Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

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I can't hear you Steve okay is it coming up okay is it as if live hey guys I realize we are back please let let me know on social media if you are getting this video you know its technology and every once in a while that isn't a perfect thing and so let us.

Know see Facebook so I'm gonna go to Denise she's been waiting you had a question yeah something with vitamin C hi hi I've listened to all your vitamin C videos and I attended your Summit this past August and when I looked at I scoured the internet for a C complex but pretty much when you read down and you think you pretty much have a whole food.

Supplement complex they throw something in like soy or you know I don't know if the Lippa Somel part is really that good I know that's a song that attended your summit that sells it but it seems like it has a lot of silicic acid and the same thing with the glutathione I mean there there's nothing real and any of these things yeah I'm just real hopeful.

This is a really good point and I go ahead so I just I've I've looked into him blurry face and I can't find anything and I want something but I know you don't like to recommend certain things as other people but it would be kind of nice if you saw something that might be a little better than something else yeah here's my viewpoint on that.

Vitamin vitamin C the vitamin C is a tough one because there are whole food complexes that are like you know they have other stuff in them that I don't like there are also whole food complexes that are just not hardly potent enough honestly if I were you this is what I would do just between me and you and the four walls just don't tell anyone.

Now I'm just kidding I would get your vitamin C from actual food it's not hard to do if you get some sauerkraut and you have a half a cup even a quarter cup of high-quality sauerkraut every day you will get triple the RDAs for vitamin C sauerkraut is the best I mean one cup of sauerkraut can give you up to 700 milligrams of vitamin.

C now think about it your the RDA is there only like 90 so that's what I would do if I were you and bell peppers vegetables salad that would give your vitamin C that's what I would do because you're right it is hard to find one I honestly do not know of one that I would recommend but thanks for your call all right Karen over to you hey well I have.

Almost nothing yet because all social media just came back up okay that's good welcome everybody I do have a question here can intermittent I mean can insulin resistance cause headaches yeah because now this is interesting Karen that you brought this up because your brain doesn't have to adapt to ketones it already has the Machine are we there but.

It's dependent on what's happening in your blood to ketones in your blood that are driving up so if your body has insulin resistance and you're not able to deliver the new fuel because you shut down the carbs now you want to give it ketones and you have instant resistance and in the body you could go through a little bit of a headache transition so.

If that's the case what you need to do is is take some MCT oil it's not intermittent fasting it's insulin resistance does insulin resistance Cosmetics yes did I say fast well you were answering question and handling it when you're doing when you're doing intermittent fasting alright so when you have instant.

Resistance basically that means that you can't deliver the ketones into the brain efficiently simply because it's you have insulin resistance so I would basically take MCT oil to supply the brain with the ketones because what's happening when you have insulin resistance what what what I love you just have so much information it was it was just can it.

Cause headaches yes you're giving the whole rundown no one explained what to do it's up because they're gonna go hey you should do Kido NIF well you also want to add MCT oil because if you don't it might take a little bit longer okay perfect all right good all right Dave you're from California you have a.

Fourteen-year-old son just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes go ahead what we what was your question wondering than what your feedback is on doing this type of diet for a type 1 diabetic yeah and especially at age yeah I think it would be essential because think about it it's going to decrease the need for insulin when someone becomes type 1 regardless.

Of their age now they're going to have to be an insulin because their pancreas is not producing it high blood sugar and high insulin excessive amounts is they're both equally damaging so the key is if your type 1 is just to take the right amount of insulin for your body not to take too much so by cutting down the carbs you can take the least amount.

Of insulin so that would be something that would do I would probably do three meals a day if he's 14 years old just don't do snacks the other thing that I would do is I would beef up no pun intended to vitamin D because vitamin D is really good to support the beta cells of the pancreas because who knows maybe maybe you can actually help improve the.

If there's a some very small amount of insulin coming out we don't really know what's happening at the Senate level you might be able to improve it with vitamin D also been vote to me and that's a b1 both of those directly improve the beta cell and that is the cell that he wants to improve out of anything but I would definitely do a version of in a minute.

Fasting as well as keto for sure thanks Dave and Brian from Texas El Paso you'd a question go ahead yes sir hi I'm training for a half marathon and I'm possibly came by moving to America I've been doing keto for about three months if keto something that you can really legitimately do with marathon training.

Now the marathon training I'm doing is a Galloway which means it's run/walk/run so for example for me I'm jogging for 90 seconds and they're walking 130 and those walks are carved in stone you have to do it if you do is program Wow hey Brian you need to go to my website dr. Berg calm and get the digital version of the last summit because there.

