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Dr. Berg Live Q & A

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everyone welcome back we have a lot of questions lined up we have a great show we have some really good questions uh for you to see if you can answer these questions um steve uh i guess you know what we could do.

We could start with the first question but first let me just tell you that anything that i say is not meant to diagnose you replace your medical care check with your physician before accepting any of my tips or advice okay because it's not meant to replace that all right that being said all right.

Patrons let's do it so uh our first question is how many calories does one cup of fiber have i don't know if that's a trick question but how many calories does one cup of fiber have have and doc take it away as they consider that yeah so um this is just a question i.

Just want to see how much you guys know about this um i just released some interesting um just released an interesting video um this morning that uh i want to uh and that basically is is this um let me just kind of uh i want to just see if you guys have.

Actually watched this video or not all right yeah um wow yeah how to lower your cholesterol on keto i talked about that uh also uh about refeeding syndrome that type of thing but i have some interesting uh new new videos coming up.

Specifically about the best way to counter damage from consuming refined carbohydrates which i know none of my viewers consume carbohydrates but you probably have friends or family that do and that way you can tell them what to do if they actually accidentally consume some bread and they.

Want to counter the damage i'm also creating a video on for smokers um if you if you if you're a smoker and you want to quit this will actually motivate you to quit and it's not any type of negative thing it's actually a positive thing how fast your system can actually heal so we're going to talk about that.

Next week we're going to talk about how to unclog plugged ears so if you actually have allergies or something and you have a plugged ear your children have that i'm going to show you exactly how to do it quickly that'll be cool and we're going to be talking about.

Australia i created a video on depression and the hpa axis which is the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis it's a whole feedback loop um that if it's over excited then you can get depressed so we're going to be talking about that as well so i have a lot of real.

Interesting videos lined up um eczema we're going to talk about the remedy for that and also steve i think you'll like this one the benefits of leech therapy using leeches i've been waiting for months for you to come up with that for goodness sakes and.

By the way your video on allergies is timely because my car was covered for the first time with pollen yesterday morning so here we go yeah it's very very common i'm doing a series of three videos on if anyone i know this may not apply to anyone watching but if you have some old bad habits.

And you want to break them i've talked about mainly the food i'm going to show you exactly how to do it there's going to be a series of three videos released we'll do that and that's going to be very beneficial and um very timely so steve do we have the answers yet to.

Those that first question okay we're still working on it um so uh why don't we move ahead with some callers which we have up now i think linda from troy missy michigan might be a nice choice yeah linda did you say listen hi doctor hi how are you a fine how about yourself.

Great thanks uh i'd like to just please couple of things and don't answer me yet because it's very hard to get a hold of you please when you suggest like uh milk milk festival or anything if you can provide us with a good name i know you're not soliciting for everything.

For anything but when we try to order there's like the choices are endless now and then my question is for my son he's five and a half he's autistic severely and i watched your clips about autism the difference in the brain between regular brain and autistic brain and from what i understood is for some.

Reason the unwanted protein in the autistic brain it's not being cleaned uh and that's why it's affecting its functioning i could be again saying wrong and it's causing all that inflammation so i wanted to know now.

You explained it so beautifully i wanted to know there is something mineral vitamin or that can help get rid of those unwanted protein to increase to decrease the inflammation also i've been given him cbd with the flex seed taste.

And then last time when i watched one of your lives i was very worried because your question was the flex is high in estrogen well he's a male so now i'm extremely concerned but to be honest i do see some positive changes in him with the cbd.

I was gonna switch him to hemp flavor cbd but then that one is high in in omega six which is enzyme you know it actually increases inflammation so i'm really in a hard situation okay okay so here's what i would recommend for him.

Um silica a bioavailable silica very important because that will help reduce some aluminum okay so that would be very important now what you're talking about is this protein the brain is we need to stimulate autophagy um it's really difficult for someone that.

That is that young to do autophagy because you're doing fasting so at least very bare minimum don't do the snacking just do three good meals that would be good you could do green tea and green tea supplements will stimulate autophagy but the other thing you can give him just i think will help definitely.

Reduces carb because we want to do ketones to feed the brain but maybe give him some exogenous ketones with some mct oil just to you know help to feed the brain that's what we need to do one thing you can do as well you can actually make some recipes with the mct oil as some of the oil put in.

The salad dressing too because your the brain will start picking that up and that will help i think b vitamins are going to be very important i would recommend recommend my my my keto energy because it has very very high level b vitamins specifically be one that i.

Think would feed his brain real nicely cod liver oil is going to be essential for him dha so those are the things that you can do i will be um including some more videos soon but it's a unfortunately it's a sensitive topic because if you start putting too.

