Heart Nutrition – the Missing Link

Heart Nutrition – the Missing Link

Heart Nutrition – the Missing Link

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Hey guys can you hear me I think you can awesome so I'll just wait about 30 seconds I want to get right into it course I have too much information try to cram it into a smaller time I'm not going to go two hours I promise I'm not going to go past one hour but this this uh this webinar is probably going to be one of the most important ones since I'm.

Going to show you some valuable data on how to really salvage your heart situation and law increase your longevity and even if you have a problem with the heart we're going to give you a lot of solutions so oh cool yeah everyone can hear me awesome so I'm just going to dive right in there okay so I've been playing around this thing.

Hopefully um you'll be able to see my slides and let me just hold them up right now okay let's see if that works yeah that should work okay cool awesome perfect hey just to give you a little quick very quick background of um let me just make sure yeah okay this is the one I won't show you um about ten years ago I had this crazy.

Idea and I wanted to build a microphone a heart machine and I wanted to model it after dr. Reilly's heart monitor and so back in the 30s eye doctor really basically developed a way to take let me just kind of start from the beginning here because I I don't want you to see these there we go let me just start right here cool so I want you to see.

This one slide right here this is a microphone perfect okay all right cool so dr. Rowley he was a famous nutritionist back in the 30s and 40s and 50s this guy developed a heart machine back there and it was a huge machine it was he had like 10,000 or 20,000 thousand of them out in the community and two.

Doctors and they were assessing people using the heart machine heart waves to measure nutritional deficiencies so they were able to develop a lot of research in the area of cardiovascular health and nutrition so here they were out there you know evaluating people telling them what to take for this and that because the heart is the fastest responding.

Oregon to nutrition of anything so he has all this research so then in 1963 the FDA came in and pretty much took away his right to you know promote nutrition especially for medical diseases so he was even under probation and the confiscated all of his research and they burned it and the whole thing anyway um there was a guy another guy.

Who saved his research and he and he has it available now and they have a very private personal library with all this data that I went to Palmyra Wisconsin to see all of his research in to copy it make copies of it so I had this crazy idea about 10 years ago of of digitizing this heart machine and I thought oh this is a this is a great idea I'll be able.

To digitize it and I can check people and oh my gosh this is amazing because the technology now is so much better blah blah blah so I've hired acoustic engineers electrical engineers programmers from Russia all over the place and when we took the microphone a part of this 1935 machine that measures.

Your heart waves it's called a phone a cardiogram we found that it wasn't a regular microphone he was using a different technology back then which just kind of shocked us and that was he was using something called earthquake sensing devices is called the accelerometer which measures very tiny vibrations so.

He had an earthquake sensor in his microphone so then I had to go to a company that sells earthquake sensing devices ooh so it's called an accelerometer and I had to basically um by this little earthquake sensor and build it into a plastic microphone so when when this microphone attached to your heart the whole heart goes into.

Sympathetic vibration with the microphone so you don't have that diaphragm anymore you have the just pure duplication of the heart wave so I built that and very expensive this is the earthquake sensing device right here we have electrical engineers working on this thing for several years and we had this really really cool thing and then I.

Had to have the software for it and so we built the software to be able to analyze it and so that's that was a that went on for months and months and months and months or months and so right when we went into the area of FDA approval process that's where it stopped because the amount of money would cost me with just bankrupting so I basically have all.

This stuff in a box in my basement right now sitting there so I dropped the project it was just too expensive um but anyway I learned a lot from doing this and I want to share with you a lot of the things that I've learned um that I think you're going to like okay so we're going to talk about the cardiovascular system the cardiovascular system.

Um runs on nutrition just about every single nutrient but I'm going to talk about the big ones so um I want to make sure you can see me right now since someone says I can't see anything anymore someone says I lost the audio so just please tell me can you hear me before I get started because last thing I wanna.

Do is get halfway into it find out um oh yeah you can't even hear me can you hear me now yes I will make copies of this arm there's always a delay so I have to wait okay cool all right everything's fine alright so I have to show you this right here um okay so let me just go and open this up right here share it everyone boom okay we're good.

Alright so anyway it was a good experience expensive experience alright so the first thing I want to talk about is electrolytes what is an electrolyte is it Gatorade well there's only two minerals and Gatorade electrolytes are electrically charged minerals other minerals that when you dissolve them in.

A fluid they can conduct electricity they allow muscles to contract they allow nerves to send impulses they allow fluid to travel through the body so that's what electrolytes are like sodium potassium calcium magnesium we're going to talk about pretty much for minerals or electrolytes okay we're not gonna talk about all of them but basically.

Electrolytes are those things that the heart needs to contract the nerve that goes to the heart to sends signals to form a pacemaker and that's what they're used for and what they do is they're they allow things to move back and forth in and out of the cell okay so for example most of the sodium is outside the cell most of the potassium is in.

Sad to sell so you have this this difference it allows a called a gradient of electrical charge that flow from one side to another so we actually can get things moving all right so that's what electrolyte is so and this is what Gatorade sells because look at how much sugar 35 grams of sugar that has to be milligrams that can't be grams that's.

Crazy they do give you two lecture lights potassium and sodium so you get potassium I got 65 milligrams that's really not the best way to get your electrolytes it's just pure sugar okay so check this out we have this heart we have the muscle of the heart we have the nerves going to.

The heart we have the blood vessels going to the heart and that's we're going to talk about all three different areas in relationship to what can go wrong and what you can do to prevent and correct these problems but you can see right here when these little minerals go or electrolytes go into the cell things can move and other minerals go outside.

The cell so that's what actually allows the nerve to conduct and then look at a muscle to contract a muscle you need calcium calcium is the main electrolyte that can tracks the muscle okay if you ever see your blood pressure the top number it's called systolic that's due to calcium that's a contraction the bottom number is due to more relaxation.

And that's controlled by magnesium so you have two different electrolytes so contraction all these electrolytes go in and out of the cell and then something contracts so here's a heart wave you can see the contraction and relaxation calcium controls the contraction of the muscle all right so a lot can go wrong with that if you have too much calcium.

