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Hey guys I'm back and I'm here to answer your questions so you just Hey how you guys doing I'll wait a couple seconds for people to log on but you can call me the numbers right on the screen and you can ask me any questions within reason just not that one question hello how are you.

Hello hi dr. Wright nice to meet you um so my question is from low potassium and I've been eating the recommended 4700 milligrams daily uh-huh but I noticed that it's like I did it religiously for a week but then I went off for like two or three days and then my nervous system started to go kind of little haywire hmm and I just wanted to know how long do I.

Have to keep counting how much potassium I'm eating until I can feel normal yet because I never used to have to come together really do you by chance are you taking in a supplement or you take getting it from food food okay you know the foods that you recommended on your videos okay and yeah yeah I searched online to restore the.

Potassium levels it could take between three to four months yeah a lot yeah a lot longer than people anticipate because your your your system like even with vitamin D the same thing it takes three to four months to satisfy the body because it has to be saturated in all the cells and it doesn't really necessarily go in that fast so if you're.

If you're low on potassium and we're talking about like inside the cells which a lot of people are it could take several months to really get it back to normal so that's probably what your yeah okay thank you so much you're welcome all right guys any questions give me a call and let's see someone had one.

Now tips for nutrients to increase okay I'm delete that one let's see what are the benefits of let's see Burbine well that's good for in insulin resistance alright someone asked about heavy periods what do you do for that I would the best thing for that is that product called from standard process called eutrophic PMG eutrophic PMG alright.

Let's see here what foods help against post-traumatic stress syndrome I think that's what you asked the best foods would be foods high in B vitamins like sunflower seeds nutritional yeast foods high in vitamin D like the fish oils are good the foods that support your mood which is you know a lot it's it's pretty much just one.

Nutrient it's like you're gonna have to have minerals potassium magnesium which is an old leafy greens that should help you alright let's see here started since starting IFI can't sleep actually I take a prescription medicine but nothing's working I don't drink caffeine what happens when you start doing intermittent fasting you.

May find that your your chemistry is changing and you are getting some unique have high levels of uric acid that could occur but also the big thing is that you're you're running more on ketones and that's gonna give you more energy so I would kind of beef up on more calcium minerals in magnesium hello hi dr. Burke here hello hi what was your question.

My question oh my on my mom yeah yes oh you kind of popped off there alright good so someone had a question dealing with autoimmune hepatitis and ulcerative colitis the best thing for ulcerative colitis would be zinc and then for autoimmune to be vitamin D that's gonna support that part of the immune system that it's keeping.

You inflamed hello yeah hi how are you great yeah I was calling about my mom she's been having a mucus on our throats for the last three weeks now so I don't know what your advice about that okay so here's the thing whether you have a cough a fever of mucus your body's going through an immune reaction and it's.

Something that is up I always encourage people to let your body run its course and sometimes it could take you know a few weeks usually Susan's gonna be ten days because as soon as you start adding things to it especially certain things that suppress that immune reaction the duration of the infection is actually a lot longer but one of the things that's.

Good for mucus in general just to speed it up would be to take a concentrated Spanish black radish that tends to pull mucus from the body she can also eat radish radishes but it's very very good for up eliminating mucus that is kind of congested in your lymphatic system as well as when your liver and then the throat not ever do more radishes and see.

If that helps it's got a vegetable yes that is but she can get in to supplement a concentrated rather supplement as well but I just recommend just eating with us both okay radish all right thank you so much doctor you're welcome all right guys let's see here what kind of questions do we have.

Today hello dr. Berg here hi what you just watch their videos for a while why is possible this is live you are on live that's right well hello yes you're like dr. Berger yes it is yeah okay Mike quick question for you dr. Bergin watching a very big thank you for that you are really educating mm-hmm just was watching.

Actually a video on potassium right now I started about about a year ago I went from 207 207 pounds down 282 pounds over the course of few months then kind of fell off the wagon around some pounds again just trying to do extend it fast now I'm a 36-hour right now is one day what what kind of supplements or rather like fatigue doing while I'm fasting.

Yeah that's a good question because I really do agree that people should subs supplement with minerals general minerals trace minerals and B vitamins those are the ones that that you would need now I would also make sure you're taking um a little bit of sea salt each day just because you don't you don't know what you're missing I mean so.

Anytime you do prolong fat I'll see ya be he and then trace no blend that's what I would recommend is that it's laughs either for a bit oh no great again thank you so much you're really is really informative very educating and yeah not a big big factor and you know me going for keto your doctor Jason funk it as a great awesome.

