so let's just kind of take a caller and then we'll come back and we'll answer some questions Sylvio from Montreal you had a question.

And by the way callers if you could just ask me the question if there's any type of blood test or you know your history I don't really have time to get into that but a quick question to be wonderful so go ahead hi doctor its Silvio I have a quick question I have some I have right knee pain ever since I had my gallbladder removed.

And I have been doing keto and intermittent fasting and I saw your video on how to relieve knee pain but it only works temporarily it's actually getting better but I'm just wondering if there's something I can do to help the recovery process yeah so do you have pain right now yeah well it's like it's like just a.

It's very very minor like it's mostly on humid days so I don't know if I have any wear and tear in my knee or something but it's just a little bit of burning but right now no I don't have any but I had some this morning okay so here's a little tip and this might sound very strange but it really works anything on the right side of your body as far as.

Inflammation or pain could be referred from the gallbladder okay and I know this sounds strange but it just does and I think what happens there's a lot of nerves that connect to the gallbladder that are related to something called the phrenic nerve that comes to the right side and that can actually affect the nerves and the spinal cord and also.

Nerve roots coming out that can also go down even lower it to your body and so I've just found this just by observing a lot of people so here's what you can do if you have pain massage underneath your right ribcage okay and then test to see if the pain goes away and if it does and we know it's the gallbladder in which case you need to maybe modify what.

You're eating increase more greens maybe kind of cut down some of the nuts and that should help you now here's the thing I have a lot of videos on this as far as what to do with with the gallbladder and what to eat so watch those videos but there is a huge connection between the gallbladder and the knee or knee pain anything on the.

Right side okay so go ahead and do that thanks for your call all right so hey Ruth you're from Texas we've talked before good morning good morning yes I wanted to thank you because taking the cortisol relief and the sleep aid at night has worked wonders it's really allowed me to be able to do more during the day so thank you for your work on.

Sistemi with that um I did want to ask about the keto summit platinum entrance where we would get to have dinner with you and Karen I was curious whether there was a limited number of tickets like there would be twenty or fifty or a hundred people enjoying dinner with you that's a real good question Ruth it's gonna be very limited.

Because we can't have too many people I don't have an exact number but I will say there's a good handful of people that are sending it for that so if you're interested you might want to do it pretty quick so but yeah it's gonna may be no it's going to be a small intimate yeah it's gonna be a very small you want it okay yeah yeah wonderful I'm.

So excited I can hardly wait we're gonna see you it's gonna be I hope okay great it's gonna be great to see it Ruth and thank you thanks for your call awesome okay so all right let's go to Murray cuz I know you're or do you have something I just I just want to throw something out here because before we started we were talking about a contest right yeah we're.

Talking about wouldn't it be fun to have a contest of some kind different every single week until the summit where somebody wins like a VIP ticket that sounds like a great and Jacqueline on what is it oh it's on Facebook just asked could there be a contest where we win a ticket so Jacqueline you're psychic good girl.

And yes we are going to well Karen is the master at contests and you have all sorts of different things you can kind of create with that I think over to you I'm gonna have you organize that and I'm awesome okay good okay all right good so do you have any questions yes I have Maria here on YouTube and she's asking hi dr. Berg I don't like to chew.

Vegetables is there a juice pill or something that I can eat instead of seven cups of salad it's a real question so here's a favorite question for that what you want to do is you want to get an eight hell maybe your spouse to help you chew it pre digest it and then it's easy it's kind of like so like a bird yeah that's.

How they do it that's disgusting I have to say yes you can definitely enhance your seven cups or your ten cups with with things like concentrated greens the wheatgrass juice powder adds a lot of phytonutrients you'll get those you probably won't have all the vitamins and minerals but you're gonna have to just be creative I suggest that you do.

This you get something called a salad cutter scissors so it says oh my god so it's a scissors and Karen loves it I love these shoppers chop this salad down it comes way down to like like probably like a half a cup yeah it's like maybe not that small there they're literally scissors and you just chop it and it takes Bowl from like this to just really.

Half the size I meant to bring some and I bought a whole bunch of them for this summit we're gonna have random door prizes throughout the entire summit and you're gonna have a chance to win some of those scissors but anyway they can also blend it blend it in a shake a kale shake I think that's gonna be probably the easiest but you know what as I'm.

Doing future seminars I'm going to keep digging in this this really important thing the reasons why you need to keep your vegetables on the high end because it's a protective thing against all sorts of problems and so you just need to figure out a way to you know enjoy them I don't know add ketchup I don't know.

Something yeah I mean I don't when I eat salad I don't yeah I don't add a lot of stuff to my salad I just like google olive oil some salt and pepper maybe some sunflower seeds some people like to have a lot of vegetables and all kinds of stuff on top of their salad for me it's more work to chew I am with you Maria I'm like.

