Eric Berg Live Show Q&A 5-5-2017

Eric Berg Live Show Q&A 5-5-2017

Eric Berg Live Show Q&A 5-5-2017

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This is the dr. Berg show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hi guys welcome back it is Friday morning at nine o'clock Eastern Standard Time and hey we're going to take your questions if you want.

To call in the numbers eight six six five six one four two nine two it should be down below if you're on YouTube but I'm going to take Todd's question first from Florida Todd go ahead you're on the air yeah good morning dr. Berg huh I have a one question that I can't understand I've read a lot about it and basically it's about the resistant.

Starches mm-hmm if they don't get broken down at a small intestine but they get kicked out into than a large one and then they get cemented by bacteria does that mean that they don't raise our blood sugar as much or at all or how's that work thank you that's a very good question you have a resistant starch which you know a lot of.

People even in Aikido are taking that especially if they're athletes and in the microbes in the large intestine you'll they'll start to ferment that the biggest thing that I see with this is that people are getting gas they're getting digestive bloating it's overwhelming them now you could just do vegetables and feed those microbes the.

Fibers that they need the problem with resistance starch is there's absolutely no nutrients there's no vitamins or so minerals it's just starch which is basically a type of carbohydrate sugar molecule stuck together honestly I just don't recommend it there's too many drawbacks but a lot of people are doing it and especially if they're doing.

Long-distance running you know so we'll find out the long-term effects of that but hey thanks for your call hey Laura you're on the air you're from Rhode Island go ahead you had a question about skin yeah I have some Seberg I have two questions my first once out eczema what causes it.

With the treatment besides taking omega-3 is it related to hormone problem and the other problem is the candida rashes the you know under the breath the belly is it it changed me like there's something more to it than you know some doctors will say or people will say well we have yeast on our skin and it's skin touching skin because that will happen.

But I've been doing a program for 11 weeks I don't know if it takes longer I'm wondering if it's more related to liver is it glycogen stores being released at this I tried oregano oil which didn't really do a lot but now I'm taking mean which is better but it's still not doing it okay Lori quick question did you get these skin issues.

When you started the ketogenic diet no okay so you had them yeah okay let's just talk first about eczema that that's a skin condition a lot of people have it they're not sure if you look it up it always says unknown cause we don't know what's causing it when you do more research etc there's a couple things that are related to that issue and it's.

From my experience it's related to the digestive system the liver and the gut there's always some imbalance in the flora on your skin you have about 400 different types of strains of microbes that live that actually protect the skin prevent lesions prevent rashes and all these other things so and the same thing with Candida.

We have normally we have candida on our body and when the imbalance a ship's when we have more unfriendly Candida it's like the kind of that you can look at like the good bacteria bad bacteria you start getting side effects from that itchiness white tongue bad odor reassures red things and things like that.

So again digestion I think what I would do if I were you there's a couple to handle the internal part of the body because in order to correct that it does take a long time it's not going to be a matter of one to two weeks this could take months if it's systemic and that's the same thing with like toenail fungus you know if this growing on the toe it's.

Growing all throughout the body it's coming out from the outside so the best absolute best thing to reverse both of those conditions would be to take a probiotic that is very very complete and the one that I recommend is called effective microbes e/m effective microbes you can look it up buy it online it's not that.

Expensive and you can start taking very small dosages of that right before bed and maybe a little bit of kefir unsweetened unsweetened kefir and just take it before bed and what will happen is over time that will build up the floor up and your skin rashes and exam will start kind of clearing up and so will the candida so that's number one.

Number two another remedy that is really good for any type of eczema dandruff flaking skin even candy to rashes is to take one to two drops of oregano oil okay and you put that at 1 teaspoon of flax oil and you mix it up and you apply that to the skin you rub it into the skin so you have the benefit of the essential fatty acids topically that are.

Really good for just reviving the skin and then the oregano oil is the absolute best antimicrobial thing on the planet antiviral antifungal antibacterial it just will heal the skin and actually handle those microbes those growth factors so you want to work on the inside and then work on the outside all right that was kind of a long answer but.

Ok Stacy you're from Dallas Texas go ahead your run on it Stacy are you there I'm sorry are you there this is dr. Berg yes hi hi I just had a question about I had switched over to the ketogenic way of eating since February 22nd so and recently someone posed the question that if you've had your gallbladder removed that.

Could be an issue yeah good question alright next question I was kidding let me answer that question I actually have a video on this but I'm just going to explain what happens the gallbladder is a sac that helps you concentrate bile bi le bile is kind of like the detergent that helps break down fats it helps you concentrate the bowel to help you.

Extract fat side the vitamins from the food that you're eating so when you don't have a gallbladder what happens now you just have a tube from your liver to the small intestine so you're never going to have the ability now to concentrate the bile which means you're going to be deficient in bile which means that you're going to have.

Incomplete digestion with fats essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins so you may eventually get symptoms of you know fat deficiencies in the body with a night vision problem skin issues down the road I'm not saying you're going to have those right now but over time it could have them so and you may have a difficult time digesting fats because.

You're missing that so that it forces the pancreas to produce more lipase which is the fat enzyme to help break down fats so it puts a little strain on the pancreas so the best thing that I would do Stacey is maybe support start off with just one gallbladder formula in the morning after you eat or with it could be another meal to just take one.

After you eat that will provide the concentrated bile to start giving you enough so you don't run out so that's how I would solve it and that's the short answer all right hey Lori you're from Rhode Island a skin problem so go ahead you're on the air hi um this is my second shot I just have one more.

