Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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hey everyone welcome back it's Friday morning and we are here hello can't be post-thanksgiving that's right I hope you guys didn't eat too much Akito Thanksgiving we did I'm sure that you had a car friend quito friendly eating program and we're just trying to work out how to get these questions here we.

Have to reboot the phone call thing I might have screwed I think I pressed I screwed it up again I press some buttons and well you know that's what you get for pressing some buttons yeah so I'll let you guys work on this so anybody that was just disconnected okay so so what we want to do is we want to we want to bring on Laurie hey Laurie once you.

Come on back here we have a special guest for you guys we wanted to one of those things where I am I screwed up a second week in a row so anyway hey Laurie how are you I'm doing great good so Laurie I wanted to bring Laurie.

Up because she's a great story you know she's been helping us with the back end of things and you know her husband actually started the program after a period of time but Laurie didn't really jump right in right off the bat you kind of where this you know you kind of stubborn stubborn but you you you pretty much a normal.

Food right a regular rebel rebel without a cause okay good and so tell me a little bit about like huh there was a certain point a shift I think was it that you came to know okay so yeah so basically you there was a shift that you decided maybe I should try this right what-whatever was that.

Was that the summit or what was it it was the summit and his Steve's constant bragging about his weight loss AB morning or morning after morning so I thought and he's such a Salesman um well you know you could try it in like you know a different time just a certain time period and then you can make it small that's right I'll do it but I.

Reserve the right to not do it in two days if I don't want to be that discipline because I hate and I couldn't believe how easy it was that you were surprised that Wright was shocked the first day I got you know kind of a little hungry to newett I realized it's not really hyung it's I want that I'm needing something.

In its fun brush to have it yeah and so now I just have my sugar-free gum with me which really I rarely chew but if I'm really I'll do that and she'll even fun to dray from Jones and yeah but I'm just shocked at how easy it is and how good I feel and now I get to brag about the scale right now how long have you been oh I've lost a month and I've.

Lost 10 pounds Wow how do you feel any better I feel so much better more energy you know I'm not lugging around as much body way I've got a ways to go but yeah I'm just loving it I can't wait in the morning when I get up to jump on the scale Wow Wow so tell me like did you have any other health benefits before you started like did you.

Have I'm thinking with a blood pressure or something I've got well problems probably meant yeah yeah I've got the high blood pressure okay and I've got some liver issues and every time I go when they say you gotta get your weight down and would tell me what kind of foods that you were eating in the past like the like did you have any.

I'm a pasta eatin girl Wow so that's pretty much you're eating that and then just going along and yeah and then you did you have a consideration that you thought it would be too hard to do keto because it's like strict and then you're gonna be craving and everything right I just didn't want to discipline myself I just I like food.

You're like I like to eat mm-hmm now once you got on this did your cravings and hunger went down right I'm shocked yeah I mean again you realize I'm really not hungry I just want that hi I'm eating something fun you have to come over and teach you how to make cheesecake oh and pecan pie oh yeah blondie.

Brownies I know yeah I was looking at your keto plate for Thanksgiving yummy well for those of you watching if yours if you if you're new to the channel and you're like hmm this might be hard here's a perfect example it's not that bad once you get into it it's actually easy and now you're you get the benefits and you think you'll be able to stick.

With this for a curd of time oh yes oh yeah I'm in it for good Steven I both keep saying that and I I've never been that way Wow awesome energy energy level gone up huge good really huge yeah she is not a paid spokesperson I am NOT and I'll come back and let them flash on me in a few months and you're gonna see how much less of me there is so now when she.

Says flash on you no no no no no that's not no yeah yeah we won't be doing too much sharing right right okay well thanks so much for sharing yeah thanks for coming come back okay I'll see you later all right so we're gonna go to Tammy from Pennsylvania she's been on the phone after I kind of shut up going down Tammy.

Are you there hi hi Karen from Allentown and so on the little five minutes away from Kutztown small town of Topton and I notice I lived on a dream leap and then I moved to 24th Street went to Alan and then I transferred to Parkland hey what year did you go yeah Parkland like 87 you went there from 86 I graduated in 87 okay not much well I.

Don't think okay oh my gosh I'm gonna try not to cry you're a blessing anyway I've always been a healthy eater even a healthy kid I started working out when I was 14 only only girl in the gym at the school and I was one that got up and he meal and had fruit and all that and all the kids are.

Eating junk but anyway I had a I was pretty much healthy went through a bad divorce and at 36 never was a doctor person still and not even more so now but anyway I tended to get lumps in my breath and so I had like three went to the doctor anyway comes back I had breast cancer this was last year so big shocker because I'm like.

This health nut and so knocked me to the floor reality check and so then I'm thrown into the system and so I ended up getting they scare the crap fatty you I ended up losing both my boobs I had a double mastectomy I didn't take one drug going through it Wow and yeah because I just pretty much anti-drugs always have been so anyway I didn't take any drugs.

