How To Burn Belly Fat Fast – Live Webinar by Dr.Berg

How To Burn Belly Fat Fast – Live Webinar by Dr.Berg

How To Burn Belly Fat Fast – Live Webinar by Dr.Berg

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Hey guys welcome to the webinar I have to tell you this a quick story I see one of these these are called credit card knives okay to be open like this little piece of metal so I saw this online the other day and it was free plus shipping so I ordered I thought was kind of cool because for box cutters you know so I put it in my wallet okay.

I had a seminar scheduled at something called The Voice of America which basically goes to Afghanistan so here I'm going to do a seminar for to Afghanistan on nutrition and this happens to be in a governmental building yeah you know what happened so don't ever bring one of these in the governmental agency or building so I.

Walk in I completely forgot about it the police the guy the the guard basically calls locked down you know they put me on the wall they handcuffed me I was like I said no now you could take it take it uh you know take it just I'm like what's going on here so they put me in a room and to call the FBI yeah so that was kind of freaked out so they.

Come in they're like what's the intent I'm like I'm going to cut boxes I had no idea that this was a my forgot about it basically and it's weird because week before I took this on the plane and no one saw it so anyway that was a scare so we're sitting in the in this room which is a like a waiting room it's like a I guess a snack room for some of the.

Government you know so I'm sitting there and handcuffs and they had a cake sitting right there and there's two cops talking about nutrition and how sugars bad for you and of course I had to chime in and say you know that has a pretty high glycemic index and they're talking about being so and then I realized they're probably not going to take.

Advice from someone in handcuffs so I I kind of just waited for the FBI to come in there and then like what's the intent said I just thought it was cool and so they let me go and I actually have done doing the the seminar live are not liable to be recorded so my wife's like don't ever put this in your wallet ever again so that was crazy so so today.

We're going to be doing a seminar on something called beyond weight loss so this is going to go way beyond my lesson I have some slides I want to show you so let's go right to it um let me just open my slides right here okay good all right so you can see this right now now here's the thing um there are people who try to lose weight that just can't.

No matter what and then other people they don't even do barely half of what the person is doing like a person with a real stubborn metabolism make him lose weight and that's really what frustrates people so I really want to cover exactly what you can do to bust through the plateau but this seminar is for the person that has tried everything and.

Nothing's working we're going to go but to do that we it's it's not about weight loss it's we have to go beyond that and so we're going to talk about that all right so to do that you need to connect the dots and and I'm talking about the relationship between cause and effect and as you're going to learn weight is really not the issue and.

I want to first just kind of mention like why medicine fails especially for the endocrine system especially for hormones you go to the doctor you do a blood test either it shows normal and they don't do anything or it shows abnormal and they give you hormones so medicine is really the management of effects or symptoms so they really only.

Work on the superficial level the surface area they don't ask why they don't evaluate and I'm talking about digging deeper into the root cause evaluation meat is a French word which means to look so if you were to look and keep looking at the problem you would find out a lot of information and I'm.

Going to show you what what I found but we need to ask why we need to get to the root of the problem and medicine doesn't do that unfortunately medicine has made become so segmented so specialized so overly specialized what to one part of the body that you can't really evaluate one part of the body without understanding the other parts because.

They all connect you've heard the expression the hip bones connected to the thigh bone right that is so true so treating the cause fixes the symptom treating the symptom does not fix the cost and then the question is why I mean this is a terrible statistic 98% of all weight loss cases fail that's crazy I mean any other area uh I don't know.

Fixing cars going to the moon if you had these ratios this this track record this percentage of failures oh my gosh that would be terrible but with weight loss the great majority of people fail why because they're treating the weight weight is a symptom and this is what you really need to get across if you've been to my webinars before you know about.

This already but for those that never attended you have to treat weight like a symptom you really don't even have a weight problem and I'm will have to give you a t-shirt I don't have a weight problem right on the back it's a weight symptom it's an effect and a symptom basically is something that indicates something else and every time you treat.

It you never get anywhere because you either camouflage it or you continue this symptom so what should you do if you can't this wait well we need to evaluate we want to go deeper we want to find out what's behind so an evaluation we're going to ask ask a lot of questions basically we're going to ask why so.

That's what we're going to do right now if you look at the different shapes of people there's really four main shapes that people have and based on their shape you can get a lot of information based on their symptoms you can get information on what's behind the shape yes your hormones do control where the fat is deposited on your body but the.

Most common shape is the adrenal shape and that is the person with the midsection wait now what's unique about the adrenal shape is that it's a different type of fat it's called visceral fat because visceral means around the organs in midsection this isn't a completely different type of problem and um so.

Let's just kind of cover what the adrenal glands on adrenal glands are tiny glands on top of your kidney add on top of renal kidney that react and adapt a body to stress so they adapt your body every part of your body to a stress State so if you can envision you being in stress what's going to happen to the heart rate what's going to happen to the.

Salivary glands you're going to dry up that's why when you're you do a public speech in front of 500 people your mouth gets real dry so you might urinate I mean there's all these different physiological things that happen when you're in a stress State so let's just go through what happens to your body if the adrenal glands are over producing.

