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well good morning everyone we're back actually she's she's coming any minute so i'm going to get started anything that i mention is not intended to replace the medical care check with your physician before implementing any of the stuff that i'm going to tell.

You it's just meant for your education the goal that i have for you is just to help you create a better healthy lifestyle so you could actually really take your health to the next level and beyond there's one thing i hate about some of these shows is that there's a huge introduction so i just like to dive.

Right in and give you give you the information that you need so we're going to jump right to tim he's from winnipeg manitoba all right tim are you there yes i'm here it's great to speak to you dr burke thanks uh my question.

Is about glycogen um i'd like to to talk a little bit about myself if that's okay i'm i'm 58 i lost 20 pounds when i started doing keto by your program about two years ago and the reason i went on the keto was for heart disease because i had heart failure so that was my reason.

And uh i watched your the first video i saw by you was about insulin resistance and i realized that i'd been suffering for that most of my from that for most of my life so it was quite the eye-opener yeah i bet when i saw that anyway i was i'm very grateful for all the information but.

Here's my question i i have a very active lifestyle and i do a lot of cross-country skiing and jogging and i notice my blood sugar is it never has i never have any trouble having high blood sugars so now when when we go on keto we lose our.

Glycogen stores and we lose a lot of water with that so my question is where is the blood sugar coming from i know there's gluconeogenesis but is the glycogen stores in our livers is that replenished oh or do we produce the glucose do we produce that that glucose on the.

Fly so to speak very good question uh so let me answer that because i've studied that um now when you do keto with fasting and i'm talking about fasting as well and especially when you do longer fasting you're going to lose the glycogen in your liver but not your.

Muscles so the muscles muscle glycogen is not going away now where is that sugar coming from it's coming from gluconeogenesis from your liver your liver is making it and it has a very uh interesting um feedback loop with what's coming in dietarily and what it needs for the various organs.

A small percentage of your body parts needs glycogen so your body can make it out from non-carbohydrate sources from ketones from fat from protein so you don't really have to worry about it now here's the problem your whole life you've been insulin resistant.

Which means that there's some mixed signals going on and misfiring and sometimes for some people they may have what's called a dawn phenomena in the morning where their blood sugars go high because there's a a problem with this signaling with the years of insulin resistance apparently.

That's not your problem but if you exercise you'll deplete more of the glycogen reserves but what's happened with you is you switched over to burning oxidizing fat fuel more efficiently and there's studies on athletes professional athletes that are hardcore keto and.

It takes like a year of training to really shift over and and oxidize fat even when you're exercising so because that's a whole different thing because a lot of times if you're not adapted and you have a history of insulin resistance you might exercise and tap out your glycogen reserves and like kind of feel.

Dizzy because you're not burning the fat so um i think um i think that that answers it but your body will make whatever you need from any source and but you're just not holding a lot in your liver good question all right and uh let's go to barry from.

Los angeles california hey it's so great to talk to you i am a longtime fan and um i will get right to it okay so in 2018 i did keto and was alarmed at my arcus vanillis that sounds like something that i haven't seen you talk.

About but it's that white ring around my eye which apparently is due to the fat buildup um so i stopped immediately i'm back on keto again and my cholesterol is 315 which was real scary um though i know that that's i shouldn't pay attention to it my hdl.

Is 70 and my triglycerides are 86. so with that information i should also tell you that i'm uh 51 and super thin super fit uh just the opposite of the person who wants to lose weight i just want to maintain and be healthy so what is your opinion about those two things.

Well i think that i think it's be very important for you to of course watch all the videos i have specifically one on good and bad ldl and then go get an advanced lipid profile test to measure your cholesterol specifically the the two types of ldl which is particle a and particle b so you can actually see.

What type that you have more of i would guarantee it's going to be higher levels of the large buoyant type cholesterol that is not harmful at all and also you can look at other my videos on remnant cholesterol be very important but that being said the other thing that i think that you.

Should look at is your gallbladder your liver function and maybe even taking some purified biosalts because if you're building up cholesterol in the eye and there's several conditions that can do that what usually you need is just more bile.

More help from the liver and gall bladder so if there's a fatty liver that could inhibit your bile production so you might need to take more bile salts which will then start to help regulate um and get rid of any excesses that you don't need so that's one thing i would definitely.

Want you to do it's the it's the bile salts and supporting the gallbladder function but yeah get that advanced liver that test and i mean the real the data out there is that even having high cholesterol has no risk factors for heart disease now that might come.

To you as kind of a shock but it's the recent finding from the current literature and it's it's you know they've been they've kind of suppressed it for years but they're now coming out and saying that um so there's better indicators like calcium buildup.