Not into it so um the salad choppers and blending and the spouse's I'm invisible oh no I'm not invisible right now okay oh yeah and the spouse can you preach it for you yeah otherwise I would throw in a blender all right good tip so Murray you're from Connecticut you had a question yeah hi yeah hi good morning dr. Bergman hearing hi um I have a.

Really weird question my urine I don't drink a lot of water I drink when I'm thirsty as you suggest and but my urine is darn near clear and my deficient in something and the other thing is I'm I do about one meal a day but most days I kind of just want something to eat so am I missing something in that meal I don't I've been on since about November.

So I'm not you know I'm not craving things but am I missing something in my nutrition because I kind of want something I'm not hungry but my mind wants it was it just a mental thing that I need to get over okay so there's a couple things related to that question you I think personally I think it's just kind of a memory of like just wanting.

Food because it's just the natural thing but you really want to go with like am I really hungry and like no but I want something yeah kind of enjoy eating but really are you hungry the other thing I would look at Murray is how is your energy level how is you your inflammation in your body how is your cognitive function do you have any.

Cravings like I would look at other body indicators to see if you're actually missing something I would not worry if your urine is clear that is not going to be a problem especially if you're not drinking a lot of water if you were then that would explain it but I don't think you're missing anything I think I would ride the wave as long as you're feeling.

Okay keep going but of course I didn't ask you what you're eating so I'm assuming you're eating kind of what I'm recommending in the in the meals but yeah I think I think you're good Murray I wouldn't wouldn't be too concerned about that but thanks for you to call all right so do we have any questions we have a lot of.

Question we have a lot of questions hello from Saudi Arabia how cool Hossam hello yeah we have questions kind person on YouTube says can you tell me what fruit I can have I'm doing great but cannot live without fruit I have type 2 diabetes got it sorry kind of person have you some kind.

Words basically you want to only do small amounts of berries specifically the blueberries blackberries and raspberries those two are the lowest glycemic so you'll be actually safe with just like a couple of those now how much though at least a cup a day yeah the other thing is that people are asking about watermelon um why don't meal and.

Believe It or Not has if you have it in small amounts here okay that's kind of what's a small amount like we probably I don't know not not more than a cup a day yeah a day but don't add the berries in there here's the problem with fruit Karen the problem with fruit is that lot of the fruit out there is hybrids so they've been growing it with higher.

Sugar content way back in the day we did not have Georgia peaches or those Honey Crisp apple apples we had crab apples apples are sour that's what fruit was like it wasn't like it is now super super sweet yeah and it was seasonal it wasn't all year round so it wasn't that's right so that's that's my answer and I'm sticking.

To it okay alright alright I want to go to Jenn she's been waiting for 52 minutes and 10 seconds Toronto go ahead Johnny hi dr. Berger so nice it's PQ nice talking to you so I'm 22 years old I'm 501 and I'm 100 105 pounds I started keto because I was doing.

Somewhat of a low carb diet along with intermittent fasting and I say here they might as well reap the cognitive mood and energy benefits of Kido but despite taking all the measures to avoid the keto flu the first two weeks were absolutely awful for me and I missed my period the first month of keto I ended up cheating with a piece of cake and.

I've been cut a difficult time getting back into keto because the option period was so deteriorating for me so my question is this key to go suit is Quito suitable for everyone and you have any suggestions for restarting and sticking to the diet yeah I have a question are you you've been doing it for a month right I did it for about six.

Weeks before cheating okay did you find that you finally got to a point where your cravings went away yes but even though my cravings for carbs went away I found that I was constantly thinking about food and when my next meal was yeah here's what I would do Jen cuz it's kind of like one of those things that does take it's kind of a.

It's a time thing where you do really got to get adapted to it because we're so used our whole life sir based on this one way and now we're switching over and it's it's almost like just the thought of not consuming something kind of makes you want it more sometimes right like oh you can't have that oh no I really want it so here's what I would do Jen make.

Alternative recipes we've created tons and tons of recipes there online on things like what else we had what's that pecan pie waffle no sugar a cake see these are the things that you should probably keep around and then just have one per day as you're fat at the end of the meal though that's what I would do if I were you just so you can you know.

So you know don't feel deprived right yeah so let's never do Jen but thanks for calling all right Karen you have a question okay here's one from and Ron face on YouTube he says he started to sweat a lot more and a lot more frequently even when he's not hot what could be causing this I mean I'm assuming he's on keto if' yeah you know.

This is the assumption if he's not you answer it both ways well I think when when you there's there's a normal thing of stress of sweating and it's controlled by something called the autonomic nervous system I just a big word out there that's kind of like the the system that runs on automatic.

