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All right live-chat okay hey guys I'm live here just checking in with you to see how everyone's doing let's see you get some light on here let's see if this is working here top chat all right live chat all right let's see if this works hey we got jade is in the house HR hi guys.

Doing so I just checked in because I know last time I was on there has been quite a few questions and I wanted to just to kind of say hi and see if I can answer some quick questions guys I'm gonna raise this up so my head's not chopped off here we go how was that alright good yeah I'm in my my son who's no longer in this house.

He's 24 I'm in his room so when he comes back and we set up a little shrine where we have all of his trophies and his his stuffed animal no just kidding we don't have that that would be funny that wouldn't it alright good so we got people from many Minnesota Philippines all over the place awesome okay so how how to here I love that how to cure a.

Fatty pancreas I could just see it now I could just see dr. Burke showing people how to cure well this is advice I would give for you and your doctor not to cure but to help a fatty a pancreas what you need to do is you need to get some powdered choline powdered choline and a teaspoon or a tablespoon depending on how much you can tolerate I like to mix.

It with the electrolyte powder to make it taste better because it doesn't taste that great and you just solve it and then you drink it down choline is very good for a fatty pancreas and a fatty liver it's Lupo trophic you can literally take the fat out of an organ very quickly it'll help speed up the fatty organ problem but make sure you.

Also at the same time take a natural B complex so that way you have the whole thing in the natural complex so I would take a good amount of nutritional yeast you get them in tablets in addition to your choline okay so that's what I'm gonna do all right so let's see we got what are your thoughts on carnivore diet yeah it.

Could help a lot of people especially if they have digestive problems but the thing that I think I would recommend is – you're gonna have to do organ meats because if you just do regular muscle you know like muscle meat there's a lot of I mean it's just like a it's not very you don't have the whole whole complex of all the nutrition in there so you.

Could have deficiencies so if you add organ meats there's a company that I recommend it's called wellness meats calm they have like hamburgers with organ meats in it they have liverwurst it's really healthy for you oh we got some Russian fans – that's awesome but here's the thing if you have your livers not.

That great or your kidneys are not that great you can build up too much ammonia possibly so you got to watch it on that but if you have good liver and a good kidney you can digest it fine but it's good for the lower part of the digestive system the other thing that you gotta watch out for is that Aikido is a moderate protein diet so it's hard to go.

Moderate protein if you're doing carnivore so anyway that's my opinion all right so I have a question how do I get enough calories when I don't eat a whole lot but need to lose 30 pounds been keto 12 days with no weight loss or inches watched your videos all day well I think I think the best thing and this is what I'm running into with a number.

Of people you need to get my book you need to start with the smaller book it's very expensive it's like $4.95 you can get it on Amazon as a Kindle and read it within one hour because then you can get all the data all the details because if you just watch a couple videos you might not get the full picture so that's what I would recommend and one.

More thing guys this is not publicly promoted but if you go to dr. Berg /resources because you won't be able to find this on my website it's only for you guys I'm just telling you I have every single Kido video that it ever did in one section so you can quickly kind of go through because sometimes it's hard to find what are your thoughts on.

Sea vegetable supplements I love them especially the seek help I have a brand from Iceland it's real clean its organic 100% certified but yeah I totally like sea vegetables or because you have all because you have amino acid you have trace minerals I mean there's a lot of good nutrition in there it's pretty awesome alright so let me just go.

Here let's see k2 needs fat to be absorbed well MCT oil be good enough for vitamin k2 to be absorbed yes any fats will do that's why I'd like to take k2 with a meal and you'll absorb it like a rocketship so you don't want to take it on an empty stomach k2 helps you transport calcium into the bone and it takes calcium out of the.

Arteries and out of the joints and puts them where they should be you do need some vitamin d3 with it though my husband had a heart attack in November is Kido good for him it's the only thing that's good for him because you want to do the low car because the carb creates oxidative damage into the arteries and damage in.

The arteries causes the plaque to build and the cholesterol to build and the clotting to occur so look up my video on clots because I think you'll like that but yeah keto is going to be vital and then intimate fasting together to support for your heart and be very very smart what you don't want to do is do the – diet you don't want to do a high.

Carbohydrate diet it's gonna create problems all right gall stones that's a lack of bile and what's interesting if you go to low-fat you can actually get gall stones so low-fat diets cause gall stones why because gall stones are created from a lack of bile and we need fat to stimulate the bile production and that.

And also high levels of insulin will cause your bile to be depleted and you'll call its golf stones still trying to figure this out here okay good here we go what helps stimulate kids appetite this is easy cuz I ran into this a lot in practice you need to give the child b1 okay because lack of b1 causes a lack of lack of appetite alright.

