Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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hey guys welcome back it's Friday morning and I want to we're back here we're gonna talk about Quito in a minute fasting bring your questions the number is 866 five six one four two nine two and again I have to say this anything that I say is not meant to diagnose or act as medical advice check with your.

Doctor this isn't in for your own research to give you ideas to kind of further you know do deeper research into your your health problems okay we've got a lot of calls and we're gonna jump right in so we're gonna go to Sanjay Sanjay from Columbia Maryland go ahead Sanjay you're on oh hello dr. Berg hi hi good afternoon to you and I just have.

Wanted to thank you for all your videos but I want to personally thank you for finally giving me the solution to solve my diabetes problem Wow and I just wanted to just share that that success with you Wow did you have time yeah I had type 2 diabetes was diagnosed in 2016 and before that I was going.

Through a lot of back pain and I got three cortisone shots and I think that increased my blood sugar which led to diabetes and my like sugar when I meant my detected it it was like in 300 Wow and so in 26 2016 my my even see was about eight point eight and then I started eating metformin immediately I was on the highest toast like 2,000 mg.

Per day Wow and then yeah was on it for like year and a half until I found you in October of last year and I was looking for a solution how to solve these diabetes problem because I knew it could be solved so and then I went on your plan eating seven to ten cups of salad and all the other things you do tell in other videos.

Like I followed all of them and also amended myself heavily on all the things on potassium on B vitamins on nutritional yeast everything everything you said like chromium manganese awesome yeah so so now I just got the numbers I wanted to show you I just want to share with you quickly so last August I got my work done and my blood sugar was fasting.

Blood sugar was 123 and and my my fasting insulin was 8.3 and my c-reactive protein was four point eight eight it was the rest range was zero to three okay it's called c-reactive protein cardiac and and my triglycerides were 292 HDL was 41 which was a little above 39 is the basic and then my VLDL something.

Called very low density lipoprotein that was 58 very high that was in August of last year then I started your program in October and now I got it done couple weeks ago yeah and my fasting glucose is 97 Wow and and also my even see was six points for like from eight one eight it had gone down to six point four Sanjay this is incredible incredible incredible.

I hate to just cut you off but there's uh I just have so many callers but this is amazing well well done on this it just proves that you can you can turn this stuff around and I wanted just to say one quick thing is that the thing I think that's missing in healthcare is a doctor doesn't ask what are you eating and then give you the right information.

It's mainly let's prescribe let's treat it without understanding what's causing it Sanjay thank you so much for your success store that is awesome all right cool hey Ruth you're from Texas you've been waiting for sixty minutes go ahead you're on the line it's my pleasure either way I started your program in August and I.

Was also pre-diabetic and I noticed immediately when I started that my blood Sugar's went down quite easily just with vegetables and protein and healthy fats I eventually got to one meal a day in January and now I do one to two meals a day but what I've noticed recently is that it seems that my insulin has become more sensitive in that I can feel my.

Fingers stiff at night my hips and knees you know and then it seems like now my sugar is going back up my diet hasn't changed I'm still just on vegetables but like cucumbers carrots even even the protein itself seems to be raising it and I don't know it's if I mean maybe it's the supplements good the only thing I've changed is supplements I've added.

Stuff to help with energy and mood you know like the l-tryptophan the pantothenic acid been fo to mean those are the things that I've added would that affect my insulin and the reason this dose of sugar no but the owl tryptophan is a protein which can influence that so that that could be one thing it's one of those things that we.

Want to isolate what it is so we have to almost like take away one thing at a time or test one thing at a time because you're doing so many things we don't know that like if you're sure who went up but you started having really good improvements let's say you feel great your arthritis.

Went away that would be one thing but if you said you're getting more stiffness then this is what I think could go on I don't know if it's more insulin I think what could be happening is that it might be higher levels of ketones that could be increasing more of your pH like your pH could be off a little bit in which case you may want to try to add some.

A little bit more calcium magnesium to counter the pH even some people are predisposed to uric acid they could have a little bit more uric acid and feel a little more arthritic from being on keto so we want to alkalize them a little bit so that's one thing I would test but I think with you I would have to just isolate one thing at a time because.

There's so many things going on and then and then see what what aggravates it take one thing away or or add one thing either way and then see what what can do to resolve this is the stiffness the only thing that is worsening it or is or worsen or is there other things that are also an issue like cravings anything like that.

What well I'm still feeling sleepy after a meal that's why I did that the insulin okay okay and and I just have kind of let it go simply because I'm eating good I mean I don't even do the cicchitto treats or the fat bomb mine is just purely salad the seven to ten cup three ounces of protein and then a cooked vegetable yeah I even drink the the.

Shakes and I'll put the I'll put the sprouted flax seeds and the nutritional yeast and lemon juice and we'll blend it all up and drink that so I feel pretty confident about my diet because like I said I'm not doing any cheat foods now again recently I'm just saying this past week I've had more of the sugar cravings so I know that means the sugars high but.

I don't understand why it would be high if I'm still eating vegetables and me yeah so this is today it's like two things I would look at one is um if you still have this it just means that you're still in that phase where there's still some issues with insulin insulin resistance it's going to take some more time that's one thing the other thing.

That I would also look at is to add something called betaine hydrochloride in addition to your cider vinegar is good because it could be we need to help you digest that food a little bit better and that that speeds things up tremendously but I think you're still in that phase where it's gonna take a little bit more time because if you.

