Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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good morning everyone it's Friday morning and we are here at the key to an if' we are doing our slide show live show this morning yes and we have Karen is here and it by the way anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you this is just information for you and your doctor to do research so you can come up.

Your own conclusions all right good that being said we're gonna get started all right Karen so um so first thing we want to talk about is um Thomas summit how do you think it went was it okay you think or what it was a little on the surreal side you know I'm watching some feedback from like Logan and the keto Connect guys and that it is.

Funny that you know we sit here all the time we talked to a camera yeah we're sitting in a room looking at a camera can't quite see you right there just we're missing that and to go to the summit and meet all these amazing people I mean cool yeah mega-mega was saying it was like a love fest it really was the exhibitors the speakers the attendees.

Were so awesome very very appreciative very nice people the story happy people gut-wrenching just stories about the success I'm like I'm just literally blown away yeah it was that was the the most overwhelming I think touching but kind of overwhelming part about it was it was great in terms of content and everything went just as well as could be.

Expected but if the people were amazing and what was really crazy is that we we decided to adopt them and then they we got a bus and we got him in the bus we took him home the house is filled with people right now it's just great alone I don't know how we're gonna feed them all call them yeah I think they're handy around the house yeah cleaning yeah.

Well that we're gonna to get a minute fasting so we don't feed him very often so um okay guys so we're gonna go right to Megan she's been waiting for 39 minutes and she has a question fooor from Chicago hey Megan hi dr. Berg and Karen thank you for taking my call absolutely so this is what's going on with me I'm 38 years old.

And I do do keto and intermittent fasting at the moment I'm eating about once a day sometimes twice a day but I only get hungry about once a day and I've been doing that for about a year and a half give or take I take a lot of your supplements nutritional yeast the trace minerals the powder the electrolyte powder anyway I recently was.

Diagnosed with a bundle branch block in my heart and I had really high blood pressure now this I was adopted so I don't know my whole health history but I do know that on and off since I was 20 doctors have been catching high blood pressure in me I never went on medication because I wanted to correct it on my own and I had some success with.

It but it's still it's not very consistent in a normal range I had in kg and that's how they found it my doctor did say it's not severe but to keep an eye on it I did have a check chest x-ray and everything is normal my lungs are clear my heart is in with with normal range and my doctor did put me on lisinopril recently so I took it it is.

Coming down that is happening or helping but my question to you is I don't want to be on this medication forever and I was wondering if there's anything else I can do to correct this and if a block in my heart is correctable like clogged artery is well here's here's what I would do Megan I would definitely go in the area of supporting the something.

Called the autonomic nervous system the autonomic nervous system the there's this nerve system that's called the parasympathetic nervous system that comes from the brain stem comes down to the heart forms the pacemaker and that's what you want to fortify and that's just a matter of building up over time the electrolytes specifically potassium and.

Magnesium comes from a lot of leafy greens the electrolyte powder and so that would be one thing that would do over a longer period of time because it might take some time but that's what I would do if I were you and then the other thing that I would do is I would start increasing the amount of vitamin b1 it's also.

Important but I would take benfotiamine as well because it's a fat soluble it's really good for any of any type of peripheral neuropathies or any type of nerve problems and we're dealing this is an electrical problem so I would add benefit to me I would take it with your meal because you want a little bit of fat in there and I would probably take.

If you want to put the icing on the cake no don't put that I see okay I would take something called purified bile salts if you if you want to speed up the results a little bit more so those are the things I would focus on and let's see how far you can improve this I think I think there's a lot more results to be attained and then doing the keto NIF.

Over a period of time improves insulin resistance your absorption will be that much better so you're on the right track alright Ruth is that Ruth how are you Ruth from Texas good morning good morning oh great I had a wonderful time at the conference you and Karen were wonderful hos that was just such a fabulous time I can't wait for your next.

Conference yeah I tried when I came back to this the office and I told the staff well everyone loved it so we're gonna do another one in that six weeks and they just want to give me a pouty face yeah and it was really nice to me as well yeah yeah so glad you make it out yeah I just I just wanted to call and thank you guys for the wonderful time that I had.

I'm still working on my adrenal yes I've managed to sleep till 4:30 in the morning now instead of getting up at 12 and 2 so there's progress yeah that's good news and I'm doing the fasting so at 48 hours now so I'm gonna try and make it with 72 on the next one I hope to see many more videos on the adrenals and those kind of topics because I have.

A feeling that there's a lot of people interested in menopause and how we can support our body through the menopause process I mean the menopause that's right that right was a joke that I used to say menopause he also something with man there's a whole bunch of words I can't remember anyway I forgot yes well I'm gonna today after this I'm.

Gonna create some videos on menopause a lot of wonderful so yeah so a really good one that I've been working on for a while so I'm decided just to knock it out so see what I do is I put him in an environment every day a different one so he can experience the same hospital she gets me in though right so I swear like don't let me sleep for seven days so he.

Feels exhausted another day I make him carry you know like balloons around his belly so he feels the puffiness appreciate their caffeine in yeah and then the ha spirit yeah I know somebody's got to do it appreciate that well I just wanted to thank both you guys I had a wonderful time and I can hardly wait for the next seminar awesome.

