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I know my belly which is kind of weird so I don't know if I'm allergic to stuff I'm eating or mm-hmm okay good question bill did they find inflammation in your stomach or the colon Oh tell me I'm a cannibal so you have basically a kind of gastritis they probably called it right yeah all right so yeah you're kind of stuck between a.

Rock and a hard place but let's just talk about that to get that inflammation there probably was there chronically and now it's just kind of showing up more intense but typically what we want to do is dump more ass in your stomach to make it more acid to handle the digestion so the acid reflux goes away but if there's inflammation in there.

We have to kind of undercut that and heal that first and I'm gonna recommend chlorophyll I would I would definitely do my wheatgrass juice powder and start doing that and that's a lot of chlorophyll it's a good internal skin cleaner or healer the other thing is you're probably going to do better with maybe some not apple cider vinegar but.

Maybe probiotics to start working on the lower intestines you're probably going to be doing better with fermented foods but not the juice just the fermented foods a lot of leafy greens maybe even this isn't the case where you want to probably juice some greens without the carrots or that the Apple because we want to actually put that nutrient-dense.

Solution in your body there's one more thing that I would get and you can look this up online it's I think you could find some it's called chlorophyll pearls by standard process and these chlorophyll pearls are tiny little pearls of tillandsia root it's like the oil from cleanser with that moss on the tree in the South you suck.

On these little things they dissolve and right before it dissolves you swallow it and it'll go it'll just kind of poof and kind of align all your and your esophagus and your stomach so basically you're in the process of healing that ulcer vitamin C foods phil is the big thing wheatgrass juice those are the things that you're gonna.

Have to do right now for a period of time and that could take a while to heal that to the point where then we can actually acidify you and start to fix the the ph problem but you may do okay with some maybe some bile salts but you're I think in a minute fasting is gonna be really really key with you and just very light foods and it find out.

Maybe there was some allergies okay bill good question hey Douglas you're from Fort Lauderdale you had a question hi dr. Burke and hear me okay yeah totally fine great about three and a half weeks ago I came across your video for the first time I had a little problem with a little pain in my leg and.

Your video solved the problem with a little stretch then I came across your weight loss stuff which is extensive and I said I'm just gonna try this this guy sounds like he knows what he's talking about and I did and I've now lost close to fourteen pounds since I started that's pretty good oh absolutely energized and my my brain is clear I.

Feel great but I kind of stalled and my and I'm eating you know bacon eggs and and cheeses and church we made your pizza we've made your bread is is the pizza and the bread legal things to eat during the intensive phase that I'm in right now that's a really good question was that the main question yeah from the one.

Pound a day routine to no pounds a day and I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong how many meals a day are you doing whoo okay alright let's talk about that yeah that's a really really really good question I think a lot of it the keto bombs and those recipes are really good in the beginning as you get into it.

You're probably got not going to need as much of it the pizza thing is I think it's totally fine but when you get into the bread there is a little bit of arrowroot flour that could slow you down a little bit so I would probably do those things maybe once or twice we can not like very frequent and I think you're gonna lose more weight.

Stick with the basic foods right now and of course since you brought that up you know like healthy junk foods last week I talked about the disaster with the ice cream well this week finally got it in right here I got cabbies finally have the ice cream it got done and we have some have someone I want to actually test it out on to see if it.

Actually is any good but this is a line of ice cream that is meant to be used in occasionally with your meal it's not meant to be used as a snack or you know like all that long or eating the whole thing Steve so that's why I got Steve is Steve's gonna sample it Steve is my production guy and we're gonna give a.

Big bowl right here because I know Steve but got away from me because I'm afraid for chocolate yeah so this stuff here let's just see see what you think it's basically coconut oil there's no sugar I know this is a lot to do but I say I was trying to put you in easier if I like it I'm gonna be mad right that tastes like chocolate ice cream that is.

Really good it's good isn't it I mean it's really good yeah and what what's good about this um this has no cream its lactose free it's has less than one gram of sugar its coconut oil so you know the thing that people are gonna be surprised like it tastes just like regular ice cream doesn't have any after change right it.

Doesn't have that sugar aftertaste it's pretty darn good but I'm excited because I just got it in my eye I have to withhold myself because you don't want to do a lot and I'll give you a little bit more later but I just wanted to see if you liked it and so apparently it's kind of really good that's really good yeah Wow so if you could do me a favor.

Take this stuff and put it in the freezer sure because that's how you're going to it that's how you're getting nice yeah so so I just wanted to mention I'll do a video on I have a whole little video on the ice cream but um a lot of people are gonna ask when can I get some it's gonna.

Be next week I have to it's being shipped right now it takes a while to be shipped to the fulfillment center but again the two things are it's meant to have occasionally with the meal but not as a snack but not the whole pie Steve because you don't want to do that it's mather sugar alcohol so you know you could could overdo it on that.

Alright so Nikki you're on the air from Arkansas go ahead at the end of the day I go to and I'm tired and I have a little piece of cheese or a little protein and I just don't feel like whipping up a salad is it okay is it just to have your kale shake powder as our salad substitute that's a really good question I think that the kale.

Shake powder has some kale in it it's mainly as a meal replacement there's some protein in there if you have the meal replacement one with the coconut oil that's even more fat the other one is is more pea protein I wouldn't count on that for a vegetable instead what I would recommend is you know eat a bell pepper eat a cucumber with hummus have.