In the artery that's what i would check i would check your cac the coronary artery calcification test that would be a very important test thanks barry all right karen you made it i made it all right good so do you have a question yet do you want to keep jotting things down i have some.

Questions you have some questions sure is it related to this oh no i need more time okay no i have i have questions so penny on facebook she wants to know um what's the best way to know that you have liver problems well it's hard because the liver is one organ that you don't.

Need much of i mean literally you can have normal liver function with only 25 of your liver so you could have even have cirrhosis and have no symptoms that's pretty well so um how do you know that i mean the best way is to get an ultrasound i mean you can get a biopsy but that would be too invasive and the.

Problem is if you're sticking a needle in your liver or they're doing that what if what if the problem's over here over there i mean you'd have to put holes all over to determine that so the best thing to do is to take an ultrasound if you really want to know.

And also just most the time you can look down and if you have a gut that could be it but some people don't have a gut and they still have a fatty liver and you can kind of tell by what their diet has been their whole life it's been high sugar high carb chances are your liver is not doing good.

But i will say that even children now are developing a fatty liver wow so it's it's a problem i'm doing some videos on that in fact i'll be really releasing that next week because it's unnecessary to have a fatty liver or an inflamed liver karen okay good i think we're ready for our first.

Question and then we'll get people like answering that and then we'll go right to your question okay what is the first addiction i'm sorry what's the number one addictive drug let me rephrase it again i'm gonna try for one more time what is the most addictive drug in the world.

Even i am addicted to this drug all right so let's see what people have to say i know i'm just i'm being transparent and i'm being um honest i have an addiction i'm finally telling people what my addiction is i know what it is so um well at least it's number one in the world.

Celery no that's not it no if johnny jumped off a cliff do you jump off a cliff dr bird no i don't so so go ahead did you have another question karen oh my gosh oh well that's going to be okay revealing.

Okay donna on facebook wants to know how long should she take bio salts depends on how bad the liver is and if she has a gallbladder but i would take it for minimally three months and then re-evaluate see if you need it because the ideal scene is to get it to your.

Liver can actually produce its own the thing about bile salts is there's two kinds there's bile salts that are made by your liver and then there's secondary bile salts that are made from your microbes so if you can build up your microbes that might help you and if you build up your liver that will help you but.

If you lose the pool that you're trying to recycle then you need some help and that's kind of what what i recommend is to take some purified bowel salts and yeah and then see if you need it after that and if you need it then keep taking it for longer i mean.

Some people need it for over a year and the way you know you need it is if you're burping belching or bloating okay so what do we have as an answer is here well this is funny you guys what is dr berg addicted to so many people said sugar i'm gonna just assume you're all.

New but other people the next highest answer is caffeine okay the answer is caffeine coffee now addicted you say you're addicted yeah you have a tiny little cup in the morning i know like a.

Teeny tiny cup i control my addiction okay i'm dependent on it okay so because i just like it and it's like if i were to give it up it would be very difficult so anyway um so that is the believe it or not there's 87 of the population drinks coffee or actually has caffeinated beverages which.

Most of them drink coffee which is interesting right but you know what's even more interesting and i don't think this is part of my my quizzes but 97 percent of all the coffee sold is conventional only three percent is organic.

So unfortunately coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides and fungicides plant out there so a lot of people don't realize it but they're they're getting a lot of exposure to that so you want to do organic coffee very very important.

Um simply because most people drink coffee and put them in put the demand there it's really easy to find organic coffee and it's it is more money but you know have one cup a day well you save it you're actually helping your liver for example your liver you.

Want to save the liver the liver is um you could get a transplant okay but the problem with that is it's on a waiting list and sometimes you have to wait for months and months even years to get it right um that's that's the drawback there is another type of option you can.

Actually get a friend or family member to donate part of their liver which is another option but the problem with that is trying to find someone that's going to give that up and matches the same blood that you'd have so so with all the options just go organic i know.

Hey dr berg can i preempt um what might be karen's shout out to everyone this is really interesting so uh my daughter does the troll patroller we watch for people saying things that just don't belong on any of the social media stuff and she politely puts people into time out or sometimes if they're.

Really awful well we've got to ban them but when she speaks fluent mandarin um she's been to china a number of times and she has a pal in taiwan that um loves dr bergen had no idea that stevie or me had any association and they flipped out they said dr berg and karen are huge.

In taiwan and so i have uh five folks from taiwan that would like to get an autograph of dr berg now i don't want to start a big trend here but this is so too late that oh there we go so jessica teddy yuling chiang and then joe honestly or something i know i just butchered that person's name.

