Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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Hey guys welcome back it's Friday morning 11 o'clock in the morning and we're here Karen is in the house now and we are just now logging on the social media now we're gonna be answering your questions there's a number if you want to call then it's eight six six five six one I could barely see this for – what does it say nineteen ninety-four – nine.

– in the lightest gray I have ever seen in my life now guys if there's any of the questions that you have its if it's related to any medical questions it's my answers are not meant to diagnose you or give you any medical opinions this is just between you and your doctor it's just for research for you to investigate with the help of your doctor okay guys.

Alright with that being said we're gonna jump right on the call Sandra from Texas Sandra are you there hi this is Sandra speaking through a sign language interpreter great hi what's your question okay well I'm curious about what types of food to eat for my diet things that are gonna help me I'm 70 years old and I.

Want to lose the fat around my stomach area okay well do you have about an hour and a half so so Sandro there's a couple things that we're going to be talking about as we go through here but the the big point is that that's a that's a quite a large answer so the best thing to do is to go to my site dr. Berg calm and under mini course there's a little.

Quiz how to do keto and explains the whole eating plan for healthy ketosis and in a minute fasting because I will have time to answer answer quick questions but we're assuming everyone kind of knows the basics but as far as foods it's like that's a very long answer but just go take that mini course and that will help you kind of get.

Started alright thanks Sandra all right we're gonna go to Kim mija from Louisiana are you there Kim mija all right you're not there okay we'll come back to you okay all right how about Mariah from Puerto Rico are you there yes I'm here oh great alright so I'm using infrared sauna while fasting and are there any.

Nutrient supplements I should take while fasting good question no I think the Sun is our awesome it'll actually really help you know a couple things it will do it will actually push a lot of toxic stuff out of your body and I found – when you sweat you actually kind of you get rid of some of the the minerals so you just have to start putting it back.

In as far as the electrolytes the thing with fasting though when you're doing fasting you want to there's two main categories of nutrients that you want to make sure you have enough of one is all the electrolytes I have a really good electrolyte powder which I recently found is also really good for sleeping if you take it before.

Bed I didn't even know that until last night so I just tried it and really helped but but you want a good electrolyte powder but you also want the B vitamins I recommend a nutritional yeast unfortified because that will give you all the natural B vitamins and that way when you're actually fasting your your.

You're in the ketosis and your body's going to be using more of these minerals and B vitamins in this process of burning fat and then you'll replenish the nutrients from the sauna pulling it out and one more thing you need more sea salt especially if you're doing fasting and of course keto because one thing that I think people don't realize is how.

Much sodium is lost when you do this and because if you're doing fasting and your sauna and you start feeling dizzy and you get up and you feel disoriented or you feel like you have muscle weakness or fatigue chances are you just need more sea salt okay got a dr. Berg you're welcome have a great one okay so Karen yeah do we have where do.

We have people come on social media from what locations take two take two okay Karen hey hey we're people coming up calling from contacting us take three all right Karen hey hey where's the locations good today we have people from oh our daughter's calling us I'm gonna have to take that later from all over the united states Florida Massachusetts.

Nevada and then we have Canada Cambodia the Bahamas South Africa Greece Belgium the UK and that's what we got going on Rodya Cambodia that's incredible I don't think we've ever had anyone from I've never seen welcome Cambodia that's that's awesome yeah you want a question do you have one I have lots of questions.

So someone is asking does enter it and fasting increase uric acid so you've talked before about keto and year ago so fasting and what can you do about it yeah if you're doing healthy keto and you're doing in a minute fasting you're gonna have probably a little bit more uric acid usually especially if someone is kind of prone to gout and they have a.

Problem with the kidney or liver so it's not a problem it's not a problem because uric acid by the way Karen yeah can act as an antioxidant but you didn't know that one day that Martin uric acid can act as that antioxidant yeah food for thought though you can chew an effort I'm gonna chew on that one for a while yeah but if the uric acid actually.

Becomes too high it can end up and gout or uric acid kidney stones the way to solve this is this and this is kind of one of the things I was going to bring up a little bit later but I'll bring up a little bit of it now we're gonna cover like the top biggest most common mistakes with keto and then fasting but one of the things is actually having too.

Much protein because if you have too much protein you you can actually dump more byproduct of that which is uric acid and that can actually create a problem the the best way to counter uric acid is to alkalize the cut down the protein and you take some lemon juice the electrolyte powder has a lot of potassium citrate which actually helps.

Counter uric acid so anytime people have gout or uric acid crystals we want to alkalize the body so we want to alkalize with the more more vegetables lemon water would be good and of course potassium citrate which is electrolyte powder those are some things you want to do okay all right so by the way since then we've had Texas Tennessee New York.

City Malaysia Afghanistan yes they're just popping in all over the place so tell me this can I do one meal a day if I am doing serious workouts and weight training good question came and it really depends on your recovery if you're adapted I think it's a real good idea to work out when you're in a fasting state went.

