Dr. Eric Berg DC Live Show Q & A (6-7-2017)

Dr. Eric Berg DC Live Show Q & A (6-7-2017)

Dr. Eric Berg DC Live Show Q & A (6-7-2017)

Check out the video on Dr. Eric Berg DC Live Show Q & A (6-7-2017).
this is the dr. Burke show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hey guys I'm back it's Wednesday night at 7 o'clock.

Probably for you it might be 3 o'clock in the afternoon depending where you are in the world we have a lot of callers today I wanted to try a different time zone to see if that works but I'm here for your questions if you want to call in the number is 866 let's see it's 5 6 1 4 2 9 2 it should be actually below on YouTube or Facebook.

Alright great so we're going to take the first caller Vanessa you're on the air you're from California go ahead good evening dr. burr thank you for taking my call I have got two type of questions one is a thyroid that which has been removed about 10 years ago and the lady is about her early 30s right now and she had was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease.

Like in about 20 years ago so basically she's really went through the readmission and then her thyroid was removed 10 years after that and the last few years she's actually went get away about 10 pounds and I think she's at I Roy type of person and in adrenal please give us eyes on that and the do's and don'ts and also the testicular cancer.

Post surgery which is about two months ago a male kind of a slim body type only 30 as well please say button on the do and don't of this to individual sure Vanessa let me just give you some tips because it's a lot of questions but here's the thing non-hodgkins lymphoma it's on the rise it's going spiking up it's actually quite high and there's.

Been some links to some interesting things in the environment specifically glyphosate yeah that's that in the GMO so it's kind of day coincidence with the spike and I if you search some of the class action suits you'll get a lot of data on this and they did all the research they compiled it so if that's the case then what you'd want to do is.

Make sure these people that got cancer because the immune system is now weak they need to go completely 100 percent organic to make sure there's no more GMOs in the food they need to make sure that they do a lot of cruciferous vegetables because the liver needs to detoxify cruciferous stimulates enzymes in the liver it gives.

The liver enzymes and it stimulates the liver to make enzymes in the process of converting these poisons to harmless particles it's called phase 1 phase 2 detoxification so allows the whole process to convert a fat-soluble poison to a harmless particle that's water-soluble so that's why you want to every every day I would consume some.

Type of cruciferous whether it's a kale shake Brussels sprouts radishes really important and that's what I would do as far as the thyroid if you have it removed what happens now is that you're going to have to be on medication you know thyroid hormones that the thing that I would look at is make sure the gallbladder is working good because.

There's a gallbladder problem we have the gallbladder removed you might have a hard time converting t4 to t3 in which case you need to take some bile salts to allow that thyroid to work better so that's pretty much the answer I would give you a Vanessa thanks for your question hey George you're from Turin Toronto go ahead you're on the air.

Good evening got the word thank you for taking my call and I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for everything you do in your videos much appreciated I lost 40 pounds I'm five months on keto get adopted kale shake every day intermittent fasting your supplements as well my question is hair and nails doesn't want to improve so.

Much in so fast is there something I can do to speed up this process I our curiosity are you taking the hair formula I just ordered it okay um other than that is a lot of greens not a lot of protein no sugar no alcohol nothing else okay so let's talk about the hair there's two mainly in men it's high levels of DHT which is a powerful form.

Of testosterone that burns that out there's a called an enzyme inhibitor that I'm not going to get into the technical name but there's something that you can take the slow down the process of DHT building up in the body that it's called stinging nettle root that is in the hair formula in addition to a lot of other nutrients we've got.

The trace minerals you have the B vitamins biotin we also have horse tail which gives you silica and also actual protein itself a certain type of collagen that builds up the hair I think to speed up the process I would go out and get some stinging nettle root in higher dosages that will help because in men it'll actually kill two birds one.

Stone it'll actually help the hair and also help the prostate I would do that typically if you're on the ketogenic diet and you lose your hair which or you start getting hair loss all that means is you need to also include intermittent fasting with that and that should clear it right up in fact the people that I know that are doing in a minute fasting.

With the ketosis it really accelerates the hair growth because you're you're increasing growth hormones which is building up more proteins and you're not breaking them down and so you're reducing insulin which is an underlying inflammatory condition so that's what I would try George but thanks for your call and thanks for your lovely words.

Majestic you are from Virginia right down the street yes I am you hear me thank you so much for stopping my calls yeah I can hear you fine I am decided to do intermittent fasting from watching some of your videos on YouTube and I just have quick yes and those for food um one is butter huh okay um it's totally fine make sure it's.

Grass-fed Carrie gold might work for ya okay maple syrup maple syrup that's a no but if you go on my blog I have a recipe for maple syrup that you can consume cool pancakes I have a recipe for that to go on the go my blogging go into the video blog and then click under recipes because I I just looked at to.

Today and I was like I have a lot of recipes on there waffles pancakes everything okay what about vivia it's a drink that is sweetened with stevia totally fun it's like a carving yeah good that's good totally fine okay this is the most this is the biggie right here what type of salad dressing because like I can eat.

