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good morning everyone merry christmas and happy holiday yeah as you can see we're all decked out right here shazam a worm of bling yes and guess what you guys have the ability to call and actually get through because people.

Are used to tomorrow so we're doing it one day earlier and anything that i say is not meant to diagnose or replace your medical treatments so just realize that check with your your your qualified health care practitioner before taking any of the answers that we give.

You as solutions to any health things but the quote but the number is uh eight 866-561-4292 call now we have a lot of interesting questions to ask everyone and some really great content i i have an idea though to be in the mood yeah you have a what do you have because it's so decked.

Out because our producers did such a great job to deck it out i think that it's almost right no it's gonna mess with my hair don't you think absolutely deck the hall come on dr berg i don't know i don't know i don't know no yeah you can wear it though i'll get.

Steve you should wear it yeah even terry i would wear it don't dare me oh there you go perfect there we go perfect karen that's great all right let's go to rose rose is from new york city and she had a question are you there rose hi i'm merry christmas merry christmas.

To you thanks for doing a lot for this week i'm surprised yeah um well i i have well um i called a couple of months earlier i think i'm going through menopause um i'm 42 but i it seems like i don't have any symptoms other than like having my period.

Two weeks for two weeks and then this month i only had a seven day break and then i haven't had it again so um it's been going on for like this is my third month already and um i don't have any night sweats i don't have any you know mood swings.

Um the only thing that's different i think it's just sleep i'm having difficulty sleeping and also like my prolonged period so my question is um is there any like from their supplements um i've been taking kelp i haven't tried the estrogen yet i don't know if i need it um my diet's.

Been the same i've been doing keto i have for like two years um and um yeah is there also am i nutrient deficient in anything got it good questions i think the first thing that comes to mind that i would try that's probably the most likely to work product is the adrenal stress.

Formula i would uh actually take that back i take that back you need the adrenal and cortisol support that's the one i would try adrenaline cortisol support because the adrenals back up to the ovary and that's going to actually most likely help you complete this this.

Pathway within the the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal pathway because the ovaries need a backup and i think the transition is not going as smooth as it should so i would do that that should handle if by some weird chance it doesn't help you i would start taking something called.

Inositol anacitol is another b vitamin that supports the hormonal changes that occur through menopause so that can help reset things especially from the pituitary hormones coming down that's what i would do if i were you so try that and let us know how that works thanks for.

Your call all right you know karen um we drink a lot of pellegrino don't we yes we do okay so did you realize that pellegrino contains some really cool minerals did you know that yes did you know that it contains per liter.

52 milligrams of magnesium yeah i bet you didn't know it contained two over 200 milligrams of calcium i did not and it's very very um it's broken down into the chemistry that goes in like a rocket ship so we have cal magnesium calcium it goes for all spring water.

So you you know people are always concerned trying to get their electrolytes are trying to get potassium magnesium and calcium from food but you can get it from water if you do spring water a little bit of sodium and i taste it as well it's like 44 milligrams of sodium yeah it has a.

Little chloride so it's a little salty which i like calcium from food oops and it only has a tiny bit of potassium so don't try to get your potassium from spring water it has some silica which is good for your nails silica makes your nails really strong and your hair.

Strong and your skin vibrant and it also has something a good amount quite a bit of what's called bicarbonate so those are things to help neutralize an acidity so let's say for example you're on the ketogenic diet which you tend to run more acidic or you took kombucha tea or apple cider vinegar and you feel like you maybe.

Went too far on the acid pellegrino or other types of spring waters will help bring you back now let me ask a question about that how would you know what are some symptoms you might have if you're too acid i just i just released a video on that karen you could watch that but if you're.

Too acid you the biggest thing you're gonna notice you're breathing you're gonna have like um difficulty breathing like just can't get enough air so you drink some pellegrino or other spring water bam you just cannot you know you can breathe you feel calm and so that can help you there's that's.

Also you can have like twitches a little twitching you know it's actually a little twitching in your eyelid or a little tetany thing going on sometimes muscle spasm if you're really acid you can have arrhythmias but you can also have arrhythmias if you.

Have if you're too alkaline so now someone did ask a question about ph because they get all this this mixed information on when they google it like oh i'm too acid and too alkaline someone did a test and they found that i'm too ass or too alkaline um and then all of a sudden now next thing.

You know they're drinking alkaline water like at a ph of nine which is way off the scale and then they screw screw up their ph because you shouldn't try to fix your ph by consuming too much of anything like especially like alkaline water so if you just eat healthy your ph will.

Go into where it needs to go yeah because ph i mean it varies depending on what you're talking about right you have stomach ph you have blood ph you have intestinal ph exactly they're all different that's right finally someone understands me all right.

Folks well listen you've caught me in a rare moment of whimsy normally i'm very professional here and never crack any jokes and so on but i want to remind you and the audience that we have some great quiz questions so whenever you get to that by golly i am ready well um we could just jump to one of the.

Questions right off the bat steve let's go to the first question which is what is the top symptom the most common symptom of low stomach ph since we're on the topic of ph ah there okay if you don't have enough stomach acid what's the number one common symptom you might get.