Because your body is just going to start tapping in the fat but in the beginning if you're not adapted you're gonna you could actually end up with low blood sugars and feel weak and if that's the case then you have to work around your eating window but no we want you to work out in the fasting state it's it's actually gonna help you because you're.

Gonna drop the insulin thing and you're gonna lose more weight that's for sure so okay let's say for example I know you're gonna ask this next question let's say someone wants to gain more muscle mass okay and they're doing fasting is it gonna cause a problem I'm just predicting your questions as you predict them here's a little point about.

That because a lot of times people do what's called carbo loading and they're just dumping a lot of carbs in there because carbohydrates stimulate insulin and insulin helps grow muscle but the problem is if you have insulin resistance that's not going to work so one thing you can do as you adapt Aikido if you want to kind of do a mini version.

Of this you you you just basically bring your carb up to about 50 grams a day so instead of doing real low-carb just go up to 50 carbs a day and maybe even work out around that period of time while you eat those carbs like maybe you do some more berries and I think that will actually assist you a little bit more if you wanted to kind of you know optimize.

Your insulin levels okay okay good all right there's an interesting question I was waiting for an interesting one I am well we've heard about the water fast and the dry fast and the egg fast and all of these different fast someone here is asking about a fat I'm on that okay now so basically you're you're gonna fast with.

Fat my fat is fasting right now it's like and I'm cleaning my oven at the same time okay alright alright so I I'm gonna basically we're getting the cleaning lady outside the door right the cleaning lady is outside the door so the Reviver I don't think we're gonna I did a video on that it was sort of funny but I think I think.

It was a he crossed the line you crossed the line by shooting the cleaning lady or pretending to shoot nè yeah so yeah they could they do this every single time I'm doing either a video or a show they start cleaning you wait until you show up right or the blower down there that we the the leaf blower guy he's always right outside thank you okay good.

So what was the question fat fast yeah well here's the thing I honestly I'm gonna be brutally honest with that question okay I don't have another data to tell you I think this camera here I don't have enough data to give you an opinion because I don't have a lot of experience with fat fasting okay alright let's go to the next question how was.

That I think you should get one from a caller I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the next caller right now which is actually been waiting for our 22 minutes let's see if we hey Kim Kim may ha are you there yet oh hello hi finally got ahold of you hi hi I had a question about the breathing while exercising when I go to the gym and I'm.

On the treadmill going fast sprinting my coach keeps telling us to breathe in from your nose and breathe out from your mouth and that just doesn't give me an air and and I also think that should be opposite so I wanted to see what do you think of that my thought is I think it's a very minor point in working out it's like out of all the things that you're.

Doing I don't think that's going to be a really big thing to focus on there's so many of these things that out there that you hear that oh you should be breathing this or doing that I'll give you I'll give you an example of one Karen oh one way to lose weight to burn more calories is to when you're watching TV at night digit as you're in the couch.

Fidgeting around more so you actually are more active and you can burn more calories lose more weight as you're eating popcorn you know only all these little things like it's like so trivial or how about this one – way to actually look skinnier – sit up tall they've done Studies on this you sit up tall you look skinnier like well looking skinnier sure.

But to focus to look skinnier you have the cheeks yeah Kim really I think that's a minor thing there are types of workouts Kim that you you can obstruct like hold your breath or obstruct your breathing so you're for it you're forcing yourself to breathe which actually expands your cardio for sure but that's a whole different topic so I.

Would just breathe naturally how you would breathe it to get enough air while you're working out but thanks for your call trust your judgment yeah thank you but breathing is a good thing when you're eating out definitely so continue to breathe I need to take a call from California Kwame is on the line do the question again hi dr. Barrick this is.

Quantum yes yes yes doctor yeah so basically my question is right now I've been doing three meals on the keto I've gone from six to three okay and then I'm still suffering in a woman and then I can't get a meal okay so I have first finish so we're go ahead so I have a question can you really quickly tell me what an average meal is what do you eat.

Yeah so in the morning would be for egg does it omelet and then I'll have like sardines about fourth gram of bacon and then our add to up to our powders okay is that for one meal that's four brick okay yeah that's what one meal okay all right and then last will be about a quarter off a cauliflower and then sardines or salmon and then I will do to.

Avocados again okay good there will be the same thing cauliflower and then some greens and then sardines or salmon and then after that I would do that you avocados or maybe sometimes I'll add macadamia that yesterday I last longer okay so there's two things I think I think you're on the right track I think it's gonna take more time and.

You're smart at doing this doing this over a period of time – your body adapts you're still in the adaptation phase proof for you to go from three doing three meals and still having a hard time going from one wheel to the next all that tells us that you have some probably some pretty severe insulin resistance okay that being said the real.

Key to make this work is the first meal of the day after the fast thing you do when you're sleeping I think you're having too much protein when you add I would I would only do the eggs okay as far as protein and then I would add instead of adding the sardines I would add more fat okay add more fat that is what you're missing right now and then.

