Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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hey guys welcome back it's Friday morning 11 o'clock we have Karen over here hey Karen hey there say hello hello good so I think last show we did last week wasn't a complete disaster was it it was it was close it was close to a complete disaster but in the end I was really.

Impressed I was impressed with her make it go right miss did the whole show and a cab and then we go into a tunnel I mean so that was like oh really so we're a tunnel so then it cuts off and so anyway we're back on track here so if you want to call in if you have a question if you have a burning question the number is 866 five six one four two.

Nine two so the topic is gonna be a little different this week we're gonna talk about Quito and Amanda fasting so if you have your questions crazy I know I know I want to kind of keep mix it up and also anything that I say is not meant to diagnose you it's just meant for your own research and your education in your quest for finding answers and.

Health so check with your doctor before taking my advice now we're gonna go right to Diane she's been waiting for an hour so go ahead Dan you you had a question about I think you're waking up in the middle of the night good morning dr. Berg first of all I just want to say thank you I've learned so much from you.

And I am doing your Kido coach coaching right now and learning even more because I watch all of your videos whenever they're out there and so I just wanted to say that too first first of all and I also that every time I listen to your Friday shows I you might yes my question is answered because somebody calls him with the question that I've already had.

But I do have a question about waking up in the morning it's usually about 4 a.m. which I know you talked about it being the adrenals and so and then of course I have to I get up and I go to the bathroom which wakes me up a little bit more so the good thing is that I can go back to sleep I have been taking the your adrenal of your cortisol support.

Probably since about Mara and I'm still not getting to that point where I'm not waking up so I didn't know if I should take the advanced formula of the adrenal support if that would help also sorry I was gonna say it I had gone through a couple of years where I had bronchitis or pneumonia every month so I was on a lot of prednisone a lot of.

Antibiotics and that was about a year and a half ago and I do drink bone broth to help my stomach get back I'm doing all that those things those positive things but I still feel that it's my adrenals that haven't quite you know come to life sounds like it question are you taking the sleep aid at all I'm sorry to write a sleep aid yes I do take.

This debate I take me I take the cortisol support in the morning and then I also take it I'm intermittent fasting once a day and feel fabulous and I take it with my meal okay the second time with my mail and then I take the sleep egg when I go to sleep are you a good massage tool are using.

That I use the massage tool I'm doing everything everything you say I'm doing awesome okay so a couple things you doing you put in these basics what you're doing you're taking a sleep aid just great you're working on the dream knows you had a history of the bronchitis so there's definitely some weakness within adrenal especially if.

You have you have to take steroids prednisone because that just messes with your adrenals so what happens the the rhythm of the adrenal gets off and now it's hard to sleep a little longer one of the additional nutrients which I hate to overload you with one more thing that you might want to add to the mix is a calcium orotate and you take that too.

Before bed that just gives you a little extra support for the adrenals because calcium is one of the minerals that supports the sympathetic nervous system which the make but ah I'm sorry calcium supports that potassium magnesium and a lot of the other minerals support the parasympathetic so you could probably.

Help yourself by doing that the other thing that I would recommend especially to kind of reset the adrenal is to go on long walks to the point where you know you're running out all the stored energy in the body this kind of like you're you're moving low stress getting a lot of oxygen over a period of time so your body is in like can finally rest because.

The way that you exercise your adrenals is low intensity walking without earphones without talking to anyone and just get a lot a lot of space so that's what I would recommend and then of course the calcium that's what I would do right now for that and I think that should help that and so I can't wait to you complete the course and then start.

Coaching people so give us some feedback on that thanks for your call time so we're gonna go right to Maddie that is she's been holding for about an hour go ahead Maddie you're on the air yes Matty I was just calling Maddie for short I just your new nickname sir yeah yeah anyway I wanted to call today I've been following you for about a year I have.

Lost about 87 pounds I'm getting close to that 100 marks tomorrow is my birthday I will be 57 years old and I just wanted to call first and and thank you and Karen I honestly feel that you are just doing God's work you you guys have saved my life um I know I I'm not going to get theory but I know I was on the road to diabetes and my mother.

Passed away at 57 years old with adult onset needed and and so yeah there's a bunch of that stuff in my family history and for me allowing myself to get to such a troublesome spot and my weight my weight went up over 230 pounds and I stay over because like I stopped looking at this channel and so so I have on five eight I.

Have brought it down to now I'm in the one of 40 weight you you knew once 40 that is amazing you weigh 140 pounds no under 27 pounds that's amazing that's like a miracle and and I think you also mentioned here your estrogen is high is that true I believe it is my question was if I I watched a lot of your videos.

And I heard you mention something about African Americans having a higher estrogen or insulin levels and and I was just wondering and it probably was related to an acne video I was watching I was reading I was watching a lot of your videos and my family's issues were are constipation acne my husband has high blood pressure and.

And a lot of those things are all changing well because the kale shake having we're doing hormone free whatever we can free I haven't had any sugar in the house for well over a year now well so we're changing but I wanted to touch base and and ask you that question because I was wondering is there a genetic component that causes.