Still crave that's the that's the area that we need to look at the other thing that the other guy mentioned – not completely forgot he start developing blood sugar problems when he when he had some cortisol which actually spikes the insulin so the other thing is I would look at is like stress quality of sleep.

Your workouts start working on those things as well that can make a big difference okay thanks for youth appreciate your your question that was really good we're gonna go right to Zach from Missouri hey Zach hi there how's it going good okay my main question here is about ketosis and also fasting I want to.

Know as a type one diabetic what determines being in ketosis or fasting is it the insulin presence is a high blood glucose or is it both together and I'm also wondering I actually take a few units of insulin and it'd be the same as someone else that doesn't have type 1 diabetes if they were to eat less than 15 grams of sugar in a day but it affect.

Both people the same good question so here's how it works what what makes someone go into ketosis is the lack of insulin it's the absence or the reduction of insulin so you say well reductions of carbs yeah because it triggers insulin so it's the insulin lack that puts you into a keto State that's the big factor so when you take.

Insulin that'll bump you out of it even though it brings your blood Sugar's down that insulin in the in the blood will keep you out of ketosis does that make sense absolutely so then so can I actually have a sugar and still be in ketosis if I don't have the insulin could you have a blood sugar problem and still be in.

Ketosis that could I have a oh and still well typically if the sugars are high you're not going to be on ketones because your body's gonna always go after the sugar as a priority first you know so no matter what so if there's high sugar it's gonna go after that to utilize this as fuel until it brings it down and then it starts burning ketones.

So in the ah the presence of both it's it's this is the priority right here so that's why you have to kind of eat up some of that sugar or glycogen before you even tap into the ketones or the fat that you want to turn convert into ketones yeah okay great okay thanks Zach good question yep.

All right let's go to Devon from Wisconsin what part of Wisconsin you from Devon I'm from Waukesha okay yeah that's that's not too far away from Kenosha where I was from originally so alright so uh I just had a question about cheat meals now I know cheat meals are not something that you know you endorse and I definitely don't either I.

Don't I don't I don't do cheat meals really ever I'm by the way I'm on keto and intermittent fasting I've been doing it for over a month now pretty well and so my birthday is actually coming up in a few days and I feel like the one day out of the year I can get away with you know allowing myself to cheat a little bit as you know your birthday yeah so my.

Grandma makes you know really nice sweets and so I am gonna cheat a little bit but my question is how can i bounce back from that cheat meal like can I eat a certain thing or can I you know can i what can I do to help my body get back where it needs to be after this mega cheat meal got it okay so so there's two things like you could cheat from sugar.

One you can cheat or refined carbs and you can cheat drinking alcohol what's this little actually a lot worse so let's say you're just your grandma is going to make some cake or something you're going to eat it what you want to do is you want to burn up that sugar as well as you can and you basically go go out and do a workout and just utilize.

Let the workout maybe a good solid hour workout burn up all that store sugar fast and get it out of the system that's one thing the other thing is that the refined sugars tend to deplete B vitamins so if you were to take nutritional yeast that would help you it's a quick way to bounce back and then you just get right back on it but you.

Just want to make up the damage by by eating better than you normally eat and then stay consistent after that but you notice it'll kind of take you out if you're just doing it for a day I probably bump you out for a day or two and then you'll get right back on it's totally fine I'll give me an example I was traveling with my wife and we were.

Down we're experiment our next round of ice cream which is kind of was a disaster I'm gonna do a video on that but anyway we like there was nothing to eat like in the airport so there's one restaurant and this guy brought these wings out and there was like sugar coated I'm like oh great you know so kind of rubbed off as.

Much of this stuff off these wings and I consumed them but I can tell like after that no this is not good so it took me out for a whole day but of course I you know I'm fine now so yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't make a big deal out of it so just don't make a habit of it okay thanks Devon appreciate your question let's go to Calvin he's been waiting for.

Thirty minutes you're from Portland hey Calvin hello I'm diabetic and I've been on the kita in the end of the program for about seven weeks with no trace of ketones I take two kinds of insulin the fast-acting and the slow acting and my question is can the fast-acting insulin actually keep me from going into ketosis.

Good question have you had any improvement in your your waist size or other body improvements yes I have lost a little bit of girth around my stomach but as far as the weight no I haven't lost any weight at all really but I can't I get no trace of ketones in my year when I test at all yeah let me tell you why go ahead.

Negative okay let me tell you why Calvin when you're I'm your dot type one obviously right well type to tattoo and you're on them that much insulin Wow thirty six units of NPH and sixteen units ass part which is the fact that collecting Wow are you also on metformin no no I've been consistently on insulin since 2004 okay so here's what here's.

What's happening this is basically we're dealing with a chronic problem a big problem that's going to take a lot more time with you and the reason why the ketones aren't showing up is because the insulin will block and inhibit and shut down the ability for your body to jump right into ketones so I think the goal with you as a first step is to make it.

So your body needs less insulin okay so you're doing the right thing you should find that as you do this your blood sugar should start coming down and the need for insulin comes down that's your first step because the high amounts of insulin that you are exposing yourselves that's just as damaging if not worse than the high sugar yeah so you're gonna.

