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welcome to the show anything that i say is not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care so check with your doctor before taking any of the advice that i'm about to give you so we have quite a few callers uh there are on the line and we're going to be.

Taking your calls and through social media as well let's just dive right in let's uh let's go to um pj from morrisville are you there hey dog how are you good how are you i'm good i'm good thanks for taking the time to do this.

Sure um so i'm currently a senior in college um i've been doing intermittent fasting for for about like a year now or so uh my freshman year i started getting kind of random panicking and anxiety attacks um and i got those under control in the daytime but.

For the last week i've been having this issue where when i go to sleep um the second i try to hit the bed my heart rate just accelerates i get anxious over nothing like i will i'll be reading like two three hours before that i'll be fine not looking at technology or anything and the second i hit the bed i'm just.

Super anxious um and heart rate's just through the roof and i used to fall asleep in like five minutes that's like a week ago but now it's like taking me at least two hours to fall asleep which makes me even more anxious and so i i don't know what's going on i eat a lot of vitamin d like you.

Recommend um like 10 000 milligrams and then i drink a lot of turmeric before sleep but i don't know if i'm overdoing it on that so i just want to know what your suggestions might be yeah that's a real simple solution um what you need a lot of right now uh is vitamin b1 um you can do nutritional yeast for that and just.

Start chowing it down that's great for panic attacks you know things like feeling doom and gloom or whatever and certain things can trigger it but you need b1 uh the other thing i would imagine that you're being a student you're in front of the screen all the time get a.

Filter to kind of filter some of the blue light and try to position your computer so you're not getting so much exposure to emf which can can just drain your your adrenals and kind of um affect that but yeah you need b1.

Big time so that should totally handle it can i try this one more thing like real quick yes um i also have like severe mouth dryness um like throughout the day do you think that's related to that and do you think nutritional yeast would help with that uh no i think that's a different problem.

Usually it's going to be an electrolyte imbalance which you need um definitely potassium a lot of potassium and some salt but let's say that doesn't handle it then what you need more of is essential fatty acids specifically omega-3 fatty acids so.

A really good one would be cod liver oil and that that should help either dry eyes or dry mouth um but you know what come to think of it yes i think b1 can also help you because um the autonomic nervous system if you're like in this flight or fight mode and you're.

Weak on the parasympathetic b1 will help that in either excessive saliva or lack of saliva could be an autonomic nervous system problem so it may just still kill two birds with one stone okay awesome we'll do that thank you i appreciate all right sure no problem.

Talk to you soon all right let's go to chris from new york city um are you there chris hi uh dr berg hello uh good morning good thank you everyone good morning thank you for taking my call uh hi uh i've been doing keto since last year of april um and then it became like.

Kind of dirty keto and then until today and i've been losing a lot of weight but i noticed from september of last year till today i've been having some abdomen uh noises all around the abdomen and different kinds of noises.

Especially while eating oh mad and even after eating omad there's noises and it just kind of makes me hard to sleep and last week my this week monday my stool was white and then tuesday was off-white and it was a little bit floating.

And then wednesday was kind of the school was green and round and then yesterday um well i ate steak and cucumber for my omad and my uh immediately like 10 20 minutes after eating i had to go to uh in my stool was liquid and kind of brown yellowish color and uh i had a heavy feeling i i went to.

The bathroom twice i'd have heavy feeling afterwards i drank your electrolyte powder with sea salt with it and kind of um kind of helped out a bit and i was wondering what this you could recommend and what foods should i eat right now well i was originally going to tell you.

You need some bile salts like gallbladder formula that type of thing because if the stool is light colored that meat and it floats it means you're not digesting fats which means you need more bile but if it then switch to be green that means you you you have bile so i'm.

A little up in the air with if you need bile or not but the fact that you don't you didn't digest this um protein that well um and you've been having these gurgling sounds i think probably the first thing i would recommend is a good probiotic maybe a liquid probiotic.

That you could take that would help the digestive system especially since you know you're um you kind of have because because see the microbes make bile a secondary bile so that can actually probably kill two birds with one stone so i would just recommend.

Staying on healthy keto keep doing what we're doing adding some liquid probiotics and then a little bit at night before you go to bed do that for several days and if that doesn't fully handle it then you need to either you know support the um the gallbladder with bile salts or maybe the stomach with betaine.

Hydrochloride but that's what i would do awesome all right and let's jump right to dana are you there dana dana go ahead hi dr brad good morning good morning hi yeah real quick i just want to thank you for giving me the tools to help myself and.

Others your team is great your book is fantastic i really appreciate you putting it on sale i just got more multiple copies coming in this morning um i wanted to ask you would you be comfortable using oregano oil in place of antibiotics for surgery i recently heard.

