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this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hi guys I'm back I'm here to take your calls live and the number if you want to.

Call in its eight six six five six one four two nine two let's get right into the calls because there's a lot of them a leandro you had a question about the ketogenic diet go ahead you're on the air hey good how are you yeah I'm good so I've been doing the ketogenic diet for about a month now and you know I really enjoy it.

My only concern with is that so while I'm dropping weight I noticed most of it is coming off of my upper body which wouldn't be a problem but most of the fat in my body is sword in my glutes and legs so my upper body is looking less proportional to my lower so I was wondering like what can I do to fix this.

Yeah I'm sure I'm sure most of it is because you know while growing up I wasn't really participating in much sports and I was playing a lot of video games so that's important you know that you know if you can answer that question for him I'd really appreciate that's my first question and then my second question is.

How exactly am I supposed to use the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting to build muscle and like size with two meals a day when I thought that they were both used to get lean and drop away should I aim for a certain number of calories and probably do like 75 percent fat 20% protein 5% cards if not what would you recommend that's my second.

Point are you doing two meals right now yeah I got I started off like at four meals I was doing a lot of different things but uh I said intermittent fasting which which has been helping but yeah like like I mentioned a lot of it facts coming off of my upper body hold are you I'm 26 okay and can you give me a quick example.

Of what you eat as one of the meals so in the morning I typically have like three eggs bacon with like half of an onion tomato I like a lot of vegetables really like with broccoli too and cheese and I'm like for my second no I'll typically have like five cups of salad or organic salads with like some Parmesan cheese.

Ranch Organic ranch and some chicken or steak okay oh and I have Quito coffee too okay good and you have that in the morning the Quito coffee right yeah okay actually drinking it right now okay great right alright so let's just talk about that there's a couple things that I would recommend you know you're.

Talking about spot reduction or kind of losing weight in a certain place unfortunately it's very difficult to you know always lose weight where you want to lose it usually comes off the usually comes off the midsection first sometimes it's the upper as well you're not going to be losing muscle mass you're going to be losing fat but especially with.

Women's like it's a big concern because they're losing weight and midsection but their their hips are still the situation the the thing you're gonna have to do is you're going to have to give it more time but you can also add some high intensity interval training to the key to in a minute fasting because that will especially if your lower extremity you.

Start working those muscles some of that weight is not just fat it's all it's like atrophy so that will help you greatly the other thing if you want to take it to the next level is do this high-intensity full-body workout when in the more a little earlier in the morning so now I'm not recommending this for everyone if they.

Have a blood sugar issue but if you do this when you're fasting the workout boy it just it just accelerates everything just like almost it just sucks that fat right in it because if your body is just demanding more energy so it goes after the fat reserve because before I was talking about having it right right before you eat during the meal the.

Window of eating and then maybe just right after to have the fuel but some people are seeing more changes if they do it in an empty stomach I might want to try that unless your blood sugars are an issue you can always improve things to by probably that that coffee I would because sometimes that fat or butter or coconut in the in the coffee can you.

Know act like a meal so you might want to just to coffee a little cream and then nothing else and that will help you the other thing that's gonna help you retain muscle protein you need and I'm going to talk about this more on the board in a little bit but you need potassium to grow muscle you need potassium to retain muscle and so you're.

Doing the vegetables that great you might want to add a little bit more potassium as a supplement just to speed things up but honestly overall I think you just need to give more time and eventually it's going to go after your legs because you your body tends to go after the midsection first or the upper body first unfortunately all right.

Thanks for your call hey Morini I think it's marine from Australia you had a question in Quito and travel hi dr. Berg I think you're awesome and thanks so much for taking my call yeah I have two quick related questions about traveling overseas on the keto intermittent fasting diet firstly I'm very happy eating this way is the health benefits.

Are tremendous and although I'm not interested in having any cheat days I will be going overseas in November flying from Sydney to London across to the US and flying back home from New York there'll be many hours on the plane and I would normally not think twice about fasting but with 24 hours plus travel and transit times in the first.

Leg of my journey alone I will have to eat at some stage and traveling in coach well to be honest the foods pretty crappy and the salads are way too small and mostly unhealthy and so what would you recommend me do and secondly do you have any tips for staying healthy when flying so I don't pick up any bugs and for taking supplements what would be the.

Most essential supplements you recommend taking on vacation and maybe you could do a video on this topic – that would be awesome thanks again dr. Berg you're welcome Thanks good good question this is always a challenge because you're flying the the food on the plane is all carbs there's no no other way then you're gonna have.

To bring something on the plane you normally I'll go for nuts and I'll do that like if I'm in a situation where I'm like oh gosh what am I going to do usually there's little shops that sell nuts but the problem is that some of the nuts always have MSG or sugar so I will do peanuts and I will buy a back and I'll probably just use that as my.

Protein there is a good amount of protein in there but if you have the ability to carry on some food I would bring nuts and seeds as your basic thing maybe even some cheese would be great too it's hard to bring anything else that's hard to bring a salad but you could bring a powdered green drink you can do the wheatgrass or just get a.

