Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto.
hey everyone welcome back it is Friday morning at 11 o'clock in the morning we have Karen yep so welcome so we're gonna take a bunch of questions but I just want to always give this disclaimer anything that we say is just meant for your entertainment education not meant to diagnose you.

Before taking any of these tips just check with your dock and then you can do your own research and today Karen we are going to be as we go through this there's three really really amazing tips that I'm gonna give out ah later in the show later things that will amplify your success mate to get massive success how about that is anyone interested comment.

If you're interested if you're not interested click off right now she's still looking for the video on YouTube so you look for the video on YouTube as I go right to Murray from Connecticut you've been waiting patiently and you had a question about vegetables are you there yes I am hi good morning good morning so far I know four adults are.

Recommending seven to ten cups of vegetables but I'm sure you can imagine I mean I can't get my seven-year-old to eat that much my first question is how much do I try to shoot for is it per day or is it per meal and then the other question I had is as a young adult had a lot of nosebleeds I went to juicing and the nosebleeds went away but you could.

Imagine I had a lot of other problems when I switched over to keto they are back with a vengeance and I'm not sure what's going on well the first thing I want to say is to the producer over there there's an echo some of you can fix the echo secondly as far as the children go so I mean you're not going to do ten cups of vegetables with these.

Kids so I mean do the best you can let's let's go with like three cups four cups that'll that'll be enough and the other thing too is you know you have cook vegetables and you have raw vegetables I like the raw leafy greens and I liked maybe the steamed like Brussels sprouts cabbage that type of thing because they're just.

To digest and also you release more phytonutrients if you steam some of these cruciferous vegetables so and also I'd like to with kids I like to find out what is their best what's the thing they like and that way we can avoid the resistance to giving these kids vegetables now as far as nosebleeds go you said I think you had fruit.

It was fruit right and actually what they went away correct yeah I think if you he'll be a vitamin C thing as you also improve your insulin resistance by doing health Aikido and in a minute fasting you help you actually decrease the need for vitamin C so that should improve but you can get your vitamin C from vegetables bell peppers have.

Massive amounts sark route has massive amounts of vitamin C so that's usually what caused it now on a rare occasion it could be a low vitamin D level but in your situation I think it's vitamin C deficiency again so try that and thanks so much for your call Murray all right North Carolina well we got Roger on the line are you there right.

Yes dr. buck can you hear me yeah with an echo echo yeah yeah that's okay go ahead okay I know you got you to custom cool down to zero mine team a calcium score last week of 344 and I'm taking medication for diabetes high blood pressure and high heart rate possible for me to get it down my calcium score.

To zero and if so how do I know if I'm progressing towards my doll or away from it before my next CT scan thank you well that's a really good question here's what you do very simply what you do is you get on cue you got to get the basics and yes you're on medication but you have to get your diet squared you have to get healthy version keto.

Because you have diabetes your a lot of medications so you need to get healthy keto in you need to do in a minute fasting hands down you also need to get on a good vitamin k2 to help kind of decalcify things and another thing that would be good is called EDTA it's a key later that's really good for circulation and I think.

You can dramatically improve it to what degree I don't know because I don't know your history I don't know what's going on I don't have your basic data but I think you can definitely improve it and that's that I would shoot for but as you implement keto and how NIF the need for medication is going to be going down so just make sure that you.

Get with your doctor to take less and less of that because you don't want to end up with severe low blood sugars because you're taking a diabetic medication and pushing your blood Sugar's down too low and I did a video on that so but that's what I would do if I were you would take it serious and I mean you don't want calcium in your.

Arteries and for those of you that are new to the channel there's a calcium test and maybe it measures your arteries it's called Cal sippin it's called calcium it's called yeah CSE calcium artery artery no it's a classification it's actually coronary artery calcification no it's not it's Kelsey it's clay see Carolyn it's calcium.

Coronary artery calcium test that's it not calcification so so it's CAC go ahead and do the research on that watch my videos on that because there's some great data on what to do to prevent it you want a score of zero if it's 900 you're in serious trouble but you can still improve it all right Karen what do we got on the social media well it's.

Cool first of all everybody is saying happy holidays so thank you happy Holidays to you whatever your holiday is awesome and of course Merry Christmas cuz that's what's happening up so then what what what's catching my eye here is just so much good news this morning from all over the world I just want to scan down here 37 pound.

Down 70 pounds down 30 pounds down 50 pounds down 40 pounds down it's just going on and on 71 pounds down there's just a lot of there's a lot of weight loss happening here yeah for those people that don't think that this stuff works I mean it really works I just recently did a little video on the success stories that that I have on the.

Side these are featured success stories I was literally amazed that the results people are just not just losing weight but manage their whole lives are shifting so it's it works okay good and there are questions I'm sorry I just was was so shocked about all the I was just success you're feel so happy with all these 65 pounds down over on Facebook.