Something like that or even my wife what to do is to take lettuce leaves and she'll put like some critic chives in different herbs with cream cheese you know you can buy that cream cheese and picture and a lettuce and just eat that you know so that's what I would recommend okay and also I get plaque on the back of my.

Teeth real bad have to have it cleaned off from the dentist is that calcium does that mean I have too much calcium in my system that's a really good question that means that you have not enough vitamin K to watch my video on k2 vitamin k2 removes soft tissue calcium from the teeth from the joints from the arteries so it actually.

Moves that out of the tissue if you have that a regular basis you should notice that the inside of your your mouth your teeth are all nice and smooth like a pearl after you take an FK to of a period of time so it just means you're low and Ketu that's what it is basically yeah good question good questions hey David you're from.

Texas go ahead you had a question hey thank you dr. Burke I had a actually a couple questions but the first one was on substituting food for supplements like your supplements or nutrients I've just discovered intermittent fasting and extended fasting and I really like it and first time that I've really been able to lose weight but going beyond.

That with all your products that you sell and knowing you know exactly what the body needs to function food is you know that source but we've broken it down into nutrients and all the ones that you have is there's something like a program that might be able to be put together where you if you didn't feel like eating you could just take this and.

It would give your body everything that it needed good question that I think I think I was looking at that like what could you do as a concentrated food to have all the nutrients it would it would have to be because really in my books I talked about the purpose of food is to give you to nourish the body there's one more purpose and that is to give you.

Fuel so we would have to give you a certain amino acids and fatty acids in addition to the vitamins and minerals and trace minerals so here's here's some ideas what you could do is to kind of bolster or enhance your eating the wheatgrass juice powder is just awesome that will actually give you a lot of nutrition and chlorophyll and.

Phytonutrients all that and then you have the trace minerals but I think that I know what you're saying you're like well I'm not hungry maybe can I just have like some supplements and things I I think the best thing to do is to go to dr. Berg comm for its last evaluation take that quiz it goes through every single symptom you have you'll figure.

Out where your weaknesses are and then it will kind of tell you the missing pieces so you can kind of more focus on that but we want you to have real food at least one meal a day but I think you had another question about sweets yeah now what's about the sweets um I actually just bought some of your products I bought the wheatgrass juice.

With the lemon I bought your tree nose I bought your hair loss and your electrolytes it's kind of a tea part but with the most products that I bought and going by you know what the body needs a nutrition and not nutrition but the nutrients I got a little confused because I watched one of your videos on your your dropper with the nutrients.

That are in there and I was trying to find out if those products that I bought are enough to give me that 74 nutrients that the body's needing or is who I have to extend oh yeah do I need to extend on that and the second part of that was the hair product pattern balding and I'm assuming it works since she's putting it out and what do you how long does it.

Normally take and is there anything that you need to do with that okay good good question so it's funny this hair product normally it should take like at least six weeks to start to see some change but I'm saying people are just reporting like within the first few days or seeing change so I don't know how they're doing that but it's working for some people.

Depends how bad it is it does depend if if it's very chronic in there but the hair formula works on it gives you the nutrients the biotin the silicon that collagen and then also handles the DHT which is a another hormonal thing as far as the trace minerals go there are trace minerals in that product there's trace minerals in the wheat the the sea kelp.

There's trace minerals in the wheat grass there's a lot of different overlap and lot of different products but the confusion is like I think what you need is to maybe talk to someone in my office to kind of narrow down specifically what your goals are the liquid trace minerals are that's probably the most concentrated.

Trace minerals I like that product because it's easy to take in plus it has 94 trace minerals in the plant base so that way you're getting the maximum amount especially if you if you do have hair nail skin issues of collagen issues it won't necessarily give you energy but it handles the protein stuff so so I think other than.

That I think I would have you just call the office to get specific on your specific goals because it's hard to answer that not knowing your history hey then we have someone from Australia it's I think it's called Bernie videos taking my call today I'm 47 years old and a combination of two body types adrenal because I have lupus and have.

Been on prednisone and Plaquenil for years and and ovarian body type as I have insulin resistance and estrogen dominance earlier this year I was at my heaviest weight and for the first time in my life I had extremely heavy heavy periods to the point I had low iron through scanning I found out I had a fibrocystic breasts and benign cyst on.

My thyroid and a 2 point 5 centimeter cyst on my left ovary I knew sugar and carbs were the main culprit so I went on a diet a bit opposite in nature to keto where I had moderate protein restricted vegetables and no dairy and no fat I did lose 20 pounds in the month which I've maintained but I felt nutrient deprived.

And wheat and I knew I had to find a better way which led me to you however during this time I did feel my ovary was improving as I went from heavy periods to no periods to a normal period again and now six weeks into keto we need to meet at fasting and feeling great I had another heavy period it wasn't as heavy as the ones in the past but it was long.

And I felt like both my ovaries were going to explode the pain in my back which was in the center of my lower back about one inch from the tailbone was incredibly painful and this went on for about three days followed by a dull ache in either the gallbladder or liver on the right side of my body I was taking seek help.

And most of your formulas but was waiting for your ovarian formula and massage tool to arrive in the mail and I felt the trigger for this pain and change was going back on dairy products I have since changed all my vegetables and dairy products to organic non-gmo but I think maybe because of my lupus I shouldn't be on dairy of any kind at all.