Or not enough calcium you there's no contraction or there's too many contractions they call that fibrillation or tetany atrial fibrillation and what I want to tell you and this is interesting everyone's concerned about cholesterol for the last 50 years the really funny now that coronary calcium is the single.

Best predictor of heart attacks so you can actually even get a coronary calcium scoring test it's a cat scan and just measures the calcium inside the heart um we'll get into why it's there but just realize right now cholesterol is not a really good indicator of heart disease like they say I will tell you a little bit more about that but um there so.

There's actually quite a few studies that show that men and women then have lower cholesterol have more problems with their cardiovascular system so but I don't want to create more confusion it's not really important what's important right now is usually understand cows too much calcium is really bad for the heart okay especially.

For heart attacks why because calcium causes the arteries to become stiff inelastic so you no longer have the elasticity and so everything is very rigid and then the pressure is going to go higher and higher and higher and then it can blow out an artery and that's what we call a stroke okay so if you look right here not only does your.

Arteries calcify but if you have there's a huge a correlation between calcification of your arteries which is soft as your calcium and osteoporosis interesting so what's happening with a lot of people is calcium is just in the wrong place at the wrong time instead of going in the bones it goes in the soft tissues of the body so we get kidney.

Stones golf stones clacking of the arteries tartar on the teeth bone pain insomnia muscle cramps arrhythmia high blood pressure asthma because of the spasm in the bronchial tubes increase urination constipation these are all symptoms of too much calcium now what the heck is the cow the calcium doing in your.

Arteries right well primarily one of the reasons it goes in there is that it's acting as a band-aid to actually help and patch up so they call lesions or shall we say micro hemorrhaging or bleeding tiny little tears in the arteries and so calcium and cholesterol go in there to patch it up to protect you to help you so that's really why.

It's there because you don't see a calcium accumulating or cholesterol randomly you don't see these accumulating in your veins they're very specific in areas of high pressure like the aorta or stick the coronary which is around the heart so what's happening is you get this little lesion or this little tear.

Which really comes from a vitamin C deficiency because if you look at a vitamin C deficiency should give bleeding gums will you'll get bleeding spider veins varicose veins and that bleeding is going on all over the body okay so the cholesterol comes in to try to plug it up the calcium comes and try to patch it up and that's really what's.

Behind clogged arteries so it's a vitamin C deficiency calcium is laid on the chain so it's cholesterol now doctors like to use a calcium channel blockers as the heart medication and this is interesting why would they use calcium channel blockers because there's too much calcium in the heart so it says right here um.

Calcium channel blockers several medications disrupt a movement of calcium through the calcium channels to use for hypertension decrease blood pressure and again stiffness and the arteries and common causes of elevated systolic that's the top number um so these have been used slightly more effective than beta blockers which has.

To do with blocking another thing which is connected to the adrenal gland which we'll get into but they're associated with more side-effects okay why because you're just treating the symptom you're not getting rid of the cause so it's just interesting that they're trying to use a drug to get rid of something that really is a.

Nutritional problem so as you develop plaque the first thing that happens is a micro hemorrhage an immune system reaction and then signals calcium and cholesterol to start blacking that's really the stage of a cycle of clogged artery um there's a really high it's a you know you go to amazon.com and you see these these books on these great um.

Technical books on the body but they're like two hundred and fifty dollars or like three hundred fifty bucks so I did a search and I made a little copy of kind of the anatomy of a plaque and this whole book is but one just one inch thick and it talks about what's really the mechanism behind clogged arteries and it's right here you can see local.

Micro hemorrhage which basically in the healing process you have fibrosis that scar tissue and calcium and cholesterol that's really the first chain of reaction so it's a vitamin C deficiency but you might say well I take vitamin C right most people are taking the wrong kind of vitamin C they're taking something.

Called ascorbic acid ascorbic acid is only the the eggshell to the egg the orange pill the antioxidant portion the Scorpio acid is really not even vitamin C it's one tiny portion it's really there to protect the inside of a tendancy complex Nach in nature vitamin c always comes in complexes and that's you're seeing on the left side right.

Here and that's really what you need is a whole complex so I always recommend getting your vitamin C from a food complex do not get it synthetically they make it from ascorbic acid and a sulfuric acid and cornstarch which has no vitamin C the problem the reason I'm talking about this a little bit longer is because when you take high amounts of.

Ascorbic acid you actually will start creating this micro hemorrhage so one of the causes of bleeding arteries and gums is taking too much of the wrong thing ascorbic acid okay people take grams of this stuff now how do you know do you have to get a calcium test well not necessarily you can look at your other symptoms do you tend to get kidney.

Stones bone pain abdominal pain increase urination depression these are all just signs of high soft tissue calcium ulcers isn't it interesting that too much calcium causes ulcers look what they give people Oscars they give them an e acids they give them calcium carbonate which actually causes an ulcer Wow that's interesting so if you have a lot.

Of stiffness if you have arthritis high blood pressure then you pretty much can suspect you could have some high high amounts of calcium in the body that shouldn't be there all right and then also if you have low stomach acid like in heartburn because heartburn really is a low stomach situation you will not be able to absorb calcium calcium needs to.

Be absorbed in an acid medium it's kind of like your little faucet outside where you have all the calcium buildup and it then causes a problem with these little specks of calcium now as we're going through this I want to make sure that you guys don't have any questions so I'm going to see if you have any questions and then if you could do me a big favor.

If you can tell me um what kind of heart problems that you have do you have atrial fibrillation do you have high blood pressure do you have enlarged heart just go ahead let me now okay so Veronica says if we take vitamin C should we take vitamin d3 k2 along with it I'm going to get there hang in there oh by the way at the end.

Of this webinar I want to give you guys the notes the summarization of all the nutrition and what it does you guys want that so stick stick with me through the whole thing and I'll give you the download at the end of seminar okay so you have everything that I'm talking about you'll have it downloaded it's right here this whole thing someone.