Just on and on 37 pounds down well you just look at some questions that arise hey Rhonda you're from Missouri how are you hello I'm good I'm not sure if I'm on day 20 the thing is I was having Jean and I can't and it was radiating kind of my hips and up my back it was painful to move so I was wondering if maybe that was I was dehydrated and the thing is I.

Cannot go without the electrolytes because I have severe cramping and the other thing I noticed it's causing run and then also sometimes I forgot to mention I do take a liquid mineral and vitamin supplement just because I and B vitamin I do take that okay so a little blood okay.

So so here's the thing one of the things that for those of you that are thinking about doing prolonged fasting it's a really amazing beneficial thing for your health because your body goes in this interesting repair action it starts to heal everything but if you haven't built up your nutrients you're gonna have to take nutrients throughout this thing it.

Wouldn't hurt Rhonda to go get a test just to a blood test just to see if everything is cool make sure there's nothing deficient because it'll actually it's almost good to do supervised type long prolonged fasting so that way you can have someone coach it to it just to measure levels because you're dealing with the situation where you're running.

On your reserves and so you don't want to end up with some deficiency and that's really you're taking electrolytes that's great everything's cool you may need B vitamins the other thing that I think what's going on with you is that your you may have a little not a kidney stone but maybe a buildup of some uric acid.

Crystals that can cause that sensation because with fasting your uric acid does go up that's just because uric acid is an antioxidant so your body's trying to clean out things and kill off things and so why don't you try this why don't you try to take some potassium citrate and another product called hydroxycitric both of those are really good for.

Dissolving and preventing stones both oxalates and uric acid and then drink a little bit more water but not too much just enough and I think that should kick it in the butt and help you thanks Rhonda appreciate your question and let's go to Karen okay so I have a text here from your son yeah me to pick up something no your your probiotic yeah.

Okay does that kill mold or what does that do to mold well you have in your in your intestine you have this all these different Mike okay you have you don't just have bacterium you have yeast mold and fungus did you know that and they're friendly so if you happen to have an imbalance with a certain yeast or something your.

Body will then have an overgrowth that sometimes I've been unfriendly because you can't bite those off so you have this balance in which case taking a liquid probiotic or a probiotic would then put that back especially if it's the right kind the one I have used talking about is it's a synergistic between all these other microbes so it.

Will help to build up your defenses to make sure these other guys aren't aren't too excessive it's not yes good okay I will text him back on that and then Jamie on Facebook says she's lost weight on keto but she notices she's colder is that from a vitamin deficiency or what should she do so she's cool she's cool that's a problem he's cool yeah I think.

It's colder faster what's happening is you your body is not running on the same calories and it's adapting it's in the transition phase of adaptation and in that process there's you're not going to find a problem with the thyroid if you measure the pituitary but there might be some adaptations with your thyroid hormones and you might go a little coal.

Or colder because you're not needing that energy like you needed before it's more of an efficiency thing it's not a problem it will go away it's a transitional thing so just make sure that you when you eat you eat really really nutrient-dense foods because we don't want end up with a vitamin deficiency okay yeah all right drove.

From Nova Scotia is on the line hello oh I'm back dr. Burt has two questions I'm 18 years old and I've done a 92 hour fast with magnesium salt potassium basically lost ten pounds and that much time no hunger though I'm having issues being toes especially when I fast I've diarrhea with new Christine stool to two or three times per day.

I feel like there's a little acid drops in my anus rectum I'm not so sure but irritating when I do eat food the most painful diarrhea that I can have but I start bleeding so I request it being girly I have a question for you I mean I have a question yeah yeah real briefly are you consuming a lot of vegetables that you you're not used to consuming um.

Usually I don't consume vegetables on the carbs but uh even off of keep on ketosis I don't consume that suppose as much either but when I do tend there's problems even a little bit so you're not consuming very many vegetables no okay are you doing any other foods like nuts are you doing any nuts or seeds sometimes yeah uh I try to lower those.

Down too mostly I'm eating like chicken thighs and I'm getting my fats from cheesecake cheesecake keto cheesecake okay so this is what I would do I would really your food and I would go up with the quality you're gonna probably need more of the nutrient dense omega-3 fatty acids and that's going to be in like fish or fish oil cheesecake probably.

Going to give you some fast but it's not going to give you the ones that you need so if you're doing cheesecake and chicken that's just not going to be enough nutrients so what you have to do is you keep a log of all the things that you're eating and and just know which one is creating there's something that you're eating that's creating this.

Problem and I think it's a combination of things of not nutrient dense foods and also some things that are irritating your colon I would not necessarily do the carnivore diet but what your vegetables I would do they may be fermented or cooked and just have a little bit more of them and see if that doesn't help because that will feed your.

Microbes give them food so then you they will actually be more plentiful because I think there's a problem especially if there's diarrhea with microbial balance and they eat fiber so we need to have to increase it or decrease it in your case we'll increase a little bit but make sure we cook it because I think it might irritate you.