Question okay and I bought seed probiotic TM I think it was called Pro Am and is that it made it so much worse because they use molasses and honey yummy you know just seeds bacteria okay so I mean it's even that bad that that that blew it up and um let me take that let me talk about that Laurie so Laurie already took it and she had a she had.

Almost had exaggeration of the symptoms so Laurie just so you know they do feed the microbes with molasses but I will say that all that molasses is eaten up already when you get it there's not there's it's less than 1 grams of sugar it's like hardly anything and there's not even sweet so there's really it's not the carbohydrates that's creating.

The reaction it's the microbes and I should have pointed this out those effective microbes are very effective and they will initially stir up an immune reaction so that being said you want to take very small amounts I'm talking like 5 drops before a meal I'm before bed take that over a period of time and then start gradually.

Increasing because the fact that it turned on certain symptoms means that it's just working too fast that's what's creating the reaction the other thing that you may want to try in very small quantities Lori is the colostrum because that also is a good immune builder it's good for the gut good for wonderful pur skin and increases growth hormone but.

Again take very small amounts before bed and gradually work up alright hey Dale you're from Orlando Florida go ahead you had a question I got your bird thank you so much for the abundance of information you provide sure I am both a skill and thyroid body type I'm about 60 pounds overweight and I am now doing the Kino genic diet I'm.

Calling today to ask you about 3 health issues I'd like to address the first is that for as long as I can remember my body cracks and pops all over it's most predominantly in my left hip and this includes pain the second is that for the last 4 to 5 years I have constant and prominent muscle aches that started in my right shin and has systematically.

Spread to my right thigh this ache is deep and painful and it's sometimes and it is something I feel all the time the last is about a year and a half ago I developed a thyroid nodule it is benign however I do realize this is a symptom I need to address I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and I'm now taking selenium.

Got okay great thanks alright so let's talk about the nodules first nodules come from either estrogen dominance or low iodine I think what I would do if I were you I would take some seek help and I would take that and that normally should get rid of those nodules pretty fast okay because that decreases the estrogen in those areas okay the first.

Question cracks and pops on the left hip that's usually a sign of a b1 deficiency so you can start taking b1 that nutritional yeast might help but if it doesn't get rid of it and you have problems in the left hip what you want to do and I'm going to actually create a video after we're done and I'll post it probably within the next week you want.

To work on the opposite hip okay you want to do acupressure on the opposite hip so you can take a foam roller take a tennis ball okay and if your problem is on the left tip you lay on the right hip and you just work out those spots on the right hip exactly where it's popping on the left you do acupressure on the right okay that'll stop the popping because it.

Balances it out now muscle aches on the shin all the way up to the thigh I think you sit on the right side okay is this the same principle that you can use you work on the left side so you want to have someone maybe someone that does massage or a body work or even your spouse and start working up the mirror image on the opposite shin on the.

Opposite thigh okay and that should get rid of the achiness now the other thing that causes a keenest is an electrolyte deficiency so you might want to look at that too especially on the ketogenic diet a lot of people are taking the electrolyte powder I have which is some people say it's too sweet there's no sugar in it but we just made a version.

That's not sweet at all so that's the version that's currently out that's another thing you might want to try especially if you have any type of tightness cramping muscles weak muscles that's a potassium magnesium or calcium issue and I just like to take it as electrolyte powder alright hope that helped.

Okay so let's see it's Arlene you're from Delaware go ahead you had a question hi dr. Berg hi how are you good okay I have a question I had breast cancer in 2011 and they put me on an estrus oral medication and it seems like throughout the years my bones have really really been aching sometimes it's hard to sit.

And sometimes it's hard to stand Monday I decided that well they said that they wanted to keep me on it for another four years I don't think my body can take it but I had decided to stop taking it Monday and I started taking your b3 and k2 do you think that's a wise decision good question and again I just have to make.

One little point anything that I tell people in this communication or all my live videos is just for education I'm not trying to I'm not trying to make claims it's going to cure anyone so check with your doctor before taking my advice okay yes if you have bone pain that's about it that's about them in d3 deficiency and I do you know that.

Medication has a side effect of depleting your d3 but when you take d3 you need k2 with it so yes you're on the right track as far as bone destruction and make sure you have really good bones whether it's a pre osteoporosis which is osteopenia or actual osteoporosis I would highly recommend the d3 and the k2 combination okay that's a given but the.

Other thing I think you may want to consider taking is the estrogen balance with dim doom is about 25 times more concentrated than cruciferous vegetables it's a natural thing it's really good to support the immune system after chemotherapy after radiation after cancer so that's something I would also add to the mix because it's very.

Protective okay thanks for calling all right so let's see here now we're going to go to Nydia from Virginia right down the street yes hi that's a bit I have a question I am NOT overweight I only weighed one hundred sixteen pounds but I have a huge boot I were sized Triple D and then my doctor recommended.

A breast reduction surgery so I don't know I know I am taking the seek help but it's not the only thing that I can do to reduce the size anyway I don't want to do the surgery actually it's a really good question you're taking the right thing yes seek help does reduce estrogen and basically Triple D I've had women coming in their size H out of H I.

Didn't even know it went that high that's estrogen dominance so I think the best thing that you can also take there's something called estrogen balance with dim di M because that has specific properties to naturally balance the estrogen in your body so you're not producing the wrong kind and that's one thing that I would recommend probably in.

