Evaluation Basics Live Webinar for Health Coaches

Evaluation Basics Live Webinar for Health Coaches

Evaluation Basics Live Webinar for Health Coaches

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Hello testing one two three okay can anyone hear me let's see oh good awesome now this is my first time doing this Google hangout so it's a little bit awkward so let me just kind of go through and try to figure these this little admin thing here let's see pop ins 10 DS let me just try one thing here okay so I have a bunch of.

Co-presenters but I don't know how they get on this thing I have no idea so they're supposed to just pop up right here so I'm not sure how this works here let me just see let's see hmm I have no idea let me just see one more second here okay let me see here how I just messed it up darn it okay oh there we go okay.

Cool yeah I sent out there are several co-presenters I'm not sure how to get you guys on this thing I have no idea so I'm gonna have to figure that out when we do our next one because there was supposed to be a bunch of people down here let me just let me see here I tried one more thing hmm okay so the presenters should have.

Gotten a link via their email so that's all I can tell you all right so we'll just have to just go ahead and get started okay cool all right so can everyone see me okay I can't really hear anyone I can't see anyone but I can actually see your comments but I want to get started I wanted to cover a couple things about some basics on this topic.

Called evaluation because it's the most important thing I know a lot of you guys are health coaching right now some of you are almost done with your training and I want to give you a little some tips on how to do it correctly so I have a little PowerPoint I'll show you let me just kind of dub it in there we go do try that again one more time.

Oh okay where did it go huh all right where's my screenshare boy this is a learning experience what I'm gonna do it's I am going to close this down and then open back up because you have to see this these slides here sorry about this okay that should work yeah okay all right so evaluation what is an.

Evaluation evaluation is some really being able to use the effects or symptoms to find a cause so what I want to really define now is what is a symptom symptom is merely the effect of a cause and in medicine they get them all mixed up they call the cause the symptom and the symptom the cause the whole thing is dubbed in is one so it's.

Very very confusing so there's things like acid reflux disease in reality it should be called maybe acid reflux disorder or something but they're making symptoms diseases so the first thing you have to realize is that symptoms are not the same thing as causes okay so we have to differentiate those two so high blood pressure is a symptom because here's the.

Thing when you treat symptoms you cover them up you continue them they never get better even chronic fatigue is a symptom of something I really think the whole thing stems way back when you have this relationship between you know drug companies and you have the medical industry and.

The drug companies are more of a business and so are the hospitals and the medical doctors but that whole thing has become a really a conflict of interest and it's become such a the management of symptoms right now that's really what it is and people know it they don't like it and so in this short presentation I'm just going to go.

Through some really important things let's go to the next live here all symptoms have a have a cause if you look up the cause of hypertension autoimmune diseases tumors fibroids it's all unknown cause they don't know but they're working on it they're someday they'll find a cure and then what will happen is that in the meantime let's.

Treat it let's give it let's treat the symptom so there's a name for unknown cause it's called idiopathic means unknown cause I mean it's if you type under all these conditions cuz people do research on Google and they type under WebMD is the first thing that ranks up there and then Hopkins you look under almost every.

Single darn condition high blood pressure for example remains unknown so these are all arbitrary which are kind of like opinions based on Authority and they may say they're genetic and that's very interesting because if they actually have a genetic cause then that's the perfect scapegoat because then no one has to take responsibility.

You're just born with it which you're gonna learn in this webinar it's absolutely not genetic they have found that kids that are adopted tend to develop the cancers that the parents have because they're in the same environment so that's really what it is it's the environment that sets you up now since we we do weight loss.

There's several causes of stubborn weight I know a lot of people will make obesity a disease which in fact it's not it's a symptom if you make it a disease then you treat it directly the person never loses weight so the causes of weight stubborn weight are estrogen dominance hip/thigh buttocks fat cortisol excess liver dysfunction.

Slow thyroid which is usually coming from higher estrogen or a liver problem and these are root causes and then insulin excess okay so those are the causes to weight let's take cortisol for example cortisol is activated by stress so you could see here that cortisol can create so many problems it's crazy and that's just simply because of those.

