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Dr. Berg Live Q & A

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hello everyone i'm back today we're going to actually give you a lot of great information have a cool quiz there's a lot of callers standing by and anything that i say is not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care.

Check with your doctor before taking on any of these suggestions so if you wanted to call in there's a number down below and um i think if you happen to see that i have a tan that is not a tan that is niacin i took some niacin and i had this flush about an hour after i took it so i kind.

Of miscalculated one thing i do want to mention um before i begin steve one thing you forgot to send me is the link to see all the callers okay so our first caller today is maria and she's calling us from geneva switzerland and she wants to know how she can get.

Rid of my cold quickly well put some more clothes on how about that are you tech are you talking about a cold or being cold i'm guessing it's an actual cold right yeah so let's just.

Go ahead uh switzerland you're on the air with dr berg oh thank you i there was a lag thank you for taking my call um hello i just went here i caught a bug or something and i have a cold and i need to get rid of it i can't hear you.

Steve why don't you give me that link so i can actually see the caller usually there's a couple things that uh i had to do and that's one thing that we admitted um you bet and listen dr berg plus we had you in conference and she was talking but you couldn't hear so let's try to link you.

And maria back up again stand by just a moment hit conference for both of those there we go okay go ahead maria okay thank you for taking my call um happy new year happy new year and uh okay i went to the spa a couple of days ago and i think that the mom i caught a bug or something i have a.

Cold and i've taken vitamin d vitamin e vitamin c electrolytes nutritional yeast wheatgrass juice and um i'd like to get rid of it before monday and um i'm doing salt one water with salt goggles and stripping it to clear my.

My um nose but in the night it becomes worse and is there anything else i could do to speed up their recovery yes yes yes is this cold located in your sinuses in your lung in your head where is it it's okay it started uh in my heart and it went down to my.

Chest and now it's very very deep in the bottom of my lungs and i've had this almost every year every every winter i've had the same except for a couple of years that i alerted it but this year came a little bit later than usual and it's every year the same and it goes.

From the throat down and now it's at the bottom uh almost there at the end of the rib cage and if this time is not as painful because i'm taking all these things but it um i'm trying to overcome it before it gets worse so yeah i'm trying to.

Give the immune system as much um weaponry as it can okay here's the thing um the goal and i did a video on this what's the first thing you do actually i lied i did a video on what's the first scent what do you do for the first symptom of cova but you can apply that to any.

Infection um it's the key is catching at the very very early stages because once it sets in you almost have to let it go through its cycle but there are things you can do to speed up the process i know people are concerned about these symptoms in getting rid of them as with any means.

Possible but when you start to use um aspirin and things to medications to lower the symptoms sometimes you prolong the infection because you're shutting down the immune system so the key is enhancing the immune system to kind of get this thing to complete its cycle.

Fast and of course some routine things which you're already taking vitamin d at least twenty thousand i use uh zinc at least a hundred maybe two hundred milligrams per day uh vitamin c try to do a food based one at least 500 milligrams so um the rdas are really only 70 so you're.

Taking a little bit more but you know there's some mixed reviews and taking the synthetic ascorbic acid some people get great results with doing it taking large amounts like a a gram every you know a few hours you can try that but it can create diarrhea but the the standard thing that i do when someone.

Has a cold is i i locate where it is because if it's in the let's say it originated in the throat or it's kind of stuck in the throat you should watch my video there's a technique that can actually allow the soreness to go away if it's in the throat and you can actually.

Use this little device that you can use on your neck or someone else can do it just you can search my video on dr berg and strep throat on youtube not strep throat it's sore throat on youtube you can get that but let's say for example it's in the lung this is a little bit more difficult because the lung has a greater surface.

Area but there are things you can do um to to speed things up in the lung one is toward renals because that actually get gets rid of the free radical damage a lot quicker and it can prevent scar tissue from building up and um so tocotrienol is very very important.

Usually it comes in 300 milligrams so you could take maybe three or four of those in a day that will help you a lot there's also another product called standard process uh it's not it's not called standard process a product from standard process it's a company um i don't.

Carry those products anymore but there's a product called pneumotropin pmg pneumotrophin it starts with the pn and don't ask me how to spell it pneumotropin pmg and you would take um maybe one each hour through the day that usually actually can actually really help lung.

Problems and a couple other things you can do get a lot of sleep take a very very hot bath or shower a few times a day go to bed with clothes on so you can sweat through the night those are the things that i would recommend in addition to avoiding any possible.

Stress that you're currently under all right thanks for your question thank you thank you you're welcome steve let's just jump right in the first question that we've for everyone right now let's do it okay i'm going to bring it so okay bring it up okay of course what i'm.

Looking at is backwards i don't know if everyone else can see it as backwards but the question is what is the first symptom of cell phone emf so when you use your cell phone it gives off these electromagnetic fields what would be the first symptom that you would experience from that.