Dressing all day long but what type of salad dressing can I um the best thing to do is make your own we have recipes for that too but here's here's what I use and I use um I go to the grocery store and I did a video on this so you could find this as well and I just basically looked at the label 95% of them are made from soy or canola if.

They're not organic they are GMO most definitely so you're gonna have to find it's going to be like a small percentage of salad dressings that are made with sunflower oil or avocado oil or olive oil those are the ones that you buy I don't have a specific brand because sometimes it I'll see it then it's gone because a lot of.

People are not buying it but that is the problem just find one without the soy corn or canola okay what about the sugar content in them yeah you want to get one without sugar as well that's a given you absolutely just look at the actual sugar grams and make sure it's below like 1 1 or less okay 1 or less ok now the vitamins because you take in.

Electrolytes I have everything that you think it can I take those during the fasting period you are doing totally fun the only thing that could knock you out of ketosis a little bit is excessive amounts of bone broth because it's a protein sometimes l-glutamine which is the amino acid sometimes branch amino acids will do it so anything amino acid.

Could bump you out it's not a big problem because it's only temporary it's just a small amount but just so you know if you're testing your urine and go wow I'm now I'm out of ketosis don't don't freak out it's probably just something like that okay what about dear she even theory now the thing about dairy is that I'm going to do a complete.

Video on that you have certain cheese that have has a lot of lactose in it and so you just have to get more hard cheeses definitely grass-fed cheese's I like the fattier cheeses the cream cheese sour cream I like also the brie cheeses those are higher in fat lower and lactose so if you get yogurt for example it's very high in lactose and.

Also even some of the keepers are higher in sugar so what I would do is I would stick with the hard cheeses or soft cheeses but if you look at some of the traditional cheeses that they show you the sugar content that's probably the lactose it's pretty high but typically I wouldn't worry about it just some people can do a lot of cheese some people it.

Binds them up it can knock them out of ketosis possibly because they have an allergy to either lactose which a lot of people have or casein which is the protein in milk I I'm from Wisconsin I like cheese I eat a lot of cheese it doesn't seem to bother me at all and it's a really good fattier protein to consume at the end of meal so it's kind.

Of a wild variable when you get into cheese's but I'm going to do a complete video on that good okay now watch that and lastly I guess we buy apple juice not from concentrate and it has only apples and absorbing accident is that okay no because that's pure sugar that will totally block your ketosis completely no juices you know fruit.

Juices but I think I know your last question though no fruit no fruit zero all right yeah okay thank you so much okay good I was trying to predict your last question but I don't think I did but okay good so Dave you're on the air from Austin Texas yeah hi thank you for taking the call and I really enjoyed your video short.

Excellent teacher oh thanks um you're welcome you are very likeable good job doctor I have a question about DHT I read pro and con on olive oil and coconut oil and I'd like to know your cake on him in relationship to DHT yeah okay you know I looked at that too and honestly there's the some people that are against it that.

Said it will increase DHT our it's play it's an arbitrary of someone's opinion I've never found an actual study that they based it off of or any type of physiology books that will state that I think they're totally fine I do not think they increase DHT at all so I would not worry about it at all but I think one of my favorite things there's.

Two things that will actually lower DHT in the body if you have too much of it well there's a lot of them but the one that the one that's common is the stinging nettle root but number two is mushrooms button mushrooms so well that that actually will convert it'll actually improve it lowers DHT and it frees up more free testosterone so just.

Happens to be kind of a something you can get anywhere terrific okay thanks very much hey thanks Dave let's see it's a sauna you are from California go ahead you're on the air okay dr. burr good evening hi I am yeah I'm so actually I am 41 years and 112 pounds I am adrenal tight and I started ketosis.

A year back and lost 22 pounds in 3 months so but the problem here is my total cholesterol is 394 which has gone up then a year before and LDL is 340 HDL is 73 and triglyceride is 37 which have improved also and I take all the vitamins d3 k 2 wheatgrass and fish oil and all so my question is it normal to have that high cholesterol and LDL as I.

Have family history of heart attacks on my mom's side or should I change my diet or add something to lower my cholesterol so doctor this suspect it is tramadol hyperlipidemia and my another question is I have pain in my joint when I sit for very long so how can I fix that one I already take phospholipid so that was my question.

Yeah thank you yeah fast food liquid is a phosphorus that actually helps to free up calcium deposits so I have a question for you are you doing intermittent fasting yet yeah okay yeah okay I do so um so I think what for inflammation you could go get some stinging nettle root that's a great anti-inflammatory but here's that here's the thing that I want.

To talk about I created a video recently on LDL what happens is that first of all when you burn fat cells you can't get rid of fat cells you're just taking the the triglycerides and some cholesterol in the fat cells and you're using them up for energy so the fat cells are shrinking right so as the triglycerides come out you're burning.

Those up as fuel but the cholesterol that's coming out is not burned as fuel so when you're in ketosis or intermittent fasting all this cholesterol that's been stored in the fat cell where's it going to go it has to come out and it has to go through the circle circular has to come to the liver and it has to come out to the.