Someone speak of that i asked because i've been diagnosed with an umbilical hernia and looking back i realized that i've had a long time like a matter of years but also i wanted to ask what kind of testing can i do if i have a mass in my abdomen.

About three inches to the left from my belly button and two inches down i feel a hardness that is like a stick shape and it goes diagonal it's um i have like a fullness on my left side i've had blood work done it came back.

Pretty much normal but i have weird symptoms like i get headaches when i run i've had problems with my lymph nodes for over a year and a half so a swollen sore itchy it's gotten better recently but also i have really bad cramps what is suggestion i think okay so.

That's a loaded question you have quite a few things so of course i i can get in trouble if i tell you to not do your follow your medical care so all i'm going to say about that is that oregano connect as a natural antibiotic but let's say for example you get surgery and they give you an.

Antibiotic you can also take a probiotic with that and and also when they do surgery the amount of antibiotics it's a usually just a one-shot deal it's um a lot different than taking antibiotics on a like a more cycle through a whole bottle so there is a difference there.

So that's all i'm going to say about that point just to avoid any problems but then i also want to say in your abdomen on the left side you have um the sigmoid colon it's the last part of the where it turns into the rectum and so a good test would be an ultrasound.

Ultrasound will pick up masses it's non-invasive compared to a cat scan or an mri well cat scan but that's one thing that can be done to figure out what is going on if there's a swollen lymph node or a polyp or whatever but regardless of what's going on i.

Would just make sure always that you're doing the healthy version of keto so regardless if there's something there or not there um you can then um prevent things down the road so that's my viewpoint all right yes.

I'm sorry yeah i went to the doctor and i asked him for something less invasive like what you're talking about and he told me if i'm worried about tumors or anything like that that i should consider a cp scan um ct scans and i can't say not to get it but there's a lot of radiation there's just a ton of radiation.

And so what about talking him into doing an mri that would be okay that would be a non-radiation thing and uh you know you can always also do an ultrasound and um if that picks something up they can see a mass then then you can go a little bit more.

Invasive but the point is that um you want to be careful about getting too many cat scans because those right you're getting a tremendous radiation with that right thank you so much i really appreciate it i'd much rather do that sure all right okay steve are you there.

Yes sir i certainly am uh so we're gonna ask the let's ask the first question okay all right uh let's see and it is what is the most commonly misdiagnosed disease all right great great question and as people ponder that in addition to those folks that have already been on the air.

With you this morning and thank you all for your calls let's do our weekly shout out to all of our viewers today in the uk canada france australia germany the philippines israel united arab emirates trinidad tobago i think we say that ireland hong kong india belgium.

Saudi arabia qatar sweden denmark cyprus slovenia pakistan i don't want to leave anybody at algeria argentina spain and all across these united states so that's absolutely uh fantastic wow welcome everyone awesome do you have any other questions or should we go to the next caller steve.

No i can go ahead and let's get one facebook question out of the way so this is lily on facebook will collagen powder break my fast yes especially it will collagen is a protein and don't recommend it on the fast at all there are blends of amino acids that can.

Be taken um and the cool thing about that is that there's certain blends that don't turn into glucose that don't become waste like a lot of protein that you consume like half of it either turns to either waste because your body only absorbs a certain amount.

Or it's then converted into glucose as fuel so yes i don't recommend that as uh at all but you know like say let's say you're fasting for a long period of time doing a prolonged fasting um and you're very thin well then maybe we do a little amino acids you know so.

That would be the only exception all right sorry lily but uh nice try on that one how about going back to the phones doc while we wait for the answer let's go to christian from sacramento are you there yes uh good morning dr berg good morning um thank you for the.

Gallbladder formula it's actually really working well for my stomach um i'm really amazed just in a few weeks that how it's changed my um my stomach problems and also the d3 and k2 um hopefully that i feel something off that in a couple more weeks uh my question is though i've been on.

Cpap now for a week and i wake up with these really vivid dreams i'm guessing because i'm going into a deeper uh sleep mode now that i'm not dying for not breathing but i wake up with you but i wake up from.

Um i wake up with these nightmares right and then i i just i have like really big hunger pains like sugar hunger pains and around two in the morning and i can't stop sometimes and i go for something and then 20 minutes later i regret it of course uh okay do you know there's a correlation between the cpapping.

Deeper sleep and nightmares maybe i know because i've been having it because uh i have a little bit of a darker past i think maybe the sleeping extra at night the deeper sleep has brought those up now is there a correlation between nightmares cpapping and overeating at night well.

First of all a couple things to handle the the nightmares it's very very very simple even vivid dreams anytime you have that all that means is you're low on vitamin b1 so take some nutritional yeast uh you get them in tablets.

Bam gone so you'll you won't have that anymore um the other thing you have to do is you want to start getting on keto for real like a hardcore healthy version of keto and within a minute of fasting not just for your sleep apnea but for those cravings in the middle of.