That's the first question there's many symptoms um and i'm going to be releasing a video on emf which is i think you'll find quite fascinating i mean we all use our our cell phones i don't know if you knew this but it gives off a field of energy that.

Can affect your brain okay so it actually gives off microwaves i'm not kidding so if you're constantly on your phone all day long i highly recommend don't touch it to your head bring it out here there are other things called these air buds.

Earbuds i'm gonna i'll release a video this week which take a look at this so you got this bud that fits into your ear and there's a open tube it doesn't have electrical wire it's a tube that then connects to an electrical wire so you have this.

Spacing between your brain and your cell phone and you can get various adapters for your cell phone as well as your computer because if you're using um this thing all day long and you're on zoom it's gonna you're gonna get brain you know all sorts of stuff issues and.

So this is what i recommend and i will release the video on that um but steve as soon as the the answers come in let me know and we can actually answer that question what's the first symptom that you would think you'd get from using a lot of cell phone activity with the emfs okay we certainly will and why don't we do some.

Homework and give a shout out to all our viewers from around the globe and here they go pakistan tunisia russia saudi arabia libya switzerland of course just had a caller from there ireland ireland ireland excuse me india spain malaysia sweden denmark the uk singapore france.

The philippines iraq scotland and all across these united states of course in mexico and canada just what a great privilege it is to reach out to the world dr berg and they all love you very much and now up to that question let me bring that back up dr berg we're going to.

Put you on the screen again and then here's our question what is the first symptom as you said of cell phone emf and the survey says uh 20 percent ear ringing 20 blurred vision 10 brain fog 10 headaches and finally the rest 10 percent say insomnia doc what say you.

Well everyone's correct on those symptoms but the most common one is the brain brain fog slash kind of like brain fatigue your head starts becoming really tired like you just want to take a nap so it'll definitely affect the brain energy so.

Since i've got these earbuds that fatigue has gone away so the need for a nap goes way down so if you're on the phone a lot if you're doing zoom a lot get the earbuds they're not equivalent to something more high-end but they're they're workable and uh they they will help you greatly.

And definitely if your kids are using um these headphones get them the air earbuds too they're not they're like 30 bucks so um i will release the video on that just to show you and prove to you using a little device that we can measure this these frequencies now steve i actually.

Did upload things so let's go to janie from manhattan she had a question about her mother suffering from vertigo yes dr berg hi hi hi thank you for taking my call and my mother is 82 years old and in the past month she has been suffering from.

Vertigo she's stuck driving and everything uh so people are taking her more around she gets still a little woozy i gave her uh i'm in new york manhattan and she's in michigan uh so but i took i sent her your electrolyte powder and i told her to take.

The vitamin d2 k3 at least 40 uh iu 40 000 i use and nutritional yeast she does eat processed food but i i told her to start using the erythritol and stevia mix so i don't know what else to do she hasn't got as woozy anymore but uh she's 82 and but she's very.

Active and she doesn't like this and we don't like it so what do we do okay good question um does she get that dizziness or vertigo when she stands up too quickly uh yes uh because she does uh um a lot of uh activity and such and she's she loves to.

Uh shop and but she when she does too much she gets really woozy and so she has to sit down okay so there's a couple things i'll mention about this you know you stand up you feel like wow dizzy there could be a problem in the inner ear if you have like a sinus infection that could be one thing.

But you could also have a blood sugar problem which but have insulin resistance to the fact where the nerves in the inner ear are affected just like peripheral neuropathy in your feet they can affect the nerves and part of the autonomic nervous system in which case you would.

Need the same remedy which is b1 in the form of benthotamine which is the fat soluble b vitamin benfotamine is a good remedy but the other thing too is that especially if you're standing up and you're getting a little dizzy that is a problem with.

Adapting to gravity stress it's the adrena it's kind of an adrenal weakness because the adrenals are weak and part of the autonomic nervous system is dysfunctional there's a good video on i did on pots which is um kind of a major version of that but to make it really really simple i.

Think especially because your mom eats processed foods she needs a good amount of b1 one of the best sources of b1 is nutritional yeast but i do have a really good product it's called keto energy that's my that's my b1 product that's that'd.

Probably be the best for her because it has different sources of b1 not just nutritional yeast and it's a really good one to specifically handle the autonomic nervous system and i think if she took that she probably would do much better um okay.

But yeah she does b1 and then she needs to get on keto yeah good luck yeah but i'm i'm trying my best with that she doesn't need as much but but yeah we'll get there here so keto energy right yeah yeah that's a good product yep thank you very much.

You're welcome right on it okay great and um it's for those of you that are listening i'm doing a massive survey on why friends and family members and certain people uh don't really just start keto or complete keto they sort of do keto.

