Eric Berg Live Show 5-12-2017

Eric Berg Live Show 5-12-2017

Eric Berg Live Show 5-12-2017

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this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg I guess welcome back it's Friday 9 o'clock in the morning on the eastern.

Area of the world and I'm here to take your questions there's already a bunch of callers so if you want to call in the number is 866 5 6 1 4 2 9 2 and when you answer it when you bring your questions try to keep the history really in a thumbnail sketch because there's a lot of colors I want to get try to get to everyone today so the first question.

Comes from Michelle and Delaware go ahead Michelle you're on the air supplements and I take of yours the wheatgrass the gallbladder the d3 and k2 joint pain and hair now and also I think the the estrogen the dim mm-hm and as far as I wanted to know when how long do I need to wait for these hair supplements are taking effect.

I do get released from my gallbladder I have no gallbladder but the supplements there and the hair and nails I do get that but I wanted to know how long will it take for me to notice about the the dim and d3 and the k2 and I also have like a woman feminine problem with bad breath I wanted to know what your advice is or knows okay hey quick.

Question what female problem would you have related to the estrogen and dim would it be hot flashes or something else breast cancer breast cancer okay well let's just talk about that real quick if you have breast cancer it's almost like you're probably not going to notice any difference when you're taking it because.

It's more protective preventive so when you actually balance out the bad Astra j'en you may not feel any difference so that's a tough one unless you have some physical subjective symptom related to estrogen dominance but it's a very good preventative thing a lot of research on it you you're getting some results on the nails but the hair I think you said.

There's some patches I just have one question do you have any acid reflux sometimes sometimes okay so so you mentioned the joint formula how long does it take to work what what knee is a problem left or right it's the left knee I have a they said I need to have a knee replacement I'm bone-on-bone okay and then I have also have the it feels like.

The pain is coming from my right groin but they say it's the hip but it doesn't need replacement yet okay yeah there's gonna be a compensation so there's a couple things you want to do Michelle you got bone on bone I'm assuming you're on my eating plan perfectly there's no cheating I'm just assuming that it's probably true if you're not really get.

Back on it because that will reduce inflammation now here's the data on the joint thing it if you have bone and bone it's gonna you're gonna have to add some other techniques for example if you search knee pain on YouTube there's two videos that I have one is part one part two I would follow that because you want to be working on the right thigh and the.

Hamstring and the outer part of your thigh so you're gonna massage the right side that's gonna take the pressure off the left knee and then in addition I think that's gonna help balance because if you have bone and bone and your left knee you've been kind of your gate has been asymmetrical and you're probably supporting the rights more on the.

Muscles on the right side so you have to balance it out that will really bring down the pain because if you don't do that you may not fully get the benefit of the joint formula joint formula takes some time especially since it has a very specific type of collagen that helps rebuild ligaments and tendons and part of the meniscus in there so it will help.

That now the other thing is that you have bad breath what I would do the first thing I would start to acidify your stomach start adding more upset of vinegar you can either get into tablets or just in the water and dilute that and start drinking that because if we drop your pH you'll get a better digestion of protein which will be less waste from.

Your protein and that will improve things the other thing with bad breath is it's more of a gut problem so you also want to add fermented vegetables like sauerkraut pickles start building that up and maybe even some kefir over time that should help kind of deodorize the breath all right.

Thanks Michelle hey Tina you're on the air you're from New Jersey go ahead yeah and I wanna god bless you for helping added now my question is I have you been feeling good for nine years now it's like off and on and on I went to emergency with my big test after test colonoscopy got serology I want to get ology I want to cardiologists I did it.

All but they can't find what is wrong with me I feel weak you know my body feels weak sometimes my legs few weeks like a chumpy attacking my new system I don't know what it is and that's kinda what it is too so I'm just wondering if you can tell me what it is and what to do please okay Tina um let me just kind of narrow.

In real quickly to see if I can help you because it could be a million different reasons so I have a question are you doing the eating plan in my videos perfectly or are you kind of partially doing it no I I do this by my side like a vegetable I still you know and it comes all of it whatever I talk to my body all of it buddy okay so when you.

Say attack your body do you mean you have inflammation to somewhere all of a sudden my body will feel weak my legs feel weak that's how I feel I get panic I guess yeah you know like panic okay okay so there's a couple things I would jump right into number one again it could be many things the thing that I would start first is there's some.

B-vitamin symptoms that you have I would do b12 and B one may be six but if you take nutritional yeast and you take a tablespoon or two per day that will normally relieve those symptoms that you told me if it doesn't maybe what you can do is fill out the evaluation quiz on my side it's a free thing and then we can kind of analyze it.

Based in everything because I'm going to need a little bit of your history and ask you a lot of in-depth questions but right now I think it's the B vitamin deficiency primarily b12 b6 and be one of those vitamins can make you feel weak anxiety kind of you know when you get up you're kind of out of breath yeah so go ahead and do that and then let let us.

Know hey Vanessa you're from California go ahead you're on the air thank you for taking my call I'm following up on some of the things that you prescribed or your advice to take the last time and also have question related to the adrenal gland related symptom so the instrument look low cost cord and a gall bladder and.

Apple cider vinegar those are the three things I start taking about two weeks now and I just wanted to know how long do I go on with this and the dosage to take up the seemed to be different from the label up on the box versus what you show on your video so I just want to know for that what are the top what are the top two symptoms that you have I'm.

Pre-diabetic and and I feel like the gall bladder fits in that description for the liver problem in all that horrible and adrenal problems do you have a gallbladder yes I do I'm 56 and I'm just pre-diabetic two years ago condition wise and not just the main thing and then of course I came with the migraine headaches from the two years.