That's the question the first question um let's go to let's go to michigan and talk to i think it's deb dearborn from now that's tearful all right so i don't have a name oh yes i do zara zara from michigan okay you're hello michigan your last name is michigan how are you hi doctor it's actually zara from.

Michigan and your last name is michigan how are you nice nice to meet you mrs michigan um doctor i've been having problems like for the past uh i would say the past year with my stomach like i'm very fit person i work out i eat.

Very clean but lately no matter how clean i eat i'm still having problems and i've been coming across your videos regarding uh low stomach acid and i think that's what i'm going through i get really constipated most times like.

I would drink um uh like the smooth move keys uh you know anything that would help but nothing's helping i was either prescribed nah relax and um it never helped me so i have a question like i have a question did this start when you started keto in a minute of fasting or is it something.

That's been going on i'm not i'm not i'm not keto to be honest but i've been eating very clean i'm not not much of a bread eater i would say my carbs are about on a daily basis between 50 to 100 grams a day but nothing wild no junk food no nothing okay would you be willing to try.

Something new yeah i'm willing yeah okay good uh i would get on hardcore keto exactly like i say in my book and um that will help you greatly because i can recommend betaine hydrochloride which you should be taking which is going to acidify your stomach and help you.

But unless you get your diet implemented and get to get it corrected it may not solve your problem so try that and in addition to betaine hydrochloride i would probably take you can take the digestive formula that i have that you can take that or just get betaine hydrochloride and take about five before you eat.

Because what's happening is you're you're getting an incomplete digestion so things are ending up undigested and that's why you're constipated but i would definitely encourage you to get on the keto plan all right thanks sarah zara and then we're going to go to karen yeah.

And karen has some real interesting questions after we get the answer yes to the question yeah so um variety of answers but the top is probably bloating reflux heartburn there's others indigestion constipation i'm going to go with burping okay well the answer is indigestion which.

Includes all of the following everybody's right but indigestion is more like um the food's just kind of stuck there and it's not going through and you feel real full and then you have pressure and you're bloating and you get all these other issues.

So that is the first symptom including gas so um if you have any of these symptoms that means you need more more acidity acidifiers so betaine hydrochloride is a really good remedy and it'll add the chlorides to make hydrochloric acid and i will be releasing a video on.

That but you need not just one you need like five with a meal now my guitar teacher at one time he took was taking nine to 12 per meal because he said wow that i found i can i can get away with consuming five guys which is a lot of burgers and things and.

Like that's probably not the best idea but i understand that probably help you digest so as you get older you need more stomach acid help don't chew retain hydrochloride it's very acidic don't chew it but it'll help you greatly and it does take some time it could take.

Weeks to months to really get it completely corrected but if you are if you're on an acid what's going to happen is it's going to go from bad to worse because it's going to now take that last bit of acid you have and pull it out and i used to have a remember i had that testing.

Kit i would have this there's little pills with string they would people would swallow it lay on their right side for 15 minutes we'd pull it back up measure the ph and i was shocked to find how many people had a ph that was almost neutral and i'm like you got to be.

Kidding no wonder they have heartburn but i discontinued that test after someone had really a dry throat and or esophagus and i couldn't pull it back up i'm like pulling a string and they're just like a terrible story they're stuck in their throat i remember that so i end up cutting the.

String and having them swallow it and you know after that i said no that's it you told me you folded them up in a suitcase and got rid of them it was like i was fishing and i was trying to pull this hook out of the the esophagus there that well that was a very long time ago i won't do that again that was actually two weeks ago.

Um yeah we're not gonna do that okay hey let's take a question go ahead karen all right good um ms on youtube wants to know can you take vitamins on an empty stomach for ms or just no the initials are ms um absolutely i think i would i would do that for pretty much most nutrients i mean there are certain.

Nutrients that you you could take a little bit of oil like let's say for example the vitamin d vitamin e but in the vitamin d product that i have i put oil in there in fact pretty much all the fat soluble nutrients that i have i put a mct oil in there as a powder to help people absorb it.

But yes you it depends on what you're taking yeah it depends on what you're taking and if it doesn't feel good don't do it don't do it okay what about um yeah gastroparesis and diatomina yeah okay so gastroparesis um is a sluggishness with your digestive.

System so the food sit there sits there and it's exactly what i talked about it's kind of like a type of indigestion it's it's um what can help that greatly is taking more acid but there's also another situation that can cause it which can.

Affect your dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system which you're trying to pronounce that condition um so you need vitamin b1 to handle this part of the autonomic nervous system to help that so if you have gastroparesis where the digestion is slow.

Some really good vitamin b1 is essential and another one that's really good especially if you also have your pre-diabetic is something called benthotamine which is a fat soluble b1 that will help dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system other conditions are called like pots where you're standing up too.

Quickly and you kind of like get dizzy and you um there's several conditions like that affect that but um those are two common ones okay so what about uh someone that has an eating disorder i mean i actually got several questions this morning.

Um advice for someone with an eating disorder binge eating and binge eating even if they are keto trying to be keto i mean do they have they're binging are they bulimic or just binging it's just stating binging but it's an.

Eating disorder so i can imagine that there would be purging after the binging well i tell you the binging is is uh has to do with just like this obsessive snacking let's just put the bulimic thing over to the side it's it's a trap because as soon as you do it boy it's gonna.