As far as your avocados you realize an avocado has about 800 milligrams of potassium you need 4700 so one of the things that you're missing is potassium so I would add either a kale shake without sugar just a bunch of kale and maybe some electrolyte powder in there just to sweeten it up without the stuff that has no sugar or a bigger salad to.

Get the potassium the potassium is going to really help speed up the process of with your with your blood sugars and you can go longer and longer so I think just tweak it give it a little more time and I think you're gonna do fine but you're you're going at this at the right level okay and hey guys a little bit later we are going to give a free ticket away.

Later what what's so funny you laughing at me or laughing with me what did I say no it's not you I just have this question for you okay I'm ready for burning burning question yeah oh not that question no go ahead the remedy for our necks severe wants to.

Know how can I control nightfall that's a very common problem nowadays nightfall is creeping up out on us and after the night spring comes we'll have the nightfall I got it there you go how do i how do we control nightfall that's if I knew that would I be sitting here right now you would be a millionaire you know I couldn't not.

Control nightfall okay here's a question isn't fat the hardest thing to digest for the liver despite the energy source health versus strength and weight maintenance I don't understand that second question you're not gonna lie but the first one isn't that the hardest thing for the liver to digest true or false.

Well it really depends on what kind of fat that you're talking about there is a little truth to that because especially when you're starting out and you're not adapted if you're doing like primarily all saturated fats it might take a while for you to break that down but it's not really in the liver per se it's in the splits in the small intestine where you.

Have the gallbladder releasing the bile so it could be a strain a little bit on the production of bile for that breakdown in the pancreas so you know that's why the type of fat that you consume on this is is important one is the omega-3 fatty acids and I think probably a real good source of protein slash fat would be like salmon because.

There's a real good ratio as omega-3 and that's fairly easy to digest and then also the sardines very easy to digest but if you started adding a bunch of oil in there it could strain the gallbladder more than the liver so that is an important point but as you get going your system will adapt work and break down this fat a lot better okay.

You had another funny question go ahead what was it I'm really enjoying the the questions today why not turkey bacon okay so that brings up a can of worms turkey bacon is first of all it's why not it's lean it's too lean to leaner the protein the higher the insulin spike you want more of a fattier protein ideally.

This goes against you know what everyone says but the other thing about turkey Karen is you're going to make sure you have a good source of Turkey don't do the commercial you gonna have to do like some organic turkey higher-quality because the stuff they put in Turkey and chicken it's like I don't want to go there but I I recently did a video on.

That so I won't really we you know talk about that again but it's a much better source would be the grass-fed beef and also eggs are really good source and fish grass-fed fish how about that if we could find our ass that fish head I don't think grass fish is fed to fish nowadays it's mainly wild-caught right okay I haven't seen a grass a fish eat.

Grass not in the last couple weeks at least hey Mark you're from lake Monticello Virginia hey Mark hello say Wow that doesn't sound like Mark Oh a kiss mark angelic good morning Karen dr. bird good morning morning so um mark and I are huge fans thank you guys so much are loving the recipes you're putting on YouTube okay awesome.

Um well what we need help with is our naysayers and then this morning when I turned on the news they said that coconut oil is poison oh yeah that's the newest one yeah yeah let's just listen talk about that recent right today right I recently did a video and of course you know they just found out that low carbs will decrease your lifespan so I just.

Kind of did a video on that excited to respond to that because I mean that's kind of a bummer because now we have to delete all of our videos and we have to change I have to change the book now I have to take out that section now we're gonna recommend higher carbs and possibly what your plate the my the.

My plate so we have to add more grains to the diet you know because cattle actually is fed grains so yeah so that that was literally you know I almost don't want to risk I didn't want to respond to it but you know it's in the news I don't want to give these guys too much attention but you have to realize that a lot of vested interests yeah well.

But a lot of vested interest in you snacking and you having carbs and you having a cholesterol issue every time you go a little fat you're gonna go high carb so they're trying to go after you know coconut oil to put Doutzen Allyson oh my gosh I'm freaking out the fat blah blah blah that's actually it's it's like and I was thinking I saw some things on.

This recently I may be I should do a video I'm like no I'm not gonna even I don't think anyone believes that but the point is that the I had a point what's the point and it just went escaped me anyway the point will come but I have a point the point is you really have to you know you're gonna see a lot of this as keto and intermittent fasting becomes.

More and more popular you're gonna see more quote-unquote studies where they say all fat they you know resurrect the studies on fat and oh oh I came back I just remembered so anyway go ahead say your point okay the point is this now it's gone again oh I'm just kidding I'm just kidding now it's it's here um I get do you know where I get a lot of this.

Material that I use in the videos on a daily basis I get it from the news and I basically find out what they're recommending and I do the exact opposite and it seems to be truth so whatever you hear us the mainstream news you know it's completely utterly false because they never get so okay they someday I'll find out who.