Gallbladder so you have to just make sure that you're keeping your vegetables very very high if your LDL so called bad cholesterol is high it might not be a problem it's usually not a problem because there's two types there's Type A which is the large buoyant fluffy type of cholesterol which is not a problem and there is Type B which is the dense.

Smaller type cholesterol which which is involved in more of the the plaquing formation and it's just kind of like it's and it's the result of something it's not the cause of it's just it's it means that there's a problem so if your LDL is high how do you know which one it is because they don't tell you unless you do a more sophisticated test what.

You do is you look at your triglycerides and your HDL if your triglycerides or HDL are normal or your triglycerides are lower like normal or low and your triglyceride cholesterol is normal or high then you don't have to worry about it because you have more type-a LDL and that means that all this cholesterol is.

Just coming out through the body and coming out to the liver and it's not being a problem at all even if your cholesterol is high now if you are really concerned go get a genetic test to see if you have a genetic problem with cholesterol if that's the case then you're going to have to maybe take red yeast or you know maybe not take extra.

Cholesterol and really take more outside vinegar and more vegetables but I bet you that's not the problem because most I mean it's kind of it's more rare to have a genetic problem with cholesterol and and this is the thing that people just need to know and understand HDL is like it's going to be high as you're burning fat and it's coming out to the.

Body and look at the other factors are you feeling better are you sleeping better but that's what I would check and if you really are concerned then you just go get a test to check your a and B to really get the specific type of LDL that you're running into but watch my video on that as well all right good question hey Christine you're on you're.

From New York go ahead you're on the air oh my god your honor me yeah hi oh okay um yeah I I've been doing internet fashion keto for many years I'm type of thyroid I went from 30 something's down to 10 I'm taking all my thyroid but now I heard that has wheat in it or something maybe I should be taking that but anyway.

I'm losing about a living weight I've lost 30 pounds since January Wow yeah but I I know you say wow but like I I fast for three days like I eat 500 calories a day why am I losing okay I see so your since January right oh no tired I can't lie there sighs I quit myself yeah so I've seen I have some questions.

Christine farmer thyroid yeah you have a thyroid in conjunction with these other issues can you hear me now okay so you can't hear me but I'm going to answer this question you got a once the thyroid is a problem everything is really slow like the metabolism is going to be really slow so I think what you're doing is a more of a low-calorie diet because.

500 calories a day is not enough and that is going to cause your metabolism to slow down even more so the difference between ketogenic a ketogenic diet element fasting and a starvation diet or a low calorie diet is that you're when you in a minute fasting you're even though you're doing it you're doing less meals you're still having the quantity.

Of calories to fulfill the nutrient amounts and that's what you're missing so you probably want to go to one meal a day but make sure it's a big meal not a 500 calorie small meal or else you're going to be tired because your body is just doesn't have the nutrients to survive so the other thing that that you may want to do is really beef up your B.

Vitamins because that usually is required when you go through ketosis but I think you're tired because you're not having enough calories but you need to make sure those are quality calories okay all right hey George you're on the air you're from Columbia British Columbia yes thank you.

What thanks for having the show on a different day it's good okay I'm calling on Friday so what I want to know is if you're drinking a lot of apple cider vinegar mixture with water can you also take supplements with that at the same time like say and and do you have to take that's sort of one question and the other one just supplements in.

General like but also NAC do you take that with food or without there seems to be some kind of like mixed information out there yeah NAC is really good to repair the liver after someone's taken steroids or damaged liver that one I like to take that one alone but you can take it when you're fasting and you can take it with.

Other supplements but I'm talking about like not with food as far as apple cider vinegar you can take that with all your supplements it's not a problem at all you can just combine it all and just get it over with are you from what part of British Columbia are you from I'm calling from Kelowna okay yeah that's beautiful over.

There wait I actually used to practice in Lynnwood Washington and go up there and it's just gorgeous up there it rains a lot but it's that's why it's so green yeah yeah well it certainly rains a lot down near Vancouver and stuff not so much in Kelowna but um oh yeah you moved from Lily why'd you do that watching me because I.

Couldn't handle the rain it rained almost every day and I was like you know what I just can't take this so then I moved to California and to dry out for a while then I mentioned it to San Diego okay cool one more question about Coleen it okay so there's a desert supplements for the liver right and so you got choline mixed.

With in inositol I have that supplement and it says on there to not take it with them in relation to other mineral supplements because there's a thing called by something or other that interferes with mineral absorption or something like that have you heard of that yeah it's a it's a very minor point it's almost like insignificant it's just.

It's so minor I would not worry about it but inositol and choline are great for a fatty liver and yeah I wouldn't even worry about that it's a very minor point so how long will it take for the NAC thing to work on the fatty liver it's very very subtle it's very slow and subtle the one that's going to probably make the biggest difference George is.

The choline taking a good amount of choline over a period of time and I mean you know you have the liver the fat can come off and maybe three or four months depending on that you have I mean if it's a lot it could take a lot longer but to repair all the other damage and liver it could take several years it's a long-term.

