Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

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Okay we're back hello for that hope you like that commercial the dead silence used it to get your water and go to bathroom yeah okay where were we were talking about something you were talking about a question I think I answered that question do you have another question take a call let's let's talk to Ruth from Texas Hey Bruce how are you hey I'm.

Doing good good I'm the same old menopausal problems though that menopause I was trying to figure it out okay so is it hot flashes well the last time we talked about the little red spots on my belly being too much estrogen yeah okay I was taking the wild yam and I stopped taking it thinking that that was the estrogen problem but.

But I also started taking the cruciferous vegetables but why would I have hot flashes if I have too much estrogen in my body why would I feel so emotional all the time if I have too much estrogen in my body so let me ask I do know that I have some adrenal issues because if I work out too much my body gets inflamed but the estrogen is the.

Question yeah so Ruth is asking how come she has hot flashes if she has too much estrogen since estrogen therapy gets rid of hot flashes and I'm gonna let Karen answer that one you know I'm just kidding so because you were listening patiently I wasn't listening what I thought Ruth is asking why she's getting hot flashes.

If she has a lot of estrogen why she maybe if she's right oh that's good alright I'll get one ear I wouldn't have to be this way so this is what happens when you go through menopause women have estrogen dominance and it's weird because their energy the hormones should drop it does drop but what really drops is the progesterone way more than the.

Estrogen giving you the ratio of higher estrogen to progesterone progesterone is the buffer to keep check so again I don't know Ruth if you're taking progesterone but that would be one thing to help you with the with the hot flashes the other thing you made a good point could it be my adrenals yes because the Drina 'ls back.

Up the ovaries when you go into menopause because they're going in retirement they don't need to produce any eggs unless you're doing some consistent in a minute fasting which we're find finding women that even their 60s start having their periods again so it's more of an anti-aging process wouldn't that be wonderful if all these.

Women can start having their periods again and have finally you know this had that child that they always wanted that they couldn't have because there were I don't know what to say okay so that would be false information that would be not good no but there is an interesting thing that women are actually when you dookied O&M and fasting they like there.

Was even women in their 70s having their parents so this is really exciting information yeah I think you're doing the anti-commercial right now for keto that's right I might talking women out of it but here's what you could do guys if you gals if you want to support your adrenals and let's say you're supporting adrenals especially youth you Ruth and.

You know what everything's just not kicking in there there's one thing that I'm going to highly recommend because when your adrenals get stress stressed the need for vitamin D goes way up okay the utilization about a Medina is very poor you can't absorb it anymore because the high cortisol so what you can do the count of that is to beef up no pun.

Intended your vitamin D levels so start taking more D okay to help the adrenals chill out and in higher doses of vitamin D really help those people that are suffering with adrenal fatigue that it can't seem to fix it that's just a little side note thanks Ruth alright let's go to Christian he's been waiting patiently from Sacramento California are.

You there I took the bus hi I I do let me just go straight to my point but before that I just want to thank you for all the videos I've been putting up I've been in kiddo for two years and I've actually lost tremendous amount of weight I just didn't I don't keep count I just see my body and I see them very well defined now thank you.

My question is so I had had people write and add simple things last year I believe and so I watched your videos about zero and then you did mention about going into motor car kind of a diet yeah so I've been doing kind of a poor past two months now and and I found out that I feel really good in it I actually don't have any digestive.

Issues really however I am sure that I'm missing some nutrients from you know from the greens that I'm not having anymore I mean even though I'm having I do have other means once in a while like every other day I know they're made like Lieber but my question now is is it okay to cut to continue with the kind of a.

Diet like do wouldn't I need to go back to eating greens you know I just I want to have it to Center just all right let me explain the city Christian is asking a question he had SIBO which is small intestinal bacteria and that's a situation that you have the bacteria in the wrong place it's in the small intestine when it.

Should be in the large intestine and the problem with that is when you eat food even fiber especially you start getting gas in the wrong place and they start getting bloating and it's a big problem so what we recommend is to not consume probiotics or fiber for a period of time so you can fix this problem and reverse it the real key is intermittent fasting.