Well thank you very much thanks for calling yeah no thank you thank you alright let's see here hi dr. Berger can I answer for any questions yes I'm Toby from Pennsylvania and I've been doing keto for little rear about thirteen months doing great lost about 60 pounds great and I.

Have little bathroom problems that's no problem by doing a little most Aikido but the little car or heaviness my wife complains about even though I well I'm coming close to ketosis I'm fasting at least 20 hours a day that's really good so question all right somehow you keep yeah okay okay.

Yeah car stall I got it yeah okay so here's where I was doing keto I was still having the wake up in the morning and first thing I do is brush my teeth and stuff like that but still yeah I'm 27 years old I'm really skinny but so I've been on keto for about a month now I've never lost my belly fat I'm.

Really skinny and my weight is 66kg or you you can say 145 pounds but I still have love handles and belly fat should I keep on Mindy and I just ordered like sink avoid zinc supplements as well yeah yeah and my grandma she has like cough since for two days now but she hasn't liked being tested here so we don't know but she has caught only this.

Is that is there anything we can do to like make it better if she's around like 60 to 65 yeah there's three things you you're taking the nutrition that's great I would add a good vitamin C like a food based vitamin C about 200 milligrams yeah yeah I'm giving them like oranges I would go with more of the vegetables simply because you want to keep your.

Carbs down one of the big risk factors for this virus is things that are related to metabolic syndrome and that would be something related to carbs and sugar so if you were to put her on keto and in a minute fasting with the zinc I think that's gonna help her cough there's a couple other things you can do but realize that if her immune system is.

Fighting something off and she's coughing it's not necessarily a bad thing just let it run its course don't try to you know do my other other than you know good bed rest and stay warm and things like that but I think that the key is well let me just give you a backup the most important thing is to do whatever you came to reduce stress.

Because we want to keep cortisol down cortisol makes your new system basically paralyzed number two cut the carbs down and do intermittent fasting fasting will speed up the new system to get overcome this thing and then of course the last thing is to keep your carbs down and the frequency of.

Meals I think all those together it's going to be the most powerful thing and how long does she like and does like fasting should be like 12 hours or it can be longer I will work up to 18 hour fasts okay all right and can they take supplements while fasting or not yes they can and they should zinc vitamin C vitamin D B.

Vitamins trace minerals yes definitely take those for sure is there anything else we can do instead of events on cutting carbs well it's three things stress reduction take your nutrients and do ketone in a faster those things I think are going to be the best bet for you yeah because that's going to strengthen the immune system.

Realize the virus is not going to kill anything the virus has never killed anyone it's the immune system because the immune system is weak and the person then got a what's called a cytokine storm and your own immune system attacks the tissues increases the destruction so it's really about keeping that immune system working and the three things the.

Most important things are handling the stress like isolate where the stress is coming from and coping with that as best as you can get your diet squared away but then enhance with nutrients because that will in keep the mutant going okay yeah like we're not like letting like my uncle and aunt they're positive too like we're not letting anybody do anything so.

I'm like making food and stuff for everybody and just giving it to them yeah yeah there's the use quite a few people I mean there's way way more people who got this infection than were previously thought that got it and so there's in basically it's like 85% in certain studies eight now I didn't even 5% 85.

Times the amount of people actually got the infection then we're thought to get it previously which means that that brings the mortality rate way down to like 0.3 and sometimes to a point – or even a point once so it's a very severe in influenza type situation so realize that the great majority of people are getting it and they're getting a.

Becoming immune to it and if you get it the chant the real chances of someone dying is like very small but the chance of living there like 99.8% chance so that's what you need to her cough has gotten better from last two days like now like today she has like very less compared to like Monday night mine she gets like some like strong cost and.

Once a doctor gave us they can in like an inhaler to take like any steps like too serious then just take like a for a couple minutes and then like just try to sleep at all figures I'm gonna give you a secret okay are you sitting down yeah okay there is a study called related to is called forest bathing ok forest bathing and.

Where you're walking through the woods and you're getting exposure to certain oils that are coming off the trees and so if you look online you can get one of those they're kind of like mr. bata what do you call those they're kind of like they give off a little mist and you can put essential oils in them and you can actually put them in your room I could I.

Could yeah yeah and what you could do yeah we couldn't find it because like everything like that we can get the liver is after like two three weeks so what I did was I grabbed like a big boy like water to like really hot and give it to her and tell her to take like deep breaths over it on the steam that it puts out.