African-americans to be more yeah let me let me answer that because that's it that's a really good question estrogen puts the it controls feminine characteristics so it basically you're going to look more like a female if you have more estrogen estrogen also gives you the fat layer around your superficial part of the fat around your.

Body it gives women the curbs that they have black women I have more curves so they obviously have a little more estrogen that's what's causing it so there is a genetic thing but it's not an abnormal thing it's like you're gonna have a normal you're still gonna have normal amounts of estrogen the thing that happens though in all cultures in.

All races you have environmental estrogens that are constantly hitting us from the food supply to your the golf course to the medications and that's really the problem we're being bathed in estrogen so you got to be so cautious to that and I think you're changing their diet you're doing organic but the GMO foods you have soy and corn and has.

Glyphosate those chemicals act like estrogen in the body they're called endocrine disruptors or estrogen mimickers so the best thing you can do is to take seek help that really helps to reduce the estrogen overload and then just start doing organic and non-gmo foods the other thing that's good is to take phytoestrogen ik type foods that.

Are do you call them anti estrogen ik foods like from cruciferous but they're not really anti estrogen ik they balance out the good and bad estrogen so they give you more good to give you less bad so they're kind of protective against the excess amount of bad estrogen so that would be kale broccoli brussel sprouts cabbage all those those are the.

Things that you want to start consuming and keep those high just to protect yourself so but well done on your great success and and happy birthday and happy birthday so it's a very impressive 147 pounds from 230 come on that's incredible that is awesome good all right Karen so what what's.

Going on do we do we have some good questions in social media we have a lot going on in social media already right out the chute and I was a little shout out to the world so we have Alabama Massachusetts India Canada Australia Denmark Florida Virginia Germany Hong Kong and a whole lot more thanks for joining us this morning that's.

Incredible I know okay good so from YouTube I have Logan who is asking well at what point would you add intermittent fasting to your keto diet okay so Logan what you want to do is you want to do them exactly at the same time okay exactly the same time why because they both work together if you do.

Intermittent fasting together you're gonna bring insulin down faster and you're going to get through this transition phase faster you're gonna have less symptoms you're gonna speed up the results so you want to do them together so you use three meals a day and then push your breakfast forward remember no snacks and.

Until you have two meals a day and then a lot of people actually I'd say maybe not the majority but a good portion then do one meal a day good yeah okay great and then we have Jane from Facebook who's asking about the estrogen with DIMM product can she take that instead of cruciferous well there's a product I have called estrogen balance.

Plus dim dim is a compound it's a very super concentrated cruciferous natural compound that's like one tablets equivalent to two pounds of Christopher's vegetables oats so it's it hasn't so it basically has cruciferous in the product so would you take it in place of it well it yes because it specifically targets estrogen dominance.

And problems with estrogen and any history of too much estrogen so that's a really good natural product that getting amazing results on that one it's also good for even men that have you know high estrogen so if they have issues with that that can help but also cystic acne it improves and improves that so something to check out okay so.

She can take that instead of the cruciferous she doesn't need to double up no okay good so then I have Jennifer also from Facebook and she's asking does she need to have recalculate her carbs as she's dropping the weight well there's one thing that stays constant is keeping those carbs to low so we want you know they say between 20 and 50.

Grams I'm gonna recommend like 30 grams on average of carbohydrates per day regardless of how much you weigh or what what stage you're in you want to keep them low on some people they need to go down below 20 before they start even losing some significant weight make a note of that if you're menopausal have a thyroid look at me did you just look I.

Was looking over there in space over there I was looking at something in the distance I didn't look over this way at me directly no I was looking over here okay good yeah there's the person over here okay good and then we have barb who asks what about what's up with black stool on keto well that's interesting because it could.

Be something you're eating you know all the different black cherries and now I'm just kidding I think if you actually have black stool that could indicate you're running out of pancreatic enzymes so you're gonna need the gall bladder formula to actually take that because there's some problem and it's like black stary stool it's called and that is a.

Pancreatic deficiency of enzymes so somehow you're running out of those enzymes so I would put those back in and that would also give a symptom of the skid marks on the inside of the toilet bowl just FYI okay if you want that just you just cross that's pretty much information it just went south I did a video on stool and so I actually had a.

Stool sample I passed around and I remember remember that I had that I did this joke in my clinic I had this little container and it says film a film old yeah old black camera film camera so it's a stool sample so I passed around on the patients and say hey your stool sample came in you want you just check this out and they would like look.

At me strange open it up and it's brown yeah and so they pulled out this little tiny little stool I made from wood in the basement so I put that little stool in there and that was my stool sample yes so getting back to the questions okay good and one more I have here I noted down we have from YouTube Greg who is he's asking about potassium chloride.

Salt and if using that is any source of potassium if maybe he wasn't getting his seven to ten cups a day yeah you can use that it's totally fun you can use it it it will help I mean how much salt do you need to take to replace a cup of vegetables you mean you mean potassium potassium chloride salt yeah it's called salt but it's not salt.