Was a speaker from Greece I know it well that's embarrassing you shouldn't have asked me that we both anyway I'll black it out well I don't know either yeah well anyway he was a great speaker and he actually Nicolas Nicolas will take Nicolas anyway there's a he was a great speech well he did the iron iron iron man summit before them both of them.

There was an athlete who did a hundred miles on keto took the record world record world records so the answer is yes absolutely yeah but here's the thing if you're doing like what you're doing you're walking running if you actually run your body on ketones you're gonna have the unfair advantage over all these guys doing glucose so oh yeah so Nicolas.

Did the try he did this the six hour race right they have to bike run and then yeah so the last two hours when everyone is just like you're having problems is there a glucose he he was just drinking water and some coconut oil and he basically passed 400 people in a row so highly recommend.

Doing the keto in a minute fasting and watch that video and who knows he probably want to contact and probably give you some great advice he likes helping people thanks Brian alright Karen okay good so um now we don't ever address any diagnosis that's right but I think that this question brings up a really good point so someone.

Is asking how to balance a hypoglycemic condition with a uric acid condition not sure what that means balance maybe they mean how do you manage both of these yeah so in in not addressing anything medical what would your advice so are you saying hypo or hyperglycemia hypo okay hypo so that's a low blood sugar situation which by the way whatever you.

Read online about that when it talks about adding more meals of the day that is bad information I've done tons of videos you want to do keto and Emin fasting because think about it what causes with the number one cause of hypoglycemia is high insulin it's pushing the blood sugars down and yes there's an adrenal issue or a liver.

Issue but it's high insulin so you want to do keto an if' for sure now as far as high uric acid levels when you do in a minute fasting mainly intermittent fasting the uric acid levels can go up because the ketones are acidic and if you're predisposed you can have a little flare-up so this the simple way to handle that is to in your water everyday.

Add lemon juice which will counter that like that and also maybe some potassium citrate as electrolyte that will alkalis the pH if you're doing in a vegetable as that should counter it but that will lower the uric acid because this the quick fix on uric acid is to increase the pH of the urine just slightly make it slightly more alkaline because it's.

Going to be more acidic and the symptoms just go bye-bye okay good question Karen let's go to Eman from mini lab Minneapolis Minnesota you had a question go ahead yeah good morning doctor very good morning hello yeah dr. Drake I've been in ketosis now for 16 days according to my urine test this morning well I'm I'm.

Not fully in ketosis it shows a very small amount I lost only 3 pounds and like a couple of inches from my stomach and belly well my question is I'm pre-diabetic my lab tests showed my a1c it was 6.2 my doctor advised me to take medication for this and I refused because I told her I want to solve this problem without without.

Any bills I want to solve it through keto but here is the question before keto I didn't have any diabetic symptoms like going to the bathroom feeling so dry mouth and tongue but through keto I started going to the bathroom so much like two to three times in an hour with a very dry mouth specially specially at night and it.

Keeps waking me up so is it safe to continue with the keto and to take next to it the bills or what do you advise me okay hold on let me you you get one question because they have a lot of other callers so here's the thing of course I can't tell you give you any medical advice I'm just going to give you my opinion I would want to make sure.

You're doing keto exactly like I recommended so I'm assuming you have the book and you're doing exactly like I'm recommending it when you do keto what's going to happen for everyone is you're going to reduce your carbs and now because every carb attaches to like three water molecules you're going to dump a lot of fluid this is not a bad.

Thing you're getting rid of the excess fluid you just need to add more sea salt to keep the fluid there the main thing is like is your hunger going is your energy going up are you doing it correctly as your a1c improving over time if you are pre-diabetic just realize it's gonna take it could take months and months and months before you.

Really turn things around so stick to it do it exactly like you should don't worry about the weight loss right now just worry about getting healthy and I have a lot of videos on that and that said three pounds in two weeks three pounds in several inches around the waist is that's phenomenal that's amazing you're doing it actually.

Is working yes I want to ride the wave yeah okay good question all right Ken okay good so I have Pam here on YouTube she's in her 50s and she's in menopause but now that she's on keto her hot flashes have increased she's looking for a video she thinks she may be you mentioned supplements or what can she do yeah I've done a lot of videos on this I.

Would you want to the relative rate relative ratios of estrogen progesterone are off so you you want to actually increase your progesterone but I would watch my videos on that because I actually it's not an easy answer because then you want to get a little bit of a background of why you need to do that and exactly what to take so I'm gonna.

Suggest go to my video videos and just search out the one on hot flashes the recent one I did so that way I don't have to explain explain five minutes on that answer but you want to do you want to actually increase your progesterone okay good and then Diane also on YouTube can you drink apple cider vinegar all day long and what would that help you.