Powdered green drink that would be your salad because it's almost gonna you can't bring a salad on the plane unless you can buy something now in certain airports there's a there's like those smoothie places Jubilee or I can't remember the name of them I remember going up to them and saying listen I need to get a kale shake and of course.

They don't know how to make that so I will say all I want is a little bit of berries and a lot of kale and good amount of water and I will show them how to make it and they'll make this kale shake and that's one thing I'll do but the thing that they'll do is they won't put enough water so it becomes very very thick and they'll put ice cubes I want.

To fill the thing with water put all the kale in there with a little bit of berries blend it up really good and that's that's one tip so you got the powdered green and you got the kale shake and there are some restaurants that have decent salads and protein but I would bring your own nuts and seeds and just make sure that maybe like.

Pecans would be good walnuts but I wouldn't being bring cashews but I think that's a good idea bringing the of doing a video on that and I think that was I think oh yeah to protect your immune system yeah when you get on the plane there's all these people hacking and coughing and there's germs and microbes and things like that people.

What will set you up for a low immune system to get a microbe would be like any type of stress in your environment if you're stressed out and I used to pick up every single bug when my immune system was low so there are some things that you can do not necessarily to avoid the germs being exposed to your body but to be able to just to build up.

Your immune system one is vitamin D so you can start taking vitamin D like a week before that's really really powerful and then of course vitamin C just make sure the vitamin C that you take is not just synthetic get the one with a food base with a bioflavonoids or just don't get this synthetic vitamin C will actually kind of bulletproof you in.

A sense all right well thanks for your question that was actually a good question hey Jim you're from Ohio go ahead you to question a maintaining weight on the Aikido yes dr. Berg thank you I am 50 years old I've got down to the weight that I want over about a two and a half month period I actually started out with the Atkins because I.

Didn't get find you but about halfway through so I'm down to the point where I want to be I don't want to lose any more I've lost my belly fat I've got about a 32 inch waist so I feel really good about that I'm very active running biking so my question is how do I maintain it all right like to stow intermit fat yeah and I do that twice a.

Day 18-6 so yeah how do I maintain and does it harm me to go in and out of ketosis good question well the whole goal Jim is to build up a health reserve so your you're not on a diet you just are operating off these principles of you know low crap sugar you know all the junk food but building up a health reserve over time well your system is so.

Healthy you can get away with an occasional going off the program and eating certain things I mean some people can't afford that but when you build up a health reserve you know you have no fatty liver and out of medication everybody all the indicators are good energy sleep blood pressure all those are awesome and then you can afford to.

Go off of it so there's a there's kind of some some gradient points from here to here as far as how much you can go off and is it harmful well let's say you're doing alcohol a little too frequent well you just like taking that liver and you're just like whip lashing it over and over and over again so it can create.

Some problem so it's really a judgment call with you as long as you're building up and you're having all the nutrition and avoiding some of these chemicals GMO foods I think you're gonna be you can go you can afford to go off a little bit more but it's it's not harmful to continue the key to intermittent fasting over a long.

Period of time now some people don't want to lose any weight anymore they hit their weight well then just increase the quantity of food and maybe just a little bit more fat with the meals and maybe even just one more meal maybe not but and then you'll actually it may slow down the weight loss the other thing that you want to think about.

When you do this is that you've been doing this I think for two to four months somewhere in between there it takes like you may have to do this for six months to eight months to really build up and know that you have a health reserve where you can go off more frequently but you just kinda have to play around with it and see how how you.

Do and if you go off the program and you can monitor it by various factors like blood sugars subjective how you feel stress levels just quality of your cognitive function to see how much you can get away with but I don't want to get fanatical about it but you know the coal-hole goal is to fill up your body so you don't have to worry about an.

Occasional going off the program thanks for your question Jim hey Rachel you're from New York you had a question your hair is too dry yes actually my hair keeps breaking and splitting and getting a lot of knots now I normally have elbow-length hair but within the last year I've had to cut my hair to like a mini afro and I've gone to the.

Dermatologist I've gone to you know the internist and the most they've told me is that you know my iron is in normal range is just on the low side of that so the last four months I've been taking iron but I'm not seeing a difference in my hair quality mm-hmm okay good let's talk about that I think I think what you need is to go mainly right into more.

Healthy fats the fact that I would recommend to have really good hair would be GLA okay gamma linolenic acid GLA it's from borage will that you can get it from evening primrose oil and black currant seed oil hemp oil but get the borage oil and that should you can get it in little tablets so it's preserved and start taking that that.

Will help your hair a lot because those essential fatty acids are really good for soft wonderful hair prevent splitting and for for skin skin health too so that's their I would go and and don't forget to takes either consuming fish oils or the cod liver oil because the fats what will help the dryness it's not a dehydration not necessarily a.

Trace mineral but it's the healthy fats all right Rachel thanks for your call hey Dan you had a question you're from California yeah I'm quite asking about how do you add that to the meal that the protein is not providing enough to curb the carbohydrates cravings there have to be pure fat or is it just predominantly fat and what are some examples good.

Question so Dan yeah because it's like even when you go out and let's say you get a hamburger or you buy him here at the store I mean they sell it it's hard even fine fatty or hamburger it's all like ninety percent there's one company that you can order online I'll actually put a link down below when I get home today that you can buy like seventy five.

