Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto.
this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hey guys we're back again welcome we.

Have Karen over here morning and today we're gonna answer your questions there's already have a ton of questions but if you want to call in the numbers 866 five six one four two nine two and again anything that I say is not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care it's just meant to give you more.

Information so you can do research and work with your doctor to you know come up with a better plan all right good so there's quite a few callers we're just going to jump right in to the first one in Atlanta Shana go ahead you're on the line hey dr. beautiful dr. Berger thank you for taking my call.

I have a nine men on my right side from my hip down for about eight days now when you touch it it's like a tingling ticklish feeling I feel like weakness in my right leg I can't feel hot I call on my right leg about two weeks ago I had like an EMG done on my left side that came back normal from a previous issue with Naaman and burning sensation there.

Went away after you told me to take nutritional yeast mm-hmm I want you to know that's a bird that I eat one meal a day as you prescribe like the 7:13 vegetables affect everything how you describe and prescribed it I'd say speak of your nutritional yeast pills plus two tablespoons of the powder form that you recommend and I've got no.

Relief at all can you please help me yeah so they did a nerve conduction test on your right side but not your left they did it on my left but not my wife back then probably do it on the right side since you had the problem when you told me to take the appeal it went away first it was enough that I never ever had problems on my life yeah okay so.

Here's a couple tips you ready for this yeah are you sitting down okay so there's a chance that you have a pinched nerve in your back and like maybe l4 l5 and that's always a chance because yeah we can do all these different techniques but if there's actually a little tiny protrusion it's not gonna go away but.

Usually when it's numbness it's it's a nerve pinch but before we just assume that I mean you can get an MRI and just check it out x-ray doesn't really show the soft tissue but here's something you can do just for the fun of it and you can try this if you have numbness on the right leg okay.

Now realize the sciatic nerve goes on the back part and the hamstring wave deep down there so a lot of people have it on the side that's more of it that's a different nerve it's not the sciatica and that's usually could be a pinch there but here's what I want you to try I want you to try doing massage on the opposite mirror-image part of the leg so.

You just massage on the opposite side with a numbness and just work on that and see if it doesn't improve your numbness if it doesn't and this thing persist you're gonna have to get a further test because there's probably a little protrusion there and in which case they might do traction or something like that there's a lot of chiropractors.

That specialize in that versus the surgery right away so there's a lot of things you can do if they find something called stenosis which the the cord is smaller vitamin k2 is really good and then keep doing you in a minute fasting because that reduces inflammation they find you know arthritis and things well do the k2 do keep doing what you're.

Doing but if it becomes a big problem you're just gonna have to take the next step but I always like to start thinking really conservative and then work up to it do a lot of stretching that's gonna help and then maybe a little bit of traction or that inversion table okay thank you so much for your call and.

We're gonna go right to Gina she's been waiting for a bit you're from New York go ahead Gina yes hi doctor thank you and hi Karen thank you so much for taking my call I know you have a lot of calls I'm gonna try to be as quick to suicide quick history for me and 51 I'm about five five and right now I'm 151.

I'm predominantly thyroid body type and I've always been pretty active my entire life loved working out and doing sports and I feel like I always ate healthy until I found out about keto and realized that Oh quinoa is really high carb so I you know always ate vegetables and salads always had pretty regular bowel movements and I had started taking.

Apple cider vinegar before doing keto and I've always found that when I took it it would just start stimulating my bowels and I'd have a pretty good movement in the morning and be gone for the day in December because as I got closer to 50 I just noticed that my weight was just going up and up I had really bad.

Cravings for carbs I would just come and like binge on like popcorn or whatever I could find and that still try to eat healthy but have those moments of weaknesses and so in December I started learning more about keto and I started with low carb high fat and that of course found as soon as I started eating that way my hot flashes went away the.

Cravings went away but I found myself being more constipated and then in January really found more of your videos and started following what you were saying and started with is in January about eighteen six and then I moved to a 4-hour eating window and the weight started coming off but very slowly but I was just really happy about not having.

Any more cravings and being able to control more of what I was eating and you know my clothes were fitting better but I couldn't my clothes are feeling better but the weight wasn't coming off that fast okay then then in April I start I did the 72-hour fast with the group online and I lost one pound and but in February got down to 151 so I was.

Like okay I'm just trying to break to that 140 get into the 140s lost some pound after this fast and then now for about a week I've been doing one meal a day go ahead sorry I just went okay so there's them I want to do a really quick valuation on your because there's a lot of other close but so you know in the thumbnail sketch you need to speed up.

Your weight loss right yeah but I have I have one other thing I just don't want to drop out there's a weight loss thing my hot flashes so I started taking the help in February and it felt like the hot flashes came back and so I stopped it and they seem to be gone now so I don't know if that if you've ever had that experience with took help affecting.

Hot flashes that way I just stopped it to see if they would go away and they seem to be but I don't know if that's normal or what or if it's because of the kelp and also I wanted to know about your keto coach course because I've been trying to find out more information but I couldn't get anything so that's that's basically it ok great so let me quickly.