But dr berg is going to because he's in the holiday spirit signed some autographs and we're going to mail them out to these folks via uh you know via the good old males so anyway thank you all from taiwan from listening and of course all around the world and i'll leave the rest of that to care.

Awesome to me that's awesome well i don't know how i got credit for any of that but um yeah thanks taiwan that's good to know yeah absolutely um and all around the world i you know i arrived a little late because i had some ice on my windshield.

And i had to uh scrape it off they have people for that i don't he left first so you gotta you gotta like uh gotta keep your car in the in the garage but my point is he left my car up but my point is that um a lot of people from all over the world are saying where they're from.

And i am noting it and um it's really really amazing that all you guys show up and who knows what time it is all over the world many different times and you guys show up it's a very cool community and we appreciate you absolutely hey bob you're next you had a question you're from rhode.

Island go ahead yes hi dr berg thank you very much for taking my question sure um we had spoken about a month and a half ago somewhere around there i was having an issue with uh bloating and um you had advised me to stop.

With the vegetables which i have i haven't had any vegetables since you had said to do that for about two months it worked great at first but what i've found many times with anything i've ever tried it will work for a while and then for whatever reason my body adapts to that.

And it stops working and i have the issue again which i still do um even even right now i am bloated i haven't even eaten yet so it's coming from just the fluids that i have i'm still taking the nutritional yeast the electrolyte powder even the raw wheat grass before meals.

I'm taking the advanced digestive formula and then after with the gallbladder formula i've also introduced choline because i'm almost certain that i have a fatty liver but i was just wondering if you would have any suggestions or any thoughts of what might be going on here that i could.

Try sure do you do you uh consume dairy um i i do a little bit i put a little bit of cream in my coffee i stopped it for a while and it didn't really make a difference okay i don't know how long it would take you know to actually find out but i mean it didn't make a difference so i did.

Start having that again what about nuts what about nuts or peanut butter do you have those i do that's you know those are some of the fats that i've been having going along with the keto program there's a there is a test that i think you would benefit from i'll do a video on it but i think that what you need.

Is a test i think the um permeability in your gut lining i think there's an issue with that and that's creating maybe some sensitivities inflammation bloating to what you eat if that's the case which i'm kind of feeling it is that's why you initially felt better when you cut out the vegetables but i will say that.

Unfortunately you might want to stick with a carnivore for a longer period of time but without the nuts and seeds since they're high in omega-6 fatty acids and that can irritate the gut it's more inflammatory for for certain people even eggs might be an issue so.

Fatty meat organ meats fish i want you to try that for a week but without any nuts at all and i'll do a video on what test to get but um i think there's a problem with and it's like leaky gut it's the permeability is not there so the immune system is always kind of vulnerable for irritation and.

Inflammation and gas and things like that so try that bob and then call me back all right i have another question for for people okay all right guys what is the most popular or the number one trigger for migraine headaches okay that is the next question for.

Everyone now there's many triggers but what's the top trigger let's see if you guys can get that one and then karen has some really good questions here sure go ahead kev okay good so brandi on youtube uh she says she's 48 years old 48 years.

Young and she heard that keto is hard for people who are that age not hard but like not good hard on people that age and that it can negatively affect the thyroid what do you think about that actually it's uh very beneficial for.

That age because the older someone gets the more they need to do keto why because things are breaking down and the especially the brain so so ketones are superior fuel number one number two uh it's it's a superior fuel for the heart and it also decreases inflammation.

And then when you add intermittent fasting to it you're actually extending the person's life there are hundreds if not thousands of genetic positive magical things happen when you go on a fast when you start doing keto and from decreasing the risk of all sorts of.

Issues so whoever said it's hard on the body going you know going on keto or less carbs it's very hard on the body if you're doing high carb especially to the kidney look what happens to the kidney look what happens to the eye.

Glaucoma retinopathies cataracts and then your nervous system and especially the brain i mean every single person with alzheimer's has some level of blood sugar issues with insulin resistance going on so that's just plain false information and i know that might be hard to believe.

That you would get false information while researching on the internet but it's true um it's and that's reason why we're here is because we want to give you some information some connections some root causes to things that you're not going to find when you do your research on.

The internet because i mean it was really weird like in august it was last october all of a sudden you couldn't even find all this a lot of information was like kind of suppressed so it's been replaced by some other stuff that i don't think is that.

High quality myself but that's just my opinion you have to do your own research and you have to be aware of well when they don't what they're trying to do industry and you know money gets advertising and whatever so just just realize that that's kind of what i'm going to give you is i'm going to give you some interesting links that.