Yeah it's not like sodium chloride so tell us what it is because I maybe I'm the only it's it's a form of it's a form of potassium you are the only one that doesn't know that okay okay my want my YouTube and Facebook people need to back me up on this right just it's it's a form of potassium there's many different forms you have calcium chloride.

Potassium citrate gluconate there's a lot of different orotate there's a lot of different forms there's a supplement yes it is a supplement the one that I use in the electrolyte powder is called potassium citrate FYI but the thing is that you need a lot of it you need forty seven hundred milligrams so ideally you want to get most of that from the.

Vegetables so you can always add more okay okay all right all right so now Karen we're gonna go to rod from Texas he's been waiting for 58 minutes and 11 seconds okay hey rod use me thanks for taking my call again I remember yeah so I don't only heard part of the answer and I didn't hear an answer to my second question so that's what I wanted.

To call back muscle cramps maybe I'm worrying too much about it but my gosh I get him in my arms my legs my back my chest you know and it's just everything I try they don't go away I heard you say last week vitamin b1 and vitamin E so I've been doing the vitamin b1 and no no you know I I started I was just doing one a day.

And now I'm doing two of those a day and and still not really I haven't noticed any improvement I haven't tried to fight him in yet but I was looking stuff up and it's like everything I'm eating has the vitamin b1 and E in it so yeah so I think Y need to worry about I need to worry about it I have a question oh sure so you have muscle cramps so is it when.

You exercise or you just find that the muscles are just like you know not or describe it to me when you mean when you say muscle cramps um like like when I in the morning like when I waken up the all stretch Oh fill it like in my calves or like when I was just standing here waiting for things to happen I stretch then I had had a cramp in my arm then it.

Went away and then I tried to make it happen again that wouldn't happen again so okay did so another question are you taking that are you taking any medication at all no okay because that could be one of the side effects from like statins and things like that do you have a history of nerve damage spine damage um like any type of neurological.

Damage I don't think though I've been in some bad car wreck and I've broken a lot of bones okay nothing nerve life I do have a heart problem history okay so here's what I think that's going on all right I would definitely get some extra high quality of vitamin E vitamin E helps support those muscles and you might just.

Need extra probably from a past history of your injuries I had a lot of injuries to my spine car accidents you name it motorcycle accidents so you have these this trauma that's more of an injury so it's not really a mineral deficiency it's basically an old injury that is putting the muscles in a state of.

Guarding what happens when you get either arthritis or a bone on bone or any type of bowl injury the muscles go into probe to a protective mechanism as the kind of a survival thing to keep it mobilize and then you move it and you can actually cause that same sensation what will help that is higher vitamin E and also stinging nettle root because.

That actually is like a natural anti-inflammatory also look up some my videos on old injuries how to deal with old injuries because I think your problem is is a little different than just a muscle cramp I think it's reactivating an old injury that's my thought but let me know how that works Rob but thanks for calling them back.

After the tunnel experience mm-hmm all right good so we're gonna go to Zeke from Georgia you had a question about blood Sugar's go ahead hi this is actually Megan he is my son he called little eight-year-old yeah that was great yeah that was my son yeah it was funny but um okay so this week my question is.

About thyroid medication I have been doing keto now since January and was feeling like I wanted to come off of I'm taking nature throwed and wanting to come off of the nature throwed and started weaning myself off and was feeling great but I went to get my labs done and my a1 or my TSH was 16 and so I was like okay I'm gonna have to go back.

On but during that time my blood sugar was coming down even more and I've always been over 100 fasting but when I was off the medication my blood sugar fasting was like in the 90s and then once I started the medication it went up and I did a little bit of research and found that that that is a hidden side effect of thyroid medication both the.

Desiccated and the other synthetic so I'm just wondering it's frustrating for me because I've seen those numbers be lower another higher again is there anything further to support the thyroid or you know to help me to wean off of it to be able to get off of it eventually yes do you have a history of.

Any type of gallbladder problems or liver problems just I've had general gallbladder pain throughout my pregnancies I've had three babies and you know since I've been using your gallbladder support I haven't had the pain but I've never had it removed or anything like that okay and then what about you have a.

History of heavy periods or a painful crampy Pam yes as a teenager yes because the high levels of estrogen can actually interfere with the thyroid the goal is to get to the root cause of the problem of it's either gonna be estrogen related or it's going to be gallbladder liver related so you already taking the gallbladder so that's going to help the.

Conversion and then one last thing believe it or not this you may want to try this and I'm not saying it's gonna be the answer but you use this tool and I have videos on it too and that how she helps support the acupressure points in the lower part of the neck so if you actually apply this to the lower part of the neck it just.

Brings circulation into the glands than the front part I know it sounds might sound strange but I'd recommend it to a lot of people and it seems to give people that little extra edge that they need to improve things so go ahead and try that and then I would also increase its the lynnium and a little bit more iodine and see if that doesn't help you.

And you can get that from seek help okay all right thanks for your call all right so now Karen yeah we're gonna go to a the first question of the day okay so here's what you want to ask everyone or actually I'm going to ask and then we'll look at the answers okay what pH should the body yeah should it be more alkaline or more ass.