Addition to that is the cruciferous food those two together help balance estrogen and that should be effective okay all right Adrienne you're from California go ahead you're on the air yeah hi thanks for taking my call sure I'm calling because I have a bone spur my right ankle and I was wondering is there a way I can get rid of it without.

Laser surgery and then also um we have the issues over the past year where no matter what type of pair of shoes I buy because I'm like I have flat feet and I'm please large size shoe my feet turn inward so no matter how what good condition the shoes are in there always sloping down after two months after talking again new pair and I'm thinking.

It may be something chiropractic I need to have done I'm not 100% sure good question wonder what I can do about it is the bone spur underneath your heel or on the outer part of the heel where it's sticking backwards it's actually on my ankle it's on my right side of my right ankle okay okay all right so let's talk about heel.

Spurs I have a video on heel spurs and flat feet you can go search it on YouTube but this Spurs are basically a calcium deposit you're you're deficient in k2 vitamin k2 I would definitely go for the k2 d3 combo to help balance the soft tissue calcium that's happening now for immediate relief you can do acupressure.

On your left ankle exactly mirror image where the spot is on the right side press in there you're going to find a tender spot that's going to be so tender just be gentle work that out that least get rid of the pain part of the spur okay work on the opposite side but the other thing was flat feet I was born a flat feet I mean I had my feet were like.

Pancakes all through sports my feet killed me and I have every single professional arch you could possibly imagine imagine you know form from my feet and then I went into the military that was like in the boots it was just terrible so one day I got rid of my arch supports and I'm like wow why it feels better so.

What you want to do is the arch when you when the arches fall and it's flat what you don't want to do is massage the arch it doesn't work it will not work what you want to do is massage the opposite the top of the foot all the muscles on the top of the foot and you want to stretch the muscles on the top of the foot as it goes into the shin okay I.

Would I would watch the video there's a great stretch you want to be almost like kneeling on your couch or your bed where your feet are flat down okay so you have your feet stretched out so you're stretching all the front part of the foot and the Achilles the enter tibialis and the front part of the shin and then if you do that twice or you know three.

Times a day you're going to like you all your feet pain is going to go away it's great for flat feet it's just great to balance the muscles because all day long the arch muscles are just fighting like crazy so this reverses the flow gives your feet some relief and I never have feet pain any more all right try that out hey Brenda you're on the air you're.

From New York oh yeah good yeah I'm not overweight my height is five three and I'm 130 so I don't have any medication in my body I walk every day by five or six mile a day my question is to you is like you said it to consume egg is is good but I have a problem with my gassy stomach if I don't eat too much festival is it going.

To get a high colour shot or no okay is that your only question I come like a pre in the morning you said if you don't eat vegetables yeah I don't I cannot eat that my specimen I have a very gassy stomach listen from you data okay apple cider vinegar is good so I drink that it's helped me a lot but the thing is if I consume it decrease the festival it is.

Going to be having a high quality or next time or not yeah good question here's what you want to do you you can't do vegetables because it just gasses you out so I would recommend doing fermented vegetables and you don't need as much if you do that so you can ferment them like sauerkraut pickles that type of thing and try to find some vegetable that you.

Can consume like maybe like I said not iceberg lettuce but like romaine lettuce that might be okay in smaller quantities and then you may want to supplement with electrolyte powder so that has that has the potassium because without those vegetables you're not going to get your potassium so fermented vegetables are the key and then I would just watch the.

Cluster I think you're going to be fine but if you have some of those fermented vegetables that should do the trick and this play it by ear and and if you still the problem why don't you you know get in contact with me and I'll take you to the next level because there's other things you can do that take a little bit more time all right thanks for calling.

Hey Nicholas you're from Chicago go ahead you're on the air yes good morning dr. Berg thanks for taking my call I just had a question it was actually kind of concerning last couple weeks I just haven't been feeling myself and I've been getting a lot of cramps in my arms leg stomach and so it concerned me I went to.

The emergency room a couple times over less two weeks and they did tests on me and all that my calcium level was just slightly elevated the first time the second time it was in the normal range I'm wondering if I'm just severely dehydrated or should I be worrying about you know calcium being too high that's a really good question.

Because if you have too much calcium in the blood hypercalcemia you could have like a lot of soft tissue calcium building up because it's not being transported into the tissues and it can create a lot of problems for you muscle cramps and weakness so the fact that was slightly high is an indicator that I think in you mentioned I think in on.

Your on the text right here vitamin D is going to be the ticket so I would definitely start taking more vitamin D if that doesn't help because vitamin D deficiency is basically make your calcium not work anymore in your body so I would then go and acidify the stomach because that could be other reason why you're not pulling that calcium in so in.

That case you want to take pertain how to chloride or apple cider vinegar to acidify the stomach so you can start pulling that those minerals back into the tissue into the muscle but realize the the muscle cramps could be other minerals like potassium deficiency because I don't really know what you eat so you probably better to just do the.

Electrolyte powder that I have because that gives you a lot of potassium some calcium magnesium and that should take care of it especially if you just started the ketogenic diet and then one last thing I was going to mention any time you take vitamin d3 you need k2 with it because they will both work together so what will happen the d3 will.

Help you absorb calcium and then k2 will stick that calcium all the way into the bone or the muscle wherever it needs to go alright thanks for calling hey Stacy you're from Las Vegas go ahead you're on the air well you go hi are you having okay yeah I can hear you perfectly okay great so um.

