Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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good morning everyone we're back and we're here to answer your questions we have Maria here are you a place of Karen you're like being a substitute for Karen yes and you guys you've seen Maria in the show we've done right we did a she's the Chipotle girl I know and we did a whole video on her that you finally.

After all these years changed your diet for the better and she's been really strict she has not eaten one grain of sugar nope and that's amazing it is and you're feeling better yes and tastebuds are actually changing so tastebuds that's good yeah this is exciting so do we so as you kind of find out where people are calling from I'm just gonna.

Go right to the questions cuz Derek's been waiting for 26 minutes hey Derek you there hey dr. Berg how you doing good how are you good good how's everything your instagram page is great by the way oh thanks yeah I know a lot of people like it and it's really good dr. Berg um jump into it I know you have a lot of.

Callers um I have an issue now with the mutual valve prolapse you told me it's a vitamin B deficiency so I thought it's supplementing that but then I took a EKG and it was abnormal tuchus took an echocardiogram and stress test after that and metrio valve prolapse is still a trace but there's a little bit more than usual yeah I do have a lot of.

Anxiety and panic symptoms so we're just wondering how can I just like totally get my heart back on track you know I mean I know exercise and things of that nature but what else and I really do well there's a couple things I just want to forget to actually give my disclaimer so anything that I say anything that she says it's not meant to diagnose anyone.

Or or be a substitute for medical advice it's just meant for you to do research with your help of your doctor to come up with some other ideas as far as mitral valve prolapse you know the heart is a muscle it has valves it has neurological input it has circulation with oxygen that goes in there and out of all the organs the the heart responds.

Probably the fastest to nutrition so if you're not seeing changes for the better and I'm talking like really do it before and after and to see the like either leave some improvements if you're not seeing changes then you better switch gears and try something else as far as the valves of the heart they need B vitamins B vitamins help the tone.

Of the heart the heart and muscle it helps some when the heart when the heart doesn't have enough nutrition it doesn't tend to it kind of it becomes atrophied it can actually get larger and then you have all sorts of problems with the the pumps and the the prime you have a primer pump and the major pump and then you have the ovular issues and then you.

Have electrical problems so I would there's just a couple things that I would look at I would definitely look at the B vitamin so let's say for example you're taking the B vitamins and they're natural and it's not working and it's in the winter what happens in the winter is your vitamin D drops and then the microbes go down because they are.

Dependent against dependent for these micro for vitamin D so they need vitamin E to survive so if you don't have enough microbes vitamin D doesn't get get work that well and vice versa so you can actually either be deficient in vitamin D and have low microbes or low microbes and vitamin D so it kind of goes back and forth so what you want to do is you.

Want to need to take a probiotic to increase the what the microbes create which is B vitamins so in other words if you're taking B vitamins it doesn't work you might need vitamin D or you might need flora or friendly bacteria to actually enhance by the Mindi and also you also need a really good strong stomach to absorb the minerals as well.

Because especially when we're getting into if you have any problems with the heart especially with rhythm problems electrical problems you need potassium magnesium calcium all the electrolytes as well as sodium so these are just things that I would look at check so if you're feel like you're not getting enough salt or enough potassium.

Or enough B vitamins I would plug those in but I don't really have a cure-all for the heart mitral valve prolapse oh all right Derek thanks for your question hey Nancy you're from California you're exercising hi and it's you're still not losing weight tell me about that walking group like weightlifting or whatever the scale just than the poop okay.

Okay I have a question are you doing healthy keto and in a minute fasting yeah okay how often do you eat per day I'm to me two meals okay do you have any authority shoes that you know of okay are you craving anything okay are you hungry before you eat like I do find like wow I'm starving then I have to eat that one meal or are you kind of like.

You just eat because you need to add those two meals in I'm hungry okay hold on yeah okay so here's the thing Nancy this is what I would recommend one thing you should know is exercise is has incredible benefits for a lot of things including stimulating the brain to actually grow new neurons that's pretty cool.

Repair actions for the brain cognitive function improvement mood enhancement muscle enhancement but weight loss actually is low on the list exercise is not the thing to do if you want to just lose weight it does help a little bit but probably maybe 10 to 15 percent that what you need to do is kind of start focusing on doing shorter windows of.

Eating and then go to that one mmm if you're going in your 40 is 45 premenopausal as you get few more years you need to do one meal a day my wife Karen is doing that and she's 55 but she basically fine finds that that works for her now if you're hungry like that and you need those two meals then add more fat to the meal and then do that one.

Meal and that's probably going to be your best bet is to to help you lose weight and for those of you that are doing ohm at one meal a day and you're having a hard time losing weight and you find that you're not hungry when you're about to eat then go longer go longer and because your body's burning fat and then all of a sudden if.

You ate you shut that thing down so that's what I would recommend thanks Nancy alright so what do we have on social media so what we have is I do have Angie from YouTube yeah and she wants to know if acorn squash allowed on the keto way of eating yeah especially if you yeah it's totally fine I think a : squash is is good but of course don't.

