Dr. Eric Berg Live Show Q&A Fri. 9 am EST 5-26-2017

Dr. Eric Berg Live Show Q&A Fri. 9 am EST 5-26-2017

Dr. Eric Berg Live Show Q&A Fri. 9 am EST 5-26-2017

Check out the video on Dr. Eric Berg Live Show Q&A Fri. 9 am EST 5-26-2017.
You this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hey guys we're back it's another Friday morning the.

Nation's capital well actually we're about six miles south of the nation's capital but anyway I'm here today to answer your questions ketogenic internment of fasting nutrition we already got a ton of calls already so I'm here to answer your question so the number if you want to call then its eight six six five six one four two nine.

Two all right so I'm here most Friday mornings at 9 o'clock a.m. there's been some questions that people wanted me to do this later in the day because in other parts of the country I'm looking at that right now I'm just not set up to do that so unfortunately you won't be able to get up in the middle of the morning and 3 o'clock and call in but.

Anyway so the first call we have is Diana from Arizona go ahead you had a question about hair loss good morning mr. Byrd um yeah um I'm an adrenal type and I'm taking all this supplements I'm taking a vitamin D at 3 and k2 and your film Emma for a hair loss I mean your hair and I'm taking a sink that's jobs that there has copper in it.

That way because my aunt our split ends as well but my hair is key I keep losing my hair ok I'm in ketosis as well and I dream it admitted fast in as well ok so the first question we want to know again let's just use this as an example when exactly did you start losing hair um like a month ago pack over ok now what happened exactly just before this what.

Did you start a facet you changed something what a or just before you start losing here well I stopped weaning ketosis I went off the diet and I didn't it's out of the festival the vacation was over I went back to the diet ok so that shaven even up the change was you went off the ketogenic de or you went back on it I.

Went off for a little bit but yeah it was awesome to lose hair just right before I went off the guy I stopped on taking your what's called your minerals um trace minerals if I run out of it so I stopped taking there and then start taking it when I got the new order ok great so there's a couple tips I'm going.

To recommend you know it's always amazing it'sit's when you think about its really simple you want to find out there's always a change it occurs just before the change and in your case you ran out of the trace minerals the trace minerals basically are there to help proteins form in the body you cannot make proteins hair nail skin muscle.

Without trace minerals and so that's that activates the enzymes to initiate it so obviously hopefully you put that back in but when you go into ketogenic diet and you really get into ketosis and you're doing it for a period of time your proteins should normally improve on your body ok so if they don't then that means you haven't gotten into ketosis.

Yet I like to combine in a minute fasting with ketosis because that will really severely increase hormones like growth hormone to preserve muscle mass protein loss and all that so like even take a diabetic they're in what's called a catabolic state where your body's breaking down protein fashion is building back up so we're kind of.

Switching way over here getting rid of the insulin resistance getting rid of problems of insulins increasing growth hormone and so I think you want to add the raw material which is the trace minerals make sure you're doing the collagen make sure you're doing B vitamins you might mean more nutritional yeast and that.

Should bring it back but whatever actually improved the hair will keep improving you just got to go back to the successful actions but typically it sounds like the change was you dropped out the amino acids so put that back in and touch base with us Nestle next week to see if if that helped you okay so we have another question from North.

Carolina I think it's rubia you to question are you on the air yes good morning good morning hi okay I have two questions about the ketogenic diet so I've been on it for about three months and I have seen many benefits I've lost about 25 pounds and but every since every time you know whenever I started I've been.

Experiencing some constipation like I don't have a ball my bowel movement every three or so days and I wanted to like I'm taking a lot of potassium your wheatgrass juice and I've you know worked on getting more probiotic and and I still haven't seen any changes this is my first question my second question is my husband who does not need to lose.

Weight he also wanted to to start the diet just for health but you know he was on it for like two days and he lost like five pounds so you know what can we do for him to be on a diet on the ketogenic diet and not lose weight okay good question I have a quick question for you as far as we look at before you won the ketogenic diet and after the ketogenic.

Diet tell me what's the big difference with you are you eating a lot more vegetables than you normally do are you adding vegetables that you don't normally eat like kale now I did kale in the first week and that did not do well with me so doing more like spinach cabbage sauerkraut and you know just vegetables that I used to eat before.

Like cucumbers and tomatoes and mushrooms and things so with the kale did not do well okay so is there any change with the vegetables on now that you're in a ketogenic that you didn't before or was everything exactly saying before and after well I would say just be a mouse before I would eat like a little salad and now I'm eating salad.

For you know lunch and dinner okay salad okay so what we're going to do is we're going to have to just test it out because there's a couple causes of constipation you're already doing a lot of potassium that's great that could that could handle but apparently in your case it's not healing you're doing the probiotics what happens though when you.

Go on this this program that I'm recommending I'm recommending seven to ten cups of vegetables these fibers and the vegetables feed the microbes and if these microbes are not used to that much food you can overwhelm them and you can pretty much kind of shut them down and everything kind of backs up because they're not able to keep up with the.

Digestion so chances are the reason why you're constipated it's just you're overwhelming the system with so much fiber from the vegetables so do an experiment for three days cut down the quantity of vegetables keep in the fermented ones maybe steamed some but as far as the raw ones cut down the quantity and see if that doesn't handle.

