Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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nice it's Friday morning 11 o'clock in the morning Eastern Standard Time welcome we have a lot of great stuff we have Laurie that is here she's gonna she's filling in from Karen so we'll see when Karen's are gonna be back probably next week we'll see she's out of the country doing.

Some training so I'm excited because you know we have fourth of July coming up and that's always my favorite time now it's like I just think of hot mosquitoes too but I loved it as a kid I know well I don't know when it changed but it changed I know I know I don't go too far so uh so I have a question for you before we get started so you you've done.

Keto pretty recently I would imagine like you haven't been doing Keita forever that means it's kind of recently being a year ago well I did yes yeah yes so before that you just pretty much ate regular food right yeah normal food right and I know you ate out a lot but you did go to the grocery store right right so I'm just.

Curious like when you go to the grocery store what would you in the past what would you just buy for your food like what would be in your cart because they do have I noticed might be surprising but they do have in different aisles that have these things they're called carbohydrates quite a few but like what would you put in the cart on a regular.

Basis what's your go-to food fruit some fresh veggies well not a lot not a lot right or frozen I would do fresh or frozen I don't know if there's a difference that'd be interesting to know cheese bread and pasta cheese bread and chocolate chip cookies you know those were for you I've never been a big your pasta girl texture in a cheese and bread.

Girl yeah I could live on that mm-hm and and and I'm not big on eating meat never have been okay I like fish but still this happened so when you were let's say like late teenager young adult did you have anyway problems no I noticed a little bit of a slowdown when I was hit 24 then when I hit 27 I had to really start getting.

More serious about it then MOT my weight went crazy premenopause mid-forties nice up pregnancies really didn't you know I was able to take it off pretty easily but well remind me because I want to talk about pre and post menopausal situations of what's happening especially like with bone loss because I see a lot of people are losing bone so.

We'll talk about that but we need to go to sue she's been waiting patiently from Indiana sue are you there and what's your question yes I am thank you my husband is 62 he's been on keto and if' since about the fall of 2017 and I'm asking today about psoriasis and calcification that he's got in his neck you mentioned once telling somebody to.

Take 75 thousand international units of d3 and k2 for 90 days and they did that and cleared the psoriasis now he's had this for a long time so his neck is a little less stiff but the psoriasis are really not that much different and we're gonna get up to 90 days old July 7th or so so should we keep going with the 80,000 should we add more k2 in.

Additions that we're taking your d3 in k2 or should we do something else oh good question so does he have passed like an injury to his neck does he have and did he have x-rays and they showed arthritis he has psoriatic arthritis I'm not aware of any injury to his neck but it's just been getting stiffer over the years okay and then also does he do in a.

Minute fasting and if he does how often how long does he fast well normally he's this first yes he does the first meal at about 5:00 to 7:00 and then the second meal is anywhere from 7:30 to 8:30 so it's pretty close two meals a day okay good so there's a couple things that you can do sue yeah as far as the the higher levels of.

Vitamin D if long you're taking the k2 and I would also add magnesium in there that would be very important just the count of the calcium issue that potentially could be a problem but that those are therapeutic dosages and that should actually help if you also go search online high doses of vitamin D therapy for psoriasis there's there's a.

Protocol that you probably should dig into and followed by from a doctor in Brazil you can check that out I did a video on it and that video is under dr. Berg and MS so you should get that protocol because I talk more about that there's a couple other things you can do for a psoriasis that are important one would be zinc topical and just take it.

As a supplement that zinc is really really important rias's also as far as for skin in general the other thing is omega-3 fatty acids will help but I think to really speed things up he should go for one meal a day and just just to drop inflammation and stiffness in the neck and then watch all my videos on neck stiffness and neck pain because.

I show you techniques to really free up detention to to really just also I do I show you some tests to discover is your stiffness coming actually from the neck or is it coming from the upper back or is it being referred and just to loosen up the neck but those things I think will help you and yeah if you do that much vitamin D for that period of time.

Then we and at the end if you don't see significant difference then we know it's something else thanks sue all right so hey Becky you have also a question of the psoriasis you're calling from Houston Texas are you there yes I have psoriasis and I've had it for at least 10 years and they want to put me on toes and I wanted to.

Go with your opinion first yeah and you know you brought up a good question because you want to look for a solution to that I forgot to tell people any that I say is not meant to diagnose you or replace your medical care check with your doctor before taking any of the advice because we're or it's illegal to cure anyone or even prevent any diseases.

So I pretty much just tell you what to research with help of your doctor that being said Becky there are some things that you could research regarding the psoriasis because usually there's a vitamin D deficiency and if you take higher amounts of vitamin D you become more becomes more of a therapeutic dose normally the RDAs for vitamin D are like.

It was like 650 I use but that's just to prevent rickets but it's not necessarily to handle autoimmune stuff and also see changes with psoriasis one therapy for psoriasis is also UV therapy like I'm just getting more Sun directly but zinc is also important but I would watch my video on dr. Berg and MS and use that protocol for what you're dealing with.