Percent back which is wonderful so the goal is to have fattier you know meats if you're doing that now the other thing to add fats I normally go I either will make a keto bomb with from coconut or butter and almond flour and have a lot of rest recipes online or I'll do I've ekkada as my fat I do a lot of almond butter I'll do like nuts pecans I'll do.

A lot of P cons I might take the sugar-free chocolate chips and I'll put them in almond butter or a peanut butter and that will be my fat so you're going to have to just add more of that fat you can do coconut oil but like what are you gonna eat it straight so you would I would do more of a peanut butter type thing and that's.

Usually gonna handle your hunger over a period of time so that's what I would do but yeah you're gonna have to add more fat until the point where you're not hungry good question Dan hey Jose you're from Nebraska go ahead you had a question about the adrenal formula yeah I just found you Oh a couple weeks ago I have.

Done some friends who told me about doing high fat low carbs and I've done that for a couple of months but the thing I've struggled with for years is my legs at night and it's not restless leg syndrome but I feel like the muscles on my legs are pulling off and they are very very painful at night and I don't know what I need to be doing okay good.

So here's the thing I far as the adrenal goes because the adrenal affects the lower extremity in the body the best formula is the cortisol adrenaline cortisol support formula that's that would really help you in addition to that it's usually going to be potassium so I don't know if you're doing you've only done this for two week two weeks so.

You're gonna probably bill of your potassium reserve you can do them with the electrolyte powder that I have or and a lot more vegetables so like 7 to 10 cups of vegetables because without the potassium and the muscles get achy and things like that so that's one thing now if that doesn't work for some reason here you're taking this electrolyte and.

It's not working then you need more vitamin E but get a natural vitamin E complex okay that should handle the rest of the majority but there's one last thing that people do need if like a small percentage of time because I'll always try the most common thing and then okay if that doesn't work we try this and then the last thing that you.

Can try if nothing else works and this will probably this is the icing on the cake is manganese manganese get up chelated manganese supplement manganese is basically good for achy muscle and joint but it good for disk problem it strengthens your ligaments so that could be an one last thing that I would use on occasion.

And boom it's just handled but I wouldn't go right to that first I would do the adrenal then potassium and then vitamin E and manganese as your last option I think that should help you hey Angela you're from Louisiana you didn't question about Kido and Hepburn go ahead yeah something on the ko genic diet for.

About two or three weeks now but I have a lot of past with my stomach and stuff and I've noticed that the heartburn in my chest has been really bad and I'm not sure if it's an ulcer or not I'm also on the road a lot I'm a truck driver and I've looked at your videos and I was trying to find the floor filled pearls but I can't find that I just wanted to.

Know what you suggested okay do you do you did you notice your heartburn is worse on the keto or did you have it before it's worse recently okay how many meals a day are you eating I was eating one big meal a day Wow okay is the heartburn when you eat or an empty stomach empty stomach oh okay so it's not it's not really but it's.

Constant almost okay is there any chance that you might have an ulcer yes it's a possibility I've had them in the past but I haven't been to a doctor or anything recently so it's possible yes okay so let's talk about this is this is another great question let's just pretend you have an ulcer okay if you eat and you have an ulcer you should.

Feel better with eating okay so like sometimes you might feel better if sometimes you might not but but if you start dumping apple cider vinegar down your throat you'll feel worse especially an empty stomach if you have an ulcer so that's one way to quickly find out yeah I have an ulcer I a grated without cider vinegar but typically to get rid of.

Heartburn we need to certify the stomach because if the stomach is not alkaline enough the top valve on the top of the stomach won't close and the acid squirts up so we have acid reflux and then we have heartburn right so it could be you know the same situation where you don't have enough acid so the thing that I would do if I were you is I would start.

Taking the opposite of vinegar with my meals and see if it gets worse it gets worse we know we have an ulcer then we have to back off that now we have to heal the stomach lining and to do that chlorophyll pearls is good it's a standard process product if you search standard process on Amazon you'll find it you can probably try to find a health.

Care practitioner or call the company bit expensive but it's called chlorophyll pearls standard process and then you would suck on those until they're almost kind of real thin and then swallow them and they're kind of just coats the entire lining of the stomach and that'll start healing it the other thing that'll work.

Really good and you can get this from my site as the is the wheatgrass juice powder that is a lot of chlorophyll – – and you could take that and that starts to help heal the area but then you can't really dump any acid down there so you're gonna have to kind of heal the system over a period of time once it's healed after you know a period of time.

Like it could take two or three four months then you start adding in the acid but yeah so heartburn means that well if you have an ulcer that means that you've had a pretty bad health problem for a long period of time because it's it's to get an also you have to be pretty unhealthy so it means you probably ate poorly but I love the fact that you're.

Doing one meal a day I think that over time it's going to help heal things you might have to consume as part of your vegetables more of the fermented foods to make it easier to digest but those are some of the things that I would recommend you might have to take more enzymes – if you can't take an acid just to help you as this thing heals all.

Right good question hey Megan you're for North Carolina go ahead you had a question low carbs make you dizzy I got antibiotics cipro and a whole bunch of stuff started happening to me so the only thing that doctors were saying to me is that I needed to lose weight so I had hair loss I had hormone.