Is dairy okay with keto absolutely but not yogurt just cheese fatty cheese and cream cheese and sour cream and whole cream you know I had I bought some grass-fed cream and I also I've made in the whipped cream and then I put a couple tablespoons of pistachio butter okay you can order this online oh my gosh that was good it was like pistachio.

Frosting and I had that the night I had that from act as my dessert two nights in a row and I was like wow talk about fulfilling and feeling satisfied with all those I mean it's just like a total keto perfect dessert because there's very low in carbs okay what happens when I stop in a minute fasting regularly but stay on keto will I gain weight I don't.

Know but I think you have to test it out and see if you do gain weight but the fasting and the keto are good tools to lower insulin to speed up weight loss all right so we have someone from nan T's and France if you eat too much fat on a low-carb and keto what becomes the excess fat well in the beginning what happens is that you need fat to go from.

One meal to the next when we say that you need 75% of your calories of fat people have this idea that it's this huge big plate of fat I'm actually putting out a new little booklet to explain this a lot better you show you examples seventy-five percent of the calories of fat realize that those fat calories are over two times the amount.

Of carbs and protein so really you can look at that percentage a lot more accurately if you look at a plate let's see do I have a plate in here no I don't so if you just envision a plate right if you cut the plate down in half and let's say the left side is all half it's all vegetables okay and then take the right side and you cut it in half again so you.

Have 25% 25% and then the entire half is all vegetables and then 1/4 would be fat this is of your plate and another quarter B protein that's how much that's the simplicity of what I want you to think with versus thinking you have to add a lot of fat now when you adapt Aikido after a period of time and you're in fat burning and you stall with your.

Weight you do want to cut your fat down because what's gonna happen is you're gonna burn all of your dietary fat and not your own fat and that could actually keep you from losing weight okay dr. Burke does your membership site include the ability to create meal plans based on macros and does it calculate it for you no this is a general meal plan that.

Will just show you the general idea based on just you know the types of food the macros will be solved as soon as I release my my macro calculator app which I'm working on day and night okay so someone's completely confused and what to eat maintaining weight and not losing okay you confused what to eat maintaining my weight okay so you're not.

Losing well again it's hard for me to answer that because I don't know what you eat I don't even see what you ate so I can't evaluate that but what I will say is I would get at least my small book it's called get it's not it's called it's not lose weight eat healthy it's get healthy lose weight it's on Amazon for $4.95 it's very expensive the.

Bigger book is called the new body type guy and that's a really good book too because that actually goes into all the detail and if you're gonna do this you need to really understand how to do it correctly because all that long and answer questions questions just from people not reading the book and they're just having complete knowledge so that's.

Really why I read the book so I wouldn't have to answer so many questions but I guess people don't always buy the book and I just want to ask questions okay it's keto and healthy for certain people no there is no one that I know or a type of person that keto is not good for it's like the ultimate healing uh I mean healthy thing especially if it's healthy.

Keto alright doctor burse says what is the most important nutrients to heal knee meniscus injury well good question let me think about this for a second boron Bora and actually is good for cartilage and also stinging nettle root is good for inflammation but I think the best thing to heal that is to do longer fasts like do a fast every other day I'm.

Going to tell you why fasting is an interesting thing because it's a it puts your body into this repair mode it puts the body into a protective mode we have these new pathways that are survival pathways that start recycling damaged proteins and non-essential download damaged protein so it like gets rid of scars and like like cartilage that.

Shouldn't be there it cleans it up and it repairs and it increases stem cell I mean it's like it's fascinating stuff I'll be doing more videos on this but yeah that's what I would do if I were you alright so someone says can I make an appointment see you I don't have my clinic anymore because I do this.

Full-time and it just I couldn't do both so I don't have a clinic but you can call me Friday morning on and go to my YouTube YouTube channel which you're probably on right now possibly but you go there and then you can actually in Friday Eastern Standard Time I'm doing a live show at 11 o'clock and then you can call me and I can answer your questions.

How about that all right so let's see talk about lemons helping with kidney stones such as putting lemon and you are yeah lemon has citric acid in citric acid is really good to counter oxalate stones however if you're doing keto chances are you don't have ox less stones you have uric acid stones in which case you need more sea salt okay.

That will help you alright someone says I feel really dizzy and lightheaded when I fasted all you need to do is add sea salt okay sea salt is really good to counter that symptom when you're fasting all right dr. Berg can I eat let me see your cucumber and keto yes you can eat cucumber hair loss due to hormonal imbalance yeah.