The constipation okay that should handle it and in the meantime well just do that and in the meantime if that doesn't handle it call back next week we'll tell you what to do but in the meantime you're going to have to take some type of laxative healthy natural laxative to keep things going because it's more dangerous to be backed up for three days.

Than it is to take a laxative okay now as far as your husband goes I always like to add in a minute fasting with ketogenic diet the problem is you will lose a lot of body fat doing this for some people that's not a problem but for some people they're trying to gain weight unfortunately if you if you want to really kind of keep your weight up.

You're going to have to either increase the quantity of food that he's eating adds a little bit more fat and he may need to add berries and maybe a sweet potato to this program now it might pump amount of ketosis but still for some people that are trying to gain some weight that might be the area to go.

After okay so that's what I would recommend hey Mike you're on the air you're from Pennsylvania go ahead hi dr. Bergen yeah I just want to say thanks for all the videos that you put out too it's a great source of information my pleasure and my question is about apple cider vinegar a few months ago my glucose levels were way out of control.

So I immediately started eating low carb and that was working to a point and then once I found out about apple cider vinegar I started taking in it was actually working so it got me back down to normal but my main concern is with its effect on the tooth enamel so what I do is I drink it through a straw try to keep it off my teeth as best as I can.

And I rinse my mouth afterwards but but still I'm kind of concerned that you know if I'm taking this long term I guess one of my questions is it's safe to do long-term and is there anything else I can do to make sure that it's not going to wear my teeth enamel away yeah good question Mike here's the thing there's a couple things you can do yes.

When you do this outside of vinegar and by the way episode the vinegar is a pH of 2.5 I mean that's close to battery acid it's so acidic your stomach page is between 1 & 3 absolute vinegar is 2.5 so that's extremely acid and so you always want to drink it through a straw you don't want that stuff in your in your mouth because it can break down the.

Calcium because acid tends to release calcium from the system it makes calcium more mobilizing you don't want to do that so yeah a straw will be fine now you also have this acid going down your esophagus for most people it is not a problem because you're diluting the outside of vinegar in water 1 to 2 teaspoons per glass of water I'm talking.

About 12 ounce not an 8 ounce so now we're not getting the concentration of acid anymore okay so it's pretty much doing so it should be fine down the south because if used a straw there's not going to be any problem if you're concerned then you just get it as a as a pill form that's one of the reasons why.

I created something called them it's called op cider vinegar plus I added a powdered upset uh vinegar with the betaine hydrochloride which is um Siddha fire in a tablet and it's kind of protected so there's not a lot of acid on the outside so you swallow it goes in the stomach boom you're fine there's no more problem it won't create any.

Irritation at all but it keeps your stomach acid but I will say that as you age the pH of the stomach goes more alkaline more alkaline you lose your stomach acid that's why an older person can't digest you know red meats they have problems with gas they start becoming anemic they can't get the amino acid so it's just really really.

Important add that and there's a plus to help with a fatty liver plus to offset some of the fat that you're consuming from the ketogenic diet so you want to keep it in there but I wouldn't be too concerned unless you have a tension on it okay so those are some options that you might want to try thanks Mike hey Susan you're on the air from Michigan go.

Ahead hi thanks so much for taking my call I'm calling for a couple of reasons I have followed on your plan for a year and I felt great and I've advised others and got a lot of people that I know feeling wonderful the last six months haven't been just wonderful started gaining still feel great but just.

Gaining and I know that it's because of the death of my dad but I was just wondering is doing intermittent fasting and adding that extra stress on my body is that possibly what's going on and then also if you could speak about left shoulder pain sure okay so I have a question six months ago you remember when you started gaining weight right.

Okay was it dead I started yeah with add a coincidence with adding in a minute fasting or no I've done intermittent fasting no I did intermittent fasting for like a year and a half now okay so that's not a new thing no so the new thing is you lost your dad correct okay yeah so that just kind of narrows it down to the what's happening.

With cortisol and the adrenals and stress so let's just talk about that you know if we take all the stresses that you can experience losses will hit the adrenals damaged Reno's more than physical trauma now if we take emotional trauma or physical trauma what really damages is that is the suddenness of the shock someone telling.

You very fast you know this verse is kind of slowly easing in and letting you kind of process it or even in a car you're sitting in the car and you get rear-ended you don't even see the car coming and next thing you know you wake up in the hospital that is very very serious stress versus you see the car coming you're bracing yourself you get.

Hit that's much less of a stress so it's really the shock of a loved one being lost or the shock of being impacted what that does to the adrenal is it it causes the adrenal to raise cortisol cortisol then releases insulin causes and bumps you out of ketosis that's probably the most likely cause so there's a couple things you can do number one every.

Single day you have to do long hour walks that's the type of exercise you need long walks you're not listening to the music you're not with anyone you're just getting space you're just looking out there just getting your space okay that's number one number two make sure in your house you don't have too many things reminding of your dad like.

Pictures on the wall because it just kind of keeps it going number three you want to make sure that you add another hour of sleep do things enhance the quality of sleep that you have now to work on the physical adrenals you probably already have my massage tool but I would recommend doing acupressure for the adrenal system.