Many videos on there especially when you start linking things which i want to do they'll shut they'll they'll censor me so that's not good unfortunately that's what they're doing now but as far as specific brands the problem is if i recommend a brand and all of a sudden.

Now i'm like a little bit liable for that brand so i don't want to recommend a brand so the best way to evaluate is just to find a product with the best reviews that you read and it makes sense and it looks legit so um but it's reviews aren't always 100 accurate sometimes people pay for.

Reviews which i'm very much against so you're going to have to sort them out to just determine which ones are real which ones aren't so that's what i'm going to recommend well that's great and linda thank you so much for that and we're not getting any answers back yet i think we may hit him a little too early so i'm going to.

Give it to everybody once more and then let's do a little shout out how many calories does one cup of fiber have so folks come on jump on it you're always so great with your answers and then let's uh let's go over and um say hello to the world a good morning shout out to all of our.

Viewers from canada the uk malaysia denmark spain hong kong cameroon india i love saying cameroon india pakistan mexico belize philippines morocco france belgium switzerland puerto rico germany iceland finland saudi arabia egypt uh borneo trinidad tobago the.

Netherlands israel taiwan and all across the united states there's got to be a record and i bet we have some others i just think we've got the world covered doc there's just no question about it that's awesome that's awesome um let's take another caller how about that let's do it.

Should we go to um how about d from queens d perfect choice hi d hi hi dr berg how are you great thanks doctor i have started keto way of life since kind of january when i saw my physician in november he told me my a1c level is at 5.8 therefore i am pre-diabetic so my.

Brother already is a severe case of diabetes so i'm so so worried about this and i'm doing keto way of life to the tea i don't i i fast for two days and then i have a mirror if i keep on wait what did what did you say your um your a1c was again.

5.8 5.8 yes that's not pre-diabetes that's what my doctor told me because i was 5.6 before okay okay so it uh it went up a little bit but you should you should look up the values yourself because sometimes when a doctor says something.

It may not be true so you might want to look to see if that's correct data that's false data 5.8 is still within a good range that is not pre-diabetes and it's not so look it up yourself and then show him to educate him because it's or herb.

Because that's not true now if you want to improve the a1c yeah well before i say that i have a question for you are you is it possible that there might be some occasional but rare times where you might eat a little more carbohydrate i have been and he told me to cut off.

All my carbs which i have done now doctor thank you okay so i want to tell you something a1c is an average an average blood sugar of three months so let's say you're perfect perfect monday through saturday but sunday you kind of go off the program and you kind of cheat a little.

Bit not that that would ever happen to you but you probably know people do that that it's going to take an average of no sugar to a little sugar over three months it's going to show a little higher because it's an average so it's going to take the time that you cheated.

Versus checking your own blood sugar every day and it's like oh yeah i'm good i'm good and then the day you cheat you don't check it and you go back all of a sudden it's good it's good so it's gonna so it's not looking at everything so that's why a1c you can't really cheat um you're still within a good range but.

Maybe you just don't just be real strict for a period of a good amount of time and then go back and get retested okay so nothing to be concerned about all right okay doctor but the thing is he also told me my cholesterol is high which was at 245.

So but my cdl was high and he put me on lipitor 20 grams a night so but then i i realized i had a brain fog my memory is very good i'm 68 years old but also i had unusual muscle pain although i have arthritis but this was very unusual so when i called the doctor and i told.

Him i'm going to stop taking this he said okay stop it for a month and come back to me and let's check what do i do doctor i'm really concerned about this you need you need to find you need to find a medical doctor who is more keto friendly.

And i will put a list on my website soon but you need to search out that can actually consult you if you're concerned about it then they can regulate your blood your medication but here's the thing in the 2015 to 2020 dietary guidelines put up by the american heart association.

Hidden because it's not broadly promoted they no longer recommend limiting your cholesterol okay your dietary cholesterol because the total cholesterol does not really tell you the whole picture did you realize that 25 to 50 percent of all your fat cells.

Are made of cholesterol and it's not used as fuel so when you lose weight it has to come out your cholesterol might go up but the type of cholesterol that's going up is not going to be dangerous i want you to when you're done with this presentation go watch the video that i.

Talk about um the two types of ldl the good and bad ldl i want you to learn that you need more knowledge on cholesterol so you you know what's going on unfortunately the docs are still set sometimes in the cholesterols bad bad bad you know.

Put person on lipitor but let's just understand what's happening and um and uh find a physician that is going to work with you that understands the problem that's all i'm saying all right thank you all right let's go to tony from long beach hi doctor good.

Morning good morning hi there so here's the situation um 2019 uh i started keto and was doing really well um for about three four months and then i had appendicitis and my appendix ruptured uh the report.