Okay so see if you guys can answer that question I'm dying to find out what you're going to say okay okay all right so let's go to some questions from from your side here okay good well I have first of all I just want to say that on facebook Jeremy just announced very casually that he lost 150 pounds.

Gosh it's incredible it's incredible Jeremy you're awesome well done incredible you're the inspiration right that's right okay good and then we have a question which I love from Jen on Facebook Jen girl after my own heart she says if fat bombs don't increase your insulin which they don't right dr. Berg well now if they're sitting on a shelf.

Bombs don't increase your insulin why can't they be snacked on throughout the day versus just at mealtime well where's my guidance physiology that's what I want to know so there's one little piece of the puzzle that I want to bring up that is that anytime you eat anything of any type of calories regardless of what it is Karen yeah that protein your carb.

Doesn't matter and Jen Karen and Jen and Jen what's gonna happen you're gonna increase insulin so the fact that you're snacking between a meal means you are going to increase insulin so in fact a fat bomb will increase your insulin yes but that's in general how the lease effect or insulin but they still have an effect because you're eating something.

I'm sorry Jen Jen sad day for you me yeah I'm sorry I I mean we we had a friend a guy that was eating the keto bombs all day long and well he gained weight because first of all he made fat bombs he didn't call him fat bombs he called them cookies he made them they were like this big each and he loved them yeah so he he ate a lot of them in.

Gained weight because right your body will then burn the dietary fat the fat you eating and not your own body fat or I guess then obviously he was accumulating fat or what is that that's gonna make him fat well it's now a question I've moved over into a question sounds like a statement just increase.

The insulin every time he's snacking see the thing is what's the killer the killer two hormones and progress is there healthy snacks that's what's doing it it's concept of healthy snacks no they actually healthy snacks or the I'm going beyond just snacking in general okay like you go to the grocery store they have the protein bars that have.

These so-called healthy things yeah granola sugar we know that but then what people don't realize it's even the beef jerky and the healthy snacks that's what's killing them because it's uh it's keeping them spiked with the insulin and it's gonna lower a testosterone it's gonna lower all the different other hormones because of the next question.

I'm gonna get to but I'm not gonna give it away right now okay anyway so let's get back to the I think you had another question um yeah a couple of people on Facebook we're asking questions related to liver and fatty liver so let's just say what's up with a fatty liver well the fatty liver is directly caused by too much insulin if a person has a.

Belly they have a fatty liver just do an ultrasound you'll find it'll be it'll be fatty so what happens is the fat cells only can hold so much fat until you can't stuff anything in more more into it and then it spills off and it overfill into around the organs primarily starting with the liver so when you have a fatty liver your body is.

In a overstuff state to the point where you see some people that their bellies are so distended you can literally put a plate on the top of their stomach when they sit down because it comes out like a basketball and you usually see these guys are very graphic today see these guys at the all-you-can-eat buffets which I basically go to go to them.

Frequently no I'm just kidding and then also on the beach with the speedo that's where you really see the body shape so it's just the demonstration if you wanted to see someone too fatty or you can predict that so the next time you go and see a guy just go up to them and say excuse me sir did you have your liver checked you might want to get it.

Checked now I have a question listen I have a question for you yes because you say that the fatty liver occurs when the rest of the fat cells are saturated right so what about the guy in the speedo with the big belly cuz he's always got skinny arms and legs he does his fat cells are yeah if I knew that would I be sitting here right now.

Receptors for insulin for men are primarily in the torso and the viscera not apparently in the legs or the arms now let's see so do we have answers to the my first question okay let's see alkalyn we got a little off track let me look let me look what should the body be what age so you're looking for alkaline acid or are.

You looking for a number I'm just looking for an answer what do we got okay guys let's see what we have got here acid acid acid slightly alkaline alkaline acid alkaline more acid alright pH of 7 acid both I'm ready for a drumroll okay drumroll okay guys there's a trick question yes.

There is no one pH do you have about 15 to 20 different ph's from the urine a large bowel to the stomach to the saliva they're all different ph's so you don't need to be alkaline or more acid you need to be a combination the purpose Karen of the different different acids have to do with keeping things the different gradients separated to allow.

For flows to the body fluid that flows and and generating a you know energy between both areas so if your body was all one pH you'd have a lot of problems things would wouldn't move they would be stuck she's kind of like a battery you have a positive negative you get a flow of current same thing with the different pH is care mmm-hmm see I had tab tab on.

Facebook and he says it depends on the part of the body he was correct he was correct he was correct well done yes so we're gonna go right to Karen from San Jose waiting 40 minutes go ahead Karen you'd a question um hi dr. Berg thank you for taking up my call sure go ahead so I called in last week regarding a pain hello hello I can hear you um okay.

So I'm sorry about that so last week I called regarding pain on my back the upper left side and you have suggested to reduce fat intake which I did and in a day the pain went away like a miracle so I'm calling to first thank you for that and then if I could ask another question for today is since few years have been dealing with this acne in.