Go right into this number one it usually kelp will help regulate estrogen so that usually will help if it doesn't go with the cruciferous vegetables cruciferous Navy brussel sprouts that will help you balance estrogen in a different way okay so that's one thing the slowness of your metabolism I think you're doing the right thing you're doing in a minute.

Fasting if it's taking a lot longer it tells us you know your metabolism probably going into this was pretty slow because you probably had some pretty bad insulin resistance so it's gonna take a little more time also don't just look at the weight loss look at all the factors energy the fact that your cravings are going away is good so that's all really.

Good but so what I like to do is plug in in a minute fasting make sure your carbs are low you might need to bring them down below 20 make sure your protein is not too high like even three ounces I think would be fine and of course then the fats because we want to force your body to burn more fat yes we want to do Lokar but if.

You're if you're having problems and you're maybe your thyroids involved you might not want to go crazy with the fat just do enough to keep you fine so your body starts to burn your own fat it's a little watch my videos on the extra fat because you can over deal with the fat I look at the stress to sleep any other health problems and then plug in the.

Exercise those are all the things that you can do and then the keto coach we just now released a new course for those people that want to become certified in becoming Kido coaches it's a training it's awesome it's even know all the training and the lessons are broken down into many little courses there's actual exercise that you're going to do and the.

Data is I have a little data on the website but basically it's only five and almost six hours of material but it's broken up in little chunks so you can get through it rapidly but you have to actually apply everything that you're learning so then you can get certified and if you like helping people definitely want to be a Kido in a.

Manifesting coach I show how to do it healthily and then that way you can actually start to have fun just helping people so it's really a lot of existing health coaches are learning this because they just want to help people more so the whole goal is to increase your ability to help and it's very fulfilling so so you can go on the website to get.

More information but thanks Gina I hope that helped you alright let's go to Karen what do we have on social media hi well first of all I wanted to say welcome to the Facebook viewers from we have Puerto Rico Wyoming Arkansas Baghdad Denmark Switzerland Australia the Netherlands and more and more and more so welcome thanks for coming and.

I'm gonna go right to Maria on YouTube who's asking what can she do diet-wise for receding gums well receiving gums is a it's usually a vitamin C deficiency but you don't want to just take regular vitamin C because a lot of times its synthetic it's made from corn starch and sulfuric acid synthetically you make ascorbic acid so.

You need to a real good food based and you can do camu camu Alma berry or even just start consuming a lot of bell peppers so that's one thing and as you improve your insulin by doing intermittent fasting and keto your absorption of vitamin C will go up because high levels of insulin will suppress vitamin C and if you're smoker.

That will do it as well so it's vitamin C that's what you need okay good yeah do I get another one you get another one all right great so we have a question on Facebook from I think it's Ricky who's asking about the body types now body types in keto working these two together what if you're a thyroid but you're something.

Else as well and you have other issues that don't seem to fit how do you work the body types in with keto well the body types are kind of like the icing of the cake okay I shouldn't talk about that but the whole goal in this book is to get in the basics like two weeks getting a keto and I've been fasting really groove that in get some results.

And then we can tweak it with different layers as you can listen on all these calls not everyone just you know goes right into this perfect scenario where they're getting results a lot of people have adrenal stress liver problems thyroid ovary the menstrual cycle hot flashes so that's that's where the body types come in comes in there because.

What we want to do is we want to strengthen it let's see of a thyroid issue we're going to strengthen that but you're a little combo adrenal I explain what to do in the book but if you're confused just do one thing and then maybe take some seek help and then if you're not happy add some support with the adrenal because it's really hard to.

Know in advance Karen if you're like one body type and not a combo and what's the primary because unless you do some tests I mean what are you gonna do like Jim measured the hormones a lot of these things are so clinical the endocrine system is in a series they're a chain of glands and when one goes down they all tend to go down so it's almost like you.

Got to look at it from one organ and if you some more support the thyroid guess what you're gonna also improve the other glands how was that for answered that was really good so so should someone start with the body types or should someone start with you don't start with the cute LIF first then after two weeks we're gonna tweak it okay keto aya is.

The meat potatoes and the body types are the icing bad analogy yeah okay so let's go to Chris Chris has been waiting for a bit you're from Rhode Island go ahead Chris yes hi him hi Karen hi oh yeah I have insomnia I have had it for 40 years okay.

I've been to sleep a six-week study I had to quit college it ruined my life and I wrote down a few things that I think might be going on I found out about the GMOs and the glyphosate in the roundup okay and I was doing some research and looking back I changed my diet 40 years ago I switched from white bread wheat bread and I added milk.

Archie was thinking I was getting healthy what the hell no I was eating all this chicken oh I see you know and being poisoned so um I said a system insensitive and I think that's what happened and so there I was doctor after doctor millions of doctors looking for a cure for this insomnia so I'm doing a research with the GMO because of you.

And I find a dr. Stephanie Cena through the MIT scientists and so she's saying how the glassy state can kill your intestinal bacteria and and that stops tryptophan from getting made and serotonin and melatonin and I said that's it that's gotta be it you know so I and then I find out four years ago I had a parathyroid tumor and I thought to.

