Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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hey guys it's been a whole week welcome back is Friday morning 11 o'clock and we have Karen in the house in the house that's right okay good so anything that we suggest is not meant to diagnose any of you just meant for you to get research and do research with the help of your medical doctor okay with that.

Said a little later today we're going to be talking about the relationship between your friendly bacteria and your weight okay very interesting so don't leave stay for that and so why don't we just jump right on to the first caller sue from Indiana hi Sue yes good morning thank you my family's lost nearly 100 pounds on.

Your plan and we're feeling great so thanks my elderly mother needs to start your plan she's a eats a lot of bad foods ivory type classic gall bladder symptoms rhomboid pain headaches all the time for years this is my question she has significant swelling on the right side in the thoracic area in the back could a fatty liver or gallbladder.

Swell out the back – good questions – absolutely in fact myself I had some liver problems and I that's where I had it was on the right side anything on the right side on the back by the scapula between your spine and the scapula that whole area up into your neck a lot of times you get this knot on this muscle up here by the trap and you're always.

Constantly massaging it that usually could be either liver stuff going on or a gallbladder but yeah that's really common so the cool thing is that if you do in a minute fasting you give the gallbladder and liver a chance to rejuvenate and heal and then when you dookied oh you're dropping your carbs you're dropping your insulin which then.

Will take a lot of stress off the gallbladder as well because even what causes gall stones is high levels of insulin people think it's just the saturated fats saturated fats increase the release the problem is when you combine those fats with sugar that's when you get a real big problem like a knit donut but.

I'm not saying you can just eat a pound of bacon and not have gallbladder problems but the point is that you if you go in a low-fat diet you you pop your risk for kidney stones go I mean your gall stones go up so what really messes with the gall bladder is the breads the pasta the sugar and the combination of fat and the.

Sugar like an ice cream so anyway I think I would recommend that and that those symptoms should go away a lot of greens will also be good for the liver too so go ahead and try that soon thanks for your call all right so let's take another call Shamika from Toronto you had a question go ahead I have a question I have prolactin oma and.

Basically I have a two eteri tumor and I'm high pullbacks and which is a 400 ml period and I want to do great and I don't know mm-hmm well here's just a good question that I really can't give you advice from medical conditions but the area that you could research with the help of your doc is basically in a minute fasting in a.

Minute fasting relationship to tumors you should just type that up and you'll find a lot of great data because the frequent eating you know who knows if that can have a big effect on just a tumor in general as far as the pituitary pituitary's like the the middleman you have the hypothalamus which is kind of like the owner the football team the.

Tutors like the coach and then you have the lower level glands that take orders from the pituitary so I think in a minute fasting would be like a real key area to look at and also thats related to prolactin then we have I would also look at all the things that can interfere with the ovary and also send feedback up so and type you know do a.

Research on endocrine just wrap that would be like anything in the environment that mimics estrogen that has the ability to create tumors not just a the pituitary but the ovary too so I would look at that and start going really really clean organic foods hormone free foods thanks for your call now Karen do we have any call people on.

Social media that are from other parts of the world yes we do I'm just making notes here we have Canada Romania Ireland Denmark Spain Nigeria France Ukraine Australia all over the United States Ohio Texas New York New York City Missouri Philly which is not a state but it should be Wisconsin your home your homies yes are.

Watching Massachusetts just all over the place like I can't write it all because they're just from too many places that's awesome but they have questions okay good are you ready I'm ready for a question oh okay good so Sheila's on Facebook okay from Ohio and she says she's type two diabetes she's been on keto just since May and.

She has lost thirty pounds which is amazing but she said it's harder from them in the midsection it's not coming off in the midsection why would it be so much harder to lose weight in that area well let's if we back up on the question she's a type-2 diabetic right that's what she's saying that is that is one of the challenges if your type 2 diabetic.

That means you have insulin resistance so even though you have some benefits from the diet by lowering insulin insulin resistance takes a bit of time especially if you're diabetic think about what happens in the chain of events okay by the time you have pre-diabetes insulin has been high for a long period of time usually okay so you.

Have high insulin which no one ever tests but normal blood Sugar's till probably 10 years and then you have pre-diabetes okay so it's higher levels of sugar and then you become a diabetic eventually after that when it's just out of control by that time you got some serious insulin resistance that's causing a.

Feedback loop now do you understand why insulin was since increases insulin I'm just trying to understand why it takes longer to burn the fat in the belly okay I knew you're gonna I knew someone's gonna ask that question Sheila got your back so alright so let me just kind of make this simple because c-101 know why is my.

Belly big to the college level university level sure she wants to know when am I gonna lose my belly so for those of you that don't want to know why it's not speak so I'm not saying this that you don't want to know why she won't take it could take up to a year to really see some significant change okay is that are you good with that no why.