Versailles the skin disease name that I heard from my doctor basically these are inflamed and swollen lumps that occurred mostly like under arms the groin area and it is a painful definitely and my primary doctor just to avoid all night shade vegetables which have done but still the the occurrence reoccurrence has been going.

On I am 39 years old I am on intermittent fasting since five weeks plus key to of course I started both together so the inflammation of this skin condition hasn't gone up or it went down it's about the same before I started intermediate fasting or ketosis okay so so my question is is there anything I could do it home do you know.

Help okay so so Karen had a question and she wanted she has a condition called AK now acne inversa which is basically a condition the type of acne that occurs underneath the armpits and different folds in the body and of course they don't know what what what's causing it but there's some associated things like high levels of androgen it comes after.

Taking birth control pills etc etc but the point is that that condition is definitely high androgens coming from high insulin so whatever you're doing right now keep improving it because it's a high insulin behind it because it's also a response to antibiotics too so there's an immune component but what I would do to speed it up and that's your.

Question Karen it's you can add seek help add a good amount of seek help in the morning not before you go to bed because it'll keep you up seek help will improve things and by the way a lot of times people have these little cysts these boils or the assists behind the legs or underneath the armpit if you have that that's also a high insulin.

Situation it looks like acne but it's a cyst and that can be greatly improved if you actually get on the Kido and in a minute fasting okay so that's what I'm gonna recommend to do alright so let me just go to Jim from Denver Jim go ahead you had a question thanks for taking my call what was so funny well I've been listening to you for.

Probably a few months now and I really appreciate everything that you've got out there especially haven't tried any of your products yet but you did mention eggs and like how to take eggs is like your vitamins and that you should possibly be taking you know more egg yolks and egg whites and I thought well that's good but my question was is it.

Okay to just eat them raw in a shake or just have them any which way I don't know how you're taking your eggs every day but you're taking for seems like a lot so good question go ahead yeah so basically I do four eggs over-easy I like the yolks runny you can do raw eggs you just have to make sure that the quality if you eat a significant amount.

Of raw eggs it can deplete like vitamin biotin okay which is actually vitamin H if you want to know that but it can actually deplete biotin I mean you'd have to probably have a lot of that so that's one of the reasons why you can maybe slightly cook them or make them slightly you know maybe just the yolks raw but the other apart.

Slightly cooked or but you can still do them all if you want if you want to put them in a shake not a problem but I do four eggs every morning rain or shine I'm just constantly love them that the yolks have all these fat side will vitamins vitamin k2 vitamin A for the vision and so that's what I'm gonna recommend for pretty much everyone is.

Unless you have an allergy to eggs but make sure it's pasture-raised organic that would be the best thanks Jim for your call all right Karen what's the giggles over there I sometimes you know we type with fingers and their typos okay and so this guy Eman I think is he's wondering if if you should eat salted nuts or rough nuts.

The ruffnut so you want to polish them down a little bit before you eat them because the the jagged edges can't hear tomorrow right but I would do salted I like salt be good if he could find a sea salt nut it would be a hard nut to crack but that would be yeah sea salt would be good with that good all right was that all your questions no.

I just you were taking some calls so I was I was just reading some things here yeah so um hey somebody had a question I can't find it right now but somebody had a question thinking that keto intermittent fasting could possibly have a negative effect on woman's hormonal issues and slow down metabolism which is just the opposite of what I understand.

No the only damaging thing that keto will do and manifesting will do is create a dent into the income of certain manufacturing companies that sell junk food that's really the damage and certain pharmaceutical yeah that's the only damage in fact you know it's almost like you have to ignore those comments because it I mean here you are reducing.

Insulin and that's gonna be damaging trans metabolism it's just the opposite do we healthy keto and in a minute fasting is the exact thing the best thing you can do for your metabolism it will speed it up you if you have it like a set point that you can't bust through and lose that last 10 pounds whatever it's only because you have high insulin.

That's why that's behind it so you just fix that and you're gonna be good to go okay so I have one more question okay okay so sue on YouTube is saying what's up with this high fasting blood sugar even though she's got a normal a 1c yeah good question I was waiting for someone to ask that and can maybe you can touch on what a1c is for people who aren't all.

So sophisticated knowing you got me anyone see is an average of your blood Sugar's over like three months okay so it's a better indicator because if you check your blood sugars let's say one day you know you don't have the whole picture of the three months right so a1 see isn't a little conflict there she's saying resting blood fasting blood sugar.

Is high well I didn't get to that question yet I just want to know what anyone sees though so here's the thing when you are doing keto and you are doing in a minute fasting and your blood glucose goes up okay and you're like oh my god that's bad that's bad well think about what kita does what don't you what it what does it do it actually corrects.

Insulin resistance it corrects high insulin okay and as you know Karen the purpose of insulin is to bring down sugars right so what's gonna happen is as you improve insulin that push down wave that's pushing the blood sugars down what's gonna initially happen to your blood sugars if you actually no longer have the massive amounts of.