They say right but the point is that it's just literally hysterical that's like comedy right the purpose of the news I'm oh watch it watch it yeah so the purpose of the news generally this is generalization because not all news is like this is to get you worrying so when you hear they studies now show you know yeah you have to do your own.

Research you have to you know find out what's happening but look tons and tons and tons of people are doing their own research by following ketogenic diet intermittent fasting and their blood levels are restoring their cholesterol is coming down they're losing weight they have more energy they're remedying all kinds of problems just by changing.

This so that's a study that's a study that I'm watching exactly right my thoughts exactly okay good all right so uh Alexandria from New Orleans is on the call and had a question about type 1 diabetes go ahead yes good morning doctor my husband is diabetic since 20 years ago he has high blood pressure too so I asked his.

Doctor if I can introduce him to this keto diet but his doctor call me crazy I want to hear a second opinion please yeah so here's something we we know something for sure someone's like not recommending it we know absolutely positively they do not even know what the word ketosis means I'll guarantee that they don't even know what the diet.

Is all they're thinking is what they hear from you know some new station that coconut is dangerous here's what you do you want to go to some of these medical doctor like dr. Westman website he's an MD you want to go to dr. lang like there's all these different dr. Fung and there's so many different.

Doctors out there that are doing keto right now Denver who else diet doctor calm there's all these medical doctors that you could probably work with because they have different site membership sites and you can work with these guys so that way you have the medical opinion if you have a medical.

Condition that are that really understand how to do this they're a health you should look that up it's a bunch of medical doctors who are getting unbelievable results with diabetics and you need someone who it's kind of like you wouldn't get advice from someone that unchilled Rijn if they've never had children before right.

You want to find some of those experience so for you to ask your doctor about diet in general they don't have the experience in food relating to the body they don't have they're not trained in food therapy at all so that's that's my two cents and I'm sticking to it all right so what do we have for some questions coming down the pike here are.

You running out of questions yeah no I but I am gonna say that don't fret if your question isn't answered you can take this question that you have and go to youtube the dr. Burke channel and put it in the search and find a video on it that's right there there is an answer to pretty much every single question that I'm reading including there was a.

Comment that no one is talking about cognitive function on the web with keto and intermittent fasting and that is just not the case should we give him the secret link maybe early no not that secret link the other secret link the secret link that's so secret media you forgot to tell me about it I don't even it's so secret only think I told you but.

Here's it if you go to dr. Burke comm /resources okay you will find one page that has every single YouTube video on keto and in a minute fasting that I've ever done on one page I did tell you about that you did but resources right dr. Burke calm force last resources check it out cognitive videos I have done cholesterol.

Yeah how to not gain weight how to not to lose any more weight on keto what if you're pregnant what if you're nursing I'm not to pour yourself a coconut oil how right how to live longer on keto despite what they say by the low-carb diet despite the low carb diet lots of videos lots of videos on there ok good what the problem is it works so well.

That they all they can do now is put a little doubts in your mind like ok we know that it does work but we never done studies long-term like ok so it works short term but not long term ok so and then start it short term and you just kept doing that for 30 years I just read this I just saw this video on a dietitian who did a video about ketones.

And saying well we know that everyone who does ketosis will eventually go off track and swing and other side and start getting the weight so you know it's just another fad I'm like what are you talking about so it's just it's just ridiculous I don't want to talk about it you've been talking about it I need to go to Joanne from Maryland she's been.

Waiting for 97 minutes is our neighbor Joanne go ahead oh it is so nice to talk to you too good morning Karen and dr. Burnham morning I am I am over the moon to be on this call this morning I've been following you too since May of this year I stumbled on a lot of Prayer actually live that showed me send me something and I came across you guys.

It's been a blessing to me I am so nervous and my heart is pounding Oh breathe that has been a new occurrence but anyway I'm doing well I've been eight weeks on keto well I was doing well until two weeks ago I had keto rash very very badly had a doctor's appointment yesterday I'm talking fast cuz I'm trying to get it and I know.

Other people are waiting my blood results came back cholesterol is high my doctor wanted me to add back the cholesterol pill she knows I'm not on my she wasn't exactly excited about it but she wasn't as mad as I thought she would be she was asking me about the supplements I'm taking and I ran them down to and she was adrenal you know.

Adrenal cortisol support you know and what's in it so luckily for me I've been have a vision problem been taking vitamin A thanks to your advice anyhow the cholesterol let me just give you the numbers it's it's now lvl 359 HDL 52 triglycerides 1 2 5 the good news is my vitamin D level did go up and went up from a 22 last checked in May to a sixty.

Three point five on your d3 and k2 supplement and I got honestly say I've only been taking the vitamin d3 and k2 your supplement for only a month so and I had been stopped taking the pharmaceutical vitamin D so I know that had no impact I actually told her that because she was all excited that her pill finally worked no no it didn't it.