But they don't complete it and the survey is meant just to kind of identify what what do they need what what are they missing as far as information um do they do they need it broken down in a very very small level what what do they need so i have no clue i've i've worked with a.

Lot of people but there's certain people that just can't seem to maybe stick to it long enough to see the results so i'm doing the survey i will release the results so that way you can also help your friends and family members you know get on board and do it and get.

The results that is out there i've seen the results but i think it's going to be important to get those people that you love around you on keto so they could be around for their grandkids they can live longer they can experience the benefits.

Um so stay tuned for more of that later all right doc um i'm just gonna say we'll jump into social media real quick because emma i'm sure is just you know um anxious to hear your uh answer on from facebook the best supplements for anxiety and depression i think you might have just.

Kind of talked about b1 but anyway what can we say to him about that on facebook well anxiety and depression honestly yes you need vitamin d for depression immediately that will usually help anxiety is more of a b1 product but i will say though if you're going to.

Try to treat a remedy like that without first getting in the basic diet implemented i think your results are going to be very limited so go to the basics start keto healthy version of it and fasting and you may not even need any additional.

Supplements if you do that um but the combination of both of those would be very very beneficial um there's a lot that you can do about anxiety and depression i think that would be the immediate thing um so and i have a lot of videos on this topic steve just so i know who to go to next.

Would i go based on the number of minutes that they're on hold yeah i think that's merciful let's go to lindsay from phoenix she just started keto lindsay are you there hi how are you huh very well thanks good thanks um yeah so i just started your program.

Thank you by the way um and i'm kind of feeling my way through right now i'm doing pretty good but um i noticed that you talk a lot about on your videos and in your book about thyroid which i have but i did have my thyroid about 10 years ago ablated which i kind of wish i never did but i.

Didn't know at the time um so i wanted to see if there's any suggestions because i'm i'm very hypothyroid now and i go like a yo-yo up and down with my tsh we can't regulate it we don't know why it must be the hashimoto's they're saying but i just wanted to see if there's.

Anything because of my severity that i'm having issues for the last two years of this if there's anything diet wise more or supplement-wise that you would recommend implementing yes good good question ninety percent of all hypothyroid conditions are autoimmune hashimoto's so that's.

Probably what you have in which case we don't really have a thyroid problem what we do now but it's basically an immune problem so to help you in stabilizing this condition we have the production of thyroid hormones well you don't have a thyroid.

So you're taking medication right now and but we also have the key factor of conversions so to convert from t4 to t3 you need of course iodine you need selenium and zinc so if you took a good um trace mineral product i'm not i'm not biased.

I'm just kidding i have a good one but the zinc in the selenium and also iodine are three key minerals that i think is are going to help you more than anything else in the conversion factor and then when you do keto and intermittent fasting i will say that the need for thyroid.

Hormones actually is a little bit less so you'll have to make those adjustments but it'll work more efficiently so i think it's going to help you because you're going to have to be on thyroid hormones rest of your life but at least you can optimize that problem and out of all the.

Problems that someone has i think that one is going to create the least amount of additional issues you can live without a thyroid but you can't live without other organs so i think you're going to be okay and i just would keep tweaking it and maybe one suggestion.

If these things don't work is to take more of a maybe armor thyroid if the doc will go along with it too that way you're taking this whole complex of not just t4 you're taking t3 you're taking the other things involve two which are calcitonin which they don't talk about which is another hormone produced by the.

Thyroid so you can take the whole package together okay thank you i appreciate your suggestions sure absolutely all right steve let's give let's give people another question all right absolutely stand by and here it comes okay.

Okay so can you see that yeah it's backwards but i can still read it what is the um best nutrient to turn to shut off your brain while you're sleeping what nutrient you know if you're like going trying to go to sleep and you got this brain going on and on and on and how do you.

Just shut that thing off so you can just drift off into a nice wonderful restful sleep rubber mallet oh i gave up the answer sorry a rubber mallet you could try that steve but i i wouldn't if i were you let me just i'm gonna adjust this light and see if that's.

Okay yeah looks better you're beautiful doc all right good okay so um might as well try to turn this one off too here okay so all right we have a quiz question going on and now what i want to do is i want to go to cheryl.

Has a question about the best meets to eat on keto and i f are you there cheryl yeah hi hi hi thank you for taking my call i did keto just based on things that i read on facebook and and so forth uh about about a year ago and i i.

I had some success and then i went to disney world and um fell off the wagon and i never got back on i recently had a grandchild and i want to get down on the floor and i want to play with him and i feel so bad i feel awful and i've been watching your videos.

Somebody told me about you and i've been binge watching your videos and i know that what i did before although it helped me i wasn't doing it right i wasn't doing the organic um i i wasn't doing the intermittent fasting.