So I'm laid up for a month and I find you because I do my own research I'm looking into how to not get this back somewhere else so anyway I find you love everything that you do you make it simple easy to understand and from I've been doing research you know with you and elsewhere you know since last year so I'm on all of your stuff electrolytes.

Wheatgrass adrenal I take grapefruit seed because I get itchy and I did send you an email and then it was funny that you had a show on itching right after that I take the d3 estrogen balance because I'm estrogen dominant a whole-food be complex cruciferous and I take the probiotic at night now when I get up I take bentonite clay with.

Electrolytes just to give it flavor hmmm I want to start taking ip6 and EDTA and I also do colloidal silver silver okay so my first question is when to take these key leaders so that I'm not pulling out what I'm putting in you know what it is like is it okay that I take the bentonite with the electrolytes in the wheatgrass yeah you want an okay I.

Answer that question yeah I have a lot of questions so if you could give me them you can have two questions really really fast I will I will yeah I'll answer when you give me the second question okay and then um so anyway I go to hematologist and all I don't go to him anymore because all he does is push the tamoxifen on me for the.

10 years and and he doesn't tell me about my blood work and when I ask him he doesn't oh your blood works fine and that's all I get so I need to find another hematologist that'll work with me but I just was wondering what are they looking for in my blood work to know that something's come because they have you basically dead if you don't.

Take their drugs if you don't take the flu shot if you don't you know they scare you right but I don't I'm not doing that and I just want to know what are they looking for in my blood work that you know I can look myself yeah that's got it that's a really complex question cuz I have I have no idea what type of cancer you had what they're.

Looking for they're probably looking for anything that shows up there might be sort of markers I don't know what blood tests are doing but but here's the thing it might be helpful to find a key to friendly doc that you can at least consult remotely just to keep them in the loop so you have that backup the thing with cancers that you're doing.

All the right things right now you're avoiding estrogenic things that might trigger more cancer I would focus a lot on intermittent fasting if I were you I would do some periodic prolonged fasting at least once a month probably at least 72 hours simply because that's gonna really help you cutting out the sugars you partner you're doing that I assume.

Now as far as the key leaders go you want to take you can take bentonite clay you could take even charcoal and EDTA those are icky leaders and even ip6 you could probably might be an overkill I probably would stick I would if you're gonna do both I I wouldn't do both I would do instead of I p6 which is a a certain inositol type.

Kind of a blocker it's uh it actually helps with cancer but I think a stronger one would be EDTA so if you took that an empty stomach when you're fasting like fry for 5 hours and then you would you can do whatever you want after that that'll give a chance to kind of clean out any type of heavy metals country-and-western.

Any type of heavy metals that iron that could be going on there and then take your minerals later in the day that's what I would do so yeah so that's pretty much I think I answer both questions but thank you so much for calling I'm glad you're doing better and yeah it's like all about creating health right now so you just keep working on that immune.

System awesome so Lois you're from Minnesota are you there yeah I'm here thank you hi great you had a question about a rash on your girlfriend right skin rash yes yes so we've been in Quito for about four months and we I'm seeing amazing result and I just love it I just know I think about anymore beside my foundation no.

But so eat the same food every day but she having dark spots on her lower back and butt area and in behind her mean stuff and then I would I had my own kid or an atmospheric eater about a month ago she didn't had anything so when she said having do it I was telling her that she doesn't like you to arrest me just like something different yeah and then I.

Said goes to the doctor and then she keeps a mosquito rash but then at the same time she was having little bombs don't like rash that's why that too had just to me look like rash but she kept on going and the Tax Board got really bad I mean it got so bad that she had to go see a doctor the mysterious or the doctor did to her.

Eczema and I gave her some rope and something to taken and it got better a little bit if the ducts for a speedy and then now the kiddo rush has come in really hard I mean we take everything that you do I mean we eat I mean a lot of busy tables we did everybody do which had weed I mean literally be bad I mean.

Little bumps yeah little blue bump little red bumps okay that's different that's a different situation let me explain what that is if you you got a rash which does have redness and you got these little little tiny bumps a lot of times I have them in the back of the arm sometimes on the butt the back that is a omega-3 fatty acid deficiency when you.

Do keto a lot of times people do nut butters they'll do coconut butter they'll do butter and they're doing these fats and they do a lot of seeds and nuts and seed butters and nut butters right those are very very high in omega-6 fatty acids omega-3 fatty acids are different that actually is in fish mainly fish and fish oil cod liver.

Whale so what happens is the omega-3 if you have too many nuts and things that can compete for the omega-3 so they don't get absorbed so even though you might have some of the three you're not heavy on the three and letting the other one so this is what you do start doing salmon as your protein salmon maybe some cod liver oil go lower on the seeds and.

Nuts so you don't have as many omega-6 you get higher omega-3 because it's cut it's called if the deficiency of omega-3 it's like goosepimple type things that's probably what it is and with keto a lot of people don't have enough of the omega-3 and that's they don't look at the quality of fats they might do some peanut butters and stuff.