Too much hormone for too long you get stuck in this excessive thinking analyzing stuff solving problems 24/7 especially when you're trying to sleep you can't sleep so you end up on the computer and your eyes are gets strange right you need coffee to wake up you can't get out of bed easily you're fixated on problems why because the.

Nature of the adrenal is to solve problems so what are you doing you're trying to survive by solving problems silly and they're randomly becoming in there constantly so you saw one another one comes up so what happens in your mind is all these problems can trigger a lot of stress on the adrenals so it's hard to just turn it off here's one.

Multitasking and someone just asked you you you really think that multitasking you really get more done than if you just focus on one thing some people think that but no it's your power is your focus on one thing and doing one thing at a time and so all of your attention is on that one thing and not on anything else multitasking really.

Disperses you and you really don't feel productive and you're not productive stress States you're kind of always in a stress rate or straight and you're overwhelmed libido shuts off why would a libido shut off because when you're being chased by a tiger you don't have time to reproduce all those sex hormones are blocked you get high blood pressure.

Think about if you're being chased by a tiger your blood pressure tends to be higher because of the stress state that you're in so the person is very dispersant we can call this a dee dee if we want but really is an adrenal symptom here's one asthma what why is asthma adrenal symptom because think about what they're treated with a bronco steroid.

Inhaler what our inhalers they're their adrenal hormones so these steroids including prednisone anything with prednisone you know prednisone is an anti-inflammatory it's used for pain it's used for allergies as you chew asthma it's used for inflammation all sorts of things anything that that's.

Used for is an adrenal problem but they don't do anything for the adrenal allergies our adrenal um blood sugars this is a person on my right taking their blood sugars why is that because when you're during stress mode your body is going to tap into sugar fuel and that's why um I have people that will eat good.

But they still can't reap a lose weight because their blood Sugar's are constantly up and down because the adrenal is turning your body into proton sugar it literally converts your muscles into sugar yeah so one big cause of diabetes is an adrenal so in this sense diabetes is a symptom but but if we don't look at.

It like that doing we treat it as a disease acne is an adrenal problem because one of the hormones produced by the adrenal makes excess of acne sleep apnea is an adrenal symptom snoring is asleep is an adrenal symptom because the the tissue in the back of the throat and the back of the sinuses get thicker with adrenal problems muscle cramps and your.

Caps in your legs is an adrenal symptom why because the adrenals deplete your electrolytes specifically potassium and sodium and calcium and you get cramps hair loss a special alopecia which is like little pockets of hair that come out of your head that's an adrenal symptom – brain fog cleaning out the brain fog is an adrenal.

Symptom as well because you lose your um your memory because the high levels of adrenal hormone called cortisol depletes oxygen in the brain high flashes is an adrenal because the adrenal gland backs up the ovary during menopause and if the adrenal gland is already tired going into menopause you get hot flashes cravings to specifically salty foods.

Chips salsa chocolate and sugar and carbs why because the in the adrenal state you're burning more sugar fuel than you are fat okay loss of collagen that shows up in loose skin underneath the chin underneath your arm you might see your skin gets thinned those are adrenal symptoms memory issues is adrenal.

Absent-mindedness and loss of position and time and space you might kind of like okay where am I going again you know you might lose your ability to figure out where you're going because the adrenal will affect certain parts of the brain anything climbing stairs incline getting up too fast feeling dizzy is an adrenal.

Symptom that's why um people when they climb stairs they might their legs might get heavier that's an adrenal symptom bloating is an adrenal simply because you lose the fluids in your and your bile ducts in your liver and those you lack something called bio b i le and that bile is the thing that helps digest especially fatty foods so you don't.

Digest that well so you might you eat and you get blow-up loaded or at the end of the day your stomach is totally bloated you feel like you're pregnant you in the morning it's less that's an adrenal symptom because the gut swells heartburn is adrenal symptom because it produces acid reflux I mean think about how many people are taking antacids for.

This low tolerance to stress so I have a question do you know anyone has a low tolerance of stress friends family neighbors they can't tolerate they get edgy easily that isn't adrenal symptom falling asleep after you eat lunch is an adrenal symptom you even need for a nap because the blood sugars are out of whack and it'll make you tired like.

After a Thanksgiving meal so check this out I'm going to show you something this is a book called CIPA this book is in every single medical library book store and this is what it looks like right here check this out it's called by Frank neder it's called civil cyclopædia it's a medical Australia killest raishin for the endocrine system so this book is.

Amazing because it goes it gives you pictures and I'm showing right now all the effects of cortisol this is a stress hormone look at bone loss eventually osteoporosis acne inflammation and cysts brain fog excessive thinking high cholesterol blood sugars acid reflux immune factors autoimmune diseases viruses come out of remission.

Asthma and then we have stretch marks hypertension sleep problems I mean this gland right here is pumping out fat right into the gut as it why because it's a survival mechanism all this information is in this book I'm not making these symptoms up though I want to show you something because let me see where I am right here I might here good.

Oh let me just go share it bump me out okay so let me just go back to this okay so you can see all these symptoms now you get a Buffalo Hump in the upper back osteoporosis thin-skinned moonface that's around face all these things um before I get it next lightest one up for those of you that don't know me most of you do know me my name is dr. Berg DC.