Put the brown sort of sugar on it right now but yeah put some butter on there you can do squash and it's really really good for those people that have digestive issues that fiber in there seems to work well yeah so I have a question for you so out of all the foods and I just released a video on this what food can you you not say no to what.

Can't you resist you have a food that you like you put that in front of my face it's going to be really hard to say now be honest no I feel like I can say now I can say no yeah what about before who cares okay but what food did you like have to have the what in there is that the rice or is there I think it's the rice and the.

Beans and the chicken like in politics yeah comfort food yeah yeah but now it's like no wow that's amazing so guys just go ahead and type down the food that you cannot – if you a lot of you are on keto and this is the whole point when you go on you know and I F you can say no to foods.

And that's your like willpower as your strength to say no and resist certain things and that's how you build up someone's willpower is to say no I like if you keep getting into it you like your weak willed yeah but I really think a lot of this is physical I mean it's physical there's a mental component but you change the chemistry.

Of your body my go keto it makes it easier but there is there is something going on with a habit if you have a habit of doing it you tend to it's like even though I like I know this might be shocking but some people actually eat yeah that's not weird yeah so the motivation to eat yeah it could be like boredom stress they're not even hungry.

So what you want to do this is the tip of the day you ready for this yeah you want to write this down you want to document and log your foods and the reason why you're eating it to make you very aware because if it's really kind of like an awareness of keeping in the present so you can actually consciously do this versus sliding this this.

Automatic thing where I'm just like oh my gosh I just caught myself eating a pound of nuts like what's up with that right yeah okay so we're gonna go to Ruth from Texas hey Ruth hey how you doing I'm doing great I have so much energy I'm just wonderful even the night sweats that was happening I took some of that.

Wild yam and took care of that awesome so I just feel fabulous I sleep from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. wake up with energy and then I take a small nap during the day Wow about 30 minutes that's great because when I say a while ago you you kind of had some some issues right yeah I was waking up at 12 o'clock 2 o'clock 3 o'clock I was waking up all.

Night long and I guess little mini hack hot flashes I don't know so what it would say yeah what's your age I'm 50 okay 50 and so for those of you that are watching that are going through menopause if you have hot flashes which which it will interrupt your sleep a lot of times what happens is the the.

Estrogen goes down but progesterone really crashes and yeah it's not bad to take a progesterone cream about 99% of time you're gonna get something called wild yam cream I'm not sure if that's when you got but it does work that's the one I got yeah it worked wonderfully yeah works wonderfully so I've been I've been that seems to be all under control.

What I've noticed recently and I thought it was the B vitamins but I cut them out and well I actually got off all the supplements because I kind of got concerned that my urine is very thick it has a very strong odor to it I don't drink a lot of water I maybe drink two three quarts during the day I mean throughout the day.

But I always I mean what you said as far as drinking only when you're thirsty I mean I've always done that but I do drink a shake every day with the dandelion greens or with the beet tops parsley and I wasn't sure if that was somehow activating my liver and making my urine so stinky or is it too many ketones I mean because I'm on one meal a.

Day mm-hmm and then every other week I fast for 72 hours yeah but I always have a big green shake and then my 3 ounces of protein and then whatever fat I need to satiate you know it sounds to me and I did a video in stinkier and if it's not higher amounts of protein then it's just it's the ketones coming out that have a sort of.

An odor you know what hey at least it's coming out of you right it's not staying in you I I think you could probably add some more color you can add something like chlorophyll and things like that to try to offset that maybe add a little more green or the wheatgrass powder yeah because I had taking the wheatgrass powder I've been.

Doing more of the electrolyte powder during the day and so so taking the supplements and taking the B vitamin that's not going to hurt no I don't cut down on okay yeah it's gonna be like here's what happens to you don't require is much fluid when you're on keto and so your your thirst goes down when your carbs you need more you you may want to.

Just try and experiment too and just you know add some more liquid or fluids to your diet just to kind of dilute some of that concentrated ketones which does have an odor so that's kind of a couple things a couple of ideas that you can do yeah I think I was definitely gonna bump up the water and see if that helped but I like I said I wasn't sure I've been.

Taking less of all the supplements um because I don't feel like I need them anymore with that big salad it gives me so much energy that's when I blend that up and drink that I mean I crave that so I have even if I go out to lunch I'll come home and I'll drink the big salad because it just makes you feel good yeah yeah that's great Ruth good so much.

You're welcome thanks for calling okay okay so there's a someone wanted to know when is the pro Bach that I have going to be on Amazon we're not gonna put that product on Amazon we're going to keep it on our website okay and also ice cream when's that going to be available we're putting it in a hold right now because we're working out the logistics it's.

Just a big project that when you get in the shipping one little problem the whole thing melts in your shot down so I'm gonna put that in whole but we are coming home with something very very exciting I'm not going to tell anyone yet that is very similar to the ice cream I think a little bit better but I will tell you soon once we yes I don't.

Want to leave yeah let the cat out of the bag right now okay alright do you have any questions I do I have Cindy from Facebook okay can you have B PC with breakfast of one egg and one slice of bacon you're talking about branch amino acids yeah she just put PC branch and me no no that's not that's birth control B PC.