But they're not looking at the type of fats and they might get something like that okay go ahead and try that let me know how it goes all right Karen okay well I'm gonna give a little shout out to countries because it's too much to mention every little state and region but we have the Philippines London Canada the US the UK Ireland Malaysia.

Nicaragua Wow and more yeah so welcome everybody thanks for watching okay so here's a question this Rhino understands or get the idea that Quito is only for weight loss it's only a small part of the picture it's not so Rhino wants to know what do you do once you hit your ideal body weight well pretty much you're done.

You can go back to what you're eating because it is Doritos and soda yeah I mean it worked so you should be able that you're fine this is a good question what should you do like whatever cause the improvements are gonna keep causing the improvements once you hit your weight loss goal now you actually have to do a maintenance which.

Is a version of this if you don't want to keep losing and then you add more fat to the diet and maybe even more carbohydrates and I'm talking about berries but don't kind of go crazy over the over the 50 gram per day mark so some foods that are acceptable that are a little bit higher in car but still have the protein in fat would would be.

Also even cashews mm-hmm as far as a nut because it's it's a little bit higher in car but as long as you stay within 50 grams that might be better for you because if you do lean you know like link carbs your cuisine you're gonna lose more weight but you want to add more fat and maybe a little more car okay okay now what if you have been.

Losing weight and you have some loose skin the dreaded loose skin well well there's two things for that because this skin is a tissue that is influenced by growth hormone so the two things that will stimulate growth Roman the most are intermittent fasting good and ketogenic diet exercise exercise okay okay I knew I was gonna hit it yeah so exercise so.

You're gonna have to do consistent exercise you're gonna have to you know do that hardcore and you're gonna have to do in a minute fasting if you want to help your skin now of course the keto a healthy version with a lot of cruciferous and things will start to bring out that healthy glow which is very important because you're about your.

Skin is a reflection of your liver so if you start to really eat healthy your your your your liver will be happy and your skin and be happy okay okay yeah all right good do I get another one you get one more okay good oh and by the way I have two very serious questions two very interesting.

Questions guys so if your on don't leave because we have to Oh coming up later in the show yes it's some very interesting questions later I'm gonna discuss I'm gonna be discussing and see if you guys can guess this but not right now well maybe you know you should just do it now.

Everybody's gonna be out by the way Laurie there's a lot of comments that's exactly me she's so inspiring thank you for sharing your story you know I I have this uh this illusion or delusion did lose yeah sure every woman is pretty much like a hundred percent like me I have this idea that everyone jumps in and they're doing a hundred percent is.

That true or false that is called a delusion delusional I just explained it I thought oh yeah everyone's been just gonna jump right in there and just do it a hundred percent no because you're like a machine like I'm like Laurie I like the flavor of food I like to enjoy food and that's my motivation for coming up with a lot.

Of recipes because and there's no enjoyment and it's ten cups of vegetables right I'm the same breakfast Wow every single day I mean I don't even eat breakfast but I must be out of touch no you're just you're year so can I can I ask the question I thought it was later in the show well you said this bring it up okay bring it up okay so.

Guys this is the first question general no I did I did a video on this and and the video is what food can you not resist okay and then I surveyed several thousand of you and I got the results answer has got to be chocolate-covered pretzels no it's not so if you can guess go ahead and guess most common food that people cannot resist type it in below.

And say I want to see if you guys get it right after the commercial break has to be salty no we're not gonna do a commercial we I need to go to Valentina from Toronto be there hi how are you good how are you good thank you so much to you and your team you guys are doing a phenomenal job I just wanted to ask.

Universe to my hashimoto or hypothyroidism they didn't really specify under one doing my research and I kept on saying it could be hashey so they confirmed that atashi but I tried to intermittent fasting four months ago and I'm doing one meal a day but I have my coffee with grass-fed butter in the morning that keeps me all day like I.

Feel perfectly fine and I have to adrenal cocktails to just give myself extra support but I just feel like that was so there's no change for me at all you like or correct energy energy is fine like I'm sleeping better I I also do ashwagandha and evening and I take magnesium supplements like during the day and B vitamins and so I'm trying to.

Cover all my nutrients but I feel like I'm not eating enough because I'm just having that one meal in the evening with some snacks because I keep my favorites too towards the evening so macademia my kombucha and whatever vegetable salad and protein I would have for my kids and myself well I just feel like I perhaps I'm missing something or if there's any.

Kind of tips that you would share and I'm sure others will benefit from this because I think with passion moto it's extremely difficult it's not you know the usual great right so I have a question for you when did you exactly find out you had Hashimoto's 2009 2009 now sorry 2009 was the hypothyroidism and I.

Also don't like the medication I tried to do things on my own without but I was going through a lot of stress at that time so a year later I was forced to go on the lorac LaVon exactly and then in 2011 I was ready to come off of that so I did AIP and tried to heal my gut and I'd get off so I was off almost about a year before.