Would it take longer to burn the belly fat because the belly fat is dependent on how how how much insulin resistance or how much insulin sensitivity you have okay okay I'll get in somewhere now we're getting somewhere then why is my wire my hips the last thing to go that's a completely different question that we have to answer in the next second all.

Right Sheila that's extra ticket that's completely different Sheila yeah just need some time keep keep going it's gonna be handled eventually but don't give up but just realize that you know we want to go for health first getting healthy and you the weight loss is one of the factors the the most important factor is recovery.

Repair like energy level energy level other factors your cravings go away and she and she did lose 30 pounds okay well that's a lot it's working yeah maybe not as fast in the area that you want might want to lose it but one more point you can always improve it at the summit we are going to be covering this a lot more in detail especially in relationship to.

Stubborn fat stubborn problems we're gonna cover whatever problem complete profile of what to do but one more thing do stricter in a minute fasting lower your carbs a little bit more and time all right okay so Sheila got a lot there do we get one more question yes so so here's one I suffering from you know IBS for two years and whatever it eats.

Turns into gas yeah sounds like it's coming from his stomach from the left side any advice no I'm assuming this guy is on keto and is right she he doesn't say okay so here's the thing guys if you have IBS Crohn's all these digestive issues inflammation you really can't just do what's what's gonna actually mess you up.

With the in Quito is the types of vegetables and the quantities the vegetables your what's happening there's inflammation and probably damage of the cells that help you absorb the nutrients in the small intestine okay and so if you don't have the full absorption you have two things happening you got undigested particles of fiber and food.

Undigested which means that the microbes have to go to town and start to really try to you know do with it so you're going to get too much fermentation and what that comes gas methane gas and why do you know I wasn't just leaves over there I was pointing to Steve that makes a little more sense but you just got to watch where your fingers going well but.

The point is that when you have gas you get bloating bloating I wasn't pointing at you I was pointing you're with Steve so what happens is you have to change the type of vegetables I just released a video I think on this maybe I didn't okay anyway I will be releasing it if I didn't but here's some examples of vegetables I think you'll be safe with.

Zucchini squash lettuce celery eggplant will kind of let us know just green lettuce okay but nothing too complex them something like really basic and then probably some fermented and a lot less vegetables so you have to adjust that into the where you don't blow it anymore and then then slowly over time start increasing.

It more and more and more okay so that'll probably solve the problem in addition to in a minute fasting right okay good all right so just a note that today we are going to give a free VIP ticket away to the Kido summit in October and we are just about to announce probably in the next ten minutes which platform either the phone.

Or Amazon Facebook or YouTube so stay tuned for that yes this is exciting yeah a lot of you guys are coming ok yeah this is awesome awesome we're just tons of people are signing up this is gonna be the most amazing event if you don't know about it you have to go to quito health summit calm and definitely come because it's gonna be the most.

Incredible event in october 13 and 14 and the peak season gorgeous fall but the main thing you're coming is to experience an amazing kind of a a massive correction of any things that you might have that are false or missing or not focused on so when you get this full piece of information you're going to walk away with now the major ability.

To get seriously healthy for real and it's gonna be awesome it looks like it's it's winding up to be the largest keto summit in the United States ever yeah it's exciting yeah you want to be a part of that we're gonna we're gonna go to my heat from India are you there look yeah good morning sir good morning yeah mind greed.

Is not that good so you uh yeah I really thought that you might face some problem to understand but I'll try my best to make you understand my question so basically I found you I'm fortunate to found 238 days before and I'm so lucky to have with all the 884 and I wish I were doing 72 most of the all the video are 32 Oz and I start doing.

See – and is from last 34 days I lost almost 42 pounds and my Quito and I was doing so great I'm really thankful to you for you know you know doing all all this information on a youtube so right now you know my question is that I am website or not reason under the team and is very difficult to their own get rid of it so that is a question and second.

One is you know if you can make a video on a varicose vein so there's a lot of Asian is suffering here in India in Asia that are very good lens on if you have any kind of wear now so procedure to help that a very good friends oh come on that also awesome I will I will create that video and probably the third largest source of people that are.

Watching our YouTube channel is from India so we're gonna have to do a road trip I would love to go to India yeah so it's never been there so and we may be going to Africa I think maybe no it's just way too far the flight is too far yeah for me too long too long too far my camp is 10 hours because that past 10 I'm traveling so we have to draw I think.

India is pretty close right yeah we can travel by automobile okay so I want to answer the question double chin that is like that is a situation because um you know what happens you might lose the way and also to have excess college and the there there are certain exercises that you can do to improve that but there is a point limitation where you might need.