And I'm also thinking I really need bioidentical progesterone cream to help balance things out because I'm not balancing out naturally and with the long use of steroids I may need some extra help for a while and I just wanted to ask your opinion on this dr. Berg and what to do to appease my angry ovaries right okay good a couple things you can.

Do on the membership site there's some other some advanced ovarian techniques that I don't have in my videos because they're a little bit more involved but those are released after a month of being on the membership site so that's one technique that's very dramatic you can see change is really quick it's kind of like it's like acupressure for the.

Endocrine system that you can really get those ovaries in communication again and with the rest of the glands because the ovaries are controlled by the pituitary gland so they had this whole feedback cycle nutritionally I think you're spot on with this dairy with the lupus and if there's a dream weaknesses you're gonna have more sensitivity to dairy and the.

People that have either an allergy to casein or maybe even lactose they have a lot of issues with dairy sometimes they can do okay on a little bit of grass-fed organic cheese from Switzerland or another country that's like a lot cleaner so that's something that you can look at but not in large quantities just probably because there could be an.

Allergy there but I think you're going to be have to focus on the phase of recovering the damage from the prednisone of the steroids because those are the you going into menopause those are the backup organs and we want to keep those really strong as far as the estrogen support formula.

I think estrogen balance with dim that's going to really help you a lot but I think if you take something called glutathione for your body that will actually slow down the deterioration of the effects from the prednisone I would recommend colostrum but I think that's going to be a problem because it's dairy so I think maybe we take you two off.

Dairy for a period of time you're already doing good on these other things apply the acupressure to the ovaries that's going to help you and then once you get the estrogen imbalance that'll be the icing on the cake it's not a bad idea to that progesterone because that'll automatically indirectly take the pressure off the estrogen dominance.

It's not a bad idea you already taken sea kelp which is awesome so that's iodine but then we have the DIMM which is in the estrogen balance plus stem and that's the cruciferous concentrate so that'll just take you to the next level all right good question she Niek from stafford question about.

Meat should we weigh it where you're wrong good question you should weigh it if you want it away it's actually raw because when you cook it you're gonna lose some of the fat but you're not gonna lose the protein so I would go with the full raw weight of whatever that meat is but we're talking about like three to six.

Ounces yeah okay in one more question um I've heard you say there athlete where Peter adapted we're supposed to drop fat how do we know how far there's not not that matters you know you're gonna naturally feel like you don't want as much fat like you're like okay I had enough when you do this over a period of time and sometimes for people this might.

Be three months four months of consistency then all of a sudden you're like you know what I'm not even hungry if I eat a little bit too much bad I'm like that's too much so go with your senses with your sensation of like do I need more do I want more in the beginning like I need more fat now I'm like I can take her to leave it.

Because you're actually burning your own fat and I'm not opposed to you eating more fat but the point is if you're not hungry for it you know let me let the meal be your own fat so I would go more subjective and the way that you know that you're adapted is you have a lot of other issues that create the cravings are gone the hunger is like barely there.

You're feeling good and you have all these other indicators totally squeaky clean so that's what I would do hey Joe you're from California go ahead what hi doctor I'm 66 years old and I was weighing in March I was weighing like about 165 pounds I'm five feet seven inches like small guy and I got diagnosed about four or five years ago.

Pre-diabetic but you know I know that I just you know was under denial in Iowa and I knowed it but now but in March my blood sugar was like – anywhere from 190 to 216 fasting and my a1c was one like eight number eight and I started watching videos I got really serious serious I'm a like a sugar holic I watched sugar holic and you know I quit.

Eating sugar at all like like a cold turkey and I was like eating a lot of carbs and I brought down the carbs like about 50 to 70 80 and now matter of four months I'm not I'm eating a lot of butter a lot of bacon a lot of like a hamburger without buns and I went down to like a ninety one microphone to 216 291 then my lowest at another one was.

Like 101 today let's say one 120 in I'm now to feed by diabetic level and I am like eating a lot of fat you know like your video I am watching most of your video there and what else I can I can do to bring it down to like a normal level so I'm like I actually I hike every day for miles two miles up too much down at about 8%.

Wait did you do did you check your a1c yet no no I because I'm waiting you know probably okay cool so let's talk about that Joe I think you're doing great I think you know I recently did that little what's the beef on the what are the beat my beef on what the health write that documentary and I got some interesting comments from certain.

Individuals that are really you know basically say hey no no you can eat sugar Sugar's fine it's the fat that's gonna kill you and cause diabetes you're a perfect example of that is totally not true and I keep of course no one ever talks about people of results success stories because that's anecdotal but we're going to keep doing do them do.

Keep doing them over and over over again so and I'm gonna keep promoting them and doing skypes but anyway this is what you can do there's really only two things that you should do there's certain things you should avoid and there's certain things that you should do what you need to avoid is you need to avoid anything that triggers insulin so you're.

Already doing that that's awesome but now what to do is like at apple cider vinegar maybe with the electrolyte powder with the potassium chromium vitamin D all those things will help naturally bring down your blood sugars even more make sure your your salads are seven to ten cups and I think you're gonna do fine use need to give it more.