My my values dropped again and then in May of 2017 I was asked to go back like I basically needed to support and so I do my research and I it's very hard in Canada to find someone that will work with you especially you know like people that understand it so I keep on doing my own research doing my own blood tests and I request my blood tests to be given.

To me so that I can happen but so let me give you my suggestion on that okay yeah let me just give my suggestion I was just about to ask you a question but you already answered it for me I said well kind of what happened just before that and you told me it was distress and here's another example guys like I this happens over and over and over when you.

Have autoimmune stuff going on there it seems to be always a stress thing that happens right before you get this condition which is a huge clue that you need to focus on your adrenal glands your adrenals so I have that massage tool technique I have certain things that you should do because the immune system is compromised and they are the.

Adrenal system controls the immune that the white blood cells so yeah so you want to work on that I'm sure you are already working on that long walks and things like that but Hashimoto's is not necessarily even a thyroid problem it's an immune problem triggered by stress so it's understanding like what triggered it so you can kind of undo it what.

Happens with autoimmune is you have a higher level of hydrogen peroxide the body is actually making it that stuff that you'd pour on oh like a wound and this remember that can hydrogen peroxide yeah so your body makes that when it makes hormones without hormones so if you usually went autoimmune problems you have too much of that if it's.

Hashimoto's so that could be preventing your your improvements so there's a good remedy for that it's called five acetyl L by L okay you can actually order that with some zinc and selenium and start taking that that's a very powerful antioxidant to kind of clear out how does your proxy side which is an oxidant and so get some of that clean it up work.

On your stress and honestly I that you're you're doing one meal a day but I think that bulletproof coffee could also be a reason why your body's is you know your metabolism is already really slow because the thyroid is involved so you're gonna probably have to nix the extra fat in the coffee and maybe stick with that one meal and just make sure.

You have some really good vegetables in there as well cruciferous and then see if that doesn't help you because it's you know it's just that you got to keep keep the fats a little bit lower okay thanks for your call all right Karen you get a question okay good well you know what I noticed about that call I've heard it before.

People with body challenges like this second or third time I've heard someone say this phrase I was forced to go on livox oh yeah it's um that's the challenge it's like you get in the medical system and then you're you're put in a situation where they kind of put it to you not with a light touch but like if you don't go on this you're.

Gonna end up with whatever and I don't like that sometimes maybe we should be more maybe we should be more like that the medical profession tends to put people in fear sometimes you don't do this I think that's not healthy well I understand that because I don't like to fear monger but can you don't eat your vegetables you are gonna die of cancer.

Huh it's not gonna help you know that's a but the next question that I had with somebody asking what's the deal with my willpower like how can you improve willpower because I've been watching you for two years and I haven't started anything so then you know okay we give a lot of information but then somebody goes the medical doctor and.

Says hey if you don't do this you're gonna die and then they do it so the question I mean yeah we don't want to say hey if you don't change your your way of eating in your lifestyle you're gonna die of course we're all gonna die yeah I hate to break the news I think let's start doing that I'm gonna start today in fact right now I'm gonna tell.

You if you don't eat your healthy foods you we're gonna die you're gonna die okay we're all okay that terrible death wasn't I'm sorry eating healthy now but it's a bit of a motivation point right willpower people tend to really change what they're doing once they've hit some kind of health crisis you start scaring people more my.

Point is like you know like it you know what I mean keto and intermittent fasting are about growing a healthy body it's not just about weight loss so the whole idea of well once I'm at my ideal weight I can eat whatever I want no because when do you stop healing your body or growing a healthy body but what I think we should mention the fact that.

You know why would you start and what's the deal with willpower well your body is either growing healthier or it's growing sicker there's no balance there it doesn't ever maintain right I know I'm sounding a little philosophical right now deep now can but I but you know just a different way for people to look at it to be inspired or.

Have that willpower to get started I'm gonna scare the disease run out of people and just tell them okay that might work we'll try it I'll can try that never mind so anyway if you needed to help your prostate or you had a prostate cancer not that we ever addressed cancer or help heal cancer because we just know.

We don't it another way I forgot to anything that we say in the show is not meant to diagnose you or substitute for medical care check with your doctor before doing anything that we say right okay all right but anyway what if you wanted to help grow a healthy prostate what would you do state not grow a big frosty from from.

Birth give birth to a prostate okay you know what I'm saying I know what you're saying you're just giving me an extremely hard time today I know you're trying to say and do I have no well I think if you just you know think twice before you may sleep or you speak you'll be I always loved that we were just joking the other day like how many call.

Think twice before you open your mouth right okay let me think twice oh wait wait okay now I think okay okay it's you should have saw it first you didn't think right they're really funny cause a funny concept people um Karen can you give me the answer what are people saying cuz I have to get this you didn't do the prostate yeah we need.

To grow grow up a healthy prostate I think I got that no what would you do if you needed help with your past I would avoid consuming dairy as the single most important thing okay that includes cheese what yeah that's what I would do if I were you okay okay good so um okay so the answers are quite varied from salty to sweet but it's a lot of bread.