Florida and they took it out in the in the dr. Norman up there said you're gonna get your life back now you don't start sleeping as soon as we get this tumor out and still no sleep and yes a problem I'm so desperate I don't have a life because it ends up I have trouble taking supplements because they make me feel we do I have a.

Question for you are you doing keto in a minute fasting yet yes I started it a couple of months ago yes and I lost 40 pounds so I have one question Chris you this has been going on for 40 years right you had 40 nights 40 yeah yeah tell me there had been a point where you're sleeping at one point in your life right because you're you're.

41 oh yeah yeah I used to sleep like a baby right I mean I used to sleep in and then they turned on like a switch I need to grab the back of my bottom of my brain toss neck at the base of my skull and it seemed like something stopped flowing and I end up in the emergency room saying you know something stop slowly my brain feels like turning.

Purple and you know they think I'm nuts and they take an MRI and they find nothing right at the point when you stop sleeping there must have been something that occurred right before that what happened just before you stopped sleeping well I changed my diet like I said I switched the wheat breads and everything okay yeah okay so there's a.

Couple things that you should do Chris number one I think do what you're doing keto and the fasting but there's an acupressure technique I actually even have I teach people it's okay it's an it's in a webinar called the stress webinar you can look it up there's a little device I don't have it in front of me but it's a massage tool.

You need to get that and no that's fine I'll just explain it this tool you can do the neck points you can do the stress points and it basically extracts old stress I use it every night before I go to sleep and this is what it looks like put it in the back of the neck you you kind of stimulate different points of the neck which relax the body and it's I.

Think that that'll really help you because there's certain nerves and things that are connected to the back of the neck that actually affects sleep like the sleep centers are located back the brainstem so if you did that I think that would actually kind of turn off the switch and help you relax and help you sleep because really the body is kind of.

A stuck in a stress mode if you go to sleep and there's certain parts of your body that just won't turn off like just like on all the time that's what this does is it turns it off that's what I would recommend and then of course whatever triggered it obviously you start eating the wrong foods so I think that's your best bet.

And of course there's a sleep aid which supports the adrenal but I would go with this one first all right thanks Chris thanks for calling all right so hey guys for those of you that want to listen to this and are driving you can go to tune in it's an app or icon yourself and you can download the app it's called tune and.

Run tune in we're also on Ankur you can check it out and also if some people asked about body types there's a there's a link down below take the body type quiz to see what your body type is of course not right now but when we're done okay because we want your focus your attention and yeah so.

Hey Karen what kind of questions are we getting on the social media platforms here ok good so an hello to Ethiopia in Sweden and San Diego and Uganda wow that's awesome so Lisa's has attention on the fact that she can't eat enough calories so she's trying to figure out what to change can you address calories in Quito so I'm guessing Lisa that.

You're you're not trying to lose weight that's what I'm guessing right so if that's the case you're trying to get more calories well guess what you're gonna have to eat more of the calories that are double double the calories per unit of weight so that would be the fat calories so that's how you do it especially people with a fast metabolism.

Let's say you're 18 years old and you're like thin and you want to do this boy you're gonna have to definitely beef up the fat sort of speak and don't forget the increase the vegetables as well because if you you need all that green it's not just about fat and low carb it's about healthy put some things in there and I think that's really what's.

With some of the bad PR on kedo they don't they're operating off the older studies for epilepsy with kids using just like oil and fat and we're talking about a healthy version which is a lot more greens and vegetables so those are all the phytonutrients that you can get I mean the vitamins and minerals so so just make that's just the mental note on.

That care ok mental note mental note noted noted ok hey Lucy you're from Atlanta you had a question go ahead alright quick question my first question is those apple cider vinegar taking you out of the bathroom and second question is I was recently diagnosed with pickle I go yeah and I was doing some research on it and I saw.

Some people are saying that if you ate certain food or don't eat certain things that might either slow it down or even reverse it I'm in the beginning stages so was wondering would the ketogenic diets and intimate investment and/or block fasting health good question Lucy let me just answer the first question yeah drinking episode of vinegar will.

Not break your fast make sure you dilute it in water some people they they take it straight down we use a straw because it's very acidic it can mess with your teeth so now it's not going to break your fast at all and in fact it'll improve in some resistance your blood sugars and help you go longer with them and in the fasting and it's.

Great for balancing your pH and supporting the liver okay so that's one thing now the vitiligo is a loss of pigment so you have these little lighter colored specks on the body and that usually comes from an adrenal issue where your adrenal hormones you don't have enough it's kind of a burnt out adrenal it's.

Like a low cortisol situation there's even the condition called Addison's which is an overwhelming adrenal situation where you lose your your pigment so yes ketogenic diet and fasting is great for this I don't say I'm not saying it's gonna be the answer but it's gonna definitely help you tremendously the thing that I would.

Research and put your attention now is adrenal function improving adrenal function and I have a lot of videos on that so I would just search out those videos to get more data on that okay but thanks for your call all right Derek you're back online so it's been a whole week how you doing what took you so long I mean we've been on good morning Pat.

How you doing how you guys doing good awesome dr. Berg I'm still having an issue with the acid reflux it's been better but it just seems that this valve doesn't close me I'm taking a few of your supplements I'm taking the insulin and blood sugar formula I'm taking the adrenal and cortisol support and I'm taking the gallbladder formula and I.

