Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

Eric Berg Live Q&A on Keto

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This is the dr. Berg show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hey guys I'm back it's Friday morning we're Northern Virginia and I'm here to take your calls and today we have my lovely wife Karen.

That's actually going to be helping me with some of the questions on Facebook and YouTube because we just have so many questions so if you want to call in call in an eight six six five six one four – nine – we have a ton of calls already so we're going to jump right in we're going to take a question from Sophia from Virginia actually it's right down the.

Street you had a question for high blood pressure go ahead Sophia actually it's a question about high blood sugar levels in the morning even though I am doing the intermittent fasting mm-hmm I don't understand how can be high in the morning and sometimes it even decreases like in the afternoon yeah very good question I did a video on this so let me.

Just answer that right now if your blood sugar is high in the morning what that means usually is the adrenal glands are involved here you are going and you're fasting all night long right you're actually fasting you're not eating and what's happening is your body should be tapping into the fat reserve but if you if your blood sugar spikes without.

Eating anything usually the adrenal kicks in and either cortisol or adrenaline will kick in there and that'll release some sugar because your body hasn't adapted yet so I would support the adrenal gland that's probably the biggest thing you need to do and that will enhance the capacity for the pancreas to start tapping into.

Fat or we should call it potential energy you know we don't want to call it fat anymore and then the other thing that you could do is try some apple cider vinegar before where you go to bed in a glass of water because that will really help the stabilization of blood sugars but you're really in the transition phase and it's.

Not a bad thing it just means that you're gonna have to kind of keep adapting until you're able to get your body off the sugar and run your body on ketones so just give it a little more time and you'll be fine but I did do a video on that great question Cynthia you're from Ohio you had a question about PCOS and adrenal body type go.

Ahead yes i i'm also diabetic high blood pressure high cholesterol and swelling in my ankles and feet and i want to start from looking at you know your videos and listen to previous calls i'm thinking that intermittent fasting and the keto diet would pretty much take care of because you know the insulin resistance seems to take care of a whole.

Bunch of things i just need to know what i need to do now cuz i definitely need to get started okay great so cynthia since we had a great question related to keto and PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome which basically is a situation when your ovaries are pumping out or the body's pumping out too much androgen that's a male hormone and it's coming.

From either the ovary or the adrenal glands it's probably being the ovary because there's a little tiny cyst in there that are pump pumping up the wrong hormone and when you have PCOS you have facial hair you have deeper voice you lose your hair sometimes alopecia and you get more waking in the midsection and a bunch of other symptoms but if you.

Look that up there's always this Associated symptom that comes with it called intermittent insulin resistance which in fact that's not true it's actually the cause of PCOS it's not one of the related symptoms it's the cause of it so what I would recommend is focus on correcting insulin resistance by doing keto and imminent fasting insulin.

Resistance will heal and then the PCs will also heal right after that because we have a cause-effect relationship that really good question so hey Karen do you have any interesting questions on Facebook or YouTube for us well good morning and yes actually I have sandy who is asking about a rash she has a rash and she.

Wants to do something natural for it and she just wants to know what you think okay so she's from Facebook or is it from you to Facebook okay sandy let's let's talk about that of course I wanted to Karen to ask me all the easy questions not difficult ones but that's fine it's really Kido rash and when you do.

Ketosis and you get a rash what's happening is the liver is is processing a lot of fat and when you actually burn fat you release a lot of stuff inside the fat and guess what guess where you store most of your toxins in the fat cell so as you release the fat you may have a little bit of a detox reaction type thing so the best thing to do for.

That is to make sure that you consume the vegetables at a very high amount because that'll flesh out any toxic waste coming out from the liver and the gallbladder that's kind of sitting there so if you do this without a lot of vegetables you may notice a lot of skin issues and things like that the other thing that I would recommend is consume.

Radishes radishes are high in sulfur that cleanse the liver it cleanses the gallbladder also of course the cruciferous vegetables those are good too so to prevent rashes or any detox if it's if it's a skin related problem go with more vegetables if it's other related symptoms when you're adapting you want to just do the B vitamins and.

The potassium okay and that comes from the vegetable again so because your body needs a little bit more of that to adapt to fat-burning okay so I had another question actually let's take it from a caller Arlene you're from Delaware you to question your husband is on blood pressure meds and you can't take my recommendations go ahead.

Yes we went to the health food store to get stinging nettle root and they said because he's on high blood pressure he didn't they didn't suggest it and also you told me to take for myself great food see exact I'm in extract yeah yeah it's for Kant DITA yeah and it was saying well you know because I'm gonna have a pressure medicine I shouldn't.

Take that and also I had I have like a quarter of my thyroid removed and I also had like patches that's been here I'd use your hair product and the pills for hair nails and it didn't work so I'm wondering making the right products for new because you know I don't have a gallbladder and also um because I don't have a gallbladder I don't digest it as.

Well but I am NOT on the ball bladder medicine so okay good good question well if the Health has said don't take it so they must know the answer to that because there now I'm just kidding so the the health food store you know I think they have to say that kind of legally just to so you know someone doesn't you know like have a problem and.

They're at fault if you're taking a remedy but the point is that in the show all the information that I say is just for research and for entertainment it's not meant to diagnose anyone these are remedies that I found that really can help support you and so thinking that about for example is a very very natural thing that has no side effects by.

Increasing or aggravating blood pressure so when someone tells you this data like oh don't take that what you need to say is oh really who told you that where did you hear that and see what they say there won't be any answer there's no references they won't be able to tell you where they heard it from they might say well I think I read it.

From some someplace oh it where well I think it's from the National Enquirer you know whatever or Time magazine or whatever the point is that there's no source so you always want to pull the string because you can't all these opinions from everyone and their brother and so they're kind of like um they don't really know where.