But really cool I would real about try different foods because you're I think you're missing some the quality of foods alright thanks for your call all right Karen okay good we go all right so Ethan's asking is bad heartburn during his fasting apple cider vinegar or baking soda did not help what could it be well you don't want it to baking soda.

Yes it's gonna give you tips and temporary relief but you're gonna neutralize your stomach acid and your yeah you're gonna eventually make it worse because you because you need a really strong acid stomach between 1 & 3 a pH of 1 & 3 that's like battery acid so we don't want to alkalize you that's because you'll feel better but then.

You're gonna feel worse so don't ever do that again outside of vinegar will help you unless you have maybe some gastritis in your stomach you have inflammation in which case you have to maybe take a probiotic I recommend a liquid one you can check on my site because that one's easy to take you take before you go to sleep and.

That builds up the flora which then will make your microbes will start making acid in the large bowel that will take the stress off the gall bladder and the stomach and then if you if it baits you taking up soda vinegar then you're gonna have to take something like wheatgrass juice powder or chlorophyll to help heal that situation for a period of time.

Until then you can actually then reintroduce the acid you need acid but you might not be able to use it at this point all right good good so I tell you what Karen before your question is it later in the show we are ready for the first tip of the day now these tips are very very important so if you guys checked out just check back in right now.

Because you want to apply these tips this is about amplification it's amplifying or combining certain things to improve your results okay so the first one is combining so we always talk about the fat soluble vitamins right always always talking about vitamin A right vitamin D vitamin E by the a 1 & 2 right and also we have omega-3.

Fatty acids but the question is and forgot about carotenoids about our nutrients so that's a fat side well that's in the wheatgrass juice powder that's an oxygen to all the green stuff you have this carotenoid it's really beneficial to a lot of things so the thing is when you take those as a supplement or from your food a lot of.

Times their absorption is not that great so if we combine actual fat so don't ever consume those on a empty stomach add fat to it why you laughing this is one of the tips ok say it again you take your fat Seibel vitamins with fat so you add some fat while you're consuming it now I'll give me an example ok good this is good we need it because I was getting.

To that ok so let's say you've taken by the monnet whatever vitamin E and you can actually add some coconut oil a little peanut butter eat it with your bacon or let's say for example you're taking the kale shake right you're grinding this thing down yeah you always want to add some fat to extract some of that.

Carotenoids that's that's a that's the it's a type of vitamin a phytonutrient that's very very important for your brain in your eye okay so what about cod livers cod liver is definitely something that you should as a new food in our home sounds terrible no it's actually quite delicious actually tastes just like tuna I think you guys can go online.

It's soft it's like tuna like pudding pudding yeah it's amazing that might sound awful you go to Amazon I just type a cod liver and it's in a can it's amazing so here's the thing guys if you combine fat with the fat cell vitamins also you're going to combine bile salts so if you take like the Gaul butter formula that I have you.

Add that to when you consume these nutrients and adding fat to that you're going to get some massive absorption that's why I added the bile salts to the vitamin D Prime that we have in vitamin K cube because people are like what did you would change that's really working better and says we'll just add a little bile salts.

If you take that with food when you take by the man for example take it with the fat while you're eating you're gonna get way more absorption than eating an empty stomach that's the first tip of the day tip of the day so how could how do the average person make that really easy because what you'll take with your meal okay take yourself your minutes with.

Your meal that's right and the gallbladder yeah the gallbladder just it's the icing on the cake I think it's the nice meat and potatoes well it's the okay yeah that's good so I have a question for you go ahead if you if I have apple cider vinegar with lime and your throat L will drink does that break my fast okay so I.

Did three separate videos on this guy's three videos and people are still not getting it well maybe they didn't watch all three your three it's a good point can point you gotta watch the videos because sometimes I read people are like you didn't answer my question well there's thousands and thousands of website I bet you they're answered in.

The 3,500 videos well listen most importantly as long as you're watching them that's all I care about okay that's why we have to actually summarize them in the morning I don't have to watch on your videos because I have you that's right I'm a constant video okay so here's the thing Karen okay when you're doing fasting anything.

Other than water is gonna break your fast but don't worry about it it's not a problem because breaking a fast is like okay so you have a vitamin right big deal it's like it might break you fast but it's not gonna break your fat burning' it's not gonna break your ketosis so it doesn't matter if you break up so relax.

Yeah this is the this is a real question people shouldn't be concerned about breaking fast they should be concerned about breaking fat burning or a breaking ketosis in which case you'd have to have some much you'd have to have something of substance of calories you're going to have to have definitely in the area of protein and carbs fat is pretty much.

Neutral okay that's not gonna break your your ketosis however and this is the point that I want to try to explain however however however it can stop your ability to lose weight even though you're in ketosis now why is that Karen because your body's burning the dietary fat thank you thank you thank you thank you.

You super caught it you simplified it because you don't want you bought you want your body to burn your own fat right not just your calories so we got you that question good I got I got one right I'm really you got one right there the pressure I have another question here because I got.