Was an interesting dialogue with her previously in May my LDL was 147 HDL was 57 and triglycerides was 130 so she wasn't back to spilling I'm confused and I don't know what to do and I bought coline for Kido rash it's been a week on that and not any real read okay so here's what you do John for the kita rash you need B vitamins whatever you're.

Taking now you might be taking them take more nutritionally you just going to take more B vitamins that should get rid of the key to rest we got to make sure also that your bowels are working good there's no constipation because that also can back up toxicity if you still have q2 rash after about two weeks of doing that then it's really the toxins.

Coming out of the fat in which case you want to take something like bentonite clay on an empty stomach in between meals okay so that should handle that now as far as this cholesterol thing I hope you can make it to the keto healthy summit which is in Maryland by the way right down the street you have no excuse yeah because let me tell you why Dave.

Feldman who is awesome he's going to be covering this cholesterol confusion to the nth degree you're gonna fully understand what's going on it's your cholesterol is supposed to go up your triglycerides are supposed to go up when you do this because guess what's in a fat cell triglycerides and cholesterol how are we.

Gonna get that out well finally you're finally burning fat it's going to be coming out it's gonna have to come out to the liver it's going to increase in the blood stream there's no other way like this whole concept of you're finally tapping into your fat an average person never really taps into the fat so as the fat cell shrinks it has to get.

Rid of this stuff so you really got to look at the context of what's going on a much better test a much better test to focus on is your fasting insulin if you really want to know that's probably greatly improved and also the calcium scoring tests on your heart like do that test and then that'll actually give you a much better.

Indication of your heart but hope you can make it to the summit and love to meet you Joanne and thanks for your question all right okay so I have Glenn on YouTube and he's he throat through in a comment here that you changed your viewpoint oh I know on whole fat organic unsweetened probiotic yogurt whole fat.

Unsweetened probiotic yogurt yeah now I have submit I know what did I change it to Glenn did not mention that Glenn now you got me in the hot seat I'm assuming Glenn is saying that now you're in favor of it and I have information because my house is a laboratory yeah and right now there's a lot of yogurt makers around chert in the kitchen so let me just.

Clarify this point I'm constantly constantly experimenting things to see what works what doesn't work as far as yogurt it has too much sugar we don't want to recommend it so there's another yogurt you can make it's a 24-hour yogurt under low heats that deletes all the lactose so you can have like a sugar-free yogurt and that's what.

We're making now which is great it's great but here's the thing with with yogurt and even cheese you you can you can't overdo it you could overdo it especially because there's there's even no it's hormone free it's still you know comes from a pregnant cow so you actually could elevate hormones by just because it's a milk milk product so you.

Have to be careful not to overdo it with the dairy especially for men with concern about prostate stuff or you're at risk for cancer just because it's kind of a hormonal thing so a small amount is fine make sure it's grass-fed but I will be doing this video on this yogurt which by the way is quite delicious wouldn't you say yeah she.

Doesn't like it it is sour sucking a lemon a lemon like the lemon is lemon that's because I had a lemon to it no I did it's very much it is beyond tart it is the tar Deus I love it I love that tart I can't eat it I like sour yogurt with not sweet I love that well I don't think it's sweet but I don't I don't like it tart ever so maybe.

If there was stevia added or something put some sugar yeah hey by the way the United Arab Emirates is on board right now Slovenia Japan lavinia laughs waiting for them to come by well they showed up awesome yeah good well let's go to Vancouver with Susan okay I like that like we're going to then we're going to Vancouver hi Cesar.

Now in Vancouver hi how are you guys hey yeah um I have a question about inositol yeah yeah I started taking it last week and I have a blood-pressure machine because I have that high blood pressure so I check it twice a day and I went from 115 over 65 all the way up to 160 over nine the other way I don't know with that okay so.

Are you on keto and fasting yet yeah okay and then you're taking an acetal yeah not so tall is a it's actually like a sweet vitamin it's very similar to glucose but it's not glucose it's one of the B vitamins it actually helps burn fat it's good for a lot of things ovarian health it's good for blood.

Sugar's but I think that's going to be a not the big thing that's gonna help you with the blood pressure and again I'm just gonna give you some advice for you and your medical doctor to do research on I'm not telling you to do this but for blood pressure I always recommend looking in the area of a lot more potassium intent electrolyte powder also.

The other thing it's not a hint potassium powder okay so the other thing is that when you do longer-term fasting if you can go one meal a day maybe you're doing that already maybe you're not that will greatly greatly help your blood pressure and just give it more time that's really what I would focus on if I were you but thanks for your call.

Susan okay so we have also Jordan Australia New Zealand Washington State awesome that's where our reign I lived in Washington State I know Lynwood I never tell you that I think this comes up every week it rained a little bit too much but it was beautiful right it's rainy there not like in Virginia in Virginia where it's.

Been raining every day every single day of this summer yeah it's once you give me another question a simple one this one somebody can actually know how to answer know the answer to okay so there there was a really good one here but you know they're flying in so fast let's see let me find it because I liked it.