And see if it can help you and watch the go to the links that I recommend but I should probably just have a video just on psoriasis sometimes it also could be food allergies certain things in food that's causing problems even the nightshades can actually stir up skin reactions but honestly I think it's vitamin D is going.

To be your biggest help and then also the in a minute fasting is going to be key with healthy Kido so get on that and then send us your success story thanks Becky all right what do we got going on over here well Michelle Billman wants to know about high cholesterol.

She is gluten free she does intermittent fasting and keto but her cholesterol was up so she wants to know yeah this is on Facebook by the way yeah well you know that question comes up every single week we have a lot of videos on it but here's what you need to know cholesterol your body makes it your body makes like a lot of it like mix 3000 milligrams that's.

Like the equivalent to 14 eggs the cluster on 14 eggs mm-hmm 300 strips of bacon so it's a lot of cholesterol and so cholesterol has a purpose if your body makes it it must have a purpose so it makes hormones especially testosterone cortisol estrogen it makes those hormones without that you can't make hormones and this is.

Why when they put people in statins they block cholesterol production one of the biggest symptoms is muscle pain because you lose the factors to help support and protect cellular membranes in your muscle and also your testosterone drops and you get pain as well inflammation and pain so you need cholesterol hate the medication so much.

Yeah I hear it's awful yeah so the other thing is like you it also the the brain needs cholesterol so when you start going up higher and fat you're gonna mobilize you're using more fats in general you're getting more healing your the cholesterol that goes high is not creating damage it's just being mobilized through the blood cells.

Because we've been ingrained that's bad so there's a test that you can do by just you know measuring your total cholesterol and then deducting your HDL and LDL and that you gives you what's called remnant cholesterol that would be proud of the best in the test that shows the cholesterol that's left off over after all these functions so you're.

Going to find out when you do the test looks like it's very low so you can actually look up my video on remnant cholesterol and then get the data on that I've never heard that I've never I know they don't talk about that they also then talk about the calcium scoring test which is even more important than cholesterol it's actually way more.

Important so it measures how much calcium is in your your arteries so you can the coronary artery you can it's called a coronary artery calcium calcium test so get that test it's not that expensive it's not that invasive does use a small amount of cat scan radiation but nothing compared to a regular cat scan and it'll give you some great data.

Because if your artery is calcified you better know about it because there's things you can do about it with that show up in a bone density test okay no good so as you're getting some more questions let's go to Marty from Wyoming are you there Marty I am how are you today great thanks I just have a quick.

Question about a couple of supplements yes the nutritional yeast I really want to take that but I have a lot of difficulty swallowing it I've tried breaking it in half like you suggested I'm wondering if it's okay to crush it up and put it in my food yeah totally you can crush it up you know what I do I actually chew it I.

Do it yeah I love it I just choose every morning I chew for nutritional yeast but you can crush it up and put it in your food absolutely totally fine perfect you just made my day I have one more question the electrolyte powder is it okay to just make that part of my daily intake I drink it once a day.

But is that okay or can I get too much of that no it's totally fine because we're dealing with minerals that are in a citrate form your body can deal with them nicely that'll also decrease risk for you know issues like kidney stones and plus it's we need a lot of potassium it's very hard to get it this will enhance it and so you get the minerals.

In the magnesium and it also has the trace minerals without sugar so yeah I take it every morning and I put I put like one scoop and a pride big thing of water and then I put the wheatgrass juice powder one scoop and I mix it up and drink it down and with my B vitamins so seems to work really nice but thanks for your call Marty good luck on that.

Alright so you know what we're gonna do we're gonna actually go right to a quiz so I want you to see what people answer in this guy so I have a case for you the first quiz of the day it's probably and I have so a lot of other information when I talk about but here's the quiz what deficiency what deficiency occurs when your child gets.

Those dark circles underneath their eyes what is that see if you can tell me okay go ahead and answer we'll wait for your your answers as I go on to the next person Ruth from Texas a regular caller hi Ruth how you doing really well awesome my adrenals are feeling better no more hot flash so I'm I'm at the top of the.

Hill ready to slide down the other side since you told me that it was just old that was the reason for me feeling bad the last just kidding I just said you're old just getting older because I was saying that after I worked out really hard that I felt I felt bad and old age well you know oh that's great that's awesome yeah what I meant to say was.

Like just the recovery is more difficult when you reach the age of 40 so okay okay well I I just I just heard what I wanted to which was don't work too hard all the time but you know okay take it easy I'm fine I like that so my question for today is I've been taking my flaxseed and my fish oils and oh I take four.

Tablespoons of nutritional yeast a day I'm just I'm just having a good old time but I remember when I was doing Atkins years ago years ago my skin was always very oily and now with the keto eating the healthy fats and having a lots of vegetables I find that my skin is it's not flaky dry but it's not as smooth as it was.