Ago as well okay all right Vanessa so there's the general answer to that that's always a good question how long do I take supplements it really depends on how bad your problem is before you get started you know obviously if you have a pre-diabetic it takes 10 years to become a pre died Vanek so insulin resistance takes time.

So you know you want to give it a chance to help the nutrition rejuvenate you for example the insulin and glucose support has like ten different things that support the pancreas and blood sugars so you may be on that for a bit it could be more than four or five months but the the goal is to get you to a point where those symptoms are improving if you have.

A test an a1c test and it comes down real low to the low fives then we know you hey you're stable and then you can start weaning off some of these things and then see how you do so it's really a test it's like okay take it out see if you actually are able to hold that because that you're right the goal is to try to get is the most nutrition from.

Your diet without having to rely on a supplement but if there's long term chronic liver damage if there's no gallbladder then you're gonna need some type of long-term support nutritionally there's also it's really hard to get certain nutrients from the food like trace minerals so those are more of a long-term thing as a way to enhance your.

Health so really with you I think I would probably maybe another a month or two start weaning off some of the stuff and see how you do you might be able to go without the gallbladder go without the insulin but it's one of those things you're going to have to test because that it could be from way over here some people need for like 1 month other.

People need it for like a year so it's really hard to answer that we just have to test the waters all right thanks Vanessa diddy you're from New York City you have a question go ahead oh yeah I do good morning so I have a question regarding caffeine withdrawals I mean a couple of weeks now go and I'm just.

Drinking we saw a child approximately 2 milligrams of caffeine per cup so I realized that I get massive withdrawal symptoms which included actually almost had to go to emergency room two weeks ago so I found you online and then I absolutely bought the adrenal package now I am reading well I continue to research what's going on and what I see.

Here is for example there are doctors writing online that some of the components which are in the adrenal de package actually also might be a distance such as ashwagandha for example so I wondered because I want to get rid of all substances that might be addictive you know yeah because I don't want to be.

With any addiction so I wanted to hear any of your comments regarding it good good question let's talk about that like even some people don't want to become addicted to laksa tips right so they don't take a laxative so let's just talk about caffeine caffeine is addicting it gives you a sense of well-being alertness if your body is so used to it.

Because it has to raise the adrenal it has to activate the adrenal what happens is that you cut that out that caffeine also the adrenals go crash and burn and you're gonna need something to bring you up so I always tell people to do a gradual weaning off and then eventually don't go cold turkey add the tea in their tea house just a little tiny bit.

Of caffeine and you can start doing tea for awhile and and then eventually just like you know cut it completely out over a period of some months but if you have that many withdrawals your adrenal needs some serious help ashwagandha is not addictive in fact I don't know of any herb that is addictive because it's from nature mainly.

Addictions are you know caffeine nicotine drugs that type of thing so I don't know a lot of times on the Internet you see all sorts of things that are just totally false ashwagandha gives a sense of relaxation so it's meant to kind of help the adrenal so you as you start working on the adrenals start eating better start.

Sleeping better the need for that will go down but to be addicted to an herb is just it's not true so I think you're going to be fine in that but let's just talk about one more point in that let's say you had a laxative which is herbal versus constipation and you can turn about becoming dependent on laxatives well the damage of not going.

And being constipated is huge auto intoxication poison flowed into the body bad so it's much better to keep taking the laxatives keeping the bowels going until that's you get that thing corrected so we just have to look at relative importance –is is it important to keep the stress off your body lower cortisol using Austral ganda absolutely.

So versus any type of possible addictions i have never in 27 years heard of anyone that's addicted to ashwagandha so so i don't think you have to worry about that so i think you doing fine just do a gradual thing over a period of time and some people need to be on a little tiny caffeine for you know months before they can come off but.

The goal is to greatly reduce it like one like a small cup of coffee in the morning usually will not create much damage to people so i wouldn't be stressing about too much about that but caffeine does tend to deplete B vitamins thanks didi okay so Vanessa Europe from new drew new york go ahead you're on the air.

Hi my question i have two one about probiotics the one about iron the one on probiotics is every time i take probiotics because my doctor told me i need them my heart beats really rapidly and I'm not sure what's causing that why that's happening why is that the reaction mm-hmm okay and the second question I.

Was recently diagnosed with anemia but for the last 10 years my hair has like gradually broken off and the doctor is now saying it's anemia but I've always operated at like 11 which is within the normal range 11.1 that's always been my normal iron range so how much higher would you think I would have to go to be normal if our if at that normal range or.

A quote-unquote normal range my hair they'll fall about and everything okay did do you have any type of indication that that anemia is coming from b12 deficiency or do they know it's just iron deficiency they did my ferritin levels and me they're actually guessing they don't really know but I have in the past I'd.

Like fainted and have fainting spells and different things so the doctor is now assuming it could be iron they've taken beats my b12 test they said I was okay but they don't really know they really do seem to be guessing because you know obviously your hair is falling out something is wrong right and they can't.

Just send me away any more right now what about your do you have any indication of what could be causing and could it be excessive men's menstruation do you have any type of problems with stomach like your indigestion or gas or heartburn I was diagnosed was also having fibroids but with the fibroids I mean I'm although does cause heavy.

Bleeding for the whole course of the month it doesn't really matter when they took my blood test it was still the same at eleven point one for my iron so they're not really sure okay all right so the first question is probiotics and heartbeat and let's talk about that the probiotics tend to increase lactic lactobacillus microbe these microbes.

Make lactic acid so sometimes when you take them and it makes just a little bit too much lactic acid your pH slightly goes more acidic which is actually going down that up so when the pH is more acidic it does tend to increase the heart rate a little bit so what I would do with the probiotic is I would take less and take take it at different parts.