Night all that means is your blood sugar is off and your your body is about having a hard time fasting due even to the night so that means that your blood sugars definitely are often you have high levels of insulin which they probably never tested now if.

You wake up in the morning with cravings that could be the adrenal hormones so these are all just transitional things as you start to go to keto that those cravings and that hunger will go completely away but you have to you can't keep doing carbs you want to keep your low carb and.

Add more fat follow the program that i recommend and that should handle it completely i promise well that's wonderful doc guess who's got some answers tell me tell me what do we have for our the answer to the question what is the most common misdiagnosed disease.

Out there all right so uh our survey answers are 50 say diabetes thirty percent depression that's sad ten percent fatty liver and finally ten percent hypothyroidism do we have any winters today not today um but it's cancer wow and what happens is like um.

If and this is the problem because a lot of times they may not the docs might not wait they might not wait to come back with all the tests or do a complaint test or whatever and unfortunately giving you maybe the wrong type of cancer even that you don't even have cancer.

And it freaks people out i mean the other problem i have is sometimes when you when you tell someone you have this i mean i'm wondering if that could even create it to some degree or at least uh influence things because um sometimes when the doctor says well you have.

Exactly six months to live and then they die exactly six months what's up with that so anyway i just want to let you know always get second opinions third opinions to make sure you get the correct diagnosis i think steve the the problem with a lot of people is getting.

The right diagnosis for their problem because the evaluation is is kind of um kind of scanty and doesn't really it's hard to find a doc that can truly evaluate you one of the goals that i have on the youtube channel is to give people more knowledge about.

Their body so they can prevent all these issues and avoid all these issues down the road so um so that's that's what's missing in healthcare is how to create health oh absolutely what a terrible misdiagnosis i'd rather well i don't know you don't want to miss it i guess or anything at the time but.

What a terrible thing to tell somebody that's probably cancer we'll see you next week that's terrible or or um yeah i think it's cancer um why don't you uh potentially it could be cancer why don't you come back in a week and then just sit on that for a while yeah that's like soviet missiles on their way.

Details at 11. i mean you can't wait for that it's it's kind of like getting bad news right before you go to bed not a good idea someone leaves the message i have some bad news call me back and then you can't get a hold of them so let's oh i'm sorry yes give me one.

Quick question all right good so melanie's still on facebook will popcorn once a week screw up ketosis well it depends if you coat it in butter right steve if you have enough butter it'll buffer that glycemic index and i'm being very sarcastic because that.

Will won't help you unfortunately or chair with excitement i know unfortunately popcorn is not on the list it's going to see if you do it once a week what's going to happen it's going to be hard to get back on track now that being said let's say for example you.

You reached your health goals and you've been doing keto for a period of time and now you're really healthy well okay good then go ahead and go for it i mean you're you build up enough health reserve to afford going off the program periodically that's fine but it really depends on where you're at.

If you just started keto yesterday and you and you have a lot of health problems probably not a good idea and you know i think so i'm not going to give you permission yeah psychological thing too you know if i say i get to have one ice cream cone every three weeks all i think about all day every day is my ice cream cone and.

Three and it ruined then before you know it i'm hitting it by the gallon i just gotta let go of that stuff especially for those people that even myself if i started something like that i would get off and i i and i'll be you know abusing that um i i don't i can't just have a little bit.

Of anything myself so i just basically don't have any of it because that little bit it turns into a blood sugar drop and about an hour and a half or two hours later you're gonna want it more so this is why a little bit of something or everything in moderation is.

Bad sad reality all right let's go to uh darmanbur uh from minneapolis hello hello hello yes um dr eric this is darmamender um i called you earlier too um i didn't i didn't follow any of what you had trick told me just um hear me out please um.

I'll put my questions more in a generic way instead of you know you know telling you what i have so that way you know you can ask me counter questions if you want to know more so let's just say someone has a lot of digestive stress you know abdominal abdominal distension especially in the lower.

Abdomen area and they pretty much can't digest anything what's what are the things they should do and what's the best way to regenerate the the intestine um you know well what what they should eat yeah so i think the the most important thing is.

To first focus on the first part of your digestive system which happens to be the stomach and really get that stomach corrected and it takes some time you want to take betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar well both would be good and consist consistently do that with each meal you.

Might want to get these little tablets and have about probably five before a meal and and then also um you want to if you want to one of the best things to heal the inside lining of your intestine is to use chlorophyll now a lot of people that have intestinal inflammation.

Start can't tolerate vegetables so that that fiber and certain things in there can irritate it so if you were to take a like a wheatgrass juice powder and take that um that chlorophyll in there is very very soothing in healing for the gut the one of the only vegetables that i think.

Seems to do well with people with gastritis and digestive issues is cabbage but those are just a couple tips that i would recommend um try that out and let me know if it works but thanks for your call all right so then we have kenny.