And i i just had a couple questions so that because i'm i'm going shopping today to get everything that i need because i believe you need to be prepared and have the things that you that you can eat at hand or i think you'll fail so uh your videos uh.

Spoke about organic food and grass-fed beef and when i was on it before i eat stuff like i didn't do the intermittent fasting um i'm gonna do that uh i'm gonna do the 12 and the and the six because um past 50 and so i'm going to do the 12 o'clock eating i have the quality do the 12.

O'clock then do the six o'clock so i'm sorry i have so many questions but uh one of them is like how much do you i mean should it be a a hearty uh organic vegetables and and beef or i mean does it matter the amounts of calories.

Good question for that question i wouldn't uh worry about calories at all just go with eating until you're really good and satisfied because you're just doing two meals a day and you're not snacking which is going to be huge and of course if you can go quality you know you can buy this anywhere now.

Get the grass-fed organic would be ideal with eggs do pasture-raised organic they're a little bit more expensive but because you're not eating all that long you're going to save money and you can afford higher quality food the salad is going to be important i like arugula organic of course you could find it.

Anywhere now but you can do any type of greens and have this big salad and put the stuff on it that you like and then have your protein after you had your salad do some seafood on some people don't do pork i i do pork because it's i do the high quality stuff from the farmer's market.

I don't i won't probably do any pork unless it's from the farmers market that i know the farmers definitely fed them you know healthier foods but um so you can do that um you have you have lamb and you have the chicken of course organic of course i get that from the farmer's market too but and then i freeze a lot.

Of meats and so i pull them out as needed i do a lot of hamburger um i do not go with the lean go with the fattier one and um you can also buy them online and us wellness meats has some really amazing hamburger and it comes with um 10 heart as an organ meat i i just can't do the liver myself so he.

Has a hamburger which has 10 heart now you won't even taste it but i will say that there's nutrients in organ meats that are quite amazing when i take when i eat that hamburger i don't taste it but boy do i actually have.

Energy for the next day or so it's just like it really just supports me in different ways because there's a lot of additional nutrients you can have in that and it's um fattier meat and it's healthier so you can even also do like in a crock pot throw some organic.

Meat in there and put some vegetables in there and and have that for a meal too so these are things that um i will be producing that's all very helpful yeah yeah i can't i there's so many more videos i have of yours to watch and learn uh until i start my husband and myself on monday morning i'm really excited about it i can't wait.

To feel good again um so many somebody so much of what you said resonates with me uh as far as the feet the bottom of my feet they just feel hot and they burn and i'm not i just went for my yearly physical i'm not like diabetic or anything.

Like that but i'm sure that i'm probably on my way to being that uh so i just want to get myself together here you know and i i'm so glad i found you i'm telling you i'll tell you what i will help you through the videos and you you basically send me your success story when you're done how about.

That that sounds great thank you so much you're welcome okay talk to you soon all right okay well doc how about i barge in because we got some answers and the question was what is the best nutrient to shut off your brain while you sleep i was going to spare you reading it backwards.

And the intelligent answers from all over the world came in uh with 60 magnesium 20 percent calcium 10 melatonin i've been guilty of taking some of that and 10 vitamin b1 okay so you know in other videos i've talked about b1 and b1 will definitely work about maybe 60 70.

Of the time but i i want to just emphasize this other nutrient because it's it really will do the trick and it's calcium calcium will uh shut off your brain pretty pretty darn quick especially if you're like let's say for example you're going to bed and you're tired but your head is not.

Tired it's awake and you're laying there and you're laying there you just cannot go to sleep that's a calcium deficiency so what you could do is you could take um calcium lactate it's very inexpensive it's non-dairy take about i don't know.

Maybe 100 milligrams before bed it comes in actually might come in 50 milligram tablets but take take that before we go to bed and watch what happens you'll you'll like just kind of just go right to sleep and you'll be like wow that is the thing that i needed i don't recommend calcium unless you.

Really need it but another reason why you might need calcium is that you have these cramps in your in your calves or your toes when you extend them but don't be taking calcium carbonate don't take a lot of calcium take it before you go to bed.

Short term because your body's a hard time getting rid of calcium um so what else about that i think um b1 is also another thing that you should do um but calcium is uh we just don't want to forget about that because i talk a lot about magnesium and potassium and.

B1 but i haven't really mentioned the calcium factor sounds great doc i tell you what how about if we go to some of the great questions on social media why don't we do that steve all right let's go to youtube which we haven't been on yet and anne wants to know the best supplement besides aspirin for.

Blood clotting issues and on youtube there there's various natural blood thinners i prefer uh the omega-3 like um cod liver oil or fish oils when you do fish oil or calibral do not go cheap because you get hexanes and chem solvents and chemicals in there um and they add synthetic.

Vitamin a which is not good um also vitamin e in the form of tocatrinos that would be a really good natural blood thinner so the omega-3 fatty acids and then vitamin c e are good natural blood thinners on the flip side the things that cause clotting is a high carb diet so you want.