Just find a female her just get specific cuz it could be a couple little things okay yeah okay you have any other questions I do I have perm cigar from YouTube tips for muscle atrophy or EOS yeah so this is a really good point because um when you have muscle atrophy that means your growth hormone is too low so we want to.

Spike the growth hormone you can do with exercise like you got to do high intensive X printing things like that but one of the best things for atrophy is going to be in a minute fasting in females you can spike it thirteen hundred percent in men you can spike it up to two thousand percent so so go longer within a minute fasting.

Make sure you're consuming not a lot just a moderate amount of protein like three to six ounces a day I mean per meal and that should actually handle that the only other reason that you would have atrophy is if your adrenals are overactive and you have high cortisol in lose case you have to work on the.

Adrenals so and I have a whole thing on that just go to dr. Berg on YouTube dr. Berg a stress webinar and I show you how to deal with the adrenals all right good so now we're gonna go to aisha from virginia you had a question are you there yes hi dr. burr good morning hi good morning good morning first of all I just want to draw up there I see the B.

PC might stand for bulletproof coffee oh yeah yes throwing that out there I just wanted to make a quick suggestion a quick question I don't know if it's already available on YouTube but I would love to see video with you and your wife kind of explaining your experience with raising your children and diet and how do you.

Guys made the change and maybe some tips just putting that out there I love you guys my great idea yeah I think that would be awesome even my siblings are like oh you know do you know everyone's interested so yeah I I would definitely and my questions are quickly one is pertaining blood sugar and one is pertaining to leukemia most.

Importantly we have a family friend at the age of 29 who was just diagnosed with acute leukemia which I believe that's the more aggressive one he would sit for a couple weeks had a sore throat fever to the point where he couldn't swallow went in and found out that it was actually his lymph nodes and she doctors started chemo immediately and.

Went really aggressive because they felt like he's young and they could tackle it so thankfully his numbers have gone down by eighty thousand and they did a bone marrow test yesterday so the results should come back soon the doctors think he may be in remission already and I typed when I first found out about the diagnosis I looked on your page I typed.

In leukemia and a video came up where you briefly suggested wheatgrass for leukemia so I just wanted to ask you whether or not he's in remission do you have any tips regarding leukemia diagnosis and how that could be handled through nutrition and my question regarding blood sugar is really quickly.i with testing how my blood.

Sugar reacted so like a natural sweetener just a little bit like coconut sugar cuz I heard that low glycemic and yesterday my blood sugar levels were all day between the low 70s and low 80s even with having a something I was testing for Thanksgiving with some coconut sugar in it and I wanted to ask you does that tell.

Me that I'm controlling my insulin right is that not a good sweetener to use even though my blood Sugar's were low wow you have some really good questions so let me just go through this okay let's talk about the coconut sugar first Bristol there's a lot of sugar and coconut sugar there is a ton it's not low glycemic so what happens because the reason why your.

Blood sugars are low is because your insulin is being pumped out in reaction and the insulin is pushing the blood sugars down when you eat something and you have a spike in blood sugars if you don't if you're if you have insulin resistance for example or if you have pre-diabetic or diabetic you're gonna see a spike in blood sugars but you're.

Not gonna see that you're not gonna see a spike in blood Sugar's if you're maybe like even before like pre pre diabetes but you're still gonna have high insulin so doesn't mean your instance not high just means that your insulin is pushing your blood Sugar's down it might it might be it's it's hard to tell unless you do a fasting insulin test what I'm.

Basically saying is I would not do any of those sugars at all even if it did keep your blood Sugar's low because eventually it's gonna wear it out and it's going to start going higher okay so that's that and then as far as leukemia goes I did a video also on one of the interesting there's some data on vitamin T and leukemia I don't have a lot of.

Data but you can do research and try to look at it and sesame seeds apparently help that condition but when I talk about wheatgrass that nest that actually is just to help support a healthy immune system just to help your body deal with it better not necessarily to you know kill off any cancer but so that's kind of why we would recommend.

Weak rats just to support your immune system as you're coping with this but as far as a person to go to to get more data on Reese on leukemia and any cancer Thomas Seyfried you want to look him up he has some great data and an animal studies but going back to the basics healthy keto and really hardcore and fasting if I had leukemia that's what I.

Would be doing to support that let's see I think oh yeah and I'm gonna do a video with Karen on raising kids but mainly we have a new granddaughter and that's basically what I'm gonna be focusing on trying to do it completely differently and within my kids it's kind of a new new way of doing it and like right now I'm not gonna like.

Allow any sugar at all until she's like 35 years old and no sugar and really make sure that Geordi the mother is fortified with really good food nutrition and one thing we're giving her right now and I found some relatively reasonably priced yes guess fish eggs caviar yeah just a little bit you know one little.

Thing I think it's like 20 bucks better last for probably a month because she's just eating a little bit she can't stand the taste but if you give her a half a teaspoon you're getting more omega-3s than anything on the planet I mean it's like seriously high nutrition those omega-3s will help support the breast milk and then that baby's brain I think.

This kid's gonna be a genius because you need the these high levels of fat with a growing infant you need DHA EPA all these like you breast milk there's a hundred and sixty different fatty acids so when you have a baby and you start feeding this baby like plant-based milks soy milk rice milk hemp milk almond milk bad very bad because it's so low in fat.