Donuts chips pizza and then you have you know the ice cream let me go back that chocolate a lot of people said chocolate chocolate is number two so can I have a drum roll please okay bread bread how did you know I was reading your mind wow that's scary okay keep that in mind keep that in mind.

In your mind I'll think twice do think twice before I think it to learn from your mistake okay so people apparently like bread now guys I actually I'll be releasing tomorrow a video on that it's the shortest video that I've ever done which is gonna reveal the answer but I actually have a link in there to this question what do.

People resist I did a video on this well you just said I know but there's more people that need to see this but here's the thing I did there's two videos we have our bread recipe which is to die for okay and we also have another video on a technique to permanently and once and for all.

Get rid of your get rid of your ability to consume bread now you're crazy no it's a technique it's a technique that I show you okay enough said yeah okay so I need to get back to these questions because Deena Deena has been waiting for a bit are you there Deena hi dr. Eric I am thank you yeah what say you to question.

My question how I do so I'm 36 years old 5 foot 4 I am at 25 pounds overweight and I know I struggled for the past year with stress that cortisone adrenals were going crazy and I finally felt like I was getting better doing keto I could see the results just on my face for about they're really strict for almost a month and then my I've had a slumped has.

Been just so you know I recently found out that I am now pregnant but I'm I mean at this point I'm like I'm so excited be it oh man okay what do I do right you hear controversy about keto and pregnancy and yet I'm not still at my ideal way I'm still 25 pounds ever over my idea healthy I feel good wait mm-hm and I feel like my.

Estrogen being this first trimester is going crazy as far as maybe this is too much information but I'm gonna just throw it out there just a breast tenderness is insane and they feel cute I feel huge already and my cravings I really wanted green apples so bad hmm the cravings are just out of control and strangest things so I would love your.

Opinion on that okay good idea okay so for those of you watching and you're thinking about pregnancy I just want to just say one little thing about that it takes like ideal in an ideal setting if you're able to prepare for being pregnant a two-year slot of getting healthy would be very beneficial but you're already pregnant.

So too late for that so now we have to catch up where it quickly and get our body in balance yeah so breast tenderness that's iodine deficiency so you need I admit rules it's a good high quality seek help very important as you put the iodine back in your body you also find that your future child's IQ will be.

Higher so that's cool okay the other thing is that at this point your body is going to be kind of telling you it needs something from the cravings different different types of foods I would just start beefing up on the the nutrient-dense foods no pun intended on just different nutrients that you could like vitamin C if you're craving green.

Apples like have more vitamin C a food based vitamin C and try to see if that handles that because your your body is demanding like we need to prepare this this raw material you know this body that so we can prepare it give the raw materials and necessary one thing that's really important for women that are pregnant and also breastfeeding is.

Something called DHA which is a fat which is essential for brain development and the retina the vision so if you want to increase your your newborns IQ by at least 10 points start do eh-eh now one of the best sources of DHA is fish fish oils but if you want to take in the next level I would do caviar I would get some caviar and take a half.

A teaspoon a day now it's a bit salty so you just put in a spoon drink some water carbonated water flush it down and you're gonna that child is going to be like a super genius because the the brains gonna have everything it needs to develop into not everything but the healthy fats because a lot of your brain is DHA fat it's a DJ is a it's an.

Omega-3 fatty acid so fish eggs have the most and then you got cod liver oil a second and then you have salmon its third then it goes down the list krill is pretty high if you like that it's a phytoplankton but here's the thing right now I would just not focus on in a minute fasting right now or trying to lose weight.

I would mainly focus on doing healthy keto and that's really what I would do okay all right well thanks for your question in my long answer alright Karen when you got what do you got coming up on the social media okay good so I have someone here who is having GERD which is basically heartburn mm-hmm and it's with.

A lot of dairies and all kinds of things apple cider vinegar makes it worse so then I don't think then it's exclusively just GERD I think there's some gastritis in there inflammation in the gut so you need to get something called licorice root because if episode of vinegar makes it worse that means that there's some sensitivity in your stomach.

And probably inflammation in your stomach you probably would benefit from that probiotic I had which is a effective microbe it's a liquid that will actually help establish the pH lower in the gut and I think that might help you the other thing is that you want to do cabbage a routine thing because that has a.

Certain nutrient to help heal the inside of the stomach and then instead of apple cider get a product called Petain how to chloride and start taking that right before the meals like four or five or six tablets before you eat and then slowly start healing the stomach because the valve is not closing on the top of the stomach so we need to adjust the pH.

A little bit more acidic so the valve closes down I've done videos on that you can watch that in alright okay what about someone who has new gallbladder and a lot of constipation well if you don't have a gallbladder you don't have enough bile in bile lubricates the colon so this person needs to take more take a bile salt purify bile salt there's.

Something I have called gallbladder Foreman that you can take that it has additional things if you want it or just go get some bile salts but you need to take like one after a meal so you can actually substitute what you're missing and then also on one of my videos it's called gallbladder flushing I show a technique where you could massage two.