To go low carb you want to do fasting to prevent that as well as take these other things as well there's a whole series of natural blood thinners i've done videos on this but those are the two that i like the most steve sounds great then how about we go over to facebook with robin and she wants to.

Know can she skip a week of fasting and get results and i presume she means stay on keto but wants to know whether i guess she'll continue to get results if she just doesn't do omad for a week it depends on on how much health reserve you created.

Are you in a state now where you can afford to go off and do things that are not keto or not fast for a period of time if you can then go for it and see how you do but the goal is to be able to build a big enough health reserve that you have more flexibility some.

People can't they're not in that state where they can afford to do that so you want to just keep creating your health and to the point where you have enough health where you can do that occasionally and it shouldn't be a problem sounds great okay just to keep the score.

Equal let's go back to youtube with michael and this is interesting i can't fast because of a gastric bypass can i do keto well i think you should be doing keto if you had a gastric bypass for sure i've done videos on this it's very very important to do the new nutrients as well and i talk about.

That because you might end up being deficient also another one that's important is taking the uh a gallbladder type support product that has bile salts but you can do fasting when you have a gastric bypass because guess what when your body adapts to fat.

Burning you'll be living off your fat fuel unless there's no fat left in your body and that way the need for um dietary calories goes way down because you're living off your fat so when you're fasting you are on a high fat diet it's just your own fat whoever told you.

That you can't fast because you have gastric bypass is giving you wrong information you can that's wonderful hey doc i was just going to say to keep things in line here melanie from oklahoma city is now our oldest caller see that's what that's what i was curious about because the the.

The minutes are show the least amount but melanie are you there you're from oklahoma you had the question about vegetables that give give you bloating tell me about that yes i'm 50 i'm have type 2 diabetes um and for the last four years that i've been diagnosed i've been.

Doing keto but uh i went off for a while and did uh carnivore for like three months and then i got back off and went back to eating vegetables well now i've screwed myself up i guess because any kind of vegetables that i eat i get really really bloated like a turkey dinner and then if i go.

Back to just eating you know my rib eyes and just eat meat then i get diarrhea and so i was like i can't do that or the other and then i've tried to fast uh for like i did it for like 11 days and then i get a tia from it so i'm trying to figure out what that was but it's like i try.

Everything and i don't know what to do okay so i think the the missing link for you is a really good probiotic but start slowly there's an imbalance of something in your gut so start slowly and easing that in there so you can actually prevent the diarrhea because obviously you're not forming the stool.

Properly because there's a there's a problem with that the other thing that's i'm curious about is uh bile salts um either yeah i tried enzymes with the bile salts in it and it didn't do anything didn't do anything okay because that's what kills off the bacteria in the small.

Intestine i think too you might not be ready for the vegetables so i would only include a small amount of fermented sauerkraut or some vegetables but not anything more than that right now and um the other thing is the probiotic which is very very important.

Make sure that the meats that you eat um are much higher in fat don't do lean protein do more fat combined with that um yeah i mean most of the time so i don't get diarrhea i eat fat mostly fat is that okay to eat fat that's okay yeah that's okay that's totally okay.

Make sure you have the nutrients with it but we definitely need to do whatever we can to minimize that diarrhea because it's you're losing nutrients from that and so let's say you do all these things right like i'm telling you and you're still having diarrhea then we need more.

Data to evaluate we need to there might need to be a test done maybe a stool sample to find out are you what are you missing um on a rare occasion someone produces too much bile i'm not saying yeah that's what you have but if you have too much bile that can cause diarrhea in which case.

You don't want to take more bile um and so now we have to slow that down with another thing so i think do those things that i mentioned and then if it doesn't work get more of an evaluation see what's missing there because it's very hard to evaluate if we don't know.

What's going on inside your body okay all right thank you very much you're welcome steve next question yes sir stand by if you can read that go ahead rock um well i'm i wish i could read this it's backwards but i think the question is what what causes a.

Person to sweat excessively out of the blue well that's a great job of paraphrasing that's exactly what the question says okay you know people also they start sweating like um for no reason i'm not you know they're not in a hot environment they're not exercising like what's up with that.

What's causing that okay um okay so then while you're chewing on that question let's go right to samina from chicago had a question go ahead i guess you called before you have a progress report for me samina go ahead please.

Good morning dr berg can you hear me yes perfectly okay wonderful i just wanted to give you a little bit of a progress report and i've been you know uh a fan of yours listening to all your uh broadcasts and everything so you're doing an amazing job um i just uh my friends are noticing.

That i sound different um they heard the broadcast when i had called in and they sound they said i sounded like i was like 60 years old or something and i'm like 50. i'm like 15 but one thing i noticed is and they noticed is that i sound younger now which i.