This a few times today Animas are they help we talked about urine drinking your own urine last time now you know I want to talk about enemas do they help with bloating are they helpful on ketosis tell me all about enema I don't I don't recommend them other than a temporary thing to purge you know maybe your gall bladder or something like that which.

Because if you take like a coffee enema I can improve the dumping of the gall bladder but the point is that I don't think they're necessary Karen I really don't if you just do healthy Kido like what are you trying to do when you're doing an enema do you have constant what someone's trying to resolve bloating bloating comes from the top part it's.

Either you're you're missing by all your missing stomach acid you're consuming too much fiber Steve really really oh my you are Terry Terry hurt his thumb so yesterday through the back fellows which that area we would like okay let's get back to Joan Joan you're from Utah you had a question Joe I'm here I was wondering I had.

Wondered if you had used or got any research on tu cama cama fruit vitamin supplement yeah yeah I think that's a really really really good source and I like I like the question because it brings up a point about food based vitamin C I think that's the best thing to do because most people are taking these this was the.

Wrong kind they're doing a synthetic version so camu camu even though it has might have small of milligrams i'm small milligram amounts it had it's a complete complex so you can do Alma berry is good from a food base you can also do sauerkraut but I like what you're doing and it's not going to be a problem even though it's fruit it's very small.

Amounts of it and it's a very bitter if you were to consume that so yeah totally do that very smart hey Mike you're from Missouri you had a question about fasting with your sugar so high go ahead what was your question well I listen to a podcast this morning about insulin resistant a1c and the.

Question is the damage that I've done back years ago with the high insulin and high one C my fasting blood sugar on 20 to 24 hour fascist somewhere around 110 will that I understand the damage I've done it can't be fixed but how long how long will the damage continue to affect insomnia hot blood blood sugar fasting blood sugar well here's the thing I.

Think that you can reverse this stuff I think the damage can be reversed I really do even in your liver what you're doing if you get on the basic healthy Kido and I'm in the fasting what's gonna happen especially within a minute fasting you're gonna do what's called at Apogee at Apogee is where your body starts recycling old damaged parts of.

Your tissue old proteins so that's what's gonna happen so you have to you want to do in a minute fasting but you also want to every month to an intermittent fat prolonged fasting so it's a little bit longer work up to that the the big point about this damage is that you got the carb the refined sugars in the foods you got the junk foods you.

Got the alcohol right when you consume that without the vitamins and the nutrients and the five nutrients you don't protect yourselves so that's when you get the damage so you're gonna have to eat really nutrient-dense foods to repair some of that damage especially b1 potassium Omega 3 DHA that's so that's a type of Omega 3 and that's going to also.

Repair your body as well so nutrient-dense foods are very very important and you're gonna be fine like I think you're gonna actually reverse a lot of this damage and even though your sugar is still 110 I think you're on the right path and it's just a matter of a time I would much rather have a slight high blood sugar problem than high.

Insulin and what you're doing now is reducing your insulin but because the body takes a little bit longer to adjust there's still a little bit higher sugar that's the least of your problems right now I think you can you can be totally fine with that thanks Mike all right Karen what do we got okay okay well here's a really specific.

Question from Carrie on Facebook yeah got my fasting glucose test yesterday and it's one on one but my a 1c is down point 4 to 5 point 2 when I do my glucose after 12-hour fast in my precision extra test it's low 60 to high 70 mm-hmm I've been on keto since July I haven't had any sugar no hidden sugars what could be the cause in the.

Difference oh she's getting a blood test versus another glucose test versus her own precision yeah so the thing is that you have different completely different machines measuring your blood Sugar's completely different machines it could be different values – I doubt it but it's it's probably just I would stick with the most credible you know going to.

You know just going to the doctor and they're measuring your glucose that's probably going to be the most accurate so I can't really say other than like I don't know what how they measured the other test but you're using you comparing apples to apples it's apples to oranges session to talk about fruit but you probably want to stick with one.

Reference point and use that and how are you feeling yes we are you something I think people get hung up on some of these numbers numbers a bit and if you're feeling if you have energy if your your cravings are going away if your your skin is looking better that's the most important thing despite having ketones in your.

Urine or not but we want to use those as indicators to kind of pull the string and see if you're getting better at a time because we look for trends right the other thing too is sometimes people say that you know their doctor is taking a test and their doctor is telling them that they're diabetic or they need something so they're trying to.

Understand the number well recently I had someone that said oh my gosh the person said I needed to start eating cars because my doctor said that I had ketones in my year and which right there it tells me that your doctor doesn't understand ketones and you need to either find another doctor or educate your doctor because you're not even you.

Weren't even a diabetic when you do nutritional ketosis you can actually induce ketones by cutting carbs down that is a normal healthy thing so for someone to say oh yeah you got ketones well so what that's good okay okay so Karen it's time for the second tip of the day later in the show so what we want to do is we're trying to combine.