I would also nutritional recommend product called adrenal and cortisol relief I just released something called adrenal fatigue advanced formula don't take that one that one's for a low cortisol you have probably high cortisol so that one is for more r3 this really burnt out people people that have no more cortisol left you have too.

Much so those are some things that I think that are going wrong I don't think the problem is with your eating I don't think in a minute fasten is going to be more of a stress to you it takes stress off the body especially if you do it correctly and you're not hungry and you lost your appetite and you're feeling great so I would keep in the things that.

Were successful but just focus on the adrenal probably the acupressure is going to be the most helpful to you all right thanks Susan all right so then we have a dori dori tah from Florida go ahead you're on the air good morning that's the work I love your program and I have a question about the nutritional eat type nutritionally I was.

I find out I'm allergic to eat a couple years ago so I'm wondering if I still consume goats no personally I don't know yeah yeah you're going to be you're going to you're going to react to that because you have an allergy to yeast unfortunately you can't do the yeast so now the problem is why you're going to get your B vitamins so you're going to.

Have to find some other sources non yeast make sure they're natural you can have to look at the label get the B vitamins that are the cofactors they're called cofactor B vitamins but unfortunately that's one source the other source of B vitamins that are really healthy believe it or not is liver now you can do actual grass-fed.

Liver saute with onions or you can take grass-fed liver pills to get your B vitamins just a tip you don't have to do that but I'm just trying to give you an idea all right thanks for calling hate Milan you sound familiar I think you call before go ahead you're on the air yes thanks dr. Berg about two weeks ago I came down with an a urinary tract.

Infection and while trying to fight the infection I drank a lot of water with your electrolyte powder in it and by the end of the second day my kidneys started hurting so I stopped taking the powder and it went away you know after a day so I was just wondering if it's possible to have like an overdose of that electrolyte powder where it's like.

Too hard on your kidneys or something good question so are you a hundred percent sure that you had a UTI the symptoms seemed to point that way I didn't go to a doctor because you know have an aversion to doctors I did the de Manos and cranberry juice and all that stuff but I was drinking a lot of water and also the electrolyte powder can you.

Tell me the symptoms yeah go ahead tell me the size I so unable to control my urine and you know so I had to stay real close to the bathroom burning and and that type of thing okay and then of course I had like fever type symptoms too or is just me I was down I was sick okay did you have any type of pain uh in your abdomen anywhere not not.

Not necessarily no not that I could think of now was it was there any blood in the urine no not that I'm aware of I did not see any okay but it was sort of cloudy you know like it gets with attract infections the first one I've ever had in my life so yeah my wife's had them in so we sort of you know figured out what.

It was yeah so so it's here's the thing with electrolyte powder it has the thing that it has that's different than other electrolytes powers it has a lot of potassium potassium is usually protective on the kidney so typically wouldn't necessarily cause pain I mean I guess you took massive amounts it could but typically what that will do it tends.

To flush the kidney it tends to help clean stuff out of the kidney so maybe it maybe was flushing something out but the point I was going to make on some people and this happens with the ketogenic diet is there's issue with stones kidney stones and when you start a ketogenic diet when you do intermittent fasting.

Sometimes you can it could increase your tendency to get stones actually if you're doing some of the foods like even too many nuts or spinach things like that are chocolate that's even on Sweden some of those are high in oxalic so either you can develop oxalate stones or uric acid stones now what will happen this symptoms from a urinary.

Tract infection are very similar sometimes to stones I mean you can even have a fever feel nauseous almost vomiting from a kidney stone and what happens is kind of at you but the thing that kind of struck me that was different is you didn't have the abdominal pain like normally would have within stone maybe because it can cause.

Back pain but it can also create all sorts of problems with like if there's a stone coming out and what happens is what you want to take is electrolyte power because of the amount of potassium citrate that will literally dissolve the stones and when it dissolve the stones it can push crap out of the ureters and the kidney into the bladder the key is.

Just drinking a little more water to flush that thing out but it will help dissolve stones the other thing that's interesting too is if you go for a jog and you're jogging and that stone is up into the kidney and it's kind of sharp and it's bouncing up and down it can create blood in your urine so that could be a way that you have blood in here and.

Orick started having symptoms that are kind of weird so anyway that's just my two cents I'm not sure exactly what happened but I hope that answered the question that thanks for calling hey Lisa you're on the air you're from Virginia Beach go ahead yes I did question um just about a black cumin seed oil yeah and I know it has a lot of.

Mega sick and mega three and mega nine how good is that oil well black seed black currant seed oil is awesome awesome awesome no cumin cumin seed oil cumin seed black human feed okay well okay so that oil black cumin seed oil is mainly really good to get your unsaturated fats which basically are.

Good for skin immune system also good for the heart and providing more oxygen they also help interact with calcium to mobilize calcium and transport calcium especially at people that get too much Sun they can get sun intoxication if they add that oil or any type of unsaturated fatty acid oil like that that will actually help protect them but.

The other real big benefit is for females and going through menopause which I don't know it sounds like you could be going through something like that I think that would be good for you to take as well because it helps the transition when a woman goes to menopause they lose the function of their ovaries and it puts more stress up.