That stands for District of Columbia no I'm just kidding dr. Carr pratik I don't do chiropractic anymore I do nutrition functional nutrition I also develop my own techniques manual therapy kind of an acupressure no needles but just manual work on the different parts of the body relating to endocrine stress adrenal stress that type of thing I've.

Been in practice 25 years my clinic is in Northern Virginia I personally worked on 45,000 people I taught nutrition at Howard University as an associate professor I also wrote a book the seven principles of fat burning um it was the number one best seller on Amazon trained over 2,500 doctors and alternative medicine so I basically trained doctors.

In alternative things I delivered over 4,900 seminars to a lot of the governmental agencies on a monthly basis I even I have even done seminars to the FBI and the same organization that came in to make sure I wasn't a terrorist for that pocket credit card knife I had over close to a thousand YouTube videos and nine million.

Views so far and I developed the body types but real quickly just I want to just let you know my story I got into this out of necessity at a desperation because I never ate anything good until I was like 21 22 23 years old I ate lived on sugar Alabang Chuck my grandmother made was the most amazing cook and she would make these cakes for.

Me every birthday and I would pretty much just keep eating I couldn't just eat one um so I that kind of net lasted until I was in my 20s but little did I know at a blood sugar issue back then I also was in wrestling for four years and I always had to cut weight so I would starve myself for two or three days and eat nothing and then.

Pig out right before the match on the junky submarine sandwich or a chocolate milkshake I know it was so so stupid in the area of health it was crazy I went into the military and went to basic training and by the time basic training was done I could barely do a push-up because my body with the stress and lack of sleep and poor nutrition was so far.

Gone that I could barely pass the PT test I mean it was crazy I mean I went I took I went to state and wrestling and I don't even know how I got through that because I was exhausted and then things kept getting worse until I had arthritis constipation chronic fatigue syndrome a lot of inflammation all done my spine and this is a picture of me I think it.

Was 27 or 28 I was taking massive amounts of prunes we have three kids I had no energy for my kids it was a mess so out of desperation I tried everything and I was the epitome of treating symptoms take I was taking 94 pills 94 vitamins to try to wake up to try to get better but it wasn't working and so I was a.

Necessity found some things that work for me and then other things and I started to obsessively study nutrition and the unique thing about what I did which a lot of researchers don't do is when I study something I don't just scan the data I take every single word that I don't fully understand and I look it up in the dictionary.

Including the derivation where it came from so I am digesting every piece of information as I go and I think that's what's different from most people who do research is they don't go that extra distance to really understand these basics and how things relate um they kind of just read through it and then they gloss over these big words and I.

Found that the more you do that you're going to be more confused so when I study something I study it thoroughly and that's probably one of my successful actions of making some huge breakthroughs as a practitioner but anyway to make a long story short I was 28 I was very sick I got better I'm 29 now now I'm just kidding I'm 50 but I've.

Been working on my health and I am way healthier than I am now than I was back when I was 27 or 28 so it's right now as I look at the problem back then I had very low awareness now I have a lot of awareness about what's going on with people and it's about observing the obvious and this is this is the big thing right now that I want to talk.

About the big obvious thing that I'm saying is that medicine has switched symptoms or effects for causes we've making all these symptoms as diseases and then were treating them with over specialized doctors now I don't think it's the medical profession doing this I think it's the drug companies behind the scenes that are manipulating pulling the.

Strings they're the puppet master they the ones that kind of set up the medical universities to teach certain things the problem is the medical profession when you're a med student and I did pre-med you don't have time to digest this information to really evaluate to see if it's true or not you have to pass the test so you're.

Doing a lot of memorization without learning so you end up graduating not really knowing the body like you should and you don't have a chance to apply it so you graduate as a profession that basically manages symptoms with drugs and that's pretty much as far as it gets okay and then when you do that you are not very flexible on your thinking as.

Far as your ability to look at other solutions you have a lot of fixed ideas so what they've done is they switch these symptoms for causes and because they sound very very scientific you might legitimately think that it's oh yeah that's my disease but it's really I mean think about like just acid reflux they have a disease now GERD it's.

As the disease its gastro esophageal reflux disorder all that means is you get reflux some disease everything is camouflaged as a disease even obesity check this out last week in the American Medical Association voted to classify obesity as a disease in one day 78 million member American adults and 12 million American children were deemed to.

Have a medical condition that needs treatment this is the drug company this is not the medical profession somehow they talked the AMA into doing this probably with lobbyist group whatever but this is what's happening they did the same thing with cholesterol medicine has become a business unfortunately you know this I'm not I'm not telling you.

Anything you don't know you're probably not surprised but they did it with a cholesterol cholesterol normal values you should be to 12 now it's 200 you're trying to lower it down to 150 now and basically going to get everyone on medication and you're not going to get off of it and you stay on it so it's it's really bad people don't want that.

They also did with the BMI body mass index they lower that and just made every one L piece so welcome to modern medicine it's basically a business okay so giving back to the adrenals coming off my soapbox right now what's unique about the adrenals well they are very unique in that the adrenals do not have an off switch if you look at the.

Electrical wires from the brain that control different parts of the body there's two systems that make up something called the autonomic nervous system basically it's the automatic nervous system behind the scenes you have the sympathetic which is what's called the flight or fight mechanism and then we have the parasympathetic don't.