Because you have this this situation between the meals your colon actually cleans up any extra food and supposed to stick it down and the large intestine where it should be and if you're eating every three hours you're never going to do it because you have to go for a period of time before that system kicks in and starts to you.

Know basically clean out the in the trunk in the tube which is 25 feet so here's here's what you do you're going in the carnivore which is no no vegetables it's meat and it's organ meats and that's great and you're doing better no digestive problems my thought is do that for a period of time and then reintroduce on a very small level some.

Vegetables back in and see how you do my thought is and this is just my opinion and I'm sticking to it that you do need to feed those microbes sooner or later and plus there are certain benefits of vegetables that go beyond just the fiber that go into the phytonutrients and that's a type of thing so I would just reintroduce some.

Small amounts the other thing you can do as a transition is do the wheatgrass juice powder because that has no fiber and just all the new the nutrition from the wheatgrass and by the way we crafts is not the same as the grass in your backyard it is from wheat that grows to form the stuff that you grind and make flour and breads and pasta and searle.

But when it's a baby plant there's a lot of nutrients that there's no gluten and they take the nutrition out of it separate the fiber and you can actually consume it it's very healthy for you but it's not the same as the grass you can't juice the grass in your backyard it's really bad no it would be very very bad don't do that why it's bad.

Oh why because it's not the right kind yeah that's all I know the end yeah thanks Christian all right we're gonna go to your question okay good so usually I do a shout out quick question for where people for where people are you're not telling me very much today where people are but I got Hong Kong Estonia Saudi Arabia Finland Algeria Malta.

Philippines and all over the United States and Canada and that's pretty good if that's a short list where is Malta so Bruce where's Malta nobody knows why yeah we're giong feet this is why we're in health geography isn't isn't our our strong suit so I'm gonna ask a question is it okay to donate blood when you're doing keto it's near Greece first okay.

So is it okay to donate blood why did you in Quito yeah can you be a blood donor totally fine and actually it's a really good thing if you have too much iron in your blood it's very healthy iron is toxic in large amounts like excess amount so we have a hard time getting rid of it so yes you can do it not a problem okay.

Yeah I think that would be good so someone to be nameless has triglycerides of 270 the triglycerides 99.999999% of time is a reflection of how many carbohydrates you're consuming especially in the form of the breads pastas or crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins so does juice and what happens is you.

Cut that those carbs down the car the triglycerides will go down now if let's say you're going low-carb and your triglycerides are still high you have to realize as you burn fat that fat has to come out of the fat cell guess what's in the fat cell triglycerides and cholesterol so it has to come out so it's not a problem if you.

Exercise more you'll burn it up as well because your muscles can use triglycerides but yeah I wouldn't I would just focus on your carb content that's what I have to do good okay all right it's time for a quiz quiz guys all right now most of you guys know that cod liver oil is supplies a good amount of vitamin D right most of the most but if.

We take cod liver oil and put it to the side what is the top food that will provide the most vitamin D of any other foods that's your question go ahead and answer that and then we'll come back to that question after we talked we talked to let's see we're gonna talk to and from Utah trapper Utah are you their aunt yes I am.

How are you I am doing great and thank you so much it's changed my family's life I myself my husband had a heart arrhythmia and we've been trying to get that fixed and we you said the seven cups of vegetables a day for the potassium content and then you just barely came out with your vegetable powder which is.

Awesome and but I was looking for the potassium content on the bottle and it was it's not there and so I'm wondering you know if you get out to that question and also with your electrolyte powder it could get his potassium levels up how much it's safe to take because a lot of people say oh right so so Ann's asking her husband about potassium and trying.

To actually get her husband eat more potassium we talked about potassium from foods we also came out with this product as a vegetable substitute would this supply the potassium and why aren't I listening the potassium on the ingredients right here and I also list magnesium but not potassium lutein which is for the eyes but not potassium well.

Well we just didn't have that evaluated so I can't tell you how much potassium is in here I would I would say it's it's similar to a cup of salad for actually two cups of salad per serving or three cups of sell at per serving size but I can't tell you for sure because we have not had it tested I'm sorry but it's it's equivalent to a cup of vegetables.

Okay so or a salad I would say that whatever that average is you can calculate that now a better idea for potassium would be the electrolyte powder which you're already I think you're starting to take and you could probably do two or even three scoops of that per day and you can spread it out now you also mention something that I.