Several things at once to create a bigger effect okay mm-hmm all right this is about exercise okay you can tell I'm excited about this all right so you want to exercise you want to get more fit what's the purpose of exercise one of the things that you want to do is you want to get younger and you want to get more fit and you.

Want to get stronger right right not to mention this way the key thing with exercise is how do we spike growth hormone which is the anti-aging without spiking cortisol which is a stress hormone because exercise is a stress point hmm good question yeah I know I know so we have a situation like what is the best type of exercise to keep course.

All low and keep growth from on high mm-hmm and what do you think that's your answer uh Gee I don't yeah I'm trying to think of what what you would say that's you here's what you don't do you don't do a moderate type of intensity over a long period of time like treadmill jogging like jogging doesn't it's actually gonna increase cortisol I mean.

If you're new at it what have you been jogging for a long time in your body loves to jump okay then that's a different story I'm talking about that I'm talking about what you want to do is you want to spike the pulse right okay full body high intensity and keep it a short duration because the shorter duration the less cortisol you're going.

To spike so you do some explosive movements like you know Burpee jump up and down plyometrics sprinting you do that and then you give your time a lot of rest so that's one thing okay so we're gonna combine high intensity short duration full-body explosive exercise okay okay but we're not just we're not done with that okay we're gonna add some.

Other things but wait there's more okay if we want to take that to the next level then we want to actually be hyper funk focused on making sure we don't over train and do too much too fast okay that's what that's that's you know that's my I'm expert at that you're good at that Karen so you want to make sure you fully recover and then do it again.

Too frequently it's not bad that's not good so we want to make sure the frequency per week is correct make sure you're feeling good you don't want exercise overall so being tired so let's say for example you're not sleeping well then don't do it don't do it so if we actually enhance the sleep and we actually don't overtrain and we do high.

Intensity with short duration we will actually get the best results with exercise so I just want to keep it really simple but that's the second tip what do you think about that Karen I like it okay good so we can go to your question oh my I have a question here is sea salt in water enough electrolytes no no it's what you're.

Gonna get you're gonna get a higher amount of sodium chloride but you're not gonna get enough potassium mm-hmm there you have it you're gonna get trace minerals but now I'm not potassium yeah the question this this would be a good video how much potassium do you get in sea salt very small amounts okay so I guess.

You don't have to do the video anymore I mean yes video ever shorter than just chewing gum break your fast video it's gonna be sure than that Wow we need to go to Denmark here for Ibrahim had a question are you there hi hi dr. Berg thank you for taking my call and thanks for you know and we're really appreciated I've been doing keto for a.

Couple of years and you know meeting fasting probably during half the time and I've lost around 60 pounds so I'm doing all kinds of supplements I'm very strict so I don't think I'm deficient I'm doing the multi vitamin tablets I'm doing the vitamin C D seek help electrolyte powder I take teaspoon of sea salt every day.

Trace minerals all kind of stuff I do want to ask you about one condition I feel great most of the time but every couple of months I get like I haven't been really sick for a long long time I don't even remember since when but every couple of months I get this condition you know it starts with a slight headache.

Then headache gets stronger then I get a little nauseous and you know I feel like I'm going to throw up but I don't and everything like culminates with with a little burst of sweat and then everything just disappears like nothing's happened you know and this whole process lasts like ten hours or so and it happened to me two or three times.

So far and it's pretty much the same every single time so I just wanted I was just wondering what this is is this like a regular flu my body is fighting off because I'm in a good state or there have any idea about this so I have a questions I have a question have you ever in your life had a major head injury.

No no okay good okay so what I would do what this really hasn't happened to me before I was doing kiddo you know so this is why and I have so okay but this whole process it's not so big of a deal you know but I was just wondering you know yeah what happens typically when you start including doing if' your headaches should go down because you're.

Warned the ketosis and your body is running in Iquitos and your brain loves ketones but if you're getting headaches that are kind of new I think what you're doing is you're releasing fat and in the fat a lot of times there's a whole bunch of chemicals and toxins and crap in there that need to come out and you're detoxing a little bit I would if I were.

You right right to the second you start getting that headache start taking something like charcoal make sure it's just not from your grill make sure it's actually from the health food store and also our bentonite clay that will act as a sponge to help minimize the toxic effect of maybe some of the chemicals that could be coming out from the fat.

Cell try that and let me know how that works all right Karen oh whoa you're not ready okay wait Oh what you got a question well you're gonna like this one good okay what's the downside of having a sugary drink when on keto after having a high-fat meal I'm not sure which of those points you're gonna address but I can't wait to hear it.

What is the downside of having a sugary drink after when on Tito yeah having had a high-fat meal well your your good if you combine that sugary drink so if you have a sugary drink you're not on keto right yeah first of all you're gonna go out of keto right but here's the real big point when you're combining fat with sugar or for.

Sugar with protein it doesn't matter you dramatically dramatically in spike insulin and you also create something called AG ease I'm not going to get into what they are right now what are they advanced glycated and products these things actually are a sticky blood and it creates all sorts of kind of a carmelization effect of your body and it.

