Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

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So it started and now do I go to YouTube yeah butI new jack yes and I go to my control you where do I go right here let's see here yeah you're alive actually okay I can see you give it all that game quality looks good okay everyone that's watching I am just figuring this out we're trying a new thing here and I just need to see.

The questions see if I can see the chat questions so we're just experimenting with this right now okay I see I see that now I just have to see the call the chat where is the chat hey there it is hey it's working get some background looks like John Chapman is on I got a really nice-looking background there with the bubbles alright this is a test.

I'm here to answer your questions and let me just let me see if I could actually let's play around here I'll give it a couple minutes to wait for people – all right we got 15 people watching this is excited exciting all right so we got our first question of the if the evening what do you know about egg fast well if you're basically.

Fasting what you're eating unlimited eggs it's still eating so anything that's like related anything other than water fasting or dry fasting you can do vitamins you can do coffee but I wouldn't add any other food because every time you eat you're going to knock yourself out of out of ketosis so that's that's my two.

Cents on that okay do calories matter on keto if you fast on a 16 to 8 well here's the thing as you cut down the frequency of eating you're gonna actually naturally go less calories but if you actually do let's say you do 1900 calories and you spread them through the day versus eat them in one meal you will lose more weight if you eat them in one.

Meal so really calories do matter if you're doing too many fat calories and your metabolism is slow in which case you might need to cut that down but I wouldn't focus on calories alright we finally got this working this is good let's see hello I'm trying to keep my gallbladder that's a good idea it's cute oh right for me it well.

Thinking about what causes the destruction of the gallbladder it's the high insulin in cortisol so this is the way to salvage your gallbladder take the stress off the gallbladder you're not going to be doing massive amounts of fat you're gonna do a good amount of fat that's with your protein so yes it is something you want to do.

Let's see hello I have a question if someone around a hundred and 120 kilograms weight is to eat 400 calories a day burning 800 what would happen over time some guys claim all you'll do is burn the fat off I just did a video on calories you should watch that there's a lot more to it but the problem is that you it's you have to adjust the type of.

Calories that you're eating and not treat all the calories the same if you want to actually tap into fat burning so I would search my channel and find that video and you'll get more data on that let's see right here all right surely overtime he will burn through all the muscle opposed to his fat given how much he is starving.

Himself I don't recommend lowering your calories I remember you have less frequent meals don't do the calorie thing because if you do a small amount of calories each day you end up because the fact that you're eating the fact that you're eating is going to be a it's going to be you're going to be.

Hungry because you just stimulate an insulin when you don't eat you can completely convert to fat-burning ride the wave it go many many hours so that's the way to do it I'm gonna send out in two days I will send out a complete video on how to lose the most weight possible with all the different principles in one video so you can kind.

Of turn up the dial as much or little as you want but you need to know these principles I will send that video in two days I spent a long time to create this video to make it really really simple stay tuned let's see alright good so the computer assistant that just helped me said this dream looks good that's good so we just figured it out.

Now I can actually stream off my PC which is very exciting let's see here how can I gain weight on keto it's very difficult to gain weight on keto it's almost impossible but you can consume more calories do more exercise more volume of exercise you're gonna do heavy weights more volume to build more muscle but it's really hard because you're.

Cutting your insulin down keto is not something you should do for weight gain unless you want to just gain muscle you're not gonna be able to get bulky I just started eight days ago and haven't lost anyway yet I'm sticking to low carbs well I tell you what stick hang in there watch the video that I'm gonna release.

In two days it's gonna be how to lose basically the most weight if you have the worst metabolism because there's more things than just keeping your carbs low yeah hospitals prescribe soups only I know right dr. Berg I have MS what keto be bad for me no it's actually very good but you need to do high dosages of vitamin D watch my video on M s okay I.

Explained what I would recommend in that yeah I want to thank you for my setup guy who just set me up he just helped me figure this out and so now I can do more of these I'm gonna be doing more live events but I'm gonna actually send out to all my subscribers when I'm gonna be doing these so you guys gonna ask a lot of questions so.

This is just a really kind of a rough test right now should I worry so much about macros or just add veggies I am nine days in I am in ketosis but stress over the carbs in the vegetables yeah don't worry about your vegetables one powerful force that's your name don't even count your vegetables in this mix it's not gonna be.

A factor all right I have hypothyroidism what should I do well guess what Helen I just released a video how to lose weight with hypothyroidism you can watch that it's funny like 90% of all the questions I've done videos on already alright dr. Byrd Kido has put my colitis in remission for months I am trying to gain some weight.

Would a full fat cream be okay you can try it out you can try it out but I would probably keep your carbs at about 50 grams per day and add some berries in there and then you're gonna have to definitely gonna have to eat more fat MCT oil so your body burns less of your own fat for sure is Quito safe for children who are.

Overweight yes it's it's actually essential for kids I put them on a three meal a day no snacks and if you want to give them treats after the meal f you can just make some keto bums what you're taking them CTO I like it especially for people that have dementia and this Parkinson's Parkinson's a bad heart the MCT oil provides fuel and more ketones.