Time Joe so you're doing great congratulations so I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just write something on the board I want to just go to the board for quick and then we'll come back okay cell I'm back so I was like to kind of do mix in a little bit of Education and today we're going to talk about ti a and transient ischemic attack that's.

Like a that's like a pre stroke okay symptom so these are like precursors to strokes and so what happens there's various symptoms that you might experience if you have a dia you might have it might be no symptoms or it might be a contralateral numbness or loss of coordination so if you had a stroke on the left side of the brain the right.

Side of your body will start having the symptoms because everything crosses over so you can have confusion your speech is slurred you have just loss of coordination all these different symptoms okay like that but the definition of a dia it's a vascular problem there's low oxygen okay to the part of the the structure of your.

Neurology or your brain and then it's it's transient it's temporary it's only going to last maybe an hour to 24 hours and you're gonna get recovered okay but then if you get a stroke which a lot of people get a stroke like 24 hours later and so they don't really you know use it as an indicator that that could be a problem so what I want to talk about is.

What causes a TAA and what causes a stroke and what can you do about it you want to know okay I think I I think you do so the first thing you want to realize you have an embolism so in the arteries you have this little plaque that can build up and then break off and then create an emblem embolism which is going to clog the artery further down.

The chain okay now we've talked about this in other videos and people are like oh yeah that's eating too much cholesterol foods it's fatty foods it's gonna clog your arteries no no no no no the LDL is there to heal this lesion as a band-aid because underneath this little clot you have a li like a little hole or a damage into that cell wall so.

This is a low vitamin C vitamin C controls the junction of the proteins it keeps the cells tight so when you have vitamin C deficiency it opens up then all these things come in to heal it L they'll cholesterol calcium and fibrin okay an immune system so that's what happens with that and then if it breaks off it can create an embolism okay but.

Vitamin C deficiency could come from high levels of sugar insulin resistance diabetes or lack of eating vegetables right so the next one is a so you have embolism you have a a clot a thrombus and that usually happens in the heart in something called the atrium it's like a part of your heart that's like a primary.

Pump and that atrium the blood pools there usually because of an atrial fibrillation where the the heart is erratic and it's not beating correctly so the neurology to the heart is not you know beating at a certain rhythm its erratic so it's called atrial fib but if we take it earlier atrial fib is really a potassium deficiency or it could be a.

Magnesium deficiency and that could come from high levels of insulin and insulin resistance because you can't absorb that mineral or a lack of eating vegetables so you get this clot so that's another one and then you have the third thing which is an aneurysm okay and that's kind of like a a balloon so if you blow up a balloon and you can keep blowing it.

Up at first it's really hard and then it gets easier and easier until the whole thing just explodes right well the same thing here eventually when this balloon explodes in your artery you get blood that squirts out and then you have internal bleeding and it's over okay so in an aneurysm you can have a lot of pooling of blood.

Here and you can get a thrombus or embolism right through here because there's a lot of cholesterol that builds up to try to heal this wall but usually what you have is a weakened weakened wall because the vitamin C is not there to keep it tight and then the combination if you have high blood pressure that pressure is going to cause.

A low kamas to that wall and that's going to decrease oxygen to the wall of the inside of the artery and it's going to atrophy so if you stop circulation to a part of your body it loses communication so it's going to atrophy and then start getting bigger and you can also have you know kurz don't have enough oxygen.

Inflammation from sugar all that it's going to create that so it starts building up like an aneurysm and then it eventually blows up so these are three things and so this again the way to make sure it's corrected is to get rid of high blood pressure by fixing increasing potassium magnesium from the vegetables like we talked about and to decrease the.

Insulin resistance which we've been talking about too in all these videos so you can see the insulin resistance is behind so many problems now let's say you had a stroke what are you gonna do now what if you had a stroke and how you gonna improve the brain is it possible because 70% of people that get strokes have permanent damage okay so one is.

Vitamin b3 I would take it in the form called nice-nice it amide okay and you want to take large dosages like 250 milligrams okay you want to take 250 milligrams of beef of niacinamide probably five to six times a day if it's really really bad because niacinamide has the power to literally regenerate nerve tissues and synapses and connect.

The neurology and actually help improve your nervous system so that's really cool and I said of mine number two you want to fix the insulin resistance right so that's another thing you want to do because insulin resistance is behind a lot of not just inflammatory states but when you fix in some resistance and you add intermittent fasting as part of the.

Program you basically get a situation where you have improved regenerative nerve cells you can actually regenerate your nerve cells if you do intermittent fasting and keto because you're actually fixing the insulin problem so there's a lot of studies now on using intermittent fasting and keto for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease so because it fixes.

The brain and the last thing that you want to do is called D h:a this is a healthy type of fat that your brain already contains and it's there to act as a like a insulator and if you take DHA in certain in higher amounts you can actually also repair brain brain damage so I'm not convinced that you can't do anything but I think.

The most important thing is this insulin resistance fixing this within a minute fasting and Kido I just talked to another guy today and he started in a minute fasting but he didn't do keto and he didn't do well so he really screwed over I screwed himself over and then he found my videos and he started adding the.

Healthy foods to it and he did it very very well because he wanted to get a lean stomach I'm gonna put that success story up so again TI a is a pre stroke it can turn it can actually give a little like a warning that you're gonna get a stroke but if it's a ta TI a you're gonna actually get rid of it in 24 hours or.