When I was doing all that high-fat no vegetable diet of Atkins I put coke oil on it every day but on the days that I miss I can feel it I can feel that it's not as smooth and soft so is it my gallbladder still not working properly that I'm not getting that really shiny smooth skin or yeah it's gonna wear em I just not eating enough yeah it could be.

Either one but I'm thinking it for you I think I would I would try to it just increase your fats and mainly the omega-3 fatty acids as in like fish oil like a really good high-quality cod liver oil would be even better because cod liver oil has DHA and EPA which is really important for the brain and your eye but it also has vitamin A and.

Vitamin D in nice 50/50 split so that's kind of what I would do the dry skin is not dehydration it's a lack of oil and so you can go too much it could be too oily or not enough so I think I would go that area a couple other things if you have flaky skin that usually is a b2 deficiency now b2 riboflavin is actually a very common deficiency on the.

Ketogenic diet and that could be what you need because we need more b2 to metabolize more fat so as your fat goes up and you're taking all these bile salts and you're helping with the digestion but you just might need more b2 to metabolize all the fat that you're eating because that's a big deficiency that keto people have so I don't even.

Know if I did a video on that but I think I talked about maybe I did but I'll have to see but anyway that's what I would do Ruth and let me know if that works for you but thanks for calling I hope to see you at the upcoming keto Summit we're gonna do which I'm excited to just mention a little bit for those of you that are new we do a summit each.

Year it's a very large one in Maryland at the Gaylord hotel it's a blast we have some of the top speakers this is where you really learn about Quito and you get the you get to meet everyone and talk to these speakers and get the additional stuff to just take your health to one one extra level because you guys the guys that are doing this.

You know it works and you if something works you want to strengthen that successful action this is going to do it's going to give you a lot more data so definitely come out and we have to the end of August so and we made the tickets very cheap so it's everyone can come so definitely check it out go to the website and there's a little button.

Up there to click to check that out you're gonna be there I am gonna be there and I can't wait in the hotel is beautiful my gosh this hotel is and around there's so many it's just really neat when we came in we came in in the evening and it's so beautiful with the lights they have out there yeah you'll love it it's a it's a blast it's it's.

Literally awesome okay so what do we got for the answer whatever you know people were all over the place the big winner was iron maybe the runner-up was vitamin B but we had vitamin K D magnesium potassium sleep age every kid's okay okay so I need a drumroll and the answer is an iron deficiency smart people you have.

Yeah watching a show they're definitely very very sharp people so iron deficiencies but doesn't even necessarily have to be a anaemia it can be but you can have a like a subclinical deficiency of iron so here's the thing with kids why do they have a deficiency in iron is it because you're not eating the spinach because Popeye you know the.

Sailor man that everything all the iron that's what made you strong actress that is cartoon it's actually a meth you don't absorb as much iron from from spinach because it's called non heme and he basically just means that it it's more available it's more absorbable and the heme form of iron is in animal products so it fortifies your blood with.

Oxygen so can imagine like you're not carrying oxygen and you're getting all this congestion your venous supply you're getting those dark circles so they need to increase their iron and the best source would be you know red meat and seafood and don't do like a regular supplement like other than food based like maybe come you can do liver pills.

Now kids don't like liver because liver is one of the best sources but they can do maybe seafood shrimp red meat and or something like that but that's how you get the iron but here's what the problem kids have tend to do they do it on a cereal they lose a lot of grains even like whole grains and fiber and bran well those foods have high amounts of.

Phytic acid that blocks iron eggs do have iron but there is a little a little thing in the egg yolk that will inhibit the absorption by maybe 20% it's a small thing but I'm glad you brought that up because iron there there is some iron and eggs and this is probably good breakfast food absolutely absolutely but most people have a problem with too.

Much iron adults don't women that don't menstruate and also men because we don't have a mechanism to get rid of this excess iron so too much iron is very very deadly to little deadly Wow and so I never never knew that how do I get rid of it well it's difficult because you can do bloodletting and you can actually donate your blood to you.

Know some when they actually have your blood drawn but there's a only a couple ways stop you know consuming any type of products or supplements that have iron that's number one make sure you maybe cut down on the red meat if you're overloaded there and then I actually did a video on this but you can do a key later okay he later which.

Is basically brand bran will do it and also another key later called EBT a supplement you can get it pulls the iron out and the person will feel really good so but if you actually you know give blood and you feel really good yeah then you probably up too much iron iron is very it combines with a byproduct from your cells called hydrogen peroxide and.

It turns in this very very dangerous oxidative thing is called a hydroxyl radical and you don't know that but basically it goes in there and it just creates all these diseases and cancer and approached your brain rust things out so iron too much iron could be very very bad but also iron deficiency could be very bad do most multivitamins have.

Iron in them the ones that from the drugstore do that I don't recommend you don't want to take those yeah specially type the form that they are in is this like it's elementals are kids too because I know a lot of parents yeah yeah vitamin absolutely not good not good good you know okay so let's go to Denise from are you there you have a.