Stress reaction I mean the adrenal gland if it's overactive will not only cause inflammatory conditions because the adrenal hormones are anti-inflammatory they're anti allergic so your body is constantly working to counter inflammation allergies stress you name it but the adrenal long term stress will really destroy the body and set the.

Person up for even cancer and calcium problems which we'll get into a little bit later all right so again when we coach a client we want to really differentiate we don't treat symptoms we don't treat diseases all we do is we find the cause we understand the problem and then we help you with your lifestyle to get healthy as a way of voiding.

Problems not treating them and I think the biggest problem in medicine is this their evaluation is weak so I want to go into how to evaluate someone evaluation mostly in medicine is done on blood tests but you really can't detect much because I'll just give you one example the the thyroid or the adrenal will not show up until 80 to 90 percent of that.

That gland is destroyed potassium for example won't show up either because 95 98 percent of all the body's potassium is not in the blood it's in the cells so it's very rare to have very much show up in the in the blood urines a little bit better test so if we can't use a blood test what you're gonna have to do is you're gonna have to use the symptoms of.

The person to figure these things out because a lot of these things are not diseases there's subclinical okay whoops what did I just do there so alright so I'm I just came back here I'm just gonna see if there's there's a bunch of questions here oh let's see here yes I will record this and we can download I think it's going to be right on my.

Youtube channel okay yeah I otra genic means doctor caused death it's like diseases or deaths from either a hospital or a medical treatment so that's a they have to hide that name there because you wouldn't want anyone to find out about that okay so let's see I just want to scan right down here to make sure everyone can see me Wow.

Okay someone said I had trouble completing training as I had a heart attack and haven't been able to get the link from Omar well we'll have to talk about heart attacks we'll talk about that today actually okay I'm just scanning to make sure see who's here okay cool yeah we got a lot of people here it's about 30 people here so let me.

Just kind of go back to this line there okay so let's let's talk about this evaluation is the lining things and if someone comes in or calls you and you're coaching them and they have fatigue you really cannot evaluate fatigue or I love this one patients will say they'll call me they'll email me I'm the Facebook and they'll say I can't lose.

Weight what do I do I'm like I have no idea I said yeah and to evaluate you need a lot of information to see what falls into what bucket so the more information you have the better because we need to align it with an underlying cause okay so the causes of symptoms will always be obvious once you find them so don't try to look for something.

Really really weird because it's usually something obvious evaluation is about connecting the dots and understanding the relationship between the body parts now I'm going to try to I'm gonna see if this works let me try something here yes this should work I'm going to try to draw on this thing hopefully you could see it so we have all these symptoms.

Right here okay a person comes in with I don't know a fatigue they have all these problems and what we're gonna do is gonna take these symptoms and dump them into buckets and so this is where your understanding of the basics come into play because let's say this person comes in with vision problems they can't see at night okay so we know that is a it.

Could be low vitamin F I'm sorry if item in a okay so that's one possibility but but there's other causes as well let's say they can't absorb vitamin A because they have low bile from their gallbladder okay so that's one of them right there okay another one me let's say they had I damage a history of eye injury or I.

Don't know if some other cause so what we're gonna do is we're going to ask them more questions we're gonna ask them more questions about let's say vitamin a what do you eat do you have kale let's say they have no vegetables okay so then it could be a vitamin A deficiency it's kind of rare to have.

That though or better yet what are the symptoms of lack of vile B il e that's the thing that breaks down the grease so you would want to ask a lot of questions but you'd have to kind of know something about what our bile symptoms bloating maybe constipation for sure right shoulder pain indigestion need for sweet after you eat all those things.

Because bile is the lubricating factor of the colon of course if all these symptoms align with Lobel okay then we're going down to a cause of the division problem but then of course we want to go deeper like why would they have low bio what causes low bile okay so so we have the symptom we.

Have the cause and then we have the root cause a root cause just goes deeper so to find the root cause what you want to do is you want to ask the question when did it start okay when and then what occurred okay so here's the thing we may find that they became a vegetarian and they stopped eating saturated fats which will also.

Dry up the gallbladder and cause a lack of bile we may find that the adrenal spiked cortisol and stress that up and that high cortisol levels will also block the bile so we may find that they had a gallbladder removed that instantly they usually have low bile but sometimes when they have the gallbladder move a very probably maybe five percent of time.