You're in this cycle of blood sugars and your if your blood sugars are down because the insulin is too high pushing it it's going to affect your your mental state to the point where it's going to be very difficult to get out of that trap and just say no because your.

Your body you have a body demanding the carb it's not so it's not just mental it's physical so the only way out of that is to first of all go low carb number one and then consume more fat so you can fast longer to the point where you have no physical demand.

For sugar and then it's going to be easy then it's just a matter of overcoming the habit of doing it and you have to stay real busy and so it's and then keep it out of the house and do the best you can but um if someone is bulimic i i highly recommend that you take a lot.

Of high level nutrients a lot of b1 you get a lot of sleep and really take care of your blood sugars because that's going to put you more in control of this impulse and help you greatly so that's what i would do.

Dr berg would you define sugar a little bit i mean i know it's hershey bar and lava cake and all that but for those that might have a role now and then and so on i mean what where do you say well that's not as bad but maybe it is right is eating a bunch of bread and butter just as bad as having a.

Um you know a payday bar or something or well that all has to do with how fast that carbohydrate influences your blood sugar so there's something called the glycemic index and it goes really really high like we have pure sugar and then you.

Have low you have celery they're both carbohydrates one has more fiber so and then you're right in the middle there you have grains and then you have starches and the more you cook a starch like a potato you get a higher spike on the scale so a.

Potato chip is is a killer for your blood sugars yet if you have a raw potato no problem go for it but who's going to want to eat a raw potato and then you have bread that's a problem so unfortunately it's not on the keto plan and so you want to just avoid all that.

And the carbs you can have are some small amount of berries and some vegetables so and not get too crazy in the fruit especially apples because that's a it's like 19 grams uh per per apple it's like eating a candy bar and so we want to kill those carbs and i'm.

Having kind of some entertaining videos coming up about killing carbs it's my uh my version of killing carbs and you'll have to go to um tick tock to see that probably next week you can search it so i have a whole series of dr burke killing carbs.

Literally carbs yeah it involves a sledgehammer and dump a stump in my backyard and you haven't seen it because i we filmed it yesterday so you have to stay tuned for some interesting entertainment you're probably going okay i'm wondering where is there a stump in our backyard.

If you look back there i pulled one out and i set it all up and we did the whole filming and you'll i do need to go clean up some of the food stuff yeah i should have a blooper video because when you use a sledgehammer charlie doesn't find it yeah but i had to put all the.

That clothes into the washing machine how about a quiz yes thank you he stops the rambling okay so the next question is does your your skin contain friendly bacteria true or false your skin contains friendly bacteria true or false oh right all right okay i have question.

Here christians wondering on youtube he's um his kidneys are in bad shape from alcohol abuse okay okay and he's wanting to know what can be done to help heal them now and we're going to assume that the damage isn't continuing.

But even if it is what can you do to help your kidneys out it's the same thing you can do by helping your liver out which is the same program that we recommend it's healthy version of keto however if you check with your doctor and this what stage you are.

With kidney damage is it stage four or five if it is now you have to modify the diet because if you do high amounts of potassium that could be a problem there's certain nutrients you can't do if you have kidney damage i'm talking about advanced kidney damage but if it's real.

Mild then you can do it because potassium is protective and certain other nutrients are protective so check with your doc but i would highly recommend getting off of the foods that destroy the kidney which is you know of course alcohol and refined carbs let me take a look at a diabetic they.

Have a lot of problems with the kidneys so get on the healthy keto it's the best thing you can do and fasting as well that will actually increase the regeneration of kidney kidney tissue all right good what do we have okay are you guys answering this question.

I don't see the answers coming through yet well you got to scroll down is it yeah actually i did a ton of truths by the way tons of truths really yes ma'am oh here's the truth okay it just scrolled right past there sorry about that uh true true true true yes true true.

True true true true true true true yes true is there any falsehood no okay so you guys are correct and that was pretty an easy question you have a tremendous amount of good bacteria and other friendly microbes on the surface of your body okay and one of the things that.

Sometimes people with acne think is that it's coming from bacteria that's because their skin is dirty and they start scrubbing the skin using cleansers and detergents and things that pull the oils out and antibacterial soaps and they end up taking that friendly acids right.

Taking yeah they're exfoliating things they take that friendly bacteria off the skin and guess what's going to happen you get inflammation and now you have to do something about that because the skin is not as healthy you lose the diversification so now your skin is not as healthy so you got.

To be careful about over cleaning your skin and what you put on your skin because you that friendly bacteria actually is is part of your immune system and it protects the skin so that's an fyi there you go for those people who try to over clean their skin especially with.

Blackheads and stuff like that all right so let's go to cesar from california temecula ah temecula hello hey doc hi uh thank you for taking my call sure my question listen excuse me in austria.

Um for people who have other cardinals yeah because it's coveted um is there a recommendation as to what they can do to speed up the process of recovery yes so this is a condition where your smell is gone you need zinc zinc zinc zinc and i would take.

