Dr Berg Live Q and A

Dr Berg Live Q and A

Dr Berg Live Q and A

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See all right alright guys so I want to do a little Q&A any everything Quito and I up today so so far we got one person on now we have 37 hey guys so I'm just going to wait till everyone log on so they can kind of gather there any questions you have how are you doing good on this.

Thursday evening every tomorrow we're gonna do our um actually I'm gonna do my wife's not around so I'm going to do my Friday show so I definitely tune in that you can call me up and ask any questions so let's just jump right in what do you suggest how do we break through a stall well there's many different ways that.

You can break through through stall so the first thing is like before you break through a stall you have to understand or evaluate all the different things that are going on like I would look at evaluate your carbs or they love you can always bring those down and help yourself is your protein moderate too much protein including collagen protein.

Can kind of keep you from getting into deep kosis because some of those amino acids are in slow genic and they actually can stimulate turn the glucose and you can use those as fuel so it's not the the best way to do it also even like whey protein it's very low in fat is very high on the glycemic index or I'm sorry the insulin indexed extremely.

High so that can bump you out so then you the fat you may want to adjust the fat bring that down to about 35 grams per day so if you just don't add extra fat and just consume the fat within the food I think you can hit those numbers pretty nicely but here's the big thing if you want to break through a stall what you do is you you do ohm at every.

Other day that'll just like BAM it'll just help you especially for those people that actually have a slow metabolism because that really relates to insulin resistance so that's that's what I would do if I were you okay how can I book an appointment via Skype for a personal program yeah I don't do those anymore unfortunately because I'm doing.

These videos and I've pretty I'm gonna research all day and create videos so I don't do any one in one appointments the best thing to do is to call me the show and you can ask a question and I can't give you that data the whole the whole reason I'm doing this shift is big as I want to give people kind of the hattingh or the understanding of how to.

Do this so they're not just asking me questions so they themselves learn it so I want my goal is to teach you guys how to do it yourself to help yourself so that way you don't you're not dependent anyone so that's why I created four thousand videos you just have to watch them all right after one years solid on keto now okay.

Thirty-five pounds lost a 1c just came in about 5.7 today Wow how can I get it lower well a1c is like an average of like three months of your blood Sugar's you can get it lower just by spending more time doing this and making sure that you're like I think a good video to watch it is I think it's called all the things that will thus I think it's like.

Seven or ten things that stimulate insulin and what you want to do is you want to in that video I talked about what to take to help lower insulin resistance so like like potassium magnesium make sure you get this from your food vitamin D chromium out cider vinegar all these things will actually improve instant resistance and then.

You'll see that you'll be more insulin sensitive and it'll work better so you have less insulin and then you'll start to your numbers on this blood sugars would be so much better you'll like come down to like the force but if you're 5.7 you're actually you're doing pretty good okay what our top sources will mega 3 fats salmon whitefish.

Well sardines are huge cod liver oil you can get Cobb liver in a can and it's really good you can get it on Amazon just do a search on it and that will give you a lot of omega-3 you can also get your omega-3 from well at least DHA from algae but I recommend getting it from Manley fish fatty fish salmon while caught salmon that's the best way.

Hands down salmon see the omega-3 fatty acids we're talking about DHA and EPA are so important for the immune system and especially your brain your the structure of your brain is composed of these fats so DHA is more for structure especially in developed developing a brand-new newborn but an epa is involved in the function of the brain so you can.

If the infant is deficient in those omega-3 fatty acids it'll de brain will be smaller and they'll have more structural problems so DJ is essential and not just infants but repairing a brain so that's why fish is really good for people now they're going to say well what about the mercury well fish is also has high amounts of selenium which.

Provides the enzyme to detoxify the mercury so that's that's the solution can fasting fix insulin resistance can it help tinnitus yes fasting can fix insulin resistance and it will help tinnitus be especially since tonight is to say usually a neurological problem in the inner ear and so anything near Earth like we think about peripheral.

Neuropathies forward from diabetes or insulin resistance you can take Ben folk to mean which is a great remedy but you can also help improve that the the improvement of the neurology knurled neurogenesis through fasting and lowering your carbs but especially fasting.

Okay how do you put how do you put on healthy weight that's tough that's tough I think the only way to do it is to do more calories and heavy weight training that's what I would do like I have to have about 33,000 and 3,500 calories every single day to kind of maintain and I'm trying I'm like one I'm six five six to 180 pounds but if I actually go down.

To one meal which I feel better with I will leave I'll go down the like 177 pounds and I don't want to go that low okay is mk7 with D will it still work the same as MK 73 yeah it'll work the same when I started Kido for the first month my ketones were high very dark on the strip and now they're between 0.5 and 1.

Point 5 here's what you're basically you're checking your urine I'm guessing and what's happening is you're actually using it you're more efficient you're using more your ketones there's less ketones wasted through your urine so you're basically using up and being auditioned that doesn't mean you're not in ketosis the best thing to.