Question about keto bodybuilding yeah hi hi I used to hi I used to be on the traditional bodybuilding diet and I hated it and so I switched to keto and I loved it but everyone's telling me you shouldn't stay at your stage weight but I'm eating keto so I'm eating I'm getting enough nutrition I feel great I just.

I'm on the petite side so I don't like that bulking up date that they they do in the old traditional bodybuilding right so I just stay in eat the way that I do on keto and everyone says that's not healthy you're gonna screw up your hormones and all this stuff yeah right I think I did a video on that on it's called keto and hormones so you can.

Check it out but but here's the information here's some good data when they say that so when I go low-carb what hormone is it destroying and said they won't be able to tell you they're gonna say what thyroid no that's from a low-calorie diet you're not doing a little calorie diet the hormone you're actually increasing more fat which.

Support the raw material to build up your hormones I mean the other way is carbo loading that's screwing up your hormones because you are developing insulin resistance and that is the underlying cause to most chronic health problems and I mean take a look I've talked to quite a few bodybuilders that are into the competitive thing and they.

Do this whole cycle of with their body with carbo loading and they just they're just all screwed up with their hormones I mean I mean look at some of the long-term effects and talk to someone who's been doing it for a long time it takes a toll on your body so they're only been talking about taking steroids I'm just talking about the massive carbo.

And then you're retaining fluid and you're you're bulking out and you're you know it's just it's not the best thing in my opinion but I would stick with what you're doing and if you want to maintain muscle you're gonna do it just you do it you're eating really healthy so you're just not carbo loading thanks Denise.

Alright we're ready for a question well before I do that can I say hi to a few peeps we've got a lot of people watching from South Africa today it was awesome uh-huh and and we always have a lot of people too from the Middle East but today we've got al Deen from South Africa we've got Michelle from Maine Bonnie or Bonnie.

From Maine manaman from South Africa Zia Roma from New York and Beverly from China so hi everybody thanks for watching that's awesome yeah this is this is really good we have a kind of nice melting pot and so the question I have from Cynthia is what about Quito and diverticulitis yeah so here's what.

Happens when you diverticulitis is an inflammatory condition of your your your colon okay so you have this inflammatory condition and one of the best things to do is to increase ketones ketones feed the colon cells and also and it's called butyrate hydroxy butyrate so that'll actually help supply fuel to a lot of different areas of your body but there's.

Some there's some interesting anti-inflammatory properties with ketones but it goes well beyond just that it goes on to increasing your antioxidant antioxidants in general protection against dress neurodegeneration regeneration the building up the brain cells and nerve cells your mitochondria.

Start to be improved it's a much more efficient fuel but the key with this is the intimate of fasting you want to combine that with the keto because if you do keto without him in the fasting it just doesn't work as well so because think about if you're eating like so frequently you never have a chance for your system to heal so all I know is it.

Really work I don't know the why but it really worked it does and it yeah it cuts down the other refined grains that aggravate the colon so it's the best eating plan for inflammation your colon I would also add as a side note chlorophyll and in the form of like wheatgrass juice powder because that has great benefits to support the inner skin.

Of the colon Safa gas and anything internal okay alright good all right I guess we're ran out of questions no one has any other question oh you okay a red wine vinegar somebody wants to know if that will work it's my all or no Schrom P it doesn't look like a real name on their on their.

Thing but anyway they asked about red wine vinegar and I know we're always talking about apple cider yeah and can you get I'm wondering can you get the benefits of that with a glass of red wine well yeah the the problem is that you got all these great things but then you have the ethanol in the one the ethanol and creates stress yeah yeah.

Come to sugar to the ethanol does do it I know what sorry good yeah knocks down your cells but you know I'm not saying that never ever to drink wine but I'm saying that you just have to understand what it does you know it's like if it bumps you at a ketosis for a period of time then don't be surprised but I will say like in the absolute best wines that.

Of all the wines are in Italy because they they don't use this sulfites unless they ship it to America they have to add the sulfates in there what does that do some fights really create a lot of irritation in your digestive system I think it's a preservative oh okay that makes sense yeah but I do know like I their BP people that'll go to Italy and.

They'll drink this wine like wow I have no reaction I have no like uh I don't feel like hungover I don't feel weird or headache right that's right so so you have that and then what was your original question red wine vinegar okay how is that in comparison to apple cider vinegar okay so it's it has more carbs so there's some benefits it's a.

Fermented product I would not say they're the same but there are some benefits especially on your salad but here's the thing you have to read the ingredients because some of these red wine vinegars are very high in carbs and sugar so just get the one that's very low in sugar vinegar well guess where they guess guess where they make guess.

How they make vinegar from behind they ferment like Alps an apple juice okay turns in alcohol then the vinegar well same thing with grapes you are so great you know chemistry wasn't one of my favorite classes Oh was saying I know it's surprising well I'll tell you one thing I was I'm terrible at math but I was I just said a natural blood.

Chemistry well good so we all don't have to pay attention we can just ask you hey I need a calculator for all that so I need to go to rosemary she's been waiting patiently from New York are you there Bros Mary yes I'm here thank you Kito and I'm actually on Oh Matt I'm doing oh man 22 two and my first meal for the day is.