Problems I had insulin resistance I had all that so I went on this major diet about three months ago and lost 45 pounds in two months and all I was eating was whole fruits and whole vegetables nothing in packaging and I was eating some nuts and some peanut butters but for some reason I had allergy issues on top of that it seemed.

Like everything that I put in my body my throat was itching or I had an ache under my right rib so I did a ton of probiotics and stuff like that to try to counteract that and now I'm able to eat the soy and other nuts and stuff like that but before I look three months ago I wasn't able to eat any of that have you seen any more videos on what to.

Eat I've seen a few of them I was wondering if there was any way that you could maybe um do like a nutrition counting nutrition chart for like daily you know use because that would be so beneficial yeah okay yeah I already have a lot of videos on the nutritional profiles of a lot of different foods but here's the thing Megan it sounds to me.

Like you have hypoglycemia and the thing that you're missing is the more of that dense protein whether an egg or even an animal protein now if you're a vegan I understand that but it sounds like your low blood sugar so when you go to low carb and you don't have the right proteins it's very hard to fix it so you.

Feel kind of like low blood blood sugar in that and insulin resistance will cause hypoglycemia I would honestly go to my site in a little booklet it's very inexpensive it's very easy read that's kaha to burn fat it gives you the basics of what to eat and just read that you can read it in probably an hour get all the basics.

Of what you need to fulfill not just the nutrition but the macros as well so you need the micronutrients and the macronutrients in the right combination I think it's a real easy problem to solve start watching more of my videos I probably would do you're gonna have to fix the hypoglycemia so to do that you don't want to do 5 6 small meals a day.

You want to do start with 3 and then eventually go down the 2 2 meals and I think that'll help you but you're gonna have to add more high-quality protein to your meals and of course in fat because the way you're doing it now because the teeth one of the things this protein will increase insulin a little bit but it also stimulates an another.

Hormone called glucagon which actually helps regulate your blood sugars to between meals so you need to see more protein so try that nega and I think I think you're gonna get a lot of success very fast you'll probably just feel instantly better hey William you're from Texas you had a question about keto and elevated cholesterol hey good morning.

Doctor thank you so much for your work sir um it's been a big impact in my life so I did blood work a couple weeks ago I've got the numbers the good news is my triglycerides are low my overall cholesterol number is 362 my LDL is 284 and my HDL is 58 my glycerides number was 99 and what is it ok got it alright so um how long you been on the.

Keto are you on the keto ok so yes yeah I began looking at following you December 1st last year ok and and so it's been kind of process you know it's like you know I was doing to kind of like maybe like five days on 2 days off and then say beginning in the summer like no sugar like sugars gone which i think what else to tell you are.

You doing in a minute yes I'm trying to do yes I'm trying to do you know no more than like two meals a day and also you know observing your window like I say you know start 11 so you know it may have a good left and an early evening meal I guess what I wanted to tell you is I am consuming a lot of half-and-half and heavy cream like in the morning I'll.

Have a couple shots of espresso and then I'll have like a cup or more of half-and-half and heavy cream Wow all organic so I'm gonna try to figure out what your recommendations would be so I feel like I'm I'm you know feel so much healthier I've lost 30 pounds that's December December first I just wanted to see what your what you would say about.

Those numbers okay great I think overall I think you're doing great and I the fact that the triglycerides are going down means that you're you could be less concerned about cholesterol in fact that you should watch that all the videos I have on cholesterol because I explained there's two types of lvl one is the big fluffy.

The other one is the small dense particles and you you may just have as you're losing weight you're releasing this cholesterol from the fat cells so the LDLs are not going to be an issue because you have to have that fat come out of your fat cells and that might just be totally normal especially if your triglycerides are low the biggest.

Concern with cholesterol is if the triglycerides are high but you're not I don't think you can have a problem I mean you know if you eventually can't get the cholesterol down then get a test to see if it's not a genetic issue and then that's a whole different topic but why don't you just try to maybe cut down the heavy cream because even though it's.

Probably grass-fed it's probably organic it's still pasteurized cream and obviously it's a lot of half-and-half or a lot of cream to consume dairy I would only recommend this a small that try to get your fats from a different source you can do it nuts peanut butter almond butter avocado not as much there you what happens to your cholesterol you.

Might do better on that it is true some people do not respond as well on dairy especially if they have a casein allergy or a lactose problem and and then I have them come off that and especially if there's a diabetes type one or even type two they don't do as well with dairy but you can do some really good grass-fed organic cheese that would be way better.

Than that cream so those are things I would do watch all the cholesterol ones because you're gonna probably find some information that you needed to know about alright thanks for your question so then we now we have sue it's Sujata from California you your mom's b12 levels are very high right yeah got it and you're wondering what you can do.

Yeah I'm wondering if I should worry about that girl yeah there's there's a there's a test that I would do it's called MTHFR test a genetic test that your mom may have a problem with some genetic issue which relates to b12 folate folic acid things like that I don't want to get too into it but I have a video on that right down this these.

Words M th fr and write that down and go ahead and watch my videos on that and then you can actually get a genomic test if your mom has that defect then she needs to change some of the foods that she's consuming make sure there's no synthetic vitamins and then start taking certain types of B vitamins that are a little bit in a different form and that.