Project yeah and and and Farrah pepper taste is that you know is that good for the fatty liver thing – yeah well no that syrup pepper taste is a very powerful enzyme that breaks down scar tissue unwanted scar tissue especially cirrhosis that's what that's going to do it's going to clean that up pretty nice I like it that's the one.

That you have to take on an empty stomach because it's a it's a powerful Pro protein enzyme so if you take it with food it'll just digest your protein okay but can you take look Sarah peppe's can you take that long-term because on yeah on some of the bottles it'll say you know don't take it for beyond seven days without a doctor at all now that's.

Just it's just a disclaimer you can take it long-term it cleans out cleans that a lot of scar tissue from the body unwanted scar tissue and your metrio sees everything thanks George doing the right thing yeah you're doing the right thing liver yeah okay thank you you're welcome thank you very much sure hey Matthew you're from.

Florida go ahead you're on the air hey yeah I have about a couple like three quick questions that's what am I really fast is it okay spaghetti squash Kolya only is good all the scholars are really good yeah I think what was happening is when I first started your knife first five or six months I felt better but I still felt.

Kind of weird and I was blaming it on the spaghetti squash and a new stevia that I was using the number one ingredient is maltodextrin why I think that is it possible yes I was doing listen listen multi dextran has a glycemic index of a hundred and ten it is way higher than mean table Sugar's like I think it's 64 so you got the most.

The highest glycemic index you want to bump someone out of ketosis take some with multi dextran that's why when I made my electrolyte formula they wanted to put the manufacturer we wanted to put multi dextran I'm like no and I said why do you want to put that in there well we do it for everyone I'm like no no you're not going to put it in mind I'm not.

Going to touch the stuff it's it is like serious like glycemic response yeah yeah well I've stopped doing it and for the past couple two months now since I've stopped I've like quickly and I feel much better way more energy so definitely messing up and it seems like all the cleaners have it even the ones that like stevia in the raw you think.

It's going to be pure CVI it's maltodextrin yeah yeah well you use it as a kind of an agent to when they put it anything like enough powder they have to use it but I there's there's ones out there that don't have it you're just going to have to search and find them but I know you mean I hate them yeah I get it now I think most people are on.

There doing what you want to what you're telling them but they don't realize that they're putting maltodextrin because everything is in it it's another video is it paid on do any kind of weightlifting you're trying to fix adrenal fatigue well the weight lifting is totally fine the key with if you have adrenal fatigue is you want to do a.

Small amounts of it and give you got your body a sense of rest and then alternate days go for long long walks but you can do heavy weights with adrenal as long as you give your bought just do it short like probably 15 minutes and then you like do it every other day or every third day okay Ryan it's a quick question I don't know this.

Was before though I haven't napped in a while but usually whenever I wake up from my nap I feel horrible like my whole body will feel hot and I'll just still look just gross it'll take me a couple hours I'll take a cold shower and what can that be from is that just like a hypoglycemia thing that's more of a beautiful it's a B vitamin deficiency I.

Would start taking more nutritional yeast on that that should clean out the clean out the pipes okay okay thanks Matthew appreciate the question you very much hey Betty you're from California go ahead you're on the air hi dr. Berg I just love your channel thank you so much for taking my call I just had a really quick question there was a custom O'Neal.

You did a while ago so with a lot of she was a from Poland I think this key : and he did weightlifting and he managed to lose like 35 pounds over like two and a half three years and the drink one of the things he did he said he was doing was he was drinking apple cider vinegar lemon juice stevia and creatine and my.

Question is what kind of creatine do you recommend there's a lot out there and some are apparently better than other you know I I don't want to spoil it but I have a video that's going to be released this could be next Wednesday or Thursday on creatine that talks about the different kinds but I don't have a brand name but you can have to just find.

It so why don't you stay tuned for that one you just can you know they're all very similar they're not that different but if you want a higher quality I cover that in the video so stay tuned for that specific video because that's more of an involved question because there's like four or five different kinds okay excellent.

Good looking I'll wait until next week yeah great well thank you so much thanks Betty okay cable bike hey Christine you're on the earlier from Florida go ahead hi dr. Burke how are you good thanks I am calling in regard to my cholesterol I have been doing keto for probably about eight months and since the beginning of.

This year I've been doing intermittent fasting along with it I am diabetic and I get my labs done every three months my my total cholesterol in January before I was doing the intermittent fasting and I wasn't that deep into the ketosis but it was a hundred and fifty in April it jumped to 324 so I had a pretty significant jump my LDL went.

Excuse me from 76 in January two to four in April I've been told that it's likely that I have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol and I'm wondering I know you touched on this to an earlier caller if this could be related to just the cycle of the cholesterol until everything gets cleaned out so so how does your triglycerides though.

Triglycerides went from 211 in January to to 24 in April okay okay and what about your HDL I'm sorry your HDL what was your cart okay what about your HDL my of course it's breaking up now I can't hear it I want to know Christine here's I know you're breaking up but I can't hear you but here's what I would like you to do Christine I want.

You to get a genetic test to see if that's it okay if it's not genetic then we know it's it's going to be good but if your if your triglycerides are going a little higher then that is a little problem but let's go to a quick break and I'll be right back call the show now at eight six six five six one four to nine to the doctor.

