Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

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Okay so it should be working now hopefully take two if you can see me I'll let us know if you could see us or not what are they saying care no there's an ad here okay so you know what I'm just gonna go right to the next question how about that a Veronica are you there Veronica.

Veronica yes are you there Veronica yes okay great okay so what's your question Veronica my question was on the number of calories that you have to take in on the implement Yeah right have you been told that you have to restrict your calories on unpassed diets correct yeah and have you started a keto.

Yet oh well I have been doing the big into Oh with on and off I've been doing like those fasting and on it in the omit on and off okay well let me just tell you what what you should do when you do in a minute fasting you're naturally going to reduce the amount of calories because it's impossible the same calories because you haven't you're only.

Having like one or two meals so but you don't have to worry about that I think the best way to approach this Veronica is to make sure that you're you're going based on your feeling satisfied there's a point where your body will say okay you're done eating stop eating and I would go by that more than any other indicator of like having to eat this.

Many calories but no you don't have to reduce your calories we're in your on keto and I F because that reduces the nutrients but you do have to reduce your carbohydrate calories and that's what I would focus on if I were you okay you too thanks thanks Veronica well Facebook is working well everybody's I tell you what folks we apologize for the.

Technical issues if you can go to dr. Berg calm and pick up the YouTube feed it's working now unfortunately our Facebook is in the weeds well that's Facebook right this is so YouTube is working no so Steve YouTube is not working but Facebook is working did you get it backwards oh my no I don't think so now I see that the poor.

Ol YouTube is frozen again well well it's working now look at it works from it works now hey can it can you guys um let us know if you can hear us yeah can you it's working seems to be okay thank you for working working all right so tell you what guys we're gonna go right to the next caller in New York from K steel are you there yes hi ro great.

Thanks what's your question doing good good okay so dr. Berg has becoming a household item for the past year or so we have read through your book me and my wife and of course watched a bunch of videos and made a lot of changes in the diet you know intimate of fasting and and even we had a point that we had kale.

Shakes almost every single day well and wait wasn't our issue I mean but we have seen a lot of good results in terms of health and other things the question today is I personally had an issue with an excessive oily skin only here or at least Kim which end up being sometimes acne on the face and also on my upper back yeah and I stand from the book.

Based on the book that I liver types mm-hmm and interesting enough that my my wife which based on the book is on a variant type also seems to hack this issue not so excessively the way I have it and I'm around would say 31 years old and I think for the past 10 or 11 years I have been having this issue okay and I haven't seen any.

Changes even to the past year okay I have a good question I haven't I have an answer for you have a possible solution so get your pen out this is what you should do we was talking about as an overactive sebaceous gland Karen well alright and that is the oil gland that produces sebum and basically what what you need to do is you need to alter a.

Couple things there's a couple things that will make more oil than necessary one is basically higher levels of androgen which could come from glucose but you cleaned it up so that should clear it up so the next thing that I would look at is the zinc deficiency if you're deficient in zinc that gland will produce more oil than it needs to be it.

Could also be one of the B vitamins but it's that's rare but it can be the other thing that you can look at is vitamin A vitamin A helps to control different things with the skin and so especially even the oil and the dryness so you can adjust either vitamin A and what you could do to kill two birds with one stone you can take cod liver oil that.

Seems to make the skin really nice and regulated but in your case if that doesn't work there could be something going on with a liver in which case you need to focus on that because I do know that if the liver is off that alone could affect the absorption of those vitamins so regardless of how many you take it doesn't seem to work so go with.

That and then touch base and let us know how you do Karen where are people watching from well it's a little challenging because we're hanging up here I think YouTube is working now mostly mostly people are from Canada South Africa Bulgaria I don't know that we've had anyone from Bulgaria before not in the recent couple.