Uh from freehold not sure where that is are you there kenny yeah hi hi dr berlin here best in new jersey hello hello i can hear you perfectly yes oh okay awesome yeah hi uh i have a quick question uh regarding vitamin e uh e2 and b4 i watch your.

Old video uh regarding um those two vitamins are very good for you for your heart and um the reason i'm i i'm asking um the question is that i have a a heart condition called hcm i think i think it stands for hypertrophic cardi and um just wanted to because.

With that condition i have you know i i mean occasionally i have the asip and um and i think i watched the video it looks like those vitamins helped face it and also magnesium i've been taking it so i just want to get a opinion from you okay great question i have just a quick.

Question for you are you doing healthy keto in intermittent fasting yet yes i am i actually i've been i've been doing that for almost two years now okay good all right don't don't mind the dog in the background but okay so this is what uh vitamin b4.

Is a lot of people never heard about it um but think about it you got b123 what is it just skip four um that would be normally in certain foods nutritional yeast would be in there they might not have it on the label because it's not recognized anymore but.

It's very very good for your heart especially the the electrical part of the heart the best thing for b4 is just to take nutritional yeast and avoid things that deplete you like refined flour products now as far as same thing with e vitamin e and vitamin e 2 the fraction e2.

Which is good for angina is to avoid refined flour products which actually deplete you so um i would recommend for you instead of that i would do to talk to katrina's i would get some of those for the heart that's really really important and i would start to stop no how do you get that.

I just i i was i would tell katrina you'd have to buy it yeah you'd have to buy it somewhere look it up online somewhere i don't really have a brand uh for you and then the other thing would be to um um coq10 is a really really important thing for the heart and then make sure.

That you start building up your electrolytes not just potassium but magnesium as well over a period of time i think those things would be very very important and you're already doing keto which is excellent and let your body go through the process and i think that should maximize.

Results and minimize any potential problems down the road so that's what i would do thanks for your call kenny and steve we're going to give another question here all right for everyone bring it up very exciting question all right so what is the best way to.

Stop excessive urge to pee at night so if you're getting up at night you're urinating more than once or even at all some people a lot more like i remember in practice there was a guy that came in he was getting up 10 times a night completely.

Unnecessary all right what's what's the best way to to solve that problem excessive urination at night i'm all ears and it can also be during the day too but mainly at night all right so as as you're actually going through that.

Question and right typing it down steve why don't you give me some social media questions all right let's do that uh okay so just one minute uh all right so from youtube uh julie should a should a breast cancer survivor uh on estrogen uh do keto and why would they be on estrogen maybe huh.

Yeah well uh that would be a problem because you don't if you have breast cancer and you're on estrogen i i think maybe she's on some type of drug that's anti-estrogenic and if she's not she needs to take um think something like dim or cruciferous vegetables that would be.

Very very important because you want to balance your estrogen especially if you're prone to breast cancer but no keto will not make it worse in any way shape or form in fact i think it'll actually be better than your other other your diet so.

Ketones are um are very beneficial to they can act as antioxidants now when we get into cancer that's a whole different topic which i'm going to be making putting an update on my recent summit recording which is digital and it's the first lecture i'm going to redo that because i have some updated.

Information on cancer which is very important because the diet on cancer and i'm going to leave you guys in a mystery the diet that you someone should be on when they have cancer it should be different than when you're trying to prevent cancer that's all i'm going to say.

Um well that's fantastic and here's what carol has to say she wants to know what the best infrared sauna is this is interesting with low emfs is there such a thing i think you need to buy a unit um i did a video on this i have a really i don't have it in my around my desk right now but.

There's a great unit that you can get try field i think it's called and you can measure actually measure your infrared to see if there's a problem because if there's electricity involved there's going to be you know problem with both magnetic and.

Electrical frequencies so yeah i would i would test it yourself and just measure and see just turn it on and see what's going on with that especially if you're real close to the unit if you can get further away i mean yesterday i remember.

Showing someone i had a device and i showed them how far away from a tv that it can affect you and it was like way out there and so it's some very interesting data and i think you're going to have to um learn about it and watch some videos that i have on this to.

Minimize that problem well it's neat that your audience is smart enough to ask such a question out of never thunk it so and by the way the audience has also answered the latest quiz what is the best way to stop frequent urination during the night and let me bring you back up dr berg.

And they say 30 don't drink liquids before bedtime that's sort of obvious and 70 say stop eating carbs any winners on this one yes in fact uh you guys are really really smart the carbs you want to go low carb because it's the car see here's the thing fluid and water always follow.

Glucose and carbs did you hear that steve uh yeah oh my friend let me say it again you have fluids and water always follow sugar and carbs so if you're peeing a lot because this water is going through you your carbs are too high your sugar is too high.