Just did a video on that oh yeah potassium is dangerous for the kidneys so you have to be careful no actually potassium is detective to the kidneys unless you have stage 5 end stage 5 kidney disease which is very rare but if you don't have that potassium is very beneficial to the kidney it actually protects the kidney.

It helps improve insulin resistance helps balance your blood Sugar's it helps protect the cells it helps support cardiovascular system and especially helps the rhythm of the heart because it's one of the main electrolytes one of the ways that you probably know you're deficient in potassium even before the arrhythmias is the.

Cramping in the legs or the calves if you have that then we know you need potassium and magnesium in which case you need to eat more vegetables and also the electrolytes awesome question man and thank you so much and now we're going to go to Karen if you had had another question yeah we have to go yeah okay okay so some veggies but mostly I'm.

Getting fatty fish salmon tuna some eggs and butter one organ meat but mostly it's in the fish or liver Department okay because the answer is boy stirs wasters have the most vitamin D of of any food that's unfortunate why well guess what what you can get your vitamin D from Sun how about that I like that and that's gonna be another topic.

We're gonna talk about very soon we're going to talk about how much sun exposure do you really need to get your daily dose it's actually almost impossible to get your vitamin D from food Wow and there's a lot of things that can stop your absorption for vitamin D let's see you don't have a gallbladder let's see the fatty liver.

Let's say you have digestive system problems let's say your skin is darker you require more vitamin D let's say you're older you can't convert vitamin D younger people can absorb it a lot better so there's a lot of different factors to vitamin D that so what does that mean in laypersons term that means that a lot of people need to get a.

Supplement for vitamin D but I guess we can just bring this up now since we're on the topic let's just say for example Karen you go outside and you only expose your face and your hands to the Sun how long does it take to get your vitamin D hours okay it really depends on where you live depending what latitude like if you're near San Diego and you're young.

It's gonna take 42 minutes do use your your daily dose – that sounds like a complex grid if you just wrap coming video route oh and then also if you're in Seattle okay and you're young you would need a hundred and sixty-eight minutes that's two point eight hours but if you're not quite young but they're older in Maryland okay if you're in.

Maryland you need exactly 504 minutes that's comes out to 8.4 hours of Sun a day yeah Oh only if my head and my hands are that's right so moral the story is wear short sleeves or you if you're a guy okay you guys are kind of slow on that okay so so you got better you basically you need to get a.

Lot of the sun exposure and you know if you're a little old you got to send a lot longer in your speedo there you go there you go care alright so now that we answered that question can we do a turn glad we're past that Terry's been waiting patiently in Minnesota are you there Terry yep I am hello and what's your question three.

Weeks roughly I've been having like in my shoulders both shoulders like if I reach overhead or reach out for something or reach to the cupboard in the kitchen I get that like almost clicking or hopping feeling and down and it goes kind of like across my chest and then I notice it affects my neck a little bit now and then okay and.

This what and I've been doing your intermittent fasting and ki daal here for about two months now and thank you for your products and stuff because it has dropped I was diabetic about a year ago and I got off metformin in three months I did my own keto until I saw you on YouTube and stuff now my doctor says I'm doing.

Fantastic and he would like to have me as a guest speaker because I was able to drop my blood sugar down so fast and so quickly I never seen anybody do that before Wow yeah and these are say your electric lights one scoop drop my blood sugar down because I checked myself before and after self I'd.

Be a paste and then also I'm also a tweener tres menos and it dropped it down another 20 points so I'm going to double wow it's just yeah that's how fantastic so Terry basically had diabetes he's wasn't a metformin he's off the metformin he took the electrolytes dropped down his blood Sugar's by 20 points he took the tres.

Menos dropped down another 20 points his doctor is very thrilled doctors gonna have him as a guest speaker he's never seen anyone drop his blood sugars so this is awesome and just don't mention my name about curing any disease it's uh but here's the thing Terry you had a question because your shoulders when you reach you hear popping and clicking of.

Some pain on both shoulders so I have videos on this the reason I did a video that you can do a stretch underneath your clavicle there you should watch that video but there is something you can do and I think would help you you want to take vitamin k2 + d3 together in higher amounts so if you were to do let's say because you know you get you.