Of the day maybe take in the morning verses before night and just see how you do but you need the probiotic but the point is that I think it's altering your ph a little too much and sometimes some of the probiotics people are sensitive to because they're Dairy related and they couldn't even have an allergy to Dairy so if that's the case you can get.

A non-dairy probiotic okay so that's number one number two the anemia thing there's a lot of that a lot more to this I'll have to create a video on this but there's a couple things that if you have a fibroid even though your iron levels test normal in the body you're actually having a tremendous amount of blood that's stored in a fibroid so look.

I'm a tumor which can create a lack of blood in other places but it might not show low iron in your blood so the point is that fibroids come from too much estrogen estrogen dominance so the estrogen balance and dim would be a good option and also adding more cruciferous to actually counter that probably some good sea kelp.

Icelandic sea kelp would also help lower estrogen so that's one thing the other thing that you might want to look at is just increasing the acid in your stomach and that would be with betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar that will instantly increase the absorption and function of your iron the last thing with iron is that if people.

Are vegans or vegetarians and they're consuming a lot of vegetables for their iron there's it's not prepared correctly or you know you're not germinating them or you're not soaking in water and you're not you don't know what you're doing with that you're gonna have high levels of phytic acid and that's going to block iron so that's probably not the.

Case in your situation but that's another thing I always look at thanks Vanessa okay it's Michelle I think from Virginia you had a question go ahead and and um I called a while back about too big and you recommended to seek help and was the IMD yeah and I just wanted to make ask because I've also having like excess.

Facial hair issues and I don't want to know if eating those two would increase it more and I also wanted to ask what your recommended dose for the seek help and dentists and if there are any natural brands that you recommend okay you're getting facial hair though right yeah okay so the fact that your facial hair is probably a little bit of PCOS or.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome going on which is basically high androgens so the seek help and the estrogen balance with dim that I think I've recommended those are two natural products I have a seek out from Iceland which is organic they're on the site and an estrogen balance with Jim both of those do not increase androgens what they do is they.

Help balance the estrogen and the button your existing body to get rid of some of the bad and increase the good ratios okay so that's one thing that they do but typically PCOS high antigens come from either an overactive adrenal gland which is stress or high levels of insulin which if you're on my eating program that I'm recommending over and.

Over and over and over that could be beneficial because if we can lower insulin you'll get less conversion to androgens because increase insulin converts to androgen and then that will cause the facial hair so again those are the two products sea kelp Icelandic estrogen balance plus dim and then get on the eating plan to lower your insulin.

Or fix the insulin resistance that's what I would do all right hey Traci you're from Chicago you had a question go ahead uh yes I do um I I believe I had the adrenal body type I believe I'm estrogen dominant I had was struggling with fibroids for years which resulted in me having to have a hysterectomy and they also removed my ovaries and I was.

Not in menopause yet so it threw me into immediate menopause and now my body composition over the past two years my muscles have like disintegrated I've gained 25 pounds by pulled back you know composition has completely changed and the doctor put me on estradiol and I also saw who listed me who told me you know not to take estradiol so I'm.

Looking for your advice and I also have like the low average bone density for my age similarly to excuse and say what I should do to get this do I take this or or not okay Tracy let me let me show you hey mr. producer I'm gonna go to the board and draw a little thing for you so you can see this alright so here the o.

Breeze here's the uterus you had these removed okay you need to go find them and get them back now it's good now you have two adrenals there on top of your kidney okay and the adrenal is a backup organ for these organs they're the backup it produces the same hormones so the fact that you had these removed make the made the adrenal glands.

Increase in function they had to work harder if your adrenal glands are tired going into this situation they're already existing weak and you remove this and forced the adrenals to work harder it's gonna throw off your hormones it's going to put stress on the hormones and create all sorts of symptoms with cortisol you know estrogen.

Deficiencies and you name it the doctors then come in and give you estrogen which by the way the adrenal gland makes so it causes the adrenal gland not to have to produce that because you're taking it so what you really should do if you have these organs removed is support the adrenal nutritionally not the hormones not taking a hormone but to support the.

Gland with with glandular extracts there's a couple things that I have that do that one is the it used to be called the adrenal night formula but now it's called a sleep aid regular because it has adrenal extracts in it and it actually supports the adrenal so that's one thing and also the adrenal and cortisol relief also supports the.

Adrenal and then start doing maybe even some acupressure on the adrenals so look that up I have a lot of data on that and then start to sur adrenal what to eat and focus on that so the dreamless need a little more protein they need a lot of potassium foods they need they need more fat because that builds up the adrenal hormones but does.

Not need low fat it needs low intensity exercise walking long walks reducing stress better sleep that type of thing but the point is that this is a long answer to you need to support the adrenals that's pretty much the quick answer to that and let me plug back in here okay great hope that helped Tracy okay so naive is.

It Nazz how do you pronounce your form yeah okay yeah okay yeah actually one year old and I didn't have gallbladder but according to native videos that I was watching I'd like to take comedy in tights to for my knee pain and also because I'm losing my hair I want to take the type one for my here and I was wondering if I think those two together.

Is it like okay and what's the recommended dosage and what kind of collagen like me when I go online there are too many kind fish animals and I don't know what one is organic on it's not and the recommended dosage some of them are 40 milligrams I'm okay Matt Raney right okay good question so there's two things there are certain.

Types of collagen for hair there's certain type of collagen for rebuilding knee joints and other joints with cartilage and tendons and ligaments I don't really have any opinion on any other brands because I don't I don't there's so many brands out there but the brands that I use I use a joint pain formula that has very specific healing.