To do something else I don't really have the answer to that at this point so I'm not going to comment on that but here's what I do want to say as you continue to get healthy part of your skin is is the body tissue that should also get healthy in the amount of collagen improvement that you can that can occur especially within a minute fasting.

Think you can greatly improve it a hundred percent I can't say but I think you can improve the collagen resiliency and elasticity of your your skin if you do a bit more strict in a minute fasting okay that said you also need to add healthy fats for your skin to look really good as well and something we're gonna be talking about digestive health.

If your digestion is not right and this is another point you product about your stomach I have a ton of videos on it but I'm not I don't know specifically what problem you have but I am gonna be creating more videos on the stomach and your GI so and then I have some already so that's pretty much all I'm gonna say about that but thanks for your call all.

Right what do we got okay good so we have Craig he's from Georgia he says I've been doing keto and intermittent fasting you know and I think this relates to everything you're gonna talk about in a minute with the microbes but I've been doing intermittent fasting for the last four weeks I've lost 20 pounds in four weeks.

That's incredible no and I feel great I only eat one meal a day around 5:00 my question is I get so constipated is it okay to take magnesium citrate saline laxative this works really great for my constipation and he loves me your videos okay great absolutely magnesium is totally fine and that form is totally fine because it's.

More important to keep the bowels going then have them constipated people are concerned like oh I don't want to take a natural laxative because I don't want to become addicted well guess what being constipated the danger of that is like way worse than potentially being addicted to magnesium which you're not going to be addicted here's one point.

About that chances are you're constipated because of the type of vegetables that you're consuming the microbes live really mainly on one thing and that's fiber so the type of fiber you need to do is you could change it up I would start adding some fermented I probably cut down the quantity of vegetables that you're consuming because.

Some people can't automatically digest 20 cups of vegetables per day like I do so they have to cut it down to maybe 19 so we want actually smaller amount of vegetables probably steamed some and then change the tiny cut to the dead I was being sarcastic cut that down to ten some people can only really digest five cups in a day but the type.

Of vegetables that you have to change to would be squash peppers zucchini peppers totally fine with peppers eggplant maybe some carrot also just green leafy onions yeah they'll be okay but avoid the other ones right now because we can't have you constipated at all and there's some other things what we're going to be coming out with very soon with videos of.

Homemade different things that you can make to even preview digestion more but I'm not gonna say anything about it because that's going to be a surprise all right good so Lisa you're from Redwood Valley California you had a question about estrogen go ahead yes good morning I really been helped by your by your program a lot so yeah I.

Know I have estrogen dominant dominant and infants out sensitivity and I've been doing it's been improving to them on like on a keto intermittent fasting but I noticed that probably because I don't know which one's more dominant that my adrenals they do better and then they start really struggling for the last several days the last week my.

Adrenals are just really firing really having a problem so I don't know which ones more dominant which making a problem okay Lisa do you have any problem with facial hair um a little bit I have Lyme disease I've stopped talking to you before um not a whole lot I mean I have like on my chin a little funny but they're not a lot all right do you.

Have that I've also had seven babies babies babies how many more you're gonna have loving the babies I'm done so I've grandbabies now one question I have Lisa I have a question did you have them all vaginal birth or were these c-sections I had five vaginal birth and two c-section okay were they all breastfed yes they were great how long typically.

Were they breastfed for well that varied the last one was three years but typically about a year and a half that's all free that is so awesome you're like the model mom yeah that's awesome lots of Prayer I know I have a relationship with Jesus Christ that's my rock.

Well here's the thing Lisa and I'm just gonna bring up one point about breastfeeding for those of you mothers that are debating whether to go infant formula you have to breastfeed I'm telling you why because that that the microbes that are developed in the infant's digestive tract are highly influenced by what you initially feed.

The baby and if it's infant formula the risks go way up obesity diabetes metabolic syndrome blood pressure and they go way down with breastfeeding because you actually have the colostrum which is for the immune system you have all these incredible microbes and minimally six months but up to two years would be optimum she did three years.

Which is just awesome awesome awesome so that's very very good so I'm glad you did that also it's really important with the c-section actually has other other issues we'll talk about that in a minute but getting back to your issue estrogen dominant a couple of things that you want to do number one you want to add more cruciferous vegetables in your diet.

Number one number two iodine from seek help is very vital to help balance estrogen so that's something that I would add for your estrogen balance and the reason I was asking about the facial hair is because if someone has problems with polycystic ovarian syndrome they can actually have problems like you described in which case you know they.

Just need to do keto and in a minute fascinating that will actually bring down insulin and then help the androgens that are too high there's a really great product is called mile and at all myo-inositol and you can get that but it's really good to support ovarian health fertility pi cystic ovarian and it's just support for general balance of.