Summarized okay alright so I just wanted to make sure that you guys are with me here you're not checked out okay a lot of blood blood pressure Wow okay atrial fib well you're going to be glad that you're listening to this because there's things that you can do okay great I'm sorry to hear that but alright.

So let me just open this little guy here okay cool let me just go back here okay what are the risks of high tissue soft tissue calcium ten times the risk of atrial fib five times the risk of stroke three times heart attack five five times blood pressure twenty five times at risk for kidney stones and four times for GERD so you know it's so interesting.

That the doctor tells us to take calcium in the central silver you never ever ever ever ever want to take something called calcium carbonate that's the worst thing you can do and people are taking like like 2,000 milligrams of that stuff especially women after menopause sin it's like it's just taking a rock it's not going to absorb it's.

Just going to clog up your arteries and that's not the way to build your bones either okay so now I want to talk about vitamin k2 what is vitamin k2 vitamin k2 is going to be the next probably next superfood because this vitamin is a recently discovered by them and it transports calcium to your bones and your teeth and it helps make your.

Arteries and joints more elastic in other words it transports soft tissue calcium out of the wrong places out of the arteries there's even cardiologists that are recommending this to clean out your arteries this is great for low blood pressure lowering blood pressure so if you're pregnant you need to be taking.

K2y because the baby will come out with really good teeth that they won't need braces they won't have deformed dental structures they won't have an underbite or an overbite if you're deficient in k2 you get a dowager's hump that's that hump on your back you shrink in age so k2 makes your bones really sell it this is the key vitamin that activates a bone.

Grub formation and making your bones really solid I was taking this when I broke my shoulder and my left elbow in the last five years um okay so vitamin D what that does is it helps absorb calcium from the gut into the blood okay so if it basically increases the calcium absorption by 20 times from your intestines but vitamin D does not does.

Not necessarily push the calcium all the way in the bone it works with k2 but k2 needs vitamin d3 to activate to be activated so they both work together in nature you will always see them together okay and this is why people say well why do I have to take d3 with k2 what can I just take k2 well it's just not going to work is effectively now vitamin k1 that.

Has to do with regulating calcium to help you clot to heal and you ek1 but k1 has about 8 different proteins and some of them are anti-clotting in other words our clotting depending what you need so when people are on warfarin which is like rat poison which is for thinning of the blood boy that can really throw off.

Their ability to heal but you do need k1 with k2 I always recommend taking vitamin K in a complex take 1 & 2 together with all the factors that way you're not missing anything because they both work together ok k2 is essential for preventing something like this and under bite overbite humpback cavities tartar and teeth I tell you I wish I.

Would have known about this with my kids that would have been really really cool even myself I wish I would have known about this but ok so art Harding of the arteries sufficient k2 you don't get calcium deposits in the arteries okay lacking k2 your honour's become stiff blood pressure starts kicking in some of you are already on k2 and some of you.

Have seen the some of the videos I've done in case studies where I've had patients take k2 and with a matter of 30 30 to 90 days you can see a nice reduction of blood pressure and chest pain angina so when you have a too much calcium and too little K 2 you get blood pressure arrhythmias which are basically your hearts out of rhythm because the.

Electrical see that calcium is also accumulating on the nerves as well and you ever see people that twitch on the left eye or they have like little facial twitches that's because the calcium is building up on that nerve heart attack strokes osteoporosis and osteopenia where do you get k2 grass-fed organic animal products.

Pasture-raised pasture-raised not pasteurized pasture-raised like chickens that actually go in the pasture and eat the grass I always buy organic pasture-raised eggs not pasteurized eggs butter Kerrygold butter that's grass-fed grass-fed kefir um when I was a kid I craved butter like it was crazy I would.

I would eat a pound of butter in one sitting little did I know I was trying to get this darn k2 and I had every single cup tooth filled with cavities because I so much sugar I probably would have been protected if I had that much k2 but I didn't know it at the time I was raised in Wisconsin where they had cows and we had really good butter and.

Everything was cool but interesting why I craved that butter that means your vitamin two deficient you can also if you're a vegetarian you can get in from nted foods such as NATO as well goose liver and it's actually another liver as well certain cheeses such as brie and gouda now isn't it interesting what are the doctors telling you to do for the.

Last 50 years avoid fat of go lean you know don't consume fatty foods stay away from fat well guess what that did that get causes cause so many problems of the heart calcification of the heart that's that's vitamin d3 in k2r fat soluble vitamins you get them from the fat now I'm going to talk about cholesterol for a second I know some of you are still.

Kind of stuck on the cholesterol is bad for you it's going to clog my arteries but let me just explain something your body makes 2,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day yeah mm it's there to make vitamin D it's there to make bile bi le to help you absorb nutrients it's there to make stress hormones it's there to heal the body the.

Lens of the eye is fed cholesterol it's to make serotonin every single cell in your body almost every cell makes cholesterol interesting so if your body makes it why is it so bad it's the wrong target it's been the wrong target this whole time so I'm going to show you something that's quite interesting and I think I'll be able to show you this.

Right here okay so I have my writing board right here and the Framingham study I don't know if I'm going to be able to do this because everything might be backwards but let's give it a try I think it is backwards so if you have high cholesterol let's say 350 and you have low say it's 120 what they did is they found one out of a hundred no I'm.

Sorry one of them a thousand people will die of a heart attacks with low cholesterol and they found two out of a thousand will die out of the some from high cholesterol so if we go one two two that's an increase of a hundred percent right and that's how they calculate it you have a hundred percent at risk for getting a heart attack.

It sounds pretty scary but what's what's wrong with this picture these are fractions they're not whole numbers if we divide these correctly it's really a 0.1% increase 1/10 of 1% increase if I told you you have a one point one ten to one percent chance of getting heart attacks would you take the statins will you take the drugs probably.

Not so they have to use a term that it has no legal definition called risk they'll never say rate they'll say risk and by the way I'm going to get into statins in a little bit um lipitor this is amazing lipitor you know what that you know which they make they made over a hundred billion dollars and the only study that showed.

That it had some positive cholesterol-lowering ability show toes only for men they're high-risk and it said three out of a hundred people who take lipitor will have a heart no I'm sorry three out of 100 that don't take lipitor have heart attacks two out of a hundred that take lipitor won't have a heart.