Less and it's going to be like gone and you're gonna be fine because it's temporary but an actual stroke can leave permanent damage and it's not that complex a problem is once you get a stroke the doctors are gonna give you a lot of medication for the rest of your life so now you're on coumadin now you can't take any green vegetables because.

They don't want you to take vitamin K now you're on blood pressure medication they don't want you to take anything alternative and you're pretty much in a stuck between a rock and a hard place okay so that's one thing I wanted to talk about okay now the next thing I want to talk about is I want to talk about a real common problem that a lot.

Of people have and chronic rhomboid I have to say these Marcus I go through so many markers and I just found out yesterday that you can screw them open and you can actually put ink in there so I'm gonna start doing that because I'm gonna lose ink on there so when you have chronic rhomboid pain it's on usually on the right side I'd say 99.

Percent of all people that I know have chronic pain on the right side and the rhomboid is like right back here it's on right next to your scapula so let me just draw a little picture of this because this is very common so you've got the spine right here and then you have this scapula right here and then you have these muscles that come down on.

The right side so many people have trigger points right on that spot and you might have a – there's another muscle that goes on the top here and goes to the third vertebra right here and the neck that's called the levator angle a scapula not that you need to know that but this muscle raises this and sometimes you'll have pain right and.

That not like right here or right here this problem is not coming from your back or your neck or your scapula this is referred from another location and that's coming from the gallbladder so the gallbladder is on the front side and if you press underneath your right ribcage about two inches lower and you hold that for like a minute and you.

Massage it all this pain will go away okay it kind of like blows people away they just go wow that's amazing huh how does that work then we know you need to spend more time on the gallbladder because you didn't just correct it you just gave some temporary relief but for someone to go get manual therapy and work on the upper back like myself for.

12 years without any long-lasting relief it was a waste of time okay so the problem if it's on the right side it's usually gallbladder or liver and so now the question is what should you do about the gallbladder and liver there's some debates on whether you should avoid fats I find if you add sugar to fats it's really really bad you need some fat but.

If you have too much fat that can over like grease or heavy fats that's going to be a problem so I'm gonna recommend that you just do intermittent fasting and maybe a lighter meal with less fat but no sugar and you're gonna be fine so let's go back to the table here and I find my plug in there we go all right good I'm plugged in all right so.

That was your lesson for today hey Mohammad you're from Texas you had a question about Kido go ahead hi dr. burr thank you for taking my call I started the killer genic diet and the testing after I started watching your videos I was like I think late May or early June and I think since then I lost 20 pounds I'm.

Not a very happy guy I was 175 now I'm down to 155 good I feel better or my craving is gone like I don't eat sugar I don't crave cake and I like that but my question is um every day like I break my fast unknown but every day around 3 o'clock to like 6 o'clock in the afternoon I feel like fatigue and like I'm tired.

And I can't explain it because when I watched so many videos about killing diet I understand that should give you a lot of energy and your brains become more like lion but I select I mean everything worked out like I lost the weight a lot of things were good but um I for some reason I still have this fatigue by the end of the day so have a.

Question what do you eat for four I usually have a big salads worst with soundmen or chicken okay like about five tablets Valley good do you have any cravings whatsoever right now no okay are you hungry in the morning at your first meal no I I don't feel any hunger until like even if when they break me fat unknown I'm not really hungry.

Okay so try and experiment go longer without eating and see how long you can go so guess a lot of people have their first meal at like 3 o'clock and they just kind of go because they're so the huge here's the point we want to try to experiment with your body but we want you like not to eat unless you're hungry so go until you're hungry and just try.

That because if you're eating when you're not hungry just the fact that you're eating you will spike in still a little bit a big chronic problem with that you could be still in the phase of just you're still in the healing mode that you're not quite there the other thing you have to realize is there's a thing.

Called like Kido fatigue it's either gonna be B vitamins b1 from nutritional yeast or potassium so increase one of the other maybe even salt sea salt one of those is going to improve your energy so why don't you experiment on that and then call me next time and we're gonna see if that worked okay thanks hey Laura you're from New Jersey go ahead you had.

A question about gall bladder hi dr. Berg yes I hope give you a quick rundown about 10 or 12 years ago I had my gallbladder removed I'm 34 now so I was pretty young and I was vitamin A lumps are vitamin D deficient and I gained quite a bit of weight since probably like almost yeah like over a hundred pounds and I.

Recently I had been working the last ten years I've been trying to get the weight off finally I went on a no sugar diet basically just no added sugar so I just had healthy you know fruits vegetables I'm also gluten free as well and I lost about 53 pounds and I brought down my cholesterol like 60 coins because my cholesterol skyrocketed and I watched.

Her video and I had pretty much every symptom that you mentioned from the gallbladder issues that you had said which was kind of like everything I've been saying to every doctor and you confirmed everything so is amazing but my questions are I know you said to take bowel Supporter do I need an extra vitamin D supplement.

And a vitamin a supplement that's my first kind of questions to you and then in addition to that you had just talked about like certain pains like the next in the back and stuff and I also have a tremor and I was doing some research on what could help that and I saw upper cervical care for like you know aligning the spine I know that can.

Overall help with the whole body does that affect weight as well and do you recommend that for people who have like neck back and tremor issues okay good so let's talk about the tremor first when I used to do a lot of treatments in my office we would see great improvements with tremor and all sorts of neurological issues so it's worth a.