On the pituitary and we have this whole hormonal stress so they do need more oils they need more vitamin E they need more nut oil seed oils so that also will help you in the transition making going through menopause so I would I would recommend it I think it's great did you have another question about fasting okay yeah is that all your.

Questions no I know it has a lot more omega-6 than it has a mega three and mega nine right so you want to offset about that you want to add a little flax oil to that to get to omega-3 or fish alas all right yeah okay okay right thank you thanks all right hey Kim you're from Michigan go ahead hi dr. Berg good morning morning nice to talk.

With you I just I want to thank you really quick for all that you do for everyone I'm down here about 15 15 minutes from Detroit and I've been trying to search out an natural doctor that would be supportive in helping me keep my gallbladder every integrative doctor I went to they said remove the gallbladder because mine is full of.

Stones so I wondered if you have a product or something you can suggest to me of a way that I can keep my gallbladder and get rid of all of the stones because it is almost full all okay all right so Kim let's just talk about that and again I have to say this anything that I say anything I recommend is not meant to curity medical.

Diseases probably check with your doctor first this is just information food for thought entertainment or data you can present to your doc okay all right now here's the thing with the if your gallbladder is completely filled it's a little bit of a borderline situation but if you want to try to salvage that I would start doing the gallbladder.

Formula in the gallbladder formula I have it it's it's loaded with something called purified bile salts that is the very reason why you have stones in the first place it's a deficiency of bile so you want to start taking that it also has stuff to lubricate the valve so the bile can still get through from the gallbladder to the small intestine it.

Has stone root to help dissolve stones as Petain hundred Lord has a whole bunch of things to help with stone and I would take probably two of those after a meal I would also take the opposite of vinegar Plus that I have because you're going to have to acidify your stomach to increase your release of your own bile through the liver without the Petain.

Without a strong acid stomach you can't release bile so we need a combination of stomach and gallbladder the other thing you need to do during the as far as during the day is at least one a nice blended shake with kale with beet tops and parsley and maybe a cup of berries okay and you blend it up with water drink that that that's what you're going.

To need is to really support that liver to start flushing out some of these stones and start dissolving the stones I would get an ultrasound I would test an ultrasound every six weeks to make sure that they're shrinking and they're not backing anything up your diet is going to have to be absolutely perfect I highly recommend in a minute fasting.

Because in a minute fasting is something that will cause less eating less aggravation to the gallbladder and more concentration of bile itself so do those things think you'll be quite happy hey guys we're going to take just a couple second a couple minute break and we'll be right back after these short messages from my.

No message commercial thanks okay guys we are back for that short break that short commercial break that was pretty much no commercial hey Jill you're on the air you're from North Carolina go ahead hey dr. Berg I take all your take all your supplements I have for about a year and I've been transitioning into intermittent fasting.

I've been doing it for a couple of weeks um and I had watched your video on what to drink that's appropriate for intermittent fasting in the morning and I wanted to find out is it is it okay to do your organic raw wheatgrass juice in the morning and it not kick you out of your fast and I also do maca powder and noni powder if you know anything about.

Those is it okay to do those in the morning and is it okay to do those on ketogenic great Thanks thanks for your question so yeah absolutely I do the wheatgrass juice powder I mean the wheatgrass juice powder it doesn't have a lot of sugar it's it's mixed in a what it's a liquid it's a drink it's a seriously concentrated nutrient infused.

Drink that you can you can do and you're talking like a teaspoon it's not going to bump you go to ketosis I take it as a multivitamin mineral trace mineral amino acid everything and that's my vitamin so you mix it with water a teaspoon it will not bump you out of ketosis it's a really good thing you can also add your maca powder and your no need powder not.

A problem it's a powerful antioxidants nothing to worry about and just one point about that the one teaspoon is equivalent to one tray of wheatgrass so it's actually a very very good thing to take when you're enjoying a minute fasting and ketosis because it allows.

More of a cleansing effect to decrease any type of potential for bad breath that you might get from the all the waste products coming off of the body so it's a purify or a detoxifier but mainly it's it's for the nutrition for your skin and it's like kind of a substitute for coffee because it will bring your energy up so I would.

Definitely recommend it okay thanks hey Denise you're on the air from Mississippi hey dr. bird I've been doing the ketosis for about three weeks now and I started doing an intermittent fasting the last week and a half I was thinking about adding the wheatgrass powder but I am on coumadin for factor v Laden and with it being.

Dark green I don't know is that something that does have a lot of that vitamin K where it would interact with coumadin yeah good question yeah it is loaded with vitamin K so some people what they do is they just take one teaspoon and they get with their doctor to adjust the dosages of chromatin unfortunately cumin is an a vitamin k.

Blocker and so it's there because vitamin K is a clotting factor so they doctors don't want you taking it so I would just check with your doctor said listen if I take this can I just raise the curtain a little bit and keep taking because the benefits of wheatgrass are huge but if not then you can't take it because it's so loaded with vitamin K I.

Mean it is the vitamin K product unfortunately there's a video I did on all the foods that you can consume that low in vitamin K so you might want to search out that video I think it's just search dr. Bergin kuma Tim thanks Denise okay Jonathan you're on the air you're from Oregon thanks hermit butter burger I have to.