Different the gallbladder and pancreas that will give you a lot of relief in the meantime as you're you know dealing with this gallbladder removal okay let's go to Rob from Ohio are you there Rob yes I am oh good it's you two question about GERD – yeah actually GERD and then I've been diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus and I.

Have been taking the apple cider vinegar and some of these digestive enzymes I have some of your episode as any beniker plus ordered but you know I went on the medicine when I was first diagnosed with it like a week and then I called somebody's video like that I'm not gonna do that and so but the trouble is that it's been seems like it's getting worse.

You know the you know the exotic beer coming up myself yeah yeah and that's because you haven't correct the problem yet the way to correct it and again this is just suggestions for you and your doctor to discuss is we want to drop the pH we need to make your stomach more acid so the valve will close or else and it takes.

Honestly that does take some time because when you take betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar that's actually not I mean it's like a it's a slightly acidic thing but it's slowly building up the stomach acid and that it's gonna take time so the other thing that I think will really help you is to of course do healthy keto but.

Specifically in a minute fasting because it'll give your stomach a chance to chill out and not be so overloaded with food so but in the meantime I think the like even the the pills that you get when you get them I would probably start out taking six or even seven before a meal that should actually give you relief the problem if you start going.

Alcohol you start alkalizing the stomach you'll feel better but you'll actually make it worse over time because you're diluting the stomach even more so you you're gonna have to kind of cope right now adjust the foods add more acid eat less frequent that's what I would do on a rare occasion if you have gastritis or inflammation of.

Stomach that you the acids make it worse then you're gonna have to take chlorophyll for a while to kind of heal it and then come back but those are some tips Rob but thanks for your question all right so Karen we're ready for your question hey here's a neat one what would you do to increase a resting heart rate while on keto so if your resting.

Heart rate is too low I would recommend sea salt sea salt give you more volume of fluid but you probably need to support the adrenals more than anything because that if you have no symptoms and you feel good I wouldn't worry about it because a lot of times when you cut out the sugar and you reduce insulin the elasticity starts coming back in the.

Heart and the heart blood pressure come down and the pulse rate come down because what happens when you increase sugar and insulin the arteries get stiff and the pulse rate can go up and you have a life issue so if you're not feeling bad I think you're going to be fine if you're feeling kind of like or kind of sluggish then I would add.

Probably more B vitamins and sea salt if you increase the pulse rate a little bit yeah cool is rye bread better it's better than what white bread yeah yeah it's a better grain but again it's not keto friendly but if you take a ride crisp cracker occasionally those things are pretty good they have one called crisp bread it's.

Real thin and you can use that if you want it on a keto it's like like mostly fiber and some rye crackers okay and then there's some in India he said he's been on keto for eight days but it's he's having back pain well if your unque dough and you all of a sudden you got back pain I would suspect possible kidney issues kidney stone issues so.

Hydroxycitric I last week I forgot the name its hydroxy sit right that's what you need to take for kidney stones it works like magic some lemon juice is going to be good make sure you do a lot of vegetables a lot of greens salads but probably cut down on the peanuts and organ meats too because it's usually uric acid so cut.

Down on the organ meats yeah yeah okay okay all right Karen we're going to Jason from California out there Jason get out here how are you good let's say you two question about your family ichiro that loves the cops oh yeah yeah well I think the best thing to do is to have some more kids and train them.

Earlier because when you start too late it's really really tough because you're dealing with yeah really set in your ways and oh my gosh it's like I I feel your pain and it's I think that you're gonna have to find something that you can some problem that they have whether it's something related to athletics energy acne that may prove girlfriend's.

Well no problem that that's it great girlfriend problems you can do keto you're gonna get girl oh no no I mean what do you know acne or yeah this is a cool problem yeah physical problem that might be something they really want to handle and then bridge the gap and have them watch the video I wouldn't try to use too much force just kind of keep.

Bringing it up I get some interesting advice when I did a video on how to get your wife to lose weight for men only and it's kind of a funny video because I recommend and give them cash $5,000 works ten thousand works better I don't think it works for kids too much I probably wouldn't do that but it might be a maybe a gaming system bribe.

I'll tell you what right I don't pay you if you eat like this for four six months but what do the thing is if they just eat that way for two months they're gonna start to feel better hopefully yeah I'm also it's what's in the house who controls the food in the house that's another point I just went through out there yeah like if one thing you.

Could do is like just there's no painting available like in our house we had no junk food available you can't find it you know kids looked for it the problem is like when they got went out of the house that was the problem but honestly it's like you you're just gonna have to almost like wait for them to have an issue before you kind of they.

They finally you got like okay I'm ready because like even with Lori you could probably Laura like your husband could probably suggest that you eat like very strongly but change your ways but unless you decide is it ever gonna happen you makes me dig in more but bribery's oh okay right because you have to realize.