You retain fluid as well but you'll be peeing a lot so i'd say one for one every single person that i've ever told to get in a low carb diet and they've really done it for some period of time all of a sudden this excessive urination tends to improve over and over and over to the.

Point where they can sleep the whole night which is a huge deal with their energy through the day so that's the most important thing to do there's other things to do if you have a uti or whatever but d menos would be the remedy if you have a uti.

But other than that it's low carb keto and intermittent fasting i know that's surprising a lot of you but that's what i would recommend okay so let's go to tom from canton uh you had a question tom go ahead hi dr berg my question is i have two questions i've been on keto for a couple years i.

Do intermittent fasting i fast at least 20 hours a day usually just eat lunch my question for you is this do you feel like sometimes a good thing to go out of ketosis i've heard other doctors say this now there's this thing with where you cycle through your carbs.

Carbo cycling i i don't think it's a good thing i really don't i've never seen anything that shows that it's beneficial because why would you want to switch your fuel source now it's okay to you know vary it up a lot and have a little bit more carb like let's say but.

But try to keep it under 50 grams that would per day that would be the ideal situation but i don't see any benefit of cycling to your carbs like you're trying to reset something um because i keep i keep my carbs low but other doctors i've heard say this it's a good thing.

But you don't you don't agree i don't agree because what would be the benefit of going on a car going doing more carbs i mean you're just creating more oxidation you're creating more free radicals you're you know i just it doesn't it just does it's not logical to me i.

Haven't heard a good reason for it i understand my second question is magnesium three and eight i take it for anxiety i've been on it three weeks i don't feel any difference what are your thoughts on magnesium 3 and 8 magnesium 3 and 8 is good for the brain it's good for memory but i don't think it solves.

Everything for the brain so it's a good thing i think if you don't see the results that you want from magnesium uh then i would shift gears to more of the b vitamins um tell me yeast okay i do that what specific um problem are you trying to solve with with the brain.

Uh for me it's always been anxiety this feeling of dread i have it like every day since i was a kid okay i got it um are you doing um a good amount of vitamin d yes four thousand international units pretty much every day okay okay are you and.

Well i think you probably would have noticed an improvement and it so you want to kind of test this out because it could be a could be several things that can actually help you um if you if you and i would actually try to like stop taking vitamins and just take one.

Thing at a time and see what makes a difference because it could be you just need more b1 in which case you would have to probably find a good natural b1 maybe ben photamine that can penetrate deep into the brain or it could be because i always recommend that you need ten thousand uh i use.

Vitamin d but if you're taking vitamin d and you don't if you don't see a big change then okay good then so you got magnesium okay that's important okay you have potassium and then let's say none of those create a big change and you're you are on keto and you're not cheating then maybe you need to.

Support the adrenal glands with more of an adrenal type protocol um which might be one high court um no more like um ashwagandha or lemon lemon balm yeah and both of those um plants are very calming to the adrenal i think i think there might be one one formula that i think that you might like.

It's my adrenal stress advanced formula and the reason is because that one deals with more of the adrenal mental cognitive aspects more than the physical kind of like you stand up and you get dizzy that one has if i'm not mistaken ashwagandha um that one actually usually makes.

People feel really good um and it counters anxiety and then if you get some lemon balm tea and drink that to the day um i think that should help you wow lemon balm tea and ashwagandha thank you dr berg i appreciate that i i think you're great you do a great job.

Pleasure thank you you're welcome boy tom's got some great pipes he ought to be on the radio or something or doing announcements what a perfect voice came okay good so um next question steve for you and everyone else hit it what what is the best exercise that you.

Should do if your sleeping is crappy and it sucks excellent question good all right let's go to sally from worcester are you there sally hi sally are you there you have a question about okay good okay i have a question about.

Um intermittent fasting yes um first i'd like to say i love your products and i've been buying them and taking them and i'm very very pleased and um i've been doing the intermittent fasting for like three weeks and i was able to get up to um 20 hours of fasting.

With one meal a day but i started noticing that when i did the fasting even water would create um gastro gases you know like the gert and so i was unhappy with that because i'm like okay what should i be taking for that or should i you know because um that bothered me and.

I just couldn't i didn't feel comfortable doing you know so i tapered down my my hours of fasting to like like 12 hours on and 12 hours off and that's also been helpful but okay but is there anything i can do or take or can i take my formula from um the black formula that you uh request.

Well yeah yeah you can definitely take the uh the gallbladder formula an empty stomach for sure there's a couple things that come to mind right off the bat when you have excessive gastric acid when you're fasting or even gastritis is zinc because when you.

Do fasting especially when you go longer your body does not hold down the zinc very long so if you're deficient and you fast everything might be magnified and one of the symptoms is excessive gastritis or even gerd even excessive gastric acid coming up so that's one thing.