Simple I hope questions for you but quite diverse one is to do with potassium and I started taking some potassium tablets five of them but I noticed that that's about 10% of the daily recommended dose and I just thought to myself any recommendations of foods that might be rich in potassium and I could you use food rather than.

Top-end on that side that's question one in question – Jonathan you clicked off can you hear me okay I can't really hear you but I'm just going to answer the question so I don't know your second question but I can see it's cycling versus walking so maybe I'll just guess on that but the first question is how do you get your potassium from food and.

This is I do a lot of videos on this what you need to do is you need to consume seven to ten cups of vegetables as your base okay now you can get also a potassium that might not even hit your your maximum potassium but your other foods that you eat even protein will give you potassium chicken fish beef like a serving of that well it's 300.

Milligrams potassium believe it or not so that will add to you their nuts will add more potassium but if you want to get a lot of potassium you want to do beet tops beet tops kale make the shake with a little bit of berries with water blended up you will get some serious potassium from that I mean a lot but basically you have to start eating more.

Vegetables okay now the question about cycling versus walking I think you need a combination of both I do cycling I brought my bike everyday it doesn't rain and snows but I will do biking I do sprints and then I'll coast back and forth I just love it and then I also do a lot of walks I mean maybe not every single day but I will go on a 45-minute.

Walk almost every single day and just and it's different than my workout it might be just before or after I do the other biking but I really do well on those walks so I would recommend both hey Kristin you're from Tennessee go ahead you're on the air Kristin okay Kristin we'll come back to you let me just make sure okay can you hear me from.

Dallas okay so let's take a one-minute break sorry about this we'll come right back and one minute all right hey Kirsten can you hear me Kristen all right Kristen you can't hear me right now so we're going to figure that out let me see if KK can you hear me now yeah so we.

Basically have a little technical difficulty apparently the internet a little bit slow unfortunately but tell you what just we're going to do one more break okay I want to try to fix this don't go away I'll be right back hey guys hey listen we're just still trying to figure out this Darrin phone thing but in the meantime let's go to.

The board and do a little presentation here because I have another board under camera that we can actually continue give you a little more education anyway one thing I wanted to point out and I just created a video on this is a there's all been a lot of confusion on using your own like your blood tests your urine test and to be able to.

Analyze those so in the next probably I guess two weeks I'm going to be creating a lot of videos on that topic but if you take a look at it you know you drive a car you have a dashboard you have the gas pedal you have the overheating indicator you have the fuel gauge of the speedometer you have all these indicators that you can allow you drive.

Your car right so you and you want to use those as feedback to see if things are working right and what happens is in medicine we also have indicators we have a1c which is the average blood sugars for three months you have blood sugars sugars so this should be like five or less blood sugar should be a hundred or less and then you have blood pressure.

120 over 80 you have pulse rate that should be 72 you have temperature which should be ninety eight point six C of all these indicators that give you feedback to know if your body is working correctly the problem with medicine is they don't use these indicators to see why they're abnormal they don't look at what's.

Behind what they represent they may basically treat the indicator they treat the dashboard speedometer like for example your a1c is high they give you a drug high blood pressure there's a drug high pulse rate a drug a fever an aspirin that is the problem so we don't use these indicators as clues in polling a string so what we.

Want to do is we want to realize that these are indicators these are symptoms but the problem is they're not very profitable to find out the real reason and corrected the real profit is keeping these things confused and managed so you can be on that pill and that's why they kind of design these medications to last 24 hours so that you can keep taking.

Them so it's not it's like very very expensive to get help get people healthy nowadays puts a lot of people out of jobs but anyway I mentioned really interesting on a recent video on LDL that being bad cholesterol and and when you go on a ketogenic diet or you go on intermittent fasting sometimes your LDL will go higher and that freaks people.

Out and so like oh my gosh my cholesterol my bad cholesterol is going up LDL is the cholesterol going from the liver to the arteries okay in the cells HDL the good cholesterol is from the cells or your arteries back to the liver but they're really not bad or good so LDL is just an indicator that your body is requiring more cholesterol in the.

Cells and the arteries for some reason and there's really two types there's pattern a and there's pattern B pattern a is like the large buoyant fluffy cholesterol that's not LDL that's not necessarily to worry about because it's just floating through the body and it's required by themselves pattern B is the real small little cholesterol very dense.

That can get into the cells and it's involved in the clotting mechanism and repair action and so when you have high LDL s you don't they don't differentiate a from B it's basically telling you the combat combination so if you have more a than B then that's normal and you might be on a medic agent for no reason so the question is.

How do you determine if you have more a than B or more B than a what you do is you look at your triglycerides that's the blood fat if the triglycerides are high and the HDL is low then that means that you have more B okay so B would be high triglycerides low HDL okay so really honestly all you really need to do is make sure your triglycerides are.

Normal or low and your HDL s are high or normal okay and then you have to worry about it because that means that your body is is it's not the bad type of cholesterol it's not even bad it's just it's not the cholesterol that's doing any type of repair at that point if your LDL is high and your triglycerides are normal or low I'll just put a decrease.

Here and your HCL's are normal or or high then you have the a and it doesn't really matter how much LDL you have even if your cholesterol is real high it doesn't matter because think about it when you are losing weight okay a fat cell is composed of triglycerides and cholesterol so you're burning all these triglycerides but you don't burn.