Days the UK Vietnam Trinidad Tobago Romania Spain Netherlands Amsterdam Mexico wait no one from the US yeah yeah okay well this meeting that's very soft hitting Finland the country of Michigan the country of Texas turkey Mexico Morocco India is real Wow all over the place oh Syria Estonia Wow another person from Bulgaria.

Pakistan that's crazy and then you have a question yeah Ireland okay I'll keep calling him out okay good so here's a question how much protein should someone with scarring alopecia consume now you probably want to tell people what is scarring alopecia well it's um it's there's various types of alopecia which is basically hair loss in it's an.

Autoimmune condition where you're actually getting patches of hair that are falling off your head so how much protein should you consume I would stick with the normal 3 to 6 ounces and if you're a bigger person or more active have a little bit more I think that's not going to be the big thing the the most important thing is to do the.

Intermittent fasting and of course keep your carbs low because intermittent fasting is going to greatly stimulate all sorts of amazing things with your immune system especially if you do periodic prolonged fasting for 48 hours maybe once a week because that's going to help your stem cell with your immune system and drop inflammation the other.

Thing you could do Karen and I'm going to do a video on this is rub onion raw onion on your scalp not on my scalp well you know if you had alopecia you might want to try it because you're dealing with onion has some unique properties that helps you know that condition number one it's a very high in antioxidants so it's right there it's.

Gonna help you it has properties that will decrease something called DHT which is a very powerful form of testosterone in the scalp so you rub some onion on some raw onion on your scalp every day there's an interesting study that shows even within four weeks seventy it's close to 70 or 80 percent of men hair growth and about 71% of women got their.

Hair growing back so a little tip on this onion onion can help in many different things but especially if you have any onion in particular any onion will to you yeah okay I mean they don't they don't worry that much in properties but I think everybody that wants hair growth should try that and then Steve and then you should let.

Us know how that works yeah and then the only thing that we need from you is a video of you doing it in public are you throwing me out of the house right yeah so no don't do this in public do in private and don't mention my name what are you doing rubbing your onion instant credibility wrecker so yeah don't mention my name with that but it.

Does work and I'm gonna do a video on it and I think you'll be happy despite how weird you might look and despite how you may smell you didn't bring that up listen you keep you know keep certain people away you know it's not garlic listen we need to go to Ruth Ruth you changed your question thank you and you have a new question or a hot flashes hi.

Go ahead yes I do I think the last time that I called in we were talking about my flashes and I've called a couple of times regarding my hot flashes yeah and I literally drink ten cups of salad every day so it means ten little handfuls or half of the container of salad I mix it with celery and bell pepper and cucumber water lemon.

Your electrolyte powder and I blend it all up and I drink that every day and it and I feel great with it but I kind of felt like I was getting maybe too much vitamin I don't know if that's actually possible but when I stopped taking the nutritional yeast and started taking the e vitamin E that you recommended the hot flashes went away and I also cut back on.

The adrenal fatigue or the adrenal support that I was taking as well and I was taking to those a couple of times a day sometimes I felt really stressed but since I hadn't felt stressed recently I went ahead and cut back on that too so unfortunately I did so many things at the same time I wasn't exactly sure we don't know what the fix was but I have.

No more hot flashes that's wonderful and then your I know and then the l-glutamine that you said in your last video about the muscle aches yeah I used to go bike riding and then if I went too far I would get this flu you know which is a low-grade temperature and my muscles would hurt but I took the alkalete amine and it worked that's.

Great hey for those of you that are watching we I did a video on people that get sick if they over exercise or even exercise in general because you mean it taxes the immune system l-glutamine just fixes that problem because it supports the white blood cell and it can really help you resist that stress the other thing is vitamin E is really good for.

Hot flashes there's a technique I used to do this in my practice some people won't even believe it unless you do it on yourself but if you have a hot flash and you do acupressure on the points on the adrenal points and you can watch the video that I did on this it do a search on YouTube it's called the stress webinar.