Worry about the names right now but the parasympathetic is kind of like the turn off switch the thing that works when you're relaxing when you're sleeping and the sympathetics work when you're being chased by tiger now if we look at the little circuit board that comes out of the spinal column from the brain look it down here you'll see from the solar.

Plexus it comes right down this wire that goes right into your adrenals that's the on switch but guess what the adrenals don't have any parasympathetic control there's no off switch for the adrenal and I found that interesting why that's weird so what causes the adrenal glands to get stuck on in pump out excessive cortisol you guessed it stress.

Stress will do it um the other interesting unique thing about the adrenal and about basically about stress in general is that there is always stress before you start gaining weight there's always some stress on pregnancy stress a loss of loved one hysterectomy tonsillitis tonsillectomy infections loss of some severe stress change of.

Hormones menopause all that basically triggers the adrenal to then put on the weight so the waving your gut is not just the food thing it's the stress and here's the other thing that I found and I found this by I have a test that measures the autonomic nervous system and for those of you that want to know the name of it is called the it's a.

Heart called heart rate variability technology it measures the data between heartbeats which basically is the nervous system that's controlling the heart but it controls the whole body and what you can see from this test you can measure accumulated stress and this is the other thing I want to talk about your body is like a sponge it.

Accumulates stress and stress gets stuck in the body so look at this first this dial up here you see this tall dial up here it's all the way to the right normally it should be straight up and down so yours I mean this person has one that's too high that means that their body is stuck in some stress even when they're relaxed their body is in present.

Time stuck in stress but this but their bodies are their adrenals are reacting to old stress that stress that they had in in the 80s and the 70s yes that is true so your body tends to hold on the stress very tightly here's another graph over time when that stays too high it'll burn out this smaller dial which is the recovery time the recovery dial should.

Be all the way to the right so when you will lose the recovery now you don't recover to exercise stress into people stress you become irritable people get on your nerves especially incompetent people especially insane people you can't watch the news you can't watch scary movies before bed so your your body is very very edgy um and that is.

Because the adrenal system has been burned down and so there are techniques you can do regular techniques advanced techniques to extract this stress and I'm going to introduce you to something new that I created in the last few months since it's a membership site that allows you to learn techniques but I'm going to show you some things but.

There's some advanced techniques that I think you'll eventually want to learn to pull this stress power and it's very very effective so so let me just show you this I want to ask you a questions I think this sense doesn't make sense why do these diets have in common it should be what do these diets have in common and I'm going to do and what do all.

Successful diets have in common you have an idea here these are successful diets Atkins low carb South Beach protein power paleo ketogenic manifest they're all really good diets but what do they have in common they're lower insulin diets they lower insulin what does that mean it means they lower sugar so one foundant a fundamental principle that is.

Very successful is you need to lower insulin if you want to lose weight right so you probably already know this but you don't probably know why here's why insulin which basically is triggered by sugar is a dominating hormone in the presence of a little bit of insulin all six fat burning hormones get nullified blocked cancelled out so it's not even a.

Matter of trying to trigger these hormones it's a matter of voiding this one hormone right here called insulin and that's why if you just get the sugar out of the diet you are going to lose weight okay so you probably already know that you probably ever experienced that so that's one thing but here's the other thing.

That is even more fascinating traditional diets and exercise really don't work for belly fat this is because belly fat is a different type of problem and so you may have lost weight lowering insulin but you definitely have not lost very much belly fat with lowering insulin with your diet because cortisol is another hormone that is.

Dominating so cortisol is the dominating hormone – and cortisol will pretty much nullify blockout cancel all the fat burning hormones as well so you have these two hormones you have sugar and stress those are the two deadly combinations okay there is one more – but but I'm not going to get into it but it's estrogen if you wanted to know.

Estrogen will also dominate but not as powerfully as cortisol or insulin but here's the other interesting thing if you cut out the sugar and you still crave and we know the cortisol is turning your protein your muscles into sugar so your the adrenal hormones can make it so your sugar is still high in blocking fat burning from the stress why.

Do you think you crave sweets we under stress so when you stress your body needs quick energy so cortisol is a dominating quantum so most people mistakenly focus on trying to trigger the papen hormones when it's a thousand times more important to avoid the fat dominating or fat making dominating hormones so so it's all about avoiding.

Stress and about avoiding sugar right so I'm going to give you some things to do but I want to just mention one thing about you know people always want to balance their hormones that is not a good idea why because we don't want insulin to be too high or cortisol to be too high we want your body is out of balance so you can't go on a balanced.

Diet you can't go on a balanced hormonal you know program you need to understand that we want to lower insulin cortisol and estrogen and increase the other hormones and this whole concept of everything in moderation is a bad idea because all you're going to do is you're going to maintain your fatness and you're not going to lose weight so I.

Wanted to bring that point out so here's here's what I'm going to recommend right now I want you to focus all your efforts only on supporting the adrenals not the weight forget about the weight the weight will come off as a by-product after the adrenal body type is improved okay does that make sense so how do we lower cortisol I'm going to show you.

Some small but crucial actions these are easy things that you can do you can start implementing them right away and you just need to focus on them these are the most important things number one thing is this sleep you must fix the sleep out of anything if you are sleeping and and you're not eating sugar you're pretentious now you're going to.