Insulin in your bloodstream that's normal that's just the bodies were like healing in this response so there's nothing you have to worry about other than realizing that hey good my insulin is coming down and by the way high levels of insulin is much more damaging to the body than high levels of sugar and she's gonna notice that her blood.

Sugars are not gonna go way out of range it might be 100 110 120 but it's not gonna go really high and in over time it will come down okay it's part of the healing process Karen okay and that was the the last part of her question was how long is this healing process what should she see well it really depends on how bad it was I mean if you had instant.

Resistance like I had since birth it could take a couple couple years it was that mountain Dew in the baby bottle yes yes that was me I was the Isle of juicers laughing I saw someone do that feed their child from a baby bottle feeding them Mountain Dew is that that is that bad okay so I'm gonna go to there's a question number two that I.

Have for all the the viewers on YouTube and Facebook okay you ready for this kind of ready okay what are the dominating hormones that will basically nullify any of the other hormones in the body say that again there are three hormones in the body that are dominating which means that if they're high all the other hormones will.

Go down okay and I want to see if some of you guys can guess the three dominating hormones that kind of like control all the other hormones okay and in the presence of these hormones the other hormones just don't work that well okay so let's see if you can guess the three hormones okay okay three hormones alright so now we're.

Gonna go right to a question from Jason Chicago go ahead you two question Jason yeah hey dr. Berg thank you for taking my question it might and your time especially um so my experience with keto recently I come from a extreme background powerlifting and then got coming across it and has this this ideology kind of branded enemy of edy as.

Much as I could six times a day and kind of you know gaining muscle mass within you know becoming you know also overweight and stuff but long story short I'm also a recovered alcoholic who sees in the 12-step program I go to and thought myself just a lot of a lot of people with sugar addiction you know once they recover they still are you.

Know pounding down nuts and stuff and I saw myself you know going down that path and finally he had a brother who was a out he was a competitive bodybuilder and did the the ketosis saying years ago and it was found upon and then I guess long story short I just kind of just surrender to the fact that I didn't know what was best for me with my diet you.

Know I wanted to try the simplest most effective way in about four weeks ago I said okay let's try keto got the keto strips and just say it's been you know a life change and remarkable event is this to downplay it a little bit but my biggest concern is am i eating enough you know I I don't have a lot of desire to eat a lot of food you know I have a.

Pro breakfast i I have the bulletproof coffee with the coconut oil nough and the butter then lunch at least 2 to 3 cups of spinach and some super greens with try to have some kind of protein with it with avocado and then a same thing for dinner with some maybe some grass-fed beef and I have it really struggling.

With eating you know praying sugars or anything at all I just crave vegetables more than anything Wow umm I just want to make sure I'm eating getting plenty of food because my old ideas of having to to sustain you know an active lifestyle is did she eat 3,500 4,000 calories a day yeah so just assume you're basically just describing.

My story too because I was like on the mission to just cram as much food down my throat as possible thinking oh my gosh I have to get my nutrients I have to do this yeah it's false that's false information especially it sounds to me like you're on a 2 meal per day in a minute fasting which I think that's probably really.

Good for you the fact that you're craving vegetables means that your body's going into balance and you're probably your livers like give me some more basketball so you can start eventually healing it from the alcohol years ago so the liver can repair itself but it does take like 3 years of consistent healthy eating a healthy keto.

That I'm recommending and Amanda fasting is hands-down the absolute best thing for your liver and as you realize that your hunger is going down your cravings are going down that means your blood sugars are loving off and so the amount of nutrients that you need now will be less because your body is is improving with that insulin resistance because the.

Insulin also functions to help absorb nutrients so before when you had a lot of insulin resistance you had to cram more food to get the nutrients because you had this blockage now after you fixed that now your body can absorb nutrients much better and in a minute fasting allows you to go into what's called a toffee G which is your body's.

Now recycling the old proteins cleaning up things in and the amount of nutrients requirements are much less so you can get by with a lot less food and maintain muscle and health and not have to go for all those calories so just I would just play around with it eat high quality food like you're doing and ride away and I think you don't.

Really need any more nutrients other than what you're getting so but thanks for your call I'm glad that you're winning and just give it more time awesome Jason all right so Karen yeah the answers okay so team team Facebook yeah is uh pretty consistent they're all coming out with estrogen okay insulin all right and cortisol mmm.

Team YouTube has insulin and cortisol in almost every answer but then that third one is sorta all over the map there's some guys are you know answering also with estrogen but there's a lot of other other things going on okay yeah well let's just do a trumpet roll a trumpet roll I like that okay good go run something right now and the answer is.

Cortisol estrogen and insulin so you guys were correct well so because here's the thing the those three hormones it's just fascinating because if you wanted to lose weight if you wanted to get younger if you wanted to improve your hormones you know there's all these things out there oh yeah take this hormone or do this thing to trigger it.

Exercise eat better blah blah blah right but la presence of the cortisol from stress in the presence of the estrogen from birth control pills and other things and the food supply and insulin which we know I'll know about that it's like almost like a waste of all this extra energy and this is this is why when people go oh yeah I want to eat.