Attack so they said it's a 33% reduction so that's one out of a hundred less for every hundred people only one people one person less will actually not have a heart attack but this is not death rate just heart attack we don't they don't die but they did find out by taking lipitor your overall death rate does go.

Up this side effect is there's class action I think this class action suits right now side effects liver damage diabetes memory loss I mean it's like unbelievable unbelievable um so this whole rush of lowering cholesterol cholesterol used to be 125 I'm sorry 225 now they've brought it.

Down the to 200 and they put everyone on at high risk okay good so um a lot of you are already trying to k2 awesome okay good lot of questions but I have to finish this someone asked about vitamin F yep um I have just so much information I just have to type it but I want to know is this backwards can you this is everything backwards can you read it I.

Mean I'm looking at it from a different viewpoint but okay let me go back into this check this out let me just go right here yeah lipitor unbelievable Inc significantly increasing diabetes I cannot believe it's still on the market bad effects fatten users have a 21 percent increased risk of death compared.

To placebo oh my gosh and also look at this statins 400 over 400% increased risk of serious adverse cardiovascular events cancer muscle pain elevated see what I noticed when people take lipitor or statins they get a lot of pain joint pain that's the side effect okay so let's say your cholesterol is really really high what.

Can you take I recommend niacin niacin is probably one of the most effective things of lowering cholesterol but the other thing you have to do is that get the sugar out of the diet it's the sugar that makes the cholesterol more than eating cholesterol makes your high cholesterol I consume lots of cheese lots of egg yolks lots of fat and my.

Cholesterol is is under 600 now I'm just kidding it's probably like 170 I mean I want it to go up a little higher because that cholesterol actually is there to help make adrenal hormones and it's not as long as you're under 225 you're good but we want to look at the the ratios of good and bad cholesterol which I'll get.

Into but the point is that you want to get off the sugar or the hidden sugars if you're if you have high cholesterol if you want to lower it niacin is a good remedy it's a B vitamin b3 okay we talked about vitamin D it helps you absorb calcium in the gut by twenty twenty times transports calcium from the gut to your blood it helps activate k2.

And it helps lower blood pressure okay that's cool but why are people deficient in vitamin D it's mainly because of high levels of cortisol cortisol from stress blocks the absorption vitamin D yes it could be lack of sun another cause could be lack of a good gall bladder that produces the bile let's say you don't have a gall bladder chances are you.

Don't have the file to absorb button or D or the other fat type of item and so you're going to take some bile supplement the bile is necessary to help you absorb all the fat cyber vitamins vitamin D k2 vitamin E and vitamin A ok so now the other thing is high blood pressure depression bone pain loss of bone low immune system so.

Cod liver oil color oil is a really good way to get a nice balance of vitamin A vitamin D but it's what I would recommend get that virgin cod liver oil because right now you don't really I don't really trust lot of these companies they could refine it the ad vitam is in there virgin cod liver oil is the absolute.

Best and by the way the blue-ice the fermented cod liver oil there's no such thing you can't prevent an oil it's just going to go rancid that's why it tastes so fishy yes I did recommend it in the past but it's I was like wait a second you can only ferment carbohydrate not oils so I don't it's it's just I don't I don't trust them ok so fatty fish eggs.

Have vitamin D dairy those are all real good sources now vitamin D excess like like ups let's say the doctor gives you fifty thousand international units once a week I think that's an excess but especially if it's not taken every day it's just like once a week but here's the thing vitamin D excess really is a k2 deficiency if you take k2 you won't.

Become vitamin D toxic okay so when they talk about international units like for example ten thousand international units of vitamin D is really one milligram it's not that much but even 50,000 IU's it's not that much but if you do like one hundred or two hundred thousand and I use out of indeed without the k2 you're going to get hypercalcemia that's.

Too much calcium and arteries just because you're loading it up but you're not taking the k2 to deliver it into the cells okay so anyway you not if you know people friends or family taking d3 by itself just tell them to take the cake – it'll be they'll be good we talked about the stages of micromanaging and the.

Vitamin C deficiency here's a good anti soft tissue calcium protocol I recommend 40,000 I use of d3 40,000 I use and then 400 micrograms okay of Kate Kate Kate – it should be that's a typo and there's two versions of k2 one version is at mk4 and the other version is okay MK 7 MK 7 is natural MK 4 is synthetic i I used and I recommend MK 7.

The one that I sell has vitamin k1 and k2 together and it's in its 100 micrograms per tablet or capsule but you take these together you take them in the morning with a little bit of Kerrygold butter or with your eggs or with some fat that's how you take it and you might need to take it for several months to see the changes depending on how much.

Calcium that you have okay so we're switching gears here we're going to talk about vitamin E um vitamin E okay this is interesting vitamin E in nature comes in a complex we never as a individual fractionated to confer all like most people get vitamin E most people don't know that synthetic high amounts actually create.

More problems for people if they take a long-term I mean I would recommend maybe if you're doing a short detox for like a month but long-term vitamin D has not been shown good on your body but vitamin E increases the oxygen carrying capacity it prevents cramping of the heart it's if you take a look on every single mountaintop that people that climbers.

Have climbed these large mountaintops you will see two bottles of vitamin E complex because it increases oxygen carrying capacity for high altitudes so they don't get as sick if they take the vitamin E so it increases oxygen so if you don't have money your heart will cramp it's also good for acne sex organs menopausal.

Women especially after menopause a lot of women need vitamin E because the pituitary is strained because it now has to do the adrenals have to kick it harder and then the ovaries aren't working so the pituitary becomes more deficient by the mini because you're not going to need as much vitamin E to run those ovaries anymore so you see a lot.

Of dry skin you see heart problems things like that okay so but WebMD says that vitamin E harms more than it helps you know the same website that promotes drugs right there pretty much run by drug companies here's the data on that the studies that show show that vitamin E harms you they've used high potency synthetic tocopheryl alpha tocopheryl.