You may not find now i think we're ready for that answer to that question on the trigger to the migraine headache what do we have we have salt sugar msg caffeine a lot of different answers gallbladder sugar the weather a lack of vitamin d sugar loud noises.

Not enough water sugar okay so here's the answer insulin surge all you guys are correct but the number one is stress as a general statement of course all these can stress your body cause stress right but overwhelming stress apparently is.

The trigger to migraines not that anyone's going through stress nowadays but just in case you know friends or family that are all you have to do is just eliminate the stress and you're good to go so i am going to be doing a video on all the different triggers to migraines and shortly well you know there.

It's completely true that if you uh have a lack of certain nutrients and you're eating sugar all the time or eating carbs all the time you're not going to be able to handle stress so if you're concerned about your level of stress or you're watching too much screen and you're getting stressed out about.

Stuff and you're eating that way rest assured you're having a worse time of it because of how you're eating and that's something you can because over when you know when you're not really sure you know is the world going to hell in a hand basket or whatever you can't do anything about it.

It isn't true particularly when it comes to how you personally are handling that so if you're eating carbs and you're cheating and you're you know eating a bunch of christmas cookies and stuff like that then you're going to have a absolutely have a worse time handling this dress so.

Yeah that's the reason to jump onto the wagon i think the more stress that you go through the more you have to keep your diet clean that would be a good good thing to actually implement just more stress the cleaner you get as far as your diet because what do most people.

Do they go off the program off they they decide to eat because they're stressed eat something that makes them feel good and comfort food and all that stuff five minutes but you know look at our recipes because you can have all the comfort food you.

Want somebody asked about a healthy pancake well there's a keto certainly keto recipes and pancakes and all kinds of things you can eat if you're on youtube right now just click to the chat well not right now but just the channels and you'll see the recipe channels yeah.

Let's go to karen from virginia beach virginia hi karen hi dr berg hi hi dr berg um i talked to you last week about my long water fasting and i did see your two videos prior to that um but um you said one thing.

Um that kind of confused me but i figured it out because it's been like a week now um you said not to worry about my calories and i was confused what you went meant by that because everybody says don't worry how high but i figured you meant not don't worry how low because i've had absolutely no desire to eat.

Much since what that long liquid eight day water fast um so i got i did get off last friday in the evening and i wanted to eat something but like i said i've had no desire meat felt like a brick in my stomach it just didn't feel right and um so i had like i said i i had.

Difficulty knowing what to eat um four days for the first four days coming off the fast like i still my body's still seeing lots of liquids like just go back on your liquid fast so i don't know how long how long it can be off the fast or when you can go back on a liquid fast.

And also the electrolytes i was very concerned about the potassium i could get the chicken broth gave me my sodium but and i could take magnesium capsules but i wasn't sure where to get enough potassium from during liquid fat since there is absolutely positively no sugar.

Allowed on a long extended liquid fast so i'm like where do i get that potassium from and i want to go back every day i want i mean pretty much within a few days i want to go back on my fast i don't know how like i said how long to be off do you what's your name i still have no do you have weight to lose.

Still are you well years ago years ago when my granddaughter was 17 years ago when she was a baby i was like 269 pounds on 5'5 when i started keto in 2016 i was 232 i lost 60 pounds um i won't go back into that store again and then um when i started keto this earlier this year i couldn't get.

I was on 173 i was still stuck when i went on this eight day fast i got down to 165. i've been able to maintain 166. i would like to be 140. and i feel like i can keep going on and keep doing this so here's my suggestion you still have you still have potential.

Reserve potential energy to live off of so why not ride the wave your body is telling you fast and you have you're not going to go into starvation where you're using muscles until all the fats gone the other thing is electrolytes and this is one of the reasons why i created my electrolytes for because i put a lot of.

Potassium in it's a thousand milligrams so i have a product you can look it up there's several different flavors but that has the potassium magnesium calcium sodium and it also has trace minerals without any sugar so that's what i would recommend so as long as you take you supplement.

Like the b vitamins electrolytes trace minerals and probably have to take some extra of those and uh maybe omega-3 fatty acids like maybe some colive oil while you're fasting and you do that you just your body is telling you to fast why not ride the wave until you hit your goal.

It'll tell you when as long as your energy's up you're feeling good you're not losing muscle issues and your cognitive function is good why not go there's people that i know that fasted for 45 days and 45 nights so um i don't think you i think i would just ride the wave.

If i were you because your body's not really liking a lot of heavy meals right now all right thanks karen now we're going to go right to social media with a question oh wait did i ask no i already have okay never mind go ahead you want to ask another quiz question yeah let's ask another question.