Want to dilute it in water of course one teaspoon in a glass of water maybe you want to is good and yeah you can drink it all all day long use a straw so it doesn't affect your teeth and it's going to help your blood Sugar's it's going to help your digestion it's going to give you energy is there a limit on how much you would suggest if your body.

Craves it I would do it but your body will tell you when you're done if you have too much of it you it could affect like your breathing a little bit like your now of a sudden your you're it's affecting your sleep because you're breathing more rapidly because that means your pH is too acidic I rarely have seen that but try it out and.

See how you feel you just I don't think you can do too much of that I mean within reason if you're just doing you're drinking like two leaders to flu it a day right and you add helped set of vinegar that's not an issue you just do yeah yeah absolutely yeah now Karen yeah I'm gonna be doing some videos today and I want to tell people what I'm gonna be.

Doing videos on good should I tell them tell them alright one has I have a very interesting video that I'm going to do on the bubonic plague called Black Death and this happened in thinking the 1313 1380 and basically it's fascinating data actually you're gonna stay tuned for it I'll probably release it in about three.

Or four days I have to produce it today but this relates to the Spanish flu and a lot of the data that's out there is just a theory on why it occurred I'm going to show you some new data on the bubonic plague because I know it's on the top of everyone's mind holidays are coming up that bubonic plague yeah and I'm gonna talk talk about the healthiest.

Country in the world Wow okay who did they have the bubonic plague I'm not gonna reveal that there's no association but and I'm gonna also talk about a really good natural antihistamine that you can use if you have any type of mucus I'm gonna talk about that okay Steve you have fans okay so let's go to Bobby are your.

Friend these progeny hi hi how are you dr. Burke good thanks so um I started the keto diet about three weeks ago and I'm type two diabetic and I completely through my metformin in the trash and my sugar levels have been around high 90s and low 100's and I feel great the only thing is.

That I'm in and out of ketosis so I'm very not even or I still moderate and then I fall off of it and go back in like at 3:00 and when I use the restroom I was you know moderate and then I completely fell out of it again and all that this morning will stop black coffee and I'm not hungry yet so I'm winning to get a little hungry too many eggs and.

Bacon and so on so rate what should I do just bail on cirrhosis now question are you checking your blood or urine both okay so this is this is the answer I wouldn't worry about your ketones at this point it's a good thing to test especially initially initially but what's going to happen is that you're gonna you're gonna start becoming more.

Efficient and that could happen now or very very soon which means you're going to be burning up these ketones so you're gonna see sometimes less ketones being wasted in your urine for sure and depending on what's happening to your body in in how much insulin resistance you have you could have more or less ketones in the blood the main thing is.

Giving more time because type 2 diabetics I mean you're gonna have to be on this for months to really like flip everything the fact that you're doing better already and you're losing weight and things are doing get better it just tells us it's working but I would not even worry too much about if your ketones are up and down what you can do.

Is just keep using indicators of your hunger going away that's like the best thing is my stomach's shrinking do I have energy do I feel better also check your blood sugars and keep keep checking that that should be coming down down to probably 80 and then you'll see it'll come down to the 70s but that could take time and.

Then keep watching the videos to keep refining it and tweaking it to the point where you know you enhance it because you have this version of Kido and then there's like you can always improve it and that's what my videos about how to take it to the next level thanks for your question Karen we're over to you hey good so we got Katherine on Facebook.

She says how can I manage Kido if I'm living on low sugar now I'm hoping that means low blood sugar oh because when I first read it I thought Katherine that you were saying you're continuing to eat a low amount of sugar yeah but I think you should answer the question either way obviously if you're eating a low amount of sugar in.

Your diet you're not on keto and it's never gonna happen so we'll move that one over and assume that you mean you live with low blood sugar I think this is an interesting question because when you dookied on Karen you basically your blood Sugar's start going lower and lower and lower to the point where you you're getting you might.

Get nervous because there's this condition called hypoglycemia but there's the true hypoglycemia is where you have actual symptoms of feeling bad here to build irritable craving everything hungry but when you keto you're you're not running on sugar so of course your Sugar's are going to be low not extremely low like not like.

30 but they can go down to like 60 even 50 if you feel okay it's totally fine because you're running a bunny on ketones so why would you that high sugar so I wouldn't worry about so-called low blood sugar and I've done a video on this too you can search it if your symptoms your other symptoms are good because your new normal will be in the.

60s sometimes even slightly lower okay okay all right what are we talking about keto and intermittent fasting and growing a healthy body welcome hey Donald you're from North Florida you'd a question about something go ahead oh yes I have a question first.

Off hello how are you hi my mom she does the keto diet and she got me you know listen to your videos and stuff and I want to talk about the subject of stress and the adrenal glands okay okay alright because I have broken my foot my life where toilet ligaments wasn't my life or twice in my left foot broke my hand broke but with my collar.

