Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies Through Nails, Skin & Hair – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies Through Nails, Skin & Hair – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies Through Nails, Skin & Hair – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

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Hey guys dr. Berg here I'm doing this webinar on how to basically understand what symptoms mean and evaluating your body symptoms based on what your body's trying to tell you now this is pre-recorded because the last webinar I did it wasn't the slides weren't synced to my video so basically I was over here but you're like three slides behind so I want to just create up a video that works so you can follow along okay so so I'm going to give you a lot of thumb very cool if insights into what certain symptoms mean because the problem in healthcare is there's the management of symptoms there's no real understanding of what symptoms mean and what you should do about them so we're going to.

Take it one step deeper look at the cause-and-effect relationships so you could kind of spot something and know what's behind it and it's all related to nutrition and we're going to look at more visual things versus like sensations like let's say fatigue or that type of thing or depression we're going to look at skin nails hair lips like if you can look at either someone or yourself and identify certain problems I can I'm going to teach you what's behind it okay so let's get started let me just go right into the slides okay evaluating your nutritional deficiencies now the first thing I'm going to cover is I'm going to cover a little bit on.

The nails so we have if you're looking at either your nail or someone else's nail a lot of things can go wrong with the nail number one you can have horizontal ridges that's a b1 deficiency vitamin b1 deficiency so if you have these ridges that go horizontal you need b1 now vitamin b1 by the way is the first B vitamin that was ever discovered in the B family and then it goes vitamin B two and three and four and five and six the first item that was ever discovered was vitamin a and then B then C then D and then he that was my dry sense of humor but that's true that's how they develop these or discover these vitamins but b1 is the first B vitamin that they.

Discovered and basically it creates a series of problems but the nail is a is a good way to identify if you're deficient in b1 all right so horizontal ridges all right now there's a couple other deficiencies that occur with b1 one is cyanosis and what is cyanosis basically cyanosis means that your circulation of your nail so let me just show you a picture that you got these white nail beds so if you ever look at people and they just completely look way too white that is a b1 deficiency because vitamin b1 is involved in circulation so it's kind of a white nail also you can have an enlarged heart on the right side of your heart yep the left and right side of the heart the.

Right to the heart is influenced by me b1 and so when you're deficient the heart starts to get weaker and it starts to enlarge or atrophy and it shows up as something bigger on an x-ray like you'll see in a large heart that's cardiomegaly that's really a b1 deficiency so the B vitamins are intimately involved in the heart function the other thing is that you'll have problems with the eye muscles you ever see people will they have like wandering eyes or they're they're cross-eyed whatever that is a weakness within the nerves to the eye primarily the sixth cranial nerve and that's also influenced by b1 okay be when the efficiency can also cause edema in your ankles so if you ever see people.

Like like let's say you press into the ankle and it leaves a dent that's a b1 deficiency now a lot of times people like wonder like how do I get a B vitamin deficiency how do I get a b1 deficiency normally um the history of this was involved with people consuming too much polished rice that's basically refined rice when they take all the nutrition out of the whole rice and they basically have this refined white rice creating a b1 deficiency so and the same thing happens with grains if you have this whole grain with all this B these B vitamins and then you strip it down you refine it you turn into flour white flour and then they bleach it you're going to create a.

Problem with b1 and the other B vitamins and that's why they enriched divided flour with synthetic vitamins you'll see this flour is enriched okay but it's really enriched with synthetic vitamins it's not the real thing so b1 and other B vitamins fishin C's are created by consuming too much refined foods specifically the grains white rice flour as in bread pasta cereal crackers biscuits while both pancakes even white sugar okay so that's how you create a b1 deficiency and just from a subjective symptom of b1 deficiency you're going to have a lot of nervous tension like you're gonna have worry you're going to have anxiety you're.

Going to have a lot of this buildup of stress low tolerance to stress that's it b1 deficiency I mean how many people have that so stress can deplete the B vitamins and so can sugar and so can refined foods okay okay let's talk about brittle nails now brittle nails typically people they go a lot of women they get their nails done and they keep putting surface shellac on it and nail polish and they try to strengthen the nails and they do all these things to try to fix the nail but if I was doing now I could actually identify brittle very easily by determining the nutritional deficiency fixing that and helping the person correct the real problem versus just filing it down but.

Brittle nails is usually a another B vitamin deficiency specifically biotin which has another name for vitamin H but biotin will Craig brittle nails because biotin is involved with the strengthening of proteins amino acids in collagen that's why it's really good for hair but if you take too much of biotin over time it can create a problem with causing deficiencies of other vitamins and people can get acne so so I'd like to look at the whole picture and not just try to fix a vitamin but look find out why you're deficient in a certain vitamin you know it has to do with your diet now how do you become deficient in biotin well several ways number one you can eat a lot of raw egg whites okay.