Shot you can try it out and and they work on it and some of them could work on your neck because all those those nerves connect to all your upper body and your lower body so I would definitely try that out because if you've never had that done you could free up a lot of nerve interference that said as far as.

Vitamin A and vitamin D I would highly recommend getting a high quality cod liver oil there's only like one or two companies that I know of it's I don't know I don't have the brand a name but offhand but it's you want to get virgin cod liver oil that'll give you the perfect balance of vitamin D and vitamin A and then you take that right when you.

Take the gallbladder formula together so now that bile will help absorb that and pull that right in so many people are deficient in vitamin A they get the little those little goose pimple type things in the back of their arm they have sinus issues a lot of skin issues cants their visions starting to go bad especially at night that's vitamin A and.

The vitamin D could be bone pain and an immune system and calcium so that's what I would I would do with that and also a membership site and also the acupressure tool it shows you how to do acupressure to the gallbladder in the pancreas definitely want to do that because that'll kind of just you know we massage our muscles and we exercise our muscles.

But we don't ever work on the organs so check it out hey Sherri you're from North Carolina go ahead 48 he was diagnosed with diabetes about 11 years ago probably about a year ago he took yourself off medication we did dieting like low-fat diet changing things and it did help with this sugar being we've seen.

All your videos which we love and we started doing the intermittent fasting with the Kido probably about three months ago but his question is his Sugar's are still running high his fasting sugars can still be about 180 and so he was just wondering what else he could do to help get his sugar under control.

How many meals is he having per day okay is he hungry and both of those meals no okay and what does the give an example what he eats in a given meal he'll do his salad he'll have a salad with some protein like some chicken like this evening he had some fish and if we do do any kind of desserts or anything it'll be like your pecan pie recipe things.

Like that what we do you're from North Carolina so you have to have pecan pie yeah okay good let me just tell you what a couple things I would do sherry uh one of the things that if he has a fatty liver if he has a gut he has a liver and the fatty liver takes a while before that kicks in so he might have to do in a minute fasting two meals and he's not.

Hungry just got on the one meal that's gonna speed things up but he has to have minimally seven cups hopefully maybe twelve like two huge salads like five cups and then five cups every single day to start keeping that fat clean it's gonna eventually come down there's some things you can do to speed it up outside a vinegar is awesome you can do it in a.

Pill or drink with the meal and before bad in some water that'll be really hot chromium picolinate works that the electrolyte powder I have which is the potassium that will also help help that situation and of course anything that I tell you it's not meant to diagnose you check with your doctor before I'm giving an advice because I have to make that.

Disclaimer but there's one last thing there's a product that I use in these situations which is it's an insulin support insulin and blood sugar support formula and that has like a lot of different things in their goats Roux which is a kind of a herbal metformin a lot of different things that are designed to help speed.

Up the rejuvenation of that beta cell that produces insulin so I think he's on the right track make those tweaks and let's see how he does okay sherry good question so we have Bhavani from North Carolina as well yeah yeah I've been using this apple cider vinegar and wheatgrass border I'm seeing tremendous results I.

Know it's too early to publish my results but soon I will share my success story but you know the reason why I call you is one of my cousin back in India at the age of 37 38 she lost her both kidneys and doctors said not those our kidneys are gone she's under died dialysis just wanted to take some inputs and suggestions is.

There any way we can help her she has no more she lost the function or the actual kidneys correct she has newer kidneys so doctor said a no-fun kidneys are not functioning oh he's under dilated okay so I had this this doctor who came up from Arkansas and he was on dialysis and his doctor was willing to you know he had to get.

Permission of the doctor to come up to see me and we started working with them and we did a lot of manual work on his kidneys we did massage with the massage tool and for three days straight and it was like snow days I was a guy walked through the snow and he flew up and we met and we worked on him to the to the day for three days he went back since.

That point he didn't he never needed kid analysis again apparently the kidneys kind of woke up of course we got him off the sugar and we got him off a lot of other things if you have kidney problems you're not supposed to have but you can still have you know regular meals as long as you're not like doing any nutrients that are gonna spike it so.

I think it's possible I would go in that direction because the number one thing that kills off the kidney is high sugar so they can be key to an intermittent fasting I think would be very beneficial for someone on dialysis and even if you didn't cure it you can help it or improve it because that's kind of a devastating condition where can you know.

You people don't live as long so that's what I would do hey Patrick you're on the air you know my blood Sugar's and my ketone levels every day and I take medication but I'm trying to find a way to get rid of that medication I don't want to yeah and good question okay good so Patrick you came all the way over here now you're coming over.

Here you're not quite there it seems like you lost some great weight in a very short period of time you're doing great so well done on that I think you want to give it more time but there's always things we can do to improve it I would recommend really working towards doing less meals even if I don't know if you maybe you're doing two meals in that.

Day which is great maybe even try one if that's too hard then go to two but that's where you need to go with this because that will really bring insulin way down nothing can reset and you can speed things up tremendously now the actual meal itself go high-quality greens moderate protein healthy fats focus on that as far as supplements go I.

I have I would not recommend my adrenal fatigue formula I would recommend the adrenal cortisol support because that is exactly what you need to kind of de-stress at eyes your adrenal I'll get the massage tool to help actually do work on your green OHS every night before I go to bed I work on the adrenal points the back points the neck points.