Which is one little tiny piece of the vitamin E complex in high potencies but made synthetically they they do not do Studies and natural vitamin E and that's why it comes out bad so this is a natural vitamin E complex you have there's actually eight to cough rows alpha beta Delta Gamma and it keeps going on and up xanthine selenium.

Vitamin F 1 to e 2 these are all vitamin E come parts of the vitamin E complex so when you're getting a synthetic – kafra you're just getting an eggshell you're not getting the whole thing I mean vitamin E especially with dr. rules royalties research I mean he's he's you could take angina and just turn it off within 10 minutes by giving the.

Person vitamin A – or the vitamin E complex I had a guy several people come into my office with what severe angina and I load them up with you too and they do very very well okay so let's say enjoying a left shoulder pain but now here's a question why would you be deficient in E vitamin E well it's because it's um I already.

Went through that because it's a refined flour disease it's bleached flour when they bleach the flour to make breads pasta cereal crackers viscous waffles pancakes when you consume the flour products that are bleach it destroys all the vitamin E in your body that's why chloride bleach so chlorine is very reactive to vitamin E it oxidizes.

Vitamin E so anytime you have a history of eating sugar refined sugar refined flour you're going to create some serious vitamin E complexes vitamin deficiencies and that's really any people anyone that you know that it's angina they're typically consuming way too much bread pasta sort of things like that so if you did Ezekiel bread that.

Probably would be a lot better okay now we're going to switch to another electrolyte called the sodium myth all right we talked about calcium we talked about vitamin D vitamin k2 and I'm going fast because I just have a lot of data sodium to check this out the risk for death from any cause appeared 24% greater for those consuming lower salts.

What this goes against everything that's right why do we need so D imodium has an RDA a recommended amount a requirement of roughly about 2,400 milligrams that's a teaspoon of sea salt a day that's how much we need if you lower your salt intake you basically and you increase your water intake you dehydrate your cells and you put lots of stress on the.

Heart okay so low salt diet create a lot of weakness within the heart and the person may lower the blood pressure a little bit but the heart suffers because it doesn't have the electrolyte so all this water drinking without the salt you're just going to basically dilute the body in and cause.

Massive dehydration and so we need salt it's not bad sea salt is totally fine but realize when you when you have sodium chloride 40 percent of that is sodium and 60 percent of it's chloride so really it's not necessarily you can't take like a teaspoon of salt and think you're getting a hundred percent sodium you're.

Getting only lessen half of that is actual sodium just FYI and guess what we need the so of the salt the chlorides to build up the stomach acids if you have a low salt diet you end up having heartburn because you don't have the raw material to build up the hydrochloric acid then you can absorb the calcium and the statins cause deficiency of of all.

The electrolytes except calcium so the whole thing is set up to make to propel or to enhance more heart problems it's crazy okay diuretics diuretics deplete potassium sodium magnesium but they keep the calcium they're crazy crazy so here you are trying to lower your blood pressure but guess what you're lowering the.

Electrolytes that's going to create high blood pressure see potassium and magnesium lower blood pressure they're calming minerals they relax the body calcium increases blood pressure the other thing is that um potassium is necessary to hydrate if you have high blood pressure and let's say you're you want to keep eating salt and you lighten.

You're craving salt what you should do is just increase your potassium intake to offset the the excess sodium so let me show you this real fast because so look at this right here so we have sodium and potassium they work together you need forty seven hundred milligrams need about a thousand to twenty three hundred or twenty-four hundred.

Milligrams so we need four times as much potassium but what most people do is they consume way too much sodium from the monosodium glutamate in the Chinese food the junk food the chips like me I used to have the huge bag of chips I would have mass amounts of salt if your adrenals are weak you need salt as well so if salt is not a bad thing but you.

Know you ever notice why sometimes you crave sweet and then you create salt back and forth you're trying to get more hydrated potassium will help balance the sodium no does this they're heavy here and so the doctor saying lower this no no we need to increase this potassium is what we need to increase forget the bit to add a sodium that's easy to get from.

The diet this is hard to get okay so someone says what can I do to increase my cholesterol start consuming more cholesterol foods that could bring it where I would even worry about it that's too low I mean it really depends if it's really too low but typically you want to start consuming more cholesterol to help balance it because your body will just.

Make more if you actually eat less all right so someone says I do thirty k ds so here's the rule of thumb between d3 and k2 it should be 100 micrograms to 10,000 IU's of d3 one I'm sorry 100 micrograms of k2 to 10,000 IU's of d3 this is I use international units micrograms k2 that's the ratio now it could be different from person to.

Person but that's just a general ratio that you might want to follow okay someone's asking about G butter yeah you can do grass peggy all day long that's totally fine alright so let me see here you guys have a lot of good questions lottie's questions are going to be answered as we go through but I just wanted to show you that one thing there.

Okay now let's talk about magnesium wow this is a really important mineral in relationship to atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia problems magnesium works with calcium magnesium cleans out the receptor for calcium when the heart contracts magnesium cleans up the calcium silicon relax if you can't relax if your muscles can't.

Let go you need magnesium of course you need potassium as well but magnesium is a really key mineral I do not recommend magnesium oxide um you can do the magnesium Pico which is the Micra very small amounts um but honestly I'll show you where I like to get I'd like to get my magnesium from food I'll tell you what food has the highest in a bit but.

Check this out magnesium is a major electrolyte in the heart it it controls the heartbeat in the relaxation phase it works closely with calcium and potassium but considered a natural channel a calcium channel blocker so what they really should do is is give you the magnesium instead of the calcium channel blocker.

Especially for blood pressure the highest concentrations of magnesium are in your left ventricle of your heart interest interesting so this is what happens the contraction of the heartbeat the relaxation of the magnesium calcium magnesium working together if you're deficient you get arrhythmias rapid heartbeat stiff arteries because.

Magnesium will help lower calcium high blood pressure angina excessive calcium mitral valve prolapse overactive stress hormones I mean think about how many people have these problems so a lot of these these nutrients tend to cross over and help other problems not just it's not just like if you're deficient by museum you need this you need kind of.