The ovary hormones so just make mental note of that star as your adrenals go you're getting kind of close to menopause so the adrenals are going to start to kind of work harder in this transition because they're gonna have to back up the ovaries so now is the time to really try to drop your stress as much as possible I'm not just talking.

About physical stress and stuff I'm talking about mental stress one of the biggest thing things that mess up the adrenals is this chronic mental stress and it's mainly related to chronic unsolved problems that someone might be dealing with taking care of a loved one oh my gosh it's like let's say someone like your parent for example is sick and.

You got to take care of this parent eventually you know I think we all have to do that but it creates tremendous stress on the person by you know so what you need to do right now is get every single person your family super healthy your parents your kids your relatives and your neighbors so you don't end up having to take care of them alone alone.

By yourself and stressing yourself up so I see that a lot so so anything that you're dealing with this chronic stress whatever it is go after solving that because that's going to increase cortisol cortisol is going to increase insulin and that's going to make you fat what's that mean are they drawing circles man all right so all right.

Thanks Lisa you've had a question yeah there's guys they got tons of questions okay so I have Joseph on Facebook and this is funny because we were just listening about to research this morning on this he says when he has bulletproof coffee in the morning he gets higher ketone counts throughout the day is it more important to get into up is it more.

Important to get into optimal ketosis or maintain the fast until lunch so he's assuming that the coffee and the bulletproof coffee is getting him more into ketosis it is it is so let me just discuss this because this is this is a point that of huge confusion I'm going to do a video today on it because people have this there's a.

There's this confusion on when you do bulletproof coffee or you're adding more cream or butter MCT oil to your coffee okay and does it break the fast all right let's just define the fast and this is the confusion people actually think the fast is like being in ketosis which it is so now let's switch gears to say does it break your ketosis no adding.

More fat actually adds more ketones okay so it's not gonna break ketosis but it will break your weight loss so if you're trying to lose weight just understand that you're dumping in dietary fat okay this means that the body doesn't have to use its own fat reserve because it has the fuel coming in this way so you make ketones from the dietary fat but now.

Your own fat so we have a net weight loss of zero which is fine if you're not trying to lose weight so if you're struggling to lose weight adding more fat will prevent you from losing weight but at the same time increasing your Kito's you ketones so it really depends on your goal okay good yeah so do you have another question.

Sure so someone just has a curiosity about the cruciferous supplement and is it good if you can't get all the vegetables you need is it a vegetable replacement yeah no it's an enhancement it will help a little bit but you'd need to consume some vegetables the concentrated cruciferous is a unique product because.

It helps to support a healthy liver and healthy estrogen levels because of the diversified types of cruciferous it's really hard to consume 13 cruciferous vegetables in one sitting not to mention the organic sea kelp in there and curcumin and garlic and other things that are in there so it's just a unique product for that but it's not a.

Replacement for your vegetables okay okay yeah hey Stacy you're from Oklahoma go ahead you had a question what hi dr. Byrd okay so you've said that stress keeps you from losing weight even if you're bad adapted yeah and I know the signs for being fat adapted you know the lack of hunger clear mind but is there a test.

That I can take to prove that I'm fat adapted to reduce my stress so that I know that I'm burning fat and not just starving myself yeah because if I'm not hungry you know your mind can play tricks on you and you can think you're adapted if you're not right well the the two biggest things that tell you if you're fat adapted is number.

One are the cravings gone okay no cravings do you have cravings the sugar well I depends when I when I me arguing my daughter is having cravings but she's not hungry she's 15 so we're all the whole family's doing this so we're all on different levels yeah I think you know would be really.

Good and and I'm gonna talk more about this at the summit but Stacy here's the thing that I would recommend get get a testing kit or you might already have one that measures your ketones and your blood Sugar's at the same time and the mojo a brand is like one of the best because they have they have the unit that's self-contained and also the.

Strips are really inexpensive because sometimes these little testing units are big they get you on the strips so here's the thing if you could check your blood Sugar's on a regular basis for your whole family and track it blood sugars and ketones together and see what happens and you can keep your ketones fairly fairly high or at least in the.

Positive and keep your blood Sugar's low then your fat adaptive okay that's the real main thing and then let's say for example you are it's not working out that way your sugars are still high and you're still craving or your whatever another factor is this down cortisol and the cortisol usually spikes at 8 o'clock.

In the morning if your cortisol is high with stress that does have the potential to cause your liver to make sugar but you know what that's gonna show up on your blood glucose test so if your blood glucose test is low then chances are you're not you don't have high cortisol okay so you really don't have to even worry about cortisol you just have to.