Like when people put raw eggs in their shakes and things that can create a B a biotin deficiency another way would be to you either find foods another way which is connected with your gut see certain friendly bacteria in your gut make biotin so a lot of people that are deficient in vitamin have an imbalance in their digestive system so they need a good probiotic to build up that biotin okay so those those are some of the things that that can happen another thing with biotin deficiency would be the little the cuticle you get all these peeling on your cuticle that's a biotin deficiency and one good source of biotin is nutritional yeast okay you can get it from Amazon I would.

Personally recommend going to Amazon and getting the non fortified nutritional yeast which basically is without synthetics a lot of times nutritional yeast they enrich you with synthetics which is it is a problem but it's a minor problem because naturally a nutritional yeast has a lot of natural B vitamins so it's not just all synthetic so it's less of a problem if you have a combination but I mean if you're going to get it from Amazon might as well get the the non fortified 100% natural B vitamins now why don't they sell natural B vitamins in a pill it's very rare to find it it's very expensive for example if you they were to make biotin in a pill in a supplement it's roughly about.

Eight hundred dollars a kilogram which is 2.2 pounds I think it's 2.5 or 2.2 pounds that's eight hundred dollars right if you would buy it synthetically it's like maybe nine or ten dollars per kilogram so all these vitamin D fashion companies are not giving you the natural version they're giving you a synthetic which come with problems down the road if you take too much of it or too long a period of time I'm ok with taking synthetic vitamins if they're for a detox but any other reason I don't like them so how do you know if it's natural or not you have to look at the source of where they get the vitamin and anything that's like over like if it says like six thousand.

Percent times the normal value or even a thousand times normal in the back of label you know it's synthetic because you can't put that much natural vitamin in a pill so that's why you're seeing all these synthetic vitamins nowadays but anyway biotin deficiency can create a lot of problems of your nails hair and definitely the cuticle and this is it keeps the nail nail shop in business alright let's go on the next one vitamin B deficiency it creates a redness around the nose the cheeks and even the top of the forehead this is a b6 deficiency and call it rosacea whatever you can call it psoriasis it's just a redness around that the nose area and on the nose as.

Well so it's interesting the B vitamins create a lot of skin problems and a lot of digestive problems a lot of hair and nail problems so you'll see as we go along so that's the b6 deficiency again where do you get b6 b6 is actually easy to get from most foods it's an eggs it's in vegetables it's in a lot of different foods but it's usually the foods that are like junk food that pulls it out like refined carbohydrates breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes that's what's pulling it out and yes it could be an allergy to gluten and things like that but um I mean someone people are living on refined foods this is.

What's causing it okay a zinc deficiency will create those little white little specks on the nail but if you the nail grows every six months so if you see a white speck let's say in the middle of the nail that's like three months ago you created that white speck now if we're looking at the nail right here it's probably if we divide this now by six it's probably like maybe two months twenty percent of the nail two months ago there's a zinc deficiency that was created now what causes a zinc deficiency eating a lot of carbon carbohydrate like in sugar so we can pretty much tell about a month about two months ago they had a birthday party and.

They ate the whole cake by this white speck on their nail so they ate a lot of carbohydrate and so and I do this people and they've kind of freaked out like how did you know that well because I'm I'm actually reading and interpreting what your body is trying to tell me I understand the language and this is what we're trying to do in as webinars to teach you how to read your body okay that's the zinc deficiency but it's really a sugar deficiency the trace minerals which is like zinc which basically trace minerals are minerals needed in smaller amounts um like selenium iodine zinc mulignan things like that versus the bigger minerals like calcium magnesium sodium.

Potassium needing needed in larger amounts but we need the small trace metals most people that I run into our deficient in trace minerals because the trace minerals are no longer in the soils um unless you get food from places that have volcanic soils I was in Grenada which is an island which is basically they grow this chocolate this cocoa bean and they have the soils are so rich with these volcanics these minerals from the volcano that it gives incredible flavor to the cocoa bean and Switzerland and Belgium get their chocolate from the island or they get it from Africa the same deal in Africa they have the volcanic ash and the soil is rich and it gives the flavor of the food.

And I tell you I believe that a lot of people's that can live in the areas where they had volcanic ash in the soils they they don't seem to gain weight that much even if they eat you know whatever they eat they also have good bone structure they don't have a lot of problems with their dental structure so it's hard to find these trace metals nowadays but that's a zinc deficiency thyroid thyroid problem will create vertical ridges up and down so that's a classic symptom vertical we just the thyroid will also create a lot of other things like loss of collagen in the back of the arm so will the adrenal and also it creates problems with hair loss and it will.