Could be the thing that's gonna actually really help her that's the thing that comes at self the top of my head so that's the most likely problem so go ahead and try that and let me know how you do hey Chris you're from Kansas City you had a question about adrenal body type and supplements yes sir thank you for taking my car man I've been watching.

For a couple of months I love you and I I've been on keto for about two months I ordered your adrenal pack I've been on it for about a week now I also ordered the gall bladder formula and I also have picked up milk thistle and so I'm adding this because I've been suffering from indigestion lots of belching since I was about 17.

And I'm 43 Wow so I was wondering um I was wondering that full well for one I've had tremendous stress over those years and I've been trying to lose weight forever me and my wife have been doing key talk about seven months we do a lot of weight training mixed with a cardio right now and I haven't dropped a lot of.

Weight but I've been dropping body fat percentage time and gaining a lot of muscle um so my question is that how do I know what taking the adrenal pack with the gallbladder thing gallbladder pill and also milk thistle how do I know exactly what's working and also the keto makes me a little bit have a little bit more in a gesture which I think is the.

Fat I'm sure um kind of what your suggestion with that would already be in on keto for a month yeah good question are you doing in a minute fasting not really I mean no I don't I don't kind of because I don't start eating until about 1:30 and afternoon we work out fasted but I don't I'm kind of eating until about 11:00 cuz I'm a musician so I'm up.

Till 11:00 and 12:00 1:00 any morning sometimes okay so Chris there's things that are really really really important and there's stuff that's kind of lesser important so I just want to talk about the most important thing the adrenal package is exactly what you need for the stress so you could take those as recommended.

But there's something probably a little more important to talk about you need something that may not be get enough supplements right now and that would be the digestion formula which is the absolute vinegar plus because that has in it two things outside of vinegar pills with betaine how to chloride in a 50/50 ratio you probably would benefit.

From like like right now probably five of those before a meal and the reason for that is because indigestion stomach problems are really it's a lack of pH and stress will deplete that and over time as you age it'll go down that will give you the most improvement you can't even release bile without a strong acid in your.

Stomach so so you may or may not feel better initially with the gallbladder so you want to test it out but once you fix the stomach you will but you want to take the gallbladder after the meal and in the meantime before you get that you can take start taking more episode of vinegar 2 tablespoons and some water before each meal ok and then take one.

Before you go to bed that'll start to acidify that stomach that'll probably make them biggest difference ok that's number one number two the intimate of fasting is probably the biggest thing that you're missing now and the most important thing that you want to plug into this formula especially for you because if you actually don't eat for a.

Period of time and you let's say you eat at one a really good meal and then have another one and that's it no snacks and add more fat as needed you're gonna give your system such a chance to drop that insulin and lose so much more weight but more important than that is to you're gonna give the gallbladder and your digestion a sense to reset and rest and.

Recover just like you would if you worked out and that's going to be the your saving grace because that's going to really help reset the digestion because people that don't intermittent fasting it just puts a lot of stress in the digestion so it never really heals and the gallbladder have a chance to concentrate its bile so then when you do.

Eat boy you have all this amazing bile to digest all those fats in that food so simple problem bite the bullet focus on the in a minute fasting within the next month or so see if you can do gradually just two meals and watch the improvements gonna just be off the charts alright good question hey Joe you're from Texas you had a question.

About a few things go ahead you're in there I can't really see what you're asking but go ahead okay yes I had a question about HSD 1 & 2 like if you got any supplements I saw you had a video about chia seed and and that getting right there and I was wonder if you could talk more about it and I'm.

Also taking l like L icing yeah laughing yes now HSV what yeah that's the that herpes employed Oh Oh got it yeah got it okay good question so let's just talk about the best thing for herpes well that's really a viral thing so there's a couple of things we talk about viruses to put that virus back on the mission.

The thing that just pops out right away is the vitamin D so either Sun or actually in a supplement d3 start taking that d3 that's gonna actually put the thing back in remission the other thing is you need is trace minerals there's a plant-based trace minerals that you can get that you take in liquid and you start consuming that that'll help this.

Virus to and then in addition on top of that you need to do all the recommend recommendations that I'm recommending with keto and intermittent fasting because that's going to lower your insulin that's going to keep your virus in check you can't kill a virus so you all you can do is keep it in remission so you al licensing is okay but it's not.

Nearly as powerful as keeping your insulin low doing the keto and intermittent fasting which is what's we're talking about today and I think that will protect you so thing about viruses is long stay healthy you're gonna be fine so your goal is just to be super healthy thanks Joe so mark you're from Kentucky you had a question your.

Grandmother wants to get off this warfarin or coumadin yes sir and this was David you've been a huge impact on myself but my entire family I'm mean my girlfriend my mother my father all of our friends my dream is that all of us have been following you for probably the last eight months awesome and we've all seen wonderful wonderful results my.

Mother is completely off diabaté diabetes medication she just stopped probably three weeks ago and has not had to take a drop of insulin sets wow that's great though really really amazing stuff but my grandmother her doctor keeps going back and forth with her about her blood thickness you know she.