So um um and then the other attention i have is that your gut your friendly bacteria in your gut you may need to support that a little bit more to help that especially if there's like an acid in your stomach um when you're not eating um right so try those things and then uh you know.

What if it doesn't work i have some other solutions for you um we can talk about later okay okay thank you so much you're welcome all right steve yes sir um want some answers all right let give me some answers steve all right so what is the what type of exercise is best if you don't sleep well.

And our audience says uh high intensity 30 percent uh 10 say stretching 50 say walking and 10 yoga deep breathing sort of like stretching anyone right it has to be yes it has to be low intensity walking would be the best or you can do.

Yoga but not high intensity when you haven't slept why because the heart is more vulnerable to problems when it's when you're not sleeping it's weaker it can create a lot of stress undue stress on the heart if you're exercising too intensely if you.

So sleeping um really affects your heart in a big way and i i used to prove it i there was a machine that i had that measured the heart and the people that came in that didn't sleep it was just like it was all messed up and then they slept in the heart this the rhythm was nice.

Everything showed up in a really nice state and the name of the test was called heart rate variability which measures two parts of the autonomic nervous system that work together um in relationship to the heart so you'd actually.

Pick up this data off of a heart sound it's a great test well that's that's interesting doc and what about how close to your sleep i've heard that you shouldn't exercise at night because that will keep you awake is there any truth to that you know for the most part i think most people.

Would do better if they didn't exercise too late at night however there are other people that exercise late at night and they do fine they sleep better so it really depends on on the person and what what's good for you i tend to like to exercise um.

Right around five five o'clock i just i like that and maybe four four or five that's when i do it and uh seems to work and hey steve you know i'm going to be doing this video coming up here which i think might be an interesting video on the most poisonous mushroom in the world and the antidote.

Well it's there who needs an antidote for goodness sake no you'd want to take it before you die steve but it's a fascinating um remedy and it's also a fascinating situation but you know if you're if you're out there in the woods steve and you get a hankering to eat a mushroom.

Um you got to know what you're doing right yeah risky business all right any any questions on oh yeah absolutely let's get the interwebs calvin uh he is on facebook will keto help with oh graves disease that's a tough one well that's an autoimmune of the thyroid.

And it's a hyper thyroid and by the way a good remedy for that that will help is vitamin b1 nutritional yeast for that condition as well as selenium but you don't want to be giving someone um iodine when you if they have hashimoto's.

If it's a hyper b or gallbladder formula because it's going to speed up the gallbladder and you're going to have two i'm sorry speed up the thyroid and you're going to have too many thyroid hormones you don't want to do that one thing that's good is cruciferous vegetables that tends to slow down the thyroid a little bit but.

Yes keto is uh i think it's it's keto is i can't think of a um a contraindication for uh keto except if you have some type of rare genetic disease which you absolutely cannot you know consume any fat for some reason well susan's question is.

A great follow-up how many b vitamins are in your she calls it brewer's yeast but nutritional yeast well it has um it has all the b vitamins except b12 and i added a natural b12 to that formula so that way you're getting the complete complex so you're getting all of them even the ones that are not listed down there.

So all right let's go to uh cali from phoenix i had a question about um water go ahead um yes good morning dr berg good morning my one of my best friends actually gave me your book and i'm not a book reader and i read it in five days.

And i'm like very impressed so thank you so much for that wow that's my my question comes down to in one of your videos you talk about the adrenal body type which i have non-alcoholic fatty liver and i'm an adrenal type that our bodies are more alkaline excuse me and we shouldn't be drinking.

Alkaline water because it's usually produced through electricity my roommate uses this thing um it's from a company called dylan where the water is actually naturally mineral mineralized with like magnesium zinc silica and tourmaline i think is how you.

Say it and um in order to make the water out more alkaline i guess it also is supposed to enrich the water with hydrogen to make it more antioxidant rich and reduce the opr to 150 i'm wondering if that for an adrenal body type if it's okay to drink naturally.

Alkaline water okay so that's a really good question if you're doing naturally alkalize water like spring water or well water or artesian water that's naturally going to be slightly alkaline and and it's like 7.5 maybe even 8. that's totally fine that's going to give you all the minerals that you need and it's.

Actually in a really good form and i think that's awesome and it's really good for the adrenals but when you start getting into certain machines that alter the ph a little higher than that that's when i i've seen problems for any body type because i remember.

Someone coming in drinking the alkalized water thinking that well you know it's going to do this or do that but we check their ph and their urine that which should be acidic should be like 6.5 6 and maybe even 5.5 and it was a nine i was like shocked.

To have someone have a ph of 9 in their urine so that means that now you don't you don't have the acidif the benefits of the acids to kill off microbes so now your bacterial counts go up the thing about the ph is the blood is slightly alkaline but it doesn't mean.