Okay so here's the thing if you have a like a hormonal imbalance which is usually if you're female it's gonna be high androgens because you have polycystic ovarian you might just do hardcore keto and in fasting and add a lot more stinging nettle root because stinging nettle root is an aroma taste inhibitor which actually will lower the.

Formation of DHT in lower the formation of excess androgens so stinging el root is a really good thing I don't have any brand or any supplements I would just do that research I'm just kind of narrowing down what I'd recommend okay endometriosis if I were to give you a device for you and your doctor to do research on with endometriosis.

That's an estrogen dominant problem and you need seek help and a lot of cruciferous and you need to eat organic but seek help is probably one of the best things and by the way doing cutting a low down low carb and then doing in a minute fasting because especially for tumors polyps and not that you have a tumor but there's extra growth of tissue.

Fibroids oh my gosh fasting it's one of the best things you can do all right keep me locked in your basement as a public key though before-and-after experiment yeah I should do that while it's 5:00 a.m. and in India Wow okay all right so let's see one day I want to do a success story video with you.

Absolutely and when you're ready just email us at dr. Berg at dr. Burke calm okay do you still take upset a bigger every day yes I take upset of vinegar every day with the meal gastroparesis you need to add outside of vinegar and petain how to chloride cuz that'll speed up the digestion is there a fast way to get.

Into ketosis yeah stop eating it's called in a minute fasting and cut down your carbs what foods to eat with a pancreas body type pancreas body type is high insulin so you're gonna eat healthy keto you're gonna avoid carbs moderate protein with a bit more fat at Apogee during pregnancy it's not going to be a problem because there's protective.

Mechanisms that will protect the baby from any type of problem with that what's interesting with autoimmune diseases – which is different than what you said but one way to turn off an autoimmune is to get pregnant is that interesting alright you guys are giving me a lot of good ideas for more videos because I'm.

Running I'm like it's just a constant process of trying to come up with new ideas so extremely lazy bowels be one would help you I think be one would help you alright let's see let me see here is an acetal useful on keto well inositol is very similar to choline in that it's a type of b vitamin and it's good it's a lip atrophic vitamin and.

It's actually a sweet vitamin it's similar to glucose but it's not glucose and it helps regulate glucose so yes it's a good thing if you're diabetic it's not like the best thing but it's one of the good oh I think it's a good thing chromium is a better better thing alright good let's see here do you have a quick start video introduce someone.

New yeah I just I think what I would do is I would go to my website and look under mini-courses and take the first one it says how to do keto because it's like 20 minute I have it it's like a series of four videos 20 minutes tops and you can't learn all about it that way doctor why do you look different well that's because I'm in a dark room.

With the lighting that's off I don't I have very bad lighting right now okay good I'm new to the channel what do you recommend for nefra nephropathy in a minute fasting in keto because that's the best thing for the kidney what destroys the kidney is high amounts of sugar so yeah what supplement for anxiety depression well after you've.

Done keto and intermittent fasting which by the way should help your mood greatly some of the best nutrients for depression and anxiety is the nutritional yeast nutritional yeast and wouldn't hurt to take wheatgrass juice powder but the nutritional yeast you can get them in tablets is the absolute best thing for anxiety and it's gonna bring.

You up it's gonna give you a lot of energy too now if you're slet have a sleep problem then you need to take the sleep aid to help to drop your sleep so you can have more energy all right all right so you guys have a lot of good questions here see how the reason I'm.

Not answering every question because I need quick questions I mean I could spend an hour on one of these questions here what kind of dive do you recommend for a hostile press well osteoporosis is not just about calcium it's about all the minerals so you need to remineralize your body but you also need the fat type.

Of vitamins to transport these minerals vitamin D k2 they both work with calcium so you need a lot of fat soluble vitamins which is in the healthy keto and add the trace minerals with other minerals and probably I have a video on osteopenia there's a type of calcium on you that's really really beneficial okay seltzer water totally fine not a problem.

At all someone says Lisa but to someone in California yeah unfortunately I don't I'm not gonna have one in California but I'm gonna do it's October 13 14 you guys need to come out it's gonna be a huge event we're gonna have like a thousand people and the Gaylord hotel you'd fly into Reagan Airport we're gonna cover.

Some amazing stuff there's gonna be a lot of speakers and I'll be able to meet you so it's gonna be fun so hope if you want more information just go to Quito health summit dot-com all right guys I just wanted to touch base sorry I couldn't get through all the questions there's a lot of them but this Friday I will be doing the live event too and.

Also I'll try to get on and the next day or so all right have a great night or morning
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