Great the if you get into a pine forest that has pine trees it actually will beef up her her T killer cells that will actually help the immune system so yeah so try that well it's um if you look under forest bathing my video you'll get some more data on what to do but you want to walk through the forest you want to get out in nature and and actually.

Start breathing in the some of the essential oils that are coming off the trees for your immune system it's a connective all right well thank you hello dr. berry here how are you hello hello hi dr. Burke here hi dr. Burke how you doing I'm doing great thanks oh my god I can't believe I got holy anyway my point is just um a couple months ago I.

Have it's with my gallbladder yes when they found out I got they found that I've got gold golf stones and in the problem is is too is when I after I eat my stomach it's real hot okay okay so is there anything I could do to get rid of gallstones er okay so I'm gonna tell you what I would recommend but I will say I have to say this anything that I say is.

You know check with your doctor Brian taking any recommendations but the gall stones and you can watch my videos on this but gall stones are really cholesterol stones not because you're consuming too much cholesterol but because you're not you don't have enough bile it's a lack my bile salts that caused the the concentration to occur so.

I would start taking bile salts immediately and this is what you can do is you can take make them after your meal you can also you know implement keto do a lot of vegetables and just allow your body to have this bile salts go through it and to help to dissolve whatever you have in there so usually what happens though is.

High carbohydrate diets usually cause gallstones but there's another when you get it too if you're on a low-fat diet you're at risk for get guns mm-hmm that's what he mentioned he says you have to take a low carb and I'm thinking I don't know about that thinking to myself you know yeah cuz come on carbohydrates make it worse yeah I'm I'm.

Just worried that I'm gonna have to get to my gall stones out it was you know my gallbladder that's one time I don't want that exactly try to try to salvage it but there is one thing there is a surgery a very safe surgery that you can just have the gall stones removed but keep your gallbladder if that's an option I would look into that if you.

Need to do that because you know you need your gall butter because that concentrates the bile mm-hmm I do appreciate your time because when I didn't watch a new curve 2 years wow that's awesome and I've been on keto for four years in intermittent fasting two years oh that's great yeah well thanks for calling hey hi this is dr. Barry yes.

How you doing today I'm doing great thanks my name is Ryan and Ning some advice um purchase some of your products I like they're like like powder it is awesome a lot of them stuff yeah so the short story about 45 days ago I was type 2 diabetic I actually bought a meter did some tests it was pretty obvious when your blood Sugar's about 400 right you.

Know scared me – huh – heck on it pretty quick now you know obesity that stuff that goes along with that so I didn't want to have to take medicine my doctor said well I'll give you one shot Caitlin let me do whatever dive you know dad I wanted to do to try it and so I went Quito and of course I found your channel and spent at God's and however.

One thing I'm finding even though I can get my blood Sugar's normal now like ninety two hundred hundred and ten I'm waking up with this Don phenomenon it could be as high as 140 or fifty and this has been consistent over a two week period and you've been on trying to do restricted time eating primarily just one big mellow day do you think it would.

Be beneficial to have a little protein earlier in the day to stimulate the response no because the dawn phenomena is coming from a different source your it's not coming from the sugar you're eating your your liver is making more sugar because it doesn't have the insulin to suppress it but you're probably thinking well we don't want.

Insulin right we don't want well what happens you you you still have insulin resistance and that kind of makes the insulin not work that well so I will say this over time it's gonna keep getting better and better and better but if your blood sugars are normal at let's let's say eighty what that means is that of all your blood you have like one level.

Teaspoon of sugar in your whole body so if your blood sugars are 140 you probably have an extra half a teaspoon of sugar which is actually not that big of a deal because it's not being it's not coming from the diet it's coming from your own body so the best way that I recommend to deal with this in the transition of getting your liver are.

Working better is to go for a long walk in the morning and that will just burn it right off and it'll come right down to where you need to be okay alright well that makes sense I do like the one time they eating because it makes life a little more simple for me cuz I'm already busy person to boost so that's worrying about it when I get home.

And then and then I'm done with it and don't worry about it to the next day and I'm not hungry yeah you know a man hungry with the time I eat but I'm not hungry until then and it's just been a godsend but I don't know those morning numbers did kind of spit me out so I just thought I'd you don't think I need anything in the.

Morning to combat that as long as things continue to improve right because your liver is it's called gluconeogenesis your livers making more glucose simply because you still have insulin resistance and that just takes a while to adjust there's all sorts of things you can kind of tweak but I think the easiest thing is to go for a walk burn.