They actually get too much vile bile that actually dumps too much and then they'll have chronic diarrhea so of course we want to treat some the cause temporarily give them some bile support but we also want to look at that root cause another cause of bio problems is high estrogen from a pregnancy or HRT or just estrogen dominance so you could.

Have all these different things that cause that okay so someone says my blood work just show that was low vitamin D well that's a good I love it now we have to ask the doctor okay what causes that let's see if I can tell you what let me just pull something up I want to show you guys something this is pretty cool okay so we're going to open this thing.

Up in order to evaluate you do need some insights and in the portal when you guys learn the health coaching I've given you a lot of insights but insights about how things relate and I'm gonna just pull one thing up here so you can see what I'm talking about okay so if we go here and just click.

This let me go boom nice okay good so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna blow this thing up right here I think you can see it I think and I'm gonna just hold it up here let's just blow this thing up a little bit more all right see if wait a second I'm on the wrong page okay sorry about that let me let me.

Get the right page here fast there we go let's see if I pull this right in here boom beautiful okay here we go okay check this out this is these are all the symptoms this is right out of Frank neder CIPA encyclopedia of endocrinology and this is all the effects of high cortisol and if you look right here it.

Says that cortisol counteracts vitamin d boom it's stress that is one of the big causes of low vitamin D levels now it it could be your diet it could be lack of sunshine but it's usually the adrenal okay so I just wanted to show you that let me switch this now yeah a fatty stool if your stool floats then what that means is.

Your your you need bile because it's not digesting and and there's fat in your stool and fat makes the stool float so you need bile for that okay so what we're doing is we're trying to align all these symptoms to an underlying root cause okay and the way we found out the root causes we asked when did it start what happened just before that because.

You will always find something like a pregnancy or maybe an injury or a change in diet or a shift in hormones menopause the first menstruation a loss of a loved one getting married getting a divorce all that stuff okay so evaluation is about connecting the dots and understanding relationship.

Between the different parts of the body if your adrenal glands are overworked you'll tend to have higher cholesterol why because cholesterol is needed to make adrenal hormones but there's other symptoms of adrenal to high blood pressure allergies arthritis a sleep disorder vitamin D level problems yeah all those things okay so you have a.

Situation where you have one symptom that can come from multiple causes and then you have a lot of symptoms that come from one cause so you need to know both basically and I'm writing a book on this to help you because I want to just have flowcharts to show you some of the most common things and sort out this stuff because it's just so confusing so.

A symptom can have more than one cause especially when you're dealing with fatigue sleep things like that but let's just take low stomach acids that would be a root cause and by the way people that have low stomach acid need more sodium they need more salt why because the sodium chloride breaks up in water to form more hydrochloric acid okay so.

That's if you put someone on a low salt diet and they start getting acid reflux you might just want to give them some salt it's that simple all right so we can see that the low stomach acids can cause acid reflux simply because of the recruitment of the lower part of the body's waste assets lactic acid that shoots up there so it's very.

Counterintuitive because you would think that this acid coming up through your your esophagus is hydrochloric acid it's not it's lactic it's a sour acid and it's coming from the lower vowel so if you look up low stomach acids I think it's called a claw hydrea it'll say not enough acid I'm sorry if you look up acid reflux it'll.

Say the cause is low stomach acids right in Wikipedia okay if you have low stomach acids you're not going to die just protein so you're going to get gas and probably constipation and this is the person as they get older as you age your stomach acids go lower and then you can't digest red meat that's why people that get tired after you can red meat or.

They just they get sick from it they just have low stomach acids now low stomach acid could also trigger a lack of bile release too that's one cause of lack of bile and then you have b12 deficiencies you have lack of enzymes from the pancreas that can't release and then of course you can't absorb calcium or iron or even some of the other.

Minerals so if you can't absorb calcium you're gonna start having intracellular calcium and the calcium will start going on the teeth is tartar on the eyes as cataracts the joints is spurring on the arteries is plaquing most the plaque is not cholesterol it's calcium so this is why when you start working with people and they're taking a lot of calcium you.

Better make sure they have the other factors to absorb it and definitely make sure that they don't have the calcium carbonate that's what they make cement with okay so then we go deeper what causes a low stomach acid gastric by-pass that's a structural problem because they're making the stomach sometimes smaller and obviously cutting.