Bones I got bad back with you know bad compression going on okay okay but when my adrenaline gets going I feel like I'm getting kidney shots okay so I just recently watched a video thing was yesterday on what the adrenals do how they have no off switch and all that and I've been trying to tune my body because I'm tired guys like you you're going all.

Over the place looking for results but you fell ill you know you weren't getting what you needed you're willing to try whatever and you know fast then you found what you found right so now would you because I thought it was my I had a phone with my lymphatic system but I think the types of that so I don't know but I have knee problems groin.

Problems ankle problems up behind my neck and my shoulders I get these pressure headaches and everything like that okay what's your I need to tan quick give me a quick my question is my question is is the remedy because I feel that each system of the body requires certain amounts of chemistry of certain.

Ingredients to make that system run optimally right okay so the concoction that you have for the adrenal system is that everything that I'd really get everything I need from it okay good cause I have a hot let me just I want to cut you off just to kind of because we have to move along because it's like definitely spend like an hour on the.

Question but okay so I think you on the right track the first thing is that make sure especially for the adrenals that you implement healthy keto in a minute fasting that's step number one because that's going to actually support and increase your tolerance for stress the other thing that I think would be really good for you would D be the adrenal.

Cortisol relief one because others – there's adrenal formula but the cortisol relief I think will be very helpful and I would take probably six of those a day because it supports the adrenal from a nutritional angle you're gonna just feel a lot of relief when you take that that being said after you do this for a period of time I've had a lot of old.

Injuries you may want to consider doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for your joints it's the most wonderful thing for old joint problems but that's down the road right now do you in a minute fasting and then also watch my video on the stress webinar which actually walk you through all the different techniques for the adrenal I show you how to do.

Them I think the combination of that would be awesome Donald so do that okay and let us know how how it helps you Karen yeah what do we have okay good so one kind of broad question about bubonic plague about the flag it sound tell me yet I want to watch the video okay so I think this concept of recovery yeah okay so basically can you just summarize what.

Is recovery you know as it relates to every one of us how could I improve my recovery and how does keto in intermittent fasting affect one's recovery mm-hmm this you want the short answer I want the short answer there was a question about recovery but you know in expanding it so that all.

Of us can apply because I know it's important yeah so there's a lot to this but I'm just gonna tell you like your health really boils down to how fast you can recover and if the adrenals are too stressed or you're getting older especially if you're getting over the age of 30 35 35 what happens it's like you recover less and less.

Now when you say recovery bounce back to normal from stress or exercise any kind of stress yeah so let's say for example I don't know you're babysitting 20 kids in a room for over eight hours for example small children right and how long will it take how long will it take you to bounce back from that I'm being sarcastic but let's say you you work out.

For an hour and you're sore for like a week or your pulse rate doesn't come down tells me your recovery is low so what you want to do what if you let me just ask a few more questions on the other if you know because there's a lot of people watching right does this also apply to like stress like you just had the crappiest day at work or your.

Boyfriend just broke up with you yeah if you have that kind of stress yeah you can have yeah physical stress that's probably the worst stress if you have losses what will happen is like if your adrenals are weak and your recovery is low it can really hit you a lot harder than someone can bounce back quick so it's really all about recovery and sleep.

Is important I am very serious about increasing my recovery time I work out every day doing the bike make sure I get to sleep doing hyperbaric right now which is really cool because then flood your body with oxygen I'll do more videos on that and I'm doing everything I possibly can nutrition I'm testing things out what's going to increase.

Recovery so I'm like a human guinea pig for that right now but I think it I think I need to do I like a complete video and just on the top of the recovery yeah absolutely everybody because sometimes you talk about recovery and people think oh I'm not there yet not working out everyday or even you.

Know you know you know but everybody wants to be able to recover from life stress this is it this is this is interesting microbes that live in a stressful environment don't thrive well now what does that mean it means that if you have no stress you are not going to thrive well so a little bit of stress is very.

Important in about getting your body to adapt and the key is like what are you doing like cryotherapy going into cold and the heat or you lose your heat your heat turns off for a day yeah or any powerful yeah any type of body stress or our nutritional stress and then exercise stress okkk hyperbaric stress all these lasting.

Fasting is this threat exactly it have been fasting so you're basically giving us stress you're starving your body a little bit and then you're eating and then you're causing your body to recover the key is just understanding what gradient or level do you do for your body which is different for everyone so you can add stress and then bounce back.

Add stress I mean think about even in life you take a successful person and you give their history it's always they've already it has some type of stressful event that then allowed them to rebound and become very successful so it does it's and if you take a like take a child who has never been through stress and has everything handed to him.