Lose weight a lot better but if you're not sleeping no matter what you do I don't care if you're exercising it's not going to work because the sleep is one powerful thing to lower cortisol in fact if I were just to you know weigh out what's more important exercise or sleep guess what it's going to be sleep hands-down ten times more effective if.

You sleep than if you exercise when but if you don't know that you're going to probably get up early and forget your sleep and keep trying to burn off those calories it's not going to work look at these hormones you're going to burn all the fat at night okay not during the day so I'm going to show you one technique that that I do let me just.

Kind of pull up my computer here okay so this is a device that I use to do it yourself device and there's it's a tripod boom boom boom and they have different widths okay and this is used as a replica of my hand okay I built this for myself you can take it you can place it in the back of your neck right here and you can.

Lean back right here and hit these points there are two points right in the back of your neck that if you press on these points you can you can get some serious improvement you can get with your sleep you can turn off a lot of stress you can also take your hands with your thumbs and press over through here and lean back and press on those points.

As well and this is just a real simple little technique that you can do that I'm going to show you what I'm going to recommend to be able to use this to reduce stress okay let me come back to my powerpoint presentation which is out of order again okay here we go right here now you get a tall back chair you get a um a couch and you take the widest.

Points and you put it right in the back of your right underneath your skull there's two points there that stimulate the off switch on the nervous system it will create a full body relaxation through the entire spine and you'll sleep very deeply if you do this so this is one little technique that I use for stress because it's a manual technique.

It's it's basically physically taking parts of your body and pressing different parts to release stress and this is a very important one that I use for sleep okay so that's one one thing the other thing is that you your sleep cycle starts at about 10:30 or 10:00 o'clock 10:30 you need to be in bed by like.

10:15 or 10:30 to catch the first wave if you go to sleep past well you're pretty much screwed you will you won't be able to catch that up because the hormones work on these waves for ninety minutes sleep cycles so you want to catch the way be in the bed a little earlier and catch that first way and this is interesting all the benefits.

Of exercise occur in deep sleep all the benefits of exercise occur in the deep sleep about 24 to 48 hours after you workout so when you're burning let's say you did it to our workout and you weighed yourself before and after it'll be zero but if you weigh yourself the next day or 48 hours later you weight less because the benefit of exercise is.

Delayed during the exercise itself all you're doing is you're stressing the body out so it's all about the recovery after that's why when you measure people and their low recovery you have to fix the recovery because they're not gonna lose weight interesting number two this is huge uhm do people stress you out yeah.

There's two types of people there's people that bring you up and there's people that bring you down and it's really what a person does to your communication do they twist what you said do they alter what you said do the ignore your communication do they fail to acknowledge what you said see when you have two people husband and wife.

Friends family members the goal is for someone to say something maybe an upset and the other person to receive that and it's like a battery it discharges that's that pressure that stress but if that person is unwilling to listen as a therapy then the person is going to build up stress so it's really important not to try to help people too much and.

Give them advice instead listening and acknowledging and being interested is probably the best thing you can do to reduce stress in people but no one's doing that they want to not listen to the stress they don't want the person to communicate anymore so either alter the stress they invalidate they make the person wrong um like the person has a.

Complaint that person said no no you're just making things up or they evaluate you know let's say you know your problem is blah blah blah so really it communication is is it could be used as a tool or a weapon and and the thing is that if you're running into these personality types that are doing this to you either.

You can have to handle them or kind of just avoid them because try to fix the adrenals in this pressure cooker environment it's really tough um so you want to pick your friends your family very wisely right your coworker put your boss okay what happens when you're under stress is you lose this one thing called.

Space your space comes in on you I mean look look what happens look at this and look at this can you see the space where this guy is and see the space over here she has a lot of space what happens when you get space is all that stress can move off your body and your Drina glands get happier and that's why people can go on a vacation or go in.

A different location maybe go hiking and the stress goes way down if you go from your office to the gym on a treadmill and watch TV and go home that is not good for the adrenals the best exercise the best therapy for the adrenal is to go somewhere to get space what workout am i doing now basically I go outside in my backyard and I chop wood I love doing.

That it gets my attention off things I'm lifting things I'm looking at things I am not on a treadmill so I ride my bike I so I always try to get space go for long walks but the best exercise for the dream is not a high intensity at first they have to do long walks and just looking at stuff not with the headphones just getting space because look at this.

Here's my great graphic design here you are thinking about all these problems 24/7 guess what you're doing you're just triggering the adrenals because they react to mental stress constantly so we need to get your attention out of your head and out into the environment okay very important very subtle very simple but you need to do that.

Number three food stresses now here's something interesting you might think that um you know you're a stress eater and you eat this junk food it lowers your stress it really doesn't junk food does not lower stress it increases body stress I guarantee you eat that cake and about I'd say about I don't know about three minutes later.

Four minutes later five minutes later jörgen is field stress start building up because your blood Sugar's have crashed they went up in then went down and you're getting irritable more stressed out so these so-called junk foods actually add more stress so it's a trap because there's a little bit of pleasure there it's like a drug do drugs make you.