Creates no it's actually very dangerous for the heart and for your brain other that's perfectly fine I've got this extra protein so yeah don't do it don't combine sugary drinks don't do it alright hey Jake you're from Green Bay Wisconsin alright you have a question yeah actually I wanted to share a quick similarity that I have between you and.

Me is that I just started looking into you recently and not only do we both grew up in Wisconsin but we're both wrestlers who went to state senior year so I love those really cool Wow what year did you graduate twenty seventeen so Oh couple years ago close to oh that's awesome Jake I'm not yeah so I just been getting into your.

Videos like recently my question is I've been vegan for over a year now I wasn't really seeing the health benefits at first but does mostly because I was eating like potato chips and junk food about half a year ago I started intermittent fasting on a 16-8 split and I cut out all the junk food that's when I started to see the health benefits I.

Lost over 60 pounds for my heaviest point but I just started getting into your videos right now and I wanted to follow more of your teachings and you're always teaching 3 to 6 ounces of protein for your meal so as a vegan of what do you recommend for protein so I don't know if I should necessarily be eating 3 to pick down to the tofu every day you.

Know right right I mean that that's the that's one of the big challenges you're running into right now I mean you can try to do it from a protein powder and you can do pee and you can do help there they're not that complete you're gonna have to probably supplement as best as you can however stay tuned Jake in about two weeks.

I'm gonna be talking more about this there's a really amazing thing I'm researching I just need a little bit more data before I release it but there's a there's actually a plant that has amazing amounts of protein bioavailability way healthier than soy like a thousand times how fat than soy and it's a complete protein and so I.

Will be creating a video on that for vegetarians and vegans that want an alternative source for protein and that would be your go-to and it's awesome awesome stuff so I'm excited to talk about that because it's been a while because I've been researching that couldn't find anything but I just stumbled on this by accident so I will.

Create a video on that so stay tuned and thanks for calling Jake all right talk to you later all right Karen okay ready for a question sure so let's see I have one here I get headaches but only when I stand out we'll just sit down and wait standing well yeah this sounds like potentially it could be something called pots which is a condition where your.

Autonomic nervous system is kind of out of balance and messed up and then you stand up and you're like oh my gosh I get these problems it sounds to me like that could be it and it's not a diagnosis you should see your doctor however you can do research in this area and I did a video on it and what I would recommend if you want to.

Experiment or research with the help of your doctor is vitamin b1 if I don't be one of the magnesium for pots is hands down probably the best thing you can do check it out right yeah all right good Ursula from Queens you are on your feed back there Ursula okay I'll come back to you I'll come back to you hey Justin you're from st. Lucia oh no you're from.

Flora Fort st. Luce Lucie Florida hi dr. Berg less talking I've been on keto watched a lot of your videos you do about 18 months ago and and I've lost a lot of weight almost 65 pounds now and Wow feel great it's great 38 years old and probably the best I've felt in my whole life so I feel really good but I watched.

A lot of your videos on my cholesterol so I got my numbers taken about three months ago and I came off a keto and I was even more chicken but I still had beef once a week but I had chicken and fish and a lot of vegetables but I just got my numbers taken again my lipid panel test and my HDL had dropped down to about 29 but my triglycerides are.

Still there real low there at 24 but my overall total to 70 I was just curious why would my HDL drop and obviously should I be concerned about it okay this is a really good question and you just motivated me to release a video from the summit on cholesterol which I've been withholding all this whole time and I'm gonna release this that one video but.

Here's the thing triglycerides are a really really important factor when you're dealing with cluster if your cholesterol is or your triglycerides are low you're good you are good if the HDL we want that high but yours is low okay fine your body must be doing something but HDL is a carrier boat that is bringing the cholesterol from the.

Periphery outside of your body outside the cells and back into the liver so if that's low and it's not bringing you back what that tells me is you're probably in a healing mode where your body's trying to heal something and it's going through its thing but the fact that your triglycerides are low meaning that means you're good and the.

Cholesterol is high probably because you're eating more cholesterol and we talked about this so much and people are so freaked out they they still think that cholesterol is going to create a problem but think about this our body makes about 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day like we need it to help heal the.

Tissue to build the cellular brains to make hormones and so apparently your body's in the process of needing a little more cholesterol but the fact that your triglycerides are down it's a very good thing I would not worry about it what I would do is I would watch more videos and try to understand this a bit.

More and this is why I will release this video in a couple days so stay tuned alright good question you have a question is somebody winning something today because a lot of people are saying pick me I don't know about well here's the thing there's a bit of a lack of coordination on this we were gonna release something.

To win but there's a little coordination breakdown where I don't have that you know I don't have other details like saying I was gonna buy you a present and then I didn't get around to it tell you what we'll do guys we will do this next week for sure we're gonna just release a lot of things in fact we're gonna also announce the winner of our year-long.