Um all right guys this is interesting what country consumes the most sugar and it's not the u.s okay all right see if you can chew on that question while we go to a question from social media okay good so on youtube natalie asks.

Uh what can cause dry mouth um it could be usually you're thinking like lack of hydration with water but i think it's more the electrolytes too enough sodium and sometimes potassium or magnesium okay and then i believe this is how you pronounce afzal.

From youtube um what what could she take or he take i'm sorry as an assist for acne and oily skin that is a low vitamin a so what is the best source of vitamin a answer that cod liver oil and that's interesting right so you would take oil.

To help reduce an oily skin yeah because if you're deficient in vitamin a which is a fat cycle vitamin you produce excessive amounts of sebum which is in the sebaceous gland that then can cause the acne interesting okay and then pro eddie on facebook wants to know how can you uh.

Support or help the a low white blood cell count now there's two reasons for that because there's it could be um that you're you have too much cortisol cortisol suppresses the white blood cell count so that's the stress or your immune system is just weak and you need vitamin d and zinc.

There you go another question karen yeah we're on a roll here okay good so noreen is asking she said her husband has ulcerative colitis i think he might have been talking about something like this before but his ulcerative colitis he can't eat any vegetables so is that yeah that's that's that's.

Common yeah i would do carnivore and i would i just released a video on that too with how much fat you need on a carnivore or actually for with digestive issues you want to go high fat moderate protein but no vegetables no seeds definitely no dairy and sometimes no no eggs because there's.

There's a there's a leaky gut and that needs to be uh dealt with and so you'll do much better because the inflammation will go right down awesome and then rod on facebook has burning up and heat sweat symptoms after eating wow.

Now there wasn't anything else about the persons on keto or anything like that well i think that um if you're burning up after eating it has to be something with the sympathetic nervous system something with the so i would i would suggest um like temperature regulation vitamin b1 also always works for.

Regulating your temperature either if you're too cold or too hot that's a real good thing i did a video on um cold intolerance and then heat intolerance so you can watch those videos but that's a that's an interesting one i that's my guess.

But that's all i have karen fair enough all right good okay so um i want to go take this question first uh from it's bryce from texas are you there yes yes hi um thanks for taking my call i started your keto program probably may 1st of this year i've lost about 40 pounds great um.

I did i did get my vitamin d levels checked in june they were 48. i checked them again this week doctor's visit it was at 84. i'm taking about five to six days a week the 10 000 iu vitamins the d3 that you have i just wondered how much should i back off should i.

What so what do you think i should proceed well um i think uh that you're on a good level i think also um i would make sure when you get a test is are you checking the pre vitamin d or are you checking the active vitamin d be good to test both of those because.

Let's say for example you're checking just the pre-vitamin d which they normally always check um i think it's just three yeah and then that's not going to tell you your conversions are you converting it through the kidney liver um so that's always a factor there there are probably a hundred different.

Ways um that you have that people have difficulty absorbing vitamin d from the genetic level all the way up through different other issues with absorption and conversion so i think 10 000 is a reasonable amount to take on a maintenance basis and it's.

Not going to be toxic toxicity occurs when you're doing like high levels sometimes 60 70 80 90 100 200 000 ius over weeks and months so i think you're within a really good range so that's that's my opinion thanks for your question all right now we're going to go to the answer to this question.

What country consumes the most sugar i think everybody thinks it's their country yeah it's uh tons of tons of different answers here so there's there's not uh okay really one in particular so the country that takes first place okay is the uae united arab emirates.

Well that was in now um that's fascinating because of the amount of sugar just dwarfs any other country and i will be releasing this video it comes out to per person a half a kilogram a day that's over that's over a pound a day of sugar that's over a pound of sugar.

Now um in america we do like maybe 25 of that if that so you you would think america is still about a quarter pound yeah of sugar a day on average so and some people aren't eating any that's right so you know the other guys i don't recall folks in the in the emirates of being.

You know sort of universally obese they're not are they yeah they are they're like one-third of the country is obese and what's happening is the diabetes is off the charts so um just want to let you guys know if you're living in that in the middle east we have a arabic channel you should.

Check it out just go to our youtube and click um the channels and watch that because we have everything translated and it's catching on i mean keto's intermittent fasting dr burke channel is very huge i think there's over 2 million subscribers already on that channel.

What's happening is like we want to show you how to transition from the high sugar to low sugar and it's going to be very important for your health long term but and you can that's a tremendous amount of sugar that's a tremendous amount of sugar that is a lot of it's it's a bit too.

Much i think um all right so you get some more questions okay penny you're finally on we're you're from ohio go ahead hi dr berg thank you so much for taking my call i greatly appreciate it um i've been watching your channel.