Want to get the vitamin d3 and a 10,000 IU's and then you take four of those per day with meal okay with the meal because you want the fat to help you absorb it but if you want it also with the k2 so the the ratio is if you have 10,000 IU's of d3 you need a a hundred micrograms of k2 I have videos on this you can watch it and then take that ratio per day and.

That should clean up any calcium stuff that's going on in your joints and it will also help decrease pain and increase actually more drives the calcium into the bone so that would be the best thing for your shoulders that's what I would do if I were you Terry thanks for your great success and now we're gonna go to Karen great okay.

So I have a question here on what we're just talking about it's actually my question so Sun is really important mm-hmm but you know there's a lot of marketing right now to avoid the Sun and sunscreen is in everything like every woman's product cream makeup sunscreen is a really big deal so you know there was.

One person that commented I avoid the Sun yeah so what do you say I'll obviously Sun is really important so you wouldn't want to avoid the Sun or you a completely forgotten about that's one of the blockers to vitamin D big-time sunscreen yeah not to mention like we don't go outside anymore right kids start from the computer and some people.

Do that and then what happens is that do you have the Sun blocker and you know I'm not saying completely be baked outside all day long but you do need some Sun to get your vitamin D and there's a lot of chemicals in these sun blockers right and some of the block of blockers don't really block you like they say they do so do we want the side.

Effects from the chemicals of the sun blockers or do we just want so I think a certain amount of Sun is good per day that's being smart yeah but here's the thing I want to bring up Karen why is vitamin D so important you know that's the question well 37 to 57% of the entire population worldwide is deficient in vitamin D now.

Last week I told everyone that 2 billion people are deficient in zinc which is a lot of people was that right or you why are you saying that cuz I actually messed up I think I said two billion people died of zinc deficiency which is Steve Steve but the background music now that was a little bit off but now it's 2 billion people are deficient but the.

Point is a lot of people are deficient in D and vitamin D deficiency goes beyond just bone issues and I'm gonna rattle off some of the symptoms one is depression number two is bone pain if you press on your breast bone or your shin which is in the lower leg and there's pain you could be deficient in vitamin.

And if you actually take the bottom indie this should go away within about a half-hour so it's a little experiment you can try inflammation and pain could be a vitamin D deficiency insomnia can be a deficiency of vitamin D adrenal fatigue that doesn't seem to go away with the normal things could be a vitamin D deficiency definitely all the.

Autoimmune issues every single immune case that autoimmune they're usually two actually they're always deficient in vitamin D also skin problems psoriasis eczema they need vitamin D so you know vitamin D is very vital and I think a lot of people have a deficiency and even if they take it they might have a problem with the receptor for vitamin D.

Which I'm not going to get into now but you just need more so anyway stay tuned for more videos on vitamin D because it's a really important topic now on that note Karen we need to go to Nathaniel from Tennessee's membrane impatiently for 30 minutes are you there yes I am hello and what's your question hey I had a question about mushrooms.

Yeah I hate them but they're really healthy for you so I'm trying to get them in my diet originally I thought the easiest way is throw a couple of my green smoothie won't taste but I'm chugging down but then I heard you're supposed to be cooking them because I could contain toxins so I would saute them a little.

Bit hmm throw them in the green smoothie fine couldn't taste them all that but it's kind of a headache doing that every time yeah so I guess my question is can I bake them and if I can can I freeze them and also like how many should I be eating per day good question so Nathaniel Nathan wanted to know about.

Mushrooms he wants eat more mushrooms he doesn't he hates them but he knows he needs them so they think of the mushrooms they're easier to digest and there's less antitoxins anti-nutrients if you actually saute them not kill them as far as the cooking but saute them and so you know he's cooking them and then he.

Wants to freeze them you can totally do that I think that's what you could do and you can pull them out that way save time and you can cook a bunch just don't overcook them but yes there's some really good and interesting properties with mushrooms but did you realize Karen the mushrooms are one of the only plants that makes.