Don't know if that makes sense um people are thinking i'm more in my 30s now and that's the first time i've heard that but i've been you know religious with the keto in the fasting and i have to be honest with you it's the best feeling in the world to have.

That energy to be able to keep up with the young girls running around and um yeah because you know uh who likes to feel old right right exactly exactly and i have a 12 year old and 11 year old and they can't get away with anything now because.

Mom is on them 24 7. that's funny they're like damn we liked it better when you were old oh yeah right right no they're not they're not huge fans of yours of course not of course not because what do you mean we have to go to bed now it's like dr burke says you have to get adequate.

Sleep oh gosh this is fun trouble now but no no it's good because they're never you're never too young to learn healthy habits and to avoid all the garbage that's out there and i think they'll benefit long term from this too so that's a good thing.

Um i had one question for you because um you know first of all thank you so much for all that good covet information because a lot of my friends are so scared about kovit and the truth of the matter is if you do the keto and the fasting like you said and you take the vitamin d and the vitamin c.

And the zinc you can you know prevent having like severe symptoms of covet because you've boosted your immune system right so that's very important information that you got out there and um some other interesting things and i don't need to gross out your.

Viewers or anything but a lot of us suffer from like toenail fungus or fingernail fungus and one interesting thing is with the fasting and the keto and taking those b vitamins i think it improves the circulation in your extremities and i don't need to gross out your listeners but.

It will make the fungus go away which is you know which is i don't know how that works out you know but that's what happens is that this wonderful fun fungus and candida um live on sugar so as you do keto and fasting you drop the sugar you starve them so yeah this toenail fungus is external.

But it's really internal and so you got to work with within and and by the way one thing i i want from you is your success story i'm really interested this year i want to be i'm just going to actually ask for more of these success stories because um i want to accumulate tens of thousands and.

Hundreds of thousands of success stories over the next five years because i'm hearing these amazing things and if other people knew how many how many conditions or how many things that could benefit i mean i think they would they would jump on it in theory absolutely.

Absolutely i think the proof is in the tasting like they say the proof's in the pudding but no not the really well no no no it's you're uh you're right well we all need to avoid putting but um so but the thing is that uh yeah you're right it's it's amazing because when people see enough of these.

Success stories then hopefully they can you know they have that evidence they need to say okay you know what i'll start this what's the harm i'll start it and you are such a good source of knowledge that and also how your entire group you have your counselors.

You have this nice gentleman who manages the calls and everything uh you know the whole system that you have in place here is very user-friendly and very inviting to people who might be a little hesitant and i think that's what makes you a success and that's why a lot of people are open.

To hearing your uh information the knowledge that you're putting out one one thing i just wanted to uh i apologize for talking kind of fast but i've got way too much energy thanks to the b vitamins so this kamut uh wheat the corazon wheat that's not genetically.

Modified we get this pasta that's um made in italy and has doesn't have a gmo wheat in it and i've noticed that i don't have any issues with that but still that's is that still a no-no like if i have the non-gmo right now um.

But let's say occasionally you're doing that that's a lot better than regular wheat um but try not to get in a habit of it because uh it's very easy to hey wow this is so i could especially even when i went to italy um even with some friends they're like wow.

I can i don't have the bloating i can do this every day and all of a sudden next thing you know they're doing it every day um yeah thanks samina for that call and we've got a lot of answers coming in on the latest questions steve okay and congratulations tomina on your great success that's very exciting.

Okay so here we go uh which is which part of the body is malfunctioning when there is excessive sweating for no reason and the survey says 40 cortisol increase 30 percent uh is hormone imbalance 10 percent inactive thyroid 15 low testosterone and finally five.

Percent high estrogen doc who's right well it's an it's an autonomic nervous system problem and it's composed of the sympathetic the flight or fight and the parasympathetic which is rest and digest so there's an imbalance there's very there's an overdrive of the sympathetic.

Because what do they do as a treatment they actually literally cut your sympathetic fibers and your nerves which to me that's barbaric so one thing you can do to solve this problem is boost up the parasympathetic nervous system and one of the best remedies for that is.

Sage sage you can get into tablets you can eat the food so but apparently there's some natural chemical compound in there that boosts the parasympathetic nervous system so sage is the remedy for those people who sweat excessively okay doc why don't we throw out another.

Questions so we can keep up with them yep okay so what is the best remedy to heal acne scars i'm sure that's going to be a popular remedy to discover so what's the yes let's see you have acne i had bad acne in high school and what can you do to get rid of those scars okay.

Uh let's go to candace from richmond uh you had a question candace are you there yes yes i'm here hi doctor hi i hit the lot i'm so excited great tell me your question yes um i have been on keto um and if for about three months and so far i've lost about 32.