Also take a met eventful to mean 600 milligrams a day okay I feel like there's a I feel like there's something like in my chest or sometimes it feels like maybe my stomach is hooking on the left side of my left ribs yeah yeah I'm not I'm not sure so I had a question something yeah I can't remember if you if you told me this or not do you have a.

Hiatal hernia that's the thing right I I went and I got a GI x-ray this was back in end of October and they said possible minimal hiatal hernia but then two months later I won and I took a endoscopy and there was no hiatal hernia appreciated okay president so this is this is this is the next tip okay we're gonna we're.

Gonna give you one more tip here okay this week not until next week thank you here's what you do Derek I think whether you have one or don't have one because you can apply this to either a situation yeah we're trying to hand out with from chemistry different nutrition and foods we're getting some improvement we're not folding handling it so my.

Whole thought is why not physically do something about it like hava I would use the tool I think you have it or your thumb and go in there and I just released a video this morning on hiatal hernias what to do but it's a manipulation it's a kind of a you know you go to the massage therapist you work on your muscles but guess what the.

Diaphragm last time I look Karen was a muscle right yes the diaphragm yeah so um thank you for consulting me on that yeah I'm just double-checking okay so you can go in there and start pressing up underneath your diaphragm your ribcage on the right side just don't press on the center go to the right and to the left and start massaging up there.

You're probably gonna find there's a lot of tension and congestion and knots so you're going to kind of press up into there you're going to be pressing on the stomach area and you can help increase the tone of that those muscles to help relax it and let things drain I've done this on different things where the like the ileocecal valve down here and the.

Different parts of the colon and you can actually manipulate that I would physically work on that and if you use this the longer prong here and press it in there over a period of time you should get some nice depth and massage in there to help the tone around the stomach around that little valve I think that will help you thanks for calling.

Derek all right Karen okay let's go to social media so we have Laurie from Germany who is asking if it's okay to do intermittent fasting every other day I also had another question not sure which media it was but can you do intermittent fasting with any diet okay or otherwise so yeah you can do it every other day that's not a problem I.

Think you should try that as your way of doing this in an overtime you know try to do every day now should you do with any other diet yeah you can do that you're just not going to be successful the reason why is when you do in a minute fasting with any diet then you're including the diets that.

Have more carbohydrate and that's where the challenge is because then we still have a little bit more insulin spike and then what happens it makes it harder to transition in Aikido however as a tool Karen yeah in a minute fasting is a very powerful thing to add into any diet it's definitely gonna be better than not doing that but the optimum solution is.

To combine things that lower insulin from the diet and in a minute fasting all right good okay I like it okay good okay so now we're gonna go right – I think it's Zeke from Georgia go ahead you had a question hi dr. birthday she taking my call sure and I'm 8 years old I say now okay and I had a question yes I'm 8 years old I had.

A question about leg cramps and electrolyte so I get leg cramps some time through the night and you say here electrolyte shake can help so I drink your electrolyte shake yes powder and that so what are some things I can eat throughout the day to help me not get those leg cramp that's a good question.

As far as you're eating goes do you eat your do you ever eat those things called vegetables yeah okay good happy when I get back okay good do you do any type of cheese oh I love cheese I get cheese stick some square cheese round cheese pretty much every time see that's incredible you're doing great yeah what's that oh you're talking.

You're talking to a cheese head right here dr. Burch from Wisconsin yes what town are you from different Georgia Oh Georgia Wisconsin so usually the leg cramps okay they're usually mineral deficiencies like little potassium which you'd normally get from the leafy greens avocado okay and then so that's how you'd get it right you.

Also magnesium and then calcium from Chief's but let's say for example you still have leg cramps right it could also be a vitamin b1 deficiency have you ever heard of something called nutritional yeast my mom told me about it but I've never eaten it okay that would be the next step I would get some vitamin b1 from nutritional yeast and.

That usually will help you and also if it's tender if you press in your calves and it's tender that could be a the other thing that you should look up on my videos is a stretch for something called shin splints okay just try to remember that I'm sure your mom's listening shin splints watch that video there's a stretch that you can do to.

Help cramping in the cats okay but that's a really good question Zeke I really appreciate you calling in and it sounds like you're pretty sharp kid so well done on that yeah okay thank you thanks okay see ya Wow Oh awesome if if your collars if that was a trend like your collars were eight and 10 and 12 and they just knew what you're talking.

About and that's a goal right yeah that's great so guys take my body type quiz not right now but when we're done there's a link right down below and then find out your body type not right now right now you just need to pay attention yeah that's right okay so let me go let me first ask a question than ever question number one.

Because it's time alright Karen yeah so make sure you make note of this on the answers this is question number one you ready for guys what is the earliest biomarker for pre-diabetes biomarker I know you're gonna say that indication of sign or some type of lab test yeah yeah like something on your some indicator in your body that will tell us.

That you have pre-diabetes but what I want to know is the first thing that will show up is a body marker so it's not be teased not necessarily a lab test but something that you might observe in your eye no it's actually a lab test oh it is yeah okay what would what would be the first indicator guys to know you're a pre-diabetic let's see if we can get.