Have to give it more time but the key is to start gravitating towards what I'm recommending which is the moderate protein low carb and a lot of vegetables okay a lot of vegetables and healthy fats because you're gonna what we don't want to do is if you if your body is going to the point where it's not making enough insulin you have to take more we.

Don't want the pH that's called lactic acidosis lay the high levels of or ketoacidosis to start going to high so that's the only thing you want to watch for is your pH you know they say well you're on type type one but it'd be interesting to see if your pancreas can make any insulin at all because once that doesn't make.

An insulin you're kind of considered a type 1 and type 2 so that's what I would do get back just stick with the program give it more time the fact that your waist is shrinking that's a good thing so you're it's working it's just slower I would watch more of my videos keep refining it keep maybe taking more nutrition and definitely get.

Benfotiamine it's a type of bee wand that will protect your cells from all that massive insulin and blood sugar your body's is exposed to been vote to me okay Forex the dose that you can buy it online read the instructions thanks Calvin hey guys also there's a great body type.

Quiz you can take we put a link down below so you can take your quiz and then find out what body type you are and then you watch that appropriate video just to tailor-make in your what you should be doing in addition to the basic sceeto and them in the fasting so so that's what we want to add that body type of information in there alright so now.

We're gonna go to dela from Virginia Charlottesville hey Dilla good afternoon dr. Berg thanks for taking my call sure so I just like to say thank you for your videos and your layman's way of explaining the keto and if' plan and I hope you continue to do this great work because it certainly made a difference in my life I am 55.

Years old I'm new to this way of eating I just started in March and so far I've lost thirty pounds and I'd like to lose probably thirty more I think the thing that I'm most interested in seeing is if the setpoint that you refer to actually applies to me I've uryo dieted for as long as I can remember well yeah I mean um I think you know you always talk.

About something sort of tragic happening in your life that sort of starts the whole gaining weight process and for me when I was eight years old I can look at my third grade picture and see that I put on a lot of weight and I had a tonsillectomy that was a pretty traumatic surgery there parts am i waking up that I don't even.

Remember I have a anyway it was I think that's what did it for me and also my sister who's five years older than me so she would have been 13 and my mom put her on her first diet and of course I wanted to do what they were doing and just set off a whole cycle of bad eating in exactly and I've done every diet you can think of from you know Nutrisystem.

Cabbage do you name it I've done it and and I'm usually successful at losing weight my problem is maintaining so because because as soon as I eat it goes right back to what I think you call this set point it goes to that number do you know men are wanting to lose more weight I do I do to get yes okay so I.

Have a little tip for you okay so here and that's your main question is how do you kind of speed things up through the setpoint well I just want to make sure that it's gonna get changed because you know I haven't strayed from this at all because my gosh it's so easy yeah you know really compared to the other things that I've done there's a couple things.

I'm gonna have you do okay you ready for this okay yeah you're sitting down yeah so we'll give you officially the award of trying the most diets and so you definitely want to validate you have a triple a for attempted weight-loss programs so well done on that now you're switching over the information like just smarter information to get better.

Results right you've already lost weight so now what you have to realize is that you know it's just a matter of time and tweaking and improving probably watching the videos you're getting a lot of ideas but as you improve insulin resistance that is directly correlated to dropping that setpoint so it's going to be easier and easier to lose more and more weight.

Because really the big barrier to losing weight and dropping more weight is the darn insulin that's high from the insulin resistance your body's just a feedback loop let's make it more so that's all you really have to focus on there's a video that I did that shows all the triggers to insulin high insulin and and you should watch that and then.

See what I recommend to reverse that but there's one more thing you mentioned tonsillectomy which by the way I know this might sound strange but a lot of people gain weight after a tonsillectomy like why would that be well it's a trauma in the body I think if I'm not mistaken I may have a video on this even though that was in the past you might.

Want to get the massage tool that I have and work on the back of the neck right behind the underneath the skull because that that actually stimulates the points that surround the area of where the tonsils were I know it sounds weird but I've been very successful in stimulating that point even years later after tonsillectomy not to regrow your.

Tonsils but just to help your delta-wave sleep it seems to put a tremendous amount of relaxation in your body to get deeper in the sleep because old traumas and surgeries tend to kind of keep you from sleeping deeply just try that out and I just I'm real curious to see how much progress I've done this before here's.

The here's the torture I mean the treatment device put that right on the back of the neck and you put that because you want to work on the opposite points and the only reason to bring it up because I had a lady came in she's same deal she's tried everything she actually went in 500 calories and lost no weight so the oh I says when did it.

Start she goes after a tonsillectomy when I was a kid I'm like okay let's work on that area of your body and her husband is like looking at me like yeah right this is really gonna work guess what it was the only thing that helped her start losing weight so he goes I don't understand it but it worked so try that okay della thanks alright so.

We're gonna go right to carry from California you had a deep detox question go ahead Tara Kari hello dr. Byrd thank you for all your advice um I'm trying a detox I'd like to try a detox and what do you think would be best diatomaceous earth activated charcoal or bentonite clay oh and and I am on keto – okay.

Good you know the the damages earth is is good to help you with more of a microbial imbalance it does help with toxins true but the bentonite clay I think is the probably the best deep like absorbing detox because of what happens it's it's not absorption it's adsorption so it actually ionically attaches a lot of particles and chemicals around that.