Do is to get a glucose meter ketone meter there's keto mojo has the best one it's a combination check your blood sugar and ketones at the same time and you can get them valuable data and you can know tell you how much you're into ketosis but just because you're not showing ketones doesn't mean it's not working because.

When you burn fat only 40 percent of that fat turns into ketones the rest turns into fatty acids so you're still burning fat so I think you're doing you're probably doing is doing pretty good what are your thoughts on tempeh make sure it's organic I don't normally recommend soy products.

But it's fermented and you're a vegan or a vegetarian you want to do this go ahead and do it make sure it's organic okay so someone has please help with plantar fibromatosis debilitating and some people get surgery from them and they take out the road and that's painful here's what you do let's say it's on the right foot on a certain.

Location we do is you do acupressure massage on the opposite side of the other foot on the same exact mirror image location when you press in there firmly it's gonna hurt like hell why I don't know but it's always twice as tender on the opposite side on the mirror image side that's that's when you know you're actually hitting the right.

Spot and when you massage on the good side you're gonna find that through the neural circuits that actually connect you're gonna find it's gonna relieve pain on the actual original side I have videos on this you should probably even look on plantar neuroma I have a video on that okay vitamin D levels are high keep.

Taking it or stop well it really depends on how high it is I mean like if it's like slightly high and then you can keep taking it or maybe you back off a little bit go back on it there the main thing is you want to take magnesium and k2 with your vitamin D to help balance it out the only side effect from vitamin D in higher amounts is hypercalcemia.

Calcium in the blood and and because that could lead to kidney stones but if you're taking came to and you're not taking is much dairy especially when you're taking the d3 then you're not gonna have the calcium to drive into the blood it's not gonna be a problem so you minimize the side effects so that's how you counter that because the benefits of.

D3 are just huge for the immune system for inflammation dr. where can I break a fast with protein shake when doing in a man fasting yeah team can break the fast especially if you're doing collagen collagen is high in glice glycine and that glycine has a type of amino acid that's gluco genic it actually tends to can raise your blood.

Sugars other amino acids are ketogenic but protein can do this say for example you wanted to really get into deeper ketosis you can adjust your protein a little bit lower and that's why I always recommend 3 to 6 ounces that's like getting you into hardcore ketosis if you when you start going up to like 8 ounces 10 ounces 12 ounces you're gonna get a.

Little less ketosis because those ketone that protein is going to turn into eventually it's going to raise your insulin I could turn into sugar and it's going to be used as fuel but a lot of that's gonna be wasted through the liver of uric acid but here's the thing or urea what happens is that certain proteins are handled different but the.

Efficiency of certain proteins like for example steak for example it's like you're only getting like 37% of the absorption the rest is usually either used for fuel or waste and so you have a protein if it's used for repair it's not even you shouldn't even look at it as calories because it's gonna replace body tissue you're not gonna use it as fuel.

I'm gonna do some more videos at online and also I'm gonna do a huge seminar and our keto summit on protein because it's a fascinating topic but and for those of you that are new I do every Europe we do a keto summit and this year we're gonna do at the same location in Maryland and August 31st and September first it's going to be awesome so definitely go to.

The website check it out and get more information if you can come that would be great – be nice to meet you but it's this August it's called a keto summit and we're gonna have even more people than last year last year we had 500 people so it's gonna be pretty excited exciting alright so how many days.

Can Akito flu last well there here's what you can do to knock out the kitto flu really fast simply just take more salt sea salt and it should not get out like that it's not an infection your body is just transitioning into ketosis and it hasn't fully adapted yet okay when I have pain in my armpits is that a gland how do i cleanse them if you're.

Having kind of a lymph node swelling and your armpits it's usually something going on with the liver or you've eaten something that you might be sensitive to and that happens a lot of times when people get rashes underneath their armpit it's usually coming in right after they ate something weird or at a restaurant that they normally don't eat.

It's using an allergy that's what I would look at do you know an easier way to stop sugar and stop going back to sugar yeah you need a substitute because you're addicted so you need it to a transitional phase so on the videos you should look at my playlist it should be down at my channel if you just click dr. Burke's channel but I have had these.

Recipes and use Aikido balm so you can make they're like cookies that you can make and their treats and they're sweet and there's no sugar in them and you can you start using those as your treat so you don't feel deprived that's what I would do if I were you model Lauren for lime how much should I take dosage I would probably double or triple the.

Dosage on your bottle mono Lauren is from coconut oil it's really really good for viruses it's good for lime good for the immune system but lime if you get lime one of the best remedies would be a rare agar no oil essential oil garlic and there's there's quite a few different different ones as well but intimate fasting will help but it can.

Really mess you up supposed to with those rashes the problem is like what they recommend medically as some long-term antibiotics I'm like way too long and then you you you deal with a bunch of other problems but I'm not telling you not to take medication I'm just saying that it can it can definitely create resistance to.