Look at that blood sugar we want the blood sugar low we want the ketosis high so when you lower your blood sugars ketones go higher and like a teeter totter when the blood sugars go up keep them skilled low but there is a situation where both of them might increase at the same time as you're adapting to ketones in which case go by.

How you feel your cravings and also your your hunger all right I don't even know if I answer that but thanks for your question all right hey Ronnie you're from Royal City Washington you had a question go ahead hi I took your D 3 and K 2 capsules when I started doing the keto program and when.

I took that I kind of felt like my heart was pounding in my chest and so I didn't and then I took another one and I kind of had that same kind of pounding but in my head like a headache afterwards so I just wondered that was kind of weird I've taken k2 before but not b3 and I just wanted that kind of a common thing d3 can potentially lower blood pressure.

So that could be kind of affecting it a little bit here's what I would do if I were you Ronnie I would take it with food and see if it it doesn't become a problem and then let me know okay I think it should be you always want to take 3in Katie with some food primarily some fat but what I did that to my d3 and k2.

Family has k2 formulation is I added some purified bile salts so they're really absorbed so the need for them goes down so you don't need as much now because you get a you get so much more absorption so because the bile salts help with that it's a really unique product but I've never heard that before so that's uncommon but try taking it.

With food okay and guys I just wanna let you know this if there's a link down below that you can click and get this amazing list this is the key to eating plant it's a summary of all the foods that are approved with some basic information you want to get this cool sheet you can download it there's a link down below so check it out it's it's.

It's summarized it's kind of like cheat sheet of what to eat and what not to eat you like that yep good you can have it alright so Karen okay so first of all I want to announce that today YouTube is the platform of the winning VIP ticket holder alright YouTube yes so if you would definitely come to the summit if.

You want a ticket I want you to put yes your first and last name your city and state Wow our country because we have a lot of people we have people coming from all over Bangkok from Ireland all over Canada Hawaii Australia Puerto Rico government all over the world are coming to visit it's incredibly exciting so so they type.

In what now so if you're on YouTube and you would come to the summit if you want a VIP ticket put your just put yes your first and last name or even your first initial and last name and then the area like because we're gonna have to verify southeastern your ID and things like that like Tuesday Kenosha Wisconsin yes or British Columbia Canada.

Something like that okay okay and then we'll pick later now I have a question yes I have Chuck on on YouTube he says he's been on keto and I have since November he's lost 30 pounds eating awesome he's passing a kidney stones and even though it's painful he's wondering is this a sign of his kidneys or something working better mm-hmm okay so.

Some people are predisposed to kidney stones and I have quite a few videos on this there's a couple things that you can do it usually you're going to get uric acid stones if you're doing keto just because the the ketones are more acidic and so the best thing to do is to always consume lemon juice with your water right now drink a little bit more.

Water and you want to keep your vegetables high to keep things a little bit more alkalized the other thing that's really important as far as a remedy is something called phytic acid but you won't find phytic acid in supplements called ip6 okay ip6 you can get some of that take that that will help as kind it's called.

A key later to kind of help chelate some of that issue out but those are things that I would do and then watch all my videos on a really stubborn you know kidney stone you you might need a more powerful chelation product and that's called DBT a and it's a key later EDTA you can take that an empty stomach and that will actually help with pulling out.

Calcium calcification all right good all right and quit Karen we have well hold off with a question till later because the I need to answer these calls here Anna you're from Virginia Beach you'd a question go ahead Anna you said can I pre mix your powders and drink them later are you there okay so that was your question right yes okay.

The answer is you didn't white powder okay yeah I think if you drink it within a few hours you're gonna be totally fine you can pre mix the electrolyte powder and it'll last for three or four days but the wheat the wheat grass is something that is raw so when you add water you know it'll last a couple hours and I'm not saying I'm not saying it's.

Not going to be fine but it's raw as soon as you you activate those enzymes it's best that you drink it within I mean right away or within a few hours okay but something we know is on our website we have drink containers and okay well state stay tuned because we have drink containers that actually have something.

On the bottom that you can unscrew to store your powders and things like that so you don't even have to premix it you can have it all in a cup and then when you're ready you don't be wonderful yeah it's coming it's coming and then it even has a little vitamin storage in the bottom – it's a really cool bottle so that's coming soon stay tuned thanks.

Anna yeah okay cool hey Pete you're from Gilbert Arizona you had a question go ahead yeah hi dr. Byrd thanks thanks for taking my call I just wanted you to know I discovered you on YouTube back in February and since then I've sort of emanated all sugar for my diet and I've been doing intermittent fasting and since then I've lost 40 pounds Wow Wow.