Vitamin D I didn't know that yeah but it's not vitamin d3 it's vitamin d2 so it's a pre its kind of a pre vitamin D so it have to be converted I know you really want to know that I didn't even know there was a vitamin d2 which was my lab yeah there is so it's not the best source of vitamin D on the planet okay but these mushrooms are pretty.

Interesting but yeah that's what I would do Nathan and I like mushrooms I consume them on almost on a daily basis I put them in the with the eggs and bacon I'm addicted okay so thanks for your question and then we're gonna go right to what you have okay good you're gonna turn okay thank you very much uh so we have someone who has a red.

Butterfly rash on her face pretty sure that's called rosacea mm-hmm wants to know what to do about that not that you would cure help it in any way no if you were to indirectly suggest something something research what would that mean you see that in adrenal cases but really the best results are to work on your flora in your gut it's a.

Friendly bacteria problem that you and increased probiotics and that seems to get some good results with rosacea hmm yep if that's what you had that's what I wanted ever yes so there's another question all guys in basic training so he's really really really intense I wonder where is he going to Fort Sam Houston that's what that's the real.

Quick okay so basic let's see basic training question came from I don't know who right here where it's right here it's possible to a military yeah there's no new curve no real name yeah well guess what yeah intermittent fasting it's gonna be impossible because first of all they're gonna give you certain foods you don't have an.

A certain and it's mostly carbohydrates so it's one of those things where you're gonna have to cope well get through it and if you do want if you do intermittent fasting while you're doing basic training with all that physical training and no and all the stress I think you're going to lose too much weight but I like the idea of trying to.

Cut down your carbs as much as possible if you can do that but unfortunately you have the food is well I don't know I'd be interesting is it any different now than when you were in I don't know I don't know so it's a let all most 11:40 you want to ask another question well you know I don't have questions but I have I have information like I do have a.

Question the chicken steak yeah I think I'll ask you this question what is the purpose of earwax I get all the glamourous questions I know they've been you've been thinking about that question for years and now we're gonna you know what hunt it I think about that question ever since you made me lay on my side and put that big sandal in my ear light.

It on fire yeah okay that was a mistake that by the way that does not suck wax out of you maybe but ya know could potentially start your hair on fire so sorry about that yeah that was not a good idea but the purpose of ear wax would have to be to catch any bugs that crawl into your ears wow that's pretty smart.

Catch the microbes kill them okay and kick them out of the year there's a little cul-de-sac at the end of here that it's a really weird space though the wax actually helps to transport and extract these microbes and they have little hairs cilia that move the bugs and microbes out of the ear so if you take all those where in what direction.

Out this way Oh out out outside from the cul-de-sac yeah so earwax has certain enzymes to kill microbes mmm so if you take all your wax out of your ears Karen you can hear me which we need to clear the clean nose ears sometimes I know we don't want to clean the ears never a little bit digging like they can scraping and and pulling all this stuff.

On your ear so leave a little bit in there to help you remove the microbes I claimed I claimed okay so that was some good information yeah I got that one right yes you did pretty much got that right yeah and I have some more of these great gold nuggets oh but I want to say we do have to say hi to somebody Victoria Victoria who may or.

May not be watching today we met Victoria last night we met her and so we wanted to go on well and so hi Victoria yeah if you're watching good job Victoria on handling your body problems and working so hard because we met her and she was working and um that's it oh and then we got this today I can't say we dr. Byrne got this today from Lachlan.

Clue clue clue clue this is leather teddy bear look you hold it it's your present and she sent it she made it it's really high-quality I think it's a thank you so much in Santa Barbara I'm so sorry I don't know it's ok hopefully it's ok we give it to our grand baby yeah Lucy will love that it's uh durable and it's solid leather so and we were.

Selling them now and if we can get the first hit at no we're not selling disco no it's really really cute so thank you thank you so much Mike you're from London Kentucky you had a question about your your vision from diabetes what was your question a little dr. Berg hi yes right around four weeks ago I had a physical which I hadn't had one for a.

Couple of years and and my blood sugar was high was 293 and they had me back for an a1c test which came back at 13 so I started the keto diet and fortunately for me I found your I've started following you right away and and so I'm basically fasting 20 hours a day eating almost you know mostly fruits and based I mean mostly the vegetables like the.