Has to go once a week if it's too thick if it gets better because she increases her apple cider vinegar intake then they say all will you boy it's great you can eat you know or you can we can drop this back a little bit but she loves salads and we want the you know more salads and I keep telling my grandmother you need the nutrition from all of your greens.

But her doctors just adamantly opposed about her taking in what would be good for her so that they can continue to keep her on warfarin so she's taken probably about ten tablespoons of vinegar per day to try and kill what the warfarin but because she has that leaky valve and the prolapsed heart she needs that she needs to do something different.

So I was wondering do you have a recommendation so that we can finally get her off this warfarin yeah good question first thing I'll make a little disclaimer anything I say is for educational purpose check with your doctor before taking my recommendations okay got the other way now let me just give you some education to something to.

Research I recently did a video I did release it on vitamin B for you should watch that that that's a nutritional yeast and that actually helps tone the heart and helps with murmurs and helps leaky valves and things like that most people are taking the coumadin to thin the blood it's like it's like a rat poison kills kills rats but they it.

Blocks the clotting factors which is vitamin K okay and then what happens is that usually you take it if you have atrial fibrillation because you don't want to develop a clot you should also watch the recent video on preventing TI a because I talked about the nutrition that will help with that I think if we go deeper you need to focus on the real.

Reason why she has a leaky valve and that would be the B vitamins so yes absolute vinegar is important but probably more important is nutritional yeast that's the thing that I would recommend nutritional yeast so you get the B vitamins to help that area the other thing was far as thinning the blood naturally vitamin E will do it on.

Natural vitamin E okay and the fish oils of real good version liver wealth not yea cod liver oil virgin color oil that would actually be very good to thin the blood so those are all things that you can look at and in the meantime for vegetables I did a video on kuma Tim you and I actually gave a list of all the vegetables that.

She can have like yellow vegetables and orange so you can have more of those right now make a salad out of that and I think that would actually help her as the transition to kind of correct the initial reason why she needs she's on in the first place okay alright cool hey Nick you're from Texas you had a question yes sir and like.

Everyone else I want to start by saying thank you I mean I've been doing this for about two months the Kyodai and without your information I mean I would not be here League where I'm at right now so really think awesome thank you I've lost unfortunately Nick you're breaking up I don't know what's happening.

But I tell you what Nick maybe you can email me that question at dr. Berg at dr. Berg dr. dr b ER g @ dr b ER g calm unfortunately you're breaking up and i wanted to hear that question but i think it has something to do with keto diet and too much protein so so let's just i'm just gonna guess at what you're.

Asking and then i'm gonna go to the board and i'm going to talk about protein in general in fact let me just go to the board and talk about that now because I think that'll actually help alright so too much protein so there's a couple points on protein that you need to know we have the amount of protein so you.

Don't want to go more than six three to six ounces and the reason for that is that anything more will spike insulin okay so we want the quality but people are concerned about well I need to keep my muscle mass I need to this well did you realize that the mineral that actually will help your muscles be retained and grow because I'm.

Not just talking about becoming bodybuilders but I'm talking about like if you have atrophy let's say you're menopausal and you have atrophy of the muscles like your female or men and you want to get this muscle back this collagen not just muscle but all proteins hair nail skin ligaments the main thing that people need is potassium.

If your potassium deficient you cannot make your muscles grow okay you'll have you won't be able to get you know big if you're trying to actually get more muscle mass and you won't be able to get rid of the atrophy so all of these like athletes that are especially bodybuilders are taking all this protein like massive quantities of protein and.

They don't have a new potassium they don't get anywhere so potassium acta is involved in almost every single enzyme of protein synthesis where you take amino acids into protein so we need potassium and that and then secondly look at this we got the we have insulin is the key here's the here's the door insulin is a key that controls protein.

In the cells so without insulin you can't get protein in the cells to make body tissues and protein so if you have instant resistance pre-diabetic like most people you're not you're going to have a protein problem so to lower the need for insulin to fix instant resistance guess what you need potassium interesting so you need forty seven.

Hundred milligrams now if you're a you have rheumatoid arthritis or you have really bad adrenals or some type of inflammatory condition you're gonna need price 6,000 milligrams okay and bananas don't cut it you're gonna have to get them from vegetables so even at some vegetables even if you did six or seven to ten.

You're still not you're still gonna be short of potassium unless you have real quality vegetables avocados beet leaves kale things like that and that's why I was recommend a couple times a week you know do your kale shake with a lot of these other greens in there put the other greens in there don't just have like a low quality like a Caesar salad.

Type you know iceberg lettuce or just romaine you need like a lot of other stuff in there so we need a lot of vegetables and you can even enhance that with electrolyte powder I have a really good electrolyte power just with potassium citrate there's a thousand milligrams per serving you can add that in there just to put the icing on the.

Cake don't talk about icing so so we have that okay then we have certain the hormones that are involved in protein synthesis we have growth hormone we have glucagon growth hormone is the anti-aging hormone it is the hormone that preserves your muscle protein and all your protein and so the goal is how do we trigger growth hormone well heavy.