225 milligrams of zinc and that should help your your sensation of smell come back plus it's gonna help your immune system i wouldn't wouldn't hurt you throw some vitamin d in there too yeah question about that um okay so uh why why do some people feel sick when taking as little as 50 gram.

Milligrams of zinc well it could be because you're not taking in uh you're taking it out of the normal combination of trace minerals i think you'd have much better problem a much better solution by taking it with a blend of trace minerals with so that now you have the copper in.

There because zinc always works with other nutrients so i would take that with the copper and the other trace minerals at the same time and you shouldn't should not have a problem with that also it could be the source of zinc that you're taking certain zinc is kind of really hard on.

The system um so that's that could be why so is there a special formula or a accommodation to get um sync without you know feeling the feeling of sickness because um it's not just me but other people i take it my family here to my son.

And all of a sudden we were like ah i'm feeling like gross yeah wanted to barf yeah i think what i would do is i i'm not biased but i have a trace mineral that's has higher amounts of zinc i would probably go with that and because it's a very bioavailable.

Zinc you don't need as much so i would take probably five of those a day or five or six a day of the trace mineral that i have that has all the trace minerals plus it has some additional ones to help balance sink especially in copper in the right ratios and they're all plant-based so that's.

Just a good daily supplement anyway yes but here's the thing too some people say well plant-based zinc is not as is bioavailable as uh animal that's that's true but this is taken from um an ancient layer of the earth that had prehistoric plants that made it more.

Bioavailable so it's not just you're not consuming like you're not getting your zinc from like lettuce or or spinach but you can also get zinc from animal foods as well and especially shellfish and seafood all right i need to go to.

Michelle who's been waiting patiently from maryland elliott city hi michelle ella hi city hi good morning um thanks for taking my call um i am a twin fraternal twin and my sister and i are 51 and we've both done the keto diet and lost weight and felt great.

But i have a symptom that she doesn't get that bothers me so i always stop um and that is even though my ketones get up to like 1.0 so i think i'm on the right track my eyes get very itchy and dry and really bloodshot and nothing seems to help that.

And um the other thing is my my cholesterol goes from like 280 to 320 yeah so i really want to do the diet but i'm missing something i think yeah and and you're you're describing a vitamin a deficiency but i don't think it's vitamin a i think you just need some.

Bile salts i think what's happening is you don't have enough bile to pull in the vitamin a and also other vitamins too but bile salts that's generated from your liver help you metabolize and regulate cholesterol so anytime someone does keto and the.

Cholesterol goes up you can just take some bile salts and that will greatly help and take one in the morning empty stomach one after lunch and then maybe one in the afternoon but make sure that you keep the carbs low make sure you do a little bit more fasting.

And once you take the bile for like a week or so then add some cod liver oil to make sure you have you can actually get more vitamin a and you can take it with the bile to be able to help your your vision if that doesn't work and it should work then it just tells us that there's going to be a transition phase.

And you still have some insulin resistance that you need to push through but i think it will work thanks for your call all right let's take a social media question karen okay good i can't find the name anymore but someone here is a brain aneurysm and wants some.

Recommendations for uh how to prepare their body before and then help after surgery um well i think the best thing to do to for repair of brain tissue is to uh spike your dha which they've done studies and they found they've given people high levels.

Of dha which is basically omega-3 fatty acids well it's not it's one of the omega-3 fatty acids but what happens if you take higher amounts it can help repair brain damage and brain injury so you can also do the hyperbaric which is awesome as well.

The oxygen chamber but dha in higher amounts is what i would do if i were you okay okay this was simple yes and um karen i want to i want to talk about the importance of fat saturated fats from let's say you're eating a steak and some people cut the fat off.

Some people keep it on and i personally usually cut it off but i should be eating it with the steak because that fat has some interesting things in it that i'm going to do a video on and it has vitamin k2 it has something called cla which is really good for.

Losing weight and your health and it's also really important for those people with digestive issues especially if they have leaky gut but that fat has some really important properties i don't mind that you cut the fat off your steak that's right because you eat it um.

But it's if you if you wanted a good fat to cook your eggs in or cook some other products in tello calo and tallow is what beef fat what about pork fat now there's a lot of mixed reviews on that simply because the quality might not be there especially if you're getting it from.

The local grocery store that what if it's organic well let's say that that that pig is consuming organic grains see the stomach of a pig is not like a stomach of a cow they just have like one stomach so they don't do well in just grains so there's more inflammation but i think though.

If you could find a pig that's been fed food that is uh is a lot healthier and it's organic that would be awesome but you i think the best i think the best thing to do is to raise your own pigs which i would like to do you said we could chickens are enough you said we have the ice you'll fall in love with the darn.

Thing and then you'll never slaughter it and that's it it's all ready with the animal if i look in their eyes and they they have like those steer you know those big brown eyes and those big eyelashes that's all i can do to not name them and they're so you're gonna eat oatmeal please i know.

Can we talk with eddie from arkansas we can okay eddie you're you're on the air go ahead hey how y'all doing today great all right um i've been going through uh i've been going through a lot you know back through my teens i was going through stuff different.

Stages and all different stuff was happening to me and now i'm turned 49 i'm 49 now they turned 50 and i suffer i got that tinnitus now but it's not it's not on it comes and goes it comes and goes it might stay gone and come back okay this dude was kept this person was.