Yeah so it's been great so prior to that I'm pretty sure that I was insulin resistant so I just again right so my question is what once once you become insulin resistant are you like always insulin resistant after that just like an alcoholic would always be an alcoholic or can that be corrected with the proper proper.

Nutrition good question Pete that's a question that we don't know a hundred percent for sure we just don't have the data yet because there's not a lot of long term studies however just from working with people for a long time I will I'm gonna say yes you can you can resolve this to the point but that the it's kind of like this to really know.

This for sure it's kind of like okay so alright I have insulin resistance I do the diet for a period of year now I go back to what I was eating before am i no longer insulin resistance well what happens is you're gonna actually you could potentially just create it again you know so I can't tell you exactly what happens at that point but I will.

Say that going on keto and Emin fasting is more of a long-term thing and and it's going to improve insulin sensitivity greatly but the point is that if you go off it'll things will be better but just realize what caused in the first place is high high amounts of sugar and so that could eventually just kind of create it again the best thing.

To do is to just stick on it stick stick with it as a maintenance and and build up your health reserve to the point where you have the ability to go off occasionally and your insulin levels are fine but on the flip side Pete I'm gonna say this that when you start cleaning up your diet of sugars and alcohol you no longer have these microbes and you.

Longer have these enzymes that you had maybe when you were on high liberal of sugar and high level of alcohol not to say that you drink alcohol but people in general it's kind of like when they go off the program they're more sensitive sometimes like myself I just can't handle my liquor like I used to in college I could drink a lot of liquor.

Now I can't so I don't drink so but what happens like people that are used to it they they can tolerate more of it so I think that's how that's basically my answer thanks Pete so either either you're gonna have to eat a lot of sugar a long time to build up resistance or just not eat it so you can pick which one yeah I don't.

Think the eating sugar is really a serious response okay so we are we're gonna are we ready for a semi okay we're gonna wait another five or ten minutes and it's only eleven forty one right now so again if you're on YouTube and you would come to this summit if you got a free VIP ticket mm-hmm put enter it in the comments yes your name first and.

Last or it can be an initial and last name and where you live and where you live city and state or we're getting some countries here zip code okay Karen so here's the question for everyone all the viewers okay I have a question let's see if they get it right okay you ready for this yeah are you true or.

False okay we're gonna make this easy true or false second all of your friendly bacteria that you have in your body is an actual organ so true or false got you on that one denied okay good so while you're answering that guys I'm gonna go on the yolanda she's been waiting for 18 minutes and 33 seconds you're from New.

Jersey go ahead Yolanda good morning guys good night so nice to talk to you sorry your hair looks very nice oh you're welcome typing on keyboard is for about three weeks I lost ten pounds I am a gastro silly patient back about four years ago but my question is since I am eating a lot of fat so I want to slow down and.

Decide because now for about a week I'm not losing anything right so can I cut down to five Amy's Diana Natick abilities okay good question no cutting in your fat will not throw you out of ketosis and yes your can cut down your fat the purple one of the functions of the fat is to help you go from a long long from one meal to the next longer.

Because it's satisfying but if you find that your cravings are going away and you're not hungry anymore cut down the fat and you're gonna lose more weight keep your carbs low though don't increase the carbs but one point I want to bring up about this a lot of times people do not know that you keep with.

Key to a healthy keto is not just any of fats you want to do high quality healthy fat and one of the most healthy fats is omega-3 fatty acids in the form of something called DHA and EPA and that really supports the brain the hormones the nervous system two cellular membranes everything so if you're cutting on the fat make sure that you.

Have higher levels of omega-3 and you can even do a high quality supplement virgin cod liver oil just make sure that the the cod fish are in separate tanks too so they're its virgin cod liver oil that was a bad joke that you didn't even listen they're good okay you know what I did pick it up I was hoping everybody else didn't get it okay but the point is.

That you get most of your omega-3 from fatty fish make sure it's well caught and then egg yolks and then the grass-fed meats and things but even like the lowest amount of omega-3 and fish are still ten times more the omega-3 you get in meats so the fish is the best oysters are great supplements fine that's what I would do.

Yeah some people are going to say well can I do it from other foods that can convert like flax or walnut well the conversion does happen but not in the amounts that you need okay so that's a long answer to a short question but thanks Yolanda alright Karen I'm ready for a question thanks Inge mine can we get that's good.

Answers to okay so on Facebook mostly we got false and on YouTube it's a mix and false alright next back well I think what we need is a kind of a drum roll or a elephant and the answer is true Wow the microbes are considered a metabolic organ because they're so intimately involved in enzyme production digestion the immune system that is considered an.