Too is kids have sugar cravings and peer pressure bribery does work it has its place right what is no reason yes I didn't brought Karen no but you should have a bribe I didn't think about it I would so anyway that's that's what I would do Jason so good luck yeah good luck on that one but definitely have some work huh have some.

More kids and start them out real young we don't have an option but you know we could say to with our kids and we've lived in a healthy household for a really long time it wasn't always a keto household but it was a healthier house so called healthy right I mean we weren't buying Ding Dongs and hohos and things like that but it wasn't purely.

Keto but our kids went through a phase of resisting you know they wanted their sugar they wanted to eat the junk they would find a way to go to the kids house and stuff like that and we just kept educating and enlightening them and enlightening them and enlightening them and and really as they got older they made the decision and they ended up.

Helping their friends and teaching their friends and now I mean there are opinion leaders for their own circles now right mm-hmm that's right they do get it but if you you know if you keep things from them that's not as good away as educating them so you can't use duct tape you could use duct tape but it's not as yeah okay Donna you're from South.

Carolina go ahead you had a question about elevated cortisol yes I had went to a inter chronologist to have a bunch of labs done because I had a lot of panic and anxiety attacks and I wasn't make sure there wasn't nothing physically wrong with me and of course I've been on a benzo for 30 years and it wasn't working anymore so.

Came to find out which I had no estrogen and my cortisol level was high so they did the dexamethasone test and it was still the same number so it was still high but he never told me he wanted me to have the ultrasound I guess it's adrenal but of course insurance didn't pay for it evidently wasn't high enough for them so I never had that done and I.

Didn't and I don't have any energy because I my mind is always on go yeah I'm always in spider fighting and benzos help some but not that much I guess maybe I'm adjusted to him after all these years and the anxiety is worse and I feel like well I just went and spent hundreds of dollars on all these tests and I didn't get any answers as far as.

What to do because my cortisol level is high which I assume it is because it's a cumulative hormone so I'm sure after years of anxiety it was gonna be high but how do I get it where I don't know that I'll never get it down but how can I get it where I have more energy and I'm able to do more things functionally and not be on high alert all the time.

Right question I have for you what did you sell actually did you see my video on the stress webinar that I did um I've watched a lot of videos I'm not sure exactly how many watch what the titles of all of them work there's one that very specific that I think that'll be helpful to you and it's called dr. Berg.

Stress webinar that's the one that you need that's a physical technique to actually reduce gets rid of stress from the body I think you'll like that that'll help you I'm gonna be releasing a video next couple days maybe tomorrow so check it out it's found the flight or fight mechanism in vitamin b1 when you when you have high cortisol you deplete.

A lot of b1 in the body and that and you're gonna get really tired so you need to take I actually it's not release yet but there's something called mitochondrial energy that has some really good natural b1 b1 in there but that's probably gonna be about two weeks now from now but I would start taking vitamin b1 and a lot.

Of nutritional yeast immediately that should start to kind of chill out the your adrenals and start making you feel better but aerobic exercise long walks every single day essential the acupressure technique on that that video that you're going to watch essential Kido in a minute fasting very very important and then a lot of B vitamins I.

Think I think you could eventually begin your cortisol down if you work on that but the problem when you're on the medication is the receptors are so downgraded as soon as you give more medication it makes the drug work less and less less to the point where you're taking more and more to keep to create the same effect and it's like it's not a.

Long-term solution it's a short-term thing only you have to come up with a long-term solution but I do understand that your frustration because the doctors there's a huge disconnect with doctors because what they'll do is they'll look at classification of diseases but they're not looking at your food other techniques to correct.

Anything it's more like you know just eat a balanced healthy diet and go on your medication which is totally not the best thing to do so anyway try those things and let me know how you do okay Karen I have to ask the last question you're gonna get your phone oh yeah one second hold on guys I'm just gonna be right yeah I'm not going to answer that.

Okay so the second question is related to your radiated foods you're ready radiation on your foods do you know that you're ready it foods say that in English you know they put radiation in foods they so they put radiation into foods yeah they radiate their radio food like x-ray radiation yes okay foods no not all foods spices meats and if you.

There's actually a little symbol of a healthy green leaf with a thing around it that means that have already radiated foods they did radiate you know they do so to read the labels so that the marketing is your food is healthier because it's been irradiated yeah because it kills the microbes what's your thoughts on the.

Question that I'm trying to ask because I was just kind of frame the question what it is I got it if you guys can answer this question how much radiation do they use when they irradiate foods oh so they do that to kill microbes well also to preserve the food it's like pasteurization it's cold on the Shelf what's called electronic.

Pasteurization or a cold pasture a Shinto pasteurization so the question the last question is how much radiation do they use when they do that procedure if you can go ahead compared to how would you answer that like this is just the question I have that I could possibly think of it because I'm doing a video on it and I wanted to see what you.

Guys think okay so how much radiation do they use when they do this is radiated like a microwave yeah so what is the answer that some Denise love hi Denise good to hear from you it says too much yeah I wouldn't know how to answer that like are you answering it in rads yeah now you want to actually answer it in how many Charlie read how many chest.