And you start doing acupressure points right on the adrenal points while you have hot flash let me know how you do because it seems to just turn it off like a switch and it's a great little technique and it's quite dramatic I just wish I would have had that on video because I used to do it all the time it's quite amazing thanks Ruth and April.

You had a question on keto tips for a new vegan was that the question yes okay yes it is got the morning dr. Gordon Karen thank you so much yeah so I've been following you for about two and a half years and I started out keto and in a minute fasting and I became a vegan recently and I'm just I'm doing well still great however I'm just concerned.

Am I going to become that adapted and I haven't tested whether I'm in ketosis with my plan yet but the goal is I feel better being a vegan okay so do you have any tips yeah I think it's for the report there's there's a couple tips number one you have to you know make sure you take the key nutrients the b12 DHA zinc things like that.

But it is more difficult because try to find a low carbohydrate moderate protein higher fat because usually there's just a lot of carbs that creep up so that's really the hard part you may want to Lenten I actually have this it's my veggie solutionist it is basically the highest plant-based protein source lenten it's called a veggie solution.

It's pretty interesting and real clean virtually raw it's way better quality than soy and we are going to be coming out with a kind of a isolate of that with just as a protein itself it's pretty complete but that's what I would do and then you could probably get your DHA from algae as well but then that will.

Give you the protein just be careful about any type of fruits or any type of other hidden carbs that you may run into and I'm assuming you're probably not going to go down the grain route I would avoid grains it's because they that you get into trouble with that but thanks for your call and now Karen you have a question yes lots okay good go ahead.

There's a question can you ferment kale will it keep all of its nutrients it actually enhances the nutrients when you ferment kale it enhances it because it it starts to add additional it releases a lot of the phytonutrients and it gets rid of the anti nutrients and and that's one thing that you can do for other vegetables as well and that way you.

Don't have higher levels of the things that can come back to bite you so you can bite them without getting bit back because that you know the plants can't run away they have to defend themselves so they have these anti-nutrient type things they and they leave you with these ox lids and in poison ivy but we won't talk about that I can make you.

Laugh I got one question okay okay go ahead I had three people so far ask me about Moringa what is it it's um it is a tree in Africa that I think it's grown in other places too but I'm not 100% sure but it does have some of the highest nutrients I mean like if you compare it to other products as like way more calcium and more vitamin C yeah in.

A powder form unless you want to eat the leaves you grow the tree you need to leave but it's it's it's great it's great that's all I have to say about I mean I I tested it out of myself I didn't I wasn't like blown away like okay this is cool you know I think the key is if you're gonna get some of it make sure that you get something.

That's like a freeze-dried versus just like a regular powder that is cooked and heated just because the heat destroys the enzymes okay good what's the next question and the next question is have you seen calcium scores go up with a lot of olive oil or coconut oil or peanut butter you mean go down with the calcium score at okay so there's a calcium score.

In the coronoid I'm sorry the carotids at the Coronet the the coronary artery in the heart and you test the calcium in New York you're you're making fun of me I think you're laughing with me or laughing okay so the score you want that zero so you don't want calcium in your arteries Karen so did you did you hear the question yes.

Okay and so I'm assuming that you mean going down the scoring go down yes I have have got reports back from people who did vitamin K to clean up your diet improved their calcium score the question was about it going up with olive oil or coconut oil or peanut butter I have not evaluated that at all zero.

Information on that can be on that we get our groove on here yeah okay well I'm gonna let you take a call thank you so we're gonna go to California and you had a question is it faster I am from Oklahoma actually if you're talking to me I'm not oh wow you're from okay good so I guess our producer Nick step that's fine I'll take.

Full responsibility I'm a registered dietician and I have been having inflammation since 2002 nobody seems to figure it out nobody seems to know why okay and I am on tons of supplements most of them plant-based and on August 12 I started your keto on steroids and recently I started reading dr. phibes book a complete guide to intermittent.