Was it was some of my colon was necrotic gangrenous uh and so they removed uh some of my colon i didn't realize how much until just recently i'm going to see a nutritionist chiropractor next week and he was looking at the report and he said wow they took out about.

A significant amount of your small intestine and your ascending colon um so the problem i have had is uh i was i was really kind of okay and still on ketosis until about the end of 2019 the surgery was in june um about the end of 2019 then i started gaining weight again and i no matter what i did i fell out of.

Ketosis i really haven't been able to get back into it i just took my uh measurement right now uh and this is now fasting since like 8 p.m last night or 8 pm last night yeah and it's 0.2 and my so my ranges have been like 0.2 to 0.6 uh on rare occasion i'll bump up.

And i'll get back into it but i'll fall out almost immediately i also don't have a gallbladder uh and i really sense that appendectomy i struggle with most of the time my bowel movements are either full on diarrhea or just very very.

Loose and i take psyllium husk powder to kind of you know control those so i'm wondering uh what you would recommend to kind of help me get back into ketosis i'm thinking that probably having you know a significant part of my uh you know track there gone is uh.

You know playing havoc with my system yeah good question very good question i think i think that um when you have diarrhea loose bowels you really um are lacking the help from the microbes that are supposed to ferment and help you digest and help you absorb assimilate those nutrients and.

And when you have diarrhea and lose bowels you lose a lot of nutrition so that could be a big factor so you're gonna have to be taking more nutrition while you're doing this like trace minerals like minerals b vitamins because um the distal part of the small intestine the last part.

Um that's the part that they took out because they probably took that out with some of your ascending colon um now what's going to happen is now you you're going to get a a lack of absorption for a very specific thing now in the last part of that that small intestine it's very specific to helping absorb and.

Recycle bile salts so i would imagine you are deficient in bile salts so you probably should start taking some because then then all of a sudden you can't adjust digest fats that well so there goes the fats it goes the omega-3 the vitamin a vitamin d vitamin e.

Vitamin k so you you might want to might want to just start taking some of those with a little bile not too much and then take a really good probiotic and then you're gonna have to be careful about consuming too many vegetables maybe it's a little fermented.

And do a lot of fasting to heal that area um and one last thing i think will benefit you because um you had trauma on the right side of the abdomen lower abdomen so you could gently massage on the opposite mirror image the left side you're going to find it's going to be.

Tender as hell on the left side and you're like why does that hurt just keep massaging that that will actually help kind of counter the uh and balance you out a little bit i've done that before it seemed to work but yeah you're gonna have to kind of juggle it and i'll have to create a video on what to.

Do without a full intestinal absorption track and i'll make a mental note of that and stay tuned for that video all right steve all right well uh let's let's uh remind them again how many calories does one cup of fiber have and our audience says.

Or 10 of the audience says 90. 55 say it has no calories at all and 35 are scratching their chin and saying it depends on the type of fiber so do we have any winners today yes we do the the answer is zero there is no calories in fiber because we we can't digest fiber even though it's a carbohydrate it's the only.

Carbohydrate that we um that doesn't affect insulin and it has no calories so what do we do with fiber well thank goodness we have microbes that help us uh digest it for us but it's they can eat it they can get the calories they can get fat on.

Fiber no they can't really get fat but they convert it to certain chemicals that then we then use they convert it to a type of fat believe it or not they turn fiber in the fat so we don't we don't get any calories from that steve it's zero so um the fiber from vegetables.

Um it's listed there that's why we deduct it from the total amount of carbohydrates to get our net carb but there is no calories in fiber steve and therefore no there's really no downside right it's all good stuff well there is some downside because sometimes if you have too much fiber.

Can people don't have the microbes to digest it so then it could bind them up and create irritation and it can create um constipation things like that um i mean try to consume you know an overload of fiber and it can kind of can create an issue so i think that you.

Should always start with a small and then work up to a large amount of fiber but i i got myself consuming about seven to ten cups of fibrous vegetables every single day and that seems to be really good because i get the nutrients and the microbes like it.

Other people can't do that much so they have to do what they can but you're not going to do 10 cups of broccoli in one sitting or one day that's good too much so if you're doing non-leafy greens maybe you have four cups a day um but if you're doing leafy green.

Salads you can do a lot more all right well that sounds great well doc as you can see terry cut off my overhead light which is was very revealing and now rendered me handsome again isn't that terrific and uh let's go to on that note let's go to uh facebook questions annie do you have any plans to release a.

Macros calculator i don't know what that is yes i do have a plan it's been in the works i put it on pause because i was i had to complete a quick booklet that i've been working on that i'm going to release and give out for free to everyone it's a new booklet on how to make keto really.