Cholesterol it's not burn so that cholesterol has to release from the fat cells well guess what's going to happen to your blood you're going to have high levels of cholesterol so you have high levels of cholesterol because that's coming out of the fat cell through the liver through the gallbladder being dismantled by bile that's a good thing.

We want that to go out of the body so anything extra you buy to either recycle or get rid of so that's why you don't have to freak out with this cholesterol problem really the only danger is that you have high B and what causes high B is sugar high insulin refined carbohydrates mainly so if you're doing the right evening.

Plan you're going to be fine you have to worry about it the benefit of in a minute fasting is that you don't spike insulin you actually eat less frequent you keep insulin low you heal insulin and the cholesterol eventually goes down because everything starts healing because what happens is like carbohydrates that you eat convert to.

Cholesterol insulin turns sugar in to cholesterol and triglycerides okay so that's one thing and then the other point I was going to make is the purpose of cholesterol and I have a whole video series on this I think it's like four different series the purpose of cholesterol is to help heal and we'll go back to the camera now well is to help.

Heal the body of any type of lesions provide for steroid health provide for cell membrane material and that's a necessary thing and your body makes 303,000 cap milligrams every single day that's a lot of cholesterol so people don't realize that they need that cholesterol alright let's let's see if this works now Margie you're from Denver.

Go ahead you're on the air okay hi dr. Burdine I've been taking your products for over a year or two now and my question is what would you recommend for dry skin my face is super dry yeah okay so that's a really good question Margie what you should take you need you don't need more water you need more oils you need I would take a combination of.

Flax oil and maybe chia seed oil okay start taking that and maybe even fish oils but those oils are the oils that you need to make the skin less dry okay good question now Elaine you're on the air you're from Virginia go ahead hey dr. Berg like the only Nielson here and suck hard jigna oh hey I've got some good news for.

Riah but I'm happy guess why why because for the first time in a year I woke up with no pain I've had an impingement or for the past year and so it makes working out hard Wow but I have some some good news for you and I have a question for you okay one is I've been using the electrolyte powder with the wheatgrass lemon uh-huh.

And I put it in the blender with some lettuce like a huge handful of lettuce okay and I put two scoops of each add a little bit of water in ice and that makes the best smoothie and then my energy is just off the charts Wow okay so what kind of lettuce want them to know that I made a small video because people have been asking me about put it.

On my youtube not YouTube but um Facebook page it's like maybe a minute long 30 seconds something like that but it's just that's all that's in there and it's all I need to get me through the day so you put lettuces and like regular lettuce it's uh the spring to spring that I never thought about that that's a great idea I'll have to see that video.

Yeah it's huge and it's it's a huge fistful and so I'm getting everything I need Wow great so for some of the supplements I take but here's here's the thing up because I'm really psyched about this okay so I'm really going to be hitting it hard now with my exercising because I really haven't done anything of two months okay just because.

Of the shoulder I mean I really had to take it easy but anyway so here's the question when I take my supplement and I'm doing intermittent fasting um when is the best time to take these supplements yeah good question Alain let me just answer that now typically most the supplements don't have to be taken with food unless you're.

Taking something that's related to digestion like the gall bladder formula so all the other ones could be taken anytime now if you take any type of fat soluble products like vitamin D vitamin k2 d3 k – that type of thing those must be taken with like a meal like when you're eating some fat okay so because they're fat soluble but most of the.

Vitamins it really doesn't make a big difference so take them anytime unless so related to digestion thanks for your question I'm looking forward to watching that video – hey k you're on the air you're from Dallas hi dr. Berg hi I love you I love your product I haven't been able to sleep for years and years and my nasal congestion.

Is a big problem that I have experienced watching all your videos and taking the cortisol and the day and the night has helped a lot and even changing all my night I'm a vegetarian I eat between 6 & 7 and it had helped me a lot a lot but the left side of my nasal cavity I still struggle and I had I have had.

Breathing problems like struggle breathing because I don't sleep I haven't been sleeping well but I now with these products it has helped and I have slept well in last couple of weeks but the cavity the nasal cavity is still life and I have used nasal drop for years and years and years and last two weeks some nights I haven't used I feel.

Good about that I have slept well but the nasal cavity is still there sometimes not every day but some day so is there any advice on there sure let's talk about that cake couple things one is that you want to do a neti pot with a little bit of garlic a little bit of garlic juice in there and oregano oil those two are really good antifungal and.

They'll go up in there and then I'll help that the other thing is I just created a video I didn't release it yet on a a really amazing thing for your sinuses and your lungs for a mucus and it's basically called a salt inhaler search it on Amazon and get one they're very inexpensive they're a little inhaler you take this little looks like.

A neti pot and you put salt in there sea salt in the bottom and it breathes because it has holes in it and you breathe it in through your mouth and you let it out to your nose and what happens all these ions from 84 to 90 we trace minerals go into the system and dissolve as an antibacterial the mucus and the fungus and they make it so it's.

Very a natural way to be able to open up your passages and breathe and especially before bed you would do this for about 5-10 minutes make sure you just don't breathe like too deeply because you might get hyperventilate you just want to breathe normal and just let it get through the whole system the lungs and the sinuses you're going to sleep really.