Telling me um it might be um might be a phase of your um teen you know you know you're growing up it might be a stage it might lead when you turn 50. called man upon so that's what he tried to tell me so he said he might it might leave when he turned 50 you might be going through a.

Phase but um okay i was looking at you on youtube when you said get that some kind of inhaler spray just spraying your nose if it get louder if you get louder that means you have to go through something else we like the kind.

Of chest stuff you would talk about okay so i have a question for you eddie are you at all a pre-diabetic no sir okay do are you on a keto uh eating plan and doing intermittent fasting uh no sir i'm trying to get some help i'm trying um.

They told me get this earring stuff to put in your ear okay the little drops i i got it but i'm scared to use it yeah i think i have a solution for you eddie yes i think i have a solution for you um there's i did two videos on tinnitus which is ringing in the air and you can watch them both and then there's.

One technique that you can try it works maybe 40 to 50 of the time doesn't work all the time and the other video is about taking a product called benfo to me no one explain what that is you can get it from the health store it's called benfotamine that's a fat soluble b vitamin.

And that may help you because it supports the kind of the outer covering of the nerve but if you're not in keto that could explain why you might have the symptom because so many people especially as as they get older they start developing.

Problems with what's called insulin resistance and affects the tiny nerves sometimes of the inner ear so i if i were you i think it would be less important to take that remedy but i would take it i mean if you could get it then to do what's called healthy keto which is a certain eating plan.

And intermittent fasting if you go to my website dr berg go to blog i have video one two three you just watch all those videos and you start getting on this eating plan what that should do eddie is drop your inflammation throughout your whole body including the inner ear and i think that.

Will probably produce the biggest impact with regard to what your symptom is more than anything else and if that doesn't 100 percent handle it it takes some benfotamine but just let's keep it simple get unhealthy keto and you're going find uh that that's.

Gonna um help you with a lot of things especially as you go into your 50s and you know i'm 39 so i don't know what it's like i'm just kidding i'm 55 i think but yes so um do keto in fact um do i have this for yes i do this have okay so i'm not going to say anything.

Because i have it as part of my question karen are we ready for a quiz yes okay what's worse for your health juice or soda okay what's worse for your liver juice or soda okay that's the question okay and then we're gonna go take a question from the social medias social media.

Wants to know why they are up going to the bathroom so much in the middle of the night this is such a simple simple solution and it's so easy and it's unnecessary to have to get up even one time a night and i'm going to cover this in the advanced uh video next year so if you want to.

Watch it i'm just kidding stay tuned no it's really going to watch for a year now this is what's happening i'm not saying you guys have pre-diabetes but i am saying that there's outright there's a version of pre-diabetes that's even pre-pre-diabetes and it's called insulin resistance.

And that happens it affects your urination especially at night you're going to find that you're going to go a little more at night than during the day even sometimes so all you have to do is get on keto for real that means cutting your carbohydrates down and what's going to happen is you're going to notice like wow.

And sit it 10 times a night three times a night give it more time include in a minute fasting and sure enough all of a sudden you slept through the whole night didn't get up once it's purely a blood sugar issue and wherever the blood sugar goes if you.

Have high sugar in your body that's where the water goes so it's going right through the kidney and i'm telling you just try it and you'll see it will work okay okay all right karen what do we what else do we have do we have another question well we have a lot of answers do you.

Want to oh yeah i want the tons and tons of answers so uh it's funny because we have probably an equal amount juice as soda and then tons of people are saying both okay so you know when i say what's what is worse i'm just talking by a millimeter okay.

I'm not talking by they're both worse but they're both bad right yeah is this relative the juice is slightly worse if you take the same volume even if it's a hundred percent fruit juice why because it has about five to ten percent more fructose so remember this is for the liver worse.

For the liver yeah worse for the entire body actually okay but it's bad for liver too so what happens when you have two more fructose even though it's low on the glycemic index your body deals with glucose differently so it's you only have one organ to deal with this sugar and that's the.

Liver so liver is like uh like why do i have to do all this work so it gets overwhelmed it has to metabolize and break it down it overwhelms it and then you start developing fat on the liver insulin resistance and a lot of other issues so but realize too that the high fructose.

Corn syrup that's in the soda is probably not any better but it has a little less fructose believe it or not amazing yeah fruit has a ton of other crap in it but fruit juice has less fructose than high fructose corn syrup.

No you said fruit fruit juice has less less fructose i'm sorry has more fructose right than high fructose corn syrup yeah so you know it's funny because i know as a mom juice was the thing right when the kids were little it's sort of this agreed upon thing it's in schools it's in.

You think it's sports sports break what do you do everybody gets the juice pack um yeah the idea is that juice is so great for a child uh a developing child or anyone there's only one thing worse than uh one thing worse than that that would be like the sweetener.

Agave nectar which has a massive amount of i think it's like 90 fructose that's worse than juice as far as the sweetener goes so it's but what they do is they put it as keto friendly because it's a it's it's low in the glycemic index but that's misleading.

So watch my video on that i think i just released it okay all right paul you're from front royal virginia right on the edge of the mountains go ahead you're you're next thank you doctor my question is um i had stage four bladder cancer they ended up removing it and they.

