Eric Berg Live Stream Test – I think we finally figured this out

Eric Berg Live Stream Test – I think we finally figured this out

Eric Berg Live Stream Test – I think we finally figured this out

Check out the video on Eric Berg Live Stream Test – I think we finally figured this out.
Hey guys can you hear me hey this is another test hey guys there's another test to see if this works hey hey oh you can wow that's really cool there seems to be a delay of almost 15 seconds oh you can wow that's really cool there seems to be a delay of almost 15 seconds awesome okay cool um I haven't really prepared anything but if you guys have.

Any quick questions let's just see if this can work a little bit ok cool I hadn't really prepared anything but if you guys have any quick questions let's just see if this can work a little bit it's so funny because I can hear my delay about 15 seconds later so I'm going to have to turn out that recording device okay so someone said been okay.

Binge eating what do you recommend yeah what good question the problem is when you Benji you actually increase insulin so you you have to increase more fat at your meals so you can go longer without being hungry that's the key because if you do lean protein or vegetables and you don't do enough fat you're going to be hungry and you're going to crave the.

Wrong foods so what I do is I'll have some nuts or almond butter or avocado or coconut oil or some type of fat to get me to go longer like I just had a snack after my lunch and what I did is I had some no sugar ice cream which I made which I have a rest before and I have an almond flour brownie so I had brownie with little ice cream just a little bit.

It was all fat and I'm good to go I'm not going to be hungry until dinner so that's how you solve that problem now the thing is the questions are coming in pretty fast here so let's see can you naturally increase testosterone levels yeah testosterone is inhibited by three hormones one is estrogen to is insulin and three is cortisol so so stress is a.

Factor you know you got to get enough sleep not over train you also have small amounts of protein can trigger testosterone so you don't want to do too much protein you want to avoid insulin because insulin will inhibit testosterone so you want to avoid sugar and eating between meals but one thing that triggers testosterone is.

Intermittent fasting so if you were going to consume two meals a day and no snacks or even three your testosterone would increase and of course exercise will also increase testosterone high intensity but I'll give you a little tip on that what I like to do is I like to do some short 20 minute hardcore full body exercise and take like one or two.

Naps during that day that increases testosterone so you're getting sleep so you're getting recovery and you're actually getting the benefit of that workout versus having some long workout where you're not getting enough sleep you're not gonna you're still tired and the exercise is too long you're not recovering a pro mate so your.

Testosterone doesn't go down is far is nutritional remedies for testosterone one of the best ones is a stinging nettle root because that herb lowers your estrogen it balances the bat estrogen and it's a really good anti-estrogen 'ok so it can help men with prostate problems help women with hair loss so it really helps balance the.

Estrogen so the testosterone can can work normally okay was that too long of an answer alright let's see here what's the best way to transition off of sugar avoid it now if the problem is that once you stop eating sugar since your blood sugars are so used to it it might be a day or two or three before you can avoid the dips in the sugar so what I like to.

Do is I like to add a little bit more fat and some protein instead of the sugar and within two or three days your blood sugars will stabilize and you won't crave the fact that you crave just means that you're running on sugar and your body is just going up and down up and down blood sugar issues so you want to actually handle like as far.

As with your eating you want to actually increase more potassium foods large amounts of vegetables that will help your sugar cravings but it's going to be about two or three days but is if you actually can eliminate sugar and hang in there for two or three days your system will switch over to fat burning and then what you'll notice is you will start to.

You won't crave because your body is running on a separate fuel source okay which is fat but I to really do this correctly you know if you really want to get in the fat burning it could take a week to even a month but I'm talking about just getting rid of cravings that should go away first but then to really get in fact burning it could take a.

Transition because your body has to make enzymes to break down fat so and that requires time because you're so used to living on sugar you don't you know you haven't really developed the enzymes to break down fat cells properly okay one thing about the ketogenic diet is that there's some mistakes that people make number one what happens when you.

Actually switch your fuel source you're going to burn fat okay and ketones are actually they're more acidic so if you do Kia ketosis diet and your body is more acidic combined with a little bit of loss of calcium so ketogenic diets tend to lose calcium so if you combine the calcium loss with the acidic diet sometimes you can end up with gout or.

Kidney stones so one way to handle that is to make sure if you're doing a ketogenic diet is to make sure your vegetables are between seven and ten cups and add lemon juice with each day I mean I do a lot of lemon juice out i'll put lemon in my water i'll put lemon juice in my kale shake so i'll do a lot of lemon to counteract the oxalate.

Stones the other thing that's very and i'm going to do a video on this this is very counterintuitive because you would think if you have kidney stones that you should avoid calcium foods right not necessarily if you consume dietary cheese with calcium that will go through the gut and not end up in the kidneys so it'll bind with the with the it'll help.

To neutralize the acids because calcium is very alkalizing so neutralizes the acid preventing the acidic nature which will end up in either gout or kidney stones so don't be afraid have cheese it's well on this on this eating plan now people are asking about vegan vegetarian keto i did a video on that you can do that it's more difficult you.

Just have to do more coconut oil coconut fats but i will create more videos on that because i think a lot of people want to do that and they don't want to consume animal proteins alright let's see others echoes you can hear echoing alright so let's see here yeah the ice cream recipe I have one in the in the.

Membership site down the adrenal membership site but I'm going to be creating more so I will work on that because I mean honestly I like ice cream and but I don't like the sugar part of it and I have some really good recipes but if you do it correctly you can end up really delicious if you do it incorrectly it can end up like a.

Something in your freezing that's like an ice cube why is it so hard to drink up soda better well here's the thing if you don't like it you probably don't need it I personally crave it so I wouldn't necessarily force yourself to consume upside of vinegar you can take it in pill form but if you don't like it don't eat it this kido burden the.

Gallbladder yes so you have to go slowly and really work on your ability to digest fats so don't go crazy with the fats slowly over time until your gallbladder can handle it and so that means that if you get right shoulder pain that means that you have too many fats and that you have to cut down on the fat okay so anyway I just wanted to.

Kind of throw this thing up there and test the waters and it seems to work so I'll schedule at least once a week some live events probably kind of alternating different times so you guys because some people around the world so I want people to hear this so I'm glad this works now so I can start doing it so this is exciting i can answer a lot of questions.

And i know you have a lot more questions but I didn't really schedule and I bent right now but I'm just testing everything so I'm going to click off right now and we'll schedule event i'll send you guys a video of what i'm going to do it okay alright have a great sunday
Eric Berg Live Stream Test - I think we finally figured this out
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