And rejuvenating collagen building properties for not just the joints but for the ligaments and tendons so it helps rejuvenate that and helps build that up but that's not the only thing because a lot of times you might not miss missing collagen you might have an inflammatory condition so in that.

Formula I put the best anti-inflammatory herbs stinging on a root there is also MSM there's just a whole bunch of anti-inflammatory natural things that I recommend is called joint pain formula so that's for your joints it's it's like a very comprehensive hormone for the hair I recommend the hair formula simply because it has the collagen and has.

Things in there for autoimmune like alopecia it has the natural B vitamins it has the trace minerals that has silica but they're all in a food base they're not synthetic so that's what I'm going to recommend for your hair but it goes beyond just collagen it goes into the nutrients that help collagen stick and form in the body alright hey Joanne.

You're from Toronto go ahead you're on the air hi dr. Berg thank you for taking my call and thanks for your show sure my question for you is I'm 47 I still have a regular cycle going on every month I've been low-carb for about a year and a half with great results and I exercise which is running about twice a week and everything's been great feeling wise.

Except for lately I've noticed during certain times of the month I get a shortness of breath and I've had I've had my heart checked I've had an ultrasound done on my thyroid and I've been given of course anxiety medication from my doctor because that's what we thought it was but um I've read a few reports online from other women who have.

Been going through this also and a lot of them are saying that it's progesterone related so I just wanted your thoughts on that and to see what what my options might be yeah hey John and again anything that I recommend check with your doctor I'm not trying to diagnose or say I can cure any problems okay so just want to make that noise no.

But here's the question I have what part of your cycle do you notice these symptoms is it day 14 is it right in the period when is it well because I'm because I'm just starting to track it now actually yeah it's kind of hard to stay but for this month so far yes I did notice it starting just shortly after ovulation okay I don't.

Know how long that's going to take me until like I said I'm still trying to track it and figure out exactly when this is happening but I do think there is some type of pattern because it's not all the time and in some weeks I'm fine and then it'll just hit me again god I'm not sure for help.

Well let me just let me just cut you off there and I'm gonna show you oh my gosh I just dropped around the call sorry so but let me just show you on the board hopefully you'll be watching on your computer and but let's just take a look at this right here here's your menstrual cycle day 14 is when you ovulate okay that's when the.

Egg gets released and then we have day 28 here when you start your period so what happens I always like to see what's date coincidence what happens just before at day 14 guess what you spiked estrogen okay and then about a week before your period used ice spiked progesterone so if you're getting these symptoms right after ovulation right.

About here I'm gonna say that your progesterone is probably too low or yesterday is too high one way to bring the estrogen down since your menopause going through menopause we have a situation where estrogen does decrease but so does progesterone but progesterone really drops even more than estrogen giving you a situation where.

Your estrogen dominant so because the ratios because the progesterone that protects you against too much estrogen it's kind of like a counter hormone so you could correct this by taking more progesterone okay so that's the no-brainer but you didn't really correct it you just kind of patched it up if you're 47 going through menopause what.

You want to do is you want to support the back-up organ which is your adrenals so we're back to the adrenals again and that will naturally kind of balance things out but if you wanted a quick fix go ahead and take some progesterone cream and that will knock out the symptoms simply because it's related to that specific problem.

All right sorry I'd knocked you knocked you off but okay so now Nancy you have a question you're from Alabama go ahead hey dr. Barry first of all thank you so much for the information you're putting out there learning so much from what you're you're giving us and I'm on your ketogenic diet of about you know 7080 percent good fat intake and moderate.

Protein low carb with the high vegetables and I'm logging it all on an app and I'm on about Bay twelve here and I'm wondering if there's maybe a recommendation with the Grahams maybe for a fat feel like I might be taking in too much fat even though I'm on mark with the percentages still wondering if I'm just taking in a few months yeah.

Okay good question answer you it's really difficult to give you a grandmom out because it can range from this many grams of this many grams the best thing to think about is to the principle of a try and eat your fats in a whole form unfortunately just like refined carbohydrates you do have refined fats which you know normally even even oils.

And butter and these other fats and even coconut oil is out of the natural food base complex now it doesn't cause harm because there's nutrition in those but just realize they're out of the normal complex so that's one of the biggest some things we're starting a ketogenic diet is being able to digest those fats initially because you don't have the.

Enzymes of the gallbladder help from the bile to be able to break them down so I would very simply just cut it way down see how you feel is it working are you getting rid of the symptoms of insulin resistance are you more satisfied after a meal can you go longer without crave and a drop in blood sugar does the way coming off in the midsection okay use.

Your hunger a drop being down those are all the key factors so right at the end of the meal the the real big reason I would increase fat is to be able to go longer between meals but I would just start lowering it and see how you how you do and not worry about the grams but just don't go out of your way to add a lot of fat try to have the whole food.

Like an avocado or maybe coconut with the fat or peanut butter or something like that or brie cheese and then see how you do with that all right hey Miriam you're from London go ahead you're on the air very informative so thank you I actually am over four years old I am taking because I I suffer hypothyroid I am the micrograms of.

Levothyroxine and I discovered because of your channel I take in apple cider vinegar I got it taking it well I was wondering if series if it's good or because I'm thinking this medicine I was wondering because recently maybe two weeks ago I feel very weak I'm not sure why yeah this is my opinion most hypothyroid problems are secondary to.

Either a gall bladder or liver issue or high estrogen okay so apple cider vinegar does increase the release of bile so that's supposed to increase the conversion but you may need some bile support I call it bile the the gall bladder formula which will then increase more bile and help more conversion from t4 to.