Thanks for coming out calling and coming out all right have a good my pleasure thank you yeah you do bye bye alright let's see what do we have on social media can okay well Lots is pouring in I'll just give you this first question here what about apple cider vinegar and breastfeeding together yeah mixing breast breast breast with help.

Side very narrow mouth feeding and taking apple cider vinegar while you're breastfeeding okay well that's not that's actually a good idea it's not a bad idea it's not gonna conflict at all it'll actually help your digestion and the thing with the breastfeeding though is if you can get some either nutritional yeast or.

Brewers yeast both of those who would enhance the breast milk you can actually make some lactation cookies what what what let me look at the camera which one okay the training you have the lack lactation cookies since our daughter-in-law daughter we just think of her as a daughter I know but as a bun in the oven so should be really seeing.

That bun in the oven any day now and so Karen it's gonna make some rotation crashing is that it's appropriate yeah so yeah no problem with the outside of vinegar in breastfeeding the only thing you just want to probably not do any extended long term prolonged fasting mmm-hmm yeah okay now there's a question about nasal polyps and if you know or.

If' can help that well well definitely absolutely and especially the intermittent fasting because for polyps boils tumors in a minute fasting hands down just does a great job with that the other thing is that I realize these tumors can't live on ketones so we want to get the person in ketones and a polyp and it's kind of a growth you want to do.

That but vitamin A is important as well so that's why you don't want to go on a low-fat diet and it helps the mucous membranes as well but I would do them in fasting I think you would see the best benefit from that and just avoid dairy that seems to aggravate it well oh I want to make another comment about the Kido Kido attendees yeah.

The Kido mojo people they they have this tester for insulin and right right and they said it was very interesting yeah they said they've never experienced before but 90% of the people they tested at the summit 90% of the attendees were in ketosis that's because we didn't feed them now that is impressive no but they were.

Educated there people highly educated also the US Wellness meets guys said that they've been to tons I won't name them but tons of different conventions and summits and things and that they have never experienced such an educated group of attendees in all of their career which is pretty hot it's pretty awesome that they're educated education.

Is important yeah that was I mean just I'm just still overwhelmed it's just like an amazing group of people say like really cool people you just want to hang out with every single one of them and everybody doing it like everybody that was there into it was actually putting every tool to use you know I mean there were a few beginners but for the most.

Part a ton of people coaching and helping others um these people really like to help people I had this thing they had to help people so it was awesome guys okay so I need to go to Vince he's from he's been waiting California hey Vince how are you hey good morning dr. Berg and Karen alright thank you so much for all you guys do I.

Actually talked to you earlier in the year I started my Kido intermittent fasting journey back in February and very thankful and I praise God I lost lost about 70 pounds so far wow that's amazing telling me to do the Bell thank you thank you I was 300 pounds I'm weighing like 235 right now Wow long time I was out this.

Weight I think I was a teenager now I'm 48 anyways do too my question to you is I've been taking blood pressure medicine in 2012 lisinopril atenolol of course the goal is doctor to get off of that at some point and I want to do that calcification test as well I remember seeing you.

Where your score was zero which was amazing but are you gonna a little gray area I think which would help maybe a lot of people and myself is if you could post a video or some type of chart where once you take that calcification test how do you know when you can start weaning off of it because our you know primary doctor may say well I want to.

Keep you on it you know maybe lower the dosage well what what what's your take on that alert yeah okay so good question you're talking about weaning off the medication right correct yeah well this is a tricky area because I'm I'm not a medical doctor I am a chiropractor and I don't do chiropractic anymore I kind of focus.

On nutrition education so I can't tell anyone to come off the medication so what I do is basically give you ideas to research so you can test different things out experimental things work with your doctor so then they can wean you off the medication because they're the experts for medic with medication and we're focusing on food therapy so here.

But here's the thing it's kind of one of those things that that you want to juggle you start building up your reserve with your potassium and your nutrients and as the blood pressure comes down you're going to notice that the your blood pressure your blood pressure medication comes you're still taking that it's in in the.

Presence of having a normal body where you have no more insulin resistance your pressure will come down so you're gonna end up having a little blood pressure so of course you don't want to take high blood pressure if you medication if you have low blood pressure so I would just basically play it by ear go by check your blood sugar every single day it.

Becomes lower have your doctor wean you off gradually to the point where hopefully you may not even need it again that's what I would do the think about beta-blockers diuretics the side effect is that it actually worsens insulin resistance and sometimes it can keep the problem there longer standing with statins so here you.

Are taking this medication to think you're improving things when in fact you're you're contributing to the main cause of the problem which is high levels of insulin so and last thing I would just study everything you can about insulin so you really understand that because that's behind a lot of these problems.

Okay thanks Vince Karen you're on the line you're from Virginia Beach yes hello hi thank you for speaking to meet with me today yes I am a 60 year old female and I've been on keto since August of 2016 I started at 232 and but now I've only got down to between 180 and 180 – wow that's like lose more okay so I walk like got about 50 pounds in a.

Few years but what I would like to look like farther yeah thank you and then the last two winter seasons I've been having this big issue waking up little started like I said in the winter of 2016 same time I started pedo so I don't know if there's a connection now dry mouth and dry eyes and a lot of times I wake up in the.