Then you're gonna have deficiencies you're gonna have all sorts of stunted growth increased risk of seizures I like that whole thing so we we need to do some you can do cod liver oil but I'm trying to fish eggs I want to see if I can get away with that it's a it's expensive but it's it might be worth it you know but we should actually video.

That now going back to the question about the coffee so can you have a PC with breakfast of one egg and one slice of bacon yeah yeah you can have the bulletproof coffee but just realize though if you find that that inhibits your weight loss it's because your body's burning off that fat and not your own fat as much it doesn't mean that.

You're not in ketosis but those ketones are coming from the bulletproof coffee because it's made with it was called MCT well so anyway it's if you're trying to lose weight you might want to curve that a little bit okay good so now we're gonna go to sunny are you there sunny hi hi how are you good.

I'm 54 years old I have a low hypo pirate I have been taking pills about 25 years ago now and I already struggle with my way cuz I'm done a hand on fight with my highest I was 200 pounds and just crazy and I saw your video on YouTube about a year and a half ago I start falling you.

Are then I see dough one meal a day I lost 40 pounds fortnight Wow yeah thank you so much whenever I eat I see this pain in my left shoulder blade and it's just getting bored it was from left side it was under my rib cage and goes on my side okay my number okay do you have the pain right now Sonny so.

Try and we do it can we do an experiment on you right now yeah okay so I want you to take your hand press underneath the left rib cage and massage underneath your left rib cage find the tender spot press in there massage it I act I saw your video laughter it's just really bad pain okay so let me tell you what to do I think.

What's happening that you're getting probably some some weakness within the pancreas and that's that refers pain to the phrenic nerve right up to the left shoulder blade so that means that you need more enzymes you may want to try my call but a formula but if that doesn't fully handle it you might want to get some pancreatic enzymes.

Okay so add more enzymes it's really coming from your digestion you want to do more massage in that area but I think the pancreas needs some help and I think that I like your fact that you're doing one meal a day probably add more vegetables make sure they're raw that you need support to the pancreas that's what's cut that's what it were is being.

Referred from thanks sunny all right what do we got um I'm just gonna read it out from here so we have Tina from YouTube she would like to know how do you know that you have a leaky gut or a fatty liver well here's the thing if you if you want to rule out a fatty liver all you have to do is look down and if you see your belly you have a.

Fatty liver that's a simple test okay okay so but you can also do an ultrasound an ultrasound of the liver and that will pick up if it's fatty or not a lot of people have a fatty liver and they don't know it even younger kids are getting fed emember yeah because of all the carbohydrates and then how do you know if you have IBS and you say.

Your double bowel syndrome or is it ah : licky get leaking there's a hole and then you'll see some water dripping out on the ground okay no you have to do a scope to see a leaky gut if there's damage within the wall of the of the intestine so you have this some your intestine has this little per meal permeable wall it's like one sheath of.

Cells that that's where you get the absorption you have these little roots that suck up the nutrition through this through your gut yeah if the holes get bigger because you've been doing too much gluten from the wheat which pole then what happens is you start getting undigested particles and undigested proteins in there and that's.

When your immune system tags it and that's when you start getting allergies food allergies to the proteins so there are tests to determine that but you'd have to get like scoped out and get with your gastro doctor to find out but let's just pretend that you have that if you get on keto and if' that's going to greatly improve that situation and I did.

Videos on leaky gut so you should watch those ok all right so let's go to Jim from Denver Colorado hey Jim ah good morning dr. Berg I am calling you because I've got a doctor appointment this afternoon and I just got my CT coronary calcium score back grant it has a lot of information on it okay but what it has is a bunch of zeros or everything.

Except my right coronary artery and that one came back at 9:21 and then it shows that I've got a few other nodules in my chest cavity that they want to talk about that are all three millimeters or so and then a small hiatal hernia okay but I called because I called you a long time ago and you said go get this this tests done I thought okay now it comes.

Back at 9:21 on this one artery so it's yeah that's due neck yeah okay so Jim that's um that's a little mahai side but at least it's good to know what's going on and now what you need to do is you need to dive into some videos with Ivor Cummins because he talks a lot about that I would highly recommend there's several medical doctors out there that.

Can probably you know give you some additional suggestions but what you want to do is you want to get on keto if' like one meal a day and start bringing down insulin and do things to kind of pull the calcium out one remedy that I would research be called EDTA EDTA it's a key later and it's really good you take it an empty.

Stomach take it on a daily basis and it starts to pull out heavy metals and calcium it's been very successful and but here's the thing that you want to do Jim you want to actually get another test every six weeks and you want to make sure your numbers are coming down I would rather have it be coming down gradually to know that it's getting.

Better with time than to even have a you know permanent type thing but you can actually reverse that there's several medical doctors even cardiologists out there they have websites on decalcifying that artery but the challenge is that it's the CAC test is one of the best indicators of overall heart function better than cholesterol anything so the.

