Dr Berg Live Q and A

Dr Berg Live Q and A

Dr Berg Live Q and A

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Alright hey guys so I just I wanted to stop on here and say hello answer some questions maybe for 10 minutes hopefully my internet is working I'm on the outside the whole food just got done shopping for my bacon and eggs and got my lemon juice so I just want to check in and see you guys how you doing alright so we have a whole bunch of.

People signing up and I just had to figure out what side the camera is so I don't put my thumb over it alright okay so I'm here for your questions someone wanted to know oh gosh you're coming through so fast here let's see someone said I had surgery today Wagner what kind of surgery did you have done I had what happened what did they remove.

I'm not driving I'm in the parking lot alright so we have someone from Savannah Georgia okay hi what do I do about laziness and depression well you know it's a good one I think I would just I think I would first find the physical if there's any physical reasons why you might be depressed vitamin b3 omega-3 fatty acids vitamin D and see if it's if.

It's that because typically if there's a physical reason why you're depressed that can hold you down also sleeping a lot of times people that are depressed are tired in there – do not sleeping so rule that out first and see if that doesn't help you what's worse diet soda or regular soda regular soda is worse you're doing a water fast and one cup of.

Bulletproof coffee daily to get into ketosis any recommendations well if you're doing water fast I probably would just do regular coffee and not add anything like oils or fats to that coffee and I will I'll be releasing a video on bulletproof coffee and omed shortly and you can get some data on that why is my body using so much.

Calcium do I need to take d3 k2 of calcium well you say you're bought it why is your body using it what makes you think that your body is using it but yeah if you're taking calcium I actually don't like taking calcium I don't recommend it unless you've osteoporosis you definitely need to be taking about it Mindy and k2 to drive that calcium.

Through the body our body does not get rid of calcium too much too fast it kind of holds on the calcium it holds on the iron so if you're taking iron supplements and calcium I don't recommend it I mean I just I recommend taking the fat Seibel vitamins to deliver those minerals where they need to be but k2 is really really cool.

Because k2 helps the mitochondria to it'll give you energy like today I went on a bike ride up this massive Hill not even tired went right up it and I know it's because the k2 because that's something I've recently started increasing and it just really makes it gives you the endurance all right so I am stuck at a plateau how do I get back.

Into ketosis I just happen to you know I do videos on plateau tons of them get your carbs down below 10 that would be hot see that I think the problem is that when I do a video I think people they don't maybe they haven't seen other videos so I'm assuming that you're watching all my videos when I do the video which is a mistake because you.

Might be missing a piece of it sometimes I'll talk about how to lose weight but some people want to know how to gain weight so sometimes I'm sometimes I talk about how to you know dehydration drink more water other times I'll talk about you drinking too much water so I think I need to start doing videos and have more of a complete background.

For each video so you guys can get the full concept but for as far as a plateau it's simply a matter of cutting the carbs down and doing more longer in a minute fasting if you want to gain weight it's difficult but you have to get your carbs to 50 50 grams and you might go well how am I gonna do that you know I can't I don't like nuts so I'm.

Not doing dairy huh it's so it's you have to really look around for something that you can do maybe if you're really thin and you want to gain some weight maybe you did up you know like one cup of a yam which is about 30 grams of carbs if you take out the fiber it's like I think it's 24 grams so you did a cup of that and you did maybe some.

Starchy vegetables or something like that keep your carbs at 50 because if you're not gonna if you have if you're trying to gain weight or maintain weight and your carbs are like less than 20 good luck okay will the gall butter formula dissolve my gall stones well it should it sure will help but realize that you.

Also might be choline choline will help dissolve gall stones to gall stones come from a super concentrated cholesterol and choline and less the thin for example and it's actually an eggs there's a phosphatidylcholine it's an eggs and I just I'm actually going to release the video there's actually I might I may have no I haven't released.

That video you know but it's in egg yolks and if you you can take it as a supplement the fossil fuel teal choline and that will help in addition to bile salts that will just separate the cholesterol so it doesn't accumulate into a stone all right so my knees are killing me I'm a mechanic I stand all day very.

Simple start increasing your vitamin D take about forty-thousand I use and take about 400 micrograms of vitamin k2 the mk7 version in your knee pain will go away it handles SI pain back pain it's like really good for pain vitamin d3 what sweetener is best for diabetics arethe what all stevia and malt and no not that.

One lu lohse is good monk fruit there's some new ones as well but not multi toast you don't want you want to avoid that how does one deal with copper toxicity you want to increase your zinc and you want to take something called EDTA it's a key later all right let's see.

I eat a lot of dark chocolate and strawberries my sweet tooth I always do I deal with it well chocolate is loaded with oxlips so if you're prone to stones that's a bad thing strawberries I would make sure the chocolate is sugar-free number one and then also I think you need mag magnesium.

That should that's usually a chocolate craving you might be deficient in that strawberries you know just keep it keep it low keep your carbs within range between 20 50 grams and you should be fine it's not the worst thing in the world what are the causing the bumps and the on the whites of the eyes that is a that is a you could be a vitamin A.

Deficiency so you might want to check that out spinal subluxation go see a chiropractor is water fasting healthy yes it's very very healthy does acid reflux cause shortness of breath it can can you drink that soda without getting your ketosis affected well I think it creates problems with here your gut flora and so.

It's going to affect your your ketosis indirectly because it's going to affect the microbes so I would I would instead of an artificial diet soda I would do something like I don't know the name of it but it's like a soda that's with stevia it's pretty good I would go for that how much water is too much well if.