Middle night now I presume it's to go rehydrate because that's a lot the first thing I do is rehydrate well actually the second thing I do is rehydrate um and so you know I've been having some bad dreams and I think it's all connected because of my fears of what's called the heck's going on here I mouth I know I mouth breathing boy don't.

Know if I asked people i mal freeze and I actually and this is gonna sound crazy probably had manufactured a Spanish to go I had to keep my josh up so I don't breathe through my mouth at night and that helped very little so I don't know if it's my age my tunnel life my diet I have no idea okay do you do you get any dry and your lips or crap cracks in the.

Corner of your mouth um my lips are dry yes and for a brief few days I had tiny little cracks but I looked at up and that was a vitamin B deficiency of some times and so I you know I I took some that it was just like 2 or 3 days and that helped with that immensely so will the cracks yes but I still get dry lips.

Okay all right so you ready for this are you are you sitting down do you have a pen and paper oh boy do I ever so what happens during the winter of my months is that your vitamin D drops so what happens because you're now in the Sun as much so what'll happen to the microbes the flora in your gut need vitamin D to make that B vitamins that are necessary.

To prevent mild symptoms of things like pellagra which you don't have but just cracking on the lips making this whole thing dried out and even the sinuses dried out so all you have to do is increase your vitamin D possibly take a probiotic but probably not it's going to be probably Diamond D in higher amounts through the entire winter and you.

Probably won't have any more problems also realize that some of the dryness and the eyes and the mouth could also be not necessarily an electrolyte problem but a fat soluble vitamin problem especially vitamin A so cod liver oil is a good one because you don't have vitamin A you tend to lose the oils which then will dry things out so it's.

Not always just like a electrolyte to hydrate you more with water it's more of a fat Seibel nutrients so I would do eat more egg yolks I would do eat more fat and then on a rare occasion you might need to add some purified bile salts to really pull in those fats but that's really what's happening maybe you want to add some nutritional yeast with that.

To get the B vitamins on top of everything else but I think the main thing you just need to add vitamin D okay and for anyone watching coming come winter you probably needed to also take vitamin D to just because you're not gonna get as much Sun thanks Karen all right Kerry what do we have okay good the other Karen the other Karen good so.

I know this isn't a treatment but for supporting people who have a condition of PCOS what would you say about keto and I you know I record this but at the summit people were we're just going on and on about the results with PCOS infertility oh my goodness so you need to do intermittent fasting and and keto you know why Karen.

Yeah do you know what causes PCOS yeah you know what it stands for okay poly cystic ovarian cysts poly something positive ovarian syndrome syndrome or disorder either what depending on which one you want to call it but that would be s right D okay so you know that's a high level of androgen do you know what that does to a female.

Body makes more manly mm-hmm get a little beard going on and a deep voice not good so what causes the spike in androgen is high levels of insulin because insulin can spikes the antigen so when I F is the only solution it's the perfect thing to do now you also can do you know things like cruciferous and stuff to help balance your estrogen that.

Also helps but here's the interesting thing Karen and this is interesting because when you you spike your insulin testosterone goes up and females but it goes down and men so that again so when you have high levels of insulin yeah in females yeah your antigens your testosterone goes up and then it goes down interesting yeah very interesting.

Card so what's the more of a story you just handle you know I have and you'll basically balance it out right okay okay so what about supporting or improving symptoms of fibromyalgia you know some of the people say I pop our analogy but they really don't they especially if it's on the right side right sided fibromyalgia I did a video on this.

It's called bladder so you have to work on the gall bladder in fact if you just press it any through right ribcage and then reassess how bad your fibromyalgia is and you probably is going to go away like that so that's because the pain is referred but the thing to is if you if you actually have fibromyalgia for real.

You just need vitamin b1 that's all you need and watch what happens because hmm that's one of the symptoms yeah one I talked a little bit about that at the summit right yep alright so Cassandra you're from Richmond Virginia you had a question go ahead hi dr. Burton Karen thanks so much for having me on your show.

Sure I'm 36 years old I've been practicing Aikido when I EV since June of this year I'm down about 27 pounds and I'm losing the inches so I know that it's working for me I took your quiz in your book and it showed that I was an adrenal body body type thyroid coming in a very close second like a point or two difference.

Then I took your quiz online and it said that I was a pancreas body type so and I also have other symptoms like edema in my legs I have ridges and my nails that seems to be a symptom of thyroid issues so my question is what should I be focusing on as far as my body type right a little confusing right yeah so here's what and this is this will be in the.

Next version of the book but there's a fifth body type it's the pancreatic body fat one why did I bring up the pink pancreatic body type because the amount of people that have high levels of insulin is just off the charts so I added some additional questions just to screen it out but here's the thing what should you do.

Differently if you're on the key I have a pancreatic body type you just need to do the basic thing that's in the book that you have did the basic plan longer now as far as to tweak it you can do things like a chromium take more potassium and things like that but I will tell you this if you when you improve the pancreatic function your.

Adrenals get better like that thyroid gets better boom liver gets better so I have found that you know the secret is getting to the root cause it could be adrenal but chances are is probably and most people it's going to be the pancreas so if you do it and let's say you're like 80% better then you can switch gears and go to the.