They're coming from so there's kind of make up stuff because whatever so the point is that you those are totally safe like for example grapefruit extract it's wonderful as a proven track-record it does not worsen blood pressure at all so again you know just find out who's telling you that take with a grain of salt unless they have a lot of.

Experience in that those two things now as far as you taking the gall bladder the hair formula you don't have a gall bladder the only thing that I would make sure is I would probably with you focus on your stomach because in order for the gall bladder to release bile and how that work you need a very acid stomach so I would make sure that you're doing.

Something to acidify the stomach like maybe digestive formula or some betaine how to chloride or more apple cider vinegar that enhances the function of the gall bladder okay so that's one thing the other thing that you want to do or lean is really start to plug in intermittent fasting I can't emphasize this enough that if someone does have a.

Gall bladder and they do in a minute fasting it will greatly help you at least concentrate the bile that you have that's in the liver so when you release it it starts working better if there is a gallbladder removed chances are there's also was a past problem with the gallbladder and the liver well people that have either fatty liver gall.

Bladder problem cirrhosis of the liver have a problem absorbing nutrients in general so that could be your problem as well so you just want to keep doing what I'm recommending in a minute fasting ketosis keep doing that for a period of time until your liver does better and better and better and I think that a lot of.

Problems you have will just kind of go away because you really want to focus to the the basics of that alright but good question hey Kathy you're from Philadelphia you had a question about diabetics with high blood pressure and carbs go ahead hi dr. Berg is a pleasure are you 58 postmenopausal yo-yo dieting since I was 15 and my question is.

What would be the right amount of cars for me to consume per day to lose weight and again to become adaptive have adapted your question so Kathy wants to know how many carbs does she need per day to lose weight well you're already a diabetic you have blood pressure so you need a lot less carbs so I would not go over 20 carbs a.

Day and I would try to keep the sugar grams to zero okay you want to keep sugar grams to zero and keep your overall carbs below 20 now some people even go below that but don't worry about counting the vegetable carbohydrates said we want high levels of vegetable and we want low other carbs like if it's going to be in a hummus or some type of.

Other food make sure those carbs do not exceed 20 grams per day and I think you'll start losing weight that way and you'll be very very healthy all right let's take a question do we have any interesting questions Karen over there from the Facebook I yes there's another one here on Facebook that I hear a lot and this is from Helen and she has.

Restless legs at night and she wants to know what she can do about that okay let's let's answer that question so restless leg syndrome is can come usually from exercise usually it's a problem eliminating something called lactic acid and lactic acid needs B vitamins but especially b12 actually get rid of rid of it so if it's exercise.

Related and let's say you work out and you have restless legs I would do a combination of more b1 nutritional yeast and I would do omega-3 fatty acids you can do these a flax oil or fish oil okay so it's omega-3 and b1 if it's after exercise if it's a problem in general and you have restless legs it's usually a problem with lactic acid in which you.

Need more vitamin b1 which you can get from nutritional yeast you can get in a tablet whatever but that should take care of the rest of legs like that on a rare occasion you just might need more minerals and but people with restless legs usually have a problem because they're doing a they have a history of doing too many carbs.

Running bunny on sugar and they're not consuming enough vegetable all right so good question though hey we have another question from Pennsylvania it's called scheana from Pennsylvania to question about keto and lemon water my husband and I have been doing the keto diet for the past six weeks we've seen amazing results I've lost 15 pounds he's.

Actually lost 30 Wow but one thing that I was reading that was saying that lemon fresh lemon juice especially an excess can kick you out of he paces because I was wondering what should be our feelings for Lemon per day this is a great question here's another example what I was talking about so I want to know who told you that.

Where did you hear that I was actually looking online because I've been looking up all different types of keto recipes and I happen to find it it was like kind of like a bodybuilding site now of course I'm not trying to something that I happen to read do you remember what site it was I want to say maybe keto mama calm okay.

All right so good so so here's just another perfect example of when you do research on the net you're gonna find every single possible opinion on the planet and that's why it's the sea of confusion and you don't really know what's going because you're gonna get conflicting data here and there so I always really make sure that the source.

That you accept data from is someone that really has credibility and I'm not talking about a university site or a government site I'm talking about someone that has personal experience getting results in that area if someone's an expert they have results in the area so I have the advantage have been in clinic for 29 years so I've.

Worked on you know over 40,000 people so I have a lot of experience working with people over and over and over and I'm gonna tell you the amount of sugar and lemon water is so low you will never have to worry about it in fact if you don't consume lemon with the Kido you'll you may have higher levels of uric acid and oxalates so that means that you.

Could potentially get kidney stones so know you want to do a lot of lemon water a lot of lemon when you dookied oh and you have like a you have between 20 and 50 carbs that you can consume so if you look do the numbers on how many carbs are in lemon water I mean it's like like so small it's never gonna be a problem so don't.

Worry about lemon water what you have to worry about is the sugar in the lemon water called lemonade so I mean so worry about that but you can put liquid stevia and be totally fine so let me take another call from in Chicago it's latisha you had a question about ketosis and pregnancy go ahead well I'm in the process of well I'll be out about to go.

Into IVF treatments again so hopefully from there you know they're gonna do two egg retrieval and then they're you know hopefully it's I'll be getting pregnant I'm kind of curious on on the adjustments you know I'm pretty confident when I'm on my own but when you're involving uh you know the fertility treatments as well as possible.

Pregnancy you know I wanted to ask somebody you know what kind of adjustments if any that I need to make you know I understand during pregnancy I'm not gonna be concerned so much about losing weight but I want to also maintain and right now there I'm gonna do the egg retrieval right now but I'm gonna wait till I lose a little bit of.

Weight before I do the transfer um so it might be like three or four months but I want to optimize this time before I do the transfer to lose as much weight as possible good I could get myself can this is that was my question hopefully you could give me some insight I'm empowering the web but there's so much information and everything's conflicting.