Pounds um i've been taking the v vitamins the uh cod liver oil um your electrolytes the sea kelp um and i just turned 42 last month i've been married close to two years and my husband and i have been trying to conceive for the past year so i went to a reproductive gynecologist because we weren't able to conceive this.

Year so far um last year so far and she said that i have low amh levels and possibly block fallopian tubes as uh due to fibroids and i also have uterine polyp i do have a regular mixture cycle and i ovulate regularly and i was just wondering am i on the.

Right track or what do i need to do okay so what i would do there's one thing that's really good for infertility if there's some problems with with getting your the hypothalamus pituitary and the ovary pathway is working is to take anosytol.

Okay inositol is a little bit of a secret to help you balance the hormones out and then the other thing is just to do what you're doing but give it more time because as you're doing keto and especially intermittent fasting and with periodic prolonged fasting.

You'll start to kind of heal those areas of your body more and more and more over time to the point where your fertility goes higher and higher and higher um i would also make sure you avoid dairy simply because those are going to give you hormone hormones.

That you don't want extra hormones right now and then just give it more time and i'm glad that you're you found keto because once you become um pregnant um and you're staying on keto you're gonna your baby is gonna come out very very.

Healthy compared to a mother that's on higher carbs and then hopefully you'll breastfeed for a period of time to really fortify that child to the point where they're not sick as often they have good dental structure they won't need braces down the road.

They have enough nutrients so they're they don't get flat feet or scoliosis or hunchback these are all things that happen um when a mother is carrying without all the key nutrients so i think you're on the right track thank you i appreciate it you're welcome sure the fantastic doc by the way lila.

On youtube this is a a question a follow-up question can you do a video about nursing while on keto or have you well i have steve um but i'll i'll double check to make sure it's up to date okay how about that um terrific i'm just i mean it's the most.

Important if you take a look at anything as far as what builds your health what can really potentially give you the most health it's the mother what she eats during pregnancy and it's also the quality of breast milk in the time that she's breastfed milk.

That'll give the child the best chance of having long-term health if your c-sec c-section and your mother ate a lot of carbs and you weren't breastfed you have a much tougher chance of getting where you need to go health-wise there's just more struggles allergies etc so.

If you're you know if you're infant watching this make sure that your mother's breastfeeding how about that heads up infants okay doc we do have pick your what is the best remedy to heal acne scars in our audience.

Uh says 50 vitamin e 40 vitamin a and 10 apple cider vinegar who's right vitamin e vitamin e vitamin e and i would recommend of course using it topically get a quality vitamin e and rub it into the scars every night before you go to bed vitamin e has.

The ability to break down um scarring and fibro fibrosis in the liver even and on the skin and it's fat soluble and go in there and break down this abnormal collagen and then if you also add fasting to that i think you have a really good chance of having really good skin and don't forget.

About your having good gut health because the flora in your gut also will help the flora the friendly bacteria on the skin people that over clean their skin and they scrub the skin they destroy the flora and then their their body they have inflammation on their skin.

And that can actually be exaggerated in the scar area so those are some things that you can do all right steve let's go to shawan from dallas she's been suffering from heart palpitations are you there yes i'm here.

All right good dr bird hi i watch you a lot more than a lot and you have a lot of good information but um the thing that's going on with me is i'm trying to distinguish if i really have anxiety or if it's just maybe hormonal due to the fact that i had.

Over removed it almost a year ago or if it's because of the potassium the low potassium or me being dehydrated okay and and the anxiety because you mentioned heart palpitations is that additional or is that you just wonder if that's causing anxiety.

i noticed that i do have them like right before my cycle comes and mind you i'm 42 years old so right before my cycle comes there's a change i get the palpitations and sometimes shortness of breath and when it goes away it kind of subsides i kind of go back to normal.

Okay all right so in some of my videos um on various symptoms i give all the potential causes like for example on the one on fatigue it can come from this or that or this or that or this and when we're talking about anxiety that can come from.

Many things as well and so one way that i always like to um what i like to use in this situation is to take one potential remedy or solution at a time and see what works for this can this condition so let's take for example you had one of.

The ovaries removed and that could definitely be causing anxiety so a great remedy for that would be it's you have to search this out it's from standard process it's called um ovum pmg and um let me see if i can spell that okay so i think it's ova yes pmg if you took.

Took um maybe three of those a day um just until the bottle runs out and uh see if your anxiety goes away if it does then we know that was it okay another thing that you can do is take more potassium from my electrolyte powder and then take that um and see if that handles your.

Your anxiety and if it doesn't then we go on to the next thing i think the biggest thing with anxiety is um you you need more b1 so take a lot of b vitamins because that can do it but there's another there's another one as well which i'm going to be releasing a video on.

Especially if you do have heart palpitations um there's a couple things but the one that i'm going to tell you right now and i'll just leave it for my upcoming video is the emf that people are exposed to on their computers um if you're sitting in front of me i've.