Like at 7:00 p.m. I do take the supplement from you know that you recommend also the citrate like the zinc magnesium potassium and the more all in the morning with either like the wheatgrass or your new vegetable solution or the electrolytes my question is do you recommend certain supplements that I take specifically for my first.

Thing in the morning or are there supplements that would be better taken you know at 7 p.m. with the apple cider vinegar in my lemon very very good question the only ones that you probably want to take with food are these fat soluble ones vitamin A D e k2 you could potentially have a little tiny fat I mean just a tiny bit even you can even.

Do em C let's say for example you wanted to take them all in the morning you can do that but in your coffee or not if you don't drink coffee just have a little bit of MCT oil okay mc2 it just takes a small amount but you know what I'm doing just for the fun of it I'm actually in my K 2 and D 3 product I'm actually going to add coconut oil so that way you.

Don't even have to take with your meals because when you add fat to fats all the vitamins it goes in all better but everything else can be taken in the morning empty stomach unless you're taking a digestive support formula but but the MCT oil is interesting because it won't increase insulin but MCT turns into ketones.

So it'll increases ketones and it actually is really good for people that are starting out because when you start keto your body's switched from from sugar to fat right that takes a little bit of time right so you might go like on day three you might be at like 50% ketone production but not a hard percent so you might be a little tired because.

You're not getting that maximum machine that's like really cranking out the energy you add a little MCT oil it'll give you the ketones in your blood and you'll instantly have energy so it's just it's a little coping thing a transitional thing but if you do too much of it just realize that your body will then burn that and not your own fat.

So it could inhibit your ability to lose weight why are good things you always have to take them in moderation why is that that's the game of life that's the game of life it always comes for every cool thing there's a problem right or else you'd be so bored you'd have no problem hi there you go I'm so happy does that make sense okay.

Good yeah yeah I had one one last thing hello hello yeah yes somebody told me like the nutritional yeast should that be taken I mean um like some people say it's hard to sleep if I take the yeast at night I see yeah I'm also like I also take hydroxycitric for my stone that you recommended so I take.

That also during my meal and the cod liver oil okay yeah you can do that so like the I would take the B vitamins or nutritional yeast probably in the early part of the day because they can potentially increase a little bit of energy so I if you take it before you exercise that would be even better but it will increase your.

Your endurance okay thank you thank you very much you're welcome and one more thing rosemary with kidney stones there's a couple things that are involved you have this super saturated urine that's developing these stones usually it's gonna be oxalate calcium oxide stones so you in that case you do want to drink about three and a half.

Liters of water a day okay three and a half liters so measure that and you need that we will never get a kidney stone because it'll be so diluted so especially if you have a kidney stone and you're prone to it the lemon juice every on a regular basis is very very important and the other thing is be careful of spinach or almonds that's.

Really that has high oxalates don't be afraid to take some cheese with your meal because that will actually help find things and then just don't go overload with salt and too much protein that you know you can have a certain amount but just don't have way too much and I think you'll be fine with that thanks rosemary okay so now I need to.

Talk about something I want to talk about this is not a quiz but just a point why do some people I'll ask you gained weight with stress they go through a stress in the gain weight other people lose weight you know I want to know cuz when I was young it made me lose weight okay right what is up with that I know and it's not just the food I.

Mean I have a healthy appetite but I I don't keep my head in the refrigerator okay so let's talk about that okay so you're dealing with when you're dealing with stress you're dealing with cortisol that's the hormone and the with you dealing with weight you're dealing with insulin so let's talk about the fact the relationship between cortisol and.

Insulin okay cortisol actually mobilizes fuel for action so you're being chased by Tiger you need two quick energies to get away right so you have this you have short term stress then you have a long term chronic stress short term stress cortisol inhibits infinity so check this out you got this thing we often you've mobilize all this sugar you.

It is dump of sugar but we don't have the insulin to suppress it it's there in your blood to be used for quick energy but we don't the insulin is not gonna bring it down okay so short-term stress you're not necessarily going to gain weight because we don't have the insulin effect chronic stress especially chronic mental stress.

Makes you fat because you lose that you have you lose that insulin inhibitory factor and then you get more insulin and you start gaining weight that's what happens with that so and the problem is if you have like all this mobilized sugar in your blood and you're not working it off because it's mental stress being chased by a tiger at least.

You're burning off the sugar this way this sugar has to go somewhere so it's being converted to fat I've asked myself that question so many times over the years so thank you for that you're welcome so those people that have higher sugar because you're going through stress it's so so important exercise from the.

Standpoint of burning off that extra sugar right so it doesn't turn into fat and you don't right so we got we got a different stress now we're not being chased by a tiger but we're mentally stressed out so exercise is a good counter to that and that's the tip of the day I got one of the tips anything let's go to sherry from Washington I.