What I want so I'm just gonna exercise more well guess what that little bit of thing that you want to eat is gonna invalidate and nullify seven hours of exercise you're not gonna get the benefit so it's not just the amount about eating healthy 80 percent of the time you need to go all-in sometimes and strut and especially with the sugars.

The carbs all right so that's also : you mean like you don't want to do it halfway there you're referring to the food are you referring to the intermittent that's mainly mainly and talking about the carbs okay and the sugars that's the main thing so when you you hear people say well I'm mostly yeah in Quito most the time I'm.

Doing Quito I'm not seeing any results yeah on the weekends so it's like well then don't come to me with no results because we know why you're plateauing and so I'm just the messenger cheat day the cheat day it's the cheap tech okay yeah all right so let me just take a call from Colleen from Alberta Canada which is the that's where they.

Have the I think the Calgary Stampede or the that's fair right ah you betcha I'm some cow town originally oh so I'm the crazy cannot call me and calling you guys oh great and I was always good to have Utley on okay I had my blood pulled my insulin was sixty three point seven lipid profile cholesterol 5.25 HDL are you.

Taking notes 1.83 triglycerides 0.53 LDL 3.18 and non HDL 3.42 he did the Framingham risk score on me I'm at 4% he was blown away with my triglycerides and my TSH progressive is 1.84 so my question is after watching your Skype with mr. Cummings should actually that's kind of a dumb question yeah I think Framingham risk score done because if 4%.

Is so great but then they talked about the calcium in the heart and I'm wondering what other tests I should have done even with hormones yeah this is the most important thing and I'm glad you brought this up the coronary artery calcium test it's a scoring test is hands-down a thousand times more important than the cholesterol testing.

Because it the calcium in the arteries specifically the coronary artery which actually feeds the heart muscle is the best predictor of what's happening to the body to repair damage in the heart when the body has a damaged artery it heals it with a band-aid with calcium and some cholesterol but mainly calcium so if you see plaquing in the artery in.

The coronary from this test you can be pretty sure how long you're gonna live you know because it's it's just a much better predictor not even just from cardiovascular heart attacks but from overall mortality even from cancer and kidney and lung deaths so that's actually fascinating information so the test is not that expensive it takes a.

Few minutes to do and it's invasive and so next time you go to your doctor ask them for a CAC coronary artery calcium scoring test get it done because it'll it'll give you great data if your score is over 400 you might have want you might want to write your will out and make sure you plan that out because that's a severe situation but you can.

Reverse it if you get on keto and intimate of fasting and do it healthfully you can stabilize it and bring it down so you want it zero you don't want calcium in the arteries so and you can actually be asymptomatic you can have normal cholesterol normal blood sugars and have your arteries fill up with calcium so it is the hands-down the.

Best indicator of you know how dying or mortality and the if your score is zero you're not gonna die of a heart attack you may be hit by a bus or on something but it's not going to be a heart attack so can I have that in writing yes I will give you a warranty and a guarantee on that okay money back guarantee yep but thanks Colleen yeah call and call us.

Next time with the results of that test when you get it okay alright I want to go to Jerry he's been waiting Atlanta Georgia jerry go ahead hey dr. burke how are you sir good great quick question it regarded the intermittent fasting i was 213 i went on black beans and boiled eggs i dropped.

Down to 167 in a little over a month along with some apple cider vinegar now since then i've been in a highly stress sales position and i gain the 13 pounds back because my diet switch now to basically rice no more spinach no more greens and the black bean tane 10 kind of stop to my question is I saw your information on the adrenal glands and I.

Was wondering if of course if I get the the adrenal gland formula that you have what I have to go back to the eggs the spinach of the apple cider vinegar to basically get down to at least maybe 175 got it yeah well you know just if you just take a pill you don't have to change your diet no I'm just kidding I'm just kidding that I'm teasing here's.

What you need you need to do both because they're two separate problems one is the stress I think I think you would really benefit from the adrenal cortical and support formula that would and you take take more as needed but if there's you're gonna feel like a sense of relief you'll be able to get to your day a lot easier and if there's anyone.

In your environment that's also stressful whether it's a spouse or your boss slip it in their coffee and they'll all of a sudden after like five minutes they'll just start being really nice to you and you're like why are they so chilled out so it's a really good de-stresser Tizer but you definitely need to go back to.

The low carb no rice no beans and follow that and the reason for that is because you want to think the long-term what you're trying to do with your way it's not just about that it's about health and your tolerance for stress will improve and then the last thing I want to mention and then I'll shut up is that you need to.

Watch my videos and get more education on why you should do these things and I have techniques to on on how to reduce stress but stress depletes nutrients so at the end of the day you want to minimize stress and damage control because when you're in the stress state so you don't really think long term you're in the moment or I'm not really.

In the moment you're kind of maybe out of the moment and you you will do things that you you're not consciously aware of sometimes you'll eat things and you don't you regret so it's all about creating your body creating health constantly just keeping it as a new habit because when stress comes people go for this instead of that so that is.