Organ Wow I mean think about it you have a hundred a thousand trillion microbes growing inside and around your body Karen right now it's kind of creepy and if you didn't have those microbes you wouldn't be able to live you'd be gone a goner would I be the girl in the bowl not even that you'd be to be worse than that because you couldn't digest so you.

Need these microbes and should we talk about microbes now is it is it appropriate what time is it I think it's microbe time okay it's micro time cousin because I think that you know my issue isn't that I'm not losing weight after what you told me earlier this morning about how many microbes yeah you have a lot I think.

That I'm gaining microbes well this is a good thing Karen but we don't want to have an overgrowth of the wrong microbes you want just the correct we want different species and we want just the right amount okay so here's the thing guys I'm not gonna get into this too much because you know I'm gonna do a video on it and also I'm we're gonna.

Talk a lot of about this at the summit and some of the stuff we're not going to talk about on YouTube is going to be at the summit so you have to come to summit to get this data because it's mind-blowing but here's the point they had done experiments with mice and they have actually extracted microbes from a fat Mouse and inject him into a skinny.

Mouse and the skinny Mouse gets fat now how the heck could that possibly be true how could that work and is it for humans do microbes play a role in your weight well guess what guess what the use for 50 years which are still using by the way to fatten cattle chickens and turkeys and pigs that's right Karen antibiotic we do the.

Answer to that but you're on your own you're on your own so antibiotics basically kill off your good and bad bacteria and it's one of the most significant things to cause weight gain and they don't know exactly why but I think I know why it has to do with it actually increases insulin it creates a insulin resistance so you might say well.

I don't I don't take antibiotics well do you eat animal protein that's not completely 100% free of any box well that's that's gonna be in the video that I'm gonna create because you know you might say well I always have grass fed I even mice you know but when you go to dinner chances are you're gonna get meat and things chicken that had antibiotics.

And that does cross over and I really believe that is the reason why Americans are overweight more than Europeans because in Europe they ban the use of antibiotics as far as I I know I'm not a hundred percent but that's what I thought you said that with such certainty well that ban it everything let's say that also I find out like some.

Some new study that said oh there's still some some they ban most of them it's a lot less than America in America do you realize that 80 percent of all the antibiotics that are sold in America are for animal feeds and in water that's crazy I mean 80 percent of the total it is like insane so we're basically it's really about gut health and this is.

Another reason why you need to do cabbage and fermented vegetables on a regular basis and because we're getting this indirect exposure of antibiotics also the type of fiber that you feed your microbes is vital then they found some interesting data which you'll see in the video coming up the more diverse the fiber the better.

The microbe so if you can consume many different types of vegetables versus just one type of vegetable every day like I do which I'm gonna be changing a lot of different vegetables you actually can increase the fiber and increase the the species of microbes that you have so this is the gut health is like so important but and it also breastfeeding.

Is vital c-section if your child was not breastfed c-section and given antibiotics before six months old chances are that child's gonna have some issues that being said we need to go to giulio real fast because he's been waiting 19 minutes so you're from Long Beach California go ahead Julie oh yeah all right thank you for taking the call.

Sure I'm 44 years old and I just started highway like 360 some pounds I just started this keto stuff been on water fasting now for today's my 10th day just water fast Wow and I actually feel great it's amazing like I don't understand it that's awesome I have energy like I've lost about 20.

Pounds in ten days that's great yeah everybody's tripping on me like how can you not even feel good I'm like I feel good cuz you're living off here okay but anyway the question yeah yeah like I literally wake up when I wake up I'm not sluggish anymore I just wake up it's weird that's awesome that's really good this is the question now I'm having.

Now that I'm water fasting every water fight like I said for ten days is it safe or not safe to take is it smart or not smart to take supplements while doing this it's very very smart and I would make sure the quality of supplements are very high you want to supplement because you're getting a lot of your fuel from your fat right now.

Which is awesome but you don't have all the water soluble vitamins in some of the fat soluble vitamins in your fat you can't guarantee that you're getting those two so sooner or later you're going to run out of these nutrients so we're talking about the B vitamins so nutritional yeast is really important the electrolytes are.

Vitally important and the trace minerals are very important so I would definitely it's time to set supplement and it's not going to hurt you it's gonna help you but for those of you that are wondering like how could he feel so good if you think about one of those tanker trucks those those trucks that you see on the.

Road that deliver gas gasoline to different places right around the country they have their own gas tank and then they have this huge huge supply of gasoline in the back right so if you look at it you could only go so far without running out of their tank of gas but if they were able to tap in to the large tank of gas that they're traveling.

From gas station the gas station they they would have an amazing supply of fuel well that's what we're doing with Quito and Inman fasting is we're tapping into a much larger supply of fuel that we're not tapping into before running off of blood Sugar's to your fat supply I mean some people have a large reserve of fat to run off of and others don't.