And it controls all sorts of things from sweating perspiration breathing and heartbeat everything so I think you know I don't think it's a problem I think if you have excessive sweat that could be a problem but the other thing too is as you do key tell there is a shift in electrolytes and you know minerals and hydration and I personally also know.

When I exercise now I do sweat a lot more and I think that's a good thing before when I was doing higher carb you're you're holding more fluid in the body I don't know that Pina this Karen but glycogen is a stored sugar and that's what you store in your liver and your muscles it's it to store the sugar you.

Also have to have a good amount of water it's like a sponge so when you do keto and you're not storing as much sugar you're gonna dump a lot of fluid you're not gonna have that food or tension like you had before so it's kind of like a constant diuretic that's probably what's happening it's not a bad thing just take more showers and here's a thing if you.

Do a lot of sweating you do need some electrolytes but you need more salt than just the other minerals because you don't sweat out as much potassium you basically use a lot of potassium but it's mainly this salt that comes out more so and you want to just kind of if you're low in salt you're gonna feel kind of tired having salt gives you your.

Muscles more energy and you have more endurance and go by your cravings too but always do sea salt good so let's let's go to Chris from Indiana go ahead Chris you had a question yeah the question about oh man I'm stalled on oh man and I don't know if it's because I'm postmenopausal or if that's not a style of eating I should be doing okay now as.

Far as told you talking about weight loss specifically yes basically weight loss I lost 40 pounds on keto about 15 more to go when – oh man for the last five months or so and I'm totally stalled okay do you have any other body problems or is it pretty much just the weight is the last symptom to be dealt with I I feel great.

No other body problems I'm just fat okay got it 15 pounds in fat Chris here's a couple little things that I would do if I were you you can always improve it so you're done one meal a day you may want to go and I know this is might be a little bit high higher end type stuff but go eat every other day to do longer fasts okay.

Go longer fast especially if you find you're not hungry you might need that and the reason I'm talking about that is if you have a damaged metabolism your endocrine system has been stressed and especially through menopause when you do longer fast your body goes into a real interesting survival mechanism where it starts to heal and protect and.

Rejuvenate and I'm talking about your your thyroid your adrenals and so that's really it happens the energy shifts so you have this incredible shift in kind of chemical pathways that go on when you do longer fast it's part of the survival mechanism I think that might help you lose a little bit more weight just by going on a longer fast the other two.

Things that I would do is that I would add in more exercise more intense exercise make sure you're not tired it makes your energy is high and then the last thing you want to do is do things to improve your sleep maybe get one more hour sleep and I think that should actually help you push to the next level and then what about reducing.

Fat yeah you want to look at your fat make sure you don't go too much with the fat so adjust the amount of fat because you you want to force your body to only live on your own calories now you might say well I'm eating every other day I'm I don't have enough calories realize we want you to burn your own calories so you have to add your own calories as.

Your calories that you're burning as the total calories which it's not going to be a low-calorie diet because part of that is your own fat and by the way when you burn you own fat you actually then mobilize and increase certain nutrients that are in the fat as well you release like vitamin D vitamin A from your own fat so you can get.

Vitamins from your own body that's been in storage and vitamin E all right it's like people people you remember that commercial for the oven cleaner where a woman would be out at the park or whatever and she's like I'm cleaning my oven it's a self-cleaning oven I am I'm I'm eating my my breakfast right now you.

Just can't tell that's right thanks Chris all right what else we do we have another question here's a question says if we are not eating carbs pancreas enzymes that only for jest carbs can affect I don't totally understand this question but maybe you could just touch on if you're eating little carbs does.

That mess with any pancreatic enzymes actually when you're doing little carbs you would the stress on the pancreas greatly because think about it the pancreas produces insulin right Karen yes in other four months okay so it's and it's been working hard to pump out all this insulin but it also pretty releases enzymes so when you so when you.

Actually burn your pancreas out from eating so much sugar and carbs you also burn out the pancreas that helps you make enzymes so taking the stress off that pancreas Karen yes well we'll totally rejuvenate the ability to digest these enzymes eventually it's gonna take some time to actually help you digest mm-hm.

Well I personally have a lot of reality in that that's right you do because I've been really letting my body rest really going light in my digestion is way better yes this is one way to do it I mean it's totally intermittent fasting is really key yeah you should take a call so I can all right we don't my people Jerry you had a question from.

You're from Indiana right yeah that's correct dr. Barry hi what's your question I initially sought you out on the internet looking for some understanding of high blood pressure because I suffer from high blood pressure stage stage one high blood pressure and I started.

Listening to all the information that you're putting out and I started following everything that you're so skillfully teaching us and so I've been doing keto an intermittent fasting for about four and a half months and I've lost about 50 pounds Wow so definitely lost inches on my waist feeling the energy the nutrition is.