So when I go to bed man I am stress free I go right into a sleep and then I don't even need much sleep anymore compared to before I probably go to bed at like 11:00 11:30 I wake up at 5:30 and I'm good I'm ready to go I may take a little nap maybe not but the point is that I think you should do the same with the most massage tool the other thing that.

I'm going to recommend is that make sure your potassium is high if you want a supplement I would do the electrolyte powder I think that you'll like that a lot and then go to the store and get some nutrition yeast start doing like two tablespoons of that stuff everyday those B vitamins will speed things up but you're on the.

Right track it's gonna take time but I think that's that's the best you can do so we also know we have a de bourree from Woodbridge right down the street Virginia hello dr. Byrd how are you good how are you I'm doing fine okay so I have a little bit of a unique situation going on I'm a former previous gastric bypass.

Patient and I had that done in 2008 and I pretty much gained about all of my weight back so I've been doing the keto intermittent fasting and the keto diet and I've been doing that for a corner this is my second month doing it and I've been doing the 20 for 20 hours of fasting four hours of feasting well my problem is I don't never get hungry I.

Have low sugar cravings when it's time for me to face I'm not hungry but my dilemma is I take her like a shake its a Shakeology and I add like a lot of good stuff collagen some flowers need some butter ripple milk I mean I got it's very nutrient dense when I drink that I'm not hungry for the rest of the night and I just don't feel like I can meet.

What I need for my body just taking a shake a night yeah um I don't know what to do I need help with it okay got it understand there's a I see the situation I want you to also look at the sugar grams from that as far as I know I think it's over six grands per serving and that's a little a little on the high side I would prefer if you did like zero.

Sugar grams because they add that if they had some tapioca and stuff that's the only part I don't like they have a lot of other good stuff in there so I do think you should take a concentrated green something with no sugar that's one thing I do I take green first okay good so then then you got that now as far as food goes you're going to also need.

Something amino acids maybe like can you do maybe an egg I would do an egg here do an egg I would do if you can you seek help that would be help because that would be trace minerals that will also give you your your selenium and your iodine and all that and then drink a little episode of vinegar with the meal because that's gonna actually.

Really help you to because you have compromised the stomach lining so you can't you don't have the full capacity so the two things you got to watch out for gastric bypass are protein amino acids and trace minerals because we we don't get the full capacity so we want a trace mineral of course you can do liquid trace minerals that would be good.

Or you can do the sea kelp so that's what I'm talking about now it's probably gonna be hard to eat a lot of vegetables but I would really like you to do a fresh I don't know either a salad or maybe even a blended high level kale doesn't to be a lot but kale beet leaves spinach with maybe a little tiny berries blend that up and have that each day.

That we have the raw fresh stuff you need to start doing more of that one of the things that people could have when they're low on B vitamins and that's why I recommend a nutritional yeast is that their hunger completely goes away so you probably are living off your own fat and that's good but we've got to put the nutrients back in your body somehow from.

Actual food in addition to what you're doing so that's what I'm recommending but you got to watch the trace minerals and then the amino acids hey Kim you're from North Carolina you had a question and guess recurrent cyst in your eyes right skies Oh skies okay yeah okay so since the last 15 months I've been having pretty much constant.

Skies sometimes as many as five in one eye and Bri in the other and it's just I've taken antibiotics a couple of different times and that seems to quell them for a short time and then they they kind of act up again and they leave a hard nodule in my eyelid that eventually goes away but I I don't know what what I can't think of anything that.

Changed suddenly 15 months ago I did have a radical diet change almost well three and a half years ago but I don't I don't know if it would take that long for it to manifest in something like that like your diet now are you doing keto intermittent fasting or you're just doing regular foods well I'm I'm new – you're fairly new to your videos and I.

Have to admit I don't exactly know what that is okay cool so there's a couple things that I would do because I am familiar with dyes and it could be very it can be a pain in me I actually so what you want it's a it's usually viral related and they tend to get out of remission what can what those viruses tend to do is they they can come out.

Usually in stressed States or when the blood sugars are off so if you go to my YouTube channel and go under playlist and watch some of the ketogenic diet videos and also then the intermittent fasting ones I think that's going to be in a separate playlist you could go to my website and go under extra button and see like all my videos on keto there and.

Intermittent fasting but that's gonna probably help you more than anything cuz that's gonna drop the insulin down and then the viruses can go back and remission and it works great for sties in the I like things like styes boils baker's cyst that's all like blood sugar type stuff and I have done some videos on that so of course if you look it up.

It says all you need vitamin A and this and that I've never been successful with giving people vitamin A and having those guys go away so it's really kind of getting that blood sugar back so what you need to do is just combine the intermittent fasting with keto and it's right on my website and watch those videos that'll put you in the right.

Direction I think it'll go away and stay away I think you'll send me a success story thanks hey Todd you're from Ohio question get the question hello dr. Berg I have two questions the first is I'm getting a lot of mixed messages about when to drink apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and the amount you know when you wake up when you go to.

Bed before meals right if you can clarify that and the second question is can you tell us about a little bit about your forthcoming book I haven't heard anything on your YouTube videos when it rains it pours what's happening now it's like all of a sudden now I scream we figured figured that out the books coming out I have another book coming.