But so that's that's awesome giulio well done and can't wait to see your success Folie to 100% okay Karen okay it's 1153 and a winner has been chosen off of youtube for the VIP ticket mm-hmm it is t Flores from Greeley Colorado yes awesome congratulations okay ticket that's huge yeah that's gonna be a blast now what do you need to.

Do t Flores I need for you to reply here on YouTube that you heard me and that it's a thumbs up okay and then you're gonna email dr. Berg at dr. Berg calm and dr. Berg at dr. Berg calm email us just in case you didn't hear that and we won't yeah thank you for that info and then we are going to verify your you know you are you and all of that and.

We'll work with you on the arrangements to get your ticket when you get here we'll have all right gratulations T Flores from Greeley Colorado that's awesome okay and just to let you guys know I heard you good okay great good and just so you guys know ten European nations have banned us.

Meat imports and so they have their own meats and it's probably the hormone-free it's gonna be like antibiotic free I would imagine but I think you just that's just the next joy data for people to ponder on to chew on but wendy is from Tennessee and she wants she has a question go ahead Wendy Wendy are you there you had a question about.

Intestinal inflammation issues she's been waiting too long yeah okay good here I'm here I'm here hello yes can you hear me yes I can hear you okay wonderful my questions were can fibroids affect intestinal inflammation and in reference to hormonal acne if you get tested blood tested for your zinc levels could they tell you could the.

Test the blood test read it incorrectly okay well there's always a chance they can read a curette incorrectly but when you're dealing with acne zinc actually helps acne but much more than that you want to start doing research in the area of insulin lowering insulin and improving insulin resistance for acne and so that's probably going to create a.

Way bigger effect than a zinc deficiency f.y.i and that's the key to Ana manifesting now so iris fibroids creating inflammatory issues with your gut I don't know if they create direct inflammation to your gut because it's kind of apples and oranges but the same thing that causes fibroids is the same thing that will cause inflammation in.

Your gut so it's the high insulin again right so if I had a fibroid what I would do I would do intermittent fasting I would do quite long and I think that would and I would bring down my sugars and I would also probably add iodine from seek help and that's gonna kill two birds with one stone one it's going to lower.

Inflammation everywhere in your body and in a minute fasting is also going to create an incredible healing of your colon so you're gonna have a lot better function of your digestive system and that brings me up to the next point Karen what Niko's watching say hi to Nikko hey Nico Nico so here's here's the thing when you eat food you have the.

Stomach that is very supposed to be very acid and then it's supposed to strig er an enzyme that breaks down protein but there's not a lot of microbes in your stomach because the acid kills them okay I'm looking at that and then what happens in the small intestine you don't have a tremendous amount of microbes which is kind of like people don't.

Realize that they think all the microbes are in the small intestine no maybe in the lower part of the small intestine but not on the upper part what you mainly have in the small intestine is the pancreas releasing all the enzymes in there to break down food and then you have the gallbladder releasing bile to break down certain fats so you have this.

Huge combination thing so what happens is the food kind of comes down in the lower part that's when you start having the help of the microbes most of the microbes like 90 percent of all the microbes are in the large bowel and you're getting all this breakdown of all this there's fiber and things like that but when you have damage in the colon.

Maybe from antibiotics or other things or even a lot of the wrong foods that's when you get an overgrowth of microbes in the small intestine in the lower part and that can grow up into the small part of the intestine even in the stomach to the point where people can have like this bad breath or this yeasty breath that's kind of like an overgrowth of.

Yeast coming up through the breasts and I notice I'm not sure where that's coming from but turn all really really Steve did you have to add that sound effect all right I don't even know what that was but we have producers they're playing private need to be restrained yeah yeah dad when.

We're the serious ones yeah so the one way one way you can solve this problem is to add more acid to the stomach so that's the opposite of vinegar pertain on a chloride start killing off these microbes in the lower and the upper part and start to do keto in a minute fasting and you guys are going to find that a lot of the.

Digestive issues will clear up all right so now guys if you wanted to download this there's a link down below it is the keto eating plan in a nutshell okay what hi Terry tears well I don't know what this means are you saying that we're yeah yeah yeah I'm not sure what that means but all right so guys if you're if you're in my.

Membership group stay tuned because we're gonna be talking to you right after we're done and if you're in the lab we'll be talked talking to you right after that okay so you say good bye look there because right here yeah okay that's if you're talking to me look there all right thank you Karen for correction on that one okay you guys.

Gotta help out here listen thanks for tuning in stay tuned next week have a wonderful weekend okay and congratulations to you CJ at the summit hey see you at the summit all right guys okay bye
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