That it's really confusing and I don't really want to take called information overload yeah there's just too much information but this is a awesome question I love this question because it's something that I just basically did a video on recently and there's some the stuff that you're going to read on pregnancy and keto it says it's going to.

Create malformation in the baby's organs okay but if you look at the studies that they're using they're doing it on mice okay not humans and then if you look up the food the meal that they're feeding the mice it's with the protein its milk protein casein they use Crisco for the fat I'm not kidding.

Corn oil for the fat which is GMO soy oil I mean that's their ketogenic diet so if you fed that to any person they probably would have an organ failure so in fact to help fertility keto and Amanda fasting is the absolute best thing to do for your hormones because you're going to lower insulin insulin inhibits all the female sex hormones and.

So and it doesn't make you fertile when you have high levels of insulin so you're on the right track so many women that actually fix insulin resistance end up getting they become more fertile to be all of a sudden they get pregnant and so it's a really healthy thing to do and you don't a really healthy ketogenic diet that I'm recommending with all the.

Vegetables is not a nutritional deficiency type diet all it is you're lowering the sugar which actually blocks your ability to absorb nutrition so as long as you're doing this healthy like I'm recommending it's the best diet to do the only thing I would tweak if you want to get pregnant is I would probably once you are pregnant go to maybe just.

Keep three meals in don't try to do too much in a minute fasting just don't snack between the meals okay so do three meals and then when you're but before that I would do some in a minute fasting and you're gonna see that your fertility is much much better as far as nutrition goes roll jelly is a really good thing to consume to increase your fertility.

And definitely a lot of the fats like have more fat like DHA cod liver oil all these things will help you alright good question good do we have any other questions do we run out of questions yet over there on Facebook there are so many great questions coming in through social media there's a really cool one something we talked about earlier did.

The level of ketones reflect fat burning okay good so this is another good question ketones are the byproduct of ketosis which is fat burning now when you become adapted to burning fat over a period of time and you're really in ketosis hardcore you're gonna be burning up these ketones more efficiently you're.

Going to burn up your your fuel more efficiently and the ketones will drop so you can use ketose ketone a ketone stick to measure the ketones is a kind of one indicator but better than that is just to measure the waist with a tape measure to make sure you're losing on your waist and see how you feel so initially you might see more ketones because you're.

Going out to the urine but you want to be able to get to the point where your body is burning all these key tenses feel you're efficient and they don't show up anymore but you're still in ketosis I mean it's you know what we're going right into Halloween nowadays and I'll tell you it's really difficult for me to give children all this sugar last.

Year Karen what do we give out we gave like healthy treats or some of your pencils little toys right and did we have some challenges for that with these kids I actually broke down and gave out the little Halloween pretzels and a little kid threw it back in the bowl and walked away movie toilet-papered for this I have to find a solution it's.

Tough out there I don't know why kids don't like apples anymore or I want pencils I mean what's wrong with pencils I school supplies I grab I hats and glow sticks and these kids are addicted to sugar so yeah we may be told the paper this year so it comes with the price of trying to get these kids healthy so I have another question from Italy.

Azad you had a question about thyroid and cruciferous vegetables go ahead good morning dr. Berg yeah nyesha that was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism so I had high levels of stimulation conservative levels of t3 and t4 I've been on the ketogenic diet for two months watching your videos and I was a little bit going to worry about the cruciferous vegetable.

That I'm using and also having taking levothyroxine 15 milligrams every day I'm sure on to decreasing the amount of these this medications but I'm a little bit worried because I've read that it's it's not okay to when you start using did you would be addicted to it yeah and another question I have it it's the same it's my father he died way.

They come in here that he has had a popular car cinema of their cancer yeah now I want to put him on the ketogenic diet if he has had metastases and that he has been told to her to avoid cruciferous vegetables as well okay good question and I have a question for you though have you been diagnosed with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism well well I.

Had a low level of vitamin D and I had been shown something sensitivity to gluten so I stopped eating gluten but I have never been diagnosed with any sort of continuing division and the last test I did for my thyroid it was shown that I don't have any Hashimoto or any continuous but okay that's unclear from you okay so let's talk about I out but I.

Also there was also mercury in my test I did was late inspection test it was not Korean but okay good you ever this is a great question I think I want to take it so I'm glad that you asked me a question that I I can answer so here's the thing he has hypothyroidism most thyroid issues again this is my opinion okay just for information and.

For your entertainment not to diagnose you but most I believe most thyroid conditions are secondary not primary you just don't end up with a thyroid problem it's not a primary thing and secondary either from high estrogen or liver damage or gallbladder problems because it takes the gallbladder and the bile and the liver to convert from t4 to t3.

Okay so it's one of the two now if it's autoimmune it could be stress related and that could come from the adrenal so apparently you're not you don't have a Hashimoto's that's a low thyroid but the fact that you have high levels of mercury gives me a little clue here because mercury there's one thing that will really help detect detoxify mercury.

More than anything else and that's selenium selenium is a trace mineral and selenium is sometimes hard to get so I mean it's in Brazil nuts it's in clams it's in shrimp it's in grass-fed beef it's in mushrooms but you might want to take it as a supplement because selenium helps build the enzymes to help convert t4 to t3 so yes iodine is important too.

But selenium is also important so I would take selenium and I would also take concentrated seek help so you can really maximize the benefit now I would also want to get a history before you have hypothyroidism what happened just before you got it was there an estrogen situation you know was there a gallbladder liver situation and then.

Focused on that now as far as the reason I like cruciferous is it it tends to detoxify excessive estrogen but if there's not an estrogen trigger then you probably don't need it but the benefit of taking cruciferous in general is very very high for the liver as well so what I would recommend is maybe don't restrict cruciferous consume of it but.