Installed an indiana pouch and by doing that they built me a new bladder from the ascending colon and so my question with that is um i am assuming from what little research i've been able to do that i have just because of the portion of the ascending colony that they.

Removed i am going through but i've gone through metabolic changes and i was curious as if you had any insight as to what significant metabolic changes due to the removal of that portion of my colon well i could imagine just the surgery alone.

What happens it puts a tremendous amount of stress on your adrenal glands i'm talking about a spike of cortisol and this is i did a video on this like after surgery after cancer after even a major infection it can actually put someone almost into a metabolic syndrome state because you're.

Having a spike of cortisol so what you need to do is support the adrenals for sure of course get unhealthy keto for sure and intermittent fasting because that will start turning things around for your adrenals so there's one other thing that you can do um just for in general for those people.

That had some some trauma to the bladder and it's basically a massage if you take your hands and you massage very low in your abdomen right above that that first bone is called the symphysis pubis it's a little bone of the.

Front part of your pelvis you can look it up and you start pressing in there gently you're going to feel there's a lot of protective muscles that are in a spasm in that area that you massage an area over a period of some weeks and you're going to find a.

Lot of improvement as far as the flow of urine the tension the stress in that area and even because the stress from surgery leaves an impression on the body and so even though it might be months after the surgery that stress could still be there.

In in a state of a kind of a spasm so that's what i would do if i were you paul thanks for your call all right karen hey well i see ted ted lovejoy on youtube hey ted hey ted how's it going well he wants to know do cinnamon supplements.

Help with high blood sugar only if you do it in the form of cinnabon um cinnamon cinnamon is really really really beneficial for your blood sugars and um it it helps insulin resistance it's great for a diabetic and so you definitely want to use it not on your.

Your sugar and toast type thing that's why we used to do butter but just as a supplement or put it in your coffee or put it in some keto bombs but cinnamon is a good spice to use and then you can also if you add clove to that.

Okay now you're talking these are my all-time favorites that's why i said it all the time you just wanted to get a reaction yep and it worked so but clove is a very good antibacterial there's a lot of other stuff in there but so it's good for um good for teething.

Yes chewing clothes and and cinnamon also and what about this um people use cinnamon for um is it an appetite suppressant yeah because it affects your blood sugars in a positive way there you go okay ted expect to see you who knew cinnamon sticks can you do that.

Who knew we have cinnamon and clove on those ribs in the oven right now yes and one thing i like about those ribs that we're going to need a little bit later is the your we want to have the all that connective tissue that's connected to the bone don't worry i'm not going to remove the connective.

Tissue you want to eat that because that's really good for your own tendons and your own connective tissue because there's a you have a like you have the sternum right here and you got the ribs and there's a cartilage connection okay and there's a condition called uh costochondritis which is inflammation.

Of that cartilage and you press on it i'm releasing a video on that i'm going to tell you what to do if you have that um so ribs is good for that or cartilage it can connective tissue that made my apple stack fall about three points see how i tied that into.

This is what it's like eating at our dinner table and we could have anything on the table and the kids are talking about school or their day and we're eating something and he says that reminds me karen i can't have ibs inflammation of my head is into this topic and i have to tell everyone about the details but.

The interesting thing about the ribs um as i was taking uh lucy who's a granddaughter and kind of playing around with her on a little hill going around in a circle we got so dizzy she i kind of put her down and i fell on my own my fist somehow i fell on the ground and literally bruised my ribs and it's.

Finally healed but it's just like got myself i gave myself some costochondritis karen well well you're going to be eating some ribs later today as a christmas dinner well that sounds like i'm going to help you heal that this is exciting watch it watch it um let's what do we want to do now we want.

To just give them another question a quiz quiz question okay so let's put it up on the screen because i cannot read my head or anything what is the biggest problem with regular sea salt there's a lot of problems but what's the biggest problem okay while these guys are answering that.

A salt question bill on youtube brings up this interesting point if keto is ancestral and ancestral diet which i don't know that it is but say it is right it is okay then why do we need extra salt sea salt now suggesting did they have inadequate.

Sea salt when they were eating or did they have more salt naturally with whatever they were eating well that was a really good question bill i i i think it's a good question um certain animals horses cows need salt deer need salt i think maybe that just tells you that our.

Our bodies were designed because we have requirements for salt so obviously our bodies were designed close to the shores of an ocean to get this salt salt water or seafood because we required it if you don't get enough salt you literally die so we need a certain amount of salt or our muscles get weak.

In fact what i should probably what i'm going to do is you just gave me another idea for the next video what is the first symptom of a salt deficiency i'm just always trying to think of something okay well there you go belle thanks you gave him a video and it's a good point and.

You know who's to say it was an ancestral diet but who's to say that you know people that lived on the coast and ate seafood and things like that uh may well have been much healthier and lived longer lives we know that you know people.

Uh in the olden days didn't live as long as we're living now in many places but in some places they did live longer the other thing that was kind of a evolutionary thing that really helped even develop a bigger brain is is the dha from the seafood started consuming that and.