These antibiotics so I would try the natural route first but check with your doctor okay what what food can regrow hair it really depends if there's a genetic factor but there are things you can take the regrow hair the B vitamins trace minerals because think about it trace minerals and B vitamins are Co enzymes for protein synthesis and your.

Hair to protein so if you take that it can help you but there's other reasons why you might be losing your hair you might have too much DHT which is a very powerful estrogen I'm sorry testosterone in which case you need something called stinging nettle Road to handle that so you don't produce so much of that powerful testosterone and burn out the.

Hair follicles can it be dangerous to remove soft tissue calcium too quickly well no when you're taking your when you take k2 your body is actually moving this calcium at its own pace you can't it's not moving it too fast words dangerous it's gonna take it out from a normal physiology experience it's not gonna be.

Like an issue can you eat something sugar eat once every two weeks or a month and be fine if not in Kido if you're worried about clots or strokes and you're also asking about sugar you need to just bite the bite the bullet no no I'm not gonna give you permission to eat sugar you don't wanna eat sugar especially if you want to avoid clots.

Sugar triggers the the insulin response and the insulin creates the clots so that could be an issue and I'm gonna kind of pry wrap things up pretty quickly because it looks like the signals are so if I kind of knockout then that's gonna be probably yet but I'll try to go a little bit longer okay I eat a lot of hamburgers that's totally.

Fine just avoid the bun okay restless leg syndrome that's B b1 B vitamins should totally handle that there's some other things you can do with magnesium but B vitamins are the best thing for leg cramps and also vitamin D can help too because it'll help you absorb the calcium all right let's see why am I always awake with mucus in my nose every.

Single day it's terrible I think there could be an allergy involved I'm assuming you're doing Kido if you're not you do it it'll help your immune system vitamin A is the best thing for the mucous membranes around the sinuses Spanish black radish is another good thing to do to kind of pull mucus out of your sinuses but I would get an allergy.

Test there's some great ones I actually talked about a new allergy test that I really like and you can look up dr. Berg and then allergy testing and check that out but here's the thing when you do in a minute fasting you can improve allergies and asthma so I would highly recommend doing them do you need carbs for muscle growth no you just need.

Normal insulin you don't need carbs here's the data about muscle growth insulin is an anabolic hormone so it actually helps to set this muscle reduction a muscle but here's the problem when you do sugar you creating some resistance that was unavailable to you you can't pull it in so you can't use the amino acids so you eat more.

Sugar cream or insulin and it's good it's worse worse worse so guess what you can actually consume protein to get to raise insulin a little bit to get that effect but when you fix in some resistance then you start absorbing more proteins I will be doing a lot more videos on protein at the seminole also very soon especially since the amount of.

Absorption of protein that we we at a normal person absorbs is very very low it's a lot lower than you think and if you're trying to build muscle there's very specific things you should be aware of because muscles not just about protein it's about vitamin A it's about minerals potassium okay so my brother was diagnosed with grade three fatty.

Liver doctors here are against meats without which keto is impossible his zinc levels are way overboard yeah well yeah see with your livers messed up you're gonna you're gonna have all sorts of problems with trace minerals and minerals and vitamins and absorption of minerals I would highly recommend choline that actually will.

Help a fatty liver and do intermittent fasting if they won't let him do keto just doing them in a fasting but the main thing is cut carbs down because the carbs are turning into fat their current through insulin and it's causing a fatty liver and unfortunately I would this is what I would look to I would love to be a fly on the wall and have a little.

Microphone and ten in your ear and just have we asked the doctor this these questions so so meets bad Kita's bad for fatty liver so what's good what died is good and see what they say and see how many carbohydrates that they recommend well doc doesn't doesn't a carbohydrate trigger insulin and that causes fatty.

Liver well and in CB says and mean or sheet I mean if you just look up insulin hyperinsulinemia and a fatty liver there's like so much data but you know good luck on that how do I get zinc with keto animal foods are gonna be the best source of zinc the best would be hoisters but organ meats are gonna be.

Good you can do a if you do a supplement with zinc make sure it's like a blend of tres menos don't just take with zinc only because too much zinc is just as bad as not enough zinc but zinc is really really really important in a prostate increasing your testosterone your immune system psoriasis skin disorders I mean like it's a very.

Fascinating ok I just have to real quick quickly say it and then I'll have to see you guys next time but if a child is deficient in zinc or a mother whose deficient in zinc that baby will not grow as won't grow to the full maturity so there's extend of growth there there'll be problem with the immune system and skin problems so stay tuned.

For more information about that because it's so so important guys you have so many good questions I appreciate your attention stop by tomorrow at the station at at my my station my channel at 11 o'clock Eastern Standard Time in the morning and we'll chat some more but until next time have a great evening
Dr Berg Live Q and A
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