Adrenal but that's what I would focus on I would focus on the basics of the book do it longer tweak it and with what I'm recommending and I would focus on just that right now not get too wrapped up in the other body types right now thanks Cassandra I need to go to a Tyra Terry talk to Rita Rita Rita forgive him from San Antonio Texas hi how are you Oh.

Fine good morning you guys have a good testimony then I have a question after this ceremony okay I found you about three weeks ago accidentally and I hurt my back and they did a scan and first thing they said was I had a fatty liver which scared the heck out of me I thought my god so while my back being injured at home doing nothing being.

Depressed and sad because I couldn't work I accidentally stumbled on you dr. Berg and I was on sixteen different medicine you know vibrate crest Archer olicity metformin for Sierra ginger LOL was north as medical all Eliquis vitamin A d3 b12 shot so q10 biotin Fisher tumeric with ginger so I was on all these medicines for the last two years.

Okay so I saw your video and I listened to you I've watched probably 2,000 of it and then one of your videos said to me get up he said tarita get up right now don't wait to January first don't wait October first don't wait to Monday this is a Friday night at 11:00 p.m. I got up went online found a store.

Distal organic food that was still open I drove 20 miles and got organic everything everything in my house is organic I threw everything away in my cabinet everything away in my refrigerator and I said I started crying of course and thank God threw everything away and I said you know what I'm going to do this something.

Has got to change I've been taking these drugs there's costing me over two thousand dollars a month and as I'm tired so I said okay so I did it I didn't really feel any I didn't feel bad and I feel anything and different but just what what yesterday first time in my life of history my blood sugar was 90 yesterday before.

Dinner 190 I threw all my drugs away when I started this intermittent fasting with the ketosis I threw everything away I doom in the trash I threw my shot I threw big the vitamin b12 threw everything in the trash I said you know what you Rita I'm not going out like this I'm not so for blood sugar minding my.

Highest blood pressure in the last week was 121 over 75 my his heart rates been 95 and that's like what the heck is going on right I started jumping like I've won a lot of bring my husband's in Africa he said what's going on blood sure it was baby before me dinner he saying hi he'd understand of course but I was like jumping around the house like.

No way no way so say all that I've lost 10 pounds in two and a half weeks congratulations thank you now the only thing that I'm still a little confused about is them blood sugar is still high slightly higher it's like 125 130 in the morning when I get up and I try my best to get at least seven hours at least seven hours of.

Sleep and sorry the video on the Don syndrome and all that I do apple cider vinegar in the morning and any and at night and it's still high when I get up so it's like what's going on okay well first of all thanks for calling and and it's so grad that glad I'm so glad you got off the poison I'm sorry medic but what happens is that you had a fatty.

Liver right that means that you're gonna have something called insulin resistance until the fatty liver is completely back to where it doesn't have any more fat in there at all choline would be a real good thing to take you've probably already started that just to start speeding things up but your insulin resistance will improve.

To the degree that your fatty liver gets better and better and better so all you're up against right now is time and you just need to give it more time it's been two weeks you experienced miraculous things it's gonna take probably some months to get you Foley back to where you where you should so I think with your state in the morning I.

Think it's a matter of the reason when the blood sugars are high as it's more of a liver rebound type thing going on so I would just keep doing what you're doing it's working ride the wave and I think it's gonna improve over time so thanks for your success and I can't wait to hear some updates in the future awesome southern crenel that's.

Incredible anything credible it the first talk that I gave at the summit was about the key thing which is the theme the essence of the entire summit which is high insulin that's really guys what you know you need to look at if you if you wanted to learn the most important thing about health is to really understand insulin and to bring it down.

To a normal level that's really the most important thing you'll get out of your symptoms yeah because you get to the core of so many problems and I showed people the relationship in the connection but is definitely it's it's that root problem alright so what do we have I was so engrossed in that phone call that I wasn't looking much but but.

Someone was asking here do you have an app do I have an app we'll check this out guys you can have dr. Berg with you 24/7 so I just released this right this upgraded app it's the doctor Berg app here we go right there so you can see so just go ahead and search dr. Berg app and you can pull it it's free download and I'll have the.

Videos I have a mini-course in there an audio version I have new content I had PDF resources all these cool documents and if you wouldn't mind giving me a really good review now an unbiased review I would appreciate that but definitely give me a review because I hope that's that's the exchange I'll give you the information you give me a.

Review and you're not actually don't pain you every time I release a new video so that way you could you know watch more videos cool yes how about a question okay give me a question can give me an easy one this time okay so this is a twofer here uh someone has trouble digesting meat the other guys got reflux sort of in the same category.

The same remedy it's a you need to increase your hydrochloric acid so two things I recommend for that is betaine hydrochloride it's a natural thing to help increase the acid in your stomach and or apple cider vinegar so there's a combination you can take it's called digest plus you can look it up on my website but basically it has powdered.

Outside the vinegar and betaine hydrochloride together you take it before the meal I mean we we actually need some more of that because I we ran out but that's a real popular one just because you know sometimes people I know it's hard to believe overeat they just start eating too many nuts and they just all of a sudden realize wow what did I.