Just have more seek help and more iodine to compensate for that because too much cruciferous can inhibit iodine so if you just take more sea kelp then you get the benefits of cruciferous and the benefits of iodine which basically promote thyroid function okay and iodine also will lower estrogen too so that's my two cents I don't like to restrict it too.

Much and I think you know you you can try that and see if it helps you alright good question do we have any questions left do we have anyone asks canonical yes we have a really good question from Melinda who is a diabetic and she's really confused about skipping breakfast she's told never skip a meal you have to eat three times what does she do Melinda.

This is a another good question too oh boy so far everyone had some really good questions No some crappy questions so I appreciate that Melinda if you're a diabetic and this is what's been ingrained in even myself as in my first book I'm recommending you got to have the breakfast it's the most important thing.

Keep your blood Sugar's well we'll think about it I mean eating in general increases insulin diabetes is a condition where you have too much insulin unless it's type 1 okay so think about this why would you want to add more insulin to the situation doesn't make sense you want to but you'll get.

Conflicting data because you're reading the sites that promote six meals a day or whatever and that's basically the American Diabetes Association they recommend frequent meals and snacks between meals but you know you just got to look at who's sponsoring them the food companies so and make up your own mind I'm not saying that it's slightly.

Biased but you can make up your own mind on that but the point is that if you do in a minute fasting you decrease the need for insulin and you actually help help blood Sugar's more than anything but you have to do a gradual so I have a little course on my site that I'm gonna recommend that you go to and it's a call it's a keto course and anyone on.

Facebook right now if you're on Facebook you go on messenger and you just type in Kido okay and you can get the course if you're on YouTube I put a link down below in the description you can click that and then sign it for the messenger on Facebook and I have a little keto course it's a free little mini course it's awesome and walk you through step.

By step what to eat what to avoid because my whole thing is educating people so definitely check that out if you're on periscope or Twitter you might have to just go to one of these other platforms because I don't have a link there and but have this little cool little course but the point is that you want to do in a minute fasting because.

And this is one last thing and then I'll shut up about this but it's important the function the purpose of insulin is to protect you against toxic sugar because it lowers sugar out of the blood you insulin your body's trying to tell you don't eat the sugar okay it's too much and so the other thing is if you eat a.

Meal it will trigger insulin so you want to have the least amount of meals possible to actually correct insulin resistance which is always the case in diabetes type 2 all right now I'll actually get back to the questions here now Mary you had a question you're from Florida you had a question about diabetes as well go ahead yes I have.

Diabetes ideas and my doctor always tell me but I had to say my footify cramps a couple high dry and I tried to Peter diet but I was not losing any weight yeah good question so I'm gonna answer this okay the doctor told you to keep your carbs at what 45 grams a day per meal per meal per meal.

45 now why what do you have any idea why the doctor is recommending 45 grams of sugar per meal or carbohydrate per meal because I'm gonna into a pump because you're on an insulin pump Wow well see the purpose okay so here's the thing the purpose of insulin is to lower sugar then the doctors recommending sugar or carbs to raise sugar to require more.

Insulin that just doesn't make sense to me so I think for you you should go to that take that key to a course because that will give you the information then to come up to your doctor and say doc listen why are you recommending so many carbohydrates because that's going to increase the need for insulin and cause me to take more insulin why would we.

Want to do that don't we want to decrease the need for insulin because insulin too much insulin is very very dangerous okay so the goal with diabetes type 1 is to decrease the need for insulin to a normal level as much as possible so you don't have to take too much in carbs trigger insulin so to me that does not make logical sense at all.

You want to keep your carbs down as low as possible now the diet for a one diabetic versus a type-2 is the exact same thing okay it's no difference I actually just released the video on them but thank you for your question I hope that helped Karen do we have any other questions coming in here ah there's a person here let me find it.

Again I'm sorry I lost your name but she's she's saying she always ate one to two meals a day but she's still having a lot of sagging a lot of cellulite and she doesn't know what she's doing wrong okay so this is another good question if you have like loose collagen you have sagging skin and you have wrinkles or whatever any type of loss of collagen.

That's protein that's a protein problem and there's a couple things you can do to tighten up that skin the absolute most important thing is in a minute fasting and number two is ketosis because what happens if you have just picture this big ball okay this cell and instead you have insulin resistance so insulin is not working insulin is like.

The key to open up the cell to allow protein to go in the cell so people that have insulin resistance can't absorb proteins and collagen so now if you do intermittent fasting and heal insulin resistance you allow the protein go in the cell you get more nice skin tone you less sagging but sometimes you're gonna have to need a combination of exercise.

To actually physically work that those muscles and tissue and in a minute fasting over a longer period of time when you have atrophy of the skin after for the muscles mainly and then on the skin that is a condition that's not a little thing it's a big thing it's a chronic condition much like osteoporosis and I think people don't realize that.

The level of effort that you have to put out is a lot more than they think you might have to do this for a year or longer to be able to start seeing some major changes because after maybe many years of sedentary lifestyle whatever or eating sugar it takes a while to come back just like the liver healing it takes like three years so I would just.

Give it more time keep doing in a minute fasting I just released a video on one meal a day that might be a your solution and make sure it's nutrient-dense add the exercise in there and no cheating because here's the thing there's there's two things that I find when people are not getting results I make sure are they doing it correctly.

Are they really doing it correctly or are they cheating a little bit because they find out they're sort of doing it but they're not really doing it okay and the second thing is doing it correctly and not doing it halfway like giving it enough time and to be able to impinge and to really work so if you're doing it correctly which basically means.

Doing the correct eating and giving enough time it's going to be successful almost 100% of the time all right good question all right so now we have Monty from the UK you had a question about the best supplements for high blood pressure go ahead yeah I'm well I've had hypertension for a number of years diagnosed ten years ago but.

About a year and a half ago I had a pain in my left foot by my knuckle on my big toe and I was misdiagnosed with having gout so they started to give me all this treatment for gout and steroid injections and what happened is even I was on blood pressure medication my blood pressure went through the ceiling and they started.