T3 okay so see if you that's one thing okay and also look at do you any symptoms of gallbladder and you should watch my videos to find that out if that's not the case let's look at estrogen are you a sergeant dominant now you're going on your 40s he possibly could be pre menopausal which could increase the estrogen because the it's.

Like I said before the pedestrian goes way too low so you may be getting better results by lowering your ratios by probably taking the estrogen balance plus dim or supporting the adrenals so those are the two things that I would look at instantly just to see if you can't get results because the goal is to find the real reason why you have the.

Low thyroid you know why you have that some people also then just need a little seek help to increase iodine and bones thyroid goes right back in but again go ahead keep taking medication but fine try to experiment to see what else could improve the thyroid see you eventually can come off that men all right hey Brenda you're from New York go ahead.

You're on the air yeah hi good money about that birth weight I did call you last week man I still have a problem with my digestion I have to question after food even I don't have a diabetic in my life but I do check my blood sugar in morning when I wake up and I do check my sugar level every morning when I wake up what is the digital meat in one.

Finger and to another finger because one thing we're reading is different we made a finger usually I'm always in a 68 to 75 in the morning but because I want to be more healthy just I follow whatever low carb depletes us in the YouTube you know so I'll find out when I consume more vegetable compared to the lower eating the rice and cookies that I got.

More higher sugar level what does it go to burn no ha ha how high will it go when you eat more vegetables when I it's defensible it's causing me very very bloating I sometimes go out and then when I check my blood sugar even though I don't eat rice in a day or any any any cop it ninety-eight in the morning sometimes.

Hundreds okay and then but it if I don't consume that maths festival my sugar level going down to 68 to 70 again like today like three days ago I check I don't want you because I was throwing out of too much of my stomach I stop it I stop it and then my sugar level going down very but like before we just make me very happy right Brendan Brendan.

Question a question do you know what normal blood pressure is what's the normal blood I'm sorry blood glucose what's the normal blood sugar okay alright then thanks let me just answer this real quick this is an easy one it's yeah we need to eat more vegetables but your problem is you're not digesting those fibers and the vegetables and.

That's what's creating the bloating the bloating will create stress the stress will activate coral the coral will increase the blood sugars you're still within the normal range but I think you need to either consume different vegetables that you can digest like some type of lettuce that is like not part of the cruciferous or fermented vegetables.

Okay and I think that's the way you're going to have to go right now because you're not able you don't have the enzymes to digest it because there's certain microbes missing so just cut down on the best the type of vegetables that blow you until there's no more bloating and I think that will solve it but I'm not too concerned about the.

Blood sugar because it's still below a hundred but 68 to 70 it could be normal if you're in ketosis but yeah even it goes up to one hundred is still fine okay thanks hey Jonathan you're from Oregon go ahead you're on the air hey Jonathan are you there yes good morning dr. Berg thank you very much my.

Question is not really to do with illness but to do with health I've been studying your material over the last month and I'm very very grateful for it two to two questions one just very general about why aren't more government's adopting this kind of a approach I have 64 years of retraining my mind from all that I've you know.

Learnt over the years and that that kind of retrain of mine takes some doing secondly I I we started 192 pounds I have a goal of getting to 160 but it occurs to me that I don't really know what what goal at all I should have I'm 5 foot 6 in height but and I wonder what your views will be of what height you can get to and I suppose.

My third question is I haven't heard a lot about exercise with the ketosis diet so thank you ok great Jonathan let's take the first question governments are composed of large groups of people not just one person and because of that they are the last group to come on board with a new idea so that's why they're always the.

Last in fact if you want some truthful information find out what the governments are doing and do the exact opposite and you'll probably very very successful ok because they're always way behind of the current research it's very political as well and ok second question you're 192 you want to get to one of these six but you're not sure if that's.

The right thing well it's really it's really going to be tricky because we don't I can't really see you I can't see your bone structure I can't see your shape every shape is different the goal is not necessarily a weight goal but how you look maybe body fat that would be a better goal and how your shape is you know your muscular content you know do.

You as your belly flat do you do you feel good about the way you look and the overall health you have the energy do you have the vitality how is your sleeping how's your stress level I think that would be a better goal and then if you can achieve that you will always find that the weight goes to where you need to be third question I just.

Released a video yesterday on exercise and keep ptosis so you can watch that but the I think you brought up a really good point because I want to bring this up this is um there's this whole dogma with exercise that you go through this thing called a bunk which you actually hit a wall because you run out of your stored sugar it's called glycogen in.

Your muscle and then the muscle just gets fatigued and you can't go anymore so then we need to do carbo loading and we need to add more carbs or sugar before during and after an athletic marathon or endurance race or even some type of exercise right well there's been some recent research that I have in the video that shows that if you key to.

Adapt which means you do this over a period of months like in you're an athlete you will not only have better performance but you will burn more than two times the amount of fat as the person consuming the sugar in other words your body your muscles can run on fat efficiently once you key to adapt but if you take an athlete and they.

Don't key to adapt let's say they do this in like two or three weeks and they're not adapted they don't have the enzymes to burn the fat so they're gonna crash and burn 85% of your body can run on fat fuel and the rest that's dependent on glucose like part a part of the brain part of the kidney part of the eye and the sperm and the red blood cell.

All are dependent on glucose but your body can easily make the sugar from the fat that you're eating from your stored fat and from your protein that you're eating it doesn't need glucose so you watch in the next several years all these top athletes will start going more ketogenic because their efficiency is going to be better it's less waste more.