Any correct answers okay okay so while they're answering that I want to go to Gina cuz she's been waiting for a bit and she's from Chicago which is very close to Kenosha Wisconsin go ahead Gina you had a question hi hi first I wanted to just say that I was at a retreat in Wisconsin recently and I know you're always talking about how.

Dieticians don't recommend intermittent fasting but the one that I had an evaluation what did so that's how I kind of discovered your videos but anyway back in 2003 I had a complete thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer and so I'm on Sen thyroid replacement therapy you know for the rest of my life and I've mean I have a whole host of.

Problems I could take up all the entire show asking you questions but anyway I wanted to know if there are any adjustments that I need to make I've started on the keto diet and the intermittent fasting I'm mostly doing 16-8 but trying to do a couple of 24r sorry yeah eating one today but are there any adjustments that I should make.

Because it seems like you talked a lot about thyroid in your videos and I don't have one so I'm not sure what to do right right exactly and then sometimes people think well if I don't have one I don't have the problem but what I'd like to do is kind of look at the the the real issue that you got in the first place which is not really borrowed it.

Was the immune system that's the area that I would put more attention on so let me just kind of give you some tips on that the immune system one of the best things to for the immune system is something called glutathione but you can get that from food cruciferous now when I say that what's going to come up is oh I thought that cruciferous was bad for.

The thyroid because it depletes iodine well I think you had an immune problem not a primary thyroid but because you don't have a thyroid you're you're taking sin thread right now which is fine because if you have to take that I would maybe add a little bit of sea kelp and consume cruciferous on a regular basis simply because the power of.

Glutathione to improve the immune system in addition to protecting yourself against future cancers so that's one thing the other thing is you want to make sure that you do not consume any food that's GMO so you're gonna have to go completely organic because that's the glyphosate you know creates issues with the soy and all that so those are some.

Things that I would do in a minute fasting in keto definitely because you're gonna drop insulin I mean right there you're going to decrease your risk for a lot of different types of cancer and again I always like to look at it what can you do as if you you know still had the problem what can you do to maybe prevent it from.

The entire body because I think just the fact that you had cancer just as an indicator that we just need to keep strengthening your immune system as much as possible bringing sugar down increasing cruciferous but make sure you take some ID iodine from the sea kelp thanks Gina all right so what kind of questions do.

We have coming in from social media now Cara okay so do you want a question oh I want the answer to the question yeah right well some people are putting in body symptoms but you said lab tests yes well we're gonna give you the answers from that apply to that so we have some people saying a1c and you might want to explain what a ones he is mm-hmm some.

People are saying blood sugar mm-hmm and fewer people are saying cholesterol related lgo kind of answers you know this is really this is probably going to be if you're really into it kind of shocking news but it's something that is totally an amazing discovery of a doctor I did a video about who wrote a book.

About this and he tested 14,000 people and this is what he found this guy's super credible MD and I need a drumroll please yeah high levels of insulin someone did say that I think one person saw that okay well they were correct so what happens the earliest indicator of pre-diabetes is not blood Sugar's blood sugars are late on the.

Chain of events blood sugars change when your body adapts because it's it's adapting to insulin resistance it's like it's failing to adapt to insulin resistance basically so you have bursting as high insulin and guess what they never checked Karen insulin lab they never check insulin and I'm not just talking fasting insulin talking.

About a post meal called a post perennial insulin test and basically you check it after you eat and what's what you're gonna find a lot of people is they're gonna have a high level of insulin with with normal blood sugars and their total pre-diabetic Karen you can have pre-diabetes I'm sorry you can have diabetes and have normal blood.

Sugars and this is kind of new information but it's totally true so insulin high insulin is the first indicator and that's why that's why I keep bringing up insulin if you could just lower your insulin you'll actually be very very happy and just what you want to do is what triggers insulin a lot of carbohydrates and what causes in.

Some resistance is high insulin over a period of time your body becomes resistant against it so it's really the the carbs soy oil and different vegetable vegetable oils will do it junk foods msg chemicals trans fats will do it so anyway that is the first biomarker and a1c is to test that it measures is like an.

Average of three months of your blood sugars which is a good indicator one into care but it's not the best the best indicator would be instant levels but of course you know if I were you if I were you guys the next uh checkup for your doctor I would ask for a post Pro nail insulin test and just – if you really want to know you know find out from that.

Okay all right so now let's go you have any questions okay so I was reading a few things you might have answered this in what you just said but someone wants to know you YouTube we have well people don't use their names on YouTube mostly so someone's asking how do you test for that if you're at home how do you test for these insulin levels there is a spot.

Test it's called insulin it's an SI spot test you can it's a home test you can do that but you could also just go and request it from your doctor I find a doctor that will do it and then they'll they'll test for the insulin and then what are the little tests that the little things that you.

Can prick your finger that would just be a blood sugar test yeah which is basically lay down the chain of events by the time that shows up you already have a big problem so wouldn't it be makes sense Karen to check check the earliest signs of something would that be the best thing that would be the best thing now I have another question.