Off the sugar and then you're good just walk in the morning all right well thank you you're welcome okay hello hi dr. Burke yeah oh hi hi I'm calling from Sweden um I really would love to know from you because I have a problem that I'm not able to keep that much weight on but I do still have two autoimmune diseases I.

Haven't received colitis and Ottoman hepatitis so I want to eat an anti inflammatory fashion but if I go on like a low-carb diet I find that I I find that I lose too much weight yeah so what how can i how can I do that how can I combine those two wishes you know you're you're kind of stuck between a little bit of a rock and a hard place but I.

Think you can do this are you doing one meal or two meal right now oh three meals yes sir so I think what I'm not doing a low-carb right now oh yes I get to Jimmy I'm Larry Lynn so I have the same same problem so what I do is I do two meals and I'll do my first meal at about three o'clock but.

You can probably do yours at 12:00 and then you do the second meal three hours later so you have this nice long fasting to really address your own immune condition and then you also have two meals and keep them fairly large with a little more fat to keep you from you know from losing too much weight you can also in the middle of that maybe add.

Some MCT oil and this way you won't really you won't lose any more weight but you'll get the benefits of the ketones and the fasting and then I would also go I would also add a lot more vitamin D because vitamin D really helps put autoimmune conditions in remission and I would take no less than 40,000 I use a vitamin d3 every single day oh.

Really okay yeah that's not yeah yeah and I released a video about that and they're the only danger of vitamin D is kidney stones if you were to take like a hundred to two hundred thousand I use for months two years so it's okay yeah nothing but I do have a question for you though yeah how is it going in Sweden right now because I'm really.

I've been studying then I'm actually amazed how you guys did not have the severity of the lockdown what's it really like over there yeah um it's different from everyone I mean for for older people and and where they live in old people's homes is very very difficult situation of course yeah but for people who are not that affected by.

The virus its we're basically on you know a lockdown that we can control ourselves so we're not supposed to gather and public and do things like that but we have we do have restrictions but we're not we're still able to go outside it's like a semi lockdown I would say okay so I I just only time will tell if it's a good thing.

Take a knock but yeah yeah I don't know I'll feel like Amanda yeah yeah and definitely used to recommend doing keto for autoimmune diseases even though it's hard to to keep on with especially the doctors especially because that's going to bring inflammation down the the problem with autoimmune conditions is the inflammation and it creates a lot of.

Collateral damage and free radical damage the more you bring the carbs down the less oxidation I would have large large amounts of vegetables but yeah low-carb is the best thing for autoimmune for sure and definitely take zinc with that vitamin D mm-hmm okay yeah and I've been having some.

Heart palpitations when I take think it's not related at all you think I think I think I think you probably need to take it in a blend of a bunch of other minerals because the heart palpitations normally come from either potassium or manganese magnesium deficiency so when you take one mineral for a period of time without the other.

Ones it control an imbalance but if you take a blend of electrolyte powder with the magnesium and the potassium that usually is great for how palpitations for sure okay okay so a combination of intermittent fasting and keto is really good for the best thing yes absolutely okay okay I'll try to implement your advice thank you so much you're welcome.

Peter thank you you're welcome hello dr. Burke here hi dr. Burke how are you today very good things so I got a quick question um I have some nerve issues and I wanted to see how how does keto affect the nervous system in general well it basically is very important because think about what the opposite is it's a higher amount of.

Carbs or blood sugar in your body that correct data targets for tissues one is the eye one is the heart one is the the kidney and then the last one is the nervous system because what it does it affects the tiny little capillaries that feed the nervous system so one of the big symptoms of problems with blood sugar or pre-diabetes or insulin.

Resistance is called peripheral neuropathy and it can affect the autonomic nervous system peripheral nervous system as well as the central nervous system so so if someone were wanting to support that they would want to go on the low-carb but also if they have their problems to take vitamin b1 preferably.

In a fat-soluble called benfotiamine which is one of the best B vitamins for the nervous system okay okay thank you and and what real quick is this a real quick question so I have a various amount of your products now and every morning I would take your your electrolyte and your wheatgrass together is that a good idea.

Yeah I do that that's a really good idea and is it fine it doesn't mess with it fast if I take them both together right and pounding not at all that's what I do all right all right cool cool you're awesome thank you so much awesome thank you guys I really appreciate all of your attention I will talk to you tomorrow I know there's a lot of other calls I just.

Wanted to touch base and answer some questions so stay tuned for some more
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