Returns in a moment you you you.

You it's back to your calls and questions with dr. Berg our lines are open now at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Berg hey guys I am back over here on the board a little technical difficulties we're going to handle that we have fiber coming being.

Put in here so that will completely utterly solve it we just had an internet disconnection but while we're here I want to talk about the last question that that other person had about the LD L okay so very simply you have the liver over here and then you have the artery and all the cells over here LDL is the cholesterol coming into the arteries.

Okay and into the cells so it delivers cholesterol into the cells and the purpose of cholesterol is to act as a band-aid to help heal to provide for raw material for hormones stare like steroid hormones like your sex hormones cortisol so you can have more anti-inflammatory hormones more stress fighting hormones all that so and that's why when you're.

Under stress this goes up okay so it goes in there and it's going in there to try to patch up little holes in the arteries which are already there as a result of either a low vitamin C deficiency deficiency or high insulin so you can have low vitamin C that creates these lesions which are like leaky little holes and that can come from low.

Vitamin C junk foods it can also come from high levels of insulin why because insulin even like in a diabetic it destroys the cells it destroys the eyes destroys the nervous system stressed part of the brain called the hippocampus which then you're a your ability to locate yourself in time and space is destroyed because you can't find you.

Know the worst ward I park that type of thing so high levels of insulin or insulin resistance so then the LDL comes in there as a by-product or a secondary effect to try to help heal this thing so then HDL is the cholesterol coming back to the liver to be recycled you realize that your body your body.

Recycles a lot of the cholesterol so it needs the cholesterol it considers it important people are attacking the cholesterol is a problem so here's the thing when you actually start to increase your ketosis you have the fat cells which are composed of triglycerides and cholesterol so you're going to basically burn up that.

Triglyceride but cholesterol is not burned it's not used as fuel so now as your fat cells become smaller where's all that cholesterol going to go it has to come out through the body and that's why when you when someone goes on a low carbohydrate diet if you look under a book it's called Guyton's physiology the book on textbook of how the body works.

There's a chapter on insulin and it talks about one of the side effects of a low carbohydrate diet is a fatty liver well that's only because they're not consuming enough of the other like the vegetable factors to start cleaning all this cholesterol out so anytime you're burning fat think about this your gallbladder has to now handle and.

Dismantle and get rid of the excess so what you want to do is you want to consume a lot of vegetables you can kill two birds with one stone you can actually flush out all the all the excess cholesterol that needs to be gotten rid of any excess fat and also keeps your gallbladder and liver clean oh and that's it can increase the.

Potassium Reserve because you need potassium to actually heal the cells especially with the insulin dysfunction or insulin resistance so potassium is essential you get it from the vegetables so the vegetable is really a vital piece I do not recommend doing a ketogenic diet without vegetables okay so when you do high ketones.

You're going to end up with a lot of fat coming out of the body a lot of cholesterol might come up temporarily and then because a lot of that is the LDL that's going to go high so like I was mentioning before there's two types of LDL there's pattern a and there's pattern B a is the is the fluffy buoyant large particles B is the small particles.

And this is the stuff right here B is the stuff that's involved in this reaction with the the lining of the arteries okay so if you have too much of B then that tells me there's a problem if you have a then there's not a problem the problem is when you measure your LDL they don't differentiate is that a or is it B okay so how do you know you have to.

Look at the triglycerides the triglycerides if they're high then that means it's chances are it's higher on the B okay and if your HDL is low then it's B but your triglycerides are lower and your HDL is higher or these are normal then it's it's an A and it's not a problem so here you are you have high LDL but it's not a it's not a problem.

It's actually your body is just doing its thing and if you come in there and try to lower it with some drug now so now you actually cut off the production of cholesterol systemically through the whole body and that's going to create a problem for a lot of things you realize that there's more side effects from low cholesterol than there is from high.

Cholesterol and even overall death rates people die from low cholesterol you know just even if they were to die from high cholesterol and that has to do with them you get other problems with the immune system you're more susceptible to cancer if it's low cholesterol I did a whole video on low cholesterol so the key the key is when you do ketosis we want to.

Add in a minute fasting to really bring down that insulin okay that'll just that'll put the icing on the cake now I shouldn't talk about cake and then you want to add a lot of vegetables to make it even better and then we want to also add apple cider vinegar okay so that's going to really help dissolve that so so we're going to.

Go back and take a call I think it's working now and let me just come back over here all right all right so we're going to take a call let's see hello you're on the air three dr. Birgit Manish I follow all your videos money from California oh hi nice meeting washed out so you had a question so you might Manish from California yeah.

Go ahead you're on the air oh you have to turn on your radio or your you're off like whatever I'm getting some feedback okay how long is it better now yeah it's better now okay so yes I've been following all your videos and I've been following on your advice and I've you know tried paleo for about five years and probably tried a serious or it.