Okay while you're looking for that I will go right to Emily oh now I got it okay good my MD says that Quito will I'm assuming the word is cause blood sugar issues in the long run because once my cell absorbs fat is that's okay once my cell absorbs fat as part of the keto diet they won't be able to absorb sugar and it will cause more sugar in.

The bloodstream I'm not buying what she says but can you respond do I have to now okay so here's the thing this is a just another this is an this is another thing that I think that falls back on what we're gonna be talking about the summit there's this gross misunderstanding about how insulin works keto and I F as a primary goal.

Lower the dominating hormone that makes this fat which is insulin so for someone to say that keep the long-term will increase your blood sugars is has just a severe misunderstanding about this I mean we're working with tens of thousands of people we get probably ten success stories a day coming in on the site and people they're losing weight.

Blood sugars are great I mean over and over and over I don't even thinking there was one time it didn't work so it's just it's ridiculous so here's the thing anyone can say anything about anything and it doesn't make it true and just because someone graduated from some University with a degree doesn't also.

Make it true you have to see what they're saying so anyway the truth is in results what I would do if I were you I would do this and then see what they say see what they advise if you want do it their way for a month and see which way works better and that way you know for sure you know cuz they're gonna say well you know you need more carbs to lower.

Your blood sugar I'm like what because Aikido is low carb so why would we go high carb to lower blood sugar that's like let's put gasoline on the on the fuel to actually put it out right just another note a lot of people are commenting on this report they say coconut oil is poison we already talked about that I'm not gonna have to do a.

Video on that you're gonna probably have to do a video on that I'll do a video and um they say a lot of things I think you guys watch too much news I think you probably watch you you have to turn the news off for a week and see how you feel yeah that's a that's a dare I will bet you anything next week they're gonna say avocados now have been found to cause.

Cancer and too much salad yeah it's going to deplete you of iodine or something like that right right okay hey Emily you're from Hilton Head South Carolina you had a question go ahead hi I just wanted to say thank you guys for everything you really helped transform like my life and all of my my family and friends are all doing keto and.

Intermittent fasting and it's wonderful I'm so praise Jesus for you guys but my husband and I are trying to conceive the baby and I was wondering if and I saw your video briefly on keto during breastfeeding and everything but would you say keto and or intermittent fasting is safe or good for pregnancy good question I'm gonna be doing a live event.

On this topic I probably would not do anything crazy with in a minute fasting I would do three meals a day and that's the version of intermittent fasting I would do and then I would do healthy keto it's totally important to do that because you know you're recommending all the fat soluble vitamins healthy fats because if you do this if you go low-fat.

When you're when you're trying to get pregnant probably are going to become infertile the size of the infant's brain is correlated to with with trace minerals like iodine and also the amount of sugar so if you're you know women are doing high sugar going into pregnancy it can craze create atrophy and even a high risk factors for getting.

Diabetes so so yes keto is the healthiest thing to grow a healthy baby and make sure your fertile dock in our office can I can I mention how many women that you've gotten pregnant right yeah I just mention that this is potentially a sore subject but not really he's gotten a lot of a lot of women press really I know that sounds.

Bad but is for a good cause but it was it what it's true yeah now let me just let me just do a caveat on that there's all diet advice ok diet advice and that was it okay but it was amazing because we had so many women that came in changed their eating plan they they got pregnant like that in fact we had we had people from.

Saudi Arabia fly in oh yeah high levels of infertility come in get pregnant I mean just so their fertility has a lot to do with your diet and so eating keto healthy version of that is what you want to do but thanks for your your call all right so what do we got okay someone from Russia I'd love to know how to say.

Your name I love to listen go ahead give us Russian people give it us at speak Russian I just I love it that's cut pro p.m. I think it's you Cunha yeah I'm right okay what's up okay so you should call in from Russia so that we can hear you speak good day dr. Berg from Russia there's not many studies in Russia about.

Keto question is can I use the keto diet if I have congenital folded gallbladder that's a question you've never had no I haven't even heard of a full gallbladder but I will say that in general Quito and if' are really really good especially if' in a minute fasting for the gallbladder because you're giving the gallbladder a chance.

To heal an entire digestive system works under something this is a new word guys I don't want to geek out on you but it's called the parasympathetic nervous system eat that's rest and digests okay so you can improve the digestion by not feeding it every hour and a half and it can actually finally rejuvenate heal in fact.

I'm gonna be doing a webinar coming up on in a minute fasting and the benefits of that I'm going to be talking about stem cell stem cells which is a whole new thing and about a can of worms stem cells those are undifferentiated cells those are cells I don't have a purpose yet that have to turn into alright and it would come to the the webinar and.

You'll you'll learn about it the webinar it's no it's a live webinar coming you that yield that you can check it out but of course at the summit we're gonna extensively talk about it okay good all right okay good so um I'm gonna go to where's your why are you looking at this I mean I think it's your turn okay I'm gonna caller.