Just do and they need they need some more help but if you can't adjust meat we know you're low on stomach acid so you take about four of these before a meal boom handle it it's good good okay okay well here's someone who's got nasal polyps and why didn't we just cover that polyps it was a PCOS and fibromyalgia did I do polyps you did polyps before.

That's right Karen so Cressida so yeah you just basically do in a minute fasting that's the most important thing for polyps you know boils since you brought the polyps will bring up the boils we won't bring up the corns just the boil no in practice I had these people come in with boils and I didn't know what it.

Was back then but I did know there's always a correlation between boils and blood sugars these people were either a pre-diabetic or diabetic I was like what is the connection now I know coming full circle it's high insulin that's what it is I mean you say well I don't have high insulin because my blood Sugar's I only have high blood sugar well have you ever.

Tested your high insulin always say no they've never tested it well test it you know you'll find out it's probably high because when you have type 2 by diabetes your body makes more insulin to compensate for the insulin resistance now of course type 1 you're not going to have you're gonna have low insulin but just by taking it so much you're gonna.

End up having high insulin for the sake of regulating blood sugars there's just as many if not more side-effects from high insulin then there is high blood sugar so the goal with the type 1 diabetic is to decrease the need for insulin as much as possible so you eat less carbs and do in a minute fasting it's the same diet is type 2 different.

Problem let me ask you a question here's a quiz for you yes okay can you think of one ailment common ailment mm-hmm it does not involve high insulin okay sure sure yeah there is there's infections all sorts of infections you have you have viruses that can cause all sorts of illness bacterias insulin or being insulin resistant set you up for it yes.

Yes well then that's not a question okay breaking a bone okay I'll how about this one I'm being exposed to DES which is dazzles to best role it's a chemical in the 50s or or what about some GMO food that causes high non-hodgkins lymphoma with it cancer GMO food causes high insulin yes but it's not the insulin that's causing it's GMO food this.

Happened I mean there's there's you have a lot of different other causes but but I will say this Karen she brought this point up I would I would venture to say that most all chronic problems that require consummate occasion metabolic I'm talking about breaking your bones I'm talking about like involved the metabolism and that I.

Mean I mean it's you might you know people will say well it sounds too simplistic well I want to tell you something usually things that are complex is you just don't understand that there's some underlying simplicity that you missed so things can be simple and I would say that if everyone handled the high levels of insulin I would tell.

You for certain that the healthcare cost would come down at least by five percent I'm being very sarcastic it come way down save a lot of money yeah you know what's really weird hmm I mean here we are spending I mean how much is our health insurance with two three thousand dollars a month insane health insurance right so we pay.

For the health insurance and we don't really use it we're not going to use medication but of course the drug companies they do very little research they spend very little money on their research they they basically do some but it's a little bit biased but they fawned a lot of the university research okay and also the government partners with.

The big pharma to do research too so basically you guys pay for research for the drug companies and then the farmers sometimes get subsidized with with sugar beet corn soy so we basically again pay for their crops that then they produce these products that you end up buying back and a lot of times like wheat and sugar raises your insulin so then it.

Causes these health problems so you end up paying for everything so anyway we need to go to Bosch up from Florida oh hi hi oh my gosh you're like my idol I love your philosophy on medicine and I take your acoustic vegetable supplement so I'm all about it awesome thank you for yeah I'm such a good fan so I have kind.

Of a compounding issue here I was just diagnosed with lipedema it's like a chronic inflammation of fat tissue on the legs lucky me I'm 26 I have been an athlete my whole life I do martial arts and I've been a vegetarian for ten years I've never lost a pound in my entire life I've had eating disorders when I was younger.

Never lost the point in my entire life I don't know I refuse to believe there's nothing I can do supplements or diet to change my condition although they say diagnosis ice of no effect I'm with edema meaning making it better so aside from the sports of being vegetarian I've been to so many doctors trying for like the past.

Four years trying to figure out what on earth is wrong with me because I don't feel I don't feel healthy and the cardiologist said nothing I had like palpitations it was not from anything whatever I was at a in endocrine doctor and she basically misdiagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome I don't have that the only thing I have is hirsutism.

But what's very interesting is I don't have hirsutism from from hormones I don't know what it's from maybe it has something to do with my acne I have very low grade mild acne that's pretty much went away when I was 18 but never truly went away so I kind of used Raschi bumps and so what I realized after going to an immunologist was I have allergies so I.

Have an IgE level of 1800 I know it's between supposed to be between 30 and 50 more or less but I met 1800 just diagnosed with with edema finally and she said it might have something to do with my allergies and acne something in the body trying to get out this kind of allergic irritated reaction Daniels do have a day I'm three maybe four I can't.

Go like four hours without eating because I'll just get really shaky but my blood sugar was so normal I'm nowhere near diabetic the only thing clinically wrong with me if I have an IgE level very high I have almost no vitamin D and absolutely zero ferritin exercise okay give me the example on an average meal what you eat um so for.

Example I'll make like salmon and kale I actually love kale like you or maybe I'll blend a smoothie with like just all vegetables kale of like parsley all that good stuff ginger lemon let's see maybe something with scenes or other kind of solid stuff I really I really primarily eat vegetables and fish and a little bit of fruit not that much fruit because I.