Giving me more and more blood pressure medications to bring under control so what happened was I started to experience like if I was walking on a ship at sea I was off balance and experiencing a lot of side effects including sight a lot these things and I saw one of your videos with the nerve dist and nerve dysfunction and what.

Almost everything that you mentioned on there with the sleep despite the sensitivity applied to what I'm experiencing and I've been experiencing there for a year now and so I've taken myself out the blood pressure medication leaden arm still got high blood pressure and I'm and I'm sort of trying to put the potassium into my system and the.

Other things and I just wanted to know amounts I know that I saw some your videos but I was just wondering what I might need to start thinking about new shoe wise good question very good question I have a question for you first the medication that they put you on was it a diuretic I was only out on I was on diuretic as.

On beta-blockers thousand eight hundred two thousand all of those okay I was about four or five okay all right so Marty let me answer that question just so you know the diuretics have a side effect of increasing uric acid crystals and creating gout that's probably aggravated things pretty bad for you and then just too many side effects blood.

Pressure and this is my opinion usually comes from high levels of insulin it could also come from calcium that's build up in the arteries so you definitely need a combination over the k2 and d3 okay k2 + d3 k2 helps lower blood pressure by removing calcium from the artery wall okay and it takes a while to.

Do that the other no-brainer that will help not just your blood sugar issues but the blood pressure as well is potassium get electrolyte that is higher in potassium get one that's a thousand milligrams we need 4,700 milligrams of potassium so if someone's has high blood pressure you may even want to go higher than that and consume the seven to ten.

Cups of vegetables on top of that have an electrolyte mix that has high potassium and start doing you know maybe another two thousand and three thousand milligrams of potassium because potassium is the physiological tranquilizer to calm the nervous system but I think over time if you keep in the keto and in a minute fasting together.

Eventually you'll heal insulin resistance which is higher which is causing the high insulin and your blood pressure will do much much better but potassium and vitamin k2 are my two recommendations and electrolyte blends that have the magnesium will also help you good question so Karen do we have any interesting questions coming in or.

Yes here's another one uh Laura from Maryland and she says she's really working on the diet she's not snacking in between once a week she has some red wine and she's totally fine with that she doesn't think that should interfere but she wants to know why she's not losing any weight okay good so Laurie from Maryland says Laura Laura from.

Maryland so I'm gonna just answer that question wine alcohol unfortunately is it's not just a sugar effect but it kind of slams the liver and it can really set you back especially if you're doing a lot of it on the weekends right because what happens is you might think well it's just a couple it's a couple glasses of.

Wine it will be a problem but half a glass of wine could set you back 48 to 72 hours and knock you right out of ketosis now if you're doing it Friday night Saturday night and Sunday night probably it's going to knock you out for the whole week and when I evaluate people and they're not getting results I look for things like that and I always.

Find things like that it's the little stuff but that they think but it's really big things and it's little like a little bit of juice a little bit of fruit alcohol alcohol unfortunately you have to recover from that and it could take a while and so get off that get the junk out of the trunk I mean the alcohol out of your liver and stick to the.

Program for a period of time and I think people don't realize that they have to give it enough time to let it work and they think in the mind that much time is like as like a week or two but I'm in my mind thinking yeah give it some months to really kick in because it didn't get like that overnight so spend the time be disciplined and you're gonna get the.

Results hey Brooke your friend trying to see you had a question about baking soda for acid reflux yes my friend said that she actually took it and that it stopped her acid reflux completely like I guess she takes it when she eats or whatever but I was just wondering what that does for acid reflux does it increase the acid or does it decrease it okay do you.

Want to this is a great question Brooke a very good question what every everyone is having great questions today very good so baking soda alkalizes the stomach so it's going to get rid of acid the problem is next time you eat it's going to be worse normally the pH of your stomach is between one and three okay one in three do you know.

What that means that's like battery acid that's a tremendous amount of acid in your stomach so when your stomach normally that should be really really acid starts to rise in pH and become more alkaline what happens is you will lose the ability to close the valve on the top of the stomach so the acid is now going to splash up.

It's called Girt so you're gonna get asked reflux and you're gonna get probably even heartburn because you're gonna have a weak stomach acid so yes it's true that taking an alkalizing agent calcium carbonate baking soda will help you temporarily it will worsen in the long run what you should be doing is taking outside a vinegar or a betaine.

How to chloride and taking that with each meal over time to build up your acids so it actually stays healthy over time and it gets better over time of course I didn't know that when I had the heartburn one when I was in my 20s you know about three years ago and basically I was taking Rolaids and I kept getting worse and worse and worse I'd feel.

Better and it get worse so it's definitely a situation so now we have a question from Albert from Washington I guess Washington State you you have question about intermittent fasting and the best protein source right yes good now you from the words Bellingham is that on over the mountains on the dry side or is it where's that actually it's.

90 miles north of Seattle about ten miles from the Canadian border so I'm you know very extreme Pacific Northwest Wow I love that area I practice in Lynnwood Washington right when I graduated the problem is it rained every day I couldn't take it so then I moved down to the Mojave Desert for a while to dry off.

But that's a beautiful area I love that area of the country when it's not raining but here's the question as far as the frequency of meals when you go to one meal a day you're gonna have to increase that protein amount it's no longer going to be 3 to 6 ounces because you want to not go down with your protein you probably.

Want to go 8 to even 9 ounces of protein maybe even 10 so yeah that is the challenge with some people doing one meal you have to make up the protein amounts and the nutrition amount so you have to have larger huge feasting salads and a lot of other things too but a good question Diana you had a question you're from.

Florida and it was a question on keto and in a minute fasting and then you just plateaued I guess right yes unfortunately okay so how often are you eating now one meal a day usually somewhere between 12:30 or 2:30 I will eat like broccoli and cooked in butter with red peppers on it about a cup of that and probably one ground beef.