Because if you have diabetes yeah you're at the end of insulin resistance right well you you had it you have insulin resistance and you have insulin depends how how we are adapting you're not tapping adapted me because insulin resistance is the is always going to be in a situation with diabetes type 2 so what happens we have we're starting to.

Have you could actually have insulin resistance and have normal blood sugars and then when you start failing to adapt to this situation in the body this becomes overwhelmed now insulin can no longer control the insulin goes higher it can no longer control blood sugars so the blood sugars go higher and higher and higher but what happens in some.

People is the because the higher insulin it pushes the insulin the blood Sugar's down and you start having hypoglycemic symptoms so low blood sugar is not just not eating sugar it's high insulin that's pushing the blood Sugar's down giving you a hypoglycemic and they tell you to eat piece of candy.

Right and some people say well oh hi I was tested I have although hypoglycemic symptoms but I was test everything comes out normal well it could be those simek's symptoms are either subclinical or you have insulin resistance which is basically your cells are so depleted of glucose and the symptoms are very similar to low blood sugar but it's.

Maybe not in the blood sugar it's in the cells so it's not showing up in the cells so again to understand this you have to kind of get the whole picture and understand some basics but yeah okay good and then when you have diabetes it's from too much insulin yeah and but then they give you insulin right right because too much insulin actually causes.

You your cells now to absorb insulin it's called insulin resistance so you have a situation we have the insulin is not working anymore but you have too much insulin which is deadly too much insulin is just as bad as high sugar I mean that's why when I mean just think about the insulin shock therapy where they inject people with.

All this insulin and they wake up fat and they have all these other complications so if anyone is skeptical of that just look look look up all the symptoms of hyper influenza Mia okay and you will see they are even worse than high high sugar high blood glucose okay is that sufficient that's great okay good alright so let's take a call Ashley.

You're from Memphis go ahead you're on the line yeah it's good thank you very much for taking my call I'm calling on behalf of my mom she is 78 years old she has the two major issue one is the urination the second one is insomnia urination is because she's thinking about the taking very powder capsule because her unit.

Urination is a very weak and usually come out into two parts and the first part is a week and the second part is even weaker in the second part take it longer to come out and she is thinking about taking the cranberry see that that work and at the second part the second question about insomnia is she thought her major issue and we she has been.

Taking your sleeping aids and also the acupressure tool and she uses the SQ pressure tour the first stage it worked about after death she wake up at like a three o'clock in the morning and using that compression tool and it doesn't work anymore after the first day and what I also she can do I appreciate that you did make them atomizer thank you so.

Someone like that here's what you want to do especially with your mom you definitely do keto and imminent fasting because it sounds like that high urination high levels of excessive urination which is basically kind of a pre-diabetic or a diabetic symptom so that's the area that she needs to go into like more strict on the keto and.

More intimate of fasting to improve the urination and that will actually help the sleep as well as far as the cranberry it's probably not the best remedy for the flow of urine well it might be better especially if she has insomnia is to have celery in the evening like a little bit more celery maybe as the last meal at four stalks.

And then maybe some asparagus which actually would be good as well for urination okay thanks Ashley alright Sonya you're from Florida go ahead you had a question hi dr. Byrd thank you so much for all of the education that you put out there for those of us that have been confused for all our lives I'm 53 I just want to give.

You a quick rundown I'm new to keto I actually started I am in February and I was doing a 20-hour fast and a 4-hour eating window but I was just doing the if' I didn't know anything about Tito and so I was just eating whatever I wanted during the during the four hours and I actually felt quite good I was sleeping better I.

Already started to I just felt really good and then my husband stumbled across a couple of your videos and we've been pretty addicted to learning as much as we can because we realized that our entire lives we have been fueling our bodies with carbs sugars I don't like vegetables everything I eat is pasta bread potatoes sugar and I am 63 years.

Old I have been overweight pretty much my entire adult life and you know what doctors will call obese because I'm 5 foot 3 and I weigh the last time I weighed myself I was like 265 pounds but I want to say that I have never had I'm on no medications I've never had issues I did suffer with my goal with my kidney stones when I was like 30 years old and.

Then again when I was 40 and then all of a sudden when I was 45 my gallbladder ruptured and I had to have my gallbladder removed so my question is I I I started when I started your videos and I started finding out about vile and how important that was I went right away and I got your fatty liver formula and your gallbladder formula because I'm you.

Know bit panicked about well I have no gallbladder where's the bile how am I going to start to digest some of these fats on the new keto that I'm on but I I also because I don't like vegetables I'm taking your wheatgrass and went right away and started teaching their wheatgrass I'm now about to start your kale shakes.

And your electrolytes and your cruciferous but because I've never taken that supplements or medications my whole life I feel a little bit overwhelmed like am I supposed to be taking all these things every day at the same time or can I kind of spread them out yeah good question yeah just spread them out make them more comfortable for you but.

The best time to taken is probably the first meal at least the electrolyte powder and the wheatgrass juice powder so and then you take one gallbladder after you eat and then you can just spread the other ones out they're not going to increase insulin but here's the thing somehow we got to figure out how to get some vegetables in your body one.