Kale and the spinach and and so about two weeks ago my vision started getting really really blurry to the point where I was getting kind of scared and so I went to the eye doctor and since my last eye exam which was in October of last year she said my eye I don't know the numbers but she said my my prescription had.

Changed eight points which was a lot and so I went back this week is follow-up and it's regained about half of that and so I'm just wondering if there's something I should be taking or if there's something I should do or but it's getting better than right have any ideas about yeah it seems to be getting better.

Okay so yes going on so Mike had diabetes he did keto his vision first of all before that was diminishing significantly and now he just went back and it's improving his vision is improving okay what does he do well keep doing what you're doing for for one thing because whatever improved it will keep improving and if you don't change.

It but you need to the main thing is with you with a high sugar and the high insulin it targets the eye the circulation of the eye the nerve of the eye called the retina which is an extension off the brain and that's why diabetics can eventually go blind it affects the fluid in the eye floaters pressure in that table coma the.

Cataracts all that is high sugar and so there's two things going to do keep doing what you're doing healthy keto like I talked about in the book but also add the phytonutrients to protect you and speed things up lutein is important that's in everything like that's in the gulika greens it's in chlorophyll type foods but also vitamin A I'm cod liver.

Oil vitamin D vitamin e from vegetables all those are really key antioxidants that will actually protect the eye and then the nutritional yeast the B vitamins will also protect the damage as well and speed things up so don't get nutritional yeast Mike I think if you keep doing this I think we'll see some even better results with your.

Vision so let us know and thank you so much for calling there's something we haven't talked about oh the summit yes guys listen if you haven't come haven't heard about the summit we're doing our second annual summit at the Gaylord hotel it's a mandatory event that you must control call will be taken so definitely it's the Gaylord in Maryland.

Right right outside of Washington DC when is it it is August 31st September first it's yes the I guess it's the Labor Day weekend we reduced the price so everyone can afford it it's gonna we're already filling up a lot I would hate to have you guys miss out because I know if we don't up there's gonna be a point where.

You can't but so sign up while you can and get your tickets because we're gonna have a blast we have amazing speakers – cardiologists kedo friendly Thomas de Lauer dr. Mercola is coming Meghan Ramos who works with Jason's phone I'm gonna talk about some amazing things that in termina fascin is gonna make your head spin it's just amazing so we have a lot.

Of other additional speakers as well three tiered three tiers of tickets and the Platinum the highest tier is about half sold out already well you know what we're doing – as well as well contests we have a contest talk about it it's on social media and you guys can win a platinum ticket which you get dinner with us a private dinner with us and.

Also you with it with just us or with the platinum all that's okay no just us clarify but airline ticket right we'll pay for your airline ticket round-trip we'll pay for your hotel accommodations yeah so yeah sweet deal if you go to social media you're gonna see this contest we're running it right now everywhere Pinterest just go to my.

Social media there's a there's probably some buttons around and you'll see promotion on it and also we're giving three additional tickets that are regular that don't include airfare and everything but it's free three additional tickets to so you may win the big one but if you don't you could possibly win the SEC.

You know what else I have to say about this what because Erica really gave it to us last week we were talking to Ruth from Texas yeah cuz now Bruce is coming family yeah but we were talking to Ruth thinking Ruth was Erika Erika from Texas is the cactus girl and the girl that we were gonna meet in the limo and the whole thing okay so she has to come.

Erika you have to come too but I just wanted to set the record straight because she was like you know that lady sounds an awful lot like yeah yeah I understand that okay good so I have question go ahead can you give your kids a milk every day I don't recommend it I don't recommend it because there's a lot of issues with.

Milk is pasteurized this mucus producing goat's milk is better but it does higher for higher carbs and I'm if you find some raw milk it's probably you know you might have to cross the border to smuggle it in but but you didn't hear that here right but the point is that there's a lot of issues with milk I don't recommend pasteurized milk okay.

Now you don't question isn't it and then I want to bring up one little tidbit okay because we have to answer some calls now guys a lot of times you get advice and opinions from your friends and family and co-workers that are not doing keto about kedo so here's the rule of thumb you don't want to take advice about keto from people that don't do.