Really easy for everyone and in that booklet is everything based on that recent survey that i put out for for all you guys that fill it out 9 000 people and i got some very valuable information from that that then allowed me to create this booklet.

This ebook that addressed the areas that people need help with and so i think you'll like it and we're going to release it we're i'm working like 24 7 on this book to get it out there but um we'll everyone will get a copy and so you could uh um learn from it well that's terrific.

And i'll tell you what this is so typical i was just going to say one more thing please go ahead so um parallel to that i did find and this might be hard to believe steve that a certain percentage of people are not 100 percent with keto and it's because they're having a hard time being.

Consistent and having discipline so what i did is i created 32 um of my own personal stories and how i struggled with that problem and we'll be releasing those one today and that's through text and it's all audio so you can learn personal stories how i.

Completely messed up and struggled with that whole concept of sticking to something and you can kind of learn from my mistakes go ahead steve all right so uh let's see this is so typical across social media i just thought i'd throw this in not a question.

Bree guy says he's 11 months into quito and he's just simply grateful for this terrific journey so all those things that you said about people may be having a difficulty maintaining it once you get it apparently it is a great place to be stand by dr berger having a little.

Problem with your audio dr berg speak with us your mind just dropped off in the middle while you were talking oh wow okay uh dr berg if you can hear us stand by for just a moment i tell you what audience we're going to go on pause for just a moment and we'll be back in.

Just shortly okay audience says stand by we're going to get this worked out just a moment please hydrates the refined ones that is what's causing the liver to become fatty it's not the fat in the diet it's the carbs so keto is not something strange all it is is you're reducing the thing that's.

Converting into fat and cholesterol and it's very good for the liver um and so you could pull a lot of fat off your liver if you just cut your carbs down and if you're still skeptical about that you should just look up in any medical book what.

Insulin does and you'll see classically insulin is a hormone that converts carbs into fat okay and it blocks the burning of fat and if someone has a fatty liver what that means is that you have intra-abdominal fat too that's been spilled over into the liver.

So it's not a good situation but it can be dealt with if you keep your carbs lower if you want to maintain your weight then you just keep your fats a little bit higher too all right good all right we're all back again we had a little interruption there and so why don't we um why don't we go.

To with our next quiz question doc and it is why does hunger go away when you do fasting fascinating question and and the wonderful answers i'm going to see who could uh answer this one correct this is an important question let's see why does your hunger go away when you.

Fast because you would think you know steve if you don't eat you're going to get hungry right wrong you don't eat you get hungry so and i'm not talking about i'm talking about once you're like adapted so okay so got that question people are chewing on it i think um we should go to.

Mary from belmont hi dr berg i have a question in regarding vitamin b because you talk a lot about it i have a primary care physician that doesn't really pay much attention to my vitamin levels and when things are low he just says ah.

Could be the test but i've been showing low vitamin b1 for a long time but b 6 is high and i'm just wondering should i care too much about my vitamin b levels or does it really does it really matter how are they testing it are they testing.

It through the blood yes it's blood fascinating well i think um uh there's an enzyme that they probably are testing for b1 and um um i don't know your your values i don't know how much more b6 you're having i don't know what you're eating but the first thing i would do to put some.

Balance in there is i would kind of look at the whole picture like what could be contributing to that are you consuming any refined carbs that could be depleting your b1 are you consuming any sugar that's depleting your b1 get on healthy keto start taking nutritional yeast why.

Because you want to take it non-fortified so that way you have all the b vitamins that are in the natural levels that it should come with with with yeast and it's not some major high potency um but that's what i am doing all that i might i am doing all that yeah.

And that's why i was just like this is just very odd so i didn't know he's he's playing it down so i didn't know if v1 was uh was something important i need to worry about is it's vital it's very very important and it's uh it doesn't really get stored for very long period of times in the body so.

It's it's something that maybe you sunflower seeds it's in sunflower seeds the other thing is that if you're consuming like tea with tannins or anything with sulfates um that can block your b1 does that make sense yes it does because i do drink tea so maybe i'll start looking at some of the.

Things that i'm eating yeah that might be blocking that so thank you yeah you're welcome i do have a video on that topic you can watch that but it's a good question um all right steve do we have an answer to the question yet the the yes the last question yes we do and.

That question was why does hunger go away when you're fasting and we had a very fast response from our audience and 50 percent said because you are using fat as your fuel the other 50 said that your insulin decreases when you do that okay well the answer is.

You're burning fat you are eating you're actually eating fuel when you're not eating and if you're eating fat guess what you're going to be very very satisfied if you're burning your own fat and that's the simplicity of it you know guys should know that inside now.

Um if you've been watching my videos but that is the answer and of course to be able to burn that fat the whole key is keeping the insulin low so you you work correct on that as well but um but it's actually the fat that satisfies.