Actually don't know further type sweetness okay so let me give you a couple tips okay mm-hmm okay so anytime you have inflammatory anything okay so that's involving there's some insulin resistance problems there the fact that you can't go long without needing food tells me there's an insulin resistance problem and that's a real hard problem.

To detect unless you do the right testing like there's a test called Homa ir you can do that to determine that but just form what you're saying i think i think it could be insulin resistance and which case that it's very difficult to do this being a vegan but you can still do it the point is that you have to give up the fruit and replace the fruit with.

More fat at the meal you can do coconut oil you can do avocados whatever maybe some nut butters if you can do that but you need more fat to go longer you need less meals you need to go to two meals and eventually to one meal what's gonna happen is your inflammation is gonna drop your setpoint you're stuck wait it's a plateaued is controlled.

Exclusively by insulin so we have to drop that to help you lose weight and this is why you probably haven't lose weight in the past because you've been dieting so much and that kind of slows the metabolism so that's what I would do if I were you is I would try to focus on your eventual goal it in a minute fasting but with your short-term goals.

Of cleaning up any type of hidden sugars fruits and stuff get that other diet add more fat okay do that I think that should help her okay good hey Lexi you're from San Francisco you're the question go ahead hi dr. Berg oh I just wanted to know I started intermittent fasting about three weeks ago and since then every.

Night I wake up three o'clock in the morning and I'm up for a couple hours I can't sleep and I tried everything you know I think help how many cups of vegetables do you consume a day four cups of bleep weepy super-green good and then how many how much protein do you eat in a given day how many ounces you think I would say about six ounces okay.

Okay so here's a couple things that you can do one is that go up on your greens you can do just regular lettuce but that you need more potassium potassium is a physiological relaxer a tranquilizer relaxes the nervous system it's good for sleep the days that I don't consume enough greens or I'll just you know if I don't have electrolytes or things like.

That then I'm like my sleep isn't that great so it's really the potassium that helps to sleep in addition to that there is a sleep aid that you can try as well if you want I have one but but the main thing that's not for sleep it's for chilling out the adrenals because I don't know what's going on with your adrenals that could be another factor I.

Have a lot of videos in sleep but that's the thing that just popped in my head when you said that add more greens and then see what happens thanks Lexi all right Karen okay you have some questions I do I do now someone here wants to know the difference between the glycemic index and the glycemic load good question.

Glycemic index is half asked a carbohydrate breaks down and is absorbed in the blood and spikes the sugar okay so like a jelly bean would be fast that celery would be slow glycemic load is the amount of carbohydrate so let me explain that so let's say you had a carrot that has a certain you know carrots are a carbohydrate right it's.

Gonna be a little higher in the glycemic but it's not that high but because it's so filled with fiber and there's little amounts of carbohydrate the glycemic load it's going to be low you want it below ten so in other words berries have a low glycemic load potato especially if you cook it has a high glycemic load because it's so concentrated.

Carbohydrate compared to the fiber apple has a higher glycemic load because it has less fiber than a carrot or celery so it's just another variable to look at when identifying different carbohydrates and how they affect your blood Sugar's now are these labeled somewhere you have to there's calculations you can look up online both should be low yes.

Both you want low and the ratings where I think it's like below 55 and the glycemic index is is low below 10 on the glycemic load but it's an important thing to look at and people ignore it so yeah popcorn believe it or not potato potato chips rice all that it's gonna turn into sugar pretty quick so you want to avoid that okay okay.

Another question here about healing after surgery there's one question about a knee replacement but other surgery other breaks and things like that well the absolute best thing to speed up healing would be in a minute fasting just go longer and you will heal so much faster when you do a minute fasting there's something that happens quite.

Magical when you do fasting your body goes into this repair mode oh you repair mode where you're basically I'm not your body starts healing at a very very fast rate we're not and so what you want to do what you want to do Karen yeah you fast you actually regrow brain cells and who couldn't you know mind an extra brain cell here and.

There you have the regrowing of bone you had the spiking of growth hormone you have the cleaning up like a self-cleaning oven of all your cells you have the recharging of your antioxidant Network so you start releasing more na any oxidants to actually kill off pathogens I mean when you stop eating yeah so you would think it would be.

Worse but it's not your body actually repairs and heals when you stop eating so much it's funny because I think there's two two viewpoints when someone's injured or sick or something nurse the body false information but you know I think naturally the body doesn't always want food when it's sick no animals don't they lose their.

Appetite I mean the Romans used to use fasting for epilepsy of course they thought it was demons that were right they just force them to stop eating but it's probably like that's why I always say this sugar is that is the devil right you're Roman you're Roman roots yeah exactly I can't get so let's go to paddy from Nebraska.

You had a question about kidney stones yes hi hi I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with kidney stones and my triggers were spinach and caffeinated tea now I haven't had any kidney stones in since then but I have cut both out of my diet completely but a good time I was diagnosed I was also eating a ton of cards and not a very healthy diet so.