Exercise short duration high intensity okay exercise sleep we'll do it in a minute fasting we'll do it lowering your stress we'll do it okay glucagon will also be triggered by heavy exercise and in a minute fasting as well and moderate amount of protein so we need that moderate amount of protein we don't want too much so we have the the.

Diet but you know you may find that you're consuming enough potassium in your diet but your stomach acids are low so you might have low acid as you age you decrease your stomach acid and then you can't absorb the potassium the minerals and you can't break down protein so that could be another common cause especially some of the callers.

Today we're talking about they have heartburn indigestion I think they have low stomach acids and so even if you have an ulcer you've still low stomach acids we don't want to add acid in there at first we have to heal it then we need to recertify so you can start absorbing protein and minerals okay another common.

Cause of potassium deficiency is diuretics especially thiazide thiazide it's called a diuretic basically will deplete your electrolytes specifically potassium and people take diuretics to lower blood pressure well guess what if you deplete your potassium gessie you end up with high blood pressure because potassium lowers blood pressure okay.

Does that make sense alright let's go back here I just wanted to kind of cover some things there and come right back here so Jennifer you had a question you're from South actually South Dakota you had a question in Quito and body odor go ahead hi yes um thank you for taking my call I believed I had struggled with insulin resistance and.

Finally had the lab work done a couple months ago that confirmed it and one thing I've noticed over the last couple of years particularly as I sit at my office by the end of the day and over the last several months I've noticed an increase in body odor I don't really notice it at home or while I'm doing activity it's just at the office and.

It's embarrassing because I I deal with the public and a lot of people yeah okay okay so there's a couple things that you want to make sure of in and out of all the things I'm going to talk about some of these might not apply but just these are potential reasons you have body odor in the transition in the key to adaptation to burning fat there will be.

Some release of ketones in the urine and other parts of your body that could be coming out and that means that the ketones sometimes have a certain odor to them that could be one thing computing the breath or whatever but that's only an Aikido adaptation as you do keto for a period of time that goes away because you start becoming more efficient you're.

Burning of all the ketones so the odor goes away but in the transition that might be the fact so you have to be careful about too consuming too much protein okay that's number one so don't have any more than you know six ounces you might even do better with five ounces or even four ounces so just check that and then the other thing is.

You want to start increasing the quantity of vegetables to the diet to start countering some of the waste product from the ketogenic diet it's a different different waste product so start beefing up that and then the other thing that I would recommend is kind of double or triple the dosage of the wheatgrass juice powder and the reason.

For that is it's a it's a good deodorizer it's a good cleaner and there's a lot of chlorophyll and that is the thing that you need to kind of counter that odor I just did a video I think it was like stinky your hand but you can actually watch that because that would also apply to the odor but you really need to kind of adjust what.

You're doing it's it's either you're doing too much too much fat or too much protein okay so lower that and increase more vegetable and until that odor goes away thanks for your question Jennifer hey Greg you are from Virginia go ahead you had a question about something yes I had a question about pyro knees disease I was wondering can.

You tell me the the plaque of the fibrous tissue that builds up in the penis area is that something that can be resolved without having an operation yeah honestly Greg yeah I've never I don't have enough experience to tell you how to address that honestly but I can just tell you offhand plaquing in general is usually a protein issue a.

Fibrous issue and so it may not pertain to your problem but in general there's a lot of fibrous tissue extra protein plaquing that can grow in different parts of the body and the absolute best remedy for that is an enzyme called sarah pep taste you can look it up you want to get it in at least a hundred and fifty thousand I use taking an empty.

Stomach and that's one of the best things to kind of clean up and remove fibers plaquing throughout any part of the body that shouldn't be there it's great for cirrhosis as well okay Greg thanks for your question then we have another question from pansy no it's actually yeah how are you okay so you have a teat of flu okay you said you had.

Keto flu no no I have a benefit for belly fat got it yes and I tried to do a ketogenic diet mm-hmm but it makes me more okay got it so here's here's the here's the thing about the keto honestly that keto is one tool to use to help weight loss because you're lowering carbs and that's really good and some.

People get great results from that there's other tools that you can use one is in a minute fasting so I would go for that that's even a more powerful tool than keto so I would go to three meals no snacks two meals no snacks and maybe even one meal if you can do it if you really have a slow metabolism the other tool that.

You can add to it is addressing the eating plan based on your body type in the new book I'm releasing I actually even talked about that so we're combining a bunch of strategies it's the combination of powerful strategies that help people get healthy versus why why just use one and then we can add high-intensity interval training.

As another tool to get healthy we can also provide all the nutrients for your basic requirements that's another tool we can also get rid of body problems that's another tool but for you I think I would focus on the intermittent fasting because that's what you're missing and that would take you to the next level especially if you're trying.

To lose belly fat because that if you have belly fat all that means is you have too much insulin okay and you get to drop it in a minute fasting is the most powerful tool but thanks for thanks for calling okay so now we have another question from Jaron from Tennessee you had a question electrolyte formula question oh yeah.

Yeah no you let you like that doesn't have caffeine in oh good question absolutely not in fact that's it you know there's so many drinks out there these energy drinks 5-hour energy drinks which has liked between 215 245 milligrams of caffeine I mean to caffeine alone will rev up your adrenals and create all sorts of problems since.