Oxygen better efficiency you can produce more ATP which is the energy currency which is more energy in general and it's just more of a cleaner fuel source all right Jonathan hey Jacqueline you're from Toronto Canada go ahead you're on the air I have a question about milk and PETA genic diet I understand milk is rather contraindicated because.

Of the lactose the sugars what if one drinks lactose free milk good good question the other thing that you there are other sugars in milk other than lactose however lactose is part of the biggest sugar so I think you would be fine consuming some milk with lactose free but it has to be grass-fed or organic.

And the problem with milk – is that the cows consume the grains which is GMO that's number one number two the other problems is pasteurized and when you have pasteurized milk you have a different product than raw milk it's illegal to sell it in most states in the US so what you maybe in Canada you can get some raw milk and if you can get.

That and it's like grass-fed that would be great it's much easier to get the raw milk organic grass-fed cheese which has a lot less lactose than milk then it's low carb and it's high protein and it's fermented so it's easy to digest versus just milk but a little milk here and there is a very minor point but just make sure it's organic milk.

Alright Jacqueline hey Susan you're on the air you're from Ohio go ahead you're you're next hi dr. Berg how are you good thanks I want to thank you very much for all your information I'm a newbie and I just had my first apple cider vinegar drink this morning and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was quite refreshing my problem.

Is is I am a food addict I'm not drugs it's not money it's not gambling it's food so in 2007 I went through a liquid diet through a hospitals outpatient program and I lost 100 pounds and 53 inches and I also quit smoking that very first week from the 16 year habit I kept that weight off until 2013 when I had my first foot surgery.

For a bunion to make a long story short that doctor did a botched job and subsequently I just had my fifth great foot surgery on May 1st to try to correct the problem so exercise was not walking it's gonna have to be like water aerobics hmm but I need to lose weight I've gained my body is completely different than it was before.

And I've gained a lot of weight back not all of it but quite a bit of it okay and I'm wondering if your ketogenic diet will kind of put my body back where it was okay good let me answer that Susan first of all what do you want to acknowledge that people for some reason get a lot of pleasure from food I know it's.

Surprising but people actually only even live for the sensation of food it actually makes you feel better right so I don't want to take that away from you because then you're going to want it more so if you start watching a lot of the videos that we have my wife and I with the recipe videos you can get some amazing ideas for a pleasurable.

So-called junk food no sugar ketogenic it's the way to go so that shouldn't be an issue because there's a lot of pleasure in some of the stuff I mean like bread and chocolate and cake and all these ice cream I mean there's ways that you can make it just takes a little more time that's number one number two 85%.

Of your success with weight loss will come from changing your eating and only 15% with exercise so you can't really get your goal with just exercise so that the good point is we don't really need exercise to get you at least 85% to your goal even if you didn't exercise now the advantage of the ketogenic diet is that ketosis is basically putting your by in.

Fact learning now wouldn't it make sense if you want to lose weight is to burn fat I mean why wouldn't anyone want to burn fat keep ptosis or the ketosis diet is the science of getting your body in fat burning so I'm like that is like what everyone should be doing if they want to lose weight it's a tool I show you some tweaks to my videos of how to.

Do it correctly so yes I highly recommend you do that because you can get to your goal healthily without craving and hunger okay so that's really cool the last thing is that bunion removal I should do a video on that but instead of getting more therapy if you had this done on the right foot the surgery and the bunion and this whole.

Thing and now it's pain because now you can't walk on you can't run out you need to maybe watch some of the videos that I have on that but you need to do massage on the opposite foot right where they do the surgery probably on the inner toe where your bunion was and you start massaging the left foot it's gonna hurt like hell why why is it gonna be hurt on.

The opposite because the way the nerve reflexes go but if you would work that out maybe five minutes every day and just massage the whole thing and the compensating muscles which is gonna be in your left calf it's gonna hurt maybe have someone else do it and work that out or even higher massage therapist to work that out you will and I wish we.

Could all do a video before and after because you'll be putting pressure on your right foot within probably a day or two and it won't hurt anymore it's the fastest way to knock out of pain so I'll create a video on that but in the meantime I already have videos on how to get rid of toe pain and foot pain work on the opposite side all right Susan.

Alright hey Sean you're from South Africa go ahead you're on the air hi dr. Berg thank you I just want to thank you for all your your videos and recipes and everything is really amazing my question is regarding your sweeteners and so I'm pre-diabetic and my doctor actually told me to stay away from sweeteners like desirable and because.

Your wall she told me that your intestines can actually taste or detect the sweetness and therefore still produced insulin and I would just like to get your take on that because you use quite a bit of sweetener in all your recipe yeah I always love this when people give their opinions and what I would like to do is that when someone.

Says even they say with stevia well because it's sweet then your body will start increasing insulin because it doesn't know the difference between the sensation of sweet and sugar I would always say well where did you where did you hear that who told you that what reference are you quoting right there it breaks right down because they.

Won't have a reference there is no data on that in fact the data if you take non-gmo xylitol it has a much lower glycemic index it has this interesting property of being sweet without increasing insulin very much compared to sugar that's what it does same thing with stevia same thing with three three tall I've been using with tens of.

Thousands of actual patients over a long period of time and I can tell you you'll be safe with consuming that being a diabetic but again on the net from your doctor you're going to hear every different opinion the difference between an opinion in fact is the fact is based on evidence the opinion that may or may not be based on evidence so you just.

Have to find out where's the source who told you that and then you'll find out they probably heard it from the National Enquirer or some other high-quality reference all right thanks Shawn hey Lisa you're from Missouri go ahead you're on the air hi doctor bird my question I just recently had some lab work done this week and I got my results.