The brain um mostly for the um for the loss of the appetite yeah so 50 of the audience is gloating at the others but the rest of you are on the right track so maybe the next quiz in fact we're running a little behind why don't we uh go ahead and uh bring up the next one.

And it is okay how long does it take the lung to heal when you stop smoking boy that's an important question it's been about 35 years for me so maybe you can tell me how i'm doing once the answers come in doc and let's see why don't we um terry want me to do some social media.

How about some quick social media yes okay and by the way i think we had a little audio problem before we really got to digest this and just simply to say that this happens all the time in social media bree guy said that 11 months into quito and he's very grateful for this journey and that just happened so often i.

Thought i would just mention that so thank you bree guy for letting the world know that it really does work and then david on youtube how can i fix my gut and fatty liver at the same time i think he has some gut problems and worried about that so uh with just the keto program in general or intermittent fasting what can.

We do for david well that's it's it's it's kind of the same problem because the reason why the the liver is fatty did he say fatty liver he did yes and and that problem and fatty liver yeah the gut the gut the fat in the gut the intra-abdominal fat is.

Is um kind of a spill off from a fatty liver so they're both the same so the body will then uh first kind of use up the fat in the liver and then it'll start to tap into the stomach fat so it's it's it's not a separate program it's the same thing.

You have to go low carb and you need to if you're realizing if you're pumping all this fat out you want in cholesterol you want to keep your vegetables a little bit higher and that will help kind of bind some of that fat and help your liver do better and also choline which is a lot of fruits and nuts fruits.

Vegetables it's also an egg yolks that will help speed up the process as well bio salts choline and choline is a it's actually in bile salts it's considered bio salt is really good for the liver as well so follow the program it will work give it time.

But i think you'll see some significant changes within six weeks okay doc i tell you when we had a little phone issue powell from tampa florida got cut off uh from the audience in any event and uh we'd like to go back to him and he's skinny but has what a fatty liver yeah he's his wife.

Oh his wife is skinny okay why don't we go back to apollo okay put him on the other terry paul well i think we did we answer your question i think we went i think we need to um i mentioned several things about your the video that you could search out on how to get your spouse to.

Do the do the eating plan the keto i think you should search that out but the other thing too is like um the um it's the carbs that convert into the fatty liver and that's one thing that a lot of people don't understand they're they're they don't connect the dots they kind of think.

Keto is a fad it's weird it's this or that but it's really a great way to keep your liver from becoming family yes yes but you know the the question was actually about the fat what what she what she wants to eat because you know she's scary about.

Losing more weight and she will go to these so i told her to to keep the meat low with the low portions until your you know liver is gonna recover and then you can start you know gain a little bit more weight but it's gonna take time you got a very damaged liver you know so.

So i just wanna you know i'm i'm trying to call it to you because you know it gonna goes to her mind if she's gonna listen from third you know party like like you because she's right it's right now so i think i think it's a kind of it's a real delicate balance i mean uh.

Um the challenges that that we all have including myself is uh when anytime you give your spouse advice it's not the same as someone else so you have this you have to kind of use a gentle touch and uh and hopefully they um they will uh they'll jump at it and if they don't give it time and.

I talk about this in the video you have to just kind of put it out there and uh when they're ready they'll do it but i always but yeah as you already know i'm so sorry but but i i sent her this video you know they listen you have to listen this because this is our arguing you know the doctor said.

About that but okay the second quad quick question i'm sorry for for take your time about my son he's actually addicted from sugar he's almost four years old he's got every almost every single symptom.

Of high insulin in his body you know and he stopped eating you know he eats veggies before when he was young he he eat all entire you know food what we eat but right now he's stopping and he's looking you know for sugar for cheese you know for something and.

I'm and i trying to explain her that she must cut him off and the second problem is you know that on the kindergarten they feed him you know with this you know snacks and all kind of things you know and that is the the second problem but the first thing you know.

We cutting him off from the sugar right now because he is you know he he he told me hey listen paul he got hdhd you know i don't know what i can't help him he's stressing you know he he's mad you know he's bad boy and i told her hey listen cut him off from sugar and.

Give him time so this is this is a video i'm going to do a video on this because this is important uh you know it's not even just your own family you want to get your first of all get your spouse in agreement with this getting the kid off sugar and then you're gonna have to.

Just keep it out of the house get the what we did is we educated our kids um it worked to some degree but get them involved with making keto bombs have replacements for the sweets that helped a lot cookies and things like that but it's when they go outside that's when they.

Have the problem so you know there are certain schools that won't do that but you're gonna have to um talk to the teachers and see if they can make the shift because this sugar is just making the kids with a lack of attention so it's creating the problems with study and all.