Shea Lee's from Pennsylvania had a question Ansel tucky hi there dr. Berg and Karen okay I am a huge fan of you have helped me tremendously in my Kido journey awesome I started her in April of this year and since then I've lost 23 pounds yeah outside of focus I try to focus mainly on like keeping the way off not so much.

Lucy an additional town and I've started like intermittent fasting I've been learning a lot and applying a lot and sharing what I know with those interested in knowing what I'm doing I recently had my physical and I was excited when my lab results came back perfect it was like passing a test with flying colors I'm originally from Panama.

And a lot of information about the killer genic diet this just not available there my best friend from Panama was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and that she had shared with me in her case it's hereditary so it's not it's really based on what she eats her doctor then placed her on a low to no fat diet and I don't he knows what.

He doe is so when I shared you know my Kido journey with her and she shared that with her doctor I don't think that you know flew with him so my question is is it possible to have hereditary high cholesterol and get on the ketogenic diet and hopefully get good results would this change you know this would this change her condition resulting in a.

Reduced cholesterol well that's a really good question I I didn't interview with a guy who had hereditary high cholesterol and he did this same thing and his cholesterol went up and then as he lost weight it started coming down down down to normal levels so that was like quite amazing there's going to be more and more research on this but.

Here's the thing that I would I would recommend that you focus on I would recommend that you focus on and telling her to lowering the carbohydrates because the when you lower carbohydrates you instantly drop the cholesterol and so I hope maybe even you be since you're close to Virginia can come down in the summit or even have her come up because.

We will be covering this topic hardcore at the summit so and then all your questions will be answered but the short answer is it's not going to be a bad thing to do at all because you're going to drop your your your carbs and there's been some great success even with with hereditary type problems with cholesterol but thanks for your call all.

Right so yeah what character what's up are you okay ah do we do we pick a winner here okay guys so listen we just picked a random winner for the kitto summit the healthy quito summit coming up silver this is exciting and the winner is Joanne Cook from Maryland yes yeah awesome you said we'd see her at the.

Summit you didn't realize is this the person that we talked to yeah oh it's just it's finally connecting I'm connecting the dots this is awesome this is awesome well this is exciting I can't wait to see her there in person there you go okay very good done all right well well Oh Joanne oh we.

Have your email never mind yeah okay alright so now now what you I feel like we're we're wandering we're we're wandering without a plan of action that's why we have to rehearse these and script it out and more and drill it which is completely unscripted so I want to go to why you're trying to sort out all this I'm gonna go to Adriana from.

Aurora Colorado you had a question go ahead so I spent doing Aikido for two and a half months and I have lost my menstruation hmm and you're complaining about that and I know I've heard well I've heard that maybe I need to add fat to my diet but then I also want to lose weight so I'm kind of in the middle of.

What what should I do right so have you had other benefits that were positive I have lost a lot of inches I feel really good but then I also want to conceive okay so yeah what do you want to do what you want to do is you want to start to add more not just regular fat you want to add high quality of fats you want to add a.

Good amount of omega-3 fatty acids this other fat called DHA I would do a virgin cod liver oil I would so we just need to go up with the fats one of the things that happens and this is temporary – when you do this when you especially when you're adding in a minute fasting your body it's a kind of like a stress but it's a good.

Stress so because you're like starving it but the body starts changing these pathways these metabolic pathways to repair and rejuvenation and sometimes it changes the pathways from reproduction to more these pathways over here so I think it's a temporary thing I think you just need to keep going add more fat because even like people complain of.

Getting cold on in a minute fasting and they think oh my gosh my thyroid is now becoming diseased this is bad for the endocrine system no no this is not bad at all because if you check your pituitary hormones for thyroid thyroid stimulating hormone nearly all the time it'll be normal and that's how they diagnosis low thyroid so what's really.

Happening is your body is adapting and shifting and you're not needing it's becoming more efficient you're not needing as much energy for certain endocrine hormones and things like that so there is definitely a shift I would add more fat and then maybe even if you're at really really low carbs go up a little bit more but just don't go over.

50 grams okay and I think you're gonna be fine but good question we are going to be discussing the endocrine system in relationship to intermittent fasting and healthy ketosis at the summit that's good because probably a lot of people think about the endocrine system it's an interesting topic to me right so as long.

As I'm interested what is it what is the endocrine system Karen if I knew that would I be sitting here right now now the endocrine system is a series of glands that send hormones between them it's that it's a superior communication system of the body even more superior than the nervous system hmm and so.

Basically it's a bunch of little things that are talking and a bunch of little things that are listening okay that's all you need to know okay okay so do you have any questions no but sudra caron says please tell dr. Berg that we blanking love him well I blank and love you too there's a lot of hearts after that blinken love.