Clay like a big magnet and it pulls it out of the body but it has to be taken on an empty stomach the charcoal is also good as well but the other thing that I would recommend Kari is if you're detoxing a lot of these chemicals in the liver and the fat tissue are fat Seibel and they're stuck in there and you don't necessarily want.

To pull them out too fast you want to grab them come out but there's this system in the body that is involved with enzymes that you can basically take these enzymes and turn a poison into a harmless particle from a step one phase one phase two detoxification and your your liver already makes these enzymes but you can stimulate them and actually.

Get more in your system by consuming cruciferous so if you were to take a juicer and juice cruciferous vegetables and consume that each day you probably would accelerate the process of breaking down these chemicals from the liver especially like the pesticides insecticides herbicides fungicides I did this as an experiment with daikon radish.

12 ounces of course that was way too much I would never do that maybe boost it a little bit of juice and then you can do that over a period of time but talk about a spicy drink on steroids yeah I will not do that again because it burned all the way down awesome question hey guys we're on tune in if you go to tune in you can find us on the radio I.

Think that's a app that you can get as well and we're also on anchor app to listen in so that way you can be driving or whatever or walking and listen to the shows alright alright so now we're gonna go right to a man from Bahrain you had a question hello good morning dr. Bhatt good.

Morning yeah watching loads and loads of your video getting all the information and support from your videos thanks for that once again I have lost 30 points from to detail February onwards initially I have started doing keto for weight loss but I can say not that I'm doing keto for all the health benefits I'm getting like.

More focus no brain fog and I'm just enjoying my relaxed life now great ok my question to you doctor is how long can we keep our body in ketosis do we have to give it a break and if you have to give it a break how long this break has to be good Russian thank you once again I'm sure this is another good question that people have this confusion that.

Ketosis is kind of like a specialized diet bad that you go on you go off it's basically a low stress activity it's not harming the body if you're doing it healthily with a lot of vegetables so there is no problem doing it long term like what is the solution go back at the carbs that's where the danger comes in your body can make its own carbohydrate.

For the few cells that it needs to run on glucose so it can the red blood cells part of the brain part of the I need a little glucose but your body can make that we don't need to consume glucose to be able to give the body back because it can make it so the real requirements to replenish the body material are proteins and fats ok but the fuel source is going.

To be your own fat that's where we that's really the healthiest thing you do so I know there's this rumor that goes around that says oh yeah keto might work yeah it'll help you lose weight and your energy and you'll feel great but long-term it could be dangerous like first of all whoever came up with that idea is.

Ridiculous maybe they're looking at Studies on if you're doing like the traditional Aikido with epilepsy with kids where they're just consuming just pure oil and it's very unhealthy oil we're not talking about that we're talking about a healthy lifestyle so I think you do it for a very long time and I think it's even good to go.

Off and just experiment to see what you're gonna feel when you go off and you're gonna know for sure I don't have to prove it to you you can just kind of test it up for yourself and go wow I feel like crap when I go off of it I think I'll stay on it okay that's the best way it's kind of a knowingness and that way no one can kind of tell you.

Otherwise all right good so now we are if you if you guys have a call you um if you want to call in the number is 866 five six one four two nine two because Karen actually got stuck in traffic because there's a huge traffic jam she'll be here shortly we're gonna hold off with the other questions from Facebook and.

We're gonna go right and just take more calls so let's go to Carrie from Ontario Hamilton Carrie Ontario hey Carrie hi dr. Burke I love everything that you do it's I appreciate you so much I'm just wondering if you could help me I'm new to intermittent fasting and keto but I have a problem with hot flashes that really aggravate.

My rosacea and I was wondering if you could help me with something like that you know that's a really good question i rosacea is basically a little different it's really insulin resistance or it could be a mold in the body but could be chances are it's going to be more insulin resistance and when you do that over a period of time that should clear.

Up there's a remedy that I have that's on my website it's called estrogen balance plus dim di M and the reason I like that for hot flashes is because dim is a natural concentrated cruciferous substance compound that you would basically one pill is equivalent to like two pounds of cruciferous so you're you're dumping all this in the system.

Which helps regulate your estrogen levels it helps balance your estrogen levels so that way you can totally you know not have that imbalance with estrogen and there's a lot of other things too to help balance estrogen because hot flashes believe it or not are an estrogen deficiency of a certain type of estrogen so we don't necessarily.

Want to jump right to taking actual estrogen because there are side effects so I would recommend something more natural like that first and I basically in this called estrogen plus dim estrogen balance plus dim and it has like a whole list of things that target hot flash and also it's good for like acne and cysts and things like that and.

Even men take it if they have you know issues with estrogen dominance as well thanks Kerry appreciate your your calling in let's go to Tim from Philadelphia you had a question about dehydration go ahead Tim hey how you doing doctor thanks for taking my call first I want to give a shout out to my.

Brother Chris and his wife Sheri you turned me on to your program and I've had some great success with it over the last three to four weeks kind of new to this whole thing but I've had about 25 pounds of weight loss from about seven inches all the way so I'm super excited that's really good so the question was about hydration the one of the.

Improvements that I've seen is my thirst level has actually decreased overall like I drink when I'm thirsty satisfying my problem is late evening and through the night when I wake up in the morning I can feel that I am dehydrated I usually start today with a large lemon water and that seems to get me going but I was seeing if there's I don't know if.