He doesn't really thrive so we need we need stress Karen we need more stress would you say even that a person who from a young age doesn't have any physical stress barriers any physical barriers not just things handed to them but say yeah just no physical barriers not having to I mean I'm trying to apply this you know extrapolate this out for.

People who who you know I've had maybe an average life I think I would add more exercise add more things it's called hormesis and I actually did a video on this there's all these things you can do to add stress to your body physically to get it to rebound you know for a minimum of fasting periodic prolonged fasting exercise.

There's a whole bunch of things you can do to stimulate your body getting stronger it's kind of an interesting thing to look at right because you know people as you're as you're speaking I'm like wow with that viewpoint I would actually welcome a little stress exactly instead of avoiding stress and the ideal scene being a life with absolutely no so.

What is happiness it's a life with no stress that's that wouldn't be true right right right yeah um like the hyperbaric thing right you're going basically under like you're going 40 I don't know 40 feet under deep-sea diving right you actually have all this pressure being fed a hundred percent oxygen and you're creating a stress on.

Your body that rebounds with stem cell activation and your long bones I mean like you're getting brand-new cells that are regrowing bone I mean it's just like what it's crazy so in your growing new brain cells and you're getting younger also that's right that's right it's working so when you hear you are not eating and you're looking younger like.

What's up with that so this whole thing with the hormesis is very fascinating and that's I'm into it that's good that's a good question yes all right let's go to Richard from Florida your the question go ahead hey dr. Berg um great great content thank you very much for what you do so a quick question.

It's your intermittent fasting you're doing one meal a day and your ketones are going quite high and your blood sugars going quite low your glucose on your blood test can you get yourself in trouble by going too low like below 60 if you're in the 50s is if you're feeling fine that's cool or is your brain being protected because of ketones.

Okay so here's the thing Richard is asking a question related to the hypoglycemia thing know when you do and I F your blood Sugar's will go down the 60 and that's going to be your new normal because you're running off ketones you don't need a higher sugar anymore and the way to know is you're feeling.

Good now your ketones are you worried about what about if your ketones get too high that's only gonna happen if you are a diabetic type one and you fail to take your insulin so that's only gonna have it's not gonna happen otherwise what if your body does run on a small amount of glucose but guess what a lot of different parts of your body can make.

Glucose it's called gluconeogenesis you're all this sugar that you need your body will make it like that and your liver will make it and it'll supply whatever a tissue that you need so that's kind of how it works and you can definitely have low blood sugar and high ketones and be very very healthy thanks Richard Patricia you're from San.

Francisco California go ahead you had a question good morning my question my question is actually I've been on keto for three months and everything has been improving I lost about 35 pounds I had a a 1/3 of 5 I'm sorry five point six and now is five point five point two the only problem is that I got a an inflammation.

Test done and you work let's see I'm sorry I lost it might be a chest ERP result of 6.8 and I know that the normal is about 3.8 I think so I wanted to see if you had any recommendations I did watch your videos but I didn't find much information regarding this result and I know it could be inflammation can be due to many things so I wanted to see why.

What your take is about you sure if you're doing in a minute fasting maybe you need to do a little bit longer but you still have inflammation you're on keto and your cholesterol remains high okay I would watch the videos on cholesterol because I would actually ignore cholesterol and focus more on triglycerides and HDL that's like way.

More important and also the calcium the coronary calcium scoring tasks too but here's the thing if you want to drop inflammation even more increase your vitamin D levels okay that's important also make sure that what you're eating on a keto plan doesn't involve any food allergies that can be stirring up inflammation like dairy that could be.

Another reason why your inflammation might be still be high that's what I would do a Patricia good question all right Karen what we've got okay good so here is one what is your take on lectins yeah lectins are certain anti-nutrient things in vegetables and nuts and seeds that can create inflammation and pain and arthritis and so there are certain.

Foods that are low in lectins certainly certain ones that are high I've done a video on this you can determine that honestly this tends to apply for people that are sensitive to lectins from my experience this is my own opinion I have not found a lot of people that are sensitive to lectins so that's why I haven't talked about it too much I've.

Done videos if you have a sensitivity you're eating things and you're getting inflamed and your digestive system is all messed up then then apply that but most people can handle easily the anti nutrients and vegetables without a problem this relates to the other question with premises which you're adding maybe a toxin or a stress to.

Improve the body I believe those toxins in and vegetables which are anti nutrients help the body to actually stress it and get it to its adapts and become stronger as well so we don't necessarily have to always be completely a hundred percent on oh my gosh I'm gonna now I'm gonna actually completely stay away from Nationals.