Good when you do that because it'll help you with with congestion anywhere in the respiratory and it's great for people with sleep apnea so go ahead and get one is called a salt flush okay no it's called the salt inhaler that's right use the Himalayan salt and it comes in a kit thanks Kay hey Dale you're on the air you're from Orlando um.

Hi dr. Berg thanks for taking my call sure but for the longest time I've been getting some very severe cramps in my calf at night and I have I think that most days I eat the quantity of vegetables that you suggest I also take 400 milligrams of magnesium glycinate every night before bed about three weeks ago I added your adrenal night formula.

And your wheatgrass and your electrolytes powder which I do two wheatgrass and electrolyte during the day I heard once that you occasionally recommend calcium for calf cramp these haven't eased up on me and I was just wondering of what you would suggest give it a good question down so you had to think about these these muscle cramps.

Typically it's potassium or magnesium okay and you're taking the electrolyte power that shouldn't get rid of that because those electrolytes are involved in the muscle contraction relaxation but calcium is another it's also in there in small amounts but calcium could be another reason why you you're twitching or even sodium so it could be one of.

Them you're going to hit it eventually but you may want to just try some calcium and see if it goes away calcium citrate that's in the electrolytes but it's not as much my electrolyte powder is heavy on the potassium which is the most common reason but now let's say you do all these things and the twitching still.

Doesn't go away then we know your pH is off and we need to add outside of vinegar to acidify you to mobilize these electrolytes but go ahead and try some calcium and see if it doesn't zap it and make a go bye-bye and it's rare but that could be a common thing okay hey thanks for your call hey Andrea you're from Illinois go ahead you're on the air.

Audrey oh um Audrey yeah hi dr. Burke um I've been having like severe bloating after like I ingest pretty much anything and that's one reason I switched even just once a day um I don't know what is causing it I I was taking the apple cider vinegar plus but after I ran out I started doing the tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and water 30 minutes.

Before my meal and I've been doing nutritional yeast about a tablespoon and I've been adding the radishes because I heard that root vegetables are good for digestion so I'm just kind of stumped on what the problem is because I I blowed up and I end up looking like nine months pregnant okay ha you said you're eating just one today yeah okay and you're but.

You bloated after that now question do you have constipation no okay are you eating a lot of vegetables that you don't normally eat uh no actually the only vegetables I really eat are just salad and radishes okay I don't have much Christopher is really okay is there any food that you know is more bloating than other foods no actually.

Anything will bloat me like even if I have like a bulletproof coffee in the morning that old that'll do it yeah okay so here's the thing there's a couple things you're doing the right thing without soda vinegar and some people they have something called hypochloride ria which is just low stomach acids and they need to take more.

Of the outside of vinegar plus and some people i mean you might even have to take five with a meal just to start to acidify you so you can start to work and then also add the gall bladder formula which is the bile after the meal to add that I mean that's the main one that handles bloating is the gall bladder formula I don't know if you're trying.

That but that's something that I would highly recommend so let's say for example you do that and it works great good problem solved you take it over a period of time and then you might not need it after that because your body has adjusted but let's say you're still bloating okay then I would look at building up your floor out your good.

Bacteria in your gut to help you with bloating let's see we're still bloating then I would check for food allergies and make sure that there's no nothing that is that you're allergic to that's creating a problem okay and so those are things that you can do as a quick quick tip but that should help all right but I'm glad you're doing once a day.

Because that will give you a system a chance to reset hey Jackie you're from Miami go ahead you're on the air hey dr. Berg thank you so much for taking my call oh my goodness I am trying to get a grasp on this intermittent fasting and three meals a day no snacking concept for I'm you know I'm 53.

For the past I mean before I turned 50 that is I was able to manage my weight I felt great with eating every three hours because that's what they would tell us for a fast metabolism if you don't eat every three hours you're going to kick yours are going to kill your metabolism some kind of freaking out yeah so okay so that's the question.

I just want to make sure yeah I just want to make sure that my I'm not killing my metabolism okay I'm gonna go to the board and explain this okay so check this out this is a very important thing here very important intimate of fasting is probably one of the most powerful tools you can eat and conventionally the.

Traditional diets say eat every three hours right wow that's one way to create diabetes three hours I mean if you think about it our bodies were not designed to eat that frequent and so every time and here's the data every time you eat you spike insulin okay diabetes is too much insulin pre-diabetic is too much insulin too.

Much insulin will create insulin resistance which is a pre-diabetic so let's say you eat you spike you spike insulin insulin comes in there and pushes your blood sugars down now you end up with a little bit of a lower blood sugar guess what you're going to be hungry you're going to have more appetite to eat more so eating makes you.

More hungry it slows your metabolism because it raises insulin if you want to lose weight you have to lower insulin so it's false data that you need to eat every three three days it's like the worst advice I mean take a look at a sumo wrestler what do they do the fat themselves they eat three every like two hours okay it's a great way to gain.

Unhealthy fat so you go from every three hours to three meals a day that's the first goal no snacks how do you do it you add more fat at the end of the meal to go longer okay you do that until your body feels comfortable with that then you take it one step further than you don't eat in the morning until you're hungry and you try to go for hours in.