Been working from home for yeah two years and i'm in front of a computer all day oh my gosh you're being bathed in electrical fields and uh various energies that can affect the electrical part of your heart and create anxiety very definitely i've.

I i'm going to release a video this week so stay tuned for that and i show a device that i found that's i have many devices but this one is pretty simple and it's pretty accurate you go around your house and you start measuring what's affecting you and you're going to be shocked to find out.

It could be the backup to your computer it could be the screen which you need to push as far away as possible it could be the um the uh the actual computer itself it could be your printer it could be the cables and so what i wanted i went through and i cleaned all.

That stuff up and uh boy did i feel the difference um so i'll be releasing a series of videos on how to clean up this emf starting this week with the cell phone and then i actually demonstrate how how to solve it one at a time so stay tuned for more of these videos but i think.

I'm telling you if you have anxiety in your front of your computer all day all day long um that's a big one you just have to minimize damage control that's great shawan thanks so much for that and doc we've got one last question if you want to get to that yes the net last question is what.

Nutrient deficiency can cause bloodshot eyes all right while we do that you know we still have some social media to get to so while people are tabulating that let's go to david on facebook the best approach to treat uh say that terry tonight is tinnitus ringing of the ear.

Yeah that that one is um that could actually be a lack of b1 from a pre-diabetic situation or even a bad insulin resistance in which case you need some something called benthotamine that's really good for ringing the ears there's also all my videos i have two.

Videos out there and i show a technique that may help you it works like maybe 40 50 of the time and it's a simple technique when you read the comments you'll see about 50 of people try it like hey it worked and 50 said no it didn't work so that would.

Be one thing that you could try as well um good question wonderful then over at youtube we have sashri best approach to resolve rheumatoid arthritis rheumatoid is an autoimmune condition and one of the best things you can do for that.

Is to drop inflammation by taking more vitamin d3 of course always take it with the k2 but you need higher amounts you need at least 20 to 30 30 000 at least 30 000 um international units of of vitamin d3 and when you take the vitamin d3.

It drops inflammation not to mention it also helps your immune system but then all of a sudden the symptoms from rheumatoid arthritis which is an autoimmune tend to be a lot less so you're like wow if you don't have the symptoms which is coming from the inflammation then that's a really good step in the.

Right direction right so it's the vitamin d that i would recommend more than any other nutrient for ms and there's a lot of additional things you can do to increase the absorption of vitamin d as well which i have tons of videos on you maybe maybe you may be able to find more data.

When you look under my videos on ms okay terrific in terms of social media why don't we wrap up with mitch on facebook who's asking will collagen help with vitiligo now collagen won't help with vitiligo vitiligo is an autoimmune condition and it's usually coming from very weak adrenals.

And it could be also a digestive issue and again one of the best remedies is the vitamin d vitamin d vitamin d vitamin d and support the adrenals i'll have some videos on that as well steve what do you have as an answer is for the bloodshot eyes well we're coming up really close why don't you.

We're just going to let you fill some air doc i know that's awkward for a few minutes while we get this we're not quite there with the answers so what do you have to say for people to close the show before we come back with those well i think that um one of the one of my goals is to get as.

Many people on keto and i have as possible and one way of measuring that is through success stories and so what i'll be doing this next year is asking for a lot of your success stories because i mean i think it's quite amazing and if we can if we can get just.

Hundreds and hundreds of success stories every single week then we know people are applying it so what i'm noticing too with friends and family is that it's sometimes it's difficult to get your friends and family on keto when you're on keto and you want them on keto so i'll be doing a.

Lot of surveys to find out why don't people complete why don't they start it and i'm going to share that data with everyone very soon after i complete the survey and then i'll probably be doing some tweaking to my plan to make it so easy that anyone could do it so that's my.

Goal for the next couple months is to really figure out how do i make this um doable for the average person and understandable i mean i think too when you're doing with keto it's like i think it stops right there with the word keto what does keto mean i think i have to survey this but um one one.

Problem could be that people don't even know what keto means so i might need to explain it better so stay tuned for more on that what a noble goal and here we are with the answers to the question the final one which nutritional deficiency can cause bloodshot eyes and our last question 30 percent say ben.

Photamine deficiency i think i said that wrong 40 b2 deficiency and finally 30 vitamin c deficiency wow those people who said vitamin b2 are correct when you're locking b2 you can get bloodshot eyes itchy eyes watery eyes as well as cracked.

Lips chapped lips and cracks in the corners of your mouth right here now a lot of times if you're this is occurring because you have a high carb diet in which case you know taking b2 might not help you you need to get off the carbs especially refined flour products in the.

Form of the breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins things like that on that note um i want to thank everyone for the listening and staying this far i appreciate your attention and stay tuned for some great video releases this next week.

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