And what I'm dealing with it's high Cuoco my numbers came in at 125 the range is 74 to 106 and then I'm also dealing with high cholesterol I'm in my 50 and I have gone one year without ministration and I spoke to my doctor about that he said two years so I don't think that I'm totally I don't know if.

I'm totally out of the woods administrating my body is going through changes I just incorporated eating steel-cut oatmeal into my diet and I don't know if that was a good thing because I had basically been sticking with eggs and spinach more your protein and your vegetables okay and the only.

Reason why I incorporated the steel-cut oatmeal because they were telling me with my high cholesterol to start eating more oats I don't know if that's a big thing for me so I want to have some feedback on what I should try to to do to get these numbers back in range because I don't want to go on medication yeah I got it.

Thanks Lisa this this is just so funny because there's this whole push against lowering cholesterol so they'll do it by adding more grains because oatmeal has the beta glutens which will lower cholesterol but here's the thing cholesterol is is a healer it actually heals the body it's used as a band-aid it's your body makes a lot of it because.

It needs it it's a precursor to certain hormones especially during menopause in fact and this might be mind-blowing and different than what you've been hearing and I will create a video on this but you could literally increase more cholesterol in the diet and lower someone's cholesterol simply because there's a feedback mechanism now most.

People will not believe that and that's fine but I just say try it for two weeks and just watch what happens because you your cholesterol changes day to day and you could even do it within you know three days and see this interesting you could buy a cholesterol tester at the drugstore and then test yourself every day and you will see it's just so.

Bizarre in fact adding more cholesterol to lower cholesterol just because your body then won't have to hold on I mean it can actually release some of it so I think I would cut out the steel-cut oatmeal I think I would go back to what you're doing but the other point I want to make is you have to do intermittent fasting that because you have if your.

Cholesterol and your blood sugars are up we still have a problem with insulin resistance so we're gonna have to keep working on that because all these other things are symptoms of high levels of insulin so I would do a combination of ketosis in a minute fasting maybe because of your age I would go to two meals a day but you're gonna have to add.

More fat to be able to go from one meal to the next and watch what happens within two or three weeks to your cholesterol and your blood sugars it'll come right down I also watch the videos on debugging stubborn weight loss you can go with my membership site and get a lot more data on that and they can actually get to the nitty gritty ax to.

See there's a whole bunch of other things you can do to take it to the next level as well but I wouldn't worry about I think you're doing fine just cut out the oatmeal and realize that a lot of medical doctors just don't have the nutritional training they're basically symptom based and they'll they'll and we need doctors that emergency care and.

Things like that but when they get into nutritional things they just don't know some are learning but unfortunately that's the way it is hey Edward you're from Florida go ahead people you and I've seen some progress and I want to know why maybe I'm gonna leave a slower than maybe most people and that is the way I perceive it as we've gone about.

That don't you take on that okay so and again right after your question we have one two three four more questions and then we're not going to take any more but here's the thing Edward underneath the left ribcage is the pancreas and probably what's happening the new thing with the new introduction of fats to the diet is putting maybe a little strain on.

The pancreas so what I would recommend in your case very simply is to find some enzyme combination called pink it's called pancreatin okay and it's a group of enzymes that you can take into some of the form to take the support off the pancreas and just help your pancreas you know work better because what happens if you are a typical person.

Who's been eating sugar your whole life whatever your insulin resistance that puts a lot of strain in the pancreas now the pancreas can't produce the enzymes that it needs to and then it might strain the pancreas then cause all sorts of you know irritation or swelling or the pancreas to work so hard so I would just add the enzymes to it and maybe cut.

Down the fat just a little bit and see if those symptoms don't go completely away so we have someone from India go ahead you're on the air it's Shammi regarding your hypothyroid shopping oh hi I I is not my primary question my primary question is on fibroids so I've had fibroids I think from 2003 or four I figured it out in 2005 I did a.

Myomectomy in 2000 from I'm 39 years old now so 2005 is my first surgery on I did my iMac to me I think I had intramural and sub serious fibroids I don't know how to pronounce that and I 10 years later I did a follow-up surgery because again I you know it grew back right so this was in 2016 so post.

Surgery I think about a couple of months later I went back for a follow-up and I still do have a little bit of fibroid I think it's like one point six centimeters pretty small but my uterus is still bulky and post-surgery my bleeding has become less while my period cycle is perfected so 2020 seven-day cycle the.

Bleeding has become less so I want to know I mean what is it that I can do see I don't want to keep doing the surgery again right so I want to know is there a way to kind of control this you know fibroid and my little bit of background everything else seems to be normal my liver or gallbladder or ovaries everything is normal but I do have a.

Bulky uterus okay I'm like what I rode medication okay great thanks so let me just kind of give you the four things number one I know in India I don't know in your area the part of India but they they're starting introduced even GMO things cotton for example is GMO cotton and cotton if it's GMO it's sprayed with glyphosate well you have a female's.

Tampon their pads and their panty liners that are actually very close to the area of the body that you can actually increase absorption of those that herbicide that can then create fibroids because it's estrogenic so that's one thing you have to do organic in that situation the other thing is make sure that all of your foods are organic and.

Without hormones okay because that's really what's creating this growth of fibroid underneath everything else you're still you know you're possibly going in the pre menopause at this age possibly an X gonna increase your estrogen to progesterone ratio that could be another factor it's unlikely but that could be a situation so you.

Might have to actively balance out your estrogen so you do the cruciferous vegetables get something called dim di M that's a concentrated cruciferous it's that will help and then the very organic healthy seek help that will decrease the estrogen as well that's what I would do if I were in your shoes and I think that should really resolve the problem okay.