Out the intestines anti acids will cause low stomach acids and look at how many problems that they're going to have potassium deficiencies will cause low stomach acids that's interesting and by the way there's a there's a relationship between protein digestion and potassium if people eat a lot of protein without potassium they do not.

Do well there's virtually no potassium in animal meat so that's why we get it from the vegetables all right we talked about root causes there are the root causes are the deeper underlying causes yes your infection might be caused by bacteria but what about what caused the lowered resistance to your immune system and you'll find that there always will.

Be some stress just before the person gets an infection or a sore throat hands down if you just ask them you'll find that out so the question is the underlying trigger could be just low susceptibility you're vulnerable to get the same because your body is weakened so that would be a root cause of a lot of problems this is why some people get.

Sick and some people don't so fatigue could come from lack of sleep but it could also come from stress as well so to evaluate you need all the data to align it so here's some common root causes stress environmental chemicals for sure drugs alcohol medication sugars lack of nutrition a shift in hormones puberty pregnancy menopause trauma or.

Injury and infection I really have my own theories about some of these illnesses even some of the cancers in the tumors one of the root causes that I think is a because they grow in areas of old injury so there's obviously a part of the body that is weakened and then all sorts of things start to grow in that area so I believe that having an.

Old injury or repetitive infections in an area or what about a female that has repetitive menstrual cycles do you know much trauma is in the uterus no wonder they get fibroids there because that's its areas of inflammation okay so we talked about the key question when did it start what occurred just before the symptoms started.

This will give you the clue on the most obvious trigger but even alternative health care practitioners will treat the symptoms but at least their remedies don't have side-effects okay so we got that and then so we basically have to narrow it down so evaluation consists of ruling things out narrowing things down just like fatigue.

Fatigue can come from many causes so we need to find out like is it high blood sugar from the eating lack of sleep is it a thyroid problem anemia okay so I'll give you a little example I had a lady come in she's literally exhausted she has oh my gosh her knees are damaged she's overweight she's weak her arms she cannot raise her arms she.

Can't walk she has a lot of problems and there's many causes to her symptoms so I kept pulling a string and I found out a lot of the symptoms that she has is a hyper calcium state so she has too much calcium and so when this calcium goes to high hypercalcemia is called it will create tremendous weakness it affects the heart because all the calcium gets.

Stuck between the cells but not in the bone not in the muscle so the very very weak there oxygens off their heart that's why they have calcium channel blockers for example so I'm thinking what will what could cause that there's many causes so maybe it's a lack of certain vitamin D things like that but then I find out she had her thyroid out.

In 1979 well guess what's attached to the thyroid the parathyroid so without a parathyroid because back then they just took everything out you will not be able to regulate calcium so your calcium is gonna go you're gonna start to calcify you're gonna become a statue so I gave her some support for the parathyroid because that would be.

The root cause that's just a simple example okay someone says my audio is cutting out okay so I just want to tell you Frank knitter MD it's CIPA encyclopedia fact let me just pull it up because this is a good book this is one of my favorite I have one in every room I blow it up sivak collection of millet medical illustrations volume.

Four endocrine system by Frank neder MD you can get this on Amazon but this book gives you all the pictures it gives you all the symptoms of high estrogen of hypothyroid symptoms of high cortisol all the different low cortisol like a lot of different endocrine problems but it gets it it puts it in a summary of so you can visualize it so it's one of my.

Favorite books you can see right here this is estrogen dominance you see the hips facial hair osteoporosis hypertension here look at this right here I guess I think I think you can see this yeah you can see this you can see that the round face the pendulous abdomen the thinning back of the arms the belly fat there.

Osteoporosis let me see if there's one more shot I can show you oh this is look at this anti-allergic anti-inflammatory increased cognitive you're gonna be thinking all the time your immune system will be off you get swollen lymph nodes calcium problems muscle problems liver problems little low release of bile low vitamin D acid.

Reflux and diabetes oh my gosh the list goes on and on and on so that's a really good book okay let me just kind of get back to some a few things I wanted to share with you before I answer questions all right right here okay all right so when you evaluate you want to find out their history you want to find out all their symptoms you're just aligning.