These other things so it's a it's definitely a problem that we all need to try to help solve all right steve yes sir okay so um our question was how long does it take the lung to heal when you stop smoking and our audience uh came in with the following they said uh forty percent two years.

Five percent said three months come on guys uh 55 said five years uh what do you think doc okay so these little cilia in the in the lungs that help push the mucus out um if you can give us give up smoking for nine months you can start to see some.

Significant improvement in the lung tissue nine months nine months but here's the thing after one year your risk for heart attacks go down by 50 percent so as you can see if you if you were a heavy smoker it takes quite a bit of time for those lungs to.

Really come down and also your heart as well within five years five years the arteries finally fully open up because it creates constriction of the arteries except for the corner that actually opens up a little more but everything else is kind of constricted.

So you get more circulation and you get a decrease of blood clot within five years and then 10 years your risk for lung cancer goes down by 50 percent and then eventually by 15 years steve which i think you're past that your risk of cardiovascular disease is now equal a non-smoker boy that's exciting.

Yeah so it takes time um but realize that within 20 minutes you have an improvement in heart rate and blood pressure within one day you have no more carbon monoxide poisoning in your lungs and then within a little bit longer your risks for heart.

Attacks go down so so it happens quick and i will be releasing a video more on this uh coming up soon and i'll tell you one other thing and that is that when you're addicted to cigarettes you know you want one every 15 20 minutes if you're really slamming them down and that means you can't sleep.

Because you go to sleep and suddenly it starts tapping you on the shoulder and says hey you gotta have a cigarette i gotta have a cigarette i know some people who get up in the middle night i didn't but i just didn't sleep well because i was going through withdrawal all night and i never realized how much better.

Sleep would be once you quit smoking it took me a while to kind of realize that but boy that was fantastic it really tortures you all night because you're constantly in withdrawal no fun at all if if you look at the benefits of smoking you know you feel relaxed you feel less stressed but you're actually.

Not really truly less stressed all you're doing is you're satisfying a nicotine addiction excuse me for for a minute unfortunately so that's kind of what people are stuck in it's not a true relaxation state that's why you can't sleep i think we need to go to uh.

Nancy she's been waiting patiently um are you there nancy uh nancy from north carolina is that all right yes that's you that's right thank you so much for taking my call this is a real treat just i just am new here and tapping into your information and i'm so grateful that you.

Offer it um i'm 70 of age and i have a low thyroid adrenal issues i've had five children hysterectomy at 45 years i need to lose the 20 pounds that i started gaining right about age 50 and i deal with insulin resistance i've been.

On and off just about everything possibly i can to try to bring down to my normal weight 115 and as i said i need to lose 20 yet i deal with um again the thyroid being low and the adrenal issues very precarious for energy if i overdo.

Exercise that sort of thing how can i lose i lose it i would love to be able to have a program that i can follow by looking at every day what it's telling me to eat how much what to take because again i've got overloads and supplements.

And eating plans from a to z and i've also met overdone my metabolism because of stressful ways of eating like 500 calories a day four six weeks at a time various intervals of this yeah yeah and okay i got it thanks nancy i think.

I think this is um the combination of what i'm going to be releasing really really soon which is a kind of a little uh pdf booklet of what you're going to get but here's the thing you're up against you have a combination of past menopause low thyroid adrenal history of dieting insulin resistance.

Slow metabolism so what you have to do is you have to fix the insulin resistance that is going to fix the metabolism how do you do it um two things bring your carbs down as low as possible eat healthy and fast as long as you can now.

That combination might seem complex but i'm going to be releasing this booklet to kind of give you visuals simple ways of doing it to let your body then reduce the appetite and go longer and longer and longer and then the longer you go the insulin sensitivity starts kicking.

In there and all of a sudden it starts to your metabolism starts to kick back in so it's a combination i would go to my blog and uh start with video number one and two and three and just keep it simple um but the two things that you need to.

Focus on are keeping the carbs way down and fast keep increasing your fasting period of time and realize that keto is not in any way shape or form dangerous to your thyroid it's actually very beneficial to the thyroid it doesn't do anything bad or damaging to your.

Endocrine system it enhances it very good so steve i think we should go to another question i agree and our next question is as we age does our i guess average body temperature go up or down i've got an answer for that but i'm not spilling the beans so uh get on it audience.

So as you get older is your does your temperature go up or down on average okay and by the way we've been neglecting facebook a little bit so which one did you think right there terry okay so donna on facebook uh what do you uh take for your hair it looks great and she's not talking about me.

Trust me that's that's for you dr bird you know i don't uh take anything for my hair it's just i eat exactly what i tell people to eat it's keto i i'm pretty strict on that and i do a lot of um healthy fats in the meats i do omega-3 fatty acid a lot of fish and i do a lot of vegetables and so.