Because they have a anti-nutrient they have lectins they have oxalates they have phytic acid you know like all these different things that could irritate me then what are you left with so that's my answer okay so I get another one so an on Facebook is asking about swelling yeah there's a medical term for that also.

Inflammation yeah edema what can help can Quito NIF help swelling well I've done a video on it lots of videos on it absolutely because one molecule of glucose actually three molecule if you're actually on a high carb diet you're going to retain more glue more water because three molecules of glucose attached to one molecule of three.

Molecules of water attached to one molecule of glucose so basically when you're doing a high carb thing you are a human sponge so you're going to be holding fluid and edema if you do low carb it pushes the fluid out if you do the type of keto that I recommend where you're using a lot of vegetables you'll get the potassium to also help push the.

Fluid out as well you can also enhance it with a let my electrolyte powder and then you just push this fluid right out and it's high in potassium but after a period of time you may need to also add more sea salt especially if you feel tired because my electrolyte powder is not high in salt it's high in potassium magnesium so just as a special note note.

To self hey an interesting question here what is this thing that they call a Buffalo Hump and how can that be encouraged well everyone has a little bit of a bump back there it's called a dowager's hump and it's it's actually this it's the seventh cervical vertebra up no no it's right here a big one it's the seventh cervical.

Vertebra and that's normal bone it's a bone but when it becomes little large it's more of an indication that here you may have high cortisol because you get a little fat pad around that thing but really what happens I think what people aren't want to know about it is that especially when you get past menopause you see a lot of women start doing this.

Like their head just kind of like I had a lady who came in right after menopause her entire cervical spine collapsed I mean the vertebra is just like and she's like stuck like this and I'm like what happened if she had a Ostia Pina and osteoporosis and then BAM so you can get a bone scan to see if you have osteopenia I would watch my video on.

Posture and watch the video on the downwards your hump so you can get more data on them because it could be adrenal it could be just it could be a normal situation or it could be that you're going through menopause and you might need to support your balance okay there you have it Candace you're from Bakersfield.

California I used to live in Lancaster right next to caliph of acres field so you had a question about the thyroid go ahead yes I do I'm 58 years old and I have had my thyroid removed a year and a half ago and I would like to know if there's anything I should do extra or watch for okay good so what you want to do is you want you.

Had your thyroid removed the question is hopefully they didn't take out your parathyroids because then that could be a problem and if they did you need to be taking parathyroid hormones but just the thyroid you're probably taking synthroid or something like that I would honestly my opinion is and I I would just be researched on this I like armored.

Thyroid because it has more than just t4 synthetically and then also you want to be monitoring your other nutrients like trace minerals and especially you probably want to take a bit more selenium selenium is really supportive in people that had a thyroid removed and also people that have high right so we need selenium just as much.

As we need iodine so and then I'll just just kind of wash your symptoms because now that you don't have a thyroid it definitely alters the absorption of nutrients especially trace minerals the absorption of protein you may want to even consider getting this product here I have it's called keto essential amino I'm not biased but I think this is one.

Of the best amino acid products especially for protein in just maximizing your protein absorption with with the maximum anabolic effect and the least amount of waste it has like a 1% waste compared to other proteins which is like well over 50 it's okay to be biased I'm slowly about on your own on your own quality products I think you're.

Gonna I thought you were gonna tell her to go find a thyroid like I was going to but there's so many questions here I didn't want to waste time on these silly jokes of that oh we love your silly jokes hey question here how does the keto and I have way of eating affect sperm account can it increase it can it decrease it yeah it actually will.

Increase it because you're reducing insulin insulin suppresses testosterone and other sex hormones so it will improve it the other thing you can do is take zinc zinc is probably one of the best things to take if you want to increase that if you found that it decreased when you were on keto what would you recommend I would add zinc.

Okay yeah yeah because it tells us that your you may not be doing it correctly when you're doing if you omit the trace minerals and on the keto and you're just doing like maybe your dirty version of keto it's not nutrient-dense then you end up with these trace mineral deficiencies or or other B vitamin deficiencies and you have other symptoms.

But if you're doing it correctly now the best source of zinc and other trace minerals would be shellfish not should eat shellfish shellfish shellfish yeah let's go to Tommy from Quebec Canada you had a question about ketones are very low on Oh mad and now yeah go ahead Tommy hello I bought of you it might be nice I yeah yeah I stopped doing the.

Killer diet in maybe in last June and I'm pretty sure now that I'm fat adapted because I measure my ketone almost every day and I I saw that my Kido Mabel are pretty low now even if I'm doing the kill diet and even if I'm doing intermittent fasting and some time I do intermittent fasting like the ring – I don't need for maybe two days and and.