I know for a while and i know that you talk about women over 50 getting in being more difficult to get into ketosis which i've experienced myself and you talk about building the proteins back up so could you give me a little bit more information on how to go about that some specifics on what i can do.

To make it easier yeah what happens during menopause is you have this uh this backup um adrenal that gets activated because the the ovaries are going in retirement and then the whole pituitary doesn't have to send i mean you have the pituitary and then you have the ovaries that help this whole pathway going on.

And so we're getting less of those hormones so we have all these back up things in place that are kicking in especially the adrenal and then we have higher levels of cortisol we have that going on and then we have usually less estrogen but we have a major drop in progesterone too.

But so it gives you maybe a relative higher amount of estrogen to progesterone if you look at the ratios so we have this hormonal shift and we also have a drop of vitamin e because it's not needed in the pituitary as much to produce the sex hormones so what happens is you start getting atrophy.

A lot of women it looks just like that but we just lose the muscular density so what you need to do is not just start going crazy and eating more protein you want to do a couple things you want to support the adrenal you want to keep the eating in really dis.

With a lot of discipline keep it healthy keto with intermittent fasting which is going to be very very important but the other thing that's going to be very necessary is exercise routine exercise and find something that you like to do and do that but um and you're going to have to work.

Those muscles and it's going to take time it does take time if i could just speak for karen going through menopause working out i mean you do a lot of functional type things right now which is like which is really working it's really working and um.

What does that mean functional like you're actually you're not uh you're not going i mean for people i know what you mean scraping eyes scraping scraping eyes literally like physical work a lot of physical physical work and um it really actually is uh it's a little bit better you like that better than the.

Gym like just doing a weights like with curls and things like that i'm not a huge fan of that i do know that i need to add that when i can't get out and do physical work right you know but yeah so that's something i like it absolutely i think um living in the.

Woods lumberjack that's right that's right so that's that's what um we you have to actually um add that to your profile and it's just going to be more difficult it takes longer don't compare yourself to your husband just that's what i would do.

All right so i'm ready for another question here okay so um gary uh i think he's on youtube he said he's got pancreatitis so his doctor has told him to consume no fat so how how can he do keto well here's here's the thing um did i bet you anything they didn't identify.

The cause of pancreatitis one of the top causes is a blocked bile duct and even there's ducts that are becoming sluggish because the bile is getting thicker on its way to developing a stone and that will block the.

Pancreatic ducts because the gallbladder duct that actually the liver duct and then the gallbladder the pancreatic duct kind of joined to one place into your small intestine where so there's a little place there where things can get jammed up and then you get back up.

Of the pancreas now think about this if you go on a low-fat diet and i'm not telling you to do it or not but you're going to automatically lessen the stimulation of the production of bile people with low fat diets end up with gallstones so i don't know if that would be the best advice.

But i would definitely want to i would recommend taking a purified bile salts on an empty stomach i would take in the morning at meals and another one later in the day and you may find your pancreatitis improving because you're allowing those ducts to drain properly watch my video on that one other thing that creates.

Pancreatitis is consuming too many omega-6 fatty acids fasting is wonderful for pancreatitis and and making sure that your liver and your ducks are all properly flowing will help you greatly but about i would just um you want to have all your ducks in a row.

Including your bile ducts two more quiz questions by the way okay so the number one food to avoid for an ear infection okay that's the next question okay good so i have a question here from i believe it's kanan on youtube uh what nutrients help reduce cortisol.

I have a i have a video on that there's a whole bunch of things that can help you reduce cortisol they're called adaptogens um rhodiola there's um ashwagandha there's a lot of herbs that you can take but straight just vitamin b1 nutritional yeast can help.

Reduce cortisol also going on keto itself will reduce cortisol because it if you're on a high carb you stimulate more of the sympathetic nervous system that's why your blood pressure goes up and going on keto all of a sudden everything kind of comes down you're more relaxed magnesium is a simple one to reduce.

Cortisol also watch my stress video actually stress webinar video because i show you techniques to do to reduce that as well all right let's go right to jonah from indiana are you there yes dr bjork thank you so much for picking up my.

Phone call sure uh in your recent video on keto digest and gut issues you advise to do a carnivore diet to heal the gut yeah and i started and i have a very very short question and first one can i take your wheatgrass juice powder during this carnivore diet good question seconds oh yes another.

Question can i take you can i take your electrolyte during this carnivorous diet your electrolyte has stevia in it right and third question can i take um juice cabbage juice because uh you also recommended to heal the god to do cabbage juice.