What I would do if I were you jury but I'm just making a suggestion but thanks for your call all right Karen tell us give it give me a good question you know you know what I want to say first is what I'm really noticing here on Facebook and YouTube and particularly Facebook this morning is that I can see that there's a lot of very dr. Berg.

Educated people on here and I mean you guys may not know this but we don't have moderators answering your questions we have in the past and I'm not doing that I'm just fielding questions so that I can throw them to dr. Berg but there are a lot of people on this platform that know exactly what the answers are and they're helping each other and their.

Routing people to your videos and I'm just really screwed I know I'm really impressed with that I really appreciate you guys knowing your stuff that's awesome yeah let's see so I did have a question I have this is Facebook Julie this was a question she asked a little while ago about Hep C yeah keto talked about that yeah hepatitis C in Quito.

That's a virus in the liver think about I wouldn't just do keto ho do in a minute fasting because that's going to increase something called etaf adji which will then take a huge stress off the immune system and the body will start to actually cleanup viruses and decrease inflammation as in hepatitis itis of the.

Liver so that's what I would do if I were you not to mention that microbes tend to thrive more in a high sugar environment so I think that would be good and then I would do it with super high and nutrients type foods like huge amounts of salad a lot of bell peppers for the vitamin C and I would even peel the.

Outside of lemons chop them up and I would eat the whole lemon you can get a lot of ba flavonoids a lot of vitamin C for that there there are some videos I have on hepatitis you can watch them on line for more data on that but I do have to answer one last question and I wanted to just kind of kind of some just some pretty much just end off on that.

Question so you're gonna answer a question you're gonna ask a question no I just want to say thank you for that question now and then I wanted to go I want to see if there's any other questions before I answer this question are ya again yeah take two okay so do you have any other questions can I do okay good okay good.

So there is a question viola was was asking she did keto and then she did have and lost 24 pounds had some gall stones Wow and I guess she's relating the gall stones to the keto so she's a little concerned could keto cause the gallstones what to do about that if you're doing healthy keto like I'm recommending with all the vegetables.

You're not going to cause increase in gall stones because gall stones come from high insulin or high cortisol or high in test region Karen okay so by adding keto into this you're actually increasing saturated fats normally and that's what makes more bile which helps dissolve any stones so that's really what you need to think.

About when you're doing this but if you have golf Jones I would take the gall bladder formula as a way of adding in bile salts to help support that mm-hm and then also I forgot I had one more question for everyone okay yeah and here it is what vitamin deficiency causes night blindness that you're driving at night and you're just.

Squinting you just can't see in the dark I think that's an easier I think well no let's see what they say okay guys so as you answer that and ponder that I'm gonna go to alia from Florida you had a question go ahead yeah okay I to question one has to do with the friend of mine who'd she says taking a medication locked the Tron.

For high blood pressure and she says what's making her gain weight is there any alternative to that taking the pills got it you talked about like a medication right yes yeah okay well the first she should change her diet etc she doesn't do any of the keto or intermittent fasting okay and then your other questions my other.

Question is I don't know if he can answer this I have when I got tested for I have a lot of food allergies and when I got tested at the allergist are they testing for who that has that's like process or because when I have organic eggs versus processed it's a big difference in my body I don't get inflamed I don't feel you know I don't.

Have like a fuzzy headache I don't get sleepy good question very good so let me just answer that one first because when you go get allergy testing a true allergy involves a protein so they're going to be testing certain proteins in foods they're not going to be checking preservatives in organic organic quality of food they're just checking for a very.

Specific immune response that involves protein so you you're gonna probably react to a low-quality egg for example just because the system its business because the quality of it and so that might not be an allergy it could be a sensitivity to something I'm not a true allergy like for example I can eat something.

High-quality and just might it's just like it's perfect on my system and then I'll eat the same type of food or even vegetable that's low quality and it just like doesn't quite feel right and that's I think that's what you're running into so yeah they're not going to test the processed foods okay so the next question is blood pressure the best way.

To deal with blood pressure is to get to the root cause and you want to lower insulin by doing healthy keto and then fasting and the reason for that is the high insulin makes the artery stiff it causes the calcium to you accumulate making causing Harding of the arteries and the plaquing so your blood pressure should come down if you're doing keto.

And in fasting real nicely and it's more corrective the arteries become more flexible and elastic and the blood pressure comes down and it's like if it's just using food so that's what I would recommend either highly recommend that to your friend as a way to naturally improve it so thank you very much okay so now we're gonna go to the.

Answer what was the answer to my question Karen okay so right out of the gate Team YouTube came out with strong vitamin a couple variants but eh-eh-eh yeah and then team Facebook was all over the place and then settled into vitamin A so both teams this morning say vitamin A for the most part well I think I need a.

Trumpet for that one yeah okay the answer is vitamin A vitamin A supports the eyes that allows you to see in the dark without it you become blind as a bat blinded by our light blinded in by the night of the notion of that you know you're right exactly no one really knows what that next phrase is I'm that song hey guys I want to thank you so.

Much for your incredible comments and your questions and your success stories we'll be back next week right Karen yeah yes okay great all right have a great weekend
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