This week I did a three days fast and my ketone level are really higher than one sometime it's like it may be zero point four to one and never higher it's right I knew that that at first you're kidding never up pretty high but now it's right it's low and I start doing like these two days start and three days times because I thought out.

Maybe my Kido never gonna be higher but so it's pretty well I think it's low I know that everybody okay don't know why I'm 42 years old I fix two and 180 283 pounds yeah you're the exact same height and weight as it myself so this is what's going on time yeah yeah um I'm assuming you're checking your blood not your urine because if you check the year.

And that could actually go away because you're just burning up ketones but if you're on Oh mad and you're you're doing in a minute fasting longer and your ketones are still low realize this ketones are our a reflection of your blood sugars and here you are fasting you're not eating sugar but what's probably happening you're.

Still in the transition phase where your body is making more glucose it's called gluconeogenesis and that is what's keeping the ketones low right now because you haven't fully got through this intermit insulin and resistance so it's just your body making a bit too much glucose and that's gonna kind of keep your ketones from going high I.

Wouldn't worry about just give it more time and you will make more more ketones over over the next month okay four months thanks Tommy alright Karen what do we got you have another question I do this is annoying it won't let me open unless I anyway yes so I have melody from Facebook she wants to know what would you recommend for.

Afternoon fatigue yeah afternoon fatigue I would take a nap I would make sure that I would make sure that you're that you're sleeping your sleep is good you know sometimes we're doing work Kito or you're going through stuff you know our bodies are in the recovery phase depending what you're doing and you just might need more recovery more sleep.

Where and nap it's not a bad thing but let's say it's it's really a let's see you've got all that handle and you still fatigue it means that you need more B vitamins because the mitochondria is not doing its job you can also need more magnesium which also supports the energy levels personally with myself I might take the.

Nutritional yeast maybe at lunch and that'll kind of get you through it and then so I take the B vitamins like through the day that usually should spike your energy B vitamins especially b1 good and has meme on Facebook asks is there a plant-based keto plan that you would recommend well I would just watch my two videos I have on this topic and.

Apply that I don't have another program I would recommend cuz I don't know of one but I would it's going to take a little more research it's more difficult to do it but I will say this the product one of the products we have it's called edgy salut it's it's really a cool product with a one of the most highest quality.

Plant-based proteins Lenten which is the smallest little flower high quality virtually raw but that powder has the same protein as whey protein now it's not like consuming eggs but it is the most superior plant-based protein out there and it's not even like a concentrated pea protein when you consume that you'll feel really good it.

Supplies a good amount of protein not a hundred percent of it but it'll give you a good amount of protein so that might kill two birds one stone the greens and some of the protein let's go to Ayesha I'm from Centerville Virginia you had a question are you there yes hello doctor thank you for taking my call you are amazing amazing.

And I really admire everything you do doctor I just wanted to talk about my son has a problem of fungal infection on his foot between the between the toes and also jock itch problem and he also he has this migraines which are not really can go there they're constant sometimes they're on one side and sometimes they're on the they they just.

Stay come on the the area of the eyes or over the whole head so the both of these problems are way too much and they're kind of chronic they have become kind of chronic too so as you can please kindly clearly people English now I'm assuming that if he's related to you which yes because he's the son that he's obviously on keto and in a minute fasting I'm.

Assuming that because that's going to actually improve the immune system greatly now that being said let's say he's already doing that I would start giving them oregano oil and you get it as little little pearls Oregano's are really good for the systemic immune system and that will help greatly and then stay tuned for a.

Video that I'm going to do today on a natural antihistamine I don't want to reveal what I'm going to recommend but that would be a good video to watch as well for the rash but it sounds like if it's a chronic groin issue that's more in the lymphatic system so you'd want something more systemically like oregano in addition to healthy Kido and in a.

Minute fasting thanks and Karen okay good so I'm gonna I'm gonna answer or ask a ton of different questions in one question here bubonic plague I'm gonna cover that in the video how was the question it's like Facebook and YouTube just Boop on and what's up with the bubonic plague uh it's just it's just the you know hot topic right now in ways.

I could ask that but it's a hot topic people want people been done dying to know I know hey but uh say I just had surgery say I just had that stomach surgery what do you call it gastric bypass gastric bypass say I just was recovering from massive medical condition say I I'm anything what what.

Would be your recommend is there any situation where you would say don't do keto or intermittent fasting don't do it keto will not help with this because we get tons and tons and tons of questions with people saying well this is my situation would keto help me okay there's two things yeah one is intermittent fasting against Kido.

Kido is healthy for every single person on planet Earth there is no contraindication for keto no matter the surgery no matter what so yeah because what looks like when do we need a high carb diet oh never okay so that's given out in a minute fasting there's two situations or three that I would recommend not doing.