The morning and till your first meal do that for a while until you feel comfortable you're adapting to that what are you eating at this point you're eating your own fat because you're in the fast okay Suzie you're going to know you're going to be hungry it's going to throw out the fast but you want to keep going until you can go all the way in to.

The point where like you might not eat until 12:00 like 11 or 12 and that's your first meal okay is that bad no it's good and then you can you can then eat and the eight-hour window okay or and then start shortening until you have like five hour window and then a four hour window so now you get to the situation where.

You're you have a four hour window of eating doesn't mean you're grazing all the time but you're eating within that period of time then you've got a 20 a 20 hour fasting period can you imagine fasting for 20 hours what that does to growth hormone belly fat weight loss brain cells it actually increases brain cells so I'll go back over here.

Neurogenesis is I mean fast intermittent fasting and fasting will cause neurogenesis which is an increase of your brain cells incredible so I hope that helped Jackie hey Christian you're on the air you're from Nashville go ahead yeah hi dr. Bowen so happy to talk to you I'm so thankful for all your videos you've taught me so much and I've.

Read your book and I've been on this health journey for about six years but I have a lot of back and neck problems but they've gotten so much better but my biggest question is today is I have this foot that just hurts all the time now it just doesn't seem to go away and it's in the middle of my left foot on the top part like if you came up the top of my.

Foot right in the middle and it's some more on the side where my two toes are when it's calm outside and it just aches and aches and aches and I can't I've rested it up propped it up I just I don't know what I'm doing wrong I take lots of vitamins I take lots of healthy foods and um I don't eat sugar and I just don't know where to go from here.

Okay there's two two things for that number one in some cases with doing heated diet and intermittent fasting you can have high levels of uric acid that could be coming coming in from the kidney and that can create foot pain in that area possibly so it could be uric acid if that's the case then all you do is you.

More potassium citrate the electrolyte stuff you may be takin that already that might flush it out secondly the other thing that you want to do is take some have someone do this or you do it in massage the opposite calf okay not the same side the calf and you go up into your Achilles tendon into the back of the calf and massage it's kind of hard.

To do on yourself but you could do like a little roller or a massage – or something like that but you want to work that calf out it's going to be really tender keep working the calf out and what will happen is the pain will go away on the left side so you always work on the opposite side but in your case to fix the foot you work on the opposite.

Calf and that should make the pain go away all right so it's pretty actually you'll be amazed I wish we you were here we can do the demo but thanks for calling hey Jeanette you're on the air you are from Cleveland go ahead you are the last caller go ahead to questions where you want potatoes to internment fasting and the other to the ACV drink.

Intermittent fasting I'm new to it and I'm reading conflicting information about it I just wanted to know pretty much in a nutshell is there a guideline as far as women doing intermittent fasting versus men in the the non eating hours good did you have any other questions on that that's it for the intermittent fasting and then the.

Questions pertaining to apple cider vinegar is there a guideline as far as maybe 15-20 minutes before a meal or just first thing in the morning or the last thing at night when to take it okay great well the opposite of vinegar drinks should be I like to take it with the meal right right at the meal right.

Before it doesn't have to be five minutes before it could be right during but right before is fine now as far as in a minute fasting between men and women there's really no information on one versus the other as far as anything special but the pattern it's not going to affect your hormones I mean if you have this.

Certain pattern of intermittent fasting versus some other pattern and I know there is some data out there but it's not really based on anything other than someone's opinion which I totally disagree with but the point within a minute fasting is that there's two things one is it's incredibly beneficial for your health for brain regenerating.

Nerve cells losing weight fixing insulin helping diabetes all that stuff and it's so it's really good but the problem with it is that people jump into it a little too fast because they're not ready for it they're going too fast you're going to crash and burn with your blood Sugar's so you want to first go to three meals a day and some people can't even.

Do that but the way you do it is you add more fat with a meal and you do that until you can do it comfortably with no hunger and note no blood sugar symptoms okay so that might take some weeks then you take it one step further and in the morning if you're not hungry you don't eat so you try to go longer and longer and longer so you get up and you wait an.

Hour two three four five and to you you can go longer and longer in the morning when you're not hungry okay and you'll be your size you'll see after like a period of time you're like wow I'm not I have no hunger no appetite and I can go longer okay and then as soon as you start eating then you're going to be hungry so now and then you eat and then.

You have this window of eating like let's say you start with eight hours you have your three meals so you're still doing three meals but you're shortening them to eight hours okay and then you shorten them to seven hours then you shorten them to six five and four will be the ultimate so now you have 20 hours of fasting and 4 hours of eating window.

Now why am I saying that that's like the thing to work up to if you really want to have the full benefits some people don't have to go to that level some people eat within a five-hour window sometimes six and they are totally fine and they're comfortable and they don't need to lose as much weight or they don't need to improve that much health.

But the point is that if you do this you're going to find you like all of a sudden your hunger goes away your appetite goes away your body's really fish your muscles do better everything does better but you won't know it until you do it so it's kind of like something that you have to experience it's almost.

Gonna give you your fork feeling okay so you should try it thanks for your column Jeanette hey you guys I want to thank you for your patience and your questions you know what let's talk next week Friday same time and look forward to talking to you thank you so much
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