That bypass insulin resistance so it's pretty cool can you do keto for weight loss if you have golf stones yeah I did a video on how what I would do for gall stones if I had if I had golf stones you should watch it you need bile salts purify bile salts and probably choline dr. Berg coffee stops ketosis yes true now we've done a study on this and for.

The most part is insignificant Coffee won't stop here's ketosis any more than like point zero zero one percent it's very very small coffee spikes cortisol well none if you're just doing one a day like I do a one small cup a day it won't be a problem hello dr. Burke thank you so much for helping us in sharing your knowledge oh you're welcome thanks Linda.

Arlena smoke CBD for for stress you mean take the oil you or you want to smoke the oil the CBD oil I think is if you get it even without the THC it's there's some prot there's some essential phytonutrients in there that are really good for the adrenal you don't really need the extra drug in the CBD oil there's certain properties that are very.

Beneficial for the adrenals um let's see here have you heard of the anti glycation diet based on avoiding dietary advanced gleich in products I've heard about that diet but I know a lot about it and that's just a matter of avoiding the combination of sugar and protein or.

Sugar and fat so if you basically do the program I'm talking about and you're cutting out your sweets then you're not gonna have a problem at all and that that's also if you do well periodic prolong fasting you can clean up that glycation which is kind of a mix of sticky protein all right uncle facts do apple cider vinegar pills give the same.

Benefits of the liquid with the mother yes they do someone said I need help with libido the best thing to do is zinc take some zinc and also do in a minute fasting and health in keto there's nothing that will shut down libido faster than high insulin okay dr. Berg I've been doing keto in a minute fasting and also I've.

Been going to the gym but feel really bloated what do you think this is it could be the vegetables it could be the nuts it could be the cheese I have done a recent video on all the different causes of digestive issues with keto you should watch that all right well we got 163 people watching which is really weird because about an hour ago I tried.

To post this and I had 700 but it didn't work so maybe that's why all right um do a video on bleaching their skin okay I can work on that dr. Berg I want to start my wife has certain food allergies nuts fish in avocados well you're a veggie solution hurt now the veggie solution I have is made with Lenten which is the smallest flour a water it's.

An aqua flour is it has no oxalates very very low if anything lectins and it's a really good high quality plant source and it's one of the highest protein plants out so that would give you a good boost okay dr. berg had a question why did I get a keto rash when doing a five-day water fast.

But not on if'n keto diet well I think what you're missing is vitamin b2 vitamin b2 crate can create that Akita rash but I will say that you can also get a rash from having a deficiency of folate and the deficiency of folate could be coming from some defect in a certain genetic issue which is called the MTHFR gene which is altered all you.

Need to know about that is that those people that have defective genes can't absorb folic acid so they build up homocysteine and they have a lot of issues and they have rashes – that's one of the symptoms so what you have to do is you have to consume more methylfolate that's the version you want and you just you do what the the label says don't.

Take a lot of it just say we'll take whatever's on the label whatever they recommend but it's called methylfolate that actually is really good for rashes might not might be good if you take one with b12 and b6 as well all right hello doing keto nomad how many calories should a female eat to maintain well it depends on munch away but why don't you.

Go for 1600 1700 calories how about that but that's hard to eat on one meal so maybe you're gonna have to do for 1200 all right do a video okay so let me see here all right Wow I got someone watching from Albania awesome it's good let's see it's good eat like this if in a minute fasting tangerine I can't even read that okay I'm wondering what's good.

For verse vitamin b1 doctor Bert a been on kita Oh Matt for four months now I feel great but there's one question in my mind that I couldn't get answered I use electronic cigarettes an electronic etc yeah there's some issues with that it's obviously better than other smoke I.

Should do a video on that and I will is Calvin's calcium citrate bad it's not bad but you got to be careful about taking too much calcium because most people have too much calcium in their bodies that's why as we get older we're just start calcifying we just have we're not able to transport the calcium because we're low in vitamin k2 so be.

Careful of the calcium and supplements in fact I don't even like people taking calcium unless they have osteoporosis and unless they have they really need it dr. Berg what do you think about the keto diet with people who have had one or two apoe4 le so what's there talking about this is called a poly polymorphism which is a alteration in one of your.

Genes what you need is you need choline inositol probably b3 it's thundering out there dr. Berg why do some people get a zinc rage when taking 200 milligrams or more well because it's that's a lot too much of anything is not good can you do in a minute fasting if you have golf stones my doctor said it's not a good idea because you reduced your bow no you.

Don't you you do in a minute fasting you increased your bile you decree you take the stress off the body yeah it's actually really good to do four stones eating frequently causes a lot more stress on the bile and realize that it's a deficiency of bile that causes the stones okay anyway I wanted to just do this quick little video here and test it.

It seems to be working fine so I'm going to end off guys I'll be doing more of this stay tuned and I will talk to you real soon I just don't know how to turn this thing off I'm not sure
Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto
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