That's with all the phytonutrients and that's what i do nothing nothing special as far as topical or taking any supplements at all for hair specifically but of course i do get the trace minerals and things from certain nutrients but and then karen of course looks like a.

Lioness with her big full uh hair so you know you guys must be doing something right yeah karen has some nice hair she's uh she has some nice curls as well so that's it she has probably um the perfect combination of everything that someone want in their hair.

Um versus mine it's really straight it's uh you know out of control sometimes it looks great okay how about one more jerry on facebook what is a safe amount of eggs to eat daily um you know eggs have a built-in regulator of the cholesterol.

The antidote to a cholesterol is lecithin and it's loaded with lecithin so and choline which will help to reduce the cholesterol um you know i would keep it like you know three to four eggs a day that's fine if you if you want to do more you can do more.

Um i kind of you know lately i've been switching to different things because i'm only doing like one meal a day now um i may not do eggs i may but of course i raise my own chickens so that way i can actually uh it's pretty high quality i mean the the.

Pasture-raised uh chicken egg eggs have an amazing amount of omega-3s compared to commercial chickens um because they're eating bugs and things around the yard and that type of thing but uh um you know i think um there was a while there i was consuming.

Four eggs a day for for probably 20 years and i like that but now i'm kind of switching it up to different things just for the fun of it but i can pretty much eat the same thing every day but i love eggs and i make put onions and mushrooms in my egg omelets as well.

Wonderful how about jacob in san jose been waiting patiently yes jacob you're on uh hi good morning dr morgan it's great to be here it's good to be able to talk um one of them uh more one of your younger viewers um and i just had a few questions okay okay.

Um so i'm around like the age of 14 and i just had like a couple of questions on like weight loss and i've been i've been pretty overweight for the most of my life and and i've been trying to make a change and i know your channel is more based on like.

Keto and i just like i had a question like if you had any suggestions like maybe if i had to like lower my carbs or higher my carbs or or maybe like um or like adjust my calories a bit or like i wasn't sure like what would you suggest oh okay for what for what what's your goal.

Is it is it just weight loss yeah okay yeah the fastest way jacob to lose weight um is to do the keto plan because it's low in carb but the key if someone's struggling is to also add the fat intermittent fasting so you don't you don't want to eat so frequently you.

Don't want to do the snacks um and so you know the good thing about you is that you're you're probably um it's going to be a lot easier because you're younger and i think if you did a combination of two good healthy meals and i show i sh explain how to eat that and i wouldn't worry about the calories right now.

I would really just focus on keeping the carbohydrate calories as low as possible and you'll start losing weight and you'll it's the fastest way because both of those actions not eating so much are frequently and also the carbs lowers the hormone cola insulin and that's the that's the thing.

That stops you so i think that would be your best bet and if you go to like dr bird.com look at the blog i i show you start here step one step two so that's going to be your best bet jacob try it out and then call us back okay boy that's great i tell you a young man like that 14 years.

Old starting to take his health seriously i think that's terrific hope more follow jacob's list i would have started that age yeah i know no kidding by the way okay uh we do have an answer to our quiz although i'd like to scold the audience we haven't had nearly as many.

Participants in answering today as usual and yet our numbers are huge we've got a record on on youtube so who knows what's going on but for those of you who did answer a hundred percent said that your body temperature goes down and that's what i've discovered yes that is correct in fact the average.

Temperature someone that's uh right around 85 is 93.5 degrees but it can even go down to you know 80 in the 80s believe it or not and that's normal the problem is when people get sick and they get a fever and they're older it might actually come to 98.6 it could.

Be normal and so you can miss it because it's really not normal for them just make note um but realize a fever is a good thing and uh you don't want to try to suppress it right away it's your body trying to fight off things pathogens but um yeah that's just what happens our body.

Temperature decreases and that's normal okay it's not a bad thing well that's great in daca i hate to keep bullying my way in here but it's time for another question got to get them out and what is now come on audience let's answer this what is the best way to repair damage.

From refined carbs how are we going to do that oh yeah yeah well let's say you um did i already answer this question no i don't uh no not yet no we're leaving up the audience they don't don't tip all right good yeah let's say for example not that any of you would slip off the program but let's.

Say your friends or family what would you do to make up the damage that is the question today um and while you're chewing on that should we go to crystal let's do it crystal you're up okay hey dr berg thank you for taking my call.

Sure so i'm diagnosed with lynch syndrome mutation msh6 i have endometrial cancer stage one i've read the cancer code and i've been juicing for about a week but i've been a personal trainer i've been a model before i've been on restrictive diets the whole thing people at.