Fact it should be zero the fact that it's that high tells me that you need to take an aggressive approach and then retest it in six weeks like there's no cheating none of that you got to be hardcore the other thing that probably really take is vitamin k2 and a little higher amounts yeah so that's what you need to do Jim so jump on that.

Immediately and then get another test in six weeks and call me back okay thanks Jim and for those of you that don't know what a CAC test is it's one of the best tests for measuring your overall mortality and your risk for heart disease way better than cholesterol or LDL and it measures the calcium of the arteries so definitely it should be zero.

And I highly recommend getting a test it's not that expensive and it takes it's pretty quick but it's very valuable and a lot of times people never heard of it before alright so we gonna we're gonna go to crystal from Washington hey crystal you there yes I am hi how are you yes I hear you perfectly good I wanted to say hi.

For my sister and I she lives in the Virgin Islands and we met you at the summit Mary yeah we had a great dinner yes and so my question had to do with intermittent fasting okay extended fasting I wanted I'm on a protocol based on some of your videos to try to help with my asthma that I've had.

Since a child since I was a child and so I've been taking the D through d 3k – I like to do that backwards D three to five of those a day but if I do and extend it fast I'm not sure how to take those because they're fat soluble right and so I don't want to break the fast but I want I need a hat right I'm on one meal a day normally I've been doing.

Ketosis January and I'm down 70 pounds Wow that's why I'm working on the asthma now I think I think probably if you really want to do this correctly I when you fast I don't have any objection in fact I encourage it to take vitamins including fat soluble vitamins so it's not gonna break anything it's it's gonna basically help support you because we.

Don't know what's happening to your how many how many nutrients you have any reserve tank so if you're doing extended fast long fast prolonged fasting and by the way if you're doing it for like more than a day you know get some supervision there's the longest fast was like 380 something odd days and that person was medically supervised because what.

Happens they want to check different electrolytes salts and things like that because that person did show low potassium and then sodium and then they start taking it and that's why I always recommend if you're doing anything extend and get it supervised but here's the thing with you I would take vitamins and I would take electrolytes and it.

Would take fat soluble vitamins why you're fasting that way you're you're good and you're not gonna have a problem because you're dependent on your reserve tank and we don't want to deplete that especially the minerals and the sea salt like definitely sodium and the B vitamins alright thanks crystal I hope to see you next year all right so.

What do we got yes I do have one from next thing Maximillian yeah he wants to know what make cause I guess hives to go all up in his neck all doing the kid oh yeah this is this is called a keto rash the most common cause is low B vitamins so this is why I always recommend I tell people take the B vitamins and lecture lights.

To prevent these symptoms that's usually cuz if you look up like even b2 deficiency or b3 deficiency you have certain conditions like pellagra that's all skin disorders I can kick it on the other time you can actually have that situation is when you start detoxing which can't happen to in which case just take some charcoal or bentonite clay and.

That should go go away so I would check either either thing either detox or the B vitamin deficiency okay all right good all right so let's go to Sebastian from Belgium hi how are you hello I'm doing well first of all I would I would say a congratulations congratulations for the channel I found it looking for videos.

About Q for a long time there's a lot of awful channels I find out there but this one is is the best one I've been following your ketosis plan for about four weeks now oh and my question actually is now that so I've been on keto for four weeks and my weight loss has stalled so after I lost weight for in first two.

Weeks I lost about three kilograms only it's about I think six pounds and anyway okay so I have a question is your hunger less is your cravings less yes a lot less I'm eating only twice a day and I'm craving a lot less than before good as your energy improved or any other body change is improving I wouldn't say my energy has improved I'm just a lot.

Less hungry as before okay is there any change in your waist is your waist and your clothes becoming looser I haven't I haven't checked my where my waist actually I've only attract my weight that's far okay are you okay so are you hungry because you haven't two meals are you hungry before you eat the first new in the at noon yes in the evening not so.

Much okay and how old are you I'm 20 okay so this is what i'ma do Sebastian there's many different things I have videos on plateauing but for you what I would do is have them emit your main new rule is that you don't eat unless you're hungry so at night if you're not hungry for that second meal skip it go all the way if you have fat to lose then you can.

Do in a minute fasting and you can do it longer you can do less frequent eating and then make sure you add more sea salt and then electrolytes and that'll make it easier but I would go down to one meal a day to kick it off because some people need that and if you have a lot of fat to lose realize that you the whole phase is getting healthy and one.

Of the most important things to do to get healthy is to reduce the excess amount of insulin and the only way to do that is to cut the con the carbs and eat less frequently that's gonna probably produce more health than anything which will then eventually lead to weight loss you're probably in the phase of getting healthy right now so I'd be really.

Curious to how your waist size doing so really start measuring your waist and go by that and that's what I would do there's a lot of other things to you can watch on YouTube but that that's what I would recommend for you thanks for your question alright so I need to go to Angela she's been waiting for a bit you're from.

Missouri how are you Angela good I am I got a real serious issue here I think and I'm not quite sure how to handle it my brother found you along with dr. berry and a couple others some months ago and has lost 120 pounds following you and it's just really been an eye-opener for me I'm on five six and.