X-rays okay how many chest x-rays someone's gonna know that's right but most people I don't think would know how do you I know that they might not but it's an interesting answer it's that's why I'm asking okay okay we're gonna be interested I mean so I need to go to while you're thinking about that we're gonna go to or.

Looking it up we're gonna look to Allie Holly are you there from China yeah yeah I'm yeah hello dr. Luke how are you good how are you who is your question I'm fine I am here in China and you know YouTube is bought but I somehow use the VPN then I the wall watch all the videos the kind of view is awesome so I've been following ketogenic diet for.

Five months I have lost 34 pounds and after elapse of ten years I have born into my normal BMI and thanks to you for that great so I want to lose my last eight pounds I have some pattern in my belly area so my question is that can I use a style l-39 videos on the internet also and some of my friends are using it can I help because I'm we're doing the.

Gym as well and doing the cardio will it help me in the reducing my my final goal of 8 pounds and reducing the belly 39 yeah okay good question I think that it's not gonna be the answer to help you lose the 5 pounds it's it's an enhancement on your performance when you workout I think that will be beneficial just for.

Your enhancement I think you if you want to just lose a little bit more weight cut your carbs down a little bit cut your fats down a little bit and they do a little bit more interesting that's what I would do if I were you if you wanted to lose that last bit of weight but I do want to mention one thing about China out of all of the all the.

Countries in the world China has the most people that are developing diabetes type 2 which is interesting so apparently there's a lot of carbohydrates going on in your country right now so I think you're on the right track and we just need to cut those down a little bit more and I think that will help you achieve your if I don't go but.

Thanks for calling now I need to go to David from Florida you've been waiting for a bit hey Dave how are you good how are you good I I spoke to was last week a week before learning what I think is good another good question yeah getting severe belching for 12 between 12 and 20 hours causing arrhythmia mm-hmm.

You had recommended taking the betadine HCl mm-hmm I tried to respond but I don't think you heard me but I did that for for a period of time and it didn't help okay and what I'm noticing recently is that rather than taking that a team ACL is that anytime I drink water any kind of fluids close to a meal.

Especially after in the evening I just recently figured this out it seems to be occurring with that or eating high water content from vegetables like salad I notice it starts doing it so this morning is there a possibility that the waters died leading mm-hmm or any kind of foods diluting the HCL.

And if so besides not drinking an hour before and three hours after there anything else I can do is there a problem with my acid production in there well if you if you take contain how to chloride and you're not seeing success and it it makes sense that you you're diluting the acid and then you're gonna have more symptoms so so we want to.

Concentrate that so how do you what's another way to do that you can work on the other direction by building up your flora and your gut there's something that I have its effective microbes you can check it on the website but I think if you worked on that area you'll actually you may solve this problem because that way you'll have more.

Microbes to do with the with the vegetables and it'll actually help balance the pH from a different angle so a lot of times like I'll tell people like let's focus on the stomach if that doesn't work we'll go to the small intestine because I think you've already tried the bile salts already and that didn't work if and that's another thing.

That you want to check as well some some bile salts so it's just really like either you work in the stomach the gallbladder or the small intestines one of those is going to produce the change thanks David okay how much radiation we got do our people accommodating them okay it's all over the map anywhere from one to two.

Point two five three hundred and twenty-two much someone said all of the radiation which was my favorite answer a thousand twenty thirteen fifty one three what well this is this is what I wanted to bring this up because a rat is a certain unit up x-ray okay when they radiate foods especially herbs and other foods like.

Even vegetables or spices they're using a hundred thousand rads they call it hundred thousand one kilo gray I don't ask me why they call it but that equals one hundred thousand rats so according to this math that is basically a half a billion x-rays so they're using a 10,000 times the lethal dose of radiation for these foods so basically.

Your food is basically dead um you're killing you're creating mutations and in the cells and then of course there's no long term studies that show the effect on humans right now so this is a big big problem so I'm gonna be doing a video on it but the point that I'm trying to make is they use a tremendous amount of radiation on your foods and so if you.

Were to look at the label and just avoid foods that have that on their release that might be a good idea but also another way to know that you're not getting it is when you do organic because the laws when you buy organic you're not going to it can't be irradiated wow I never knew that yeah well on that note on that happy happy.

And happy note hey this is officially the holiday season is upon us so now is now is the time to really stick to it you know more strictly right we understand that on the day that there's a holiday you might go off for a little bit get right back on the wagon right we had a great Thanksgiving meal last night and it was all a hundred.

Percent key though I meant to take a picture of everything right and I forgot sorry next year Karen but we can do a video on it next year sometime or Christmas or something like that anyway we're getting the hook we got a wrap we anniver out guys have a wonderful weekend have a great week and happy Black Friday and don't miss the Black.

Friday sale at dr. Berg calm is a hey sale all right guys we'll see you later bye you
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