Better temporarily they make you feel better but they don't so this is a total trap that people are in so what do you do you avoid the sugars and the hidden sugars so then the cravings go away and I'm talking about fruit so fruit is not a problem to maintain white fruit probably won't increase weight gain but it definitely prevents the loss of it.

Grains especially oatmeal breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes those are all things that stop weight loss yogurt even plane has the hidden sugars it's like six to 10 grams look start reading the label under the sugar grams and you'll see alcohol turns into sugar I'm sorry but if you if you actually drink alcohol.

Then you're going to have to be okay with not burning fat for one to two days because it's going to block that burning so just be aware of what you're doing and be okay with it okay so I'm just I'm just pointing your attention on work what's making you stressed out okay I mean look at an apple when I look at ingredients I.

Always look at this one thing down here not the total carbohydrate that the total sugars 19 grams that's like eating a candy bar you should have this at zero or less than 119 grams crazy so there are things you can eat that substitute for the things that you crave in my membership site I give you recipes of things like some of.

These are on my website some of these are not but this is like a healthy granola this is a peanut butter cup this is a bread that has no flour cookie that has no flour no sugar ice cream there's no sugar this is like almond joy substitute no sugar these here you could do these things so you keep in the refrigerator that way you don't feel.

Like you're deprived and you just can do a long-term here's another thing that's interesting synthetic vitamin C most vitamin C out there soul is made synthetically from corn starch which by the way has no vitamin C in sulfuric acid and they mix the two together and they make ascorbic acid and they sell it as vitamin C well ascorbic acid is one.

Little tiny portion of the vitamin C complex and if it's made artificially it's not the real thing so because the adrenal gland stores most of Ottoman C in the body because you need the vitamin C to convert into adrenal hormones if you take synthetic C it will deplete the other factors in the vitamin C complex they're supposed to.

Make hormones and it will weaken the adrenals so taking it like anything over a hundred milligrams 500 milligrams of vitamin C and your synthetic vitamins is not a good idea for the adrenals especially if you take grams ye I've had people worse than adrenals by taking synthetic vitamin C and by the way there is no vitamin C in.

Orange juice why because it's pasteurized and there's two things it's destroyed vitamin C one is heat and the other is oxygen so and even if you did drink orange juice it's just like sugar water and the reason why they can claim it's vitamin C is because they legalized synthetic vitamin C to be vitamin C and so they don't really differentiate.

Between synthetic and whole food vitamin C let's just take a look at vitamin C where it and come from bell peppers oh my gosh that's a lot of vitamin C Kiwi kale strawberries papaya broccoli oranges I want to just actually are low on the vitamin C complex I like to get my vitamin C from bell peppers or kale all right here's the other nutrient out.

Of all the nutrients potassium is the single most important nutrient for the nervous system for the adrenals why because when you have an overactive adrenal you deplete your potassium and then if you deplete your potassium you basically you get nervous your muscles cramp up your adrenals can't calm down potassium is a physiological.

Tranquilizer it calms you down and you need like 4700 milligrams a day no one gets that you say well I eat a banana a day that's 300 milligrams you'd have to have eight bananas or one-two-three-four-five avocados every single day to get your potassium okay so I recommend some other things instead of getting that and I'm going to recommend.

Getting it from salad all right sell it so let me just show you something here check this out this is my salad okay you need about I'd say about seven to ten cups of salad every single day to get your potassium but you don't just get your potassium to get all you could divide it and see that's why we want to go with the.

Vegetables now this looks pretty big right that's because I'm holding in front of me but if I hold it right here it's it's more doable say that big as my head but look at this this is seven cups and it's just fluffed it's not like packed down I do 10 cups this is how much I eat and I give them they actually do a little bit more than this but you.

Need to do a minimum but look at the type of salad I use so serious it's not just ice berg this has a lot of different now where do I get my salad I go to the farmers market why because I had a friend that lived in Russia and I notice every time he came to America he got fat and he a lot of salad eat a lot of vegetables but back.

Home he said his salad and his vegetables there's there's so much more tastier more nutritious and he loses weight on them um because they're nutrient dense like we have cellar that's empty so you minimally need to go get it from the healthy store not 7-eleven don't get your sell it from 7-eleven or shoppers.

Maybe maybe they might have organic but if you could go to the farmers market and get your vegetables you're going to get on much higher quality and you're going to get you can get these mixed lettuce leaves right here and this will give you that healthy glow I'm 50 years old and I know that the more of this I eat I just I just look younger and.

Younger and so you want to start consuming healthy things but most people don't have enough vegetable in their diet they have this little cell and intellect vegetables you can actually even blend this with maybe like a couple of berries with water blend this and make and drink your salad but you need to start adding salads to your diet now.

I also use a salad scissors now you can see them in two knives right so I will chop this salad right here and make it like half of this thing so I can eat it and if you get bloated well then have another type of vegetable if you get bloated like do maybe a spring green or something like that or you need to fix this.

To be able to digest all that and I just remembered I my wife and I make different things every single week we make things for the whole week that are kind of like healthy comfort foods we pour a granola bar without all the crap but this week we made something called almond bread I want to show you this right here this is made with sesame.

Seeds and um onions this stuff is freaking amazing with soy sauce but it's organic it's Bragg's it's salty chip and these are delicious and we made these in a dehydrator and they're real easy so the member should try to give you the recipe for all these things and a lot more and each week we create another one but these are things that you should.