All the electrolytes in the right amounts now if you wanted it here's people I just want to say well we're gonna do a test well first of all doctors never ever test magnesium and even if they do like patatas electrolytes aren't always in the blood they're in the cells so rarely do they show up and even your body will pull.

Minerals from your bone to keep your blood normal so it's not always the best way to assess if you want to check your magnesium um get a red blood a magnesium red blood cell test okay you can get them online and test it if you wanted to test it okay so check this out this is fascinating chlorophyll chlorophyll is the green of.

The plant magnesium is in leafy greens okay that's where you get it because it's in it's the main mineral in chlorophyll wow that's cool so it's actually green so it gives you um or actually reflects green it doesn't absorbs all the other colors so it reflects green so it becomes green so chlorophyll is how you get the magnesium.

Um and yes I get it from my wheatgrass juice powder its raw organic unheated grown on an ancient seed bed so you have all the trace minerals with mass amounts of magnesium it has a very calming effect it's wonderful for the heart it's a hundred percent absorbable so that's how I get my magnesium.

I'll take always take my wheatgrass with the k2 + d3 together and I really if I don't take them together it's I feel doesn't feel as good but chlorophyll ok let's talk let's shift our gears to potassium real fast the task and efficiency interesting interesting interesting the potassium controls the heart rate okay if you're deficient in.

Potassium you have a high poverty and you will also have a labored heart beat a strong heart beat that you will be able to hear in your inner ear when you put your head in the pillow potassium becomes depleted after a heavy carbohydrate meal okay I think I've told you guys the story up when I was getting married and we're out looking for this.

Is 25 years ago I was looking for wedding cakes and so we find this Italian restaurant and they were closing up and this is after having a pizza I had that bread I had this dessert I had the wine I had all this carbohydrate right and then they're going to shoot out all these desserts were the last people there so of course I couldn't see.

That go to waste so I said hey hold up bring that over here and we started eating all these samples of all these cakes I remember driving home and I noticed I'm like I don't feel right I feel incredibly thirsty right now I did not sleep one little minute I was my heart was beating that's because it created a potassium deficiency um so in.

Other words carbohydrates refined carbohydrates are very bad for potassium all right so potassium controls a heart rate I saw this online I just thought this was kind of funny someone was making a comment on might have been Yahoo or something it says I've been a little I've done a little bit of research I've done a little bit of.

Googling and searching nutrition textbooks and I haven't been able to find the sources that explain how RDA is for potassium got to be so much more than any person normally eats that is so funny well that's because no one eats what they need this is right here the RDAs implied that there would be some benefit to reaching the target where.

Some elevated risk of falling short of it does anyone know what research it was it led to the recommendation listen we don't want to we don't um form our recommended rdas based on what the population eats okay that's really bad we want if we want to eat what we recommend tea you know like from like certain nutrient.

Requirements so this is what you'd have to do you'd have to have like eight bananas five avocados to eat your potassium it's very difficult to get potassium because bananas only is like 300 milligrams you need 4700 avocados have 800 milligrams so where do you get your potassium right there salad leafy greens because you know why because.

You'll get the magnesium as well you get the potassium magnesium you'll get even sodium in nature sodium always comes a little bit lower in vegetables but you that's why we have salt sea salt so what should you do you really need to start increasing your vegetables why because the pills if you take potassium pills and magnesium pills.

They those are individual called elemental minerals they're not in the right combinations always and it's really hard to know how much you have to take it's much better if you have the food or a food concentrate so you need bigger salads if I had a heart problem if I had higher blood pressure I would be.

Consuming no less than ten cups of salad every single day and make sure the lettuce is really high-quality make sure it's good if you want spinach that's totally fine but that's how you want to start to reverse this heart problem okay we're switching gears vitamin B complex now how many of you have ever heard a vitamin before before that's not.

That's not a Congre well as you already know the first B vitamin that was ever discovers b1 right and then it goes B to 3 and then what 5 and 6 and 8 and 10 and 12 there's actually a vitamin b4 you can look it up and b4 is is an amazing umm nerve conduction vitamin that helps snap the heart back into tone it helps the tone of the heart it's.

Wonderful for fibrillation and it's wonderful for a large heart when the heart becomes deficient in vitamin before it starts to Sag in droop and it loses tone and that's called in a large tart or cardiomegaly and then what happens the valves don't close like they should because they have now stretched out and then you get murmurs so be.

Vitamin deficiencies create murmurs and a couple sources of the B vitamins you can get it from nutritional yeast which by the way is kind of half of I have a nutritional yeast product is called adrenal de formula because half of it is nutritional yeast but it's no synthetics it's very difficult to get nutritional yeast.

Without having it fortified with synthetics but guess what else has to be complex including before we grass juice powder or wheat grass it contains most all of the b-complex which is very cool because it has the magnesium the vitamin C it has the key doesn't have the k2 but it has all electrolytes okay so that's the B for complex now how do.

You become deficient in before by consuming too many refined flour products and um sugar and that's why they enrich the all the flour products with B vitamins by the way because they when they refine the food they deplete the B vitamin C when I was doing all this research with the heart-machine um you could see some cereal when you do.

People like the B complex you can see changes within ten minutes on the heart heartbeats of course I'm not going to make any claims because the heart the cardiovascular industry is highly suppressive with anything alternative so here's my disclaimer all this information is educational it's for your entertainment.

Before you apply in it apply any to see your doctor I'm not making any claims that any of this will cure you of any diseases okay that's my disclaimer okay let's go to coronary constriction now the coronary artery is the heart the artery that surrounds the heart and a lot of times it gets constricted and it tightens up.

And it goes in a spasm and that's because the person is running out of adrenal hormones when the adrenal gland becomes weakened there's two things that happen the blood pressure goes up but the coronary artery becomes I'm sorry the coronary artery gets constricted and the the lung becomes constricted so you have like a constricted lung asthma and.

You have heart problems angina so if you have coronary heart constriction or spasm or bronchial stuff or asthma I'm going to recommend you support the adrenal gland and again I have a lot of different products for that but I recommend the new one for that which is the Corrib it's called them cortisol support formula it's seriously.