So Paul you're from Australia go ahead you're on the air I thank you dr. Berg I five years ago I had three stents put in my arteries and they've put me on cholesterol tablets statin tablets also a blood-pressure tablet which I've never had blood pressure in my life and also an aspirin I saw one of your videos and I decided.

There and then that I'll chuckle I'm so by all these tablets and I ordered some of the or k2d three tablets but a friend of mine was telling me he had this is got the same problem with he had stents put in but he's his specialist said that he has to lower his cholesterol because there could be a problem with his tense now I'm in the catch-22 I don't know.

What to do I'm taking the I'm taking the aspirin but not not the not the cholesterol tablets my cholesterol was with the tablets were at four point six when I threw them out and I had a test at my local chemist came to six point four yeah I at the moment I'm taking sufficient and some q10 and I'm waiting for your medication to arrive and I'll.

Start taking lives now again I'm not quite sure about this cholesterol thing in the stent yeah I think Paul I'm gonna actually don't wanna do some videos on that because I think that's a big problem there's so much confusion total cholesterol doesn't mean anything related to arteries you want to know about the different types.

Of LDL which I'll do a video on but here's the thing you're taking d3 k2 which is the absolute best thing for the arteries because it D calcifies the arteries it makes artery's more elastic the cholesterol is this only coming in there as a band-aid to heal the broken down artery that is probably has some micro hemorrhaging or.

Bleeding from preexisting stuff the other thing you have to do to even balance your cholesterol is to get fixed insulin resistance so I think you've probably been watching my videos are already doing that if you follow that you're going to be very successful to heal the circulation the heart the arteries the blood vessels it makes the.

Arteries less inflamed which is then going to attract less LDL LDL basically triggers an immune reaction because it's there to actually heal things so if the LDL goes up and you're not eating any sugar it just means that your body is trying to heal something so number one in the K 2 and D 3 we added the red yeast extract which is very powerful for.

Cholesterol so that's number one I think you're taking the right thing number two you want to get on the ketogenic diet hardcore you want to make sure that you're you're doing in a minute fasting so those snacks between the meals and then number three I would highly recommend doing a more broad cholesterol panel to look at the whole.

Picture the different types of LDL and get someone if it needs to be my team or someone else to evaluate that correctly and start evaluating that over the next few months and I think you're gonna be way more successful but you're right it's it's hard because your friend tells you this their doctor tells you that you're confused you need to be had it on.

That I'll create some videos on the LDL very soon so you can have all the data so you don't have to be in fear but I think you're doing the right thing thanks Paul hey LeAnn you're from Brooklyn go ahead you're on the air thirteen years I've been having a heart palpitation right now I'm 40 and I'm.

Still having the same problem I did already Prentis EKG echo they monitor my heart for two weeks and it's the same problem and I know they can't get mad and say what is the problem if he can do any blood tests they can we know one of the doctors tell me probably I'm a half in panic attack she wanted me to see Dion.

Psychiatrist I don't have any panic attacks so I didn't go to see the psychiatrist I have you know no problem to plan fully okay so let's talk about the real heart palpitations is an electrolyte problem I did a video on that again I'm just giving information to do your own research I'm not telling you that this.

Is going to be the cure but I will say that you may want to go into the area of consuming more potassium foods and even a potassium supplement I do have an electrolyte powder it's I temporarily ran out of it I will have it in ten days but here's the thing higher levels of potassium like if you were to do an extra 3,000 milligrams of potassium that.

Is will put the electrical system back into the connection with the pacemakers in the heart and of course you want to also get the magnesium as well the combination in the in the whole electrolyte mix because your palpitations are either a magnesium deficiency or a potassium deficiency if you've been consuming those over a.

Period of time and you still have heart palpitations then we know you have insulin resistance in which case you need to follow that eating plan I'm recommending like to a tee because insulin resistance blocks the absorption of potassium and magnesium so that could be the reason so you just have to go right back into.

Fixing that eating better in a minute fasting and that will start increasing your potassium and reduces the palpations but sometimes by taking the potassium that can also speed up the fixing your insulin resistance at the same time so you can kill two birds with one stone go ahead and try that okay and.

Then let us know and maybe about a month from now all right then we have someone from Miami Florida it's Nabila go ahead yes hello how are you doing you're amazing and a gift and thank you for everything that you do I'm 56 years old and I have a history of hepatitis C I was treated for that I finished the harvoni last year in July.

And now I'm hearing incidents of liver cancer occurring from what I understand the microenvironment of the liver you know is not restored although you know we are treated and you know no one has spoken to me about that my GI hasn't spoken to me about that and I'm concerned also I have hypothyroidism my valve matter was removed in 1999 and you.

Know I'm about 210 pounds and I'm having difficulty losing weight so these are my concerns if you can assist me with that sure okay great and you'll be the last caller so here's the here's the thing I would get some high quality licorice root licorice root has this interesting property that improves viral hepatitis okay so that's one thing secondly the.

Reason why if hypothyroid is probably because the gall bladder was moved because now you can't have a difficult difficult time converting t4 to t3 so you probably would benefit from something called gall bladder formula and maybe even milk thistle for the inflammation on the liver so and then to put the icing on the cake.

That's a bad expression to basically take the next level follow the the eating recommendations that I have on the videos with in a minute fasting and ketosis because that's going to take a huge stress off the liver it's going to take inflammation of the liver and because it's viral the you can't kill a virus all you can do is put it in.

Remission so you just your only solution is to stay extremely healthy okay and vibrant so thank you so much for calling hey you guys were great I hope you got some tips until next week have a great week I'll release some more videos each day so thanks for watching and thanks for your calls.

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