I I think I'm holistic and I don't take any medication and I've been constipated for many years plus I have psoriasis so that doesn't make it any better and probably about three weeks ago I started taking try not museum and whole psyllium husk and apple juice and so now now I've got perfect bowel movement twice daily but I notice.

That I've got some spoilers like a small lump on the left side of my throat and like a mucous plug at the back of my throat so it feels like there's always a pill stuck like in the back of my trailer first I thought it was poking Tribble but now I'm thinking it my stomach is overactive because it's you know.

Digesting my food right right so question you mentioned on your tax acidosis do you feel any acid coming up now I don't okay so you have no gas oh wait no I just always feel like there's like a lump in the back of my clothes and so when I do take the China using it feels like it's stuck a little bit do I drink extra water ah God okay so you.

Don't really know what your pH is right no I go okay and but you've had constipation for a long long time right yeah okay so let's just talk about that and I'm just gonna I I kind of doubt that it is the enzyme coming up from the stomach that's causing a the lump in the throat it's so rare to have that because you do.

Have a powerful protein enzyme pep taste in the stomach that can go up through Gurdon and start digesting your own proteins I highly doubt that's what it is but when you try to eat food and you swallow things and you feel that little lump in the throat a lot of people have that that is really more of a liver thing the liver there's something going.

On with the liver now you could just get a routine blood test to test to make sure the enzymes are good but I have known in the past the liver is behind that symptom so I'm not sure what's happening with these changes but I will say the best remedy hands down for the liver would be milk thistle because that actually has capacity to.

Repair liver function actually can fix the liver and it's great for hepatitis inflammation and cirrhosis and a lot of other liver issues so I would try that first and if that doesn't fully work then I would see if I could do something to support the gall bladder and see if that doesn't go away okay thanks for calling Stacy hey Lisa.

You're from South Carolina go ahead you're on the air yes after work I was wondering no you mentioned to always get plenty of vegetables to kind of flush out the fat and I'm 2 weeks into doing the keto diet and I was tracking my macros just because I'm in the beginning stages I'm seeing that I'm getting around 45 net carbs and all that's.

Pretty much from vegetables I didn't know if I should try to get that lower so I can stay in ketosis or that shouldn't matter because their carbs coming from vegetables good it's okay to get a little extra yeah you know what honestly I don't even count the vegetables as your carbs I don't count the car that's okay.

Because especially if they're like greens and celery and stuff like that I can see Tomatoes I can see carrots and beets but these other vegetables I don't even count them so those will not affect your ketosis in fact that will help you so it sounds to me like you're well within the range that you need to be because you're just doing vegetables so.

I think I think you're doing great okay no less that's awesome to hear no thank you so much I appreciate it you're welcome okay see ya hey Robin you're on the air you're from Connecticut yes I am thanks for taking my call I have a two-part question one is the long-term I've been on a ketogenic diet for about two three weeks.

Now and I'm curious about long-term how long can you stay on a ketogenic diet safely and secondly other than you know calcium magnesium and zinc which I take along with a multivitamin what other supplementation should I be adding to my diet I eat about twenty to thirty forty net carbs a day okay all right so good question Robin let me.

Just handle that the question the last question first if you're on a ketogenic diet there's several vitamins that you want to probably enhance one is the potassium so the electrolyte powder has a lot of potassium magnesium calcium and and all the trace minerals so that's important and then the second thing is the B vitamins you can get that from.

Nutritional yeast don't get it from some synthetic pills okay and then the third thing is trace minerals just simply because it's hard to get so if you take the liquid trace male minerals and the electrolyte powder I think you're going to be fine with your your minerals okay because everything else you can almost get from your diet unless you have.

Weaknesses within the organs now here's talk let's talk about long term how long can you be in the ketogenic diet people have this idea that the ketogenic diet is just for weight loss it can create some serious positive effects for your health decreasing your risk for Alzheimer's memory problems heart problems high blood pressure strokes why.

Because you're running your body on that field no longer on sugar fuel the damage of running your body on glucose is just off the charts so I look at it is like it's something like a maintenance that you want to be on as long as you want to be healthy and so you you may be able to build up enough reserve once you hit your weight-loss goal you can build up.

Enough reserve so you can you have flexibility you can go off the program and get away with cheating every so often just as long as you have the full knowledge of knowing how to get right back on track and that's why I just hate the word just your diet it's just a way of eating so you.

Could manipulate your own food because now you can predict the response that's going to happen you know if you eat this how you're going to feel the next day so you can just with your own awareness and a judgement choose what foods you need to eat because you have the knowledge of how to use ketosis for example to improve your health.

So I always look at it a great understanding of how food interacts with the body and you know some people when they say that oh ketogenic is dangerous because you're eating all this fat that's a lie you just basically you're reducing your cholesterol when you're on a ketogenic diet you're running your body on fat fuel I mean your body makes.

3,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day so why would you want to avoid cholesterol your body's just going to make less if you eat more so I think I would play it by ear just keep riding the wave see how you feel hit your goal and then down the road choose you know what you want to do but I always I just recommend I tell people.

Hey go back to another or at start adding carbs and see how you feel then you'll really know what is better that way I don't have to tell you you've experienced it alright thanks Robin hey James you're from United Kingdom go ahead you're on the air hey dr. Berg I've been on a ketogenic diet for the last ten months I've lost about 125.