Things you're putting things in buckets and you're trying to rule out things of course you're gonna look at their diet their sleep their energy level and you're connecting things of course then you have to have insights you have to know about vitamin D you have to understand that vitamin D works with vitamin F now some of you have maybe.

Have not heard of vitamin F before that would be the unsaturated fat fatty acids that would be like omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils so let me tell you what what that does those fats reciprocate with vitamin D back and forth so they allow the calcium to go in and out of cells see all these people right now they're taking this the wrong type of.

Calcium calcium carbonate and they're taking all this vitamin D way too much they're not getting the omega-3 fatty acids so so what will happen is they're gonna get a lot of intracellular calcium they're gonna notice their heart is going to calcify their heart's going to get weak their muscles are going to get weak they're gonna get kidney stones.

Because of a hyper vitamin T State because without vitamin F you can't drive the calcium out of the joints out of the heart so when people are deficient in deep really make sure you coach him and not to go crazy the other direction I would recommend putting almost all of your clients on a very high quality fish oil.

It doesn't have too much mercury because that would give you the vitamin F to drive the calcium around I'm finding so many people have a problem with their vitamin D in the calcium and that's because they're taking too much calcium or vitamin D and they've taken the wrong kind of calcium too so calcium is not always I don't really recommend a lot of.

Calcium to a lot of people I recommend a lot more omega-3 fatty acids simply because that's the most commonly deficient thing in our bodies and then on top of that I really recommend the Gaul that our formula because that has the bile salts to help absorb vitamin D in vitamin F because that's usually if they have gallbladder problems you can.

Give them all the do you want an F it won't go in they start having right shoulder pain so that's just some insights another insight would be like Alice low thyroid it's slow thyroids are rarely an actual thyroid problem they're usually excess estrogen which blocks the thyroid or a liver problem because they don't have the bile salts.

To convert those t4 to t3 so that's another insight that would be good to know here's another example insulin which is triggered by sugar depletes potassium so potassium and sugar are on the same connection so the more sugar person has the less potassium they have and vice versa the more potassium the less sugar they have which which means.

If you want to drive insulin down on a diabetic or a someone that has an hypoglycemia you got to load them up with potassium not the supplement but the seven to ten cups of vegetable or some some greens to really spike that potassium and watch how good their sugars do simply because the formation of that sugar which is glycogen reserve.

So that's that's interesting another insight right shoulder pain is most commonly referred from the gall bladder so again that connection if you have right shoulder pain you're gonna have that forever if you don't figure out the gallbladder and and then of course the root cause which would be a diet problem I want to just give you this word it's.

Called up up apoptosis and what the the P and the second P is silent op ptosis op ptosis is basically programmed cell death ptosis is a situation with that shrink cells in the body so it's kind of like a something in your body that is anti tumor okay so you have cells that are dying and shrinking on purpose and then you have cells that are growing out.

Of control so this is a really good thing in the body if it's in within check because it is part of the aging process but this mechanism if blocked will cause the person to give tumors and/or cancer okay so I wanted to touch on it because a lot of your clients have tumors in the thyroid in the uterus in the pituitary and the liver all over the.

Place so if you just look at your just wanna just have you do this if you look at your face in the mirror and you see a little a little bump little skin thing this Lighting's really bad I don't have any bumps but a lot of people have these little tiny I don't know skin tags little growths on their skin moles those are many tumors so our body is.

Constantly getting rid of these tumors all the time okay so if you look in the mirror just realize those are tumors growing because of your body is constantly interacting with the environment okay so this process is blocked by cortisol stress radiation going to the dentist getting radiation and not protecting.

Your thyroid nutrient deprivation will cause this problem and also viruses hypoxia low oxygen will cause that in an increased intracellular calcium this blew me away when I saw this we talked about calcium if you're very deficient in vitamin F for example that's the big one that prevents the absorption of intercellular calcium so I'm sorry it it.

Interferes with it so without vitamin F or omega-3 fatty acids you start to build up a lot of calcium around the cells and then you're going to block block this whole ptosis and you could get even get a tumor from that that blew me away not to mention a heart problem not to mention all sorts of other issues with your joints and oh my gosh it plugs.