Patty maybe like I don't know I'm trying to make it bigger like maybe six eight ounces and I'm stuffed all day I feel like great I don't feel hungry anymore at all I just see because of the nutrition and I need to get some of your wheatgrass I know and some electrolytes because I've been listening to your things that's the.

Only two things because I'm having sleeping problems I'm having you know like and I can fall asleep easy but I wake up after 2 or 3 hours and then I'm up for 2 or 3 hours again and then I fall back to sleep and it's just really and then severe muscle cramps like in my low leg so I know that aciem thing I think.

Yeah and I'm wondering why plateaued I'm not losing any weight I'm just stuck at 168 okay all right good question so this happens a lot and one of the things in my book that I released what you might want to get a copy of it's called dr. Berg's bought it a new body type guide I added in there a lot of additional data because you know here you have this.

Basic keto in a minute fasting plan right well you don't really just have everyone that kind of fits that plan you have people that are have a lot of other issues thyroid liver adrenal and and a lot of sleeping issues digestive issues so the in that book I talked about getting the different parts of the body healthy as well so with you.

I really think your sleep is the biggest problem the fact that you get cramps means that your potassium and mineral deficient so yes I would get those electrolytes because those are enhancements to make things work better that's when you want to bring the nutrition that's when you want to start tweaking things so you could sleep like.

A baby you may benefit greatly from the sleep aid as well because if you're not sleeping your cortisol is going to be higher and that could be why your Plateau in fact I pretty much know that's why you're plateauing so yeah that's pretty much what what I would recommend and then hey listen if you're on YouTube or Facebook please share this.

Information with other people I love helping people I know you do too let's get this word out and if you're from Facebook come to YouTube subscribe because I have a little different content on YouTube and if you're on youtube go to Facebook I have a little different content there so go ahead and come to these channels and if you go to.

My site dr. Byrd com very soon it was supposed to be released this week but next week for sure I'm gonna be releasing some amazing recipes if you subscribe to my channel and I'll let you know if you're on on either channel too but because one of the fundings people want to know what to eat so I'm gonna actually give a recipe a day and it's.

Gonna be awesome you'll see the picture you'll get the recipe and that way you can kind of get the carbs right and the proteins and the fats so check that out do we have any new questions Karen yes we have Bob from Minnesota and he is wanting to get on this program he said he doesn't think he needs to lose weight all over he just carries weight right in.

His belly a big pot and he wants to know if he should do something different is that what's his name again Bob Bob so Bob this is the sounds like you have the liver body type that's the protruded belly and it's kind of like a beer not a beer belly but a kind of a pot belly approach and if you're doing the intimate of.

Fasting and the ketosis which exactly what you want to do there's another situation that could be occurring especially if you're skinny in the legs and the upper body and you've got just this gut it could be that it's not all fat it could be fluid and there's a condition called ascites assiting sitings is a fluid-filled sac.

In the abdomen because the liver is not functioning and the liver is leaking fluid into the abdomen if that's the case you need to probably supplement your diet with certain things that will support the liver definitely a lot of vegetables a lot of cruciferous things that will support the liver then we'll help drain out some of that fluid but in.

Addition make sure that you keep the foundation of ketose ketosis and imminent fasting and the type that I recommend because it's really really healthy and it's been proven to work on near 100% of the people that I've seen and you can check out the site I mean the amount of success stories we're getting flooding in from people is just.

Off the charts and so you might want to consider that ok so Beverly you're from Minnesota you to question my element of fasting and wheatgrass good morning dr. Burke and what I am wondering if in the morning when I get up if I drink the mixture of wheatgrass juice nutritional G nutritional yeast and lemon juice does.

That break my fast or can I have that in the morning and then wait until later on in the day to eat and then my second question is if I have a four hour window of eating instead of having two meals is it okay like if I have a snack in between as long as it's within that four hour window so say if I wanted to have more vegetables or something but keep it.

Within that four hour window good question okay so now it's told when you in the morning if you do the wheatgrass and you do nutritional yeast and lemon water it's not going to break you're fast okay it's not gonna break your fast the amount of carbs none is so low and you're doing this concentrated nutrition so it's not going to be a.

Problem at all you can do that I I do even a little kale shake with two scoops of the wheatgrass juice in the morning boy I just feel so good within a couple hours after doing that and I swear my cognitive function is better as well I just feel clearer in the head now if you if you are at a four-hour window that means the time between the meals so you.

Have a lunch and you wait for hours and you've eaten you have this window that's kind of your eating window and yes you could have something in there I'm not I'm not concerned with that you can have vegetables you can eat within that window I wouldn't worry about that as too much and especially since it's four hours that's a pretty nice tight amount.

Of time to eat so yeah you can do that so go ahead and do that other people what they do is they'll have one meal a day and they have like this long social meal it's like two hour of two hours of eating and socializing and talking to people I think that's a great idea in fact I think that's what they do it in Europe I don't know for a fact but I.

Like that I think it's a great way to you know spread it out in fact I think well what I want to do this Thanksgiving is do that like we have this meal that's extended out for maybe several hours and that's the only meal that I consume and it's quite large but of course I need to talk everyone else into it as well so I'll have to check it out uh Nathan.

You're from Tennessee you had a question about fiber supplements go ahead yeah a question about juicing and fiber I know that when I juice I'm not getting all that vegetable fiber but juicing is a lot easier on my system and I was wondering if psyllium fiber capsules if that's a good supplement to go along with juice is that something completely.

Different what are your thoughts on that okay yeah you can do the psyllium but you know what I think think about this your gut needs fiber your microbes in your gut need fiber to live off of psyllium is kind of a low-level fiber only be recommended I recommend doing the actual fiber in the vegetables itself so that's just.