Would imagine that would be Washington State not DC hi hi can you hear me yeah I can hear you fine oh great regarding intermittent fasting and so what my question is is I have gotten myself down to one meal a day so I'll tell you kind of what I've been doing i've been i'm having a bulletproof coffee in the morning and it's probably more than.

Suggested closer to a cup and a half rather than one small cup and then i'm not eating well what I was doing is I wasn't eating until about one o'clock and then I would juice greens and I would make a shake and that was like kale and baby spinach organic and then I was putting a whole avocado in there and then a scoop.

Of your left you're like powder and I just started adding the the green and the grass lemon graphic yeah and so I was doing that well now I'm sure so now let's started like being able to go longer and my weight is stalled so that's another thing I went on the side note but I'm able to go pretty much all.

The way until what's what's happening is my schedules and crazy and I haven't like yesterday I wasn't able to juice until like 4:00 but I hadn't eaten all day from the night before but I'm eating later at night so like my window is like 2 or 3 hours but I'm like last night I wasn't done eating until probably and I couldn't drink my whole steak and I made.

Like three ounces of salmon and some salad and broccoli but the problem is is I'm getting very very full I drink part of my shake I couldn't finish everything right and so I was curious about toxic I don't think I'm getting enough calories because I just get fooling you you know I just read your book and it says do not overeat because that's spikes insulin.

And so I'm a little confused somewhere ok so what I'm what I'm doing good point let me just kind of cover that real quick what happens when you do one meal a day ok what sounds like you're doing that or at least two they're really crammed together the need for nutrients goes way way down your body's very efficient so you don't need as much as.

You think the other thing is if you have weight to lose you have extra fat you're actually living off that okay so that's energy so you're not necessarily I would ride the wave and burn all that off and take advantage of no hunger so I would be less focusing and trying to get enough calories and I would be more focused on going by how my body feels.

Wow okay I have energy through the day I'm probably good with my nutrients your are also enhancing your nutrients oh that's good but then it's actually a really good idea to do what you're doing and eat later in the day because as you wind down towards the nighttime you going more into parasympathetic remote rest and digest.

So you're gonna have more digestion and you go to bed and you digest it all night long and you wake up and it's actually much about much better than trying to eat when you're in that flight-or-fight sympathetic mode so I think you're doing fine and I would go with just your feeling of okay I'm not overly stuffed but I had.

Enough but you're right it is difficult to have that many calories if you're trying to hit your RDA since I mean I have two in two meals I have to try to hit like 3,000 calories 3,500 and that is tough good you got a question I do I'm not sure if you want to answer this one but I'm gonna ask it because I keep seeing it every week limb Becca on.

YouTube wants to know about CBD oil hmm I know that's kind of controversial yeah I don't want to answer that one okay no I'm just yeah CBD oil I did a video on this it has a lot of benefits for adrenal for pain for inflammation for hormones I would just make sure it as zero THC and what you can do is you have the manufacturing company or the company.

Email you the documents on that because they actually should run their tests on that to see how much residue that's in there and just have it clean of that and get the benefits of the CBD oil that's what I would recommend but I do want to say something about eggs in general you you like eggs you ever crack open an egg and it's like yellow yolk and then.

Sometimes you crack it open it's like orange yes and I wonder if I should be concerned right like New Mexico this is kind of like maybe this is spoiled or something yeah yeah rotten I've grown a few away Wow well here's that here's the thing the orange is way healthier than the yellow because it has more beta-carotene carotenoids.

More phytonutrients more vitamin A why how because the way the chickens are grown outside and they have more better food if more on negative three fatty acids there's more grass eating more bugs even you have this rich wonderful orange it's Augustus do it yes thus the pastured pasture-raised versus.

Like in the cage and some bond back so you want the eggs that are dark ok next point about eggs I think would be very therapeutic if you were to feed an infant as the after you know breast let's say you're breastfeeding and you're making the transition off breast milk into food I think it'd be very beneficial for at least six months to.

Actually give that child an egg yolk add a very healthy for DHA to help the retina and the developing brain they actually did a lot of studies on it and there's like I can even give you fifty studies right now to show the that if that child is deficient in DHA the brain does not develop when the fetus is growing the brain is usually not formed.

That well it's like has this massive like the heads bigger than like in proportion than the body so you have this development all these brain neurons and stuff it really needs DHA and EPA to develop and you can get that from cod liver oil because I mean breast milk is loaded with it but as a transition when egg yolk is being like great and you can.

Get you can get all the fat soluble vitamins most of the vitamins come from the yolk not the white you want to do the white like a year later because of allergy potential issues so that's just the tip if you decide having a few and Steve decided on the child what do you think Connie do they they'd eat the egg yolk a day will keep the doctor away.

Okay that's another video I like that yes all right Jordan your your on the line you actually have a question about a or tech condition go ahead yes hey dr. Berg so I'm actually a certified coach yours and I opened up a business a holistic weight-loss and I want to thank you so much for your amazing work you're really.