Amazing I feel awesome but through all of this I still haven't made any progress on lowering my blood pressure okay so I wanted to call you and see if you had any kind of advice for me okay so is your blood pressure just mildly high or is it really high unmedicated it can get as high as maybe 160 over 100 okay and you find that does it ever come.

Down to normal or is it just always stay high yeah it pretty much always is high I notice maybe in the mornings sometimes it's a little bit lower but I am taking some blood pressure medicine so it's hard to tell okay so did you have a weight problem for a long time yeah probably the last 15 years okay so here's my also okay.

Another added another piece of information I can help you with is if I do exercise it does come down okay alright so here's what I think that's going on Jer I think it's a purely a matter of it's been there chronically and what happens when you have high insulin over that period of time things really stiffen up there could.

Potentially be a good amount of calcium that's keeping things stiff in which case you would want to do a test called CAC a coronary artery calcium scoring test that would be the most test if you find your arteries that are kind of they have a little more calcium that could explain the whole thing in which case it's gonna take time for that.

To come down and you're probably going to have to start consuming higher amounts of vitamin D k2 and the supplement called ip6 which is a type of a phytic acid that helps to chelate and kind of pull the calcium from the arteries so I think that's what you need to do I think you want to focus on nutrition now and just.

Realize you've had it for a long time sometimes the healing of the others is the last thing to happen because the body will just focus and get rid of the fat and then all of a sudden start to clean up the internal visceral organs and things like that but yeah I hear what you're saying I mean you could you could start also taking more potassium.

That's one thing but I think there could be more of a just a chronic thing it's just going to take longer but get that CIC test to see if it is calcium in which case then it will explain everything but and I want to mention this for everyone if you find that you're doing everything you're supposed to and it's still not working.

Then you want to pull the string evaluate deeper get a more sophisticated test to see get more information just try to solve this one of the things that we're going to be talking about in the summit Karen yes is we're gonna be talking about things that actually are even beyond the basics because I've never had one person who just needed to.

Do Kido and fasting and all the problems just magically go away right I mean most people have a little bit of this they have an additional minute if our the sleeping problem is constipation they have all these other issues so at the summit we're going to be really covering all the other stuff that can act as open applications on your desktop computer.

Like you know mind energy you know my computer right do I have a couple yeah like I have like everything open everything so it just slows everything down so we can close these applications down addressing all the other weak links so you know yeah you need to know the basics about keto a manifesting but.

There's a lot of other body problems so the seminar the symposium is going to be about all the other bodies stuff it's not just keto in and then fasting it's like getting your body healthy just so happens that keto and I'm in fasting as two powerful tools but we need to talk about the whole package and the other thing that I don't like about seminars.

In general is it seems to be information overload and not talking about the important stuff that makes the huge difference so our symposium summit is gonna really cover the big stuff a lot of it stuff that you can retain it's not going to be over your head but you're gonna go back with tools to help yourself.

Others and to stay healthy the rest of your life so that's the goal and also you probably might want to just find that you like become a coach thank you to coach and that help help others because it is rewarding to do that on that note Terrence has been waiting for a bit so we're gonna go to Michigan hey Terrance hi dr. Berg hi how are you.

Good okay so you and me have really knocked it out of the park I've lost 35 pounds Oh three pounds of fat and I'm type two diabetic with autoimmune diseases Wow I used to take 240 I used to take 240 units of insulin during the day and 60 at night and now we're at 40 with oh man Wow so so the question is is now my.

Blood Sugar's range from 130 to 150 and I take 40 units that my oh man so should i micromanage my blood sugar when it's 130 to 150 and take insulin because that's the only thing that really seems to bring it down cinnamon is not working a apple cider vinegar all that stuff doesn't seem to really touch it I'm really resistant so should i micromanage.

It at this point or should I just kind of leave it there and just take it and all mad like I am now okay good pterence I'm gonna give you my opinion on this you've come a long way you have all these improvements well done if you've been on that much insulin for that long what happens is you have to.

Realize that you had a really serious problem okay so it's now it's getting better you're slowly taking less insulin yes you do want to micromanage us you do want to do things to keep tweaking it keep improving it now how do you do that well there's some key things you're doing Oh Matt you may want to even go a little longer with your fast you may.

Want to increase certain types of foods on Oh Matt which are more nutrient dense greens you may want to add exercise into this and also other nutrients that are that target the pancreas especially the the beta cells of your pancreas the islets of langerhans right yeah I was going to say that so we want to address that and keep.

Targeting that the other thing that you do if you use any other body issues that you have that would be like one of those applications on your desktop like focus on that because that will then approve the paint improve the pancreas but here's the thing you have two problems you have high sugar which causes damage and high insulin which causes damage.