Started developing a little larger brain because they live so long in the blue zone you know what's interesting about the blue zone we got to go there yeah but you know what they do have a high rate of um certain autoimmune diseases and i don't know why but i'm still looking at that.

It's something there's something no they don't i mean that's okay you lost me blue zone oh it's off the coast of uh italy i thought they lived super super long they do i'm not saying they don't live long but i'm saying there's a very very high incidence of autoimmune.

Don't ask me why i'm still looking at that there's some theories out there i don't know okay let me go back here and see um because we talked right through it okay so ask the question again all right so um what's the biggest problem with sea salt.

Regular sea salt so interesting a couple people here say plastic wow you guys are in the know i didn't even know i know in some spices it contains wood pulp and they don't have to mark that it contains wood pulp but i didn't know about the plastics but a lot of people are saying micro.

Plastics oh that sensor says what a coincidence they must have watched my video i just released yesterday that karen did not watch so uh that's revealing okay is that the answer yes that is the answer microplastics i can't keep up with them.

All i'll send them over to you in the morning um okay so microplastics now if you're doing himalayan salt from uh you know from the himalayans you knock that was before we had humans and pollution so you're not going to find.

Microplastics up there in the mountain um also celtic salt you're not going to find it there's i think red salt is good there's there's several others that are good but but just just because it says sea salt it could be from an area of the ocean that's polluted and.

Nine ninety percent nine out of ten companies have been found to have microplastics which can act as a endocrine disruptor so any products that you see sea salt don't don't consume it we're trying to go away from microplastics so so you have to do a little more.

Research it's not that all sea salt is bad but or is it a connection well if it's like um if you just see it on label chances are it's probably not going to be yet like a 90 chance it's going to be have microplastics but wow if you're buying.

A high quality sea salt that you know it doesn't have it then obviously you're going to be better off but but the himalayan season the himalayan salt that's sea salt right yes but that's from an um a mountain ridge okay just a quick note the problem is that all these plastic chairs and.

Everything eventually yes they break down but they turn into what dr berg just described and so plastic is with us for millions of years and just because it turns into these little micro pellets doesn't mean it is gone it's very difficult to break down and we're all consuming it so i'm not a big environmental guy but i'll.

Tell you what plastic is a nightmare for our planet and we got to do something about it yeah and um it just you know creates inflammation and so you you need to do everything you can to minimize the exposure and also build up your own system so you don't you know because there's certain.

Chemicals in those plastics that cause cancer um and so it's in the lining of um you know water um water bottles it's in the lining of cans like in canned water so you want to do it glass glass is the best because these chemicals actually there was a.

Huge study i just realized it just you know does decrease your lifespan so why even be exposed to it if you don't have to it's a lot of stuff to watch out for but hey what else are you going to do might as well get out what else are you going to do right hey i want to say this because this is.

Super cool where to go nicole marie peterson is watching from youtube via youtube i don't know where she is but she typed in dr berg i lost 200 pounds because of you wow that's so awesome that is awesome amazing she loves the apple cider vinegar i guess too because that's great thumbs up and doing this.

And you know i mean it's it's there's two things yes without all your information all your research none of this would be able to happen but the other thing is i just go wow nicole you applied the data and you stuck with it to lose 200 pounds that is.

Outstanding could you would you be able to lift someone up that's 200 pounds no i know that's that's a heavy weight that's like huge that's amazing huge amount of weight that's very well done think about what's happening to her knees her joints and her ankles.

The pressure on her low back probably just gave her so much relief just from having that huge weight very well done nicole yeah that is that's awesome really awesome okay okay what do we have is the uh we already did the okay we did the microplastics we did the microplus now.

We're going to go to christian from sacramento california had a question go ahead christian all right it's a pleasure all right hello hello hi uh hi um um so i just had a ct scan they've seen that i have a fatty liver and also that my kidneys are not doing.

Too well i'm really high i'm like 190 cm c on creatine urine test i guess i haven't read too much about it and you know i stopped drinking i was drinking for like over a decade and i stopped for like over six months now for six months now and you know um i'm still having a lot.

Of bowel problems um feel like low energy i did get a sleep apnea test done and i ain't going to get a machine so i hope that's going to help me on that part on the sleeping part by as far as my kidneys and fatty liver what would you um what knowledge can you give me.

To uh help me out yeah question um are you have you started yet on the healthy keto diet as well as intermittent fasting yet i've been on it for about three weeks i haven't had one piece of bread good for you but i'm still having those bowel problems and it's uh a little bit frustrating but.

It probably takes time so let me explain what to do because um you're dealing with a little weakness within the liver because you're not um because you have a fatty liver so the capacity of that function is less than it should be so you're on the keto plan awesome stay with it it's going to help.

You it's going to take some time but to speed up especially to take that fat off the liver you need uh purify bile salts there's something i would recommend gallbladder formula because it has purified belly salts and a lot of other things i would probably.

Take one in the morning take one for lunch take one in the afternoon and that's going to start to help speed up the release of fat off the liver and that will also help your bowels because i don't think you have enough bile to help the lubrication to the bowels the bile also acts as an.

Anti-inflammatory in the digestive system very very essential but the last thing that i would recommend is called choline get you some choline and then take it probably double the dosage choline is a real powerful thing to speed up.