A half it's about 300 about 300 pounds when I started I've been doing it about six weeks and I have lost 23 24 pounds but I can just tell and body composition that I'm I'm much better than I was before I mean overall I'm not really not watching the scale because I'm unhealthy to begin with so I'm doing this for health reasons not weight loss as much.

As I love that but I know I need to get healthy my real question is is that I was born with four one two three four kidneys and a double uterus and double ovaries I've known for a long time because my mother is very holistic and you know we've known for a long time that I probably had some serious adrenal fatigue and maybe adrenal syndrome.

Probably a stage 3 Eve and I'm not sure but I I'm you know I'm seeing some things going on here with the four kidneys doesn't that mean I have four adrenals that's what I was going to ask you hmm yeah so I think I have four adrenals according to every scan and everything that I have seen so I feel like I'm super behind the eight ball.

Because I believe that I've got not only am i fighting you know I'm doing 23 and one so I'm doing the in a minute bad thing I'm only eating one meal a day I'm not unsatiated I'm not hungry during that time know when it's time for me to eat I am hungry about the 24th hour I'm pretty hungry and I'm sticking to I mean seven cups of vegetable I mean I follow.

You pretty pretty closely you know but I feel like that I've got some issues with these adrenal and I don't know is there something that you would recommend I am taking adrenal complex okay from met herb middie herb yeah would you suggest anything else or what what does your mean what's you what's your main symptom what's your main.

Symptom I still have I even with doing the Kido I still have the fatigue still have the body eggs I have I mean I can tell that my adrenals are not responding to the Kido like I would like for them to okay okay I think I think you're this is my opinion I think you're gonna be okay with these these extra organs spare parts I I think that's not gonna be.

That's not the issue I don't think it is I think I think you need more B vitamins I would I would I have I can't speak for other new adrenals complexes but I have a I have one called adrenal and cortisol support that's the one that I'd like the most if you have an adrenal weakness to support it and then I would also do something that I have called them.

Mitochondrial energy now the problem is I don't have that in yet so that should come like in two weeks but that one is specifically to boost energy and it really it was really hard to find ingredients to make this work but it supports the deeper mitochondria specifically for things like Barbara algae and fatigue but in the meantime I.

Think you'll there's some cortisol it's called Corson adrenal relief you take it take a little bit more of it initially your energy should increase the inflammation should go down and then I think it's just the b1 deficiency that's but the mitochondria needs a jumpstart if you're doing keto an if' and you're still tired you need the.

Spark plug and that's the B one but you also need magnesium and a couple other things but at least in the meantime I would do that and then once I promote the other one I think that's probably gonna really help you because it's actually for people that can't get energy from Quito and you just need some helper cofactors but it's not I don't.

Think it has anything to do with having multiple adrenals that's my guess be wrong but that's what I would do thanks for your call okay yeah me a question an easy one this time okay okay so we do have Tiffany from YouTube um she says that she's not as hungry it's a drain fasting but if you feel light-headed should you know yeah let's.

Define when you should eat because that's a really a good question you should basically let's see it's a mile like stomach grumbling or you're mildly hungry keep going but if you start getting dizzy really hungry weak irritable then you eat okay but if you're going like deep through these waves especially in the morning like 8.

O'clock in the morning you have a spike of cortisol you might go well I'm a little hungry and then it goes away ride the wave see you make note of that okay good but some people like have blood sugar problems though like they're like irritable gonna chop your head off well then they eat but that but then again be fasting to get rid of those symptoms.

Okay okay alright so now we're gonna go to April from Washington are you there April yeah I am thank you welcome so just a couple of quick questions one is I read an article the other day about the pitfalls of keto and it piques my interest because I've only heard good things and it was a Chinese medical medical perspective talking about liver.

Stagnancy and how we all pretty much have it gummed up or clogged because of the toxins etc god that and that being on a heavy keto diet is only gonna make that worse and so I was what your take is on that and then my other question is intermittent fasting kind of kicks me into adrenal fatigue mode and what you would do about that so when you do.

Intermittent fasting you get tired it brings on adrenal fatigue and symptoms it's not it's more than being tired okay so a couple things that I want to talk about first let's first cover the liver thing I what they're talking about is classical keto because you're doing high fat it's low quality the type of keto program that I always recommend is.

Different than other key health programs and we're actually it's a healthy version of it's a lot of vegetables so therefore we're not stressing out the liver at all we're going a little carb what's the truth is what's really bad for a liver is high carbs that's really what causes the fatty liver all we're trying to do is cut the carbs down to.

Allow the fat to come out of the liver to help regenerate things I asked for the liver is very therapeutic because that helps to clean up the scar tissue the cirrhosis and the liver and any other proteins that shouldn't be there now if you get tired when you're doing if' what that means is that you're you probably have insulin resistance and you.

Have to go about it more gradual very slowly but you don't want to you don't want to not do it you want to do it but just take more time to do it and then you want to plug in the recommendations that I'm telling people like a healthy version with some of the nutrients that you support it and you should be able to do it longer longer as the liver gets.

Healthier you can go longer without eating without having a dip in energy if you have massive fatigue with intermittent fasting it may not be your adrenal it could be the liver because you're not able to hold glycogen longer the the the adrenal tends to affect it can actually spike cortisol as well that could be an aspect a part of that but.