Pounds Wow my question is around electrolyte balance yeah apart from just feeling you know not feeling kind of run down which is what I recognized you know when I feeling low on salts is there some sort of method I can use to identify whether I have an imbalance and then act upon it yeah good question so the electrolytes go far far beyond.

Just low energy electrolytes are necessary to build the the gradients within the cells for transportation of other nutrition from the contraction and relaxation of muscle of the conduction of nerve impulses through the nervous system like for example let's just take potassium deficiency if you're low on potassium you will not be able to.

Transport the nerves correctly so you're good at your nerves are going to be irritated and agitated and weak potassium is necessary for the formation of muscles it actually helps you hold protein in your muscle so without potassium you start getting after free prematurely it's hard to build Bob muscle mass potassium is.

Necessary for the storage of sugar called glycogen so without potassium you can't store glycogen so you're you store more fat magnesium is necessary for the heart to work right and so of potassium too so without these minerals the heart rhythm goes out of whack either a high pulse rate arrhythmias fibrillation all those.

Things without calcium I mean you have muscle cramps you have problems with nerve channels it even increases your risk for cancer believe it not because calcium is the main commuter but communicator between cells so you have so many functions that extend beyond fluid balance pH control so if you did a search on electrolytes in with my name I.

I cover all the function electrolytes do so you can get a grasp of how broad these are but if you're doing all the vegetables that you need I think you're going to get a lot electrolytes but probably if you're in a ketogenic diet that tends to require a need for more especially if you add on exercise all right thanks James hey Jennifer you're.

From Houston Texas go ahead you're on the air yes my question is about casting I have been fasting for the last four weeks I know I'm insulin resistant but my question is my sugar is still spiking it's still going up I mean even after 24 hours it's still going over 200 what's going up though would that mean your blood sugar like my sugar okay so does.

That mean that I should fast longer to try to get myself back into regular ARD good good question Jennifer in fact I'm going to go to the board and I'm going to demonstrate trait this to you okay so if I could have the attention of the producer over there a producer producer I'm going to go to the board so just check this out.

All right so right here we have this thing called the pancreas and have the liver okay so insulin resistance is a situation here's insulin it's resistance so the body doesn't like too much insulin it rejection it rejects it it's toxic to the body it likes just the right amount so if you take if you increase too much.

Insulin it will block it from the system okay so now what happens in the cells in the liver and other cells we're going to have low insulin low glucose now the pancreas detects it because there's no more communication back here so you actually the feedback is that it's low so the pancreas says oh really so let's make more so it starts to increase more.

Insulin by five to seven times so we have a situation where your body is starving of insulin and glucose yet we have five to seven times more insulin running through the body but not going into the cells so it's ineffective insulin that's where you have all the damage and the runaway blood sugar control so you mentioned in a minute.

Fasting because one of the problems with insulin is that when you eat you increase insulin right so what you want to do is not eat for periods of time and yeah if you could do it that's the best way to do it like two meals or three meals a day without any snacking go to two meals in fact if you really want to be successful that will start lowering.

The insulin and your blood sugars will come down down down there's other things you can do to heal insulin resistance okay chromium and I think you if you've been watching my videos I have something called insulin and glucose support that has all these nutrients and I'm gonna tell you but potassium chromium apple cider vinegar magnesium.

All these minerals B vitamins b1 all that increases the receptiveness of this right here so now that we cut out the sugar cut out the junk food eat infrequent add the nutrients this starts working better we get the signals that come back here to turn off this this insulin so basically over time your instant becomes lower lower and lower.

And lower and then the need for the pancreas to produce insulin becomes less and you can start to heal then your blood sugars will come down okay so let me just plug this thing back in here alright so that's how I would give it more time I would add those nutrients and then see what else you can do by maybe going to two meals instead of.

Three without any snacks and make sure you add fat to that because that way you'll go longer without having to eat thanks Jennifer hey Tim you're from New York City go ahead you're on the air hey dr. Berg thanks for taking my call umm they also want to thank your wife at a great recipes okay um alright really enjoying it I've been following you for.

A couple of months now I dropped 40 pounds Wow in probably about three months that's great yep yeah feels great recently I get in some pains in the back of my quads it's a constant pain first started out only when I was sleeping but now it's like in the day and everything whenever I'm you know all day long Oh calm I'm also doing your wheat grass.

For about this about a month okay um and my question is to end up doing apple cider vinegar with the lemon and I'm just curious is there possible to overdo the apple cider vinegar okay can you get too much ash good question well is it in both hand strings yes okay it tends to lean more constant on the left okay do you or anybody comes back.

Good for the boat do you have any old injuries to the hamstrings no I'll cut that I'm aware I mean oh okay so yeah you can always over Dover do the opposite of vinegar but if you're just taking like a teaspoon even with each meal you're not going to overdo it in fact that should actually help get rid of lactic acid in the muscle but the.

Cramps in the muscle you usually come from either potassium deficiency but you're taking the wheatgrass so chances are it's not potassium so it can then also be vitamin d3 vitamin d3 could do it too so that's one thing I would look at and the last thing I would look at is vitamin b1 because those are the key nutrients that become depleted on the.

Ketogenic diet so if you took some nutritional yeast that may help you greatly okay so b1 additional use of vitamin D and you're already getting the wheatgrass so you should have enough potassium so that's what I would go after last thing Tim you can actually massage with a foam roller your.

Quadriceps on both side sides to actually knock out any pain in your in your hamstrings and the reason I'm asked about the old injury is because the question is why is it in your hamstring why isn't it all in all muscles okay well there could be a pre-existing old injury there I don't know all right thanks for calling Tim hey Jennifer.