The whole body should be alkaline you have an acid stomach you have a acid large intestine you have different phs for different reasons so it's a little bit risky to start to change the ph by drinking something that is kind of unnatural but if you have.

Naturally alkaline water it's awesome i highly recommend it okay so this one says that it's it uses actual it's not like a machine it's something that she puts in her water and it like um trying to think of what they called it um it was like little mineral beads.

Um there it's a preparatory blend mineral beads made up of those minerals that help turn it alkaline so if i think that i think that would be fine because you're adding um like electrolytes just like you would any powder and that's going to alkalize water that's totally fine.

Absolutely fine um but i really appreciate you liking the book because i i think that book that i created took me seven years for the first edition and i put so much time in there so i hope people appreciate it because the amount of time and energy making sure that every concept and every.

Page is all important information not fluff i just hate when i read a book because first of all there's no pictures my book has 150 pictures and then you're reading and then you don't even know like what is the most important thing it's like a bunch of fluff and then you have to dig out.

The key piece of information that you need and then that might be on page 158 but you're going through all this stuff so anyway i'm kind of selective of what books that i read and um but thanks for your call thank you all right let's go to acell from hamilton.

You there yeah sorry go ahead hello go ahead i accidentally clicked you off hello let me try that again are you there hamilton hello yes hi doctor hi um so first i would like to thank you a lot because you have changed my life.

So i've been on ke2 for two weeks and i tried all kind of diets i did not lose any weight but this two weeks i lost 10 pounds wow that's great yes yeah um so now the thing is in the second week um something happened i cannot sleep at night.

So i try i have energy like i'm awake right um so that's the problem i cannot sleep at night and then the next day i'm still awake and i still have energy we'll just think about how much you get how much think about how much you're going to be able to get done now and i think sleep is overrated i think if.

You have energy and you're not tired anymore you can be able to you know maybe even work 24 7 nowadays so i'm being really facetious here but um i think the there's a couple things number one i will say that the need for sleep does go down when you do keto and imminent.

Fasting secondly i think you're gonna need the electrolytes that i recommend on the keto plan you might you may already be taking them and if you are great if you're not if you are taking them and you still have a problem sleeping.

You may need a little more calcium but don't take calcium carbonate get calcium lactate and you take that before bed and um that may be exactly what you needed um in this trend as you're transitioning into keto which i think is a it's not going to be.

A really long term thing but when you start doing keto a little bit longer let's say a month or two i think things are going to adapt and you're going to be fine but i have heard people that just can't sleep when they start keto so add a little calcium and definitely.

Those electrolytes okay um sorry one more question i don't have time like i have three little kids and i do not have time to work out if my body doesn't just go burn soft or do your comments does your your body what is my body still keep it's going to keep.

Burning fast oh i see i see you even though i you're going to definitely um burn most of the fat like 80 of 85 of your results will be through the diet and 15 will be from the exercise so it won't be 100 but you'll you'll still burn fat especially if you.

Follow the program exactly like i laid it out um but maybe you could actually do um get a babysitter and take a long walk every other day that might be at least something that you should be doing or you can rock jog around the inside of your house around the.

Kitchen table over and over and over again that that might work too all right good and how about a quiz by the way you better knock out got two more steve it's time to ask another question absolutely um what is the ideal temperature for the best sleep in your room.

Okay so as you're as you're chewing on that one i'm gonna go right to michelle from um i'm not sure where you're from michelle but are you there michelle's from adirondack park new jersey it's dropping off our little list for you for summer excuse me new york hello.

Hello hi doc hi hey thank you thank you for all you do first of all wonderful um i have a question actually too i'll be quick the first i have been doing keto and intermittent fasting for about six months now and i love it i feel fantastic i had to go off.

For a week because of some crazy family stuff and i noticed that when i was off keto the only positive because i felt like crap oh sorry i felt bad was that i had the thumb joint pain that i've been having for the last year it went away when i wasn't on keto so i'm wondering.

If there's a supplement that i can take i'm doing your uh your b vitamins um the electrolytes the digestate and the wheatgrass juice every day okay what this is um when you do keto and you're doing um especially fasting um believe it or not your uric acid can go.

Up and if someone's sensitive to that like to gout um you can notice it in your thumb or your big toe so realize that uric acid is a antioxidant that's what your body is trying what it's trying to do right now there's several things you can do to.

Counter this at one of your meals have some of your vegetable being celery that's a really good one that should normally help you the other thing that you can do is make sure you're i think you're already taking the electrolytes the potassium citrate that's important um and then um but that.

That transition should go away it's not the crystals that are forming that are causing the pain it's actually just your immune system that is trying to attack the where the crystals are and it happens to be in your joint and it's attacking that that's all it is.