Montefiore my doctors they want to take out my thyroid they want to take out my ovaries because from the information i've gathered from your videos i'm a mixture of the adrenal and the thyroid body type and i'm wondering if keto would be sufficient.

Or keto inducing what's your perspective okay did you say you still have cancer now or you had it i had it before and i'm re-diagnosed again with it okay yeah well cancers is damaged in the mitochondria so anything you do to strengthen the mitochondria is going to be key.

And i think at this point uh out of everything you can do uh the most important thing is gonna be uh regular uh intermittent fasting at one meal a day in periodic prolonged fasting and i'm going to explain so if i was in your shoes.

I would be having one meal a day monday through friday and the weekends i wouldn't eat 48 hours no eating and then every month or if i could do it every two weeks i would go 72 hours and the reason for that is it's going to they found at 72 hours you actually stimulate the immune system stem cell.

And you basically grow a new immune system which is what you need help with right now because you want to have all the help you can get to fight this thing off um but i think i think um as far as to support your endocrine system it sounds like you need endocrine help overall.

Adrenal thyroid act keep your stress as low as possible do all the things i suggest with keto and right that fasting is going to be vital vital vital as far as nutrients go um you might want to write this down a couple things that you want to get and one would be.

Alpha um alpha lipoic acid you want to also take um hydroxycitrate you want to take garlic on a regular basis either actual garlic or in a tablet form and the last one is green tea okay green tea um and as far as the the first two ones i.

Told you you need a lot of that like like start small and build up um i will i'll actually um have more available data on that soon but uh that would be your tip today for your for today thank you for your time sir have a great day you too all right doc uh boy am i proud of the.

Audience they just hammered us with answers this time what is the best way to repair the damage from refined carbs and 60 say fasting speaking of fasting we have 20 with keto 10 omad 10 cut carbs and i don't want to leave mary out on youtube she simply said vitamin b so uh how are we doing you know you of.

Course everyone's right but i want to um explain um what i'm going to do a video on this but basically you have these refined carbohydrates okay and they're going in the body and they're being used up as fuel by your engine it's called the mitochondria.

But when you do refine carbs you overload the system with too too much of the wrong fuel and that produces a huge amount of oxidation and free radicals and so the problem is those refined carbohydrates are void of antioxidants and nutrients.

That act like antioxidants so you're you basically get all this extra damage without the protection see if a diabetic were to consume fruits they might still be a diabetic but the antioxidants would help counter a lot of the collateral damage and i'm not saying do this i'm just kind of.

Giving the concept that the free the nutrients in the foods protect against the complications of a lot of issues so if you were to eat more antioxidants vegetables things like that herbs green tea garlic that would at least repair some of the damage and counter some of.

The damage so steve let's say you want to go off the program and you want a big bowl of um let's say uh cereal with some and then you have a bowl of ice cream and then you have some chips right now right now you just yeah let's say you did that and you.

Wanted to make up the damage right after you consume that have a big huge bowl of salad okay get your antioxidants how about that or better yet blend it all together and take it in shake ice cream and kale alrighty yeah let's go to bonnie uh bonnie.

You're on hi good morning dr berg thanks thank you and um all your staff for all your hard work first of all my question for you guys or for you years ago i was diagnosed with chronic iritis and what happened was when that happened my iris stuck up into my pupil and it's never really came down and.

Recently i would say really within the last six months in my right eye i've really lost all almost all my vision if i were to hold a card up and and try to read it and close my left eye and read with my right i would not be able to see any any letters i guess my question is what.

What are your thoughts on that and can it be fixed yeah well i think there's a couple things that you can do um and i think you're already on strict keto so that's good and i think i'm guessing you're doing fasting that would be something i would definitely do because the.

Fasting helps to um clean up some of that old damaged proteins that seem to be affecting you but there's another product that you could search out to try to find it's from standard process called oculotrophin pmg oculotrophin pmg it's from standard process you can order it take um.

Take one of those before you go to bed and i like it's a really good remedy to support any problem with the eye even the damage that i had with my eyes which i had extremely bloodshot sticky eyes and i had issues cornea breaking and things like that it.

Seems to um quickly repair that um because i've had a long history of eye problems and that seemed to be the only thing that worked and it's dramatic it's within like 10 minutes so um for other people you know if they scratch their cornea and it can be devastating the.

Oculotropin gives people relief so that's one thing that um i would recommend if i were you all right on that note uh i'll tell you what doc's we have but guess what we're gonna do a quick recap of the upcoming videos some of which you discussed uh breaking old habits is coming up part one and two.

How to unclog your ears the six stages of fasting and the worst diet advice in the world that's uh that sounds pretty fun so doc take it away after that and folks you watch for those videos coming up next week or very soon yeah thanks for watching have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned.

For some real interesting videos you
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