The solution is the B vitamins and not just be one but vitamin b5 b5 is really important in supporting the adrenal as its coping with blood sugars because the adrenal does influence blood Sugar's highly thanks for the call April good question now let's go to Ivan from Florida you have a question go ahead yeah hi it's kind of a two-part question.

But they're related I'm suffering from like severe belching the last 10 to 12 10 to 20 hours once or twice a week it's got more frequent frequently recently and attributed to I think what I think it is GERD what ends up happening is once the belching starts it causes arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation mm-hmm so that what happened basically.

Eight years ago I went being in oil free being in and that's the Belgium started to lower my cholesterol so my class I got this new problem but it's been getting worse this last year and I had to cut out all fibrous vegetables and gas causing vegetables and so it doesn't seem to help and I've seen that several gastrin tours they can't really figure.

Out what it is they put me on a couple medications that kind of seemed to helping one of them super super elf eight and some that didn't yeah and so I I went Kido thirty days ago thinking that would help but then I realized keto diet requires a low fat I I mean I'm not not the killed Gert diet requires elope oh I good diet so I'm.

Like okay great I have to stop that now they do have any recommending it you don't want to follow the GERD diet because it's the GERD is a symptom of of something the GERD diet is gonna give you some chevon relief but it won't actually it's not long-lasting I'm GERD is basically a problem with the valve on the top of the.

UM the stomach it's not closing correctly and so you do have a backup of acid there's some interesting data on the connection between that valve and the pH of your stomach I've I found it to be most successful if you increase the acidity of the stomach to keep that valve closed so instead of going low fat you go hi acid I'm talking like betaine.

Hydrochloride I'd get that remedy I'd probably take five to six to seven eight eight tablets before you eat and take that over a period of time what's going to happen your stomach gradually is going to get more acidic and the valves going to close more and more and more you're gonna go less burping that acidity is also going to then be able to.

Trigger more effectively and appropriately your gallbladder release so you have more bile coming out of the liver because belching is a bio problem it's making not enough bile so if you actually have more acid you'll kill two birds with one stone one is that your valve a closed and the bile will be released you have less.

Burping or belching now going on a vegan diet the problem with that is that you're gonna go low-fat and guess what triggers bile fat saturated fat so now you're gonna try keto it's gonna increase more fat you get more bile release and the belching should go away believe it or not so that's what I would do now there's a huge connection between.

The gallbladder and the heart as well because especially when it gets congested it backs up into the heart and also bile helps you get rid of it actually controls cholesterol and also a fatty liver so if you don't have enough it could back up and then put pressure on the heart because the liver is so connected to the heart and that can.

Actually cause arrhythmia problems these are just things that I've just working with clients and also their medical doctors these are just things that I found you might not be able to find them all over the place you know studies and things but so I would basically add potato to chloride a lot of it before the meals that should help maybe some.

Episode of vinegar get on the keto dua F that will really help and then give it a little bit of time you may need to add some bile bile support but not right off the bat I would focus on the stomach all right thanks for calling all right what do we got um we do have cm from YouTube yeah he or she wanted to know how does Kido impact.

Kidney stones if you're prone to kidney stones it may increase the risk for kidney stones if you're especially for doing incorrectly if you're prone I always tell people the best remedy for she actually moderate in kidney stones is something called it's called what does it call now I'm like spacing out now it is called something there.

What does it call me so it's a it's a rent a new remedy that I recommend the citrate something citrate I'm gonna look it up as I'm talking but it's a good remedy but you want to do because you're getting you're getting a spike of uric acid okay you're getting a spike of uric acid so the stones that are more likely to get our uric acid crystal stones now.

In the past people said we'll just take some potassium citrate that does help take some lemon juice with your honor that does help but there's another remedy that I found that works even better which I'm going to look up right now and tell you because I did a video on it okay so ago dr. Berg all these answers.

Are on YouTube and kidney stones and it's going to be see if I could find it here alright it's not that when I have like several yeah I used to find this here what it's a call it's um it's a really good remedy something called methyl methyl it's like something like methyl citrate what you could what you can do is email me at dr. Berg at dr.

Berg comm and I will actually tell you that remedy okay do you have any easier ones uh yes I have Janice from Facebook yes she wants to know does keto affect or hurt the appendix now actually it shouldn't hurt her appendix I mean I think what will hurt the appendix is eating junk food but if you if you want to actually do anything for the.

It's intermittent fasting because that gives your what happens between meals is your food is supposed to be cleared out of some of the intestine the problem is we eat so frequently we get all this food that just sits there and then it backs up in the system and you have the little ileocecal valve down here it's a little valve that's supposed to separate.

The small from the large and then you get food in and it kind of just gets stuck in there and then it starts infecting the appendix so I think it'll help a person because also high-carb weakens your immune system so yeah that's what I would recommend all right do you have any other questions no questions all right so we'll just well.

This way for some more questions to come in here and then I'm just kidding I'm just gonna go right – yeah you've been well Vinson are you there you're from the UK hi Vincent my name is Chantel your name is Chantal okay good I just messed that one up go ahead it's okay so thank you for taking my call I just had a quick.