Prepare for the week and then that way you don't have to think about it okay so let me go back to the slide right here okay so increase your potassium rich food I don't recommend taking in a supplement unless it's a food base it won't create the same effect I mean when you lose weight you wanna you want to lose and healthily you know um now.

Number six only have a protein breakfast now you're looking at my egg oil oh my gosh that's gonna increase my cholesterol not if you're not doing the carbs it won't um I do grass-fed bacon and there's nothing wrong with that at all in fact I'm you don't have to do it you can do tricky bacon you don't do baking.

It all but I I consume that and these pigs are way way healthier than chicken I'll tell you that right now because eat grass and they it's a little bit of different taste but that's just what I do so you want a protein maybe some avocado maybe some vegetable but mainly protein fat breakfast because that's going to actually establish your bless.

You the whole day and you will feel so much better okay very important for the adrenals okay so now are you ready for some serious results because I'm going to show you this membership site that I basically created over the last three months so you really have two choices plan a you.

Could come to my office and let us do the evaluation and and work on you and that's probably the ideal scene but if you don't live locally Plan B I created it to do it yourself it's adrenal body type exclusive membership and in this membership I basically show you all the advanced techniques on the endocrine system it's what we do to help people.

Take them to the next level it's this goes way beyond weight loss because there is one two three four five six different sections there's a section called one thing at a time and basically there are a hundred and thirty-eight videos 98% of these videos are not on YouTube or my website you can't find them so it's especially created for this.

Portal but you start off on the left and you go to the right and what you can do is you can add one technique at a time and implement it they're short to the point videos really simple and you start implementing one thing at a time at your own pace and we basically show you what to eat what not to eat help you understand how to burn fat what to do.

What not to do so that's the first section sex the second section is called barrier and situations and in that section we cover something that I surveyed 900 of my clients and people are on my list and I the number one thing that I found is that they can't stick to a program because they have low willpower well in truth it's not really.

Low willpower it's that either they don't get results or they don't have tools to overcome all the temptation and what to do at a restaurant what to do in stress eating what are you bored when you're eating out of boredom so I take every single possible situation and I show you how to solve it so you can.

Stick to things a lot longer I'm not a lot longer I mean forever because the next section is going to be substitute pleasure foods and we're going to show you amazing recipes that you can create every single week to have in your house to replace the junk we're getting the junk on the trunk and replacing with some good stuff and the you'll get the.

Same pleasure but without the sugar or the bad stuff and every week I'm going to be adding more recipes more amazing snacks more content so this is just going to help motivate you and keep you going now don't get overwhelmed by 138 videos because um you're going to go to the videos that pertain to you and you might.

Not have a problem with certain things and that that's why I wanted to talk about the next section which is basically body problems solved so if you're trying to lose weight we're going to be able to fix all the weak links in the body and I'm talking about you're only as strong as your weakest link you might have inflammation you.

Might have a heavy period might have hot flashes constipation bloating sleep problems these other note like so called non weight related things must be fixed in this section I show you how to fix them I show you how to evaluate then the next one is real-life case studies and we up this and update this on a regular basis the thing I like about this is.

That you can watch real live examples of my own clients in my office outside my office and we video all the successful actions that they have done but you'll see one lady who lost four pounds in a week and what we did after not losing any weight for a long time so it's kind of like a debug and explaining um you know people's mistakes you can learn.

From other people and how we took a lady who are blood Sugar's were over 200 down to 106 in one week so it's really cool and the last one is the most important advanced techniques I do not recommend looking at that Ralph that because you need to get the basics in first but these are all the acupressure techniques that are way.

Beyond just the weight loss this is about extracting stress it's about working on the different endocrine glands naturally and manually you with some of them you do need help from another person and your spouse or a friend or if I have family member but a lot of them you can do on yourself um you're also going to learn how to get.

Rid of old injuries and you're going to like that so this will give you the unfair advantage the only thing about getting access to this membership is that you have to agree not to teach any of my materials okay because I'm giving this to you added is it's an off at discount rate and the last thing I want to do is is have people take my.

Information and teach it you can use it for yourself for your family for your friends but you can't teach it okay there's two people right now two doctors that I ended up successively suing because they did take my information and they started teaching it without my permission so I want to protect it because people will alter it and you.

Never know and I know that's not going to be healed but I just you're just gonna have to agree that you won't teach it okay two goals one is to get your lifestyles squared away and all your habits grooved in so you can do this long term but then the other thing is to get the body working right to fix the body so you can burn more fat so this.

Exclusive membership you'll have access to the advanced techniques for the Drina body type and all others and you get access to me personally like I answer the questions the only thing I ask is that like when people ask a question sometimes they might say I can't lose weight what do I do or they give me a whole book of questions in their history.

That's that kind of goes beyond this this portal I'm talking like a quick question a very specific question with the background let's say my cholesterol is this I've done this what do I do if this is work because in order to evaluate I need I need more information but it has to be like a quick question and answer because.

That because at this level you know be happy to just to check you know answer any questions if they're quick and easy not a problem and I check it daily so I will be looking at this a lot more than other like my blog or on the YouTube comments etc so you have access to me directly of course I show you what to eat and I.