Since I've been eating Kido I am wondering can I introduce especially the spinach back in my diet because I love spinach and I haven't been able to have it good question the thing with spinach is high in toxins if you steam you reduce the Ox let's if you're prone to kidney stones you have to be careful.

Because you could develop stones in which case you just want to consume more citrate slike in lemon juice each day so you can actually eat more spinach so sit rates decrease the risk for stones it's not a bad idea also to take a little calcium you would think that that would turn into a stone but it doesn't because you take it through the digestive tract.

And then it goes through your digestion and then that combines with the oxalates to prevent the stones because the stones really develop from calcium in your blood not your your GI tract another really good remedy prevent stones would be hydroxy citric hydroxy citrate I think hands down that's probably even better than potassium citrate for stones.

So check it out and I think you should be good to go on that thanks patty alright so now we're gonna go to Karen you have a question sure okay talk about nervousness or anxiety in general and during menopause I'm sorry what how's that you nervous I was acting it out you didn't look nervous you looked like crazy calm all of a.

Sudden okay nervousness and what else anxiety okay during menopause or in general because we get questions okay so if it's happening during menopause menopause menopause it's gonna be because that's caused by men right it's really the adrenal issue but here's the here's the secret remedy it's really b1 hmm b1 nutritional yeast.

Is the best remedy for b1 I like that unless you can find a natural version I'm not against you taking in some synthetic if you're also taking the natural the same time just to kind of get your numbers up but you're gonna feel instant within probably 3 to 4 minutes instant relief from nervous tension and anxiety the and the reason.

For that is that the mitochondria the mitochondria needs b1 as a co helper you to make it all work tell again what's the mitochondria mitochondria energy factory of the body that does all that converts your food into energy they're in all little cells yeah you got you have like per cell you have like 400 mitochondria that's the mic on it but.

Then you have you also have this other interesting dynamic of be one that is needed to make neurotransmitters specifically gaba see the coal amine and also and dopamine so that is that right there it's good just kind of it's like taking a chill pill okay so neurotransmitter yeah those are those are like hormone like things that.

Travel through the nerves but they're similar to hormones but they don't travel through the blood the trembles of the nervous system communication particles make sense mm-hmm okay you just had a lot of big words in that one sentence zero transmit okay good good nobody people they slow it down and try.

To help you understand like he's gonna sink in right okay right all right okay good good with that yeah now what about milk on keto and is don't recommend it's too high in carb and it's gonna be a problem now you could do some good quality cheese but yogurt is out and no milk no but you can confer gimme what if a your coffee raw milk cream it's still.

Too high in carbs Karen you can do the whole cream all right have you a been creamed that would be the ideal scene okay but make sure it's grass-fed and organic okay okay I need to go to Colleen she's have been waiting you're from Portland Oregon go ahead Colleen you to question hi dr. Bergen Karen hi I did hi.

I attended the summit it was fantastic information and all my friends are saying are you gonna give us the download right anyway I had great questions that I'll be super fast with I know that there's people waiting and this time is of essence I had a six but one daughter she's 14 years old 220 pounds when she eats food a little while.

Later she a girl could take Gurjit eights into her mouth and once in a while she'll have severe pain in her chest like so bad that you know we want to take her to the ER and after coming to the summit I have a feeling that it might be her full bladder and I don't really know when we give her a tums and walk her around a little bit at handles.

After about 30 minutes the pain will go away so so with her let's just kind of cover that right off the bat I would highly recommend getting something called betaine how to chloride now more times the tums will make her feel better for a minute but then what happens you're neutralizing the stomach and then she's gonna refer to you because her ph.

Of her stomach I would bet you anything it's not very acidic it's actually alkaline and then won't that valve won't close if your stomach is not acid enough so foods regurgitating back up so what she needs is more and more acid and stomach so pertaining how to chloride up soda vinegar but you could get the Kinnaman pills just go to the health of.

Store and then take like four or five before she eats she didn't feel a little bit better and then keep doing that each meal and sometimes okay like my guitar teacher he found he can do nine and he can eat anything he wants and that was bad Wow but I don't recommend it but you can take more and just improve digestion.

Okay yeah well that's great I'm gonna do that yes other things I'm on that keto I was I lost 35 pounds great got it in February awesome yeah I'm eating at 12 and at 6 but I have a bulletproof coffee at 7 in the morning who's just ki one teaspoon of ghee and I'm just terribly tired I mean I haven't changed anything I'm pretty three you.

Know three eggs both laugh the bacon a kale shake in the morning with just with water and stevia yeah and remember on you know and then sell it huh okay so on Saturday morning when I went through the troubleshooting yeah there's um you want to start working towards pasta especially if your metabolism is slow like one mill a day.

The UI to probably mix the boiled bulletproof coffee since that fat is gonna be used as ketones and not your own fat that would be the first thing that has I would just nix is the bulletproof coffee and then maybe slightly reduce your fat and then start working towards shrinking your the the feeding window between two meals closer.

And closer but in the troubleshooting I gave you a handout with all the little things that I would look at go through that and see if there's anything that kind of pops out is like that makes sense for you okay good and then food energy on theory does that slow down things I have a food allergy but I have dairy anyway because it's kind of keeps.