You're from New Hampshire go ahead you're on the air hi dr. Berg I'm on day six of keto which I decided to start doing because I have dance Lyme disease and I want to get rid of the inflammation so I watched all of your videos before I started to make sure I did everything right the right macros my potassium but since about day three or.

Day four I've had extreme bloating which gets worse after I eat and really loose stools so I'm very uncomfortable and I don't know what could be causing it or what to do about it okay Jennifer quick question did you change anything right before you got the bloating I owe the only thing I've changed I've been you know at the 20 to 40 grams of fat and.

The three to six ounces of protein for about to four months the only thing I changed was reducing the carbs okay and getting all those greens in that you say about the cups yeah what kind of fad are you eating um everything um you know olive oils coconut oils MC ki egg I think I think what's happening Jennifer I think.

When you start to ketogenic diet that the very the the wild variable is the fats people just aren't used to consuming that much oil and fat I would cut that down especially the MCTS which are extra oils and some of the other oils because bloating is really is a lack of bile so we can add the gall bladder formula if.

We want but I think the first thing I would do is I would cut out some of the oils and see how you feel and that should take care of it because you are consuming a lot of fat there that you might not be used to you have to gradually build up to it so I think that should help you a lot Jennifer thanks for calling hey Debbie you're from.

Ontario go ahead question hi doctor it's in regards to liver cleanse I'm 63 I have IBS I have to go for colonoscopies every three or four years because they find polyps I'm juice fasting right now with some salads in the evening my doctor has diagnosed gallstones and yet I do not have any symptoms so I've been googling.

Golf stones and I've seen on on YouTube where I could probably do a liver cleanse to get rid of them and what's your opinion on this doctor who'll de Clark that's online and she's recommending I mean she's passed away now but she's always recommended liver cleanses and stuff like that yeah are they safe liver cleansers good question.

Debbie I've done her cleanses they are to the extreme I'm talking like massively extreme I couldn't keep it and I've really been into cleanses the problem they're too short term they don't really fix the real problem they do a short cleanse and then BOOM they don't really go into the diet I.

Personally would just change your eating I would not do a juice fast why because regardless of what where that juice comes from it's going to spike insulin which kales of the stones okay the best thing to do is believe it or not you need to do things that increase more bile okay one is the goal but a.

Formula to help dissolve the current stones you have but think about bio what it does without bio you develop stones bio helps you break down fats and the question is what triggers bile saturated fats I'm not saying go crazy with it but you don't have to do a low-fat diet you can start adding fats to the diet egg yolks which are high in lecithin and.

Choline which help dissolve the stones so I think personally the the ketogenic diet would be the best thing long-term of course you're going to do a lot of vegetables and this ketogenic diet you're also going to intermittent fasting which will bring insulin down and thereby get rid of the stones so again I mean in my first and second and.

Third book I recommended a liver enhancement or the cleanse don't recommend it anymore because it doesn't really fix the problem I remember doing a cleanse once where I took epson salts okay two or three ounces of epsom salts 12 ounces of olive oil beet tablets I did that like three times a day for a week and I'm drinking this stuff down.

And laying on the right side I almost died because those those things got stuck in my throat and I couldn't breathe and I was I don't want to get into the details but it was not pretty but again I had to I test at all these cleanses out I've been cold emmos called Kol Emma's which is a combination between an enema and colonic and then.

Colonics and enemas all those are good I mean to some degree but they didn't really get to the heart of it which is my eating long term they didn't correct that did a temporary little flush but the amount of toxins that are in our bodies it's astronomical so you have to do it slowly over a period of time or.

Sometimes people even get sick hey carry on you're on the air you're from Calgary how are you doctor how are you this morning great thank you for taking my call my my daughter and I have just recently discovered you I have a 12 year old who's going to soon be 13 and at age four and a half she was diagnosed with a.

Very rare condition and went through the surgery and then the following year she led to a very traumatic event again something similar related to her anatomy and then the third year when she was sick perhaps should we had a third surgery and after that she went through her parents divorce so she's been through a.

Lot of trauma and she the surgeries were on her tummy and so she's carrying a their significant amount of weight on her tummy but also I think overall and so I know that she would definitely be an adrenal type I think she may also have some tyroid going on as well it's a bit of so Kerry just to give me the real quick summary as she right now she has a.

Bloated stomach yeah her coming like she's carrying a significant amount of weight under tummy okay and I'm wondering about the keto four kids got it okay well first of all I want to say I actually in college I went to Calgary it's a great city yeah I was up there and had a great adventure so that was that's awesome.

That you lived there so anyway yes okay the ketogenic diet is really good for kids amazing for kids you want to definitely do make sure that she does three meals a day because what's going to happen it's going to lower insulin and you can make all sorts of really cool delicious pleasurable treats for your child so it's not going to be.

Depriving them of anything just without sugar but yeah I would do that because it's going to reduce insulin and insulin is the number one thing that creates inflammation in the gut and that's why even people like let's say they wake up the money with somewhat of a flat stomach and then they at the end of day.

They got this distended stomach that's insulin now it could be cortisol from stress and it sounds like she's been through stress but by fixing the insulin factor that will automatically decrease the cortisol and she will do much better with that bloating she probably would also bend it for him from the what's called cortisol the adrenal and cortisol.