Create issues with bags with the eyes and a loss of the eyebrow on the outer part so these are just little things that you can look at if you're trying to identify yourself and again I like to look at the whole body and not just take one little symptoms that you have this deficiency I look at all the symptoms and for those of you that as we go through this want to know like what foods are high in certain nutrients I'm going to share a download little button link below that you can download all these deficiencies like um basically where to get zinc what foods are high in vitamin A etc so give you that data when we're done okay here's a condition inflammation in the mouth and the lips.

Do little ulcers on the lip you'll see them or skin rashes and things like that and then there's another condition which is inflammation in the corner or angles of someone's mouth called angular chalasis or Chile's and that and you see that a lot in kids or even in adults where you have this little cracking in the corners of the mouth this is the vitamin b2 deficiency riboflavin um personally I used to have this growing up course I lived at refined foods so definitely it's a b2 deficiency again where do you get b2 it's in nutritional yeast it's in and it's basically what you have to do to avoid having a deficiency of it by avoiding the sugars and the refined carbohydrates and all.

That so let's go into the next one b3 deficiency vitamin b3 deficiency it's called pellagra now what is that it there's a condition called glove and stocking lesions where you have this severe scaly red irritated skin on and the feet that's a very severe b3 deficiency okay so you ever see it that's what it means but look what causes pellagra consuming too much corn or consuming too much alcohol because corn is not very nutrient dense and that can create a deficiency especially the corn that people eat nowadays it's GMO it's the corn syrup and all that crap okay b2 deficiency riboflavin here's another one a bloodshot eyes.

That's a b2 deficiency jaundice now what is jaundice jaundice is a backup of the liver into the bloodstream where you have a liver problem and you're going to your whites of your eyes are going to LA you're skin will be tainted yellow this is a congested gallbladder or a congested liver now if someone consumes let's say they consume a lot of carrot juice for example they will turn yellow eventually or kind of an orange that's not jaundice that's just the pigment that's coming out that's its Inanna it's not a problem it's not a serious problem it just means that you got you're doing too much carrot juice and again carrot juice is just way too much sugar we don't want to do that I.

Used to do a lot of characters I thought it was good for me but it basically started creating blood sugar problems cuz there's so much concentration sugar even though there's vitamins in it it's still very very unhealthy okay so I'm eating the whole carrot is is better okay let me just go back to these slides ok jaundice vitamin A deficiency now vitamin A um is almost like a hormone just like vitamin D it's a fat type of vitamin it can go into the DNA of your cells it can determine what your what cells turn into like if there's a problem with vitamin A you have this weird growth on your skin on the eye and you can even have like a white little shell.

Or pigment right over your the black part of your eye the iris so you can also have these little growths on your on your the whites of the eye as well so it doesn't have to be right over the eye could be on the side of the inside of the outside that's about an innate efficiency so anything to do with vitamin A without skin or acne I always go to buy diamond a but what foods are high in vitamin A you say vegetables yes it's true but all vegetables like specially like kale have tremendous amount of minute amounts like even with spinach it's like 30,000 in I use of vitamin A but that's all a pre vitamin A it's not the actual active form of retinol which is vitamin A that you can.

Use so it has to be converted into the body and with some people they can't convert it that well some people they can but an average you might convert 4% so where do you get your vitamin A from the fats from the butter from the oils from the column oil but if your gallbladder and your liver is congested you don't have the bile to break down the vitamin A so so a lot of vitamin A deficiency has come from a problem with the liver of the gallbladder and if you especially like you don't have the gallbladder they become deficient in vitamin A so these are just kind of side notes so you might take bio may and not see any change but I've noticed that when people start eating healthier and.

They clean out the liver or they support the gallbladder all us and their skin gets really good and their acne goes away that is because you're absorbing more about it maybe because you're getting more bile output file is kind of like the detergent and salt dissolves the grease okay one of the classic symptoms of vitamin A deficiency has night vision issues you can't see at night everything comes blurry especially if there's bright oncoming traffic lights you'll you have a with them that's the vitamin A deficiency now as you age and the liver gets more congested you can even lose your just your vision you notice like.

When you get in your forties fifties like your vision is just so bad that could be about emanate efficiency as well but it's really a liver problem okay okay next slide here's another vitamin A deficiency it's kind of like these little fever like by some chicken look at the skin you see those little follicles your little red little bumps on the skin that and if you have that like on your skin or behind the arm that's a vitamin A deficiency I'm telling you anything well with skin is usually connected vitamin A so so far we have three main deficiencies that most people have a problem with that involve the skin the hair the nails so which is basically like protein you have the fats.