Fasting and I am doing his 42 our hunting protocol yes and instead of eating two meals a day emerges it I merged it with your one meal a day okay what my son is at 3 p.m. an hour later I eat my last meal and instead of 42 hours I make it 48 hour charlie what's your question well I have lost 25 pounds so I still have pain I'm still bone on bone.

On my shoulder on my knees despite the fact I'm taking tons of supplements I don't take any medication okay I don't know what okay so here's a couple points there is a situation where diet is not part of that cause it's not caused it's not causing the problem there's actually you know bone and bone it's gonna irritate the nerve so there is a point.

That there's other causes to pain especially if it's like in different places now what you could do and I would recommend this I would watch some of the videos that I did on do yourself type pain type management with the shoulders I think that can be helped to help you greatly but that being said I'm going to I'm gonna also recommend another thing.

That I really really like it's stinging nettle root extract not stinging nettle leaf extract get the root get in an extract and that really really helps now if your inflammation is still going on at Fort add you know into the forty hours then chances are I think that it's either you're going to have to go to an ortho doc and get that evaluated.

And dealt with or it could be that the vegetables that you're consuming especially spinach are high in oxalates which that alone can tear you up and create a lot of pain so don't want to rule out these some of these vegetables that could be irritating you it's not common but for some people it can be an issue but I.

Found if you had regular lettuce that seems to be okay a good question all right okay what do you got what do you got over there yeah what is ferret ferritin that is an iron so right so what would you do for high levels other than bloodletting I would do bloodletting and I would if I earn is.

Very very toxic so you're gonna have to first of all avoid the sources like the iron skillets iron supplements I I think that I would recommend doing it's called EDTA it's a key laner a natural key leader and also start drinking distilled water just to kind of pull some of this this iron out but it's because it could be very toxic I actually have done.

Several videos on this they can watch that but that's that's what I would recommend okay yeah or anything else yeah dr. Bergin s'en yes what oh hey this is my favorite question – it keeps jumping what is the best way to handle gluten sensitivity wow that's a good one hmm let me think dr. Bergesen how would you handle gluten.

Sensitivity you can either you have two choices you can remove your your colon to avoid the damage right option you can do that from solved or you can avoid gluten now obviously you're new to my channel or else you would have known that but the point is like you we don't recommend grains for that reason because it's very big a big problem in fact even.

Gluten free is an issue because you're still the grains so avoid the grains Donna you will be Donna says don't eat it Donna that's a good advice you're hired okay so we're gonna go to Christy from Utah hey there Christy so I am I am the ferritin questioner okay I have been I have been intermittent fasting since.

2017 and I discovered you and I've been keto for two years in January but my ferritin keeps on going up I'm like today I'm than the break-up 48-hour fast easily and I don't push myself I can do it but I've been struggling with the last 10 pounds I've been that adapted for about a year and a half and I was wondering I kind of get I pass out if I.

Give blood so I'm just wondering what you can do on certain I was thinking about going short-term karmic carnivore yeah to drop the last 10 pounds but I kind of had a chronic stomach issue that I can't get rid of I've had diarrhea for about two years on and off Wow well first very sporadic well yeah because it's that you get several issues.

You're dealing with because when you have diarrhea you lose minerals but maybe not the ones that you want to lose so what I would do is I would start taking the minerals that you that you need okay excluding iron and drink some distilled water on the off times so that way it'll actually pull out to the iron and maybe a ET e dt 8 which is a key.

Later but put the minerals that you want back in all the other ones but not iron that's what I would do I see what you're up against to this stomach problem is an issue because any other problem is if you go carnivore you're going to be consuming animal meat which is high in iron so that's kind of a catch-22 the diarrhea is.

There's obviously some type of incomplete digestion and I'm assuming maybe you already started to trake take pétain how to chloride for your stomach but that usually will help your stomach more than anything there's some other things you can do as well like sauerkraut is really good for the stomach a licorice root is good for.