It's an electrolyte thing or what I can do to balance out my hydration through the day so that I'm not feeling dry I've also started to exercise a little bit so I don't know if that's contributing to it a little bit so to show your voice on some hydration another good point Tim so this is what happens when you switch from sugar burning to fat burning.

Realize that when you were running on sugar there's a tremendous amount of fluid that's being held there like a sponge right and now we don't have as much fluid retention fluid retention basically so what happens is that you're going to be less thirsty and your your body is going to utilize more electrolytes and what you.

May want to try first okay is add more sea salt if you are on a carb high carb diet versus a low carb diet the low carb group needs more sea salt more sodium the high carb needs less because they're retaining fluid so I would add a little more salt to the diet in the earlier part of the day or the midday and see if that doesn't allow you to become a.

Little bit thirsty to drink more water to more volume to be less dehydrated the other thing you definitely need to do is do a good electrolyte powder there's one that I recommend I have it's called electrolyte powder and a very unique name but it has a thousand milligrams of potassium so it's super hydrating with the magnesium with a little bit of.

Calcium with a tiny bit of sodium and then all the trace minerals so that's a really great one as well but it doesn't have a lot of salt so if you're if you work out a lot I would take my electrolyte powder with some additional sea salt then you're gonna be totally fine and you can make some adjustments to the point where you're feeling.

Hydrated but very good point because you could be low in salt and then wake up feeling really dry thanks Tim all right Karen you made it you made it through the traffic accident we're going bumper to bumper I made it right before her but welcome and do we have some good questions coming up that we can yeah I'm just getting oriented I was gonna ask a.

Question by someone about how much potassium and as I was reading it you answered the question darn it I hate that one so what did you mention how much in any given day yeah so your body needs 4700 milligrams of potassium every single day now if you're doing in a minute fasting and you're having less frequent meals and you're down to like.

Two meals or one meal you probably do not need forty seven hundred milligrams because that's gonna it's gonna be hard to consume ten cups of vegetables in one sitting unless you're someone like me that can do that because I'll just do all my salad you know I just I remember I just did the.

Cups the other day I'm like this is easy like why can't people do this I'm just I should take a video and just show people how to do it it's just you keep doing this this is why I make kale shakes well it does take three hours to chew it but still and I have a grinder in the back but it seems to work fine.

So and then the other thing I want to bring up there's these things called rdas which are your nutrient requirements those are there just to prevent their minimum requirements to prevent nutritional problems like scurvy and things like that so most people aren't even hitting those so I know some of you're gonna say well how am I going.

To find out well I don't have the download I don't think I down below but a lot of times I'll have a little download and you can actually see all the RDAs and what foods that would be high in those nutrients but you know just start researching and start eating healthier foods and I think you'll be okay alright so I'm gonna go right to.

Valerie from Montreal Canada hey Valerie hey dr. Burke how are you great thanks so basically my question is that I've been on the Y keto diet and intermittent fasting for about a month I started off as you guys prescribed I did three meals a day after about a week I had found that it was honestly too much for me so I started to narrow it down to two meals.

A day and then I just jumped on the wagon right away about about a week later and I started one meal a day and I found that actually to be pretty good especially when I work during the day because I really didn't feel the difference then I actually I'm in Florida right now I had to come because my sister gave birth and I obviously was.

On vacation mode and I'm not really tracking what I'm eating in the sense of quantity so I was probably eating maybe a little bit more fat than I regularly do and I switched back to about two meals a day and I had one night I woke up in the middle of the night and I had excessive excessive abdominal cramps and for about 12 hours.

I couldn't stop running to the washer and I really wasn't feeling oh yeah what I want to know is first of all how do I prevent this and second of all I'm assuming it would maybe be because of the higher concentration of fats yeah and isn't necessary to track my macros good question okay so here's the thing yeah a little too much fat it can.

Overload the gall bladder and because think about it the gall bladder stores bile bile is a fluid that's made by the liver that lubricates the colon okay so it's great for constipation but saturated fats trigger more bile release so you had more fat you get more bile release you have diarrhea and you have a lot of like whoa I'm not used to all.

This this fat to digest and some people can't put out enough bile so they have a lot of undigested fats that aren't digesting so it's one of those things it's a wild variable that you have to kind of creep up and test the waters and see what you can digest but let's just say for example you go out and you accidentally eat too much fat what you.

Should probably care around in your curse is either my digestive formula or just get some betaine hydrochloride okay those it's an acidifier and you take just a handful I'm talking like five or six maybe seven my guitar teacher takes nine because he found that he can go to five guys in and digest this food I'm like no that's it's not.

The point but you take these acidifier after the fact it'll actually take the bloating out so Thanksgiving meal for example you have a little bottle on there and halfway through take some and then you guys can keep eating again take some more you can keep eating and I'm just being I'm just being sarcastic but the point is it'll take that.

Bloating and uncomfortableness out but it's it's definitely too much fat yeah I'm sorry all right thanks Valerie okay Karen I like how you answer a question and then you apologize well here's apologizing because some people maybe not Valerie really like a lot of fat like keto bombs and now I.

Just took that away from them I know yeah like because my grandmother she was a great cook this was back when I was six years old are you gonna talk about the pickles no it's gonna talk about the time that she gave me her meatloaf recipe and in college and I didn't read the whole thing I scanned it I didn't see it in.