Supply of electrolytes yeah Wow we're gonna announce that I didn't even know that was happening I know you did how did I not because you weren't in the loop you were not in the loop that's right you can't play but the cool thing is guys if you win that's great if you don't win don't worry about it because we're gonna be doing one of these every.

Single month and I'm going to also show you a new product that we have very soon so you can actually you might be able to win that too hey let's go to D from Ohio are you there I am here and thank you so much dr. Berg and mrs. Berg I want you to know over the past seven months I've lost 40 pounds on keto and enjoyed it so.

Much every every morning when I make bacon it reminds me of being with my mom as a child it just really makes my day start out great that's what I want to tell you thank you I want to tell you that I've had lots of improvements and several weeks ago I got this horrible burning like stabbing pain in my shoulder and.

When I went to the doctor she said oh well you having some nerve pain we think you're about to have shingles so I said oh really I said okay so several days went by and the pain went away and nothing else happened and when she saw me again she said huh she said you didn't get a break out or anything and I thought to.

Myself I wonder if Kido has helped me hmm Wow that's amazing any correlation between Kido and shingles to your knowledge yes yes what what when you do when you run your body on ketones one of the ketones there's three of them increases the resistance to stress in.

The body in other words it makes your organs more resistance against stress it decreases oxidative stress so basically you're reducing the overall body stress and what activates viruses is stress so ketones are very therapeutic to help the body survive better and to help keep these viruses in remission and if you add in a minute of fasting to that you.

Really take it up to the next level because that will also do the same thing it's it's going to be a video I'm going to release very shortly but hey you're doing great yes it's helping you and keep tweaking and I would add a bit more in a minute fasting into this mix and I just want to say one thing Karen um you know one.

Common theme with with this show as we hear it's like success after success after success like after a while it's like you know you might have to wonder there must must be something to this you know and I F it must be something to ask not that every other person who's making a comment it's just like a coincidence it's a massive massive success and so.

For those of you that are new to the channel you may want to look at this as a possible solution because the results are there so you know do what other people are doing that's working mm-hmm okay all right Karen let's go to a question from you I know you had a burning question before we also talked about the last tip of the day which you.

Guys I saved the best for last and have you read this off when we're ready okay good good now cold sores are mostly viruses right yes so if someone had cold sores now but I have question so the question down here is what about what would you do for cold sores with keto help so to answer this it would be the answer you just gave to the other person.

About the shingles because it's virus right yes what about our friend the other day yeah who has been doing Aikido and she went on this long fast I mean long she was going for 48 hours or something like that yeah and her headaches went away but she started to break out in cold sores and you said what well here's what happens this is.

The first time she did it and it was a little rough and what happens it's like she I don't think she's fully a hundred percent adapted to have that not happen again over time it's gonna be better and better and better but when it's like the first time you do it you're in this transition adaptation phase where you.

May not push the virus in there you may create more stress that it can activate it especially if there's a bit of pre-existing blood sugar problem but I think it's gonna there was so many other pot of positive benefits that she should keep doing it and I think those virus breakouts gonna be less and less over time but sometimes it happens and also.

You have situations where you're you're releasing a lot of stuff from the fat cells – that's another little thing there okay so I want to go to John from Seattle are you there John yeah come on dr. Berger Christmas to you and your beautiful wife Karen nothing hey hey yeah I've been doing the keto frog for.

Over a year intermittent fasting for about six months everything looks good except well that last about six months ago I did the NMR test so I have an LP IR score of about 49 at the time and my fasting insulin at the time was 5.0 last month I did the same test and my fasting insulin was 2.4 which is.

Great Wow but the LPI our score it was 51 went up 2 points I'm concerned I maybe I haven't you know insulin resistance and I wanted to know you know how I could maybe even get better or how do I find out if I really am insulin resistant so here's the question this is like a really an.

Interesting thing Iver Clements has some great videos on this and you know if you if you actually take measure your insulin post a meal by 1 hour 2 hour 3 hour I know it's a pain in the butt have you ever done that yeah no no no never hard enough time getting my doctor to give me one exactly no fasting insulin they.

Didn't even know what it was it seems like yeah I mean this is why hardly anyone does the testing because you're it's a pain in the butt but what happens if they're doing a one shot test on your insulin and showing better it's great but which still doesn't measure the dynamics of what happens after you eat one two three four meals alright so I.

Think what happens you're you're doing much better but you're probably not a hundred cent out of the woods there's probably some pre-existing in a minute insulin resistance and the fact that it moved I think it's going to continue to improve over time and so I think you're on the right track you just have to give it more time right right well hey thank.

You very much anything uh looking forward to watching more videos all right yeah well I appreciate it in that leads me to the next tip of the day which I'm going to give right now because that relates to his question all right Karen do you want to read this or do you want me to read it I think you need to read that because I can't you.