Gastritis so go ahead and try those things and then let us know how you do all right Karen I like this one yeah dr. Berg DC yes hey dr. Berg do you think swimming in the sea can actually balance out minerals do a video on that I think I think we should do a video of you swimming in the sea I think we should do a video of me swimming in the.

Potomac see it's right down the street it'll be your last but I think if you swim in the Dead Sea if you swim in the Dead Sea you're gonna get a lot of good minerals and I think that would be very therapeutic but other than that I mean there's therapeutic benefits of these minerals but I don't know if that's going to be the thing that's gonna help.

You as much as consuming some of these minerals versus bathing in the sea but you know what try it out and let us know I have a lot of experience in bathing and sea so so I need to go to it's pronounced No renina run need yes you you've touched base with us before you're from Michigan go ahead actually first I'm calling ah will you have a.

Sister in Michigan so my question for everyone very question is I am a school bus driver and so I'm on a boat and I've been doing vegetarian eating most of the year with the inception of Thanksgiving which I gained about 6 pounds Thanksgiving so that was horrible so on a normal wave I eat more like vegan Tino yeah and I do I just started.

Intermediate intermittent fasting thanks to one of your videos I'm going to go through this so I eat one meal a day and I do herbs and bitters I do Marengo bitters in the Black Sea oil bitters my question is what are your thoughts one I like the idea of my meal in a bottle so I wanted to know what your thoughts were on raw juices and or like lentil soup or.

Black beans who uses any of those variations for Tito yeah this is what I want you to do I want you to really look up the carbs on those suits this the bean soups and I would definitely avoid any juice for sure it's just not going to help you but definitely the beans I would look up the cars because you might be able to get away with a certain.

Amount but it especially when you start cooking them down more and more you release more carbohydrates especially more sugars out of those beans and that could be a problem one thing you could do is do some maybe more sprouts or seeds or nuts walnuts are really good maybe get a high quality Belen team like I've talked about which.

Is a water lentil but it's not really a lentil and it's in my veggie solution it's a plant very high in protein but it's nearly raw so you have the phytonutrients very little carb higher protein so that might be an idea but you got to be careful with the beans and that's just my opinion but thanks for your call.

Alright Karen and you have a question for me well first we should say hi to Joan from the Philippines hey Joan she says that okay good now there are a few bean questions are there any beans that are okay on keto yeah tell me green beans Riaan being the out of all the beans the what does that be give me garbanzo beans.

Kappa are a little bit better and if you'd have some hummus with the oil and the garlic i think that would actually be better than they actually bean itself because you're gonna buffer some of that insulin response so I think that's why hummus is good with especially with celery in you know eating carrots are fine yeah but someone asked about.

Tomatoes I want to mention that okay tomatoes for the most part are fine they're just they're slightly higher in sugar especially if you go to Italy but you ever have a tomato in America there's like there's nothing there's not sweet at all they're just kind of like wax waxy nothingness but the point is that.

If you're on a very strict version of keto as in the keto on steroids version which is extreme you want to bring your carbs way down there tomatoes are a little bit higher in the list so it probably put that to the side right now and then stick with something like celery or leafy greens or even kale and I think you'll do better okay yeah good.

So hey Joe you're in Florida and you had a question about the thyroid what was your question my name is actually Jill jio else but due to my thyroid I sound like a man half the time so people think I say Jo but oh no we believe you later Terry and Steve totally yeah I don't think it's everybody I talk to okay I'm on 200 mcg.

A centroid I no longer have a working thyroid okay they told me I would never lose weight they told me if I wanted to lose weight I'd have had have to have gastric bypass they brought out referrals for it I didn't do it we just me and my husband decided to listen to more of your videos and we started last April he's lost over a hundred.

I've lost 68 pounds that's awesome it is awesome I've never felt better in my life I was so miserable for the last seven to ten years I the only issue I have now is I still have problems sleeping and I did try your sleep aid okay and I still cannot get it right perfect so I have a couple things yet I go ahead.