Back at you yes okay good there's so many questions but why are you looking for one I want to go to Erica she's been well you got to be right quick so hey Erica the love was more important from Houston Texas hi what was your question hi um I have high blood pressure and I am type two diabetic and I've been on the diet for.

About I'll say now five to six this will be the sixth week okay and I've been experiencing a lot of brain fog throughout the day and I was persistent or less it's like not a mental clarity I can't explain it cuz I've never felt that before it's kind of like spaced out kind of feeling mm-hm and I don't know how to go about that being that I have.

High blood pressure which is recently diagnosed so what I was doing there kiddo just diet I have a question yeah have you noticed any changes in your blood sugars doing this absolutely yes I did you know what they normally tell you to do with the weeds and the grains and all that but in those one or two hundred ranges but now like I feel good when my.

Body's at eighty you know my fasting glucose is about 79 80 Wow and are you on medication they took me off within two weeks that I'd started heat up they took me off of it it took me off awesome Wow okay good so here's here's what you do Erica and I like your name Erica by the way so again this is information to share with you.

And your doctor to do research I'm not telling you to do this intent here's what you do you need more potassium and B vitamins the brain fog is the B vitamins the blood pressure's potassium if you've been a diabetic we know for a fact that you have been depleted b1 and potassium big-time so you need to put back large.

Amounts of those two things I like the electrolyte powder and I also like the nutritional yeast tablets and those two together I think will bring you out of that fog and that will support blood sugars well I wouldn't do the sea salt until her blood pressure's down but I wouldn't I wouldn't be afraid of it I would just would I would do the.

Potassium right now hardcore and I think that's gonna help you so do that and let's see what happens all right good okay Karen so so what if you had frozen shoulder yeah what if you have it now I think the question is can can key to our if' help frozen shoulder that you would ever say anything that anything could cure.

Anything yeah honestly I I've not seen a big connection with that there might be I just have not because I'm not in practice anymore I don't see that and I haven't looked for it there's a possibility as a connection I know there's other theories about it but it it does take and I've done a video on frozen shoulder some techniques to help.

But I don't have enough data to tell you for sure so can you give me an easier question that I might know okay here's one you're gonna love this one good I'm told I need to have fruits in my diet this is from violet she was probably told by they all right let's just wait I'm healing a non alcoholic liver mm-hmm.

Yeah that's why I cut them out right exactly it makes sense because fructose has another little path that goes through the liver and it can act just like alcohol on the liver function so that's why you don't want to have if you have a liver problem you don't want to do fruit or fructose now for fruit by the way guys we're gonna do an.

Experiment okay we're gonna do an experiment with people that have normal blood sugars and people that don't and what we're gonna do is we're gonna have them eat a couple pieces of fruit and then we're gonna have them the next day eat a couple candy bars and we're gonna show you how much fruit will spike the blood sugars we need when you say that.

And you're pointing at me who are you thinking you you're you're the guinea pig you didn't know I didn't tell you yeah I didn't give you the memo all right well we'll talk about this later but what happens fruit will spike your blood sugar and it'll totally keep you out of keto I don't recommend fruit I really don't and especially if the.

Hi-bred it's just really loaded with sugar some berries it's fine but the fruit the fruit Tosun fruit is pretty bad for blood sugars and also agave right that's even worse it's like it's like worse than table sugar because it's 98% fructose which is way more deadly than glucose I did a video on that Karen if.

You wanted to see that okay all right so Emily you're from Temple Texas go ahead you two question yeah radiation or cancer in 1992 it's been a long time and I'm now I fixed all of my other problems like I had adrenal symptoms and all that we took the quiz and I'm just half that worried symptoms my thyroid gland was in the radiation field my pituitary my.

Hypothalamus all on radiation field for the cancer but here we are 20 20 years out I really would like to get off of the thyroid medication because I feel like it's not doing me any good and at this point my thyroid should have healed from that I wanted to know I found a doctor that will help me through that but I.

Kind wanted to know what to look for as far as if it's not working and I need to continue the medication and what to look for as far as this is working and we can continue because my doctor's never done this she's like well we can draw it right like I think what you need is you just need some some tips and things to do to get it in a healing mode right now.

And so there's three things that you want to do number one seek help seek help seek help and then number two cruciferous even know it does tend to deplete item but you don't to worry about that because you're taking the sea kelp to replace it so because the cruciferous is going to repair damage from radiation and then the third thing.

Is some pretty hardcore in a minute fasting why because in a minute fasting has the potential to increase stem cells which actually can help repair and not just that it can actually do a lot of other things that we're going to talk about at the summit okay guys go to healthy quito health summit calm because we're gonna be at the summit it's gonna.

Be awesome Hobart we're both we're gonna we're gonna show up going we're gonna think we're gonna show up we might make an appearance but yeah it's gonna be a blast perfect time of the year the fall and filled with information that you need to know wave it hey Terry what's a Terry I'm Terry he's flapping oh now.

He's circling yeah what does that mean that means have a great Friday a great weekend sleek Quito on
Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto
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