Empowering me to help other people and further this Tito intimate and fat thing in this whole journey so I'm extremely grateful for everything you're doing so and by the way I'm currently winning your facebook Messenger contest so I should have some Keo summit tickets and I look forward to meeting you in August oh that's great I hope to hope.

You could good stuff you can yeah absolutely that's great definitely alright so I have a client who needs some assistance for their PCOS and our weight and I know healthy keto and fasting will be amazing for to help her lower insulin and really support a healthier life but here's the catch he has a bicuspid aortic valve condition.

And I just want to confirm that healthy keto and intermittent fasting would be a safe recommendation for her good question and again you know that I'm not not replacing the medical care right this advising for my opinion this is this is interesting if you have damage to your heart if you damage to your brain.

Ketones bypass the metabolism of that damaged tissue and supply fuel directly so in other words ketones from Health Aikido and doing if' are very very few therapeutic for a damaged heart very therapeutic and for a damaged brain because you get the fuel right in there because what happens when you have a heart problem whether it's damaged at.

The heart muscle or the valve or the neurology you can't absorb the fuel like you could when the heart was fine the same thing with the brain so this is the benefit of Kido and in this situation you may even recommend to her even take exogenous ketones because I don't normally recommend those but in this situation I would recommend that and.

Also the other situation is if you're an athlete and you want your competing okay take some ketones but if you're at leat you want to take the version of the ketones called the esters unfortunately they're very expensive like I mean like one dose is like thirty bucks so Wow you're gonna go take this in would you want to do that daily you can afford it.

But the point is that the other versions that are a lot cheaper other salts and they just take longer to absorb in the body so let's say you're going to work out at 4:00 you know take them like maybe a 45 minutes before they can help you get the ads but the point is that if you I do recommend that if you have Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

Or heart damage I was just gonna ask cuz my dad passed from Alzheimer's and we would notice he would lose something and then in a few days it was like his brain figured out a way to make that connection and that went on for many years seven if you have a loved one that has Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or any neuro degenerative disease put them on.

The diet but then also give them exogenous ketones as well as the MCT oil from coconut oil because that is going to because what's happening Jordan I just want to say thank you for the call okay I just want to say that the problem with these neurodegenerative diseases is that they can't get fuel into the cell a cell is damaged so they're done the.

Neurons are dying because they can't get Fuel okay give the fuel they start beating that damn cell so it's it's like a no-brainer and they're gonna start feeling better if you can get it in time so there's always a point of limitation where it's too much damaged but I mean that's yesterday very important thing yeah okay.

Okay so let's go to Helen you have some bloating tell me about that or tell me your question hi dr. Kirk thank you first of all for all your wonderful helpful information I'm what I'm calling on behalf of my husband who's at work today but he is about 70 pounds down in weight loss he's type two diabetics your your information and health has changed.

Our life but the problem is periodically right now he's doing he just this week went to one meal every other day and he had been doing the past few months intermittent fasting with the just a 4-hour eating window a day so he's done very well is a1c has come down and things are looking good.

However periodically and quite often he will suddenly go out of ketosis he will completely bloat up with swollen his waist swollen ankles retaining water that will last two or three days so everything just kind of stops and then something will happen we don't know what happened I wondered if you could advise us on it there's something we should be.

Doing or that we're doing wrong that could be causing this so is it after something he ate no he we don't see any change he's one of those people that just he's gotten in the routine I prepare his meals he eats very much the regular same kind of things he is so resistant with you know trouble with carbs that he's down to maybe left.

15 carbs or less a day okay and he's getting swelling it's not that he's increasing yeah but he's not increasing carbs there's nothing we've recognized in his meals as being anything different but this all will happen every couple weeks or so okay so I think there's a nutritional deficiency and I think it's be one I would beef up.

No pun intended vitamin b1 and the other vitamins because one of the big deficiency one of the common deficiencies when you go on keto as you as b-vitamins because you require more of your vitamins for the metabolism especially if he's a diabetic especially if he has instant resistance he needs a lot more of that and if you're deficient.

And b1 you'll get a Dima you'll get swelling in your ankles that's a big one I would look at that I would also look at potassium magnesium maybe go up about you know it also maybe double check vitamin D I think it's gonna be their minerals or B b1 I think so try that and let me know Helen but thanks for your call all right now let's see you do we.

Have a tip yes so do I have a tip here okay so a lot of times the way they diagnose people is with a 1 C well they don't really use that as the exclusive test to diagnose someone who's diabetic but but this part of the diagnosis they look for a1c an a1c is a test that measures the average blood Sugar's for three months okay and you get your test.

Back and it should be like maybe like high upper fours lower fives sometimes it's like 6 7 8 9 10 up to 11 or even right so but there is another reason why your a1c could be high that has nothing to do with your blood sugars and I want to just point this out and this is an iron deficiency anemia because think about it you're dealing with the red.

Blood cell and iron is in there as an oxygen carrying capacity type function so if you're low on that it can really alter and raise your a 1 C and make it look really bad but if you're diabetic and you're doing keto and your iron deficient in an emic and you just can't get your a1c down take some iron is there a way you can test your iron yeah.