Keto that have never done it so it's kind of like going to some of the work on your teeth but they don't have experience working on your teeth would that be dangerous or having someone do a chiropractic adjustment that has never done it before mm-hmm not a good idea so when you hear advice from oh I heard this about keto.

They've never done it just ignore up because their opinion is not fact its opinion it's probably going to be untrue the other thing to mention when you say that is there's there's versions there's all kinds of versions of keto out there so we're always talking about healthy keto right because there's some wacky things out.

There and wacky products that are putting the keto label on it and it's not really Kido exactly okay all right the end on that note while San is from United Arab Emirates um you had a question are you there hi dr. Baek hi how are you good thank you I would like to thank you for.

Your advices for the way which helped a lot of people create their health your awareness that you are doing actually thank you I would like to ask you that I started to get all four weeks that after the first week my energy started to be low and once I measured the blood ketones it's always high from 3.5 and and it reach usually in the morning to.

5:00 or 5.6 yeah okay I'm wondering if this is normal and what does there is on how to reduce it to the optimal range carat okay the weight is actually stopped yeah okay so question are you diabetic type 1 no never been before okay you're doing this pretty strict right you're doing in a minute fasting in the low carb right and I think for.

The window much more than well yeah okay so here's the thing well here's what you're doing you're doing keto and you're tired and you checked your ketones and you said they're high okay you said they're like I think three to five point seven that is high but that's a good high when you get into ten twelve that's when you have like ketoacidosis.

That's like you know that's way too high but that happens only in a time a text type one if you're fasting a good amount of time and your carbs are really low you're going to be into hardcore ketosis and you are right now so that means your your body is filled with ketones and so you just told me what it is and it's.

It's still within the normal range so it's totally fine what I would do if I were you is I would take the B vitamins from nutritional yeast and electrolytes those two things potassium and make sure you're doing it like I recommend because if you actually add the vegetables in there you can buffer any type of acidity that's going on you can make sure the.

Nutrients are there to prevent any other issues that you have and improve your fatigue but you're you're still within the normal range so I wouldn't worry about that but you're in some hardcore ketosis so some people would kill to be have that many ketones going going on but yeah using to tweak it but you're not in the danger range at home thank.

You for your call now we can I have a question Karen okay then we got these we're going to talk about the purpose of a tear one of the purposes of a tear as far as from a biological not not necessarily crying or anything but what what what's in a tear that was beneficial to the body salt okay good that's one thing.

Water yeah okay so it's antibacterial there's a there's things there's enzymes in your tears that actually kill microbes did you know that they're a sterilizer Wow and by the way on average an average woman cries forty seven times a year did you know that what about many seven seven times a year.

So we've got a lot more sterilizing potential yeah an emotional release so you have this we don't have it all bottled up in here that's right I mean the last seven times I cried probably in the last month or so now I think someone must some men I'm crying a lot because I'm not crying very often I don't think I'm crying 47 times a year.

Now I think some women cry more but anyway it's an average this is something that if you end up in like Trivial Pursuit you have now the answer so we know that yeah okay so this is why what was that tip this was just some information oh there's another about of information important information about your tears and how it can kill microbes.

We need to go to Alex revoir though could like sell their tears for an antibacterial properties yeah yeah okay we'll get into that next year okay hello hello Alex how are you I'm doing great man when I ran into you it's a blessing I'm all about taking care of my health my question is I'm very confused when you talk about the insulin resistance.

Yeah my turpin tation of it is you're telling me it insulin resistant I'm thinking the pancreas is not producing insulin anymore is that false that's false so okay so so you're saying it's more insulin so if it's more insulin but I would have to shoot my mom with the 40 units of insulin before breakfast and after dinner before you know before.

Breakfast and before dinner if she is still producing insulin okay good question so alex is asking about insulin resistance let me just make it really simple when you have resist insulin resistance you can't absorb insulin anymore your kid doesn't go in anymore in other words it's unavailable to you so guess what.

Your cells are like in a state of low insulin but what does that tell the pancreas this signal is like a thermostat and it's coming back and it's telling the thermostat you're going below 72 degrees pump up more heat and so it pumps out more insulin because it's on the thermostat circuit and so the pancreas is pumping out five to.