In a minute fasting one is if you're pregnant or lactating or maybe you're a small infant you know breastfeeding in which case you don't want to deprive that child on that so but as far as kids go you can just do three meals no snacks a lot of women that are actually doing keto they're doing they're not doing.

Intimate fasting but they're just not like snacking through the day and they're doing really good because the last thing you want to get if you're pregnant is just a tional diabetes or insulin resistance because then the child is at risk for also getting the same thing so other than that keto so it's not like you have a special keto.

Program for someone who just had their gallbladder out do you have a special keto program for sons who just had it look at look at this this thumb this book pushing your buttons intentionally here this book shows you the basic plan this is the basic for every single body type every single person no matter what condition you have but then when you do.

It for two weeks then you'll adapt it to your body type so let's say for example you do have a thyroid issue you want to tweak it or adrenal you can tweak it or a liver or an ovary and then I have a lot more data in there too if you have inflammation or you have this problem because not everyone just has a weight problem they have a lot of issues so.

This book is handling like all the different other things that come up with other body issues by the way let me throw in a quick anecdote so we were out with the local celebrity doc Walker last night and he saw Terry after two years and this morning he called me said Terry looks like a teenager I didn't recognize him and that's after by osmosis adopting.

Intermittent fasting and keto he has really changed a lot so doc was amazed and had no idea what was going on it was fun to explain to him that Terry had been in flow by the great dr. Berg and Karen and now does is no longer ugly Terry is one of our producers and he's definitely been on this for a while he.

He's very disciplined he'll actually follow all the videos and information that we provide which every sheet now is another situation people do it like eighty eighty nine percent most the time on the weekend yeah but he's lost a ton of weight no yes I know I'm being brace our cap oh now Steve is hardcore when he when you.

Give him the correct information he sticks to it he will not vary because he's disciplined and he wants to survive absolutely never waver I'm just putting it out there Steve so eventually it sticks sinks in right and you know you some people they get into this this information about keto and intermittent fasting and they think oh my gosh I have.

To radically change my diet and I have to stop eating I can never do that and they don't realize that when you talk about intermittent fasting it really the essence of that is no snacking between meals so if you just if you're just starting this or you want to help your kid or something like that yeah eliminate the carbs and the sugar but.

It's three meals a day I mean that's how simple it is or if you're coming from some plan where you were eating six or seven times a day then take it to four meals a day just don't snack in between and then gradually as your body adapts then you can take it to three take it to two meals a day so this isn't this isn't rocket science this isn't anything.

Dramatic intermittent fasting is just about not constantly stressing your digestive digestive and your pancreas to insulin insulin tell me about okay let me tell you a little bit about it Krista you're from Dallas Texas you had a question yeah hi good morning dr. Berg and can you hear me okay yeah okay perfect my.

Question is on gut flora gut microbiome so right now I am trying to get rid of any Candida any bad bacteria that I might have as well as establishing good bacteria and I saw your video on taking the time all along with the grapefruit seed extract and so that arrived in the mail yesterday and I made myself a little nauseous by taking it I wasn't.

Sure on how much of each I'm supposed to take the grapefruit seed extract actually came in capsules so I did want to ask you if that was something that you recommended aside from taking oil and so my question is on that but I'm also taking your effective microbes and I know your effective microwaves are supposed to withstand any acidic.

Environment but I just want to know if I'm taking all these things to try to kill off bad bacteria and establish the good gut flora is there a specific time that I should be taking your effective microbes like say with a bunch of kale like my kale smoothie should I keep all of the acidic stuff with the time oil separate that's kind of my question I.

Have a very simple answer I would take the other two when you take like the time and the other products that are meant to act as a natural kind of a destructive element here Candida you can even take those with your meal so that way you don't become nauseous because it is it's going to like roto-rooter some of these you know these microbes these.

Pathogens fungus isn't things like that so it could create a little bit of a wow that's pretty strong but as far as the effect of microbes the best time to take that is right before bed and what you do is you take maybe you start with a half a teaspoon go up to a teaspoon which is the cattle and then put it in a little bit of water like 1/3 of a cup of water.

Right before bed slug it down and then it goes through your system and all night long it has a chance to do its thing it's quite interesting the story behind it I won't get into it you can watch the video on my website but effective microbes around will build up your flora to counter the candida and of course being Quito in in a minute.

Fasting when you because Candida lives on sugar so if you starve this sugar the candida will go bye-bye because you have nothing to live on thanks for your question and in that note Karen we are going to say goodbye until next week wow that was a fast hour yeah we had a lot of good of our questions.

I know have a wonderful week guys stay tuned for some interesting videos on the bubonic plague until next week we'll see
Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto
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