Powerful support to any chronic inflammatory problems but for the heart it's really good especially if you have like a spasm like that okay so check this out so if we have a muscular problem we have the muscle cramp low vitamin e to anti spasm coronary its adrenal arrhythmias is low magnesium low potassium high calcium low pulse rate is.

Low potassium I'm sorry high pulse rate is low potassium low pulse rate is low adrenals or low salt valvular problems murmurs or B vitamin deficiencies vascular clogged arteries is lo que to low vitamin C blood pressure low potassium high sodium so if we just kind of scan like let's look at this for a second you get all.

These electrolytes right and you got these B vitamins there's a common thread here you have to eat more vegetable definitely sea salt leafy greens but look at you need more fat you need more grass-fed fat that's what people are missing the combination of the grass-fed meats or the fat and the vegetable is it be the perfect diet for the heart but.

Guess what Health Care says avoid fat eggs butter salt sixty Peter that whole grains drink two glasses wine take your lipitor diuretics take your calcium channel blockers and that ignited this there's no difference drink all your water take your vitamin D without k2 and it doesn't show up on a test you're fine I mean it's just it's just it's.

Outrageous it's just basically honestly from my viewpoint it's the biggest scam on the planet right now there's no health and health care it's missing now there are some hidden little things that you can run into if you're taking these fats I love item ins if you don't have a gallbladder or if you have low bile you won't be able to absorb the fat Seibel.

Vitamins so in that case I recommend the gallbladder formula because that will help you absorb it and also if your stomach has low acids and how do you know if you have low stomach acids well if you eat and you get indigestion or if you get heartburn or acid reflux then you need more acid that means that you're not going to pull.

The minerals in so your muscles are going to be all spasmodic and hard and your hearts going to suffer because of it real quickly the liver the liver is the backup chamber like a sponge for the heart and if the liver is bad it won't be able to back up the heart as much in that case it puts a lot of stress on the heart so a bad liver will put stress in.

The heart and that's why if you have a liver problem you should always sleep on your right side so the heart sits on top of the liver not so your liver sits on top of that heart stomach acids decrease with age so a lot of people just need to tweak the they need to tweak their stomach acids like without cider vinegar that would be really really important.

Okay so I just crammed a lot of data um I just want to take a little break here just see if there's any questions can you borrow boiled parsley yeah you can for potassium yeah it's really hard to kill the potassium if you heat it um I still drink apple cider vinegar but it does give me heartburn ironically well that could be you need probably some.

More probiotics to start building up down here because some people have something called gastritis they have little information that that might not they might need to kind of work on their bowels a bit more before they certify the stomach because I've had I had some people were they episode vinegar didn't do well on them and so we gave them the.

Liquid probiotic and they did really well on that so that's how you can acidify your body alright coconut that water does have electrolytes it's like the perfect electric it's just a little bit high in sugar if you're trying to lose weight baking soda is not good I don't recommend baking soda it's.

Going to alkalize you um okay how much magnesium should I take well guess what I'm gonna give you the download in fact I'm gonna give it to you right now you guys want the download well we're not done yet but I'm just I want to send you the download so you Lise have let me see if I can send it to everyone.

I think this is it try that and then I'm going to try to send a download to everyone you see here tell me if you got it and then what I'll do is I think I could send I think I could send something in the chat I'll say here yeah here we go splay sticky message yeah I think that worked can you guys get it so you'll be.

Able to download the notes because I'm covering a lot of information and there's a lot there's no way to go basically short cut it because there's just so much data but I hope you see so there's a pattern of things that are telling you to hey listen you need to start eating better okay I'm just going to just.

Really quickly see if there's any questions because you got Ivan took blabbing for a while David said the cortisol support is awesome help me a lot thanks dude um it's really good for chronic burnt-out people basically okay okay good you're getting that awesome okay all right so let me just get right back into this because I need to show.

You some other things here we go okay so we grass juice some a lot of you are already trying to wheatgrass juice powder wheatgrass juice is very interesting because wheatgrass has tons of chlorophyll um the type of wheatgrass that I recommend is is a wheatgrass juice powder now to powder just a group wheatgrass powder so it's way more.

Concentrated so one teaspoons are pulled in to about six to ten shots a wheatgrass juice that is so much magnesium it's crazy so this is a plant based magnesium with all the trace minerals with two B vitamins with vitamin C with potassium so it's really good for the heart and these are the other two things anti soft-tissue.

Calcium affect vitamin k2 this is the mk7 version that's the natural one and then v3 my t3 comes in 10,000 IU's per pill so that way it's just a one to one ratio to keep it simple when people are taking this some people even have a little more crust coming out of there inside their eye in the morning that's calcium coming out we're tartar I.

Mean they might have a little more tartar as it comes out sometimes it's less but you want to take this until the inside of your teeth is real smooth and and no more calcium buildup but tartar really comes from a k2 deficiency so this is the if you notice I actually put a little bit of vitamin C because vitamin C and.

Vitamin k2 work together and a lot of alfalfa 300 milligrams that gives you all the vitamin k2 complex nutrients all in one so that way you're not just taking k2 you're taking all eight versions of k1 so that's a really cool benefit best source of magnesium B vitamin C and potassium the chlorophyll the only difference between our blood.

And magnesium is the mineral magnesium versus iron so magnesium is a real key thing that I think people don't get enough of because it's in the leafy greens so you want to get your minerals and your fat side with vitamins this is the protocol that I recommend if you are using my products raw organic wheatgrass 1 to 2 teaspoons a day one little.

Scoopers the d3 for in the morning with breakfast for k2 in the morning with breakfast now this is if you have a problem if you don't have a problem then you can just take one to one and maintain it and maintain it so you can prevent a problem but I'm talking about if you want to lower blood pressure and clean up the heart now I always at these.

Webinars give people a little break a discount on things and so if you wanted to get any of my products I give you I'm giving you a one-time offer that allows you to UM get a discount so let me just pull it up right here if I could find it yeah so you would want to you want to get that coupon code and then you can use it one time within the next 25 hours.