We'd be really good for you to do a fasting insulin test and the name of that test would be Homa – i are home ah – i are i would get that test to see where your insulin is so even know you're a diabetic and you have to take insulin and be curious to see what your fasting insulin actually looks like just to kind of have that data so I would.

Have a goal of our you is to at the end of this program try to get it to the point where you take the least amount of insulin possible even if your sugars are slightly higher it's much better for the body to have slightly higher sugars than it is to have high amounts of insulin so it's kind of like they both cause damage but high levels of insulin and really.

Creates a little bit more damage so and then watch more of my videos on this because I have a lot of new stuff on that you know talking about diabetes in general we have some medical doctors coming to the event that are going to touch on this more in depth so hope to see you there Terrence Terrence I think.

I got that right was it Terrence right okay all right thanks Terrence all right over you Karen okay good so I'm gonna before I take a specific question a lot of people this morning are mentioning their medical diagnosis and their drugs that they're taking and you know how will the drug effect this or that or about the.

Drugs so I think a really important thing to mention is that regardless of the physical condition that someone has the handling to grow a healthy body is ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting can you think of a condition or where that wouldn't be nothing to do okay good well I can think of one condition of the fasting like if you're if you're.

Pregnant or you're breastfeeding or if you're little person right little people can do – yeah but not a baby Oh mad well that's correct Karen but to some degree you can do a smaller amount like for example kids I think they should do three meals no snacks right because the number one killer Karen is a snack right the crazy that is the killer.

Guys so so it's better to have push those snacks right at the meal that is to eat between them you know it's like really really important but yeah so if you're giving if you you have a lot of diagnosis a lot of problems the most important thing to do is put the basics in Quito in a minute fasting you're gonna be shocked at the end of that to.

See if those symptoms are still there they might just disappear right so because I it's like and we're not gonna recommend how you handle your medication anyway well we can't we wouldn't we wouldn't we can't that's not our journey right it's just about yes we can tell you how to get healthy right right and okay so now there are here's another.

Question from Janine on Facebook she's finding that she doesn't have an appetite until around eight or nine and then she eats something within the keto diet but it's really eating a little tiny bit it's got a problem if you're trying to lose weight you know I'm okay with that especially if you go by your appetite if you're if it's just a way to.

Really kind of kick in the weight loss to speed things up don't don't feel like you have to eat massive amounts of food when you're doing in a minute fasting because your body goes into this fascinating thing it conserves nutrients it adapts and it starts to holding on nutrients so our body is way back in the past did not eat.

Even every day lucky PA where every 30 so don't feel like you have to do it that consistent now what about Laura here who's saying that she gets a little lightheaded then then you want to you want to do this so gradually so you don't end up with these symptoms headache week things like that so go into gradually but what.

I'm talking about is the person that feels good no hair loss no visit visible symptoms great digestion no cravings alert that's what I'm talking about okay okay so I need to go to Erica from Texas Erica and also what would you do if you were trying to get off of answer depressive and anxiety medicine and I didn't want to pursue you what was the.

First question was it was sounding like ketchup okay okay the ACP is you eat Texas barbecue it you can fry oil it no hado yeah yeah cactus is totally fine especially if you're in a desert just don't eat the little needles uh corn yeah they might they get stuck in your teeth probably right well next time.

We're in Texas we'll have to try value so Erica so here's here's my opinion and antidepressants I think what you're gonna find if you do keto and I'm in the fasting your mood should elevate okay but here's the thing the two key things that I would consume more of is nutritional yeast and potassium because nutritionally use has to be vitamins and.

The vitamins will greatly help your mood greatly so you might need to take like if it's in a tablet you might need to take six to even 12 of those every single day but you need a lot of b1 okay that's really important and then doing ki tamanna fasting should elevate your mood and so then you can work with your doctor to kind of wheat off this now.

There are all sorts of things that you can take as a substitute that you might want to research like l-tryptophan so look into that because that's a great thing to actually naturally give you the the building blocks to build up certain hormones and neurotransmitters thanks Erica all right let's take a call from all right an email from okay so on this.

Is on youtube stanka says love keto hate the constipation and she misses fruit well sorry about the fruit you heard earlier the berries but I am gonna tell you between us girls I don't know that you're a girl but between us folks I feel like I'm at a confessional I too had cons to be but you let the cat on the back cringing.

Oh god here she goes but here's the deal I did like a I think it was like a fifty four hour fast just to shake things up I was doing Kido and it I was wait you would say at a plateau and I did have a little GI issue that short fast and then I went on – oh man one meal a day everything changed it was just the right it was the right thing to sort of shift.

Everything in my system give them a game a body a little rest so what you're saying is not full of it anymore right okay good I am no longer I just want to sum it up thank you okay so that's tip medical oh that's a good job girl that's a good tip I like that too okay sometimes when you consume vegetables it actually helps you.