You can check yeah because it absolutely sounds that real important to get it yeah where it needs to be get a test get it tested all right so now Leanne from Washington had a question go ahead Nia hi um so I I am in the waiting room my daughters having a baby today Oh Michael thank you so my question was um on the first I went into the hospital.

And found out that I had had too many strokes I guess like a week apart from each other I was told that recently again by the neurologist when I followed up that I was the first it was not the first stroke that had she said it's possible that it could have been it could the old ones could be MS but she's it they'd have to review my studies.

Because I was tested for MS and they said it wasn't that but a lot of the things that experience they are kind of symptoms I guess I've had like like my whole midsection go numb for like a month and thought maybe it was nerve related I was seeing the chiropractor and stuff and then anyways my question is I'm also.

A diabetic and have had hypertension and since the first when I found out I had the strokes that kind of scared me straight so I have been faithfully following the keto diet and the intermittent fasting and it's it's working I within a week I was able to go off my blood pressure man and I want to turn my blood pressure multiple times a.

Day and I had also been able to go off my diabetes meds which I was on three blood pressure meds and 2 diabetes meds which is metformin and lymphocyte Wow so I'm still having some my questions are what can I do to protect my brain and my heart and I I've been having some after having some lows I started having some more high sugars not really high.

But they're usually typically between 140 and 150 but my neurologist was like it's still too high and she wants me to go back on my met Foreman and my you know or at least on metformin and so I've I I just kind of do it like as I don't know I say I just needed but like I'm monitoring it and if I feel like it's high enough you know then I'll take.

A metformin but I'm just wondering is there any like so I I had a question did you see my videos today that released today that video did not so it was basically no I did how to avoid silent strokes okay so watch the video but let me just tell you what I think that you should do I talked about the relationship in the connection between.

Strokes that are silent which have no symptoms and then also major strokes and the clotting factor and that's usually high insulin usually high insolently and it makes sense because you're diabetic so you so a good test to ask your doctor to do would be less called Homa – ir which measures insulin resistance and it measures how much insulin you.

Have they never test that so it's Homa IR check that out because it's that it's probably actually coming down now because you're doing keto and I have and that's why you're doing great you just have to give it more time to fully handle things out of all the medication and again I'm just giving my opinion.

Telling you to do this check with your doc out of all the things your medication for diabetes I think metformin is the least harmful because it works on insulin receptors and it kind of slows down the sugar production and the liver but you have to take b1 as in bun fo to mean I would take that to counter some of the side effects from.

That Foreman and I think that would help you in this transition so that's going to help you as far as your brain goes you need DHA you need a lot of I would get some good high-quality virgin cod liver oil I start taking that take a lot of it to help heal your brain I would also take some vitamin D I would keep doing what you're doing cause it's going.

To help and I think in a period of time you're gonna see some great changes so watch that video thanks for your call alright so we're gonna go to rub Robert from Alberta you had a question about a modified keto diet are you there Robert yes I am dr. burger right what's your what was your question I would like to know.

We did we did keto and now I'm doing intermittent fasting but I'd like to know what is the best way to try to get get the modified keto or you can still eat some carbs and have a nice red wine with your meal that kind of thing so so you want to be able to do keto but just with the red wine well no did you kill but modified I found I know you don't.

Like it coming on products right I found the product called Vito elevation biotrust and it seems to be able to give you the opportunity to have some more carbs and still be on keto ok I got I'll just give my opinion I think that you're trying to kind of do a shortcut here I think that's probably not the best idea in the world because.

There might be a car blocker or something but there's there's going to be a lot of products come on the pike that will keep allowing you to you know have your cake and eat it too honestly I don't think that's the best solution and let's say you drink once every so often okay I can see that that's not gonna be a problem but I.

Don't necessarily agree with that I would instead get your pleasure from doing kombucha tea or the pleasure from alcohol with kombucha tea it's very it gives you the feeling of being completely drunk now I'm just getting relaxed and calm and then also start doing the like the Aikido friendly desserts and that way you can feel like.

You're having something really sweet and then I think that's going to be the best thing the gym that's what I would recommend Robert but thanks for your question and then let's see we got over here do you have any interesting questions I'm gonna keep seeing Leeanne McCoy has asked a couple of times today but I keep seeing questions about snake.

Juice and that just yeah I'm curious there's a guy out there who the snake diet and he basically does some pretty hardcore fasting he swears every other word but and he was gonna yell at you thank ya so basically it's interview salt water and there's some electrolytes in there and so it's a whole its whole different program and okay but yeah.

That's I just wondered if there was something I was missing it doesn't sound like I am yeah that's a whole different whole different thing okay but anyway I want to thank you guys for your wonderful questions I really appreciate you supporting us in watching this and spreading the word because it's very powerful and the success stories are.

Incredible people coming off medications and just this is fantastic so hope to see all you at the summit coming up in October I'm sorry August 31st 31st wait wait until I know all right guys have a good one and we'll see you next week you
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