I I sleep maybe three to four hours a night yeah and that's good okay so a couple things that it could be that you your cortisol is just a little too high and I hope you watched my video on the stress webinar where I actually walk you through a do-it-yourself series of techniques that will extract stress from.

Your body and it works great for sleep I I apply it all the time because I used to have a problem cortisol there's a couple things you can do to lower cortisol one would be the vitamin D taking more vitamin D another one zinc will help with that as well it can help lower cortisol and the third thing is celery in the evening now the thing.

About celery it has a natural chemical that lowers cortisol but you have to have it in larger amounts so I would do about 6-7 actual stalks of celery probably maybe right around dinner as your salad you can even do that and that should normally help you sleep those are some things that I would do if I were you thanks Jill Karen hey have any.

Questions yeah can someone replace sunflower seeds for nutritional yeast and get the same amount of b1 no but but sunflower seeds do have b1 so that's a good thing mm-hmm but it's not the same amount as nutrition ease the nutrition Eustace has a lot more so here's another one I don't know what this is right here son.

Medical disease okay you want to just um tell me I've asked me a question ask another question here okay dr. Berger I've been doing Aikido on steroids and I have checked my blood for the second time and I saw hyperthyroidism I'm experiencing dizziness muscle weakness losing my hair please advise yeah but are you are you.

Doing doing anything I mean is that all you're doing Vito on steroids and if' yeah this is the key thing with this the hair loss is a big indicator of nutritional deficiencies going into kedo I mean cuz think about it that that program is a severe program it's major and you have to have the nutrients to make it all work out the fact that you.

Have the side effects that tells me that you have transitional deficiencies like I bet you your minerals and your B vitamins are off and trace minerals are off so you need to beef those up for sure but not go up with the carb now with the thyroid your t3 will go down that's the active form of thyroid hormone but your the hormone from the.

Pituitary that controls the thyroid is going to be normal so it's not a thyroid problem it's just your body's adjusting to not needing that much thyroid hormone anymore because it's are more efficient when you run your body on ketones you're you're getting more oxygen you're actually it's a better source of fuel more efficient and you just don't need.

The amount of thyroid so I did a video on this and it's nothing to worry about you just need to have more nutrients because you're probably deficient in other things and then look at the quality of foods that you're eating because I mean ketone steroids I recommend hardcore and I mean fasting and you're cutting out a whole bunch of.

Things so you're also gonna you're gonna be careful about the nutrient deficiencies okay all right I think we need to go to James in Maryland you had a question James are you there yes yes can you hear me yeah can you hear me yes I can all right great thank you for taking my call um I normally do one meal a day with salt and.

Pepper some 48 hour fast and I've never had a problem I love it makes me feel great lift weights during the week took Thanksgiving off ate like a pig and decided I was going to try my first 72-hour fast and everything was great I felt perfect and at 72 hours I was like you know what I'm gonna push it to 96 hours and so I went to bed and I woke up.

Feeling lethargic weak and I was just like okay this is my body telling me this is too much right now so I had a cup of bone broth and about a half a half an hour hour later I had some kimchi and then um then I about an hour and a half later I was like you know I wasn't really hungry but I was looking forward to eating I love to eat so I.

Scrambled up some eggs cut up a tomato and then I started to get sick diarrhea really bad and just feeling sick and that continued and there's so much information on Reddit and so much information about how to break and extend it fast I was wondering if you could give some guidance on how to break and extend it fast as quickly as.

Possible so I can get back to eating normal without filled without having to call in sick at work because I couldn't work yeah well what I would I the way I would break it is I would look at the key nutrients that you need and then choose the foods to give you those nutrients like you've got to be careful eating a little too much food or one.

Type of food when you break a fast so for example like protein amino out you need am you know acid so I think maybe just like a half of an egg wait for a period of time maybe a little bit of soup with some extra sea salt would be good and then maybe just a little fermented vegetables and really go slow because.