Way or the other so either have maybe someone maybe chew them for you if you don't like chew them or maybe steam them or have a fermented vegetables but you definitely define some vegetable that you can get in your body this is very very very important so that's what you're gonna have to work on but definitely keep going to if' in because.

You're gonna you're gonna start losing some serious weight and as all this fat comes out of the body if you don't have enough of the vegetable it could be a little bit of a situation because we want the vegetables to keep the liver nice and clean but yeah and especially if you don't have a gallbladder to because you need to have filed to help.

You detoxify that so alright so bite the bullet Sonya and just do what you can alright Karen I have another question we're gonna throw out there okay okay guys so here's question number two what is the worst sugar a table sugar B agave nectar and C just pure glucose what is the worst sugar out of those three.

That's a really good guys could come up with an answer on that and as you're answering let's go to social media let's take another question good well first I want to say hi to Seth because he mentioned that YouTube users do use their name and it is true they do use their name sometimes sometimes they have.

Like account code names you know yeah and the whole screen I'm looking at doesn't have a name but says right ok good so what about rosacea keto if' and then I think it's using what about grape seed fruit I think she means grapefruit seed oil what would you recommend well I know some people are gonna say wow every every single condition is can.

Cause by insulin resistance isn't there another cause but I'm sorry there's probably the most likely cause is insulin resistance because you see with diabetics they have the authorization but it could also be caused by a mold in the body in which case you would take grapefruit seed extract that will help you the other.

Thing that it could be is an adrenal body type issue because the adrenal increases cortisol and that usually shows up to in the cheeks but here's the thing with all these conditions Karen that people have mm-hmm and I know it's like okay what do you do for this what do you do for that just start with putting in the basics key to him in the.

Fasting and just see if anything is left after that it's it should take care of a lot of problems because if you don't have these bakes Basics in your just like chasing this little symptom around in a circle round a circle and I remember when I was really sick like when I was 28 two years ago I was caring to drive me around we were in San Diego.

And we look over the oh maybe I should go it's called the health house I can go in there go in there take all these vitamins and oh here's another health hazard and I would take all these vitamins I had a couple vitamins in the cupboard didn't I a few but I had a lot of issues I had a lot of issues didn't so I had a lot of.

Problems and what I was trying is I was trying to maybe a trying this remedy trying this remedy but what was i eating right you were chasing every individuals what pill should I take for this with pill and you weren't taking drugs but no we're looking for things to treat each symptom I mean I was doing Ben and Jerry's every night dad first sleep does.

It help me go to sleep yeah we won't talk about the drive through margaritas okay so that was a little face but that didn't help or the massive carrot juice I had like so much carrot juice sir cheese pasta and this huge loaf of bread I would like what am i doing right so I had some had a lack of awareness probably the worst of course that's why.

I'm doing this right now because I overcompensated okay so we're gonna go to Kathy Kathy you're from Florida Tampa you had a question go ahead good morning dr. Bergen Karen thank you for taking my call and all of your work in the field it's life-changing um I was a patient of yours and I've been found on you for 14 years I'm in.

Tampa now and I'm calling because for your help again okay I I I've been doing the intermittent fasting since last summer I had a Kido in October and I've been gaining weight but I just want to go over some key points in my history in 2005 I had the lap-band surgery last year March I had emergency gallbladder removal and.

Then in the summer like I said I started fast and daily this past October we decided to empty my band so that because I had some GERD and so that I could eat more vegetables because I loved them I just wasn't able to eat a lot I'm taking all of your recommended supplements I have for a long time especially apple cider vinegar betaine hydrochloride.

Before the meal the gall bladder and extra bile salts after my meal but since I had the band removed I've had a lot of bloating and another note I passed three weeks I've done the standard process 21-day cleanse out of desperation today is my last day and it's the coin I'm at a loss I'm frustrated I'm 48 years old I'm also dealing with menopausal stuff.

And it's it's getting depressing not seeing any results everyone else is getting them yeah you know and I just need your help yeah here's a couple things you could do Kathy because you're dealing with just the the machine that's supposed to break down food is not exactly what it should be so we're dealing with kind of an.

Alteration of your digestive mechanism and then they took it out and now you're bloating so the 21-day cleanses I know it's a lot of vegetables I don't think you can break those down yet because it takes a lot of flora and a lot of chemistry down there so I think what I would do if I were you is I would do a smaller amount of vegetables and steam.

Them and maybe a little bit of fermented vegetables just slowly ease into this I think you definitely need to focus on in a minute fasting hardcore one meal a day for sure you're going to have to substitute you're probably already doing that and start to focus more on the flora the microbes maybe get some it's called affected microbes that you could.

Start taking that will actually take the stress off the stomach because you'll start to digest more in your small intestine then the last thing I would do because you have the stomach thing and you can either take the device or your hand and start massaging underneath your your your gallbladder I mean sorry the rib cage on both sides and start to.

Really start working physically those digestive organs to stimulate them to work better so the combination of manually working on the muscles around the organs and then cut down the vegetables because I know that's probably bloating you and then slowly work up to this within a minute fasting that's what I would do so try that and.