The diet interesting yeah it's more of an intolerance allergy yeah make sure that dairy is um grass-fed make sure that you if you're gonna do cheese its sheep or goat not cow that will help okay and then we need to intermittent fasting over time you should see your allergies improve there should be less alleys over time yeah so.

Try that okay thank you so much for answering those questions you're welcome you she had it okay have a have a great day YouTube hi bye Chris you're from Thailand how are you did you have a question hello dr. Berg and miss Karen thank you so much for having me on your prestigious show welcome we had some.

Good representatives from Thailand at the summit yeah oh that's great that's great to hope to see you sometime in talent please meet us over here yeah so I would just like to share a brief stuff about me a brief history related to keto and how I got to know you and how the following is so other people can get to understand you know how it works and all.

The resolutions and many things that they're worried of you got one minute have one minute time can you do that in one minute oh so I'm sure I'll try my best to make it shorter I'm a PhD student in business management and 38 years old so I find many ways you know I after I was maybe 19 or 20 I gained so.

Much weight I went over 200 laps on it sounds so I tried minute stuff you know the old homestyle low calorie diets and stuff like that nothing works it works for a few minutes you you know for some time and then I just gave up you know so the problem was always when I did my research and when I got to know you and.

Learn from your YouTube video body to them fasting and hitos when I actually have like that I so just trying to make a real shelter I always feel full you know this is the best thing I don't feel any craving the first two days only the first two days were challenging it's been just two weeks it's just a small journey so let me give the message to.

All the audience they can benefit and ask you this one question the main benefit apart from that I lost 4.5 kg into real that tremendous but I'm believing in how you educate us that we should not think about any weight so we are healthy but be healthy to lose weight is thing so what I feel in just these two weeks it's so interesting that.

You never sell all my life I tried many things literally I did so much stuff before is that I'm I was well Serfaty you know even in my classes of the 30 minutes I cannot sit and do anything right I think typical 3 4 hours 5 hours work my brain is functioning from endlessly this is an unbelievable you know out of the world thing that I'm a.

Tremendous strength and min this focus and this is amazing people are free you know will go weak and stuff like that it's not as long as you eat enough you know like I'm doing two times a day get into max fasting and so yeah this is a message to the people don't breathe the carbohydrates lever they love it so much whoever I talk to they are so scared to.

Leave that you know yeah and my question is the action still I'm you into this and I have all these wrong ideas of how to follow the diet so I'm still not so sure because I want to do it long term how I can do the make sure that I am having 70% fat for someone a layman like you know someone who is used on a row wrong method methodology before then you.

Just breathe now or make a video for us so we can really know that you're not eating more podium just worried that if not eat more protein and long drive and last thing I would like to say to the people that we have benefited so much from dr. Burke so people should be responsible and should at least tell the world about dr.

Byrd in the community hit a like button it woman take a lot of time you know and always we should appreciate dr. Berg and we should always mention it to our friend you know we're benefiting so much but people did that and we feel as slowly we you know we really should appreciate and it's our duty so it crazy you're hired that was Chris that was the.

Longest minute but I really appreciate it that was great and I was too soon to watch the video this is this is why this is why I created this book to put all the data into one area where you can actually you can get it online if you're around the world and you can't order or something like that but this has all the data in there and this book right here.

And that way you can sit down and digest it I do have three thirty five thirty five hundred videos and they're now organized in a way that you could probably go from A to B I recommend the book but you're right you're right the what's really cool about this is you're gonna start feeling your brain waking up you're gonna your energy or moods gonna.

Go up and I'm telling you this is not a suffering type experience this is not a deperate deprivation you're gonna feel so good and for those of you that are new unless you try this you will have no idea of the benefits and it's just gonna it's like freaking amazing actually freakin amazing yes so I want to thank you guys for.

Listening in and we're gonna answer one more call if you don't mind Derek you're from Queens I your on dr. Berger Graham page is phenomenal I absolutely love it it's unbelievable thank you dr. Brooke I know I'm gonna be very quick here I'm dealing with my girlfriend she has Candida she was she was.

Getting discharged and the clumpy like cottage cheese type of farm things going on down there I put her on grapefruit seed extract you know based on everything you've told me I put her on oil of oregano I gave her I put her on the sea kelp I have all your remedies but we've kind of steered away from you know sex you know for the time being but.

Sometimes she just you know she just can't help herself and but a few days ago you know she had like blood coming from there while we were you know having intercourse and I'm sure it's the candida and everything going on down there I have really really made it much better but it's still lingering so I really kind of need your help and what.

Should I do next for so thanks for the for that description basically what you want to do is you want her to do keto an if' hardcore because what's happening it is we want to drop the sugar and not be the candida there's a mineral that is really beneficial for Candida molybdenum molybdenum I said it believed in them I think you're saying that well no I'm.

Saying it right now I know that's actually what you use for that but it's something that I honestly I would guarantee if you interview someone like that that they're still doing a little too many carbs they're not doing in a minute fasting long enough because those are the things that are going to just help this cleanup because of the etapa.

Jeep the self-cleaning other self-cleaning of it yeah okay thanks thanks for the question and guys thank you so much state for those of you that are on my keto and I EFT lab we're gonna be going there next so shoot on over to Facebook yes have a great weekend guys.

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