All the vitamins the trace minerals and the B vitamins those are the ones that always show deficient in a lot of people here's another B 2 B 3 deficiency cracked corners of your heel like your heels get really really dry that's a b2 b3 deficiency so if you put lotion on that thing you're just treating the symptom but it's interesting you go to medical doctor you go to the dermatologist which they have in every corner in Florida I mean I went down there I'm like wow they have so many dermatologists and all they're doing is they're giving you cortisone creams for everything for skin problems doing biopsies but they're not even getting.

Close to the root problem at all alopecia okay what is that Ella pichia is a biotin deficiency could be adrenal problems but it's using a biotin deficiency so you start getting these spots of loss of hair but again if your diet is fairly good it's probably coming from your gut you have some digestive maybe you just a problem maybe you had it semantic biotics maybe you had some leaky gut issues that could be coming from something in the past and you've never got your digestion fixed so you got to look at the whole whole picture here just taking biotin is not the answer the answer is getting your whole diet corrected.

Biotin is also good for male pattern baldness and also thinning hair let's just touch on male pattern baldness in females and men a lot of times they'll say that's an energy and efficiency but in reality if that was true why do men have male pattern baldness well as they age when at the same time they're antigens their testosterone is decreasing how can that be I mean if antigens are testosterone excessive amounts of estrogen or herbs or excessive amounts of testosterone cause now part of all this doesn't make sense because it decreases with age well what happens really it's an estrogen excess that's converted to a powerful estrogen called DHT so it's an estrogen.

Problem men and women it's just converted so if you have the right ratio to estrogen to testosterone you won't have this problem so and this is a side note if you have a problem with this or you're getting a loss of hair and then in the head or in a male body you're getting prostate problems a really good remedy to help kind of correct the ratios of estrogen to testosterone is something called stinging nettle root so get some of that that's really good for a prostate and also male pattern baldness and also if you're just losing hair and you're female of course your own prostate go ahead and take it as well okay iodine deficiency creates an enlarged thyroid in your neck or Gore's.

Or nodules in the thyroid see here's how if you're all these little cysts on the thyroid on the breast on the ovaries come from excessive estrogen but see iodine protects the excess of estrogen so it competes with estrogen so if you're deficient iodine estrogen can create a lot of damage to your your body especially a female body so if you have good amount of iodine in the diet from seek help which I recommend get the organic kind because if you just get regular you know seek help from the store it might be contaminated with arsenic you want to get something from Iceland or something that's organic that's really healthy but here's the point I then and will actually decrease.

Estrogen and it actually is a good cancer preventer and it actually handles cysts nodules of the thyroid of the breast fibrocystic breast of the ovary very very important the tongue if it's a red tongue that's a b2 deficiency if it's a glossy red tongue that's a b12 deficiency a white tongue is a yeast overgrowth okay so that's a yeast and balance that's a gut problem fissures in the tongue it's a b12 deficiency it can happen like down the center on the sides these well be vitamin deficiencies now you see the outer part of the eye the eyebrow it's like there's no hair there that is a thyroid problem and you know what's interesting about the thyroid is the thyroid blocks the absorption of.

Nutrients in the body so really it's a nutrient deficiency but the thyroid can create the nutritional deficiency so again you know you need to understand how the whole body works now this is a real common thing I see a lot of people you see like a pink toothbrush like you get bleeding gums or or red swollen gums they call it gingivitis that's about it and C deficiency it's a form of scurvy because vitamin C strengthens the capillary beds so anything like micro hemorrhaging up like those varicose veins spider veins the little red cheeks anything with vascular things like that that's about in-situ pitch vitamin C deficiency but what's happening at the cellular level is they.

Even in your arteries you're getting little lesions and bleeding in the arteries and that's when you have the accumulation of cholesterol as a band-aid and calcium has abandoned in the arteries and then you get a clogged artery so these people that have gingivitis really have they're developing problems in the vascular system as well but if you have brush your teeth and you get bleeding that's about NC deficiency do not take the synthetic vitamin C get it from the food concentrated food I use the wheatgrass juice powder myself but you can get it from just a lot of vegetables as well versus one juice has no vitamin C because it's pasteurized but they put.

Some synthetic in there so don't take the synthetic now if you have too much fluoride which a lot of times in the water supply they use too much flora that can create that discoloration in the tooth and that creates an imbalance in calcium metabolism so I mean it's like that everyone's like so Pro fluoride but it's very toxic to your body actually if you've been follow me you know about the body types if you look on if you someone has a heavier hips that's an ovary type if they have a health side belly that's adrenal type if they're weight all over that's a thyroid if it's more of a protruding belly that's a liver problem okay so you can.