Relief which basically just helps cortisol help stress relief helps her sleep things like that so I would recommend that highly recommend it for a thirteen-year-old for sure and be surprised how many conditions can go away from that thanks Karen hey Logan you're from Texas go ahead you're on the air hey doctor hey so I've.

Been watching you for a long time and you know I've been I've been on the ketogenic diet for a year now and I was diagnosed with the stage 4 gob of Stella brain tumor in March of 2016 and what's happened now is been removed I've been through radiation and I'm currently going through my last round of oil chemo and it's been amazing how great this is.

All been there's been no reoccurrence then some of the best result they've ever seen and I'm still able to work out at a hundred percent level six days a week I'm fasting about 18 hours a day and tracked my macros daily but I was just wondering if you have anything else that you think that I should potentially add in basically say I'm asking what.

Would you do if you were diagnosed with the stage 4 you know brain tumor what would you do to prevent it from coming back again yeah ok those two things I would do very good question Logan personally I think you've been through a lot of than trauma after I guess they took it out and then did everything else so you want to repair the immune system.

And what I would do I would buy the highest quality colostrum powder that you could find and I would take that before bed I would take a big huge beam tablespoon of that stuff before bed why because that basically will repair and build up your immune system it's wonderful to repair a broken-down immune system sounds like.

You're doing really good but that's one extra step that will over time gradually bulletproof you immune system the next thing I would do and I talk about this a lot a lot of videos as I would just consume cruciferous on a regular basis if you look at the textbook on Texaco toxicology which is the study of poisons and you turn to the chapter where all.

The tumors are I mean it's just like all the chemicals it's all the chemicals so what you have to do is you have to do organic everything non-gmo and I think the SS the estrogen balanced with dim would be probably one of the best products and of course the cruciferous combined with that but that's what I would do Logan if I were you but it.

Sounds like you're on the right track keep sugars down as low as possible and I think it's not going to return that's my opinion hey Rob you're from South Carolina go ahead you're on the air hi dr. Burt thank you very much for taking my call sure I appreciate it your videos are great so I enjoy watching a.

Man every day Thanks so my question is I started kind of keto I started with Wheat Belly back in January I'd done it before I've always kind of been low carb I gave up bread and grains about five years ago but I lost a lot of weight I slowly integrated potatoes again and french fries and tater tots so I put on about 60 pounds.

Again so in January I started it again you know I gave up all the grit of all the carbs basically Aikido and then watching your videos and you talked about insulin resistance and how that blocks fat-burning and I also have anxiety disorder so that creates especially with the diet change it kind of increased what I would imagine.

Increase my cortisol though my fat burning is blocked and I'm not taking in carbs I haven't been feeling that good muscles get tired real fast I can do Squatch it's like the strength is there but they seem to wear out so if I'm not burning fat and I'm not burning my fat and I'm not taking in sugar what am i burning then well your your sounds.

Like you're in the transition phase Rob of adapting to the ketosis so what happens is over time when you start developing in some resistance it becomes more stubborn more stubborn it takes more and more time you could take you know one two even two months to fully adapt where you feel good and it sounds to me like you have symptoms of you know.

Keto flu which is kind of weak muscles kind of not as strong as possible and for that you need potassium potassium citrate I think you would benefit from the electrolyte powder that I have because that has all the electrolytes with no maltodextrin no sugar and it really will recharge the cells and knock out these side effects from the.

Ketogenic diet that does tend to deplete potassium and you'll start feeling stronger from that and you have minimal damage the other thing you need to get is the nutritional yeast and start taking that that will give you the B vitamin so if you have the minerals with the B vitamins you should get into ketosis a lot faster but I think you're.

In the you're in the transition period right now where the fact that you have these symptoms and you have anxiety means that you're not fully there yet you're going to get there give it more time but the anxiety will go away with the B vitamins as soon as you take the nutritional yeast take a tablespoon a day and you'll start feeling better.

Thanks Rob hey Leanne you're from Ohio go ahead you're on the air hi dr. Burke thanks for taking my call I called you last week and I wanted to let you know I've lost another pound and a half so I've found five and a half pounds Wow in three weeks right so but I thought I was um my question is that I thought I was like no sugars at all and then when I.

Was looking at some of my like my I think it's two G drinks and some of my coconut macaroons they have organic cane sugar organic coconut nectar organic coconut sugar palm sugar and I know you said to stay with stevia I wanted to make sure if that those works not if these were things that it wasn't supposed to be taking and also I have.

One other question with a weak grass I ordered it before I saw you and I got it from Australia and you were talking about how the trace minerals and all that we don't have here in our country what do you think that would be a good I don't hate to throw it away yeah but if I have to I will here's a question is that we crass powder or wheatgrass and.

Juice powder it a powder yeah I'm not gonna say to throw it away but it's basically hey it's the fiber without the the real good things the juice is really it takes a whole tray of wheatgrass to make 1tsp of wheatgrass juice powder what you're getting is you're just getting the fiber part with a little tiny juice so there's a big difference.

I'm not saying it's bad for you it's fiber but the wheatgrass juice powder is a is no fiber so you get just the straight nutrients so use it up use it up and then try mine I think you'll like it because it's very high-quality and getting a lot of response to that now as far as the hidden sugars yes coconut nectar coconut sugar is way too high you.

Want to do with your xylitol we through tall or acedia yeah I wouldn't do that I would cut that up and that really brings us to the situation you have to restart really reading labels because it is hidden in so many things and dressings and sauces and and especially going out to dinner forget it I mean it's hard to really go no sugar but that's what you.