Um oh okay but yeah that's what i would do and uh it's a natural thing but i think you can counter it by modifying a few things and watch my videos on gout i have several and give you some more tips okay and um one quick question i want to take.

Uh oregano oil but all the little cap looks that i find i have a vegetable glycerin gel caps is that bad because i assume glycerin has sugar in it oh okay it's gonna be fine it's so small um i wouldn't even worry about it okay perfect thank you awesome you're welcome.

Okay steve yes where is the answer for the ideal temperature okay good so 20 say 68 degrees 20 say 65 degrees 20 say 60 and 20 say 59 and i might say oh i'm sorry 20 say uh 18 degrees celsius which is 64.4 degrees so people seem to like it chilean so do i.

Yeah you guys are all right you want to have it below 70. so you want it within the 60s 60 to 68 degrees is perfect i if i could have it my way if i could ever talk my wife into it i would i would sleep in a cave where it's dark and cold when i was a kid my room was in the basement.

I slept great but i cannot sleep if it's too warm but yeah you sleep better because melatonin actually causes your body to be a little bit cooler and so if you're sleeping in a heated and i'm not i'm talking generally not for every single person.

Okay but if you're sleeping and your room's a little too warm that can keep your melatonin a little too high and that can affect your quality of sleep so it's best that you cool down the room steve or open your window when it's nice and warm out there which is actually hard i like steam.

Coming out under the covers i mean there's nothing better than you know frost on you i just love it i thought i was the only one if you steve if you're if you're feeling run down or you getting some type of sickness or whatever it's best if you turn up the heat.

Put your sweatshirt on and go to bed after a hot bath or a hot shower and sweat that would be the time that you'd want to turn up the heat on that steve absolutely and by the way we've got one more exciting question if you want to go for yes okay all right what's um what's the best.

Way to get rid of hiccups walk into traffic uh no steve no let's see what you guys have to say with that what's the best way to get rid of a hiccup and i'm going to do a video on this while we're pondering this this is an off to ask a question and uh is that jake jan.

Okay jane jane i'm sorry jane uh look uh that's a book name anyway lost 60 pounds on keto but she's having an issue with her uh hair and wants some help i guess hair loss well um there's some standard things that you need to do for hair loss.

For for most people that do keto one is to make sure you're doing the trace minerals that have in there zinc which is really important and even a little iron and even calcium those three are very very important and make sure you also do the b vitamins.

Biotin is another one that's good a combination of those things if someone has alopecia it's a little bit different you need to inhibit the powerful dht testosterone thing that a lot of people have a problem with in which case there's like stinging nettle root black cohosh.

There's different things that can inhibit that i will be doing more videos on hair loss but the other thing that i wanted to mention i'm coming up with kind of a new little um i guess a updated version of my plan because i'm doing a survey i'm going to.

Survey a lot of you and i hope you can respond to that because i want to make the plan even better for those people that are having a hard time sticking to it or getting started so i'm really interested in working that out now so i'm you may hear of a survey give me your feedback and then.

What i'll do with all this data is tweak things and include all the successful actions and then i will give it back to you so everyone can then have exactly what they need help with and i may even end up doing a video of what i eat for three days and so you can kind of.

Maybe have like a little summarized version of hey this is a video here's what i'm eating today you know and that's what i'm doing and and i'll film karen as well so you get some ideas but that's stay tuned for that that's coming up all right steve what do we have as an.

Answer for this hiccup question okay so hiccups uh and let's see what folks are saying is a 60 drink water 10 percent eat a lemon slice uh 20 hold your breath i'm with them and then salt on the tongue 10 there's probably we didn't hear eye of.

Newton wing of bat but we just said but anyway salt on the tongue ten percent what do you say doc well i think if you combine the salt on the tongue and the lemon and with the shot of tequila that should get rid of it but that's not the answer the there's a couple things you can do because it's a.

It's an intermittent contraction of the diaphragm that muscle that helps you breathe and uh like getting too excited or laughing or can or some type of someone scares you can trigger it so what you want to do think about it it's.

Involuntary it's not under your control right so there's a couple things you can do you can start to put it under your control by breathing slowly inward and outward like at a four second interval that would be one thing you could do you can also hold your breath.

You can also drink water upside down or i'm not upside down but drink water from the other side of the glass that's called waterboarding doc but anyway it's not called water boarding but these are all things you can do there's some other things you can do as well you can even.

Breathe in a paper bag you know there's there's quite a few things you can do but the concept is that you want to do something that alters your breath because there's certain receptors for oxygen and co2 on that diaphragm that are involved so i think the best thing to do would be to breathe in and breathe out slowly four seconds in.

And four seconds out well that's fantastic well boy what a great show and what great listeners and callers uh just outstanding brilliance on their answers today listen guys i really appreciate your attention your questions um i have some really good videos coming up.

This next week stay tuned i'll see you next week same time same place you
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