You're if you're drinking like forcing yourself like a gallon of water that's that's gonna dilute your electrolytes but if you keep the electrolytes in there and you drink like I don't know 2 3 liters a day I don't think that's excessive it really depends on your activity level as well gout tips with keto yes unique potassium citrate.

Potassium citrate and you can also do my electrolytes I have a thousand milligrams of potassium citrate in there too but this is what I just got right here this is lemon juice I I drink probably a lot of this I don't know how much a day but I'll probably drink a half a cup of day I just love it it's good to to counter ox lets in your body.

It's it's it prevents kidney stones and it's uh it's a good good thing but you realize this there's not as much vitamin C as in real oranges or let our lemons I mean but I like this because it's from Italy and Italy has amazing lemons they're huge I think they grow them on an island a volcanic island Capri I think that's where it is if I'm not.

Mistaken but I had that and I just went shopping I have some the organic bacon okay that's the most important part is the organic part when you're dealing with bacon alright so let's see here guys a couple more questions is parsley have more micronutrients than kale yes it has more vitamin A but it's a pre vitamin A but it's still pretty good.

There's a lot of vitamins but it's very high in oxalates so if you're prone to kidney stones be careful let's see here Oh can Candida cause OCD yes one way to kill Candida is by consuming garlic and cutting out sugar sugar and fasting it's gonna kill and by the way I'm I'm gonna release some video maybe no I didn't release it yet and the next week I'll.

Release the video on the benefits of fasting for your gut microbes yeah they'll live longer the good guys it's gonna it's it's a really interesting video if you could only have one food the rest of your life what would that be bacon now eggs I can live on eggs it's an embryo it's not like an organ meat it has a lot of growth factors and.

It has a lot of fat Seibel by diamonds and it has almost everything is set by them and see alright sugar intake during keto zero carbs I don't know what the question is is vegan healthy my viewpoint is that you can do it v you can be a vegan and still do it it's more difficult you're gonna have to add vitamins it's it's a it's gonna be it's.

Hard to keep your carbs down it's difficult to be healthy if you're vegan because of the nutrient deficiencies you can do it but I personally don't do it I've had people come in in my practice their teeth are falling out their hair falling out there's a way to do it but long term I see a lot of problems so I don't recommend it is it safety tofu.

Noodles on keto Kojak yeah you could do that make sure it's um organic non-gmo because it might be soy first time fasting what's your biggest advice take sea salt through the day and potassium and magnesium electrolytes I recommend electrolyte powder if you're doing fasting especially if you're doing the first time because I've had people kind.

Of pass out because they're just not used to it so you need electrolytes can I do o'madden take metformin two times a day because my doctor said to take with food also I take inositol and I have PCOS yeah well very soon you're not gonna probably need metformin I'm gonna do a video on metformin does it break your.

Keto fast it actually helps insulin resistance so it's gonna help you but the problem is it has a black warning label because it causes a rare but fatal illness that can cause death and that is lactic acidosis so you can be very easily reversed if you know what to do b1 b1 metformin depletes b1 now causing.

Like acidosis which is an accumulation of lactate in your blood so it gets real acid but if you just basically take b1 you'll be fine just check your blood sugars because if you're doing all mad your blood sugars gonna come down you might not need as much metformin and also doing this over time is going to handle your insulin.

Resistance and handle PCOS alright good yuck bacon hey listen it's totally fine you don't have to do bacon I like it you don't have to have it not a problem d3 suppresses the immune system that's why people feel better but the reason for an attack never addressed let's talk about it well here's the thing vitamin D it doesn't suppress the immune.

System it modulates it it controls it every single immune cell has vitamin D for a reason 57% of population is deficient in vitamin D vitamin D deficiencies always show up in autoimmune cases you can actually put these cases in remission so fast by raising your vitamin D levels so it's an immune modulator there are people that.

Cannot absorb vitamin D because I have a defect in the receptor vitamin D receptor a lot of people have that you can get a gene test to figure this out there's four variations so the solution is to take more vitamin D a lot of people get virus outbreaks in the fall why is that it's the bottom indie there are certain types of cancer that occur.

Seasonally why because of vitamin D so vitamin D is it sets you up for having all sorts of problem the immune system also we don't get enough Sun we don't go outside as much and it's almost impossible to get your daily amount of vitamin D from your food so if you're not on the Sun a lot even people that are have darker skin have a.

Difficult time getting enough vitamin D so they have to they need more Sun if you're older you need more Sun if you don't have a gallbladder if you have a fatty liver you need more vitamin D you can't absorb it if you have insulin resistance you you're you're not gonna absorb vitamin D that as well so vitamin D is very important you'll be seeing a.

Lot of videos on that anyway I wanted to touch base really fast I'm doing a summit at the end of August I hope you guys can make it out it's gonna be August 29th September 1st you can go to my website to get more data but it's gonna be a blast we have some really amazing speakers Thomas de la Rose gonna be there too cardiologists that are.

Gonna just blow you away they're totally an Aikido and they're like rebels I mean it's just quite interesting talking about LDL and all sorts of things Megan Ramos she works with Jason funk she is really interesting she's gonna talk about in a minute fasting and how they're putting women postmenopausal in their 60s and then I starting to get.

Their periods so that's gonna be very interesting talk and think she's gonna talk about PCOS as well who else is coming there's about four more people coming and so it's gonna be a blast and hope to meet you guys there but I know a lot of you already registered but I just want to definitely remind you get signed up because we probably will fill up way.

Before the end of August so I hope to meet you there anyway I just wanted to say hi and I'll touch base tomorrow and I'll answer some more questions so I could answer some more I know you guys have a lot of questions alright have a good one
Dr Berg Live Q and A
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