Have to cut out and you'll lose even more weight hey George you're from Toronto go ahead mark good morning it's a great day yes it's raining outside but it's still great I ask you two questions first of all in your videos you don't have any forward lymphatic system the wet system.

Lymphatic system lymphatic yeah I do have a video on what is the lymphatic system you can search that out but you should find it okay next question is about the kombucha tea and overdosing I just did and I realized hard way that is not good even though kombucha tea is very useful and very nice to drink right the next.

Question I have is what is your zodiac sign well good question but what probably won't get into those signs or whatever red in this conversation but let's talk about the kombucha tea yeah I overdid it once because what happens the kombucha tea really can put you into a more acidic state which your pulse rate starts to go up and you start showing.

Signs of acidosis I mean it's not dangerous but it's just like then you need to take some calcium calcium magnesium to start to bring your pH back into a balance but the point is that yeah you can overdo it so kombucha is very strong lactic acid at the very most in one sitting you take a half of a jar not the whole thing because you can.

Actually keep you up at night a little bit will calm you down too much can kind of keep you up all right hey Debbie you are on the air from Colorado okay first of all I want to say thank you for all that you do and all your research it has helped tremendously and I I really believe in your program and my question is is that I mean I'm.

Trying to keep my fat down because I'm a very small person I'm very overweight but I'm small I'm only I'm 49 and so I'm trying to keep the fat down but I'm having trouble getting into protein without going over the fat got it okay Debbie good question Debbie honestly I would not try to go low-fat if it's naturally in the protein like.

For example let's say you had a hamburger that's 85 percent right eat that don't call low fat protein because that's going to spike your insulin I think you just need to just not add extra fat to the meal anytime nature's provided protein with fat eat it in that combination like the eggs with egg yolks it's not going to put more weight on you.

It's not going to give you more calories that's going to cause more weight especially if you're doing three meals a day with no snacks or even two meals a day but I would not worry about that at all you want to do more of a natural fatty or protein all right good question hey Bonnie you're from Pennsylvania go ahead you're.

On the air oh thank you for taking my call I'd say a two questions my first question is I have it all happened it happened on one day um fatty deposits on both sides of my eye there I mean like my eyelid and you know they're slightly yellowish I I looked it up in his eye condition like this with an axe and they said it cholesterol deposits.

And now it's starting to happen underneath my eye – and um I lost my gallbladder six years ago and I'm 49 my hormones are actually a mess right now and I'm taking a lot of things but I think I chose I chose the adrenal kit and I think I'm probably the ovary kit would have been better for me I've already been through about a month but I.

Still don't sleep well like you know I'm yeah so I think I picked hormones so Bonnie this is what I would get um I was always thinking thinking gallbladder if you cholesterol you get to cluster deposit from the eye that's really the failure to process the cholesterol because you don't have enough bile that's the simplicity of it so basically.

What we want to do is we want to have a cool effect with my new lighting system I have here what we want to do is we want to just add the gallbladder formula you have it in the adrenal kit you have an adrenal kit and just take probably one after a meal or two after a meal and you're going to find that that should be enough.

To handle it the other thing that you want to do is take choline as a supplement choline will help to thin the bile so you'll start to do well in that but as far as your meals go probably not going to have to add any fats to the meal just consume the natural fats that are in that protein you're going to be fine but the missing link is the bile.

You just need a little bit more bile Bonnie and that should handle it okay hey Deborah you are on the air from Ontario I think I already figured another question or is this another person from Ontario no is a different person okay completely i am i was born with something called congenital nystagmus the left side of my brain and.

It defects and as an adult i'm like sorta grew out of some of the that's not my head wobbling and things like that but it caused me to be legally blind any other doctors is there something wrong with my eyeballs the eyes themselves and so i mean i'm sixty but i've always because i've been following a lot closer healthy lifestyle.

And diet in nutrition and keeps doses and it's led me to wonder that whether i could assess my vision or through other means like could i i take hi GH dia a fish oil like the high one and magnesium all the things that will calm my nervous system because the more stimulated I am the more my vision will the eyes will start to jump and I just.

Wondered your thoughts about you know helping the brain – I don't know maybe correct some of the things that are wrong there they don't really tell you because they just say it's that in it and I do have cousins but all of us have a different type of symptom mine is this God and down okay great question Debra there's a couple.

Things that come to mind to help what you're really talking about is neurotransmitters in the brain which are probably off so there's a couple things that you can take one is the the main fat in the brain is DHA if you took that that's a healthy fat it's in fish oils I think you might be already taken but take a real high-quality one like.

Extra-virgin cod liver oil okay so that will give you that healthy fat there's two other things called Sammy it's called sa M then put a small e Sammy is a a natural compound in your body to help you make all the neurotransmitters so if you were to take that with vitamin b6 I think that would help as a precursor to help build up the.

Neurotransmitters and help balance things so you're not overly excited in the brain neurotransmitters so those are some quick things and the last thing is potassium you need a lot of potassium to help the nervous system chill out so you're not too heavy on the flight or flight mechanism so those are the things that I would recommend but thank you so.

Much for calling okay Paula you are the last caller from Connecticut go ahead you are on the air Hey you're listening to your radio I can't you're going to have to turn your radio down and talk okay okay now I can hear you go ahead oh yeah I can hear you computer in the background or your radio probably the computer.

Oh she clicked up okay cool so hey listen guys thank you so much for tuning in I'm going to see you next week at 9 at the same time same place okay have a great week
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