Seven times more insulin than so you have a situation remember has all this unavailable insulin that's creating all this damage yet she's starving of insulin and that is why you have to keep injecting her to bust through the resistance so if Karin has earplugs and I'm trying to talk to her I have to maybe shout so she can hear me.

Does that make sense you're in the shoulder so Wow so so in other words maybe you do a video net and clarifying that because have it done right am i hot if you look at yeah that was my assumption of it yeah look up dr. Berg what is insulin resistance okay and I have probably seven videos on insulin resistance watch them all I'll clarify.

That but if that doesn't handle it let me know and I'll create another one real simple but it's a thermostat thank you Alex appreciate it all right so I have a question yeah so here this guy says how do you explain to your parents why keto and intermittent fasting is so important and not and handling them to know that it's safe and you're not I.

Just have them read a book have read my book the bookstore and just go ahead and get it and then read it so you would have your parents read back yeah so they don't think you're crazy all right it comes from the book so it must be true yeah oh oh well hey how are you hi Marge yeah are you getting enough to eat her.

Mom mom I I'm eating well twice a day I'm well filter this arm this arm is pretty strong oh yeah so yes I am eating enough I am getting enough food no no worries about calories thanks mom I'm good yes thank you very much I'm good mom so you maybe you want to just look she flew all the way in to make sure your hair was fine.

I spent a whole I spent all morning preparing the hair so make sure you don't mess up my hair mom no I'm really good the way mom's I'm good I'm totally good okay well no I totally well thanks mom and thanks for coming over I appreciate that here yeah okay good hey Marie from British Columbia you're.

From Canada you had a question go ahead hello hello hi hi it's Lisa Marie hi Lisa Marie so Mike hi so my question is my husband and I we were eating healthy keto and for about two months I have been continued I have fibromyalgia and some other health issues I'm recently getting tested for rheumatoid arthritis and or.

Lupus and I'm certainly health is really declining so anyway so I was eating a healthy keto for about two months and what I found so is doing intermittent fasting and pretty much so on my face like within the first two weeks just from Quito flu I kind of jumped in without getting all of the all of the information so did a bunch of.

Research and I followed all the suggestions from electrolyte replenishment intermittent fasting and I still found that my my body was there was all such as creating more inflammation like more pain um so when I went to my doctor and he had said it was likely a increase in uric acid and I just want to know your take on that.

Because I just need to take control of my health and really get my health back okay I'm only 39 years old there's three three things yeah oh yeah there's three things to look at okay so Marie is doing Kido uh uh she's in this transitional phase she has some symptoms of him from the inflammation the doctor said it could be uric acid.

That's totally true because when you do fasting especially your uric acid goes up as an antioxidant to kill off stuff it's in the repair cycle but that's a temporary thing what you can do to quickly handle that if you really want to know if it's uric acid simply you know your vegetables or some potassium citrate or in electrolytes that should.

Get rid of those symptoms like that so you want to alkalize the body a little bit and then you will see improvement so that's one thing okay so that could be why and these are just three things to research okay the next thing is that you may have high oxalates coming from the vegetables that you're eating more spinach and you're eating more almonds.

Or almond flour which is high and oxalates or chocolate those are the three things that kita people do that end up with high Oxus and that could be causing your pain so you eliminate I actually if you go to my website I have or my my video on ox let's our kidney stones you can actually just search that do the download and do that that and I.

Would do that for one week and if that candle is it great the third option is this if you're low in vitamin D you're gonna have pain and especially you mentioned you have autoimmune problems so that all automatically tells me you're probably low in the vitamin D if you take higher amounts of vitamin D that could knock out your pain really.

Fast so go to my video on how to put ms back in remission and get some research on vitamin d and apply that protocol on that note guys thank you so much for your wonderful questions and thanks mom for coming out wrong-o they dubbed in your voice oh you're welcome thank you so much you're welcome you're welcome yeah thanks Marge and Bruce is here too.

Thanks dad mom and dad and thanks for showing up thanks for your patience which thanks for great comments and yeah we really appreciate you guys we really appreciate you letting us help you yeah I really can't stand people that don't let us help them you know just well yeah and thanks for actually using the knowledge and applying it and getting.

Results yeah that's awesome that's the biggest thing have a great weekend we will see you and next week next week
Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto
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