Show you what to do and I explain um you know give you options for your habits and things but I'm going to give you strategies and then each month you will get something really cool I have a series of booklets that I'm working on called beyond symptoms series and you'll get access to that before anyone gets access to it and each week will add more.

And more things okay what is the investment what's the cost it's not going to be 299 bucks it's not going to even be 199 or even 99 it's basically only $36 a month there is a three month minimum now you have to get three months in advance to do this and that's because you one month is not going to be enough to fix all these issues you have to give.

It at least three months or longer to be able to fix these issues now there is another option you can get it less expensive for eighteen dollars a month but you would have to also prepay for the whole year okay so those are the two options 36 or 18 a month one is the three month minimum the next is an $18 minimum so let me just show you where.

You can do this here so I think you can this offer right here yeah I think you can see it if not you can look below and there should be a link but if you click on the adrenal body type advanced membership Add to Cart you'll be able to go into let me see if I could I'll give you the link to so you can go here and choose your options I think this is.

Working I don't okay should work okay let's see here yeah it should work you should see the link to go get this program now I want to show you something right here we go back to this portal right here it bumped me out again okay let's see if I go right here this is what I want to share with you okay now here's the other.

Who's the other thing that I want to mention if you're not a hundred percent satisfied get a refund okay so I'm just letting you know there's no risk to you at all there's a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not totally thrilled you can get a refund so there's no risk so you definitely um it's a great deal okay because here's the thing the most.

Important thing I think beyond the eating and and all the other things is the advanced techniques because it handles the cortisol and you cannot learn this anywhere no one's doing this no weight loss program focuses on the stress piece at all and there's two other things if you want to get this today I'm going to give you two bonuses.

One is unlimited access to my meal creator software and you'll get that for free and it's really cool because if you were to try to do a program and you're trying to create a meals and you're not you're not actually organizing or planning out your meals for the week and like you go day-to-day it won't work because by Wednesday if you don't have.

The right meal to the right food in your house guess what's going to happen you're going to go off the program so this allows you to quickly select the foods that you like and press enter and create a weekly meal plan you print it out put it on your refrigerator it also gives you other recipes so now you have a plan you take this to the grocery.

Store you can check it out and you will have unlimited um access to this meal crater plan and it's really cool it allows people to stick to things a lot easier and it's part of the bonus if you get this thing today and there's one more really cool bonus that I have to share with you I've been working the last six months on it some advanced.

Evaluation software and you will be able to take this quiz once a month it's very complex it's very deep and I wanted to show you what it looks like hopefully I can show you what it looks like um by giving you let's see if I could find it let me see right here okay be able to show you this let me see here hopefully yes I think hmm you gotta see.

This um let's see here here's my this is a this is the back end of software and let me just see where it is so I'm going to just see if you could see this here now hmm okay that's fine I'm going to show you okay it's not popping up here for some reason um unfortunately but what I did is I took every single symptom you could imagine acne hair loss.

Bitching I took every single symptom and I typed out every single possible cause for that symptom and then I typed all the common causes and all their symptoms and that's the problem with evaluation is that you have symptoms and your causes and you know causes you know symptoms back this can be very confusing and I basically consolidated all this.

Information into some logic that I use without even knowing I was using it I put it together and I digitized it so when you fill out this it's a long quiz it will evaluate your data and find your real cause and it tells you what to do so it's very cool and if you were to go ahead and take this and then each month take it and you have less and less.

Symptoms you can actually get better over time so that evaluation software is included as a bonus if you want to get this today a couple questions that people always ask me about this will this be available later if I decide to do it later absolutely you just won't get the bonuses okay why do I have to do a.

Prepay because it takes at least three months to be able to apply this and actually um see some major results one month is not going to cut it and I'm giving you everything but the kitchen sink I'm giving you everything in this portal so you'll be able to learn the advanced techniques which you might not realize it yet but uh these are the.

Techniques that I help people drop their sugars in 80 points in 30 minutes from doing these bodywork I've had other people get their temperature back in this massive weight I had one lady she um she heard I was perfect I mean it was better than mine and she basically her problem was she didn't sleep first treatment we did the advanced technique.

On and she slept for I think 13 hours the next two weeks she lost more weight in two weeks she'd she did for the last two years from the sleep so it's about restoring the inside of the body so you can get your body back and whatever your barrier is we we fix it and the other thing is that we're going to be adding a lot more content as we go.

But it's my basically communication portal my platform sort of speak with you so we can go back and forth and work on you remotely it's the best way that do this without having to physically come in my office you can come to my office too and not a problem and there's you can even come for a free evaluation I charge for my evaluations if you want.

To see me for my first evaluation so 150 but you can get an evaluation from one of my practitioners for free okay so that's how that works but anyway I want to thank you so much for your attention in this webinar I want you to seriously consider doing the portal and also all the other tips that I recommend I want.

You to apply those as well because this is the year that you need to get your body back and do it in a healthy way and look at the whole picture and the next time someone comes up to you and basically tries to stress you out now you know exactly what they're doing with your communication so you can start to avoid.

Stress with people with food with the type of exercise you should do to enhance your sleep and those things so I want to thank you and I'll see you on the inside of my portal very soon
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