And you can get any wheatgrass unless you already have it or the k2 whatever you want to get and you just tell you order it up on website and you can just click on put the code in you get the discount and then that way you can take something that is high-quality now the other thing is that one of the problems that people are.

Taking with the k2 is they're taking the MK 4 version so I'm going to explain what MK 4 version is that is a synthetic version and the lot of the studies have not come out yet on the long term effects of taking that synthetically I experimented on myself and others and I've not seen the results so mk7 is the version that you would want from the k2.

And if you're vegetarian that's that's mean you take Nadeau and my my um k2 is vegetarian NATO is a non GMO the one I use is non-gmo soy fermented soy product from Japan and there is a dish that you can consume personally it's I think it's very disgusting but it's filled with k2 and what happens the k2 kind of goes into the body and it starts to slowly.

Extract calcium from the body and when it pulls it out it puts it into the bone and it makes it really solid so that's what k2 does um the other thing I wanted to mention is I wanted to just to kind of give you a little summary here so this is calcium this is potassium magnesium and sodium okay so now let's take a look so make sodium is sea salt.

Also low-sodium will actually cause low stomach acids sodium if you're low sodium it will actually create a dehydration so potassium will lower the pulse rate remember what foods deplete potassium sugar remember what foods butea decrease vitamin B for refined grains bleached flour disease and then you have e to or.

A vitamin E complex that's for angina and refined flour products there another problem and then we have potassium how do you know if you're deficient in potassium you're craving sweets sweet cravings means you're low on potassium plus you need about seven to ten cups of vegetables per day honestly I do ten cups in one sitting it's not that hard.

You can blend it in a kale shake if you want um potassium is also necessary for heart strength as well so if you're feeling weak you could be low on potassium calcium most people get enough calcium very easily from there from a little bit of dairy and from the vegetables so you can get calcium from your vegetables but.

Calcium needs to absorb in an acid medium calcium will cause high blood pressure calcium is involved in the clotting or the formation of a clot and you need k2 to lower calcium and d3 magnesium is in leafy greens and chlorophyll magnesium is good for heart rhythm problems like arrhythmias atrial fibrillation also angina vitamin E is.

High-altitude oxygen gives you more oxygen so you can breathe better and any cramps that you have you can try try vitamin E too vitamin E will make you stronger people that are weak need vitamin E especially the muscles now what happens is that if you need some calcium I recommend you get it from food not from a supplement.

And so you can can like a little bit of cheese grass-fed cheese things like that but how do you know that you need calcium if you have leg cramps or your your toes are cramped okay let me just see if there's any quick questions what about bananas bananas have 300 milligrams of potassium you need 4700 so how many men is when you need you need a.

Lot so we got blood pressure high blood pressure one of the things you have to take for high blood pressure magnesium potassium K 2 and D 3 right arrhythmias you want magnesium potassium are good and what about high pulse rate what do you take for that potassium C the hardest nutrients to get is potassium potassium because you need so much.

Magnesium most an average diet is low in magnesium as well but not as much as potassium so mainly we are deficient in potassium and magnesium as a main thing in k2 we're high usually in sodium we're really high in calcium and that's why we have the problems okay good so I just want to see if there's any questions so.

Someone says I wrote to in 2016 you call in the office okay and I'll go if you have a question I'll be more than happy to talk to you but awesome about getting the success I want to I want to actually get your success story now as far as a pacemaker goes you have three pacemakers in the heart if you already had a pacemaker put in you have an artificial.

Pacemaker is really you still want the nutrition but you you might want to you're not going to be able to obviously fix that because it's being artificially uh synchronized in the beat but Mike my father has a pacemaker and it's interesting that he lost all of his teeth like what's up with that so I know he was deficient in the k2.

I know his diet wasn't that great but the point is that if you can start out your kids your grandkids with these nutrients with the electrolytes with the diet with the k2 they won't have all these problems like we do okay some other people are asking can you ship to Europe yes we can ship here you'd have to just email so we can tell you the.

Specific cost of that um when planning come to your clinic arm to fly how long do I stay in town well we could find out based on what kind of problems you have you just call us there's a hotel down the street a lot of times people stay for a few days to a week and then we work on you um let's see here Wow your cholesterol.

Is 110 I think that's fine I don't think that's the problem okay anxiety panic attacks cause ristmas yes I need to cover that because stress we'd even talk about stress so let me just kind of cover that real fast and I'm going to end up because I promise one hour um the adrenal glands back up the heart.

Rate the adrenal glands produce adrenaline cortisol and those severely keep you up at night to prevent the sleeping and they also create a lot of stress in the heart if you're not sleeping your heart's going to suffer bad so there's a new adrenal thing I have is called a vegan formula it's called adrenal night formula it's a 30.

Day supply that is a little bit stronger than the other one I had and that's what I would use for sleep if you can't sleep if you sleep your stress goes down if you can't sleep the stress goes up but over years of constant stress that can really burn your heart out and so you're gonna have to support the adrenal glands because when you lose the function of.

Adrenal glands your coronary starts tightening up and you can Han China that's why people like stress induced heart attacks so you're going to have to work on that with your adrenals so there's a lot more to cover about with with the nervous system connection with the heart but I wanted to give you a quick summary of the nutrition.

Connection to the heart did you guys learn something that you that you never knew before and did you enjoy the education that you got of course there's a delay let me someone says give me the they need the code again let me just give you that code okay right here there's the code let me see if I could put it over here this is the.

Code that you would type in or just save it and you can use it as a one-time thing to get a discount on my web website which by the way I just upgraded so I made it a little bit cleaner to look at but it's the same information so anyway I want to thank you guys because you're giving me I'm glad you're enjoying it I'm so glad that you've got.

Some great things out of this I want to just kind of give you some of the heart I'm going to be doing more of these in the future thank you for sticking around this late unless you're in California is probably early but I want to thank you and definitely apply what we taught you tonight and please send me your success stories and spread the word and we'll.

See you in the next seminar okay all right guys have a good one
Heart Nutrition - the Missing Link
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