Eliminate sometimes when you consume cell and vegetables it actually worsens your bowel movements so you just need to see what end of the spectrum and realize that your little microbes that help you digest their food is fiber so if you can overwhelm them by giving them too much food I mean it's kind of like just overwhelming a person they're gonna like.

Get tired and they're not gonna be able to keep up I mean think about it the microbes don't have a choice you're gonna put food down there they could have to do with everything they can't selectively I'll take this have that so they're forced to overwork and get tired and all of a sudden they stop they stop working and the food kind of.

Gets stuck down there so don't overwhelm your micro overwhelmed my microbes I was eating so much arugula and I was getting bloated there you go there you go alright so that I would make it a little more intimate moment therefore thank you Karen thank you for sharing okay Vanessa from Orlando you had a question yes hi how are you alright good okay so I just.

Started intermittent fasting three days ago and I I wanted to make sure I'm doing it correctly because I do work out a lot I'm trying to go back to being the unfitness instructor so I mean my stamina sub you up and so I wake up at 4:30 in the morning I do a hit class at 5:15 I an apple at 1:00 p.m. and then I.

Do the Strider and at 5:45 p.m. then I have dinner at 7:00 and I go to bed at 9:00 how is that scheduled for intermittent fasting is that too much am I should I get rid of the Apple should I I'm not sure if I'm doing it right now you definitely definitely need to get rid of the Apple okay that's a given because that that fruit will will.

Produce enough insulin to really throw everything off and really inhibit your progress so that would be step one and then at that point you might be totally fine you might be doing it correctly because it sounds like you're doing one meal a day with one snack and you're doing some really good work out with some pretty.

Good in a minute fasting how many hours of sleep do you get so I've been trying I was only doing five hours of sleep yes so I increased it to six and lately I've been trying my hardest to do seven but I think I'm gonna have to buy that your sleeping pills to help me get that rest because it's hard for me I told understand I use it every night.

Yeah I think that would be good and that will just help you kind of get some extra sleep I think that the main thing all you have to do cut out the Apple get seven hours of sleep and I think you're doing it great I don't see anything else you need to change and I think you'll you'll then achieve your goals thanks for calling Vanessa question yeah okay.

Jones you know we talked about constipation he's got diarrhea on one meal a day he's done the the yogurt and berries blueberries not working yeah so here's the problem of diarrhea there's a couple things if you're taking my gallbladder formula you don't want to be taking that if you have diarrhea because it has bile salts.

That actually lubricate the colon so that's one thing so it could be too much pile but chances are that's not it what's probably happening is that your there's something you're eating probably in the vegetable family that you're not used to digesting and you don't have the microbes and your body's just dumping it so I would really a what you're eating.

And pick out the things that are new that you haven't eaten take those out see if that solves the problem and that's probably will now to stop the constipation after you've done this you might want to actually add something called bentonite clay or even in psyllium seed to you know add more fiber in there to kind of slow it down but.

Typically what normally works is a little bit of unsweetened plain keeper with blackberries blended but for you I think it's a matter of your eating something that your body just dumped since usually in the vegetable family I think I just did a video on that you can search that out but it if you switch your vegetables to something like squash.

And not spinach and I actually listed all the vegetables that you should eat that should solve it okay okay good so someone is asking about the ice cream which is actually not ice cream it's a it's a professor's dessert cabby's ice cream like it is chocolate is coming you've said that the last time we know but everybody keeps asking about it.

Here's what we're working out and it should it's like one more day I know I turn in Stan and I people are gonna kill me on this but it's just we're having some glitch glitches with the the coordination of different things but it's like this close this close well like to get to get a little behind-the-scenes on it actually we're.

Working really hard to increase the efficiency and expansion in communicating with you guys and the orders and things like that and some already delicious put it out there fruity there go back in your cage stay so in order to do that we are upgrading a lot of things and that is just a lot of dovetailing.

With other log functions and so there is a light at the end of the tunnel but it's just some confusion is happening that set the chocolate is ready good to go as soon as that integration is done you're gonna be able to order that online can I say what's coming or no yeah your concern okay good so then the vanilla is also on the way.

We're gonna do another run with that and there is a new flavor coming can I say good pistachio cream this was inspired by a trip to Italy when we tasted pistachio gelato and we knew we had to come up with a version zero sugar so here's the thing about the but we actually found that you have to add some pistachio butter to the ice cream to.

Make it taste really good you guys consume that you're just gonna be like a heaven it's an amazing so right now we're going back and forth getting samples getting everything set up but it's just a flavor that I personally can't wait to consume yeah so hey you know what would be a really good idea is if they took a second to put what.