Ketosis for about a year the results are pretty good lost out of weight I guess I have a three-part question I'll start with a very sore the short one for the short one is the the wheatgrass juice powder which I have from you could you like for everybody's benefit tell how much potassium there isn't just for our calculation to you know make sure we get.

The entire potassium intake in the day that's number one okay let me answer maybe perhaps let me answer that first okay so it has a lot of it has like 300 milligrams per a potassium per scooper or teaspoon so I mean it's not it doesn't compare to my electrolyte powder which is a thousand but it has a lot of other fat.

Jews that go beyond even nutrition it has to do with growth factors that actually help internal healing of skin all the internal lining of skin is affected by that wheatgrass like if you have like an ulcer if you have some type of heat a lack of healing it's so does a lot of very amazing things that I can't actually make a claim but I see it.

Happening all day long I would love to tell everyone but I'll just say this that it actually is it has a growth factor that goes beyond where nutrition that actually actually helps the internal lining of the sinuses esophagus your colon from from start to finish go ahead second question you had okay great so the second question is perhaps.

Maybe it may be a little bit more details or perhaps if you could do a video and it'll some time later is something that we don't normally talk about on your channel is how do you act and if it's even possible is how do you as a male how do you actually gain muscle on the ketogenic diet because it's great for losing weight I actually.

Find it very easy to lose weight and in fact I almost get worried at the rate I lose weight and you know it's almost it's almost good that I feel it's mostly fat but at the same time I I do want to I do have a goal to put on it um good little bit more muscle so maybe so here's what I want to do I want to answer that one question because we have.

A lot of other questions too because I have to get to every one but here's the thing if you want to put on more muscle mass yes ketogenic diets intermittent fasting together will help improve growth hormone considerably but you're going to have to do some type of heavy heavier weights to put on muscle mass because you just can't you see the the.

The weight training is the activation of the muscle hypertrophy that's what you're missing so that's what you need to do I would get a personal trainer that knows what they're doing and do higher weights lower reps to activate this you're not going to build muscle mass by jogging even though I do that and it's healthy but you're going to do.

Heavy and get someone that to help you do that and that will activate the growth hormone even more but really to enlarge the muscle mass hey Angela you're from Toronto go ahead you're on the air hi thanks for taking my call I'm 47 and in my mid-20s I have high cholesterol it's hereditary so I've been on.

Basically statins ever since that time I recently came off of it because I my body just wasn't I wasn't liking it so my doctor has put me on repatha which I guess it's an on statin drug so I'm currently on that now and I've been following you for the last couple months so I've started the a high fat diet low carb I just want to make sure that well.

First I guess my first question would be should I still take that repatha medication while I'm trying this high fat diet and I'm just really scared because my dad had bypass surgery my aunt my uncle it's like it's hereditary so it scares me to eat all the spot yeah I just listen to your explanation which is really great so given that I have.

Hereditary high cholesterol is this something that I should continue to try good question Angela let me dance oh yeah if there's a hereditary problem that if there's a genetic problem with your family also having factors you know there's a higher risk so here's what I would do I can't tell you not to take that medication but I would consider.

Investigating with the help of your doctor red yeast which actually is more of a natural thing and then like for the meals maybe you don't go out of your way to add butter to your meals maybe you just stick with the foods that already have the fats in them and just don't add additional fats I think the best thing that's going to help you is to really.

Keep in the outside of integrand a consistent basis keeping the cruciferous at a high amounts and and lower some of the the cholesterol that you're eating and then the last thing is intermittent fasting that basically is the best thing that you can do for for cholesterol problems because ketogenic diet you know doesn't talk.

About in a minute faster you can immediate but to intimate it fasting handles insulin from a different angle because you're not stimulating insulin every time you're eating so I would do that and then I would also get a more in-depth test to look at your your pattern a pattern B cholesterol and make sure that you have your pattern a is a.

Little bit higher than your pattern B so you're actually protected so but yeah that's what I would do again I'm not telling you you can't take the medication I would just investigate the red yeast extract but good question thank you hey Melissa you're on the air go ahead you had a question about the gall bladder and.

Estrogen hi dr. Burke I do I have Hashimoto's and I had my gall bladder visas so thank you for your video letting me know why I could have Hashimoto as being the low bile or the high estrogen so I kind of have a double whammy here um my question to you is I it's okay to take the estrogen dim having the Hashimoto's I have thinning.

Hair and and all the symptoms that go along with it but I wasn't sure if that was something I could take having both the gallbladder and the Hashimoto's good question absolutely because the estrogen balance and dim doesn't increase your estrogen all it does is it gets your own estrogen it convert from the bad to the good so it just gives you better ratios.

Of the good safe estrogen okay so it doesn't increase your estrogen I think I said that right initially the other thing that I would try to get more of is maybe I would get a selenium product like it's a trace mineral I would do that for sure to help you and then the last thing possibly may be a gallbladder formula to to get that conversion going.

A little bit better but thanks for that question hey Denise you're on the air you're from Cleveland hi there thanks for taking my call I'll try to make it real quick during intermittent fasting get the takeo shake count as a meal and number two questions your opinion on the tables called inversion tables to stretch your.