Everything up okay yeah but you have 70 billion cells that die every single day and till you have this constant balance of breakdown body and building back and the body's building back up but I thought that was quite important to cover that so I just wanted to kind of review some highlights about evaluation and at the same time test this Google.

Hangout out just to see how it's working so what I'm gonna do now is I'll take some questions and I'm just going to write down the list okay so you have a little bumps and beneath your eye well here's what you can do you can start taking omega-3 fatty acids okay that's one thing but also start cleaning up that liver start to really increase.

Things like garlic and kale and and really cut down that sugar because the sugar is really the the that would feed the feeds to cancer okay so let's see here it says for sea kelp yes sea kelp excellent sea vegetables I highly recommend it let's see here why right shoulder pain well Kim this is actually in the portal.

When you take the course that's the gallbladder in the gallbladder we refer pain to the right shoulder through a nerve called the phrenic nerve so right here it goes right into the right shoulder it now I'm looking at myself and it looks like I'm touching my left shoulder so everything must be backwards actually it is backwards so I just.

Flipped my screen so it's really your your right shoulder and that's because the liver is on the right side and the gallbladder so it's gonna produce pain in the right shoulder okay all right so let's just kind of go through some questions here krill oil I love it it's very very good highly recommend it it's clean.

Okay can you talk about men with breast tissue that would be high levels of estrogen and what happens estrogen in a male body can come from a liver problem and estrogen could also come from the diet but as a man gets older the androgens start going down and the relative estrogen goes up and he starts getting breast tissues but we're seeing.

A lot of kids getting breast issues as well is there any way to help atherosclerosis and gretel arteries like selenium well the best thing to help that plaquing in the artery is to stop taking any type of calcium now don't be afraid to take it in your diet but stop taking calcium I wouldn't totally stopped by.

The mindy vitamin D drives calcium into the arteries and into the blood vitamin F takes it out of the blood in the circulation out of the joints so whoever has that problem needs a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and probably gallbladder formula at the same time so you could just really clean out those arteries a to be okay what can you do for hair loss.

Well I did a video on that and again if we evaluate the symptom of hair loss we want to look at what other symptoms as a person have what kind of hair loss is it receding updo here this is male pattern baldness is it little patches it's alopecia is it just thinning I have a rather than get into it to open that can of worms i if you go to my youtube.

Channel you see I did a whole video recently on hair loss okay okay I see many people with store toxins have believed it held in fat cells yeah well as you lose weight all this fat is gonna have to go through the liver and you're gonna release seeing a lot of toxicity so that's why you want to keep the vegetables very high and do foods that.

Are very supportive to the detoxification enzymes it's called the cytochrome cytochrome 4 P 450 which basically in the liver and that would be from kale broccoli brussel sprouts cabbage and do that kale shake every morning I highly recommend that okay how much omega-3 don't go overboard on that either I would probably if they were in.

Pearls I wouldn't take more than five six a day you don't need a lot just enough okay but I would not and never recommend calcium carbonate to anyone and if you're taking calcium on a regular basis even if it's with magnesium make sure that you understand the symptoms of a hypercalcemia state and make.

That you're taking the omega-3 and vitamin D together okay all right so where the questions are coming in pretty fast here let's say sooner to is it okay to take the cruciferous because it's going to genic yeah well here's the thing take a little seek help kale doesn't pull out as much item as they say but I would recommend taking seek.

Help not necessarily even every day but maybe a couple times a week vitamin D is important for the immune system and I'm not against it just make sure you're not taking more than 1200 international units a day why because the doctors don't understand this and they're giving people fifteen thousand international units every single week as a one-shot.

Dosage listen that that that vitamin is is fat soluble it gets stuck in the liver and that's a lot of shock to the system and if you have i'm actually i just did a video on vitamin d hyper toxicity i will release it in a couple weeks but vitamin d hyper toxicity is just as worse as hypo like low vitamin d do you recommend older people take.

Hydrochloric acid absolutely they need that desperately you know you'll solve so many problems because the calcium won't absorb unless you have a strong acid stomach so you may find that just by acidifying the stomach the calcium goes right like that it's good for arthritis to acne at age 45 what comes from that well what usually comes from.