You have the monster drinks and all these other things so no mind it has no caffeine and there's no sugar and it also has no multo dextran which is has the highest glycemic index of anything so I had the pariah to make sure that I mean it's such a routine thing that manufacturing companies use in formulas that I had to say no I don't want any of.

That crap so it's a you're just getting these minerals in a good form its flavor with stevia okay which is totally fine and a little natural flavoring which is awesome so when you take it you'll actually you won't have any like weird after case or anything like that so it's very good tasting so good question.

Hey Muhammad you're from your on the air you had a question about keto and liver enzymes you're from Kuwait yeah doctor work I've been following you and your videos really great two weeks two years ago I was really informed and I lost a lot of weight and family reunions weddings etc just got me back on it again am I on my.

Carbs it's been about a year again and it's really hard for me I see it very hard to get back on keto this is number one number two I have been propagating about the keto diet to my friends to families and to extended people that I meet in general and I have been telling them about this and there are some people with medical background they do.

Stop me tell me what about your liver enzymes would have you checked your liver enzymes so I'm really confused and I just recently watch your video about the video on I'm sorry the yeah your video on what the heck or what what the hell about the hell food and that's yeah well that's where they're promoting surprisingly promoting things like carbs.

Are not not you have carbs are good for you and and other and fat fat are bad so just want some insight and what to what do they mean when they mean to saying liver enzymes and and how am I supposed to test for liver enzymes over here yeah good question you yeah so first of all I will guarantee that whoever said that doesn't understand.

Keto what their what they're doing is they're mixing up or confusing the keto diet with another condition called ketoacidosis which is a diabetic type one problem you don't have diabetes type one so you can do nutritional ketosis very healthily and not have any issues keto diet takes stress off the liver okay especially if you're doing and like.

I'm saying with all the vegetables so they just don't understand it so you're when you get opinions from people who don't understand something or are not expert in it you're gonna get the most wild opinions it's kind of like going to a medical doctor for nutrition advice well do they have any training at all well their biochemistry training but not.

In the area of nutrition they don't have it especially with these diets too so go to them for medical conditions but when you go into Quito I wouldn't even bring it up because they're gonna just give you their confusions on what they think it is and how bad it is and whatever I mean think about it if everyone went on keto and in a minute.

Fasting and start losing weight and got off their medication guess who's gonna lose a lot of money the pharmaceutical companies the food manufacturing companies so you really have to get your own first-hand knowledge not secondhand from someone who doesn't even understand it but the bottom line it's the best thing for your liver because it's you're.

Actually stripping fat off the liver you're improving enzymes you're getting off sugar I mean just let's take the opposite let's take a diabetic who has is living off of sugar fuel look what happens to their liver fatty liver look what happens their kidney they end up with a dialysis so again it's just someone that you it's like you can take.

It with a grain of salt they don't you understand in fact what I like to do is I'd like to say okay so what part of the keto diet will affect the liver negatively what what's the function of insulin you're gonna find out some of these experts don't even know what it is now that documentary on what the health is complete utter BS because what.

They're talking about is the you can you can eat sugar you can have sugar in fact you can improve diabetes with eating sugar I'm like what what planet are you living and it's absolutely not true and so if that's true then everyone that's eating sugar that should keep eating sugar because can improve your diabetes and come off the saturated fats that's.

Why I'm doing live Skype calls with all these people that do this eating plan and you can see what happens to their blood Sugar's their cholesterol their diet I mean I'm getting tons of them and you can watch them and some people say that's anecdotal these are real people you know versus a study I don't want to get into the study wars with people.

Because they're not even interested in listening to opposing sides they already have their mind made up so honestly I would only bring this up with people that are willing to learn something new and don't have fixed the ideas alright hope that helped okay then Yvonne you're from Texas you had a question you're our last caller good.

Well my question is I have atrial fibrillation and I was just wondering I hate this medication that the doctor has me on for this I was just wondering if it was something else I could do to improve this or to get off this medication because I've been doing intermittent fasting now for about two months and I feel great the only.

Medication I have is for this a fib is there anything that I could do to help this along yeah good question the research that you want to go into to study more to get more knowledge on is electrolytes and specifically potassium and even magnesium but mainly potassium and atrial fib there's a lot of research done by the medical community on this.

And just increasing more potassium to correct atrial fib I mean think about what the electrolytes do they support the nerve and muscles okay now the pacemaker of the heart that controls the rhythm of the heart the muscle of the heart will fibrillate when it doesn't have electrolytes specifically potassium so we need so much potassium and it's if.

You go to the doctor and get your potassium checked and it comes out normal they're just checking the potassium in the blood normally 98% of all potassium is in the south's not the blood so unless you do an intracellular potassium test you'll never see these deficiencies so you can get in or sell your potassium test if.

You want just to confirm that and show that you're low or you can just start taking more potassium a lot more vegetables and that eventually will improve that but that's there you want to go there's even some great books on atrial fib and potassium that I would go into studying that till eventually you can come off that stuff hey guys you.

Guys had some wonderful questions I I'm excited about you know your interest and your great compliments I want to thank you so I'm doing a convention for the next few weeks so until then keep watching my videos because I'll release two a day and have a wonderful weekend thanks.

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