Question about Oh mad okay so I've been doing Oh mad for a little over two months and I have not seen any results well I've seen five pounds here five pounds there but I feel like I'm at a standstill I'm basically back to the same weight I was when I started and I just have like a lot of digestive issues what do you think I can what else can I.

Do to up the ante yeah well this is another point you gave me a good clue especially it's like like first of all it's almost illogical for someone not to really have a lot of good success it's doing one meal a day like it's like very strange that they would gain the weight back so what that means is there's something else going on it's.

Something else and you just mentioned digestion so the big question is when you eat vegetables do you get bloated definitely yeah here's what happens with vegetables these vegetables are like fluid retainers they tend to hold a lot of fluid and they basically kind of puff up with this fluid even when people eat a salad they get thirsty and then.

There's no salt it's just like the that fiber is retaining fluid like a flute field sponge and it's such in your colon especially if you have something called SIBO which you can look it up and that's si Bo through some of my videos you may have that and so here you are adding the vegetables and you are just gonna blow yourself and and think you're gaining.

Fat and it's just fluid retention so this is what you're gonna do for one month I'm guessing you have seat belt okay I'm assuming you do one month no vegetables I know that's shocking no vegetables okay do everything else but vegetables and then that should give you a system a chance to kind of clear out a little bit and I'll be very curious.

Because I want you to call back in and see if you didn't lose a ton of weight because I think it's just water retention the other thing you want to do is you want to add more but outside of vinegar and betaine how to chloride for your stomach to get acid that will actually help clear out the SIBO and just do those two actions right there.

And then I think that should solve your problem and then when you go back to vegetables you might have to do different types you have to do like squash zucchini bell peppers I actually have a video on this if you look under see below and it tells you what to do but you're the type that probably would not do very good on seven to ten cups of.

Vegetables because your your microbes are in the small intestine and they should be in the large intestine all right thank you very much all right what do we got here do we have a question before we go to kill me I'm so glad you have one more time um Sadia from Facebook now I know the answer to this question but and you said it all the.

Time yeah okay out there um can we eat pomegranate in kedo meaning fruit yeah pomegranate is not the sweetest thing on the planet it's a little like these little things than their slightly I would I would actually say try it out if you really want to I don't think it's a really big problem I mean it's like.

There's a lot of seeds in there it's relatively low on the glycemic if you're not doing a lot of it I don't see a big problem I really don't yeah I wouldn't miss try it but don't drink the juice cuz it's all fiber you know it's like eating some berries hey Kelly Lin you're from Canada you had a question go ahead yeah hi dr.

Bird all right how much for taking my call really appreciate love everything that you do and I follow everything that you suggest in terms of keto and healthy keto and intermittent fasting and just a quick background what I am taking so it might help with the answer but I do a kale shake with fish oil nutritional yeast wheat grass juice powder collagen.

And I'm also taking benfotiamine v1 160 milligrams two times a day because I suffer from rain oats terrible almost debilitating when it when it strikes me on my fingers tips go all white I lose feeling and it's very very painful as well as my toes I'm also taking t3 in k2 Fenton Ian hydrochloride sea kelp gall.

Bladder formula ACD electrolytes and renal quits adrenal cortical support and your sleep aid and it's just been phenomenal my overall anxiety has been taken care of my insomnia is manageable now and a lot of my dishes Jessop problems have taken care of itself with just following your.

Programming program and keeping it very simple which I love and of the simplicity of it but unfortunately even doing everything the Raynaud's is is just something that I'm having to deal with okay I think I might have pressed the wrong button are you there let me see if I can hello can try to.

Bring her back up okay so you probably are still talking right now and I'm just gonna answer the question because I I pressed the wrong button and so you're probably you're taking all these vitamins you had these great successes but you still have rain oats and you want to know what to do that's what I'm assuming so you hopefully you can still.

Hear me so this is the this is a little bit of a tough one because they don't really know what causes it there's serious on it's autoimmune it's a circulation problem and so it's a it's a bit of a tough thing here's what I do know about rain odds there's a couple things one is that it's a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous.

System and you get all these like weird weird things with that people that like sweat too much they don't sweat enough they get dizzy they get rained on so they have and rain doesn't like when your fingertips are like like they were severe sensitivity to cold and it starts turning blue almost blue and purple so it's it can really affect you so the.

The remedy for that usually is vitamin b1 and I think you're taking been throat to me which is that's I will be if I be vitamin and you're taking other B B's as well probably I don't know so what I would recommend if you have an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system and you're taking it's still not working then the only other thing is to focus on.

Your gut because the microbes in the gut help you also make B vitamins and that can actually help you also absorb the vitamins as well so what I would do and this also goes for another condition that's a little bit similar because it's vascular we you have like your cheeks are red and you have that condition where it's like almost black and blue.

You work on the gut work on the microbes take something to support the gut and and do research in that area that's what I would focus on but that's a really tough one but thank you for your call guys you've been great I really appreciate your attention and have a wonderful weekend we will see you next week Karen will be back and have a.

Good one
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