That is I just I just didn't release the video I'll release it probably in two weeks I talked about PI cystic ovarian syndrome which is high androgens what happens in the ovary is you have a little tiny egg that has a little sac around it that makes androgens and those antigens are then converted to estrogen but in a female body if that.

Enzyme is blocked that conversion you start backing up more androgens because of the enzyme that's blocked called the aromatase and what we found that that what blocks that enzyme is glyphosate which is the herbicide in Roundup Ready in the GMO foods so if you have high antigens there's three things you need to do to lower your energons number one.

Do not have any GMO foods you know eat all organic number two avoid sugar because sugar also can stimulate higher androgens and then an overactive adrenal can do two through stress so we're back to the sugar stress and chemicals heart palpitations most palpitations are a magnesium deficiency but again if you're taking magnesium don't take large dosage.

You just need a little bit and I would take magnesium is really good for heart arrhythmias anything with the heart but again take it short-term and then start doing your omega-3s and the old fuel absorb that that ratio of calcium magnesium and omega-3 and vitamin D let's see here what about 5,000 a day no you don't need that much vitamin d3.

Because 5000 US units are way way above normal you'd be much better off taking smaller amounts and supporting your gall bladder to absorb the fat soluble vitamins okay someone says the slides are blurry okay let's see here to start with belly fat should a liver detox to start yeah do chapter 10 in my.

Book that's the liver enhancement that's where you should start and then graduate into the different diets depending on how you feel all right let's see thyroid okay this is good this is good this is coming up because I'm getting a lot of questions but what we're missing to do a really good evaluation see I'm only guessing because I have to have more.

Data I'm going to create something that the people have access to to be able to get more data to do the evaluation because if I'm trying to figure things out from three three things it's very difficult so the more information the more accurate so I'll kind of have enough to scan through some of these questions here because it's hard to.

Figure things out let's see here yeah well because a lot of hypothyroidism could be coming from estrogen dominance is totally fine to consume kale just add a little hyah dine the only time you wouldn't want to do iodine is that isn't a hyper state but realize that all these hyper glands like hyper thyroid hyper adrenal hyper to.

Eteri that usually comes from tumors tumors create hyper states what are you for sleep apnea well sleep apnea is an enlargement of the adenoids or the tonsils or the back of the throat and that is a high cortisol situation so we're back to stress you'd want to do the do-it-yourself acupressure on that what can we do from extreme cramps if.

You're talking about in the calves it could be too much calcium and not enough magnesium so I like to use magnesium for cramps in the calf and it's good for the heart as well brain china and blood pressure but again that would be treating the symptom but you still it's fine because it's natural but you just want to keep going back to.

The diet find out what could be causing that does this affect pain in toes pain underneath the bottom of the feet yeah yeah plantar fasciitis all the inflammatories how do you lower estrogen you basically you have to start doing an organic you have to avoid soy you have to do things like cruciferous vegetables is a very anti estrogen ik.

Good questions yes yes sugar is a catalyst for cancer cancer it lives on sugar sugar feeds the cancer an average person consumes about a hundred and seventy pounds of sugar per year they are feeding the cancer in fact a PET scan they detect for cancer all the does is it looks for areas of your body that consumes the most cancer this is more.

Sugar and that's how they find the cancer and there's even anti-cancer therapies see this is what the drug companies are trying to do they're trying to find a drug to lower insulin in the body for anti cancer but they're not cutting out the sugar it's ridiculous all right very good let me just see.

Something here so registers please speak about your product availability and how and where to purchase it if you just go to the website Reggie or you can call the office we have all the products on the website dr. Berg comm if you want to target see if the products that I have are not vitamin A or vitamin D they're very unique to the most common problems.

Like the bile the adrenal the ovary balancing out different things the cruciferous those are things that I have that are more unique but if your health coach you can ask about the discount I think you can get them in bulk as well if you work with people or if you just want one for yourself nodules on the thyroid that comes from estrogen.

Triggers usually some chemical that will trigger that in the environment in your food so again we're back to the Cal shakes in the morning okay so anyway I just appreciate all you guys coming on here I hope that you've got a couple of tips this is going to be uploaded to my youtube you can check it out and I will see you in the next live webinar but.

Thanks for sharing and participating have a great night see you next time
Evaluation Basics Live Webinar for Health Coaches
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