Your system has to adjust and you don't want to spike up too many nutrients too fast just because the bodies have adapted to not eating so there's a way to do it I did an entire video on this but I think you'd be safe on kind of like a saltier soup broth for a bit and then also I would do a little bit of fermented vegetables and then maybe wait.

An hour and then start to introduce a little bit more and just gradually kind of come back there but you're right it's like when you have diarrhea your body's like okay get rid of this because it's not working it's too much but now you just lost your amour more electrolytes so I the other thing that I would do is I would make sure you're doing.

Electrolytes and B vitamins during this fast I wouldn't just do a water fast just because so many people are deficient and the other mistake that people make when they do extending fast is if they they do all like a high carb oh they're not even doing keto they're doing like high carb and that can really create a big problem with potassium.

Because you need potassium to metabolize that carb and you create a big deficiency right off the bat and the heart race heart goes up blood pressure goes up the whole thing thanks James all right Karen what I love these questions today what do we got are there benefits to donating blood other than helping someone we're saving a life that's a.

Good question I think you will you get the cookie in the in the glass of one shoes yeah sometimes you get a donut the benefit is that you get rid of excessive iron and if you feel good when you donate well you better check your your iron levels because it's probably you have too much iron and that's very toxic they can create cirrhosis of the liver.

And cancer and all sorts of issues now while we're on that subject after we talked about iron someone mentioned only cooking in a cast iron pan I don't recommend it simply because it's not the type of iron that your body can absorb easily like it's like eating a rock it takes a lot of different mechanical things for.

Your body to break it down and nature the bacteria are out in the soil that's connected to the roots will break down rocks and help you absorb the minerals in a different form they're plant-based minerals but our bodies are not designed to eat rocks like calcium carbonate they just don't digest that well so the iron skillet is not the best source of.

Iron now also about copper toxicity I would not get the copper pans as well because that can create a copper toxicity which I would say a lot of people are toxic with copper and they don't even know it I may have released that video if I didn't I will be releasing it shortly but when you're deficient in zinc copper.

Goes up so in copper it you can be depressed you can be irritable and it's coming from too much copper hmm good to know yeah all right Karen let's go to Madison from New Mexico are you there yeah it's probably Mason Mason we're like the video Starbucks you never you can give us your name but you never.

Really know what we're gonna call you very good well dr. Berger appreciate the taking the call I'm 40 years old I'm a family history of heart disease and diabetes hi my self has had basal cell carcinoma the nodular removed I have high blood pressure high cholesterol high triglycerides and I've got a couple.

Things that are going on lately that maybe pick a calcium score get my calcium score which by the way was a zero okay I've I've had a pain on my left side when I eat right about where the heart is and then I've gained about eight inches in my belly in the past four months without any weight gain okay and.

I've had extreme low-energy I would I wouldn't even call it brain fog more like a decreased mental acuity the thing things I do right now is I I started intermittent fasting about three or four weeks ago having found you and doing a lot of research I'm getting into the keto which has been a little bit slower for me in the past you know six years.

I've been taking vitamin D 10 10,000 units a day I have normal glucose I test it every day because I thought maybe that was one of the issues I recently went got a blood panel done this week and I'm still waiting for those to come back but I was just yeah okay so the tests that you really need to do it's called Homa IR because I based on what.

You said I think it's more of an insulin resistance which is not going to show up for a long time as far as your glucose but your insulin is probably high and you probably have a fatty liver I'm just guessing I don't know for a fact but that can then interfere with a little tubing there ducts that go from the liver down into the small intestine and.

Also the pancreas goes in there so if that little duck gets little blocked up a bit that can cause pain on the left side of the heart and that could mimic a clogged artery but the fact that you're just getting into it is good I think I would get into it more because I think that's going to solve a lot of your problems because you're talking about.

Liver issues and fatty liver and weight gain and and all these other things that you mentioned so jump in go with the low carb k2 I think you need vitamin k2 because you've been taking vitamin d3 for a while but I would support your gallbladder and get that going and the diets gonna help and then that should probably get rid of the pain so do those.