All at the same time so I'll I'll mention that in a second but let's this first answer your question I recommend doing the upside of vinegar drink I would do one or two tablespoons in water with the meals if you have a blood sugar issue like let's see wake up in the morning and your blood sugars are high then take one before you go to bed I.

Don't recommend taking red in the morning I would take it with the meal and so you do one or two tablespoons and as far as lemon juice goes I kind of go heavy on the lemon juice so I'll do like an ounce or two of lemon juice every single day just put it in there because that helps really counter the Ox that stones and it cleans you out it's a.

Great drink I'll drink it down sometimes I'll put my put Pellegrino with my electrolyte powder and it's like a really sweet amazing drink that goes down nicely and it's it's pretty cool so now as far as the book goes I just reviewed the last I just approved the last proof like right before I did this so it's all done it's awesome I spent so.

Much time on it I'm really proud of this book you're gonna love it it has a lot of new stuff in it from the other Edition a ton of stuff it took forever to complete this you will not find one typo at all I mean it's it's actually a perfect book we've been through it million times already but that book is going right to the printers we will be.

Pulling up a Kindle very very soon so you have the Kindle out within weeks if that but the actual hard book takes I think it takes three to four weeks to produce now there's a summary of that book that will come out probably a little sooner probably in about two weeks it's a summary of the big book I didn't mean to release it at the same.

Time it just happens to be done at the same time but the summary is shorter it's the highlights and has a lot pictures of the meal so you can kind of see the meals and see oh that's that's what it looks like that's how much fat I need that's how much approach it I need so that's very helpful it doesn't have all the details but I'm excited about.

The book I'll be doing some videos to kind of talk about it but I'm really sorry it's taken this long because it was supposed to be out January 1st I know okay hey Mary you're from New Jersey you had a question about hyperthyroidism oh yes um hi dr. Burke thanks for taking my call so late I have hypercalcemia caused by.

An adenoma on my parathyroid and I saw an ENT who said the only way to really cure that is surgery and I'm going to see an endocrinologist next week to get his opinion but I was curious if you if there's some kind of diet regimen I can do that I would not need surgery that's a really good question it's a tough question for me because I don't I don't.

Have enough data and what's going on but here's what I would recommend there is a guy he's very well known he's probably he's done probably the most surgeries of anyone in United States I think he's in Florida he's like if you just type up parathyroid you'll see in him that's probably one you probably talked to already and it's a pretty high success.

Rate and people have a good prognosis after that so it's not a bad idea to have that procedure done by someone that good that's done that many of them that said there are a couple things that you can do to improve the situation vitamin k2 is it an essential thing vitamin k2 I would recommend that without the d3 okay k2 by itself I would take it with a.

Little bit of fat when you have your first meal secondly vitamin A I would recommend vitamin A were you gonna get vitamin A I would get it from the Cobb liver oil that's like one of my favorite sources and then the other thing is vitamin C foods vitamin C foods actually help balance out both of those glands pretty.

Nicely but I recently did a video on that and it's a sauerkraut and bell peppers like those two are my favorite go-to with vitamin C honestly I'm not going to say I have the answer for the miracle cure that's going to dissolve those those little mini tumors on your parathyroid so I would do these other natural things do all the things I'm.

Recommending and see what happens you you could if it's really severe then I that's one thing but if it's if it's minor let's say you go back you do the key to an intermittent fasting and do the things I recommend and then you go back over a short bit of time and see if it shrank if it does good go back another six weeks.

Okay it shrink more or it's getting worse whatever then you can decide what you want to do but it's I know the prognosis is is pretty good even by getting the surgery but you've got to make it your choice yourself thanks Mary and then we have our last caller from Tennessee it's a three three main is it Tremaine Tremaine okay I try main nice.

To meet you hi dr. Byrd I have a quick question a two-part question I have lymphedema I've had it since I think I was born with it it's on my mom's side of the family since I was 13 and I started in term in fact I think I've lost some weight I'm not on the ketogenic diet not yet but I just want to know well I know there's no.

Cure for lymphedema though I have faith that there is but is there any couple men or some sort of food I can eat that can at least help my lymph nodes or elevating my feet right yeah good question there's several things one thing is I would definitely start some type of physical activity to get the circulation going the lymph system is a.

Little different because it doesn't really have a pump to push the fluid like the circular the vascular system so you're gonna have to physically start moving as much as possible that's one thing number two interesting vitamin b1 and nutritional yeast if you're deficient that you definitely will have swelling in your lymph more than you.

Should so start loading up with b1 the thing is potassium increasing your potassium not to the normal 4700 milligrams but maybe to 5 to 6,000 per day you can do a combination of a lot of vegetables and then you can do your your electrolyte powder which has a hundred I think a thousand milligrams per serving.

Size the combination will help drive out excess fluid not just from your limp but anything that's being stored lastly you want to consume foods high in sulfur sulfur tends to be really important in the lymphatic system and in the liver which has the greatest lymphatic system in there and so that would be like all like onion garlic cabbage broccoli those.

Type of foods and the other one is dandelion greens that's really really really important so if you start including those in your diet I think you would actually see improvements on that and then you had the exercise I think that'll be good and then bite the bullet and do the Kido I think you'll be happy if you did that alright hey guys thanks.

For watching I really appreciate your attention I'll see you next week and it might be at a different time so stay tuned thanks for watching
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