Can't read that ok ok so again we're trying to combine different things to create a cool effect right we're trying to combine several things it's like a strategy so the isolated most important thing of getting someone's health back is the reduction of insulin okay and I have a million videos on this so if you really get that and you focus.

On just focus on that one point then we can combine all the things that wants to lower insulin and this is why the recommendation of a healthy keto diet inanimate fasting together not one not them separately but to get there right that's one thing but other other things that can also reduce insulin lowering your stress Wow Karen good job why are.

We all so surprised by the Kerry words rather than my mouth so reduction of cortisol will totally help you reduce your insulin because cortisol releases and mobilizes all this sugar from your system and even turns your muscles into sugar and then it's jacks up your your insulin so that's one thing Karen very well done care and that's really good.

Good job okay so there's other things too because if we can combine everything at the same time and by the way it's all in the button the book okay here are some other things I'm not saying to come off your medication I'm saying get a doctor to it make the adjustment but I will say that.

There's several medications that will increase your insulin and one big one is the cluster of medications statin drugs another one is psych drugs okay so do your research on that yeah there's alternatives and your medical doctor can help you out with that kind of thing okay and that's G but your price saying I don't do a mystery right really we'll.

Start looking at looking at your ingredients because it's it's in a different form it's in modified food starch yeah those modified actually a lot of names for msg you can google that and find out so that you can identify or go to my video or yeah okay so the other thing is taking omega-3 fatty acids okay.

That's gonna lower your insulin and improve insulin resistance that's cool that's cool taking more potassium or getting it for more vegetables will lower your insulin you need a cheat sheet that just has this like in a 1030 font I have it it's already it's on one of my I don't know where it is but it's done mm-hm.

Okay so phytonutrients can also reduce insulin like what what is that Oh like like broccoli and those things are certain chemicals carotenoids things like that in leafy greens I love how you say that like everybody knows what that means Fido nutrients carotenoids carotene I think mom is on that I'll send you the.

Link Karen okay okay cinnamon you know when you have your cinnamon on your toast and I'm sure my sugar cinnamon also will help that vitamin D will lower it and chromium and the list goes on and on it's in my book right here I'm not hinting do that again where's the double shot guys do it again all right all right good yeah all these.

Questions that I'm answering are in the book okay so now we're gonna go to mini from Silver Spring it's Mimi meaning yes hi Herbert hi are you doing thank you and Merry Christmas for both of you yes thank you I have multi gallstones and they suggest me to do the surgery but I was trying to look if I you know if I can avoid the.

Surgery then I found out about the arts of oil medicine and I've been trying to contact with you if you know about the medicine so if I can if you suggest it or not but I didn't get a chance to talk to you then I start taking it for two months and you know the GI doctor told me to stop since they don't see any change on it they do the nuclear taste.

But hey papillary three was it slightly dimensioned injection fraction twenty-eight person than normal is 35 so I'm still having it and I have like pains and when I go there they were telling even this morning I came from the community radiology and she was telling me that what they don't see any Jenny full of stone I don't know if.

Anything that you can show a couple things let me tell you let me tell you what to do okay and again I can't tell you not to follow your doctor's recommendation I'm just gonna give you some things to research worst case scenario if you have to do surgery try to find a doctor maybe that can actually do the surgery and take the stones out.

Of the gallbladder and save the gallbladder hello I mean that sounds pretty good doesn't it there's actually because people they automatically just take the whole gallbladder out why not there's a surgeries they're very non-invasive they can go in there and just take the stones out and leave the gallbladder intact okay that's number.

One so research to see us they can do to help you with that okay number two make sure you're doing very very strict healthy keto with in a minute fasting take the bile salts you already mentioned you taking the bile salts I would take a good amount I would take choline choline is very very important and one thing you don't want to do is go.

On a low-fat diet with gall stones because that's going to shut down your bio supply so these are just general things that I would recommend I'm not saying doing surgery is not the not necessary in certain circumstances I don't know your scene but but I'm just saying if you want to try these other things that's what I would do but there.

Is a point of limitation where it's going on too long and it's not getting better so then you have to make up your mind on that but so that's my answer thanks for your call okay sorry I couldn't say anything else other than that but now is there anything else and either tip or anything I just gave her a tip no no no no no like is there any.

Later in the show cuz this is right at the end of the show that's right and I and I I wanted to say I think today we've I've seen more successes more positive comments more weight loss more wins on both Facebook and YouTube than I've ever seen and I just want to say well to you guys because you know he.

Researches all the time and we can do recipes and we can present and things like that but it's you guys that are implementing it it's just really really tough I mean it's touching and it's impressive and that's what we want and we're I mean it's that when I read this only wow we're we're a team because we can deliver stuff but it's you guys that.

Have to do it it's really really cool to see all the positive comments and all the all the successes that you guys are having and also thank you because we've gotten non-stop since the beginning of the show season's greetings and holiday wishes and a lot of lovin yeah so guys have a wonderful happy safe holiday and we will see you next week.

But not next year but next week yeah all right stay tuned okay have a good one
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