Fine print where it said drain the grease fine print that your grandma you're talking about like white bread and hamburger that sucked up all the grease right well I didn't know you had to drain that so I basically hate a whole pound of meat loaf what meatloaf with all the saturated fat and grease in one sitting.

Karen was that the same night as your deep fry night no that was the next weekend ah so I basically in the middle of my two o'clock I woke up with the most serious gallbladder attack on the planet earth but then the week before we did deep-fried night we would deep-fry everything in Crisco and this is why I'm.

Doing this right now this live show because I had a lot of so we can be happy for a deep-fry night it motivates you to get better and then want to help other people there you go yeah hey well I will ask a question now from Steven on YouTube who wants to know if keto is good for ankylosing spondylitis and other kinds of arthritis ankylosing.

Spondylitis is a situation where you're all your joints are fusing to the point where you become like a statue unfortunate it's a very serious terrible debilitating thing and it's an autoimmune disorder so absolutely hands down Kido enema fasting is probably the only die you should be on and just get down to one meal a day and that will.

Reduce the inflammation and hopefully improve the immune system to the point where it can actually help undo it and slow it down I would highly recommend that for sure the other thing I would do Karen is I would take something called colostrum for the immune system yeah that's really good for.

People that have autoimmune take small amounts high quality it's a bit expensive but it's worth it take small amounts over a long period time right before you go to bed right okay good all right another one yep okay good well I lost the name here but someone wants to know if she can do intermittent fasting during her.

Menstrual cycle no only during ovulation no now you you need to do in a minute fasting straight through from day one to day 28 I like the whole time you you want to do what about day 30 absolutely absolutely but here's the thing if you have cramps okay yeah when you're menstruating there's two things need to take to improve your cramps one is.

Calcium or at 8 and vitamin d3 just make know if anyone has that issue okay all right so now we are gonna go to Jimmy from Dallas go ahead you had a question Jimmy yes how you doing good thanks I had a question about resistance starch such as like unlike plantains or cooked and then cold potatoes yeah would these actually kick us out of ketosis very.

Very good question honestly it really depends on your metabolism some people swear by them I personally don't recommend them simply because I'm dealing with a huge population of people with insulin resistance with a slow metabolism and anytime you add any starch whether it's resistant or not it's basically kind of a it's a.

Carbohydrate and so like some people what they'll do is they'll do plantains or the do green bananas you're still going it's still going to turn into carbohydrate and I mean glucose is still gonna raise insulin now if you're 18 years old or you're like a super athlete maybe you want to play around and test it out and maybe it might work for you.

But for the majority of people I don't recommend resist starch thanks Jim all right so now we're gonna go to Alicia from California you had a question about hypothyroidism and he – hey good morning dr. Berg yes hi I've had hypothyroidism for seven years now and over the seven years I've gained a tremendous amount of weight.

Even going on different diets and so forth and I came across a Instagram account called keto wonder woman her name was Melissa that referred everybody to watch all your videos and just follow you on Instagram so I did that and got such wonderful information from all your videos so my question is I've been on keto excuse me been on keto for three.

Weeks now I lost 10 pounds and I wanted to cry when I stepped on the scale try not to cry now because it's it's been a struggle with the weight so I um yeah thank you so I I tried the intermittent fasting the 16:8 and I was doing the 5 percent 20 percent and 75 percent fat would you recommend with me having hypothyroidism.

Keeping on those percentage to help me keep lose the weight a little bit faster than what I did 10 pounds that I've lost in the 3 weeks or is that is that good bound of weight because I followed these accounts on Facebook and people are saying they lost 20 pounds 25 pounds so I know it's wonderful progress because I've had a hard time with with it so I.

Know it's progress and I'm proud of that but I'm wondering about the interment fasting on the 16-8 and the percentages on phenom those numbers okay good so the you put up another point because when you go from a three meal to a to meal too like do I keep the same macros well guess what I have a app coming out real.

Soon here that you could plug in your numbers because it is a mathematical thing I wouldn't necessarily get too hung up in the percentages of macros at this point what I would do if you want to keep things progressing and realize if you lost the most you can actually lose per week of actual fat is 2 pounds so obviously you lost a lot of water.

Weight so if you go down and you're losing less don't take a loss on that realize that's just now you're finally burning fat ok and then you're gonna gain some muscle so you just keep doing this the other thing is that the other thing you want to do is you want to realize that your carbs keep those down like below 25 grams that's really the.

Key per day not per meal maybe you down to 20 grams ok I'm not talking about vegetables have a lot of vegetables and then keep your protein between 3 to 6 ounces per meal now the fat is what what I need to focus on so rather than try to figure out your % calories which is kind of like it's just not unnecessary really I mean because it's you know some you.

Have a certain protein that is fat and then other things are pure fat so it's a little confusing to make it simple just play around with your fats like eat a little less fat don't add any MCT oil or coconut oil eat the fat with it within the burger you're eating whatever and then try to just play around with that and see if you hit the sweet spot as far.

As being able to go from one meal to the next without being that hungry that's really the key so the intimate fast is gonna help you and then if you can't go from one meal to the next that means just need more fat carry you on to the next meal until your body really just you're in the place now where I think you're getting warmed up and it's just.

Going to get better and better so that's pretty much what I would recommend ok thanks and I'm glad that you're doing great but I just don't want you to cry because then that you'll lose all your fluids and become dehydrated so we're gonna go to David from Florence Italy hey hey I hear you might be headed this way.