Back out yeah I have I think those inversion tables are awesome awesome okay so the other question is as the kale shake countess meal yes it does but this is what I do I eat within a 4 or 5 hour window okay so I'll have two meals let's sell you at 12 o'clock and four or five what I'll do because it's hard to consume the.

Quantity of food that I need especially vegetables so what I'll do is I I'll have my big salad or my kale shake in the middle of that so it's kind of like a meal but it's still within the window of four hours okay so that's one tip that you might want to do but but yeah it does count as a meal it's not as bad as other things but it does count.

I write you're on the area from Florida go ahead yes I'm a Crohn's disease patient and I've been doing a lot of changes in my diet but I have a diarrhea problem and I'm trying to find that particular leafy greens that I don't give me that diarrhea thing do you have any suggestions on it I've had two surgeries last one was 19 years ago okay.

Okay so yeah that's a situation because you probably which you're lacking is the microflora to digest some of these insoluble fibers from the vegetables so what you're going to have to do is search online for something called effective microbes okay and get some of the effective microbes and start taking them before you go to sleep I would take.

Maybe a half a capful in about two ounces of water slug it down before you go to bed boom go to bed and then all night long it will start growing it's really good and in the meantime the the vegetable that I think is going to might be something that workable is just the regular it's green lettuce but the problem is when you take green lettuce.

It's hard to find because they put all these other Leafs in there so you going to find something with only green lettuce or romaine that usually is okay but I understand and also just just as a side note if you my best remedy for diarrhea like uncontrollable diarrhea first of all don't ever take gall bladder formula because that will.

Increase more elimination but take take blackberries in some unsweetened keeper blend it in the shake drink it down it seems to be really good for diarrhea alright good so Deena you're on the air you're from Arizona yes yay dr. Barragan so kind of talking to you I just wanted to let you know my sister my mom and I we love you guys including your wife we.

Have via pizza you guys did amazing accreting like four five times it's almost of that that's awesome but thank you you're welcome um my my question for you is about to be on bulletproof coffee what are your thoughts on that a mixed um I think some people do fine and but here's the thing I have had several people do it and it.

Bumped him out of ketosis because it's almost like a meals like a lot of fat they were consuming I would play around with it some people their metabolism is good where they can just start losing weight and and consume that in the morning and be totally fine so if that becomes a problem if you find like wow I'm just still not losing.

Weight and I need to speed it up just mix the butter and maybe add a little coconut okay if that's still a problem then what you do is take the heavy cream and put a little bit of that in there and then you'll be fine but it's great for safety and to get you to go for one meal but I'm mixed you try it out and it may or may not work for you but but.

Thanks for uh thanks for watching my videos hey Margaret you're on the air from Texas go ahead hi there dr. Berger the question for you I have PCOS I am obese AB a fatty liver borderline diabetic struggling with infertility in absence of the minstrel cycle 265.

Pounds 5-1 and I'm currently on a program called Ideal Protein it's a low carb low fat moderate protein diet I'm not on any medications but I guess my question for you and I'm 37 years old my question for you is I guess I should start with PCOS and trying I want to reverse all this because at some point I would like to have kids in my life but.

I'm just needing a little bit of direction I've looked at your different supplements and I noticed the estrogen dim but I thought it said something about if you were going into menopause granted I have I haven't had a menstrual cycle for about eight months or so so I just kind of wanted to get some direction where you feel like I should.

Start first and something tells me you can tell me to get on this keto diet and which I can if I if that's what's best but I just wanted to kind of get you where should I start person a big journey here good question thanks Margaret there's things that are really really really really really important and.

There's things that are very very trivial as far as estrogen balance and dim I think that could help you even if you're not going through menopause just just because it helps balance the amount of estrogen because if you have extra fat you're making a lot of estrogen through the body and that will help clean it out I don't think that's the.

Full answer though I think it will help you PCOS if you research it it says there's an Associated insulin resistance connected I disagree I say insulin resistance is at the bottom cause point of that condition it causes it because the clients that used to work on all you do is you fix the insulin boom pcs goes away because insulin converts to.

Androgens okay that's the missing piece so so now the ideal protein the challenge that I have with that and I've researched that as well it's a very lean protein program and it's very difficult to do that and do an ADD what you really need which is in a minute fasting as the primary thing I mean let's let's take.

Keep Oh sis and put that over here in a minute fasting is what you need to start with now to do in a minute and the reason for that is because in a minute fasting is the most powerful tool to correct insulin which then will solve a lot of your problems like the weight and every liver and everything else but to.

Do that you're going to have to do less meals and to go from one meal to the next without slowing your metabolism down is you're going to have to keep your fat a little higher so you can't really do in a minute fasting without some fat so I would do a combination I have all my videos on on this I would do a version of ketogenic diet maybe it's.

Not like up like high fat but you just do a moderate amount of healthy fat and you do in a minute fasting together the other issue I have with Ideal Protein is they do soy protein which is really damaging to the liver and there are a lot of packaged foods which are not healthy so you may lose weight but you don't look healthy so I know they're.