Can i take these three things during my cardiovascular yeah okay do you have a fourth question okay so here's here's what you can do so yes you can do the electrolytes it's not going to be a problem there's hardly any calories there's um it's because you're going to need to put those.

Electrolytes in there especially it's if you're not getting enough um potassium but there are there is potassium in meat and fat and things like not in fat but in meats and liver and things like that wheatgrass juice powder the reason why you can take that is because it doesn't.

Have the fiber there's no fiber in that this the juice because what your body is reacting to is the fiber so yes that's a good one to take because you have a lot of healing things go through the intestinal tract which by the way wheatgrass juice has.

Properties to support the inside of the lining of your gi tract and then the last product which you mentioned which was cabbage cabbage juice so um i think you could do that too i think you could do that too because cabbage juice has wonderful things to heal.

The lighting it has vitamin u go figure but it's good for ulcers it's good to heal the inside the digest digestive tract i would do that if i were you so yes yes and all three of those questions all right so those were very succinct questions.

Yeah thank you that was great so we have an answer overwhelming agreement really what food to avoid for ear infections dairy that is correct karen that is correct dairy is what you want to avoid very smart people um i'm going to be releasing a video.

I was just about to tell you the answer to the next question so i'm not going to do that but as far as dairy goes it's the number one allergy for kids and it can definitely create some mucus that develops that goes through the back of the throat to this little tube it's called the station tube into the inner.

Ear and it goes in there and it creates a bacteria most ear infections and this could be another quiz question but i'm just going to tell you are a combination of bacteria and viruses so a lot of doctors now are not.

Recommending just straight antibiotics right off the bat they want just give it time usually three days it clears it out but two good remedies for ear infections would be the colloidal silver drops just some drops and we're talking about kids or adults and a drop of garlic now is there any.

Research on this absolutely not because who's going to invest that time and energy into figuring this out it's not very profitable but i've seen it work many many times with my clients so just try it out it's not that expensive and you can see if it.

Helps you but you must eliminate dairy if you want to resolve this mucus i remember when i was young i had all these friends that were getting tubes in their ears it's it's a it's a trend it must have been covered by insurance i mean the next thing you know they're.

Going to want to take out your tonsils can you believe that oh my gosh carlos you're from orlando florida i'm i'm ready for your question hi dr berg i just want to thank you for all the information that you're sharing with us i started the keto diet on the 30th of last month and already lost.

Um 17 pounds wow wow yeah i always used to be 155 but i i got diagnosed with bipolar when i got out the military in 2002 and i've been on different medication and so the medication may be gaining a lot of weight plus you know eating everything else so now that i started the diet like three.

Days later you know i cut everything the sugar everything even my wife says that she sees a like a different person because i always go up and down depression you know a little bit of mania and now i'm stable and i'm thinking very clear my mind is is so clear right now so my wife also lost 12 pounds.

She started with me and um i'm so excited and thankful for you and i wanted to ask you with the medication i'm always getting constipated like every two three weeks i'm constipated for like two weeks off and on so i started the the medication the diet and i'm constipated now but.

I i just think it's the medication but i feel fine i'm doing one meal a day my wife and i all right couple questions right there there's more and more psychiatrists now that are recommending keto for bipolar for depression for anxiety for schizophrenia because there's research out there that shows.

Uh that it really helps people so that's cool that's very cool apparently it's actually working for you you have this thing of course you you want to find a doctor to help you know if you're getting better to wean you off that eventually i'm not telling you to do it just get.

With your doctor on that but because that could be a huge side effect for for insulin resistance and also constipation so but to help yourself take a good probiotic that would be step number one make sure your amount of greens your salad is about at.

Least seven cups like i said and that should help as well but watch my videos on constipation if that doesn't work but those are the three things that i would recommend and i'm going to be doing some interviews with actually i'm setting up for three.

Different psychiatrists who are totally keto they don't like pushing the drugs and they're getting great results and they're really into research and they're putting their patients on this diet with amazing success so i'm excited about that awesome thanks carlos.

Karen well uh we do but why don't you take one more call because we have okay so let's go to chef from chicago illinois are you there hello hi hi hi i even don't know my call is not up okay thank you so much doctor for taking my call.

Sure um actually i am going to have gastric bypass in the first week of february uh they they give me their diet plan um which is like you know eating three times a day and all the stuff and i uh start doing that and instead of losing weight i start gaining more weight.

So so i'm having difficulty understanding you so i'm going to ask karen what you said because i understand that you have gastric bypass surgery scheduled and doctors recommended that you eat three times a day oh yeah now did you eat three times a day before.

No i do not actually i'm too used to eating one time a day even like last four four years and i was just like stuck at one point 265 is my weight um which is i'm like stuck for last four years so once i start eating free time a day i start gaining weight instead of.