Then let us know how you do within a couple weeks okay all right Karen what answer do we have on number two okay well these guys are saying all of them all of them are bad yes all of them are bad it's all relative but you did say which was worse what's worse what is worse yeah and we had a couple glucose but we've had a couple agave Wow really.

Yeah do we have a drumroll three now why Karen is that bad because it produces a fatty liver yeah but why because because it cannot even process 8% of its fructose well that was given okay all right you see already here that you just didn't want to I didn't know you were asking.

That yeah that makes sense everybody knows that yeah you true it's true so a gaba has this a lot of see table sugars 50% glucose and 50% fructose fructose is handled differently in the body the liver you're just going to put someone right into a fatty liver insulin resistance and then pure glucose as it's better than table sugar yeah I.

Know so we want to stay away from the fructose okay now people are gonna say well what about fruit right well I'm not recommending an Aikido but it's definitely better than high fructose corn syrup because you have all the fiber that buffers it but the problem in the last I don't know how many years we've did hybrids of our fruit to make.

Fruit more sweeter sweeter sweeter like apples now are very sweet I think even a watermelon is morphed into this very sweet watermelon type thing and you have honeydew melons right all these fruits did not were not sweet long ago and plus they're seasonal not meant to consume 24/7 that's just my opinion Karen okay and guys if you want to take the body.

Type quiz after we're done there's a link down below okay and also we are on tuned in on the radio so you can check that there's an app on that and we have a few more questions so I'm gonna go right to Mitzi I think yeah Mitzi you gonna do that one all the time when you're coming from sunny there you go right – hello Mitzi are you there.

Well your honor alright so we're gonna put her on hold and we're gonna go right to Heron from Colorado go ahead Karen yes hello dr. Berg my question is I am 63 and naturally went to two meals a day before keto so that that was normal then my whole goal is to be healthy weight will I know will come off if it's supposed to come off um.

So now I'm to one meal a day and occasionally there'll be a two meal a day but that hasn't happened for a couple weeks but with one meal a day I'm full before I finished my salad before most of my meal is done I'm just full so then I think okay well the window means I have two to four hours so I'll go two hours and I'm still full so really I'm.

I'm even now I'm satisfied I eat at 1:30 about everyday not hungry at the moment well so I don't know what should I be concerned will this overtime fix itself or what do I do so just you have to realize that what your body is doing right now it is it's eating it's eating 24/7 right now it's just eating your own fat as.

Fuel that's the fuel that you're running on so it's not that you're starving the body or whatever so I think that's good the fact that you're not hungry means that you're you're in fat-burning okay so then the question is making sure that you get all your nutrients and that's really the key so even if you're doing one meal a day realize that you don't.

Have to go crazy like eat so many calories you can actually do a meal a thousand calorie meal or even a 1200 which is not that big with a little protein a vegetable and you don't even need to add any fat just make sure you you emphasize the greens and the nutrients and the minerals and the vitamins and protein so your body.

Doesn't go after the protein which it probably won't but just in case just do a little bit of protein and if you're not hungry ride the wave there's going to be a point where your your appetite may come back more and your let your body tell you what you need as long as your Energy's up and you're feeling.

You're fine I'm gonna be releasing more and more data on different meals at different amounts to make sure you get your all your requirements so just stay tuned but thank you Karen Karen we have another question we want to shoot out there okay yeah why are nitrates used in meats get the store you know you buy bacon.

Why don't they put the nitrates in there oh I know you were so I want everyone to answer that why did they use nitrates and like sodium nitrates okay let's see if you know the answer to that one okay okay good all right we're gonna go to I think it's Tisa from California go ahead you two question hi yeah hello.

Thank you so much I love all your videos I thank you um since I found you about five weeks ago basically like vinegar each day according the Royal avocado and then I put two drops of that trace you know that you have and a scoop of the electrolyte the wheatgrass which I just found out I could actually have those separate and it wouldn't change that.

Fast so Peggy Pat and I have like one or two of the nutritional you say I do not understand I also take cookie pain and Miriam because I had fvp that was really really bad but I I was able to get rid of it with the cookie time other than okay this is what you should do okay so you just started and you maybe.

Think you lost weight but it stopped here's the thing don't just look at weight look at your size your clothes and how they fit it's time to start doing pushing that lunch to the dinner a little closer but honestly what I would do if I were you and I talked about this is nix the bulletproof coffee do one coffee without any fat okay and then.

Call me back next week and tell me if you're fun losing because I think you're just doing a little too much fat that's what I would do everything else sounds pretty good and next week we're gonna be talking on Thursday at 12 o'clock okay so it's a little bit different than Friday and then now let's go right to that answer let's see what do we got oh.

Yes most people are saying shelf life really crease the shelf life yeah it's a preservative yeah nitrates preserve the color and they last things that you can sit on the Shelf longer so the meat will stay nice and red and pink turn watch ray and so hey guys when you see that ingredient get the alternative which is celery juice powder instead of the.

Nitrates okay a little healthier a lot help you thanks for your calls guys you guys are great again for those of you on the lab state tune in the membership site we're going to do a another show and we'll see you next week on Thursday at 12 o'clock have a great one.

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