Flavors they would buy it I know I love butter pecan well I'll tell you what once you guys put what's your favorite your favorite flavor yeah what does we want to make what you got you know I mean if it's like chocolate chip dough or whatever then let us go it it's cookie dough cookie dough that's right it's not our favorite right you know we.

Like I love butter pecan I love mint chocolate chip what do you like well I like anything with my I'm gonna be putting any we're gonna be working on putting the Quito bombs in the ice cream that's what I'm very excited about okay and then there was some other question about the summit and for people who are just jumping on right now the summit.

That's in October 13th and 14th of October we are every single Friday until the summit we're going to be doing some kind of contest giving somebody at the end of the show a free VIP ticket that's not airfare in room but free VIP ticket and by the way the room room rate that we got top prize at the Gaylord is unbelievable so even if you're they.

Never they never give it to anyone like that especially during October one season its peak season we got the most unbelievable even the lady at the Gaylord was like how did you get the deal and so even if you live locally you'll wanna you'll want to stay at the Gaylord because not only is it an awesome hotel but we're gonna start.

Early on Saturday and we're gonna start early on on Sunday and it's just also gonna give you an opportunity to network with everybody else that's there and the doctors that are flying in they're gonna be around for some socializing and and questions and stuff like that the website you want to go to is Quito health summit comm keep the health.

Summit dot-com yeah so Nita you're from Mississippi you had a question about the thyroid go ahead hi my question is I have a thyroid problem and I've recently started doing Oh mad when I eat I'm not consuming enough calories I'm probably consuming 600 and I'm from your videos I saw that you said for people with thyroid.

Problems eating a low calorie diet isn't a good idea so I was wondering what I can do to help with that well tell me what symptoms are you having right now is there do you have symptoms right now or not um no I don't think so I don't I'm not really feeling tired because I purchased your c-cal pills because initially I was.

Feeling really fatigued so I saw your videos about doing seek help and adding selenium and I've been doing that and I feel like my energy is pretty much improved quite a bit that's awesome do you have autoimmune thyroid that I'm not a hundred percent sure if it's autoimmune or not so if when you get a test you want to check for antibodies at.

The thyroid because that would determine what you want to do which okay and then when you come to the summit we're gonna talk about that you can drive up from Mississippi that's pretty close right down the street but but there's some you know there's a there's a lot of videos but you know what's interesting I think and this is.

Just my gut feeling I think you possibly do have an autoimmune thing and get it checked because it'll detect that and because you're doing Oh mad you're doing in a minute fasting you're gonna greatly improve the thyroid function because a hypothyroid issue in Hashimoto's which is autoimmune is in reality and not a thyroid problem but a immune problem and.

Doing it in a fasting is the absolute best thing to take your immune system in the warp-speed and actually help rejuvenate organs okay so I think you're doing the right thing and I think I wouldn't do it change anything else at this point but thanks Nina all right okay good so brooke says i've lost over 100 pounds on.

Keto that's awesome Brooke and since February Oh since February 2017 so just about a year year and a half that's awesome that's amazing her weight loss has stalled since increasing her veggies to seven to ten cups raw veggies have been hard on her digestion well Brooke we just talked all about that hopefully you were listening.

But I'm sure how mentioned something trying to completely eliminate dairy because I have a case analogy could the dairy and vegetables be the cause of my stall will I ever be able to eat dairy again I love heavy cream cream cheese and cheese it doesn't love me it sounds to me that you have allergies and sensitivities okay so I what would be.

Worse Karen consuming lots of vegetables okay and trying to get your nutrients or consuming less vegetables to help with the avoid the symptoms that are coming with all the extra extra vegetables that you're just not able to digest you're asking me yeah I would eat less yes I would go back to what your successful action it's more.

Important to consume a little less and avoid those reactions now when you do a minute fasting what's really cool is it targets the immune system in a way that you can actually then probably eventually have less allergies and less immune problems so I think you're in the right track so you're saying we'll ever be going.

Back well I think if you do them in fasting for a period of time and you heal your immune system you just might because Karen in the relationship I mean yeah the immune system mostly is located in your intestines in your gut you have a lot of immune cells you that's where the immigration is that's where the stamp of approval when you actually your.

Food goes through the absorptive lining of your your colon it has to go through immigration so it's stamped okay let them in so I mean it's that's where your immune system is I'm gonna liver too right I mean doesn't livers are how allergies and the liver but definitely the intestine – it's the lining you have this entire lymphatic lining you got.

Nerves in there you have whole teams of people down there working on immune immigration digestion assimilation all these things that's a little mosquito hair something okay so neat I need to go to Gail and she's been waiting for 37 minutes go ahead gal hello hi dr. Berg hi hi it's a pleasure to talk to you and your lovely.