What I would recommend you're juicing that's fine that's good you're getting into nutrition make sure you don't put any fruit in it but maybe you either put maybe you blend it or if you don't like that then just get your fiber from the the salads that you're going to add on top of everything but you need to do the fiber and I just did a video on grain.

Fiber versus vegetable fiber and I do not recommend grain fiber or even the psyllium seed it's just not a high quality fiber but good question so do we have another question Karen on one of the platforms here yes yes we do this is on Facebook and Gina says that she had her thyroid removed she's taking the wheatgrass every day but she's still.

Having a lot of hair loss and she wants to know what she can do okay so she has her thyroid removed her gallbladder her thyroid ok so Gina you need to give another thyroid and put it back in there get it sewed back in there because I need a thyroid but now the fact that you don't have a thyroid tells me that it's gonna it's going to affect a lot of.

Things chemistry wise there's like over a hundred intracellular enzymes that are are gonna have difficulty working so in this situation you will have to enhance your diet with a lot more trace minerals I would do a plant-based trace mineral compound in a liquid and I would do double or triple the dosage just because.

It's harder to drive the nutrition in here into your body but the other thing that you want to do within a minute and ketosis in a minute fasting in ketosis is do that long enough for yourself to start absorbing more nutrients so it's just not a matter of taking more nutrients it's a matter of getting your cells to absorb it the.

Other thing is to make sure your gut is really healthy with good probiotics and you'll start pouring pulling more nutrition in but I think your problem right now is you need trace minerals plant-based trace minerals just because you don't have the thyroid okay okay Rebecca you had a question from Michigan go ahead Rebecca hey.

I do um so I've been doing keto for just about a month now and I have to say that the thought of intermittent fasting is absolutely terrifying to me and I'm hoping that that will get better as I go on I'm doing 12 hours now but I don't feel like with my history of you know bad dieting and starvation and all of those things from my past that I'm.

Really ready to go beyond 12 hours yet but my problem the thing that's concerning me the most is I've been having night sweats and I feel like I might have a hormonal imbalance and I'm wondering and also so I've been doing it just about a month and I had my period just started in it the worst period that I've had in years and I'm wondering if.

If the keto diet will regulate my hormones automatically or if I need to do supplements and another unrelated question is there is there such thing as taking apple cider vinegar too often or having too much in your system got it okay let me just answer it I think I think this is a pretty simple answer to this question yes doing keto and.

Imminent fasting is amazing for hormonal health because you have let's just take there's six of the most common hormones out there those are all fat burners but they do a lot of other things insulin is the most dominant hormone of all the hormones it in the presence of too much insulin it knocks out all these other hormones it just nullifies them so.

Within a minute fasting in ketosis you're actually correcting insulin big-time and all of a sudden all these hormones start to kick in growth hormone thyroid hormone everything starts working again so that should be your goal yes there's a ton of supplements you can take but that the foundation is really getting in here but no I do.

Understand in a minute fasting is a bit scary when you start to do this because you're like not eating it's like oh my god I'm not used to that so what you do is you just do it really gradual okay start with three meals a day and this don't have that any snacks and just do that until you're comfortable and start gradually pushing your breakfast further.

And further towards lunch until Leigha drops out and then two meals a day it's not that bad you can do that for a long period of time it's not scary but you have to do it so your body feels good on it so it's not hard so there's no craving the problem that messes people up is social events and activities and holidays and birthdays.

And so you just have to bite the bullet and persist through that but no I think that's it's you just need to do that and stick with it and it's going to work faster than you think but there's a million things to take in the meantime if you want to handle hot flashes just type up one of my videos pull it up and watch it on hot flashes I.

Have a lot of videos on that good question now all right do we have any more questions from anyone there's a million questions but here's an interesting one Sharon wants to know if keto diet can help her blood pressure she doesn't need to lose any weight she's just trying to get some balance on her blood pressure yeah and again this.

Is just for your entertainment and not meant to diagnose you or just to help your research but you have two things you have ketosis ketosis is really lowering your carbs that's what it's about and then that also increases the function of insulin so you decrease the need for insulin so and insulin is behind blood pressure okay so that's.

Going to help you but what's going to help you more is in a minute fasting in a minute fasting is the most powerful tool to drop insulin because you're not eating as frequent and you're gonna find it's a little more difficult to do that but the combination of intermittent fasting in keto together our blood pressure it's it's a no-brainer.

Make sure you enhance your your minerals potassium magnesium from the diet like I recommend and again I'm doing a keto course for those of you on Facebook if you go to messenger and type under keto course I will send you a mini course on there and if you're on face if you're on YouTube go down and click the link in the description take the key to course.

It's a free course and I just give you the basics it's really really quick as well and for those of you that don't already have seen the quiz or a little course press share so we can spread this out because there's a lot of people that need your help and I can't do it alone I need your help so spread the word if you like.

Helping people if you don't like helping people don't spread the word hey sherry you're from Michigan you had a question on ketosis in cholesterol go ahead yeah hi doctor thank you for taking my call oh I've been very very I'm 62 I've been very active all my life and I've always had a high HDL cholesterol and my ratio has always been very low and that stayed.

Consistent however the last time probably about three months ago that I had my cholesterol measured the cholesterol total cholesterol was 239 and the LDL was 150 and of course my doctor immediately says you're gonna die if I don't put you on statins yeah I refused statins and I'm just wondering if the keto and intermittent fasting.

Will help lower that LDL okay so I have a question was there anything that you started just before you notice these changes in your blood values is there anything did you start the ketone enema fasting right before that is that what happened or is there any other change I was playing quote-unquote with paleo and keto because I could tell that too many.

Carbs were making me sick and I didn't feel good so I was playing with it but I can't say I was on it okay real seriously okay good good question the first thing I want to tell you is your body makes cholesterol okay your body makes 3,000 milligrams that's the equivalent of eating 14 eggs a day equivalent of eating a pound of butter a.