Convenient but I would I would do them in fasting with a version of Iquitos make sure your vegetables are high and I think for you might what might be a really good thing even more than the estrogen balance would be the the insulin and glucose support because that supports insulin I think your problem is insulin so if you did that.

Ride the wave within probably six months to a year we probably wouldn't recognize you I would do that follow the exact thing that I talked about there manifesting I just released a video on that and do two meals and spread out within a four-hour window work up to that and I think it'll solve a lot of your problems Margaret okay good.

Question thanks hey Michael you're on the air you're from Florida yeah hi thanks for taking my call my wife and I have started watching your videos we've been doing the intermittent fasting for weight loss but I'm noticing a couple of things that I'm not able to condense the three meals into two because I get so stuffed so.

Should i I know this sounds like a silly question but should I stuff myself because I'm not getting into calories so I'm losing a little bit of strength I do weight training yeah very good question this is what I would do Mike I would actually no you don't want to stuff yourself it's a delicate balance and as you do this a little bit longer your.

System is going to be more efficient so you can actually go from one meal to the next without a problem with no loss and strength the reason why your your you're getting a little weaker is because your system is not fully key to adapted yet so you want to go from one meal to the next initially adding a little more fat but when you get more efficient you.

Won't have to add as much fat and you can just switch like go right into fat burning blood sugars are good it's going to take a little time to do that I think you're on the right track what I would do is I would do right now maybe like a 12 o'clock have your lunch or your breakfast and then eat at 4:30 or 5 if you can do it and have your salad in the.

Middle I think that's what you should do that will help you a lot Mindy you're from Houston go ahead you're on the air thank you um I am 50 years old I need to what is about 50 pounds about almost four weeks ago I started the intermittent fasting and then added the keto into it I lost quite you know I did.

Pretty well I lost about ten pounds pretty quickly and then at least a week I have been stuck and I'm pretty far into ketosis based on the keto sticks um and so I'm just trying to find some kind of insight on what might be going on are you okay so other question are you sleeping um pretty well but not you know I mean I wake up a little bit in the.

Middle of the night okay are you craving any sweets no which I normally do I have terrible sugar Frankie great not so that means it's working how many meals a day do you have usually two okay do you have a thyroid issue no do you have any digestive issues um not not per se no okay are you exercising No okay I think I think for you with.

Some people do this I'm talking to even bodybuilders what they do is they go to one meal a day now even the guys I interviewed which are hardcore they're doing one meal a day now I personally can't do that but if I had a slower metabolism I I would think I would do that I would work to that but the the other thing is that you want to probably.

Add the workouts now just to speed things up and I don't have time to analyze your macros and look at that but I'm releasing a bunch of videos in the next week that will give you a lot more insights into looking at that a little bit more but I would add the high-intensity interval training to your program to just to kick-start it it's.

Time to kick that in there and just really speed everything up because see the diet handles 85% but we still have 15% that needs to be addressed with exercise so why don't you try that and see if it doesn't help and then watch these new videos okay all right so Elizabeth you are on the air from North Dakota hello hi thank you for taking my.

Call recently discovered you on that web and I am really appreciative like so many others of what you the information you give out there and I especially love the videos with with you in your life oh yeah it it makes it fun to watch okay so now the question I have to my first one has to do with urinary tract infection unfortunately I she'd be a period in my.

Life I am getting them kind of quickly and I've already been on a third antibiotic and so it's been recently that I found the information that you have out there about the other products that I could be taking and I've started to what they in my case those are saying it might be a fish job is there anything out there other you know that you know.

That can help the process of healing off of fistula yeah yeah I mean hands down the absolute best thing to handle that would be wheatgrass juice powder big-time where juice powder yeah wheatgrass juice powder there's one that I have that a lot of people are using now you mix it with water it's not.

A wee wheatgrass powder it's a wheatgrass juice powder it's raw it's it's basically as no there's no heating it's like what they dehydrate it in 106 degrees it's grown on ancient seabed has all the trace minerals so you start taking I would probably take one or two scoops per this stuff here I have an lemon as well I would take one or two.

Scoops in water and spread it out through the day so it's going through your your blood system it's going through your digestive system and then it will filter out through the kidneys out to the bladder and it will actually because it's what it does is it heals the inner skin of the ureters the bladder anything internally so I think.

That's your best bet yeah wheatgrass juice powder that's it right here we Craster's powder okay great yep all right now my second question is going back to the basics like I said I only recently discovered you and my husband is someone who's always troubled with his weight for somebody who jumped across all your.

Information I mean with the videos and things it can get overwhelming where would somebody just now discovering your method of losing weight where would it be a good place to start well I have two thousand videos so you know with no here's what I would do I think the simplest basic thing is go to my website and in the shopping cart.

There's a basic book called how to burn fat it's a 30-minute read you can just list tells you exactly what you to do basic step one two three four and once you digest that then go to the videos okay yay thanks Elizabeth hey thanks guys I really appreciate your attention I think this worked out well we had a lot of calls a.

Couple little glitches but next time it will be solved I promise have a great week I'm not going to do a video next week but the following week I will I'll send you a video thanks again
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