Things and then let me know how you do all right Karen what you laughing at me again okay go ahead what's the question okay paying attention as I was reading and then I was definition of the duck talking about 2a 2b act tubes like the common bile duct noticed you're talking about ducts moving down into your liver well that would be a problem for anybody.

I have to be a little more serious because these dust heat into the sphincter of Oddi into this moment I don't like when the ducts enter my Adi we're Mike okay his Terry quit it okay okay now yeah Rick Kelly is in Liverpool England yeah and wants you to say hi hi that was really exciting right let's say hi to me for goodness sakes okay good.

Enough with the duck in there enough with the duck okay can someone take your wheatgrass and electrolytes while they're fasting I recommend it because the amount of carbs are so small it's like insignificant from the wheatgrass because it's uh it's just like it's less than like it's like 0.1 of a gram it's just so small but.

Then you're getting all the chlorophyll you're getting the nutrients again the phytonutrients and plus are getting out and the the minerals so I'd do it in the morning I slug it down and it seems to really help also also the the the cool thing about the we Craster's powder it's it's alkaline and so you're fasting you're having all those ketones which.

Are acidic and there seems to counter that so it's really good for people that have gout and higher levels of uric acid that can happen with fasting hmm okay good good so let's go to Bob from Baton Rouge hello hi hello hi what's your name is actually Vicky okay I was close but go ahead I'm sorry that's my dad's name.

That's okay thank you dr. Berger and Karen thank you for all you do to improve the world's health I am 48 years old and I have been PCOS pretty much all my life and I also have Hashimoto's I've been keto for 18 months and it's been a lifesaver up and struggling with my weight since I had children at 20 didn't understand why now I understand.

Due to the insulin resistance anyway lately I have been experiencing off and on pain in my upper left side and I'm trying to figure out what's going on I've been taking a tablespoon of empty cereal in the morning with my multivitamin you know like it's a liquid vitamin I'm not sure if I'm stirring something out but I thought MTC's were.

You know absorb differently and went straight to the liver but I don't know if I'm stirring something up or what do you think this issue it's off and on it's not enough had scans I've had things done and they don't see anything when they've looked I think the simple thing is to not do the MCT oil because some people you know it's just too it's.

Too much of a concentrated fat in general and it doesn't go through the normal absorption that other fats do so it it turns into ketones and your liver and you can use it as energy but that being said it is kind of an unnatural thing I do it it doesn't seem to create a problem but you're taking this pure oil which is usually like c8 or c10 and.

It's basically it can create some some issues with just digesting it in general even though it's better than other oils and that could actually influence the pancreas which is on the left side which can refer pain to your left upper side that's probably what's happening so I would just cut it out and then you know usually usually these things that.

You have these weird pains or symptoms are usually simple they're not complex and you have to look at what is the elephant in the room and that would be it I would just avoid it and and I know this happens a lot of times with people that are doing like a lot of the keto desserts and things they just just I think you can overdo it and some people.

Are sensitive to it and they're having all sorts of bloating and stuff like that it's real simple just to avoid that right now just eat real food and I think you're gonna be fine okay thanks for your question I think it's also important to say to all you guys that both on Facebook and in YouTube when you have other people we.

Don't have moderators on here right yeah so people who are answering your health questions you're you're on your own with that advice we we don't mind leading the blind we don't have much not to say that and some of it isn't good advice I just wanted you to know that we don't have moderators on YouTube or Facebook during our show it's only dr. Berg so if you're.

Getting other advice that's that's great and that's something that you can look into as well but it's not us just wanted you to know that that's right and then that note have a thanks for your all your questions I hope we gave you some answers and have a wonderful weekend we'll see you next week.

Stay tuned for some real interesting videos especially the one on using onions on your scalp which people are doing oh well while they're watching
Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto
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