Through a great bonnet oh no no I'm kidding I have a pretty simple question I think I hope it's about plateauing because I was doing intermittent fasting but not on keto and I found I just sort of plateaued like I couldn't get below 82 kilos just stuck there and then the last couple of weeks I started keto feel much much better have a lot more energy.

I'm on two meals a day I checked my with the dual urine sticks there that I am in sort of ketosis according to my a urine sample alright what I'm noticing is I'm I can't drop below or if I do I'm on this little roller coaster where I'll go down to like 81 the backs are like 83 like I have these like weird fluctuations and.

I'm just curious if you've ever seen that or there's yeah I have so so there's some videos on that it's it has to do with maybe even gaining weight on keto right what happens is as you start to do this within a minute fasting your growth hormone goes up which basically you start growing more muscle protein which is heavier than fat per volume and.

So what's gonna happen is you're gonna you may not consistently lose but you should be over time if we take an average kind of shrink okay in size because you're you're gaining more muscle maybe the inches don't move maybe your weight goes up but it's still working so you really want to think long term with.

This and I'm glad that you realized that you needed to also add keto within a minute asking because trying to do it without you're just kind of you know you're still raising insulin by not doing keto so the goal is to bring the insulin down and then tweak it I think the other thing I would look at David is that that there's hidden carbs that.

You're doing that might be influencing this so number one make sure you're doing it correct I would get the book read it and then see how to do it correctly and then compare what you're doing you might find some things oh I didn't know how to do that so we do that we have the vegetables the protein and then the fats and then are you.

Sleeping how was your stress level are you working out all these are really key factors so you have to look at the whole whole body but a good question now thanks David all right so guys click down below we have a free body type quiz you can check it out find out your body type because that will actually just refine things a bit more for you all.

Right Karen okay social media I think we have some good questions here coming up yes Martha on Facebook is saying that she's having some hot flashes that don't seem to be menopausal could you get hot flashes during keto well keto definitely alters your hormones and some women their period stops for a while and then it.

Kicks in there some women they become very fertile and they get pregnant and they after being no with no period also now they have a period if you're doing this healthily you're adding more healthy fats and that's what the endocrine system needs not just the ovaries but the adrenals and the thyroid what it needs to start to build its raw.

Material and hormones that it's making so that's all really really key the the key but the other thing that I want to mention is if you're having issues with hot flashes or whatever make sure that you're adding maybe more nutrients like especially the B vitamins and minerals to this plan because you may be going into this nutritionally deficient and.

All of a sudden things start you might have a little side effect here whether there was a keto rash or hot flash whatever I mean there's even men negative that could get hot flashes and because they have the same pathway not too degree that women do about similar hormones and that can create an issue cool all right okay good well there are.

A couple of questions too about either having no gallbladder or burping gallbladder related things so can you touch on how to do keto with no gallbladder or if you are burping lot well if you don't have a gallbladder I think you're good to go and then problem solved well if you don't have a gallbladder the.

Of bile that you're gonna have is gonna be a lot less which means that you're not gonna be able to have the full capacity of breakdown of all the key fats and that extract the fats up that help you extract the fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A D and K so your vision at night driving at night hard to see sinus issues sleep apnea achiness.

And the joints for vitamin D bone pain depression for vitamin D especially in winter a vitamin E is skin issues dry skin vitamin k2 is could be high blood pressure a whole bunch of other issues and arthritis and our throng is but there's a lot of lot of things that associated associated with that but you're gonna have to take some.

Additional help and I recommend something called gall bladder formula to take that after a meal eventually you need to take that just because that way you'll get the full capacity of breakdown because if you're not breaking down those fats then you could also get a congestive gall bladder it can go to right shoulder pain and and have.

Symptoms of low bile but the only thing is that it's if you get constipated that means you definitely need more bile but if you have diarrhea that's when you don't want to take file because bile is a lubricant fYI f.y.i good to know there was another question here Oh what about doing ketosis and taking hormones yeah so.

Here's my viewpoint of hormones I'm not saying not to take them but when you when you take hormones you're you're you're basically putting a confusion in the body because you you never figured out why the gland is not making its own hormone in that first place so when you take hormones externally which are communication particles you.

Basically cause the gland not have to produce as much so people say well I said why you deficient well just because it's low I'm getting old I'm like well wait a second is that normal why is your gland not producing so I would recommend do things to improve the gland function versus take a hormone which could eventually shut the gland.

Down right that's my answer and I'm stick okay good and one more here from Elle who's asking about cortisol what can you take for cortisol and I know you can have high cortisol you can have low cortisol it's another hormone can you say if you are well there's first of all cortisol.

Is a stress hormone and it actually turns your muscles into sugar then into fat so it can make the belly but really it's insulin coming from the court of Seoul and people can't even get diabetes from taking so hold on hold on too fast too fast insulin coming from cortisol now that that made any sense of me alright sorry.

Okay okay start from scratch take two all right we have the adrenals overacting okay pumping out cortisol from stress right okay well cortisol is a function of converting breaking down your muscle breaking it down into sugar breakdown turns your muscle protein into sugar specifically Karin yeah the thigh muscle quadricep femoris and the gluteus.