Day equivalent of eating 300 strips of bacon so cholesterol is needed to help heal your body so when it's high we always want to find out why in your case if you're boring carbs doing keto intermittent fasting and your cholesterol starts going up what that means and I have some videos that you need to search out on LDL on my youtube.

Channel that means you're releasing fat from the south well guess what makes up fat in your cells triglycerides and cholesterol so guess what they have to come out so it's gonna come out you are going to have an increase it's not a bad thing it has to just come out cholesterol is not bad it's it's when your arteries have little.

Lesions and it's clogging up and that's bad that's a whole other situation but the cholesterol itself it's not a bad thing and lots and lots of people their cholesterol goes up as they're going through keto because they're really seeing the fat give it more time and it comes starts coming down but you just need to be educated more on that it's.

Not a problem if you stick on the keto and then a minute fasting together it's the healthiest thing for your heart for your cholesterol levels and for healing the body because let's take the reverse of that and doing a lot of carbs guess what that causes lesions and the arteries heart disease diabetics tend to have problems with heart disease.

Diabetics have peripheral neuropathy diabetics have problems with the kidney because of high insulin so why don't we just reverse this whole thing cut out the insulin cut out the carbs and the sugar keep the vegetables in and watch how your body reverses it okay so I think I would just go to the channel and check it out and learn more about LDL a.

Good question so now we have from Toronto Anthea you had a question of how to stop sugar cravings in wheatgrass and a wheatgrass question yes hello I did your quiz and it seems very apparent to me that I have the adrenal fatigue I don't sleep at all at night I have the hum but the back of my neck I'm very overweight.

I'm a 5-2 and I'm 240 pounds and they're also big diagnosed with a s ankylosing spondylitis no I have a lot of information Wow my back and now it's in my neck and my shoulder I'm on disability from work now with this my my problem is that I I really want to do keto but I crashed sugar day and night as soon as I wake up I need a coffee or.

Sugar tea and actually six six sugars in my tea and then I crave breads and pastas and ice cream easily have a whole tub of ice cream every single night so I just don't know how to stop how does Papa's craving so you have a whole tub of ice cream at night how much ice cream is that is that a white or a.

Hog and I got a small haagen-dazs yes I don't know probably has almost 100 grams of sugar in there I'm sort of a couple of packs of sugar and your tea right six other things during the day okay I think I can help you I think I can help you so just hear me out okay so if you've if anyone that's watching is checked out just check back in right now because.

This is the most important advice I'm going to give you you you have someone that's a perfect example of you know a typical American which is just eating what everyone else is eating and they're craving and they're in this blood sugar trap your insulin is high and because it's it's high because it's trying to get the sugar out it's trying to get the.

Sugar out you need to do that heat of course you need to do it right when we get off the film we need to get the sugar out of your diet and replace it with healthy fat if you watch Karen and I have these videos on healthy keto bombs and healthy low-carb treats you should watch those videos start creating these cookies and these little great.

Tasting things so you don't deprive yourself so you have in your freezer have these cookies and you can have those but you need to start like immediately like within an hour don't start on Monday and do three meals a day okay no snacks that's step one and then you need to do intermittent fasting eventually over time but still just.

Start with three meals a day the fact that you have a s ankylosing spondylitis which is a serious autoimmune where all your joints are completely fusing right now which is very scary what's going to happen if we don't correct this now because your whole body is one big ball inflammation and by the way doing this will lower an.

Insulin which will knock out a lot of this inflammation and create a situation overtime where you're in what's called a toffee G which is the ability of your body to rid all this crap from the cells and clean up the cells and clean up the microbes and the fungus and the mold it just it's gonna be a cleaning wonderful cleaning.

For your cells I think that is going to be the thing that's going to save your life so I would bite the bolt do it and the cravings within a month will go away and then it's going to be easier and easier to do but in the meantime you must substitute with healthy carbs it's actually if you get my book I have these great recipes so you're probably going.

To need that and read that study it memorize the book and then get back to us thanks for calling hey I did sit had a question from New Jersey and said you're gonna last caller you had a question ketosis possible with carbs at night what were you asking them great my question was I'm sorry intermittent.

Fasting recently where I'm eating from 11:00 to 7:00 during the day and during the day I'm following a ketogenic diet you know low carb but what I'll do is I will exercise around fourth out of the clock and then for dinner I will have you know maybe 50 grams of carbs but those are coming from lentils sweet potatoes maybe a piece of fruit so I'm.

Getting you know maybe a little sugar maybe coming around the sugar so my question was over time if I follow this you know can I still go into short periods of ketosis on a daily basis every day are you know maybe good question are you trying I trying to lose weight not really it's mostly for you know the mental clarity of anti-aging.

Effects god I was just wondering if that if the Kito's you know if I still maybe hit ketosis for maybe 2 or 3 hours a day that'll keep me you know focused and mentally active how old are you I am 26 26 yeah okay here's a good question for those of you that are not trying to lose weight just want to do it for mental clarity and health King if you're doing.

In a minute fasting you add like a sweet potato in there or some beans or some other type things some people can some people can it's something you're gonna have to experiment on and I've kind of mixed reviews if you're me if you don't have an insulin problem okay you'll probably be successful and you can do keep doses.

For several hours of the day and feel fine but so many people do have an instant problem that they can't get away with those type of foods those starches so I would just experiment with it I would do it like I recommend and then do it like you're doing and see what you feel like and then you choose what you want to do.

Because those amount of carbs those type of starches could bump you out of ketosis for a lot longer than you think and and you could not even get into ketosis because the type of carb is a bit too high glycemic alright hey guys thank you so much for wonderful questions thank you Karen for answering these questions I know we had a lot more.

Stay tuned next week we'll be back so have a great weekend
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