Wife dr. Berg reassured kedo has since November last year my husband lost about 30 pounds he already had two heart attack but he was doing fine in this diet the problem is he hasn't lost his stomach that much and recently he's diagnosed with prostate cancer and real pain from herniated discs I would like to know how can i how can I do the kiddo.

For him without any animal by-products well you need to watch the recent video that I just released on cancer with dr. Thomas Seyfried and you'll get a lot of great data a couple little key points in addition to keto healthy keto with a lot of cruciferous vegetables hint-hint is a longer fasting maybe once every.

Other day because the fasting will not just drop his inflammation down but causes the immune system to start going to protect mode on a huge larger scale and just realize cancer tends to travel to areas of inflammation so we want to do more hardcore in a minute fasting which will naturally lower his proteins so because with cancer you want to lower.

Your sugar and protein so what's left healthy fats okay so yeah we're going to be talking a lot more about that at the summit so hope you get help hope you guys can travel and come on out to Virginia alright Dominique you've been waiting for a bit you're from Illinois go ahead hi 33 years old I'm 5-1 in place 294 pounds.

My I want the keto diet but where should I start and I'm also anemic and was wondering is it related to the drastic weight gain okay good question I think with our you I would did you happen to watch my mini keto mini course on my website yet I have not yet been able to watch that no okay so the first step for everyone is.

To just get through this very long course it's a free mini course it's like it might be 20 minutes so it's real fast you did that was sarcasm right you want there's four there's three videos you just go to my website it says free course watch the get the basics okay it sounds to me like if you're anemic I think what I would do if I were you is I.

Would start doing apple cider vinegar and some water like a tablespoon in some water drink that with each meal that's going to acidify the stomach help you start absorbing more iron immediately do not take an iron the traditional iron and tablet get a food base because a lot of times the iron supplements are just not the right.

Kind that you need and then based on that mini course it will give you exactly the starting points because you want to combine two things at once intermittent fasting and healthy keto this little booklet right here is what the best thing to do to start so I would get this book you can even download it and start on this book right here.

Because that you just need the basics so I can't necessarily give you all the basics because we're wrapping up but that's where I would start if I were you already yeah so Anthony you had a question from Los Angeles go ahead hey Doc yes so I'm noticing over the past couple years my TSH has been dropping roughly in 2015 was about 1.89 and now.

It's down to 0.7 and the reason I'm concerned about it is because I'm noticing that I'm having a little bit of male pattern baldness which does not run at my family I'm 41 I'm in great shape I work out you know four times a week one of the things also that I'm noticing is that cholesterol seems to be high a 1 a 1 C is also elevated so you know around.

Five point four or five point six on the a1c and what I'm finding is that the way that I eat I should be at a four point eight in my opinion for my h1 ACC so I'm wondering where the inflammation is and how I can figure out kind of what's going on with my hormones and you said inflammation what indicators are showing.

Inflammation oh well my total cholesterol is at 265 so you know for the way I eat I would think that you know I go to the farmers market I eat you know healthy eggs I cook a lot of my food at home I was meal prepping for a while like I said I'm in the gym four days a week I'm about you know five nine and a half at about 155 with you know.

Low body fat but I feel great how would you describe sitting how does your triglycerides triglycerides are okay there HDL I'm sorry HDL HDL is healthy then HDL is yeah it's healthy okay so I wouldn't know I would not worry about your cholesterol I think you're right and you're right in alignment the a1c we.

Can you can work on that I think do you do you do in a minute fasting right now I do I usually would I do then like on Saturday I'll stop eating around around 4 o'clock or so and then start eating again on Sunday morning well around 11:00 a.m. or so so do you do in the passing of the whole week not the whole week no I just do it once a once a day.

Or once once once a week I think that's what's left because here's the data every time you eat you trigger insulin so what you need to do is do in a minute fasting through the whole week your a1c should come right down to normal I think that's all you need to do okay Anthony thanks for calling okay so Marie are you there.

From Connecticut I am yes Marie we just selected you as the free ticket yeah yeah so that's awesome so we're excited to have you out and it's gonna be great to meet you and you're just right down the street luckily so yeah you we will stay on the line we're gonna get you your information and but yeah yeah this is.

Exciting thank you so much yeah we're gonna have fun so alright so you stay on and we'll get your information okay okay thank you thanks Marie now did Marie have a question no she didn't have a question oh she was oh sorry about that hey guys listen thanks for watching have a great.

Weekend have a good time cook some great keto food stay tuned for more videos we're gonna be releasing this weekend more videos and remember every Friday there will be some kind of contest or some kind of random winner it's not gonna be just caller or social media or whatever it's gonna be whoever's here with us someone's.

Gonna win try VIP ticket and this morning I released the video how to help what everything or to cutting you off yeah Lisa video on people were asking like how do you get your spouse so there's wait I released the video Oh check it out check it out alright guys have a great weekend okay bye.

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