Losing and then yeah when i talked to them the first day was like oh it's going to be okay then instead of like women losing a little bit i'm just keep getting getting and i go to to 280 i mean 286 wait and i recently started keto and in like today's my fifth day of keto.

Actually and i'm i already like i'm down seven five pounds and i know it's like water weight but still though like i'm seeing some progress you know so i have a question i have a question for you um are you doing gastric bypass because you want to lose weight.

Yes so um i'm not saying not to do gastric bypass but is just a suggestion what if you were just to give this keto an intimate fasting another several months to see how it could help you then several months later see if you really wanted to do the gastric bypass.

Or not because the only reason i'm saying is because when you do the keto intermittent fasting it helps to improve insulin resistance which is kind of like what causes a slow metabolism and since you're already losing weight maybe ride the wave.

And then you can there's a lot of doctors out there that do consultations with keto and you can get with a doctor and they can actually kind of like help you with any medical questions because i like your advice i watch you at a lot of videos and.

The thing is i don't trust anybody other than you but the keto so like yeah i am confused too about the gastric bypass but the thing is like you know i'm 35 and you know i cannot keep struggling with the weight so i am gonna try the keto i'm like i'm trying and.

I in like in under february i'm sure i'm gonna lose a lot of weight and if i just i keep you know because i think i have an issue like i cannot stay away from the rice for a long time um so yeah right now yeah so right now like i'm leaving all by myself so.

Otherwise i usually have my family living with me so i always have hot time because we cook at home i'm from pakistan actually and we cook at home we eat at home so it's hard to stay away from the you know all the good i totally understand the goal of the keto is to.

Get you to the point where your body's burning your own fat and you're not hungry or craving anymore so it should actually work and to help you reduce the cravings so give that a shot thanks for your call all right karen um you have one more we have one more question yeah um.

I'm trying to read my own handwriting here um oh here it is right here can allergies can allergies develop before you are born ah good question and then while you guys are looking at that let's go to ava from north dakota are you there ava hi hi yes.

Hi dr berg thank you so much for taking my call phone call and um my question is well first i will say i am 63 i am on quito in the fourth month and i was diagnosed with ra lyme disease fibromyalgia neuropathy and i was going for very long time liver.

Flash and then i switch off your method that means i go your way and i'm good with that but today i was having i saw a video about a topic vitamin d because my uh lab results show i have 120 and should be 30 to 100 normal range but.

That is they say that is toxic and um and i saw the video today and you say uh to not take actually i have a high no what is that too much calcium as i'm safe frozen fingers uh high cold high for carcinia and you say about the vitamin d3 not.

Today and my question is for how long so here's the here's the answer to that uh question really quick obviously you have a lot of conditions where you have a lot of built up of calcium so you want to avoid calcium probably avoid dairy just so you're not getting more calcium but vitamin d and.

Vitamin k2 especially and magnesium are all necessary to help mobilize some of this stuck calcium out of the body that's what you need to focus on and honestly based on these symptoms right here do not forget to add bile salts empty stomach take morning and evening.

And maybe at lunch because that's going to also help you really take those that's fat soluble vitamins and push them deeper and deeper into the body and help you with the various symptoms that you have so don't forget about the gallbladder thanks for your question all right karen.

Okay in the last minute we'll answer this question yeah so most people said yes you can what was the question can allergies develop before you're born most people said yes there were some people who had other thoughts but most said yes the answer is that's correct it's.

Amazing they start in the womb and so it really depends on mother's stress more than anything else and that can actually set the child up and also even during the pregnancy if it's c-section the risk for allergies go up and then especially what the mother is consuming during pregnancy.

And after pregnancy if she's breastfeeding and and if mothers don't breastfeed their risk of allergies go up as well so you want to breastfeed as long as possible but not past 16 years old all right folks so listen also uh you know with the holidays here do.

You want to talk about our great new holiday schedule next week next week we're going to be doing um this show on thursday new year's eve christmas eve christmas christmas eve sorry um so and there won't be a show then new year's week right and then the following week we're.

Not gonna have a show right so have fun folks with your hangovers who are you talking to well the audience because they're all on keto well that's true i'm sorry but for the the one that might just be visiting that is going to get wiped out on new year's eve for those folks you can sleep in.

That was awful huh that was pretty bad we try to control steve but sometimes he gets all control he pushes that button and well i had a misspent youth so i'm familiar with that sort of stuff okay well hey yeah so christmas eve will be here um if you aren't going to be able to be.

With us have a great holiday and we'll see you in january otherwise thursday morning all right have a great one guys we'll see you later you
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