Maximus you know a muscle that is the butt your butt muscle so now you lose your legs and you lose your butt yeah so got a flat butt and no legs you got to stick legs okay now all that protein to converted sugar then transports through the help of insulin to your your belly so basically you got a butt in your belly.

Oh no I hate that when my butts in my bail that's what cortisol is I think does it give you a good picture Karen no analogy it's better but I think what we really need to do is to have one of those animated we need the green screen and we need to get in a little animated car and then cruise through the blood system to see all this happening work on.

That next week we'll work on that okay yeah okay all right good so I'm gonna go to now what do you do for course I forgot to say well there isn't that I have something called cortisol support formula but you can but also there's a this thing works really good to do the acupressure on the body to pull stress out because it's really a.

Stress problem but what about food what food could someone eat it's here's the thing when I want to recommend everyone no matter what symptoms you have put the basic things there it's not a separate diet for a certain thing it's like put the basics then after two weeks you can tweak it based on your body type but not before.

You get the keto and then fasting because without that you're not gonna really get very far I want to go to Matt he's been waiting for a bit so Matt you're from Idaho welcome hey dr. Byrd thank you so much for all the material that you put out I really appreciate it I've been in ketosis now since the beginning of the year it's.

Been awesome one of the things that I've been struggling with is I've had sleep apnea for a while and one of your previous videos you had said you know to go off of wheat and dairy I did go off of wheat obviously being in and ketosis and everything but dairy is definitely a hard thing for me to depart with you have any any other recommendations or.

What what I should do to try to get some better sleep so I can function better yeah I'll tell you Matt 6-4 6-4 and how much do you weigh right now I'm down to about 200 pounds Wow wow that's good okay so um it might not be the dairy problem especially are you you just want to make sure you do a high quality dairy like even maybe some goat's cheese and.

Now you're not you're not doing any milk right you're talking about cheese yeah just cheese are not not doing any milk yeah heavy cream stuff like that okay make sure it's grass-fed do an experiment just for a couple days and eliminate that and see if it helps if it doesn't help then we know it's not the cheese then what that means is there.

Could be kind of a low-grade stuffiness from either mold or fungus that's growing in there and I have a video and it's called a nasal rinse were you doing in his neti pot with a couple things I think it's garlic and and that really will clean out the sinuses tremendously the other thing I would do I would get this device and your six for use the.

Wide part right the neck below your skull about two inches down at the second vertebra you lean back and you know it pops open your sinuses you that before you go to bed it really keeps the sinuses open it's really a great way to help sleep apnea clients but you're you're you're doing the right thing with ki tamanna.

Fascinating that should improve it but and it it should eventually correct it but I'm still not convinced convinced it's the cheese I think it's basically something else growing in there that especially if it's all year round and then you can do this in any pot and clean it up and I think that should help does that sound weird okay sorry.

Okay Matt I was just kidding about growing something in there but just try it and see if it helps you thanks Matt all right Larry you're from Fort Lauderdale you had a question go ahead yes dr. Berg and Karen thank you so much for taking my call I really appreciate it and thanks for everything that you do.

For us out here just to give you a quick history fifty three-year-old had gastric sleeve six years ago and I had my gallbladder removed 25 years ago with the gastric sleeve I lost 80 pounds pretty quick unfortunately gained some of it back so I was put on to keto and intermittent fasting back in October and since then I've lost 45 pounds I'm.

Probably at the lowest weight almost since high school Wow but here's the problem yes great thank you so much I've hit a plateau for the last five weeks or so I do have a tanita scale so I measure body fat composition water or etc and nothing's moving so I've done I'm on one meal a day I.

Tracked muck that grows 75 20 and 5 blood ketones are above 2 every day so I know I'm in full ketosis monitoring the fat I take bile salts your adrenal formula your sleep aid I use the acupuncture tool or that the pressure tool at night which helps me sleep I've done some really long fast upward three days to try to stimulate the.

Weight loss and the body fat movement but nothing's working any advice yeah I have a very quickly tell me what you eat in that meal really fast what do you eat it's generally a high fat animal protein and obviously I'd get my seven and ten cups of cruciferous I'm doing a large salad or a drink or something along those lines so.

You do like some some animal protein and a salad and that's it yeah there okay and then are you exercising yeah I am the remaining weight is unfortunately around my belly which is the adrenal okay so I think what I would do is I would reduce I don't know if you you're not having at it adding any fat to this right or you're not adding any fat to.

This meal well if I have something lean like chicken or something along those lines I will add and nothing nothing more than that and how much protein are you eating i average of about fifty to sixty grams a day and that one meal yes okay so that try this thing Larry I would cut down a little bit smaller amount of protein okay don't add any MCT.

Well this will force your body to go after your own fat I think the ketones that are showing up are some of the dietary fat that you're eating and not your own body's fat that's converting the ketones just because you've had this pre-existing issue so I think that will will be the icing on the cake I'm sorry no don't don't mention cake I think.

That's that's going to help you Larry so just reduce the amount of protein that's a lot of protein for one meal but and then a little bit of fat don't any extra and then call me back next week and let's see if we can do this okay Thank You Larry and thank you Karen and also next week it's going to.

Thursday at 12 so thanks for all your wonderful calls and for those of you on the membership site stay tuned in 15 minutes we're going to go live and then also on the lab we'll go live as a little call in a little bit thanks guys have a great weekend
Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto
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