Look on the outside of the body and determine what's going on the inside it chief foot on the bottom of the foot that is a liver problem it's a liver issue just wanna let you know um neuromas what's an aroma it's a little nerve bundle on the bottom of the foot that can be very painful to do search around it that's a virus viruses come out of remission when your dreams are weak you can't kill a virus because a virus is not alive mix blindness so viruses are very fascinating they basically maybe get activated and to get inactivated they get activated by your own tissues when you become tired stressed out burnt out get older the viruses come out.

Of remission and they create all sorts of damage like shingles and herpes and all these other issues but when you're healthy they go back into remission but the adrenals control if it's going out or in so you can't kill a virus or do your only solution is to get healthy but it's interesting because viruses usually come out when you go through stress they're activated okay now um so here's what I'm going to recommend I developed I spent a lot of time creating an advanced evaluation questionnaire it's kind of a free test someone can go on and this is the URL the address online that you can go to that you can take this lengthy evaluation and I'll explain exactly what the heck this thing is I.

Created this quiz awhile ago and it has 104 questions it has every single symptom you could possibly imagine and what I did in my spare time is I took every single symptom and I evaluated all of the potential causes of that one symptom then what I did is I I created logic so when you were to fill out this quiz it associates with other symptoms so it looks at other symptoms that you have and all those potential causes to find the most like likely cause the number one cause of all of your symptoms okay so that's it actually thinks so it's on automatic pilot so you don't need a practitioner to tell you what it is so so what I did is I created this quiz and then I kind of gave I wanted to.

Not just evaluate and tell you what your problem is but to help you understand and interpret what that means and and so you can have a greater deeper background of the symptom and what you should be eating and what remedies would be good for you both additional remedies like a pelvis door or just general remedies things like that to actually now just treat symptoms but we want to treat the cause of the symptom and correct it okay so it's kind of like a training program as well as an evaluation software okay then what I did is I created all the potential to fish causes of problems like low vitamin b1 low fat soluble vitamins low B to low potassium and I.

Created all the symptoms that could occur from those causes so when you take this quiz it died sex everything and comes up with a really cool freakin report that you will love okay so and then I have all these different remedies that you can use to actually correct it so um here's what I recommend that you do take the quiz you go to dr. Berg com4 slash evaluation take the quiz and it's not a short quiz it's a long quiz it's 104 questions but it's awesome because it'll actually dissect everything for those people that are under my membership site they can take it every month but I'm just letting you two take it as a one-shot deal for free normally I'll charge for it because one of my.

Health coaches will contact you just kind of review it and then send you the report okay so just help you understand it and then you can go through it at your leisure and just start to learn from it okay so it's a I think it's a very cool evaluation and I'm gonna allow you to take you know one evaluation and that is basically your next step and let me just kind of put this up on the screen to you'd go to dr. Berg comm forward slash evaluation and um you're basically going to just fill out the thing and it might take us a day or two to get back to you because we're going to analyze it look at it and then contact you walk you through it.

You know take a couple minutes and then what we'll do is we'll send you the report and you'll have a really cool assessment of what's going on to your whole body and the underlying deeper root problem that that that you need to focus on because you know my whole thing is this stop treating symptoms let's treat the cause of it let's let's go deeper your results are dependent on getting the real problem and so if people get results um then they're they can actually resolve a problem and there's nothing worse and I see this all the time with people basically treating symptoms and they keep treating symptoms they never get to the root of it and they keep going and keep going and they.

Just get frustrated so to go the doctor of this specialist so this quiz is about an advanced evaluation technology evaluation means finding a real cause understanding what the body's trying to tell you like like even if you have pain your body's trying to tell you don't move right if you pain when you eat something what does your body trying to tell you avoid that food so this is all about trying to understand what the language of the body is in interpreting symptoms okay so anyway that's the quiz and I wanted to share just some insights on that with going through the different assessments but now you'll be able to look at someone um three feet away and kind of spot what they're deficient in.

Which is good and bad because you're gonna probably now want to evaluate everyone you know just don't much my name I can just see you now like do you know how to be to deficiency yeah maybe people might not accept that but this is good for friends and family so I hope you enjoyed this webinar I hope you learned something and your next step is to take the evaluation and I appreciate your attention thus far you made it this far and I will see you in the upcoming videos so thank you very much and I will see you soon
Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies Through Nails, Skin & Hair – Dr.Berg's Webinar
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