Removal of fat from the liver and i think that's going to help you greatly i think you're going to be in for a treat though just give it another month or so all right karen we have another question um we have two minutes okay should the elderly do intermittent fasting.

Okay and then um i i want to ask a question i know you have some calls here but jeff on youtube um says he's confused about the difference between fasting and starving yeah yeah and i saw an interesting video where someone explained you know this is just going to be my two cents and then of course jeff's asking.

You but that fasting is a voluntary withholding of food for a period of time in order to get your body to utilize its own food source so there's no starving a starving is non-voluntary lack of nutrients to a point where you know and you saw this video and it.

Wasn't mine because i created one on it which i'll it wasn't you but it was watching alternate it videos it popped up it popped up what am i gonna say it's someone you love so so when you when you when you fast you're tapping into your fat when you're starving you no longer have.

Any fat so now you're tapping into your muscle and organ tissue that's the basic difference and so um so if you have any fat in your body to burn you're not going to starve you will not starve because your body will always go after the fat first before these other things.

All right so okay gary gary you had a question go ahead yes please um i've got a cardiologist appointment on monday and he's giving me a lot of grief because my triglycerides are high my total cholesterol is 249 triglycerides 161.

And so on okay do i need to be concerned overly about that or just tell him to read your your material hey gary i just had a question are you on keto i am 19 months 60 pounds a1c is is 5.6 wow and i absolutely um this i absolutely love what you're doing you.

And karen are superstars um diane and i between the two of us have lost over 120 pounds wow we're getting getting healthier by the day oh that's great gary gary i think this is what i um what i would do um realize that the the main type of fat.

That is stored in your fat cells adipose tissue is triglycerides and when you're in keto it's it's coming out so you're going to have more circulating triglycerides to use as energy it's a couple ways you could deal with this i would definitely want to get an advanced lipid profile to.

Look at the ldl which is way the most important thing and as far as the different types of ldl and then i would also probably add some purified bile salts to this that will help you i would also add maybe some exercise because these triglycerides are packaged.

And they're going to be used as energy so if you exercise more you'll burn them off as energy personally i would not be that concerned i think a cac test a coronary artery calcification test would be way way more important especially since there's actually no evidence to show that high triglycerides.

Have are connected to increased risk of heart disease there's nothing out there i'd like to see it it's been debunked i mean some of the original false studies that they omitted some data in some of the studies so that's that's my take on it gary um gallbladder is uh something i would support with the with the bile salts.

And then i think we need to answer this question and i'll take the last question the answer is yes everybody agrees yeah in fact this is the thing i have had someone say well can someone is someone too old to do fasting no in fact the older you get the more it needs to be a requirement you know why.

Because fasting increases your lifespan it actually makes you live longer why would you not there's not one good reason not to fast when you get older not one so yes the older you are the more you need to fast period uh let's see let's go to giovanni from iowa go ahead.

Hi hi okay so um a person that works in a stressful environment and has a fast access to drink pop each time that person gets stressed and that's a loop and never ends yeah and then after work you keep with those carbohydrates and go on and go on and go on.

How can you break that habit especially when that person doesn't it's not that they don't trust in keto but they don't like avocados or eggs or cheese so which is the the first big step so that person can break that habit when they feel stressed and they have to go to.

To the carbohydrates or pop or that kind of stuff okay so you may be able to find this from the health food store you might have to order online i think it's called xevia there's this uh there's alternative you need a substitution something like a sweet soda that doesn't have the sugar.

They have all these different sodas at the health food store um xevia and there's different different other ones that you can take and it's actually just like a soda and it's sweet and it has stevia in it and you won't tell the difference it's pretty close and that's what you bring to work with you.

That's what you drink one thing you have to realize is as you give into these sodas to give you this very temporary break in stress your stress will now go up higher and higher and higher and higher so it's a it's a trap it's like almost like a drug and so you.

Really need to um have a substitute and get your blood sugars under control so then the craving will go away and one last thing i think you really need a lot of nutritional yeast that has the b1 to reduce your stress you're going to feel real calm.

Take that before you go to work during work and after work it's nutritional yeast you can get in tablets or you can get it take it in a powder yeah and another thing to understand for everybody to understand is that carbohydrates it's you know you use the phrase the stress is increased but.

What also happens is your tolerance to stress decreases right so it might feel like you have more stress in fact you might have less stress you know what you would perceive earlier is less stress but your ability to tolerate stress goes down down down so.

If you're feeling stressed if the environment around you is stressing you out if there's a person that's stressing you out and you say well that's why i eat the carbs well just know you have now made yourself less tolerant to your own environment and the people around you so the thing.

To do is get the carbs out so that you have a higher ability to tolerate what's happening around you and some people even it gets so bad that they can't even tolerate slow drivers they have a problem uh babysitting for over eight hours in a daycare center.

About 15 little kids that are crying so they get to that point where they can't even tolerate that so they can't get back or uh surfing with a remote not picking a channel and that's just annoying have a wonderful christmas guys we'll.

See you have a great christmas two weeks yeah two weeks have a great christmas and a wonderful new year and we all survived it and elsewhere we all survived 20 20. i'll see you next year me too.

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